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Thursday, April 21, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/04/21 - Kicking and Screaming Into Menopause

Facebook Live Video from 2022/04/21 - Kicking and Screaming Into Menopause


2022/04/21 - Kicking and Screaming Into Menopause

[NEW EPISODE] Kicking and Screaming Into Menopause

Understanding the sense of loss around menopause Tips for dealing with menopause resistance

Some women enter menopause with a sense of relief that the monthly challenge of periods and managing their fertility is finally over. Other women are not so accepting. They experience grief and loss around the end of their years of fertility. 

My Guest this week, Christine Powers, is a guide for women founders & CEOs, thought leaders, and change-makers. Parallel to a 30-year career in marketing, design, branding, PR, and fundraising, Christine has been trained in various mystical traditions both East and West. She is the founder of Asa Adirondack, a 100-acre sanctuary for the soul. 

To say that Christine was reluctant to acknowledge her menopause is an understatement. She will share with us her experience of perimenopause and how she has learned to embrace this new stage of life. 



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Show Notes

Segment 1

Pat starts with updates from the media. She mentions articles that talk about a product called Wile, how to talk about menopause, the differences in menopause for people of color, and debunking worries related to aging. She then introduces her guest, Christine, who talks about how there is no way to know what's ahead with menopause.

Segment 2

Pat starts this segment by reading Christine’s bio. Christine talks about her experience losing most of her belongings in a fire which started a new chapter of her life and the positive impact that had on her. She then talks about the healing aspect of living in nature and how that led to her starting a modern-day philosophers camp. Pat reflects on her own experience at the camp.

Segment 3

Christine talks about her fears surrounding menopause. Pat and Christine then discuss the negative connotations surrounding menopause. Pat touches on the mental and spiritual aspects of menopause. Christing talks about the modern-day compass that she created to help bring people to their center. It is based on nature and used as an internal positioning system. Christine stresses the importance of finding a non-judgemental community to share your truth.

Segment 4

Christine talks about the impacts of menopause on your mood and the need for kindness from your community. She then talks about changes she made in her life to ease symptoms of menopause such as cutting out alcohol and trying a bioidentical prescription with the help of a medical practitioner. Listeners can find Christine at or


00:00:51.030 --> 00:00:56.640 Pat Duckworth: Welcome to the hot women rock radio show empowering women leaders at men are pause.

00:00:56.970 --> 00:01:05.580 Pat Duckworth: Good morning, America good afternoon UK and Europe, good evening to India and the Far East it's always a pleasure to be here with you.

00:01:05.940 --> 00:01:15.570 Pat Duckworth: And today, I have in my studio my amazing friend Christine powers but you're gonna have to wait to hear her because I need to go through the media first.

00:01:15.900 --> 00:01:23.640 Pat Duckworth: I hope, wherever you are, you are feeling some spring today I keep seeing pictures from North America have more snow falling and from.

00:01:24.180 --> 00:01:34.830 Pat Duckworth: friends in Canada seeing more inches of snow here we've had some lovely weather over East of the sun has been shining the blossoms are still out, it is lovely.

00:01:35.310 --> 00:01:42.870 Pat Duckworth: So let's have a look at what's been in the media, so my first report today comes from forbes and.

00:01:43.560 --> 00:01:50.370 Pat Duckworth: I don't normally just talk about products that are coming out but it's really the content of this post that caught my eye.

00:01:50.970 --> 00:02:04.290 Pat Duckworth: While, and that is wi fi is a product name is ushering in an era of shame free manacles that's what we want, why should there be any shame around it and the.

00:02:05.280 --> 00:02:12.360 Pat Duckworth: Journalists says when I first met gwendolyn floyd she was a superstar CEO of ethical jewelry brand soco.

00:02:12.660 --> 00:02:24.870 Pat Duckworth: A generation younger than me I thought and slaying her career, so I found myself surprised when I discovered she's now CEO of while a new wellness venture for perimenopausal menopausal women.

00:02:25.230 --> 00:02:33.630 Pat Duckworth: Even though my work, I talk a lot about these topics I forgot that perimenopause can start as young as your mid 30s yes, it can.

00:02:34.050 --> 00:02:42.420 Pat Duckworth: And I realized, I could fall victim to society stereotype of menopause being an old lady issue is not an old lady issue.

00:02:43.350 --> 00:02:56.430 Pat Duckworth: floyd was inspired to launch while which sells tinctures supplements and drink mixes when she realized that treating perimenopause and menopause has changed little since her mother experienced early and debilitating symptoms.

00:02:56.820 --> 00:03:01.770 Pat Duckworth: Back then, her mother was treated as hysterical and gets lit by her doctors.

00:03:02.820 --> 00:03:06.840 Pat Duckworth: We still hear about doctors going now you're too young come back in a few years.

00:03:07.230 --> 00:03:18.300 Pat Duckworth: So floyd began experiencing paranormal menopausal symptoms, in her late 30s she went to her Ob gyn For those of you in the UK that's obstetrics and gynecology.

00:03:18.600 --> 00:03:28.560 Pat Duckworth: To test her hormone levels which indicated, she was indeed perimenopausal she was done, that a generation later, she was met with much the same response as her mother.

00:03:28.980 --> 00:03:40.560 Pat Duckworth: I was shocked that my doctor was completely unprepared to talk to me about courses of action to ensure I could address the root cause and prevent Simpson spiral, like my mother had to live through.

00:03:40.860 --> 00:03:49.620 Pat Duckworth: They suggested I go back on birth control or more wary of prescribing hormone therapy do too ambiguous cancer risk associated with taking estrogen.

00:03:49.920 --> 00:03:59.970 Pat Duckworth: Nor did they have any knowledge about over the counter or natural plant based solutions as a daughter of a natural path I knew I could be radically helpful for perimenopause.

00:04:00.420 --> 00:04:16.140 Pat Duckworth: Well, well done, you for realizing that and doing something about it and reaching out to help other women don't get guests let you could be getting symptoms in your 30s if you think you know your body better than any doctor so it's important to advocate for what you want.

00:04:17.310 --> 00:04:26.910 Pat Duckworth: there's a couple of articles this week on oprah daily which I don't think i've ever reported on before, but this one is how to have how talks about menopause.

00:04:27.180 --> 00:04:37.200 Pat Duckworth: Speaking up about crippling symptoms at work or home can be hard these pointers will help we asked experts how women can be their own best advocates.

00:04:37.830 --> 00:04:46.620 Pat Duckworth: back to being advocates and got these pointers be honest with family and friends Jen F co founder and CEO joelle Angelo.

