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Thursday, April 7, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/04/07 - It’s Your Time to Thrive

Facebook Live Video from 2022/04/07 - It’s Your Time to Thrive


2022/04/07 - It’s Your Time to Thrive

[New Episode]  It’s Your Time to Thrive

There aren’t many positive words relating to menopause and yet it can be a powerful and transformative stage in life. Most women shudder at the idea of becoming a ‘crone’ and yet it is a corruption of the word ‘crown’. We can grow into our queenly selves at menopause.

My Guest this week, Terry Wildemann, is an Intuitive Success Navigator, a community creator, founder of Intuitive Leadership® U, a speaker, author of two solo and seven co-authored books. She is also certified in various holistic modalities that include NLP, Emotion Code and Code. Terry will be sharing with me how guides her clients to harmonize the spiritual, personal and practical sides of business.

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Join me for this essential conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Pat starts with weekly media updates. She talks about the menopause festival that the Leeds Mental Health Trust is having for staff, an artical about eight products that can help menopause symptoms, a report that 570,000 women in the United Kingdom are on gynecology waiting lists, an article about easing menopause joint pain, and an article that reports that women’s tastes are altered during menopause. She then introduces her guest, Terry Wildemann. Terry talks about how the things reported by Pat may have affected her when she went through surgical menopause due to a hysterectomy.

Segment 2

Pat reads Terry’s bio before asking about the history of the word crone. Terry explains that despite the word having negative connotations in many societies, it comes from the idea of celebrating older women with a croning ceremony which relates to the idea of being crowned. She speaks about her experience with her own croning ceremony. Terry then talks about her history with entrepreneurship and how it led to where she is today. Pat asks about the hysterectomy Terry had at 39 due to endometriosis. Terry explains that the hysterectomy gave her freedom and then touches on her experience with HRT and the menopause she went through later in life. Terry talks about how she uses body code and emotion code to clear out the triggers that cause physical challenges in her clients. Pat and Terry then talk about the impacts that stress can have on your physical health.

Segment 3

Terry talks about the ways she helps her clients with stress and the science behind it specifically in regards to hormones. She then gives techniques that can be used to reduce the negative impacts of stress. She then talks about how our thoughts affect us and how important it is to change your frame of mind. Pat and Terry then stress the importance of taking care of yourself.  

Segment 4

Terry tells an amusing story of her attempt to pick Pat up from an airport in Florida. Terry says that the one thing women can do to improve their lives is to love themselves. Listeners can download the quick shift zone booklet at


00:00:54.420 --> 00:01:04.830 Pat Duckworth: Welcome to the hot women rock radio show empowering women leaders at menopause good morning America good afternoon UK and Europe, good evening, India and below.

00:01:05.190 --> 00:01:17.670 Pat Duckworth: Welcome to our very windy Spring Day here in the UK, today, the wind is Nicholas out there, my therapy room come offices up a set of external stairs.

00:01:18.000 --> 00:01:26.820 Pat Duckworth: i'm having to hang on to the handrails today and close like it blown across the neighborhood I was going to be on my own in the studio today about.

00:01:27.300 --> 00:01:43.890 Pat Duckworth: fate intervened and I have the lovely Terry world and with me today we coming back to her shortly, as always we're going to start with what is in the media, this week about menopause I had a birthday this week it wasn't in the media, I don't know how.

00:01:45.600 --> 00:01:57.600 Pat Duckworth: But i've had a lovely time and for all of you fact birthdays this week or i've got your birthday in April Aries rocks you know we are, we are the leaders so yeah embrace it.

00:01:58.380 --> 00:02:12.090 Pat Duckworth: Good So what has been in the media, I love this one, it comes from the Yorkshire evening post leads mental health trust the stage first ever menopause festival for staff, not just an event it's a festival.

00:02:12.660 --> 00:02:22.230 Pat Duckworth: The festival by leads in your partnership NHS foundation trust that headingley enterprise and art Center on Saturday April, the night, though this Saturday.

00:02:22.980 --> 00:02:30.000 Pat Duckworth: will bring together 27 special guests, including Yorkshire based menopause experts and holistic well being practitioners.

00:02:30.360 --> 00:02:36.360 Pat Duckworth: To provide advice on how to cope better with menopausal symptoms and where to find additional help and support.

00:02:36.780 --> 00:02:49.170 Pat Duckworth: The very program includes talks Q amp a sessions facilitated reflective spaces holistic well being stores alongside activities, including dance art poetry and yoga.

00:02:49.680 --> 00:02:59.520 Pat Duckworth: Expert guests will be there to provide advice on a wide range of topics, including treatments cysts symptom management sleep nutrition and sex the trust said.

00:03:00.420 --> 00:03:09.870 Pat Duckworth: That they're having a festival how much better is fact than just some event that's have festivals and celebrate celebrate women at this stage of life.

00:03:10.710 --> 00:03:25.800 Pat Duckworth: I came across this article in the huffington post, which I thought was going to be really helpful but, honestly it's just adds really but anyway eight products that can help ease menopausal symptoms, a personal a convenient personal fan.

00:03:27.000 --> 00:03:34.710 Pat Duckworth: We need personal fans if you've been looking for a hands free personal fan look no further than this sleek option from.

00:03:35.130 --> 00:03:45.240 Pat Duckworth: I don't even know how to pronounce this just to life it's blade list rechargeable and USB powered with three different speeds to choose from, and is available in multiple colors.

00:03:45.720 --> 00:03:49.770 Pat Duckworth: What struck me about this was the next thing the headphone like design.

00:03:49.980 --> 00:04:02.130 Pat Duckworth: makes it more discreet than traditional personal phones, as well as being lightweight and durable it does look, just like a pair of headphones so I don't know if you get the cool breeze is in your ears, or where, but it does look a lot.

00:04:02.610 --> 00:04:05.940 Pat Duckworth: kind of more discreet been carrying a big old fat around with you.

00:04:07.500 --> 00:04:19.830 Pat Duckworth: Another one was a cooling spray kendra's called missed instantly sue's hydrates and refresh your skin for up to two hours it's formulated with Omega three which extracts higher low low ironic.

00:04:20.310 --> 00:04:29.610 Pat Duckworth: don't have faith in the acid and the insta calm three complex a blend of ingredients that help to reduce the intensity of symptoms of hot flashes and night sweats.

00:04:30.000 --> 00:04:44.430 Pat Duckworth: While hydrating and nourishing skin having any kind of spritz sprayed can just help cool you down and you spray on your throat temples post points just helping to call you down can be really helpful if you're traveling as well.

00:04:45.450 --> 00:04:49.980 Pat Duckworth: A daily vaginal lotion so Terry, we are not scared by the word vagina.

00:04:50.340 --> 00:04:59.610 Pat Duckworth: At daily vaginal lotion if you're experiencing by vaginal dryness but includes the volver then check out kindred best selling vaginal lotion.

00:04:59.880 --> 00:05:11.760 Pat Duckworth: Which posts and innovative formula that includes ultra light and extremely hydrating act extracts ingredients like coconut oil sunflower seed oil safflower seed oil and.

