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Wednesday, June 22, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/06/22 - ​​The Magic of Pet Therapy

Facebook Live Video from 2022/06/22 - ​​The Magic of Pet Therapy


2022/06/22 - ​​The Magic of Pet Therapy

[NEW EPISODE] The Magic of Pet Therapy

Learn about the many health benefits of pet therapy. We will discuss the effects that pets have on our cardiovascular, our stress levels, our exercise routines, our desire to live longer because we want to be there for them for as long as possible and how they even help to improve our memory.

Be ready for some heartwarming stories and some fun ones too. We can't wait to share some personal anecdotes that will surely bring a smile to your face because let's face it...animals RULE!

We all know that animals provide us with emotional benefits like unconditional love, tons of hysterical moments, and heart-melting memories. In fact, right now as I type, my little cat Phoebe is purring in my lap and head-butting my forearm as if to say "stop working and scratch my forehead already!" It's simply impossible not to oblige her, but I digress...


Tune in for this heart-felt conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Tommy talks about the mission of the show, which is to learn, educate, and advocate. He then welcomes their guests, Jennifer Devine and Amy Bahr, who is accompanied by a dog named Squeaky. Amy’s company is called Helpful Hounds and they serve people who are trying to age healthily at home with the therapy dogs. Amy talks about what makes a dog a therapy dog and says it largely has to do with their temperament. She also talks about the increased demand for their service due to COVID. She then shares an experience working at an assisted living facility. The hosts and guests then discuss hopes for the future in terms of pet therapy such as having it offered as a major in college or being recognized by insurance as a therapeutic intervention. Valerie talks about some of the positive impacts she has noticed from being around animals. Amy talks about the positive impacts dogs can have on children as well as on older people.

Segment 2

Jennifer talks about her background and the work she does with Caring People which is a licensed home care agency that provides an array of services including pet care with Helpful Hounds. She talks about her quest to find someone to do one-on-one in-home pet therapy sessions that eventually led to her finding Amy. They started working together in November of 2020. Amy then talks about the popularity of the dogs at various facilities. Valerie brings up the intuition and awareness that animals seem to have in pet therapy settings. Helpful Hounds can be found at

Segment 3

Jennifer talks about finding Amy during COVID and why she initially was looking to provide pet therapy to clients. She then talks about how horse therapy can help people and the course she took at HorseAbility. Valerie and Tommy talk about their experiences being around horses and the potential for fundraising events involving horses.

Segment 4

Jennifer talks about the history of Caring People. She mentions that most home care agencies do not offer animal-assisted therapy. She talks about the necessity of pet therapy, especially for people that can not benefit from psychotherapy. Pet therapy, along with the other services at Caring People, is a standalone service. Valerie plugs the inaugural Compassion Awards which is an event that will honor and recognize people involved in animal rescue, welfare, and advocacy. It is taking place on October 11th and listeners can visit for tickets and sponsorship information. Caring People can be found at


00:00:56.160 --> 00:01:05.520 Tommy DiMisa: Listen this show is especially dedicated to all the marsupial's out there without marsupial's it's your boy Tommy D, the nonprofit sector connected to this particular show is called.

00:01:06.480 --> 00:01:15.300 Tommy DiMisa: The professionals and animal lovers show what's up world there are animals in the zoom room there are animals in the zoom room.

00:01:15.540 --> 00:01:16.230 Tommy DiMisa: I know that.

00:01:16.470 --> 00:01:35.130 Tommy DiMisa: I know, one of those animals is called but we'll get into it, this is pals professionals i'm a lover show every single week on Wednesday Valerie have fun my comrade my constantly adding my Pal vow I everything when it comes animal advocacy what up kid what's going on.

00:01:36.180 --> 00:01:47.520 Valerie Heffron: i'm from you to Tommy to visa every single week and what's going on, as we have two phenomenal guests and we're good we're good to talk about pet therapy it's one of my favorite topics today.

00:01:47.760 --> 00:01:59.460 Tommy DiMisa: That is an awesome topic, and we can all use a little animal therapy in our lives, I know, especially we can all use therapy period, but when you have animals in your lives, I mean it's it's so special it's so exciting.

00:01:59.820 --> 00:02:05.550 Tommy DiMisa: So we do have two guests today, and it would be nothing else if we didn't meet these guests through networking and connecting.

00:02:05.730 --> 00:02:14.760 Tommy DiMisa: shout out to tammy rationale for making this introduction if it wasn't for that it wasn't for Valerie there's the POM poms wasn't Valerie getting out there and doing the networking on behalf.

00:02:15.030 --> 00:02:26.160 Tommy DiMisa: Of this journey were on together, what is this journey well look it's a show to radio show but it's a community that we're building it's a community of likeminded compassionate people who want to learn.

00:02:26.790 --> 00:02:45.270 Tommy DiMisa: educate and advocate advocate together as a community amy bars here Jennifer divine is here, everybody come off mute there's a dog in the room, the dog supposedly named squeaky but why would a dog's name stay when it was given because I think they don't also called susie.

00:02:45.540 --> 00:02:47.730 Tommy DiMisa: amen welcome what's going on.

00:02:48.120 --> 00:02:50.430 Amy Bahr: So you have three guests right not.

00:02:52.050 --> 00:03:06.300 Amy Bahr: Incredible therapy dog and squeaky goes by susie because we work a lot in New York City and people speak a lot of different languages, I think it's over 1000 languages and dialects.

00:03:06.690 --> 00:03:19.080 Amy Bahr: We are also contending with hearing loss and math so you try to say squeaky 100 times a day or susie and susie is much easier so someone heard her name is susie last month.

00:03:19.710 --> 00:03:29.970 Amy Bahr: And I liked it and it kind of stuck, and for that generation, the older generation, there was a really famous commercial about susie chapstick remember the chapstick.

00:03:30.270 --> 00:03:31.800 Amy Bahr: So they always remember that and it's.

00:03:31.800 --> 00:03:35.310 Amy Bahr: kind of cute and it makes them smile so that susie.

00:03:35.850 --> 00:03:37.950 Valerie Heffron: hi susie we love you.

00:03:40.380 --> 00:03:45.900 Valerie Heffron: i'm so I have this personal theory that all animals are therapy animals.

00:03:45.900 --> 00:03:58.230 Valerie Heffron: But that's just you know it's just me saying that they all have like their own magical gifts and but I I would love to ask you to talk about your very special company.

00:03:58.530 --> 00:04:16.020 Valerie Heffron: And also because it's exciting to know that there are all these options available for people who may be interested in a career involving animals so let's dive in and tell us you know what do you do what's the name of your company what services do you provide.

00:04:16.290 --> 00:04:32.880 Amy Bahr: Yes, and Tommy actually hit it on the head before everybody needs a hound, so we are called helpful towns, and I think our website is attached and we work through the agency called caring people to serve some individuals who are trying to age healthfully.

00:04:33.060 --> 00:04:33.780 Amy Bahr: at home.

00:04:35.130 --> 00:04:41.640 Amy Bahr: So you want to stay in your home, but you do need some extra services, so this is one of the services that you can get.

00:04:42.660 --> 00:04:52.680 Amy Bahr: A lot of people do ask me about the training for a true therapy dog right Wendy Valerie not a just one who makes us feel good at the end of our day.

00:04:53.820 --> 00:05:01.950 Amy Bahr: Happy dog, I really believe is all about their temperament just like you can't teach people to be nice, you cannot teach a dog to be nice.

00:05:02.520 --> 00:05:15.270 Amy Bahr: Just last week, someone asked me how many people will pet her in a day, and I think it can be over 100 and I don't know about you, but I don't know that I want to be touched by 100 people, so they really have to have a certain.

00:05:15.810 --> 00:05:19.170 Tommy DiMisa: Look prior to call it, I didn't mind people as much but.

00:05:19.230 --> 00:05:22.740 Tommy DiMisa: You know I realized how dirty and gross we are as a human species.

00:05:22.800 --> 00:05:29.010 Tommy DiMisa: Like you know so so I, but I still I was out last night hugging a bunch of people don't tell anybody, but I have to punch people yesterday.

00:05:29.070 --> 00:05:29.520 Okay.

00:05:31.350 --> 00:05:50.400 Amy Bahr: So there is some obvious training involved about obedience that can't be barking and running through a facility, the test is kind of interesting, but at this point we we work through the company and we are and we work through caring people i've been doing this about 20 years.

00:05:50.580 --> 00:06:01.230 Amy Bahr: When I was when I was in corporate and doing project management and then, when I decided to stay home with the kids it became a little bit busier.

00:06:01.590 --> 00:06:15.600 Amy Bahr: And i'd say in the last 10 years there's a really big need for it, and after quarantine this last year I can't tell you I could triple my business tomorrow in terms of the amount of people who need touch.

00:06:15.930 --> 00:06:16.710 Amy Bahr: And so.

00:06:16.890 --> 00:06:28.830 Amy Bahr: It feels like you are bringing a gallon of water to someone who's been in the desert for a year and, in some ways they really have you know they've been separated and not touched and.

