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Thursday, May 12, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/05/12 - Eat to Optimize Mental Wellness

Facebook Live Video from 2022/05/12 - Eat to Optimize Mental Wellness


2022/05/12 - Eat to Optimize Mental Wellness

[NEW EPISODE] Eat to Optimize Mental Wellness

Tips on the best foods to eat to maintain your mood and support good mental wellbeing

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week. Many people don’t realize that menopause can affect your mental wellbeing. The hormonal changes during pre-menopause can lead to feelings of anxiety, mood swings, brain fog, panic attacks and depression. But there are steps that you can take to relieve those symptoms.

My Guest this week, Annie Gaudreault, is a nutritionist and women’s health coach, and founder of VEEV Health & Wellness. As an endurance athlete with 12 marathons and 3 Ironman triathlons under her belt, Annie lives what she preaches. She will be sharing with me the link between our nutrition and our ability to produce the feel-good hormones.

Join me for this essential conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

The segment starts with positive reports about menopause. This week, Hot Women Rock, Guest Annie Gaudreault, gives her opinion on these reports. Then, Gaudreault talks about her market and consumers. You can feel the excitement as Gaudreault can not wait to get into the topics!

Segment 2

Pat Duckworth formally introduces Annie Gaudreault and lists down her decorated work history. Next, Gaudreault talks about her 25-year career. Gaudreault starts with how she began with food and beverage. Next, Gaudreault talks about how her personal life made her want to work only on things that align with her core values. Next, Gaudreault talks about being a runner, then becoming an assistant coach for a running group. Next, Gaudreault goes into the connection between mood and diet. Finally, Gaudreault ends with the effect of alcohol and sugar on one’s body.

Segment 3

Going into this segment, Gaudreault said she would blow our minds; and she did exactly that! Gaudreault says the mood is the gut and brain connection. Gaudreault talks about the need for volume and bacteria for a healthy, happy gut. To list some foods, have tempeh, yogurt, sauerkraut, and miso. Sugar kills bacteria, so keep yogurt plain! Make sure foods are fermented. Superfoods such as Acacia gum are known to decrease stress. Probiotics and prebiotics are fantastic for your gut. Green apples are excellent for the gut as well. Try to have two new vegetables per week. Good foods for a good mood!

Segment 4

Gaudreault talks about protein. Lean protein is suitable for the heart, and legumes are good for the stomach. Coldwater fish twice a week is helpful to fight depression because of omega 3’s. Gaudreault recommends traditional Mediterranean food. If you are wondering where to start, think about adding half a cup of vegetables to any meal.


00:00:55.860 --> 00:01:07.020 Pat Duckworth: Well, welcome to the hot women rock radio show empowering women leaders at nanopores good morning America good afternoon UK and Europe, good evening, if you are in India.

00:01:07.410 --> 00:01:17.490 Pat Duckworth: And i'm coming to you live today from the beautiful Spanish belly Eric island of new yorker yes, I am away for a few days, enjoying some sunshine.

00:01:17.880 --> 00:01:27.240 Pat Duckworth: What could possibly go wrong, I already said to my guest if everything goes quiet my end just take over and keep talking so you will know, if anything happens.

00:01:28.110 --> 00:01:40.740 Pat Duckworth: So my guest today's any boudreaux she will be joining me after I have talked about what's in the media, this week, and it has been another media frenzy over menopause this week.

00:01:41.580 --> 00:01:53.700 Pat Duckworth: You know that old saying you know, be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it i've been wishing that people would pay more attention to this subject, or 10 years now, and suddenly there is so much in the press.

00:01:54.720 --> 00:02:04.020 Pat Duckworth: A lot of it is the same stuff just going around in circles, some of it is really misleading and, in fact, one of my articles today kind of reflects that.

00:02:04.410 --> 00:02:10.140 Pat Duckworth: So this comes from the times and the journalist is saying.

00:02:10.590 --> 00:02:18.330 Pat Duckworth: Can we just call it with menopause mania and it's from a journalist called Indian night now when I saw that headline I thought it was going to be.

00:02:18.690 --> 00:02:26.160 Pat Duckworth: kind of push back on you know there's not really a problem we shouldn't be talking about it or she's really saying is let's just call it a bit.

00:02:26.640 --> 00:02:38.550 Pat Duckworth: She says the hrt panic must be terrifying young women and there's no need look I know some women find the multiples absolutely debilitating and my heart really goes out to them, because it must be horrendous.

00:02:38.970 --> 00:02:48.420 Pat Duckworth: part from anything else, as women find out when they get their first period and perhaps later in pregnancy it's shocking no longer to feel quite like yourself.

00:02:48.780 --> 00:02:56.730 Pat Duckworth: almost overnight, as if the person, you had been all your life at suddenly moved to another country and only sent me occasional postcard.

00:02:57.330 --> 00:03:06.270 Pat Duckworth: Anything that alleviates that feeling, as well as the more unpleasant physical symptoms that can accompany his progress we live in the 21st century.

00:03:06.510 --> 00:03:11.100 Pat Duckworth: And it's observed that women should suffer needlessly or feel embarrassed about their suffering.

00:03:11.490 --> 00:03:20.520 Pat Duckworth: Now that article goes wrong, but it's that whole thing about you know let's hit a balance on this where it's okay to talk about it, where there is a boo.

00:03:20.880 --> 00:03:32.520 Pat Duckworth: Where everybody's getting the help that they need, but let's not ramp up the fear and the anxiety around it by saying, if you want this you're not going to be able to get it your doctor doesn't know what he's talking about.

00:03:32.940 --> 00:03:45.300 Pat Duckworth: You know you're in this on your own let's stop all of that, and just get some balance back about it anyway, moving on getting off my soapbox on that particular one let's find another soapbox at done.

00:03:46.470 --> 00:03:57.840 Pat Duckworth: This article was about the forces society report that was commissioned by channel for TV station here in the UK, which put our documentary last week.

00:03:59.400 --> 00:04:07.320 Pat Duckworth: And there was 4000 women so that's good sample size of those surveyed 44% said their ability to work have been affected by their symptoms.

00:04:08.220 --> 00:04:17.340 Pat Duckworth: Other findings include 22% of disabled women, leaving jobs due to their symptoms compared with 9% of non disabled women.

00:04:17.760 --> 00:04:26.790 Pat Duckworth: So there's you know that prejudice fair or is it just I don't know I don't know what's going on with that could do with some more research in that I think.

00:04:27.150 --> 00:04:31.920 Pat Duckworth: Many women said that they taken time off due to menopause but 39%.

00:04:32.250 --> 00:04:42.870 Pat Duckworth: cited anxiety or depression is the reason, rather than sharing them multiple status, in other words, when they told their employers that they were leaving they didn't say it was because of nepal's.

00:04:43.200 --> 00:04:47.910 Pat Duckworth: They said it was because of anxiety or depression so we're still not being honest about it.

00:04:49.320 --> 00:04:59.520 Pat Duckworth: Recommendations recommendation in the report included implementing a public information campaign with 87% of menopausal women agreeing that all women in their 40s or 50s.

