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Thursday, March 31, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/03/31 - Realign Your Body to Improve Your Wellbeing

Facebook Live Video from 2022/03/31 - Realign Your Body to Improve Your Wellbeing


2022/03/31 - Realign Your Body to Improve Your Wellbeing

[New Episode] Realign Your Body to Improve Your Wellbeing

Understanding the health implications of having a pelvis that is out of alignment and how to remedy it

By the time we reach our midlife years we can have built-up injuries and patterns of bad posture that create pains and health issues. Any type of chronic pain affects our emotional and mental wellbeing too - not something we need while we are dealing with busy lives and menopause symptoms.

 My Guest this week, Saskia Griffiths, teaches an innovative mindful movement practice combining over 13 years of study in yoga, massage, and meditation with the latest findings in the fascia (connective tissue) and tensegrity. Saskia will be sharing her tips for returning spinal and postural patterns to more natural movements, resulting in a pain-free, joyful embodiment, and increasing physical, mental, and emotional well-being.



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Show Notes

Segment 1

Pat welcomes everyone and talks about a g100 meeting she went to for women. She reports on media from the week. A YouGov poll found that 72% of firms do not have a menopause policy, 77% do not train line managers on menopause. Many women do not feel comfortable talking about menopause because of the culture in their workplace. Many news outlets have talked about the lack of education about menopause and support for women going through menopause. Pat then talks about a study that found that ditching simple carbs can be beneficial for post-menopausal women. She then talks about various diets but reminds women to do what is best for their personal health. Pat introduces her guest, Saskia Griffiths, who teaches a mindful movement practice.

Segment 2

Pat goes more in-depth with what Saskia’s practice is. She teaches workshops focused on reducing pain using the latest findings in fascia and tensegrity. She also focuses on helping her students to feel grounded and improve their mental well-being. Saskia talks about her experience living in Ibiza. She then speaks about her journey to where she is now which started with her connection to horses as she was growing up in the mountains. She witnessed yoga as a child because of her father’s interest in it and she fell in love with it after taking her first class. 13 years ago, Saskia moved from working in real estate to doing yoga full time. She discovered fascia around seven or eight years ago and became passionate about it because it gave her hope to heal her broken toes. Saskia then gives an overview of what fascia is. It is the connective tissue that is primarily composed of collagen and holds our bodies together. Pat recalls being told that releasing tension in the fascia can lead to wilder dreams. Saskia tells her that the fascia holds memory which is why this may be true and goes further to talk about the ways that our bodies and brains are connected.

Segment 3

Pat talks about the idea that skill level in yoga is not as important as just giving it a try and doing your best. Saskia shares that the majority of her students are going through menopause and that her practices are helpful to them. She has noticed a sense of liberation in these women as they connect with their bodies. Yoga helps them to embrace the shift. Saskia then gives the advice that lifting and expanding your ribcage can help expand your body and avoid prolapse. Pat asks Saskia what the best way for women to get started with yoga is and she says to look for resources online. Saskia goes into detail about the style of yoga she teaches which is inspired by a technique called Bowspring. Her work gives people a template for how to be in their bodies. She also focused on toning fascia as opposed to some of the more popular practices which focus on stretching fascia. Saskia then talks about how her yoga practices can improve bowel movements and reduce prolapse. Pat and Saskia talk about the importance of being connected to your body.

Segment 4

Saskia speaks about the importance of diet alongside yoga. The food you eat impacts your inflammation which then affects the way you can move your body. Food is the building blocks of your system. Pat brings up reports that show that a Mediterranean diet is best for women in menopause. Saskia avoids feeding carbs, sugars, and alcohol to participants at her retreats. When asked what her biggest tip for women is Saskia says to love yourself and be interested in yourself. Pat and Saskia chat about the importance of destressing and connecting to nature, especially for women during the COVID-19 pandemic. Listeners can find Saskia at


00:00:55.590 --> 00:01:08.280 Pat Duckworth: Welcome to the hot women rock radio show empowering women leaders at medicals good morning America Good afternoon, the UK and Europe, good evening, if you are in India and built beyond.

00:01:08.880 --> 00:01:18.990 Pat Duckworth: Welcome, welcome the last day of March and after a couple of weeks of really beautiful spring weather I woke up this morning to your snow falling if you can hear snow for.

00:01:19.260 --> 00:01:27.540 Pat Duckworth: It said, I think there might have been hailed coming down and then it was snow and they'll win out there is, I think blind from the Arctic it's freezing.

00:01:28.050 --> 00:01:37.080 Pat Duckworth: Yesterday I was walking through London with my coat open feeling very spring like today, just to walk around the corner, to the post office, I had to put a heavy coat on so.

00:01:37.380 --> 00:01:47.040 Pat Duckworth: Who knows what is going on with all of that so wherever you are, I hope, you're Nice and warm and cozy and looking forward to April, which is just around the corner.

00:01:47.820 --> 00:01:54.720 Pat Duckworth: I was in London yesterday for a wonderful meeting it's been so long since i've been in a room full of.

00:01:55.380 --> 00:02:04.260 Pat Duckworth: inspirational powerful women, and this was a G 100 meeting run by Dr Harvey aurora has been is so.

00:02:05.190 --> 00:02:16.860 Pat Duckworth: forward thinking she thinks wife main can have a G seven and a GA energy 10 lets us women have a G 100 and have 100 women who are all looking to support and inspire other women.

00:02:17.340 --> 00:02:24.300 Pat Duckworth: And there were women in that room who'd come from America, South America, Africa Europe.

00:02:25.170 --> 00:02:35.970 Pat Duckworth: India, it was absolutely amazing and the stories they had to tell some of them are heartbreaking stories of the things that happens, women in these countries, there was a wonderful young woman.

00:02:36.300 --> 00:02:41.520 Pat Duckworth: from Afghanistan, who really wish that she could be back with her family there, but not at the moment.

00:02:42.120 --> 00:03:00.600 Pat Duckworth: And, and then also women whose you know what they're doing in the world is so fantastic I I just love it so congratulations to all those women for being there together of the work that they're going to be doing so let's have a look at what's been in the media, this week.

00:03:01.890 --> 00:03:18.210 Pat Duckworth: So the first thing was a new piece of research, a you gov poll of 1025 HR professionals commissioned by irwin Mitchell and this was reported in several outlets, but this one from people management.

00:03:19.410 --> 00:03:34.500 Pat Duckworth: They found that almost three quarters 72% of firms did not have a mentor pools policy i'm not scared by that because of multiples policy isn't for everyone, you might not be a big enough company or you might have really good employment policies that.

00:03:34.710 --> 00:03:48.000 Pat Duckworth: encompasses it's the other stuff that's a bit more of a worry the survey also found that 77% did not train line managers on the menopause compared to just 16% of businesses that did.

00:03:48.930 --> 00:04:01.920 Pat Duckworth: Another 7% said they didn't know well, time to get that training in place, because I do report these cases that go to employment tribunal if you're not employing your line managers you're making them vulnerable.

00:04:02.640 --> 00:04:09.330 Pat Duckworth: Among firms that did not train line managers in dealing with menopause 44% said they hadn't thought about it.

00:04:10.080 --> 00:04:20.040 Pat Duckworth: time you did 15% said they didn't consider it a priority time you did and 7% claim that sensitivities and embarrassment about the issue we're holding them back.

00:04:20.340 --> 00:04:27.630 Pat Duckworth: get over it it's a natural phase of life, you talk about people going through teenagers in puberty why wouldn't you talk about the nipples.

