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Wednesday, September 7, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/09/07 - Kota the Comfort Dog

Facebook Live Video from 2022/09/07 - Kota the Comfort Dog


2022/09/07 - Kota the Comfort Dog

[New Episode] Kota the Comfort Dog


Listen to uplifting true stories of how Kota the comfort dog has helped hurting people during their toughest times. We will also discuss how Kota, who has helped so many families, was in fact slated to be killed at a shelter, how he was saved and how we can move toward a no-kill society. After all, we owe it to all the Kota's of the world! 


Animals possess an indisputable healing power. Lots of comfort dogs are another shining example of what an incredible impact animals can have on us mentally, emotionally and yes, even physically. Even in our darkest hours, they can lift our spirits and even provide a sense that everything is going to be okay.

EPISODE QUOTE: Fostering literally saves lives. 


Tune in for this heart-felt conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Tommy and Valerie celebrated their first anniversary of PALS. They welcome their guest Peter Moloney of Moloney funeral home. Peter tells Valerie and Tommy how Kota was rescued and brought home for Thanksgiving. Peter worked with Sublime Canine and trained Kota to become a therapy dog. Valerie breaks down the different responsibilities of an emotional support animal and points out there are rankings of a service animal.

Segment 2

Peter shares the origins of his family business that originated in the 1930s. Valerie advocates for shelter reform because of cases like Kota who was scheduled to be put down before she was saved by Peter’s family. Valerie asks Peter if he can imagine life without Kota, which reminds him of a time he lost Kota for eight hours in the woods. It was one of the scariest moments, Peter says. Peter tells Valerie and Tommy about the impact Kota has made on his clients. He shares some personal stories of Kota at the funeral home.

Segment 3

Peter talks about the loving relationship between his staff and Kota. The staff is always excited to see Kota. They have treats waiting for him at their desk. Peter admits that working at a funeral home can be hard at the time, but having Kota there really brightens people’s day. Peter talks about his daughter, who has become a foster parent to multiple animals. Valerie says that fostering saves lives. Tommy and Valerie, both being advocates for networking, asked Peter what or who could help his business flourish. Peter talks about the different businesses he works with and the resources the funeral home offers. He says he did an annual softball game for the cause Dying to Live. Dying to Live is a cause for parents who suffered a child’s death from a drug overdose. Peter goes on to talk about the different causes Moloney supports and advocates for.

Segment 4

Peter encourages the audience to plan for the funeral service because it’s something we all have to face eventually. He says it’s the best thing we can do for our family because we are preparing them for the future. Peter says a plan is a way to protect your family from any hardship. He says you can expect confusion and money problems when dealing with funeral services. Valerie shares a personal experience in planning a funeral and says most of the emotional moments came when her mother didn’t know what her father would want.


00:00:50.700 --> 00:01:04.459 Tommy DiMisa: Whathop world! I'm laughing at your boy. The non-profit sector connector coming out here, you know top of my house will roof in the out of the show how to breath the show it's called the professionals and animal lovers show when I chuckle, because our guest and friend

00:01:04.470 --> 00:01:17.389 Tommy DiMisa: Malone is is chown out on popcorn, and all it's doing for me is making me super jealous man. I got to be honest with you, so not to like put story under the boss, as they say in the business. But I yeah, thank you.

00:01:17.400 --> 00:01:34.400 Tommy DiMisa: I think we're we're not there technology-wise, where we can get to a point where you can get hand me a pass or a piece of popcorn through the E or through the Internet just yet. But I actually I I can imagine that microwave popcorn in the house. I should actually text somebody who's downstairs and have a makeup makes a

00:01:34.410 --> 00:01:38.310 Tommy DiMisa: and this is pals. What What's the name of the show it to me. This is

00:01:38.340 --> 00:01:51.240 Tommy DiMisa: the professionals and animal lovers show. I look at our website. It says we believe that the bond between animals is incredibly strong. Let's support one another so that everyone wins,

00:01:51.290 --> 00:01:53.689 Valerie Heffron: especially the animals.

00:01:53.700 --> 00:02:11.459 Tommy DiMisa: That was sort of like a remix. I didn't kind of set you up like that because I was reading off the website now where I from Green and and I I the post I almost like i'm like forecast to flex. I almost read what was in the parentheses, which is actually what you're supposed to read. Let's just get it together. This show, this community, this this whole like

00:02:11.490 --> 00:02:29.989 Tommy DiMisa: journey, Val, that we're on together, and I considered a journey, and I I don't i'm not big on putting like post on Facebook when you put, though last week that this was our show anniversary of one year, which is weird to me that that was a year, because I remember standing in front of a seven eleven in bayside You weren't There I was there,

00:02:30.000 --> 00:02:41.290 Tommy DiMisa: and I was on the phone with you and Sam Leibowitz, and we were figuring this out like July of last year, like we really want to do this show. But we're working the details out. And now we've been doing it for a year. That's just crazy. How fast time flies! Right

00:02:41.300 --> 00:02:55.409 Valerie Heffron: it was. It's like a blink, and the community that we're building, and this is one of the reasons why i'm so excited. To have Peter Maloney on is because he's an example of

00:02:55.420 --> 00:03:09.419 Valerie Heffron: the types of people and professionals that we are attracting to the shelf people who from all walks of life, you know lawyers, realtors, you know, financial people, website people, whatever.

00:03:09.430 --> 00:03:22.919 Tommy DiMisa: There's animal lovers all over the place. They cross every walk of life, every vocation, every young to all spectrums, and they are magical. So to build this community

00:03:22.930 --> 00:03:33.889 and to gone our attention to people who have compassion for the animals. It's just been magical. I even wrote something down, actually, that I wanted to just say, really quick,

00:03:34.090 --> 00:03:53.169 Valerie Heffron: Um! We are creating a compassionate community, and we are impacting businesses. I just got a call the other day from someone who watched the show who wanted the contact information of an attorney who we had on because she wants to hire her. Amazing

00:03:53.180 --> 00:03:59.890 Tommy DiMisa: This is you did it, Val, like that was the whole thing that was your

00:03:59.900 --> 00:04:04.799 Tommy DiMisa: there was Also, we're bettering the lives of animals through

00:04:04.810 --> 00:04:27.000 Valerie Heffron: whether it's individual choices like we just started eating our dog or a raw diet which we were, we were making our own dough for for years, but because of J. Of the certified ped nutritionist that we had on, and because of Rob, who owns the canon shop, which is a raw food, you know, brick and water stores.

00:04:27.010 --> 00:04:44.389 Valerie Heffron: Um, We did a lot of research, and we started doing it, and it it's So we're really having this impact. And I'm just thrilled because it is our pleasure, certainly, to to cast that spotlight on, to people doing great things for animals.

00:04:44.400 --> 00:04:49.330 Tommy DiMisa: Yes, and you know again, this is Val's vision, and you know

00:04:49.340 --> 00:05:10.300 Tommy DiMisa: credit where credits do value. Tell me I was like kind of the gotta push you into getting into doing this, and not like saying no anymore. And but but honestly, you know much of that community piece. I I say, is it was your vision, and I will say this because I just know as a network or as a connector that's who I am. That's what i'm all about. I um.

00:05:10.310 --> 00:05:15.789 Tommy DiMisa: It was a Saturday morning. Quick story, everybody. Because this is how we get to me, Peter Maloney. This doesn't happen one Saturday morning.