00:04:59.940 --> 00:05:08.610 Pat Duckworth: should be sent a menopausal symptoms symptoms list by the National Health Service also suggested every woman in her 40s or 50s.

00:05:09.000 --> 00:05:17.130 Pat Duckworth: should be invited to speak with a GP about menopause and GPS should receive mandatory training to help earlier diagnosis.

00:05:17.790 --> 00:05:22.530 Pat Duckworth: That will seems quite sensible, so the next article comes from.

00:05:23.130 --> 00:05:34.290 Pat Duckworth: Breast cancer a charity and they're saying cognitive behavioral therapy delivered by nurses can reduce overwhelming menopausal symptoms for women with breast cancer.

00:05:35.070 --> 00:05:42.870 Pat Duckworth: Up to 85% of women with breast cancer suffer from hot flashes and night sweats due to chemotherapy and hormone therapy treatments.

00:05:43.320 --> 00:05:51.330 Pat Duckworth: The side effects are often more extreme and can last longer for women with breast cancer them for women who experienced some due to natural menopause.

00:05:51.960 --> 00:06:02.940 Pat Duckworth: hormone replacement therapy, maybe offer to relieve menopausal symptoms but he's not usually recommended for women with breast cancer, because it may increase the risk of the disease, returning.

00:06:04.110 --> 00:06:13.110 Pat Duckworth: Researchers funded by breast cancer now have found that women with breast cancer will receive six weeks of group cognitive behavioral therapy from breast care nurse.

00:06:13.440 --> 00:06:24.210 Pat Duckworth: reported that their menopausal symptoms became significantly less distressing and less problematic the frequency also reduced by over a quarter of 28%.

00:06:25.290 --> 00:06:31.260 Pat Duckworth: This more than doubles the reduction of centers reported by women receiving standard care and often ad hoc.

00:06:31.650 --> 00:06:37.860 Pat Duckworth: advice, furthermore, for women who receive cpt from a nurse these life changing benefits lasted several months.

00:06:38.310 --> 00:06:45.660 Pat Duckworth: i'm not surprised by that there is early research that shows that relaxation techniques, coupled with hypnotherapy.

00:06:45.960 --> 00:06:53.880 Pat Duckworth: And visualization can really help with hot flushes and, of course, there are no side effects so it's just one of the ways that I help my clients.

00:06:54.720 --> 00:07:05.670 Pat Duckworth: This one I thought was funny alexa menopause this comes from voice box I the collection of answers about menopause so now, if you say I like so tell me about menopause.

00:07:06.150 --> 00:07:16.590 Pat Duckworth: she's got some answers ready for you, the collection of answers about menopause is aimed at helping the 13 million women in the UK going through some facet of menopause and they loved ones.

00:07:17.070 --> 00:07:26.040 Pat Duckworth: metaphors matters turned to alexa to help share that information to help women figure out whether they have menopause and what kinds of treatments, they might perceive.

00:07:26.550 --> 00:07:35.700 Pat Duckworth: Now, the subject of menopause is more normal as a topic of conversation between individuals and is increasingly being recognized as part of occupational health in the workplace.

00:07:36.030 --> 00:07:46.650 Pat Duckworth: We see it's vitally important that the correct and accurate information is available everyone said multiples matters so now, you can ask alexa I can't I can't guarantee the results, but when we do.

00:07:47.580 --> 00:07:55.890 Pat Duckworth: The latest large global company to have launched a global multiples policy linklaters global solicitors.

00:07:56.610 --> 00:08:04.350 Pat Duckworth: The initiative has been launched to raise awareness of the multiples as well as outlining the enhanced support and resources available for those affected.

00:08:04.800 --> 00:08:12.180 Pat Duckworth: it's been introduced in an e learning module for staff across the firm with management or supervisory responsibilities.

00:08:12.480 --> 00:08:18.810 Pat Duckworth: As created a dedicated resource hub to raise awareness educate and support those experiencing the mentors.

00:08:19.110 --> 00:08:34.350 Pat Duckworth: As well as those supporting a partner or a family member that's so important because this isn't just about women, this is also about the people who support women the partners sons daughters, whoever we need that kind of support.

00:08:35.430 --> 00:08:45.570 Pat Duckworth: And I love this one, a positive report from a woman called Lisa Johnson, who has a company that makes I think natural skincare metaphors was the best thing to happen to me.

00:08:46.080 --> 00:08:54.540 Pat Duckworth: The massive positive of going through menopause is not having periods anymore it's so nice not having to think about whether I have period products with me.

00:08:54.840 --> 00:09:04.620 Pat Duckworth: And not having the cramps pain and discomfort also women can be seen as old because they're not having periods anymore when not life is different now we live a lot longer.

00:09:04.860 --> 00:09:22.080 Pat Duckworth: And we do more exciting things in our 40s 50s 60s 70s and hopefully our 80s as well there's a lot more fun to be had I do like hearing that I spent a lot of time educating women and it's always good to say I feel better now than i've ever felt was really important.

00:09:23.430 --> 00:09:33.210 Pat Duckworth: My next report comes from the daily express here in the UK, Dr shares swap food swaps and exercises to reduce the aging process for menopausal women.

00:09:33.660 --> 00:09:43.020 Pat Duckworth: middle aged women are more likely to put on weight compared to those in other age groups, according to doctors, this is due to a lifestyle change, as well as menopause, however.

00:09:43.440 --> 00:09:56.580 Pat Duckworth: There are now, it says diets I think we want to put the word nutrition in there and exercise regime is menopausal women can follow to lose weight and even ease menopausal symptoms, not even ease it helps.

00:09:57.510 --> 00:10:05.040 Pat Duckworth: As is the case for all is recommended that middle aged women eat healthy, balanced meal Dr babaji explained.

00:10:05.580 --> 00:10:14.130 Pat Duckworth: Healthy non process low sugar foods should be the basis for all meals, fruit, vegetables, whole grains lean proteins all the foods to have.

00:10:14.460 --> 00:10:23.310 Pat Duckworth: In your diet, as they are processed and they contain more fiber swapping out butter for oils is also useful trick to help manage way.

00:10:23.820 --> 00:10:33.090 Pat Duckworth: fat or crash diets are definitely want to avoid studies show that you're more likely to end up heavier than when you started with these unrealistic diets.

00:10:33.360 --> 00:10:44.790 Pat Duckworth: Eating nutrient rich foods is a key to managing weight, so I defect definitely advise avoiding processed foods that contain high levels of trans or saturated fats.

00:10:45.180 --> 00:10:57.540 Pat Duckworth: For example, white bread processed meats and capes as for exercise adopts went on the regular exercise is a great way to reduce the effects of the aging process and keep fit after menopause.

00:10:57.930 --> 00:11:03.510 Pat Duckworth: Combining aerobic exercise and strength training will help build muscle and reduce body fat.

