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Thursday, June 2, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/06/02 - Soulful Menopause

Facebook Live Video from 2022/06/02 - Soulful Menopause


2022/06/02 - Soulful Menopause

[NEW EPISODE] Soulful Menopause

Insights into understanding your personality archetype!

There are so many physical and emotional changes happening during menopause that is not surprising that many women feel like they are losing their identity. Add to those personal changes everything that is going on in the family and relationships and it can lead to a lot of confusion. 

My guest this week, Christine Koetsier, is a seasoned executive searcher with nearly 2 decades of experience in the executive arena. This experience served as the bedrock upon which she built Soul House, which is committed to helping individuals and companies function more effectively and adapt quicker by bringing its key executive players into harmony with the heart, soul, and language of the organization. 

She will be sharing with me the basics of Soul Language and understanding your archetype.

Join me for this essential conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Pat begins the episode with updates from the media. She talks about articles that report on the following: the rise in employment tribunals that cite menopause, the upcoming menopause storyline in Borgan, the rise in the popularity of hormone replacement therapy, the rise in the menopause market. She then welcomes her guest Christine Koetsier, who brings up the fact that medicine has always focused on men which leads to problems for women’s healthcare.

Segment 2

Pat gives a more detailed introduction to Christine, who is an executive searcher who has extensive experience in creating more gender balance and diversity in the c-level corporate structure and other businesses. She also created Soul House, which helps individuals and companies function more effectively through harmony with the heart, soul, and language of the organization.

Segment 3

Segment 4


00:00:55.710 --> 00:01:00.810 Pat Duckworth: Welcome to the hot women rock radio show empowering women leaders at nanopores.

00:01:01.470 --> 00:01:14.160 Pat Duckworth: Good morning for our listeners in America good afternoon to our listeners in the UK and Europe, good evening, if you in India and beyond it's always a pleasure to have our listeners here and it's been a bit of.

00:01:14.910 --> 00:01:25.650 Pat Duckworth: A holiday week this week you've had Memorial Day there in the States today and tomorrow we have special holidays here in the UK to celebrate the Jubilee.

00:01:26.130 --> 00:01:39.930 Pat Duckworth: The platinum jewelry jewelry probably platinum jewelry the platinum Joe I can't say where do you believe in platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth the second 70 years on the throne here in England.

00:01:40.500 --> 00:01:48.180 Pat Duckworth: Know monique has ever done that, before she is definitely in the Guinness Book of Records and 95 still showing us how it's done.

00:01:48.480 --> 00:01:56.850 Pat Duckworth: and showing us what service looks like as well, so congratulations to her she's listening, do you think she listens in Iraq anyway.

00:01:57.510 --> 00:02:06.720 Pat Duckworth: Yes, sure she does what you never see on even if you're watching the Facebook, is that, before the show starts, we hear the sivak Liam science, which is the.

00:02:07.350 --> 00:02:16.920 Pat Duckworth: Talk radio dot nyc opening music and I always sing along with it after a year now, I know all the words and I love singing with X it gets my energy going the show.

00:02:17.280 --> 00:02:25.350 Pat Duckworth: So my guest in the studio today is Christine curtsy so she's had to watch me singing along and doing all the actions, along with it.

00:02:25.890 --> 00:02:36.210 Pat Duckworth: it's it's a sight to behold, I can tell you anyway let's get on with what's in the media, this week because it's been another bump or week or menopause in the media.

00:02:36.840 --> 00:02:41.280 Pat Duckworth: I really have to decide what i'm actually going to talk about because there's so much going on.

00:02:41.760 --> 00:02:51.450 Pat Duckworth: So this comes from people employment tribunals citing menopause up in 2021, the report shows.

00:02:51.840 --> 00:03:07.080 Pat Duckworth: The number of tribunals that reference the medicals, so this is court cases for those of you in America, these are people who take cases to court, based on employment law because of something that's happened they've been dismissed or disciplined in some way.

00:03:08.640 --> 00:03:18.030 Pat Duckworth: So the number of tribunals that reference the menopause have nearly doubled in a year researchers found that sounds like wow that's a lot of cases not as many as you might think.

00:03:18.390 --> 00:03:32.820 Pat Duckworth: The analysis of court records conducted by multiples export groups found that there were 23 employment tribunals citing multiples in 2021 an increase of 44% on the 16 cases seeing the previous year.

00:03:33.450 --> 00:03:44.580 Pat Duckworth: we're still not talking big numbers This included 16 tribunals claiming disability discrimination because menopause has been cited as a disability, in some instances.

00:03:45.000 --> 00:03:51.330 Pat Duckworth: Not in every instance it's just down to the frequency of symptoms, the intensity of it, the treatment.

00:03:51.900 --> 00:04:05.880 Pat Duckworth: 14 claiming unfair dismissal and 10 claiming sex discrimination, the word multiples itself was mentioned 207 times in tribunal documents in 2021 and increase of 75% from the.

00:04:06.750 --> 00:04:08.280 Pat Duckworth: mentions the year before.

00:04:09.240 --> 00:04:18.540 Pat Duckworth: The Murray founder and CEO at menopause Experts Group acknowledged that employers were starting to get the message about menopause in the workplace, but she said, the growing number.

00:04:18.810 --> 00:04:23.460 Pat Duckworth: of employment tribunals in this area, shows that there's still a lot of work to be done.

00:04:24.000 --> 00:04:31.710 Pat Duckworth: She called on employers to offer their workers training about symptoms science and side effects of the minerals, adding that lack of education is.

00:04:32.100 --> 00:04:41.730 Pat Duckworth: dangerous for women's health and unfair to their careers, I would add to that because I do a lot of work with organizations and businesses in helping to train their workers.

00:04:42.120 --> 00:04:50.580 Pat Duckworth: That there also needs to be training for managers on how to have that sensitive conversation I think managers worry that somebody's going to talk about it.

00:04:50.970 --> 00:05:06.930 Pat Duckworth: And they're not going to know what to advise and it's not about providing advice it's about pointing people towards where they can get more resources and help so having those conversations can be very sensitive so managers, need to be trained in that to.

00:05:08.040 --> 00:05:17.970 Pat Duckworth: This is just a fun one from the Sunday post Balkan star reveals hit political drama is back and with a mentor paul's twist so there has been a.

00:05:18.660 --> 00:05:29.550 Pat Duckworth: Scandinavian TV series called Balkan, which is a political one, but it's it's very interesting and it's very good since the Baba list so.

