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Tuesday, August 17, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/08/17 - Auditioning and Courage

Facebook Live Video from 2021/08/17 - Auditioning and Courage


2021/08/17 - Auditioning and Courage

[PREMIERE] Auditioning and Courage

First half of tonight's show I am going to be going through some of my best advice to actors based on questions I have either been asked or have been asked in some of our forums. Having booked literally hundreds of principal and supporting roles all over the country, I give some insight into some of the lessons that I have learned over the years. With 18 auditions and 2 callbacks in just the last 14 days, it is, I hope, a sign that we are getting back. Get vaccinated, however, if you are an actor because this is a thing!


The second half of the show, I have former University of Minnesota head coach, Gary L. Wilson to talk about the Brave Like Gabe foundation that honors one of his former student-athletes, Gabriele Grunewald and her fighting spirit and legacy. Sadly, Gabe passed away in 2019 and her sister, Abigail Anderson (29) was killed Monday by a suspected drunk driver. For those listeners not in the track and field world, it will open your eyes to a special family of fighters.


Tune in for this fun conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Kevin starts off this episode by talking about his fascination with the story of Steven Avery, and the documentary that follows this story. He shares how he always believes in the good of people and that sometimes the “truth” is stranger than fiction when reflecting on the findings of what happened with Steven Avery. Kevin then talks about what to expect in this episode, from acting advice to learning about Gabriele Grunewald and the Brave Like Gabe foundation. As the segment goes on he processes a recent tragic event too and explains some of the feelings he is dealing with from hearing about the loss of Abigail Anderson, Gabe’s sister. Lastly, he talks about his opinion on the vaccine, how it will affect working as an actor, and what booking is like while acting.

Segment 2

Kevin goes into what it takes to be a successful actor from his many experiences doing commercial acting and more. By not being nervous anymore, Kevin makes sure to put himself in a position to be successful and stay focused. He believes actors should not skip any steps, including paying for casting sites where you would receive as many casting calls as possible. Headshots are also a very important asset that Kevin thinks actors don’t always put the right time or effort into when finding the right photographer who can provide them with the best quality headshots. It’s also very essential to put yourself out there, be honest, and continue to evolve your look/style.

Segment 3

Gary Wilson, the former head coach for the University of Minnesota, joins us after the break as Kevin shares the story of Gabriele Grunewald, also known as Gabe, who was diagnosed with a rare cancer and tragically lost the battle to it. Unfortunately, Gabe’s sister, Abigail, was recently killed by a suspected drunk driver and Gary shares how he is feeling after this tragedy. Gary talks about the devastation her family and the Track and Field community is experiencing from this sudden loss. He then focuses on how the light Gabe and Abby had channeled during their lives is still present in the foundation and its mission. Gary also shares his experience recruiting and coaching Gabe, and what she was like as a person. Then, he talks about the time when Gabe was diagnosed and what she went through during remission.

Segment 4

Kevin brings up an upcoming Brave Like Gabe 5k fundraising run that is happening on September 26th, where the proceeds are going to the Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Research Foundation. Gary then talks about some of the light hearted conversations he had with her around her going professional with running and more. He also shares the ways Gabe inspired him and others around her as she fought until the end of her life. They wrap up this episode with more of a conversation on the foundation and Gabe’s family, with Kevin pitching in on how important it is to work on your legacy and how you make other people feel. You can learn more about Gabe’s story and donate at


00:00:28.410 --> 00:00:35.100 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Good evening everybody and welcome back to copy talk XL i'm jumping barbro and you're listening on talk radio dot.

00:00:35.100 --> 00:00:44.130 Kevin Barbaro Productions: nyc or you're watching us live right now on slash talk radio in yc all one word.

00:00:44.850 --> 00:00:57.840 Kevin Barbaro Productions: don't forget, you can get the podcast after the show you get the podcast right off of talk radio dot nyc or you can go to apple spotify wherever it is that you get your podcast every week so.

00:00:58.980 --> 00:00:59.880 Kevin Barbaro Productions: This week.

00:01:00.900 --> 00:01:09.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: it's kind of a crazy week because I had a I had a guest that was lined up that it was going to be this week, they had to move to next week.

00:01:09.480 --> 00:01:17.130 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And so I don't want to say that my buddy coming out later is my backup plan because he's somebody would have on the show anyway.

00:01:17.700 --> 00:01:24.540 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But the i'm excited for next week i'm sorry i'll i'll get into what we're going to talk about this week, but next week.

00:01:25.440 --> 00:01:43.350 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i've got a woman that's going to be coming on for the second half of show, I actually might make this a full interview that the entire show i'm not not sure yet, but basically i'm In fact I i'm completely intrigued by real crime shows and.

00:01:44.820 --> 00:01:46.830 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I mean i've been as an actor i've i've.

00:01:47.880 --> 00:01:53.400 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i've been in multiple you know eight or nine different national TV shows as a as a co star.

00:01:54.450 --> 00:02:10.020 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Where I played either the detective that figured out a real crime or I played the villain that committed the crime and I completely you know enamored with the forensic files and these kinds I mean I watch them all the time, literally all done.

00:02:11.130 --> 00:02:13.680 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Well, one of the shows that I.

00:02:14.910 --> 00:02:19.200 Kevin Barbaro Productions: dove into and binge watched and i'm still.

00:02:20.610 --> 00:02:24.600 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Completely intrigued by is.

00:02:25.800 --> 00:02:34.350 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The story of Steven avery and thinking of her and the two seasons for that, and the fact that.

00:02:34.860 --> 00:02:53.100 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That he's still in prison right now and etc, etc, well, in any event, I kind of have been following that on social media and I reached out to the woman that runs the Facebook page that's called Steven avery innocence project.

00:02:54.360 --> 00:03:01.740 Kevin Barbaro Productions: She her name is jack swells and she's going to be on the show next week to talk about the case to.

00:03:02.520 --> 00:03:16.110 Kevin Barbaro Productions: To to introduce people who haven't watched the netflix and I encourage anybody between now and next week watch all seasons of it'll go by, like that, I mean it's you know six hours each season something along those lines, but.

00:03:17.490 --> 00:03:36.750 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i've always kind of had a thing for and probably probably part of this, as various things that i've gone through in my life, but I I always believe in the good in people, no matter who it is I I really believe that, deep down.

00:03:37.800 --> 00:03:48.060 Kevin Barbaro Productions: we're all good and we make mistakes, and we do things that are wrong, I also believe that sometimes, the truth is stranger than fiction.

00:03:49.170 --> 00:03:55.320 Kevin Barbaro Productions: This happens to be one of those cases where I actually believe that as plausible.

00:03:56.700 --> 00:04:06.270 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The Steven avery and Brendan dasey his nephew are innocent so next week tune in next week is i'm going to have her on the show.