00:11:03.930 --> 00:11:11.550 Pat Duckworth: Low impact sports, such as yoga and polities are also a good way to build muscle with minimal were on weight bearing joints.

00:11:11.850 --> 00:11:27.210 Pat Duckworth: Essentially i'd recommend any exercise that builds muscle strength or decreases body fat by raising your heart rate all good advice and as our guest today is a nutritionist or do you think any all good advice.

00:11:28.200 --> 00:11:31.200 Annie Gaudreault: A lot of great advice, this is exciting.

00:11:31.590 --> 00:11:38.130 Annie Gaudreault: I love when I hear sensible no fat no gimmicks no celebrity nonsense.

00:11:39.180 --> 00:11:45.570 Pat Duckworth: that's the thing at the moment we are getting quite a lot of celebrities stuff on our news feeds and.

00:11:46.410 --> 00:11:53.430 Pat Duckworth: The thing is that that for leprosy whatever they took and there were a number of them all over our major at the moment.

00:11:54.000 --> 00:12:06.780 Pat Duckworth: And what they did work for them excellent doesn't mean it will work for you you've got to find a basis of eating and exercising and whatever else lifestyle changes.

00:12:07.170 --> 00:12:13.950 Pat Duckworth: That works for you, because every woman's system every woman's menopause is different.

00:12:14.430 --> 00:12:22.620 Pat Duckworth: So we can give generic advice and say a Mediterranean diet is a good idea, and as i'm hearing the Mediterranean I just had a Mediterranean lunch with.

00:12:23.010 --> 00:12:39.570 Pat Duckworth: Fish and vegetables, and you know anything excellent love it so that kind of basic advice is really good it's when people get them all you've got to eat this and yeah that's not my favorite, so I think when people come to the new.

00:12:40.830 --> 00:12:43.440 Pat Duckworth: Do you get many women at menopause coming to see you.

00:12:44.190 --> 00:12:59.940 Annie Gaudreault: And that's the bulk of my business my practice is definitely supporting women 42 about 65 ish, although I am excited that I am now capturing people all during older So that is my passion.

00:13:00.990 --> 00:13:13.920 Annie Gaudreault: And, as you know, part of the expansion of menopause from period department applause you know can last like 1012 years, so I have a lot of those women absolutely.

00:13:14.640 --> 00:13:23.640 Pat Duckworth: And you know our bodies are changing our metabolism is changing and our ability to digest and process certain foods is changing.

00:13:24.060 --> 00:13:36.240 Pat Duckworth: I reported a few weeks ago that there is a company here in the UK who are developing a new test for menopause that's not based on the reproductive hormones it's based on our ability to processed sugars.

00:13:37.020 --> 00:13:44.880 Annie Gaudreault: All my guidance that's amazing topic that we can actually live in today so i'm excited about that there's gonna be a great conversation.

00:13:45.750 --> 00:13:47.610 Pat Duckworth: I know that's why i'm so looking forward.

00:13:49.290 --> 00:14:01.680 Pat Duckworth: For all of you, women listening you're going to hear some great tips and we're going to be sharing so much with you stay tuned and after the break i'll be talking to me out our nutritionist for today, see you after the break.

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00:16:14.610 --> 00:16:23.790 Pat Duckworth: Welcome back to the hot women rock radio show and powering women leaders at menopause broadcasting to you today from the beautiful island of new yorker.

00:16:24.180 --> 00:16:33.240 Pat Duckworth: I have to keep saying it because it's just so nice to be taking a break, after all these months not going anywhere I just feel like I need to be boastful about it anyway.

00:16:34.410 --> 00:16:46.050 Pat Duckworth: My guest today is eddie Guerrero as a nutritionist and a women's health coach and he founded thief that's the easy health and wellness to support smart and thoughtful women.

00:16:46.380 --> 00:16:58.530 Pat Duckworth: giving them the confidence to do what they want to do with the energy that they need an endurance athlete with 12 marathons and three ironman triathlons under her belt and he lives what she preaches.

00:16:59.070 --> 00:17:08.250 Pat Duckworth: A prior 25 plus year career as a brand consultant working with executives of fortune 500 companies gave her a solid background.

00:17:08.670 --> 00:17:22.980 Pat Duckworth: to serve the wellness needs of those living busy lives she's a regular speaker to the media corporations and lifestyle organized organizations on various topics of health welcome any how you doing today.

00:17:23.370 --> 00:17:27.720 Annie Gaudreault: i'm doing great, and I think I would be even happier if I was in New York and with you.

00:17:28.560 --> 00:17:29.880 Pat Duckworth: Have you been to La yoga.

00:17:30.240 --> 00:17:36.390 Annie Gaudreault: Yes, and I was there after a big race and I gotta tell you it was heaven on earth.

00:17:37.500 --> 00:17:49.890 Pat Duckworth: But we've been out to lunch today i'm here with my friend K Newton who listeners to the show may remember she's been on the show a couple of times and we went out for lunch, and they will certainly lots of cyclists cycling is a big thing here.

00:17:50.250 --> 00:18:02.010 Pat Duckworth: You see, whole team's of cyclists, because of the mountains of a coastal roots and, yes, so there's lots of people keeping fit over here has spring come to Toronto me.

00:18:02.670 --> 00:18:12.930 Annie Gaudreault: Yes, it has it's filled with flowers and it's free net to last, we are in heaven it's just wonderful we're all coming back to life action.

00:18:13.590 --> 00:18:15.750 Pat Duckworth: When for since we've gone on forever for.

00:18:17.040 --> 00:18:24.270 Annie Gaudreault: Oh yeah it was a it was actually a long winter, not necessarily call, but just dragged on.

00:18:24.600 --> 00:18:36.480 Pat Duckworth: yeah just kept snowing so any tell us a bit about your previous career your 25 plus years working in corporates what were you doing there, how did you start out.

00:18:37.470 --> 00:18:44.250 Annie Gaudreault: And we see say that this is a career that kind of found me, I did not find it and I was working to help.

00:18:44.610 --> 00:18:54.810 Annie Gaudreault: consumer goods packaging companies really launched a product, so a lot of food and beverage alcohol and I would say technology brands.

00:18:55.170 --> 00:19:02.520 Annie Gaudreault: and helping them find their voice in ironically it I worked, primarily in food and beverage, even though I did a few other things.

00:19:03.510 --> 00:19:13.800 Annie Gaudreault: and food is is definitely my link my food my look my love language and I love cooking I love eating and everything in between and.

00:19:14.430 --> 00:19:29.400 Annie Gaudreault: It was, it was a really exciting career and it was just it just came upon a point where it was just not at all aligned with my values anymore, I was working on brands, that are not exactly healthy i'll just put it that way.

00:19:30.480 --> 00:19:50.010 Pat Duckworth: it's funny how you get to that stage is near where you know you've you've put a lot of time, effort, education, training, into a career you've done a lot of investment and then you go yeah but this isn't what I thought it was going to be was there a particular moment when you realize.

00:19:52.350 --> 00:19:59.280 Annie Gaudreault: I was actually having a much deeper personal crisis, and I was not really driven by work.