00:05:30.150 --> 00:05:39.390 Pat Duckworth: Christine is probably going to be laughing as soft software how i've just pronounced that star of the political drama setting the Danish Parliament admits returning as fictional prime.

00:05:39.750 --> 00:05:49.320 Pat Duckworth: Minister, but geeta Nigel is daunting in the new series Nyberg is now Foreign Minister in a country where the leaders of the main parties are women.

00:05:49.680 --> 00:05:54.780 Pat Duckworth: And Wilson was kingsport her own experiences of men are pours into ball good.

00:05:55.170 --> 00:06:01.650 Pat Duckworth: She said we had discussions about the emotional side i've had hot flushes in meetings it's embarrassing.

00:06:01.950 --> 00:06:14.430 Pat Duckworth: But Gita also get angrier than she would if her hormones were pushing her as well, so there's a little loss of control, I can see some angry excellent we're looking forward to borbon coming back on TV.

00:06:15.660 --> 00:06:24.600 Pat Duckworth: And item from the Daily Mail I have to say, there were news items around the world today, I could find them in honolulu New Zealand.

00:06:25.350 --> 00:06:37.980 Pat Duckworth: India all over the place, America, so the Daily Mail says, thanks to huge media attention in the past few years years have seen an upsurge in the popularity of hormone replacement therapy.

00:06:38.340 --> 00:06:46.950 Pat Duckworth: With a doubling in prescribing in England in the past five years, and in this surge multiple companies have also sensed an opportunity.

00:06:47.490 --> 00:06:57.720 Pat Duckworth: They have started to see the market here the market gap for supporting women at menopause so we have to be careful because, ladies, we are being targeted.

00:06:58.290 --> 00:07:08.850 Pat Duckworth: superdrug, which is a company here in the UK, a pharmacy has just launched, would it describes as the most comprehensive perimenopause health screen on the high street.

00:07:09.150 --> 00:07:18.810 Pat Duckworth: So should we all be signing up to super drugs offer to support people who are experiencing symptoms, such as hot flashes night sweats and erratic menstrual flow.

00:07:19.230 --> 00:07:24.240 Pat Duckworth: And who wants to be taken seriously when facing health issues, potentially connected to the medicals.

00:07:24.660 --> 00:07:32.520 Pat Duckworth: If a woman is still having erratic periods all that the hormone tests will do is tell you you're having investing period.

00:07:33.090 --> 00:07:46.290 Pat Duckworth: They reflect the hormonal fluctuation that's causing that irregularity the hormonal blood test is to hit and Miss to be reliable, I often get asked by clients and women on my courses, is there a test.

00:07:46.950 --> 00:07:51.720 Pat Duckworth: And there are plenty of tests out there, but they're not reliable.

00:07:52.320 --> 00:08:01.650 Pat Duckworth: What matters is looking at the woman symptoms and considering the menopause as a potential cause of them, but not excluding all other possibilities, either.

00:08:02.100 --> 00:08:12.420 Pat Duckworth: To be fair to superdrug it does say that blood tests are always needed and let's see normal hormone levels in someone with menopausal symptoms does not rule out the perimenopause.

00:08:12.720 --> 00:08:21.600 Pat Duckworth: And I such it's important to discuss your symptoms, with your doctor, if you have any concerns, and of course this means your National Health Service GP.

00:08:21.990 --> 00:08:27.810 Pat Duckworth: has to deal with test results save themselves wouldn't have ordered and women have paid for tests in the meantime.

00:08:28.710 --> 00:08:37.980 Pat Duckworth: Yes, so if you think you're in menopause there might be other things that are causing your symptoms that needs to be checked out it's a conversation to have with your doctor.

00:08:38.970 --> 00:08:48.510 Pat Duckworth: And now drumroll an article in vogue magazine once a taboo subjects menopause is finally having its wellness moment.

00:08:49.560 --> 00:08:57.870 Pat Duckworth: I don't know where they get the next film figure from with a billion women projected to experience perimenopause by 2025 at.

00:08:59.190 --> 00:09:05.400 Pat Duckworth: A year or I don't know what that figure is a host of new female founded brands are launching to support them.

00:09:05.910 --> 00:09:26.640 Pat Duckworth: And i've put in brackets to myself the menopause market is worth an estimated $600 billion a year, that is why farmer cuticles and skincare products and everybody is getting interested in it think of it like puberty says, Dr jenn gunter who has a very good tedx.

00:09:28.530 --> 00:09:38.100 Pat Duckworth: it's actually a Ted talk that you can find on the text platform there isn't a hard start date and you don't know you're in it until you're really in it.

00:09:38.790 --> 00:09:47.910 Pat Duckworth: Despite an uptick in home diagnostic tests there's no clinically proven way to test for Perry multiples so that is the years before menopause.

00:09:48.450 --> 00:09:57.090 Pat Duckworth: somebody who tells you we can just measure your estrogen and progesterone is bullshitting you not my word that is Dr alicia Jackson.

00:09:57.540 --> 00:10:06.240 Pat Duckworth: that's because our hormone levels during this transition vary wildly from day to day so testing them to get quantifiable diagnosis isn't reliable.

00:10:06.540 --> 00:10:15.150 Pat Duckworth: What hormone testing can help with is to rule out other conditions like thyroid abnormalities that can pose as perimenopause.

00:10:15.510 --> 00:10:21.390 Pat Duckworth: According to a recent report published in the New York Times female patients and particularly women of color.

00:10:21.750 --> 00:10:31.470 Pat Duckworth: are more likely to experience a kind of medical gaslighting in which legitimate symptoms are invalidated by doctors when it comes to perimenopause.

00:10:31.920 --> 00:10:43.620 Pat Duckworth: That brush off, maybe even more widespread around menopause, so I think that's really important that women can get brushed off and told.

00:10:44.310 --> 00:10:49.020 Pat Duckworth: it's too early, if your mentor pause you've just got depression and like just.

00:10:49.950 --> 00:11:00.630 Pat Duckworth: You know, go away and come back in a few years, and this is what's meant by that gaslighting that it's not really taken seriously and women's health problems can be easily dismissed.

00:11:01.050 --> 00:11:06.930 Pat Duckworth: And i'm not just saying that you know there's plenty of evidence of women having to go back to their doctor.

00:11:07.980 --> 00:11:15.240 Pat Duckworth: Several times in order to get taken seriously and sometimes you need to take somebody with you to help you to advocate for what you want.

00:11:15.630 --> 00:11:22.770 Pat Duckworth: Particularly if you're suffering from brain fog and you're not feeling well that's a very difficult time to be standing up for yourself and saying.