00:06:29.220 --> 00:06:46.080 Amy Bahr: they're desperate and we had an amazing experience this morning, just a few minutes ago there was a we were actually working in a facility today and assisted living and somebody was just coming in, and she was crying and so sad and I speak Spanish to.

00:06:46.590 --> 00:06:56.130 Amy Bahr: A little bit, but we could communicate with her, she was still with the emt is just arriving and as soon as she saw the dog she broke out into the biggest smile.

00:06:56.160 --> 00:06:58.740 Amy Bahr: In her family felt better you know.

00:06:58.890 --> 00:07:02.310 Amy Bahr: How much more comfortable they feel, knowing that we come.

00:07:02.400 --> 00:07:13.950 Tommy DiMisa: You know, every other week So what do you happen to be there that's it's not a like a squeaky none of her name's always there all the time it's a service that comes to visit yes.

00:07:13.980 --> 00:07:24.990 Amy Bahr: Right jen's company caring people offered us continuing ED class recently, so I actually had to research, what i've done over the years what's come a little bit, dare I say, naturally, to me.

00:07:25.410 --> 00:07:31.350 Amy Bahr: And I found that there are two at least two hospitals in the country that keep a therapy dog on staff.

00:07:31.950 --> 00:07:43.200 Amy Bahr: And you can call and set up an appointment so in a true hospital like if you're going for surgery that day, you can call and schedule a visit, and I think they consider a visit 15 minutes.

00:07:43.590 --> 00:07:53.460 Amy Bahr: So so it's really becoming recognized and I hope that in our lifetimes, not only will it be offered as a college class but it might actually be offered as a major.

00:07:53.490 --> 00:07:55.590 Tommy DiMisa: In universities wow I.

00:07:56.430 --> 00:07:57.960 Valerie Heffron: see it sorry time.

00:07:58.530 --> 00:08:09.270 Tommy DiMisa: Please, I thought I was just gonna say I read that I think in the background of the bio that that you said that you want animal assisted therapy to be offered as a major at universities in our lifetime.

00:08:09.540 --> 00:08:14.310 Tommy DiMisa: Look, if it improves the life of people why shouldn't it be right.

00:08:14.340 --> 00:08:22.140 Tommy DiMisa: I mean, and we do things on this, I know you have some Jennifer i'm gonna let you jump in, but we do things on this, where the literally changing the world that's what this show is about.

00:08:22.350 --> 00:08:24.660 Tommy DiMisa: And I wouldn't have told you that in August of last year.

00:08:24.840 --> 00:08:31.830 Tommy DiMisa: But I will tell you that, right now, in June of this year, because, as a result of this show kicking off in September last year we.

00:08:32.220 --> 00:08:43.350 Tommy DiMisa: were changing the world we're on the phone politicians were getting on call nights we're meeting people who make change happen and we're becoming part of that, so why shouldn't there be a university course Jennifer I know you had something.

00:08:44.370 --> 00:08:55.320 Jennifer Devine: like just to piggyback on what amy was saying about offering it as a college course you know i'm gonna even take it a step further and i'd love to see insurance companies, covering it as.

00:08:55.530 --> 00:09:01.470 Jennifer Devine: A therapeutic intervention that's what I would love to see so that it could be affordable and accessible to so many people.

00:09:01.950 --> 00:09:05.640 Jennifer Devine: there's a gentleman a social worker by the name of Dan Cohen, I believe, is his name.

00:09:05.910 --> 00:09:17.880 Jennifer Devine: And he was trying to do that with music and getting iPods covered so that especially people had dementia could use that as an intervention, and I believe just in seeing amy and in her sessions.

00:09:18.180 --> 00:09:23.160 Jennifer Devine: there's such a therapeutic component to it, and that would be something that I would love to see happen one day.

00:09:23.880 --> 00:09:24.180 Amy Bahr: If I.

00:09:24.300 --> 00:09:26.040 Jennifer Devine: wanted to piggyback very quickly on that.

00:09:26.280 --> 00:09:42.660 Amy Bahr: yeah it's amazing because we when i'm working with a PT a physical therapists occupational therapists or speech therapist i'm just considered a handler and i'm supposed to stay in the background and just handle the dog and I stay quiet, which my husband would never believe.

00:09:42.690 --> 00:09:43.710 is possible for me.

00:09:45.360 --> 00:09:47.250 Amy Bahr: And I have people to do it.

00:09:48.360 --> 00:09:57.510 Amy Bahr: But it really does, we were working with someone last week and the physical therapist said that the person did 50% more exercises.

00:09:57.900 --> 00:09:59.070 Amy Bahr: Can you buy that.

00:09:59.310 --> 00:10:00.090 Valerie Heffron: I can.

00:10:00.180 --> 00:10:01.170 Amy Bahr: I just got.

00:10:01.230 --> 00:10:01.920 Amy Bahr: And not just.

00:10:03.660 --> 00:10:04.830 Amy Bahr: it's hard for me to hear.

00:10:05.070 --> 00:10:18.810 Valerie Heffron: I was gonna say we have a little background noise going on, but I want to agree with that, because I know, for me, you know number one if you have a dog you're kind of forced to take them out, and you have to walk them.

00:10:18.840 --> 00:10:28.080 Valerie Heffron: yeah well times a day unless unless you mail it in and just you know, let them out in your backyard and they and then you hire a pooper scooper person whatever, but the point is that.

00:10:28.920 --> 00:10:35.010 Valerie Heffron: it's also impossible to be, in my humble opinion, it's impossible to be angry.

00:10:35.430 --> 00:10:51.630 Valerie Heffron: or in a bad mood when your cat is in your lap purring and you're petting it or you know your dog is flipped over wanting a belly rub It is impossible, like they lower your blood pressure, and I would like to see since we're talking about wish list.

00:10:52.080 --> 00:11:05.220 Valerie Heffron: I would like to see every institution hospitals rehabilitative rehab facilities nursing homes offer this because I can speak to this personally.

00:11:05.970 --> 00:11:18.210 Valerie Heffron: 1010 plus years ago, my father was in a rehab he was about two weeks away from the end of his life and he was I know very lethargic and I would go my thing was the newspaper reading the news.

00:11:19.230 --> 00:11:24.600 Valerie Heffron: And we were on a place in Hempstead turnpike and all of a sudden, I was coming back and getting coffee or whatever.

00:11:25.650 --> 00:11:33.780 Valerie Heffron: And I saw a porter with you know he had some cardboard boxes and I saw a pair of ears pop up and I was like.

00:11:34.290 --> 00:11:38.280 Valerie Heffron: What the heck is that right turns out, it was a big fat bunny rabbit.

00:11:38.610 --> 00:11:51.540 Valerie Heffron: And I was like you have to go to my dad's room I didn't even know you offered pet therapy, the second that my father saw this rabbit being lifted out of its box and put into the bed with him my dad got like a surge of energy and he.

00:11:51.540 --> 00:11:57.600 Valerie Heffron: lit up smile started petting the rabbit it was so beautiful to witness.

00:11:57.630 --> 00:12:03.630 Valerie Heffron: yeah and I have another experience but i'll share that if we have time, but I believe in this so much.

00:12:03.870 --> 00:12:11.340 Amy Bahr: yeah I could tell you stories for hours, I could still get chills on on the impact the dog not me.

00:12:11.610 --> 00:12:17.910 Amy Bahr: i've worked in places for 20 years honestly they don't even know my name, with no.

00:12:18.330 --> 00:12:21.600 Amy Bahr: And if something's blocking squeaker and they don't see her.

00:12:21.930 --> 00:12:25.680 Amy Bahr: They don't even know me they don't they've never looked me in the eye they don't care.

00:12:26.640 --> 00:12:27.840 Amy Bahr: it's not offensive you.

00:12:28.320 --> 00:12:29.850 Tommy DiMisa: Look at me look at her face.

00:12:29.940 --> 00:12:33.090 Tommy DiMisa: I mean, she just keeps squeaky so cheesy just keeps looking.

00:12:33.300 --> 00:12:33.870 Tommy DiMisa: Oh, my God.

00:12:34.920 --> 00:12:37.230 Tommy DiMisa: My son is gonna lose it when he watches this particular.

00:12:38.760 --> 00:12:50.610 Tommy DiMisa: I mean oh God look, I mean I I know you don't want to get left out of the conversation, but like they're there to see the dog right i'm sure you're you're great to hang out with as well, but.

00:12:52.290 --> 00:12:52.860 Amy Bahr: For us.

00:12:52.950 --> 00:12:56.730 Tommy DiMisa: I fair enough, I understand, I know I know we're all an acquired taste i'll say.

00:12:56.730 --> 00:12:56.940 That.

00:12:58.470 --> 00:12:59.970 Amy Bahr: Not you we love you ready.

00:13:00.690 --> 00:13:02.730 Tommy DiMisa: Oh, my goodness, tell me more tell me more.

00:13:02.730 --> 00:13:03.000 Please.

