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Tuesday, April 19, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/04/19 - Rally in the Valley—Smoky Mountain Motorcycle Adventures

Facebook Live Video from 2022/04/19 - Rally in the Valley—Smoky Mountain Motorcycle Adventures


2022/04/19 - Rally in the Valley—Smoky Mountain Motorcycle Adventures

[NEW EPISODE] Rally in the Valley—Smoky Mountain Motorcycle Adventures

In this episode, you'll discover the Great Smoky Mountain region is home to some of the most remarkable riding destinations in the world. A land of enchanting beauty and endless possibilities for adventure on two wheels. A space to explore your greatest passions surrounded by the natural beauty of majestic mountain ranges, endlessly winding roads, and rustic cabins.

We are joined by our special guest, Chris Parker, who is the Founder and Chief Designer of Road Wolf Design, a company based in Greer S.C. that he founded in 2007. His clients include Texas Pete Hot Sauces, Touring Sport BMW, Spartanburg Regional Health Care System, and Beowulf Technologies-- among many others.

Prior to starting his own company, Chris spent over a decade working as a designer and artist in some of the top art departments in his industry. Chris is an avid BMW motorcycle enthusiast who has spent a large part of his adult life riding his bike in the Great Smoky Mountain region of WNC and East Tennessee, as well as in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwest Virginia and across the United States. 

We will discuss the upcoming Rally in Valley scheduled for May, as well as his expertise in creating memorable riding adventures in the Great Smokies.



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Show Notes

Segment 1

Joseph opens up to upcoming events happening at the Great Smoky Mountains over the next couple weeks: ranging from motorcycle to Mother’s Day events. Following, he transitions into introducing his guest, Chris Parker, who is the owner and Chief Designer of Road Wolf Design. It is a creative design company based in Greer, South Carolina, that Parker founded in 2007. Chris is an avid motorcycle enthusiast who has spent much of his adult years riding in The Great Smoky Mountains and across the U.S. Chris has been to the Smokies countless times, since he started riding in Western Carolina in 2000. Originally from Scotland, Chris has moved around a lot. He has lived in South Carolina since 1991.

Segment 2

Chris has been riding motorcycles for 22 years, his first bike was a used Honda Pacific Coast. Within 9 months he moved to a BMW bike, which he stayed on since. Chris obtained his BMW from a mutual work colleague who called a friend of his, saying he father in law was downsizing and moving, and he had an old 1998 BMW R-11 Hundred GS which he wanted to sell. After seeing photos, Chris’s interest grew, and a friendship sparked with the bike’s original owner. The two made a deal for Chris to buy the bike but as the friendship grew the owner offered the bike for free, with Chris only paying for the service. He flew to CA to pick up the bike, making a stop to meet the original owner in person. He then drove the bike across the country back home to S. Carolina in 6 days. Chris still owns the bike and says he will never get rid of it. Joseph shares his own interesting story. A friend of his was getting married, and he had a Yamaha 185 dirt bike which his wife was making him get rid of. During this friend’s bachelor party, Joseph drunkenly bought the bike. Three years later, Joseph was getting married and his friend was getting divorced, leading his friend to buy the bike back from him. They continue to share some motorcycle adventure stories– including one of an intense accident with a deer. Chris works for the BMW RA Organization. He is involved with the club and magazine. Chris has been the art director for the magazine the past four years, and recently became the editor for the mag. as well. His first issue was the March/April ‘22 issue. The club is one of 2 motorcycle clubs that are national and are under the international umbrella, The BMW Club Council out of Germany. Chris describes the club as an enthusiast club that supports the love of all things BMW motorcycles.

Segment 3

Joseph starts the segment talking about the National BMW RA Rally which was held in September 2021 at Hayward County. There are plans of the rally being held around fall of ‘22 for a third year however it’s not confirmed yet. There were several factors that went into the organization choosing Hayward County for setup, the roads being the main factor for motorcyclists. The theme of the upcoming rally will be celebrating 50 years of the organization and ride attitude, for the enthusiast motorcycle club which is made up of riders who put in serious miles. The location provides them the epic opportunity to enjoy legendary roads, with people alike. The organization is looking into doing weekend getaways to make up for those who can’t make the once a year rally. The RA organization is also planning an upcoming regional event at the Meadowlark Hotel in Maggie Valley, which Joseph is connected to. Joseph says they look forward to it. The area and the hotel are extremely motorcycle friendly. The big Steakhouse, Jay Arthurs, in the Valley is going to host them a big steak dinner, with live music, and a speakeasy area. This will be the first event Chris will host as a rally chair. They plan to end the rally with a challenge ride. This is the first announcement of this activity. Chris and others are going to be test driving this route this upcoming weekend. It’s about a 4 hour ride. Riding the Smokies is a magical experience.

Segment 4

Chris shares some safety tips for riding in the Smokies–two of which are, pacing yourself especially in unknown areas, and wearing your safety gears at all times when riding. There are hidden gem roads that can be found and taken once people get to know the area, which can avoid some traffic. Joseph shares that the Bear Water Brewery is a great place for motorcyclists to have a meal and enjoy the ambiance of the mountain. He asks Chris what are some of his favorite places to make a stop in the Smokies. A favorite of Chris’s is in North Carolina, a restaurant in a gas station called Café Rell. The chef was originally from Atlanta. He left city life and returned back to his hometown, opening up this French cuisine café. The location is surprising but the food even more so. In Downtown Waynesville, he recommends Beach Mountain Diner. In closing the episode, Chris shares that people can join the RA via their website , there is an event tab where you can find the upcoming events that people can register for. He clarifies riders do not have to have a BMW to join, any motorcycle is welcomed.


00:00:41.040 --> 00:00:43.410 Joseph McElroy: Welcome to the gateways and the smokies.

00:00:43.410 --> 00:00:53.700 Joseph McElroy: podcast this podcast is about america's most visited National Park, the great smoky mountains national park and surrounding towns.

00:00:54.450 --> 00:01:04.500 Joseph McElroy: This area is filled with ancient natural beauty a deep storied history and rich mountain cultures that we explore with weekly episodes.

00:01:05.310 --> 00:01:26.520 Joseph McElroy: I am Joseph Franklin magical magical world, but also with deep roots in these mountains my family is living the great smokies for over 200 years my businesses and travel, but my heart is in culture today we're going to talk about the smoky mountain motorcycle adventures.

00:01:27.660 --> 00:01:34.350 Joseph McElroy: But first, a couple spots or messages and then some events that are upcoming that you might find interesting.

00:01:35.280 --> 00:01:48.450 Joseph McElroy: First, imagine a place lucky that the motor courts of the past in modern and vibrant with a chic happily to feel a place for adventure for relaxation.

00:01:49.170 --> 00:02:01.860 Joseph McElroy: imaginable, a place where you can get fish in a mountain heritage trout stream grill the catch on fire eat accompanied by fine line or craft beers.

00:02:02.490 --> 00:02:16.020 Joseph McElroy: Imagine a place in the old time music world cultural, so there is no other place like the middle or motel and Maggie valley North Carolina your smoky mountain adventure starts with where you stay.

00:02:17.400 --> 00:02:29.460 Joseph McElroy: and other sponsors smokies smokies plural adventure singular the smoky mountains and surrounding area or areas of vacation destination for all seasons.