00:04:07.500 --> 00:04:22.470 Kevin Barbaro Productions: she's deep in it and she's a obviously an expert in it and and is very much involved with that entire thing so next which can be on my show so very excited for that tonight i'm actually going to you know, in the first half of the show I always basically talking about myself.

00:04:23.490 --> 00:04:25.500 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Talking about my life and.

00:04:26.670 --> 00:04:35.820 Kevin Barbaro Productions: It particularly as it pertains either acting or athletics or or the business world with all my companies and whatnot.

00:04:36.570 --> 00:04:45.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So I want to talk about acting this actually this week has been a crazy actually last two weeks have been crazy i'm like the.

00:04:45.420 --> 00:04:54.870 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The acting side of things which has me encouraged and excited that feel as though hopefully we that industry is is is coming back now.

00:04:55.380 --> 00:05:03.450 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And i'll get to that second half of the show i've got my really a great buddy a great friend for many, many years Gary Wilson is going to be on the show.

00:05:04.170 --> 00:05:18.660 Kevin Barbaro Productions: For the second half Gary was the head track and field coach and cross country coach and then we retired from the track side and was the Cross country coach at the University of Minnesota for many, many 28 years he was at university of Minnesota 40 something years in college coaching.

00:05:19.800 --> 00:05:21.810 Kevin Barbaro Productions: He had the privilege of coaching.

00:05:23.850 --> 00:05:34.110 Kevin Barbaro Productions: gay Anderson who then be got married and her name is a grunwald and she is somebody that there that.

00:05:34.950 --> 00:05:42.720 Kevin Barbaro Productions: had to deal with tremendous adversity as an athlete as a human she passed away in 2019 after a decade long.

00:05:43.230 --> 00:05:55.620 Kevin Barbaro Productions: battle with cancer multiple battles with cancer and multiple cancers in particular one cancer that if there is no cure, for there is, there is no treatment for and ultimately.

00:05:56.130 --> 00:06:07.410 Kevin Barbaro Productions: She passed away but her bravery her spirit it lives on there's a website called Eve like gay dot O rg we'll talk about that we'll talk about that whole.

00:06:08.430 --> 00:06:15.150 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Her spirit and Gary had the opportunity to coach her sadly I mean and I can't even.

00:06:16.200 --> 00:06:37.380 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Man I can't even begin to wrap around getting my head around the tragedy that happened yesterday Monday, where games younger sister who's only 29 years old, was hit by allegedly drunk driver and killed.

00:06:38.760 --> 00:06:39.300 Kevin Barbaro Productions: and

00:06:41.310 --> 00:06:52.170 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I mean I i've been through i've been my family has been through a lot if you followed my show all through the years going way back to the original copy and something years 12 years ago.

00:06:55.020 --> 00:07:10.620 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know i've i've experienced and I haven't lost a child, but my sister buried a baby way back in 1995 to leukemia two and a half year old and then she buried her husband.

00:07:11.430 --> 00:07:24.450 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And then she passed away last year and night I raised her three kids, and so my parents have had to my sister side to bury a child my parents have had to bury a child and I.

00:07:25.860 --> 00:07:41.430 Kevin Barbaro Productions: said, as I was, I can't I cannot even begin to think about how sad that is and then now that family has been hit again and my heart just i'm telling you man my heart, like just breaks.

00:07:42.630 --> 00:07:52.110 Kevin Barbaro Productions: even trying to think about what her parents what their parents are going through, it anyway i'm going to have Gary on because we want to keep that spirit alive.

00:07:53.130 --> 00:08:01.110 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And there's a lot of fundraising that's going on and there's a road race in September I wouldn't talk about all of that, here in the second half of the show so first half of the show.

00:08:02.520 --> 00:08:08.340 Kevin Barbaro Productions: As I was saying, on the acting side of things, it does feel as though things are beginning to pick up, and I know my acting friends.

00:08:08.880 --> 00:08:25.890 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You are feeling the same thing there's a lot more auditions coming through there's a lot more castings coming through now there's there's new rules we've got to be careful with the whole pandemic and last week sag came out and said that.

00:08:27.930 --> 00:08:29.400 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That on Union projects that.

00:08:30.540 --> 00:08:33.090 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That they are moving to mandatory.

00:08:34.110 --> 00:08:34.890 Kevin Barbaro Productions: vaccinations.

00:08:36.030 --> 00:08:45.690 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And wherever you fit on that world me personally i'm i'm fully vaccinated I think everybody should be fully vaccinated.

00:08:46.470 --> 00:08:56.940 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm not going to tell somebody that they have to do it, but in reality when I when I hear that somebody's not vaccinated, of course, in my head i'm like well why wouldn't you why wouldn't you.

00:08:58.110 --> 00:09:01.770 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But people are going to make their own decisions but man, if you want to work.

00:09:02.820 --> 00:09:15.840 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Then you're just you're gonna have to do it and it's pretty simple if you don't want, if you don't want to get vaccinated then you're also saying that you don't want to work it at least as an actor because moving forward you're going to have to be vaccinated thankfully I am.

00:09:17.220 --> 00:09:19.740 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And that's where we are, but.

00:09:21.030 --> 00:09:25.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In the last 14 days it I don't know what's happened but.

00:09:27.270 --> 00:09:41.460 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I typically do about five or six auditions a week, and this is pretty consistent for i'm not been an actor for like a decade or so i've done literally thousands and thousands of auditions.

00:09:42.450 --> 00:10:02.400 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And, but this past 14 days actually only an hour ago, before I started the show I got another call back, and so, in the last 14 days i've had too many auditions and three callbacks now let's see where those land.

00:10:03.780 --> 00:10:18.210 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Obviously doesn't really mean we're not booking them, but you know I mean i've booked hundreds and hundreds of acting gigs over the years, and so you know I, and I, the world of acting is great because we're always trying to help each other it's different I think than other.

00:10:19.230 --> 00:10:34.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: worlds it's definitely different than athletics, which where I came from where obviously everything is Taipei and everybody's trying to do the best that they can get their program and you know it's athletics it's it, it was winners and losers.

00:10:35.400 --> 00:10:44.130 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In acting in the arts it's so much different I feel as though it's a lot more communal Community based and encouraging and so.

00:10:44.880 --> 00:10:56.190 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I wanted a lot of my acting friends asked me, because I do book a lot of you know you know i'm blessed in that way i've done so many gigs and I i'm usually booking.

00:10:56.700 --> 00:11:06.840 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Perfect for the pandemic I had eight straight years literally eight straight years going into the pandemic, where I booked at least three gigs a month.

00:11:07.680 --> 00:11:17.520 Kevin Barbaro Productions: For eight straight years and sometimes you more than that, and I don't do background work I don't do extra work so obviously i've kind of got the whole.

00:11:18.090 --> 00:11:27.240 Kevin Barbaro Productions: auditioning thing down, and so I wanted to just kind of people asked me different questions all the time, and of course I belong to Facebook groups.