00:13:04.380 --> 00:13:13.590 Amy Bahr: i'll say this, that what also works is, aside from what we do with Jen with caring people is the dogs also work with children.

00:13:13.980 --> 00:13:26.580 Amy Bahr: And I have five dogs, much to my husband's chagrin, but one of the dogs works really well with autistic children, the reason being is that dogs don't have a lot of different emotions and they only have.

00:13:27.150 --> 00:13:37.350 Amy Bahr: I don't know what the term would be one layer of emotion, so you know how you could be mad at someone in your House and yelling and then the phone rings and it's someone from work and you're like oh.

00:13:38.520 --> 00:13:52.950 Amy Bahr: And you change your your persona for that minute a dog can't do that right she's happy, she said she's angry and you know it was showing her teeth, so they do really well with autistic kids to learn life skills and and emotions.

00:13:54.090 --> 00:13:54.810 Valerie Heffron: amazing.

00:13:54.930 --> 00:13:55.230 No.

00:13:56.820 --> 00:14:07.740 Valerie Heffron: I will also say that if you if institutions like we're talking the large hospital organizations now if they just think about it.

00:14:08.100 --> 00:14:17.850 Valerie Heffron: Most hospitals operate pretty much the same where you know if someone's there or or rehab facility they're there they're in their room, they have a TV.

00:14:18.120 --> 00:14:31.050 Valerie Heffron: They have a phone and probably a cell phone but there's not a lot of you know activity with with people, maybe someone's bringing them food, you know or their medication, but that's all like very.

00:14:31.620 --> 00:14:42.690 Valerie Heffron: You know, interesting all right it's protocol right but, but if you have the visits from the animals and you're able to pet them and just relish and how sweet, they are.

00:14:42.750 --> 00:14:48.420 Amy Bahr: And we make it a point to make it that person's moment, how do you feel how did you sleep.

00:14:48.540 --> 00:14:51.570 Amy Bahr: What did you do for a living, where did you grow up.

00:14:51.630 --> 00:15:03.210 Amy Bahr: yeah and it's about their moment and it's about their time so when we work with individuals through caring people, we really are able to provide an ear let's call it.

00:15:03.480 --> 00:15:11.250 Amy Bahr: to someone who is homebound and maybe they don't want to tell their daughter all their innermost thoughts, maybe they don't want to scare them.

00:15:11.280 --> 00:15:15.330 Tommy DiMisa: meet a friend, they sounds like they need a friend and not just the four legged friend, but it sounds.

00:15:16.500 --> 00:15:24.600 Tommy DiMisa: yeah you get to be a friend and it's you know, one of my kids graduated from the fifth grade yesterday and and the principal refers to everybody his friends.

00:15:24.810 --> 00:15:27.870 Tommy DiMisa: So his friend and that friend and I was like I love that because.

00:15:27.960 --> 00:15:29.760 Tommy DiMisa: I I tend to do that, like.

00:15:29.970 --> 00:15:38.100 Tommy DiMisa: i'm going to tell people, later on, so my friends Jennifer and amy came on the show today and, like my kids you have a lot of friends and I go well.

00:15:38.130 --> 00:15:39.450 Tommy DiMisa: You know people like me but.

00:15:40.410 --> 00:15:45.840 Tommy DiMisa: But that that that's what it is it's about y'all need some connection that's the whole thing.

00:15:46.200 --> 00:15:48.090 Tommy DiMisa: it's about connectivity I.

00:15:48.120 --> 00:15:55.800 Tommy DiMisa: We do have to take a quick break where it's a quick break you're going I know we gotta you gotta get you off to a meeting but we'll be back in a minute, because we want you to finish, and then.

00:15:55.830 --> 00:15:57.540 Amy Bahr: That will stay up till today yeah.

00:15:57.810 --> 00:16:05.040 Tommy DiMisa: yeah yeah good so we already come back we'll get more and we want to hear from Jennifer more you know we're trying to navigate through this whole thing value of something quick before we go to break.

00:16:05.310 --> 00:16:09.420 Tommy DiMisa: No good see you right back 90 seconds everybody past tense again.

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00:18:21.810 --> 00:18:34.440 Tommy DiMisa: And we're back it's story time with Tommy ED alright, so this is pals professionals and i'm loving showing the story is this, we want to amplify the message that we believe the bond between animal lovers is incredibly strong.

00:18:35.250 --> 00:18:49.350 Tommy DiMisa: We want to support one another in business by building that's actually not accurate anymore, we have already built and are continuing to build a compassionate network together this network will make sure that everyone wins.

00:18:50.730 --> 00:18:52.410 Valerie Heffron: Actually, the animals.

00:18:52.620 --> 00:18:54.750 Tommy DiMisa: were not ready for that I was robbed.

00:18:56.580 --> 00:19:00.210 Tommy DiMisa: I know, but I was watching you and I knew I was going to send you.

00:19:00.480 --> 00:19:05.670 Tommy DiMisa: i'll try to get we building this compassionate network together so that everyone wins.

00:19:06.120 --> 00:19:08.010 Valerie Heffron: Especially the animal.

00:19:08.040 --> 00:19:11.700 Tommy DiMisa: yeah it's your POM poms out so we achieve this through the radio show.

00:19:11.970 --> 00:19:16.260 Tommy DiMisa: Through the compassionate towards hint hint wink wink will tell you about that again later on, I know Valerie.

00:19:16.560 --> 00:19:22.470 Tommy DiMisa: will make sure we talk about that we have some sponsors that are sponsoring very, very cool very exciting, but I do want to jump.

00:19:23.100 --> 00:19:36.750 Tommy DiMisa: right back Jennifer if you can get into this conversation, please, because I want to understand you know from I shared helpful hounds llc COM on Facebook for everybody, also shared hearing people calm I shared that on so Jennifer tells you.

00:19:37.380 --> 00:19:49.650 Tommy DiMisa: you're welcome tell us how this works from your perspective and how you and amy collaborate, because you know you sort of speak have access to the people amy has access to the dogs I just made that up but that's what I was thinking about.

00:19:50.280 --> 00:19:52.950 Jennifer Devine: know and you're you're you're very intuitive.

00:19:54.090 --> 00:20:02.550 Jennifer Devine: yeah I mean, so I guess the short story because, obviously, I want to give me the spotlight on being that shelf so leave us a little bit early but.

00:20:03.240 --> 00:20:13.350 Jennifer Devine: i'm my background is i'm a geriatric social worker i've been working for caring people for 14 years were a licensed home care agency, so we provide.

00:20:13.800 --> 00:20:21.960 Jennifer Devine: an array of services and mostly for people who are in their homes and a good portion of them are hometowns.

00:20:22.440 --> 00:20:31.830 Jennifer Devine: So they don't really have the same types of access to things that may be somebody in the Community does or somebody that lives in an assisted living there really in their home.

00:20:32.310 --> 00:20:40.350 Jennifer Devine: And some of them are pretty medically compromised, so one of the things that I have always witnessed, and I have known.

00:20:40.950 --> 00:20:48.420 Jennifer Devine: Is the benefits of being around an animal and so we do a lot of work in assisted livings independent livings.

00:20:48.990 --> 00:21:01.140 Jennifer Devine: And we also do something called companion care so that tends to serve the more able bodied senior so maybe we could even bring them to an animal shelter and the system to volunteer and do all these things so.

00:21:01.680 --> 00:21:07.650 Jennifer Devine: You know just being an animal lover myself, I see all the benefits of it, but there was something that was missing to me.

00:21:08.160 --> 00:21:26.460 Jennifer Devine: And that was that these homebound clients didn't really have the same access to some of these wonderful interventions so part of being a social worker part of my job is getting resources to our clients and I was able to find music therapist I was even able to find therapeutic recreation.

00:21:27.570 --> 00:21:29.400 Jennifer Devine: professionals who could go into the room.

00:21:30.420 --> 00:21:38.670 Jennifer Devine: But I was really having a hard time finding someone who would go into the home and do one on one sessions at therapists sessions.

00:21:40.200 --> 00:21:47.130 Jennifer Devine: So I you know, and then I could go on and on about my story and the different interactions that I had we were on a quest.

00:21:47.940 --> 00:21:49.770 Tommy DiMisa: And this is exactly.

00:21:50.220 --> 00:21:52.200 Jennifer Devine: Right yeah we were on we were on a quest.

00:21:52.530 --> 00:21:57.570 Jennifer Devine: And i'll say just to save time.

00:21:57.660 --> 00:22:10.110 Jennifer Devine: yeah the eventually found amy and that was through a colleague of mine that recently had come aboard her name is Anna so I want to give her so much credit she's a part of our outreach team.

00:22:10.680 --> 00:22:16.590 Jennifer Devine: And we're not we this was a new outreach team that we had hired and I said, this is one of my visions and you know.

00:22:17.610 --> 00:22:21.120 Jennifer Devine: The outreach team we're all animal lovers, and they loved the assignment.

00:22:22.530 --> 00:22:24.090 Jennifer Devine: And I connected with amy.

