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Monday, August 9, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/08/09 - From Hippie to Rabbi, with Rabbi Boruch Klar

Facebook Live Video from 2021/08/09 - From Hippie to Rabbi, with Rabbi Boruch Klar


2021/08/09 - From Hippie to Rabbi, with Rabbi Boruch Klar

[NEW EPISODE] From Hippie to Rabbi, with Rabbi Boruch Klar

Boruch Klar was born Brian to a secular Jewish family in Montreal, Canada. He grew up in the “times, they are a changing“ 60’s. In that spirit , on completion of his university degree, he hitched across Canada and down the West Coast to volunteer for the Grape Boycott of the United Farmworkers Union run by Cesar Chavez to support poor, terribly mistreated migrant farmworkers. 

Two and a half years later, this long haired hippie discovered Chabad and to the shock of all including himself, he ended up in Yeshiva, studying mysticism and deep spiritual concepts loving every minute of it. Today he is a Chabad emissary in charge of Essex County, NJ.

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Today’s show features the special guest Rabbi Boruch Klar who is from Montreal, Canada but met Albert in New Jersey. Growing up, he hated feeling powerless in reaction to the ongoing war in Vietnam along with other tragedies. This inspired him to leave his hometown and settle in California to volunteer for the Grape Boycott of the United Farmworkers Union. It was run by Caesar Chavez who acted as a mentor for Boruch. The union’s main purpose is to support poor, terribly mistreated farmworkers. Later in life, he got seriously interested in Chabad which is deep Jewish philosophy. He states that it was the thing he was searching for. Since then, he has studied countless hours to become as knowledgeable as he currently is.

Segment 2

After Boruch’s time in California, he came to the realization that Judaism can change the world physically and spiritually. He believes that everyone has a piece of godliness inside of them and can be accessed for one to better themselves. In addition, he mentions that he is a rabbi and not a counselor but he loves to assist people who suffer from mental illness. He knows that acknowledging it is the first step then it is treatment. Next, he shares a story about an author who is a holocaust survivor that barely survived. One of the themes of a book is about how one’s struggles should be used to prosper instead of the opposite.

Segment 3

Alberts film titled Extra Innings is discussed next. The film is about Albert’s family and his experiences through his life. He admits that if he had not suffered through all of the pain in the past, he would not be the same. He would not be as strong as he is today. In addition, he used his pain to create something productive. He told his story through his film which certainly touched many people worldwide. Also, Boruch mentions that if an individual has purpose then they can survive anything. The purpose also serves as a will to keep going and thrive. Unconditional love is another important concept to him. If people could love others including betrayers unconditionally, the world would be a better place.

Segment 4

Next, Albert tells a story of a time he lost a loved one and was heavily grieving. It was hard for him to find strength and move on until he came to the realization that they would not want them to be upset. Also, the two discuss the importance of how we should not judge others because we do not know their situation. Albert mentions a time when somebody asked why someone else could not control their children and the reasoning was because their mother passed away. Being understanding and nonjudgmental is a key to life. Moreover, Boruch looks forward to helping and meeting new people everyday.


00:00:37.980 --> 00:00:56.970 Albert Dabah: hi there, welcome to extra innings covering all the bases on extra innings we talk about all kinds of issues and on tonight's show we have a really good friend of mine who I met in morristown New Jersey.

00:00:58.020 --> 00:01:06.390 Albert Dabah: First i'll tell you a little bit about the show what we talked about we cover all kinds of subjects such as mental.

00:01:07.110 --> 00:01:29.940 Albert Dabah: wellness mental illness all different kinds of disorders and people may have or different challenges that people go through throughout their lives on the show we review and talk about the journeys of people who have face these challenges that are basically universal.

00:01:32.430 --> 00:01:39.900 Albert Dabah: I am the host of the show my name is Albert dabba I am a filmmaker life coach and a mental health advocate.

00:01:41.850 --> 00:01:52.500 Albert Dabah: Extra innings comes from a film that i've written produced directed and acted in it's an award winning film and it's currently on many platforms, including Amazon.

00:01:53.700 --> 00:01:57.780 Albert Dabah: So I would like to introduce to you rabbi borrow klar.

00:01:59.160 --> 00:02:00.720 Albert Dabah: Barbara how are you tonight.

00:02:01.380 --> 00:02:02.250 Boruch Klar: Good good.

00:02:04.080 --> 00:02:04.500 Albert Dabah: Good.

00:02:06.240 --> 00:02:09.270 Albert Dabah: good to see you, too, I haven't seen Barack live in a while.

00:02:10.860 --> 00:02:22.740 Albert Dabah: But I see him, while and I moved to morristown years ago when Barack used to live there with his family and I moved there with my family and we became good friends.

00:02:24.120 --> 00:02:28.560 Albert Dabah: One of the things I always remember about Barack is that we used to play racquetball together.

00:02:31.680 --> 00:02:38.760 Albert Dabah: So bar has a really interesting background and i'd like him to share a little bit about it.

00:02:40.560 --> 00:02:46.230 Albert Dabah: So viral comes from Montreal, Canada and.

00:02:47.730 --> 00:03:11.190 Albert Dabah: He traveled and hitchhike cross country as I recall from what you've told me when you were 19 years old, something like that, and you went to California so tell us about your background and and everyone will find out why you're such a special man.

00:03:11.880 --> 00:03:14.220 Albert Dabah: Please, yes, no you pay our.

00:03:16.530 --> 00:03:17.670 Albert Dabah: People he is.

00:03:18.900 --> 00:03:34.680 Albert Dabah: And I want him to tell us about it, rather than me to just tell you about it so tell us about that experience of yours, why you left home from Ontario and went out to California and what you did in California.

00:03:35.010 --> 00:03:40.320 Boruch Klar: So I think that I grew up as a good kid that wanted to make a difference in the world.

00:03:42.570 --> 00:03:47.580 Boruch Klar: I felt that at the time i'm talking like 60s early 70s, I felt like.

00:03:48.840 --> 00:03:56.070 Boruch Klar: There wasn't much I could do about things, there was starvation Biafra there was a war in Vietnam was Canadian I was out of it.