00:04:28.170 --> 00:04:38.790 Pat Duckworth: The research also revealed the only 18% of HR professionals at their firms provided information about the medicals to their employees with 13% offering internal support groups.

00:04:39.390 --> 00:04:45.750 Pat Duckworth: Almost two thirds of respondents said they did not consider menopause during performance reviews for female staff.

00:04:46.110 --> 00:04:51.270 Pat Duckworth: or 50% said they were confident women in their organization so able to talk about multiples.

00:04:51.690 --> 00:05:09.090 Pat Duckworth: go and look at the other research, because most women are saying they do not feel comfortable talking about it because the comfort of the culture in the organization they work in doesn't support it so don't think they do feel comfortable a total almost two thirds of respondents said.

00:05:10.140 --> 00:05:22.260 Pat Duckworth: Sorry, I just did that bit commenting on the data player McCartney senior policy advisor for resourcing and inclusion at the COPD so there was still some way to go in supporting menopausal staff as their.

00:05:22.770 --> 00:05:30.450 Pat Duckworth: Employees must focus on creating open and inclusive cultures, where everyone feels able to talk about any issues that are affecting them, she said.

00:05:30.720 --> 00:05:39.270 Pat Duckworth: suggesting that firms could go beyond simply having policies outlining available support and actively encouraging open conversations.

00:05:39.630 --> 00:05:46.860 Pat Duckworth: don't have a medical policy if it's just a piece of shelf, where we don't want that we want it to be something active.

00:05:47.400 --> 00:05:54.930 Pat Duckworth: Ensuring line managers are knowledgeable about the metaphors and trained in good people management can be key to someone getting the right support yeah bit.

00:05:55.200 --> 00:06:02.130 Pat Duckworth: explaining this could include flexible working or bespoke workplace adjustments, yes, it can so a lot of different.

00:06:02.580 --> 00:06:10.470 Pat Duckworth: News outlets picked up on this and personnel today said education sector criticized for lack of medical support.

00:06:10.800 --> 00:06:22.860 Pat Duckworth: schools, colleges and universities have been warned that they will continue to lose skilled workers, if they disregard the significance of how menopausal symptoms, such as joint pain hot flushes.

00:06:23.220 --> 00:06:33.450 Pat Duckworth: memory loss fatigue and anxiety can dramatically affect work performance, the call from employment law firm or early Mitchell has followed a medical survey.

00:06:33.840 --> 00:06:45.750 Pat Duckworth: So yeah if you're working in a score in education you're standing up a lot of the time if you're suffering from joint pain aches fatigue it's obviously going to affect your performance.

00:06:46.590 --> 00:06:58.770 Pat Duckworth: A short item here from the kings, for I thought was the King fun though it's king's college in Cambridge entrepreneurship prize winners secure funding for multiples care.

00:06:59.340 --> 00:07:11.640 Pat Duckworth: Joint winners of the 2020 entrepreneurship prize fire health have raised 9.2 million pounds to help develop their personalized care and support for women going through the medicals.

00:07:12.000 --> 00:07:30.300 Pat Duckworth: The funding will be used for research, research and development tools, the delivery of a complete care pathway for medical treatment and for expansion to the United States comes after viral health raised 1.5 million in seed funding in 2021 so launches first product.

00:07:32.520 --> 00:07:39.840 Pat Duckworth: Co founder and kings alumna Rebecca love commented it's outrageous that we've not focused on multiples cam or.

00:07:40.650 --> 00:07:49.530 Pat Duckworth: The stellar APP provides women the relief and support they need for symptoms, such as sleep issues incontinence mood swings hot flashes and many other things.

00:07:50.100 --> 00:08:01.590 Pat Duckworth: Yes, let's see more support, but let's not just see stuff being marketed women because you know that we might have some money we want some good things we don't just want another lot of shelf where.

00:08:02.790 --> 00:08:13.260 Pat Duckworth: There were a couple of items this week about food for women at menopause and this particular item has come up several times in the news it's about.

00:08:14.310 --> 00:08:27.930 Pat Duckworth: A simple change in women's diets that could help them at menopause ditching simple carbs could help postmenopausal women stave off weight gain and reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes or study suggests.

00:08:28.260 --> 00:08:31.590 Pat Duckworth: i've been saying this for 10 years but great with some more research.

00:08:32.040 --> 00:08:42.450 Pat Duckworth: A study of over 1000 women found that those who are postmenopausal experienced the biggest spike in blood sugar after eating carbohydrate rich food like pastor a bread.

00:08:42.960 --> 00:08:51.960 Pat Duckworth: Then premenopausal women have the same age, over time, high blood sugar can damage organs or lead to serious health conditions like heart disease and diabetes.

00:08:52.560 --> 00:09:00.330 Pat Duckworth: postmenopausal women also had more weight around their stomachs high levels of inflammation cholesterol and high blood pressure.

00:09:00.870 --> 00:09:06.900 Pat Duckworth: Results of prompted nutritionists involved in the study published as a pre print in the journal that lance it.

00:09:07.230 --> 00:09:15.810 Pat Duckworth: to urge women to make simple swaps in their diet, reduce their risk These include ditching simple carbs like white bread, rice and pasta.

00:09:16.080 --> 00:09:26.160 Pat Duckworth: For complex carbs like right low for by eating them with a fat or protein soy sauce like olive oil or peanut butter which slow the spike of blood sugar.

00:09:26.520 --> 00:09:34.080 Pat Duckworth: Really, reducing simple carbohydrates, and those highly processed foods will do you good been talking about it for years.

00:09:34.680 --> 00:09:43.260 Pat Duckworth: And then, in the daily express there was an interview with Dr Michael Mosley who some of you in the UK might know from the TV.

00:09:43.620 --> 00:09:50.430 Pat Duckworth: He had a problem with his health a couple of years ago, he was inclined to diabetes and weight gain around his stomach.

00:09:51.090 --> 00:09:59.580 Pat Duckworth: As a genetic thing, but he wondered if there was more he could do about it so he's talking about the most effective diet for menopausal women to lose weight.

00:10:00.330 --> 00:10:04.500 Pat Duckworth: i'm talking about it as a healthy choice not let's just lose weight thing.

00:10:05.160 --> 00:10:18.750 Pat Duckworth: Dr Michael said I did this 10 years ago in 2012 I worked for a blood test for something else, my GP rang me up suggesting I had type two diabetes, so I wondered if there was something I could do to cure myself of diabetes.

00:10:19.140 --> 00:10:23.940 Pat Duckworth: I managed to persuade the BBC to create a documentary and it was an exploration.

00:10:24.570 --> 00:10:30.870 Pat Duckworth: This is where I first came across intermittent fasting I went over to the States and this is where I was introduced to.

00:10:31.320 --> 00:10:42.510 Pat Duckworth: Dr Michael was told to cut his calories down to six to 800 calories and do that on a few days a week, it was this inspiration I created the five to diet cut your.

00:10:42.900 --> 00:10:46.650 Pat Duckworth: calories down two days a week, and eat healthily, on the other days.

00:10:47.160 --> 00:10:54.720 Pat Duckworth: Around the same time that's Michael came across research into time restrictive eating, which is a different form of Internet mitten fasting.

00:10:55.140 --> 00:11:07.320 Pat Duckworth: Where instead of cutting calories across the day you time restrict, for example, you only between 9am and 6pm Michael explain that's roughly 1410 pattern of eating 14 hours.

00:11:08.520 --> 00:11:13.110 Pat Duckworth: of eating 14 hours overnight fasting and 10 hours of eating.