00:22:24.180 --> 00:22:27.570 Tommy DiMisa: amy go and shout out and if you're listening or watching us.

00:22:28.890 --> 00:22:30.780 Tommy DiMisa: that's the power of connection though Jennifer is it.

00:22:30.780 --> 00:22:36.960 Tommy DiMisa: Not all we have is our social capital, all we have is that opportunity to make connections and without it.

00:22:37.350 --> 00:22:48.960 Tommy DiMisa: You know we're just sort of meat puppets you know, but with other people, we have this kind of activity and that's what we're building here, so thank you, Anna for making that connection, so how, when you and amy first connect how long has this been going on this relationship.

00:22:50.250 --> 00:22:51.930 Jennifer Devine: Oh gosh, so I would say me.

00:22:52.020 --> 00:22:58.230 Amy Bahr: A fifth again, I can tell you exactly it was very funny because I was I had just moved to long island and is trying to.

00:22:59.940 --> 00:23:15.390 Amy Bahr: sell the business to for one on ones, and I think I was like oh just put it on Facebook until i'm really ready to advertise and I think it was literally a day later that contacted me, and it was November of 2020 so Western quarantine.

00:23:16.590 --> 00:23:17.760 Tommy DiMisa: So this is pretty new.

00:23:17.850 --> 00:23:20.760 Tommy DiMisa: I mean, although 2020 feels like you know decade ago but.

00:23:20.790 --> 00:23:21.240 Tommy DiMisa: It is.

00:23:21.360 --> 00:23:22.710 Tommy DiMisa: relatively new, but I just want to.

00:23:23.580 --> 00:23:27.150 Tommy DiMisa: yeah we're looking for this right talk about a little bit of universe.

00:23:27.420 --> 00:23:29.280 Tommy DiMisa: you're saying I got this solution.

00:23:29.550 --> 00:23:34.590 Tommy DiMisa: And Jennifer and Anna and team are going, we need this solution, oh I love that.

00:23:34.650 --> 00:23:43.740 Amy Bahr: Oh, my gosh i'd have to look back, but I it couldn't have been more than 24 hours that I posted it and Anna is like Jen and they're just get it done kind of people and.

00:23:44.280 --> 00:23:47.550 Amy Bahr: We started working together and we just get it done.

00:23:47.670 --> 00:23:49.350 Valerie Heffron: Whatever means love on I need.

00:23:50.430 --> 00:23:52.830 Amy Bahr: Your link that to Valerie i'd like to immediately yes.

00:23:55.170 --> 00:23:56.220 Amy Bahr: What kind of course when we're.

00:23:56.790 --> 00:24:00.840 Amy Bahr: animals and people we work harder and faster right.

00:24:01.200 --> 00:24:13.530 Valerie Heffron: Yes, and I want to let you know that it does not surprise me in the least Jennifer that Anna and your team are all animal lovers, and obviously amy because.

00:24:14.340 --> 00:24:21.870 Valerie Heffron: You are in a profession that requires you to be compassionate it's just of course you're going to gravitate towards that right.

00:24:22.140 --> 00:24:32.730 Valerie Heffron: And I mean it's not like you're working at a slaughterhouse i'm just saying like you have to have the ability to empathize and you want to inherently it's in your nature to make things better.

00:24:33.210 --> 00:24:36.600 Valerie Heffron: Yes, and I would love to know I can tell you are.

00:24:37.230 --> 00:24:41.940 Valerie Heffron: A few years ago my mother had a pretty rough car accident on my end was with her to.

00:24:42.210 --> 00:24:51.090 Valerie Heffron: Anyway, they were both in the same rehabilitation Center and they didn't have pet therapy, but I was able to bring my dog once I showed all the paperwork and needed to show them.

00:24:51.660 --> 00:24:57.270 Valerie Heffron: I couldn't even walk a straight line through that place because all of the residents wanted to pet.

00:24:57.570 --> 00:25:14.970 Valerie Heffron: And hang out with my dog and this one senior in a wheelchair, I will never forget her, she melted with my dog and she didn't even talk, she was I don't know if she was nonverbal but she did not say a word she just kept petting him, and she didn't want to let him go.

00:25:15.300 --> 00:25:16.200 Valerie Heffron: And I was like.

00:25:16.620 --> 00:25:18.030 Amy Bahr: Oh, my God, you know.

00:25:18.420 --> 00:25:19.920 Valerie Heffron: it's so funny warming.

00:25:20.400 --> 00:25:36.360 Amy Bahr: yep i'm going to jump up in just a couple of minutes but it's funny that you say that because this is one facility, where we have people who are waiting for us at the door, and I can barely get in so I had a sneak in weaker because we're in the back of the facility.

00:25:36.360 --> 00:25:38.430 Tommy DiMisa: So they don't know they don't know you're there.

00:25:38.850 --> 00:25:41.190 Amy Bahr: I was supposed to start but we.

00:25:41.220 --> 00:25:43.560 Valerie Heffron: Obviously, like justin bieber at a concert.

00:25:45.870 --> 00:25:46.980 Amy Bahr: disguise the dog.

00:25:48.960 --> 00:25:52.980 Tommy DiMisa: Like put like that you know, like Bobby Valentine on the match where this.

00:25:54.360 --> 00:25:54.930 Tommy DiMisa: glasses.

00:25:56.040 --> 00:26:00.120 Amy Bahr: Do you have a dog stroller not on purpose from my back.

00:26:03.720 --> 00:26:09.090 Amy Bahr: And I have been known to kind of zip it up, so that people don't know it's a dog, and we can.

00:26:11.460 --> 00:26:13.500 Valerie Heffron: Nobody nobody's interested in the baby.

00:26:15.390 --> 00:26:23.220 Amy Bahr: And sometimes when she's walking in the strollers empty I swear people look at me and think do they know she knows that she lost her baby.

00:26:25.500 --> 00:26:35.610 Amy Bahr: Because nobody thinks of a dog stroller but Valerie you know something really interesting that you didn't know if the person was non verbal or just really in the moment loving that dog.

00:26:35.940 --> 00:26:44.250 Amy Bahr: And that's part of what we do we have to be in that moment with that person and when we're one on one it's it's.

00:26:44.850 --> 00:26:55.260 Amy Bahr: it's easier, but when we're in a facility, we have to make sure that everybody feels that one moment where they can breathe, for the first time they can relax for the first time.

00:26:55.560 --> 00:27:02.970 Valerie Heffron: I have to ask you a question before you run I just thought of this and i've been it's a lingering question, since I brought my dog there.

00:27:03.390 --> 00:27:12.990 Valerie Heffron: And for the first time that I brought him there and what happened was my mother had a couple of broken ribs but she also had a fractured ankle right and.

00:27:14.430 --> 00:27:28.410 Valerie Heffron: I put my dog in the bed with her he's smaller similar to squeaky and um you know my mother was so happy to see if he's petting him, and do you know that he walked over to her broken ankle and he laid so.

00:27:28.410 --> 00:27:33.750 Valerie Heffron: gently next to her, and it was like he knew where the injury.

00:27:33.780 --> 00:27:36.510 Tommy DiMisa: She did she have a cast or something was around to.

00:27:36.510 --> 00:27:37.020 Valerie Heffron: It yeah.

00:27:38.280 --> 00:27:40.620 Valerie Heffron: Right, but still it's intuition there's something there.

00:27:40.650 --> 00:27:41.370 Jennifer Devine: It is.

00:27:41.430 --> 00:27:42.810 Jennifer Devine: Right, it is intuition.

00:27:42.900 --> 00:27:43.260 Valerie Heffron: It is.

00:27:43.770 --> 00:27:44.790 Jennifer Devine: Yes, it is.

00:27:45.690 --> 00:27:46.890 Valerie Heffron: My dog I knew it he.

00:27:47.100 --> 00:27:54.870 Amy Bahr: That works with autistic kids quite a bit he actually usually smells like even if they're covered by clothes.

00:27:54.900 --> 00:28:08.190 Amy Bahr: Like yes exactly you know it's it's amazing and I could tell you stories when we were researching the continuing ED class stories of cats who work in hospice I knew the next person.

00:28:08.580 --> 00:28:20.010 Jennifer Devine: Yes, that's Oliver Oliver the cat he works in a hospice house and it actually got to a point where the family that the staff would call and say oliver's with mom it's time come come be with mom.

00:28:20.130 --> 00:28:20.670 Tommy DiMisa: Oh, you know.

00:28:21.150 --> 00:28:22.200 Valerie Heffron: And I know.

00:28:22.230 --> 00:28:35.610 Jennifer Devine: People like the family, the family is wearing like this is so weird that you're calling me that the cat is directing care like they just saw it with their own eyes all over what common sit vigil you new mom.

00:28:35.820 --> 00:28:36.330 Tommy DiMisa: Oh yeah.

00:28:37.230 --> 00:28:37.530 Jennifer Devine: it's gonna.

00:28:38.190 --> 00:28:39.120 Valerie Heffron: Do you not have no.

00:28:39.180 --> 00:28:40.860 Tommy DiMisa: I know my whole body, in fact.