00:03:57.930 --> 00:04:03.720 Boruch Klar: There were things happening in places that I just couldn't do anything about so my last year of university.

00:04:04.950 --> 00:04:05.220 Boruch Klar: I.

00:04:06.480 --> 00:04:13.770 Boruch Klar: I met some supporters, from the farm workers Union California people that work for the Union for CESAR Chavez.

00:04:16.140 --> 00:04:22.320 Boruch Klar: I don't know that people know but I today, but in the 60s and 70s, it was huge, it was a way for.

00:04:23.430 --> 00:04:26.520 Boruch Klar: People who are suffering and struggling to.

00:04:27.570 --> 00:04:37.650 Boruch Klar: To to win a battle in a non violent way it just spoke to me in every way possible, I think CESAR Chavez was a remarkable human being.

00:04:38.610 --> 00:04:50.010 Boruch Klar: And I was honored to work with him for almost two years, I think the Farmworkers allowed me to do something like in this continent least where.

00:04:50.460 --> 00:04:59.250 Boruch Klar: Where I could make a difference and where I could actually not talk philosophy, but live it so actually took my honors degree in political philosophy.

00:05:00.120 --> 00:05:12.750 Boruch Klar: which I could do nothing with really other than hits across the country and down the west coast and check into the Union, and I was assigned an area in.

00:05:13.950 --> 00:05:23.790 Boruch Klar: San Pedro San Pedro lesson south of Los Angeles it's an extra long beach, and also the area called rancho pals veritas and I spent two years working there.

00:05:25.020 --> 00:05:33.120 Boruch Klar: Organizing organizing in the city, because you can't beat some of the big business on their terms, so.

00:05:34.380 --> 00:05:40.200 Boruch Klar: The Union felt that if you could boycott a product and cut back even 15% into their profits.

00:05:40.740 --> 00:05:54.960 Boruch Klar: into their profits, you can make a big difference, and we really did in a non violent way we organized in the cities we we did a lot of good stuff so spend some time in this in the in the fields, a little bit just meeting people demonstrating.

00:05:56.520 --> 00:06:01.650 Boruch Klar: met some Famous people out there was there a little bit you know I stood in a picket line with Joan baez.

00:06:04.140 --> 00:06:12.240 Boruch Klar: Donald Sutherland Jane fonda there were a lot of people there that supported the movement, it was um it was a beautiful research silly non violent way.

00:06:12.690 --> 00:06:24.930 Boruch Klar: To bring just basic human race, the human beings and I thought it if this is why people have to live in America, North America, and I could do something about it i'm there so that's what I did.

00:06:26.040 --> 00:06:30.630 Boruch Klar: That was 74 to 76 1974 to 76.

00:06:31.950 --> 00:06:32.700 Albert Dabah: So.

00:06:33.930 --> 00:06:40.440 Albert Dabah: During that time obviously you left your family, you went you went by yourself.

00:06:40.650 --> 00:06:42.420 Albert Dabah: yeah and.

00:06:43.920 --> 00:06:54.690 Albert Dabah: After that I, my understanding is you got into the hubbard movement was that, right after that or how did that happen, and maybe you could let the people know what.

00:06:55.410 --> 00:06:55.980 Boruch Klar: That means.

00:06:56.730 --> 00:06:57.210 Okay.

00:06:58.470 --> 00:07:18.090 Boruch Klar: It actually you think about it, it was really the next step, I had studied rational Western philosophy, I felt very limited by it, I felt there's got to be something more than this, and when I spent that time in California, I read all the counterculture books.

00:07:20.070 --> 00:07:23.310 Boruch Klar: done one black elk speaks Indians.

00:07:25.050 --> 00:07:32.940 Boruch Klar: Baba Rom DAS, it was, like all the stuff that people read and enjoyed and discuss it those days and I just found it fascinating.

00:07:34.560 --> 00:07:45.930 Boruch Klar: To get into more spiritual things not just what I had learned, I felt there was something more, and one day somebody said to me, you know you're Jewish maybe check into a Kabbalah.

00:07:46.650 --> 00:07:53.550 Boruch Klar: Now that sounds a little weird because today, everybody knows what Kabbalah is I mean since Madonna everybody was like.

00:07:56.430 --> 00:07:59.040 Boruch Klar: i'm sorry so um.

00:08:01.080 --> 00:08:12.840 Boruch Klar: At the time, I never heard the word I just thought that there was something in Judaism was mystical and spiritual and I hadn't seen that in my life, and I wanted very much to to learn it.

00:08:13.530 --> 00:08:22.050 Boruch Klar: And I started to study I have found two books in English, on the subject, because Kabbalah is you know it's it's deep Jewish philosophy.

00:08:22.590 --> 00:08:31.380 Boruch Klar: Much of it is written in Hebrew or Aramaic and I found two books in English one, was by a professor at Hebrew University in Jerusalem was.

00:08:31.890 --> 00:08:42.330 Boruch Klar: He was called the accountant, because it was pretty straightforward something he was talking about and teaching about, but nothing he had experienced was pretty dry wasn't what I was looking for, and there was another book.

00:08:43.980 --> 00:08:47.220 Boruch Klar: By a reform rabbi in South orange New Jersey.

00:08:49.620 --> 00:08:57.420 Boruch Klar: That was pretty pretty interesting he had done some interviews, it was called nine and a half mystics it interviewed some very, very special.

00:08:58.470 --> 00:09:09.720 Boruch Klar: holy people and one of them was alibaba TREVI and when I read the book I just said, I don't know anything about this, but this is amazing, this is fascinating I got to find out more so.

00:09:12.450 --> 00:09:20.820 Boruch Klar: So I was reading these books and I just I gotta tell you I there was a six month period between California, and when I came back to.

00:09:21.240 --> 00:09:31.500 Boruch Klar: To morristown New Jersey, I came to morristown New Jersey, because there's a rabbinical college is Shiva, which is a school for people to learn Torah that very deep way full time.

00:09:32.430 --> 00:09:45.840 Boruch Klar: But there's a special program in this place for people who have very little background, so I came in, with very little background really I could barely read the language and I discovered.

00:09:46.980 --> 00:09:57.120 Boruch Klar: I discovered depth like i'd never seen before I just said, this is incredible i'm talking about after a full university career i'm looking at stuff that I grew up with it seemed.