00:11:27.720 --> 00:11:34.560 Kevin Barbaro Productions: For actors and and and where they're you know you you post questions because you know you're just trying to start out you just trying to get it done.

00:11:35.160 --> 00:11:40.890 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And so, hopefully, there you know in this second segment I gotta stop for a commercial here in a second but.

00:11:41.580 --> 00:11:47.100 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That I can give you some advice that might be helpful as you're trying to navigate your way through.

00:11:47.610 --> 00:11:54.960 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And even put yourself in a position to audition and when you do audition what are some of the things that you really got to focus on.

00:11:55.440 --> 00:12:01.950 Kevin Barbaro Productions: To put yourself in a position to either book or get a call back and move forward, because I think that.

00:12:02.730 --> 00:12:08.280 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That there's a lot of disconnect there, particularly with new actors, where they just they just don't know what to do.

00:12:08.700 --> 00:12:13.260 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And they asked for advice and a lot of times to getting advice from people who also don't book.

00:12:13.710 --> 00:12:21.300 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So from somebody who does book a lot of gigs you know we're going to share a little bit that here, in the second segment of the show we're going to.

00:12:21.810 --> 00:12:30.330 Kevin Barbaro Productions: pause for a quick commercial break we'll come back here in just a minute you're listening to coffee talk XL i'm Kevin Barbara and you're on top radio dot nyc.

00:14:45.270 --> 00:14:52.830 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Welcome back everybody to coffee talk XL i'm Kevin Barbara and you're listening on talk radio dot nyc for watching us on Facebook.

00:14:53.850 --> 00:15:12.810 Kevin Barbaro Productions: At the talking alternative broadcasting slash talk radio nyc talk radio nyc all one word so getting back to what we were talking about before the commercial break we're talking about the the putting yourself in a position to be successful, as an actor.

00:15:14.190 --> 00:15:25.890 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And now i've been an actor now, for you know, almost a decade and and i've been really blessed to have event on thousands and thousands of auditions literally thousands.

00:15:26.490 --> 00:15:35.820 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Of look hundreds of gigs have been you know i've done over 150 commercials now when when people ask me, I saw you just commercial like.

00:15:36.720 --> 00:15:46.530 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I like to eat man I you know I like to get paid so yeah I am a commercial egg right there is nothing wrong with being a professional actor, because you are in and you're out and you're paid.

00:15:47.190 --> 00:15:53.820 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And it's an opportunity, always to be in front of casting directors it's an opportunity to be in front of the camera.

00:15:54.930 --> 00:16:05.910 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm it to you know at the point now in my life and in my career, where I where I no longer get nervous, you know way back in the beginning, you know we're starting now you know.

00:16:07.020 --> 00:16:16.200 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You kind of everything is kind of hinting on trying to get the next gig and now I am in a position where I just literally i've never even get nervous I just.

00:16:16.890 --> 00:16:32.460 Kevin Barbaro Productions: put myself in a position to try to be successful, but I think that there's a lot of actors and honestly I have friends who are actors that have been acting for a long time, and I think in some ways there's the people are trying to.

00:16:33.900 --> 00:16:37.440 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I don't want to say they're trying to skip steps, but.

00:16:39.510 --> 00:16:45.660 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In essence, that is what they're doing is trying to skip steps and a perfect example so.

00:16:46.830 --> 00:16:49.770 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i've been asking and and people ask us all the time.

00:16:51.540 --> 00:17:02.550 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Should I be on the different should I pay for the premium service on the different casting sites so like casting networks and actors access.

00:17:03.480 --> 00:17:11.070 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Those two particularly but backstage if you have particular if you live in New York, but don't have to live in New York and beyond that.

00:17:12.030 --> 00:17:22.800 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The simple answer is yes, yes, you need to pay, you need you need to put yourself in a position where you are getting as many of the open.

00:17:23.640 --> 00:17:32.610 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Casting calls as possible and you've got as many assets, meaning your headshots and your reels and everything else on those websites.

00:17:33.120 --> 00:17:38.700 Kevin Barbaro Productions: This is a practice of doing business, you have to understand that when you go into the world of acting.

00:17:39.450 --> 00:17:47.490 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You are going to lose money at first that's every business that there is that every business that ever existed, unless you won the lottery.

00:17:48.030 --> 00:17:52.320 Kevin Barbaro Productions: When you first start out that business and you should be treating your acting career like a business.

00:17:52.830 --> 00:18:00.300 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You are going to lose money at first, and you just have to be cool with that, and you just have to understand that that is the price of doing business, but you have to.

00:18:00.780 --> 00:18:18.210 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Put yourself in a position on these different casting sites So yes, the answer is you, you are not all in unless unless you're all in on these sites that's one thing The other thing is people try to skimp on the headshots I mean.

00:18:19.320 --> 00:18:24.870 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I can't even I can't even begin to fathom.

00:18:26.310 --> 00:18:35.850 Kevin Barbaro Productions: When I see other people's headshots sometimes, and I can tell, I can tell anybody can tell i'm not i'm, not even a casting director, you can tell.

00:18:36.240 --> 00:18:47.610 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That this wasn't done within the context of a headshot This is like a glamour shot or this is honestly i've seen some that were just done, like it looks like they were just done on an iPhone.

00:18:48.630 --> 00:18:49.050 Kevin Barbaro Productions: and

00:18:50.220 --> 00:18:59.460 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Yet you know you've got it go to somebody who is well respected and listen don't go to the cheapest guy I mean some of these are fairly inexpensive.

00:18:59.880 --> 00:19:06.390 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You don't have to go out and spend $2,000 on headshots and trust me if somebody there are people out there who charges.

00:19:06.930 --> 00:19:22.050 Kevin Barbaro Productions: If someone's gonna charge that much then obviously obviously saying, but if somebody's willing to do your headshot for free able or they're willing to do them for 50 bucks or something you gotta wonder what the quality is going to be like so take the hit.

00:19:23.070 --> 00:19:42.930 Kevin Barbaro Productions: If you're not spending at least $100 I man I I that's kind of low ending it, but you need to spend the money get yourself in in front of some and you need to take a look at the different headshots in their portfolio, because I have a particular look at as an example, so with me.

00:19:44.310 --> 00:19:46.440 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I was drawn to.

00:19:47.520 --> 00:20:08.460 Kevin Barbaro Productions: photographers that will do headshots that portray more of like the theatrical look or or with kind of like a darker tone to it yeah i'm a dark skin Italian guy and I wear black 99% of the time, that is, who I am that's my color that that's that's that that.

00:20:10.080 --> 00:20:20.580 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That I feel like those kinds of photos really bring out that those aspects of you, so I sought out people to do my headshots and I paid the money for it, so I have.

00:20:21.000 --> 00:20:28.530 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know, great educator and you need to update your headshots I see people all the time, who haven't updated their head shots in the years.

