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Thursday, May 26, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/05/26 - Menopause Beyond the Hype

Facebook Live Video from 2022/05/26 - Menopause Beyond the Hype


2022/05/26 - Menopause Beyond the Hype

[NEW EPISODE] Menopause Beyond the Hype

An understanding of the statistics around menopause.

In the past couple of months, the media in the UK has been full of stories about menopause. Research statistics have been quoted. Celebrities have shared their dramatic stories. Women have been rushing to their doctors to get a prescription for hormone therapy. The issue has been raised in Parliament and an HRT Tsar was appointed. What is really going on? 

My Guest this week, Rachel Lankester, is the founder of Magnificent Midlife, an online hub celebrating and empowering women 40+. She's the author of Magnificent Midlife: Transform Your Middle Years, Menopause and Beyond and host of the Magnificent Midlife podcast. We will be unpicking the stories in the media and sharing top tips for staying curious and well informed.

This is going to be a lively conversation.

Join me for this essential conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Pat starts the show by giving updates from the media. She reports on articles that talk about the following: Kerry Dolan’s experience with hypotherapy, the ability for lifestyle habits to alleviate health risks related to fat accumulation during menopause, the documentary Sex, Mind, and the Menopause, managing and normalizing menopuase at work, the high risk of suicide amongst women entering menopause, supporting your partner during menopause, and changing your view on menopause. Pat then welcomes her guest, Rachel Lankester. Rachel talks about the problem with menopause being protrayed in a negative light.

Segment 2

Pat starts the show by giving updates from the media. She reports on articles that talk about the following: Kerry Dolan’s experience with hypotherapy, the ability for lifestyle habits to alleviate health risks related to fat accumulation during menopause, the documentary Sex, Mind, and the Menopause, managing and normalizing menopuase at work, the high risk of suicide amongst women entering menopause, supporting your partner during menopause, and changing your view on menopause. Pat then welcomes her guest, Rachel Lankester. Rachel talks about the problem with menopause being protrayed in a negative light.

Segment 3

Pat questions whether or not celebrities’ stories are representative of other women. Rachel talks about the discrepancies between the lives of celebrities and the lives of average people. She also mentions that celebrities often take HRT which causes the media to focus on HRT. There is also a tendency for celebrity stories to cause narratives of menopause to skew negative. While it is good that celebrities are raising the profile of menopause in the media, Pat warns listeners that their experience may not be similar to celebrity experiences. Rachel and Pat then discuss inaccurate data about menopause that is circulated such as the statistic that 900,000 women in the UK have left work due to menopause. Rachel stresses the importance of being aware of who is benefitted by a statistic and the context surrounding a statistic.

Segment 4

Rachel gives reasons for the discrepancies between the experiences various women have with menopause. She attributes it to religion, culture, and diet. She talks about having a negative mindset surrounding menopause can lead to a worse experience. Rachel also talks about diet changes she has made to improve her experience with menopause such as having ground flaxseed. Rachel’s top tip for listeners is to believe that menopause is amazing when you come out on the other side. Magnificent Midlife can be found on Amazon.


00:00:55.230 --> 00:01:02.580 Pat Duckworth: Welcome to the hot women rock radio show empowering women leaders at medicals good morning America good afternoon.

00:01:02.940 --> 00:01:11.640 Pat Duckworth: To you, the UK and Europe, good evening, if you are in India and all the way to Singapore and if you're listening in Australia it's time you got to sleep.

00:01:12.000 --> 00:01:22.920 Pat Duckworth: Anyway, welcome to the show where my guest this week is Rachel Lancaster and we're gonna have a lively show how do I know in our pre chat we got pretty lively, so I know.

00:01:23.730 --> 00:01:32.130 Pat Duckworth: Anyway, let's turn to the news reports will week, and firstly i'm just going to say how sad, we are to hear up another shooting in America.

00:01:32.670 --> 00:01:43.200 Pat Duckworth: We hear about it here and it impacts on us and how we feel about our children in school, so I know it's very little to say we're thinking about you, but we think about you.

00:01:44.220 --> 00:01:55.530 Pat Duckworth: Moving on to what is in the press here about metaphors it's been another lively week in them and apples media i'm going to start with one that I just spotted this morning, which was from.

00:01:56.280 --> 00:02:07.410 Pat Duckworth: The eastern daily press, which is from the East of England in Norfolk and ipswich it says carry dolan knows firsthand how powerful hypnotherapy can be.

00:02:07.890 --> 00:02:22.350 Pat Duckworth: pregnant with her oldest daughter and terrified of needles she took a hit no birthing course to help prepare her for Labor hip no birthing equipped carry with knowledge about what was happening in her body and practical ways to manage my stress and fear response.

00:02:23.400 --> 00:02:36.000 Pat Duckworth: and her experience of perimenopause the changes that occur in the years leading up to the menopause and the end of periods later to explore the ways in which hypnotherapy could help to transform that's with.

00:02:36.450 --> 00:02:46.740 Pat Duckworth: ta are in te R a n C E transform it and she describes it hot flashes of one of the Simpsons many women dread but scary explain.

00:02:47.070 --> 00:02:54.690 Pat Duckworth: there's a hypnotherapy technique that can help ironically hot flashes are to call us because brain freaks out the temperature fluctuates.

00:02:55.290 --> 00:03:03.810 Pat Duckworth: When you imagine, something you create a physiological response so in the case of something like a hot flash you can teach people to access feeling cool and calm.

00:03:04.320 --> 00:03:12.630 Pat Duckworth: And reset their temperature, yes, and there is research that backs that up there's research that's been done with women undergoing.

00:03:13.260 --> 00:03:17.640 Pat Duckworth: chemotherapy and hormone treatment for cancer and using.

00:03:18.120 --> 00:03:31.740 Pat Duckworth: relaxation and hypnotherapy visualization techniques to pull themselves down so we know it's effective and there's been more recent research into that as well why am I telling you i'm a hypnotherapist I help my clients moving on.

00:03:32.790 --> 00:03:50.910 Pat Duckworth: From news medical net good lifestyle habits during menopause can help alleviate health risks related to fat accumulation, a study conducted in the Faculty of sport and health sciences in the University of don't know what I do with story, so I don't know how to say this word.

00:03:52.830 --> 00:04:00.330 Pat Duckworth: In Finland revealed that menopausal transition increases women's body fat, especially in the waist area I think a number of a snowman.

00:04:00.780 --> 00:04:07.080 Pat Duckworth: Therefore, to alleviate the health risks related to that accumulation, women are recommended in midlife to pay special attention.

00:04:07.380 --> 00:04:13.470 Pat Duckworth: To good lifestyle habits physical activity and healthy diet help alleviate health risks related to that accumulation.

00:04:13.800 --> 00:04:22.050 Pat Duckworth: there's a lot more in that article, but if we get down to the bottom, the results indicate that menopause affects body fat accumulation in women.