00:02:30.000 --> 00:02:39.480 Joseph McElroy: Some of the nation's best hiking trails waterfalls outdoor adventures and family entertainment can be found, right here in these mountains.

00:02:40.200 --> 00:02:48.870 Joseph McElroy: start your adventure by using smokies adventure calm to explore all the wonderful features of the great smoky mountains National Park.

00:02:49.500 --> 00:03:01.230 Joseph McElroy: trails waterfalls caves cove or the elk are and more than check out all the awesome family attractions and entertainment, you and your entire family can enjoy.

00:03:02.550 --> 00:03:09.900 Joseph McElroy: The goal is smokies adventure calm is to become the leading information portal for adventures and experiences and the great smoky mountains.

00:03:10.710 --> 00:03:21.660 Joseph McElroy: Now some events coming up most of these events are at the Maggie valley festival grounds and it's now become the big festival seasons in the mountains and the smoky mountain area.

00:03:22.440 --> 00:03:37.440 Joseph McElroy: April 22 to 24th is the annual southeastern mini trucking nationals it's an open car and truck show featuring food and vendors and many trucks which are hoot.

00:03:38.760 --> 00:03:51.690 Joseph McElroy: April 19 of may 1 is thundering the smokies spring motorcycle rally, this is a big motorcycle rally rally apples about three times a year and it's the largest and oldest main early and Maggie Valley.

00:03:52.200 --> 00:04:01.740 Joseph McElroy: And it's a it's all day Friday and Saturday and half the day on Sunday is got tour rides vendors bike shows games prizes concerts.

00:04:02.190 --> 00:04:10.470 Joseph McElroy: Fire dancers, and the latest bikes and produce products on display and more you can go to thunder in the smokies calm to find out more.

00:04:11.100 --> 00:04:26.940 Joseph McElroy: May seventh is a new event that I haven't during know where it is called boho hippie fast it's got live music performance arts demonstrations vendors bounce houses games food trucks and more sounds like it's going to be sort of a Bohemian.

00:04:28.080 --> 00:04:46.890 Joseph McElroy: arts and crafts show with lots of fun so i'm looking forward to checking that out, and they may 13 to the 14th is the kk O a icons of hot rodding festival, and this is going to be 1950s and 1960s hot rodding custom cars and trailer trucks and then have it.

00:04:48.210 --> 00:04:59.730 Joseph McElroy: For models that are that are older than from 1969 have automotive and vintage vendors pinstripe burrs and food vendors awards and trophies and all sorts of things.

00:05:00.990 --> 00:05:11.160 Joseph McElroy: Now the metal Arc you know, we have the we have the smoky mountain man in the middle dark smoky mountain heritage Center where we have lots of mountain heritage and music events so in.

00:05:12.510 --> 00:05:13.230 Joseph McElroy: In May.

00:05:14.310 --> 00:05:30.930 Joseph McElroy: On may six through the eighth we're going to have mother's mother's day events and it's gonna have moms moving mountains and mother's mother nature's natural garden programs Nick Nancy East and I ladder.

00:05:32.310 --> 00:05:50.370 Joseph McElroy: So first one there on the Friday night may six seven acclaimed author and wilderness survival expert Nancy East will be presenting mom's moving mountains and she will share her experiences in the great outdoors as well as her amazing endurance hiking achievements.

00:05:51.780 --> 00:06:03.630 Joseph McElroy: This is serious just here doing what wilderness survival is course is hugely valuable and she has some great adventures to talk about show you pictures things like that, then a may 7.

00:06:04.320 --> 00:06:14.130 Joseph McElroy: The afternoon will feature legendary wild crafting expert and renowned author filmmaker instructor and tour guide for the general some great smoky mountain National Park elite.

00:06:14.940 --> 00:06:24.120 Joseph McElroy: Jesus and feels cool it's either a header and I was an expert on edible plants medicinal herbs and anything pertaining to wild craft forging.

00:06:24.600 --> 00:06:32.010 Joseph McElroy: An appalachian plants trees and flowers she's been featured a lot of stuff like TV shows, and things like that.

00:06:32.880 --> 00:06:44.100 Joseph McElroy: But she will be presenting your her beloved program Mother Nature natural garden and leading a short tour of the grounds, identifying nature's bounty that can be found in our own backyards.

00:06:44.610 --> 00:06:49.470 Joseph McElroy: And then we'll have a combination with the free Barbecue separate music on Saturday night.

00:06:49.950 --> 00:07:06.720 Joseph McElroy: So reach out and then i'm mother's day on the morning will have will be having cake and champagne for people as they're leaving in the morning, so come the reach out to my local hotels COM call eight to 89261717 to find out more and reserve your spot for these programs.

00:07:08.970 --> 00:07:18.090 Joseph McElroy: I don't know if everybody if everybody knows, but one of the best motorcycle museums in the country, if not the world is located right next to the model Arc motel.

00:07:18.720 --> 00:07:31.380 Joseph McElroy: And it's called the wheels through time museum and it's home to the world's premier collection of rare American motorcycles memorabilia and distinct array of unique one off American automobiles.

00:07:32.940 --> 00:07:56.040 Joseph McElroy: It has a collection of over 350 rare machines comprised of 25 makes including Harley Davidson Indian excelsior Henderson popeil crocker flying Merkel and many, many more, it was it was opened in July 4 2002 in a 38,000 square foot facility, and now it says 15th year of operation.

00:07:57.270 --> 00:08:02.070 Joseph McElroy: it's gotten worldwide media attention and brought hundreds of thousands of visitors to make the valley.

00:08:02.520 --> 00:08:16.740 Joseph McElroy: And it's it's a unique display it has events going on thrill rides and all the machines all the machines run even the older some of the rarest in the world have been made into working order and every day.

00:08:17.370 --> 00:08:24.360 Joseph McElroy: Thursday through Monday, they will actually get some of these different old machines running so you can hear how they sound.

00:08:24.600 --> 00:08:35.400 Joseph McElroy: feel their vibrations, you know feel like a part of it, and then and the museum itself is a really wonderful experience because you're walking through something that's almost like a giant garage.

00:08:35.700 --> 00:08:45.870 Joseph McElroy: Then it has art and automobiles represents a representative of the times right and motorcycles representative of the time in the in the exhibits.

00:08:46.890 --> 00:08:55.620 Joseph McElroy: It was for pounded by Dale Walker in who recently died, but his son has taken over who's also an accomplished motorcycle.

00:08:56.310 --> 00:09:04.680 Joseph McElroy: Now expert knowledge, so I recommend coming to stay in the middle Arc and going over the wheels from time seem to get your get your motorcycle on.

00:09:05.520 --> 00:09:09.480 Joseph McElroy: Somebody knows about motorcycles our guest today his name is Chris Parker.

00:09:10.050 --> 00:09:24.840 Joseph McElroy: Chris Parker is the owner and chief designer of road wolf design it's a creative design company based in greer South Carolina that he founded in 2007 his clients include Texas pete hot sauces yay I love hot protects his feet off.

00:09:26.430 --> 00:09:34.650 Joseph McElroy: touring sport BMW, and many others, Chris is an avid BMW motorcycle enthusiast who has been a large part of his adult life.

00:09:35.040 --> 00:09:45.900 Joseph McElroy: riding his bike in the great smoky mountains regions and all across the United States now Chris has partnered with the staff of the middle or motel Maggie value to create a new event for.