00:11:23.700 --> 00:11:33.180 Pat Duckworth: I don't feel well and having ignored okay i'm getting off my soapbox i'm going to welcome my guest Christine curtsy Christine how are you doing today.

00:11:33.480 --> 00:11:35.340 Pat Duckworth: What kind of day, have you had so far.

00:11:36.180 --> 00:11:48.450 Christine Koetsier: I have some wonderful day pets and i'm so impressed and so happy and i'm filled with worms and love for the trailblazing work that you do day in, day out it's extremely important.

00:11:49.500 --> 00:11:54.840 Christine Koetsier: And you know what you said about to research and we come to know, and I was talking with my.

00:11:55.500 --> 00:12:05.430 Christine Koetsier: own integral therapist integrative therapist this morning and showing him and the show and showing you and me i'm a nice name and.

00:12:06.240 --> 00:12:17.640 Christine Koetsier: He was just reading it very intensely and said oh my gosh Christine this is so important and hearing that continental Europe, as he know i'm based in Amsterdam, we are just starting.

00:12:18.060 --> 00:12:38.160 Christine Koetsier: Then he continued that that the other thing we just started so much broader scope is that we start to learn that medical research is, and I know you know that it's mostly done on men, so we are absolutely set apart, be the unconscious.

00:12:38.820 --> 00:12:52.260 Christine Koetsier: And yeah and that we start to become aware of that, furthermore, pets, as you know, I love nature and and the weather is beautiful and I love to be outdoors and I think this is healthy for everyone.

00:12:52.950 --> 00:13:03.480 Pat Duckworth: Absolutely it's so good frown our mental health but that's such a good point that you raised and I mentioned it i'm currently running a six week workshop for.

00:13:04.380 --> 00:13:17.970 Pat Duckworth: therapists and coaches, who want to work with women at menopause because don't just dive into it, if you don't know anything about it you've got to find out lots about it i've been working in this area for 12 years now, I can bore for England on this subject.

00:13:18.510 --> 00:13:29.430 Pat Duckworth: But I was saying to them that you know, most of the research that's done into new treatments just genuinely new treatments even things like antidepressants.

00:13:29.820 --> 00:13:45.990 Pat Duckworth: Historically, all of those tests have been done, firstly, or male mice not even on female mice they use mail animals to test things on and then, once they've got those results they test the products or men.

00:13:46.410 --> 00:14:06.600 Pat Duckworth: Because men are so much simpler because men don't have cycles, so they test things on men and then they prescribe them for women, but they prescribe lower doses, so you know, like or do you just take half a tablet or half the prescribed amount because you're smaller than men are.

00:14:06.960 --> 00:14:16.350 Pat Duckworth: that's not the point being smaller isn't the point our chemistry is different here, so the way antidepressants work on Assisted Living.

00:14:17.460 --> 00:14:21.090 Christine Koetsier: And the poor thing is, we didn't know that we didn't know right.

00:14:21.990 --> 00:14:32.670 Pat Duckworth: Absolutely and it's only people like Lisa moscone who's doing all this work on women's brain structures, and in fact her book is my new favorite book on menopause.

00:14:33.120 --> 00:14:43.110 Pat Duckworth: she's actually looking at what's happening to women's brains structure around menopause these before the years after what's happening how's the chemistry changing how structured training.

00:14:43.410 --> 00:14:48.150 Pat Duckworth: Rather than just this is what's happening to people brains, this is women's brains.

00:14:48.660 --> 00:14:59.820 Pat Duckworth: I could get going on this anyway we're coming up to the break so join me after the break when you'll be meeting the fabulous Christine curtsy and finding out more about so language we'll see you after the break.

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00:17:12.750 --> 00:17:21.510 Pat Duckworth: Welcome back to the hot women radio show empowering women leaders at manacles where my guest today is the fabulous Christine curtsy.

00:17:22.080 --> 00:17:30.600 Pat Duckworth: Who is based in the Netherlands, Christine is a seasoned executive searcher with nearly two decades of experience in the executive arena.

00:17:30.900 --> 00:17:40.710 Pat Duckworth: She has a professional pedigree in the strategic talent management sphere as well as extensive experience in fostering race or gender balance, diversity and inclusion.

00:17:41.040 --> 00:17:58.050 Pat Duckworth: In the sea level corporate structure, as well as for solo printers and SMEs, thereby improving organizational cooperation and performance with her talent searches spanning several continents, she has a strong international and cosmopolitan background.

00:17:59.220 --> 00:18:07.560 Pat Duckworth: This experience exploring learning and mastering the world of executive search and advisory services, the bedrock on which she built so house.

00:18:07.860 --> 00:18:15.750 Pat Duckworth: And we're going to learn lots more about soul House which is committed to helping individuals and companies function more effectively and adapt quicker.

00:18:16.050 --> 00:18:22.740 Pat Duckworth: By bringing its key executive players into harmony with the heart soul and language of the organization.

00:18:23.400 --> 00:18:32.760 Pat Duckworth: And also company maker, and so shaker she continue looks for and find opportunities to move you and your organization forward.

00:18:33.120 --> 00:18:47.940 Pat Duckworth: And you'll quite rapidly discover that she radiates personal vibrancy and enthusiasm for the work that she does that's another way of saying that when you work with her you'll always get a little bit of christy you always get a lot of Christine actually.

00:18:51.300 --> 00:18:57.960 Pat Duckworth: Christine i've lost track of time over lockdown and we known each other for five years now, it must be something like that let's now.

00:18:58.080 --> 00:19:00.870 Christine Koetsier: let's make it five years and be now that you believe.

00:19:02.460 --> 00:19:10.050 Pat Duckworth: About five he put me out I don't know I can't remember what the wedding months I was putting out China Jubilee we should get.

00:19:10.050 --> 00:19:10.380 Playing.

00:19:12.870 --> 00:19:13.620 Christine Koetsier: yeah.

00:19:13.980 --> 00:19:20.160 Pat Duckworth: Tell us a bit about your early career, how did you start out before you established full House.

00:19:20.730 --> 00:19:28.020 Christine Koetsier: yeah so I just wanted to say aren't we lucky that we can pay copywriters for beautiful sentence.

00:19:30.570 --> 00:19:42.960 Christine Koetsier: I love to know, of course I proved it's all true you know I started my MIC rare before being an executive search here I I was hunt that had tons it's still being executive search.