00:20:29.190 --> 00:20:49.020 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And particularly if you're my age to click your middle aged guy or woman your look is constantly changing and it first of all your look should be trying to change for the better, because you should be you know always working on trying to enhance.

00:20:50.310 --> 00:20:59.370 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Your curb appeal I guess is the best way to put it, and you know put yourself in the best position possible to be noticed, because in the world of acting.

00:20:59.880 --> 00:21:18.540 Kevin Barbaro Productions: There are there are thousands of me, there are thousands of white middle aged guys out there that look Italian or whatever, there has to be something about me that stands out so you need to put yourself in a position so that you're creating those opportunities for yourself and.

00:21:19.710 --> 00:21:29.160 Kevin Barbaro Productions: One big thing that I think that people miss out on is that you have to be honest with yourself, when you go into the world of acting.

00:21:29.820 --> 00:21:37.680 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You you really have to take a good hard look at first of all, you got to figure out, this is what you really want to do, because if it's only like kind of something that you want to do.

00:21:37.980 --> 00:21:54.780 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Then you're really you're really setting yourself up for some major disappointment and wasted time because if it's not for you then find something else, man is plenty of other things to do where tons of people can tell you know all the time because that's acting you know you do it.

00:21:55.980 --> 00:22:12.990 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm on thousands and thousands of auditions in the world, the funny thing about relaxing is they don't even tell you know they just never they just go see you, they just never they just never call back, like most of my dates in my life right, so, in any event you've got it, you know.

00:22:14.040 --> 00:22:24.420 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Before you even get into this, you need to be comfortable with who you are, and you need to you need to take a good hard look like I did I did good are looking at myself like.

00:22:25.140 --> 00:22:42.600 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know what what kind of a person, am I visually inside, you know, and what are my own insecurities you know because everybody has insecurities and what can I do to enhance the good things about me and what can I do to.

00:22:43.920 --> 00:22:44.880 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Work on.

00:22:46.050 --> 00:22:50.310 Kevin Barbaro Productions: My the things that i'm deficient in and so as an example.

00:22:51.660 --> 00:22:58.590 Kevin Barbaro Productions: For me in the type of roles that I get it's important to me to always be in the best shape that I can.

00:22:59.160 --> 00:23:09.480 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Now that that that doesn't mean that everybody needs to make that a priority, because maybe maybe that really has nothing to do with what you know what you want to do as an actor, but.

00:23:09.780 --> 00:23:24.420 Kevin Barbaro Productions: For me, because I do a lot of fitness shots and I do a lot of these and it's important for me, so I I spend the money I invest in myself I I spent hours, every day, to make sure that i'm in the best shape that I can.

00:23:25.710 --> 00:23:32.400 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You have to make sure that you're constantly trying to evolve your look and what I mean by that is.

00:23:34.890 --> 00:23:47.040 Kevin Barbaro Productions: What because styles change, so you know just as an example, if your facial hair is like that skinny you know beer that comes down like this and it wraps around it.

00:23:47.340 --> 00:23:56.850 Kevin Barbaro Productions: If you're rocking that right now chances are the only thing that you're going to get cast in is a movie about Seattle and 1994.

00:23:57.690 --> 00:24:12.120 Kevin Barbaro Productions: because that was the last time anybody looked like that, and it unfortunately I see, I mean seeing is even see my friends, you know it's like a man, you know I mean, I guess, I would think about just change it and matter of fact, my facial here.

00:24:13.230 --> 00:24:23.700 Kevin Barbaro Productions: has changed its evolved over the years, and probably the best karmic thing that ever happened to me was I was on a shoot for.

00:24:24.750 --> 00:24:34.200 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Northwest North well healthcare system so North well used to be long island Jewish and a bunch of other.

00:24:36.060 --> 00:24:43.560 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Hospitals well, they all conversion they became North well so i'm i'm on the North well shoot and they spent like crazy money like I.

00:24:44.160 --> 00:24:54.510 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm almost embarrassed to say how much money, I made for like a half hour of my time because it's like high end, you know Vegas you know escort money or half an hour.

00:24:56.010 --> 00:24:57.390 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But but anyway.

00:24:58.680 --> 00:25:00.690 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm doing i'm in hair and makeup.

00:25:01.770 --> 00:25:08.010 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And I had been rocking the same goatee I on my life I probably was rocking the same guilty for like 10 years right.

00:25:08.790 --> 00:25:17.550 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And the girl said, if you ever thought about this hair makeup So there you are, it would it be okay, if I trim your goatee and i'm thinking.

00:25:18.540 --> 00:25:29.520 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In my head, why would you need to trim it it's this I just finished her me but i'm like yeah sure how about it and she's like snippet a snip snip and all of a sudden i'm like whoa.

00:25:31.380 --> 00:25:48.210 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I never it never even crossed my mind to shape it like that, you know and so any event, I mean, so my goatee is kind of like evolved over time because it shapes my face in a particular way because, like I said I mean.

00:25:50.820 --> 00:25:57.870 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Beauty is only skin deep, we all know, this right, I mean you're taught this from the time you're five years old, the world of acting is.

00:25:58.500 --> 00:26:09.210 Kevin Barbaro Productions: A weird place to be in and because the very first thing that somebody's going to see about the very first thing casting director is going to see or a director Anthony is your headshot.

00:26:09.870 --> 00:26:16.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And so, if if you don't have a good head shot if you don't have a modern look to you if you don't have.

00:26:17.820 --> 00:26:27.210 Kevin Barbaro Productions: A haircut and and facial hair and clothing and style, that is, that is indicative of the time that we're in right now you're doing yourself a disservice.

00:26:27.630 --> 00:26:36.930 Kevin Barbaro Productions: It sounds completely ridiculous and vain, but the reality is it's true and so it's it's one of these things where it's like do you want to work or do you not want to work.

00:26:37.500 --> 00:26:39.960 Kevin Barbaro Productions: same thing with getting vaccinated just like I said earlier.

00:26:40.830 --> 00:26:52.350 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You should be getting vaccinated everybody should be back Sunday, in my opinion, everybody I don't understand why people go I haven't gotten it done yet i'm like what the hell you're waiting on right, I mean it's free i'm making a point for you right now five minutes.

00:26:53.580 --> 00:27:02.610 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But if you want to be an actor and you want to be in the screen actors Guild you have to be vaccinated that's the new rule anybody on sets gotta be vaccinated so.

00:27:03.390 --> 00:27:07.350 Kevin Barbaro Productions: sure you don't need to get vaccinated But that also means you don't want to work.

00:27:07.950 --> 00:27:13.560 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You don't want to spend money on your headshots you don't want to spend money, I guess the networks and actors access that's cool man.

00:27:14.130 --> 00:27:21.420 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know that's cool that's your life that's your decision, but do you want to work or do you not want to work and that's really what it's going to come down and honestly.