00:09:58.140 --> 00:10:12.090 Boruch Klar: I don't know but irrelevant, but certainly not important part of my life and all of a sudden it's like it's it's teaching me things that I can't I just where where's this been all my life and the fact is, it was there I just didn't have that connection so.

00:10:14.850 --> 00:10:15.840 Boruch Klar: There was a point where.

00:10:17.430 --> 00:10:21.960 Boruch Klar: I was living on this commune in the eastern townships in Quebec.

00:10:23.580 --> 00:10:32.190 Boruch Klar: And I was getting into natural health and medicine, because I like I left California pretty sick, it was a lot of pressure seven days and nights a week.

00:10:32.700 --> 00:10:43.890 Boruch Klar: Working and you know really killing yourself for the cause and I just wasn't it was not in great shape, so I got into all this stuff and one time, one day, I mean i'm.

00:10:45.120 --> 00:10:53.760 Boruch Klar: i'm in a health food store and Montreal is divided into English and French is pretty much 99% East is French and West is English just the way it always has been.

00:10:55.140 --> 00:11:00.840 Boruch Klar: there's no animosity it's just the way it is, I mean you live with people, you can talk to her, you know so.

00:11:02.280 --> 00:11:12.720 Boruch Klar: I was in that totally East side of the city in a health food store where nobody spoke any English and i'm i'm standing at a at a bookshelf in the health food store.

00:11:13.290 --> 00:11:21.540 Boruch Klar: And this lady comes up to me and she says in English if you're looking for a book on macrobiotics which I was, but I don't know how she knew that.

00:11:22.980 --> 00:11:31.740 Boruch Klar: I recommend a book by Michelle EPA Sarah, who is a master in macrobiotics and he's also a follower of the lubavitcher rebbie.

00:11:33.390 --> 00:11:41.460 Boruch Klar: Now I just like to say something I got about Bob over bhatia story, this is like a miracle, this is incredible for still standing there I got hair down to my waist.

00:11:43.140 --> 00:11:46.320 Boruch Klar: I don't quite look like a rabbi I don't know that I love Jewish at all.

00:11:46.830 --> 00:12:01.050 Boruch Klar: And this one speaks to me in English and tells me about the connection between what i'm looking for and and the deepest Judaism i've ever heard of she makes that connection, and I just thought that was like a real gift from above, and I.

00:12:02.790 --> 00:12:06.660 Boruch Klar: I mentioned this to some of my friends at mcgill university and this.

00:12:07.380 --> 00:12:13.770 Boruch Klar: This woman, said to me, you know i've seen that name I think he came to speak already or he's coming to speak and I thought I believed.

00:12:14.250 --> 00:12:23.490 Boruch Klar: If I believe anything spiritual that everything's for a reason that's all I really understood at the time and if he's coming to the city to speak, I have to be able to hear him.

00:12:24.390 --> 00:12:32.910 Boruch Klar: And I called every organization, the city that I could think of and nobody knew what I was talking about, and then somebody said try calling her, but I think Gil campus.

00:12:33.540 --> 00:12:42.990 Boruch Klar: I never heard of, but this is incredible because when I started with her, but it was really I don't want to say fringe, but it was very unheard of just.

00:12:43.530 --> 00:12:54.750 Boruch Klar: it's developed now to a point where it's everywhere in the whole world, I mean about is Judaism in the world every college campus every city around the world every country the places where you can't even imagine like.

00:12:55.350 --> 00:13:00.270 Boruch Klar: there's been houses in China and Japan and Vietnam and Cambodia and Laos and.

00:13:01.710 --> 00:13:09.270 Boruch Klar: The Siberia Alaska and it's just it's just everywhere and it's it's tremendous and what what it was that um.

00:13:10.860 --> 00:13:21.090 Boruch Klar: So I I found out that he was speaking there and it was just a couple of days ahead and I went there, and that was basically my turning point, I met a person who was.

00:13:21.510 --> 00:13:34.620 Boruch Klar: Very spiritual very fascinating very bright very charismatic tall thin like Moroccan type like actually a descendant of the Baba solid big great Chief Rabbi of Israel.

00:13:35.130 --> 00:13:37.740 Boruch Klar: And I just said, this is, I got to learn more.

00:13:38.640 --> 00:13:53.220 Boruch Klar: And to make a long story short, I spent many, many hours and nights talking to people in a two week period two professors at mcgill university two rabbis who had been through a lot and people that gave me a lot of time and energy.

00:13:54.840 --> 00:14:00.300 Boruch Klar: And I talked to four in the morning one night two nights three nights and I just decided, you know what.

00:14:01.350 --> 00:14:11.070 Boruch Klar: The sounds strange and people don't usually make such rash decisions, but this has been something i've been looking for for a long time and they study plenty of philosophy and that plenty of books and I was really moving along.

00:14:11.820 --> 00:14:26.460 Boruch Klar: And I just felt I had to I had to go to her about this place morristown and the rabbi said, you know you could just learn a little bit on your own i'll teach you will do this I got no, no, you don't get it, I gotta go I got to immerse myself, this is what i'm looking for, and that was um.

00:14:27.540 --> 00:14:31.800 Boruch Klar: It was march of 1976 and I never left.

00:14:32.280 --> 00:14:48.270 Albert Dabah: wow wow we're gonna have to stop for a minute, we have a commercial coming up, but that's pretty amazing with, although the background that you've had and how that made that connection there anyway we'll be right back with borrows klar in just a moment, thank you.

00:17:05.580 --> 00:17:13.650 Albert Dabah: hi we're back at extra innings covering all the bases with rabbi Barbara Clark so Barbara.

00:17:14.700 --> 00:17:19.980 Albert Dabah: So you decided to join like full time to rabbinical college at that point.

00:17:20.640 --> 00:17:29.490 Boruch Klar: Well, it was a school yeah I decided to sit and learn catch up, you know because I didn't have that background and and i'll tell you.

00:17:30.360 --> 00:17:37.530 Boruch Klar: I mentioned before, that I felt Western rational philosophy was very limiting I mean you can only take you can only understand.

