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Thursday, April 14, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/04/14 - Workplace Wellbeing at Menopause

Facebook Live Video from 2022/04/14 - Workplace Wellbeing at Menopause


2022/04/14 - Workplace Wellbeing at Menopause

[New Episode] Workplace Wellbeing at Menopause

Practical tips and advice for managing menopause symptoms in the workplace

Women in their 40s and 50s are often reaching the peak of their careers. All of the studying, training, and experience is starting to pay off. Whether you are an employee or an entrepreneur, your wisdom is valuable to the people you work with and to you. No one wants to lose all of that if or when menopause symptoms start.

 My Guest this week is me! I have been specializing in supporting women in menopause for 10 years and I can talk about the subject for hours. I want to share with you the practical tips that I teach my clients for increasing your well-being at menopause so that you can stay unstoppable in your career.


Join me for this essential conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Pat gives updates from the media. She talks about a shortage of hormone replacement therapy products in the United Kingdom, the use of phytoestrogens to combat menopause symptoms, questions that The Daily Mail suggests asking your doctor about menopause, the use of mindfulness practices to improve sleep quality in postmenopausal women, the relationship between COVID and menopause, and a proposal that would mandate menopause training for doctors and nurses.

Segment 2

Pat talks about how hormone replacement therapy can help women at menopause and the current findings about the safety of it long term. Pat then talks about menopause in the workplace. She talks about her own experience with brain fog and how she didn’t immediately recognize it as a menopause symptom. She then gives examples of other women who have been negatively impacted menopause symptoms and how it has affected their work lives. She encourages women not to throw their careers away due to menopause symptoms. She then gives statistics about menopause in the workplace.

Segment 3

Pat gives advice for women experiencing menopause symptoms in the workplace. She says to see if your employer has a menopause policy, speak to your manager and ask for reasonable accommodations, get a letter from a doctor, keep track of your symptoms, and manage your stress. She also stresses the importance of taking care of yourself by doing things such as going on walks and paying attention to how food impacts your symptoms.  

Segment 4

Pat talks about the importance of exercising during menopause but making sure to not overdo it. She then talks abot herbal remedies for menopause symptoms that supplement estrogen levels. Pat brings the conversation back to hormone replacement therapy by talking about doing research and weighing the risks and benefits of it. To end the episode, Pat gives an overview of everything she covered over the past hour before giving a shoutout to Rev. Dr. TLC for publishing her book called Dismantle Racism on April 18.


00:00:55.500 --> 00:01:06.630 Pat Duckworth: Welcome to the hot women rock radio show empowering women leaders at menopause good morning America good afternoon UK good evening, if you are in India and beyond.

00:01:07.440 --> 00:01:17.310 Pat Duckworth: And it is a beautiful Spring Day here in the UK, today, the sun is shining is pleasantly warm well it is where I am I hope it is where you are to.

00:01:17.700 --> 00:01:25.740 Pat Duckworth: And the trees are embodied the birds are singing their little hearts out because they are really hoping to find a mate they've been busy making wellness.

00:01:26.280 --> 00:01:34.170 Pat Duckworth: So how has your week been here we are nearly at the Easter weekend the Passover weekend it's a very special time of year.

00:01:34.950 --> 00:01:43.860 Pat Duckworth: So let's have a look at what's in the media, because I am all my own today, I have to tell you it's not so much fun dancing to my music, on my own.

00:01:44.370 --> 00:01:49.650 Pat Duckworth: it's much better when i've got somebody else being crazy with me, I hope you were dancing Where are you are too.

00:01:50.160 --> 00:01:57.570 Pat Duckworth: So yeah let's have a look in the media and the first story is one that I picked up on actually a few weeks ago.

00:01:57.990 --> 00:02:09.420 Pat Duckworth: What sorry last week but it's still running at the moment, and it is about hrt shortage hormone replacement therapy shortage do too, and this particular.

00:02:09.870 --> 00:02:22.710 Pat Duckworth: Media outlet talks about increased media courage, so this comes from pulse today magazine but, honestly it's been reported quite a lot in different newspapers and magazines.

00:02:23.250 --> 00:02:33.660 Pat Duckworth: or UK salt shortage of hormone replacement therapy products has been attributed to an increase in media coverage of minerals and the circulation of social media posts.

00:02:34.080 --> 00:02:44.850 Pat Duckworth: The government, this week the government hearing UK confirmed, there is currently a shortage of a limited number of hrt products when a leading hrt gel manufacturer.

00:02:45.180 --> 00:02:56.160 Pat Duckworth: has revealed exceptionally high current demand for products so jill's are topical form of Eastern so just absorbed through the skin and.

00:02:56.610 --> 00:03:02.040 Pat Duckworth: You can provide relief for dry skin itchiness and vaginal dryness.

00:03:02.880 --> 00:03:14.790 Pat Duckworth: This comes after a prescription data published last month suggested hrt prescriptions had doubled over the last five years, and I think that's because women are getting better informed, because the more it's in the media.

00:03:15.120 --> 00:03:17.940 Pat Duckworth: The more women look at it and get their own understanding.

00:03:18.510 --> 00:03:27.960 Pat Duckworth: The widely used hrt jail Easter jail is currently a short supply, due to it being in exceptional high demand it's manufacturer design.

00:03:28.230 --> 00:03:38.700 Pat Duckworth: Healthcare said design healthcare told the pharmacist magazine it believes increased media coverage on the menopause is causing the increased appetite among consumers for hrt.

00:03:39.030 --> 00:03:47.310 Pat Duckworth: It also said, an increase in social media posts, driven by women, demanding better, more equal treatment of the men reports has caused a high demand.

00:03:47.610 --> 00:03:51.450 Pat Duckworth: it's all their fault, ladies, we just can't help ourselves, we just want better treatment.

00:03:51.960 --> 00:04:08.190 Pat Duckworth: Other magazines have reported women sharing products that women are you know, helping each other out with products because it's okay if you're on the same product just don't share anything if it's not the same thing, because you don't know you know these hormones are very powerful.

00:04:09.750 --> 00:04:31.500 Pat Duckworth: Excuse me, so now, one from the daily expressive in the UK eat fighter estrogens to combat menopausal symptoms like weight gain and reduce sex drive the experts explained, these are critical critical that chemical, these are chemical compounds found in plants, mostly soy.

00:04:32.730 --> 00:04:42.570 Pat Duckworth: It says, mostly soy from vented soy is a better source so don't think Oh well, if I want these fighter estrogen estrogen so they're quite.

00:04:43.170 --> 00:04:52.110 Pat Duckworth: gentle forms of Eastern they're not like taking hormone replacement therapy, but they can help to supplement the out the amount of estrogen you've got in your system.