00:20:00.510 --> 00:20:11.280 Annie Gaudreault: However, as we all know, you're you're not one person at work or you're one person at home you're one person and my personal life was falling to pieces and.

00:20:12.450 --> 00:20:21.810 Annie Gaudreault: I decided that I had to make changes and a big change was living my life, according to my values so work had to also evolve.

00:20:22.620 --> 00:20:32.130 Pat Duckworth: So what did you do were you training to be a nutritionist the same time as you're doing your other job or did you make a clean car, how did, how did you make that transition.

00:20:32.760 --> 00:20:49.050 Annie Gaudreault: It was not really at all I, I could not afford to simply stop online and go back to school, so I took I chose a program that actually was designed to support people who are working, so it was two nights during the week at night and.

00:20:49.650 --> 00:21:07.230 Annie Gaudreault: I did that, for two years, I my studies were interrupted, as my dad got sick I had to suspend everything to support him and take care of him, and then after he passed, it took a little while and then went back and finished my degree, and then I was managing both companies.

00:21:07.710 --> 00:21:08.910 Pat Duckworth: Oh, my goodness.

00:21:09.990 --> 00:21:11.820 Annie Gaudreault: Is me just as like a rabbit bit of water.

00:21:11.850 --> 00:21:20.790 Pat Duckworth: But that's a lot to be doing the studying the carrying the business is that for a lot to be dealing with.

00:21:21.750 --> 00:21:32.670 Annie Gaudreault: It was, but after the first maybe the first course I was hooked I thought this is where I need to be in that gave me so much energy it was so exciting.

00:21:33.870 --> 00:21:48.480 Pat Duckworth: I know I know when you find your thing it's just a but let's what lights you our business so did you choose going into nutrition, because you enjoy food so much and what was it about the subject that really appealed to you.

00:21:49.950 --> 00:22:01.200 Annie Gaudreault: I had been very lucky that I had been a runner for my career and I was, I was a runner only because, not because I was talented, believe me, I was not Olympic material.

00:22:03.240 --> 00:22:06.540 Annie Gaudreault: Although I am tall and and built on length.

00:22:08.070 --> 00:22:13.680 Annie Gaudreault: But it was the only thing that I couldn't do that did not require any schedule.

00:22:13.860 --> 00:22:15.240 Annie Gaudreault: So I ran.

00:22:15.270 --> 00:22:22.860 Annie Gaudreault: Basically, wherever it was whatever time it was and eventually I ran my first marathon.

00:22:23.340 --> 00:22:33.120 Annie Gaudreault: And the group that I was with asked me to come back as an assistant coach because they thought Oh, you know you've got a lot to impart and you know a lot about this.

00:22:33.660 --> 00:22:46.320 Annie Gaudreault: And I gotta tell you this was a life changing this was what wasn't one of those moments that the seas parted for me, I was like I have found but makes me the happiest I have ever experienced.

00:22:47.700 --> 00:23:02.400 Annie Gaudreault: And, but remember, I was, I was not or qualified by any means I just loved it and I did it for a few years, so when I had that opportunity to decide, I need to change my life.

00:23:03.150 --> 00:23:18.600 Annie Gaudreault: I really went back to the things that I love and fitness was one area and where I felt that I could really add to my knowledge, was nutrition, because it was so crazy confusing.

00:23:19.170 --> 00:23:40.170 Annie Gaudreault: And remember, we were doing Atkins back then and South beach, and all that stuff and so nutrition was not necessarily a degree that I wanted to pursue to become a nutritionist but I thought I will have so much more to guide people in my journey, when I have this knowledge.

00:23:40.920 --> 00:23:47.700 Pat Duckworth: you're right there's so much and there still is so much conflicting advice, no wonder, people get so confused.

00:23:48.570 --> 00:24:00.510 Pat Duckworth: there's so many diet books and it's just a nightmare out there, and you have to find the thing that works for you and your lifestyle, the way you live.

00:24:01.230 --> 00:24:06.360 Pat Duckworth: it's all got to fit in with that I must just tell you a funny story that we was just sitting down having a.

00:24:06.930 --> 00:24:17.580 Pat Duckworth: lunch hour on the hour on the coast and a whole group of cyclists came in and they you know looking looking tired sat down at a table, and then a few of them went off to have a cigarette.

00:24:20.430 --> 00:24:23.010 Pat Duckworth: you're probably going to be at the back of the pack guy.

00:24:25.950 --> 00:24:27.270 Annie Gaudreault: Is hilarious.

00:24:27.270 --> 00:24:35.160 Pat Duckworth: Just during your lungs a bit of a workout and now you're gonna punish them with a couple of cigarettes, but anyway, moving on from that.

00:24:36.270 --> 00:24:36.630 Pat Duckworth: So.

00:24:38.310 --> 00:24:38.880 Pat Duckworth: i'm.

00:24:40.170 --> 00:24:46.710 Pat Duckworth: Just last words are so busy telling you my story, we are in mental health awareness month and.

00:24:47.490 --> 00:24:54.690 Pat Duckworth: You know the subjects that the topic changes every year this year is about loneliness and I think there's so much more.

00:24:55.290 --> 00:25:11.460 Pat Duckworth: About loneliness than just being on your own you can be on your own and actually be quite happy or you can be on your own, and you can get really down and depressed and I think for some women at menopause they can feel lonely because they haven't got anybody to talk to about.

00:25:13.830 --> 00:25:24.630 Pat Duckworth: It I think certainly up till very recently it was very much a taboo subject, and if you try to talk about it, you might find yourself, like the butt of jokes and.

00:25:25.860 --> 00:25:36.090 Pat Duckworth: You know, oh yeah just get on with it, and all of that, and so women could feel really lonely but also the fact that our hormones are changing at menopause.

00:25:36.570 --> 00:25:50.880 Pat Duckworth: can lead women's feel more anxious can lead to low mood can lead to mood roller coasters and there is a disconnect between what we eat and our mood I.

00:25:51.240 --> 00:25:57.930 Pat Duckworth: Literally felt like oh I didn't realize that what I made a difference, do you find that with people coming through for you.

00:25:58.680 --> 00:26:07.800 Annie Gaudreault: I think that this is one of the biggest area of surprise for people they understand that food will nourish what they consider the physical body.

00:26:08.370 --> 00:26:12.840 Annie Gaudreault: And they feel it's it's always like I say your head is not on Mars.

00:26:12.900 --> 00:26:16.020 Annie Gaudreault: In your on earth it's all together connected.

00:26:17.040 --> 00:26:28.020 Annie Gaudreault: but also to give credit to people, this is not a conversation we've had with people, we have not been educated to understand the link and I will tell you today is going to be.

00:26:29.070 --> 00:26:41.130 Annie Gaudreault: Mind blowing for people what I will share, about how they can turn that boat around in terms of mental what I call mental wellness.

00:26:41.700 --> 00:26:47.670 Pat Duckworth: yeah that's what we want to be, we want to be with mental wellness not with mental health or mental wellness.

