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Tuesday, May 17, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/05/17 - Coping With Covid's Emotional Toll on Employers

Facebook Live Video from 2022/05/17 - Coping With Covid's Emotional Toll on Employers


2022/05/17 - Coping With Covid's Emotional Toll on Employers

[NEW EPISODE] Coping With Covid's Emotional Toll on Employers

Our audience will learn how to: (a) better recognize and acknowledge the emotional toll of running a business in these trying times, and (b) will learn business strategies for coping with the complex employment and labor laws, labor shortages, and economic pressures of a post-Covid world.

Much has been written about the pandemic's emotional toll on employees, which is undoubtedly a reality. However, with the constantly evolving post-pandemic labor and employment laws, the labor shortages and decreases in available candidates to work for business owners, and the economic pressures of our world today, many businesses owners and employers are *feeling* the impact: stress, anxiety, frustration, and fear. 

Tune in Tuesday, May 17th, from 5 pm to 6 pm (EST) on TalkRadio.NYC, when Colleen Ferrary and I discuss how business owners can take action to cope with these understandable emotions. Colleen offers business owners a unique blend of hearing and validating their emotions while suggesting strategies for running their business more smoothly.

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Eric starts today's show introducing Colleen Ferrary, his guest for today. Colleen is the CEO/founder of Small Business USA. Before this, she was director of a Fortune 500 company leading teams of over 3,000 employees. Colleen says that she grew up in a small business that was owned by her family. She never really wanted to be an entrepreneur. She describes growing up in this kind of environment saying that “you just never know what you're going to get.” Making and balancing a budget was some of the struggles that her mother went through, but this is also why Colleen admires her mother because of the amount of work and dedication she had towards her business and taking care of her children. Colleen mentions climbing up the corporate ladder into different positions in her career. Though, she realized how much she wasn't doing things like being around for her daughter more often, being a single mother. She realized that she was in a position where she could have retired at a young age. Small Business USA came about because she had many small business owners asking for her help due to her knowledge and experience running a billion dollar business. She explains what Small Business does and what her team is like.

Segment 2

Colleen discusses with Eric about her motivation to start Small Business USA. Her main motivation was about how she can help others. She wanted to bridge the gap between what small business owners have and need and being in a large business which she says is easier because you have access to many tools. Some post pandemic challenges that she is noticing is fear of speaking of what's on your mind. Business owners may be afraid to do so because they value their team and want to make sure that they aren't saying the wrong thing. There's also the fear of doing business with others, being that we are in a very politically correct environment. Colleen mentions that she has had business owners call her and cry. Colleen says that she hears things about people fearing about whether we are having a recession, inflation and more. Colleen and Eric share similar stresses, fear and other emotions that they are seeing from their clients. Eric discusses more from his experience and knowledge and says that the laws he is seeing in N.Y are becoming more and more stringent and can be very difficult for small business owners. They also discuss the difficulties in finding the balance in being a better leader and employer.

Segment 3

Eric and Colleen continue their discussion on the issues and emotional toll of running a business in these trying times. Colleen goes back to her story earlier of how she had a business owner call her and was crying over the phone. Colleen said that she told them that they have to give themselves a moment and breath. She says that there are things you should be doing and things that you must be doing. First, she says to identify what those things are and take care of them today. She also says to be okay with 20 percent of what you want to do to fall off your plate. Colleen gives an example talking about a young worker she observed in a small business store working with boxes of inventory. All of sudden one day, instead of 20 boxes which is what he usually worked with, he had to process 40 boxes and got overwhelmed. He then got 8 boxes done and his performance dropped because he was overwhelmed and stressed. Colleen decided to observe him from the back room. She asked him what was going on and whether he can at least get the first 20 boxes done. His motivation changed because of that mindset. She discusses more about trust, appreciation, value, micromanaging, and stress and how these play a role in leading and how your team works.

Segment 4

In the final segment, Colleen mentions how proud she is of her team at Small Business USA and also mentions the mounting concern of the great resignation. She also discusses the difficulties or worries that come with terminating someone for business owners and those in HR. She says that before terminating anybody, you should try to help them succeed. It's not about holding them accountable. Eric says that holding someone accountable is more like penalizing them. Eric talks about things to think about to reduce the risk of lawsuits in these matters. Eric and Colleen also mention in their final part of their conversation about the importance of having an employment attorney and people like Colleen early on to support your business and be of guidance throughout time. You can connect with Colleen and her work at, her email is, and also, the email of her team at Employment Tutors!


00:00:57.600 --> 00:01:05.040 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Good evening, welcome to employment law today i'm your host erick sovereign and employment law business law attorney.

00:01:05.430 --> 00:01:14.790 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And I host this live weekly talk radio show, and this live weekly video broadcast every Tuesday night from 5pm to 6pm Eastern time.

00:01:15.120 --> 00:01:26.580 Eric Sarver, Esq.: right here on talk radio nyc where I have guests, to discuss some of the most novel and compelling issues that business owners and employers are facing during these challenging times.

00:01:27.000 --> 00:01:38.700 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And in that spirit i'd like to welcome a very special guest tonight miss colleen Ferrari, who is the CEO of small business, USA and founder of employment tutors colleen welcome to the show.

00:01:39.450 --> 00:01:49.050 Colleen Ferrary: thanks for having me Eric hey you didn't warn me like I pulled my speakers back, but this little headset on, and I look like a very young version of Hillary Clinton.

00:01:51.570 --> 00:01:52.890 Colleen Ferrary: wasn't really prepared for that.

00:01:59.850 --> 00:02:02.280 Colleen Ferrary: I hope it doesn't stick anybody listening just.

00:02:02.280 --> 00:02:03.570 Colleen Ferrary: ignore that last comment Eric.

00:02:05.100 --> 00:02:09.330 Colleen Ferrary: honored to be here with you today, we have so much to talk about it's.

00:02:09.390 --> 00:02:11.340 Eric Sarver, Esq.: On the have you Secretary now i'm just kidding me.

00:02:12.660 --> 00:02:19.890 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Have you have a circle and, yes, he played, you can be here for sure and and I want to just give our guests our audience a little more.

00:02:20.850 --> 00:02:27.540 Eric Sarver, Esq.: info about you, before I delve into our topic in fact amongst our topic first and biggest hit me that our audience with a wants to know.

00:02:27.870 --> 00:02:39.420 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And then we can talk about you and get into our questions, but yeah great to have you on Kelly sure, so our topic tonight folks is coping with coleman's emotional toll on employers just let that.

00:02:39.870 --> 00:02:49.110 Eric Sarver, Esq.: sink in for a moment coping with cobras emotional toll and employers and you know much i've been written about dependent mixed emotional toll.

00:02:49.410 --> 00:03:00.480 Eric Sarver, Esq.: On employees, which is undoubtedly or reality right, I mean that's indisputable that that happens, however, with this constantly evolving post pandemic Labor and employment laws.

00:03:00.870 --> 00:03:08.010 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And the Labor shortages and decreases in available candidates to work for business owners, along with the economic pressures of our world today.

00:03:08.490 --> 00:03:17.790 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Many business owners and many employers as well are feeling the impact they're feeling the stress the anxiety, the frustration and the fear.

00:03:18.330 --> 00:03:26.250 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And so on tonight's show colleen for you and I will discuss how business owners can take actions to cope with these understandable emotions.

00:03:26.760 --> 00:03:38.610 Eric Sarver, Esq.: colleen offers business owners, a unique blend of healing sorry hearing and healing and validate their emotions was suggesting business strategies for running their operations more smoothly.

00:03:39.210 --> 00:03:45.840 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And I think I think a really important point to note, you know again that both of our the that the stress and challenge the burnout.

00:03:46.260 --> 00:03:57.660 Eric Sarver, Esq.: That employees days with the business owner and employers are facing a lot these days as well, so with that I want to give colleen a proper introduction before we get into our questions this evening.

00:03:59.550 --> 00:04:04.110 Eric Sarver, Esq.: As I mentioned my folks my guest tonight is colleen Ferrari colleen is a CEO.

00:04:04.620 --> 00:04:11.700 Eric Sarver, Esq.: of small business, USA and she also the CEO and founder of employment tutors so colleen started small business USA.

00:04:12.120 --> 00:04:20.010 Eric Sarver, Esq.: After a decorated corporate career as a director of a fortune 500 company leading teams have over 3000 employees.

00:04:20.670 --> 00:04:32.340 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Recognizing the gap between the tools, she had in corporate America versus those are family at a small business owners colleen launched small business USA as a tool to fill that gap.

00:04:33.060 --> 00:04:47.760 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Today, their membership spans the US and has helped hundreds of business owners, like you, as a gotham pickle pickle ball junkie a self proclaimed we know file, which I believe I looked up is a wine kind of sort expert right.

00:04:47.910 --> 00:04:48.120 Eric Sarver, Esq.: yeah.

00:04:48.150 --> 00:04:50.190 Colleen Ferrary: And i'm going to say my why no apparent.

00:04:52.170 --> 00:04:52.890 Eric Sarver, Esq.: fancy for ya know.

00:04:54.630 --> 00:05:06.420 Eric Sarver, Esq.: podcaster work and very much fun, for us, as you can tell the person to your right we're very excited to have colleen never stopped by and take on this incredibly tenuous topic so.

00:05:06.810 --> 00:05:15.600 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Kelly, and they agreed to have you on the show I like to have like we have a serious topic and we're gonna have a little fun to as their audience, you know leads to see, so thank you for that yeah.