00:04:22.290 --> 00:04:30.450 Pat Duckworth: Contrary to expectations, the increases in the amount of adipose tissue of our participants had only moderately negative effects on the.

00:04:30.810 --> 00:04:48.090 Pat Duckworth: Hormones derived from the adipose tissue that reflect metabolic health we suspect that the relatively healthy lifestyle habits now participants help them sustain metabolic health, despite an increase in fact last minute pause you don't have to be unhealthy.

00:04:49.110 --> 00:04:55.260 Pat Duckworth: Adjusting your diet adjusting your exercise adjusting your stress levels is all going to help you.

00:04:57.240 --> 00:05:08.550 Pat Duckworth: From the socialist party at home, this is in the UK, I don't think i've ever quoted from them before TV refuse sex mind and the menopause Nikki Downs any you executive committee.

00:05:09.240 --> 00:05:20.010 Pat Duckworth: She says, I was one of the few women that didn't watch the number calls fast menopause documentary sex myths in the menopause as a trade union officer for the national education union, it was a busy time.

00:05:20.610 --> 00:05:27.570 Pat Duckworth: I had high hopes and that the follow up sex mind and menopause would be worth watching and we'll push boundaries on women's health.

00:05:28.080 --> 00:05:33.390 Pat Duckworth: To begin with, it raised some really important points about women and work, the statistics are shocking.

00:05:33.900 --> 00:05:42.600 Pat Duckworth: And we can talk about statistics today, so are they should be 44% of women, say that multiples affects their work and wanting 10 women quit their job due to it.

00:05:42.990 --> 00:05:48.120 Pat Duckworth: The program then features a teacher who'd been dismissed after menopause symptoms affected her work.

00:05:48.450 --> 00:06:06.810 Pat Duckworth: At this point I expected divina to talk about what women could do to be treated fairly at work, maybe mentioning their rights under the Equality Act, but all she referred to was one manager had who had set up a successful medical support group in a prison, it was such a mixed opportunity.

00:06:09.270 --> 00:06:15.270 Pat Duckworth: So I understand the focus on hrt and the medical approach to the menopause that demeanor is promoting it can be very.

00:06:15.600 --> 00:06:27.180 Pat Duckworth: beneficial and we should be fighting for equal access to NHS resources for all women and the trends and non binary community, however, it is a choice to take hrt and not the panacea.

00:06:27.930 --> 00:06:36.360 Pat Duckworth: The veena because achieved a great deal from raising the issue and educating women about them airports, I just wonder if there should be another program made.

00:06:36.690 --> 00:06:52.170 Pat Duckworth: That highlights how societal change and the work of trade unionist could bring about better working conditions, etc, yes it's very difficult to fit all of that into an hour or evening to one hour programs, but there is so much more to be said on this subject.

00:06:53.820 --> 00:07:05.880 Pat Duckworth: From 14 dot com how to manage a normalized and it pulls at work medicals dovetails with various uncomfortable symptoms, including hot flushes for teachers depression brain fog mood swings.

00:07:06.300 --> 00:07:18.840 Pat Duckworth: Imagine a woman in the boardroom who breaks out into a sweat at an inopportune moments, such as the middle of a presentation and literally has perspiration dripping down her face it happens, it does happen.

00:07:19.920 --> 00:07:31.440 Pat Duckworth: Having menopausal symptoms that work can be very stressful particularly under high stakes situation says, Dr phobia who is director of the North American medical society, the na.

00:07:31.980 --> 00:07:42.120 Pat Duckworth: MS is particularly complicated territory to navigate for women and employees of color yes, because they're already under a lot of stress due to underlying racism.

00:07:43.620 --> 00:07:59.310 Pat Duckworth: Who are already forced to deal with other stigmas of work, the owners, for making the workplaces safe comfortable place pause on company leadership, it has to start up a top has to be signaled from the top, that this is something that we talked about lots more in that article to.

00:08:00.420 --> 00:08:07.470 Pat Duckworth: i'm very deliberately pick this one from Ireland, because it was a subject that Rachel and I talked about when we were preparing for the show.

00:08:08.010 --> 00:08:14.850 Pat Duckworth: risk of suicide highest about women entering menopause this comes from independent in Ireland.

00:08:15.510 --> 00:08:21.960 Pat Duckworth: A woman whose mother died by suicide, I urge people to be aware of the link between multiples and mental health.

00:08:22.770 --> 00:08:33.300 Pat Duckworth: Dr keen says there is worrying neglects around the mental health of women in middle age is probably reflected in the fact that there's very little awareness that 52 years of age is the mean age.

00:08:33.840 --> 00:08:45.960 Pat Duckworth: for a woman to die by suicide and this brings up questions of the dearth of research into mental health and menopause so there's lots more about that we will chat about what's going on with that.

00:08:46.440 --> 00:08:59.400 Pat Duckworth: Later in the show reader's digest multiples how to support your partner yay so many programs so many podcasts so many articles ignore the role of your partner.

00:09:00.000 --> 00:09:06.810 Pat Duckworth: multiples can be an emotional roller coaster for many women with hormonal changes impacting both mental and physical health.

00:09:07.170 --> 00:09:12.450 Pat Duckworth: psychologist know McDermott advisors couples on how to support each other, during this time.

00:09:13.020 --> 00:09:20.430 Pat Duckworth: It can be difficult though for an intimate partners watch their loved ones suffer and also behave in anti social ways towards them.

00:09:20.880 --> 00:09:32.100 Pat Duckworth: psychological distress is rarely, if ever pro social unpleasant and if your loved one does experience psychological distress during menopause it's important to look to your own needs okay.

00:09:33.030 --> 00:09:40.050 Pat Duckworth: The main ways in which, as a partner, you can help nice within the psychological distress that may emerge supporting her.

00:09:40.560 --> 00:09:45.810 Pat Duckworth: By showing insight and understanding listen that's what we want, listen.

00:09:46.170 --> 00:09:55.080 Pat Duckworth: is usually all you need to do it's often difficult for someone who's going through psychological distress to display inside they usually only display the distress.

00:09:55.380 --> 00:10:03.960 Pat Duckworth: They may act out or lash out and may want to push your way, one of the best ways of helping someone you love is by ensuring you have support yourself.

00:10:04.530 --> 00:10:14.190 Pat Duckworth: Whilst this is understandable it's probably more helpful to guide your partner into seeking support and help if you think are in fact know that she is menopausal.

00:10:14.880 --> 00:10:25.050 Pat Duckworth: So yeah supporting a partner, perhaps being there when they go to the doctor if they feel like they need somebody to help them advocate listening listening is great.

00:10:26.370 --> 00:10:32.970 Pat Duckworth: But Toledo blade I don't think i've ever quoted from this one either changing how you view menopause, you will understand why I.

00:10:33.450 --> 00:10:34.170 picked this one.