00:04:52.620 --> 00:05:05.700 Pat Duckworth: And fermented soy is better than raw soy so you're really looking at things like me so 10 pay tofu because those are fermented and you get a better result from.

00:05:06.540 --> 00:05:20.760 Pat Duckworth: But also found in lagoons chickpeas lentils some cereals Linda seeds and fruits and vegetables some fruits and vegetables so Lynn seeds are really good source of this or flax seeds if that's very known same thing.

00:05:21.390 --> 00:05:40.350 Pat Duckworth: Putting some sprinkling some flax seeds on your cereal or in your smoothie over your salad putting them in your baking can be a really good supplements your hormone levels, the two key kinds of fighter Eastern and it's spelled with a pH pH why so it's not like fighter East region.

00:05:41.610 --> 00:05:53.640 Pat Duckworth: The two key kinds of fighter issues are so flavonoids and lignans The theory is that they are structurally like estrogen they may support menopausal symptoms by mimicking it in the body.

00:05:54.030 --> 00:05:58.500 Pat Duckworth: However, the potency of fighter is is much lower than hormonal issues.

00:05:59.100 --> 00:06:06.360 Pat Duckworth: We need further research to understand the full impact of fighter estrogens if you want to try them try the food variety.

00:06:06.780 --> 00:06:14.190 Pat Duckworth: and try one or two servings of fighter estrogens containing foods, a day so other things that contain them.

00:06:14.850 --> 00:06:33.900 Pat Duckworth: Apples pomegranates berries peaches prunes dates apricot almonds sesame seeds broccoli garlic gene saying and paint us as a few ideas for things that you could just add into your diet i'm going to be talking about nutrition later actually so we'll come back to him.

00:06:35.460 --> 00:06:46.710 Pat Duckworth: I was caught in the Daily Mail and other UK magazine that nail just about every day runs an article on menopause so it shows there is a demand for this type of information.

00:06:47.550 --> 00:07:01.440 Pat Duckworth: Well, every woman should ask her GP about menopause, so I think so that's general practitioner if you're not in the UK, that is your medical practitioner, that you would see as your first line of medical advice.

00:07:02.010 --> 00:07:09.060 Pat Duckworth: And i'll come again to something else at the moment about how little training these medical practitioners have.

00:07:10.080 --> 00:07:20.760 Pat Duckworth: But when you're going to see one because your symptoms have got to a stage where you feel you need some help or you're not sure that you're in multiples you might be in perimenopause the stage before menopause.

00:07:21.180 --> 00:07:29.520 Pat Duckworth: it's a really good idea to have written your questions down before you go there's nothing more frustrating than making waiting two or three weeks.

00:07:29.880 --> 00:07:33.480 Pat Duckworth: To get an appointment with your GP getting in there.

00:07:33.930 --> 00:07:41.670 Pat Duckworth: Asking the first question, give being given an answer that you may or may not agree with, and you walk out the door and you think, oh no I meant to ask this or that.

00:07:42.000 --> 00:07:51.450 Pat Duckworth: So my advice to any woman who's going to see their doctor is write out your questions before you go even if you're not experiencing brain fog.

00:07:51.780 --> 00:08:01.530 Pat Duckworth: You can get overcoming the moment I forget what it was you wanted to ask, but here's some of the questions that the daily mail's expert is saying would be good questions to ask.

00:08:03.480 --> 00:08:12.150 Pat Duckworth: So i'll go back to the beginning of that article when women were asked their experience with accessing menopause care in England, their responses reveal clear challenges.

00:08:12.480 --> 00:08:22.170 Pat Duckworth: symptoms not taken seriously and difficulties getting hormone therapy alongside a broad spectrum of unhelpful and distressing conversations.

00:08:22.680 --> 00:08:31.650 Pat Duckworth: Some women do get excellent care, but the postcode lottery, in other words, I again I don't know if that's a term in America postcode lottery.

00:08:32.370 --> 00:08:38.370 Pat Duckworth: You know, like your zip code, so it can depend on where you're located what kind of advice advice you get.

00:08:39.090 --> 00:08:49.140 Pat Duckworth: The postcode lottery is stopped and shameful if your GP is not well versed in medical paul's care ask for a referral to a local hospital based menopause clinic.

00:08:49.530 --> 00:08:59.100 Pat Duckworth: Or to follow up with a GP who is more knowledgeable in the area going privately can cost a great deal and often it's not worth it so here's some questions.

00:08:59.670 --> 00:09:15.000 Pat Duckworth: Am I missing out by not having hrt hormone therapy that's a good question if you wanted it and the doctor say no you're too young or I don't think you need it, or whatever it could be a good question so am I missing yeah.

00:09:15.990 --> 00:09:27.480 Pat Duckworth: i've heard that taking testosterone helps low libido can you prescribe it so that's a good question and testosterone is we produce it women produce it men produce more of it.

00:09:27.900 --> 00:09:39.270 Pat Duckworth: It does go into decline as we enter into the perimenopause years and so some women can find this affects their confidence and a loss of confidence can affect libido.

00:09:40.410 --> 00:09:43.110 Pat Duckworth: So GPS can prescribe it.

00:09:44.310 --> 00:09:59.910 Pat Duckworth: But there's really more research needed about the effects of testosterone it's not clear how helpful, it is, and it can have other side effects so it's a good question if your doctor kind of fluffy answer dig a bit deeper they might just not know.

00:10:01.290 --> 00:10:12.030 Pat Duckworth: I don't want to take hrt, what are the alternatives again doctors might not be clued up on the alternatives, you can always ask me I know already alternatives.

00:10:13.140 --> 00:10:24.810 Pat Duckworth: A doctor can only prescribe you something like antidepressants now that might be useful if you are depressed but don't just accept antidepressants if you don't think you're depressed.

00:10:25.650 --> 00:10:36.870 Pat Duckworth: It can be due to other things and antidepressants are not licensed for menopause they're licensed for depression so yeah.

00:10:39.000 --> 00:10:47.070 Pat Duckworth: What else oh and adults, could give you sleeping tablets again that's really only if you're really experiencing a long period of poor sleep.

00:10:47.970 --> 00:10:55.950 Pat Duckworth: They might offer you cognitive behavioral therapy the NHS can offer you that which can help with things like low mood.

00:10:56.400 --> 00:11:12.360 Pat Duckworth: anxiety stress it can even help you with things like hot flushes that's just about all in the UK that a doctor could offer you, but there are lots of other alternatives, and I will be talking about them later in the show.

00:11:13.680 --> 00:11:23.970 Pat Duckworth: The next question, I thought was an interesting one i'm still having menstrual periods, but my perimenopause symptoms are severe can you still give me hrt.

00:11:24.390 --> 00:11:32.880 Pat Duckworth: So perimenopause the years leading up to menopause where you still having periods, but you're getting other symptoms here's what the doctor said.