00:11:14.520 --> 00:11:25.980 Pat Duckworth: While this approach to eating is beneficial for anyone with type two diabetes, Dr Michael also said perimenopausal women benefit from weight loss to if they follow the five to diet.

00:11:27.810 --> 00:11:39.060 Pat Duckworth: And that's interesting and not for everybody, please remember you're an individual your experience of your eating your digestion.

00:11:39.600 --> 00:11:52.230 Pat Duckworth: How you cope with these things is your experience, not everything works for everybody i've known people who've tried five to and really didn't get on with it, I know people who've done intermittent fasting.

00:11:52.680 --> 00:11:56.580 Pat Duckworth: They found it's been brilliant other women try it don't like it don't apply.

00:11:57.510 --> 00:12:11.910 Pat Duckworth: Your your own self find out what works for you, that is my message of the day, you can take in this information, but remember Dr Valerie chef and a few weeks ago and said come to it with a blank slate curiosity.

00:12:12.540 --> 00:12:28.530 Pat Duckworth: So just that blank slate that's interesting do I want to try that maybe maybe not blank slate curiosity my guest today who i'm just gonna introduce before the break comes up is such good purpose hi Sophia how are you today.

00:12:33.390 --> 00:12:42.690 Saskia Griffiths: hi pat it's not as windy here any visa, as it is over there with you doing good Thank you it's nice to be here.

00:12:43.410 --> 00:12:52.770 Pat Duckworth: great to see you, as you know, I contacted Saskia we've been in contact for a while now, through a mutual friend K Newton and I saw Saskia was doing.

00:12:53.220 --> 00:13:10.980 Pat Duckworth: A yoga retreat in Ibiza starting Easter weekend and I immediately emailed her as they put me on it, I want to come and that night I went to bed, and my brain did what brains do and just before I was going to go to sleep it went when does your passport expired and I thought.

00:13:12.240 --> 00:13:17.250 Pat Duckworth: I know exactly when it does, because I was traveling you know the past few years i've traveled so much.

00:13:17.730 --> 00:13:35.820 Pat Duckworth: And I knew it was July this year, and I was doing the mental arithmetic and I knew that I didn't have three months unexpired at the time, I would be going to Ibiza so that meant renewing my passport and a lot of complicated things happened after that so Saskia i'm so sorry.

00:13:37.560 --> 00:13:45.750 Saskia Griffiths: I hope you'll be able to come to one eat further down the line and but yeah that was that was an exciting wasn't it was like yes i'm coming and then.

00:13:49.230 --> 00:13:50.250 Pat Duckworth: Rushing around trying to get.

00:13:51.000 --> 00:13:53.550 Pat Duckworth: trying to get links to my goodness, anyway.

00:13:53.610 --> 00:13:58.440 Pat Duckworth: Because you do this well we'll talk about it more after the break, but the fast your release and.

00:13:59.070 --> 00:14:12.330 Pat Duckworth: Probably eight to 10 years ago now, I fell during well I I had vertigo during a polities class I smashed on the floor on to my right hip which was much better falling on my head.

00:14:12.840 --> 00:14:21.600 Pat Duckworth: And i've been working with the damage that I did to my performance muscle ever since and the thing that work, the best for me, it was my official release.

00:14:22.230 --> 00:14:34.980 Pat Duckworth: That is the thing I tried everything else, but so we will be coming back after the break to talk about the particular form of yoga that you do and how it can help women at medicals we'll see you after the break.

00:16:49.080 --> 00:16:58.050 Pat Duckworth: Welcome back to the hot women rock radio show and powering women leaders at medicals where Am I today where i'm having trouble with my mouth.

00:16:58.890 --> 00:17:10.470 Pat Duckworth: Where my guest today is Saskia Griffith Saskia teachers and innovative mindful movement practice combining over 13 years of studying yoga massage and meditation.

00:17:10.920 --> 00:17:14.970 Pat Duckworth: With the latest findings infest to that fact connective tissues.

00:17:15.480 --> 00:17:28.410 Pat Duckworth: And 10 Secretary her practice returns, spinal and postural patents to more natural movements, resulting in pain free joyful embodiment increase in physical, mental and emotional well being.

00:17:29.040 --> 00:17:39.630 Pat Duckworth: ranging from first timers to advanced yoga teachers Saskia students are all shifting chronic injuries aches and pains feeling grounded empowered a more agile than ever.

00:17:40.110 --> 00:17:50.790 Pat Duckworth: Saskia holds retreats in Ibiza at Casa del Karma or even take one of her group or private online programs Saskia it's such a pleasure to see you here.

00:17:51.930 --> 00:17:53.610 Saskia Griffiths: it's such a pleasure to be here.

00:17:54.540 --> 00:18:08.760 Pat Duckworth: i'm gonna send us some IP for some For those of you in America, I believe there is a lovely Spanish island i've yet to go where i've been to new yorker but I haven't been to before and it's known as something of a party island as well.

00:18:09.570 --> 00:18:13.110 Pat Duckworth: But you haven't always lived there where did you where did you start out.

00:18:14.670 --> 00:18:24.720 Saskia Griffiths: Why did I start out, I guess, I popped into the world in Holland and I was raised in Andorra I grew up in the mountains between France and Spain and the ponies.

00:18:25.470 --> 00:18:39.390 Saskia Griffiths: And i've been any beef sentences before years at Easter and I was previously in new yorker as well, where where where K is so I was there for seven years it's actually really surprising how different to how close these islands are.

00:18:40.110 --> 00:18:42.210 Saskia Griffiths: physically, but how different, they are.

00:18:42.660 --> 00:18:45.930 Saskia Griffiths: And as you say, beef is known as a party islands and i've probably.

00:18:45.930 --> 00:18:54.060 Saskia Griffiths: First, I did first meet it as a party island, but then on the north, where I am it's a very different side to it so for a very small.

00:18:54.450 --> 00:19:07.110 Saskia Griffiths: landmass, it has to very opposite sides, one which is complete, you know hedonism debauchery and then, on the other side, which is you know the flip side of the coin help i've gotten to fall.

00:19:08.100 --> 00:19:09.360 Saskia Griffiths: off, I want to feel better.

00:19:09.360 --> 00:19:17.460 Saskia Griffiths: So so i'm on the flip side now hopefully joining the wise women we otherwise women on the on your show yeah.

00:19:18.420 --> 00:19:24.150 Pat Duckworth: How did you spot started you on your yoga journey or did it start with yoga.

00:19:25.620 --> 00:19:41.820 Saskia Griffiths: Did it start that's a good question did it start with you um I would say it started, I guess, growing up, and as I said, I grew up in the mountains and my my passion work horses, I was absolutely NUTS for horses, if I wasn't at school or skipping school.

00:19:43.290 --> 00:19:45.000 Saskia Griffiths: Because I was with the horses.

00:19:46.440 --> 00:19:59.820 Saskia Griffiths: And that's quite a special connection I don't know if you've had a connection with horses, but we used to breed and I competed as well and I broke horses in so I was really close to them and having That closeness to such a graceful.

00:20:01.380 --> 00:20:04.500 Saskia Griffiths: graceful being gave me.

00:20:05.760 --> 00:20:21.570 Saskia Griffiths: Still inspires me a lot now my connection to to horses and to animals and there's a lot of inspiration and what I do to help us returns that way, because it seems like you know that most animals, you know they get presence right they don't get their knickers in a twist like we do.

00:20:22.740 --> 00:20:25.230 Saskia Griffiths: And they don't injure themselves just but you know.