00:04:47.040 --> 00:04:58.200 Pat Duckworth: suggest spelling out exactly what you're feeling and what you need to loved ones that way when you're cranky after a night of no sleep or a quick to anger they don't take it, the wrong way.

00:04:58.590 --> 00:05:05.130 Pat Duckworth: yeah if you don't tell people they don't know why you're behaving differently so it's important to have those conversations.

00:05:05.550 --> 00:05:15.510 Pat Duckworth: speak up at work Angelo a foreman Microsoft executive recommends talking about hormonal manifestations like you would any other health issues.

00:05:15.810 --> 00:05:24.990 Pat Duckworth: don't be afraid to inquire about later start times if that's something that enables you to be more productive when insomnia, a night sweats are running you ragged.

00:05:25.380 --> 00:05:34.170 Pat Duckworth: Asked HR if existing leave or time off policies can be used for managing menopause related symptoms, or if appointments with specialists are reimbursed.

00:05:35.070 --> 00:05:51.540 Pat Duckworth: Good things to be asking seek out the right care feel like your doctor is blowing you off or is behind the times, use the North American medical society website nms have a look for that British Medical society bms if you're in the UK.

00:05:53.040 --> 00:05:59.880 Pat Duckworth: find a medical practitioner feature or menopause to all to locate nearby provider who practices menopause management.

00:06:01.020 --> 00:06:09.870 Pat Duckworth: Also, members of often marginalized groups such as bipolar LGBT Q plus and gender expansive individuals.

00:06:10.110 --> 00:06:20.220 Pat Duckworth: seek out providers who understand the health disparities exists because of racism sexism homophobia trans phobia and other forms of systemic oppression.

00:06:20.610 --> 00:06:29.310 Pat Duckworth: Try black doctors to black doctor to four or visit the gay and lesbian Medical Association.

00:06:30.060 --> 00:06:37.860 Pat Duckworth: website G l m a dot all really good advice, because there are disparities health disparities between different groups.

00:06:38.370 --> 00:06:51.510 Pat Duckworth: carrying on that theme another oprah daily article for women of color menopause is different, our biology is the same, but the experience is not I had that conversation with Reverend Dr tlc a few weeks ago.

00:06:52.380 --> 00:06:59.940 Pat Duckworth: really interesting so do go back and find that on top radio dot nyc forward slash hot women rock.

00:07:00.750 --> 00:07:11.880 Pat Duckworth: As the creator of the black girls guide to surviving menopause podcast and social media projects on a Saturday Bernie Scott 55 has two missions, I don't know we have to know our age, but.

00:07:12.840 --> 00:07:20.340 Pat Duckworth: The first is to normalize menopause and natural venerable happens, more than half the population, yet still remains shrouded in silence.

00:07:20.700 --> 00:07:28.860 Pat Duckworth: The second is to Center the voices of black women and gender expansive individuals who experienced many of the same symptoms that white women do.

00:07:29.100 --> 00:07:47.310 Pat Duckworth: The hot flashes insomnia, joint pain, but often do so in a very different way and usually more intense so yeah there's more in that article, you can go to oprah and search under menopause because she talks more about what it is that women of color can be experiencing.

00:07:48.600 --> 00:08:03.840 Pat Duckworth: The next one, I think my guest today will like this comes from mamma and his article by Kelly Eden, she says i'm 43 and just married my much younger husband is made me worried about aging.

00:08:04.650 --> 00:08:12.960 Pat Duckworth: I could feel my body shouting here comes midlife and that wasn't something I wanted to face yet, especially since my husband is still in his early 30s.

00:08:13.320 --> 00:08:19.830 Pat Duckworth: But I found myself standing in front of an airport bookstore display it was filled top to bottom, with don't sweat it.

00:08:20.070 --> 00:08:26.610 Pat Duckworth: By Nikki Pellegrino and menopause book I wrestled over whether to buy it picked it up put it back down again.

00:08:26.970 --> 00:08:35.730 Pat Duckworth: I knew once I read it, I couldn't read it, I would know when I was heading into I know all the horrors of menopause and aging as a woman and i'd have to face them.

00:08:36.000 --> 00:08:41.850 Pat Duckworth: I wouldn't be able to pretend, I was aging backwards anymore like i've been joking about with my much younger husband.

00:08:42.270 --> 00:08:51.390 Pat Duckworth: She goes on to talk to lots of women felt like she was being letting to a secret and she comes back and says i'm starting to think we're all wrong about menopause.

00:08:51.840 --> 00:08:58.620 Pat Duckworth: pause and aging as women, yes, the hot flushes the chin hair growth mood swings and dozens of other symptoms.

00:08:58.950 --> 00:09:14.790 Pat Duckworth: answer to all fun from what i've been told, but once that's over older women, I spoke to say postmenopausal life is great many of them said they have new energy a revived libido and calm focus minds women in retirement, who are they.

00:09:15.900 --> 00:09:25.980 Pat Duckworth: I don't know what various tend to spend more time than men exercising being involved in active in the Community and getting into their hobbies they no longer feel the need to impress.

00:09:26.400 --> 00:09:36.810 Pat Duckworth: or people, please relax into their authentic selves and be who they really are now that sounds pretty damn sexy to me it's pretty down sexy to me too.

00:09:37.050 --> 00:09:49.230 Pat Duckworth: I don't know what this retirement thing is I haven't quite discovered it yet, so let me be freeing Christine point Christie it's so lovely to see you, what did you think about that.

00:09:51.150 --> 00:09:58.590 Christine Powers: Yes, so my first comment is she said, you can you can you can no, no, you can't no yeah.

00:09:59.790 --> 00:10:16.410 Christine Powers: You can prepare you can read, but you can't know because yeah it's different for everyone and there's no prediction how it's going to manifest in your body mind heart and spirit, so I love that she thinks she can no good for you.

00:10:20.550 --> 00:10:29.430 Pat Duckworth: I know, but it's really good that she's reaching out to the right younger audience and say let's find out what this is about, because.

00:10:29.580 --> 00:10:35.370 Pat Duckworth: yeah so many women wait until they don't feel well and then go, what do I need to.

00:10:37.650 --> 00:10:44.100 Christine Powers: Wait we can when we don't feel well for three years, we have other reasons, until we run out of reasons.

00:10:44.490 --> 00:10:46.200 Christine Powers: The very last one is gonna be mad.

00:10:48.810 --> 00:10:50.640 Christine Powers: No it's not that bad stop.

00:10:52.980 --> 00:10:55.380 Pat Duckworth: It this isn't what I read experiencing.

00:10:56.820 --> 00:10:57.390 Pat Duckworth: course.

00:10:57.600 --> 00:11:08.100 Pat Duckworth: You know 25% of women won't have a symptom until their periods stop and then not after I celebrate those women and the other thing I say to those women is.