00:05:13.020 --> 00:05:25.260 Pat Duckworth: Not a good day with worse, though, you have to make a sentence with vitamin A and B three work to nourish moisturize repair and heal the moisture barrier festival it's gentle enough to use daily.

00:05:25.800 --> 00:05:36.840 Pat Duckworth: Anything that you use as a vaginal lotion moisturizer or lubricant check the ingredients if there's chemicals in it, if it's derived from petroleum.

00:05:37.980 --> 00:05:53.790 Pat Duckworth: don't don't use it here's the rule of thumb don't put anything on your vagina that you wouldn't put in your mouth it's a good tip if it's got stuff in it, you don't recognize keep moving along the shelf and find one that's only got natural ingredients in it.

00:05:55.200 --> 00:06:01.590 Pat Duckworth: And I am now a member of British Medical society and they sent out a report from the Royal college of.

00:06:02.130 --> 00:06:14.640 Pat Duckworth: obstetricians and gynecologists this week, the title of the report is left for too long understanding the scale and impact of gynecology waiting this, this is actually quite a scary report.

00:06:15.480 --> 00:06:25.110 Pat Duckworth: gynecology waiting this across the United Kingdom has now reached a combined thing figure of over 570,000 women.

00:06:25.980 --> 00:06:43.950 Pat Duckworth: Waiting for appointments just over a 60% increase on pre pandemic levels, the number of women wasting over a year for care in England has increased from 66 before the pandemic to nearly 25,000.

00:06:45.540 --> 00:06:52.950 Pat Duckworth: More than 75% of women reported that their symptoms of worsened, whilst on the list, we can imagine there.

00:06:53.940 --> 00:07:04.800 Pat Duckworth: were talking across gynecology so it can be prolapse is it might be all kinds of other gynecological problems but women experience menopause are on that list as well.

00:07:05.400 --> 00:07:17.580 Pat Duckworth: As a result of growing waiting list for outpatient care, many women experiencing extremely challenging menopausal symptoms are not being seen and supported by a specialist in a timeframe that meets their needs.

00:07:18.270 --> 00:07:25.380 Pat Duckworth: One member of the Royal college who specializes in menopause explain these women are simply not being managed at all.

00:07:25.860 --> 00:07:33.060 Pat Duckworth: The impact of challenging sentence related to the medicals can have a detrimental impact on women's quality of life, well being.

00:07:33.420 --> 00:07:50.730 Pat Duckworth: personal relationships and work this this huge gap between seeing your local general practitioner health provider and the system that you get referred into and that gap just isn't being filled at the moment, set by people like me talking about.

00:07:52.470 --> 00:08:02.460 Pat Duckworth: Another one from patient info how to ease joint pain during menopause and there's a lot of information in there, so i'm just giving you an edited highlight.

00:08:02.820 --> 00:08:09.630 Pat Duckworth: Your diet is hugely important in both preventing and managing health issues and menopause joint pain is no different.

00:08:09.960 --> 00:08:16.200 Pat Duckworth: Try to eat a healthy, balanced diet that's high in fiber with lots of fruit, vegetables and whole grain foods.

00:08:16.860 --> 00:08:25.290 Pat Duckworth: Medical is joint care is one of many possible menopausal symptoms lifestyle adjustments, including changes to your diet and exercise routine.

00:08:25.590 --> 00:08:30.780 Pat Duckworth: Can soothe aches and pains and how to prevent osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.

00:08:31.140 --> 00:08:37.500 Pat Duckworth: There are other treatment options, including hormone replacement therapy over the counter medicines and mineral supplements.

00:08:37.830 --> 00:08:48.000 Pat Duckworth: The foods that most directly impact joint and bone health include dairy products that contain calcium potassium and phosphorus magnesium and vitamin D and K.

00:08:48.630 --> 00:08:58.170 Pat Duckworth: oily and tin fish salmon sardines mackerel richie colored fruits and green leafy vegetables cherries blueberries kale.

00:08:58.680 --> 00:09:09.780 Pat Duckworth: Lots of resiliency in there and animal and non animal protein chicken eggs and beans so looking after your diet can help with that joy pay lots of other advice on that piece.

00:09:10.680 --> 00:09:14.430 Pat Duckworth: And the final one I picked up this week comes from best life online.

00:09:14.910 --> 00:09:30.660 Pat Duckworth: If food tastes different in your 40s or 50s it may be due to your medicals experts say some women sense of taste and smell may become otter as a into menopause in their mid 40s early 50s This is because lower estrogen levels.

00:09:31.590 --> 00:09:40.140 Pat Duckworth: can affect saliva which can in turn lesson or change our sense of taste according to UK based informational site my medical Center.

00:09:40.680 --> 00:09:51.630 Pat Duckworth: As estrogen levels decrease, so does the flow from your saliva glands and since saliva helps break food down into different chemical compounds having less of it in your mouth.

00:09:51.990 --> 00:10:01.560 Pat Duckworth: can render your taste buds unable to detect certain flavors according to everyday health some women notice a lingering metallic taste in their mouth.

00:10:01.980 --> 00:10:11.760 Pat Duckworth: While eating, as a result of menopause as a mouth dries out from reduced saliva bacterial growth can increase in mouth sometimes leading to tooth decay or gum disease.

00:10:12.120 --> 00:10:29.970 Pat Duckworth: it's part of this symptom some women going through menopause may feel pain or a burning sensation on their tongue lips gums or other spots in the mouth reports, the site so it's really interesting because essentially is involved in over 200 processes in our bodies.

00:10:31.080 --> 00:10:35.340 Pat Duckworth: You can get a whole range of things on none at all, I mean that is the.

00:10:36.630 --> 00:10:48.120 Pat Duckworth: that's the weakness of it all that's a jackpot of it, let me introduce my dear friend and colleague Terry Terry you are looking FAB today how you doing.

00:10:48.930 --> 00:10:55.050 Terry Wildemann: yeah and sorry, are you and Happy Birthday dear Pat what a brilliant way to celebrate your birthday week.

00:10:55.440 --> 00:10:56.760 Terry Wildemann: And coming on your show.

00:10:57.960 --> 00:11:02.280 Pat Duckworth: I was gonna be all by myself in the studio and now i've got you to share it with.

00:11:02.610 --> 00:11:09.300 Pat Duckworth: So was there anything you notice from those news reports, I mean we will talk about your experience.

00:11:09.300 --> 00:11:09.480 Terry Wildemann: But.

00:11:09.810 --> 00:11:12.660 Pat Duckworth: Do you have any of that taste stuff or the joint stuff.

00:11:13.200 --> 00:11:13.650 You know.

00:11:16.380 --> 00:11:31.380 Terry Wildemann: i'm not sure, and the reason is because I had a surgical menopause when I had my hysterectomy and 39 and i'm sitting here thinking you know i'm listening to you and i'm like wow because i'm so far removed from all that.