00:11:34.080 --> 00:11:42.660 Pat Duckworth: My mood and sleep are terrible with multiple Should I be prescribed with hrt or antidepressants the right answers this is let's talk about it.

00:11:43.200 --> 00:11:50.190 Pat Duckworth: antidepressants are not considered the correct treatment for a menopausal woman with low me mood or psychological symptoms.

00:11:50.640 --> 00:11:56.550 Pat Duckworth: And GPS are often criticized for prescribing them instead of hormone therapy, however.

00:11:56.940 --> 00:12:04.890 Pat Duckworth: They aren't appropriate option for a woman diagnosed with depression separate between the nanopores who has previously benefited from the use of them.

00:12:05.340 --> 00:12:13.590 Pat Duckworth: it's so important that women are offered individualized care for menopause so such a variation in how people experience this stage.

00:12:14.280 --> 00:12:24.390 Pat Duckworth: But in terms of still having periods, you might have a Marina coil or progesterone cause part of your birth control, you could carry on with that and have.

00:12:24.780 --> 00:12:45.930 Pat Duckworth: An Eastern supplements to help with the other symptoms but it is a discussion to have and the current thinking on hormone therapy is that it's better to start it earlier rather than later, so when you're in perimenopause rather than when you've already started experiencing other symptoms.

00:12:47.460 --> 00:12:59.730 Pat Duckworth: Next, one mindfulness based stress reduction group training improves sleep quality and postmenopausal women this comes from the dmc psychiatry bio medical central.

00:13:00.360 --> 00:13:05.820 Pat Duckworth: sleep disorders, is one of the common problems during menopause which affects different areas of people's lives.

00:13:06.420 --> 00:13:14.070 Pat Duckworth: And the results of this group, training, where that it is an effective strategies for improving sleep, so if you're having sleep problems.

00:13:14.610 --> 00:13:18.780 Pat Duckworth: it's not always about taking sleeping tablets are lots of other things you can do.

00:13:19.770 --> 00:13:30.420 Pat Duckworth: The next one from the global the globe and mail and I just copied over the title for this medicals is bad enough, minerals and coated and you nightmare.

00:13:30.810 --> 00:13:38.280 Pat Duckworth: And there was a long article about this i'd be really interested if you've experienced Kobe during menopause or perimenopause.

00:13:38.940 --> 00:13:50.520 Pat Duckworth: My last thing today is comes from the nursing practice and is women's health experts call for men, they treat menopause training for GPS and nurses.

00:13:50.940 --> 00:13:59.910 Pat Duckworth: Practice nurses and GPS that's Indies in America should receive standardized medicals training, focusing on the root causes of symptoms.

00:14:00.240 --> 00:14:13.620 Pat Duckworth: And how they overlap with other conditions it's been suggested the mandatory medicals trading proposal is part of a summary of written responses from 436 organizations and experts.

00:14:14.460 --> 00:14:22.080 Pat Duckworth: The experts also said, nurses and other health care professionals must be educated about premenstrual disorders and also.

00:14:22.410 --> 00:14:29.940 Pat Duckworth: recommended training cross the National Health Service to better support women with fertility or pregnancy related issues or trauma.

00:14:30.510 --> 00:14:39.090 Pat Duckworth: That article goes on was reported in several places I think we'd all agree when we're going through our first line medical help.

00:14:39.480 --> 00:14:45.120 Pat Duckworth: We should feel confident that they've been trained in understanding menopause and perimenopause.

00:14:45.750 --> 00:14:55.230 Pat Duckworth: join me after the break when all on my own, I will be talking about minerals in the workplace and what women can do to help themselves if you've got any questions.

00:14:55.620 --> 00:15:06.450 Pat Duckworth: do go to the talking alternative broadcasting on the Facebook page and ask me your questions there and I will be only too happy to answer them see you after the break.

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00:17:19.710 --> 00:17:29.790 Pat Duckworth: Welcome back to the hot women rock radio show and powering women leaders at multiples where my guest today in the studio is me i'm here all on my own.

00:17:30.270 --> 00:17:41.340 Pat Duckworth: But there's lots to talk about as I just found in filling that whole first section just with what's in the media we've had a comment in Facebook from patty brand Thank you patty Thank you for listening.

00:17:41.670 --> 00:17:53.190 Pat Duckworth: And she says she's been taking hormone therapy for 35 years and from her blood work is lacking in hormones and she's now 74 as you put it on Facebook patty I don't mind saying.

00:17:54.450 --> 00:18:05.640 Pat Duckworth: So it back in the day, the advice was that you should only stay on hormone replacement therapy for a limited period of time, preferably only five years.

00:18:06.060 --> 00:18:13.260 Pat Duckworth: And that was partly due to the World Health initiative report back in 2001 that pointed out the.

00:18:14.160 --> 00:18:19.920 Pat Duckworth: risks of taking hormone therapy, however, things have moved on in 20 years we would have guessed.

00:18:20.250 --> 00:18:27.600 Pat Duckworth: And there's lots of different formulations of hormone therapy there's lots of different ways of taking it whether it's in patches.

00:18:27.990 --> 00:18:41.520 Pat Duckworth: gels tablets rings pessary's if any number of different formulations and ways of taking it and now, if you have regular checkups to make sure everything's okay.

00:18:42.210 --> 00:18:51.780 Pat Duckworth: That was the feeling from experts in the field and you'll always find experts who agree one thing and another lot of experts who completely disagree with them.

00:18:52.500 --> 00:18:58.500 Pat Duckworth: But generally it's like as long as you're on a dosage that suits you then.

00:18:58.920 --> 00:19:12.690 Pat Duckworth: The the risk can be managed and actually it can help you with the symptoms, so we all experience lower levels of estrogen and progesterone as we get older and then they settle into.

00:19:12.960 --> 00:19:24.210 Pat Duckworth: A new level, which is much lower than when we were younger so it's all about really getting regular checkups making sure that the dosage that you're taking a suit you.

00:19:24.570 --> 00:19:33.840 Pat Duckworth: And I remember my own cousin who was in her 70s, saying to me i'm still taking my hormone therapy, they would have to price it out of my cold dead.

00:19:34.320 --> 00:19:49.110 Pat Duckworth: So she was determined to keep on taking it Okay, so today and do put your comments on the talking alternative broadcasting Facebook page, I will keep checking in on them during the break so that I can answer anything.

00:19:49.590 --> 00:20:07.320 Pat Duckworth: Today I really wanted to go back to one of my favorite subjects which is about menopause in the workplace, now I have got a load of statistics for you to explain why it is a workplace issue rather than just the next thing that everybody's talking about or being politically correct.