00:19:43.410 --> 00:19:50.580 Christine Koetsier: For the very purpose of putting focus on female executive, so I was early in the lane, so to speak.

00:19:51.030 --> 00:20:06.420 Christine Koetsier: So this was around 2000 and just after my studies and i'm also an international marketing and sales and and my first these was biology and to be more precise botany so.

00:20:06.960 --> 00:20:18.030 Christine Koetsier: If and and I find it's relevant to today's topic because I love structure, I see the world through different structures, I know that nature is organized and I.

00:20:18.990 --> 00:20:31.860 Christine Koetsier: I strongly believe in in Mother Nature and biology being the mother of the academic studies so so and yeah coming from there, I will then seen by.

00:20:32.580 --> 00:20:45.810 Christine Koetsier: executive searches to enter the fields and and that was the right thing for me that's because I love people way more than I plans I can't help it, you know.

00:20:46.890 --> 00:20:58.860 Christine Koetsier: i'm learning with and through other people and and so perhaps, how could I come from an executive search to soul house to so.

00:20:58.860 --> 00:21:02.640 Pat Duckworth: Absolutely what was that journey what made you make that leap.

00:21:04.410 --> 00:21:14.640 Christine Koetsier: Raising awareness raise awareness and raise consciousness in my my own being and during my period so searches so um you know for one and a half decades.

00:21:15.000 --> 00:21:27.960 Christine Koetsier: I saw some some more and more people not being aware of their their true role and goal in life and just moving forward by the advocates of of society, so to speak.

00:21:28.590 --> 00:21:39.570 Christine Koetsier: And then I was addressed and by what later became my mentor if I wanted to put something in the markets around a special.

00:21:40.200 --> 00:21:55.320 Christine Koetsier: Profiling tool and and I just couldn't at that moment, because a the way they brought the product or the service was not appropriate for the for the work and the people I was dealing with his clients.

00:21:55.980 --> 00:22:08.640 Christine Koetsier: and be because I was really working hard, I can say with several other women to bring women forwards that were like two hands to have world class.

00:22:09.510 --> 00:22:21.090 Christine Koetsier: initiatives on executive females and plus I was raising my family i'm a mother to three sons and sometimes you move sometimes you need to build up in your household.

00:22:21.600 --> 00:22:47.070 Christine Koetsier: So I sold it and then and then, of course, and you know the global financial crisis came up and we had to reorient states and I started really studying self love more fiscal image Meta physical side of life spiritual metaphysical side of life.

00:22:48.240 --> 00:22:59.070 Christine Koetsier: And I took that that's too bad methods back on the table and from there, I build it bets and i've translated it's.

00:22:59.640 --> 00:23:12.150 Christine Koetsier: One of the biggest motivations has been that not only do we have a row and go, I believe that any entity and bear with also organizations.

00:23:12.750 --> 00:23:28.290 Christine Koetsier: have a role in a goal the DNA of the founders always to be found in an organization to bring the individual and collective rowing goal together was one of my main starting points for solo language as city schools.

00:23:29.370 --> 00:23:43.050 Pat Duckworth: And I think you know something just came to me as you were saying that but you know, a founder sets up a business and we don't think of it as having a language and a personality until somebody else buys that isn't it.

00:23:43.380 --> 00:23:45.420 Pat Duckworth: doesn't have the same language.

00:23:45.720 --> 00:23:59.430 Pat Duckworth: So we can find products like innocent smoothies and the people who set that up they had a certain intention, a way of doing it, and then they sold it out to a much bigger corporation and.

00:23:59.940 --> 00:24:06.720 Pat Duckworth: As consumers, we start to feel awkward it suddenly doesn't feel like the same thing and we don't know why.

00:24:07.290 --> 00:24:16.350 Pat Duckworth: there's a chain of restaurants here in the UK called bills, which started off as a little grocery store that people used to go in and sit and have a cup of coffee.

00:24:16.620 --> 00:24:27.060 Pat Duckworth: And it grew and became a restaurant and then it was several restaurants, a little kind of fun places to be you could still buy groceries in them and then they sold to a bigger company.

00:24:27.420 --> 00:24:37.230 Pat Duckworth: And suddenly you walk in and go Oh, it was this change, and you don't you know it has you just don't get what's going on with it.

00:24:38.790 --> 00:24:41.190 Pat Duckworth: Is that the sort of thing you're talking about how.

00:24:42.300 --> 00:24:42.690 Christine Koetsier: About.

00:24:43.260 --> 00:24:46.350 Christine Koetsier: yeah hundred percent and you know we don't get to.

00:24:48.660 --> 00:24:57.120 Christine Koetsier: get to know those things when we do our MBA she know we learn about statistics and the failures in the m&a worlds.

00:24:57.720 --> 00:25:00.120 Christine Koetsier: And, but I tell you from a soul language.

00:25:00.120 --> 00:25:13.440 Christine Koetsier: perspective it's very hard to merge and artists company with a scholar company, you know it's really difficult, let alone to find your place as sister teaching talent, you know as a key player.

00:25:13.830 --> 00:25:24.420 Christine Koetsier: In in that company so to look at those things at those normal business and your perspectives from a socialistic perspective.

00:25:25.590 --> 00:25:31.020 Christine Koetsier: yeah it's it's really helping you seeing things more clearly, I would say.

00:25:31.500 --> 00:25:40.650 Christine Koetsier: So that's why I started afterward you know the personal side of soul language, also to bring into live the.

00:25:41.010 --> 00:25:50.610 Christine Koetsier: organizational solo language and describing cases I just give away, you know which you will say oh yeah you know if we talked about Greenpeace.

00:25:50.940 --> 00:26:02.040 Christine Koetsier: He said a helper organization is it's a warrior organization well I sure will learn in this hour a little bit more about the essential energies of those archetypes.

00:26:03.150 --> 00:26:10.140 Christine Koetsier: Just Greenpeace is from the start on a warrior and achieve, and it has never changed that.

00:26:10.890 --> 00:26:19.680 Pat Duckworth: Well, and it called it ship rainbow warrior I mean like they absolutely knew who they were they were warriors and they needed to gosh.

00:26:20.160 --> 00:26:38.370 Pat Duckworth: there's so much to talk about in this sale, and I do want to say, but you know when I met you and you told me about soul language I was intrigued, and so I had to understand my own soul language so it isn't you know, this is about individuals as well as organizations and as an individual.

00:26:39.420 --> 00:26:48.540 Pat Duckworth: I realized that you know, although i've done i've worked in the civil service, I made my way up through that organization and then set up my own business.