00:11:34.140 --> 00:11:48.450 Terry Wildemann: I had so many food allergies and I thought they were allergies now they're just sensitivities, there were allergies at that time and I may have had that stuff and not even realize it because I was associating it with.

00:11:49.560 --> 00:11:54.240 Terry Wildemann: The surgical menopause and the food allergies and all the stuff that was associated with that.

00:11:54.510 --> 00:12:02.610 Terry Wildemann: yeah but I found that very interesting as you were reading it, because it's and more and more is coming out on how.

00:12:03.810 --> 00:12:16.320 Terry Wildemann: Our bodies respond to these things yeah and the thing is i'm i'm curious, is it really only because of menopause or is it that the menopause happening because of the menopause.

00:12:16.680 --> 00:12:24.630 Terry Wildemann: Other things are happening organically, because those hormones are needed to redirect whatever it is the body needs to do.

00:12:25.230 --> 00:12:37.500 Pat Duckworth: Absolutely, and I just had a really interesting conversation about basis you know, the fact that the estrogen levels are reducing and 200 processes in the body us.

00:12:37.530 --> 00:12:38.430 Easter July.

00:12:39.510 --> 00:12:39.960 Terry Wildemann: yeah.

00:12:40.260 --> 00:12:51.870 Pat Duckworth: Then it affects things and men and I had another interesting conversation, a few weeks ago with a company are developing a new test for menopause because the current tests aren't terribly reliable.

00:12:52.170 --> 00:13:04.920 Pat Duckworth: But they're looking at a very different market and not the reproductive hormones, but how we process sugar because it changes over time and changes dramatically, as we into menopause.

00:13:05.430 --> 00:13:15.030 Pat Duckworth: And the woman, I was talking to the company, who are developing this she was saying that men's aging process is kind of a gentle straight line.

00:13:15.990 --> 00:13:26.130 Pat Duckworth: It slopes, but they they gradually age, women are doing much better, much better, much better and then along comes Miller pours.

00:13:26.910 --> 00:13:36.090 Pat Duckworth: estrogen levels drop and suddenly were experiencing all sorts of things so men over time, a slowly losing their hair, many of them.

00:13:36.810 --> 00:13:55.110 Pat Duckworth: might be getting a little bit more weight around the waist many of them, perhaps not sleeping so well, maybe feeling less confident some men even having hot flashes but they might hardly notice because it's happening slowly slowly slowly slowly for women it's a Bam it's.

00:13:55.650 --> 00:14:05.610 Pat Duckworth: A two by four around the back of the head so we're all going through it, but you know at different rates and with different consequences so.

00:14:06.030 --> 00:14:16.740 Pat Duckworth: it's both fascinating and it can be a nurturing if you're experiencing a lot, and you think nobody told me, this would happen, nobody told me i'd lose my sense of taste or.

00:14:17.250 --> 00:14:23.910 Pat Duckworth: My hand might get a bit thinner on my nails might not be as good and it's really important, just to put it out there, and so, but it might.

00:14:24.330 --> 00:14:39.540 Pat Duckworth: It might not but if it does happen don't be frightened it's all okay we're off to the break now, and when we come back i'll be telling you more about Terry and the amazing work that she does and she'll be giving us her top tips as well we'll see you after the break.

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00:16:52.920 --> 00:17:03.870 Pat Duckworth: Welcome back to the hot women rock radio show empowering women leaders at medicals where my wonderful guest rocking it out with me in the studio today is Terry willed woman.

00:17:04.350 --> 00:17:17.100 Pat Duckworth: And it's great we're talking about empowering women leaders, because this is somebody who does so Terry is an intuitive success navigator a Community creator founder of intuitive leadership you.

00:17:17.580 --> 00:17:27.510 Pat Duckworth: A speaker author of two solo and seven calls of books she's also certified in various holistic modalities include nlp emotion code and coach.

00:17:28.140 --> 00:17:33.660 Pat Duckworth: Terry guides her clients to harmonize the spiritual personal and practical size of business.

00:17:34.050 --> 00:17:52.080 Pat Duckworth: clients magnetically attract their ideal clients lead productive teams and increase sales by shifting their mindset and focus and increasing their confidence, competence and credibility, so a big welcome Terry and we're going to be talking about it's your time to thrive, yes.

00:17:52.170 --> 00:18:09.180 Terry Wildemann: It is there some you know the energies that are swirling around us right now are huge, and this is the time when these energies get really big that we have a choice to either allow them to second up or we choose to get bigger and thrive.

00:18:10.290 --> 00:18:12.660 Pat Duckworth: And you taught me something yesterday because.

00:18:13.170 --> 00:18:24.270 Pat Duckworth: Well let's go back to I was going to do the show on my own today and Terry was going to be on next week and then we realized Terry was traveling next week, so that would be great, and I suppose let's just do it today.

00:18:24.900 --> 00:18:33.870 Pat Duckworth: And you said something that I thought was really interesting when you said that the word chrome which most people go to most women I don't want to be a chrome.

00:18:34.920 --> 00:18:37.200 Pat Duckworth: But tell me the derivation of it.

00:18:38.280 --> 00:18:46.800 Terry Wildemann: Well, you know I get a little background, because when I have my leadership Center I wonder leadership Center from 2001 to 2009.

00:18:47.340 --> 00:18:59.580 Terry Wildemann: And one of the women who came to some event that I had was talking about chrome's and i'm like I just like backward no much it just I just don't like that word.

00:19:00.480 --> 00:19:06.840 Terry Wildemann: And she got really upset with me that, and what she didn't understand was I was already through menopause she did not know that.

00:19:07.650 --> 00:19:31.860 Terry Wildemann: But the word crone in our society is old, however, in the indigenous societies, they value their elder women we are the wise women were wise women girlfriend we are wise women and there is a ceremony called you know it's a crony ceremony well, as I mentioned earlier, I had my.

00:19:35.580 --> 00:19:46.800 Terry Wildemann: surgical menopause at 39 when I didn't know, by the way, was that you may have surgical menopause early you can go through menopause when you are meant to so I went through it twice.

00:19:50.490 --> 00:19:55.740 Terry Wildemann: And after I went through it, the second time I realized, it was time to go through the ceremony.

00:19:56.790 --> 00:20:03.990 Terry Wildemann: And I went through a colleague of mine, we happen to have the exact same birthday for five years, apart, but we're both.

00:20:05.850 --> 00:20:08.190 Terry Wildemann: We were both June 28 and.

00:20:09.480 --> 00:20:18.930 Terry Wildemann: It was interesting she said we're going to have a crowning ceremony, and I knew then that I was meant to it at a crowning ceremony is similar to a combination.

00:20:20.160 --> 00:20:27.750 Terry Wildemann: In the Christian church, you are being confirmed do are being acknowledged the Holy Spirit comes through your whoever it is that you.

00:20:28.110 --> 00:20:41.670 Terry Wildemann: comes through you, and it was phenomenal because in the meditation the name that I was given and you take on a name, just like you're doing a confirmation, the name that I was getting was hot mother and I will never forget the look on the woman's face, who was.