00:05:15.800 --> 00:05:36.790 Tommy DiMisa: It's a Saturday morning ball, I left my house at two thirty A. M. I shot out to Long Island City Queens because I had a walk for an organization called Solid's House. Okay, I do this walk. I help out. I volunteer, and I leave Long Island City, and I go to like, Be sure Long Island and i'm out of Patrol Long Island for another walk for an organization a veterans organization called Operation Best, and when

00:05:36.800 --> 00:05:53.330 Tommy DiMisa: there was somebody that came up to sing the National Anthem and I and levy you probably listening in red, you know that's all. She was the lady in red that day. She had this red dress on, and she sang did a great job singing the Nationalist, and then

00:05:53.400 --> 00:06:09.690 Tommy DiMisa: um! We started chatting because i'm there serving Italian. I just shout out to my dad, Ralph Sisters Huntington donating the Isis to the nonprofits. I'd say, Oh, I got it. You need to know my friend, my partner, Valerie, because you guys are gonna at Val, I said. You're gonna love each other, I mean, I think I

00:06:09.700 --> 00:06:31.840 Tommy DiMisa: I was like texting. I'm like, Oh, my God! And and and hung out me while I was like scooping the Isis. So we got to know each other with chat and and um, and that's how we get to meet Peter, because she told us about you which told us about you and your organization in the family business. So, without like dancing around it anymore. Let's get Peter into this conversation,

00:06:31.850 --> 00:06:50.629 Tommy DiMisa: Maloney Maloney funeral homes. I like, I said, and we we we just. We had the opportunity, you and I and vowed to meet about three weeks ago, when we did our event here on the island. But what you've done specifically to the animals for the animals or for your clients. Really with coda. We're going to be coda right?

00:06:50.950 --> 00:06:53.989 Pete Moloney : Well, Code, is He's right behind me right here, You see that?

00:06:54.000 --> 00:06:58.890 Tommy DiMisa: Yeah, See? I think It's the right there. Yeah, I I still suppose K. Is getting his nails done today.

00:06:58.900 --> 00:07:02.400 Tommy DiMisa: Oh, okay, I mean no judgment,

00:07:02.410 --> 00:07:08.720 Tommy DiMisa: but no judgment. I mean,

00:07:08.730 --> 00:07:26.790 Tommy DiMisa: it's important. It'll be painful as they grow too long. But I just yeah, Anne Levy, I I feel such an affinity for her, and before I even met her. I felt super close, but to finish real quick the background and worked for you, Peter, right for a very long time.

00:07:26.800 --> 00:07:37.300 Pete Moloney : Yes, Maloney owns is the owner, operator of Maloney Funeral Homes, and they have, I believe, five locations predominantly.

00:07:37.310 --> 00:07:43.409 Pete Moloney : That's what i'm gonna apologize. Okay. So i'd like to have a county New York, and

00:07:43.420 --> 00:08:02.940 Valerie Heffron: you know, Ann was a funeral director. Talk about compassion. That is a very important characteristic in that business, and without any further ado I really would like to introduce you, Peter. And also, you know, Let's Let's talk about your wonderful comfort. Zone. Coda:

00:08:03.200 --> 00:08:08.290 Pete Moloney : Yeah. So you know it's interesting. If he were here he'd be eating this popcorn alongside.

00:08:08.300 --> 00:08:11.379 Pete Moloney : That's whatever I eat I share with

00:08:11.390 --> 00:08:12.090 Valerie Heffron: it is

00:08:12.100 --> 00:08:20.619 Pete Moloney : he is the best. He was at work last night, and he brought such an element

00:08:20.640 --> 00:08:25.140 Pete Moloney : a different element into the funeral home last night. I mean he was just.

00:08:25.610 --> 00:08:31.130 Pete Moloney : It's just so warm. He walked right up to people, and he'll lean on him and share it to share his love.

00:08:31.190 --> 00:08:35.580 Pete Moloney : And uh, it's just that It's just a wonderful, wonderful experience, and

00:08:35.750 --> 00:08:45.149 Pete Moloney : you know amazingly, he was this: coda was was rescued from a kennel down in southern Arkansas

00:08:45.290 --> 00:09:01.320 Pete Moloney : many years ago. My daughter, my daughter, who actually adopts ah puppies or foster she's she's a foster parent, and she brought the dog in because they were going to put coat and down.

00:09:01.600 --> 00:09:17.269 Pete Moloney : She grabbed the dog with her roommates, and she brought Code a home at Thanksgiving. Can you tell me at that point in time how old, approximately photo was?

00:09:17.360 --> 00:09:30.790 Pete Moloney : He was a puppy. Ah, okay, He was a puppy he was he he he's! Ah, he was a puppy when she rescued him and um, and then she brought him home to New York, and

00:09:31.500 --> 00:09:49.810 Pete Moloney : when she went back to college he stayed with me and my wife, and and we raised him

00:09:49.820 --> 00:10:09.989 Pete Moloney : and um! I was in in Florida with another friend of mine who's from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and um, and he has a grief dog, and we're having dinner, he said. You need to get a grief, but we need it. You need to train that dog, and you need to bring him into the funeral because people are gonna love it. And I thought, Oh, my Gosh! That's an awful lot of work.

00:10:10.000 --> 00:10:22.990 Pete Moloney : This is going to be work. So I went home. I went home, and I had this big family meeting with my wife and the kids, I said, Well, we're gonna get together, and we're gonna train this dog, and they're like, yeah,

00:10:24.200 --> 00:10:27.450 Tommy DiMisa: And then it all fell on.

00:10:27.490 --> 00:10:29.489 Pete Moloney : No,

00:10:29.500 --> 00:10:48.940 Pete Moloney : you know. Ah, so Ah, you know who is really wonderful with with helping me, though, was was a sublime canine. And and right there yes, of mine canine. They're actually in Nassau County. So um! So I worked with them, and we trained for months and months with Coda

00:10:48.950 --> 00:11:12.250 Pete Moloney : and um to to get him, so that he would be ready to see families, and and then he was tested, and everything we did all that, and and trained him up for four times a day, fifteen minutes a day every day for about six months, and then I had a hand, or come in once a week to work with me and um, you know this was all given my background.

00:11:12.260 --> 00:11:30.189 Pete Moloney : I'm a marker. I I I like to have a business degree, and and marketing is my background. But I thought I Well, this is great. I'm gonna get some pink on this, and i'm gonna get some papers to write about the dog, and it'll be the first one on Long Island, and then after that I really didn't care. So

00:11:30.200 --> 00:11:38.520 Pete Moloney : at first, so long story short, I come in. I bring the dog to the funeral home for the first time.

00:11:39.610 --> 00:11:57.820 Pete Moloney : The lady's holding the dog, she's crying and holding the dog, and i'm like this is unbelievable. So. Uh that's how it really started, and he's been amazing. He's got it. He wears a vest

00:11:57.840 --> 00:12:09.390 Pete Moloney : and um! It's an American flag He loves veterans. You know someone wants some. Some lady said. Well, how do you know he likes veterans? I said he told me. What do you think

00:12:09.400 --> 00:12:25.810 Pete Moloney : you told me? He likes better. Look, he he double his nest, so he a nice laugh out of that and um, but but you know it's his pet. Please pet me. I'm friendly, because money many times, you know, dogs invest, and you know support dogs. They don't want you to handle

00:12:25.820 --> 00:12:32.579 Pete Moloney : right. Resign on him to um to it says, Please pet me. I'm friendly.

00:12:32.590 --> 00:12:33.490 Pete Moloney : So

00:12:33.500 --> 00:12:36.520 Valerie Heffron: so many questions already. Um!