00:27:21.900 --> 00:27:30.660 Kevin Barbaro Productions: that's every business ever that's that's athletics, which I was involved in for many years and you're either in or you're out.

00:27:31.410 --> 00:27:46.410 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You can't have one foot in one foot out it doesn't work that way anyway, speaking of athletics I got my good buddy Gary Wilson is going to be my guest after this next commercial i'm Kevin Barbara you're listening to coffee talk XL on talk radio dot nyc we'll be right back.

00:30:15.390 --> 00:30:21.420 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Welcome back everybody to coffee talk XL i'm Kevin ball rolling are listening on talk radio dot nyc.

00:30:22.740 --> 00:30:28.170 Kevin Barbaro Productions: got my good buddy Gary Wilson from the University of Minnesota what's up man.

00:30:28.440 --> 00:30:29.640 Gary L. Wilson: hey man, how are ya.

00:30:31.230 --> 00:30:32.280 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know how i'm doing.

00:30:35.160 --> 00:30:35.820 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know just.

00:30:36.180 --> 00:30:41.580 Gary L. Wilson: i'm glad you told me that this was live so i'll keep my language, a little better.

00:30:41.850 --> 00:30:48.360 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah yeah honestly that so you know why I always send everybody that email that I sent to you and.

00:30:49.110 --> 00:31:02.520 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Half of the reason that I send it is because everyone has a potty mouth like mine, and I have to remind people like we're actually lot you really are live, you know there's no editing this man there's there's no tape delay.

00:31:03.660 --> 00:31:04.170 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But yeah.

00:31:04.530 --> 00:31:18.420 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'll be so yeah I appreciate yeah there and and the other thing is, you know here on talk radio dot nyc, which is our broadcast station it's more of like an npr is you know, so we try to keep it cool man and.

00:31:19.800 --> 00:31:21.720 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Which is a shocker they got me right.

00:31:25.380 --> 00:31:25.590 Gary L. Wilson: But.

00:31:26.670 --> 00:31:27.690 Gary L. Wilson: You good i've been.

00:31:27.930 --> 00:31:39.780 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i've been awesome man i've been just you know living it up brother living it up so for my guests on here that that that are outside the world of track and field Gary was the head coach.

00:31:40.530 --> 00:31:57.720 Kevin Barbaro Productions: For women's track and field and cross country the University of Minnesota many years spent 28 years there last I want to say, eight years was as a step back from track and just across country but coach for 40 something years is in pretty much every hall of fame.

00:31:58.950 --> 00:32:01.440 Kevin Barbaro Productions: you're in my hall of fame of course you know.

00:32:02.400 --> 00:32:06.600 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You have your it pretty much every other all of the things that you've come across and.

00:32:06.690 --> 00:32:11.550 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And Gary and I we go way back in coaching and we've actually spent time in Europe together.

00:32:12.750 --> 00:32:16.230 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Which shockingly he's still married after all that.

00:32:21.030 --> 00:32:28.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah well, I mean we all know, as you've always mentioned you've always admitted you overshot the runway with susie so that's just.

00:32:29.730 --> 00:32:30.630 Kevin Barbaro Productions: What it is man.

00:32:30.840 --> 00:32:32.340 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Oh, be an honest broker.

00:32:32.520 --> 00:32:36.480 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I just like yeah, just like the last segment of myself hey man you gotta be.

00:32:37.740 --> 00:32:44.190 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You gotta you gotta know you yeah but anyway, I was thinking about.

00:32:45.420 --> 00:33:00.690 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Man, you know I he hit you up on Facebook today about what happened with with abby Anderson and I just so let my viewers that aren't in the world, attractive field so.

00:33:01.200 --> 00:33:09.630 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I mentioned it a little bit in the beginning, but basically reader's digest and I want you to chime in and give more context to it but.

00:33:10.830 --> 00:33:26.460 Kevin Barbaro Productions: there's a woman that ran at the University of Minnesota she started as a walk on she ends up being nc double a runner up and her name is Gabriel Anderson but and then she becomes then she got married after college and last name and group grunewald.

00:33:27.510 --> 00:33:38.640 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And she meant by gave and so gay when she was in college and i'll have you explain a little bit more about this, she was diagnosed with cancer and a really rare.

00:33:39.630 --> 00:33:51.810 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Cancer apparently there's no cure for, and anyway, sadly, she lost that battle and we'll get to the middle bar here which she lost that battle in 2019 she was only 32.

00:33:52.440 --> 00:34:08.790 Kevin Barbaro Productions: She battled for like 10 years and there's a new they started a foundation brave like gay because of her spirit and her courage and we'll talk about that, and she had a younger sister, who also ran at the University of Minnesota and then yesterday.

00:34:10.830 --> 00:34:23.520 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I mean you just can't even wrap your head around it, she is hit and killed by a legend and I gotta say a legend you know drunk driver who runs over her twice.

00:34:24.780 --> 00:34:25.650 Kevin Barbaro Productions: twice.

00:34:25.830 --> 00:34:40.440 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Unbelievable and and and she's and now I mean she was 29 years old, and in my head I can't even begin, and you know their parents, I know you know their parents, because I know your relationship.

00:34:41.880 --> 00:34:47.190 Kevin Barbaro Productions: How are they even holding up right now, if you if you had a chance to I mean I can't even begin to think.

00:34:47.910 --> 00:34:50.370 Gary L. Wilson: I talked I talked to her brother.

00:34:51.630 --> 00:35:00.570 Gary L. Wilson: couple days ago, and then I talked to one of my lungs tonight and, and I mean that they're just I mean they're not in denial obviously they're just.

00:35:01.650 --> 00:35:12.990 Gary L. Wilson: Kim her dad still somebody yesterday I think she says we just get in our car ride around because we don't know what to do and it's just the most.

00:35:14.040 --> 00:35:20.670 Gary L. Wilson: I when I got the I got a text from Sarah Hopkins our cross country coach and mapping or head track coach.

00:35:22.230 --> 00:35:32.280 Gary L. Wilson: Sunday morning and they said, you need to call us, what are you talking about, and then they told me, and I would I mean I just sat down I just was like oh my God.

00:35:32.820 --> 00:35:36.810 Gary L. Wilson: And I just it was just like this can be real.

00:35:36.900 --> 00:35:38.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And and right.

00:35:38.460 --> 00:35:39.540 Gary L. Wilson: or parents or.

00:35:41.400 --> 00:35:42.060 Gary L. Wilson: they're just.

00:35:43.080 --> 00:35:43.470 Gary L. Wilson: You know.

00:35:43.560 --> 00:35:45.150 Gary L. Wilson: they're just devastated yeah.

00:35:46.350 --> 00:35:54.210 Gary L. Wilson: Well, the whole community is I mean it's just you know, not just because obviously she's gave sister.

00:35:54.600 --> 00:35:58.200 Gary L. Wilson: But just because of her spirit and who, she was on our team.