00:20:43.020 --> 00:20:47.490 Terry Wildemann: The facilitator, the man says, you have any idea how big, that is, I got.

00:20:48.600 --> 00:20:58.260 Terry Wildemann: It is, I already look at things from 30,000 feet up and I look at things at ground level, so when I was given hot mother I realized that I was truly being crowned.

00:20:59.100 --> 00:21:05.010 Pat Duckworth: Yes, and that's it is crowned so we have ground.

00:21:05.190 --> 00:21:20.910 Pat Duckworth: Yes, and it's and chrome is just a derivation, but we are being crowned in our wisdom and his wisdom in this experience tell us a bit more about the background, how did you get to be the one that you are today.

00:21:21.900 --> 00:21:30.420 Terry Wildemann: With the wonder of the Internet, oh geez i've been i've been an entrepreneur, since I was a little kid I used to sell ride my little red flyer wagon DEMO hill.

00:21:34.440 --> 00:21:41.790 Terry Wildemann: And then I wanted to, we had to parakeets and I kept wanting to meet them and tell the parakeets and that kind of that kind of stuff and.

00:21:43.050 --> 00:21:52.860 Terry Wildemann: So I was always in business of some kind of my first real business was when I was 18 and it was a multi level marketing company and I learned a lot about what I was good at, and what I wasn't good at.

00:21:53.520 --> 00:22:04.710 Terry Wildemann: And that just progressed and I had different jobs and my background is actually my degrees in law enforcement criminal justice, so I was in law enforcement, but always doing business on the side and.

00:22:06.570 --> 00:22:15.870 Terry Wildemann: After my daughter was born, I went to image consulting school to get certified in that, and that was really the beginning of what it, what I do today.

00:22:16.410 --> 00:22:27.210 Terry Wildemann: Because I I loved what I was doing as a certified image consultant, but then people were saying with your background can put together customer service program can you do a leadership Program.

00:22:27.540 --> 00:22:37.350 Terry Wildemann: Can you do a business etiquette program on and on and on and that just evolved and when we moved here, where we are now in Newport Rhode island.

00:22:38.130 --> 00:22:51.270 Terry Wildemann: that's when my holistic and spirituality really exploded and one course after another kept falling in my lap one modality of another kept falling and it was all to heal me because I print out multiple times.

00:22:51.990 --> 00:23:00.090 Terry Wildemann: And that those multiple burnouts suck the life out of me and I had two little kids two little girls and then we adopted a third and.

00:23:00.870 --> 00:23:13.860 Terry Wildemann: You know when you've got a young family like that, if you're running a business, we as women tend to try and do it all and I didn't know how to get out of the go go go after have to have tonight.

00:23:15.090 --> 00:23:21.060 Pat Duckworth: And hell were on this journey, did you have your hysterectomy because.

00:23:22.020 --> 00:23:22.560 Pat Duckworth: You know.

00:23:25.320 --> 00:23:27.270 Pat Duckworth: I don't ask a leading question right how.

00:23:27.630 --> 00:23:33.150 Pat Duckworth: Are you having me but explain, you know what went on for you.

00:23:33.630 --> 00:23:34.050 Okay.

00:23:35.520 --> 00:23:46.290 Terry Wildemann: Well, I had a hysterectomy at the age of 39 and I had severe severe severe and demetrius and I was told I could never have children.

00:23:47.670 --> 00:23:55.560 Terry Wildemann: For doctors told me I could never have children, by the way, but from the age of eight I knew I was going to have to have my own and adopt one.

00:23:57.240 --> 00:23:58.140 Terry Wildemann: and

00:23:59.310 --> 00:24:03.270 Terry Wildemann: Law of attraction is very powerful because my firstborn.

00:24:04.380 --> 00:24:06.900 Terry Wildemann: arrived nine months to two days after my wedding date.

00:24:09.150 --> 00:24:14.370 Terry Wildemann: And then my middle daughter my youngest daughter, she was born in the UK.

00:24:15.690 --> 00:24:16.350 Terry Wildemann: hospital.

00:24:17.400 --> 00:24:34.110 Terry Wildemann: Portsmouth and and I ended up adopting my third my son, so my what I wanted from the age of eight actually came true, and when I had finally had my hysterectomy it was for me because.

00:24:35.340 --> 00:24:36.690 Terry Wildemann: I went through help.

00:24:37.980 --> 00:24:40.020 Terry Wildemann: Every month, it was freedom.

00:24:41.490 --> 00:24:43.530 Terry Wildemann: But then, a different type of things.

00:24:45.390 --> 00:24:59.940 Terry Wildemann: And they put me on a dirty patches because I was so young, you put me on a dirty passion patches and they created their own set of issues and they did regulate you, but after 10 years of being on hrt patches I have to come off them.

00:25:00.720 --> 00:25:10.080 Terry Wildemann: And I never went back to any other kind of hormone replacement therapy therapy, whether that was good or not I don't know, but then I started going through menopause again.

00:25:11.160 --> 00:25:19.320 Terry Wildemann: In my mid 50s and my kids were hysterical because I would just sit there, and all of a sudden, I can vary quite a bit.

00:25:19.380 --> 00:25:23.850 Terry Wildemann: As we get huge and one of the two of them ago moms i'm in a power surge.

00:25:28.740 --> 00:25:31.230 Terry Wildemann: And those power surges work hard and fast what.

00:25:34.290 --> 00:25:49.350 Pat Duckworth: Absolutely absolutely I mean yeah you never know when they're going to count and they can take you by real surprise and it's just about being able to deal with them so for you, you had your two daughters you.

00:25:49.470 --> 00:25:51.120 Pat Duckworth: adopt as your sons.

00:25:53.340 --> 00:25:55.500 Pat Duckworth: And you are on the hormone therapy.

00:25:56.040 --> 00:25:56.610 Yes.

00:25:57.750 --> 00:26:06.810 Pat Duckworth: Your clients now are they in this kind of wise woman age sense or do you get them at all ages.

00:26:07.380 --> 00:26:18.060 Terry Wildemann: actually been getting them at all ages my oldest client is 80 and my youngest client right now i'm looking at my head right now is in their 40s.

00:26:18.930 --> 00:26:25.140 Terry Wildemann: The commonality between them is that they're entrepreneurs and they all have different physical challenges.

00:26:25.710 --> 00:26:43.800 Terry Wildemann: And when I work with them, and this is the thing with entrepreneurs, a lot of the challenges that they have I clear at the emotional baggage and what I find is that the physicality of you know that the affects the reactions that they have in different things from their physical.

00:26:44.820 --> 00:26:59.970 Terry Wildemann: Challenges whatever they are, they tend to lessen because using body code and emotion code we clear out a lot of the emotional baggage that are actually triggers to what is creating the physical discomfort.

00:27:01.020 --> 00:27:05.280 Terry Wildemann: And so they're all up and down the scale and it's a lot of fun to work with that.

00:27:06.660 --> 00:27:25.410 Terry Wildemann: Those who are in menopause we do work on the symptoms and they have East when a bit, especially when again it's stress stress is huge at triggering these flash you know power surges.