00:12:37.100 --> 00:12:47.370 Pete Moloney : Getting back to the designation, is it? He's an official grief to it, or is it a therapy dog, or is it a

00:12:47.650 --> 00:12:51.869 Pete Moloney : I call him like he's a grief dog. He's a grief. Therapy.

00:12:52.800 --> 00:12:55.560 Valerie Heffron: How old was he when he started the training.

00:12:56.190 --> 00:12:59.590 Pete Moloney : He was. Um, just a little over a year old.

00:12:59.600 --> 00:13:10.490 Valerie Heffron: Okay. So still, pretty much a puppy is there like a cuddle of her age, like if you wanted to start training your eleven-year-old dog to become a grief like. Is that too late?

00:13:10.500 --> 00:13:13.089 Valerie Heffron: Too late? Okay. So

00:13:13.100 --> 00:13:17.989 Pete Moloney : you need to you need to. I mean. This is just my opinion. My opinion is that

00:13:18.000 --> 00:13:42.589 Pete Moloney : that if you're going to train your dog you need to start right away. I mean, if you want to. You want him to be a therapy dog. You need to start out, and a very young young it's a sort of personality. Oh, yeah, Have a certain disposition in order to do those things. No. And you train a dog later on in life and certain things. Yeah, I don't know. I don't know if you can train that train a dog a there to be a therapy dog when you're up in age they want to inform the develop.

00:13:42.600 --> 00:13:55.390 Tommy DiMisa: I mean. I don't know a lot about things, but I know you can't teach an old dog new tricks i'm not sure about, but I believe when it's when it comes to tricks. If the dog is old you can't teach him new ones.

00:13:55.400 --> 00:14:11.340 Tommy DiMisa: Oh, I know that that all through for me, certainly. But um, Yeah, you know. Look the reason I'm asking prior to hearing about coda, I believe I've heard of it was So there's

00:14:11.350 --> 00:14:25.489 Pete Moloney : emotional support animals. Then there's service animals. Then there's therapy right animals. And then there's things like bomb sipping dogs and drugs.

00:14:25.500 --> 00:14:27.759 Tommy DiMisa: Right? So there's all of these like

00:14:27.940 --> 00:14:43.090 different um designations, and some of them are taken more seriously than others. For example, an Esa and emotional support animal, which I basically believe every animal is kind of an emotional smile. But anyway,

00:14:43.100 --> 00:15:01.899 Valerie Heffron: um, you know, you can't really travel with that like there's a lot of hotels or flights. They'll just tell you. Okay, this is not a service animal. So there's all these different levels. Which is why I think the delineation is important, so that people don't think. Oh, I can just call my dog

00:15:01.910 --> 00:15:05.579 Valerie Heffron: a therapy dog, and bring him to work with me. You know what I mean.

00:15:05.590 --> 00:15:27.490 Tommy DiMisa: There is a process in place. I love you also. I think we should explore that. All right. Yeah, I'm gonna I Just we're gonna think about. Okay, I'd love to explore that on another show. Let's bring on somebody who knows those different designations. So yeah to the Internet, if you uh, if you are a specialist in those different variations or designations of what a third dog is a grief dog is a

00:15:27.500 --> 00:15:34.390 Tommy DiMisa: I'm sniffing dog, if that's its own. I'm guessing that's its own thing. Well, come, let us know, and we'll bring you on the show, and you can show us.

00:15:34.400 --> 00:16:04.260 Tommy DiMisa: Shout out to sublime canine. I shared it on Facebook's live canine, dog training. Dot com! Shout out to you all we look forward to connecting with you. We don't know you yet, you know, Peter. Thanks for watching for y'all, so we'll connect uh Peter Maloney is here. Maloney Funeral homes, seven locations on Long Island. Um, look! When you have that situation at the loss of life, you need somebody who's really going to want to connect with you, Be compassionate. And what better way to have beautiful, colder looking up at you, and give you

00:16:04.270 --> 00:16:10.589 Tommy DiMisa: a hug when you need one more than ever. We will be right back. This is Kyle's professionals, and out of a lovely show

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00:18:24.200 --> 00:18:31.050 Tommy DiMisa: and we are. We've returned professionals and animal. We're sure we're back i'm sharing the website

00:18:31.060 --> 00:18:53.890 Tommy DiMisa: for the Maloney Family Funeral home. And there's a video on there. You can check out right now, but you don't have to watch now, because we're live, and we have Peter here, and we're gonna talk about coda and things of that nature, and how code has made an impact. But before we do that now. I know you have a lot of questions because we always have a lot of questions. So together we probably have like two million questions. But I want a Peter if you could, because I think it's so important

00:18:54.470 --> 00:18:57.639 Tommy DiMisa: in my own estimation of business,

00:18:58.210 --> 00:19:06.639 Tommy DiMisa: What a business has made it through multiple generations. I love that story, you know. I have a friend who has a company he's up in

00:19:06.730 --> 00:19:28.290 Tommy DiMisa: up in the Bronx Punch Market, and his grand great grandfather used to go through the streets of New York City with bags of lemons selling lemons, and now they own a big major produce company, and they'd say their stories. It all started with eleven because it started with the old man in New York City selling lemons. So I wonder can you tell us the Genesis story about this family business.

00:19:28.300 --> 00:19:47.779 Pete Moloney : Sure you can. Sure that's that's a really It's a really great story, too. My grandfather came over from Ireland, and He settled in Central Islam in the early nineteen hundreds, and when he got here he didn't have anything. So he went to the Ci State Hospital Psych hospital over there, and he got a job as a farm here,

00:19:47.790 --> 00:20:01.730 Pete Moloney : and they they allowed him to uh uh eat with the patients, and he he got to sleep with the farm animals, and that's how he started over here in in in New York, coming over from Ireland,

00:20:01.740 --> 00:20:14.989 Pete Moloney : now um then in one thousand nine hundred and thirty-three. He opened up the first Malone funeral in one thousand nine hundred and thirty-three in central Islam. And from there we my dad opened up in one thousand nine hundred and sixty-two in Lake one conqu, and then

00:20:15.000 --> 00:20:43.989 Pete Moloney : in one thousand nine hundred and seventy-eight. We we ah opened our third location. I was actually just in high school that when I was in

00:20:44.000 --> 00:20:46.839 Tommy DiMisa: who that's in the hands.

00:20:50.500 --> 00:20:52.590 Tommy DiMisa: So

00:20:52.600 --> 00:21:12.059 Tommy DiMisa: i'm scared, though i'm scared Val because i'm a little i'm, i'm very. I'm nervous about certain things, and that always I'll never forget that movie, and I feel like I've brought it up on this show before with a girl. Beat a Sultan post with little law. Thomas J. When you boil the bees like I, Peter, is there like you get.

00:21:12.070 --> 00:21:23.290 Tommy DiMisa: I'm freaked out to this day at forty, four years old, when i'm in a funeral. I don't know why I can't answer that for you. That's like me, and i'll work through that,

00:21:23.300 --> 00:21:24.940 Pete Moloney : Tommy.

00:21:24.950 --> 00:21:27.119 Pete Moloney : Listen. Let me tell you something.

00:21:27.130 --> 00:21:31.990 Tommy DiMisa: The ones with the heartbeat are the ones that are gonna hurt you.

00:21:32.000 --> 00:21:37.289 Tommy DiMisa: That's right. You don't need to worry about the ones that are here at the funeral.