00:35:58.230 --> 00:36:09.060 Gary L. Wilson: yeah I thought I thought the Chris Martin today bucky and little bucky brand for me at Minnesota and he starts, is the first day that that.

00:36:10.200 --> 00:36:28.740 Gary L. Wilson: K walked into the locker room as a freshman she even had abby Anderson and abby just jumped a it's great that you're here we love you you're going to be a goal for that, and that was abby abby was just a live wire, I mean she was.

00:36:31.110 --> 00:36:31.920 Gary L. Wilson: crazy it.

00:36:32.310 --> 00:36:47.430 Gary L. Wilson: was just awesome kid awesome kid and so know that she says she's as much responsible for the Foundation as gay boys, in terms of just pushing it and going after it yeah you know.

00:36:47.700 --> 00:36:56.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I know that she was spending a lot of her time you know, promote like the road race that and we're going to mention it here in a minute, but it's in September.

00:36:56.220 --> 00:37:08.520 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And it's up in the twin cities but there's a virtual aspect to it, because the Foundation and I I typed this down for myself because it's such a rare.

00:37:09.570 --> 00:37:12.720 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Cancer I didn't want to get it wrong.

00:37:13.770 --> 00:37:19.470 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But where did I oh yeah so it's adenoids cystic carcinoma.

00:37:21.000 --> 00:37:24.720 Kevin Barbaro Productions: and apparently there is no.

00:37:26.220 --> 00:37:45.270 Kevin Barbaro Productions: cure and there there's there's, not even a treatment apparently that's the and so they're the Foundation is to raise money to go towards that research and, in that no cancer man, I mean you know, but I know that that abby she went by abby i'm assuming yeah.

00:37:45.330 --> 00:37:59.430 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah yeah abby was obviously very involved in the promotion of that right up until you know this happened got take me back to GABE and.

00:38:00.960 --> 00:38:13.590 Kevin Barbaro Productions: kind of let's talk a little bit about what made her different, and if you noticed it right away, or if this is something that kind of built on because I know that she wanted there's a walk on beating that she had no scholarship.

00:38:14.580 --> 00:38:21.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But I know that you that you recruit your walk ons also you know, so this girl didn't just show up out of nowhere and.

00:38:22.860 --> 00:38:24.570 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Take us through that process.

00:38:24.900 --> 00:38:27.570 Gary L. Wilson: Well gate gate might be.

00:38:29.190 --> 00:38:32.580 Gary L. Wilson: see why she might be just as stubborn as me okay so.

00:38:32.850 --> 00:38:34.020 Gary L. Wilson: So that was our start.

00:38:34.620 --> 00:38:45.000 Gary L. Wilson: And so I recruited all the followers or a refresher or a senior high school and it was just like oh no i've been on my thinking about your dad wanted to go to North Dakota North Dakota state or.

00:38:45.360 --> 00:38:59.130 Gary L. Wilson: You know someplace out there and I kept Connor Connor and I just got so Finally, they said no, this is stupid this, this is not going to happen i'm you know the heck, and so I saw our code or high school coach.

00:39:00.150 --> 00:39:11.340 Gary L. Wilson: At the Minnesota state high school clinic in January, he says aren't your recruitment yay by what no no she's a she's a pain in the butt I said this is this a waste of my time.

00:39:11.760 --> 00:39:23.640 Gary L. Wilson: He says don't we just get a call or shoot she'll come around I said no it's not going to come around I said I got I got moved on, so Finally I did relent and I called her and they said well you know and i'm going oh my yeah.

00:39:24.240 --> 00:39:30.090 Gary L. Wilson: And so, finally, I said okay listen to me you come down and visit at least come down and visit.

00:39:30.780 --> 00:39:45.870 Gary L. Wilson: Well, she literally you know if somebody just walks in your office and you go, this is the kid and she just walked in my way OK now i'm not going to give you, I wanted to give you some money, but now you're taking up a little bit because she's a fivefold Tyler.

00:39:45.960 --> 00:39:51.900 Gary L. Wilson: You know so she was yeah and and but you know, like kind of kid that you and I love you know either skip those.

00:39:51.900 --> 00:39:54.510 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Killing five owner 11 oh bro.

00:39:54.810 --> 00:39:56.070 Gary L. Wilson: Oh boy no kit.

00:39:56.160 --> 00:40:03.360 Gary L. Wilson: yeah we just you know, and so I said okay so she but then she tells me later i've always wanted to come to Minnesota.

00:40:03.690 --> 00:40:20.970 Gary L. Wilson: So we can we can you know, but she was a tough Andre she was she was a she was interesting to coach because she was she was just tough and she was on a bunch of people that were tough, it was like oh my God, you talk about crazy people.

00:40:21.810 --> 00:40:25.680 Gary L. Wilson: yeah they all come to practice there was about 10 of them that were just.

00:40:27.210 --> 00:40:30.300 Gary L. Wilson: I tell him I said, listen to this don't talk to anybody else today okay.

00:40:30.570 --> 00:40:30.990 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Because you're.

00:40:32.040 --> 00:40:33.930 Gary L. Wilson: scared these poor freshman did that.

00:40:35.520 --> 00:40:46.890 Gary L. Wilson: But they can work out and they were tough and they had great energy great friendships and then you know the rest was was history that, so to speak, she got hurt as a sophomore and.

00:40:47.370 --> 00:40:57.300 Gary L. Wilson: redshirted and blah blah blah, and then, then when it when the diagnosis came and wasn't him diagnosis, we were I don't want to jump too far ahead here but.

00:40:57.570 --> 00:40:58.170 Gary L. Wilson: that's okay.

00:40:58.590 --> 00:41:11.910 Gary L. Wilson: We were at Arizona state, and this was she had a little lump on her on her neck, you know just kind of wasn't quite sure what it was so she wanted to see the doctor before we went to Arizona state this was like in March, I think.

00:41:13.020 --> 00:41:15.060 Gary L. Wilson: Some some one of the classics out there.

00:41:15.480 --> 00:41:15.870 And so.

00:41:16.950 --> 00:41:17.580 And so.

00:41:18.900 --> 00:41:29.100 Gary L. Wilson: He said well you know call me call me when you're out there, well, she calls in in the doctor says, you need to come in and see me on Monday, this is this is serious.

00:41:29.640 --> 00:41:34.590 Gary L. Wilson: And so, she said she calls my room and we go down by the pool, and she said, can.

00:41:35.100 --> 00:41:43.890 Gary L. Wilson: I can I talk to you about what's happened, I said sure, so the doctors really concern he says, I can't you can't wait we're going to have we're going to evaporate.

00:41:44.340 --> 00:41:53.070 Gary L. Wilson: And she's going whoa what are you talking about and and then, of course, the whole team that the whole team to the business team came together and they.

00:41:53.760 --> 00:42:06.780 Gary L. Wilson: They just lost it because they knew they said, this is that good and because it is you know he knew it was a rare cancer and so long, or the kids were just decimated but.