00:27:29.070 --> 00:27:31.590 Terry Wildemann: I like to call them power surges it's like okay if it's.

00:27:36.210 --> 00:27:54.330 Pat Duckworth: Stress is a really huge trigger and we need a swimming to manage our stress at this stage of life because it's having other effects on our bodies so never think of stresses just a mental emotional thing it has a lot of physical consequences.

00:27:55.350 --> 00:28:05.910 Pat Duckworth: And you know I think what you're doing is so important because there are more women over 50 in the workplace globally than there ever been before.

00:28:06.150 --> 00:28:21.750 Pat Duckworth: There are more women entrepreneurs over 50 in fact it's the fastest growing demographic of entrepreneurs and people over 50 tend to be more successful going into entrepreneurship at this age.

00:28:22.260 --> 00:28:32.670 Pat Duckworth: Whether that's because of their experience their knowledge, their connections their finances there's a lot going on.

00:28:33.810 --> 00:28:35.400 Terry Wildemann: There is and.

00:28:36.840 --> 00:28:39.480 Terry Wildemann: What we've learned, if you look at history.

00:28:40.890 --> 00:28:46.800 Terry Wildemann: it's during those times of cast that so many businesses are born.

00:28:48.390 --> 00:28:49.530 Terry Wildemann: And this is one of them.

00:28:50.010 --> 00:28:58.470 Terry Wildemann: yeah and the thing with stresses, and this is what a lot of folks don't realize is when you get stressed out.

00:28:59.370 --> 00:29:14.850 Terry Wildemann: Your cortisol levels rise and when your cortisol levels rise it influences your blood pressure and influences your organs and influences your glands and influences your fat cells now with menopause or other issues with weight loss.

00:29:16.050 --> 00:29:25.590 Terry Wildemann: But cortisol too much cortisol in the body and what happens is Brittany, we reach a level of stress and we think that's normal and in fact it's not.

00:29:26.520 --> 00:29:26.700 Pat Duckworth: we're.

00:29:27.000 --> 00:29:32.100 Pat Duckworth: gonna stop there, Terry we're gonna go to a break we're not going to give away everything.

00:29:33.840 --> 00:29:39.120 Pat Duckworth: will be back after the break to talk more about this amazing subject we'll see you after the break.

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00:31:42.900 --> 00:31:45.240 Pat Duckworth: Oh just had a coffin just before I came on there.

00:31:45.750 --> 00:31:58.260 Pat Duckworth: Welcome back to the hot women rock radio show empowering women leaders at menopause and we want to talk about that empowerment so just before we went to the break, we were talking about stress or how stress affects the body.

00:31:58.650 --> 00:32:15.390 Pat Duckworth: It also affects the production of estrogen and progesterone not in a good way so managing your stress is really incredibly important, is this one of the things that you help your women clients with Is this a sort of focus for you.

00:32:19.350 --> 00:32:25.830 Terry Wildemann: Actually it's one of the primary things that I do for all entrepreneurs, because I burned out multiple times.

00:32:26.130 --> 00:32:38.640 Terry Wildemann: My new burnett multiple times when I was 29 years old, when my doctor looked at me and said, if you don't change the way you are doing things you're a workaholic you're not going to make 30.

00:32:39.120 --> 00:32:39.420 Pat Duckworth: yeah.

00:32:39.960 --> 00:32:40.920 And then.

00:32:42.120 --> 00:32:44.130 Terry Wildemann: Later on, I had other.

00:32:45.780 --> 00:32:54.090 Terry Wildemann: burnouts and I realized after my last visit to the er 25 years ago that I needed to take a really good look in the mirror.

00:32:54.540 --> 00:33:01.650 Terry Wildemann: And that's when I went to get certified with the heart math Institute and 19 in 2001 it was the weekend after 911.

00:33:02.550 --> 00:33:18.510 Terry Wildemann: And I was like getting certified and stress management with the heart math institute at that time, and it was a blessing and absolute blessing, because what I learned so powerful and it was the beginning of helping me heal my body.

00:33:19.890 --> 00:33:34.830 Terry Wildemann: I also became a reiki master and on and on and on all this other good stuff and integrating it all together helped me heal now the biggest thing with stress is, as I was saying before the break when your cortisol levels go up it's really doing a ton of damage to.

00:33:34.830 --> 00:33:35.550 Terry Wildemann: Your body.

00:33:35.850 --> 00:33:42.930 Terry Wildemann: And we hit a level that we think is normal and it's not so your body is operating in constant fight or flight.

00:33:44.040 --> 00:33:47.430 Terry Wildemann: Now, when we ship and breathe deeply.

00:33:49.230 --> 00:33:53.040 Terry Wildemann: deeply and we shift into this part of our bodies.

00:33:54.090 --> 00:34:12.510 Terry Wildemann: We shift into the heart Oregon and breathe in here we're actually engaging to brain the brain and the head and the brain and the heart know what that begins to do is it elevates the da da do not as good with that word is it's about yay big and.

00:34:13.980 --> 00:34:19.260 Terry Wildemann: Hormone which begins the to help the body to heal.

00:34:19.740 --> 00:34:32.220 Terry Wildemann: yeah and it's absolutely huge and it's very simple technique of shifting my focus to the chest area putting my hand on my chest using my hand is an air magnet.

00:34:32.670 --> 00:34:48.060 Terry Wildemann: Reading into the heart and the heart organ, by the way, the energy field of the heart can be measured six to 10 feet away from the body and a 360 degree circumference and the energy field of the brain is only two inches.

00:34:49.560 --> 00:34:56.490 Terry Wildemann: So when we shift into our bodies, it helps us whether it's we're having a power surge.

00:34:57.000 --> 00:35:06.180 Terry Wildemann: Okay it's important to breathe because chances are, it would not surprise me chances are that a lot of the power surges or they're triggered by stress.

00:35:06.660 --> 00:35:17.730 Terry Wildemann: it's helping you relax it's helping you heal it's happy it's helping to reduce the cortisol levels and increase the dga levels, and I call that quick shifting.

00:35:18.930 --> 00:35:22.560 Pat Duckworth: And what other sort of things are going to dig deep nails.

00:35:23.580 --> 00:35:31.500 Pat Duckworth: So what other sort of techniques or help helping ideas are you giving to your clients around managing stress.

00:35:31.950 --> 00:35:41.910 Terry Wildemann: Well that's the one the one i'm talking about with the breathing the number one thing is breathing breathing and breathing deeply but it's about shifting your.

00:35:42.420 --> 00:35:53.160 Terry Wildemann: Out of your head and into your body, one of the things let's look at the example of an iceberg, you only see the top of the iceberg right.

00:35:53.400 --> 00:35:53.730 Pat Duckworth: yeah.

00:35:53.760 --> 00:35:57.780 Terry Wildemann: You don't see what's below it the top of the iceberg, is the head.

00:35:58.800 --> 00:36:02.640 Terry Wildemann: Look at all the space that's below the neck, which is the body.