00:11:08.520 --> 00:11:21.660 Pat Duckworth: But be kind to other women who are experiencing symptoms don't go is nothing, please be kind support other women who do get symptoms you've been very fortunate if you don't.

00:11:21.960 --> 00:11:29.400 Pat Duckworth: Well done, you but be kind because we all need a bit of kindness Christine when I was preparing for today, I was thinking.

00:11:29.880 --> 00:11:42.240 Pat Duckworth: How do I introduce Christine do I say she's a friend or colleague we've mentored each other we've coached each other we've been roommates i've stayed at your House you stayed at my house.

00:11:43.560 --> 00:11:49.260 Pat Duckworth: yeah what every woman should have a friend like fat, but what do we call ourselves, I mean.

00:11:50.730 --> 00:11:52.140 Pat Duckworth: Why should we define it.

00:11:52.890 --> 00:12:03.510 Christine Powers: No, I think the key phrase there's that we were actually roommates at conferences and we survived so that's, the most important that's the true test of friendship.

00:12:05.820 --> 00:12:11.970 Christine Powers: yeah I don't know what we call each other i'm serious serious playmates and multiple ways.

00:12:12.900 --> 00:12:14.610 Pat Duckworth: Absolutely, and even.

00:12:14.880 --> 00:12:16.740 Pat Duckworth: i'm even wearing a necklace you gave.

00:12:17.130 --> 00:12:34.770 Christine Powers: me, I see that all well you know what so it didn't you have this beautiful slender swan like neck, which I have in my 20s so realize that necklace was gonna look a heck of a lot better on unit, so I love I love it every time you were this gorgeous.

00:12:34.980 --> 00:12:43.440 Pat Duckworth: I always get compliments on it, and you know I love things that have memories, so this reminds me of a thing in Las Vegas.

00:12:43.710 --> 00:12:54.450 Christine Powers: yeah and I got that in reminds me of when we did a special trip we spend a lot of time in Newport Rhode island so it's from a little gift shop right on the ocean yeah.

00:12:54.600 --> 00:13:04.740 Pat Duckworth: And my power animal is the tortoise so I tell myself, this is a tool to see a turtle but let's pretend it's a little.

00:13:04.860 --> 00:13:08.460 Christine Powers: Yes, close enough see I knew in advance, I knew.

00:13:09.450 --> 00:13:13.860 Pat Duckworth: yeah and that was quite some trip to Las Vegas as well wasn't it you upgrade the best.

00:13:13.920 --> 00:13:14.400 Because.

00:13:16.860 --> 00:13:25.770 Christine Powers: We upgraded well you never saw the crappy room because I just wouldn't stand for it see a woman in menopause or perimenopausal my case can be really powerful.

00:13:26.070 --> 00:13:34.440 Christine Powers: about her surroundings like i'm just not going to tolerate this, so it was a crappy room for yeah we just don't even need to talk about it.

00:13:34.830 --> 00:13:55.380 Pat Duckworth: Now, and I could kind of get a feel for the day in that hotel by my journey in the elevator so I got into the elevator one day, and there was a guy holding a little baby, he was his head was shaved and this whole head was tattooed as a skull including having teeth tattooed on his lips.

00:13:56.760 --> 00:14:01.410 Pat Duckworth: But it's Las Vegas for you another day I got into the lift and there was a dirty diaper.

00:14:01.440 --> 00:14:07.620 Christine Powers: In the corner of an hour I remember you coming into the room with that story, especially for me.

00:14:09.780 --> 00:14:15.060 Pat Duckworth: And another day I got in and the smell of grass was so strong.

00:14:16.740 --> 00:14:17.340 Christine Powers: grass.

00:14:17.970 --> 00:14:19.980 Christine Powers: grass grass okay.

00:14:20.010 --> 00:14:22.110 Pat Duckworth: sure not freshly mowed lawns.

00:14:22.110 --> 00:14:23.460 Christine Powers: You mean grass, for your head.

00:14:24.660 --> 00:14:30.510 Pat Duckworth: People smoke, it was so strong I thought i'm going down in this lift but i'm getting higher.

00:14:30.540 --> 00:14:31.290 And so standard.

00:14:36.180 --> 00:14:36.690 Christine Powers: People.

00:14:38.550 --> 00:14:41.190 Pat Duckworth: You have some messages to find out what a hotel we stayed in it.

00:14:41.370 --> 00:14:42.540 Christine Powers: yeah what.

00:14:43.260 --> 00:14:53.640 Pat Duckworth: Do you yeah can't wait to get talking to you after the break join us when we'll be talking about Christine kicking and screaming into medical see you after the break.

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00:17:06.870 --> 00:17:17.190 Pat Duckworth: Welcome back to the hot moon rock radio show empowering women leaders at men nepal's where today my guest is my very, very, very.

00:17:17.520 --> 00:17:24.480 Pat Duckworth: dear friend, Christine powers, Christine is a guide for women founders and CEOs thought leaders and change makers.

00:17:24.900 --> 00:17:34.950 Pat Duckworth: parallels with 30 year career in marketing design branding PR and fundraising Christine has been trained in fairies mystical traditions, both East and West.

00:17:35.280 --> 00:17:45.420 Pat Duckworth: she's a Tibetan new Sue reiki master teacher and Mary Magdalene and initiate a sufi initial sound healer or day minister and certified desk doula.

00:17:45.780 --> 00:17:54.300 Pat Duckworth: Six years ago she left Albany New York with our family to live in the adirondacks full time I love it there, it is beautiful.

00:17:54.540 --> 00:18:12.990 Pat Duckworth: She is founder of a sad or under 100 acre sanctuary for the soul, as well as the philosopher's camp, a great camp experience, where participants explore the wilderness within and without restore and expand Christine welcome to the show it's so good to have you on.

00:18:13.860 --> 00:18:22.200 Christine Powers: Thank you, Pat i'm i'm glad to be here, I really am it was I was waiting for the invitation low all these many months.

00:18:23.430 --> 00:18:26.400 Christine Powers: Long suffering your long suffering colleague.

00:18:28.050 --> 00:18:44.610 Pat Duckworth: So we met six years ago, when you were living in Albany which for those who don't know is in New York state, you were living in a lovely house, but your wonderful builder husband Larry had created around you and what happened.

00:18:46.770 --> 00:18:56.520 Christine Powers: Well, we we have this gorgeous 3500 square foot House in a kind of a country club, you know suburban neighborhood and.

00:18:57.630 --> 00:19:08.160 Christine Powers: My husband, who is from the north country near the Canadian border and a licensed professional wilderness guide he was dying, I mean he was right and.