00:09:46.320 --> 00:09:58.020 Joseph McElroy: For the this prestigious group called the p amp w or a group and that'll be may 12 through the 15th and at the middle of motel and so hello, Chris how are you doing.

00:09:58.680 --> 00:10:00.210 Chris Parker: Great good to be here.

00:10:00.570 --> 00:10:05.730 Joseph McElroy: cool we're thrilled to your we we are thrilled you haven't have you with us here today, Chris and we're.

00:10:06.300 --> 00:10:19.410 Joseph McElroy: we're really just like so I mean i'm very excited to discuss your upcoming rally in the valley scheduled for me and as well as you share your expertise and you know, creating memorable writing adventure so let's get started.

00:10:20.640 --> 00:10:25.890 Joseph McElroy: You live in a relatively short short ride for Maggie valley when was your first trip to our region.

00:10:27.450 --> 00:10:41.610 Chris Parker: Well i've been up there so many times i've lost count been riding in western North Carolina since 2022 years easily hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of miles.

00:10:43.020 --> 00:10:49.620 Chris Parker: valley waynesville area, a lot, because of the roads are just their epic so yeah.

00:10:50.280 --> 00:10:52.680 Joseph McElroy: Are you originally from greer or Where are you from originally.

00:10:53.550 --> 00:11:06.960 Chris Parker: um well as a navy brat I was born in Scotland and moved around and then eventually made it to the US, but i've been living in the southeast primarily since the mid 70s, hence the accent.

00:11:08.040 --> 00:11:19.020 Chris Parker: And in South Carolina since 1981 so i'm in the upstate of South Carolina which, when you explain to people South Carolina they automatically assume you're from charleston or the beach.

00:11:19.410 --> 00:11:30.030 Chris Parker: And you have to remind them that there's the upstate which is mountainous it's at the foothills of the mountains of where you're at and North Carolina so you know you.

00:11:30.360 --> 00:11:40.110 Joseph McElroy: Did you when you've been visiting if you get a chance to hook up with Mike ogletree he's our he's our artists in residence and he was he was born in Scotland and played with a lot of Scottish band.

00:11:40.260 --> 00:11:45.540 Chris Parker: Did you get the time I met him, I met him last September, when I came up to visit the motel.

00:11:46.020 --> 00:12:01.980 Chris Parker: and his background, when I found out who he was with I just my jaw dropped simple minds, I mean who doesn't know who that band is and then he's from Scotland and he's got the accent I don't, but we did have a chat he's a nice guy.

00:12:02.280 --> 00:12:18.240 Joseph McElroy: Oh good well that's I mean yeah that's yeah there's actually a lot of Scottish heritage in the mountains right, so you probably find a little bit of that connecting up with people and you should go by the Scottish Tartan Museum in in in Franklin it's.

00:12:19.290 --> 00:12:19.620 Chris Parker: Like.

00:12:20.250 --> 00:12:23.670 Joseph McElroy: it's the it's the greatest Tartan collection in the world, I think right.

00:12:24.180 --> 00:12:31.770 Joseph McElroy: it's pretty it is pretty impressive you know, we had him out for the burns Day celebration of Robert Burns and.

00:12:32.160 --> 00:12:36.930 Joseph McElroy: They brought some tartans and they brought some pictures and they did a whole discussion, so it was a pretty cool.

00:12:37.860 --> 00:12:53.730 Joseph McElroy: Pretty cool opportunity to find more about and I recommend people find out about that museum, because we know it's of all the many museums, we have in the mountains that's one of them that's I think is pretty special hey so i've talked a lot, so we have to take our first break.

00:12:55.170 --> 00:13:00.750 Joseph McElroy: And then we'll come back and we'll find more will fight and fight a little bit more about you and then writing BMW is in the mouth.

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00:15:17.460 --> 00:15:27.660 Joseph McElroy: howdy this is Joseph Franklin mcilroy back with the gateway to the smokies podcast and my guest Chris Parker so Chris how long you been riding motorcycles.

00:15:29.790 --> 00:15:30.990 Chris Parker: 22 years.

00:15:31.500 --> 00:15:34.590 Joseph McElroy: 22 years and did was a BMW your first one.

00:15:35.550 --> 00:15:53.400 Chris Parker: No, it wasn't I bought a used on the Pacific coast and learn to ride on that and within nine months and about 15,000 miles later I moved to a BMW pretty quick and pretty much stayed on them for the last 22 years.

00:15:54.090 --> 00:15:56.040 Joseph McElroy: Now, but Baba Baba folks.

00:15:57.810 --> 00:16:12.750 Joseph McElroy: involved and helped me put together these programs he's also bob's pot and he's also general manager of the smoky mountain heritage Center so he told me, you have a really unique story about how you obtain your BMW bite that you now that you now own so what's that story.

00:16:13.620 --> 00:16:16.080 Chris Parker: that's a pretty long one, but i'll try to give you the.

00:16:16.860 --> 00:16:20.970 Chris Parker: Two second version I had a mutual work colleague.

00:16:22.050 --> 00:16:22.860 Chris Parker: call me.

00:16:24.120 --> 00:16:33.990 Chris Parker: A friend of mine last March 2021 who said that he had his father in law, he was downsizing and they were moving him from California to North Carolina.

00:16:34.350 --> 00:16:43.620 Chris Parker: And he had an old BMW that he was trying to sell figure out the value of it, he knew I knew bikes being very bikes and show me some pictures and I saw it, and I was like wow that's a really nice.

00:16:45.090 --> 00:17:03.420 Chris Parker: BMW or 1100 G, yes, which is there on road offered by and it was a mint condition and I saw the odometer reading on it, it said 13,191 miles, and I was like wow so I did my due diligence getting some pricing and one thing led to another and.

00:17:04.740 --> 00:17:18.030 Chris Parker: Because of my interest in it, it looked like I was going to be the guy that bought it and I did well sort of i'm in talking with the owner of the bike gab widening of Earl picture.

00:17:18.690 --> 00:17:33.240 Chris Parker: He and I struck up a really nice friendship and through a series of conversations and circumstances I ended up getting a call from him when the bike was picked up from the local dealer in.

00:17:34.350 --> 00:17:41.970 Chris Parker: BMW dealer in temecula California and they went over it, and they said God this this thing is a time capsule it is meant.

00:17:43.470 --> 00:17:45.690 Chris Parker: can't believe the condition is in and.

00:17:46.920 --> 00:17:51.960 Chris Parker: So in talking with them, we had struck up a deal that I would buy the bike for a really good price.

00:17:52.500 --> 00:18:02.730 Chris Parker: And he would pay for the bike to be serviced and I just couldn't believe he was willing to do that, but once we got to know each other, he called me after the bike was a.

00:18:03.540 --> 00:18:12.690 Chris Parker: checked out by the dealership and he surprised me with the gift of saying hey Chris why don't you pay for the service and after the service, the bike is yours.

00:18:13.680 --> 00:18:24.570 Chris Parker: I stood there in my my living room and I heard him say those words and I didn't quite understand what he was talking about and he's I said what I don't What do you mean he says i'm giving you the by.

00:18:25.320 --> 00:18:26.070 Joseph McElroy: Oh wow.