00:36:03.150 --> 00:36:13.740 Terry Wildemann: When we breathe deeply we're actually healing and helping to get oxygen into our glands or oregon's our blood we're helping to help our bodies and it.

00:36:14.130 --> 00:36:22.710 Terry Wildemann: Again it decreases the cortisol levels so that deep breathing and shifting into our bodies helps us with that.

00:36:23.190 --> 00:36:34.380 Terry Wildemann: With the with the physiology part with the hormonal part, reducing the cortisol levels and increasing the dh yet so that's one of the big things that that's the biggest thing, and I have my clients quick ship.

00:36:35.040 --> 00:36:48.150 Terry Wildemann: At minimum when they wake up in the morning, go to bed at night and every hour on the hour and that little easy technique and it's so simple you think it's not working, it creates miracles.

00:36:48.660 --> 00:36:56.280 Pat Duckworth: yeah and do you find that your women clients are not very engaged with their self care.

00:36:57.480 --> 00:36:58.110 Terry Wildemann: Oh sorry.

00:37:05.940 --> 00:37:12.420 Terry Wildemann: I tell you what I find that a lot of my clients do, and that is.

00:37:13.650 --> 00:37:25.650 Terry Wildemann: We without realizing it we tend to get into the drama of what's going on and shift into a victim hood which is programming from when we were kids.

00:37:27.240 --> 00:37:35.820 Terry Wildemann: And that drama and victimhood just the, our thoughts are incredibly powerful thoughts are energy.

00:37:36.570 --> 00:37:42.810 Terry Wildemann: thoughts are energy there's no two ways about it, and what we think about comes about what we feel.

00:37:43.230 --> 00:37:54.270 Terry Wildemann: comes about so law of attraction is huge here and i'm a big law of attraction junkie I got certified in and it's a I write about it in all my books, because how you feel.

00:37:55.140 --> 00:38:08.010 Terry Wildemann: is key to what you're bringing into the world and I found for myself that most of my power surges came when I was in a negative frame of mind.

00:38:09.810 --> 00:38:14.100 Terry Wildemann: which I thought was very interesting and and even my girls would say.

00:38:14.490 --> 00:38:26.970 Terry Wildemann: They wouldn't because I taught them about law of attraction, I mean they they live with me and they hear it and I got held accountable, I can have a cannibal to my language, like a held accountable to my perspective, I get so they were they were my mirrors.

00:38:28.170 --> 00:38:41.970 Terry Wildemann: And positivity is huge, because positivity helps to heal the body but it's got to be positivity that is integrity and authentic, which is how you feel just to say oh i'm positive that doesn't work.

00:38:42.600 --> 00:38:44.430 Pat Duckworth: it's like saying i'm fine.

00:38:44.550 --> 00:38:45.420 Now.

00:38:46.500 --> 00:38:47.460 Terry Wildemann: feeling but.

00:38:47.670 --> 00:39:00.990 Terry Wildemann: it's the feeling it's getting debt, deep down and dirty and it's about understanding that when you shift into that beautiful positive place where you're feeling it.

00:39:02.130 --> 00:39:06.720 Terry Wildemann: It makes all the difference in the world and i've i've had clients who say Terry I can't go there.

00:39:07.200 --> 00:39:19.980 Terry Wildemann: And based that when we get into the body code and emotion Code and the visualization all that other good stuff to help them clear the baggage emotional baggage, that is getting them to where they are in the net moment.

00:39:20.520 --> 00:39:26.790 Pat Duckworth: yeah and when they clear that have a vent ready to take more care of themselves.

00:39:26.970 --> 00:39:30.390 Terry Wildemann: Without question because they see the world differently.

00:39:31.530 --> 00:39:35.070 Terry Wildemann: You know, look at what the the flight attendant takes us.

00:39:35.220 --> 00:39:36.960 Terry Wildemann: Even on an airplane the flight.

00:39:36.960 --> 00:39:46.050 Terry Wildemann: attendant says, put the oxygen mask on yourself first there's a reason for that, and I will never forget this young mom.

00:39:46.380 --> 00:40:01.110 Terry Wildemann: Who was in one of my workshops I happen to say that line and she looked at me, she said, I will never suffer for my child and it was a riot to look at everybody else in the room, look at her and say when you're killing your child.

00:40:02.490 --> 00:40:14.370 Terry Wildemann: And she wasn't absolutely chock she got I didn't say that they said they were so she was so upset and I had to just bring the room down and calm everybody down said look.

00:40:16.080 --> 00:40:18.690 Terry Wildemann: What would happen if you quote.

00:40:20.490 --> 00:40:30.870 Terry Wildemann: How good is that, for your child well it's not what if you were to take 60 seconds to just put the mask on or 30 seconds to put the mask on yourself first so that that child has you.

00:40:31.380 --> 00:40:31.830 Pat Duckworth: huh.

00:40:31.980 --> 00:40:33.960 Terry Wildemann: And it took her a while to process.

00:40:34.860 --> 00:40:54.120 Terry Wildemann: yeah and that's what we know, remembering that that when we put the oxygen mask on ourselves first, not only are we healing ourselves, we are actually influencing how our clients, yes, how our family see how our friends.

00:40:55.620 --> 00:41:01.890 Terry Wildemann: And as influential leaders we as women wise women wearing our crowns.

00:41:04.350 --> 00:41:05.700 Pat Duckworth: I wish I had to pay for crown that.

00:41:07.530 --> 00:41:08.820 Terry Wildemann: We gotta get some crackers.

00:41:10.200 --> 00:41:10.860 Terry Wildemann: Next time.

00:41:11.040 --> 00:41:15.300 Terry Wildemann: Thanks Graham crackers on on camera.

00:41:18.420 --> 00:41:26.730 Terry Wildemann: that's, one that is one, let me take that one celebration that we brought back from the to the stage where we lived in England, for two years, with.

00:41:28.020 --> 00:41:30.360 Pat Duckworth: US whiskers and putting your crayons oh.

00:41:30.930 --> 00:41:33.600 Terry Wildemann: yeah wearing the Christmas crackers but my mom.

00:41:35.880 --> 00:41:41.340 Pat Duckworth: is really important, this whole bit about self care because, as women, we tend to think.

00:41:42.030 --> 00:41:56.250 Pat Duckworth: Oh it's a bit selfish to be taking care of ourselves it's not selfish now unless you're taking care of yourself, you can't take care of anybody else, and if you don't take care of yourself somebody is going to end up taking care of you.

00:41:56.850 --> 00:41:59.820 Terry Wildemann: Exactly, so the cycle continues.

00:42:00.060 --> 00:42:11.970 Pat Duckworth: The best thing you can do for other people is to take care of yourself, I say this, a lot when i'm doing workshops when i'm doing talks, you know I do a lot of talks about menopause to.

00:42:12.360 --> 00:42:24.060 Pat Duckworth: women's institutes and to businesses and organizations and events say it's so important, particularly at this stage of life when your body is changing a lot when your.

00:42:24.060 --> 00:42:27.900 Pat Duckworth: Hormones changing you got to take care of yourself, because if.