00:20:08.400 --> 00:20:14.310 Pat Duckworth: I think a few stories helps to illustrate it, you know experiences that women have and.

00:20:14.850 --> 00:20:27.570 Pat Duckworth: When I was in my late 40s I was working in London, I was commuting three to four hours a day, I was doing a demanding job and i'm studying for an MBA.

00:20:28.320 --> 00:20:39.450 Pat Duckworth: I know it's ridiculous isn't it and my son was getting ready to leave home and go off to university, so there was a lot going on and I got an elderly man who was needing a bit more help and support.

00:20:40.740 --> 00:20:54.090 Pat Duckworth: And I had already done my research about menopause which makes me a bit of an outlier because most women ignore it, for as long as they can even though I had done my research I didn't recognize brain fog when it hit me.

00:20:55.290 --> 00:21:11.190 Pat Duckworth: I didn't recognize it for what it was when somebody says brain fog, you probably have it, you get an idea I mean I went to my first event, my worst works, my first workshop about menopause when I was in my late 30s and only my dear friend, Linda.

00:21:11.670 --> 00:21:23.160 Pat Duckworth: We both trotted off to find out what we should know, so I it wasn't that I didn't understand, but when brain fog hit me it was like the world has gone out of focus like.

00:21:23.640 --> 00:21:34.290 Pat Duckworth: I was already wearing glasses at that stage in my life, I felt like I needed new glasses I couldn't focus properly things just didn't make sense in the same way that it did.

00:21:34.620 --> 00:21:42.360 Pat Duckworth: course, you know as women, we power on through we don't want to give way to it, I was more concerned that I was going to get hot flushes but.

00:21:42.660 --> 00:21:51.030 Pat Duckworth: They didn't really start until much later, it was a brain fog that hit me and just made life generally up work more difficult.

00:21:51.570 --> 00:21:56.730 Pat Duckworth: But I have come across women who have you know, a whole range of sensors.

00:21:57.360 --> 00:22:06.060 Pat Duckworth: That suddenly they're putting on the way or they're really sleeping badly one woman who was having really bad hot flashes and she put on some weight.

00:22:06.450 --> 00:22:10.440 Pat Duckworth: And she was working in a jewelers and the whole hot flushes would get so bad.

00:22:10.920 --> 00:22:20.430 Pat Duckworth: That the sweat would pour off of her and if she was showing a tray of silver jewelry it would go black, you know that chemical relax reaction with silver.

00:22:20.790 --> 00:22:27.300 Pat Duckworth: So she had to talk to her employers about it, because obviously it was a bit of a problem with the jewelry.

00:22:27.900 --> 00:22:39.480 Pat Duckworth: Another woman that I worked with just her sleep got so bad, and she was drinking more alcohol because her sleep was bad and she thought that the alcohol would help her sleep better.

00:22:39.900 --> 00:22:46.800 Pat Duckworth: We had a bit of a tough lover and she's not the only one i've had that tussle with that some women thing I just need to get sleep.

00:22:47.610 --> 00:22:54.960 Pat Duckworth: And they stopped drinking that cheeky little glass of wine in the evening that becomes too cheeky little glasses of wine or gin and tonic.

00:22:55.410 --> 00:23:07.680 Pat Duckworth: And then they're not getting natural sleep and they start to feel worse i've met a lot of women who say to me well, I was feeling bad, so I asked my employer, if I could work part time.

00:23:08.220 --> 00:23:17.610 Pat Duckworth: And that helped well that's great except that you're not earning as much money as you were and it's thinking about that financial difference i've also come across.

00:23:18.000 --> 00:23:29.340 Pat Duckworth: A number of women who said to me, I just felt that I couldn't keep on at my job, and because of that, I decided to leave my job and take on something simpler.

00:23:30.360 --> 00:23:41.610 Pat Duckworth: I understand you know if you're doing a senior job and you're experiencing symptoms and your confidence is going and you're walking into meetings and getting hot flushes, it is not Nice.

00:23:42.600 --> 00:23:52.350 Pat Duckworth: But leaving your job is a nuclear option really because you're giving up everything that you train for all of your knowledge and experience.

00:23:52.860 --> 00:24:00.120 Pat Duckworth: And you know, probably financially it's worse by getting you know when I was having this problem of thinking, I needed a new pair of glasses.

00:24:00.570 --> 00:24:11.970 Pat Duckworth: It suddenly seem very attractive to go and work in a supermarket and just be like beeping things through the checkout is I Oh, I think i'll just go and do that it must be easier.

00:24:12.630 --> 00:24:21.120 Pat Duckworth: don't throw your careers away, and you know other women hold I know who have held themselves back from promotion.

00:24:21.510 --> 00:24:32.190 Pat Duckworth: Because they don't feel as confident because they don't feel able to speak up at meetings they're worried about their brain fog or they're concerned about.

00:24:32.910 --> 00:24:40.560 Pat Duckworth: Having a hot flash in a meeting and everybody, not realizing it's a hot flashes and thinking they're embarrassed or they don't know what they're talking about.

00:24:41.400 --> 00:24:53.520 Pat Duckworth: Right backup or this time last year, right at the beginning of the hot moon rock radio show you might have heard me interview Leslie fattest who went through menopause early in her mid 30s.

00:24:53.910 --> 00:24:59.460 Pat Duckworth: And she talks about going to a meeting, for she worked for a small company doing marketing and branding.

00:25:00.060 --> 00:25:08.130 Pat Duckworth: And was getting very embarrassed about the hot flushes and how that reflected on her and the company that she was recommending.

00:25:08.820 --> 00:25:25.050 Pat Duckworth: And also traveling back and setting her GPS RON has sat down for on an ending up in completely the wrong place just because her brain for get taken over, and she was practically driving in completely the opposite direction.

00:25:25.920 --> 00:25:34.410 Pat Duckworth: My other friend who was having about 50 hot flushes day at every 24 hours, so not only was it affecting her.

00:25:34.740 --> 00:25:42.330 Pat Duckworth: She was running her own business going out see clients in their own homes having to wear layers of clothes that she could take off and put back on.

00:25:42.870 --> 00:25:58.980 Pat Duckworth: So these are really practically the experiences of women at this stage of LIFE now, not every woman experiences those symptoms, some of you will sail through it won't be a problem, and that will be wonderful, however.

00:25:59.610 --> 00:26:06.060 Pat Duckworth: The majority of women will experience some of what i'm talking about that's why this is so important.

00:26:06.360 --> 00:26:19.890 Pat Duckworth: To keep raising this bringing this subject out into the open, so if you think i'll, why does the newspapers keep going on about it, why is it on the TV Why are we having in magazines why women's are always talking about it.