00:05:15.600 --> 00:05:27.060 Colleen Ferrary: seriously you've got to have fun right as an entrepreneur, one of the most important things you can do is really enjoyed the trip because you're on one right you don't know what you're going to get some time so yeah thanks for having me Eric.

00:05:27.600 --> 00:05:33.840 Eric Sarver, Esq.: You welcome ratio you think very true, indeed, so I said, the first question, I like to ask all my guests generally.

00:05:34.290 --> 00:05:47.310 Eric Sarver, Esq.: curious to know this right, we have our own journeys so tell us more about yourself clean me me like how did your career initially start out and then what prompted you to found small business, USA and implement tutors.

00:05:47.460 --> 00:05:47.820 story.

00:05:49.170 --> 00:05:58.710 Colleen Ferrary: So I grew up in a small business right, and I might, you know as a family run business my mom had about 20 employees and swore i'd never be an entrepreneur.

00:06:00.510 --> 00:06:07.230 Colleen Ferrary: Really, I was like no way like we were trying to Paris one month, and then we were eating like spaghetti.

00:06:07.230 --> 00:06:07.530 Eric Sarver, Esq.: o's.

00:06:07.620 --> 00:06:08.430 Colleen Ferrary: are a couple weeks.

00:06:08.460 --> 00:06:09.000 Colleen Ferrary: Because we were.

00:06:09.270 --> 00:06:09.960 Colleen Ferrary: broke, you know.

00:06:10.230 --> 00:06:20.310 Colleen Ferrary: You just didn't know what you're going to get and you know, obviously, my mom was really, really great and some parts of business, but then there were pieces that were challenging like she was not good at.

00:06:20.670 --> 00:06:30.750 Colleen Ferrary: Making a budget and balancing a budget, and you know when we were rich, we were you know we did well and when we weren't we were not you know it's a little bit of a roller coaster.

00:06:31.080 --> 00:06:32.400 Colleen Ferrary: So for me, I was like.

00:06:33.150 --> 00:06:37.470 Colleen Ferrary: You know what here's he's a pretty smart woman, I really respect my mom.

00:06:38.550 --> 00:06:44.400 Colleen Ferrary: I watched her kind of raise you know grow this business raise two girls on a road.

00:06:44.850 --> 00:06:45.360 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And then.

00:06:45.450 --> 00:06:49.740 Colleen Ferrary: grow this business that was you know people would look at us to go my God your mom wants that.

00:06:50.220 --> 00:06:50.760 Colleen Ferrary: And then.

00:06:50.820 --> 00:07:00.120 Colleen Ferrary: And it was really but you know, sometimes the inner workings of what you see in that business aren't always what it looks like on the facade and here was a woman who worked herself to death.

00:07:00.810 --> 00:07:01.950 Colleen Ferrary: And really was.

00:07:02.160 --> 00:07:08.250 Colleen Ferrary: not really good with money somebody embezzled from her like her results from the company and.

00:07:08.970 --> 00:07:09.420 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Through these.

00:07:09.600 --> 00:07:10.770 Colleen Ferrary: This journey and I swear i'm.

00:07:10.770 --> 00:07:16.530 Colleen Ferrary: never going to do this, so I ran a corporate America and and I just kept you know climbing the corporate ladder and.

00:07:16.590 --> 00:07:22.680 Colleen Ferrary: Doing More and more until you know, one day, I was like okay hold on one second you know I had a child on purpose.

00:07:22.980 --> 00:07:23.520 Eric Sarver, Esq.: I was.

00:07:23.820 --> 00:07:25.320 Colleen Ferrary: A single mom and.

00:07:26.430 --> 00:07:32.010 Colleen Ferrary: She was seven and I was always in the company jet never home always away and i'm like.

00:07:32.790 --> 00:07:33.630 Colleen Ferrary: I doing.

00:07:33.900 --> 00:07:34.620 Eric Sarver, Esq.: So.

00:07:34.710 --> 00:07:47.220 Colleen Ferrary: An interesting thing you know I don't you know I don't know how spiritual you all are, but for me it was like you know you can say okay well i'm in this position that I can retire young I can you know I can figure this out, maybe i'll.

00:07:47.220 --> 00:07:50.430 Colleen Ferrary: flip houses, you know I watched too much hgtv.

00:07:50.940 --> 00:08:01.590 Colleen Ferrary: And i'll do a little consulting and i'll just bridge the gap until my daughter's you know old enough to fly on her own and i'm doing pretty well, so you know, this is all good right and.

00:08:02.970 --> 00:08:07.410 Colleen Ferrary: And you know, so I wish I said that small business USA was on purpose.

00:08:07.950 --> 00:08:13.500 Colleen Ferrary: But really very, very quick order, I was like God what should I do with myself and.

00:08:13.740 --> 00:08:27.570 Colleen Ferrary: And and landed there, it was this this collision between all of these small business owners showing up for me asking me to help them and ask them because they knew I was here I am running a billion dollar business.

00:08:27.930 --> 00:08:28.140 Eric Sarver, Esq.: With.

00:08:28.350 --> 00:08:39.300 Colleen Ferrary: You know anywhere between three to 5000 employees, depending on the season and all these business owners who maybe had 25 are saying okay like what's the secret to success, how do I make this easier.

00:08:40.110 --> 00:08:46.680 Colleen Ferrary: And it was amazing was this this eye opening moment where I said i'm not qualified to help you with that.

00:08:47.730 --> 00:08:58.440 Colleen Ferrary: Really, I had total operational control of almost a billion dollars and i'm not qualified to answer this question for somebody who wants a business with 25 employees, because.

00:08:58.680 --> 00:09:00.270 Colleen Ferrary: You know, when I pick up the phone.

00:09:00.720 --> 00:09:02.820 Colleen Ferrary: yeah people jump you know.

00:09:03.030 --> 00:09:07.560 Colleen Ferrary: People know, like, I have the power of this fortune 500 company behind me.

00:09:07.830 --> 00:09:16.170 Colleen Ferrary: When when I needed something done my team knew who I was I had teams to do it, if I had a computer problem I caught I picked up a help desk.

00:09:16.410 --> 00:09:17.640 Colleen Ferrary: And it's like Oh, here they are.

00:09:17.850 --> 00:09:23.130 Colleen Ferrary: Small business owners and if you are not feeling that right now in this world as a business owner.

00:09:23.880 --> 00:09:27.360 Colleen Ferrary: would be shocked and you should really be considering yourself lucky.

00:09:27.630 --> 00:09:28.410 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Because this is.

00:09:28.470 --> 00:09:33.180 Colleen Ferrary: One of the most challenging times i've seen we've i've owned small business you say for 10 years.

00:09:33.510 --> 00:09:36.690 Colleen Ferrary: This is one of the most challenging times i've seen for business owners.

00:09:37.020 --> 00:09:38.670 Colleen Ferrary: There is a lot.

00:09:38.790 --> 00:09:41.190 Colleen Ferrary: A lot going on and.

00:09:41.640 --> 00:09:47.790 Colleen Ferrary: Let me get it started early with me to movement and deployed and then.

00:09:47.940 --> 00:09:49.500 Colleen Ferrary: coronavirus just kind of.

00:09:49.800 --> 00:09:51.090 Colleen Ferrary: put this you know.

00:09:51.180 --> 00:09:51.900 Colleen Ferrary: Added and it.

00:09:52.080 --> 00:09:53.580 Colleen Ferrary: And it just keeps building.

00:09:53.880 --> 00:09:54.660 Colleen Ferrary: But so.

00:09:54.690 --> 00:10:01.110 Colleen Ferrary: So, to make a very long career story you guys go visit my website and there's some more of this.

00:10:01.110 --> 00:10:01.830 Eric Sarver, Esq.: term here but.

00:10:02.070 --> 00:10:08.100 Colleen Ferrary: You know I realized I put together a team of people and I created I created a vision for small business USA.

00:10:09.630 --> 00:10:16.380 Colleen Ferrary: You know, we create boards that are very much like a vestige or why but.

00:10:16.440 --> 00:10:18.480 Colleen Ferrary: writers, are more intimate and.

00:10:18.720 --> 00:10:20.760 Colleen Ferrary: more affordable, but they're also virtual.

00:10:20.850 --> 00:10:21.630 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Because we create.

00:10:21.930 --> 00:10:27.960 Colleen Ferrary: words that were hard hitting and we I had I I found some really compelling.

00:10:28.380 --> 00:10:29.550 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Evidence when I was.

00:10:29.550 --> 00:10:37.350 Colleen Ferrary: Building and researching and and I did a whole I did a ton of research, I put together a team of 100 small business owners, that I was.

00:10:37.590 --> 00:10:38.970 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Using as this pool of.

00:10:38.970 --> 00:10:39.750 Colleen Ferrary: Candidates I was.

00:10:40.020 --> 00:10:45.630 Colleen Ferrary: going to networking meetings all over the place, and I found that there were some there were some challenges.

00:10:46.200 --> 00:10:47.460 Colleen Ferrary: A consultant like.

00:10:47.520 --> 00:10:49.770 Colleen Ferrary: You could hire and I watched this you can.

00:10:49.770 --> 00:10:51.150 Eric Sarver, Esq.: hire a consultant.

00:10:51.870 --> 00:10:53.400 Colleen Ferrary: fortune 500 company.

00:10:54.030 --> 00:10:58.050 Colleen Ferrary: That would say that was a marketing a VP of marketing.