00:19:08.790 --> 00:19:18.960 Christine Powers: I began to realize that I was dying, I mean I met, I mean this metaphorically, but comfort is a soft killer right we don't even realize it's happening.

00:19:19.650 --> 00:19:25.470 Christine Powers: So we have this little shack up in the adirondacks That was our getaway place.

00:19:26.100 --> 00:19:46.020 Christine Powers: And he had been asking for several years if we could move there and we had an offer to buy the hundred acres around this little postage stamp shack and in February 2016 I came up for a week to explore and I remember this conversation I had with my dear friend pat duckworth.

00:19:47.250 --> 00:19:56.970 Christine Powers: It was snowing I was it was night, I had the windshield wipers going, and I was in front of the grocery store and I remember viscerally because it changed my life.

00:19:58.050 --> 00:20:07.260 Christine Powers: And we were talking about, could I really move to this small mountain Community I mean I i'm a suburban girl, you know i'm.

00:20:08.130 --> 00:20:21.540 Christine Powers: And you said to me, you know if you hold yourself out to be an inspirational leader you'd better be leading an inspirational life and I thought oh God damn it, I have to move.

00:20:24.630 --> 00:20:45.060 Christine Powers: And that really you know I wasn't risking anything right it's it's one thing to talk, you know about inspiring people and you're living this soft cushiony life that slowly killing you yeah not not so i'm coherent not so in alignment so.

00:20:46.320 --> 00:21:01.380 Christine Powers: I think things really aligned with you know the energies of the universe, however, you want to call it, because we were gone the House sold in four days cash offer de de de de de de super fast and right before we were to leave Albany.

00:21:03.000 --> 00:21:06.120 Christine Powers: Just to make sure that we were never going to come back to.

00:21:08.310 --> 00:21:35.130 Christine Powers: Everything we own we put into my husband's construction warehouse my business the family belongings, you know and his business and it all burned to the ground and a historic eight alarm fire that was shocking to us began shocking, so we ended up coming up here with nothing but two.

00:21:36.510 --> 00:21:47.010 Christine Powers: laundry baskets full of bathing suits and swim tells right what's going to be our summer and and a couple of suitcases we had packed and.

00:21:47.850 --> 00:22:01.470 Christine Powers: Everything we owned it in the back of a pickup that was it we weren't right, so it was a very dramatic entry and we also didn't have a place to live, because we were renovating.

00:22:02.550 --> 00:22:15.120 Christine Powers: The shack the old homestead on the property, we were buying around it wasn't livable so we ended up living in a tent for three months, which a lot of people followed on Facebook.

00:22:15.990 --> 00:22:26.220 Christine Powers: And what's ironic about that is that was intentional we bought a beautiful 10 you know and it wasn't like we were living in a tent under an underpass somewhere, but a lot of people thought that.

00:22:29.820 --> 00:22:42.390 Christine Powers: So that that was our entree to our new life, it was it was a profound lesson in radical detachment what really was important, and it turned out.

00:22:43.170 --> 00:22:50.010 Christine Powers: Pretty rapidly, because I was filled with grace which you can't conjure you can't command is just given to you.

00:22:50.610 --> 00:23:00.420 Christine Powers: But I was really held by grace the whole family was, and so it was pretty easy to be honest and because life had broken all the rules.

00:23:01.350 --> 00:23:07.650 Christine Powers: When I scanned the horizon of my future and my life, I felt this infinite potential that I had never felt.

00:23:08.400 --> 00:23:22.590 Christine Powers: Being in culture rated indoctrinated into who I was supposed to be where we're supposed to live, what kind of professions, I could have who I could marry, who I could be, and so it opened a profound time of freedom.

00:23:24.030 --> 00:23:31.710 Christine Powers: which has evolved into what I do now, which I honestly don't think I would be doing it as powerfully now if I hadn't lost everything.

00:23:32.250 --> 00:23:33.870 Pat Duckworth: yeah I mean it was such.

00:23:35.130 --> 00:23:49.830 Pat Duckworth: Such a huge event at the time and it looked so devastating from the outside and really has risen like a phoenix from the ashes, and so there's so many things we could talk about, because I know so much, but like.

00:23:51.030 --> 00:24:01.410 Pat Duckworth: let's go, so how philosophers camp developed from them, because from living up for being in touch with the land You then have this visual for philosophers camp.

00:24:01.680 --> 00:24:03.210 Pat Duckworth: So tell us a bit about that.

00:24:03.360 --> 00:24:18.210 Christine Powers: yeah, so I am a profound lover of literature and i'm a I call myself a metaphysical mountain climber, like my one of my greatest interest is just studying metaphysics.

00:24:18.900 --> 00:24:31.620 Christine Powers: And philosophies and being in the adirondacks i'm also very intuitive, and so I get words and images that they don't always mean sense makes sense.

00:24:32.250 --> 00:24:38.730 Christine Powers: But I started hearing and seeing a group of people very different sitting around the campfire literally.

00:24:39.270 --> 00:24:54.510 Christine Powers: And just having this deep conversation that really mattered like a cry so I heard cross pollination I got the word responsibility, I got self reliance which immediately and when bing bing bing Henry David thoreau.

00:24:55.980 --> 00:24:57.000 Christine Powers: sovereignty.

00:24:58.320 --> 00:25:07.410 Christine Powers: And so what ended up happening is I had this idea that I wanted to bring leaders of all kinds here for deep respite because the.

00:25:07.830 --> 00:25:26.460 Christine Powers: Mountain healed me right, it healed me of so many things and being in nature, I could expand and breathe and be comfortable, for the first time, living in you know, a crowded suburb was too much for my system and here there's 12 people per square mile so.

00:25:28.080 --> 00:25:37.680 Christine Powers: On ironically, I think, Donald trump's inauguration day I was deep in the adirondacks at a women's March.

00:25:38.370 --> 00:25:50.430 Christine Powers: I met some people and we went had coffee talked about all this and they said Oh, you want to have a philosophers camp and I said, what are you talking about turns out in 1858.

00:25:51.270 --> 00:26:00.060 Christine Powers: William Stillman who was from pretty close to my hometown lead Ralph Waldo Emerson the poet Robert lowell the Swiss scientist or disease.

00:26:01.140 --> 00:26:09.900 Christine Powers: The son of Oliver Wendell Holmes like a really auspicious group of American transcendentalists For those of you who did high school or college philosophy.

00:26:10.440 --> 00:26:30.660 Christine Powers: Deep to the adirondacks for a month for cross pollination of ideas of rejuvenation of being together and community, and so I was immediately mesmerised I knew this is what had been trying to find me and so later that year, with the help of a colleague Barbara Whitman.