00:20:26.940 --> 00:20:36.630 Saskia Griffiths: Whatever city things we're enjoying ourselves, for you know nowadays it's sprained an ankle and that's it you've broken your hip bought you know and it's like gosh are we that fragile is that is that natural.

00:20:37.110 --> 00:20:38.310 Saskia Griffiths: yeah we supposed to.

00:20:38.670 --> 00:20:42.420 Saskia Griffiths: Age that way and I guess when did it start.

00:20:43.440 --> 00:20:48.660 Saskia Griffiths: My dad would practice yoga on the living room floor when I was younger very old school in his key coin.

00:20:49.590 --> 00:21:03.570 Saskia Griffiths: He grew up in Africa so he's he's a bit different and he would practice with with a book, you know that's all there was back then, when you know there wasn't a YouTube channel around the APP so on, and I think even every yoga videos are probably aware, but they didn't get to Pandora.

00:21:04.020 --> 00:21:04.170 Pat Duckworth: or.

00:21:04.980 --> 00:21:15.510 Pat Duckworth: A BBC did a program a yoga series, and I, it was before I got married and I got married when I was 23 so it's a lot of years ago.

00:21:15.960 --> 00:21:20.910 Pat Duckworth: I must see I bought the book for a company did a black and white book of.

00:21:21.270 --> 00:21:37.770 Pat Duckworth: I must see if i've still got it is probably a collector's item now but that's pretty advanced for the BBC, I think it was really it was a hatha yoga it wasn't breathing and you know sticking your tongue out and doing lion poses and waiting so it probably didn't make it to endorse.

00:21:40.920 --> 00:21:44.970 Saskia Griffiths: We never know, there was a large X pack Community there, so you never know actually I challenge that.

00:21:47.010 --> 00:21:49.890 Pat Duckworth: So you got interested young and then.

00:21:50.370 --> 00:21:50.880 Saskia Griffiths: Did I.

00:21:51.060 --> 00:21:58.230 Saskia Griffiths: I remember, I used to watch that on the living room floor sort of doing his strange poses and I guess I tried to mimic him and copy him for fun.

00:22:00.600 --> 00:22:06.720 Saskia Griffiths: And then I remember taking a yoga class and one of my dear friends who's a fantastic kundalini yoga teacher in Andorra.

00:22:07.230 --> 00:22:13.920 Saskia Griffiths: And I remember during that first class thinking hang on a minute what's this, this is really powerful and magical and I want to dive deeper so.

00:22:14.190 --> 00:22:28.080 Saskia Griffiths: I guess progressively you know through connection with nature through observing my dad and then slowly and slowly it got closer and closer into my life until finally took a year off in 2007 at the time I was in real estate.

00:22:28.590 --> 00:22:35.670 Saskia Griffiths: And I like to think that I sort of switched from helping people find their home outside to helping people find that home inside.

00:22:35.910 --> 00:22:37.380 Saskia Griffiths: Oh, that was kind of my.

00:22:38.010 --> 00:22:41.160 Saskia Griffiths: My career switch and that was 13 years ago.

00:22:43.680 --> 00:22:44.010 Saskia Griffiths: yeah.

00:22:44.940 --> 00:22:50.370 Pat Duckworth: Possibly you kind of did you learn different styles and then find what suited you.

00:22:51.300 --> 00:22:54.180 Saskia Griffiths: yeah I started off, you know yoga sort of.

00:22:55.020 --> 00:23:07.620 Saskia Griffiths: start looking at the the the world of yoga and there's so much out there, so there are so many different styles and schools some focused more on the mind of is focused more, as you said, on the breath others focused more.

00:23:08.100 --> 00:23:17.970 Saskia Griffiths: On the on the physical side and so i've sort of tried lots of different and I sort of started off with the really powerful ashtanga.

00:23:18.780 --> 00:23:34.380 Saskia Griffiths: Which is very physically demanding and and funnily enough injured myself a few times and then I sort of went through lots of different phases i've been to the UK to study with some incredible yoga teachers there, I was in London studying prenatal yoga.

00:23:35.880 --> 00:23:45.030 Saskia Griffiths: And then i've sort of we didn't happen to lots of different places all over India Thailand instance in two states as well, and then finally.

00:23:45.720 --> 00:23:58.860 Saskia Griffiths: discovered fascia you know connective tissue about seven eight years ago first heard of it and that helped me it gave me this tiny glimmer of hope.

00:23:59.580 --> 00:24:09.750 Saskia Griffiths: to heal my relationship to my broken toes so i'd had broken toes from bringing breaking horses in I had my toes stood on many times by half a ton.

00:24:11.760 --> 00:24:13.830 Saskia Griffiths: And so, traditional yoga.

00:24:15.330 --> 00:24:24.600 Saskia Griffiths: hadn't helped me or give me the tools to enable me to connect my my toes I had to cut off neurologically I could not feel like with my move my toes.

00:24:26.130 --> 00:24:33.390 Saskia Griffiths: And through learning about connective tissue and starting to move in a slightly different way, all of a sudden, I had hope.

00:24:33.780 --> 00:24:39.780 Saskia Griffiths: To have a relationship my toes and to actually be able to connect with them feel them and move them and that's what sort of.

00:24:40.620 --> 00:24:49.890 Saskia Griffiths: threw me down into this into this world of fashion connective tissue that i've been immersed in for the last seven years and studying primal movement.

00:24:50.520 --> 00:25:02.010 Saskia Griffiths: Studying more sort of aboriginals how they move and how they don't injure themselves the way we do and how they have very functional bodies that that work, you know much later into life.

00:25:02.430 --> 00:25:03.810 Saskia Griffiths: and got it.

00:25:04.230 --> 00:25:08.790 Pat Duckworth: yeah so bit more about first what it is yeah.

00:25:09.150 --> 00:25:18.660 Saskia Griffiths: So fascia connective tissue is, if you think of a grapefruit right and inside the grapefruit you've got the white kind of compartments right the triangle and.

00:25:18.930 --> 00:25:23.910 Saskia Griffiths: Inside those compartments there's more sort of little you find all these sort of little white kind of.

00:25:24.300 --> 00:25:33.840 Saskia Griffiths: The wrapping right the juice and and that's that would be comparable to our connective tissue so you've got the connective tissue the outer layers.

00:25:34.440 --> 00:25:42.420 Saskia Griffiths: which would be you know the skin or right underneath the skin and then you've got layers of fascia that wrap the muscle and the bones, and then you've got the layers.

00:25:42.750 --> 00:25:52.230 Saskia Griffiths: The deeper layers of fascia that aligning the insides of our organs and so we've got all these different layers of connective tissue which is primarily.

00:25:52.890 --> 00:26:08.040 Saskia Griffiths: composed primarily composed of collagen so it's very gelatinous right and it holds us all together so connective tissue is is very malleable.

00:26:08.670 --> 00:26:19.080 Saskia Griffiths: Right it's very multiple and it's also got many more neural receptors and muscles and bones so it's it's more of a it's much more connected.

00:26:19.470 --> 00:26:31.620 Saskia Griffiths: To our minds and it's a way of connecting the whole to rather than thinking you know i've got sort of all these bones, and all these muscles and these different parts there's one whole body suit you could call it of fascia.

00:26:32.130 --> 00:26:43.350 Saskia Griffiths: Another way to think of it which probably isn't the prettiest way to think of it is you know when you're cutting through a chicken breast the white film on top.

00:26:43.530 --> 00:26:44.160 Pat Duckworth: That.