00:10:58.320 --> 00:11:00.750 Colleen Ferrary: Right, you say i'm going to go help your small business with.

00:11:00.750 --> 00:11:03.090 Colleen Ferrary: Martin who wouldn't hire that guy.

00:11:03.300 --> 00:11:03.720 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Right.

00:11:03.750 --> 00:11:05.340 Colleen Ferrary: I mean it's so amazing.

00:11:06.060 --> 00:11:09.990 Colleen Ferrary: The difference was he operated like I operated in corporate America.

00:11:10.410 --> 00:11:14.820 Colleen Ferrary: Right and small business, so he you know, he did a lot of damage.

00:11:15.240 --> 00:11:27.180 Colleen Ferrary: And so small business you say like really creates an environment where there's not one voice, there is a team focused on your business, there is a resource, have we have a Community help desk we are.

00:11:27.570 --> 00:11:28.530 Eric Sarver, Esq.: each other, our.

00:11:29.010 --> 00:11:34.260 Colleen Ferrary: intimate because I wanted that I believe that the power of many is what brings us along, if you think of.

00:11:35.700 --> 00:11:36.930 Eric Sarver, Esq.: What is his name in the four.

00:11:36.930 --> 00:11:37.800 Colleen Ferrary: hour workweek.

00:11:38.160 --> 00:11:39.990 Eric Sarver, Esq.: You know you surround to go yes.

00:11:40.470 --> 00:11:41.730 Colleen Ferrary: yeah you surround yourself.

00:11:41.730 --> 00:11:41.880 Eric Sarver, Esq.: With.

00:11:41.910 --> 00:11:44.430 Colleen Ferrary: Some of the five people you surround yourself with right.

00:11:44.880 --> 00:11:46.170 Colleen Ferrary: yeah that is a small business.

00:11:46.170 --> 00:11:47.820 Colleen Ferrary: USA we surround you.

00:11:48.180 --> 00:11:48.600 Eric Sarver, Esq.: When.

00:11:48.630 --> 00:12:01.470 Colleen Ferrary: The five best people who are going to help promote your business and and and help you be successful and help you through times like this and yeah and I think employment to this it's fun to talk about both at one time Eric.

00:12:01.890 --> 00:12:02.520 Colleen Ferrary: Schmidt tutors.

00:12:02.910 --> 00:12:08.220 Colleen Ferrary: really was born, because there was a leadership need and these companies, as they.

00:12:08.280 --> 00:12:11.190 Colleen Ferrary: Do people you know you didn't start a shoe store.

00:12:11.430 --> 00:12:15.240 Colleen Ferrary: or pharmacy or you know, a medical Center.

00:12:15.600 --> 00:12:16.770 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Because you love to.

00:12:16.770 --> 00:12:18.000 Colleen Ferrary: lead people, and you know.

00:12:18.180 --> 00:12:19.740 Eric Sarver, Esq.: The nuances right sure.

00:12:19.800 --> 00:12:23.310 Colleen Ferrary: sure you, you did it because you love shoes.

00:12:25.890 --> 00:12:26.250 Colleen Ferrary: Right.

00:12:27.000 --> 00:12:33.510 Colleen Ferrary: So employment tutors was really built to fill in the gaps and just help with some leadership development.

00:12:33.930 --> 00:12:36.330 Eric Sarver, Esq.: wow it's like you said so much they're.

00:12:36.360 --> 00:12:37.350 really sorry.

00:12:38.910 --> 00:12:40.200 Eric Sarver, Esq.: About that that happens, a good thing he.

00:12:40.200 --> 00:12:43.260 Eric Sarver, Esq.: said thanks so much great stuff there and that in your intro.

00:12:44.460 --> 00:12:50.910 Eric Sarver, Esq.: couple of things like that jumped out at me that I find so interesting I love that you said that you grew up around small business you saw the ups and downs.

00:12:51.210 --> 00:12:57.120 Eric Sarver, Esq.: You serve right behind the facade and said no way that's not going to be and then life has a way of going full circle.

00:12:57.510 --> 00:13:04.230 Eric Sarver, Esq.: From the corporate director of the Shanghai up with the chats into wanting more time with your family and daughter were sort of.

00:13:04.710 --> 00:13:09.660 Eric Sarver, Esq.: I guess checking with your spirituality and spiritual Center may which I totally relate to him i'm a Buddhist so.

00:13:10.110 --> 00:13:17.490 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Remember into spirituality and I think it's great to have a purpose and vision, the universe and connection, but just like that that.

00:13:18.270 --> 00:13:26.250 Eric Sarver, Esq.: come full circle, I think a lot of my guests either come up where they were young and something they saw they completely wanted to emulate and say that's going to be new and I get older i'm.

00:13:26.250 --> 00:13:27.210 Eric Sarver, Esq.: going to be that person.

00:13:27.630 --> 00:13:36.960 Eric Sarver, Esq.: or they said they never made I guess it's like they get some of the good stuff sinks and then they get some experience that you got experience in the large corporate world.

00:13:37.320 --> 00:13:47.970 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And maybe we would i'm guessing a wonder if, maybe you're able to perhaps recognize some of the things that your mom may have missed, and then you can go back and sort of like apply that so you have a good and both you know it's not.

00:13:48.480 --> 00:13:50.460 Colleen Ferrary: yeah absolutely yeah.

00:13:52.800 --> 00:13:54.120 Eric Sarver, Esq.: i'm sorry to interrupt to be nice.

00:13:54.150 --> 00:13:57.630 Colleen Ferrary: yeah she's having the last laugh I know we're going to break So yes.

00:13:59.250 --> 00:14:12.240 Eric Sarver, Esq.: We actually migrated that our commercial break now the first the first one of the show i'm tired of me having fun, but when we come back with more about about small business USA we're also going to talk a little bit about some of the.

00:14:13.290 --> 00:14:23.640 Eric Sarver, Esq.: problems and challenges emotional pain points that colleen seeing with her clients and then i'm seeing with my clients as an employment lawyer so you're listening to implement lot today, I talked to nyc.

00:14:24.270 --> 00:14:30.900 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Our guest tonight very animated very, very intelligent lively Kelly Ferrari stick around we'll be right back.

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00:16:47.250 --> 00:16:50.280 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Welcome back to employment law today i'm sitting.

00:16:51.330 --> 00:16:58.650 Eric Sarver, Esq.: here tonight with my colleagues, all right Tony is the founder of small business USA unemployment tutors and she gave a very nice.

00:16:59.010 --> 00:17:06.960 Eric Sarver, Esq.: I thought it description that pretty succinct but accurate about what she does and that's a company really again a great start to the show, can we want to say.

00:17:07.980 --> 00:17:25.170 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And they also noticed that you know you talked about your initial start to the business because you have started, you can translate a category, it sounds like a sort of accidental business owner where you're searching for to do, and then it becomes apparent is that a fair statement or.

00:17:25.710 --> 00:17:36.720 Colleen Ferrary: I think it was more I was trying to figure out how to help, and I saw this gap right and and that's you know my success has only been built on my desire to help people achieve their goals right.

00:17:37.110 --> 00:17:52.110 Colleen Ferrary: But yeah I think it's bridging the gap between what a small business owners have a need versus the access is it's so much easier to be in a large business because you have so many tools yeah so yeah that is the true.

00:17:52.680 --> 00:18:06.510 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Speaking about that yeah perhaps nice segue to my next question which is like asking wondering what are some of the emotional pain points that we're seeing with your small is is easy like what challenges are keeping them up at night.

00:18:07.710 --> 00:18:13.530 Colleen Ferrary: yeah it's a really interesting time now and Eric you and I were talking about this later, and I think I said a little bit earlier.

00:18:14.040 --> 00:18:22.800 Colleen Ferrary: Man if you're not feeling the stress consider yourself very lucky if you're not having conversations about supply chain about staffing.

00:18:23.340 --> 00:18:32.790 Colleen Ferrary: No recession, so I think what we're seeing right now it's just a culmination of things and and I think it's gonna be interesting for us, I want to hear.

00:18:33.120 --> 00:18:45.090 Colleen Ferrary: Two about how you're handling some of these things, because I truly there's some real conversations right people are afraid to do business we're in a very politically correct very.

00:18:46.320 --> 00:18:51.450 Colleen Ferrary: You know we're in a tough situation where people are afraid to speak what's on their mind because they're so.

00:18:51.450 --> 00:18:52.650 Eric Sarver, Esq.: afraid to speaking the.

00:18:52.650 --> 00:18:53.970 Colleen Ferrary: wrong thing and do.

00:18:54.210 --> 00:18:55.710 Eric Sarver, Esq.: One thing with their employees.

00:18:56.580 --> 00:19:06.150 Colleen Ferrary: But we're also in some really, we need to roll up our sleeves right now so i'm seeing I mean I have, I have actually have had business owners call me and cry.

00:19:06.270 --> 00:19:07.350 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Over these over yeah.

00:19:08.250 --> 00:19:11.610 Colleen Ferrary: I don't like what is this like I wasn't really prepared for.

00:19:11.610 --> 00:19:12.810 Eric Sarver, Esq.: That motion.

00:19:13.080 --> 00:19:21.000 Colleen Ferrary: But we have to we know, like the difference between having a job in a business is that businesses, just as important as your child it's your baby.

00:19:22.020 --> 00:19:25.890 Colleen Ferrary: So when it starts in you have other people's lives in your hands.