00:26:21.000 --> 00:26:34.380 Pat Duckworth: Because it's a common issue and if we talk about it easily then it's something that we don't have to be embarrassed about, and that is what I dedicate my life to talking about it, making sure we're not embarrassed about it.

00:26:35.490 --> 00:26:46.020 Pat Duckworth: So, here comes some of the statistics for the workplace, and these come from my book menopause mind the gap, the value of supporting women's wellness in the workplace.

00:26:46.320 --> 00:27:03.720 Pat Duckworth: So I talked about this in the very first chapter which I tell you, you can download for free, I will put the link under this recording when it's there so it's been reported that there are 3.5 million women over the age of 50 in employment in the UK, that was the number in.

00:27:05.130 --> 00:27:17.430 Pat Duckworth: it's gone up since then women over 50 of the biggest growing demographic in the workplace 75% report that they regularly experience menopausal symptoms.

00:27:18.180 --> 00:27:29.040 Pat Duckworth: As a result, 59% report difficulties that negatively affect their performance so they're going to work with the best of intentions, they want to do their best work ever.

00:27:29.490 --> 00:27:34.800 Pat Duckworth: And menopause is stopping them because they're tired they don't feel confident painful.

00:27:35.370 --> 00:27:45.960 Pat Duckworth: 52% say they have less patience with clients and colleagues and often that's made worse because they can't tell them, why is that they feel less patient.

00:27:46.230 --> 00:27:57.210 Pat Duckworth: You know, they just become the grumpy old woman in the corner, they might only be in their 40s you know i'm talking about women over 50, but you can start experiencing symptoms in your 40s and then think.

00:27:57.570 --> 00:28:13.110 Pat Duckworth: Where did I go Why am I, like this now 65% said they were less able to concentrate and 30% have taken sick leave, because of their symptoms that comes from a report done by COPD.

00:28:14.910 --> 00:28:22.830 Pat Duckworth: A more recent one, almost two thirds of respondents said they did not consider So these are employers talking about.

00:28:24.090 --> 00:28:31.890 Pat Duckworth: menopause in the workplace 64% of respondents said they did not consider menopause during performance reviews for female staff.

00:28:32.490 --> 00:28:39.180 Pat Duckworth: So you can be experiencing symptoms your performance has gone down you get in front of your manager and I want to talk about it.

00:28:39.900 --> 00:28:49.620 Pat Duckworth: Well, half 50% so 50% of employers that were surveyed said they were confident women in their organization for able to talk about it.

00:28:50.430 --> 00:29:01.200 Pat Duckworth: No, they are because another survey said 45% of women who said they couldn't talk about menopause with their managers cited their privacy as their main concern.

00:29:01.650 --> 00:29:16.110 Pat Duckworth: 34% said embarrassment was an issue and 32% said, an unsupportive managers reason so there's this disconnect between employee employers and women, where the employees get all I could talk about it, if they want to.

00:29:16.770 --> 00:29:26.250 Pat Duckworth: it's a bit like when I was working and I one of my staff, said to me i've got an open door policy everybody knows, they can come in and talk to me anytime.

00:29:26.580 --> 00:29:34.740 Pat Duckworth: And yet His door was always shots and he's always got piles of magazines on his desk so it was actually hard to see him when you walked in the room.

00:29:35.010 --> 00:29:48.150 Pat Duckworth: there's that disconnect between what people say and what's actually going on, so join me after the break when i'll be talking about what you can do in the workplace for yourself to make all this better see you after the break.

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00:31:52.080 --> 00:32:04.140 Pat Duckworth: Welcome back to the hot we rock radio show empowering women leaders at menopause and I am impairing you today by giving you lots of things that you can do in the workplace, going to help with your experience.

00:32:04.590 --> 00:32:13.860 Pat Duckworth: If you've got any questions go to the talking alternative broadcasting on the Facebook page and put your questions in the comments and I will pick them up.

00:32:14.670 --> 00:32:19.530 Pat Duckworth: So what can women employees do if they're experiencing symptoms.

00:32:19.980 --> 00:32:31.590 Pat Duckworth: I just want to go through what if very specifically workplace things so if you're experiencing symptoms and they're affecting your performance or they're affecting your relationships at work.

00:32:32.190 --> 00:32:53.040 Pat Duckworth: And, first of all look to see if your employer has a medicals policy now about 28% of employers in the UK, now have a policy it's more likely to be one if your employer is in the public sector like a government department or local authority or in the.

00:32:54.150 --> 00:33:05.520 Pat Duckworth: Fire Service or police service, but a lot of private sector companies have now got menopause policy and you look and look up and see what adjustments, you might be offered.

00:33:07.050 --> 00:33:18.450 Pat Duckworth: If there isn't a medical policy it's Okay, have a look and see if your employer has a health and well being policy because what's in there might be of assistance to you as well.

00:33:18.780 --> 00:33:28.890 Pat Duckworth: Not every employer has a medical policy, not every employer needs one, because what they're offering to you is already in a well being policy so have a look at that.

00:33:30.240 --> 00:33:40.140 Pat Duckworth: Now if you're going to speak to your manager, because you want some assistance there's something that you need that you know your performance has got bad or.

00:33:40.620 --> 00:33:48.630 Pat Duckworth: You know that your relationships with your colleagues have got bad or just that your workplace environment isn't very supportive at the moment.

00:33:48.900 --> 00:34:01.170 Pat Duckworth: Before you speak to your manager think about what you want them to do, because if you haven't got a policy in place and there's no medical strategy your employer your manager may never have thought about this.

00:34:01.560 --> 00:34:09.450 Pat Duckworth: And you're walking in and saying okay here's the thing you know I know my performance isn't as good and it's because my metaphors what you're going to do about it.

00:34:10.020 --> 00:34:18.510 Pat Duckworth: If the manager is unlikely to know what to do so it's better to go in with some plans and say look, this is what would be really helpful to me.

00:34:18.960 --> 00:34:25.410 Pat Duckworth: So the sorts of reasonable adjustments that you could expect for an employer or certainly you could ask for.

00:34:26.070 --> 00:34:29.700 Pat Duckworth: Could you have flexible working if you're not sleeping well at night.

00:34:30.300 --> 00:34:39.810 Pat Duckworth: Would it be better if you could come in later in the morning and leave later in the evening or for you do you prefer to come in earlier leave earlier.

00:34:40.080 --> 00:34:53.010 Pat Duckworth: So you're missing the the Rochelle travel and perhaps you fade as the day goes on and your company may already have a flexible working policy, and you can just ask if that could be applied to you.

00:34:54.300 --> 00:34:58.500 Pat Duckworth: You might want something really simple like could you have a desk phone on your desk.

00:34:59.310 --> 00:35:09.210 Pat Duckworth: Now some employers quite happy about that some employers, if you have a customer facing job might be resistant because they might think that a fan doesn't look good.