00:42:27.900 --> 00:42:28.860 Terry Wildemann: You really do.

00:42:29.190 --> 00:42:38.820 Pat Duckworth: Your foundations for the next 30 4050 years are built on shifting sands you've got to have firm foundations, because you've done that self care.

00:42:39.870 --> 00:42:40.500 Pat Duckworth: Over to you.

00:42:40.920 --> 00:42:41.220 Yes.

00:42:42.540 --> 00:42:44.700 Terry Wildemann: Well, one thing to think about is.

00:42:45.750 --> 00:43:01.950 Terry Wildemann: At what stage the woman is at awesome because, as you know, i've been a caregiver and for 10 years I would fly from here, down to Miami to take care of parents, so a lot of us are in that sandwich.

00:43:03.060 --> 00:43:12.810 Terry Wildemann: Where the sandwich generation, where we have kids on one side and parents, on the other side and there's a lot to talk about and i'm Pack in that space.

00:43:13.230 --> 00:43:27.900 Terry Wildemann: Because when we are caregivers it can sometimes get difficult to take care of ourselves first so it's about putting that sticky on our forehead or putting it on the mirror, when we look at ourselves in the mirror.

00:43:28.440 --> 00:43:35.850 Terry Wildemann: to remember to breathe and to stay in our bodies, because caregiving can be incredibly challenging and.

00:43:38.130 --> 00:43:40.770 Terry Wildemann: There are a lot of dynamics and get involved in that.

00:43:41.160 --> 00:43:49.740 Pat Duckworth: yeah absolutely and this is where you get through midlife white becomes so complicated because your body's going through all of this.

00:43:50.250 --> 00:44:01.980 Pat Duckworth: And you might have children and they might be leaving home and you might be dealing with older more vulnerable parents and you might be dealing with your own relationships and perhaps your job is just got to its peak.

00:44:02.430 --> 00:44:15.930 Pat Duckworth: And it's all going on at the same time, so that's another reason why we need to take care of ourselves Terry just mentioned Miami when we come back we'll tell you are slightly humorous Miami sorry we'll see you after the.

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00:46:15.150 --> 00:46:23.610 Pat Duckworth: Welcome back to the hot women rock radio show and powering women leaders at menopause where we're having a blast today if you're not watching us on Facebook, we are dancing.

00:46:24.150 --> 00:46:38.250 Pat Duckworth: Up Sophia and raising our energy levels and getting it all go, so I met Terry through the evolutionary business Council and I was going to the retreats in Florida and Terry.

00:46:38.790 --> 00:46:45.960 Pat Duckworth: Being a generous soul said what airport you flying into, and I said Miami and she said, I will come pick you up you want to take over.

00:46:48.450 --> 00:46:49.470 Terry Wildemann: wow yeah.

00:46:50.820 --> 00:47:02.700 Terry Wildemann: So actually said Miami, but when I asked you which effort, it was for you from half court letter that came in there, so I drive to Fort lauderdale airport and I was staying in coral gables.

00:47:03.210 --> 00:47:09.060 Terry Wildemann: Where my parents have their home and Miami airport is five minutes from their house with 10 minutes from their house.

00:47:09.480 --> 00:47:28.440 Terry Wildemann: The Fort lauderdale airport is about 45 minutes and the retreat is about 45 minutes west of that so i'm sitting there going around the airport and pat's like pat lands and you know texting back and forth and i'm so excited to be fat because I knew purchase from.

00:47:29.610 --> 00:47:35.100 Terry Wildemann: We just have interactions on Facebook and a couple conversations I got to meet my friend in person.

00:47:35.280 --> 00:47:37.380 Terry Wildemann: I was so excited and.

00:47:38.790 --> 00:47:55.680 Terry Wildemann: The she tells me that she's on the curb and she's what she was explained to me what she was wearing and i'm driving around and there and i'm at the I forget what airline, it was, and I remember sitting there and not keep going around and around there was no path.

00:47:55.950 --> 00:48:03.840 Terry Wildemann: And she's getting frustrated and i'm getting frustrated i'm like i'm not seeing you and all of a sudden it hit me I said pat.

00:48:05.610 --> 00:48:08.160 Terry Wildemann: You said Fort lauderdale airport.

00:48:09.480 --> 00:48:12.990 Terry Wildemann: Which airport, are you actually at.

00:48:15.720 --> 00:48:19.560 Terry Wildemann: And she said Miami I went.

00:48:21.300 --> 00:48:22.740 Terry Wildemann: To the other.

00:48:26.670 --> 00:48:27.120 Terry Wildemann: I.

00:48:29.550 --> 00:48:31.350 Terry Wildemann: actually think it made it in record time.

00:48:35.670 --> 00:48:38.550 Terry Wildemann: 30 minutes and I got to the airport.

00:48:39.690 --> 00:48:56.610 Terry Wildemann: And picked her up and we were laughing I was laughing I hey you know stuff happens because and it taught me a lesson because anybody who's coming in from overseas i'm picking them up at the airport down Florida which.

00:48:56.700 --> 00:48:57.330 Airport.

00:49:01.650 --> 00:49:03.150 Pat Duckworth: And if you're ever flowing into.

00:49:03.150 --> 00:49:09.150 Pat Duckworth: A London Airport, always be specific, because airports i'll actually in London.

00:49:09.180 --> 00:49:10.290 Terry Wildemann: Know day or night.

00:49:10.350 --> 00:49:16.080 Pat Duckworth: lights around London and it makes a huge difference which airport you're flying into.

00:49:16.650 --> 00:49:21.720 Terry Wildemann: Yes, i've learned that I think a lot of every one of those airports and you're right they're all over the place.

00:49:22.410 --> 00:49:31.440 Pat Duckworth: all over the place of none of them are actually London so what's The one thing and that women can be doing to improve their life.

00:49:34.290 --> 00:49:35.100 Terry Wildemann: That is.

00:49:36.840 --> 00:49:44.010 Terry Wildemann: it's funny because when you asked me that question yesterday had a different answer, and right now what came to me was to love themselves.

00:49:45.060 --> 00:49:45.960 Pat Duckworth: Yes.

00:49:46.230 --> 00:49:47.070 Terry Wildemann: That is who the.

00:49:47.520 --> 00:49:50.550 Pat Duckworth: author is excellent absolutely right.

00:49:51.360 --> 00:49:54.090 Terry Wildemann: it's about loving yourselves because.

00:49:55.260 --> 00:50:06.090 Terry Wildemann: loving ourselves elevates our positive hormones or good hormones in our body to to such a high level.

00:50:06.900 --> 00:50:15.150 Terry Wildemann: it's important and when we love ourselves when we breathe deeply into the heart and connected bring that in the brand of the heart, as I talked about earlier.

00:50:15.540 --> 00:50:28.950 Terry Wildemann: This is congruence this is congruent and it allows us to see what is happening around us in a very different perspective so when we love ourselves enough to be able to do that.