00:19:26.130 --> 00:19:26.490 Eric Sarver, Esq.: When you're.

00:19:27.210 --> 00:19:35.250 Colleen Ferrary: Right there's an ownership so i'm hearing things like around being afraid to really push hard when we really need to push.

00:19:35.670 --> 00:19:36.630 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Our team hard.

00:19:36.780 --> 00:19:41.910 Colleen Ferrary: Right now i'm hearing things about you know this is so much in the news about.

00:19:42.480 --> 00:19:44.400 Colleen Ferrary: Are we having a recession, are we not.

00:19:44.610 --> 00:19:48.000 Colleen Ferrary: You brain are like you know there's so much of.

00:19:48.000 --> 00:19:49.230 Eric Sarver, Esq.: This noise going on, we.

00:19:49.230 --> 00:19:56.340 Colleen Ferrary: are still dealing with you know that there's as many as half of our employees are dealing with emotional distress.

00:19:57.300 --> 00:19:58.800 Eric Sarver, Esq.: kovats sure.

00:19:58.920 --> 00:19:59.880 Eric Sarver, Esq.: So we like.

00:20:00.210 --> 00:20:05.760 Colleen Ferrary: we're showing up and and then staffing is one of those pieces that is really challenging.

00:20:06.030 --> 00:20:10.560 Colleen Ferrary: So you know you have your you being hit as a business owner from every front.

00:20:11.730 --> 00:20:16.560 Colleen Ferrary: hitting you, you have recession, you have inflation holy moly.

00:20:16.620 --> 00:20:27.660 Colleen Ferrary: Inflation right, you have your team, you have this really this discomfort with speaking your genuine self because you're so afraid that you're going to.

00:20:27.660 --> 00:20:28.980 Eric Sarver, Esq.: See the wrong thing, but you.

00:20:29.010 --> 00:20:33.780 Eric Sarver, Esq.: value your team so much and that you want to make sure that you're.

00:20:33.780 --> 00:20:40.110 Colleen Ferrary: Never like saying the wrong thing, so I think there's all this this ball of stress for a business owner that.

00:20:40.920 --> 00:20:53.250 Colleen Ferrary: we're all just kind of saying okay here's my goal I don't have enough people to do the job right now yeah to go Tom I am I have to go tell people that i'm going to raise my prices because of inflation so i'm scared to death.

00:20:53.490 --> 00:20:54.240 Colleen Ferrary: And, in time, maybe.

00:20:54.750 --> 00:20:58.440 Colleen Ferrary: Maybe previous session that they have to raise your prices, which is going to.

00:20:58.440 --> 00:20:59.760 Colleen Ferrary: League and add stress to them.

00:21:00.120 --> 00:21:07.590 Colleen Ferrary: Yes, why you know I you know I don't think it's a simple answer to that I think it's a big ball of stuff.

00:21:07.710 --> 00:21:09.000 Eric Sarver, Esq.: You know, and when you do.

00:21:09.000 --> 00:21:10.110 Colleen Ferrary: With it today.

00:21:11.400 --> 00:21:23.550 Eric Sarver, Esq.: You know yeah I agree completely with you that it's a big ball shrek that's a lot, there are a lot of great stressful pain points to pack in here, and you, you mentioned that it's really It really is almost like.

00:21:24.240 --> 00:21:32.730 Eric Sarver, Esq.: A like a hell and snow and thunder and lightning and freezing rain storm this kind of coming out business owners from all angles, I mean you mentioned.

00:21:33.030 --> 00:21:40.470 Eric Sarver, Esq.: A few things coming interesting enough the supply chain issues right in some of the logistics an operational issues are concerned Labor shortages.

00:21:40.920 --> 00:21:47.490 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And a lot of things tied to coven you've got right people something long haul covert issue think they need to enter the workforce.

00:21:48.120 --> 00:21:58.290 Eric Sarver, Esq.: You know people who are scared of their customers and clients getting coven 19 right, the last time and changing as we go through different cycles of this crazy illness.

00:21:58.890 --> 00:22:06.450 Eric Sarver, Esq.: slipper shoes talked about, and I also heard a couple of employment question which I can turn away on about staffing and about say.

00:22:06.960 --> 00:22:16.140 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Certain laws, I think people need to follow and stuff and how that shakes out, I can tell you what i'm hearing from my clients about the employment side of things, employment law if I.

00:22:16.920 --> 00:22:30.630 Eric Sarver, Esq.: But I want to say that I hear you that your clients are really getting hit with the negative recession, the pricing issues, all that stuff and this a lot, and it does cause some challenging fear frustration right anger emotion yeah.

00:22:30.960 --> 00:22:43.860 Colleen Ferrary: Eric it just out of curiosity sake, I mean and you this is right in your wheelhouse right since Colbert because of common sense coven how many laws have been created by the State of New York.

00:22:44.280 --> 00:22:45.240 Eric Sarver, Esq.: No, yes, well.

00:22:45.300 --> 00:22:46.050 Colleen Ferrary: Right, I mean.

00:22:46.110 --> 00:22:48.270 Eric Sarver, Esq.: So you have your son right.

00:22:48.720 --> 00:23:04.680 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Well, this is interesting right because yeah the coven 19 pandemic, I mean you have so many laws that relate to safety protocols, like in the workplace right, as well as you know, the vaccine mandates that were first pass and then you know leave rather.

00:23:06.030 --> 00:23:12.780 Eric Sarver, Esq.: stay and then there's leads to appeal and appeal was granted and then overturned, and so you have a lot going on with you know the regulations.

00:23:13.260 --> 00:23:17.970 Eric Sarver, Esq.: There are a lot of laws around paid family leave and paid simply even pay quarantine leave and I want to say.

00:23:18.390 --> 00:23:23.880 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Some of these last weekend very valid and important, and I think we need to have laws in place to protect.

00:23:24.210 --> 00:23:30.180 Eric Sarver, Esq.: The workers, and they will being you know we need, I think we needed some extra burdens here from La and all those things.

00:23:30.540 --> 00:23:37.080 Eric Sarver, Esq.: What i'm finding is that you know that the laws in New York state in New York City, particularly kind of keep getting more and more stringent.

00:23:37.470 --> 00:23:42.180 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And I think the challenge is that because a lot of these laws, you know don't allow for.

00:23:42.540 --> 00:23:51.900 Eric Sarver, Esq.: a sliding scale of sorts for the small business owner i'm you have sometimes go when it comes to paid family leave but I paid sick leave, but you have a lot of businesses now.

00:23:52.260 --> 00:23:58.980 Eric Sarver, Esq.: You know, New York City has these patrons parents, he was coming up makes it very hard to negotiate and set the tone for.

00:23:59.400 --> 00:24:00.960 Colleen Ferrary: Talk about these because this is.

00:24:00.960 --> 00:24:01.470 Colleen Ferrary: interesting.

00:24:01.500 --> 00:24:04.140 Colleen Ferrary: I have a lot of people talking about pay transparency laws.

00:24:04.380 --> 00:24:04.950 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Oh absolutely.

00:24:05.370 --> 00:24:07.170 Colleen Ferrary: yeah let's see here.

00:24:07.800 --> 00:24:12.870 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Absolutely i'm happy to talk about this it's kind of a nice change your jam on the engineering side but it's great.

00:24:16.560 --> 00:24:33.090 Eric Sarver, Esq.: conversation as a guest to the show as well, I see myself as the guests right and keep up this is the last changing so much, but you know, taking, for example, just the two laws of say that you know the transparency, pay and another law regarding say you know auditing.

00:24:34.110 --> 00:24:34.680 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Certain.

00:24:35.790 --> 00:24:36.540 Eric Sarver, Esq.: hiring.

00:24:38.190 --> 00:24:50.430 Eric Sarver, Esq.: programs for bias distinctive the page transparency first so New York City, you know it's passing these laws it's it's it's being stayed now the business community is pushing back, but basically saying that when you post a position.

00:24:51.030 --> 00:24:54.150 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Whether its internal promotions or externally hiring for the company.

00:24:54.630 --> 00:25:01.860 Eric Sarver, Esq.: You have to post a paid minimum and maximum salary has to give a range accurate one you have to say what you're paying for the position.

00:25:02.250 --> 00:25:10.830 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And you know can't be super vague can be like between 10,500 thousand to be accurate and you have to have it on the job posting advertisement.

00:25:11.640 --> 00:25:16.890 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And the challenges that the against the underlying like the motivation behind it, I think, was.

00:25:17.340 --> 00:25:25.650 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Maybe well spirit in that you want to make sure that you avoid pain equities Preston pay to spread discrepancies and based on gender lines even women versus men.

00:25:26.370 --> 00:25:36.900 Eric Sarver, Esq.: race lines, etc, but what happens is that those last semester, do they sort of take out from the competition you end up like a business, and you know.

00:25:37.920 --> 00:25:45.930 Eric Sarver, Esq.: They end up sort of eliminating people before they can even become Kevin because they're just looking scrolling through this either the terrains.

00:25:46.350 --> 00:25:50.490 Eric Sarver, Esq.: I don't want that, just to love me and they don't actually get a chance to negotiate.

00:25:50.820 --> 00:25:59.610 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Maybe the company has better flexible, you know hours of remote work, maybe they have better benefits down the road, but you can't put all that into that's where the night.

00:25:59.940 --> 00:26:07.650 Eric Sarver, Esq.: The nuances of a conversation interview process happen, and the last thing i'll say about that is that people who made you working at a place and perhaps you know they.