00:26:48.210 --> 00:26:56.280 Pat Duckworth: And this whole thing about what we eat is our building blocks, not just for our body, but for our brain for our emotions.

00:26:56.670 --> 00:27:03.210 Pat Duckworth: And I think there's just these misconceptions because sometimes you can feel a bit low and you grab a bar of chocolate.

00:27:03.930 --> 00:27:13.710 Pat Duckworth: And you think Oh, I feel a bit better because i've had a bar of chocolate or i'm going to say even worse because it is even worse i'll just have a glass of wine and then i'll feel better.

00:27:15.030 --> 00:27:30.300 Pat Duckworth: without realizing what the sugar does and what the alcohol of again, do you find people with that kind of misconception of oh yeah I have a glass of wine every night or you know, a bottle of the weekend and eat more chocolate.

00:27:31.800 --> 00:27:49.590 Annie Gaudreault: Oh absolutely these are very, very normal coping mechanisms, and in fact we have glamorized you know the mommy wine culture, for example, hey oh like, if you look at all the means that are out there about tweaking.

00:27:49.650 --> 00:28:07.260 Annie Gaudreault: And then the pandemic just put that on you know, like on on this massive booster shot and unfortunately we are definitely seeing the impact of that because it impacts your mental state tremendously.

00:28:07.860 --> 00:28:11.490 Pat Duckworth: I think women's drinking has been really fetishized you know we.

00:28:12.120 --> 00:28:22.350 Pat Duckworth: process our clock and a cheeky glass of wine and all a little gin and tonic without thinking about what the impact is on our bodies at a time.

00:28:22.800 --> 00:28:32.040 Pat Duckworth: When women are not sleeping well when they're overheating and and you know they're seeing changes to their body shape so.

00:28:32.520 --> 00:28:38.400 Pat Duckworth: we're coming up to a break I don't know what to say in this next minute because I want to get going and talking about this, but I know.

00:28:38.640 --> 00:28:49.320 Pat Duckworth: I get a lot of resistance from women who say no, if I didn't have a glass of wine in the evening I wouldn't sleep it relaxes me I said, well, could you just give it a try for a month.

00:28:50.220 --> 00:29:07.740 Pat Duckworth: just give it a try for a month and then come back and tell me, you know if you're going to do dry January or whatever do it and see whether it does or to your sleep if it doesn't okay just come back and tell me, but if it does, and then they go she did feel better without saying that.

00:29:09.000 --> 00:29:09.660 Annie Gaudreault: Yes.

00:29:09.840 --> 00:29:12.030 Annie Gaudreault: Yes, absolutely.

00:29:12.600 --> 00:29:24.840 Pat Duckworth: We can sometimes come over as a bring as a bad news, but we're really just trying to be helpful so join us after the break when it says she's gonna be blowing your mind so see you after the.

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00:31:28.800 --> 00:31:36.420 Pat Duckworth: Welcome back to the hot women rock radio show empowering women leaders at menopause where my guest today is any goudreau.

00:31:36.750 --> 00:31:52.230 Pat Duckworth: And nutritionist and women's health coach the founder on fee fee fee health and wellness to support smart and successful women at Nice start us off blow our minds what we need to know about what about our food at manacles.

00:31:53.070 --> 00:32:01.350 Annie Gaudreault: Well, I want to just bring it back to the top of the conversation, you were talking about having the honesty to have these conversations.

00:32:02.370 --> 00:32:06.600 Annie Gaudreault: Excuse me, I haven't lingering little call they plagiarize.

00:32:08.550 --> 00:32:21.540 Annie Gaudreault: And we were talking about how it's important to be able to discuss what is going on and we've talked about a little bit of green far right and we've talked about how we are maybe not feeling ourselves anymore petition mark.

00:32:22.410 --> 00:32:33.180 Annie Gaudreault: Well, this has become much bigger than that because, in the last couple of years what we've realized is that 80% of all the visits to the GPS were actually stress related.

00:32:34.260 --> 00:32:35.430 Annie Gaudreault: unprecedented.

00:32:35.940 --> 00:32:38.070 Annie Gaudreault: Levels of anxiety and depression.

00:32:39.480 --> 00:32:46.860 Annie Gaudreault: So, in the past, science, thought that all the moods and emotions were really regulated by the brain.

00:32:48.720 --> 00:33:00.090 Annie Gaudreault: And now, what we've discovered, is that this is not so it actually is directly regulated by a connection between our gut and our brain.

00:33:01.080 --> 00:33:07.860 Annie Gaudreault: If you think about it it's like there's a little to way highway and it's done with this thing called the Vegas nerve.

00:33:08.460 --> 00:33:17.940 Annie Gaudreault: And it understands, now that the gut is not just a digestive system we've all known that right, we need to digest our food, we need to absorb.

00:33:18.810 --> 00:33:28.800 Annie Gaudreault: But what is really amazing is that the gut is so much more and what it is, is your biggest endocrine system.

00:33:29.280 --> 00:33:43.020 Annie Gaudreault: Which means it releases hormones and when we think about being in a happy mood feeling good, well, a lot of these hormones are produced in your gut actually it's 80%.

00:33:43.590 --> 00:33:51.870 Annie Gaudreault: serotonin dopamine gabba and you don't even need to know what each of these do you just need to know that these are essential to feeling well.

00:33:52.770 --> 00:34:09.570 Annie Gaudreault: Why this matters is that in the continuum of mental wellness it's not about not having anxiety have depression, because I could maybe see someone saying hey i'm okay I don't have anxiety i'm just a normal stress person.

00:34:10.260 --> 00:34:11.640 Annie Gaudreault: No it's really about.

00:34:11.970 --> 00:34:27.480 Annie Gaudreault: The ability to focus and concentrate the ability to have high energy consistently the ability to have what we call vitality right, it means I will be able to make good decisions for myself all day long.

00:34:28.530 --> 00:34:39.840 Annie Gaudreault: I will be motivated and you can see how this impacts not just Oh, my feeling inside, you know anxious or depressed but it actually impacts your entire life.

00:34:41.340 --> 00:34:41.790 Pat Duckworth: yeah.

00:34:42.090 --> 00:34:45.510 Annie Gaudreault: And this is why it's so crucial to master this.

00:34:46.350 --> 00:34:50.910 Pat Duckworth: You know, we have all these colonies of bacteria living in our gut.

00:34:51.930 --> 00:35:05.910 Pat Duckworth: That sounds horrible but we actually need all these there and they are creating our happiness if we keep them happy they keep us happy so having a happy God is absolutely essential to our well being.

00:35:06.990 --> 00:35:11.100 Pat Duckworth: What do we need to know in order to have good mood and vitality.

00:35:11.670 --> 00:35:16.800 Annie Gaudreault: So I love that you've talked about that happy get really look at the goddess this sort of forest is.

00:35:17.250 --> 00:35:17.820 Annie Gaudreault: going on.

00:35:18.090 --> 00:35:18.360 Annie Gaudreault: As.