00:28:40.860 --> 00:28:41.670 Valerie Heffron: I know.

00:28:43.170 --> 00:28:43.710 Amy Bahr: and nuts.

00:28:44.040 --> 00:28:51.810 Amy Bahr: Here, but before I met my husband, when I was single and dating if the dog didn't like someone my old dog I didn't get another date.

00:28:51.870 --> 00:28:52.140 Amy Bahr: You know.

00:28:54.120 --> 00:28:55.590 Amy Bahr: They can predict everything.

00:28:55.710 --> 00:28:57.540 Tommy DiMisa: I can yeah.

00:28:58.290 --> 00:29:01.560 Tommy DiMisa: I gotta I gotta sneak in here one quick second because I don't know.

00:29:01.860 --> 00:29:08.430 Tommy DiMisa: If I want to make sure if this is somebody amy knows, I want to say hello amy still with us do either of you know, drew craven.

00:29:09.960 --> 00:29:10.470 Tommy DiMisa: know.

00:29:10.530 --> 00:29:11.070 Jennifer Devine: You know.

00:29:11.160 --> 00:29:14.130 Tommy DiMisa: just maybe a new fan of the show drew thanks for checking any says.

00:29:14.130 --> 00:29:14.820 Tommy DiMisa: pause off.

00:29:15.090 --> 00:29:18.630 Tommy DiMisa: Listening here so he's so we dig your drew look.

00:29:18.660 --> 00:29:19.920 Jennifer Devine: forward to connecting true.

00:29:20.700 --> 00:29:25.500 Tommy DiMisa: So thanks for being here amy I know you're going to split because you have to you're.

00:29:25.650 --> 00:29:30.030 Tommy DiMisa: you're actually on borrowed time you have a bunch of folks waiting to see squeaker.

00:29:30.300 --> 00:29:34.350 Tommy DiMisa: And you're hiding that dog from people, so I don't want to keep you from that anymore.

00:29:35.430 --> 00:29:36.990 Tommy DiMisa: boy before I was.

00:29:37.470 --> 00:29:38.370 Valerie Heffron: angry fans.

00:29:38.400 --> 00:29:39.360 Tommy DiMisa: yeah there.

00:29:40.110 --> 00:29:41.370 Amy Bahr: spend the time doing.

00:29:41.400 --> 00:29:42.480 Tommy DiMisa: Make sure they get their time.

00:29:42.480 --> 00:29:44.550 Jennifer Devine: don't see them with the dog and.

00:29:47.670 --> 00:29:49.380 Amy Bahr: Just my mom's go down and.

00:29:49.440 --> 00:29:55.950 Tommy DiMisa: i'm telling you we're going to talk about it, we were talking about it during the beginning before before we got started with Jennifer and Valerie and i'm.

00:29:56.730 --> 00:29:58.830 Tommy DiMisa: Just horses and a whole nother thing, maybe we'll.

00:29:58.830 --> 00:29:59.970 Tommy DiMisa: get into that when we come back.

00:30:00.120 --> 00:30:05.070 Tommy DiMisa: But amy kind of shout out what you want to shout out before you go is there anybody because we're gonna go to break right after that.

00:30:05.160 --> 00:30:14.640 Amy Bahr: Anything you want, I just want to thank you for having us, and thank you for what you guys are doing, I listened to your podcast a lot of them last night phenomenal.

00:30:14.730 --> 00:30:15.270 Valerie Heffron: Oh, my God.

00:30:16.050 --> 00:30:16.350 Amy Bahr: You know.

00:30:16.830 --> 00:30:18.270 Valerie Heffron: back you gotta come back.

00:30:18.360 --> 00:30:34.170 Amy Bahr: With all the terrible news we here it's really nice to interact with people who are doing such wonderful work for animals and people and bridging the gap and and thank you for what you're doing really and Jen, thank you for Jen works like 100 hours a day, I don't know.

00:30:34.440 --> 00:30:36.360 Amy Bahr: How she gets done what she gets done.

00:30:36.540 --> 00:30:38.370 Tommy DiMisa: Well she's not going anywhere we're keeping her with.

00:30:41.220 --> 00:30:41.880 Valerie Heffron: back.

00:30:42.000 --> 00:30:42.450 Tommy DiMisa: we'll get.

00:30:43.050 --> 00:30:43.530 Tommy DiMisa: A full.

00:30:44.670 --> 00:30:46.500 Tommy DiMisa: sorry i'm.

00:30:47.250 --> 00:30:52.470 Amy Bahr: Sorry we're gonna just say goodbye, in a few languages will say adios and we'll see.

00:30:53.340 --> 00:30:54.180 Tommy DiMisa: My screen.

00:30:57.990 --> 00:30:59.550 Jennifer Devine: Thank you so much for being here.

00:30:59.850 --> 00:31:00.720 Valerie Heffron: yeah really.

00:31:00.930 --> 00:31:01.470 Tommy DiMisa: All right, we're gonna.

00:31:01.800 --> 00:31:02.130 Tommy DiMisa: we're gonna.

00:31:02.490 --> 00:31:13.200 Tommy DiMisa: it's gonna take us to a quick break the three of us come back, we will dive right back into this Jennifer when we come back, I want to hear some anecdotal stuff I want to hear you know the things from the front lines and how people's lives are really changed and.

00:31:13.530 --> 00:31:16.830 Tommy DiMisa: And what you might need and how we might make some connections for you is that fair.

00:31:17.370 --> 00:31:18.330 Jennifer Devine: yeah that's very fair.

00:31:18.450 --> 00:31:19.110 Tommy DiMisa: let's do it.

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00:33:25.800 --> 00:33:26.040 Tommy DiMisa: This is.

00:33:27.210 --> 00:33:34.050 Tommy DiMisa: The professionals and animal lovers show and we're back and we just had amy bar with us from.

00:33:34.920 --> 00:33:46.590 Tommy DiMisa: Helping hounds helping towns llc COM check it out Jennifer divine is here, I just shared if you're watching us on Facebook, I should have a website for caring people calm, but I even gave you a little more of a sneak of.

00:33:47.220 --> 00:33:57.180 Tommy DiMisa: of their pet therapy program so animal assisted therapy, improving the quality of life for people for older adults with an opportunity to care for a pet of their own.

00:33:57.660 --> 00:34:07.020 Tommy DiMisa: What are the benefits well Jennifer is going to tell us, but companionship exercise memory confidence social skills if you're here for one of the earlier segments, you know, I was gonna make a joke, because I like to.

00:34:07.380 --> 00:34:20.850 Tommy DiMisa: And I was gonna make a joke because amy said that somebody was able to exercise 50% more when they had the animal right, so I was like well, they should have got to animals, and then they could have had 100% more.

00:34:21.360 --> 00:34:22.050 Tommy DiMisa: I know.

00:34:22.140 --> 00:34:28.500 Tommy DiMisa: But see I exercise like zero percent so I don't know how many animals, I need to take that to like more I don't know.

00:34:29.040 --> 00:34:30.390 Jennifer Devine: Man can tell that.

00:34:33.180 --> 00:34:42.960 Tommy DiMisa: Jennifer Thank you so much for being here and thank you for kind of making that space and creating that space, because we knew amy had to sneak away early and and you're just so wonderful to do it, the way we did it so that worked out so.

00:34:43.230 --> 00:34:48.510 Tommy DiMisa: let's dive into your portion of the conversation I love that you just started to get to know each other, only the last couple of years.

00:34:48.570 --> 00:35:01.650 Tommy DiMisa: yeah and what a time to do so in a time when the individuals you serve talk about homebound we were all homebound but some folks are always in that so let's talk about your experiences there if we could and how this has worked out.

00:35:02.880 --> 00:35:16.590 Jennifer Devine: yeah so prior to obviously all of this happening, this was a service that we did want to provide that we saw value in being able to provide specifically that one on one.

00:35:17.280 --> 00:35:26.100 Jennifer Devine: Animal assisted therapy to individuals, so that was something that we really wanted to do prior it just so happens that during.

00:35:26.580 --> 00:35:32.580 Jennifer Devine: The lockdowns we is when we met her which right like a lot of people have stories about that, I think, maybe just.

00:35:32.970 --> 00:35:51.600 Jennifer Devine: Having time some downtime allowed us to maybe do even extra research, so we were very lucky and we met her, and we had lots of interviews sessions together and we felt like she was the right fit for the caring people family and she is also doing per diem work for us.

00:35:51.930 --> 00:35:59.640 Jennifer Devine: So that when need to intake like one of my roles as the social workers that if someone needs services, I do a very detailed intake on them.

00:36:00.360 --> 00:36:09.480 Jennifer Devine: And we always ask the question on our intakes do you have a pet right because we do have caregivers that might not be pet friendly.

00:36:10.140 --> 00:36:28.830 Jennifer Devine: We do have that situation, or we have maybe caregivers that have allergies, but when I asked that question um through the years sometimes it's just a quick know like that's it we don't have pets mom never loved paths, it could be that, but a lot of times more story comes out of it.