00:26:44.220 --> 00:26:54.990 Saskia Griffiths: That was a very clearly that's fascia and so it's in everything you can't separate you can't say well i'll just take the fascia from here that's impossible you start you start pulling one piece of fashion, the whole thing.

00:26:55.350 --> 00:26:57.090 Saskia Griffiths: comes out but it's just got all these different.

00:26:57.090 --> 00:27:03.030 Saskia Griffiths: layers you've even got a flasher in your blood is very liquid fashion within us in this very dense file share within our bones.

00:27:04.080 --> 00:27:04.770 Saskia Griffiths: and

00:27:05.460 --> 00:27:07.140 Pat Duckworth: I have actually done.

00:27:07.440 --> 00:27:11.820 Pat Duckworth: Some ashtanga vinyasa yoga it was kind of sort of service.

00:27:13.590 --> 00:27:27.390 Pat Duckworth: I went to create and I did it on the south coast of Cree it was after it was sometime after i'd had an operation and I just really wanted some time away, and to do something different, and a friend came with me.

00:27:29.070 --> 00:27:40.170 Pat Duckworth: bit Oh, my goodness, because there's a lot of jumping about and also increased, we used to do it quite early in the morning, but in an enclosed room, so it got very hot very sweaty in there.

00:27:40.590 --> 00:27:58.650 Pat Duckworth: And the idea was that you are really, really releasing the fascia I couldn't I couldn't even attempt half the postures, but they did say at that releasing the some of the tension in the first year might lead to you, having wilder dreams at night, if you had why.

00:28:02.040 --> 00:28:06.570 Saskia Griffiths: I do have wild dreams, sometimes I wonder when I wake my eyes up if it is a wild tree.

00:28:11.970 --> 00:28:21.540 Saskia Griffiths: yeah no fascia has memory, so you know if you think of where we would store memory that would be within the fashion so as you move the faster you move the memory.

00:28:22.650 --> 00:28:22.980 Saskia Griffiths: Within.

00:28:23.550 --> 00:28:25.200 Pat Duckworth: Have a good way of releasing.

00:28:25.200 --> 00:28:27.210 Pat Duckworth: stuff that Scott stored in there.

00:28:27.810 --> 00:28:43.980 Saskia Griffiths: Absolutely it's a matic you know it's it's when you're you're you're really sort of moving in a therapeutic way, not just for a physical benefit, but also the emotional mental benefit of the whole as one because all parts effect oh.

00:28:44.430 --> 00:28:54.420 Pat Duckworth: yeah well, I certainly found that loosening up fashion in my hip it was one of the most effective ways of dealing with the hip injury that I had.

00:28:55.350 --> 00:29:11.280 Pat Duckworth: So I am I am on board that's why I wanted to come and work with you so join us after the break when we talking about what this means for women at menopause and midlife join us after the break to find out how to get started releasing all of that tension in your.

00:31:15.810 --> 00:31:27.150 Pat Duckworth: Welcome back to the hot women rock radio show empowering women leaders at menopause assess girlfriend K is listening in I know she's traveling so she's probably got it got us on our phone.

00:31:27.900 --> 00:31:33.930 Pat Duckworth: And I know that she will be joining you in April so she's going to be having a good time there so.

00:31:34.500 --> 00:31:44.160 Pat Duckworth: I you can you can shout at me if you like, but often i've tried all sorts of forms of yoga and whenever I start a yoga class I say.

00:31:44.670 --> 00:31:49.920 Pat Duckworth: i'm not very good at yoga and yoga teachers sign put their heads in their hands ago.

00:31:50.520 --> 00:31:57.480 Pat Duckworth: you're as good as you are at the moment we've all got our own levels it's all okay and it's a bit like I was saying, at the beginning.

00:31:57.840 --> 00:32:15.690 Pat Duckworth: beginning about diets and different ways of eating we're all individuals, and we all have to find our own level, and so I have recently started doing yoga regularly and i've managed to get my headspace to it doesn't matter what I look like nobody.

00:32:18.270 --> 00:32:36.030 Pat Duckworth: My downward dog doesn't look that great it doesn't matter i'm just doing my best so with that frame of it doesn't matter we're just doing our best what would you say, are the benefits for women at multiples of even just starting out now to do some of this type of yoga.

00:32:38.280 --> 00:32:52.650 Saskia Griffiths: yeah actually and when you invite me on the show I hadn't realized that the majority of the people I work with our women going through them, and of course I said oh my gosh about i've actually i'd say 80% 80% 35% of the ladies I work with a going through so.

00:32:52.980 --> 00:32:57.480 Saskia Griffiths: Since then i've been a little bit more paying little bit more attention and.

00:32:59.910 --> 00:33:14.820 Saskia Griffiths: And i've asked them a few questions as well, so i've got a few examples Okay, for example, who's listening and I love that she shared that what she's finding and it's the first time she's she's got a physical practice and she's in her 60s and, as you know, you know we're all in.

00:33:21.990 --> 00:33:29.490 Saskia Griffiths: But she's you know she's a huge inspiration her quantum transformation she's been on and being in her body.

00:33:29.970 --> 00:33:47.670 Saskia Griffiths: is just so liberating for her, she finds a sense of expansion, she was sharing how having a pathway to recognize where she is in space or feel herself in space, you know I think women who are going through menopause it can be like you said at the beginning bit of a stigma.

00:33:48.870 --> 00:33:53.580 Saskia Griffiths: You know, and people I remember you know when people spoke about it was a lot of shame around it.

00:33:53.580 --> 00:33:59.310 Saskia Griffiths: As well as it was a bad thing yeah and actually I look at all these women who are practicing and practicing with.

00:33:59.760 --> 00:34:06.030 Saskia Griffiths: And I think I tell them it's a celebration it's amazing it's like when the flower has reached its full bloom you know and.

00:34:06.450 --> 00:34:13.830 Saskia Griffiths: you're going through this massive transformation, you know, on all levels, your mind your hormones your emotions your body everything shifting.

00:34:14.220 --> 00:34:26.130 Saskia Griffiths: So whatever you can do to just come into a place of connection with that is going to help you not fight it with shame and stigma and no that's not happening on forever young.

00:34:26.130 --> 00:34:26.550 Saskia Griffiths: and never.

00:34:27.900 --> 00:34:45.840 Saskia Griffiths: let's embrace it, you know, so I think one of my personal one of my personal missions is aging with grace and that's really what I invite into my my clients lives as well, as you know, to to embrace the shift.

00:34:46.260 --> 00:34:48.570 Saskia Griffiths: And another one of my clients I loved she said you.

00:34:48.570 --> 00:34:56.910 Saskia Griffiths: know the hot flashes now she's she's a high level orthodontist and you know she's really struggling with the hot flashes and sort of having to rush from clients or clients and.

00:34:57.330 --> 00:35:10.950 Saskia Griffiths: And she said, actually i've shifted it instead of fighting it now I am inviting myself to take the reminder or take the hot flash has a reminder to be in my body, because I haven't been in my body until now.

00:35:11.490 --> 00:35:18.660 Saskia Griffiths: And that's what usually happens, you know, most of us we've not been taught how to be inside or how to sit.

00:35:18.930 --> 00:35:21.420 Saskia Griffiths: You know, is also really enjoyed that one of the.

00:35:21.420 --> 00:35:33.270 Saskia Griffiths: Things she's taken from our sessions is you know we will sit for hours and hours and hours, but yet often will be unaware that the way we're sitting is damaging us.