00:18:26.340 --> 00:18:34.800 Chris Parker: i'm like why he said, well, I checked you out, I know that you're with a BMW writers association you do the magazine.

00:18:35.460 --> 00:18:53.490 Chris Parker: And then you had a deer strike in 2018 on your GPS adventure and you use it almost total G, but you got back on the horse and you continue to ride and you're my kind of guy in terms of you keep writing and you you'll take care of this body, so I flew out.

00:18:54.600 --> 00:19:03.810 Chris Parker: With my gear and toe and i'm landed in temecula and got the bike it was exactly as you described and I wrote it.

00:19:04.320 --> 00:19:21.180 Chris Parker: From the dealership to his place in palm desert California and I met him and I got to eat dinner with him and spend a night and we had breakfast and then I run cross country on that bike from California to South Carolina in six days.

00:19:21.780 --> 00:19:25.890 Chris Parker: wow so it's uh i'll never get rid of that by that bike is.

00:19:26.190 --> 00:19:35.220 Joseph McElroy: it's already as part of you now, so you know I have my interesting story is buys a number, there was a big bike rider back in my youth.

00:19:35.670 --> 00:19:47.160 Joseph McElroy: A friend of mine was getting married in here to yamaha 25 right which is a dirt bike and he said, well, I gotta get rid of it my wife and we have it so i'm drinking his bachelor party and I buy it right.

00:19:47.940 --> 00:19:56.070 Joseph McElroy: I had it for about three years and then I started to get married he now is going through a divorce, where the best of my bachelor party and he buys it back from me.

00:19:59.820 --> 00:20:09.750 Joseph McElroy: So meant for a single guy going out and take a little adventure, but you know this story of dear what happened with that what happened, my dear jumped out in front of you.

00:20:10.230 --> 00:20:22.140 Chris Parker: yeah this was coming up on four years ago, I was actually heading to the BMW writers association national rally in wells borough Pennsylvania.

00:20:22.890 --> 00:20:29.220 Chris Parker: And I was going to do it in two days and stayed my first night at a really nice motorcycle campground that I love in.

00:20:29.940 --> 00:20:39.720 Chris Parker: metals of Dan Virginia called will do and I had written I don't like leaving at night, but my work day was such that I left late in the afternoon.

00:20:40.200 --> 00:20:48.300 Chris Parker: which would have me arriving there late at night and I had written about 260 miles, with five more miles to go.

00:20:49.080 --> 00:21:00.600 Chris Parker: And next thing I know i'm calling out of the ditch and wondering what happened and trying to flag someone down to help me and I was my whole left side was on fire.

00:21:01.200 --> 00:21:09.600 Chris Parker: didn't know what I would have happened if I like passed out or well in this instance, I found out with a guy come in to rescue me.

00:21:11.040 --> 00:21:15.360 Chris Parker: telling me hey don't move help us on the way and I asked him.

00:21:16.380 --> 00:21:18.990 Chris Parker: What happened, he said dude you hit a deer.

00:21:19.410 --> 00:21:20.100 Joseph McElroy: Oh well.

00:21:20.220 --> 00:21:29.340 Chris Parker: Like a 200 pound Oh, and I was airlifted to Winston Salem and I stayed there for two weeks broke ribs front and rear.

00:21:30.660 --> 00:21:45.990 Chris Parker: shoulder shoulder blade fracture it and then broke my collarbone and I lacerated my spleen which they were able to repair that without we're moving in and since then and back at it, since it was three months later, I.

00:21:47.220 --> 00:21:59.910 Chris Parker: You know, I was wondering if I was going to quit riding or if I was going to take a hiatus and I knew that wasn't going to work because I was spending my wee hours of the morning on my computer looking at you know bikes.

00:22:01.140 --> 00:22:03.930 Chris Parker: trying to figure out what I was going to get and return to so.

00:22:04.260 --> 00:22:10.680 Joseph McElroy: Is that something that you can avoid is there, or is it just that that's just the one that's freak accident.

00:22:10.740 --> 00:22:21.570 Chris Parker: It was a freak accident, plus there are things that you can mitigate it like don't ride at night or in the morning and then, of course, in the in the fall with years running.

00:22:22.230 --> 00:22:25.590 Chris Parker: they're out a little more than they would be throughout the rest of the year.

00:22:26.220 --> 00:22:34.800 Chris Parker: And you just kind of get a feel for it's your spidey sense is going off and you're like yeah they got probably need to not be out and I just ignored.

00:22:35.340 --> 00:22:51.720 Chris Parker: i'd probably did I did everything right in that I had all the gear I were full Armor I actually wear a neck brace when I arrived, which is a preventive measure, and I was wearing it and it's to keep you from injury your cervical spine around your neck, so that you don't have any.

00:22:52.020 --> 00:22:59.460 Joseph McElroy: that's amazing because you know the sounds like from the accident that was expecting yeah like spinal, but it was, like all sort of.

00:22:59.910 --> 00:23:08.730 Joseph McElroy: Except for the spleen things sort of like super you know, like for the better words minor praise, but I mean they weren't minor but they were yeah they were.

00:23:09.420 --> 00:23:18.360 Joseph McElroy: They were not in you know you didn't get peril paralysis and all that sort of stuff so and predictive stuff sounds like it really work that's great.

00:23:19.080 --> 00:23:27.030 Chris Parker: yeah it was it was pretty emotional to coming home after being away from my kids are those two weeks and I got home, I can.

00:23:29.700 --> 00:23:37.200 Joseph McElroy: You know, a mutual friend who introduced us Larry schatz had an accident not too far ago he's backed up right and again.

00:23:37.770 --> 00:23:42.060 Chris Parker: yeah actually ride with him fairly regularly and he's an amazing.

00:23:43.020 --> 00:23:43.950 Joseph McElroy: How did you meet him.

00:23:45.210 --> 00:23:46.680 Chris Parker: He joined.

00:23:47.730 --> 00:23:58.500 Chris Parker: A group of writers, that I have been writing with for 20 plus years and he heard about us through social media, and then we actually met him.

00:23:59.040 --> 00:24:10.290 Chris Parker: On a ride several years ago, and he was new to the area coming back well moved from New York City Manhattan to near asheville and.

00:24:11.160 --> 00:24:30.390 Chris Parker: He was looking for like minded writers and we met through Facebook, I think it was and then, of course, with that we've written many times with him he's just he's he's a fast rider as a you know, an accident can happen.

00:24:30.720 --> 00:24:36.480 Chris Parker: but also his skill level is is like i'm here and he's up here.

00:24:36.960 --> 00:24:39.030 Chris Parker: That it doesn't track day so.

00:24:39.480 --> 00:24:40.890 Joseph McElroy: He admits that he led his.

00:24:40.890 --> 00:24:43.770 Joseph McElroy: ego get ahead of him, and then there's Ryan, he was.

00:24:43.800 --> 00:24:53.490 Joseph McElroy: Trying to keep up with somebody he said I can't do that anymore, he he said he admitted that he actually when he gets his training so now that.

00:24:54.300 --> 00:25:12.810 Joseph McElroy: that's a you know that happens to everybody so but he's back on and he's riding again and i'm glad he introduced this and we're you know we you got your work, you work with BMW ra you also also you're on you're on the board and you also added the magazine right.

00:25:13.860 --> 00:25:16.080 Chris Parker: i'm not a board member, but I am a.