00:10:34.590 --> 00:10:45.420 Pat Duckworth: Many women don't feel like they have good knowledge of menopause we often spend so much time, focusing on the reproductive years that menopause is pushed under the rug said, half of all.

00:10:45.930 --> 00:10:58.890 Pat Duckworth: gynecologist with pro medical physicians pelvic health, but every woman if she lived long enough it's going to go through menopause, we need to change the way we view it, especially since most women will be spending a fair amount of time in it.

00:10:59.370 --> 00:11:06.510 Pat Duckworth: Not to fall recommends that women check out the nms North American medical society website, it is very good.

00:11:06.870 --> 00:11:13.170 Pat Duckworth: For resources and guides about menopause in its symptoms, you can also learn more about menopause and treatment.

00:11:13.440 --> 00:11:19.530 Pat Duckworth: On the pro medical website understanding manacles can help make the transition less confusing and scary.

00:11:19.830 --> 00:11:37.950 Pat Duckworth: So you know what to expect and what treatment options are available, if needed, we shouldn't scare we shouldn't fear aging so stop the fall and should end joy, yes, that is our message Rachel welcome into the virtual studio how are you doing.

00:11:38.880 --> 00:11:43.050 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: hello, it is so good to be here i'm absolutely delighted.

00:11:43.470 --> 00:11:46.920 Pat Duckworth: Excellent so last time I spoke to you, you were in New York.

00:11:47.130 --> 00:11:48.450 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: I was back.

00:11:48.720 --> 00:11:50.010 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: I got back on Monday.

00:11:50.550 --> 00:11:52.500 Pat Duckworth: And you were seeing your phone graduating.

00:11:52.740 --> 00:11:55.530 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: I was yes from New York university.

00:11:55.680 --> 00:11:56.700 Pat Duckworth: Oh excellent.

00:11:57.660 --> 00:11:58.410 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: idea so.

00:11:59.670 --> 00:12:01.290 Pat Duckworth: You know i've never been to New York.

00:12:02.400 --> 00:12:13.560 Pat Duckworth: i've been there, like 50 times on the radio show, but did you like that last message from Dr far, we need to change the messaging around menopause absolutely.

00:12:15.270 --> 00:12:28.620 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: There is like there's so many things in a woman's life honor that are quite major, but if you look at like pubes in childbirth they're not overwhelmingly negative and your mentor pores which I see as a natural transition in a woman's life.

00:12:29.040 --> 00:12:35.700 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: is overwhelmingly portrayed as something negative So yes, we definitely need to change how we see it, yes.

00:12:35.910 --> 00:12:45.240 Pat Duckworth: Yes, I think, positive about it, I mean when i'm training people and running workshops, I need to tell them the facts I also need to say.

00:12:45.720 --> 00:13:02.490 Pat Duckworth: But the other side of it is great, you know I feel better i'm like livelier there's so much good stuff going on and it's embracing that the other side of this is only a transition you're gonna be fine yeah.

00:13:02.550 --> 00:13:11.130 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: I think most most women postmenopausal are absolutely fine and hopefully they're more than firefly they're fabulous but.

00:13:11.820 --> 00:13:23.370 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: We are sort of fed so many messages on whether it is doom and gloom that it is something to be struggled through and the actually we're kind of irrelevant when we get to the other side.

00:13:23.910 --> 00:13:33.480 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: And those are the things that I really want to change and tackle because I think that informs how women experience menopause itself.

00:13:33.720 --> 00:13:49.530 Pat Duckworth: yeah on that very positive note, we will see you after the break when are we talking to Rachel about how she came to be doing what she's doing how she's having a magnificent midlife and how we can help you as well, and the hype around menopause see you after the break.

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00:16:03.000 --> 00:16:12.510 Pat Duckworth: Welcome back to the hot women rock radio show and powering women leaders at metaphors and my guest in the virtual studio state is Rachel Lancaster.

00:16:12.900 --> 00:16:26.580 Pat Duckworth: So Rachel is the founder of magnificent midlife and online hub celebrating and empowering women 40 plus she's the author of magnificent mid life transform your midlife your middle years menopause and beyond.

00:16:26.940 --> 00:16:33.540 Pat Duckworth: And the host of the magnificent midlife podcast after shocking early menopause diagnosis at 41.

00:16:33.900 --> 00:16:46.020 Pat Duckworth: She scratched her own itch and created what she wasn't able to find to help herself, this includes one to one and group midlife mentoring educational resources and an online membership Program.

00:16:46.290 --> 00:16:55.200 Pat Duckworth: To help women vibrantly transition through this sometimes messy middle life welcome Rachel it's such a joy to see here.

00:16:55.620 --> 00:16:57.900 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: Now i'm very excited it's great to be.

00:16:58.950 --> 00:17:07.260 Pat Duckworth: So, how did you get started in your career what was going on before you hit that shock at 14 mom.

00:17:07.950 --> 00:17:20.460 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: Well, I had had a very stressful corporate career and I had actually just left it and I had decided to go freelance and I think it's like when you go away on holiday and you get sick.

00:17:21.360 --> 00:17:29.460 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: I think when I left and got off the hamster wheel my body just went oh gosh I can finally relax and his early menopause.

00:17:30.000 --> 00:17:43.560 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: And I will never know whether that diagnosis was correct or not such was the woeful lack of knowledge of the medical establishment then gets better now, it can still get a lot better now.

00:17:45.150 --> 00:17:58.950 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: But I went on this sort of journey that led me to where I am now because of that diagnosis and initially, I was able to reverse it, which was very confusing.

00:17:59.760 --> 00:18:13.590 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: So I changed my diet and I changed my lifestyle and I started to bleed again, and the reason why I had discovered all of these things was because i'd gone for a hormone test, because I was trying for another truck child.

00:18:14.310 --> 00:18:16.710 Pat Duckworth: I was gonna be my question what took you.

00:18:16.710 --> 00:18:17.070 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: two.

00:18:17.700 --> 00:18:19.080 Pat Duckworth: are in the first place.

00:18:19.800 --> 00:18:34.950 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: So I I wanted another child ever since I had the first one, and I finally met a man who was he was willing to have a trying to have a baby with me, the problem was he'd already got three children but, more importantly, he had a vasectomy.

00:18:36.780 --> 00:18:48.660 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: Before we sort of sent him off to have the snip or the reverse snip I thought I better get checked out so that was why I went for the initial test, and when I got the information he.

00:18:49.140 --> 00:18:56.130 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: Basically, said to me, you have the hormonal profile of a postmenopausal woman, there is no way that you could conceive a child.

00:18:56.580 --> 00:18:57.570 Pat Duckworth: Oh gosh.

00:18:57.690 --> 00:19:00.510 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: hell that that was the bomb that sort of dropped.

00:19:01.590 --> 00:19:05.700 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: And then I I went off and I, I actually found somebody called Dr moaning Glenville.

00:19:06.660 --> 00:19:07.650 Pat Duckworth: I love her.