00:21:37.300 --> 00:21:39.289 Valerie Heffron: Oh, my goodness, that is so true!

00:21:39.300 --> 00:21:55.490 Valerie Heffron: You know It's he's first of all, he's been around it forever. So he's, you know he's desensitized to it, and that is like I I don't know. I feel like that's kind of normal like people who grow up around guns like guns is no big deal for them. You know what I mean, so

00:21:55.500 --> 00:22:14.589 Pete Moloney : it really depends on what you're used to. But I will say I got in trouble once, and I did this. It was one thousand nine hundred and thirty nine. My grandmother passed. I was pretty young, and I got in trouble because um the funeral I called the feudal cards. I were going to call the laminated little Herb Hardy part.

00:22:14.600 --> 00:22:31.580 Valerie Heffron: Yeah, most of the time. They're like religious, so they have, like Marian and Jesus. Mary shows whoever my cousin and I was in Here We started a game of cards based on how many people were on the car, and it was like one, two, or three

00:22:31.590 --> 00:22:38.289 Tommy DiMisa: like go fish, or whatever we we got. This moment we took all the cards, and we're sitting there playing.

00:22:39.060 --> 00:22:45.500 Pete Moloney : Oh, gosh, yeah. But you know, I wanted to talk about or ask you about

00:22:45.550 --> 00:22:56.040 Valerie Heffron: so a couple of things first of all, knowing that coda such a beautiful and magical dog, this, this incredible, compassionate

00:22:56.050 --> 00:23:06.029 Valerie Heffron: um sentient being as a puppy, was on a euthanasialist, and I I can't even call it a euthanasialist, because the definition is a merciful,

00:23:06.040 --> 00:23:33.649 Valerie Heffron: you know, killing basically it's immense, for when animals are suffering and like when a horse breaks their leg or something like that. But um! This is just a kill list. This is what shelters do, and um you know It's one of our passions here is to try to impact shelter, reform. So that healthy, adaptable animals like coda, I mean they shouldn't be killed. And can you imagine, Peter, your life without quota today.

00:23:33.660 --> 00:23:36.969 Pete Moloney : He's the best dog I've ever had in my entire life.

00:23:36.980 --> 00:23:55.430 Pete Moloney : I and you know I mean he's got a call, or I put a tracking on him. Last year we lost him for about eight hours. I I was like, i'm not leaving. Do I find my dog? I had dogs, I mean, Yeah, We were out for a walk in the woods, and he got screwed, and he ran back to the car, circled the car and then kept going, and

00:23:55.550 --> 00:24:12.889 Pete Moloney : it was a horrible. It was a horrible, horrible day. But no, I I couldn't imagine that daughter has brought me such joy and pleasure when we're together, and you know I mean he's just he. He rides in a really fancy car now, and we have a lot of fun together.

00:24:12.900 --> 00:24:14.390 Pete Moloney : I think you'll be there

00:24:14.400 --> 00:24:32.990 Pete Moloney : where I take him to work. He was at work yesterday. He'll be at work later later this evening.

00:24:33.000 --> 00:24:49.129 Pete Moloney : Sure there was. There was a there was a um a case where um a woman, a woman actually ah lost her daughter. She, you know. You know we're in a a drug epidemic here on Long Island and her daughter overdosed,

00:24:49.140 --> 00:25:02.169 Pete Moloney : and she was a young girl, and I. I brought the dog in, and and her mom was was leaning into the casket, and just in grief. Seeing her daughter and and I brought the dog in, and

00:25:02.180 --> 00:25:10.759 Pete Moloney : and a coat of coat, I walked up with coda, and he lied down on the floor, and this woman got on the floor like down, and just hugged the code up.

00:25:10.770 --> 00:25:28.310 Pete Moloney : And ah! And that was a really, you know, moving moment. But the most important thing was that she called me about a week later. This woman and she says, Pete, I just wanted to call you, and I just wanted to thank you for bringing coda, because the minute I saw Coda

00:25:28.320 --> 00:25:31.160 Pete Moloney : I knew everything was going to be Okay,

00:25:31.730 --> 00:25:32.829 Pete Moloney : Is that

00:25:32.840 --> 00:25:34.450 Valerie Heffron: incredible?

00:25:34.460 --> 00:25:47.370 Pete Moloney : Yeah, and that and that right there was like an amazing and amazing thing. And so so I have a story over story like that I had during Covid.

00:25:47.430 --> 00:25:49.010 Pete Moloney : I had a man

00:25:49.020 --> 00:26:08.389 Pete Moloney : that his his mom passed away, and nobody came to the funeral. Um! Nobody came. We were pining on the more of the park, and I brought coda with me because I thought it was me and Coda, and this man and this man wrote a eulogy and read a eulogy to nobody,

00:26:08.400 --> 00:26:27.409 Pete Moloney : his mom at the grade, and that and Code Code has sat right next to him the whole time. Um, just right there. It was just, you know, one of those I can. I can tell you story of the story. He was in the office, and this he was lady lady he had. She was had him sitting in her lap.

00:26:27.440 --> 00:26:39.869 Pete Moloney : He was in her lab. He's in that he was seventy pound dog, and she wanted, and she was literally sitting in this woman's lap all of the miles. It was just an amazing thing, and he's been a blessing.

00:26:39.880 --> 00:26:41.390 Valerie Heffron: I wish

00:26:41.400 --> 00:27:01.130 Valerie Heffron: that so It's so ironic to me that you're saying that because um! When my father passed, which was just, we just passed the eleven year Mark August twenty, eighth, um, you know. I remember being so afraid that nobody was going to come to the funeral home

00:27:01.140 --> 00:27:16.620 Valerie Heffron: um for his services, because he passed literally. If there was that storm they call it hurricane, Irene. I don't know if it's definitely a heard, you know whatever but a lot of power outages and whatnot. So the funeral home that we had was. Um!

00:27:16.630 --> 00:27:34.030 Valerie Heffron: It's kind of far from most of my friends that we're like from Long Beach and Miniola. So this place is in Antony Hill. But anyway, there was this giant operated tree that was blocking the road that you actually need to take to get to the funeral home, and there were power lines down, and all of that

00:27:34.040 --> 00:27:43.109 Valerie Heffron: I am telling you I was in like Oh, my God, no one's gonna come so to act, but thankfully it was packed. But the point is

00:27:43.120 --> 00:27:59.310 Pete Moloney : thought of, no one being around to more, and you know, to help you grieve and more your friends, your family. If there, there's nobody there that is so sad, so for Coda to be there to be able to offset, you know,

00:27:59.320 --> 00:28:08.589 Pete Moloney : and give this gentleman at least some ears right and compassion. Oh, my God, that's really tear-

00:28:08.600 --> 00:28:17.089 Tommy DiMisa: they! They! Come back to bid like people like that gentleman, or the woman who tragically lost her daughter like, I would think they'd have such connection to this animal.

00:28:17.100 --> 00:28:31.489 Tommy DiMisa: Yeah, the spirit. And did they come by and see you the dog like. What's that about them? Well, you know I have a lot of families requesting coda now, and I mean, you know I have everyone say you the funeral home with the dog, because we want we want the funeral home with the dog.

00:28:31.500 --> 00:28:33.289 Pete Moloney : Absolutely. Um!

00:28:33.300 --> 00:28:46.019 Pete Moloney : So you know that's that's been really um tremendous, and then, of course, anytime anybody wants coded to to be here, you know. He He sprayed it doesn't cost anything for quota to show up,

00:28:46.030 --> 00:29:04.589 Pete Moloney : so it's just can't die um! And committed to the community committed to providing um an atmosphere where where people can feel comfortable and express their grief in any way that they want within our funeral homes. That's what's made us the leader in the funeral industry.