00:35:33.900 --> 00:35:43.230 Saskia Griffiths: will damage us over time, or will cause damage and so cave taken a very simple thing which is Oh, this is how I need to see if I want to look up to my posture.

00:35:43.590 --> 00:35:44.700 Saskia Griffiths: And posture affects.

00:35:44.760 --> 00:35:46.020 Saskia Griffiths: Everything pat and that's.

00:35:46.050 --> 00:35:52.230 Saskia Griffiths: Why i'm so passionate about what I do is because the form you take affects the function of.

00:35:52.560 --> 00:36:03.510 Saskia Griffiths: What is within the form right So if I close my pelvic floor and I squeeze and hold everything in that's not going to be good news because that's my evacuation that actually I want that open and I want.

00:36:03.720 --> 00:36:05.100 Pat Duckworth: To be able to release and.

00:36:05.100 --> 00:36:05.460 Saskia Griffiths: Let go.

00:36:09.690 --> 00:36:11.700 Pat Duckworth: So funny so I was holding on with.

00:36:13.620 --> 00:36:25.680 Saskia Griffiths: Well, you know there's the fear of prolapse as well now i'd like to touch upon that during the show as well, because a lot of ladies, around this time also suffer from prolapse and what we've been taught is to actually hold him clench.

00:36:25.770 --> 00:36:36.270 Saskia Griffiths: yeah but what I teach is actually lifting and expanding your ribcage so you're actually sectioning the organs back up into yes into space because.

00:36:36.660 --> 00:36:41.760 Saskia Griffiths: we've we've come to some sort of global agreement that aging means getting shorter.

00:36:42.180 --> 00:36:55.170 Saskia Griffiths: It means releasing into gravity, but actually that doesn't need to be true either you can still expand, as you grow you don't need to get shorter it doesn't need to be more painful we don't need to be more suffering and so.

00:36:55.680 --> 00:37:03.330 Saskia Griffiths: Changing the sheets, we make, and how we move in space can really shift the experience for.

00:37:04.020 --> 00:37:09.870 Pat Duckworth: Anything i'm loving all these positive messages and like fucking up my pelvic.

00:37:09.870 --> 00:37:10.260 floor.

00:37:11.460 --> 00:37:12.390 Saskia Griffiths: don't suck up the time.

00:37:12.780 --> 00:37:13.230 Saskia Griffiths: To actually.

00:37:13.290 --> 00:37:29.640 Saskia Griffiths: Open the pelvic floor right lift your ribcage and that will lift the internal organs, so that you're often faced with faced with the prolapse and also there's there's a lot, I could go in, you know technically never saw about the angle of the pelvic floor and how we can.

00:37:30.690 --> 00:37:35.400 Saskia Griffiths: yeah anyway support organs and prolapse and etc, so there is a lot that can be done.

00:37:35.880 --> 00:37:43.440 Saskia Griffiths: Is what I want anything, women do I think you know to connect to themselves to ride the waves know the big shift in.

00:37:44.130 --> 00:37:46.170 Pat Duckworth: The way we want to serve the way.

00:37:46.230 --> 00:37:47.460 Saskia Griffiths: Having actually.

00:37:47.580 --> 00:38:00.990 Pat Duckworth: So what's your first thoughts your your first tips for women to get started so we're not thinking oh it's too late for me, what would you say how do women get started with yoga or this type of yoga.

00:38:02.070 --> 00:38:11.070 Saskia Griffiths: I think it's never too late, and now the style of yoga I teach which is inspired by a technique called both spring.

00:38:12.360 --> 00:38:24.240 Saskia Griffiths: is very young it's not that well known and it's actually very controversial why because we actually looked at the alignment in a very opposite way to what you would have been told traditionally.

00:38:24.570 --> 00:38:34.950 Saskia Griffiths: about your pelvic floor about your belly about your spine about your shoulders, but what i've found is that it is highly therapeutic and to go into.

00:38:35.670 --> 00:38:49.890 Saskia Griffiths: This alignment, so what would I what would I say look look for somebody online there's a lot online when it comes to fashion there's a huge movement growing and the primal movement that's a sort of good key praise.

00:38:51.150 --> 00:38:59.610 Saskia Griffiths: For ladies who wants to just discover how to be more embodied I remember feedback from one of my clients in Argentina I loved it.

00:39:00.450 --> 00:39:12.750 Saskia Griffiths: i'm sure you and I, and many of the ladies listening have had these sensations when we're wearing a beautiful dress we're at a party, but we don't know how to stand feel uncomfortable yeah.

00:39:19.980 --> 00:39:31.230 Saskia Griffiths: What I teach offers you a template of how to how to be inside your body and how to stand and I love that this lady in Argentina said I finally know how to wear the dress.

00:39:31.620 --> 00:39:38.700 Saskia Griffiths: I know how to stand and I feel good inside my body, because when you're not too sure where your shoulders, where you been where your head.

00:39:38.970 --> 00:39:50.730 Saskia Griffiths: You know we're looking at our computer, so I had to down here now our shoulders and our baby i'm exaggerating but actually it's quite you know and so to have a pathway within.

00:39:51.930 --> 00:39:58.260 Saskia Griffiths: I would say is is is huge already just like, how do we connect to this body, how and.

00:39:59.460 --> 00:40:02.100 Saskia Griffiths: gosh there's just so much out there, where would we start with fascia.

00:40:02.310 --> 00:40:02.700 Saskia Griffiths: I think.

00:40:03.480 --> 00:40:04.470 Pat Duckworth: yeah because I think.

00:40:04.530 --> 00:40:06.300 Pat Duckworth: He really confusing.

00:40:07.080 --> 00:40:17.670 Saskia Griffiths: It can because there's a lot of information out there that's very different see, I have a I have a different vision upon fascia from yoga so in yoga would be you've probably heard of in yogurts.

00:40:17.910 --> 00:40:20.460 Saskia Griffiths: done along the whole supported.

00:40:22.740 --> 00:40:25.470 Saskia Griffiths: But that's more sort of thinking of.

00:40:26.640 --> 00:40:35.370 Saskia Griffiths: stretching fascia and releasing fashion now what I do is quite innovative because it's not just stretching and releasing it's actually toning.

00:40:35.730 --> 00:40:42.240 Saskia Griffiths: So what i'm looking for is a uniform tone of the tissue and what i'm looking for is that the bones.

00:40:42.510 --> 00:40:50.400 Saskia Griffiths: are equally supported by the muscles on both sides, because what will often find is people's by sets are stronger than the tricep so that means that this.

00:40:51.000 --> 00:41:03.570 Saskia Griffiths: A bone of the humerus has been pulled that way you'll often find that the quad is stronger than the hamstrings so the thigh bone is being pulled forward so when i'm looking for is the whole the relationship of all parts.

00:41:05.790 --> 00:41:13.590 Saskia Griffiths: And there aren't that many of us doing it from this perspective of toning fascia that really is.

00:41:14.400 --> 00:41:16.710 Saskia Griffiths: sort of quite a new idea.

00:41:17.100 --> 00:41:29.460 Saskia Griffiths: So I think the first thing for for women to do is just to look into this idea of fashion and look into the possibility of it not being one thing that you're going to do that's going to fix all your problems, but actually addressing the whole as a whole.

00:41:30.090 --> 00:41:37.080 Saskia Griffiths: Because oftentimes you know, a painting in the me can come from an imbalance in the foot.

00:41:38.370 --> 00:41:44.460 Saskia Griffiths: pain in the hip can come from an imbalance and certain amount of meat, you know and so everything affects everything.