00:19:08.760 --> 00:19:20.580 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: she's really, really good and she put me on this special diet, and so I cut out caffeine alcohol like attached sugar I cut out dairy I only organic.

00:19:20.970 --> 00:19:37.320 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: Even my personal products, I was to have them as organic as possible, I was to eat at regular intervals, so that I maintain the stable blood sugar level and within a very short time I starts to bleed again I went back for another woman test and they said oh you're perfectly normal.

00:19:38.340 --> 00:19:40.950 Pat Duckworth: So just keep doing those things.

00:19:41.460 --> 00:19:47.250 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: Well, it was doing those things, but it might also have been that I was actually in perimenopause.

00:19:47.310 --> 00:20:01.020 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: And I wasn't really menopausal but I was definitely very early to be having those kind of changes anyway so something wasn't right and i'm convinced it was stress that cause this to happen.

00:20:01.230 --> 00:20:09.570 Pat Duckworth: is going to find out because there have been a common theme, with women i've talked to you on the show who are now very kind of into.

00:20:09.960 --> 00:20:24.420 Pat Duckworth: different ways of self care, but they've been in corporate and I came out because they knew it wasn't doing their health any good, they were getting stressed sleep again sick and you know stress has such an enormous impact on our body at any stage.

00:20:25.440 --> 00:20:27.240 Pat Duckworth: tell us more about your story of him.

00:20:27.600 --> 00:20:31.770 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: So that didn't last so he had the other, the snip.

00:20:31.800 --> 00:20:33.810 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: That didn't work we didn't get the baby.

00:20:34.920 --> 00:20:40.770 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: And about nine months later, my body went back to where it was again so.

00:20:41.490 --> 00:20:58.860 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: Was it perimenopause fluctuations, probably, possibly, but I still had this diagnosis of early menopause that that was what they decided, I had so I then sort of waited for about two years, then to three years, I really didn't want to go on hrt which was what they wanted me to do.

00:20:59.610 --> 00:21:02.490 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: And then I was told by the doctor that I said look.

00:21:03.060 --> 00:21:18.150 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: They said, if your bones, are all right, you don't need to go on the hrt but if they're not we'd like to go on the HR team, so I went ahead of bone scan and I was found to have borderline osteopenia in my hip so, then I thought okay suck it up Rachel go on the hrt.

00:21:18.300 --> 00:21:28.860 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: But the advice, then was go on it only until the average menopause age of 51 and I took that to heart, I don't like taking medication, unless I absolutely have to.

00:21:29.520 --> 00:21:31.440 Pat Duckworth: And how's your bone health now did it.

00:21:31.470 --> 00:21:32.460 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: it's fine.

00:21:32.520 --> 00:21:33.930 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: It hasn't changed.

00:21:34.110 --> 00:21:52.500 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: yeah and it's 14 years now and i've been off the HR team for four years now yeah and my bone health is fine, because I, I put in place, other things, yes to help my bones, you know I have far more exercise Now I do weight bearing exercise I run.

00:21:52.980 --> 00:21:54.720 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: And I run quite a lot.

00:21:55.050 --> 00:21:59.880 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: And That to me is is really is a very good way of maintaining abundance.

00:22:00.360 --> 00:22:13.530 Pat Duckworth: yeah so in the very early days of the show last year, I had Leslie fattest on the show who is based very near me in Cambridge and she went into menopause at 36 and.

00:22:14.190 --> 00:22:26.370 Pat Duckworth: She was advised to go on hrt because of bone health and there was a bit of a history of low bone density her bone health now is fantastic, but she also made changes to her diet.

00:22:26.730 --> 00:22:39.150 Pat Duckworth: and changes to her exercise and was very fortunate in a friend Maggie fordham was a personal trainer who also really helped her to deal with the hormonal changes so.

00:22:39.780 --> 00:22:47.970 Pat Duckworth: You know that i'm sure we're going to get to this anyway, but hormone replacement therapy or hormone therapy isn't a magic bullet it's not a silver bullet.

00:22:48.450 --> 00:22:57.600 Pat Duckworth: it's about the other changes that you make as well that are really important, but if you're going into early menopause the bone health issue.

00:22:58.020 --> 00:23:09.390 Pat Duckworth: The effects on your protection of the heart and other things, is why it's normally recommended my own mother had a hysterectomy in her late 30s.

00:23:09.660 --> 00:23:19.500 Pat Duckworth: I really don't think she was ever offered hormone therapy, I certainly don't think she ever took it and she did end up with osteoporosis in Nice alive, so it is a thing to be aware of.

00:23:20.100 --> 00:23:32.400 Pat Duckworth: I keep interrupting your story Rachel so you've gone on the hrt you're altering your diet and what made you then so motivated to do something to help other women.

00:23:32.790 --> 00:23:47.400 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: Well, I had learned so much having gone from you know zero knowledge and awful depression, not only had I had my dreams dashed, you know my last hope that had gone.

00:23:47.940 --> 00:24:09.690 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: But I had bought into the negative narratives about metaphors and I was being ageist against myself, I honestly thought that my life my meaningful life was a woman with over and that just eventually I realized how utterly ridiculous was but I saw menopause is something for older women.

00:24:10.440 --> 00:24:11.430 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: That wasn't me.

00:24:11.520 --> 00:24:17.100 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: While I was in midlife already you know, I was 41 I was in middle in the middle of life.

00:24:19.020 --> 00:24:33.360 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: And I was being prejudiced against menopause is being prejudiced against getting older, I was suddenly faced with my own mortality, which is what often happens when women go through manacles.

00:24:34.860 --> 00:24:40.230 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: But I learned all of these things about how to have a better experience and when I got to 51.

00:24:40.800 --> 00:24:50.340 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: I weaned myself off the hrt because I put in place all these things, and nothing happened, except for the fact that I had a couple of hot flushes.

00:24:51.060 --> 00:25:01.980 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: And what caused those alcohol and sugar, so I was my own guinea pig because I came off the hrt and it was those two things that triggered the hot flushes.

00:25:02.250 --> 00:25:09.540 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: So I know there are many other symptoms of course it's not just hot flashes but that to me was a real sign that.

00:25:10.020 --> 00:25:23.010 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: We have so much more ability to look after ourselves and to be proactive about our medical experience we don't have to be Oh, give me the hrt I can't go sorry that's going to say I really know.

00:25:23.430 --> 00:25:37.890 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: A lot of people but, honestly, we can be proactive can take control, we don't it's not something that's happening to us that needs fixing it's something's happening that we're involved in.

00:25:38.220 --> 00:25:39.510 Pat Duckworth: yeah and it's part of WHO.

00:25:39.510 --> 00:25:43.110 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: We are, and we can we can be proactive about our experience.

00:25:43.110 --> 00:25:52.440 Pat Duckworth: Okay it's so important what you're saying right sure, because you know if you'd asked me two years ago I just said, oh, if only we were talking more about menopause.