00:35:18.420 --> 00:35:21.690 Pat Duckworth: Well, you live in Toronto, and that is a bunch of people living in the forest.

00:35:22.320 --> 00:35:28.050 Annie Gaudreault: Yes, we have a lot of forest, we have a lot of trees and a happy forest has what a lot of diversity.

00:35:28.290 --> 00:35:31.860 Annie Gaudreault: Right it doesn't have just maple trees to be cliched about Canadians.

00:35:32.670 --> 00:35:36.930 Annie Gaudreault: It has a lot of different varieties so in your gut you need.

00:35:38.130 --> 00:35:52.950 Annie Gaudreault: Not only volume, but you need a lot of different types of bacteria that is a marker of good health and funny enough when you talked about that every woman is unique.

00:35:53.310 --> 00:35:57.180 Annie Gaudreault: Each of us actually has a different gut makeup right.

00:35:57.390 --> 00:36:08.520 Annie Gaudreault: Depending on our culture where we were born our environment, how we have nourished and I don't mean just food, but how we have nourished ourselves to our our lives.

00:36:08.970 --> 00:36:26.490 Annie Gaudreault: So, having the good bacteria is important in the past, actually we've known since the 50s that that could have been good bacteria was actually a good thing, the guy the doctor who discovered these bacteria which was called you know probiotic.

00:36:28.050 --> 00:36:35.850 Annie Gaudreault: She discovered in the 50s and Poland, having seen that people that lived under duress situations and circumstances.

00:36:36.270 --> 00:36:44.250 Annie Gaudreault: were actually still living a long time we knew back then that it was somehow linked to longevity and immunity.

00:36:44.940 --> 00:37:05.580 Annie Gaudreault: They did not understand what was going on, but they knew this was going on now what's amazing is that science has said, not only do we know that this is amazing, for your immunity and your healthy mindset, but now we know that a few strains are directly responsible for.

00:37:07.020 --> 00:37:17.970 Annie Gaudreault: A team's it anti depression good mood, so this is really powerful and where it starts is with probiotic it starts with fermented foods.

00:37:18.780 --> 00:37:23.100 Pat Duckworth: So what are we thinking about with the fermented foods, give me some examples.

00:37:23.730 --> 00:37:32.910 Annie Gaudreault: So we're talking about you know most cultures of the world actually have fermented foods yogurt be talking about Mediterranean diet fear.

00:37:34.170 --> 00:37:36.000 Annie Gaudreault: we're talking about sauerkraut.

00:37:37.080 --> 00:37:48.480 Annie Gaudreault: miso tempe and NATO, there are actually in Japan and in Asia, like 20 different types of different types of fermented soy.

00:37:48.630 --> 00:37:49.740 Annie Gaudreault: at different levels.

00:37:50.700 --> 00:38:02.370 Annie Gaudreault: This is what we want to make sure that we have on a daily basis, and I am when I talk about these things i'm really talking about the pure forms, not the commercial.

00:38:03.180 --> 00:38:17.310 Annie Gaudreault: You know brands that are filled with sugar, for example, because, unfortunately, this is the bad news for everyone is sugar kills your good bacteria so let's let's let's keep playing your grid and playing kafir on our radar.

00:38:17.760 --> 00:38:35.280 Pat Duckworth: yeah those fermented soy is excellent because the soil course has lots of fighter estrogens plant estrogens in it so you're getting a supplement of estrogen as well as getting your fermented food that's helping your gut what is not to love about it.

00:38:38.280 --> 00:38:42.420 Pat Duckworth: So the first one, the first things we could do is think about our fermented foods.

00:38:42.780 --> 00:38:47.550 Annie Gaudreault: Absolutely, and this is really important, and in order for a talked about that forest right.

00:38:47.670 --> 00:38:53.190 Annie Gaudreault: So, in order for that, for us to be happy, you need to feed the forest.

00:38:53.940 --> 00:39:02.010 Annie Gaudreault: In order for that to happen, we have something called prebiotics, and this is where it gets a little complicated it's very close, but not quite the same.

00:39:02.850 --> 00:39:21.330 Annie Gaudreault: prebiotics really are the incredible boosting food for your probiotic and they come from fiber not all fiber but all fiber first of all, comes from the plant world, you cannot be a fiber if you did not come from the plant world but we're really talking about.

00:39:22.500 --> 00:39:47.670 Annie Gaudreault: Beautiful things like asparagus like artichokes in one of my latest favorite is called a cashier gun and it is known as a rabbit GM and it comes from a plant again, and it is very powerful and it's actually known as anti stress immune boosting so that spelled a CIA CIA.

00:39:49.860 --> 00:39:51.360 Annie Gaudreault: You can buy so sorry.

00:39:52.650 --> 00:39:57.870 Pat Duckworth: For like a berries what you get the berries and you can put them in smoothies and things i'm.

00:39:59.640 --> 00:40:09.630 Pat Duckworth: Only thinking out loud here, and the other so just before you go on, I would say if you're living here in the UK and you think oh I just need to put my.

00:40:10.260 --> 00:40:22.350 Pat Duckworth: fiber into my breakfast cereal i'll just take my old brand not all Brian Brian is processed fiber is going to take the food very quickly through your system, I don't need to elaborate on that.

00:40:22.770 --> 00:40:34.800 Pat Duckworth: You want the process fiber that you get from vegetables and the sorts of things that any it's talking about, not the process fibers are just going to come through your system of speed and not.

00:40:36.450 --> 00:40:36.990 Pat Duckworth: Having clear.

00:40:39.060 --> 00:40:40.920 Pat Duckworth: keep us going What else do we need.

00:40:42.030 --> 00:40:47.820 Annie Gaudreault: And my apologies, my connection is in tiny bit unstable right now I just got the.

00:40:49.380 --> 00:40:49.860 Pat Duckworth: it's all right.

00:40:50.070 --> 00:40:51.690 Pat Duckworth: Very good.

00:40:52.890 --> 00:40:59.790 Annie Gaudreault: Very good, very good you got chopped off there, but I understood the gist of it like we really want to make sure that we have things that.

00:41:00.180 --> 00:41:12.630 Annie Gaudreault: Are whole because of that fiber exactly so you really want to maximize that and nourish that forest, so we want, we want those bacteria very, very happy.

00:41:13.050 --> 00:41:20.910 Annie Gaudreault: And this is really important to mention, we know that a lot of different strings is a result to.

00:41:21.630 --> 00:41:37.290 Annie Gaudreault: The to a healthy healthy body so make sure that your mix your nutrition mix your foods we all have a tendency to fall into a little rut a we go to the grocery store, we always buy the same things are we made the same recipes.

00:41:37.680 --> 00:41:44.250 Annie Gaudreault: In my practice, one of my challenges to people is to say, I want you to buy two new vegetables over the next two weeks.

00:41:44.970 --> 00:42:03.060 Annie Gaudreault: And cook them and look out a recipe, we are you know there's no shortage of resources, these days, for that kind of thing because the more of that variety, you have the greater the chance to nourish the gut and that goes for probiotics as well.