00:17:38.070 --> 00:17:44.280 Boruch Klar: Something, to the extent that your your intelligence that allows you, but I felt there was something beyond us.

00:17:45.090 --> 00:17:56.820 Boruch Klar: I felt that we were limited and I felt I could learn something more, and what I saw was all the stories and things I grew up with that seemed to be just nice little stories turned out to be lessons for life that I.

00:17:57.510 --> 00:18:08.340 Boruch Klar: I just thought was incredible and I decided this is what I have to do with my life, so I feel like I did great work in California I helped certain group of people at a certain time in a certain place.

00:18:08.760 --> 00:18:17.400 Boruch Klar: i'm not sorry about it, it was an amazing experience we did great things we helped a lot of people but somehow all of a sudden, I felt that.

00:18:18.570 --> 00:18:21.480 Boruch Klar: This kind of Judaism, for me, was.

00:18:22.770 --> 00:18:28.800 Boruch Klar: was something where I could change the world, not just in a physical way and not just in a particular place in time but forever.

00:18:29.190 --> 00:18:43.260 Boruch Klar: always and in a spiritual way really make a difference in the world like bringing the world to a place of goodness and kindness and truth and I pretty much been working through that for it's been about 45 years already.

00:18:45.840 --> 00:18:48.060 Boruch Klar: I think lately, I would say that.

00:18:50.220 --> 00:19:07.470 Boruch Klar: You know, since i've worked in the Community, and I want to help people i'm not a therapist and a lot of counselor i'm i'm a rabbi and I feel like i've been through a lot in the last 20 years or so, a real lot a lot of difficult times, a lot of things where I felt like.

00:19:08.700 --> 00:19:23.940 Boruch Klar: Again, God, what do you want from me again and it's almost like now, I see well yeah if you listen to me I wouldn't have to keep throwing these lessons at you, but I feel like i've learned enough to actually really help people not just.

00:19:25.350 --> 00:19:35.610 Boruch Klar: teaching the wisdom of Judaism, but teaching it in a way that it applies that's what hasidic philosophy that's that's a bad stands for, when you learn something you don't learn it for the sake of the intellectual.

00:19:36.600 --> 00:19:43.830 Boruch Klar: stimulation, or you learn it in order to be able to integrate it in your life to become intimate with it.

00:19:44.370 --> 00:19:54.630 Boruch Klar: And to share it with other people and change their lives, give them give them something give them a way to recognize who they are, on the inside, we all have within us a piece of godliness literally.

00:19:55.410 --> 00:20:10.050 Boruch Klar: that's what we're time and if you can find it and express it, you can really do well, so you know I mentioned trauma and I know this is what you do and I was fascinated about your movie and what you're doing.

00:20:12.750 --> 00:20:16.620 Boruch Klar: i've just been spending a lot of time trying to put my own life together and.

00:20:17.760 --> 00:20:23.940 Boruch Klar: Learn from all my sources many Jewish sources some non Jewish sources and.

00:20:26.520 --> 00:20:39.960 Boruch Klar: We at hubbard realized that that is it's a very serious issue out there that we came to it just before we talked actually it's kind of interesting we started a New Jersey mental health initiative.

00:20:41.970 --> 00:20:51.930 Boruch Klar: it's phenomenal it's phenomenal we recognize that mental health is an issue that most people suffer from some sort of trauma or another, now I don't.

00:20:52.380 --> 00:21:04.710 Boruch Klar: want to compare it to what you discuss in a movie it's not suicide necessarily but it's certainly about depression about trauma but not being able to cope about looking for direction finding purpose in your life.

00:21:05.940 --> 00:21:07.470 Boruch Klar: These are the things that helped me.

00:21:08.580 --> 00:21:09.570 Boruch Klar: And that's what I learned.

00:21:10.860 --> 00:21:15.210 Boruch Klar: that's what i've been learning and sharing with people, so we we took some some.

00:21:16.950 --> 00:21:33.330 Boruch Klar: Like a two day course in training we're not trained to be professionals what we're trained to help and be able to to pinpoint perhaps something that where we could send a person to the proper source to the proper person, we have a whole system now with people that that.

00:21:34.380 --> 00:21:48.360 Boruch Klar: Are are there they're there for people and it's a it's a whole it's a whole network of people that that really can help change people's lives so that's basically where we are in our lives today so we're almost kind of in the same situation.

00:21:49.860 --> 00:22:00.720 Boruch Klar: But in my work, I mean tons of people I teach a lot the classes, I teach or not just classes anymore, is there every class is a question.

00:22:01.470 --> 00:22:07.440 Boruch Klar: Part one question part to answer part three So what does that do for my life or your life, what does it, what does it mean.

00:22:07.950 --> 00:22:17.220 Boruch Klar: And that's what hasidic philosophy is and I love it I just love it I love it more when I told you that I went to morristown in 1976 I loved it I loved it, I decided to stay.

00:22:17.760 --> 00:22:22.110 Boruch Klar: I actually love it more today than I ever did even then just 45 years later and.

00:22:22.410 --> 00:22:36.870 Boruch Klar: it's not something you can run out of steam it's not something that you, you got it and you don't need it anymore it's it's life you grow with it, as you know you go through tests and challenges, one of the things we learned is that you may be in a place of darkness.

00:22:38.010 --> 00:22:39.630 Boruch Klar: But the whole purpose of darkness.

00:22:40.980 --> 00:22:45.660 Boruch Klar: Is is not just to bring light, but to transform the darkness into light.

00:22:46.290 --> 00:22:57.930 Boruch Klar: or there's less we're here, for we have a purpose, I take a couple of people that are Holocaust survivors that I mean I don't usually go that direction and I don't read books on the Holocaust, I find it incredibly depressing.

00:22:59.430 --> 00:23:05.550 Boruch Klar: But I read a book called man's search for meaning by Viktor frankl which was just wonderful.

00:23:07.230 --> 00:23:16.710 Boruch Klar: He talks about how you could be being beaten by a Nazi SS guard and be more free in your mind, then he could ever be.

00:23:17.550 --> 00:23:24.810 Boruch Klar: And it's an incredible concept, the space between stimulus and response is where freedom lies it's all in your mind, and you can choose.