00:25:52.830 --> 00:26:05.850 Pat Duckworth: Because I you know 95% of women have no idea what men are policies what perimenopause is how it can affect you, and then the good things that come out of it as well.

00:26:06.240 --> 00:26:19.590 Pat Duckworth: I thought we need to be talking about it, we need to be getting educated, so that, when it does happen, we know what we want, what the options are we can be proactive, because the more proactive, you are the less stressful it is.

00:26:20.250 --> 00:26:34.170 Pat Duckworth: Now it is all over the media, all the time, but not in a good way if being scary I want to educate women to like choice I don't want to educate them to frighten them I think you're in that phone ballpark.

00:26:35.010 --> 00:26:54.930 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: I get really concerned because, what do you and I know that stress and fear and anxiety, it makes the menopause worse, so, in fact, by telling women that there is all these terrible things and not actually backing them up some of the time which I know we're going to look at.

00:26:56.130 --> 00:27:03.330 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: Big scary headlines sell newspapers, they sell hrt they sell medical private medical services yeah.

00:27:03.840 --> 00:27:20.190 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: And I don't think that is doing women any good at all, I mean by all means let's get the facts yeah but even the facts let's give them context let's not just throw out one fact, with no context which is you know super scary.

00:27:20.910 --> 00:27:40.110 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: Because, even if it is factually correct everything needs to have a context to it, we need to understand the whole picture, not just you know something yes effect necessarily and I, I feel that, by creating this climate of fear we just create more fear.

00:27:41.310 --> 00:27:45.960 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: And it just it's this vicious circle, the menopause is going to be worse for everybody.

00:27:46.140 --> 00:27:49.140 Pat Duckworth: I know, and we want you to be when I say we.

00:27:50.340 --> 00:27:59.460 Pat Duckworth: We want women to be educated to understand the options to think Okay, this is what I can do, I would i'd like to give this ago I want to give back go.

00:27:59.880 --> 00:28:13.170 Pat Duckworth: To just treat it as a really interesting experiment and getting yourself fit because this stage of life is a chance to create that platform that foundation for the rest of your life to be really healthy.

00:28:13.950 --> 00:28:19.770 Pat Duckworth: Not having a quick fix and thinking oh i'll just you know just give me give me a tablet and i'm through.

00:28:20.340 --> 00:28:29.580 Pat Duckworth: Know it's about like thinking about all of you and I ran a retreat, a few years ago in France fabulous location nutritionist trained by.

00:28:29.970 --> 00:28:43.680 Pat Duckworth: Marilyn Glenville fantastic and I invited some women and one woman said, why do I want to spend a week or weekend with other menopausal women well you wouldn't say that about teenagers or i'm a teenager I don't want to be.

00:28:43.680 --> 00:28:44.820 Pat Duckworth: Without the teenagers.

00:28:45.210 --> 00:28:58.620 Pat Duckworth: Are you mad because we went in, and we can share the experience we're coming up to the break so join us after the break when will probably get lively at a first year, as we look at what's been in the media and the hype around menopause see you after the break.

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00:31:01.830 --> 00:31:08.760 Pat Duckworth: Welcome back to the hot women rock radio show empowering women leaders at medicals I love it when my guests joining the dancing.

00:31:09.510 --> 00:31:21.750 Pat Duckworth: To my theme June if you're not watching us on Facebook, you are missing out because we're bopping away in the background here, showing how magnificent we can be at midlife i'm still at midlife i'm going to live to be 130 so we're.

00:31:21.750 --> 00:31:22.140 Pat Duckworth: All good.

00:31:24.240 --> 00:31:42.690 Pat Duckworth: I don't know when I come out of midlife To be honest, but anyway so let's get down and dirty with what's going on celebrity stories now we've already said they do us a favor in raising the profile and talking about it, are they representative of women's experiences.

00:31:44.940 --> 00:31:45.810 brilliant question.

00:31:47.040 --> 00:31:58.920 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: We don't know do we we don't know the answer but celebrities don't live the lives of other women they live very stressful lives.

00:32:00.150 --> 00:32:15.780 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: And you know somebody that's a TV presenter or a politician, you know they're going to be having a very different experience of life so maybe there are other stresses and strains there that.

00:32:17.070 --> 00:32:27.870 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: I owe you other women don't necessarily have and what concerns me is that we, we see these celebrity stories and we think Oh, it must be like that for everybody.

00:32:28.530 --> 00:32:36.600 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: And as you said, you know I think the work that's been done is brilliant, but I do feel it is overly negative.

00:32:37.170 --> 00:32:54.420 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: And I do feel that there is too much for focus on the hrt because the celebrities have all taken the HR T where is the celebrity you didn't take hrt, whereas the celebrity who had a completely holistic approach to them and apples transition.

00:32:54.900 --> 00:32:57.180 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: I think seen anybody like that.

00:32:57.870 --> 00:33:11.760 Pat Duckworth: yeah i'm in the mariela frostrup program a few years ago she did touch on doing cognitive behavioral therapy, which she found was very helpful, but again, not really talking about the nutrition, the exercise the lifestyle.

00:33:12.360 --> 00:33:15.450 Pat Duckworth: And you know these women who are in the public high.

00:33:16.170 --> 00:33:24.060 Pat Duckworth: They have to make certain choices, as you say, it can be very stressful they're expected to stay SLIM and youthful and everything else.

00:33:24.390 --> 00:33:35.550 Pat Duckworth: And we're all meant to aspire to it, rather than thinking, so what i'm comfortable, as I am so yeah there's something about the celebrity stories and a really important point that you're making.

00:33:36.120 --> 00:33:47.100 Pat Duckworth: Every woman's experience of menopause is unique it's unique, not just because of your genes, but because of what you've eaten in your life what you've.

00:33:47.490 --> 00:34:04.530 Pat Duckworth: How you've exercised the amounts of stress in your life, it all culturally society, all of these things make up your particular experience so thinking if I just do that thing that will work it works for that person.

00:34:05.070 --> 00:34:15.300 Pat Duckworth: It may not work for you, you might have to find alternatives, and also with hormone replacement therapy, if you think right i'll just go i'll get back and it'll work.

00:34:16.470 --> 00:34:23.970 Pat Duckworth: You don't realize how many times they might have been back to their doctor to change the formulation to change the delivery system.

00:34:24.360 --> 00:34:30.900 Pat Duckworth: To keep testing and balancing and I think women could get horribly disappointed when I think.

00:34:31.320 --> 00:34:37.740 Pat Duckworth: This is really going to work and they get their patch and I put it on and I go to La not feeling that much better i'm still.

00:34:38.160 --> 00:34:52.890 Pat Duckworth: My mood still bad this is happening that's happening, so I think we're in famous celebrities raising the profile we just want to put the health warning that their experience may not be your experience this approach, or if i've been a bit.