00:29:04.600 --> 00:29:18.439 Tommy DiMisa: Does he get to? So we're going to go to break in a second, and I have a question I'm going to set up for when we come back for break like, does he go around, and does he work at all the different locations. Is he like the home base like, and

00:29:18.450 --> 00:29:25.130 Tommy DiMisa: there opportunities, maybe, where he could have some friends that there's that much demand. It sounds like a lot of demand.

00:29:25.540 --> 00:29:39.189 Pete Moloney : Uh, It's an amazing thing, and people are like this is just such a wonderful thing that you're doing. But you know he has a place. He has his place right here in my office right here in in Lake Rock, Conqueror. But we visit all of our locations.

00:29:39.200 --> 00:29:56.389 Tommy DiMisa: There's no place that we won't. Go! He jumps right in the car. He loves to go. What's the best on my my desk has a little protocol. I have a little little uh Velcro strip on the back, so I can. I can attach uh tissues to his back,

00:29:56.400 --> 00:30:01.690 Tommy DiMisa: so he walks into the chapel, and he's got his best on, and he's got tissues for anybody

00:30:01.700 --> 00:30:11.590 Tommy DiMisa: I mean as it as these things can be, you know, especially if it's a young person. But I said, it's death is a time because it's not always said right. It's not. It's all

00:30:11.600 --> 00:30:20.789 Tommy DiMisa: right, but as it can be, how do you not get a kick out of it when this guy comes in on a whole force with tissues on his back. How do you not laugh? And

00:30:20.800 --> 00:30:21.740 Tommy DiMisa: right on

00:30:21.750 --> 00:30:51.730 Tommy DiMisa: so great it's so great. All right. We do have to take a quick break. It's part of the show, but I want i'm looking at the website here. So I want to kind of t this up. There was a you had celebrity software. Excuse me, Charity softball games Uh, maybe they were celebrities there. Maybe i'm just making that part up. But I see that there's a lot of different nonprofit organizations that Maloney has got involved with, and certainly you know we talk a lot about community where we talk a lot about being involved, so i'd love to hear more about. You know some of the stuff you you as an organization

00:30:51.740 --> 00:31:03.270 Tommy DiMisa: involved with in the community, whether it be nonprofits, animal, related or otherwise, and and we'll keep that going. Wait. We have a visitor. Hold that we're not going to break just yet. Dylan. Who is that Valerie?

00:31:03.470 --> 00:31:05.540 Valerie Heffron: Phoebe says, Hello,

00:31:05.980 --> 00:31:15.489 Tommy DiMisa: I haven't seen Phoebe in a while. She didn't come on she's, you know she's ah! Reluctantly be like dwindling down her cameos, because we don't pay her enough,

00:31:15.500 --> 00:31:20.890 Tommy DiMisa: all right. I don't know we'll have to find out what codes rate is, and we'll see if we can get you this.

00:31:20.900 --> 00:31:22.949 Tommy DiMisa: I will be right back, Pal,

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00:33:22.230 --> 00:33:48.890 Tommy DiMisa: When we're back, Val, bring us back because I was showing our website while we were on our website. So on our website we have a description of our upcoming events, the inaugural passion awards. And I have to tell you Peter Maloney is one of our beloved and appreciated sponsors, and I also have to tell you that. Actually, Peter, I don't know if I've mentioned this to you, but

00:33:48.900 --> 00:33:53.950 Valerie Heffron: you are like the easiest conversation, like the quickest turnaround.

00:33:53.960 --> 00:34:23.530 Valerie Heffron: When I reached out to you, and I told you what we were doing. You were also very encouraging. You were like, Oh, this is a great idea, and you didn't hesitate at all, and i'm not saying that others days. But you know, sometimes they've got to get corporate approval and whatever, and sometimes it takes a few weeks or thirty days, et cetera. But you were like, Let's do it, and i'm i'm so grateful to you that you see values in what we're trying to do, and so thank you for being one of our sponsors.

00:34:23.710 --> 00:34:26.760 Pete Moloney : You bet i'm branching I should be in part of it.

00:34:26.900 --> 00:34:30.309 Tommy DiMisa: Gracious, Pedro, that I just felt like I wanted to say it. It's man,

00:34:30.510 --> 00:34:46.890 Tommy DiMisa: you know. I wanted to ask about another benefit, which I believe is inevitable. But we Haven't talked about this, but obviously with seven locations. You have staff all over the place, and i'm sure it runs like a well-oiled machine But

00:34:46.900 --> 00:34:50.689 Valerie Heffron: how does quota impact the morale of your staff. It's a tough,

00:34:50.699 --> 00:34:52.089 Pete Moloney : is this time

00:34:52.100 --> 00:34:54.389 Pete Moloney : the staff love coda.

00:34:54.400 --> 00:35:04.889 Pete Moloney : He comes in. I say, come on, we gotta go to the office. We gotta go share the love with the staff today, and he goes around. They all got treats in their desk,

00:35:04.900 --> 00:35:12.409 Pete Moloney : and they die. He's he's the best he comes in, and someone might be having a horrible day, but

00:35:12.620 --> 00:35:29.749 Pete Moloney : he puts a smile on their face. He comes right over to him. He's not bashful, and he's really been a great element in that respect to kind of lifting spirits for sure around your staff. So

00:35:29.760 --> 00:35:46.710 Pete Moloney : you know, sometimes, you know, being in a funeral, it can be. Work can be hard, and you know it can be kind of, you know. Kind of a a little bit down, I guess, or you know stressful. So uh he he brings. He brings the life right back into the room.

00:35:46.720 --> 00:35:52.940 Pete Moloney : You know the the he does an amazing job at at a boosting morale.

00:35:52.950 --> 00:36:09.140 Valerie Heffron: I can't even um, and and again not to be the zed horse. You know the no-kill movement is something i'm i'm very much a part of, and a opponent of. But they were going to kill this dog. And look how much love and joy and and release!

00:36:09.150 --> 00:36:21.790 Pete Moloney : You know this this wonderful animal provides um. It's got an amazing thing, you know, because it went full circle. They were going to put him down, and now he's actually helping people that have suffered a loss.

00:36:21.800 --> 00:36:24.689 Tommy DiMisa: You know they've all the same thing.

00:36:24.700 --> 00:36:26.390 Tommy DiMisa: It's a total blessing,

00:36:26.400 --> 00:36:46.089 Tommy DiMisa: and that's your daughter, who she fosters these pads, or she adopts them. You said originally. My my daughter is uh, my daughter. Aaron lives in the New York City, and she has been um like a foster parent to some of some dogs, so she's had several of them. But she loves doing this too, so she's she's such a blessing, too.

00:36:46.100 --> 00:36:55.690 Pete Moloney : You know little puppies, and you know they've taken over some of the dogs, and just to make sure they find that she finds them a nice home and um, and then she moves on to the next part.

00:36:55.700 --> 00:37:03.990 Tommy DiMisa: You doing it all the time. Yeah, Fostering literally saves lives. And this is a phenomenal, you know. Case in point,

00:37:04.000 --> 00:37:12.009 Valerie Heffron: you know. I want to ask you to on the business side of things, because Tommy and I are both avid networks.