00:23:25.140 --> 00:23:37.590 Boruch Klar: You can choose to be a victim, you can choose to to be other than that and I just finished a book by someone who became very close to Viktor frankl her name is Dr Edith agar have you heard of the book The chosen.

00:23:39.210 --> 00:23:39.900 Boruch Klar: it's um.

00:23:41.310 --> 00:23:49.380 Boruch Klar: I didn't want to read it at first, but I was told it was really excellent the first book is about her experience her first years in Auschwitz, as a young girl.

00:23:50.460 --> 00:23:57.930 Boruch Klar: It was hell, I mean you read it, and you can't believe that people could treat people like that she basically survives.

00:23:58.650 --> 00:24:09.690 Boruch Klar: They found her the American troops came in and founder a pile of bones, on top of up like a skinny little nothing left almost very sick broken back all kinds of issues on top of the pile.

00:24:10.170 --> 00:24:16.440 Boruch Klar: of dead bones like it was just it was you can't you know I think sometimes people talk about and they just.

00:24:16.830 --> 00:24:23.550 Boruch Klar: You can't get it, you know I can't get it, because you can't believe that such a thing could happen, and yet it happened, but she says.

00:24:24.360 --> 00:24:32.070 Boruch Klar: You have choice in your life imagine you, you went through a house, you went through how you almost died you weren't death march you don't know how you survived the whole thing.

00:24:33.000 --> 00:24:50.520 Boruch Klar: And then she came out of it and spent the rest of her life and the book and, by the way, she's 96 she wrote her first book at 92 and her second book at 94 she's she's amazing person her first book is called choice, and the second book is called the gift and what she's saying is that.

00:24:52.650 --> 00:24:56.340 Boruch Klar: Somehow you just get that what you go through is.

00:24:57.780 --> 00:25:03.870 Boruch Klar: it's not just such as life happening at us not to get you got it's not a punishing God it's.

00:25:04.710 --> 00:25:11.970 Boruch Klar: I can't explain it in terms of the Holocaust, because that is so far out so wicked so evil, but in terms of our personal lives.

00:25:12.570 --> 00:25:20.460 Boruch Klar: We go through things so that we should be able to to overcome them they there was a point in my life that I was just blown away it just occurred to me like.

00:25:21.090 --> 00:25:29.970 Boruch Klar: Why are all these things happening, it seems to be over and over again, like God, what do you want from my life and then, and then I got a lesson that was just incredible.

00:25:31.020 --> 00:25:41.790 Boruch Klar: He he wants he wants to help to help you grow he wants to give you an experience that you will overcome that you will be tested by and challenged by it and you will overcome it.

00:25:42.210 --> 00:25:58.500 Boruch Klar: And you will bring all kinds of your life will change, I know I said this, I read this in a an article just the other day if somebody said to you, you know if you could go back and live that 20 years over again without any of the calamities and trauma that you went through.

00:25:59.610 --> 00:26:02.850 Boruch Klar: Would you do that, and I think anybody.

00:26:04.440 --> 00:26:09.270 Boruch Klar: Anybody who's been through it would actually say no, I the person I am today.

00:26:10.770 --> 00:26:26.760 Boruch Klar: is so different than the person I would have been without all those experiences, was it was it difficult, was it hell, was it painful lot of tears yeah it was, but what i've learned and how I can share that with other people and and like.

00:26:28.050 --> 00:26:37.350 Boruch Klar: Dr eager says, you know find the choice, the whole rest of her book after the Holocaust part after Auschwitz is about her life, she becomes a.

00:26:38.670 --> 00:26:44.010 Boruch Klar: She was a like an Olympic dancer before the Holocaust after that she she was broken but.

00:26:45.150 --> 00:26:50.790 Boruch Klar: She she becomes a therapist even at an older age, I think, into under 40 so she becomes an.

00:26:51.480 --> 00:26:59.520 Boruch Klar: renowned therapist she's really great she's got all this knowledge is very close to Viktor frankl she's she's gotten degree after degree she's.

00:27:00.030 --> 00:27:14.910 Boruch Klar: Just an amazing person, but she goes through things to she goes through life, she has her challenges she's she's just started from a very difficult place and and she had tremendous challenges long way and you see how she deals with those challenges and it's always like.

00:27:16.500 --> 00:27:18.900 Boruch Klar: it's always without you know if.

00:27:20.160 --> 00:27:23.220 Boruch Klar: If you live, if you live in the past.

00:27:24.330 --> 00:27:29.130 Boruch Klar: You live in a place of pain and darkness, you have to.

00:27:30.780 --> 00:27:41.550 Boruch Klar: You have to find a place to move into the future, to move forward and to make something of your life and to say that's not for me I don't have to say that I can choose a different way of life.

00:27:42.060 --> 00:27:51.150 Boruch Klar: And she chooses throughout the book she chooses over and over again, and I just thought it was tremendously exhilarating and uplifting, especially for a person like that.

00:27:52.860 --> 00:27:54.120 Boruch Klar: With what she had been through.

00:27:55.980 --> 00:27:56.070 Albert Dabah: yeah.

00:27:57.090 --> 00:28:08.850 Boruch Klar: So, again I just like I was thinking before it's just it's not just to find the light in the darkness, but rather to transform the darkness into light i'll tell you one little thing that we're coming on a break, but i'm.

00:28:09.990 --> 00:28:19.830 Boruch Klar: In the Jewish calendar, that the day starts, not with the sunshine in the morning it starts the night before because basically that's what life is about it starts with darkness.

00:28:20.370 --> 00:28:25.230 Boruch Klar: So I said, like this, but then it ends and light and it's it's kind of like what you can do.

00:28:25.680 --> 00:28:30.720 Boruch Klar: You can you start in darkness, but you're going to create lead you're going to transform that darkness into light.

00:28:31.020 --> 00:28:41.370 Boruch Klar: And the light that comes from darkness is a much greater light than just the light itself, you know I mean if you if you open lights now and a light room it'll be brighter but if if.

00:28:41.970 --> 00:28:50.160 Boruch Klar: If you open the lights in a very dark room, it will transform the darkness into life and I into light the same thing life and life and.

00:28:51.540 --> 00:28:58.290 Boruch Klar: that's that's what i've learned and that's what i'd like to share with people and I, you know it's not easy and everybody has a different thing there's all kinds of.