00:34:53.430 --> 00:35:13.590 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: No, I think, absolutely but also you know consider some their backgrounds, as well as you were saying, because how you experience multiples is reflection of how you have lived your life and make Matthews, is very honest about the fact that she learned that she was in menopause in a meeting.

00:35:13.920 --> 00:35:14.370 Pat Duckworth: yeah.

00:35:14.520 --> 00:35:33.390 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: because she found out that she got every one of the 34 symptoms long list of 34 symptoms but she's an alcoholic you know and she's honest about that so and I also talking about alcohol, I know a lot of women who want to take the HR tea and carry on drinking a bit too much.

00:35:33.570 --> 00:35:41.880 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: Oh they're having five cups of coffee a day and they wonder why they're still a bit anxious and can't sleep at night, you know so there's these things it's not you can't.

00:35:42.360 --> 00:35:51.330 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: Have the HR team and ignore everything else, not to do everything else, even if you're on the HR deep still do everything else as well.

00:35:51.390 --> 00:36:06.090 Pat Duckworth: yeah yeah i'm contributing to a menopause toolkit I think it's gonna be great from sw H our women's health research and there is an Ob gyn on that panel.

00:36:06.630 --> 00:36:16.080 Pat Duckworth: And there's a bit about a maintaining a healthy way, and she said, can we say we need to say that health that weight is a Multifactorial issue.

00:36:16.350 --> 00:36:26.160 Pat Duckworth: In other words, it's not about one thing, and she said what I want women to understand is that, if they are overweight and they take hrt it's not going to make them said.

00:36:27.750 --> 00:36:43.440 Pat Duckworth: You have to do the other stuff as well that's why I just don't like this idea of the magic pill that changes everything you have to do the other stuff don't get sold a story that this is the answer, because there's other stuff you have to do.

00:36:44.730 --> 00:36:46.830 Pat Duckworth: I think we're both bought into that right.

00:36:48.810 --> 00:37:07.050 Pat Duckworth: Data let's talk a little bit about data, because when I first started writing about multiples 10 years ago there was hardly any day for there was one report that I use now you're tripping over reports every day of the week, but the data gets misinterpreted what's your favorite bit as.

00:37:08.400 --> 00:37:12.540 Pat Duckworth: Well, so it's misinterpreted and some and some of its just down like Norton.

00:37:13.710 --> 00:37:33.210 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: So i've actually i've written an article I did some research there's, a figure that is often quoted 900,000 women have left work because amanda pores in the UK right, so this is quoted on the well being of women website, it was quoted in a UK parliamentary inquiry into menopause.

00:37:34.350 --> 00:37:37.890 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: It is quoted on linkedin by employers who say.

00:37:38.940 --> 00:37:53.400 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: Is men number of women i've left work because multiples and we are glad to have signed up to the multiples in the workplace charter, you know that it's driving people strategy at work it's in all the press well I researched it and I found out it came from.

00:37:54.900 --> 00:38:09.300 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: A PR survey done by Buddha, which is a private medical insurance company and they interviewed 1000 women and they interviewed thousand women aged 18 to 70 spot the deliberate mistake there.

00:38:11.490 --> 00:38:12.810 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: And, and then.

00:38:13.950 --> 00:38:15.630 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: They ask them a question whether.

00:38:16.950 --> 00:38:27.480 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: Any of these life events had caused them to leave a job completely and those life events with pregnancy periods fertility struggles and medical so not just men are pools.

00:38:28.230 --> 00:38:32.940 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: And then they got 40 women basically 40 women answered yes to that question.

00:38:33.360 --> 00:38:45.420 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: so forth, then then extrapolated it to the entire UK population of women aged 18 to 70 again not 45 to 55 so that took the wrong answer their own question.

00:38:45.870 --> 00:38:54.870 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: extrapolated it to the wrong population and that's how we got 900,000 women left work and that's what it's based on and then earlier.

00:38:55.650 --> 00:39:12.240 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: Just this year in March, the chartered Institute of personnel and development, they were doing an online webinar for employers and somebody on that program that webinar said and 900,000 women are leaving work every year.

00:39:14.940 --> 00:39:17.100 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: In 10 years time we'll have nothing in the world.

00:39:20.430 --> 00:39:42.270 Pat Duckworth: I know, and I, you know, having worked in government, I know how statistics get used, and you have to go back to the soul statistic and go now I mean I saw the statistic of 25% of women consider leaving their jobs and then that is taken as 25% daily virtual I know.

00:39:42.960 --> 00:39:43.170 You.

00:39:44.400 --> 00:39:44.910 Pat Duckworth: Okay.

00:39:46.020 --> 00:39:47.100 Pat Duckworth: And yeah what.

00:39:47.160 --> 00:39:57.750 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: What I think is so important for women to remember is to think who does this statistic benefit what who does this narrative benefit.

00:39:58.470 --> 00:40:08.400 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: Because if people are causing all this fear and are driving sales of hrt and we now have shortages of hrt in the UK that's, not just because of.

00:40:08.640 --> 00:40:18.720 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: Raising awareness it's because of brexit and covert but if there's an element of it within that that you know, increased awareness and pushing hrt is driving that.

00:40:19.470 --> 00:40:29.400 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: But who does that benefit that's not just the women it's the drug companies yeah and it's the private medical service providers as well, so.

00:40:29.430 --> 00:40:29.730 Pat Duckworth: either.

00:40:29.760 --> 00:40:31.380 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: or follows a molecule.

00:40:31.410 --> 00:40:33.120 Pat Duckworth: Follow the money and follow the money.

00:40:33.840 --> 00:40:43.770 Pat Duckworth: And the other, so I quoted that article from the Irish Independent about suicide now that's really frightening for women to think, but then.

00:40:44.190 --> 00:40:54.150 Pat Duckworth: Mental health will be affected, to the point of suicide, now we know from the World Economic Forum report that levels of happiness dip in your.

00:40:54.750 --> 00:41:09.960 Pat Duckworth: Late 40s early 50s and then rise, you get happier, as you get older now you know there's lots of pressures at midlife it can be the children, it can be the older parents, it can be stresses at work or finances.

00:41:10.500 --> 00:41:17.460 Pat Duckworth: And then we get to our 50s and we start to feel a bit happier and it carries on way into our 70s.

00:41:18.720 --> 00:41:21.060 Pat Duckworth: What do you want to say about that statistic, or else.

00:41:22.500 --> 00:41:33.720 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: Well, again it's about providing context, so, even if this statistic is correct and it often gets misquoted because i've seen in The Times it's.

00:41:34.470 --> 00:41:40.050 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: described as a seven fold increase in suicide at medicals as well that's 700%.

00:41:40.860 --> 00:41:52.290 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: I mean that's what that that does not stack up, but even if you look at the statistics on the chart from the office of national statistics here, you see that.