00:26:31.860 --> 00:26:38.850 Christine Powers: I resurrected this concept for modern world and 160 years, almost to the date.

00:26:40.140 --> 00:26:44.760 Christine Powers: We held the first modern day philosophers camp here on our mountain to do just that.

00:26:45.870 --> 00:26:47.700 Pat Duckworth: And I came along.

00:26:47.790 --> 00:26:57.480 Pat Duckworth: And yeah so here comes the challenge of living, an inspirational life Christine said to me when i'm allocating accommodation, this is in the weeks running up to it.

00:26:57.750 --> 00:27:08.760 Pat Duckworth: And we've got a little house and we got a Caribbean we got wrong we've got our Lotus bill 10 and we, and I said I don't mind where I say Christine as long as i'm not in a tent so she said okay pat.

00:27:09.270 --> 00:27:25.470 Pat Duckworth: And so I arrived up into the adirondacks the uber driver, I was like where is this place we've run out of road and finally we went there and Christine coincidentally, was in the shower tactically I think in the shower.

00:27:25.860 --> 00:27:38.580 Pat Duckworth: and her husband came out and said hey miss pat i'm going to take you to your accommodation and he put my case on the back of a golf buggy and drove me to attend.

00:27:42.810 --> 00:27:54.210 Pat Duckworth: This is my accommodation Oh yes, this part this is your accommodation so say Oh well, thank you for this, but she had put me very close to where the toilet was so I was very pleased about that.

00:27:54.870 --> 00:28:07.560 Pat Duckworth: we're almost at the end of the first section Christine and I let me just reassure all our listeners, we are going to talk about menopause but this background is really important, because this idea of taking time out.

00:28:07.920 --> 00:28:26.070 Pat Duckworth: This was 2018 I went up there, and that experience of being in the mountains of being with other like minded people, men and women taking that time out was really important to myself development on my sense of purpose it was very profound was no.

00:28:27.510 --> 00:28:29.010 Christine Powers: Well let's just put it this way.

00:28:30.480 --> 00:28:44.100 Christine Powers: I gave you what you needed, not what you wanted and you must have you must have thrived on it, because you've been back and you've agreed to sit by my side and facilitate the philosopher stamps this fall, so you couldn't have been through trauma.

00:28:46.710 --> 00:28:47.910 Pat Duckworth: I think you know.

00:28:48.450 --> 00:28:55.500 Pat Duckworth: it's very different, we have a lot last week, you know, there was some there was some tears, it was the Laughter

00:28:56.190 --> 00:28:57.450 Christine Powers: lot of screaming pat.

00:28:59.220 --> 00:29:00.000 Christine Powers: screaming.

00:29:00.390 --> 00:29:04.560 Christine Powers: But it was it was a God it was it was a.

00:29:06.150 --> 00:29:21.060 Christine Powers: It was as a facilitator, it was all I could do with Barbara to hold the you have an immense energy as a, as you know, who you are as a priest I don't know if you talk about that much on your show, but you are and.

00:29:22.440 --> 00:29:23.820 Christine Powers: To see what.

00:29:24.900 --> 00:29:30.930 Christine Powers: How you transcended yourself during that was astonishing and a privilege true privilege.

00:29:31.710 --> 00:29:36.930 Pat Duckworth: Thank you and thank you for creating it and bringing such amazing people together, it was.

00:29:37.290 --> 00:29:50.640 Pat Duckworth: A really profound experience i'm looking forward to being back there in September it's going to be wonderful we're going to a break now after the break, we will definitely talk about kicking and screaming into miracles see you after the break.

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00:31:53.790 --> 00:32:02.580 Pat Duckworth: Welcome back to the hot women rock radio show empowering women leaders at menopause where my guest today is Christine powers when I asked her.

00:32:02.910 --> 00:32:24.990 Pat Duckworth: What titles, give us, such as a spiritual constantly airy I thought it's just so, but to make me say sage and a guide for executive women so Christine when we first met you already knew that my specialism was menopause and that I could bang on about it for hours and you resisted me.

00:32:26.160 --> 00:32:27.600 Pat Duckworth: Why are you resisting.

00:32:28.740 --> 00:32:29.610 Christine Powers: being kind.

00:32:32.460 --> 00:32:40.350 Christine Powers: I were not allowed to swear on this show right, but I think my my catchphrase which you know I think he taught me was F menopause just.

00:32:43.410 --> 00:32:44.970 Christine Powers: yeah I was.

00:32:45.990 --> 00:32:48.720 Pat Duckworth: I mean, he was still everybody's young.

00:32:51.090 --> 00:33:01.230 Pat Duckworth: But I was just trying to prepare you but you really were resistant What was it about menopause that you didn't like the sound of.

00:33:02.310 --> 00:33:04.590 Christine Powers: Well, I really.

00:33:05.700 --> 00:33:20.040 Christine Powers: I have a lot of kind of Marilyn Monroe central energy about me and the thought of leaving you know the fertility goddess to the crone there was not, I mean just the language itself fertility goddess crone.

00:33:21.930 --> 00:33:42.060 Christine Powers: Like it's dry it's old it's cracked it's it's it's not useful it's not productive it was it was not it was horrifying to me it was an identity that I just didn't want to ever let go of and i'm still not letting go of i'm not fully into menopause yet.

00:33:44.490 --> 00:33:56.280 Christine Powers: In fact, I had a that was confirmed for me last week I I skinned by by the skin of my teeth having one productive day out of 365, but that means i'm still in perimenopause that.

00:33:57.240 --> 00:34:10.470 Pat Duckworth: It does because men are paul's is the the day, a year after your last period and have to wait at least the year, I said at least a year because you know those little hormones come.

00:34:10.950 --> 00:34:20.790 Pat Duckworth: Back in again and you end up with the unexpected friend and you're like Oh, really, and then you have to start counting again you reset the clock and count for another year.

00:34:21.240 --> 00:34:33.690 Pat Duckworth: But we talked about this before about how society cells as this kind of package of what life should be like for women, and then we have to reassess what that actually means.

00:34:34.800 --> 00:34:46.500 Christine Powers: You know, and I think it's a double whammy right now, especially for the gen X women like me i'm kind of the middle of the gen X generation and we're coming of age, so to speak, into menopause and.

00:34:48.480 --> 00:34:58.860 Christine Powers: The trap, the tragedy of menopause already not being welcomed and recognized, including by myself, coupled with these promises that were made to us.

00:34:59.340 --> 00:35:12.000 Christine Powers: That we should have it all we could have it all we would be the quintessential soccer mom and the lover and the wife and the CEO and you know it just wasn't true and so.