00:26:49.080 --> 00:27:09.450 Pat Duckworth: Understanding my phone language my archetype brought a new dimension to it brought a new dimension to you know what my purposes and why I express it in a certain way I don't know what would you say is the foundation of soul language what tell me more about soul language.

00:27:11.730 --> 00:27:16.140 Christine Koetsier: So language as we, as we bring it to the world pets, as you know, as.

00:27:17.310 --> 00:27:28.710 Christine Koetsier: you're very closely involved there's one of the soul language partners and which I want to elaborate a little bit bummed because, so I designed to work I translated the work which has.

00:27:30.000 --> 00:27:44.460 Christine Koetsier: A very deep spiritual heritage and a very deep, as I said, metaphysical understanding I translated into to normal people language not layman but normal people language, like you, and I.

00:27:44.970 --> 00:28:02.550 Christine Koetsier: it's expressed in a in a matrix which is seven by seven it's seven archetypes and we will go a little bit deeper into that but it's built on the archetypes being helper artist warrior scholar sage priests king.

00:28:03.000 --> 00:28:17.550 Christine Koetsier: We look at different aspects of profile, if you wish, you will get the vibrational personnel personality of yourself or any other entity.

00:28:18.090 --> 00:28:33.360 Christine Koetsier: organization whatsoever, or in other words you, you get your energetic makeup and then brings you home and how it works and how precise it works better, I may want to go into that's after our break.

00:28:33.780 --> 00:28:46.320 Christine Koetsier: And i'm very proud to say that with you there, there is a group of wonderful cutting edge healing leaders Solon which partners that integrate material the profiling tool.

00:28:46.710 --> 00:28:55.110 Christine Koetsier: And and and into coaching with their own school of thought, we have our own methods and they're spread all over the world, and then.

00:28:55.500 --> 00:28:57.180 Christine Koetsier: Last year, very happy.

00:28:57.570 --> 00:29:01.230 Pat Duckworth: yeah last year we had Lisa dad on the show who talks about.

00:29:01.650 --> 00:29:16.170 Pat Duckworth: soul sales how business people can use their soul language more effectively in order to make sales and marketing so yeah we love Lisa she's based in Canada and doing her own fabulous work there.

00:29:16.470 --> 00:29:31.920 Pat Duckworth: So join us after the break to learn more about so language and how it can help you if, at menopause you're starting to feel like you're losing yourself and maybe even becoming invisible and wondering what the next stage of your life is about joining us again after the break.

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00:31:34.470 --> 00:31:47.490 Pat Duckworth: Welcome back to the hot women rock radio show empowering women leaders at menopause and today my guest is Christine curtsy of the founders so House and my talking about so language, there is so much we could talk about.

00:31:48.030 --> 00:32:02.100 Pat Duckworth: there's so much training that Christine does on this subject, but Christine what aspect of this work is most relevant to women at mid life that you want to talk about today what's going to bring it to life for our listeners.

00:32:02.610 --> 00:32:14.610 Christine Koetsier: yeah and two things I want to mention their pets I think if we look at soul language and the profiling, that we can do for you, it gives you a really precise, and this is a key word.

00:32:14.670 --> 00:32:27.330 Christine Koetsier: gives you a really precise pattern of your inner worlds and and that's me is so important because we can help people that are like in their midlife.

00:32:27.720 --> 00:32:39.930 Christine Koetsier: Where you start to develop a stronger sense of identity and and at the same time you bring with you all that should have been doing and learning up till that point.

00:32:40.410 --> 00:32:47.160 Christine Koetsier: Now what is very painful I find in the self growth personal growth market is that we get very.

00:32:47.550 --> 00:33:00.120 Christine Koetsier: Broad directions like go soul, you know go go well to effort here, what we have here is a tool that helps you extremely precise to see your essential energy.

00:33:00.480 --> 00:33:09.090 Christine Koetsier: and different aspects like your fear is, and if we talk about fears, you have basic fears and in the second tone of your life.

00:33:09.480 --> 00:33:18.570 Christine Koetsier: Your social fears conway more to the four well, knowing that and knowing how they are built up as in a band width of energy.

00:33:18.870 --> 00:33:37.890 Christine Koetsier: And how you can be on the positive the higher side to look that fear in the eye on the lower side that is information that can help you navigate through quite difficult and so Melissa times and so as we, as we know from you as an expert.

00:33:38.310 --> 00:33:51.120 Christine Koetsier: So how do I find myself how do I continue to find myself in an organization, where I fault, I was a good fit and now I feel so different people look so different at me.

00:33:51.570 --> 00:34:07.470 Christine Koetsier: To really know your inner Petter and to be able and here's the here's the real clear path to be able to express that and bring it external that is key to the work of soul language.

00:34:07.710 --> 00:34:13.290 Pat Duckworth: yeah I just come in with an example there which don't see based on myself because it's me.

00:34:14.130 --> 00:34:22.050 Pat Duckworth: That I spent all those years in the civil service during a very technical job and a management job, and when I said that I was taking early retirement.

00:34:22.590 --> 00:34:26.190 Pat Duckworth: One woman, said to me, what do you can do pat go off and start an ashram.

00:34:26.760 --> 00:34:38.070 Pat Duckworth: And I thought well that's a strange thing for her to say because she knows the sort of work that i've been doing, but it's it's my soul expressing itself people looking at me knew what job I did.

00:34:38.520 --> 00:34:52.740 Pat Duckworth: But I also got a sense of who I was and then, when I did the work with you, Christine and we came up with that my main archetype is that of the priest, it makes sense that somebody would think i'm going set up an ashram.

00:34:54.600 --> 00:35:09.060 Christine Koetsier: very true very true pets and and also so language that's why we call it so language it teaches you how to not only listen to yourself, but also to hear others talking about you.

00:35:09.450 --> 00:35:21.900 Christine Koetsier: but also about themselves, and then, if you take that out of the floor from the individual level into the collective level again, then you then you get another and different soundboard.

00:35:22.800 --> 00:35:28.980 Christine Koetsier: And, and I think that brings you home bring some safety.

00:35:29.700 --> 00:35:41.310 Christine Koetsier: there's so much to learn about it, because when we don't we talk about your life goal, what is your real life, though, you know and and how can it fit in the life that you've built up.

00:35:41.760 --> 00:35:49.080 Christine Koetsier: You don't need to burn your bridges always you oftentimes you just need to learn what is the what is the deeper.