00:37:12.020 --> 00:37:37.810 Valerie Heffron: Typically speaking, you know what would be a great connection for yourself professionally, uh, you know, and and or anything else but um, you know ideally, if we were to call you up a baby to really want you to meet my friends so and so I've known them for five or ten years, and I think you guys could connect on a professional level. Uh whoa! Who would that be? What is that like?

00:37:37.820 --> 00:37:38.939 Pete Moloney : Whoa,

00:37:39.020 --> 00:37:54.679 Pete Moloney : Uh listen, I i'm. I like to network, and I I meet all kinds of different people. Because listen, Everybody needs our service. It's not like you. Uh, you're You're not gonna, you know. None of us get it. None of us escape it.

00:37:54.690 --> 00:38:10.310 Pete Moloney : So you know just the fact that I get to I get the opportunity to contribute to networking groups by being present is really tremendous, because because Nobody really wants to talk about death and buying.

00:38:10.320 --> 00:38:21.070 Pete Moloney : So when they when they get to know me, and they see all these areas of you know the funeral. You know people who cool and drunk me, and they'll They'll ask me questions which is great,

00:38:21.080 --> 00:38:48.869 Tommy DiMisa: because then I can answer some of their questions that they've always had, but they've never known.

00:38:48.880 --> 00:39:08.089 Pete Moloney : And uh, the dying to live causes is for parents that uh have have uh their children have died of drug overdoses. So you know it's it's it maintains something. Okay, it's a war zone out there, and it's it's people don't talk about it. But the drugs are a big problem.

00:39:08.100 --> 00:39:26.719 Tommy DiMisa: Yeah, Um, yeah, you know. Ah, So so we we've taken that cause up, and we've made some donations there and um, any any way to veterans or Long Island veterans home, or our State veterans, Home and Stony Brook have the ah advocates of of them and supporters of them

00:39:26.730 --> 00:39:32.309 Pete Moloney : any of their programs. So so we're open to all different type of

00:39:32.320 --> 00:39:48.090 Pete Moloney : um community involvement throughout, whether it's business or just not for profit, or whether it's the chamber I mean, we're we're We're all over the place. I have my my son, my nephew, my niece, my brother, myself. We're all out in the community.

00:39:48.100 --> 00:39:49.440 Valerie Heffron: Yeah, Yeah. So

00:39:49.450 --> 00:40:05.910 Pete Moloney : I heard you guys recently sponsored a stop-diving event where the dogs they start up on a dock and they grow the robe or frisbee, whatever it is, and the animals jump into the pool, and it's over the distance.

00:40:05.920 --> 00:40:10.589 Tommy DiMisa: How much do I love that, I think, Going out and Port Jeff like if you I was for Jefferson.

00:40:10.600 --> 00:40:24.289 Pete Moloney : Yeah, we we sponsored that Kevin Woods was the ah the point guy on that he's a great guy. He does a lot of these podcasts, too, and Ah came to me, and we we were supporters there. Yeah, So they had a great show. Great turn out of here.

00:40:24.300 --> 00:40:34.870 Valerie Heffron: I love that it's like one of my favorite competitions. It's not my favorite. I'm dying. My dog will not jump in the water. If it's a puddle he will go around it.

00:40:34.880 --> 00:40:37.790 Tommy DiMisa: He's not eligible for the conversation.

00:40:37.800 --> 00:40:38.889 Tommy DiMisa: Maybe you got a two,

00:40:38.900 --> 00:40:46.890 Tommy DiMisa: you know. Some swimmies or something like that. Maybe that's what you mean.

00:40:46.900 --> 00:41:05.890 Tommy DiMisa: Are you kidding? You don't have all that. Of course I got a business question again for Peter, too, so like I. All right. So you are. If I do the math right, grandpa in thirty-three, dad, and sixty-two third location, one thousand nine hundred and seventy-eight, which is the same year. I was brought to this point.

00:41:05.900 --> 00:41:07.989 Tommy DiMisa: But um

00:41:08.000 --> 00:41:12.050 Tommy DiMisa: I i'm curious now. So your third generation Is that correct?

00:41:12.060 --> 00:41:19.589 Tommy DiMisa: Yes, but your your net nieces and nephews and your own children will be fourth. And are they fourth like even Aaron?

00:41:19.600 --> 00:41:22.189 Tommy DiMisa: You're we're at fourth generation that they're in the business. Now.

00:41:22.200 --> 00:41:23.120 Pete Moloney : Yeah,

00:41:23.130 --> 00:41:25.790 Tommy DiMisa: that's great man. That's

00:41:25.800 --> 00:41:26.390 Valerie Heffron: yeah

00:41:26.400 --> 00:41:27.490 Tommy DiMisa: got it.

00:41:27.500 --> 00:41:35.109 Pete Moloney : Yeah, So it's pretty pretty neat and a pretty exciting time. And then yeah, So in seventy eight we open over and then

00:41:35.290 --> 00:41:40.589 Pete Moloney : um ninety. One. We built another one in Bohemia. Then we built another one, and we

00:41:40.600 --> 00:42:00.339 Pete Moloney : in hopbog ninety-four. We we built an ipog, and then then um I put the crematory and we're the only funeral on on Long Island has a crematory right here on right here in Lakeron Conference, so so put that in ninety four as well, and then um the two thousand and eight we we purchased the property in, and for Jefferson Station,

00:42:00.350 --> 00:42:18.990 Pete Moloney : and then uh two thousand and sixteen. I was riding my mountain bike out in Moab, and I got a phone call that there was a property that that might be coming up for sale, so that particular one is out in the center of richest, which is an amazing thing, because that family stored right around the same time their grandparents.

00:42:19.000 --> 00:42:24.410 Tommy DiMisa: So it was a perfect fit. So we took that property over, and we've been. We've been really blessed.

00:42:24.420 --> 00:42:36.099 Tommy DiMisa: So So for all the to put put all the jokes on the side, you know, like sometimes I say a silly thing when I pass by a cemetery i'll just say the joke, You know people are dying to get into that place that whole shenanigans thing right, that my uncle.

00:42:36.110 --> 00:43:05.990 Tommy DiMisa: But to put all the jokes aside I mean, this is ah a an industry that really isn't going anywhere. I'm sure. Financial times maybe affected someone. But for the most part you gotta do something when someone passes right, is it? And do you see the business as an opportunity for for you and the family for fifth six generations into this thing to continue to grow um. Is is that like a the bigger family picture to keep, like you say recently the newest location. Where do you? And again I see a smile, and so I don't know. If you don't want to talk too much

00:43:06.000 --> 00:43:09.050 Tommy DiMisa: document away secret ideas and stuff like that.

00:43:09.410 --> 00:43:10.789 Pete Moloney : We all are they,

00:43:10.800 --> 00:43:11.839 you know.

00:43:11.910 --> 00:43:14.490 Pete Moloney : It gets harder and harder

00:43:14.500 --> 00:43:33.290 Pete Moloney : um to to manage things as as things progress. You know, they a lot of lot of regulations, a lot of regulatory stuff, a lot of government intervention into into into businesses, and you know um. So you know, personnel challenges just like any other organization, just like any other industry,

00:43:33.300 --> 00:43:36.490 Tommy DiMisa: you know. Personnel employee challenges Um,

00:43:36.500 --> 00:43:42.569 Pete Moloney : you have government government regulations a lot of that. So now it's more and more,

00:43:42.580 --> 00:43:45.090 Pete Moloney : and you know it. It. Wears you down.