00:42:06.840 --> 00:42:07.830 Gary L. Wilson: In truth.

00:42:10.260 --> 00:42:18.330 Gary L. Wilson: attitude, she said, I said well i'm going to send you home, right now, she said no you're not i'm staying at my school on the 1500 said.

00:42:18.360 --> 00:42:18.810 Okay.

00:42:20.820 --> 00:42:33.540 Gary L. Wilson: At that time was only like 424 or something for 23 how she did that, and so, then she you know, then then she went home and had the operation soon, I mean like.

00:42:34.920 --> 00:42:35.430 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know, maybe.

00:42:35.460 --> 00:42:44.190 Gary L. Wilson: Within a within a week took all of her, not all of it all basically all of her salivary glands on her, let me see.

00:42:45.600 --> 00:42:47.340 Gary L. Wilson: left side of her face.

00:42:47.790 --> 00:42:53.640 Gary L. Wilson: And you can see just if you see your pictures in eternity you can see that they took a lot of her.

00:42:54.030 --> 00:42:54.720 face.

00:42:55.830 --> 00:43:06.420 Gary L. Wilson: To face off and then she then she had chemo and that the whole bit and she was she was in remission quote unquote for.

00:43:07.890 --> 00:43:21.360 Gary L. Wilson: Quite quite a while like three or four years and then all of a sudden it it came back and i'm talking a little out of church here because I don't know i'm, but it was at the 20.

00:43:25.620 --> 00:43:26.250 Gary L. Wilson: know.

00:43:27.720 --> 00:43:29.820 Gary L. Wilson: This is, I don't know what it is.

00:43:30.240 --> 00:43:40.920 Gary L. Wilson: But 20 with a trial, and she knows he hugs justin her husband or maybe was 2016 and she she felt something.

00:43:41.130 --> 00:43:44.430 Kevin Barbaro Productions: She just felt this track is he's it.

00:43:44.520 --> 00:43:56.730 Gary L. Wilson: Because he was a he's a doctor and so he said something's right like she goes in and finds out that it's now spread to her liver and khafre liver that's why the big scar or something.

00:43:59.010 --> 00:44:14.820 Kevin Barbaro Productions: hey Gary I gotta stop for our our next commercial break our last commercial break, but when we come back let's pick up from that point right there and we'll move forward so you're listening to coffee talk so i'm Kevin Barbara, and this is talk radio dot nyc.

00:46:46.620 --> 00:46:49.410 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Talk radio dot nyc make sure that you.

00:46:50.430 --> 00:47:02.580 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Go to spotify or apple and you'll be able to get the podcast after this probably tomorrow anybody lazy I am but i've got my good buddy Gary Wilson, you have to unmute yourself again brother.

00:47:03.390 --> 00:47:13.710 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I got my buddy Gary Wilson and longtime coach at university Minnesota we're talking about gade run why just actually put in on the Facebook video.

00:47:14.310 --> 00:47:26.040 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In the comments I put the link to her Foundation, which is brave like GABE dot O rg and we wanted to mention that they do have a fundraising.

00:47:26.520 --> 00:47:38.700 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Five K that's coming up it's on Sep tember 26 and you can go in and register online for that now it's in the twin cities it's insane I think it's the St Paul.

00:47:39.990 --> 00:47:55.710 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But you can run into virtual run also and the the proceeds go to the research foundation for adenoids cystic carcinoma which was what gave ultimately passed away from so you were saying that.

00:47:56.940 --> 00:48:00.210 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Around 2012 then there was a there was.

00:48:01.260 --> 00:48:04.020 Kevin Barbaro Productions: An issue with their liver, which would have been a different cancer.

00:48:04.590 --> 00:48:15.780 Gary L. Wilson: Was the same it's usually that that that cancer metastasized itself in the lungs well this into the into the live and so.

00:48:16.980 --> 00:48:20.850 Gary L. Wilson: It was the same would just it just moved and.

00:48:21.180 --> 00:48:29.970 Gary L. Wilson: gotcha know that if I should back up a little bit to what we're in 2010 when do we get the six year of eligibility for game.

00:48:31.260 --> 00:48:33.570 Gary L. Wilson: That you went on the national runner up in the.

00:48:35.670 --> 00:48:36.090 Gary L. Wilson: hundred.

00:48:38.190 --> 00:48:46.770 Gary L. Wilson: People said to me well, what do you must have done these great workouts I said we didn't do the daily workouts different we just she just was she was in charge, she just was like.

00:48:47.340 --> 00:48:53.640 Gary L. Wilson: Alliances you think I haven't got any problems for this race, this is nothing compared to what i'm dealing with right now.

00:48:54.180 --> 00:48:55.590 Gary L. Wilson: And right then.

00:48:57.000 --> 00:49:08.880 Gary L. Wilson: Then the next year, she gets out she's going, you know she's going to go pro you know she's trying to write 13 i'm going to go pro so that that's nice I said well who's gonna pay you nobody What do you mean.

00:49:09.450 --> 00:49:22.170 Gary L. Wilson: For 13 I said, nobody cares you know just like you were saying at the end or whatever, no, no, what I said this is gay you know she said, we got to have lunch I got to talk to you, I said why don't we do that, so he said sounds like.

00:49:23.250 --> 00:49:36.690 Gary L. Wilson: Just I I I deserve money, I said you don't deserve anything I said, nobody cares nobody cares about you, as a runner I mean nobody cares nobody cares that you have cancer, nobody cares anything.

00:49:37.170 --> 00:49:47.340 Gary L. Wilson: What What do you mean I said just what I said so when when I get my when you run like 401 or salt right and then she ends up running for a one.

00:49:48.000 --> 00:49:48.450 Right.

00:49:50.340 --> 00:49:57.990 Gary L. Wilson: But she was the kind of kid that you could say, oh no you're talking stupid here you got to understand, this is the way the game is played.

00:49:58.440 --> 00:50:12.420 Gary L. Wilson: And so, she was tough that whole, I mean the whole journey was i'm never given up, and I think if people that are listening to this go to the grave like game webpage they're going to see her whole story, I mean it's a great.

00:50:13.020 --> 00:50:14.700 Gary L. Wilson: it's a great day it was great.

00:50:14.760 --> 00:50:15.630 interviews.

00:50:16.800 --> 00:50:36.870 Gary L. Wilson: Is I just sent a game brave like game COP and a note to a kid Stevens point who's going through the same thing and she's not inspired by game and not a guy, and so I sent her this competition oh i'll never get rid of this and you know she's inspired me and so she did that for everybody.

00:50:37.050 --> 00:50:38.190 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I mean, she this was a.

00:50:38.580 --> 00:50:56.580 Gary L. Wilson: warrior I mean to the and I don't know if you know this story so she's she's dying, I mean she's like Friday today's Tuesday Friday her husband said, your whole system is shot, you are you're not going to make it, he said goodbye.