00:35:50.520 --> 00:36:01.140 Christine Koetsier: vibration really that's that's that that is forming you, and how can you fit that in a new life and you often say and I so agree.

00:36:01.980 --> 00:36:22.470 Christine Koetsier: Around your men couples your role in life changes completely well here's the news your role from your soul never changes so, the more you learn about it, the better, you can make an interpretation of it and the better, you can apply it in daily life.

00:36:22.980 --> 00:36:23.580 Christine Koetsier: And that.

00:36:23.940 --> 00:36:33.960 Christine Koetsier: brings you in a happier more meaningful space for not only you, but also the partners and people around you even your bosses.

00:36:34.950 --> 00:36:43.530 Pat Duckworth: yeah absolutely if they understand you more and you understand what they're seeing in you it's much easier to express their so.

00:36:43.980 --> 00:36:57.330 Pat Duckworth: I i'm i'm putting myself in your hands, Christine what would be the most beneficial thing to tell women about soul language today, do we want to talk about the archetypes or do we want to talk about some of these aspects of the archetype.

00:36:58.230 --> 00:37:04.950 Christine Koetsier: Well, thank you for for coming into my hands very cozy Thank you very much, and I think.

00:37:06.450 --> 00:37:17.490 Christine Koetsier: For the best comprehension of this tool, also in because anyone at this, he has done a profile tool what's so different well I already tipped a little bit.

00:37:17.940 --> 00:37:29.010 Christine Koetsier: But we work with a matrix so we brought all the material all that spiritual metaphysical material back to a very simple still very rich and deep matrix.

00:37:29.670 --> 00:37:34.740 Christine Koetsier: So I already listed to seven archetypes they have an essential energy.

00:37:35.430 --> 00:37:45.600 Christine Koetsier: And you will stay with that energy it's not that you can grow from a helper to to a scholar in your life you're born as a scholar, and you develop as a scholar.

00:37:45.990 --> 00:37:58.590 Christine Koetsier: Now the aspects, as we see it, the makeup of your personality and the soul level is based on that essential energy and then on the fears I already mentioned them.

00:37:58.950 --> 00:38:07.200 Christine Koetsier: Then, on the life goal which doesn't change your life goal, and I think this is so helpful, you know, in times of.

00:38:07.740 --> 00:38:13.650 Christine Koetsier: Uncertainty your your your life goals stays the same it's the lighthouse you may deviate.

00:38:14.490 --> 00:38:19.680 Christine Koetsier: But at the end of the life, you can trust that you try to come as close to your bill as possible.

00:38:20.130 --> 00:38:29.160 Christine Koetsier: Then we have the approach and this is super important the approach the adaptation and the mindset, the approach is how you go about things.

00:38:29.490 --> 00:38:46.110 Christine Koetsier: What is your toolkit, how do you color your experiences and that's may be of influence of change during your midlife do your menopausal years, of course, where is your mindset is your basic outlook on life.

00:38:46.890 --> 00:38:56.010 Christine Koetsier: That doesn't change so much you know people may look at when you change your political tastes or whatever, but.

00:38:57.120 --> 00:39:09.690 Christine Koetsier: It is more fixed it's your basic outlook on life your mindset, you always go back and that's why in personal growth work we always move mindset all for buddy.

00:39:10.290 --> 00:39:15.450 Christine Koetsier: And that's super important in menopausal work as smell now and efficient.

00:39:15.900 --> 00:39:27.990 Christine Koetsier: is one of the other aspects adaptation is how you react to the outside world, extremely important in relationships, you know, especially when you're younger together and to help understand where you come from.

00:39:28.380 --> 00:39:38.220 Christine Koetsier: And there will start to be willing to understand where the other come from and again, what is the positive, what is the negative side of that aspect.

00:39:39.540 --> 00:39:43.320 Christine Koetsier: That may be fairy yeah very helpful.

00:39:43.350 --> 00:39:44.970 Christine Koetsier: Bringing a local currency.

00:39:45.540 --> 00:39:45.840 Christine Koetsier: It was.

00:39:46.620 --> 00:39:59.670 Pat Duckworth: Just yeah it's really interesting when not only did I know my soul language, but we did my husband so language as well, and we, you know we've been together 44 years now.

00:40:00.270 --> 00:40:11.700 Pat Duckworth: So something's going right there and then, when you look to our two profiles, it became pretty obvious Why would it would be working well and where the rubs might be.

00:40:12.060 --> 00:40:23.250 Pat Duckworth: And my son's just had his profile done so i'm really interested in looking at how that overlaps as well, because the three of us get on really well and.

00:40:24.000 --> 00:40:36.540 Pat Duckworth: I wasn't surprised by his report, but it did bring out a lot, and he said he's found it very helpful he's got loads of notes from having it done and having a session to talk through it so.

00:40:36.870 --> 00:40:45.690 Pat Duckworth: You know, you can use it in that professional at work basis, but in a personal, family basis it's really interesting to as well.

00:40:45.990 --> 00:40:55.860 Pat Duckworth: Particularly menopause, as I said, where you can feel like you're losing yourself and to get back in touch and you use this phrase Christine it's like coming home to.

00:40:55.860 --> 00:40:56.850 Christine Koetsier: yourself yeah.

00:40:57.000 --> 00:41:04.620 Pat Duckworth: And I think that's what people feel when they do their soul language it's like oh this just feels like who I am.

00:41:04.980 --> 00:41:17.340 Pat Duckworth: And, rather than you know if you've had a profile, you know you might think of a profile is your horoscope like what star sigh that my or what myers briggs type, am I, or what any a gram type i'm I.

00:41:17.790 --> 00:41:33.570 Pat Duckworth: But this is so much richer because of the matrix and having this seven by seven so there's so many combinations of that it's not like oh there's 12 or 16 you can have any number of combinations of these so.

00:41:33.570 --> 00:41:37.680 Pat Duckworth: yeah just make it much richer do I sound excited about it, Christine.

00:41:37.740 --> 00:41:48.930 Christine Koetsier: I know, and you are very, very good so language market, I think, for people to understand you know why we brought it here in the show was to.

00:41:49.830 --> 00:41:58.260 Christine Koetsier: To help them a gift box and say you know this material can help you to have a soulful monopoles here.

00:41:59.040 --> 00:42:12.420 Christine Koetsier: Why, and you already point on the richness it, it is very rich why because it's very precise you know and we don't so we name, an aspect I give you one example.

00:42:12.900 --> 00:42:24.900 Christine Koetsier: And the helper is nurturing in when when she in this case, we talked about women when she is in her very positive states, you know she's supportive.