00:25:17.640 --> 00:25:27.150 Chris Parker: person involved with the club in two areas, one of which, for the last four years i've been the art director for the magazine, so I laid it out.

00:25:28.440 --> 00:25:41.700 Chris Parker: i've been doing that, since March, April 2018 and then a the esteemed editor that was under the most of those four years john Flores he.

00:25:42.420 --> 00:25:55.680 Chris Parker: of New Jersey, an amazing photographer and mono journalist, he stepped down due to just his workload and he let me know that you know.

00:25:56.550 --> 00:26:13.440 Chris Parker: I think it was November of last year, and I was like holy crap, what are we gonna do now, and he said, Chris you should take it on, and I was like editor and he said yeah I think you did great at it and so i'm now, the editor of the magazine my first issue was.

00:26:14.700 --> 00:26:18.750 Chris Parker: The March, April of 2022 it's been in the hands of the Members.

00:26:19.830 --> 00:26:24.030 Chris Parker: For about a month now, and i'm working on my second issue now it's going to the printer this week.

00:26:24.420 --> 00:26:28.050 Joseph McElroy: So congratulations, so can you can you tell us.

00:26:28.110 --> 00:26:34.830 Chris Parker: Real quick real quick also help out with related graphics that are outside of the magazine.

00:26:36.000 --> 00:26:41.070 Joseph McElroy: Can you tell us a you know a little bit about what the BMW organization is.

00:26:42.090 --> 00:26:47.400 Chris Parker: Well it's a BMW motorcycle club that's been in existence since 1972.

00:26:48.450 --> 00:27:00.570 Chris Parker: We are one of two motorcycle clubs that are national and we are actually under the international umbrella the BMW club Council out of Germany.

00:27:01.290 --> 00:27:25.080 Chris Parker: BMW motor add is the motorcycle division of BMW ag so everyone hears that you know there's cars, but they also make motorcycles, in fact, that and making motorcycles longer than I have been making cars and so we're an enthusiast club that supports the love of all things BMW motorcycles.

00:27:26.400 --> 00:27:32.700 Chris Parker: it's the rivals association and we just shorten it to ra but everyone knows who we are cool.

00:27:33.090 --> 00:27:37.290 Joseph McElroy: And you, you had your national rally and haywood county this last year did.

00:27:38.040 --> 00:27:42.930 Chris Parker: We did in waynesville at the smoky mountain event Center off of two.

00:27:44.370 --> 00:27:46.710 Chris Parker: In August of last year cool.

00:27:47.280 --> 00:27:54.480 Joseph McElroy: All right, well, we, I want to talk more about that, but we got to take a break real quick and then we'll come back we'll talk about why you why you guys decided to come play with.

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00:30:01.020 --> 00:30:08.910 Joseph McElroy: howdy this is Joseph Franklin McElroy back with the gateways and the smokies podcasts and my guest Chris Parker.

00:30:09.300 --> 00:30:22.560 Joseph McElroy: So, Chris we were talking about the national BMW are a rally that was held in haywood county I think in September 2021 and I think you have it has plans for at least 2022 and 2023 right.

00:30:23.550 --> 00:30:41.820 Chris Parker: Well, definitely for 2022 there's discussions for maybe possibly returning a third year we don't know that for sure, but right now, I know that this coming fall it'll actually be later in the year it'll be in September September 29 through October, the second.

00:30:43.170 --> 00:30:44.610 Chris Parker: location so.

00:30:44.940 --> 00:30:46.920 Joseph McElroy: same same weekend as well fest so.

00:30:48.300 --> 00:30:52.380 Joseph McElroy: What, why did you why BMW or a Tuesday we can.

00:30:53.940 --> 00:31:07.200 Chris Parker: Well, obviously there has to be several factors involved, one of which is a location that can accommodate anywhere from 1200 to 1500 people camping and facilities for vendors.

00:31:08.370 --> 00:31:18.330 Chris Parker: But really the ideal setup was the roads, because of the legendary roads that are within striking distance of that location.

00:31:19.230 --> 00:31:39.360 Chris Parker: There are famous it's it's not just people in the United States that come here to the southeast arrived these words I actually have a friend, that is from Germany and he comments on the fact that these roads are have a nature of a quality that would go up against stuff in the House.

00:31:40.590 --> 00:31:52.380 Chris Parker: They they'll they'll fly here and they'll come to Western North Carolina Southwest Virginia Eastern Tennessee northeast Georgia because of what's around you guys in.

00:31:54.090 --> 00:32:02.700 Joseph McElroy: Well, you know there's some real famous one like with a tail of the dragon and the rattler and a copperhead is there any other there that you think are particularly famous that.

00:32:03.990 --> 00:32:04.350 Joseph McElroy: That.

00:32:04.380 --> 00:32:07.170 Chris Parker: Well, I don't want I don't want to announce them too much, because then.

00:32:07.200 --> 00:32:07.620 Once you.

00:32:09.450 --> 00:32:11.700 Chris Parker: they're no longer your personal roller coaster but.

00:32:11.730 --> 00:32:18.270 Chris Parker: Right, there are some words that are they don't really have names assigned to them like the rattler or.

00:32:19.620 --> 00:32:23.190 Chris Parker: deals gaps Taylor dragon or the moon shauna which is.

00:32:24.630 --> 00:32:35.430 Chris Parker: going through parts of South Carolina and Western North Carolina but i'll just throw out some names North Carolina to anyone North Carolina.

00:32:37.680 --> 00:32:48.780 Chris Parker: Those are some pretty epic roads that will actually have people pointing him to take when we have an event at your at the metal are.

00:32:49.890 --> 00:32:51.810 Joseph McElroy: Well you're planning so.

00:32:52.950 --> 00:33:03.210 Joseph McElroy: let's just sit back for a SEC, I want to talk about the plans that they've been learned Oh, you know you would say that the national event that it made sense to do a regional event here right.

00:33:04.380 --> 00:33:17.280 Chris Parker: yeah so the thinking here with the era is so just a little background on the ra it's a national organization it's been around we're celebrating our 50th year this year, and so the the.

00:33:18.240 --> 00:33:31.650 Chris Parker: The theme for the rally in waynesville is going to be 50 years of the ride attitude ri D and the ra is known as just been fuzziness.

00:33:32.550 --> 00:33:54.690 Chris Parker: motorcycle club, the people that come to this event arm riders they they put on serious miles and coming to Western North Carolina game is just providing them an epic opportunity to enjoy these legendary writers in the have four days at the campground at the smoky mountain Center.

00:33:55.710 --> 00:34:04.950 Chris Parker: Doing you know hanging out there's going to be food and all that kind of stuff, and so the idea of them coming back I know people when they heard the announcement.

00:34:05.460 --> 00:34:19.620 Chris Parker: They were shocked that we were coming back because they've never really done that, before, but then I think the the overall vibe of the reaction was yeah, this is a good move because of because of you know you're from this area, you know what it's like.

00:34:19.800 --> 00:34:20.490 Joseph McElroy: yeah right.

00:34:21.570 --> 00:34:24.450 Joseph McElroy: And then, and then do it a regional one made sense as well right.

00:34:24.900 --> 00:34:34.440 Chris Parker: Oh yeah so yeah the question was why a regional event in that the national rally is once a year, and sometimes people can't make that.