00:26:08.190 --> 00:26:17.130 Eric Sarver, Esq.: were getting paid less might conclude faulty that i'm getting paid less because I am blank fill in the blank you know, when in fact they're getting paid less because it may be a performance.

00:26:17.520 --> 00:26:26.400 Eric Sarver, Esq.: wasn't as good they weren't eligible for promotion so it's a very basic issue to have people just have to you know lay out as pay and that's kind of an issue that i'm seeing what the clients are upset about.

00:26:27.780 --> 00:26:45.750 Colleen Ferrary: yeah I think that is a couple of the really important like when I think about that you we talked about okay so somebody has to put in, we pay between 80 and 120,000 bucks right now what candidate is showing up and saying they want 110,000 no one i'll take 120 that's the budget.

00:26:46.590 --> 00:26:57.660 Colleen Ferrary: And it's a hard number to reconcile you know, like the the employer and the employee Plus we have people coming back and say Oh, you know what like you know.

00:26:57.690 --> 00:26:59.220 Eric Sarver, Esq.: mob over there is painters in.

00:26:59.250 --> 00:27:06.300 Colleen Ferrary: 20 but I only make at well you know Bob really isn't paying 120 he's just trying to get better candidates.

00:27:06.480 --> 00:27:07.080 Eric Sarver, Esq.: You know I don't know.

00:27:07.140 --> 00:27:13.260 Colleen Ferrary: Like you have to live and i'm going to say that really and I think it's really important, and then you know.

00:27:13.860 --> 00:27:26.730 Colleen Ferrary: All different businesses, we help businesses in so many States and the United States if you outside of the United States, hundreds of companies, people do not leave because of pay people leave because of you.

00:27:27.030 --> 00:27:29.610 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Right people leave because of the leader.

00:27:29.790 --> 00:27:30.630 Colleen Ferrary: So if people are.

00:27:31.920 --> 00:27:36.300 Colleen Ferrary: There, let me tell you there is this entry level person.

00:27:36.780 --> 00:27:48.690 Colleen Ferrary: This entry level employee that we're seeing rapid you know, I was, I have a company in Connecticut a member and Connecticut renee they paid $20 an hour for an entry level position last year, they would.

00:27:48.720 --> 00:28:01.230 Colleen Ferrary: Pay $10 right now they're there, people are getting coached for $33 an hour over time and it's the same job that because you know companies are desperate.

00:28:02.010 --> 00:28:13.380 Colleen Ferrary: So it's you know finding that balance is adding stress and being able to take care of your team, when you can't financially is a big stress, so you know we have to help as coaches.

00:28:14.310 --> 00:28:24.240 Colleen Ferrary: Leadership coaches business coaches, we have to help you get to the other level with your team, so you retain them that's a really important piece, right now, I think.

00:28:24.540 --> 00:28:31.500 Eric Sarver, Esq.: I agree, and you know I think one thing you said, the Chilean very important about the small business, you know, a large company can maybe may be able to afford.

00:28:31.890 --> 00:28:38.490 Eric Sarver, Esq.: To raise the salaries and i'd be transparent about that and posted a small company might not have that kind of money to attract.

00:28:38.970 --> 00:28:50.220 Eric Sarver, Esq.: The talent, they want and need, but they might have other ways to attract the talent, which can come out in the interview process in the person, a person without just having it right on the air.

00:28:51.150 --> 00:28:58.680 Eric Sarver, Esq.: But I think you make a good point, too, is that you need support as a small business because yeah they're all these different laws and some of them again a well intentioned.

00:28:59.010 --> 00:29:07.740 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And i'm not saying that throw out the baby with the bathwater i'm not saying we should have our free for all, with no laws in place, but what I am saying is that you know I think New York state, especially.

00:29:08.430 --> 00:29:20.910 Eric Sarver, Esq.: For passing laws, I know California is now looking to try to make a four day workweek whereas anything over 40 days over time well that now you have businesses have to be at a time and for anything over 32 hours, you know that can cripple.

00:29:22.200 --> 00:29:24.600 Colleen Ferrary: there's some great statistics on that for our.

00:29:24.750 --> 00:29:25.890 Colleen Ferrary: First, four day workweek.

00:29:25.920 --> 00:29:30.750 Colleen Ferrary: And I think that's good for the business but I, but you have to be able to lead.

00:29:31.230 --> 00:29:31.650 Eric Sarver, Esq.: it's like.

00:29:31.710 --> 00:29:41.010 Colleen Ferrary: it's the same way, like companies are struggling leading remotely companies are struggling with this four day week It all starts with how you lead your leading or when they're working.

00:29:41.520 --> 00:29:51.180 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And there's a lot of your work with employment, employment tutors and small business USA which I definitely want to get to in a moment, we believe it or not.

00:29:51.540 --> 00:29:52.080 Eric Sarver, Esq.: we're in a sense.

00:29:53.040 --> 00:29:58.950 Eric Sarver, Esq.: It does go fast every guest house wow philosophically I lost my own experience, being a guest on shows, but.

00:30:00.000 --> 00:30:05.700 Eric Sarver, Esq.: So folks so just be ready to get ready to commercial break i'm Eric server employment law business attorney.

00:30:06.030 --> 00:30:17.340 Eric Sarver, Esq.: host and climb a lot today i'm talking to my see stay tuned for more great conversation with our guests colleen Ferrari from small business, USA and appointment today and so stick around we'll come back and.

00:30:18.000 --> 00:30:27.030 Eric Sarver, Esq.: continue to give us some more tips about what she can do as a business and how she can help small businesses is tuned and we'll be right back.

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00:32:31.500 --> 00:32:34.260 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Welcome back to climb a lunch today i'm saying.

00:32:35.640 --> 00:32:47.580 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And and and maybe joining asleep, I have to meet with me i'm very generic distinguished guest colleen sorry colleen worked many years and top notch levels of corporate America as a director for fortune.

00:32:48.210 --> 00:32:55.530 Eric Sarver, Esq.: 100 companies five different companies, and then they decided to explore different avenues and became.

00:32:56.250 --> 00:33:01.650 Eric Sarver, Esq.: The founder of small business USA to implement tutors and we're talking about just the gap between.

00:33:02.040 --> 00:33:10.110 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Small Business and large corporate America and also just performance today to be a business owner, we talked a bit before the commercial break for joining the fleet.

00:33:10.530 --> 00:33:15.450 Eric Sarver, Esq.: about, not just from the economic pressures that kalyan seeing from our clients business owners.

00:33:15.840 --> 00:33:22.680 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And the supply chain issues and waivers where Jersey and you know restrictive laws and also what i'm seeing in terms of its certain.

00:33:23.040 --> 00:33:29.460 Eric Sarver, Esq.: employment laws or there's so many new ones being passed in business terms of know about this is a heavy fines and penalties attached.

00:33:29.790 --> 00:33:36.510 Eric Sarver, Esq.: for failure to comply, is also very strict penalties coming out from department of Labor and they don't have much bigger way and for.

00:33:36.840 --> 00:33:47.130 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Those small business owners make just an honest mistake and are trying to do the right thing, so I definitely see a need for some some sort of action and support and colleen provides.

00:33:47.640 --> 00:33:53.850 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Lots of support, so I think my question for you, clean, has to do with what we deal with small business USA in a wondering.

00:33:54.330 --> 00:34:06.600 Eric Sarver, Esq.: What was some of the advice that you give to small business owners and employers that really weren't, for example, three things that a business owner can do today, today, they can have tomorrow be easier, you know yeah.

00:34:07.110 --> 00:34:11.640 Colleen Ferrary: So this is really what i'm on this call for right, this is what I really want to talk about.

00:34:11.940 --> 00:34:22.890 Colleen Ferrary: And I think in our boards we we really help these business owners kind of come up with a strategy kind of you know how do you make your business fit or work or manage around some of these obstacles.

00:34:23.280 --> 00:34:31.800 Colleen Ferrary: But from business owner to business owner like you know I get this person crying on the phone like this is what I have to tell them first like you have to breathe.

00:34:32.700 --> 00:34:42.390 Colleen Ferrary: You have to just give yourself a little bit of a moment and breathe and know that you have to you can only control what you can control here right so.

00:34:44.310 --> 00:34:49.650 Colleen Ferrary: Tony robbins used to say no you're shifting your mouse they added a few remember that.

00:34:50.940 --> 00:34:56.100 Colleen Ferrary: But is know what you should you know there's things that you should be doing and there's things that you must be doing.

00:34:56.550 --> 00:35:13.740 Colleen Ferrary: The first thing is identify what those things are right understand what do you have to take care of today and just reorganize re prioritize and know that you're going to have some of the stuff somebody once gave me advice like it was a mvp.

00:35:13.830 --> 00:35:15.120 Eric Sarver, Esq.: I was laughing about.

00:35:15.180 --> 00:35:21.150 Colleen Ferrary: The 105 hundred top 100 or fortune 500 fortune 100 and I work.

00:35:21.360 --> 00:35:26.820 Colleen Ferrary: For them 10 years ago they were fortune 100 fortune 500.

00:35:27.990 --> 00:35:34.890 Colleen Ferrary: And it's because of small business, the rise of small business, so I feel personally accountable for those you know.

00:35:36.390 --> 00:35:37.290 Colleen Ferrary: A drop no.

00:35:40.920 --> 00:35:49.110 Colleen Ferrary: No, you know what breed find the time and figure and know and be okay with 20% of what you want to do.