00:42:25.650 --> 00:42:31.170 Christine Koetsier: And there's a lot of sale to learn about that, when she loses the energy.

00:42:31.980 --> 00:42:42.210 Christine Koetsier: She becomes manipulative well that's very good to know, because you, you can help yourself saying no I don't need to chase free change 360 degrees.

00:42:42.570 --> 00:42:51.210 Christine Koetsier: Just handwritten at just turn towards the more positive how helpful, is that in difficult times in your life, secondly.

00:42:51.690 --> 00:43:03.420 Christine Koetsier: And, as it as it teaches you more about yourself, and you are from multiple should go from like that second part, as we call it yeah it's not thriving but to the next part in your.

00:43:04.470 --> 00:43:09.510 Christine Koetsier: That is very helpful and most and foremost that and.

00:43:10.680 --> 00:43:20.550 Christine Koetsier: it's a universal language it's not made up it's universal and there with it's a language of love and don't feel need that.

00:43:21.930 --> 00:43:32.850 Pat Duckworth: Absolutely, I think there's so much in what you're saying about the you know these types of these aspects that can really help us to help ourselves.

00:43:33.570 --> 00:43:47.460 Pat Duckworth: So that we understand more what's going on and that we don't lose ourselves or feel like we're fading we can go no I get who it is that I am and how I can use these positive aspects in order to grow.

00:43:47.970 --> 00:44:01.890 Pat Duckworth: into the next 1020 3040 years of my life because you know you're going to live way past your menopause and you want those to be really good years where you're using all your wisdom and knowledge and experience in the best way.

00:44:02.280 --> 00:44:10.320 Pat Duckworth: I want you this time ago really quickly we're up to the next break we'll see you after the break we'll talk more about having a soulful menopause.

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00:46:08.820 --> 00:46:19.140 Pat Duckworth: Welcome back to the hot women rock radio show and powering women leaders at menopause we're empowering the lip so language today what three calls my guest is Christine Kurt fear.

00:46:19.590 --> 00:46:35.250 Pat Duckworth: Who is the founder of soul house and i'm one of her soul partners, which is a real privilege to learn how to do this work so Christine where do we want to go next what's, the most important thing we want to say to women today.

00:46:35.790 --> 00:46:42.720 Christine Koetsier: yeah I want to, I want to pull back the last words before the break because, ladies to.

00:46:43.260 --> 00:47:03.900 Christine Koetsier: And to all women in the world, you know, to understand that we carry the language of love and we know it, but so language is an instrument, a tool to express it to recognize it to hear it to listen to observe it, that is just wonderful I really believe it's a gift and that you also.

00:47:04.980 --> 00:47:24.090 Christine Koetsier: describe to be during the show how you can work with fit yourself now you know we have filled up values and we both know that there is only little space in our mind to change that well and that's why I think it's so beneficial to look at your soul now.

00:47:25.230 --> 00:47:35.040 Christine Koetsier: You listeners may ask yourself or a that's Christine pet what is soul, you know, and of course i've studied a lot, we have a handbook.

00:47:36.210 --> 00:47:40.170 Christine Koetsier: We we Brent with soul, so what is sold to us.

00:47:42.000 --> 00:47:53.100 Christine Koetsier: I know, sometimes we say pets it's for me it's enough when you keep in mind, keeping hard that soul is actually a concept it's constant.

00:47:53.790 --> 00:48:02.160 Christine Koetsier: And how to describe it and give that as a present to our listeners, is that it is your inner truth.

00:48:02.730 --> 00:48:11.130 Christine Koetsier: And it's like a balloon or ball that you try to push on the water rights when you don't want to listen to your inner truth.

00:48:11.490 --> 00:48:29.400 Christine Koetsier: does matter, because it will pop up again you're down dead is law of nature, and this is the same with soul and therefore soul language, and I believe, if you only take away from today's conversation that's experience is truth.

00:48:30.870 --> 00:48:50.280 Christine Koetsier: and beliefs are actually preconditions and if you learn to undo that shirt and and leaning more to the first one, you can build a different set of values based on your inner soul in which.

00:48:51.030 --> 00:48:59.550 Pat Duckworth: I love, I was listening to an audio book this morning, while I was relaxing in bed, as it is a holiday day here today.

00:48:59.940 --> 00:49:07.440 Pat Duckworth: And I was listening to I may be wrong, which is written by a forest Buddhist monk, who comes from Norway.

00:49:08.310 --> 00:49:19.440 Pat Duckworth: And he was saying that his teacher a very wise man was sitting with these students in front of him and he showed them a machete you know when those really big knives.

00:49:19.920 --> 00:49:29.880 Pat Duckworth: And he said, if you use this knife to hack up concrete and steel and if you're using it for everything it would blunt very quickly.

00:49:30.360 --> 00:49:40.110 Pat Duckworth: If you keep it safe and you only use it for Bamboo and graph it's going to stay sharp and it's going to be a very good service to you.

00:49:40.680 --> 00:49:47.130 Pat Duckworth: If you use your logical brain all of the time to do all of the work it's going to blunt.

00:49:47.670 --> 00:50:03.840 Pat Duckworth: If you use your soul and your spirit it's going to stay sharper and have much more meaning so i'm kind of taking that a bit from what you're saying as well, is that we want that very essence of ourselves to be doing the work it's meant to do.

00:50:04.290 --> 00:50:16.020 Pat Duckworth: Not all the time, relying on this logical brain that's trying to think things through, we have to tap into what is the very essence of our being detected a bit philosophical.

00:50:17.700 --> 00:50:34.260 Christine Koetsier: Well, and even if it does, you know good good for you, because I, I really love to say it, I will not go in in the in the metaphysical air and the tests just saying that if only we we believe.

00:50:34.950 --> 00:50:50.700 Christine Koetsier: and take it as truth that the information coming into your energetic body is first coming into your soul, then your heart then your ego then your minds yeah.

00:50:51.240 --> 00:51:04.800 Christine Koetsier: So to trust soul and and to help yourself hearing listening, I cannot stress that enough that's the tool that's the gift, we have been describing translates in that sense it's it's.

00:51:06.330 --> 00:51:25.800 Christine Koetsier: Nothing colors it's not impaired based you know and it gives the spectrum you're free you're free to be yourself every day and start to recognize yourself and, especially, you know, a sense of identity in fairy fairy yeah.

00:51:27.000 --> 00:51:39.300 Christine Koetsier: Important periods, I cannot say difference in very important periods in life, as is manacles I truly hope it can be used to help as many women in this case.