00:36:28.860 --> 00:36:40.290 Jennifer Devine: yeah yeah like mom has a pet and we're starting to see that she's not able to care for it so much could your caregiver help to do that, so you know the animals could stay together.

00:36:41.370 --> 00:36:44.310 Jennifer Devine: Or maybe that they're just really, really missing having a pad.

00:36:44.580 --> 00:36:55.290 Jennifer Devine: yeah and it's become you know it's just become harder for them to be able to get out and maybe visit a pet so you know, sometimes a child will bring a pet over but.

00:36:56.610 --> 00:37:05.040 Jennifer Devine: there's just the beam and for the most part that theme is that people are missing their pets they're missing animals, and it is.

00:37:05.100 --> 00:37:06.510 Jennifer Devine: A lovely intervention.

00:37:06.600 --> 00:37:09.270 Tommy DiMisa: And not only aside from the obvious that you're talking about the.

00:37:09.270 --> 00:37:23.490 Tommy DiMisa: therapy and things you know it gets lonely and if they have the capacity or facility or you tell me the right words but the ability to to care for it in some regard or that caregivers able to help.

00:37:24.660 --> 00:37:24.930 Jennifer Devine: Right.

00:37:25.080 --> 00:37:38.790 Tommy DiMisa: it's life changing right when if they and if they cannot, well then amy comes by and brings squeaker or body, you are some of the other hounds that they got I can't stop thinking about Elvis like you ain't nothing but a hound dog.

00:37:39.240 --> 00:37:41.220 Tommy DiMisa: I can't help myself Valerie you knew this.

00:37:42.150 --> 00:37:44.010 Tommy DiMisa: This it was part of the deal so.

00:37:45.330 --> 00:37:45.540 Valerie Heffron: um.

00:37:45.570 --> 00:37:46.260 Valerie Heffron: No listen.

00:37:46.680 --> 00:37:48.990 Jennifer Devine: Listen we're very big into laughter therapy.

00:37:49.920 --> 00:37:50.250 Is.

00:37:51.780 --> 00:37:52.410 Valerie Heffron: Coming.

00:37:53.250 --> 00:37:54.390 Valerie Heffron: But I will.

00:37:54.450 --> 00:37:56.580 Valerie Heffron: I will say this, too, though, like.

00:37:57.660 --> 00:38:12.360 Valerie Heffron: People kind of bust my shoes, but the truth is, I mean I really don't care, I read to my cats and I really believe that they enjoy it That said, if i'm older and I don't have my cats around like what I still read out loud like what I still even read.

00:38:12.570 --> 00:38:16.110 Valerie Heffron: I don't really know what I find the time because I know they look forward to.

00:38:16.140 --> 00:38:17.190 Tommy DiMisa: What are you reading to them.

00:38:17.940 --> 00:38:21.930 Valerie Heffron: I read everything I read uncle john's bathroom reader I.

00:38:23.070 --> 00:38:31.620 Valerie Heffron: Murder mysteries I read articles on my phone and I also talked to my cats I know i'm and my dog I talked to my pets, I mean who doesn't.

00:38:31.920 --> 00:38:42.690 Valerie Heffron: But what i'm saying is if I was truly alone, if I were you know alone in my own home and I needed help with you know some daily, what do they call those the daily needs of.

00:38:43.110 --> 00:38:44.520 Jennifer Devine: Activities of daily living.

00:38:44.910 --> 00:38:45.570 Valerie Heffron: that's it.

00:38:45.720 --> 00:38:52.050 Valerie Heffron: Right I needed that I don't know that I would be so inclined to I mean what am I going to do, read to the wall.

00:38:52.170 --> 00:38:54.810 Valerie Heffron: I mean, I certainly read myself like normal people do.

00:38:54.810 --> 00:38:55.440 Tommy DiMisa: But what are you.

00:38:55.680 --> 00:39:11.040 Tommy DiMisa: Again, if you're reading like there's a lot of reading I need to do and I always like to listen, so if you want to read like books to me like you know Tony robbins john Maxwell if you want to do audio and you're just like record them and I listened to them or just call me and read them.

00:39:11.370 --> 00:39:14.430 Valerie Heffron: you're telling me if I call you you're gonna listen to me.

00:39:15.330 --> 00:39:16.710 Tommy DiMisa: I listened, you call me.

00:39:16.710 --> 00:39:24.720 Tommy DiMisa: Like nine times a day and I listened to you talk I, and now it would be, it would be different topics that you would be talking to me about it would be like.

00:39:25.020 --> 00:39:31.470 Tommy DiMisa: hey hickory decree Doc and I don't like not the Andrew dice clay virgin virgin the mouse ran up the.

00:39:31.470 --> 00:39:33.330 Jennifer Devine: clock what kind of mood you're in.

00:39:37.050 --> 00:39:39.870 Tommy DiMisa: Randy Jennifer yes, I guess that would be okay that.

00:39:40.290 --> 00:39:51.780 Valerie Heffron: But I have to ask this too, because i've seen this on some like I want to say was like the dodo videos are like one of those forums where I have seen horses.

00:39:52.650 --> 00:40:12.600 Valerie Heffron: Horses go into facilities and visit children that are like you know whether they're getting treatments or they're in the hospital and I don't I was blown away i've seen it we've all seen the dogs before i've seen therapy cats i've heard of therapy cats I had never seen horses.

00:40:12.600 --> 00:40:13.410 Valerie Heffron: Until yes.

00:40:14.520 --> 00:40:15.540 Valerie Heffron: Do you offer that.

00:40:16.230 --> 00:40:24.450 Jennifer Devine: So that that was so another program that which is so interesting because, again we we started the conversation talking about connections.

00:40:25.080 --> 00:40:33.030 Jennifer Devine: And how that happens so Tommy when you were talking about portability, one of the things that I did was I took a course.

00:40:33.360 --> 00:40:39.450 Jennifer Devine: Over at for civility and it was equine therapy for mental health, I think, was that it was like a three day course.

00:40:39.810 --> 00:40:51.960 Jennifer Devine: And I just wanted to see what it was all about, because we finally launched our animal assisted therapy program and I love the idea of bringing on horses, because I had had a prior experience we are.

00:40:52.710 --> 00:41:00.240 Jennifer Devine: The Bristol did a fundraiser they did like a polo game, and it was a fundraiser and they brought the residents to the grounds.

00:41:01.050 --> 00:41:17.370 Jennifer Devine: And a lot of the residents got to interact with the horses, specifically the residents with dementia and the feedback that we got from the families, was that their loved ones, have put together sentences full sentences that they haven't in years yeah.

00:41:17.430 --> 00:41:20.970 Tommy DiMisa: that's not so not horrible I and i've heard that not only in.

00:41:21.360 --> 00:41:29.970 Tommy DiMisa: geriatric or senior community but i've heard it in the intellectually and developmentally disabled and shout out to katy McGowan who founded horse ability, which is actually.

00:41:30.270 --> 00:41:38.850 Tommy DiMisa: And I was kind of shocked she's coming over my 30th year anniversary yeah get the POM poms off for that, I mean katie lent her own personal horse.

00:41:39.240 --> 00:41:48.420 Tommy DiMisa: To a therapist who was working with a child, with with CP with cerebral palsy and the the reaction that that child and the parents had.

00:41:48.810 --> 00:41:56.730 Tommy DiMisa: changed the trajectory of what katie's future was going to be and that out of that experience is what what became more civility.

00:41:57.060 --> 00:42:05.070 Tommy DiMisa: And we did talk about it, we haven't talked about it, yet, but we talked about it in the virtual green room when we were first talking and they have these minis and Jennifer like I.

00:42:05.550 --> 00:42:17.310 Tommy DiMisa: I make promises, when I think I can make it happen, I don't really make promises, when I don't think it can happen arm, because I don't want to like false hope but like this stuff like I could text katie now.

00:42:17.670 --> 00:42:18.180 Tommy DiMisa: And she probably.

00:42:18.270 --> 00:42:26.100 Tommy DiMisa: She would probably get on the show with us, but I get my first first ever episode on philanthropy and focus, which is my Friday morning show all about nonprofits.

00:42:26.160 --> 00:42:31.680 Tommy DiMisa: yeah we we she was my first ever episode on a show that's done 74 episodes now or something like that, but.

00:42:32.370 --> 00:42:39.330 Tommy DiMisa: she loves me I love her we're buds if there's something that you want to do and get these horses, they put them in the minis like you said before they put them.

00:42:39.690 --> 00:42:53.820 Tommy DiMisa: In the minivan and make them to see i'm dying to get out there and do that um I don't know what you guys are accepting and again it is 2022, but there are still some restrictions with what we can do.

00:42:54.180 --> 00:42:57.510 Tommy DiMisa: Right, so are you are you back in those regards that you can do things like that.

00:42:58.140 --> 00:43:03.960 Jennifer Devine: Well, so what the program that they offer is the go to facilities.

00:43:05.820 --> 00:43:07.110 Tommy DiMisa: Okay, and your folks are more.