00:28:58.830 --> 00:29:07.890 Boruch Klar: there's all kinds of traumas that people to live with there's people were just depressed is a very hard life you just want to call it, even if you were doing fine before call, but you went through.

00:29:08.340 --> 00:29:17.400 Boruch Klar: difficult times so there's people that are just sensitive people that suffer and then are people that are victims of other people's misuse and abuse.

00:29:19.170 --> 00:29:25.080 Boruch Klar: And I it's awful frankly it's really awful, but we can we can grow from that experience.

00:29:25.350 --> 00:29:34.650 Albert Dabah: yeah very good, this is really, really good stuff I want to after the break it back to you about you know I read written frankel's book three times and.

00:29:35.730 --> 00:29:37.560 Albert Dabah: i've gotten so much from that book.

00:29:39.270 --> 00:29:42.480 Albert Dabah: So we'll be right back after this commercial with.

00:29:43.830 --> 00:29:45.780 Albert Dabah: bar borrow klar Thank you.

00:32:18.600 --> 00:32:20.370 Albert Dabah: we're back with Barbara klar.

00:32:22.050 --> 00:32:23.220 Albert Dabah: I wanted to ask you.

00:32:24.870 --> 00:32:32.400 Albert Dabah: You have seen the film extra innings that I made and I was curious I remember speaking to before the film came out.

00:32:34.260 --> 00:32:43.500 Albert Dabah: Because I got to know a bit about hubbard while I was living in Mars him when my father passed away, I remember going to.

00:32:44.670 --> 00:32:51.750 Albert Dabah: The rabbinical college every day to say cottage and I got to know a lot of the people, their way of life bit.

00:32:52.260 --> 00:33:05.160 Albert Dabah: And it was such a warm place and our families got to know each other, and then I remember you moved to West orange and and then you know we used to play racquetball that was fun with Dan Harris.

00:33:05.880 --> 00:33:06.210 and

00:33:08.010 --> 00:33:09.810 Albert Dabah: we've gone back some time now.

00:33:11.370 --> 00:33:17.460 Albert Dabah: But I think one of the things you brought up before is about you know, trying to find your way in life, you know everyone has.

00:33:17.880 --> 00:33:31.980 Albert Dabah: A choice to make and and some people aren't aware of their choices, unless they find someone in attachment someone to talk to if they're having a certain challenge or problem in their life.

00:33:34.080 --> 00:33:34.680 Albert Dabah: The.

00:33:36.930 --> 00:33:42.420 Albert Dabah: The website that you send me the other day to listen to you I believe it was called the.

00:33:42.510 --> 00:33:51.240 Boruch Klar: value of it's a rabbi Jacobs, it was just incredible if anybody wants to hear what i'm talking about he's the best presenter.

00:33:51.780 --> 00:33:56.760 Boruch Klar: This depth and compassion and meaning and purpose is just all there yeah go ahead.

00:33:57.060 --> 00:34:06.030 Albert Dabah: yeah so I listened to rabbi jacobson the seminar, you told me about and it made me think about.

00:34:07.440 --> 00:34:15.300 Albert Dabah: You know I came from a place where there was a really tough tough time and dysfunctional family just to use that phrase where.

00:34:16.560 --> 00:34:26.520 Albert Dabah: You know the way I look at it was you know if I look back and say why would I choose that well, it has made me a better person in my life.

00:34:27.000 --> 00:34:38.340 Albert Dabah: To work through the pain that was in my family and not just by writing and making the film, but by living that.

00:34:39.150 --> 00:34:50.250 Albert Dabah: With the family that I live with and seeing the pain that was going on with my brother and sister and and my father and my mother and my other sister and how everyone deals with it.

00:34:50.910 --> 00:35:01.230 Albert Dabah: And I decided to write the movie because I felt like there are so many people out there also having the experience of being a therapist working as a therapist.

00:35:02.010 --> 00:35:14.820 Albert Dabah: that there are so many people out there who feel alone and feel disconnected and it can get to the point where they just want to say screw it, I want to I can't take take this anymore, this is to refer me.

00:35:15.330 --> 00:35:25.650 Albert Dabah: And they'll make that move they some people might get addicted to drugs and then go too far and take their lives by it, or just decided to.

00:35:25.680 --> 00:35:26.310 Albert Dabah: Take a one.

00:35:26.520 --> 00:35:29.280 Boruch Klar: so commonplace so commonplace today.

00:35:30.090 --> 00:35:42.180 Albert Dabah: And I find that i'm the purpose of me of doing this podcast and making the movie was to basically let people know you're not alone, a.

00:35:43.380 --> 00:35:54.870 Albert Dabah: That they're out there that not only can help, but that share your same kind of similar kind of pain and that is important to be able to.

00:35:55.650 --> 00:36:11.100 Albert Dabah: get help and and and find that place that you feel you can fit in at least to the sense, where you can get your your balance together and whether it's whether whatever faith you come from.

00:36:12.780 --> 00:36:14.160 Albert Dabah: And, and as.

00:36:16.110 --> 00:36:22.410 Albert Dabah: and whatever measure you can find whether it's a therapist or best friend even that rabbi.

00:36:22.950 --> 00:36:44.010 Albert Dabah: mentions even taken IOSCO, which is a an LSD kind of drug that I know people have taken it and I was amazed when he said that because it made me think whether he really seems to know about a lot to either met at and another words, it seemed to me that he was without judgment.

00:36:44.340 --> 00:36:46.260 Boruch Klar: And though great point.

00:36:46.590 --> 00:36:51.990 Albert Dabah: And that is so important because you know we we have a tendency as Yun.

00:36:53.670 --> 00:37:00.390 Albert Dabah: Other people, am I, better than you are you better than me in some ways there's such a sense of.

00:37:01.710 --> 00:37:08.070 Albert Dabah: You know how much money do you make how far you up that ladder of success or whatever it is.

00:37:10.830 --> 00:37:23.100 Albert Dabah: And I find myself in doing this podcast like listening to you and listening to other guests that i've had on but really struggled and made some amazing advancements in their lives.