00:41:52.950 --> 00:42:02.130 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: Yes, it does peek around this age, but as you've just said and 847 is the unhappiest age, because of this new curve of happiness that you've mentioned.

00:42:03.690 --> 00:42:13.050 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: But if you look at what is going on in midlife you've got all those other things, but men have the same increase and they're not going through menopause.

00:42:13.470 --> 00:42:24.360 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: They have the same increase and they are at least three times more likely than women to commit suicide so again it's about providing some context and also.

00:42:24.690 --> 00:42:31.800 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: There is never one reason for suicide when I wrote about this and analyze this I sent the article to the Samaritans in the UK.

00:42:32.250 --> 00:42:36.750 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: And they said there's never just one reason, if we over simplify.

00:42:37.140 --> 00:42:50.760 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: The reasons for suicide, then we potentially cause damage to vulnerable people, so it's again it's about why are we layering this on yes, there are some women who happened to have committed suicide.

00:42:51.150 --> 00:42:59.970 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: In their late 40s early 50s but that doesn't mean that menopause is causing suicide correlation does not equal causation.

00:43:00.450 --> 00:43:10.290 Pat Duckworth: correlation doesn't it doesn't equal causation yes there's a higher incidence of people with breast cancer, who have telephones.

00:43:11.820 --> 00:43:13.350 Pat Duckworth: telephone calls.

00:43:14.940 --> 00:43:18.600 Pat Duckworth: It for correlations you have to look behind the.

00:43:18.600 --> 00:43:19.110 Pat Duckworth: statistic.

00:43:19.800 --> 00:43:21.090 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: lives, then my like.

00:43:23.550 --> 00:43:24.930 Pat Duckworth: My gift it to you.

00:43:25.830 --> 00:43:28.710 Pat Duckworth: After the break when will be giving you more insight.

00:43:28.740 --> 00:43:32.700 Pat Duckworth: into stripping away that hype around multiple see after the break.

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00:45:31.950 --> 00:45:42.780 Pat Duckworth: Welcome back to the hot women rock radio show I almost lost my mouse pointer there because I was having fun with Rachel and we have a comment on Facebook from our mutual.

00:45:43.260 --> 00:45:57.510 Pat Duckworth: Colleague K Newton should I love rachel's comment about context I learned as a student that stats can be warped to fit your argument it's only when we delve into them we find a different story I love that Rachel has been investigating deeply.

00:45:57.990 --> 00:46:06.210 Pat Duckworth: We need to stay curious about this stuff you know not just accept what is fed to us in news reports if think room.

00:46:06.600 --> 00:46:17.880 Pat Duckworth: what's behind that I know that's not being cynical that's about really understanding and having a curiosity around it in a curiosity around your own health so.

00:46:18.600 --> 00:46:27.150 Pat Duckworth: let's talk about why do women some women have different experiences some women have better experiences some women have worse experiences.

00:46:28.290 --> 00:46:33.090 Pat Duckworth: I know my thoughts on it take it away right sure what's your thought for.

00:46:33.600 --> 00:46:39.570 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: So many reasons so many reasons let's just look briefly at culture.

00:46:40.650 --> 00:46:51.330 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: Because if we look at other cultures around the world, we find that women don't have a bad menopause experience and, if we look at even different cultures, with.

00:46:52.500 --> 00:46:59.310 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: Those similar to ours that have a different religious background, we find that women have different minerals experiences.

00:46:59.760 --> 00:47:10.050 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: So it's, particularly in Anglo Protestant countries where we seem to have the worst experience of metaphors and a study once found that British women.

00:47:10.290 --> 00:47:19.860 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: Of all women in the whole wide world report, the worst menopause so again it's about why I want to ask why is this happening.

00:47:20.190 --> 00:47:28.500 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: Now there are many, many reasons why I think it might be happening, one is massive it's diet and so, for example, women in East Asian countries.

00:47:28.800 --> 00:47:39.630 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: Where they eat a lot of soy, which is a natural fighter estrogen, which is an excellent thing to take that may be helping them have a better manner pores experience.

00:47:40.050 --> 00:47:46.740 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: The fact that they get more status as they get older, I also believe that that drives.

00:47:47.160 --> 00:47:58.890 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: A good menopause experience and some people may think that's ridiculous but we've already looked at how cognitive behavioral therapy and hypnotherapy can help with menopausal symptoms, so we know.

00:47:59.280 --> 00:48:14.220 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: That how we feel about menopause can impact her experience of it, and there is research that shows that how we feel about aging reflect reflect how well we age, so it makes sense to me that if we are.

00:48:14.790 --> 00:48:22.260 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: full of fear about menopause we think meaningful life is over we think we are now to be consigned to the rubbish heap of history.

00:48:22.830 --> 00:48:30.150 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: we're probably not going to have a very good experience of it, whereas if we feel Okay, this is a natural transition i'm going to come out of this.

00:48:30.510 --> 00:48:41.190 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: Like a whale guns out of menopause and Wales become the leaders of their paws off of up to 50 years they don't go and sit in the corner and become invisible.

00:48:41.610 --> 00:48:58.890 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: You know, so if we can change our mindset and it was really interesting actually because the woman who taught me about the whales she credited learning about the whales as actually impacting her physical experience of men report.

00:48:59.310 --> 00:48:59.820 and

00:49:01.830 --> 00:49:10.440 Pat Duckworth: See, this is where we have to look at reports and question, though, because I thought, why is it only whales that have a menopause why humans have miles.

00:49:10.740 --> 00:49:19.770 Pat Duckworth: And now they're doing more research, because you write any female part of a species isn't research as much as the male part giraffes and.

00:49:19.890 --> 00:49:21.150 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: Baby elephants yeah.

00:49:21.240 --> 00:49:22.890 Pat Duckworth: I do the same talks.

00:49:23.490 --> 00:49:24.780 Pat Duckworth: Really, if you live.

00:49:26.340 --> 00:49:40.260 Pat Duckworth: So you know we always have to look at this and say what's really going on, and you know female elephants, who have gone through menopause will become the grandmothers who helped to look after the rest of the.

00:49:41.340 --> 00:49:41.610 Pat Duckworth: herd.

00:49:44.070 --> 00:49:44.670 Pat Duckworth: of elephants.

00:49:44.850 --> 00:49:56.460 Pat Duckworth: I don't know what a group of giraffe says it's probably a herd they're probably doing the same thing there so we're not the only species experiencing menopause but animals don't know that they're supposed to feel bad about.

00:49:57.840 --> 00:50:08.550 Pat Duckworth: play just crack on with their lives and become the leaders of their hurts so yeah let's think about that and you've just sort of touched on the alternatives so.

00:50:08.970 --> 00:50:20.250 Pat Duckworth: I when i'm teaching about manacles when i'm running workshops, I say there are lots of options, you can you know if you want to do the hormone therapy fine understand it understand the.