00:43:45.100 --> 00:43:55.639 Tommy DiMisa: It doesn't come, but we're, we're always. We're always seeking opportunities. We're always looking for for new ways to ah serve the community. Um, you know we're we're doing a food service now,

00:43:55.810 --> 00:44:06.389 Pete Moloney : you know. So so we we. We have a tribute center in Lake Hong Kong, where where families can come, and they can have their visiting in the afternoon, and then they can go out to our tribute center and have their guests

00:44:06.400 --> 00:44:14.289 Tommy DiMisa: all right. So that's right, somebody. And then, when they're finished, they just go back inside. That's great chapel.

00:44:14.300 --> 00:44:16.990 Tommy DiMisa: So that's that's great, because it uses that

00:44:17.000 --> 00:44:26.550 Tommy DiMisa: right. You go somewhere from that two to four. Then there's the break, and there's, you know, seven to nine. So somewhere, so you figure well, why have them leave completely? Why not keep them with us?

00:44:26.560 --> 00:44:33.890 Pete Moloney : So they do bring. They can kind of bring in their own food or their own catering, or we can cater for them. We have vendors

00:44:33.900 --> 00:44:42.890 Pete Moloney : that are ready to do those kinds of things. So you have to be creative. You have to be innovative, and

00:44:42.900 --> 00:44:47.599 Valerie Heffron: I like the idea, too. I'll just throw this out there real quick. I mean um.

00:44:47.940 --> 00:45:06.789 Valerie Heffron: Another thing you could offer potentially. I'm in love with this idea. It's hard to like you say think about it or talk about it. But when, if my dog predeceases me, which I don't want to happen, But anyway, if that happens, i'm leaning towards

00:45:06.800 --> 00:45:19.189 Pete Moloney : converting the ashes into a stone like a diamond, or, you know, a press kind of precious map. Um. So anyway, there is a company that does it. You guys probably do an affiliate thing if you wanted to,

00:45:19.200 --> 00:45:23.190 Pete Moloney : if you're so online. But they do it for people right

00:45:23.200 --> 00:45:33.690 Pete Moloney : that we've done that they can. They can. They can turn. They can turn the the the the ash into into like a blue star.

00:45:33.700 --> 00:45:36.540 Pete Moloney : Yeah, I think that's

00:45:36.850 --> 00:45:44.890 Tommy DiMisa: I keep writing, Mick Jagger, because I want to make him a Rolling stone. But you know he hasn't gotten back to me yet. But

00:45:44.900 --> 00:45:52.390 Tommy DiMisa: I hear you. We're just trying to get some satisfaction over here the same way.

00:45:52.400 --> 00:46:02.189 Pete Moloney : Listen. There's another company, though, Valerie, and it's all parting stones, and they actually can take the cremated remains.

00:46:02.200 --> 00:46:05.149 Pete Moloney : Yeah, put them into like into rocks.

00:46:05.360 --> 00:46:12.790 Pete Moloney : Yeah, that's what i'm talking about. There's another one, too. I saw it on Shark Tank. I forgot what it's called. There's another one. You can turn it into diamonds.

00:46:12.800 --> 00:46:27.989 Pete Moloney : Yeah, yeah, yeah, And I mean it's not cheap. But I think it's because, you know, like they say it kind of shirt forever. The diamonds are expensive. The parting stones are more reasonable. They're about eight hundred dollars, but then i'm always tell people, Listen, both. You can get stones and Maloney's.

00:46:28.500 --> 00:46:30.990 Tommy DiMisa: Oh, my goodness,

00:46:31.000 --> 00:46:39.790 Tommy DiMisa: you don't want Peter the green wave across this country, so you can get the molar if you want to. I guess legally,

00:46:39.800 --> 00:46:40.989 Tommy DiMisa: if you can't enjoy it.

00:46:55.600 --> 00:47:04.180 Tommy DiMisa: I'm done Not worthy. I'm not worthy. I bowed down to you. You are hysterical. I can't wait to hang out.

00:47:04.190 --> 00:47:22.789 Tommy DiMisa: We do have to take a quick break from all this silliness.

00:47:22.800 --> 00:47:24.479 Tommy DiMisa: We'll be right back to finish off

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00:49:00.860 --> 00:49:02.290 four hours a day,

00:49:22.780 --> 00:49:39.169 Tommy DiMisa: and we're back to his palace, professionals and animal over. Show. Peter, I want to ask you a quick question, because i'm sharing your website, or at least that was my intention. I hope I am right now on Facebook, where it says Plan now, and, as you said a couple of minutes ago, you said. You know no one really wants to talk about death.

00:49:39.180 --> 00:49:51.389 Tommy DiMisa: No one wants to talk about it. I'm sure pretty planning for this, although in all reality martyrs. And Jim Morrison told us no one gets out alive, and if no one gets out alive it probably makes sense to do some planning. So

00:49:52.900 --> 00:50:00.890 Tommy DiMisa: do you have a run right on the website pre-planning checklist. It's a practical thing to do right like in reality, not just because you

00:50:00.900 --> 00:50:03.689 Tommy DiMisa: it's the best thing that you can do for your family

00:50:03.700 --> 00:50:07.159 Tommy DiMisa: right? Because you leave it on now, your family and yeah yourself.

00:50:07.170 --> 00:50:12.900 Pete Moloney : Yeah, it's it's. It tells people what you want done with your body when you're done with it,

00:50:13.230 --> 00:50:15.910 Pete Moloney : and i'll go with that.

00:50:15.920 --> 00:50:19.789 Pete Moloney : And then people say, Oh, I have it in my will. Nobody has ever brought a

00:50:19.800 --> 00:50:46.730 Pete Moloney : will to me where we rend the will wills and red after fumes. So you know that's just that that's just the more objection of denial. So reality is that everyone should plan

00:50:46.740 --> 00:50:54.939 Pete Moloney : two things that you can expect confusion and money problems. If you have a plan in place, there's two things that you can expect as well.

00:50:54.950 --> 00:50:57.890 Pete Moloney : E of service and money is usually not an issue.

00:50:57.900 --> 00:51:15.189 Tommy DiMisa: Everything else can be settled and set up. Many people if they live there. There's two, you know. Alternative lifestyles. There's an agent for you can designate someone to be your agent. Okay. But if you don't have that and you're living with your boyfriend or whoever

00:51:15.200 --> 00:51:22.630 Pete Moloney : okay that you die. And even though you've been them with them for twenty years, they have no rights. They can't do anything,

00:51:22.810 --> 00:51:24.909 Pete Moloney : so i'll take it one step further.

00:51:25.010 --> 00:51:40.260 Pete Moloney : You need to have that agent form, and you need to have a plan in place. I

00:51:41.670 --> 00:51:55.030 Valerie Heffron: This is personal, but you know it's the truth. So my husband and I moved out of state, and you know we really don't know a lot of people here, or what have you?

00:51:55.040 --> 00:52:24.989 Valerie Heffron: Um. Most are short, you know we have, like a little bit of post call on the road, and it's sparked this whole conversation right, and that was like I wouldn't even know what to do. God forbid you cast away. I wouldn't even know where to begin. I don't know anybody here. My husband's Jewish. I'm not. I'm like traditionally, right there's a minion that's supposed to happen, which means you're supposed to get like ten or eleven Jewish people into the home within twenty four hours, doing where I don't even know It's ten or eleven what i'm like. What would I do but other than call your

00:52:25.000 --> 00:52:37.490 Valerie Heffron: who's in New York? You know what I mean. And he was like. Well, what would you? What would you want? And i'm like, I Don't. Know.