00:37:23.730 --> 00:37:30.120 Albert Dabah: By dealing with these challenges, and I remember once being at your House for a holiday.

00:37:30.870 --> 00:37:47.640 Albert Dabah: And you were talking about going to speaking to prisoners that were in jail, I think they were Jewish prisoners in jail, I was really it really touched me I didn't really get to talk too much about it but tell me a little bit about that, because that seems to I don't know that you know.

00:37:49.080 --> 00:37:51.000 Albert Dabah: That seemed like a very special thing.

00:37:53.190 --> 00:37:58.710 Boruch Klar: You know, I think it was one of the beautiful things if the red be taught us of arbitrarily taught us.

00:38:02.670 --> 00:38:09.870 Boruch Klar: is either nobody nobody should be alone, and if you're if you're a prisoner in.

00:38:11.940 --> 00:38:23.310 Boruch Klar: Your prisoner like again we don't charge people who knows what happened to those what the life was like before that, who knows, so a prisoner, a senior citizen in a nursing home a kid.

00:38:24.360 --> 00:38:30.420 Boruch Klar: You know how many stories you hear about it a kid who heard a good word and have been contemplating suicide and.

00:38:31.080 --> 00:38:41.430 Boruch Klar: So just here's The thing that I from frankel I got purpose, he talks about local therapy that's about finding meaning in your life if you have meaning.

00:38:42.330 --> 00:38:51.810 Boruch Klar: And a purpose, you can you can survive anything that's that's his main lesson, so you have to have purpose and you have to find a unity in life and godliness in life.

00:38:53.580 --> 00:39:02.970 Boruch Klar: It means you can't judge anybody else because everybody's got their little package that they have to live with, so you can't judge anybody, and then the thing is um.

00:39:04.320 --> 00:39:05.550 Boruch Klar: I think the main.

00:39:06.900 --> 00:39:07.470 Boruch Klar: main.

00:39:08.970 --> 00:39:17.430 Boruch Klar: advice is that we should love unconditionally and we should have compassion beyond anything that we've understood before.

00:39:18.360 --> 00:39:25.920 Boruch Klar: Not just to love to love unconditionally you know, even in a relationship even even in even in a marriage, you know you can.

00:39:26.850 --> 00:39:31.860 Boruch Klar: Like I actually performed a wedding yesterday, and I was thinking there's there's a love that when you first.

00:39:32.820 --> 00:39:44.850 Boruch Klar: You first meet somebody you know it's it's exciting it's beautiful and then there's a love, where you can say well you know if we do this, and this, and this we can live together, we can help each other we're gonna, but it still has a lot to do with me.

00:39:45.930 --> 00:39:53.550 Boruch Klar: Once once the love becomes unconditional love doesn't matter what i'm getting from the relationship there's never going to be a point where I say.

00:39:53.880 --> 00:40:01.260 Boruch Klar: I there's nothing in this for me anymore i'm out of here it's it's just like unconditional love means another person standing in front of you.

00:40:02.430 --> 00:40:15.390 Boruch Klar: They may feel alone, they may feel darkness and and don't judge them and just be there for them unconditional love just love them like you love a child, just like you don't you don't judge a child.

00:40:18.240 --> 00:40:21.600 Boruch Klar: And another thing is it's not only for others.

00:40:23.520 --> 00:40:29.340 Boruch Klar: i've been thinking about this one lately, but even to feel that way towards the people who have betrayed you.

00:40:30.150 --> 00:40:40.050 Boruch Klar: You know, to me, that seems like a lot less Sir, although it was traumatic for me, it was a lot lesser evil, then the things that we're talking about suicide and few things I could take your life but.

00:40:41.550 --> 00:40:47.820 Boruch Klar: But nevertheless is traumatic it's difficult and it puts you in a certain terribly negative place so i'm.

00:40:48.330 --> 00:41:00.030 Boruch Klar: To be able to free to to unconditionally love others, which means you have to have to unconditionally love the people who've who've betrayed you because you know what we believe that everybody.

00:41:00.870 --> 00:41:14.910 Boruch Klar: Their essence is godliness God created us every one of us when you're born your birthday is guys saying I need you, I need you, for a purpose, no other of the 5 billion people in the world can do what I need you to do.

00:41:15.510 --> 00:41:19.860 Boruch Klar: And I know you're feeling down, and I know life is dark and I know it's difficult and you've suffered trauma.

00:41:20.310 --> 00:41:28.830 Boruch Klar: And maybe from your family, maybe from your genes that may be from something that happened to you, it doesn't it doesn't really matter you have to know that.

00:41:29.670 --> 00:41:36.630 Boruch Klar: You can overcome that because, at your core is godliness is truth is is is love and.

00:41:37.590 --> 00:41:43.080 Boruch Klar: I don't want to sound so corny really, but if you can find that place, you can say you know what.

00:41:43.380 --> 00:42:03.570 Boruch Klar: It can't conquer me I I can conquer it if I have this challenge, it will not conquer me I can learn from this and become a greater person for it, and I think we have to have that love for others, for even people who have heard us and even more so, towards ourselves, I think this is.

00:42:04.800 --> 00:42:12.360 Boruch Klar: This is what's really incredible we sometimes just put ourselves down, you know you had this thought you had this thing you did that.

00:42:13.140 --> 00:42:17.880 Boruch Klar: kind of person, are you and we just we do it to ourselves, sometimes we're.

00:42:18.300 --> 00:42:33.660 Boruch Klar: Our own worst enemy, you have to realize that you yourself have this godliness this Center this core that can't be tarnished tarnished by by anything from from without and and and that's where we have to grow as well.

00:42:34.680 --> 00:42:35.160 Boruch Klar: So.

00:42:37.380 --> 00:42:46.740 Boruch Klar: You know, as you said something about being alone, before I think I heard Rebecca say that when you if you look into the Torah the only time God says not good, the words not good.

00:42:47.220 --> 00:42:58.890 Boruch Klar: He says is that the beginning of the genesis he says it's not good to be alone that's the only time it's not good to be alone and, therefore, he has amazing.

00:42:59.340 --> 00:43:09.240 Boruch Klar: relationship for men and woman and and every part of your life is about your relationships, it could be with your with your spouse with your children with your parents with your boss with your employees.