00:50:20.520 --> 00:50:29.790 Pat Duckworth: The benefits and the risks and you know do your research but think about the other stuff as well the nutrition, the lifestyle if you're smoking stop it.

00:50:31.020 --> 00:50:38.460 Pat Duckworth: Alcohol not your friend it's a false friend that gets come on let's go out and party and then leaves you standing in the corner feeling rough.

00:50:39.120 --> 00:50:41.490 Pat Duckworth: not good for you and the sugary products.

00:50:42.180 --> 00:50:54.570 Pat Duckworth: But also, you know, there are herbal remedies and Marilyn Glenville site has some of those food supplements that you might need you know you might need some more vitamins or minerals to help supplement your system.

00:50:55.350 --> 00:51:09.990 Pat Duckworth: homeopathy now one person I ran a calls 10 hours over five weeks and I mentioned homeopathy wants and in the feedback that I started to doubt pat when she mentioned homeopathy in 10 hours I mentioned it when.

00:51:11.610 --> 00:51:28.800 Pat Duckworth: I use homeopathy, if you want to use homeopathy there a homeopathic remedies it's it's what you want, and getting the advice that you need acupuncture having some massage aroma therapy lots of things you can do in self care right, that is.

00:51:28.860 --> 00:51:30.450 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: A size, really.

00:51:30.510 --> 00:51:32.100 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: Exercise massively.

00:51:33.360 --> 00:51:42.330 Pat Duckworth: So, you said that you change your change your nutrition you change your exercise were there any supplements that you found helpful or anything else that you used.

00:51:42.570 --> 00:51:55.410 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: um I don't take any manufactured supplements, but I do have maca powder and Ganda powder in my cereal every morning and I don't have dairy milk, so I have soy milk.

00:51:55.770 --> 00:52:15.720 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: yeah and I have, I am a great believer in ground flaxseed I think postmenopausal women should not well actually for about 45 all women should have ground flaxseed every day it's the most dense source of these natural phytoestrogens that can help us transition through menopause.

00:52:16.050 --> 00:52:18.030 Pat Duckworth: If you're not watching you didn't see me do a double.

00:52:19.050 --> 00:52:22.200 Pat Duckworth: Because flax seeds are your very best friend.

00:52:22.230 --> 00:52:23.820 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: They really are amazing.

00:52:23.880 --> 00:52:25.440 Pat Duckworth: Oh Omega three oils.

00:52:26.100 --> 00:52:27.270 estrogen Nikki.

00:52:30.750 --> 00:52:31.740 Pat Duckworth: down and dirty with.

00:52:34.020 --> 00:52:39.450 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: But you may have to make sure that they ground because if you don't mind them, they only keep you regular nothing else.

00:52:40.320 --> 00:52:41.790 Pat Duckworth: come out the same way, they went in.

00:52:45.030 --> 00:52:49.440 Pat Duckworth: So yeah I mean might find that you need magnesium because you've got.

00:52:49.470 --> 00:52:51.060 Pat Duckworth: A destroyed or.

00:52:52.290 --> 00:52:54.750 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: You I tell I do take magnesium for.

00:52:54.780 --> 00:52:56.070 Pat Duckworth: Now it all comes out.

00:52:56.070 --> 00:53:00.420 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: Now, yes i'd forgotten, but I take it regularly I take it, when i've got a problem.

00:53:00.780 --> 00:53:07.650 Pat Duckworth: yeah i've got a magnesium spray and cable, though, I had a fall in New York.

00:53:08.040 --> 00:53:26.430 Pat Duckworth: When I visited her recently and i'm using magnesium on my muscles to because I helped relax the muscles, but if you have problems sleeping at night you've got restless legs and magnesium can be really helpful, you know feeling Dave is an A but you don't have to buy expensive.

00:53:27.690 --> 00:53:38.880 Pat Duckworth: This means that are labeled for men or pause it look for a good multivitamin with some minerals in it i'm sure Marilyn Glenville does Walden future you from Cambridge to them.

00:53:39.210 --> 00:53:56.130 Pat Duckworth: You know it's it's really about, you might think we finally eating a healthy, balanced diet, I don't need any supplements, but our food isn't as rich in nutrients as it used to be and sometimes you do Rachel i'm you know we're running out of time what's your one big message.

00:53:56.880 --> 00:54:02.220 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: Well before I give you one, the message I just wanted to quickly say because you were talking about you don't need expensive supplements.

00:54:02.580 --> 00:54:18.660 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: There was an article recently that wrote about the menopause market being worth an estimated 450 billion pounds that's the opportunity, so you are being milked potentially out of your money again follow the money for.

00:54:18.660 --> 00:54:20.250 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: marketers don't get.

00:54:20.580 --> 00:54:22.950 Pat Duckworth: drawn in quickly what's your one top tip.

00:54:23.220 --> 00:54:39.270 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: My one top tip just believe that menopause, on the other side is amazing, you have a right to a magnificent midlife, and this is a tunnel it's not a cave so if you're struggling now you're going to come out the other end and it will be really, really cool.

00:54:39.570 --> 00:54:40.590 Rachel Lankester - Magnificent Midlife: Thank you for that.

00:54:40.740 --> 00:54:59.700 Pat Duckworth: positive message so and Rachel is making us an offer to do with her book, which I will put a link underneath the video when I post it up on the hop and rock we're running out of time, you can find magnificent multiples are magnificent mid life on.

00:55:01.020 --> 00:55:09.450 Pat Duckworth: see my brains going next i'm so excited on Amazon, and you can find Rachel through all the links that are on the show links.

00:55:09.870 --> 00:55:17.130 Pat Duckworth: Thank you so much Rachel you've been a great guest if you've missed any of the other programs and the recording for this one will go on the.

00:55:17.700 --> 00:55:32.880 Pat Duckworth: Talk radio dot nyc forward slash hot women rock website, and you can find a sending find all the other programs there stay tuned talk radio dot nyc for dismantle racism, with the amazing Reverend Dr tlc.

00:55:34.050 --> 00:55:42.870 Pat Duckworth: i'm not sure when I guess this today, but she says audience will be invited to move from history to healing and that's really important I love dogs turnings work.

00:55:43.710 --> 00:55:53.460 Pat Duckworth: If you've missed out, so thank you again to my producer dylan today for doing a fabulous job if you need any other help with your menopause my book hot women.

00:55:53.940 --> 00:56:05.220 Pat Duckworth: cool solutions tells you all the solutions, including the hormone therapy, including the hypnotherapy as well as a hypnotherapist and a coach I do a lot with my women.

00:56:05.580 --> 00:56:18.060 Pat Duckworth: To help them get through and I help businesses to understand in the clearest way without the hype what's actually going on, so let's break the hype let's keep the conversation going i'll see you next week.

00:56:18.450 --> 00:56:29.010 Pat Duckworth: When my guests, will be the wonderful Christine kurtz here who will be talking about soul language and soulful menopause see you next week have a great week take care.

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