00:35:12.690 --> 00:35:24.750 Christine Powers: In my travels i've met so many women and the the kind of the catch all phrase that they all love and come up have come up with someone gave to me is i'm nearly there and i'm nearly dead.

00:35:25.320 --> 00:35:44.970 Christine Powers: yeah so couple that energy of battling feeling the beginnings of being irrelevant or tool to make a difference, but you haven't really made a difference, not being fulfilled with menopause and I think it's really difficult for women of this generation right now in particular.

00:35:45.660 --> 00:35:54.990 Pat Duckworth: yeah and I think that's something that, as a woman who's gone through the other side of this and it's not the dog write it for like five.

00:35:55.050 --> 00:35:56.460 Christine Powers: you read my mind literally.

00:35:56.550 --> 00:35:56.880 yeah.

00:35:58.530 --> 00:36:10.290 Pat Duckworth: I know you're into your science fiction is you know telling the story of this great over here, you know that this is where you can achieve your potential because you've let go of all the crap.

00:36:11.250 --> 00:36:21.180 Pat Duckworth: You know all the stuff that you were told that you had to care about all the caring that you had to do, and you know the catering less.

00:36:21.990 --> 00:36:36.030 Pat Duckworth: is so important, and I think that's the story that women like myself, have to tell i've done i've been way more productive and done so much more this side of multiples that I did the other side of it.

00:36:37.740 --> 00:36:40.890 Pat Duckworth: So i'm just wondering what amazing things you're going to do.

00:36:41.940 --> 00:36:42.180 Pat Duckworth: Next.

00:36:47.310 --> 00:36:48.090 year you.

00:36:49.470 --> 00:37:04.770 Christine Powers: I hear you and your it's funny i'm triggered i'm like I don't buy it but but I get it, though, because it's coming and it's here, and you know i've had to acquiesce to physical changes that I just can't you know.

00:37:05.850 --> 00:37:12.690 Christine Powers: I can't get back like I used to be a really good tennis player now I can't even play on the Court, you know the body is changing and.

00:37:13.320 --> 00:37:18.870 Christine Powers: You know the body is going to do its thing and it's going to lead the way and so i'm not.

00:37:19.800 --> 00:37:36.420 Christine Powers: to the point where i've surrendered that I could, at this point, I can only make it difficult for myself, rather than embrace what you're saying there is a freedom with that and I I can feel it I can touch it I can prepare for it right.

00:37:37.410 --> 00:37:38.970 Christine Powers: yeah yeah.

00:37:39.270 --> 00:37:51.960 Pat Duckworth: And you know it is that thing about really growing into your becoming know you said, the body leads it actually it's a real cooperation between the body in the mind.

00:37:52.470 --> 00:38:02.670 Pat Duckworth: Because I never was concerned about going through this, and so my brain was like right what comes next let's go and do what comes next rather than.

00:38:03.120 --> 00:38:25.440 Pat Duckworth: You know the grief and the sadness around the part that was being left behind so don't just think this is physical is very much a spiritual a mental thing as well, and you develop this part of philosophers camp, the compass about the modern day compass that you develop.

00:38:25.950 --> 00:38:28.080 Christine Powers: Well, I think that's one of the things.

00:38:29.130 --> 00:38:43.110 Christine Powers: For you know, one of the tips for everyone listening is find a tool any tool right any tool to bring you to your Center and to thrive in our chaotic world because, unless we turn inward.

00:38:43.860 --> 00:38:54.120 Christine Powers: If we looked for external signals and stimuli and guidance you're sunk it's just it's a cacophony of information literally bombarding our cognitive minds.

00:38:54.720 --> 00:39:09.390 Christine Powers: So the the compass is a beautiful simple tool that has well it's kind of like a set of tarot cards, but it's it's based on nature and then 12 essential qualities of mastery.

00:39:11.250 --> 00:39:18.300 Christine Powers: And, and so it's the tool that we use it philosophers camp, as your internal positioning system at all times.

00:39:18.720 --> 00:39:32.670 Christine Powers: And it's very beautiful and it's based on the rhythms and the seasons and it's based on a lot of existential and metaphysical teachings that have just permeated my being for decades so it's this gorgeous little.

00:39:34.740 --> 00:39:37.950 Christine Powers: gosh it's almost kind of game it's almost like a game in a way, you know.

00:39:39.540 --> 00:39:41.700 Christine Powers: That you can play with yourself.

00:39:44.070 --> 00:39:49.350 Christine Powers: To always know where you are within yourself how you're feeling about something what might be coming next.

00:39:49.830 --> 00:39:59.880 Christine Powers: So it's a tool for anchoring yourself into your own stability your own presence and for pulling you forward and for also kind of diagnosing.

00:40:00.390 --> 00:40:15.210 Christine Powers: where you are emotionally at any given moment, to which is super helpful because you and I both know that and I bet many of your listeners that the moment you can name, something it automatically begins to take to take the power away it's not clear it completely huh.

00:40:15.870 --> 00:40:28.830 Pat Duckworth: yeah and one of the areas of campus is the area of the naturalist and I don't like my guardian zone, because for me nature, so when we're talking about tools.

00:40:29.310 --> 00:40:44.100 Pat Duckworth: Like nature can be a tool that will help you through this being in nature appreciating it just noticing it being mindful can be one of your tools, just as you know, creativity can be at all.

00:40:45.600 --> 00:40:55.050 Pat Duckworth: Being able to journal to paint to whatever to get the feelings out there can be a tool as well, are there any other tools that you've started using.

00:40:56.160 --> 00:41:04.800 Christine Powers: yeah I you know I think I think the other thing is in in conjunction with getting a tool and a tool, find a community.

00:41:05.190 --> 00:41:12.450 Christine Powers: You know, when you talked about the LGBT Q early in the show, in particular, finding a safe places and services.

00:41:13.260 --> 00:41:20.040 Christine Powers: it's so important for us to gather together in Community whatever that looks like for you, but a place.

00:41:20.400 --> 00:41:33.540 Christine Powers: where you can have sat sang, which is a Sanskrit word for sacred conversation where you share truth, so a place where you can unburden your heart, where you can be uplifted where you can be seen and see.

00:41:34.110 --> 00:41:46.740 Christine Powers: And so that's the other way that you're going to get through this world and you're going to get through menopause is you know, for you and I it's laughing all the way for me it's laughing and you make me laugh and.

00:41:48.090 --> 00:41:50.550 Christine Powers: So I think you know, a tool and a tool.

00:41:51.960 --> 00:42:02.100 Christine Powers: Community and then the other thing you said earlier in the show, I want to circle back to which ties in with gen X women is be kind to each other i'm.