00:35:09.990 --> 00:35:18.630 Pat Duckworth: Have the discussions, say, that is what would be helpful, or maybe you need to sit near the window or near the air conditioning unit.

00:35:19.080 --> 00:35:32.760 Pat Duckworth: I know those spaces in an office come a bit of a premium, particularly if you're open plan, but again, if you go in and ask at least you know, rather than going Oh, they won't let me do that if you don't ask you'll never get.

00:35:34.020 --> 00:35:41.400 Pat Duckworth: Maybe you need a change of duties if your work requires you to stand up a lot, you might find that your legs are aching.

00:35:41.730 --> 00:35:54.690 Pat Duckworth: Or maybe you're having really miserable periods leading up to your menopause they might be more frequent more painful they might be heavier and you just can't stand all the time.

00:35:55.500 --> 00:36:05.520 Pat Duckworth: So it could be that you need a change in your duties again a simple thing you might need better access to water or toilets now.

00:36:06.060 --> 00:36:16.020 Pat Duckworth: I take it as read that you can go to the toilet whenever you want to, but of course I know that not every employer allows that particularly if you're working in a retail situation.

00:36:16.770 --> 00:36:24.510 Pat Duckworth: So you might have to ask about it and, yes, some employers are much more reasonable if you haven't asked you don't know.

00:36:26.190 --> 00:36:36.210 Pat Duckworth: It could be that you need to change in your uniform uniform involves like long sleeves a tight around the cast or you've got a coloring tie.

00:36:36.600 --> 00:36:46.470 Pat Duckworth: And for women, these can be really uncomfortable if they're having hot flushes because you need to get your pulse points exposed on the wrist feel bows and neck.

00:36:47.160 --> 00:36:54.780 Pat Duckworth: that's another conversation obviously they're not going to change the entire uniform just for you, but they might make some accommodation for you.

00:36:56.250 --> 00:37:05.340 Pat Duckworth: Maybe you need to have a restaurant now for our American colleagues I don't mean access to a toilet I mean a room that you can rest in.

00:37:05.790 --> 00:37:18.540 Pat Duckworth: And some employers have been very proactive in applied in providing restrooms so women who get that kind of cliff edge fatigue where suddenly they just can't even sit in their chair anymore.

00:37:19.230 --> 00:37:24.810 Pat Duckworth: Half an hour laying down an hour can be all the difference into whether they can stay at work or not.

00:37:25.920 --> 00:37:32.970 Pat Duckworth: Those are just a few ideas lots of employers have come up with some really inventive ideas for how to help women.

00:37:34.470 --> 00:37:45.240 Pat Duckworth: If it's affecting your performance then and you're going to go and see your manager or your line manager because you've got a performance review or a performance appraisal.

00:37:45.780 --> 00:37:55.260 Pat Duckworth: I would suggest getting a letter from your doctor that explains what's going on for you, particularly if you've been regularly seeing your doctor about your menopausal symptoms.

00:37:55.650 --> 00:38:09.870 Pat Duckworth: So, having that oh it's not just me making excuses, although line managers shouldn't think that anyway, but if you've got proof, now that doesn't always work, the very first case that went to employment tribunal here in the UK.

00:38:10.710 --> 00:38:18.690 Pat Duckworth: About somebody taking a letter to their performance review was with British Telecom a very big company who you think would, though, better.

00:38:19.260 --> 00:38:28.080 Pat Duckworth: So before she had her interview with her line manager the woman gave the letter to her manager, he said he would consider it.

00:38:28.710 --> 00:38:34.740 Pat Duckworth: He read it, and rather than referring to a medical professional he went home and asked his wife.

00:38:35.040 --> 00:38:47.070 Pat Duckworth: Whether this was her experience or not she hadn't had a bad mendenhall she said now it's all Okay, so he didn't take this letter into consideration when he was doing a performance appraisal.

00:38:47.460 --> 00:39:03.270 Pat Duckworth: And the woman was dismissed she went to Tribunal was reinstated and compensated so just having the letter doesn't mean that somebody's going to take any notice of it and it's better than not having any evidence and it's a good idea to have kind of a.

00:39:04.320 --> 00:39:22.290 Pat Duckworth: A Journal of your symptoms, so you can say this is what i'm experiencing and you're not expecting the line manager to sort the problem out for you you're expecting them to take into consideration and prefer and refer you to some kind of route to getting the assistance that you need.

00:39:23.910 --> 00:39:37.650 Pat Duckworth: So that might be that you go to you ask your manager to refer you to occupational health or to HR so you can talk through what you're experiencing and how it could help you or even if you've got a welfare officer.

00:39:38.370 --> 00:39:44.370 Pat Duckworth: But there's lots of personal things you can do, and I know i'm going to run out of time, even though it's only me i've been talking so much.

00:39:44.820 --> 00:39:55.500 Pat Duckworth: The first thing I would say in the workplace is about managing your stress stress has a massive impact on your menopausal symptoms for lots of reasons I haven't got time to talk about.

00:39:55.770 --> 00:40:03.870 Pat Duckworth: Like explain this sort of thing in workshops, with women to say why stress is part of the problem, because this is a stressful stage of life.

00:40:04.200 --> 00:40:18.300 Pat Duckworth: So, think about how you can manage your stress in the workplace, whether it's having really good to do lists, whether you use post, it notes to help you, with your brain fog, whether you learn how to say no.

00:40:20.010 --> 00:40:38.070 Pat Duckworth: My first big tip on saying no is if you're going to say no say right up front in the conversation and stick to it because it's really important not to take on more work fan, you know you're capable of doing so learning say no, is really good for managing your stress.

00:40:39.360 --> 00:40:52.620 Pat Duckworth: meditation breathing exercises a breathing exercise that can just take three minutes can lower your stress levels help you to think clearer helps reduce the levels of the.

00:40:53.250 --> 00:41:04.980 Pat Duckworth: Stress hormones in your symptom in your system, we talked about this last week with Terry will determine if you miss that show you can find it again on talk radio dot nyc forward slash hot women rock.

00:41:05.490 --> 00:41:14.010 Pat Duckworth: Terry talks about a very simple breathing exercise to do I teach my clients breathing exercises it's the start of getting back in control.

00:41:14.760 --> 00:41:26.520 Pat Duckworth: Go for a walk at lunchtime connecting with nature, even if you're in a city finding some trees finding a part of you looking at flowers, looking at the sky, it affects your your.

00:41:27.180 --> 00:41:42.990 Pat Duckworth: neurology and it helps you to cope better self care take time for self care again Terry and I talked about it last week take time for yourself care if you're looking after yourself, nobody else needs to look after you it's really important.

00:41:44.040 --> 00:41:49.170 Pat Duckworth: Those are just a few ideas, moving on to your nutrition, because I know i'm going to run out.