00:34:35.220 --> 00:34:45.030 Chris Parker: So we were we're opening up the possibility of doing these smaller weekend getaways and because of the connection with Larry new and I.

00:34:45.690 --> 00:34:53.250 Chris Parker: It was just assumed that it would make sense to do one and Maggie Valley, even though it's close to where the national rally would be a different time of the year.

00:34:53.640 --> 00:35:03.930 Chris Parker: And then, because of what I think is going to be a successful event they'll work with the registrations that we have so far and the the reaction to this event that they're going to do more of these.

00:35:04.050 --> 00:35:08.820 Chris Parker: And so, in September in the upper peninsula of.

00:35:10.290 --> 00:35:23.070 Chris Parker: Michigan there's going to be an event that's sponsored by the ra that's going to be at a place called big snow resort in Wakefield Michigan and then there's a possibility of one in Virginia near.

00:35:24.810 --> 00:35:28.620 Chris Parker: West Virginia and Virginia up in the shenandoah Valley.

00:35:29.100 --> 00:35:29.850 Chris Parker: So we're.

00:35:29.910 --> 00:35:31.680 Chris Parker: we're in early stages of that.

00:35:32.430 --> 00:35:40.740 Joseph McElroy: Well cool well the metal like you know we we you know Maggie valley itself is considered like the best motorcycle town.

00:35:41.280 --> 00:35:52.200 Joseph McElroy: In western North Carolina and because it's near all those famous roads, easy access big road to get in and out of you know, has it actually has a festival grounds that holds a lot of.

00:35:53.970 --> 00:36:01.500 Joseph McElroy: You know trucking and motorcycle events and the culture is very conducive to yeah motorcyclists enjoying.

00:36:02.790 --> 00:36:07.050 Joseph McElroy: You know, restaurants and everything is very motorcycle friendly.

00:36:08.100 --> 00:36:13.230 Joseph McElroy: You know people do things like you know the motels do things like have you know motorcycle rags and little.

00:36:13.710 --> 00:36:21.090 Joseph McElroy: Little buckets right outside the room, so they can clean and wash their motorcycles and stuff like that which I think that yeah it's just a.

00:36:21.510 --> 00:36:32.010 Joseph McElroy: it's a really nice environment, you know and we're and you know we're putting together so that people have stepped up in the valley of the big steak house day arthur's is going to host all you guys for a big steak dinner.

00:36:32.370 --> 00:36:39.570 Joseph McElroy: And then we have a pavilion we're gonna have live music poetry Michael tree, and I think he's gonna do a simple minds acoustic content concert.

00:36:40.200 --> 00:36:53.940 Joseph McElroy: Right and and we've opened up a new speakeasy which you didn't even know about before where you know, on the later in the evening come in, listen to really cool music and hang back and have a nice drinks and things like that so we're looking forward to it.

00:36:55.500 --> 00:37:01.650 Joseph McElroy: So, but you are also also planning some things for the event, you were talking about a special ride you put together.

00:37:02.670 --> 00:37:21.570 Chris Parker: yeah, so this is being being the first event that i've ever hosted i'm being a rally chair, we were trying to figure out a group of us who are behind the scenes, putting the pieces together what we can add to the already announced.

00:37:22.830 --> 00:37:24.960 Chris Parker: Activities you know the dinners.

00:37:26.130 --> 00:37:27.300 Chris Parker: The live music.

00:37:28.350 --> 00:37:37.770 Chris Parker: Some of the vendors that are going to be on site that on the 14th the last full day of the rally we're going to have the rally in the valley challenge Ryan.

00:37:38.460 --> 00:37:47.970 Chris Parker: And it's going to be a way to snag some extra door prize tickets raffle prize tickets by participating in it and so we've.

00:37:48.450 --> 00:37:57.900 Chris Parker: come up with a route that's gonna be about 160 something miles, that if you take it and you follow it and take proof.

00:37:58.590 --> 00:38:12.090 Chris Parker: of taking it by stopping in some way points take pictures of you and your bike and then will you know for each one of those if you stop at we will award you an extra ticket for a chance to win some really awesome prizes.

00:38:12.540 --> 00:38:16.650 Chris Parker: Our i'll tell you more about what those are looking like right but.

00:38:17.700 --> 00:38:28.260 Chris Parker: So that's a new that it's not been announced, until this podcast that we're planning on In fact this Thursday about four of us are going to do a test ride.

00:38:28.740 --> 00:38:39.030 Chris Parker: To make sure that the route that we've planned is have a quality we just been doing it, the mapping software and now we're going to go and test it on this coming week.

00:38:39.510 --> 00:38:40.620 Joseph McElroy: How long the riders and.

00:38:41.520 --> 00:38:51.060 Chris Parker: it's gonna be about four hours it's a loop that takes you northeast of mag valley and it'll take you into.

00:38:52.290 --> 00:39:02.940 Chris Parker: close to the Tennessee state line it'll sneak around some of the brands, which will be on our two and on obviously North kind of 63, which is a trust.

00:39:04.080 --> 00:39:12.060 Chris Parker: there's some dirt roads that you can take for extra bonus points for those that don't know this BMW has a lot of bikes called je SS.

00:39:12.390 --> 00:39:27.840 Chris Parker: And they're the type of bike that wants to pay money angie you keep going so if you want to go down for us but we've got a few things set up in the in the in the round, so that that is going to be a new feature to the to the rally and then.

00:39:28.890 --> 00:39:39.630 Chris Parker: I mentioned vendors, we have about five that are committed to showing up the main one in terms of what people would recognize as.

00:39:40.230 --> 00:39:58.290 Chris Parker: wonderfully USA there are BMW motorcycle accessories company out of Germany and their North American headquarters is in hendersonville was nearby and they're going to be there with their products, their tents and people to you know talk about what they offer for BMW motorcycles.

00:39:59.250 --> 00:40:08.610 Joseph McElroy: cool and do you ever have besides, you know people going out writing do you have any other plan activities for people coming besides, you know the dinner we've set up and that sort of thing.

00:40:09.270 --> 00:40:20.670 Chris Parker: Well it's going to be had laid back in that with the way these guys i'm imagining gals and guys come in they're going to ride to the location and they're going to want to rest and relax.

00:40:21.180 --> 00:40:37.290 Chris Parker: And they're on their own there's a dinner Friday night and then there's a dinner on Saturday night there's also going to be continental breakfast provided by the metal Arc in the overflow hotels, that may be handling people will have access to that.

00:40:38.430 --> 00:40:43.320 Chris Parker: But as far as anything outside of that we will have a local.

00:40:44.760 --> 00:40:55.200 Chris Parker: vendor from waynesville Wayne Bush of America rods maps his maps are epic the BMW roddick community and and other motorcycle brands.

00:40:56.040 --> 00:41:02.640 Chris Parker: They love is matt he's going to be on hand and the talk is that he's going to be debuting a new APP.

00:41:03.240 --> 00:41:17.160 Chris Parker: That he wants to have you know the to unveil at the event, we still don't know if that's a done deal but he's going to be there on hand and then the other thing a good friend of mine who lives in balsam which is not far from Maggie Valley.

00:41:18.420 --> 00:41:25.830 Chris Parker: harkens back, he is a God moto journalist all around good guy and a stand up comedian.

00:41:27.180 --> 00:41:31.350 Chris Parker: he's going to be there on Saturday night at Jay arthur's.