00:52:37.500 --> 00:52:42.219 Tommy DiMisa: Yeah, you know all that like we haven't covered it. I mean, that's just the truth. And

00:52:42.270 --> 00:53:00.190 Valerie Heffron: I do from first-hand. Experience. No? Ah, like when I went with my mom to take care of the services after my dad passed, and plan every time she had an emotional moment. It was because we didn't know We didn't know what kind of you know,

00:53:00.200 --> 00:53:17.020 Valerie Heffron: casket. We didn't know what kind of services that he wanted. Did he want to skip the wakes? Just do the funeral picking out these cards. That was the easiest part, because my dad was a nature lover. So we pick her. Okay, you know. But like. If you don't know you're right.

00:53:17.030 --> 00:53:20.419 Valerie Heffron: Emotional volcanoes all over the place.

00:53:20.430 --> 00:53:46.770 Pete Moloney : Your it's. If the study shows that your mental acuity diminishes by fifty fifty five percent when you experience emotional trauma. So, making decisions after you experience the loss, it's not really the best time to be doing it. So it happens, but it's not the best way to do it, and you know it can be very emotional. There's nothing there's no question about it. Um! But having that plan in place certainly provides you with some peace of mind,

00:53:46.780 --> 00:53:49.489 Pete Moloney : you know, so that you you can. You can

00:53:49.580 --> 00:53:58.110 Pete Moloney : have funerals, are as you as as the individual, too. You can make it special. You can make it special. You can make it, Malone.

00:53:58.830 --> 00:54:10.890 Pete Moloney : Ah, I wish quota was around, for when my or a grief dog at that time that would have made a world of difference. I feel no doubt about it.

00:54:10.900 --> 00:54:11.489 Tommy DiMisa: There you go,

00:54:11.500 --> 00:54:25.790 Tommy DiMisa: Valerie. First of all make it special. Make it, Maloney Val. I don't know if you missed that one, but that's a classic. I mean i'm going to use that later. But I want to say that wasn't there a story, and I think you shared it on the show. So it's going to be personal, but I think we've already shared it out here in the world,

00:54:25.800 --> 00:54:26.490 Valerie Heffron: and what

00:54:26.500 --> 00:54:34.020 Tommy DiMisa: your dad, when he was when he was real sick. Um, wasn't there a rabbit or a bunny?

00:54:34.030 --> 00:54:50.349 Valerie Heffron: Yeah. Well, anyway, this is, this is still on the living side. But um! What a difference this rehab on Hepton Turnpike, where my dad was He We all knew he was stiffy, you know. He was in and out of neuro icu like several times, and I was visiting him.

00:54:50.360 --> 00:55:07.080 Valerie Heffron: I went to get a cup of coffee On my way back I see a pair of ears pop out like the porter had a bunch of boxes and ears, and i'm like what's going on over here. So I stopped the guy, and he says, Oh, we have some therapy animals, and they just patients, and I drag into my dad's room,

00:55:07.090 --> 00:55:26.109 Valerie Heffron: and My dad was the biggest animal lover ever, especially dogs. But he lifts up this giant, you know. Hair it wasn't even a body. It was like a oversized rabbit, and my dad, who was pretty much, very lethargic, and, like non-responsive and all of that

00:55:26.150 --> 00:55:48.839 Valerie Heffron: like, forget it. It was he. He kind of sat up. He smiled, and he starts cutting the rabbit. He even started laughing, and I was just. It was like magical. So I really believe in the power of of these wonderful sentient beings so much. And you know this is why i'm trying to round people up and create my own little army, so that

00:55:48.850 --> 00:55:54.060 Valerie Heffron: photos out there as puppies are not just going to be killed and discarded.

00:55:54.720 --> 00:56:01.179 Pete Moloney : Yeah, it's so much more that they need to do for us and the world, and we have to save them.

00:56:01.190 --> 00:56:04.020 Tommy DiMisa: Yeah, so special we are.

00:56:04.030 --> 00:56:22.290 Tommy DiMisa: We're not a tired out. So your last final note, and then I got a bunch of shout out, We got to do real quick. Actually, you know what, Peter, before you do that Paula Corrosa Warner asks me on Facebook. Is this funeral home in Queens. As I know, Peter, you do not have a Queen's location cook, so could you shout out all your location.

00:56:22.300 --> 00:56:33.869 Pete Moloney : Well, we're We're located. We're located in Central Suffolk County, but we serve the five boroughs, and all of Long Island people travel to us. People travel to us because of the service we.

00:56:33.880 --> 00:56:43.790 Pete Moloney : The tribute sector is like the key element, too, because you come out here. You have your service, you can eat, and then finish your service and have the cremation all in one spot.

00:56:43.800 --> 00:56:50.090 Tommy DiMisa: Right? So those so you'll serve the five borrow. So there's your answer for that, Paul. If this is

00:56:50.100 --> 00:56:52.390 Tommy DiMisa: Hi, Paula, Val say, Hello!

00:56:52.400 --> 00:56:53.789 Tommy DiMisa: Um, i'm saying hello as well.

00:56:53.800 --> 00:56:57.190 Pete Moloney : Peter, say hello to Paula. How you doing?

00:56:57.200 --> 00:56:58.700 Tommy DiMisa: Thank you

00:56:58.980 --> 00:57:05.540 Tommy DiMisa: All right. So I won't even steal your tagline, Maloney, take it away. Send this out when you're tagging the whole thing.

00:57:05.550 --> 00:57:09.090 Tommy DiMisa: Well, my tag, I don't, but I don't really have a tangle. I don't want it,

00:57:09.100 --> 00:57:25.190 Tommy DiMisa: you know. I Yeah. Well, they can special make it, Maloney. And you know I had a lady who wants to quote. She was complaining because she saw me on television too much. We do a lot of advertising right action. I use Malone's, I said. Well, you know, if you use Malone, she'll get the faster. So she laughed like heck at that. And

00:57:25.200 --> 00:57:35.189 Pete Moloney : and ah! He said, all right, I'll come in and free. Arrange with you so. But I want you to treat it nice. Do you want to be treated special? We're we're real people here? Our staff is wonderful.

00:57:35.270 --> 00:57:38.030 Pete Moloney : We're eager to serve the community. The

00:57:38.040 --> 00:57:39.190 Pete Moloney : and there's Kodak,

00:57:39.200 --> 00:57:43.290 Tommy DiMisa: and we've got coda. We've got a we've seen. Not being here.

00:57:43.300 --> 00:57:46.179 Tommy DiMisa: You got called a val. See something before we go.

00:57:46.390 --> 00:57:59.589 Valerie Heffron: Thank you very much for being here, Peter. Thank you very much for sponsoring our event and embracing our vision, and thank you to all of our listeners and viewership, would love you, and without you we would have no reason to do this.

00:57:59.600 --> 00:58:18.759 Tommy DiMisa: All right, m o l o n e, y f h dot com m o L. O. N. Y. F. H. Dot com baloney family funeral homes uh shout out real quick. Paula Mick Collins, Linda uh Jen kopeza Our guests from last week checking in on Facebook. I leave you all

00:58:18.770 --> 00:58:20.220 Tommy DiMisa: with this.

00:58:20.840 --> 00:58:28.189 Tommy DiMisa: The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. The

00:58:28.200 --> 00:58:29.290 Tommy DiMisa: Yay got you?

00:58:29.300 --> 00:58:32.620 Tommy DiMisa: Thanks, Maloney.

00:58:32.630 --> 00:58:35.820 Pete Moloney : I thank you.

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