00:41:49.950 --> 00:41:58.590 Pat Duckworth: And so we just talked about five so estrogens at the beginning of the show think about but start by noticing what triggers your symptoms.

00:41:59.160 --> 00:42:06.840 Pat Duckworth: Food are our building blocks, we talked about that with Saskia Griffiths on the show two weeks ago, how food or your building blocks.

00:42:07.140 --> 00:42:13.980 Pat Duckworth: Looking at your nutrition is really important, and the first part of looking at your nutrition is starting to become aware.

00:42:14.340 --> 00:42:22.230 Pat Duckworth: Of what you eat or drink that triggers symptoms, I can tell you straight off alcohol is a trigger it stops you from sleeping properly.

00:42:22.560 --> 00:42:39.810 Pat Duckworth: It causes more stress in your symptom it puts a burden on your liver i'm not just being you know, a dance group i'm saying notice, if you have a glass of wine on a Friday night and you notice that you have more hot flashes or you don't sleep at well, let me tell you it's the alcohol.

00:42:40.860 --> 00:42:51.060 Pat Duckworth: But you could find caffeine, is a trigger, in which case you might need to only drink it in the mornings, it could be that you find that red meat is a trigger.

00:42:52.500 --> 00:43:04.770 Pat Duckworth: and spices can be a trigger chocolate can be a trigger i'm always going to take that risk and sweet things could be a trigger so start to journal your symptoms, to find out what is triggering it.

00:43:05.880 --> 00:43:14.670 Pat Duckworth: So a good way it's not all doom and gloom a Mediterranean diet is the most frequently suggested now for women at menopause a supportive.

00:43:15.060 --> 00:43:30.570 Pat Duckworth: So what do I mean by that lean protein fish chicken Turkey the white meets plenty of vegetables some fruit, particularly berries berries are always good the kind of darker fruits of the better.

00:43:32.040 --> 00:43:41.460 Pat Duckworth: The healthy Omega three oils so you're looking at the olive oils the avocados the oily fish will be really beneficial.

00:43:41.850 --> 00:43:52.590 Pat Duckworth: And it might be, you need food supplements at this stage of life, you might need some more magnesium or magnesium is really good if you're getting aching joints or.

00:43:52.890 --> 00:44:03.600 Pat Duckworth: You get an aching when you get to bed at night so there's lots of food things I wrote about that in my book cool recipes for hot women which I wrote with a nutritionist.

00:44:04.440 --> 00:44:10.530 Pat Duckworth: Who i've gone through a lot in a very short space of time it's normally takes me a day to go through.

00:44:10.800 --> 00:44:20.070 Pat Duckworth: See you after the break but i'll talk about more practical things that you could be doing around your exercise herbal remedies and we'll come back to hormone therapy see you after the break.

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00:46:18.810 --> 00:46:31.080 Pat Duckworth: Welcome back to the hot women rock radio show and empowering women leaders at menopause were all on my own today I am talking about how to help yourself to manage your symptoms in the workplace.

00:46:31.620 --> 00:46:44.310 Pat Duckworth: On the talk talking alternative broadcasting Facebook page i've just posted a link to my website has a link, so you can download the first chapter of menopause mind the gap.

00:46:44.970 --> 00:46:57.450 Pat Duckworth: I just want to help you so where did we get to we've already talked about managing your stress we've talked about nutrition and i'm going to talk about exercise now so.

00:46:58.110 --> 00:47:09.420 Pat Duckworth: Exercise really important you've probably seen if you watch on Facebook, you will see me giggling about and dancing dancing is really good for your mental and physical health it's good for your coordination.

00:47:09.930 --> 00:47:20.280 Pat Duckworth: do a little bit of dancing if you get a bit stressed during the day, and you can find somewhere private to do it go and have a little bit of a dance three minutes you'll feel so much better.

00:47:21.300 --> 00:47:29.010 Pat Duckworth: But generally exercise what you're really looking for is a combination of exercise so high intensity interval training.

00:47:29.940 --> 00:47:36.660 Pat Duckworth: doing some cardiovascular but not too much don't take up marathon running at this stage of life.

00:47:37.080 --> 00:47:45.540 Pat Duckworth: Because, if you do lengthy periods of cardiovascular you increase the levels of the stress hormone called cortisol in your system.

00:47:46.020 --> 00:48:02.220 Pat Duckworth: And having high levels of cortisol in your system at this stage of life is not helpful so having a little bit of a job or a fast walk excellent don't do too much cardiovascular though because you're probably doing more harm than good.

00:48:03.420 --> 00:48:18.930 Pat Duckworth: stretching exercises so things like yoga which we talked about with Saskia i've talked about TAI Chi we talked about breathing exercises with master Teresa three weeks ago, I have some amazing guests on the show.

00:48:20.070 --> 00:48:31.470 Pat Duckworth: doing some polities a fade dancing if exercise do what you enjoy it's really important if you're going to consistently do it find something you enjoy.

00:48:31.740 --> 00:48:41.310 Pat Duckworth: Now notice, if you get blockers coming up in your head, you know the I don't have time I haven't got the money to join a gym i've got aching means.

00:48:42.150 --> 00:48:52.440 Pat Duckworth: i'm not well okay acknowledge all of that, and then think what you can do anything more than nothing is success if you could do 10 minutes a day.

00:48:52.740 --> 00:49:08.820 Pat Duckworth: If you could park a bit further from the office or the supermarket, if you could have a three minute dance a couple of times a day find something that you can do is good for your bone health is good for your heart, we need to be protecting our hearts at the stage of life.

00:49:09.900 --> 00:49:14.130 Pat Duckworth: there's so many benefits to exercise i'm not going to talk about them all.

00:49:15.480 --> 00:49:29.580 Pat Duckworth: herbal remedies, so there are a number of herbal remedies, most of them contain those fighter eastridge ins that we've been talking about, because this is plant estrogen to supplement your system so things like atmos casters.

00:49:30.060 --> 00:49:38.700 Pat Duckworth: Black cohosh evening primrose red clover, most of these are supplementing the levels of estrogen.

00:49:39.690 --> 00:49:45.960 Pat Duckworth: And you might say, our herbal remedies what are they going to do, herbal remedies are really powerful, in fact.

00:49:46.410 --> 00:49:54.330 Pat Duckworth: you'll find that with most good quality herbal remedies, they say don't take them for more than three to six months.

00:49:55.050 --> 00:50:00.840 Pat Duckworth: because they are so powerful they can be taken longer than that they can build up in your liver.

00:50:01.380 --> 00:50:10.860 Pat Duckworth: But I found when I was having hot flushes that I took a combination herbal remedies supplement for three months and it worked fantastically.