00:41:32.550 --> 00:41:35.730 Chris Parker: doing a every team.

00:41:36.810 --> 00:41:51.570 Chris Parker: he's uh he's written three books on writing in the southeast and he's going to have them on hand to talk about and to help people out with you know where where do you go, you know what's what's what's around here, he knows all the relatives so.

00:41:53.040 --> 00:41:58.770 Joseph McElroy: Oh yeah well you know riding around the smoky mountains it's just a joyous experience you know and.

00:41:59.280 --> 00:42:07.710 Joseph McElroy: there's so many places to go see I mean oftentimes you can just stop and spur the moment and see magnificent waterfall right.

00:42:08.580 --> 00:42:14.430 Joseph McElroy: Or you know you maybe walk 100 feet into the forest and boom there it is it's just huge right.

00:42:15.120 --> 00:42:20.220 Joseph McElroy: In fact, we have one right up above Maggie called soco falls it's right off the road.

00:42:20.640 --> 00:42:29.460 Joseph McElroy: You can people can go up there, and just jump out yeah park will walk you know few hundred feet and boom here this magnificent waterfall near the mountains are.

00:42:29.880 --> 00:42:39.480 Joseph McElroy: known for those waterfall So hopefully people can get combined outdoor road experience little that little outdoor adventure experienced it right.

00:42:41.010 --> 00:42:49.290 Joseph McElroy: And i'd encourage people to you know to to also if they want some relaxation time don't forget that there's fishing at the middle art.

00:42:49.860 --> 00:42:55.260 Joseph McElroy: You know, you can put you can do some real trial, we just had a fish camp and people were catching fish they're.

00:42:55.950 --> 00:43:10.320 Joseph McElroy: Nice rainbows and some brown trousers right there in the backyard there's a little bait shop tackle shop right up the road from us so hopefully they can experience a little bit of everything the mountain culture has are going to music and we'll have food.

00:43:11.670 --> 00:43:14.700 Joseph McElroy: You know waterfalls and riding the road so.

00:43:16.260 --> 00:43:18.300 Joseph McElroy: I look forward to you guys come in here so.

00:43:19.500 --> 00:43:26.040 Joseph McElroy: we're going to take another break right now and come back we'll finish up talking about some of your favorite spots in the smokies.

00:43:27.180 --> 00:43:29.760 Joseph McElroy: Anything else you want to mention some shout outs for things that.

00:43:30.870 --> 00:43:32.430 Joseph McElroy: You want us to pay attention to.

00:43:34.050 --> 00:43:35.580 Chris Parker: Okay sounds good.

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00:45:33.870 --> 00:45:40.860 Joseph McElroy: howdy this is Joseph Franklin McElroy back with the gateway to the smokies podcast and my guest Chris park.

00:45:41.400 --> 00:45:48.600 Joseph McElroy: So, Chris you know we got little people listening to this and we're talking about coming up motorcycling in the smokies and I think it's a great thing but.

00:45:48.990 --> 00:45:56.730 Joseph McElroy: You know, but yeah I think we should mention just briefly what are some safety tips for coming up or writing in the smokies do you have some.

00:45:58.500 --> 00:45:59.100 Chris Parker: well.

00:46:00.240 --> 00:46:08.520 Chris Parker: Especially if you're running in a group Roger override make sure that you don't like we know a mutual friend get in over their head.

00:46:09.720 --> 00:46:20.550 Chris Parker: The roads here pretty technical but also you can ride at your own pace there's some roads that are like I think in the notes for this for this.

00:46:21.540 --> 00:46:37.500 Chris Parker: podcast tonight someone who said what about the Chair of hollow skyway over there, near robin's ville and TELCO planes, it is 50 something miles of sweepers roads that are at high elevation but they aren't as titan twisty as fields gap.

00:46:38.760 --> 00:46:43.560 Chris Parker: Just be prepared to see a lot of traffic on the road and stay in your lane.

00:46:45.270 --> 00:46:59.760 Chris Parker: If you aren't sure where you're at just dial it down a bit and it's better to take a slower pace and arrive in one piece stand to the ricky racer on the road and end up in an ambulance heading to the nearest hospital.

00:47:00.960 --> 00:47:10.350 Chris Parker: and always obviously with the BMW crowd typically they're known for wearing their gear we look like the power Rangers set with our vortex.

00:47:12.300 --> 00:47:30.150 Chris Parker: outfits our helmets glove Armor you know we tend to be one of the more safety conscious types of motorcycle groups out there and you'll see a lot of that when you see a show up you're going to like think we're you know rejects from nasa's space Program.

00:47:32.070 --> 00:47:36.660 Joseph McElroy: Well, have you had that experience with a dear how often are little animals dirt out on the road.

00:47:37.320 --> 00:47:48.540 Chris Parker: that's it's It really is the law of averages if you ride more like I do you're going to see more of it it's if you're out as an occasional rider and you'll see it occasionally.

00:47:48.960 --> 00:48:00.000 Chris Parker: But as you rack up the miles and you put on as many miles, as someone like myself, has you're more prone to see everything from squirrels two rabbits dogs to dear.

00:48:00.450 --> 00:48:03.240 Chris Parker: yeah i've actually seen a bear once.

00:48:03.540 --> 00:48:03.960 Joseph McElroy: yeah.

00:48:04.290 --> 00:48:08.190 Chris Parker: Okay that'll be hard to get I mean not hard to hit, but if.

00:48:08.220 --> 00:48:15.480 Joseph McElroy: You hit that that's good well you know we get we get some big elk and Maggie value coming up the middle of that road sometimes you have to watch out for that.

00:48:16.740 --> 00:48:19.050 Chris Parker: I don't wanna I don't want to let that dissuade people.

00:48:19.050 --> 00:48:23.820 Joseph McElroy: From no it's not that it's not that prevalent and most of the time, you can see it coming.

00:48:24.390 --> 00:48:33.030 Joseph McElroy: yeah yeah how about how about how about other drivers in the smoke is, if you found them to be these are there are they swivel in your head looking stuff too much.

00:48:34.440 --> 00:48:48.870 Chris Parker: Well it's a mixed bag, obviously, if you like, to go at a brisk pace, it can be a bit of a irritant but at the same time, you know the rules of the road, are what they are, you know they're driving have as much right to the road as we, and vice versa.

00:48:50.460 --> 00:49:03.870 Chris Parker: But in the fall you you tend to see more of a traffic because of the leaf papers, the colors changing in the mountains so you'll see an increased amount of traffic, especially if you're on like the blue Ridge parkway.

00:49:05.010 --> 00:49:12.360 Chris Parker: But there's hidden gems that you can take once you start to know the roads in the area that will be.

00:49:12.870 --> 00:49:29.100 Chris Parker: kind of the traffic, the level of traffic will be less than some of the more scenic routes like I know people will talk about deals gap and I actually think the road to deals gap is a better road, because how a 28 from.

00:49:31.110 --> 00:49:33.000 Chris Parker: bryson city area.

00:49:33.240 --> 00:49:44.370 Chris Parker: Of Fontana damn is brilliant and it's actually a less travel road and then to align which you're familiar with on the rattler going to hot springs.

00:49:44.520 --> 00:49:45.600 Joseph McElroy: yeah I love that right.