00:41:45.390 --> 00:41:55.200 Pat Duckworth: yeah so getting getting this kind of alignment you're working on does, I assume that affects our internal organs and how they work.

00:41:56.040 --> 00:42:08.190 Saskia Griffiths: Absolutely absolutely so one of the reports at the beginning that I often get from people, and we think about this is quite logical if we eat three times a day why don't we evacuate three times a day that's because it's not open it's blocking up.

00:42:08.550 --> 00:42:10.350 Saskia Griffiths: yeah so that there's Problem number one.

00:42:13.770 --> 00:42:14.910 Pat Duckworth: Right, we can talk about poop.

00:42:16.620 --> 00:42:17.130 Pat Duckworth: We talked about.

00:42:18.450 --> 00:42:19.710 Saskia Griffiths: A little bit anyway.

00:42:24.180 --> 00:42:31.530 Saskia Griffiths: So one of one of the the benefit of benefits reported back to they often get is that people's evacuation has.

00:42:32.460 --> 00:42:40.500 Saskia Griffiths: has become two or three times a day which is logical if we're eating, you know, two or three times a day, we should be evacuating through two or three times a day and that already.

00:42:41.010 --> 00:42:54.300 Saskia Griffiths: Is a huge benefit to opening the pelvic floor in this way, and you know another benefit will be proud, we can reverse prolapse is you know it's not you it's we've got this human habit of sort of.

00:42:55.080 --> 00:43:01.770 Saskia Griffiths: offering a label and thinking matt said i've got the label, you know girl let's look can't turn it around what actually if you look at everything in nature.

00:43:02.160 --> 00:43:13.290 Saskia Griffiths: You look at your plants that are nearly dying you give them a bit of water you give them a bit of sun and they do this magical thing they come back to life and it's the same for our bodies it's just offering them the right environment, the right support.

00:43:14.700 --> 00:43:24.270 Pat Duckworth: I love what you said about the whole disconnect thing as well, because I think women have many Poles can start to not like their bodies and they disassociate from them.

00:43:24.990 --> 00:43:34.350 Pat Duckworth: And you know, like they don't want to know about it anymore and getting the connection back getting the love back to their bodies means that they look after them better.

00:43:35.250 --> 00:43:43.950 Saskia Griffiths: And disconnection is you know, like the Dalai Lama says, you know that the root of all suffering is is just that we're disconnected.

00:43:45.090 --> 00:43:55.830 Pat Duckworth: And I know I know women who have been very disconnected for various reasons, sometimes abuse or something that's happened in their lives that's made them disconnect from their bodies.

00:43:56.280 --> 00:44:11.010 Pat Duckworth: and refining the connection has been transformative so it's incredibly important join us again after the break where i'll be getting those last drops of wisdom out assess gear for the end of the show see you after the break.

00:46:09.210 --> 00:46:19.200 Pat Duckworth: Welcome back to the hot women rock radio show empowering women leaders at menopause where my guest today is Saskia Griffiths was so much more than the yoga teacher, you know.

00:46:20.400 --> 00:46:20.790 Pat Duckworth: where we are.

00:46:21.840 --> 00:46:36.330 Pat Duckworth: What can I focus much more on with all of that experience and i'm you know when people come to you on a retreat then they're not just getting the exercise that you're also feeding them well as well, is that an important.

00:46:36.750 --> 00:46:45.870 Pat Duckworth: part for you, that they're getting the experience of being in a beautiful place they're doing their meditation exercise and you're feeding them good food as well.

00:46:47.640 --> 00:46:53.460 Saskia Griffiths: yeah I am i've been offering the treats since 2012 so that's what 10 years now.

00:46:54.750 --> 00:47:00.000 Saskia Griffiths: And yoga is fantastic, and I think you know, whatever you can do to support.

00:47:01.080 --> 00:47:07.500 Saskia Griffiths: Your body your mind your emotional health is fantastic and one hour is better than nothing.

00:47:08.640 --> 00:47:17.880 Saskia Griffiths: But what i've realized over time, is that actually primary to therapeutic movement is inflammation and diet.

00:47:18.720 --> 00:47:22.200 Saskia Griffiths: So i've done a couple of dissection courses, where I get to.

00:47:22.200 --> 00:47:37.590 Saskia Griffiths: See inside the body, and what I really took away from seeing inside was you can move as little as sticky imperfectly, as you like, but if you are still inflamed there is nothing you can do to move those tissues out of inflammation.

00:47:38.100 --> 00:47:39.630 Saskia Griffiths: So it really is looking.

00:47:39.690 --> 00:47:56.010 Saskia Griffiths: At all aspects to support our well being and food diet, I would say is absolutely primary to movement, and you know it's it's looking at everything really yeah.

00:47:56.400 --> 00:47:59.070 Saskia Griffiths: And those issues are made up of what we eat so.

00:48:00.960 --> 00:48:14.010 Pat Duckworth: Here again, this is a disconnection thing connect back to whatever you eat is the building blocks for your system and if you're not eating the right things, your body can't create the right things, because it needs the building blocks.

00:48:14.490 --> 00:48:31.260 Pat Duckworth: But also several reports now have said that a Mediterranean style of diet is probably the best for women at menopause and what I really think they mean by that is low carbs fruit and vegetables lean meat, fish.

00:48:32.820 --> 00:48:38.310 Pat Duckworth: Healthy oils is that, where you're going with what you're feeding your retreated.

00:48:39.990 --> 00:48:45.750 Saskia Griffiths: And I over the years, so i'm sort of refined and refined and refined and what i'd really love.

00:48:46.920 --> 00:48:53.820 Saskia Griffiths: For anybody to sort of walk away with after the after we've spent some time together is.

00:48:55.170 --> 00:49:04.920 Saskia Griffiths: A deep in a trust to learn what their body needs, because I think our bodies are constantly communicating to us that there's so much more wiser than our crazy monkey mind.

00:49:05.430 --> 00:49:24.090 Saskia Griffiths: And if only we can we can tune in and listen, so I think nature is very smart and it offers us what we need, when we need it so what's in season, you know, in spring will be looking at a lot more rural food will be looking at obviously always a lot of vegetables and fruits.

00:49:25.230 --> 00:49:36.990 Saskia Griffiths: me no carbs and no sugars no alcohol, a little bit of fish we've got our own chickens so some eggs.

00:49:38.130 --> 00:49:47.820 Saskia Griffiths: But really an Anti inflammatory diet, that is, seasonal and local as much as possible and organic but really also wanting to inspire people.

00:49:48.150 --> 00:49:51.930 Saskia Griffiths: With recipes that are really easy, and you know not something that's.

00:49:52.260 --> 00:50:00.810 Saskia Griffiths: You don't come on a retreat and sort of put weight on because you've eaten too much and then walk away with you know you've got a five star by faith but you've actually got their.

00:50:01.110 --> 00:50:13.440 Saskia Griffiths: ideas that you can take home with you and i'm looking at really what's a wholesome simple way for people to feel inspired and not scared to do something that's really colorful and really nourishing.

00:50:13.770 --> 00:50:31.530 Saskia Griffiths: And to feel those benefits, so when they're on a retreat, you know you sort of day three day four when you've had three full days of good food have good rest of being away from all your stressful distractions and of moving well you really start to feel the power of all those elements.

00:50:31.860 --> 00:50:33.510 Saskia Griffiths: It was supportive elements for you.

00:50:33.510 --> 00:50:34.500 Saskia Griffiths: About yourself.

00:50:34.710 --> 00:50:37.500 Pat Duckworth: I have mode but feed bread recipe, but if.