00:51:39.450 --> 00:51:51.540 Pat Duckworth: yeah because I think this particular aspects of menopause is so often neglected this spiritual side of it we know there are physical changes we know there are emotional changes, we know that our brains are changing.

00:51:51.930 --> 00:52:04.680 Pat Duckworth: But there's this whole spiritual side of ourselves it's changing and so many women get to this stage and start something huge you know they start a charity and movement, a Community project.

00:52:05.340 --> 00:52:19.230 Pat Duckworth: Because suddenly they're really like letting go who their spirit is and who they are, what their soul is and pursuing it and doing something amazing, and you know, women who get bound up in the negativity of menopause.

00:52:19.800 --> 00:52:32.280 Pat Duckworth: They they don't see these other women who have got to the other side and just exploded with the energy and done so much good work and i'm, on the other side beckoning women over saying come on over it's.

00:52:32.280 --> 00:52:32.670 Christine Koetsier: Great.

00:52:32.820 --> 00:52:43.560 Christine Koetsier: To hear yeah and and you're very, very strong for fighter for all of us, I wanted to say so.

00:52:44.610 --> 00:52:50.040 Christine Koetsier: However, we work with matrix, we are not boxing people in.

00:52:50.400 --> 00:53:02.070 Christine Koetsier: yeah I I just feel that can be very important to dance so it's it's meant for your freedom and to learn and.

00:53:02.730 --> 00:53:13.500 Christine Koetsier: You know, when we see all the whole movement of younger women and premenopausal women that start or try to start their own business.

00:53:14.010 --> 00:53:22.590 Christine Koetsier: And then still having difficulties in this still effort men dominated world you know it's changing but slowly.

00:53:22.950 --> 00:53:35.730 Christine Koetsier: And if we want to do it in in the feminine matter, we first need to understand this and that was one of my biggest motivations, but to to to step over gender bias.

00:53:36.600 --> 00:53:45.090 Christine Koetsier: And to bring something universal to the world, so we can come from that place and, yes, I called that place home fair much so.

00:53:45.420 --> 00:53:53.940 Pat Duckworth: yeah So how do women get started, if they're intrigued by all of this, where do they go to look for more information.

00:53:54.510 --> 00:54:00.420 Christine Koetsier: Well, they can go to my website, but I truly recommend them to go to your pants.

00:54:04.320 --> 00:54:06.480 Pat Duckworth: My guest this opportunity because.

00:54:06.510 --> 00:54:12.750 Pat Duckworth: They always give so much value so they can find you at Christine curtsy i'll put that link.

00:54:12.840 --> 00:54:14.070 Christine Koetsier: Other the rehearsing.

00:54:14.820 --> 00:54:26.310 Christine Koetsier: For business owners, we also have jam, as in gemstone and jam dot partner is that's the extension Jim dot partners is our corporate website yeah.

00:54:27.300 --> 00:54:40.050 Pat Duckworth: lovely and, yes, if you want to if you're really intrigued by this and would like to learn more about it, you can have a 30 minute free session with me there is, you know no you.

00:54:40.680 --> 00:54:50.820 Pat Duckworth: Know liability to kind of carry on with it i'm not going to pressure you to do anything with it, this is just about are you interested in what do you like to know more about it.

00:54:51.270 --> 00:55:02.460 Pat Duckworth: And what I found was I always tell long stories Christine knows me long enough to know that once I get started on a story it goes on and on, because I never know with stories start and finish.

00:55:02.820 --> 00:55:14.490 Pat Duckworth: And when I found out that my major archetype was the priest it all made sense the priests tell stories well so like tell parables to get people interested in.

00:55:15.000 --> 00:55:27.000 Pat Duckworth: In in what's happening so it just made sense to me then oh that's the way I help people is through the stories the stories on a diversion they're not a cul de sac.

00:55:27.390 --> 00:55:36.750 Pat Duckworth: They are how I communicate and how I help people that's only one part of why so language but it's a very important part of.

00:55:38.040 --> 00:55:52.740 Christine Koetsier: It is very important, together, it goes hand in hand with with the energy of consoling and that's a big part of what you bring to all of us with your experts we're committed to.

00:55:53.880 --> 00:56:03.810 Pat Duckworth: It you know I can do an hour and a half session with a client or do 90 minute session and I get to the end, or even if they've had like three sessions with me and I guess then.

00:56:04.110 --> 00:56:11.730 Pat Duckworth: And I say what did you get from this session, if you were taking one thing What would it be, I can tell you, nine times out of 10 they say hope.

00:56:12.450 --> 00:56:14.520 Pat Duckworth: You have a nice what the pre springs.

00:56:14.520 --> 00:56:16.170 Christine Koetsier: that's pretty self esteem.

00:56:16.440 --> 00:56:17.580 Christine Koetsier: So preseason.

00:56:18.000 --> 00:56:26.760 Pat Duckworth: And they don't understand why I smile because i've done all that work and they don't say oh I love this I love it like you gave me hope and I go fast, what I do.

00:56:27.120 --> 00:56:28.140 Pat Duckworth: Christine Thank you.

00:56:28.140 --> 00:56:32.700 Pat Duckworth: So much for bringing some language to us, thank you for all your wisdom today.

00:56:33.180 --> 00:56:47.970 Pat Duckworth: and stay tuned to talk radio dot nyc web our next program is dismantle racism, with the fabulous Reverend Dr tlc I love her work in fact i'm doing an online course with her at the moment on dismantling racism.

00:56:48.420 --> 00:56:59.730 Pat Duckworth: she's talking today about leading in conscious unity and her guests certified and credentialed strengths resilient and leadership coach Dr Helen wholesome.

00:57:00.060 --> 00:57:06.810 Pat Duckworth: So that is going to be another fabulous show if you've missed any of the shows here on talk radio dot nyc.

00:57:07.320 --> 00:57:15.060 Pat Duckworth: Hot women rock go to talk radio dot nyc forward slash hot women rock and you will find the past 12 shows.

00:57:15.450 --> 00:57:24.270 Pat Duckworth: My guest next week is K Newton who joined me for for my first show she's back again next week and we're going to be talking about what's changed in the last 12 months.

00:57:24.600 --> 00:57:31.380 Pat Duckworth: Thank you for listening if you're in the UK have a fabulous holiday weekend anywhere else in the world have a great week see you next week.

00:57:32.220 --> 00:57:32.550 Christine Koetsier: Thank you.

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