00:42:03.390 --> 00:42:12.570 Pat Duckworth: yeah yeah really important so with your prebiotics and your probiotics what else are we eating to keep our mood good.

00:42:13.560 --> 00:42:25.830 Annie Gaudreault: So it's been very interesting because we only talked in the past about probiotics the bacteria and what feeds that bacteria at prebiotics and now we know that there's two new categories.

00:42:26.010 --> 00:42:35.640 Annie Gaudreault: So the first one, I want to talk about call Fido biotics fight or minutes plan meaning life in fatal biotics bar, if you think about it.

00:42:36.600 --> 00:42:55.620 Annie Gaudreault: That forest needs to be nourished the soil needs to be fertilized so final biotics fertilize the terrain, they actually keep that beautiful lining of your gut in Nice and healthy people need to understand here that that lining is very fragile.

00:42:56.760 --> 00:43:01.950 Annie Gaudreault: And and that's a good thing, because it reacts and adapts.

00:43:02.310 --> 00:43:19.260 Annie Gaudreault: The bad thing is that it can really, really be impacted, so why we we care here, and you talked about vegetables before we care about vegetables, because they have fatal biotics they will fertilize and keep that beautiful get really, really happy.

00:43:19.890 --> 00:43:22.050 Pat Duckworth: So it's all vegetables, or is it.

00:43:22.080 --> 00:43:23.310 Pat Duckworth: Some vegetables.

00:43:24.750 --> 00:43:34.950 Annie Gaudreault: All vegetables have photo biotics and what you want is you want great diversity again because different vegetables have different types of fighter by i'd expect them them.

00:43:35.370 --> 00:43:52.350 Annie Gaudreault: And one of my favorites that is really easy for everyone, or at least in most of the countries where apple's world was actually green apples green apples, have an enormous amount of fatal biotics so making sure that you have on a weekly basis.

00:43:53.640 --> 00:44:06.960 Pat Duckworth: Okay, so green apples are going in our diet so so far we've learned about probiotics because we need them for our God and they are fermented foods are prebiotics making sure we get our vegetables and our fibers.

00:44:07.380 --> 00:44:21.360 Pat Duckworth: And our fighter biotics so we're having a mixture of vegetables, I think of rainbow plate don't have a dull monochromatic plate have rainbows on your plate I love to see a lovely colorful salad.

00:44:21.750 --> 00:44:38.100 Pat Duckworth: Because you've got all those lovely colors all the different vegetables on my gosh work when giving some great advice here at a, we will see you after the break first more advice on keeping our our good foods for good mood see you after the break.

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00:46:36.600 --> 00:46:49.980 Pat Duckworth: Welcome back to the hot women rock radio show and powering women leaders at menopause where my guest today is any goudreau from Toronto and nutritionist and we're talking about good foods for good mood so any.

00:46:51.060 --> 00:47:00.960 Pat Duckworth: How about some of the other food groups how about protein is there any particular types of proteins, that we should be eating, or are we just good with the lean proteins.

00:47:02.220 --> 00:47:07.950 Annie Gaudreault: Well, being protein definitely a good for so many reasons, especially cardiovascular health for women, which is a big threat.

00:47:08.340 --> 00:47:17.610 Annie Gaudreault: But if we're thinking about nourishing the gut what the gut loves our plant based things, so the goons are a beautiful way to.

00:47:18.240 --> 00:47:27.990 Annie Gaudreault: You know augment our nutrition, it will add great protein and they will have all that beautiful fiber and it has so many other things for us going.

00:47:28.680 --> 00:47:34.050 Annie Gaudreault: But the goons are really great way The other thing that is amazing for good mood foods.

00:47:34.290 --> 00:47:44.490 Annie Gaudreault: Is a type of fat, that is found in fish so as we're looking at you know in you were just talking about the beautiful where you are and where you are yeah.

00:47:44.730 --> 00:47:57.720 Annie Gaudreault: we're we're looking at cold water fish for a type of fat called Omega threes so essential fatty acids, and this is really important, not just in order to be able to fire on all cylinders.

00:47:58.620 --> 00:48:13.830 Annie Gaudreault: Including emotional health, but in order to keep the brain functioning well this is like what Omega threes do for your brain is like waxing beautiful, would you want to keep you know gorgeous for a long time.

00:48:14.340 --> 00:48:32.730 Annie Gaudreault: It is actually research has been very clear those people who are diagnosed with depression have low levels of Omega threes, it is a direct link so that's a really big one, so cold water fish twice a week is definitely helpful.

00:48:33.630 --> 00:48:51.180 Pat Duckworth: i'm in terms of carbohydrate what sort of carbohydrate so we know that the simple process carbohydrates, are not good for us that they give too much for hit to our system they put us on a mood roller coaster so what kind of carbohydrate can we eat.

00:48:51.900 --> 00:49:01.830 Annie Gaudreault: Some think about the most raw carbohydrates so things that have a lot of fiber in them, so I call them little smart carbs.

00:49:02.340 --> 00:49:14.520 Annie Gaudreault: These cards are not evil we've made them evil with our industrial worlds in their pure form they are not evil at all talking about squash we're talking about playing team talking about teen why.

00:49:14.880 --> 00:49:33.480 Annie Gaudreault: A lot of gluten free options are actually extremely good, because they will digest slowly, so they will not stimulate insulin and, by the way, insulin plays a big role for women and their boss, which is one of the reasons that the weight is difficult to come off.

00:49:33.840 --> 00:49:34.110 Pat Duckworth: As.

00:49:34.650 --> 00:49:49.170 Annie Gaudreault: You know, we are a cortisol levels are higher or hormones, you know are affect one another, they don't live singularly so we want to make sure that we read we reduce the level of cortisol reduce the levels of.

00:49:49.500 --> 00:50:04.830 Annie Gaudreault: managed properly the level of of insulin so by having that fiber we are slowly releasing the glucose in the bloodstream which will make for a much healthier you in a much healthier got.

00:50:06.120 --> 00:50:14.310 Pat Duckworth: really good advice so so one type of overall nutrition, but you think this is what you would recommend.

00:50:16.110 --> 00:50:25.680 Annie Gaudreault: I would say that the traditional Mediterranean pattern is by far the best because the traditional Mediterranean pattern.

00:50:26.610 --> 00:50:33.390 Annie Gaudreault: Had a little bit of everything, if you think about it, but it has all those great fats that we talked about the Omega three fats.

00:50:34.230 --> 00:50:45.300 Annie Gaudreault: It doesn't have a lot of saturated fats that are are especially for women and it's filled with vegetables with fiber and creating that healthy gut.

00:50:46.290 --> 00:50:57.570 Annie Gaudreault: And then lots of nuts, which are also healthy proteins and healthy fats, so it really covers the ground now whether you are a person who eats meat or not, you can still follow that pattern.

00:50:58.710 --> 00:51:06.780 Annie Gaudreault: So that's why I really like it for that reason the cheese, the red meat are in smaller quantities.