00:50:29.790 --> 00:50:38.910 Terry Wildemann: We give ourselves the joy of seeing things from a different perspective of seeing what's right with the world instead of what's wrong with the world.

00:50:39.630 --> 00:50:54.660 Terry Wildemann: Because Adam you know this pat at it we've talked about it so many times every single bad thing that happens for every single bad things that happens there's a flip side to that coin and something good will come out of it and may not be immediate.

00:50:55.800 --> 00:51:06.510 Terry Wildemann: But eventually something good will come out of it and i've seen especially this time of year, by the way, this is the Easter season, this is the season of spring and I found that this season.

00:51:07.650 --> 00:51:16.350 Terry Wildemann: tends to be the most powerful of the year and miracles and magic happens at this time of year and.

00:51:17.970 --> 00:51:36.030 Terry Wildemann: I know for myself, one of the major surgeries that I had was on Easter Sunday, and it was a sudden er visit the thing that happened and I remember thinking how that changed my life, and it was when that happened I realized afterwards and I had to be.

00:51:38.610 --> 00:51:50.580 Terry Wildemann: That was 24 years ago I have since noticed every Easter season so many miracles so many things, I mean look at the daffodils there trumpets look at the lilies there trumpets they.

00:51:50.670 --> 00:51:51.720 Pat Duckworth: Are loopholes.

00:51:52.230 --> 00:52:06.780 Terry Wildemann: The Bluebells the flowers of this season our trumping opportunity and trumpeting the spring, this is where we plant our seeds, because then during the summer we're nurturing cultivating and then in the.

00:52:08.250 --> 00:52:15.360 Terry Wildemann: In the fall we're harvesting all that good stuff so the spring is huge and this is what we, what we do, I have a.

00:52:16.800 --> 00:52:25.110 Terry Wildemann: Free happy hour with Terry event that they do twice a month and we go through this program I call it my four seasons program with different questions.

00:52:25.350 --> 00:52:40.710 Terry Wildemann: And people see where their seating where they're quiet where they're seeing where they're nurturing and where they're harvesting, whether it's a project, whether it's a relationship or whatever it is, and it's incredibly powerful to recognize it this time of seeding.

00:52:41.820 --> 00:52:53.790 Pat Duckworth: Absolutely, I mean obviously it's my birthday month i'm I love this time of year it's my very favorite when everything's coming into bars and the colors so fresh and new.

00:52:54.270 --> 00:53:03.120 Pat Duckworth: And this is the season of miracles because death is turning back into life we're seeing everything coming back to life again.

00:53:03.690 --> 00:53:09.750 Pat Duckworth: We shouldn't forget that, when we get to menopause and we're in harvest season, that is a brilliant feasible to.

00:53:10.080 --> 00:53:25.050 Pat Duckworth: Because we're harvesting all of the effort that we put it in the rest of the year, so we so now seeds and we get to harvest and how beautiful is that so yeah loving yourself, I had that conversation with a client this morning.

00:53:25.710 --> 00:53:32.310 Pat Duckworth: And we were talking about something else completely and I said, the first thing that makes everything possible is loving yourself.

00:53:32.370 --> 00:53:33.480 Pat Duckworth: You start from there.

00:53:33.690 --> 00:53:35.370 Pat Duckworth: Everything else becomes possible.

00:53:36.630 --> 00:53:44.160 Terry Wildemann: yeah you really do and it's about also catching yourself, when you are doing negative self talk.

00:53:45.240 --> 00:53:53.520 Terry Wildemann: Okay, when we and let's face it, we all do it at one time or another, and when we catch it our negative self talk it's like.

00:53:54.480 --> 00:54:02.460 Terry Wildemann: Okay what's the opposite of that, let me get into the opposite energy and we do and that's where you can use the quick shift I just did some negative self talk.

00:54:03.330 --> 00:54:18.330 Terry Wildemann: and quick shifting and going into the closet what is the opposite of that emotion and we either beat ourselves up because we're too heavy or were too thin or or we're not enough or we're overwhelmed low self esteem, all these things that we do to ourselves.

00:54:18.360 --> 00:54:20.010 Pat Duckworth: Just crazy stuff that we're making.

00:54:21.210 --> 00:54:25.110 Pat Duckworth: It so i'm going to use the word it's just shit we're making up in our heads.

00:54:25.620 --> 00:54:42.420 Terry Wildemann: And it is and but it's just that we have taken on yeah from when we're growing up yeah baggage that lives in our bodies that it's critical for us to release, so we can be the amazing crowned wisdom women that were meant to be.

00:54:43.020 --> 00:54:48.240 Pat Duckworth: Terry we're running out of time, have you got something for our listeners.

00:54:48.270 --> 00:55:10.080 Terry Wildemann: And where can they find you I do I do I do if you go to quick shift forward slash podcast you will be able to download the quick shift zone book booklet now, and when I make sure that that's right friction forward slash podcast.

00:55:10.350 --> 00:55:10.560 Now.

00:55:11.640 --> 00:55:12.300 Pat Duckworth: Hot rock.

00:55:13.980 --> 00:55:14.790 Terry Wildemann: we're going to send you.

00:55:15.750 --> 00:55:16.500 Terry Wildemann: This is your habits.

00:55:16.560 --> 00:55:22.590 Terry Wildemann: Okay, so that link may not be live at this very moment, it will be live by the end of today.

00:55:22.950 --> 00:55:34.470 Pat Duckworth: lovely Thank you so much it's been such a joy i'm so glad we did this you've been a brilliant guest i've loved every moment of it, so all of our listeners.

00:55:34.710 --> 00:55:39.090 Pat Duckworth: Do check Terry world of an hour I will put her links underneath the recording.

00:55:39.420 --> 00:55:51.810 Pat Duckworth: and stay tuned for the next show on top radio dot nyc which is dismantle racism with Reverend Dr tlc where this which is talking about autism and intersection ality of race.

00:55:52.170 --> 00:55:59.280 Pat Duckworth: With Teresa noise, who I absolutely love stay tuned so you can hear both of these amazing women.

00:55:59.850 --> 00:56:08.010 Pat Duckworth: And if you've missed any of our previous shows last week we're talking about yoga next week i'm going to be on my own studio maybe.

00:56:08.550 --> 00:56:17.460 Pat Duckworth: let's say it has other ideas you can always go to talk radio dot nyc forward slash hot women rock to find all the previous recordings.

00:56:17.880 --> 00:56:24.930 Pat Duckworth: If you need help with your mentor pause my book hot women call solutions hot women cool solutions.

00:56:25.680 --> 00:56:31.530 Pat Duckworth: helps you with all your menopausal symptoms and, if you want to contact me because you want to work with me.

00:56:31.800 --> 00:56:40.530 Pat Duckworth: Or you want to know more about menopause in the workplace it's packed packed packed up really easy packed packed packed up

00:56:41.070 --> 00:56:57.360 Pat Duckworth: Thank you very much to my producer today for doing another brilliant job, thank you to all the listeners, you can always catch the recordings at talk radio dot nyc, thank you to my guest Terry and have a wonderful week and we'll see you all again next week take care.

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