00:43:07.410 --> 00:43:08.760 Jennifer Devine: homebound right for that.

00:43:08.880 --> 00:43:09.180 Tommy DiMisa: that's what.

00:43:13.380 --> 00:43:16.320 Jennifer Devine: Do you want me to hold on one second i'll let it go.

00:43:16.950 --> 00:43:26.610 Tommy DiMisa: Or you, you will keep talking because we one thing Valerie and I never run out his words to say so, now have you ever have you been horse ability.

00:43:28.080 --> 00:43:31.560 Valerie Heffron: i'm officially i'm pretty sure I have just like.

00:43:32.190 --> 00:43:35.280 Tommy DiMisa: would like snuck onto the campus and we're drinking they're like what does that mean.

00:43:35.550 --> 00:43:40.380 Valerie Heffron: That means that it's funny you should ask note of the drinking.

00:43:40.500 --> 00:43:47.640 Valerie Heffron: But when i'm in my history since like being able to drive so we're talking about high school.

00:43:48.240 --> 00:43:59.550 Valerie Heffron: When I was stressed out or I needed to clear my mind I would often drive to a place where I could find some nature, whether it was the Rosalind duck pond or.

00:44:00.540 --> 00:44:12.990 Valerie Heffron: I would walk around the sands point preserve or or just go to the water and stare at the water, but one of my go to places, especially when I lived in hicksville was horse ability and I would.

00:44:12.990 --> 00:44:26.490 Valerie Heffron: Just drive up get out of my car and be like that's what I I mean my very unofficial version of therapy, because at that point in time, during my life I didn't have an animal.

00:44:27.210 --> 00:44:31.500 Valerie Heffron: You know, so I was very inclined to try to get my own fix.

00:44:32.610 --> 00:44:41.820 Tommy DiMisa: i'd say that same thing and as somebody who has been through different addiction conversations in my life I literally say that I go I gotta go there, get my fix because it literally is.

00:44:41.940 --> 00:44:42.240 Valerie Heffron: work.

00:44:42.270 --> 00:44:53.160 Tommy DiMisa: You know it again it's not a drug, in the sense i'm not putting anything in my body, but it is, I feel better and I like feeling better than worse yeah that choice Jennifer and Valerie.

00:44:53.490 --> 00:45:06.030 Tommy DiMisa: hey i'm gonna go with better like I like that, let me go do that now, you know that sort of thing can can take spiral out of control, when you do other things to feel better, but to go see the horses and just take that.

00:45:06.360 --> 00:45:08.580 Tommy DiMisa: As connect with them, I mean.

00:45:08.880 --> 00:45:13.980 Valerie Heffron: Oh yeah I have to tell you I send you the video time to me so but but more recently.

00:45:15.870 --> 00:45:17.460 Tommy DiMisa: We never give up my full government name.

00:45:18.870 --> 00:45:21.420 Tommy DiMisa: My name is telling me D don't pay attention what she said i'm just kidding.

00:45:22.560 --> 00:45:27.960 Valerie Heffron: And, and we were driving around in a very rural area, and I saw these two gorgeous forces.

00:45:28.320 --> 00:45:47.040 Valerie Heffron: And you know inside a very large fenced in area, and I just didn't bury people over for a minute, and he pulls over I got out of the car and I just started walking towards the fence they came walking right over to me they let me pet them, I was like so send out.

00:45:47.100 --> 00:45:55.170 Valerie Heffron: And I like it brings tears to your eyes, because there's no incredibly beautiful and when they trust you and then let you touch them it's like magic.

00:45:55.380 --> 00:46:04.800 Jennifer Devine: It is at the the course that I took enforceability they had us just all observe the forces at play.

00:46:05.220 --> 00:46:11.400 Jennifer Devine: And we all just had to pull our chairs around and everybody had to be in silence and they brought the horses into the ring.

00:46:11.850 --> 00:46:26.040 Jennifer Devine: And we just were like you just have to watch them play and I cannot get over how calm, I was, and it was freezing and we have blankets, on and also stuff and it was like perfect peace.

00:46:26.640 --> 00:46:26.790 Valerie Heffron: It.

00:46:27.120 --> 00:46:28.080 Jennifer Devine: was just amazing.

00:46:28.260 --> 00:46:34.650 Valerie Heffron: yeah magical it truly is like i'm one with the wind and sky.

00:46:34.920 --> 00:46:35.220 Yes.

00:46:36.660 --> 00:46:38.190 Valerie Heffron: I am nature.

00:46:38.460 --> 00:46:41.730 Tommy DiMisa: I thought I was a singer on the show that was great that was.

00:46:42.600 --> 00:46:47.940 Jennifer Devine: You guys said something earlier that gave me a good fundraising idea we could do a happy Hour with the horses.

00:46:48.030 --> 00:46:59.490 Tommy DiMisa: We can, so the thing about the campus which was ironic, and we have to go to a quick break, but we will do something we'll figure it out the funny part about, that is because it's on the campus of suny old westbury college, which is where I actually graduated from.

00:47:00.510 --> 00:47:10.770 Tommy DiMisa: it's a drug way to campus so it's dry, so I was trying to do a networking event at the form and you cannot have alcoholic beverages so that's why, when I made a joke about I didn't know Valerie is climbing over the.

00:47:10.770 --> 00:47:11.640 Tommy DiMisa: fence I.

00:47:13.080 --> 00:47:17.880 Tommy DiMisa: don't do that everybody that's not we should but you're right on there's so many different cool opportunities and we're going to.

00:47:17.880 --> 00:47:18.360 Tommy DiMisa: explore them.

00:47:18.660 --> 00:47:28.410 Tommy DiMisa: To take a quick break when we come back from that break Jennifer I want I want you to talk a little bit if you could from really your roles business development is that right.

00:47:28.440 --> 00:47:32.880 Tommy DiMisa: Is that I want to talk about that because part of what we're building through this Community.

00:47:33.090 --> 00:47:41.670 Tommy DiMisa: Is the idea of well I need to do something I need to bring people together, I need to make connections right or I need to buy a service fill in the blank.

00:47:41.970 --> 00:47:49.860 Tommy DiMisa: I want to go buy that from a compassionate animal loving person versus the other person so that's what I want to hear because we've established how great you are and what you do.

00:47:50.340 --> 00:47:56.160 Tommy DiMisa: And there's plenty of folks I don't know how many folks turning 65 every day 10,000 or some crazy number like that.

00:47:56.520 --> 00:48:05.910 Tommy DiMisa: Right big big number so when we come back Jennifer I want to know how meet we meet us all of us can help you out we'll be right back this is the professionals, an animal lover show yay.

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00:50:07.320 --> 00:50:19.170 Tommy DiMisa: Talk about horses man and I just had a grab my hat alright to check it out look some animal advocates become animal advocates in their 30s or 40s or 50s or 80s.

00:50:19.500 --> 00:50:24.750 Tommy DiMisa: But my new friend Jennifer divine she has been an animal advocate in one way or the minority.

00:50:25.080 --> 00:50:34.530 Tommy DiMisa: Ahead Tommy easy for you to say in one way or another, since she was a child, she and as Valerie mentioned earlier, of course, the people that come on this show.

00:50:34.860 --> 00:50:42.090 Tommy DiMisa: Are in places and roles and responsibilities that are compassionate for people as well, so from.

00:50:42.570 --> 00:50:47.880 Tommy DiMisa: Really serving homebound elderly through this animal assisted therapy.

00:50:48.150 --> 00:51:00.300 Tommy DiMisa: For seniors to connect with their and stay with their pets, as long as possible when they have passed this is some of the work that Jennifer is involved with, but when it comes to caring people incorporated Jennifer I want to hear about your role and.

00:51:00.720 --> 00:51:07.950 Tommy DiMisa: I don't know what I would say, but it would probably sound like, how can we help, how can we connect, how can we make relationships so tell us about that.

00:51:09.090 --> 00:51:28.920 Jennifer Devine: yeah well i'm so caring people as a licensed home care agency and they've been around for over 20 years actually the owner of caring people, it was his grandma's business and she was um it was a nanny business, and so our owner came in oh that's gonna help me again.

00:51:29.070 --> 00:51:29.430 i'm going.

00:51:30.810 --> 00:51:31.440 Jennifer Devine: To just do it.

00:51:33.060 --> 00:51:34.680 Tommy DiMisa: Oh well, when you're doing.

00:51:34.830 --> 00:51:38.940 Tommy DiMisa: When you're good you're good about where we have nothing to say what are we going to do value everything and say.

00:51:39.420 --> 00:51:55.290 Valerie Heffron: Well, I do want to mention for Jennifer when she does return I would love for her to get into how many of their competitors like offer also pet therapy or don't i'm super curious about that.

00:51:55.560 --> 00:51:59.280 Valerie Heffron: And I just have an anecdote and then we can talk about the October event but.

00:52:00.270 --> 00:52:07.830 Valerie Heffron: When I was sick, a few years ago I had the mornings before coven but I had the flu for like a solid three or four days.