00:49:45.690 --> 00:49:51.510 Chris Parker: You know that that road you know they'll have traffic, but you know you can you can get around it, you can manage it.

00:49:52.440 --> 00:50:03.870 Joseph McElroy: yeah it's not that bad of traffic it's I mean it is there some is too little, too late and winding road and only reason it gets backed up sometimes is this people a little bit nervous coming down and going up it but.

00:50:04.290 --> 00:50:05.310 Joseph McElroy: For the most part it's a.

00:50:05.310 --> 00:50:17.850 Joseph McElroy: pretty good it's a pretty yeah i've gone through very busy times and then hot springs as a little town we're stopping that it's got some good food there and it's got the hot springs resort so which you can usually jump into to get a little a little spray.

00:50:19.260 --> 00:50:29.580 Chris Parker: i'll add I was tickled pink when they select it waynesville to and on the smoky mountain smoky mountain event Center and.

00:50:30.690 --> 00:50:41.820 Chris Parker: I just laughed I was like these guys are the attendees to the rally are going to leave the parking lot the entrance turn right and then for 25 miles to hot springs.

00:50:41.880 --> 00:50:43.050 Joseph McElroy: It was a perfect that was.

00:50:43.050 --> 00:50:46.980 Joseph McElroy: A perfect thing right it's like and and it was perfect yeah.

00:50:48.630 --> 00:50:53.760 Joseph McElroy: So that's good, and one thing I do I mentioned to people is that you know, in the mountains, especially in the summer.

00:50:54.120 --> 00:51:03.750 Joseph McElroy: yeah yeah we get we haven't funny whether we're pretty dry, but then we'll we'll usually just about five days out of the week have a big thunderstorm pop up for about an hour and then disappear.

00:51:04.830 --> 00:51:17.400 Joseph McElroy: So you need to be aware that you know you want to have rain gear and be prepared for a sudden weather change when you ride around but it's not very long and it goes away real quick.

00:51:20.190 --> 00:51:34.830 Joseph McElroy: So, what are your you know, I think that the bear water brewery Maggie value is a great place for motorcycles to go and have a meal and you'll be able to park and you know even sit down in a deck and just enjoy the ambiance of the mountains right.

00:51:36.150 --> 00:51:42.210 Joseph McElroy: What are some other great places that you like, to stop at in your motorcycling travels through the smokies.

00:51:43.680 --> 00:51:58.230 Chris Parker: was a favorite of mine in my writing group it's epic and it's it's a I imagine people that know the area Franklin North Carolina there is a restaurant that's in a gas station called CAFE rel.

00:51:58.860 --> 00:51:59.550 Chris Parker: Now.

00:51:59.670 --> 00:52:13.470 Chris Parker: And I I there for the first time, five or six years ago and it's a four star five star chef from Atlanta who left the big city life, he was from Franklin and he returned.

00:52:14.010 --> 00:52:27.780 Chris Parker: back to his hometown and open up this French cuisine CAFE reasonable prices, but the food is amazing when it's as attached to a hotspot gas station and you would not think that would.

00:52:27.840 --> 00:52:29.850 Joseph McElroy: be a place that so what's the name of the place.

00:52:30.120 --> 00:52:37.380 Chris Parker: CAFE well and it's our email and it's the abbreviation of the guide and Richard he long.

00:52:37.680 --> 00:52:39.120 Joseph McElroy: i'm gonna have to go check that out.

00:52:39.150 --> 00:52:39.660 yeah.

00:52:40.680 --> 00:52:47.970 Chris Parker: they're closed on Wednesdays and their clothes Sundays and Mondays and they only pay cash they don't take debit.

00:52:47.970 --> 00:52:57.780 Joseph McElroy: crown we know what if you get a chance chance to go to wayne's will go to hazelwood smokehouse which has been top 20 Barbecue places in the nation.

00:52:58.230 --> 00:53:08.940 Chris Parker: And then for near nearby I mean there's a lot of restaurants and Maggie Valley, that will have access to so there's that you place in downtown waynesville is.

00:53:10.170 --> 00:53:11.310 Chris Parker: beach mountain diner.

00:53:11.550 --> 00:53:15.120 Chris Parker: Oh yeah that's good that's good yeah.

00:53:15.240 --> 00:53:24.570 Joseph McElroy: Well we're coming to a close, here I want you to do some shout outs, where people can find out more about what you're doing or your club, but how can they find out more.

00:53:25.290 --> 00:53:39.960 Chris Parker: Well, you can join the ra at BMW and then there's the events tab the top that shows the activities of the club, the national rally this one is called the rally in the valley.

00:53:40.530 --> 00:53:49.590 Chris Parker: And you can register there, we still have plenty of spots where we're going to take onsite registration last minute.

00:53:50.310 --> 00:54:01.230 Chris Parker: There might be an issue with you getting a meal, if you wait till the last minute to register and then we are also selling a T shirt that if you want to get one you have to.

00:54:02.190 --> 00:54:15.960 Chris Parker: Let us know by tomorrow, and you can get your name in the hat for a shirt so you can you can join the club there if you're not a Member Oh, an important you do not have to ride a BMW to come to this.

00:54:16.200 --> 00:54:17.460 Chris Parker: We will allow.

00:54:17.490 --> 00:54:19.740 Chris Parker: Anybody allow.

00:54:19.830 --> 00:54:26.910 Chris Parker: We will accept and welcome anybody on any kind of by so don't feel like you have to have a BMW, to be able to attain cool.

00:54:27.150 --> 00:54:31.680 Joseph McElroy: And then, what is your image shout out your for your design company's website.

00:54:32.310 --> 00:54:38.730 Chris Parker: As road rules design COM or oh ad w Wo lf designed calm.

00:54:38.850 --> 00:54:42.330 Joseph McElroy: cool and i'm assuming you also got some Facebook and that sort of stuff people.

00:54:43.260 --> 00:54:51.930 Joseph McElroy: Alright cool well, thank you very much for being on the show i'm looking forward to the event in May, and I think it's gonna be fantastic and you've.

00:54:52.800 --> 00:55:04.890 Joseph McElroy: represented Well now, this this program is gateway to the smokies podcast you can find it on Facebook COM slash gateway to the smokies podcast it's also.

00:55:05.700 --> 00:55:17.490 Joseph McElroy: On the episodes are listed on smokies adventure COM there's a tab at the top, it allows you to click into a listing of all the episodes with some reason transcripts and video.

00:55:18.510 --> 00:55:25.350 Joseph McElroy: That we are part of the talk radio dot nyc network, which is a radio network of live podcast that happen, you know every day.

00:55:25.770 --> 00:55:38.880 Joseph McElroy: And I encourage you to look at them they're small business ones there's lifestyle there's you know politics there's self help all sorts of different programs on this network it's a good network to hear some great podcast.

00:55:39.690 --> 00:55:48.930 Joseph McElroy: it's talk radio dot nyc I have one another one on this network called wise content creates wealth, which is about mock content marketing and Ai.

00:55:49.650 --> 00:55:58.620 Joseph McElroy: And that's on Fridays from noon to one, and this podcast gateway to the smokies is always on Tuesday from six to seven and i'll look forward to seeing you.

00:55:59.130 --> 00:56:12.000 Joseph McElroy: Next week we'll have another great Chris yes it's a legend in this in the mountains, look forward to having you meet and hear him talk to you later.

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