00:35:49.560 --> 00:36:04.290 Colleen Ferrary: Yes, falling off your plate, because you have to choose good priorities right now, and you may not be able to choose all the things that you want to do, but you must choose all the things that you must do so that's, the first thing and sometimes when we.

00:36:05.850 --> 00:36:09.600 Colleen Ferrary: You know I know these commercial breaks come so fast, or I tell you a story.

00:36:09.600 --> 00:36:26.910 Colleen Ferrary: But many, many opportunities there's a you know the simplest little thing I was watching this young man, one day, and he got 20 boxes that he had depressives in the back room in a stalker but one of these small businesses, he had 20 boxes every day he processes 20 boxes.

00:36:27.120 --> 00:36:35.610 Colleen Ferrary: For all the sudden he gets 40 boxes right business doubles they're going crazy now the shipment is 40 boxes.

00:36:35.910 --> 00:36:36.180 Eric Sarver, Esq.: well.

00:36:36.240 --> 00:36:44.070 Colleen Ferrary: He gets eight boxes done so why does his performance drop from 22 eight.

00:36:44.160 --> 00:36:46.020 Colleen Ferrary: They didn't expect him to do the 40.

00:36:46.200 --> 00:36:46.710 Colleen Ferrary: Right.

00:36:47.040 --> 00:36:51.450 Colleen Ferrary: And i'm telling you you guys, this is where your team is a minute they get overwhelmed.

00:36:52.110 --> 00:36:59.730 Colleen Ferrary: So this is what happens or productivity drops because they start to get nervous, so I decided i'm like you know what I have to take a phone a couple phone calls.

00:37:00.090 --> 00:37:05.700 Colleen Ferrary: Let me like you know I went through the usual thing so easy to press you have a dog, you know, is he happy, you know all this stuff.

00:37:06.090 --> 00:37:13.560 Colleen Ferrary: And let me just go take a few phone calls from the back stock room i'll use your office back there just go to your business, and let me just observed for a little bit.

00:37:14.070 --> 00:37:21.600 Colleen Ferrary: I watch this kid and he ran like crazy Eric he wasn't the one side of that you open up.

00:37:21.630 --> 00:37:23.100 Colleen Ferrary: Every single box, he was.

00:37:23.100 --> 00:37:27.150 Colleen Ferrary: Like so I came out, and I said hey What do you do.

00:37:28.320 --> 00:37:31.650 Colleen Ferrary: Your work and he was Boston a sweat he was.

00:37:32.550 --> 00:37:33.030 Eric Sarver, Esq.: He ever did.

00:37:34.320 --> 00:37:36.720 Colleen Ferrary: And this has got to relate to some of you guys right.

00:37:38.610 --> 00:37:38.970 Eric Sarver, Esq.: So what.

00:37:39.870 --> 00:37:46.920 Colleen Ferrary: We have so much to do, he said, we have so much to do, I just want to make sure i'm doing the most important stuff and get it done.

00:37:48.150 --> 00:37:51.450 Colleen Ferrary: Can you just get the first 20 boxes done because I.

00:37:51.570 --> 00:37:52.140 Colleen Ferrary: knew that.

00:37:52.830 --> 00:37:54.750 Colleen Ferrary: All of a sudden, he was doing 20 boxes again.

00:37:54.960 --> 00:37:56.640 Colleen Ferrary: wow, we have to.

00:37:56.670 --> 00:38:07.590 Colleen Ferrary: You I yeah yeah and it's it's not just him he's a very like visual example of what's happening in our brains and our teams brains like your employees.

00:38:08.100 --> 00:38:15.660 Colleen Ferrary: This is the people with the best intentions with the first thing we want to do is jump as a business owner to oh my God they're not getting it done.

00:38:15.900 --> 00:38:17.340 Colleen Ferrary: No they're all around.

00:38:18.060 --> 00:38:29.730 Colleen Ferrary: US overwhelmed as you are and i'm telling you it in 95% of the cases that stress that you're feeling when you call me roll oh my God like I don't know what to do, i'm pulling out my hair.

00:38:29.970 --> 00:38:31.140 Eric Sarver, Esq.: sure that.

00:38:31.230 --> 00:38:37.800 Colleen Ferrary: stress that you're feeling they feel it, whether you walk into the bathroom you like Eric you're so great, thank you.

00:38:37.800 --> 00:38:38.040 So.

00:38:39.330 --> 00:38:40.200 Colleen Ferrary: This is awesome.

00:38:40.950 --> 00:38:41.430 Colleen Ferrary: A great.

00:38:43.200 --> 00:38:50.070 Colleen Ferrary: vibe right if you are letting you as a business owner you got to control your vibe in times like this.

00:38:50.340 --> 00:39:02.580 Colleen Ferrary: Yes, that's why I say control figure out what your shirts a must star because you're going to have to prioritize and if you don't know get a partner find somebody who's going to dig in with you and really help you make those good decisions.

00:39:02.910 --> 00:39:10.920 Colleen Ferrary: Because we're at the other thing i'm seeing the last thing i'll say on this there's a million everybody every remedy is a little different right.

00:39:11.070 --> 00:39:16.710 Colleen Ferrary: These are very generic remedies and I could go on with generic remedies all night long.

00:39:17.910 --> 00:39:18.900 Colleen Ferrary: But here's one more.

00:39:20.340 --> 00:39:22.230 Colleen Ferrary: Look at your team and how you're leading them.

00:39:23.250 --> 00:39:25.050 Colleen Ferrary: In times of stress.

00:39:25.380 --> 00:39:26.130 Colleen Ferrary: And also.

00:39:26.190 --> 00:39:33.180 Colleen Ferrary: In terms of just general we hear many leaders micromanage this is your baby you're inspecting what you.

00:39:33.180 --> 00:39:39.900 Colleen Ferrary: are doing your double checking that you're giving somebody something to do and then you're going past them and you're.

00:39:40.770 --> 00:39:42.150 Colleen Ferrary: Everybody is following through.

00:39:42.150 --> 00:39:43.800 Colleen Ferrary: On it you're over communicating.

00:39:44.250 --> 00:39:51.030 Colleen Ferrary: When you do that there's some things that you're doing when you sign a project to two people when it should be the one.

00:39:51.060 --> 00:39:52.350 Eric Sarver, Esq.: you're telling both of those people.

00:39:52.350 --> 00:39:53.370 Colleen Ferrary: That they're not good enough.

00:39:54.510 --> 00:39:57.990 Colleen Ferrary: you're telling both of those people that you don't trust them.

00:39:58.140 --> 00:40:00.180 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Right so content to them yeah.

00:40:00.210 --> 00:40:07.290 Colleen Ferrary: Right, so when we look at Dan pink roses, you know he has this great motivational video it's like aeons old, but it still applies.

00:40:07.290 --> 00:40:15.090 Colleen Ferrary: Right and in he talks about autonomy, the ability to do that trust and autonomy is one of those things.

00:40:15.450 --> 00:40:28.680 Colleen Ferrary: That moves us faster and better than anything so we micromanage we strip our team of that trust and autonomy, when we don't allow them to be experts and things we don't allow them to fail and make mistakes, you.

00:40:28.680 --> 00:40:35.040 Colleen Ferrary: know we have to do those things, because your team will want they're going to solve problems for you.

00:40:35.430 --> 00:40:35.820 Eric Sarver, Esq.: they're going to.

00:40:36.030 --> 00:40:45.030 Colleen Ferrary: bring them in with you love on them a little bit and and allow them to be creative allow them to help you with the solutions allow them to be a part of it, but.

00:40:45.240 --> 00:40:51.210 Colleen Ferrary: Now it's time for you to really help them understand their value, I always talk about three things.

00:40:52.470 --> 00:40:56.520 Colleen Ferrary: Do you know, do you appreciate your team.

00:40:56.850 --> 00:40:58.380 Colleen Ferrary: They know that they're appreciated.

00:40:58.650 --> 00:41:00.210 Colleen Ferrary: really know that they're valued.

00:41:01.470 --> 00:41:04.080 Colleen Ferrary: Right what's the difference between appreciation of value.

00:41:06.570 --> 00:41:13.440 Eric Sarver, Esq.: We measure thankful for someone versus acknowledging their importance in their ability and they're still there, the company.

00:41:13.470 --> 00:41:15.420 Colleen Ferrary: yeah and how you do that when I.

00:41:15.420 --> 00:41:21.600 Colleen Ferrary: Asked business owners hey how did you make, how did you make merry feel appreciated today.

00:41:22.740 --> 00:41:26.910 Colleen Ferrary: Right and then I say how did you make Mary field value today.

00:41:27.330 --> 00:41:32.220 Colleen Ferrary: Great well they they use the same thing hey you did a great job with that account in.

00:41:32.520 --> 00:41:37.620 Colleen Ferrary: john great well that's not valued valued as if you didn't do that accounting job.

00:41:37.920 --> 00:41:41.190 Colleen Ferrary: We would be so behind we can live without you today that value.

00:41:42.030 --> 00:41:43.290 Colleen Ferrary: there's one is connection.

00:41:43.650 --> 00:41:44.880 Colleen Ferrary: How are they I had a.

00:41:45.720 --> 00:41:48.180 Colleen Ferrary: true story crazy story i've ever had I had this.

00:41:48.930 --> 00:41:55.650 Colleen Ferrary: This I was you know, I was with target and I had the store in Enfield Connecticut they were making at the time 750 an hour.