00:42:02.760 --> 00:42:13.980 Christine Powers: In my i'm writing a book about this, and in my interviews so many women voluntarily tell me that they've never felt supported by other gen X women, they have felt.

00:42:15.270 --> 00:42:31.890 Christine Powers: Competitive or, even worse, and so I think for gen X women, in particular, who are now going through menopause kindness is a double a double thing yeah yeah we've never been particularly kind to one another and then, in this instance to to see that sisterhood.

00:42:33.060 --> 00:42:37.950 Christine Powers: You know, and in an inevitable sisterhood of this experience.

00:42:38.700 --> 00:42:46.770 Pat Duckworth: I can only reinforce that I just think it's so important that women who feel supported have a much better experience of men, a pause.

00:42:47.250 --> 00:42:52.950 Pat Duckworth: supported at home supported in the workplace supported amongst their friends.

00:42:53.640 --> 00:43:02.760 Pat Duckworth: And as women, we really need to support each other and be non judgmental that's The other thing I would add to that thing he was saying about community.

00:43:03.060 --> 00:43:11.400 Pat Duckworth: Non judgmental space where it doesn't matter what somebody says you just accept that's the way they're feeling that's how it is for them.

00:43:11.910 --> 00:43:22.170 Pat Duckworth: And if we can do that for other women will world will be a much nicer place I think that's The other thing about menopause is that you're not competing for many.

00:43:23.400 --> 00:43:23.970 Pat Duckworth: let it go.

00:43:25.560 --> 00:43:29.520 Christine Powers: Can I can I inject something kind of cool one of the one of the.

00:43:31.290 --> 00:43:47.700 Christine Powers: Did I was able to embrace chrome was when you informed me that I think it was you, but that the crone in the tribe was the one who because she couldn't get pregnant anymore was the one who taught all the young men, the art of lovemaking that works.

00:43:47.940 --> 00:43:48.630 yeah.

00:43:50.160 --> 00:43:59.310 Pat Duckworth: Also on the show the other week I can't remember who my guest was it might have been Terry William and actually who said that chrome was a corruption of crowned.

00:43:59.760 --> 00:44:14.580 Pat Duckworth: The initial manic practices for women went who went through menopause work frowned they were the Queens of the tribe, so if you think of it as crowned rather than chrome and I think that is rather lovely.

00:44:14.940 --> 00:44:24.690 Christine Powers: Do thing is i've shifted it to elder right, you know elder is is there's something about yeah it's it's a energy that I can embrace much more readily.

00:44:25.140 --> 00:44:35.370 Pat Duckworth: yeah yeah good because there aren't many positive words around this winning some more positive words join us off the brake when we'll be hearing christine's talk to see you after the break.

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00:46:34.170 --> 00:46:45.300 Pat Duckworth: Welcome back to the hot women rock radio show and powering women leaders at menopause where my guest today is Christine powers up at her lovely retreat up in the adirondacks mountains.

00:46:45.600 --> 00:46:50.670 Pat Duckworth: Where I will be at philosophers camp in September and i'm looking forward to it already.

00:46:51.600 --> 00:47:00.660 Pat Duckworth: So, Christine you talked about having Community where you can talk about these things, and you created a community of women out philosophers camp.

00:47:01.080 --> 00:47:12.150 Pat Duckworth: And we heard and, within that Community I was talking about this Liverpool see really interrupts your sex life and your beto and I said Okay, well then let's have an hour.

00:47:12.630 --> 00:47:24.720 Pat Duckworth: And I will tell you all about how to look after yourself in terms of your sex drive and libido at menopause and we had a really good session, and it was very open and we called it.

00:47:27.210 --> 00:47:28.620 Christine Powers: honey that team should come up.

00:47:30.810 --> 00:47:34.080 Christine Powers: But this is not just me there were others with me.

00:47:35.760 --> 00:47:45.030 Pat Duckworth: But this is what's important when you can say, instead of trying to hide these things, accepting that all women are experiencing it let's talk about it let's.

00:47:45.330 --> 00:47:58.320 Pat Duckworth: let's get it all out there and find out what we can do about it, and you know sympathize and so, for you, what is somebody being kind to you at this stage of life, what does kind look like.

00:48:00.840 --> 00:48:05.250 Christine Powers: You know, actually I wish men would listen to the show because I.

00:48:05.250 --> 00:48:15.270 Christine Powers: feel that is something to say directly to my spouse and other spouses and you know the mood thing is real.

00:48:16.560 --> 00:48:20.250 Christine Powers: it's rapid and it's difficult.

00:48:22.560 --> 00:48:36.630 Christine Powers: it's intense and it doesn't mean that I need to be committed it doesn't mean that I need therapy, but it took it, but when it first starts happening, especially for one who.

00:48:37.320 --> 00:48:49.080 Christine Powers: The right so as a spiritual teacher right the immediate thing I did was turned on myself right I wasn't kind to myself about it, like what the heck is wrong with you like, how can you hold yourself out as a spiritual teacher when you're losing it.

00:48:49.830 --> 00:49:02.250 Christine Powers: That was the first thing so be kind to yourself and with listening to this show cultivate your awareness that of what it could be could be hormonally driven right.

00:49:03.390 --> 00:49:09.630 Christine Powers: Second, educate your spouse right if they're not going to listen to a show like this it's up to us to educate them.

00:49:10.680 --> 00:49:21.660 Christine Powers: which we have subsequently done and it has enhanced our relationship, and so I think those are two really good things around the mood in particular and kindness yeah.

00:49:22.110 --> 00:49:41.610 Pat Duckworth: I think it's a kindness just to listen to somebody nonjudgmentally just listen if somebody says oh i'm going through this and you can say okay tell me more about that and just let somebody just vent what they're experiencing because feeling listen to.

00:49:42.690 --> 00:49:47.640 Pat Duckworth: be really important, particularly if somebody decided to open up about it.

00:49:48.810 --> 00:49:49.830 Christine Powers: And I would.

00:49:50.940 --> 00:49:51.960 Christine Powers: Add to that.

00:49:53.010 --> 00:49:57.720 Christine Powers: Which is a reminder, I often have to give myself being kind of exuberant and.

00:49:58.590 --> 00:50:08.640 Christine Powers: I share a lot is listen without inserting yourself into the story, let it be their story, let it be their time let it be sacred for them, where you create.

00:50:09.030 --> 00:50:18.660 Christine Powers: A sacred container to just you know hold them in love and not make it about you, because that shifts the energy and it's not as healing for someone when you do that.

00:50:19.380 --> 00:50:25.320 Pat Duckworth: yeah I think that's really important that whole thing of oh yeah I had that that for voice in it, when I had.

00:50:27.660 --> 00:50:29.130 Christine Powers: spent three days in the hospital.