00:50:38.580 --> 00:50:41.370 Pat Duckworth: I re it's twice, because I loved it.

00:50:41.940 --> 00:50:42.930 Saskia Griffiths: i've got my whole family.

00:50:44.820 --> 00:50:55.890 Pat Duckworth: it's so delicious I will put a link to it underneath the recording because it really is delicious and it's so easy to make and yeah I made a big one, the first time and.

00:50:57.780 --> 00:51:02.700 Pat Duckworth: Certainly last me a while and I i'm going to be totally open I was printing.

00:51:03.660 --> 00:51:05.670 Saskia Griffiths: Okay, what yes, it really helps.

00:51:06.690 --> 00:51:07.170 Saskia Griffiths: correctly.

00:51:08.010 --> 00:51:10.560 Saskia Griffiths: Once you get that feeling and it's a bit like chia seeds to.

00:51:10.560 --> 00:51:15.450 Saskia Griffiths: I didn't have people into cheer part but I love to your part, and I miss it when I don't have it, because it's not the same.

00:51:17.460 --> 00:51:22.410 Pat Duckworth: So all of these things are really good it won't be long before we run out of time, so.

00:51:22.770 --> 00:51:23.760 Pat Duckworth: What is your it's.

00:51:23.790 --> 00:51:33.450 Pat Duckworth: got that went really play now it goes so quickly, what is your one big tip for women, what would you say to them to get them started and even thinking about it.

00:51:36.330 --> 00:51:41.550 Saskia Griffiths: My one big tip is love yourself be interested in yourself.

00:51:42.960 --> 00:51:50.730 Saskia Griffiths: Love yourself be interested in yourself and embrace you know embrace the shifts that the more the more we.

00:51:52.590 --> 00:51:54.660 Saskia Griffiths: Try and fight aging or.

00:51:55.860 --> 00:51:59.280 Saskia Griffiths: negate what's going on in our lives if we're going through a big shift.

00:52:00.180 --> 00:52:14.520 Saskia Griffiths: The harder it's going to be so just embracing and accepting that in itself and loving yourself exactly where you are, I think that's probably a big lesson for us all and we're all on that one trying to learn how to love ourselves, we.

00:52:14.580 --> 00:52:23.490 Pat Duckworth: Definitely are and what you were saying about inflammation is so important because one of the causes of inflammation that women experience is of course around stress.

00:52:24.030 --> 00:52:33.720 Pat Duckworth: And we know that women's lives are really busy at this stage whether it's with their own careers, whether it's dealing with the children growing up and leaving home, whether it's.

00:52:34.050 --> 00:52:44.640 Pat Duckworth: Older parents needing help by various partners, whatever we given give that stress causes inflammation it causes us to hold tension in our bodies.

00:52:45.180 --> 00:52:56.220 Pat Duckworth: So anything that we can do that helps to reduce and relieve stress is incredibly important, I know, myself, sometimes I sit down in the evening after.

00:52:56.640 --> 00:53:07.590 Pat Duckworth: A busy busy day and, as I sit down with my husband's or watch TV, I feel my shoulders drop about six inches there's always like a plan as I go oh yes.

00:53:11.040 --> 00:53:18.420 Pat Duckworth: So I don't know what do you think about the whole stress the I imagine after week, when I be for people are pretty much relieve stress.

00:53:19.650 --> 00:53:22.920 Saskia Griffiths: They will come here to relieve their stress in one way or another.

00:53:24.930 --> 00:53:26.730 Saskia Griffiths: dumping ground for stress, but.

00:53:28.050 --> 00:53:32.760 Saskia Griffiths: Absolutely, I agree, you know I sort of was actually quite blown away during the pandemic, I thought the Muslims.

00:53:33.150 --> 00:53:36.990 Saskia Griffiths: are just unbelievable you know at home with kids.

00:53:38.040 --> 00:53:49.590 Saskia Griffiths: Like how they do it with their jobs, holding the House down doing the homeschooling and so i've seen a lot of women really sort of over except that lasted way longer than any.

00:53:50.160 --> 00:53:57.210 Saskia Griffiths: Highly stressful period of our lives should last and if you've been going through something for over two years and the trauma.

00:53:57.720 --> 00:54:13.800 Saskia Griffiths: is still very much there so connecting to nature, I think most of getting your feet on the ground breathing fresh air listening to the birds, the wind and nature's got you know incredible inherent connection powers and healing powers.

00:54:14.820 --> 00:54:20.190 Saskia Griffiths: But ya know women, women were really the the super super women.

00:54:21.300 --> 00:54:30.240 Pat Duckworth: you're you're so right that locked down, I mean for some women it's like few I don't have to keep traveling the Office for others it was like now i'm trapped in my house with my.

00:54:30.540 --> 00:54:46.920 Pat Duckworth: Trying to school my kids and trying to order food online order food for my parents online look on Oh, it was so much and for so long Saskia Thank you so much, where can people look at your website and connect with you.

00:54:47.430 --> 00:54:58.320 Saskia Griffiths: Thank you so much for having me pat is, as I said, the high as a time flies when you're having fun and my website is my name zesty

00:54:58.710 --> 00:55:07.890 Saskia Griffiths: And I offer a free consultation, so if anybody would like to have a chat about their postures about their pelvic floors about what they can do to support themselves.

00:55:08.250 --> 00:55:17.250 Saskia Griffiths: Through how they hold themselves, then I offer 20 minutes Curry call, so that we can connect and see if I might be able, we might be able to be a good fit for each other.

00:55:17.820 --> 00:55:18.660 Pat Duckworth: Well, I lovely.

00:55:18.720 --> 00:55:24.240 Pat Duckworth: offer I will put the link to the website and i'll put the link to the bread recipe as well because have a garden that's.

00:55:24.270 --> 00:55:25.470 Pat Duckworth: Right it's really.

00:55:25.650 --> 00:55:36.420 Pat Duckworth: delicious so we're coming up to the end of the show if you've missed any of the shows go to talk radio dot nyc forward slash hot women rock i've had some amazing guests.

00:55:37.320 --> 00:55:50.040 Pat Duckworth: I don't even want to start listing them candy candy barone Dr Valerie shepherd Monica Rogers last week we always have a bit of a laugh and it's so high energy I just love it so that dancing.

00:55:50.820 --> 00:56:00.570 Pat Duckworth: Stay tuned to talk radio dot nyc whether next program is the wonderful reference to tlc with dismantle racism, where she offers offers.

00:56:00.990 --> 00:56:16.110 Pat Duckworth: Open hearted conversations about racism and she is such a lovely person Thank you today to my producer dylan and join me next week, when it is April, and it will just be me in the studio.

00:56:16.560 --> 00:56:26.820 Pat Duckworth: I will be talking about well if you've got any suggestions what you'd like me to talk about, then please do put them on the hot wing radio page or send me a comment.

00:56:27.210 --> 00:56:35.640 Pat Duckworth: Otherwise, and guys be talking about menopause in the workplace, one of my favorite subjects, but, whereas I normally talk about what employers could be doing.

00:56:36.030 --> 00:56:47.670 Pat Duckworth: Next week i'm going to be talking about what women employees can be doing to help themselves in the workplace as well, what are the sort of symptoms, they might be experiencing on what they can do about it.

00:56:48.360 --> 00:57:02.940 Pat Duckworth: So, have a wonderful week stay out of the cold let's hope the spring weather will be back wherever you are great to see Saskia Thank you again and join us next week for the Make sure i'm hot we wrote radio show take care.

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