00:41:55.890 --> 00:42:00.120 Colleen Ferrary: The three stores, in the same mall they were paying $14 an hour.

00:42:00.570 --> 00:42:04.860 Colleen Ferrary: This tour at a 300 employees, they lost two employees.

00:42:05.130 --> 00:42:06.780 Colleen Ferrary: one who is about to be fired.

00:42:07.020 --> 00:42:07.980 Colleen Ferrary: and his girlfriend.

00:42:08.340 --> 00:42:14.220 Colleen Ferrary: So i'm like and and these people were in the store poaching all the time.

00:42:14.400 --> 00:42:15.240 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Well i'm like.

00:42:15.300 --> 00:42:20.430 Colleen Ferrary: So I went to the store and I was like Okay, this one, this is amazing right.

00:42:21.090 --> 00:42:30.810 Colleen Ferrary: It was one of the best team so productive so productive so pulled them all together and I bought my pizzas and stuff and i'm like listen I got to know why you didn't leave.

00:42:32.190 --> 00:42:38.490 Colleen Ferrary: Leave Why would you stay work at 750 an hour when they're coming in every single day I see their cards all over the place.

00:42:38.730 --> 00:42:41.460 Eric Sarver, Esq.: they're coming in and trying to get you for 14 that's life changing.

00:42:43.050 --> 00:42:48.840 Colleen Ferrary: I don't want to leave my team, this is my face I feel valued I feel connected.

00:42:49.350 --> 00:42:56.280 Colleen Ferrary: And I feel appreciated and six of those three three adjectives and say hey how have you made your team.

00:42:57.510 --> 00:42:57.810 Eric Sarver, Esq.: You know.

00:42:58.230 --> 00:43:02.400 Colleen Ferrary: When they feel like you can't live without them when they feel like they're.

00:43:02.400 --> 00:43:02.670 Eric Sarver, Esq.: part.

00:43:02.970 --> 00:43:04.320 Colleen Ferrary: of something bigger than them.

00:43:04.680 --> 00:43:05.130 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Telling.

00:43:05.310 --> 00:43:08.670 Colleen Ferrary: them they're gonna take care of half of your problems at least.

00:43:08.760 --> 00:43:11.460 Colleen Ferrary: immediately so don't underestimate them if you're in that.

00:43:11.460 --> 00:43:11.880 Eric Sarver, Esq.: place of.

00:43:12.120 --> 00:43:18.330 Colleen Ferrary: Stress take a look at them too, because I think you'll you'll find that there's low hanging fruit there.

00:43:18.630 --> 00:43:19.710 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And you're being too.

00:43:19.710 --> 00:43:22.590 Colleen Ferrary: Hard when your team really wants to do it for you.

00:43:23.640 --> 00:43:33.210 Eric Sarver, Esq.: That, I think it's terrific advice really great stuff I mean and i've heard it a lot of times, because this is often don't lose employees over the page over the.

00:43:33.630 --> 00:43:40.590 Eric Sarver, Esq.: treatment and lack of value, you know what I often see as an employment law attorney certainly there are cases where people are faced.

00:43:41.190 --> 00:43:46.140 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Discrimination or breach of employment contracting or let's say some other issue and they're wrong than they.

00:43:46.470 --> 00:43:54.030 Eric Sarver, Esq.: think they fall asleep, for that reason, but not very often, I find that it's taking the disgruntled employee who who sues who.

00:43:54.360 --> 00:44:00.810 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Maybe wasn't they perceive it whether it's true whether it's a misperception that they were committed against or there's a wrong in some way.

00:44:01.380 --> 00:44:09.780 Eric Sarver, Esq.: They didn't feel valued and appreciated or seen or heard and often if a conflict that could be you know mediated that way.

00:44:10.170 --> 00:44:15.000 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Where at least you're listening to take a stance, not just your teeth, are you in them and looking into issues and matters.

00:44:15.570 --> 00:44:21.450 Eric Sarver, Esq.: It can be a difference between somebody really becoming disgruntled and things are rambling and they they follow suit.

00:44:21.810 --> 00:44:32.730 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Or maybe giving the benefit out of that perhaps in some situation you know, is based on some other factor, or even if they have it all complaint, they give the company a chance to remedy it.

00:44:33.150 --> 00:44:36.000 Colleen Ferrary: Certainly, have to decide on break sign again.

00:44:36.030 --> 00:44:36.930 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Yes, I know I know.

00:44:38.580 --> 00:44:39.750 Colleen Ferrary: I really want you to talk.

00:44:39.750 --> 00:44:44.910 Colleen Ferrary: About that legal piece, because I have a ton of business owners, right now, who are afraid to counsel people.

00:44:45.180 --> 00:44:49.980 Colleen Ferrary: they're afraid to hold people accountable and man it's litigious out there, right now, right.

00:44:50.250 --> 00:44:56.490 Eric Sarver, Esq.: it's a balancing act of protecting racism, friendly and supportive and leap also getting business done but you know what.

00:44:56.730 --> 00:45:03.060 Eric Sarver, Esq.: We do is take a break, when we come back and we'll talk about that issue, what a critical issue for small business and we'll talk about.

00:45:03.720 --> 00:45:14.220 Eric Sarver, Esq.: More of Collins unique strategy you're already getting a lot of that in our talk today is a stick around folks to employment law today, right here and talk to nyc my guest tonight colleen Ferrari we'll be right back.

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00:47:14.400 --> 00:47:16.440 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Welcome back to him today.

00:47:20.640 --> 00:47:24.660 Eric Sarver, Esq.: I host the show weekly Tuesday at 2pm right here on talk radio nyc.

00:47:25.710 --> 00:47:36.810 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And i'm here tonight, where are they telling flooring founder of small business, USA and founded employment tutors we're really turning a lot of great ground today find our topic which is essentially.

00:47:37.320 --> 00:47:45.810 Eric Sarver, Esq.: heard me a coping with qubits emotional toll on employee talking about some concrete business and Labor and employment and.

00:47:46.290 --> 00:48:00.660 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Just operational issues that colleen and he with our clients and also talking about the emotional toll it takes and how that emotional toll can can really slow things down and cause issues so so clean again really great to have you on the show.

00:48:03.870 --> 00:48:05.340 Colleen Ferrary: Thank you i'm so good.

00:48:11.220 --> 00:48:14.790 Colleen Ferrary: So good to be here this is fun, but I really like I know we.

00:48:15.060 --> 00:48:15.750 Colleen Ferrary: left off.

00:48:15.960 --> 00:48:24.180 Colleen Ferrary: This whole like not being able to talk in the break is really challenging to like if anybody knows me like I had to have a podcast of my own, just to kind of like.

00:48:24.930 --> 00:48:36.840 Colleen Ferrary: fill you know we have somewhere to put all the sound, so I want to talk about it because we have, so I have you know, a small business USA we work with a lot of business owners right like i'm so proud of my team i'm.

00:48:37.530 --> 00:48:45.390 Colleen Ferrary: proud of the CEOs that I work with every day, but this is this has been a mounting concern with the great designation about.

00:48:45.900 --> 00:48:55.410 Colleen Ferrary: How litigious things I mean we I was you know there's some an HR manager, one of the companies and they released this person.

00:48:56.280 --> 00:49:18.660 Colleen Ferrary: And i'm telling you this person had no job no like this was failing this person was failing at every level of their job and they were terrified of firing her and letting them know releasing her and Lo and behold, she I mean with all of this great great documentation.

00:49:20.100 --> 00:49:23.280 Colleen Ferrary: that she ended up like having them go to court.

00:49:24.870 --> 00:49:26.910 Colleen Ferrary: agent race was her claim and.

00:49:27.240 --> 00:49:35.790 Colleen Ferrary: I mean you would not believe the documentation that they had an and so people, this is owners in particular are gun shy right now and I get it so.

00:49:36.150 --> 00:49:48.360 Colleen Ferrary: I am dying to hear like I know we started talking about it, but I would love to be able to help our business owners and this is what I say now i'm like before you terminate anybody.

00:49:49.440 --> 00:49:52.260 Colleen Ferrary: You know i'm that somebody let's try to help them succeed right.

00:49:52.290 --> 00:49:54.390 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Yes, first seed.

00:49:54.690 --> 00:49:58.470 Colleen Ferrary: that's my first step it's not about holding them accountable, which is really a.

00:49:58.950 --> 00:50:04.290 Colleen Ferrary: Bad terms if you're holding somebody accountable you're not trying to help them succeed.

00:50:04.620 --> 00:50:06.360 Eric Sarver, Esq.: I say penalizing punishing and said that.

00:50:08.610 --> 00:50:11.430 Colleen Ferrary: let's help them succeed and at one point when we.

00:50:11.730 --> 00:50:19.770 Colleen Ferrary: Leave kind of given up they probably have given up on themselves i'm not saying ruin everybody's life, for you know, three months with the wrong person, but.

00:50:19.980 --> 00:50:34.770 Colleen Ferrary: let's be wise about helping people skill and then, but when that doesn't work, I mean I business owners terrified because they've had people like this HR that are just dragging them like in a time when they can't leave their office right.

00:50:35.160 --> 00:50:40.260 Eric Sarver, Esq.: yeah so I haven't you know, a very holistic approach to my clients, even the situation.

00:50:40.620 --> 00:50:46.560 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Interesting enough I started out explicitly as an employment law attorney for the plaintiffs and employees laborers wage and our.