00:50:11.340 --> 00:50:19.050 Pat Duckworth: And I I contacted the supplier and said, am I okay to take this for another three months, so I ended up taking it for six months.

00:50:19.680 --> 00:50:32.580 Pat Duckworth: And it really helped me so don't dismiss herbal remedies, you might go to a herbalist and registered herbalist some of them, you know if you're buying them just by good quality herbal remedies.

00:50:34.710 --> 00:50:41.070 Pat Duckworth: I talked a little bit about supplements, as I say things you might need more vitamin C, you might need.

00:50:42.600 --> 00:51:04.980 Pat Duckworth: magnesium you might need more sink, you might need more calcium, for your bones and you're looking at calcium citrate rather than calcium carbonate calcium citrate is easier for your system to absorb, so there are lots of things you can be doing with her herbal remedies and supplements.

00:51:06.390 --> 00:51:18.150 Pat Duckworth: Just coming back to the hormone replacement therapy so with that it really is about understanding your own risks and benefits, what is it you want to achieve from taking the hormone therapy.

00:51:18.660 --> 00:51:32.190 Pat Duckworth: do a bit of research, you can look on the British Medical society so you could look on the North American medical society there's lots of really good information so it's an I am as.

00:51:33.870 --> 00:51:40.470 Pat Duckworth: I travel look what is i'll post some links under here, but they do a lot of research there's lots of research papers.

00:51:40.830 --> 00:51:49.020 Pat Duckworth: Lots of really good advice so do your research, think about why you want it, if we go back to that interview last year with less the fattest.

00:51:49.380 --> 00:52:01.200 Pat Duckworth: because she was going through early menopause only 36 she was advice to take it because of her bones because early menopause can lead to weaker bones.

00:52:01.980 --> 00:52:06.120 Pat Duckworth: Also, to protect her heart because estrogen affects our hearts.

00:52:06.600 --> 00:52:19.500 Pat Duckworth: And so, she had really good reasons wanted to take it, and she didn't get the right formulations straight away, it took three different trips to see the consultant and seeing different consultants.

00:52:19.950 --> 00:52:24.780 Pat Duckworth: To get a formulation that really worked for her and made her feel so much better.

00:52:25.230 --> 00:52:37.920 Pat Duckworth: So if you're asking for hormone therapy then talk about what you want to achieve from the hormone therapy, where you are with taking contraceptives at the moment where you are in your men are pause.

00:52:38.760 --> 00:52:47.190 Pat Duckworth: and blood tests are really very reliable because of the way our hormones fluctuate during menopause.

00:52:48.390 --> 00:52:55.770 Pat Duckworth: But talk to a doctor or talk to your practice nurse, and if they go oh you're too young it's not right for you.

00:52:56.160 --> 00:53:06.000 Pat Duckworth: Then, as the article suggested ask if you can be referred to a medical clinic where there's specializing in it and they can give you more help.

00:53:06.540 --> 00:53:13.440 Pat Duckworth: And remember there's lots of different formulations there's lots of ways of taking it so don't just think oh.

00:53:14.100 --> 00:53:20.250 Pat Duckworth: yeah I tried that one it didn't work for me hormone replacement therapy isn't right for me.

00:53:20.850 --> 00:53:31.620 Pat Duckworth: Because there may be a formulation that's right for you, if you want to take it so lots of things that you can do as a working woman or as a woman who's working in the home.

00:53:32.250 --> 00:53:46.020 Pat Duckworth: Managing your stress finding ways to actually calm your system down looking at your food becoming more aware of what triggers you into symptoms, whether it's poor sleep hot flushes anxiety.

00:53:46.470 --> 00:53:53.040 Pat Duckworth: Paul mode, these are all affected by what you eat if you're having problems in those areas start looking at your diet.

00:53:55.260 --> 00:54:03.420 Pat Duckworth: Replacing what you take out with healthy things that support you, like the fighter Eastern like the Omega three oils and really.

00:54:03.930 --> 00:54:15.300 Pat Duckworth: If you eat well at the stage of LIFE you're setting foundations from much better later life looking at your exercise, how can you do exercise regularly, what do you enjoy doing.

00:54:15.780 --> 00:54:23.640 Pat Duckworth: What are your boosters Is it better, if you go into the gym with somebody or going to a class with somebody and.

00:54:24.210 --> 00:54:31.440 Pat Duckworth: Looking at herbal remedies and talking to your GP about hormone replacement therapy if that's what you want to do.

00:54:32.130 --> 00:54:46.290 Pat Duckworth: Time is running out and before I finish off today I do want to say stay tuned to talk radio dot nyc because the next show is dismantle racism, with reference to tlc.

00:54:46.740 --> 00:54:58.110 Pat Duckworth: And she's talking about the stories of our ancestors with Terry Franklin but big kudos to Reverend Dr tlc because she is publishing her book.

00:54:58.980 --> 00:55:13.290 Pat Duckworth: dismantle racism this 18th of April April, the 18th she is publishing launching her book watch out for that, because we really want to support her, because this is such an amazing subject.

00:55:14.370 --> 00:55:23.940 Pat Duckworth: And just going back to books, if you need more help with your minerals minerals mind the gap i've put the link to that on the Facebook page and i'll put it under the recording.

00:55:24.300 --> 00:55:34.800 Pat Duckworth: If you want personal help with your symptoms there's hot women call solutions that's the very first book that I wrote and that covers all the symptoms.

00:55:35.100 --> 00:55:45.300 Pat Duckworth: And all the different things i've been talking about today that you can do for yourself if you're really interested in nutrition cool recipes for hot women is the one for you.

00:55:46.140 --> 00:55:55.740 Pat Duckworth: And if you want me to come and talk to your organization or talk to your women's group, you can contact me via packed up website.

00:55:56.100 --> 00:56:09.450 Pat Duckworth: Go to the contact page and i'm very happy to talk to you about the sort of workshops presentations I can talk anything from 10 minutes to 10 hours i'm like an Olympic medals talker.

00:56:10.650 --> 00:56:14.520 Pat Duckworth: But you might need some one to one help, and I can help you with that as well.

00:56:15.600 --> 00:56:24.690 Pat Duckworth: So we're nearly at the end of the show, I remember if you've missed any of the shows you can go back to talk radio dot nyc forward slash hot women rock.

00:56:25.020 --> 00:56:34.860 Pat Duckworth: there's some really great interviews with lots of great tips in it and yeah from breathing techniques of what to do about your sex life to your exercise.

00:56:35.820 --> 00:56:54.840 Pat Duckworth: To meditation it's all there Thank you so much, thank you to my producer today dylan Thank you to everybody who's watching Thank you to patti brand who commented, have a wonderfully happy Easter relax take some time don't eat too much chocolate, but you can have so see you next week.

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