00:50:31.830 --> 00:50:36.390 Pat Duckworth: You got the blue tablets I got the red tablets way stronger than the blue time I.

00:50:38.700 --> 00:50:39.540 Pat Duckworth: don't know where.

00:50:40.860 --> 00:50:43.080 Pat Duckworth: you've done a lot of changes haven't you you've.

00:50:43.320 --> 00:50:51.930 Pat Duckworth: yeah you've not to your nutrition you've looked at your exercise what else have you been doing to support yourself and be kind to yourself.

00:50:52.050 --> 00:50:55.680 Christine Powers: yeah um what's what's fascinating.

00:50:57.510 --> 00:51:06.570 Christine Powers: We don't need to go into it, but, but just to share that I had a i'm just on the fourth or fifth month on the backside of being sick for over a year.

00:51:07.230 --> 00:51:23.280 Christine Powers: turns out, I had long term undiagnosed lyme disease and a tularemia, which is an infection that they attacked my nervous system, but I also had wicked wicked symptoms of menopause at the same time and will never be able to tease it out.

00:51:24.660 --> 00:51:33.840 Christine Powers: But that catapulted me into a whole bunch of changes, one is no no alcohol no alcohol, ladies no alcohol and.

00:51:33.930 --> 00:51:35.130 Pat Duckworth: I told you that would you.

00:51:36.120 --> 00:51:36.660 know.

00:51:40.710 --> 00:51:57.060 Christine Powers: I didn't listen um and I am one month into an experiment of a compounding prescription for bio identical and for me it's it's profits profoundly altering already.

00:51:57.570 --> 00:52:16.920 Christine Powers: it's like finding kind of the energy signature of myself in my 30s and early 40s of I just have more get up and go everywhere, I have get up and go and my thoughts nothing exhaust me the way it like just thinking about projects would exhaust me right um and also.

00:52:18.270 --> 00:52:20.880 Christine Powers: Again, this could have been related to the illness but I.

00:52:22.380 --> 00:52:25.230 Christine Powers: started to look at my husband across the room like oh my.

00:52:27.540 --> 00:52:34.650 Christine Powers: Oh, my I haven't seen you for a while I look at you sitting over there, my libido is lifting my energy is lifting.

00:52:35.910 --> 00:52:38.640 Christine Powers: I wouldn't say the fog is lifted, but there's just more.

00:52:40.260 --> 00:52:52.110 Christine Powers: and get up and go is the way I describe it, so I would encourage women to you know explore with their practitioner bio identical I talked about it with my functional medicine doctor.

00:52:52.830 --> 00:53:03.090 Christine Powers: A year ago, and she said you're not healthy enough, we need to get you healthy enough, and then we can experiment and for me it's going great check in with me a couple of months months from now, and I can share more.

00:53:03.570 --> 00:53:17.730 Pat Duckworth: yeah with bio identical i've talked to quite a few Ob gyn ends in America they're very cautious about it because of the way they compounded and that there isn't the same amount of.

00:53:18.570 --> 00:53:33.810 Pat Duckworth: Regulation around it, so if you're thinking about bio identical then do talk to a medical practitioner don't look at something online or you know do your research properly and talk about it with an expert before you go into that but.

00:53:34.110 --> 00:53:37.650 Pat Duckworth: You know, supplementing those hormones can be really helpful.

00:53:38.580 --> 00:53:51.240 Christine Powers: When I when I got my prescription I spent 15 minutes, with the pharmacist and she gave me a really deep talk and it was fascinating path because she said, looking at the script it's very customized and she said.

00:53:51.930 --> 00:53:58.680 Christine Powers: This would tell me that you've been on the backside of a serious illness and I was just amazed what that told me was the thought.

00:53:59.190 --> 00:54:11.280 Christine Powers: That had gone into it from my practitioner to her and the expertise that she that she had and it, it was a kind of off the cuff statement but it brought me a lot of comfort that I was in good hands.

00:54:11.490 --> 00:54:24.840 Pat Duckworth: yeah excellent, so I know time is going to just skip away from us here people listening if they've been inspired to find out more about philosophers calm or to talk to you about it, how do they do that.

00:54:26.010 --> 00:54:28.770 Christine Powers: So if you want to tackle me come to.

00:54:30.300 --> 00:54:37.860 Christine Powers: Go to Christie and and philosopher scamp also has its own website philosophers camp calm.

00:54:39.060 --> 00:54:55.800 Pat Duckworth: yeah lovely and yet I will be there for to force was camps in September, so if you want to find out from me what it's like thing contact me and I will tell you even about my experience and how I came to love the two white fluffy caterpillars on the outside.

00:54:58.350 --> 00:55:06.750 Pat Duckworth: Christine it's been so great to have you as a guest I just love you to bits and thank you for sharing it because you know, not everybody.

00:55:07.230 --> 00:55:12.120 Pat Duckworth: feels prepared for multiples and it's good to talk about how you can end up kicking and screaming.

00:55:13.020 --> 00:55:28.410 Pat Duckworth: Before we end today's show, I just want to say stay listening for the next show which is Reverend Dr tlc talking about dismantle racism healing separation from the inside out I mentioned last week that she was launching her book on the 18th of.

00:55:29.250 --> 00:55:38.130 Pat Duckworth: April called dismantling racism and it became a number one bestseller yea it may number one in various categories in the UK yay.

00:55:38.670 --> 00:55:42.780 Pat Duckworth: it's an excellent book do go look that great congratulations.

00:55:43.200 --> 00:55:54.270 Pat Duckworth: To Dr carolyn that is a really excellent it's a subject that we need to keep talking about not think that we've sorted it we haven't sorted it and in the UK, we need to be talking about it as well.

00:55:54.900 --> 00:56:09.270 Pat Duckworth: So well done Reverend Dr carolyn Thank you very much to dylan stay, who has been my producer if you've missed any of the previous episodes of hot women rock where have you been go back to talk radio dot.

00:56:10.020 --> 00:56:18.240 Pat Duckworth: nyc forward slash hot women rock you can find previous episodes there where we've talked about Chico we've talked about yoga.

00:56:18.630 --> 00:56:26.850 Pat Duckworth: talks about nutrition next week my lovely guests will be from Cheshire fire service or serving firefighter and.

00:56:27.270 --> 00:56:35.100 Pat Duckworth: Equality and Diversity officer who we're going to be talking all about how they've implemented multiples in the workplace, one of my favorite subjects.

00:56:35.550 --> 00:56:51.600 Pat Duckworth: You will find out more about me packed up and otherwise have a wonderful week Thank you against my guest Christine powers do connect with her find out that philosophers cam and I will see you next week same time same BAT channel.

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