00:51:06.990 --> 00:51:08.310 Annie Gaudreault: There are still there.

00:51:08.370 --> 00:51:19.140 Annie Gaudreault: But you know in nutrition, I like to say the dose makes the poison it's everything can have a role to play, but it needs to be redone.

00:51:19.830 --> 00:51:29.010 Pat Duckworth: yeah when you were talking about lagoons earlier It reminded me that I had a program I think it was the food programme on BBC, a few weeks ago.

00:51:29.370 --> 00:51:36.720 Pat Duckworth: Where they talked about actually about Spanish food and the fact that they weigh more beans and we in the UK and.

00:51:36.990 --> 00:51:45.240 Pat Duckworth: treat them a lot better when we think of beans, we think of a tiller baked beans and of course that's really processed is in a high sugar, salt with lots of salt in it.

00:51:45.780 --> 00:52:01.020 Pat Duckworth: you're getting some fiber but it's not actually terribly healthy, whereas in Spain, they bottle their beans and they put them in herbes and oils and much higher quality and when we think of.

00:52:02.220 --> 00:52:07.200 Pat Duckworth: I don't know if we think of some of the beans that we might eat in the UK.

00:52:08.250 --> 00:52:23.790 Pat Duckworth: The chickpeas and they are now not chickpeas but here in Spain chickpeas would be treated really well and maybe bottled up I might have be really flavor Sam and cook nicely and would fall the protein base of a meal.

00:52:24.600 --> 00:52:26.100 Annie Gaudreault: So similarly.

00:52:26.490 --> 00:52:29.460 Pat Duckworth: it's a very different way of thinking about your food is no.

00:52:29.940 --> 00:52:41.730 Annie Gaudreault: Oh, my God very much so, anything is listening and thinking well you know I really don't the beans don't agree with me, there are some ways to integrate beans, there will actually.

00:52:42.630 --> 00:52:51.750 Annie Gaudreault: be easier and I would beans, you need to start small if they're not part of your diet right now start small a half a cup serving will be fine.

00:52:52.080 --> 00:53:05.700 Annie Gaudreault: And my recommendation is the smaller the beans, the easier to digest so start with do pre lentils or green apples or red lentils and I love them, but especially red lentils, because they cook in a flash.

00:53:06.780 --> 00:53:07.110 Annie Gaudreault: So.

00:53:07.500 --> 00:53:09.750 Pat Duckworth: All color do you soak your lentils.

00:53:10.200 --> 00:53:11.730 Annie Gaudreault: I do some of my mentors.

00:53:11.820 --> 00:53:26.400 Pat Duckworth: But for top tip soak your lentils, preferably overnight, so you get they get a little tiny little route starts to fall on them and they're easier to digest when you've got a little a little tail sticking out you'll into.

00:53:26.940 --> 00:53:36.000 Annie Gaudreault: Absolutely and that's really also much easier to digest if you are someone who's had trouble in the past, because i've seen this over and over in my practice.

00:53:36.480 --> 00:53:48.120 Annie Gaudreault: And you know it's it's amazing because when you follow those rules which are so flexible, and you know you will feel you will have so much more energy.

00:53:49.440 --> 00:53:52.770 Annie Gaudreault: And you will be able to make such a big difference.

00:53:53.160 --> 00:54:00.660 Pat Duckworth: Any last tip your one tip for women are thinking oh if there's a lot of information, where do I start where would you start earning.

00:54:01.440 --> 00:54:07.680 Annie Gaudreault: A Commission we say the biggest challenge for us all is to actually have more vegetables, I didn't it seems a bit overwhelming.

00:54:07.950 --> 00:54:29.310 Annie Gaudreault: So I always say my my challenge and it's very easy to follow is think of every meal opportunity, how can you add half a cup half a cup is very little, how can I add, half a cup to this to this meal and whether it's frozen vegetables are fresh.

00:54:30.360 --> 00:54:35.490 Annie Gaudreault: There are lots and lots of options out there, so if you do that at every meal.

00:54:35.880 --> 00:54:36.480 Pat Duckworth: You get.

00:54:36.510 --> 00:54:38.220 Annie Gaudreault: To be more servings per day.

00:54:38.970 --> 00:54:40.740 Pat Duckworth: that's 21 a week 21.

00:54:40.800 --> 00:54:51.960 Pat Duckworth: opportunity to have some officials any time has gone quickly since been so much fun How do people find you i'll be putting your link up wish Where do they go to find out more about you.

00:54:52.410 --> 00:55:10.470 Annie Gaudreault: Absolutely so website is that's V E very easy, and if you want to book a call with me to see if there's anything that I could support you with enough clients all over the world, so not to worry if you're in India or London or Mississippi.

00:55:11.100 --> 00:55:11.940 Annie Gaudreault: makes no difference.

00:55:12.150 --> 00:55:17.580 Annie Gaudreault: just go to let's ask any diet calm and you will be able to book a call with me.

00:55:18.360 --> 00:55:24.330 Pat Duckworth: Thank you so much, thank you for all your great advice it's been wonderful so we want rainbow plates.

00:55:24.870 --> 00:55:30.810 Pat Duckworth: An extra half a cup of vegetables every meal that's 21 opportunities to have more vegetables every week.

00:55:31.740 --> 00:55:35.820 Pat Duckworth: It can be that simple, and when you go to the next time you're at the supermarket.

00:55:36.660 --> 00:55:41.490 Pat Duckworth: Buying at least one vegetable that you've never tried before and then going away and finding a recipe.

00:55:41.820 --> 00:55:58.770 Pat Duckworth: So stay tuned to talk radio dot nyc where the next program is the wonderful Reverend Dr tlc with dismantle racism and today she's talking about trends racial adoption in a racist world and her guest is Dr and Dino and.

00:55:59.610 --> 00:56:10.980 Pat Duckworth: And after that I don't know is suddenly of it's all after that I know he's awareness holidays so he's someone lovely if you're listening Sam we hope you're having a wonderful holiday.

00:56:11.520 --> 00:56:22.620 Pat Duckworth: and join me again next week, if you've missed any of the shows you can always go to talk radio dot nyc forward slash hot women rock and you can find all the recordings.

00:56:23.190 --> 00:56:30.090 Pat Duckworth: If you need any help with your menopause my book hot women call solutions will point you in the right direction.

00:56:30.630 --> 00:56:43.860 Pat Duckworth: Or if you're in the UK or America or anywhere and you'd like me to talk to your organization about menopause I do a lot of work with menopause in the workplace, so I can help you in all sorts of ways.

00:56:44.220 --> 00:56:50.760 Pat Duckworth: A big thank you to my guests any for all her great advice, thank you to my producer dylan for another wonderful show.

00:56:51.300 --> 00:57:02.970 Pat Duckworth: It is a wonderful evening here in with your car i'm hopefully going to go for a walk on the beach, and maybe watch the sunset of the sea, and I will see you and i'm back home next week take care buddy see you next week.

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