00:50:57.750 --> 00:51:05.430 Gary L. Wilson: She she wakes up the next morning and sits up in bed and goes not today, I want to.

00:51:07.110 --> 00:51:13.110 Gary L. Wilson: poke and i'm not talking basically on my diet today okay.

00:51:13.590 --> 00:51:13.950 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And then.

00:51:14.880 --> 00:51:16.110 Gary L. Wilson: Two days later she's.

00:51:16.380 --> 00:51:18.660 Gary L. Wilson: he's passed away, she was.

00:51:18.870 --> 00:51:19.890 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Fighting to the nba.

00:51:19.890 --> 00:51:22.980 Gary L. Wilson: Oh, she was going down for the count.

00:51:23.160 --> 00:51:24.510 Gary L. Wilson: And when she just was yes.

00:51:25.230 --> 00:51:27.660 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And the thing I don't like.

00:51:28.320 --> 00:51:41.430 Gary L. Wilson: Well, the things that chip and Joanna gaines did for her you know with that magnolia project that they got down in waco and they had the whole marathon for her and they gave her 250,000 she she.

00:51:41.460 --> 00:51:54.150 Gary L. Wilson: wow for the Foundation and they still donate and they came up, they were there, the day before she died redoing her office and stuff so so that you know justin wouldn't have to do it and they were at the funeral and.

00:51:54.690 --> 00:52:04.770 Gary L. Wilson: So that that's the stock that that her and abby and her brothers, the three brothers they come from that purim Minnesota you know.

00:52:04.800 --> 00:52:09.720 Gary L. Wilson: yeah ah yeah tough this good good people great family.

00:52:10.920 --> 00:52:13.560 Gary L. Wilson: Take they took no quarters anybody.

00:52:14.910 --> 00:52:29.460 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Well, you know I want and and I know that you had this same philosophy as a coach as I did, and one of the one of the things that I always was preaching to people and of course I would have been nice to take my own advice in some way but.

00:52:31.500 --> 00:52:40.230 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know what you should be working on in life is your legacy what are people going to say about you when you're gone, because at the end of the day.

00:52:40.470 --> 00:52:49.740 Kevin Barbaro Productions: All we've got left for the memories, nothing else matters doesn't matter how fast, you are doesn't matter how many medals you want, none of this crap matters.

00:52:50.280 --> 00:52:59.280 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Were you a good person, where you tough where you know we lazy you know I mean whatever you were whatever that stamp is that's it and.

00:53:00.090 --> 00:53:13.500 Kevin Barbaro Productions: By far she embraced that and literally what you're saying all the way to the end and I know that you guys, so you were heavily involved in the fundraising it Minnesota to build the track.

00:53:14.760 --> 00:53:24.060 Kevin Barbaro Productions: After this knuckleheads toward out and we're going to build another one, and the new women's locker room didn't you, is there a thing for her there and.

00:53:24.270 --> 00:53:27.420 Gary L. Wilson: yeah right called the brave like gave locker room yeah.

00:53:27.810 --> 00:53:28.440 Gary L. Wilson: No, by the way.

00:53:28.470 --> 00:53:39.120 Gary L. Wilson: I didn't find race for the track because I refuse to I said, you know why I start up you guys pay for it, I said no i'm not i'm not giving you one day i'm dying.

00:53:40.890 --> 00:53:41.190 Gary L. Wilson: But.

00:53:41.220 --> 00:53:47.700 Gary L. Wilson: yeah but susie and I we raised a third of a million dollars for the locker room and and.

00:53:48.450 --> 00:53:49.260 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And for.

00:53:49.740 --> 00:54:00.690 Gary L. Wilson: donations from the kids basically from the kittens walk on a walk on kid who's now a doctor gave me $50,000 she just brought her credit card, one day, he says, well, I did it for.

00:54:01.620 --> 00:54:02.430 Gary L. Wilson: That say well good.

00:54:05.370 --> 00:54:12.330 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I like that I like that fighting spirit, because you know they like you said they tore it out like hey man you toward out broke.

00:54:14.370 --> 00:54:15.570 Kevin Barbaro Productions: you're not going to give you a penny.

00:54:15.750 --> 00:54:17.970 Kevin Barbaro Productions: to redo something you should never taught in.

00:54:18.120 --> 00:54:20.460 Gary L. Wilson: The first place that's exactly right yeah.

00:54:20.700 --> 00:54:26.070 Gary L. Wilson: yeah well as my as my boss, used to say you don't play well with others, I said Oh, really.

00:54:28.590 --> 00:54:28.950 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah.

00:54:30.270 --> 00:54:32.790 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And let's move on to the next subject.

00:54:34.020 --> 00:54:39.090 Kevin Barbaro Productions: it's not gonna change yeah uh yeah man look Gary listen man.

00:54:40.710 --> 00:54:48.510 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I know that you're really close with their family and man condolences said I didn't know I didn't know her from.

00:54:48.930 --> 00:54:55.470 Kevin Barbaro Productions: anybody, but I knew what her spirit was and I wanted to give an opportunity for people, because I get a lot of listeners here on the show.

00:54:55.860 --> 00:55:03.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: aren't from our world, and you know be great if if even one person will go to brave like gave dot O rg.

00:55:03.630 --> 00:55:10.890 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know and and help with the cause man, because it was somebody that genuinely embrace like we're saying.

00:55:11.340 --> 00:55:30.570 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That spirit that you know you you you've got to go down fight to the end, no matter what it is life, you know your job, your career, whatever it is man don't ever give up like Jimmy V said man don't ever ever give up man, and it was so true brother listen man I love you bro I.

00:55:30.810 --> 00:55:32.370 Kevin Barbaro Productions: gotta cross paths again yeah.

00:55:33.900 --> 00:55:46.800 Gary L. Wilson: I can't even I can't even talk to you anymore you're like i'm going to be your pool man, but you know what is your big time, but if i'm your pool man i'm not doing anything i'm coming to sit by the pool and drinking a beer that's all i'm doing.

00:55:47.460 --> 00:55:50.940 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Well, this is what I expect you to do as my pool man is to hire report man.

00:55:54.240 --> 00:56:00.480 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Listen man my soon all right Thank you so much for being on brother and i'll see everybody next week.

00:56:00.840 --> 00:56:11.550 Kevin Barbaro Productions: on coffee talk XL and my guests next week is going to be jack wells from the Steven avery project which is going to be really fascinating i'm really excited to have her on.

00:56:11.820 --> 00:56:18.390 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You can get the podcast on apple or spotify or you can go to talk radio dot nyc i'm Kevin Barbara and we'll see you next week.

00:56:19.140 --> 00:56:19.740 Gary L. Wilson: love you man.

00:56:20.610 --> 00:56:21.210 Kevin Barbaro Productions: love you brother.

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