00:50:46.860 --> 00:50:51.960 Eric Sarver, Esq.: civil rights violations, they can search and you know, over the years I kind of would graduate we.

00:50:52.380 --> 00:51:01.860 Eric Sarver, Esq.: focus my practice my lead towards the employer and again, not because I think I think that you know I didn't quote unquote switch sides I don't think one's always a good guy was always the bad guy.

00:51:02.250 --> 00:51:09.780 Eric Sarver, Esq.: I think, actually, that my unique perspective of sort of seeing a middle ground and recognizing that there are valid claims on both sides of this equation.

00:51:10.170 --> 00:51:17.370 Eric Sarver, Esq.: I think I think really helps me to you know perform and counsel, I guess, your clients, which my clients very similar small businesses.

00:51:17.790 --> 00:51:25.170 Eric Sarver, Esq.: see this and there are two components answering this question right colleen The first would be say the legal steps you take.

00:51:25.800 --> 00:51:34.500 Eric Sarver, Esq.: What steps to take and say as a company to make sure you're complying with the law, what steps you take to document that compliance, these are all kind of sort of the.

00:51:34.890 --> 00:51:43.500 Eric Sarver, Esq.: deployment, I want to one thing you can do to reduce their risk of loss, you can never guarantee hundred percent but so are you are you communicating your imagination policies.

00:51:43.920 --> 00:51:53.340 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Are you meeting with people it to react implicit bias that you're having good trainings but there's another I think part of this, which is like I you know I try to approach this all.

00:51:53.670 --> 00:51:58.980 Eric Sarver, Esq.: From middle ground perspective because I have clients friends colleagues who was sort of.

00:51:59.490 --> 00:52:08.460 Eric Sarver, Esq.: can see this issue to kind of polar opposite perspectives right, I think, each one is flawed in my opinion, if I approach every client.

00:52:08.760 --> 00:52:16.440 Eric Sarver, Esq.: of mine every employer client business with the mindset that you know that all these laws are focused and bs and that.

00:52:16.710 --> 00:52:24.750 Eric Sarver, Esq.: You know, none of these claims like a real and everyone just trying to shake the tree, if I have that sort of very kind of polarizing rather you know radical view.

00:52:25.350 --> 00:52:30.480 Eric Sarver, Esq.: very cynical view I am probably not going to give credence to those middle ground.

00:52:30.930 --> 00:52:38.970 Eric Sarver, Esq.: So, not just the hours, but the people who maybe don't have a general complaint, maybe I don't recognize her see the implicit bias and micro aggressions but.

00:52:39.720 --> 00:52:45.180 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Maybe they aren't there, and if i'm just too cynical I say oh every employee is just account for bloody that's all they do.

00:52:45.570 --> 00:52:52.560 Eric Sarver, Esq.: i'm not going to see that i'm not going to recognize it unless to the say don't believe this person and just firing them the contrary aside if I come at it with.

00:52:52.950 --> 00:53:00.930 Eric Sarver, Esq.: The mindset that every employer is a villain, which I find the Department of Labor for New York state i'm calling you out of this if you listening tonight has.

00:53:01.260 --> 00:53:01.530 Already.

00:53:03.240 --> 00:53:10.230 Eric Sarver, Esq.: said screw the worker if there's no mistakes there's no inadvertent error said i'm not going to be able to really have.

00:53:10.710 --> 00:53:18.990 Eric Sarver, Esq.: A perspective that can you know, look at this from a business point of view, and so I think it's like the answer lies and you talked about that box, the box is in the back and how do you.

00:53:19.350 --> 00:53:24.840 Eric Sarver, Esq.: help people with the mindset, how do you have a communication, where people feel heard how do you actually.

00:53:25.290 --> 00:53:38.790 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And are you looking at yourself and say, is there some implicit bias going on, so I think it's a very complex I couldn't do it justice in the last five minutes, the show, but I think the idea is is a mentality of mindset that you have and there's an actual density.

00:53:39.360 --> 00:53:47.460 Colleen Ferrary: You know I and i'm going to just give you a little plug here because I do think as a business owner, if you don't have an employment, unemployment tutor.

00:53:48.090 --> 00:53:57.240 Colleen Ferrary: If you don't have an attorney on ready and on retainer you're doing yourself a disservice because.

00:53:57.840 --> 00:54:07.800 Colleen Ferrary: it's you can be very proactive with your team, you can have a good employment contracts you're going to have good strategies but also you're going to have somebody who can.

00:54:08.100 --> 00:54:26.730 Colleen Ferrary: be very non bias and help you through stuff without having to go to court here's what happens when you go to court, yes, probably settle you spend a ton of money, like you know if you don't do all the pre work it's probably too late, so, and then the end result is really expensive right.

00:54:26.760 --> 00:54:28.470 Colleen Ferrary: we'll talk about that, when.

00:54:28.530 --> 00:54:35.100 Colleen Ferrary: If you screw up and you have to have somebody save your House right because your House is burning down because you've done the wrong thing with an employee.

00:54:35.490 --> 00:54:50.790 Colleen Ferrary: Well then, it's too late man you're going to pay a ton of money at the end, so it doesn't matter how great your attorney is you've already haven't done the pre work you got to get guys like Eric in earlier, because then they help you correct me if i'm wrong but.

00:54:51.120 --> 00:55:04.080 Colleen Ferrary: They protect you along the way they look for things they look for the right conversations, so the first time you coach that person up or try to upscale them, or whatever you want to call it, and Eric gets his office gets a copy of it.

00:55:04.920 --> 00:55:09.270 Colleen Ferrary: All of a sudden they're saying listen you're in trouble stop right because.

00:55:09.330 --> 00:55:12.600 Colleen Ferrary: you're seeing a different perspective.

00:55:13.020 --> 00:55:18.060 Eric Sarver, Esq.: You definitely think that absolutely and I think I appreciate that the the proactive and the compliance the.

00:55:18.420 --> 00:55:25.170 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Practice side to counseling and litigation Defense becomes up think you also need people like you colleen think on the front lines here and need to.

00:55:25.500 --> 00:55:34.830 Eric Sarver, Esq.: help businesses surround themselves with you know the operational and the just insightful support that you give with employment tutors and speaking of what you do.

00:55:35.370 --> 00:55:45.150 Eric Sarver, Esq.: we're about to happen and stuff the Charlotte and give you the floor to share any, how do we contact you how do we hire you for your wisdom, so you can really help a business name your website floors yours.

00:55:45.960 --> 00:55:53.370 Colleen Ferrary: Thanks thanks I just you know I had to adjust my hair, because it was really bugging me how much I look like Hillary Clinton, gone right hillary's out.

00:55:54.720 --> 00:55:56.190 Colleen Ferrary: Much much younger version.

00:55:56.460 --> 00:56:04.950 Colleen Ferrary: hey you can reach me at a small business, you ask calm somebody stole the a held me hostage because they want me to be partners years.

00:56:05.220 --> 00:56:05.610 Eric Sarver, Esq.: So.

00:56:05.790 --> 00:56:19.380 Colleen Ferrary: that's a good way to remember it's so small business us calm and it's colleen at small business us calm don't make me regret giving up that email address I love to talk to amazing people don't.

00:56:19.500 --> 00:56:20.310 Colleen Ferrary: see me, though.

00:56:21.480 --> 00:56:22.740 Colleen Ferrary: I won't hear the good stuff.

00:56:23.850 --> 00:56:28.830 Colleen Ferrary: Here the good stuff or coach at employment tutors calm that's my team at.

00:56:28.830 --> 00:56:34.710 Colleen Ferrary: Employers and we do a lot of you know, I think the difference is we believe in the power of many.

00:56:34.740 --> 00:56:36.540 Eric Sarver, Esq.: So you're not just getting one person you're.

00:56:36.540 --> 00:56:41.670 Colleen Ferrary: really getting a team of people that are really helping you I do a lot of coaching with senior executives and I.

00:56:42.030 --> 00:56:42.450 Eric Sarver, Esq.: love.

00:56:42.750 --> 00:56:51.120 Colleen Ferrary: That little that piece of hearing what corporate America is doing hearing what these really successful CEOs and and folks are doing.

00:56:51.270 --> 00:57:03.090 Colleen Ferrary: Because it helps me better with a you know helps me serve my coaches and my business better it's like who you surround yourself makes a difference, so I would love to talk to anybody, even if it's just to talk and.

00:57:03.270 --> 00:57:08.490 Colleen Ferrary: And let's figure out how we can help you, you know and and if we can help me we can't help you but let's have.

00:57:08.580 --> 00:57:11.160 Colleen Ferrary: A conversation about your business, you know I love that.

00:57:11.700 --> 00:57:18.450 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Absolutely colleen in the next 20 seconds I would just say thank you so much for being here, it was so helpful so insightful.

00:57:18.750 --> 00:57:24.990 Eric Sarver, Esq.: I really hope that our audience listening tonight, which is out there, calling Ferrari and business USA, if you like, what you're hearing the show.

00:57:25.320 --> 00:57:41.100 Eric Sarver, Esq.: tune in Tuesday nights at 5pm we've got great guests pre conversation really help for small business owners out there and so i'm Eric solver signing off have a wonderful night stay tuned for more great programming, excuse me on talk radio nyc colleen once again sincere thanks to you.

00:57:41.310 --> 00:57:45.150 Colleen Ferrary: Thank you it's been Eric I appreciate you savior.

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