00:52:08.100 --> 00:52:17.070 Valerie Heffron: feeling terrible fever, whatever my dog did not leave my side, other than to eat and when my husband would take him out and then he would come flying right back up the stairs.

00:52:17.280 --> 00:52:35.430 Valerie Heffron: Just to lay with me for hours and hours and hours and sleep with me and anyway there, they are completely amazing Jennifer do a lot of your competitors offer pet therapy as well, or what percentage would you say these home health care agencies have this type of Program.

00:52:36.420 --> 00:52:39.870 Jennifer Devine: I i'm not personally aware of any of that too, so I.

00:52:40.980 --> 00:52:41.670 My competitive.

00:52:43.110 --> 00:52:45.870 Jennifer Devine: Because a lot of my lot of my competitors are my dear friends.

00:52:45.960 --> 00:52:46.320 yeah.

00:52:47.910 --> 00:52:49.680 Valerie Heffron: But I I that is such a huge.

00:52:51.060 --> 00:52:51.720 Jennifer Devine: apologize.

00:52:52.350 --> 00:52:53.580 Valerie Heffron: that's Okay, but even.

00:52:54.000 --> 00:52:54.720 Valerie Heffron: 10%.

00:52:54.750 --> 00:53:10.530 Valerie Heffron: You know, whatever whatever it might be, I mean that is it's a big big point of point of difference and for someone like me myself and and Tommy and you know I I need to know that I really do because I believe I would look for that first personally.

00:53:11.880 --> 00:53:27.450 Jennifer Devine: yeah I, I have to say I feel very blessed to work for caring people, because one of the things that they do that, I do think is different, is they're very innovative and I always say my boss rolls his eyes at me all the time.

00:53:28.050 --> 00:53:41.370 Jennifer Devine: But he listens to me and he's like okay Jen if you're if this is the feedback if you're feeling that this is a need, and our clients need us, then I trust you he it's like just don't get me in trouble, you know that kind of thing.

00:53:41.670 --> 00:53:42.060 Jennifer Devine: So.

00:53:42.120 --> 00:53:53.700 Jennifer Devine: Most of our services really our client driven and so many of our services came because our clients needed, like, for example, we had a lot of clients that were going to Florida all the time.

00:53:54.000 --> 00:53:55.590 Jennifer Devine: Right now, we have offices in Florida.

00:53:56.130 --> 00:53:58.380 Jennifer Devine: You know they miss a snowbird Program.

00:53:58.590 --> 00:54:10.680 Jennifer Devine: yeah so that was a neat so that's how a lot of our services have happens and that's really how animal assisted therapy happened, you know is like I think I told you, the story about the client who was.

00:54:11.520 --> 00:54:20.280 Jennifer Devine: On hospice and those two sessions that he had you know, the wife said, those are his three best days that he had had in such a long time.

00:54:20.460 --> 00:54:30.150 Jennifer Devine: yeah so yeah, it is definitely it is lacking for them to have that one on one time, and I think it is really important for many reasons.

00:54:30.330 --> 00:54:47.250 Jennifer Devine: Because, not everybody can benefit from psychotherapy there's just there's a lot of clientele and I often make referrals for psychotherapy as well, and sometimes I would get rejections, and not in a mean way but they're really not candidates, sometimes that's because they maybe have dementia.

00:54:47.790 --> 00:54:56.730 Jennifer Devine: yeah you know, sometimes there's even you know, maybe there are fees it, you know it could be a lot of different things, but you do animal therapy with them.

00:54:57.480 --> 00:55:00.120 Jennifer Devine: yeah it's it's unbelievable.

00:55:00.510 --> 00:55:12.900 Jennifer Devine: Know maybe like there's such a level of depression that they're not even able to really talk their aspect is so flat, but you put them with an animal and you keep doing it repeatedly, we have seen such success.

00:55:13.110 --> 00:55:25.110 Jennifer Devine: yeah so we just wanted to be a part of the game right we're only one part of the game, so this is an aspect where you can call us and you can ask for one on one sessions, you don't have to be on any other services without.

00:55:25.260 --> 00:55:27.030 Tommy DiMisa: Obviously, a standalone so all we're.

00:55:27.090 --> 00:55:38.880 Tommy DiMisa: Looking so we have companion care home health aide skilled nursing care management dementia care this this itself this animal assisted therapy is I can just buy that service for my mom my.

00:55:38.880 --> 00:55:39.780 Jennifer Devine: dad absolutely.

00:55:40.080 --> 00:55:41.160 Tommy DiMisa: wow that's awesome yeah.

00:55:42.270 --> 00:55:49.380 Jennifer Devine: And that's true of all of our services all of our services can be all a card or we have a lot of people who are on multiple.

00:55:49.560 --> 00:55:50.550 services.

00:55:51.660 --> 00:56:01.320 Jennifer Devine: You know, will even help people that maybe are finding financially i'm starting to have a hard time affording everything, so we could help to get them on to medicaid and what we can do.

00:56:01.620 --> 00:56:08.760 Jennifer Devine: We will get them connected to resources and we're also connected to the seniors with animals project pause.

00:56:09.120 --> 00:56:09.330 Valerie Heffron: yeah.

00:56:09.360 --> 00:56:13.050 Jennifer Devine: I sit on that committee, which is where's the guests that you had previously yeah.

00:56:13.260 --> 00:56:13.800 Valerie Heffron: Yes.

00:56:13.950 --> 00:56:14.970 Valerie Heffron: Melissa right right.

00:56:15.030 --> 00:56:30.780 Valerie Heffron: Right, I want to kind of wrap it up, I want to, but we have to, but I will say that we are going to get on a call we're going to continue to network, and we are going to continue to make sure that everyone's aware of these phenomenal services Tommy I know you're going to wrap it up sure.

00:56:30.990 --> 00:56:33.510 Tommy DiMisa: what's going on October 11 Valerie.

00:56:35.010 --> 00:56:36.780 Valerie Heffron: Tell me, I was just gonna say.

00:56:36.840 --> 00:56:37.440 Tommy DiMisa: No kidding.

00:56:37.560 --> 00:56:48.180 Valerie Heffron: i'm the compassionate words is our inaugural and really seeing that your event because when we put our heads together, we were like we really want to put up.

00:56:48.450 --> 00:56:57.480 Valerie Heffron: These people together in person as much as possible we've had guests from all over different parts of the country California Florida.

00:56:57.750 --> 00:57:02.310 Valerie Heffron: Pennsylvania I hope they can all join us, I don't know, but I will tell you that.

00:57:02.700 --> 00:57:19.770 Valerie Heffron: We are going to honor and recognize local heroes involved in animal rescue and animal welfare and animal advocacy and, if you will be in a room surrounded of animal lovers and compassion and people so October 11.

00:57:20.430 --> 00:57:36.210 Valerie Heffron: visit Pal dash for tickets and sponsorship info that's PA El hyphen not underscore hyphen and thank you Jennifer you are amazing and thank you for being here.

00:57:37.050 --> 00:57:42.090 Jennifer Devine: for having me, and please I would love to pursue getting sponsorships for you.

00:57:42.450 --> 00:57:43.230 yay.

00:57:44.970 --> 00:57:51.660 Jennifer Devine: I definitely wanted to do that, and I think that I will find a lot of companies that would be interested so great well.

00:57:53.850 --> 00:58:07.560 Tommy DiMisa: Thank you Jennifer I can't wait to read it like connect continue to connect and further find ways we might be able to help you out with what you're working on and their website, again, is now I lost my website, give me your website, one more time because I.

00:58:07.620 --> 00:58:10.740 Jennifer Devine: it's www dot caring people Inc.

00:58:10.800 --> 00:58:12.300 Jennifer Devine: I nc calm.

00:58:12.390 --> 00:58:14.820 Tommy DiMisa: And we shared it on the Facebook I just shared.

00:58:16.020 --> 00:58:18.510 Tommy DiMisa: A show on Facebook, which is super exciting because Valerie.

00:58:18.570 --> 00:58:27.300 Tommy DiMisa: didn't really get to mention this, but the long the website really just launched in the last week and a half, I don't know four or five days or something so that's super exciting.

00:58:27.570 --> 00:58:29.940 Tommy DiMisa: um I gotta leave it here Jennifer Thank you.

00:58:30.090 --> 00:58:33.510 Tommy DiMisa: Valerie Thank you amy if you're still listening, thank you, thank you for everybody who's checking on.

00:58:34.020 --> 00:58:34.890 Valerie Heffron: me rocking yellow.

00:58:34.920 --> 00:58:36.240 Tommy DiMisa: Thank you tammy.

00:58:36.510 --> 00:58:55.050 Tommy DiMisa: you're rocking it alright so we're going to do this dylan thanks for doing the producing thing here's what we got in his total to non violence Gandhi always included the animal by stating the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way, it's animals are treated.

00:58:55.050 --> 00:58:58.020 Tommy DiMisa: yeah let me Jennifer everybody make it a great day.

00:58:59.340 --> 00:58:59.940 Valerie Heffron: I know.

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