00:43:09.810 --> 00:43:22.380 Boruch Klar: Every every interaction is the relationship and and the if you get that you have something to offer, and so does the other person has something to offer, and if we can focus on that unconditional love and compassion.

00:43:23.910 --> 00:43:28.740 Boruch Klar: We can see that purpose that we have in the purpose that they have as well, and it makes a huge difference.

00:43:29.100 --> 00:43:42.270 Albert Dabah: yeah no I i'm definitely understanding what you're talking about and I agree fully with it, and I think that whole idea of being with someone and being able to share and whatever level.

00:43:44.100 --> 00:43:49.500 Albert Dabah: When we get back with his commercial titles quick story I had with the cab driver, the other day.

00:43:52.770 --> 00:43:55.320 Albert Dabah: I told him a story, and we really hit it off.

00:43:56.940 --> 00:44:01.650 Albert Dabah: Anyway, Lord will be right back with rabbi klar Thank you.

00:46:33.540 --> 00:46:35.970 Albert Dabah: hi we're back with Barbara klar.

00:46:37.170 --> 00:46:47.520 Albert Dabah: So you were talking about unconditional love and one of the things that I thought about it about relationships, so we all have all different kinds of relationships, so I was with.

00:46:48.120 --> 00:46:55.590 Albert Dabah: I was telling you that I have a girlfriend now for a year name is lizzie and we just came back from two weeks of being in vail and Los Angeles.

00:46:56.010 --> 00:47:10.740 Albert Dabah: And we say goodbye at the airports, you went to montclair I came to Jersey city where I live, I happen to uber and Guy just had a friendly looking face and we started talking was a 20 minute ride, and I was feeling.

00:47:11.880 --> 00:47:20.070 Albert Dabah: kind of like sad the vacation was over, but feeling good i'm home and he had such a bright looking face and we started talking and I said.

00:47:20.490 --> 00:47:31.200 Albert Dabah: Because where you're coming from I told them I said, my first time away with this woman for that long, and you know we were talking about living together and he goes to jazz The big question you know I.

00:47:32.130 --> 00:47:36.300 Albert Dabah: Know he's talking about getting married in isn't actually we brought it up a little bit you know and.

00:47:38.010 --> 00:47:55.560 Albert Dabah: I said, we consider that you know, and he laughed and we talked and it was such a nice 1520 minute ride back home, and one of the things that lizzie has says to me a lot, because you can talk to anybody and I like.

00:47:56.790 --> 00:48:04.110 Albert Dabah: I like talking to people saying hello, finding out about them letting them know about me.

00:48:06.120 --> 00:48:14.580 Albert Dabah: You also brought up Victor frankel's book, I read it three times and I gave it to my my daughter Sarah to read and.

00:48:15.510 --> 00:48:26.430 Albert Dabah: I stayed her apartment she wasn't there and I noticed on her by her bed she had the book there, so when I saw her when I came back to New York, I said, did you read it, she goes yeah and would you think of it because I thought it was really good.

00:48:26.790 --> 00:48:34.920 Albert Dabah: We didn't really talk much about it, but that book means so much to me because I read it at different times in my life and.

00:48:36.150 --> 00:48:43.470 Albert Dabah: i'll tell you one thing that I remember that he said in it, and when the second part of the book he talks about logo therapy and his students and.

00:48:44.550 --> 00:48:56.010 Albert Dabah: He talks about one older man, maybe in his mid to late 60s or 70s, he lost his wife and he said I can't live without her I can't do it anymore I can't do it, and he and he says.

00:48:56.610 --> 00:49:03.720 Albert Dabah: Well, listen like what if it was the other way around, what if you had passed on, and she was a living.

00:49:04.290 --> 00:49:12.450 Albert Dabah: So you in a sense, you have saved she doesn't have that pain that you have, but having that pain.

00:49:12.930 --> 00:49:20.250 Albert Dabah: Is relieving her of having that pain, so it wasn't like honor your honor that that you are.

00:49:20.640 --> 00:49:29.160 Albert Dabah: And to me matter of that's part of unconditional love, but that sounds to me like to be able to love like that and understand that.

00:49:29.460 --> 00:49:39.840 Albert Dabah: she's gone, but she you love her so much that you miss her and that's part of the beauty of what you have you still have and and and.

00:49:40.350 --> 00:49:52.200 Albert Dabah: she's not going through that pain, maybe in some way she is in an afterlife who knows, but i'm right here, right now, the way he put it to me really struck a chord it was like.

00:49:53.220 --> 00:50:01.290 Boruch Klar: You could also say that he that she wants him to be happy, he wants him to live she.

00:50:01.710 --> 00:50:03.960 Boruch Klar: that's what she wants she just wanted to be miserable.

00:50:03.990 --> 00:50:06.900 Boruch Klar: That doesn't do a soul up above any good at all.

00:50:07.380 --> 00:50:07.710 Albert Dabah: Right.

00:50:07.770 --> 00:50:12.210 Boruch Klar: Much the everybody else being miserable and slept slept the way.

00:50:12.660 --> 00:50:16.290 Albert Dabah: Right right but but understanding it that you know.

00:50:17.430 --> 00:50:22.410 Albert Dabah: He is he is there to live his life now and what he had was a wonderful.

00:50:23.430 --> 00:50:23.820 Albert Dabah: You know.

00:50:24.360 --> 00:50:35.070 Albert Dabah: treasure yeah rich treasure, something I mean it's hard to lose people that you love grief is hard to deal with, and so many ways.

00:50:38.310 --> 00:50:46.680 Albert Dabah: And you can't measure it it's as we talked about judging you know it's hard to judge a person for.

00:50:47.100 --> 00:50:53.250 Albert Dabah: That you don't know or even that you know when we talk about prisoners, you talked about unconditional love and.

00:50:53.760 --> 00:51:07.770 Albert Dabah: It we don't know where some of these were some people come from with their backgrounds and I think that's really important to always I remember once hearing a story about this guy was on a train and he's.

00:51:09.090 --> 00:51:22.530 Albert Dabah: He saw the father, with his kids and the kids were both on the train and finally said what's wrong with your kids why can't you control them and he said well their mother just passed away, you know, so you don't know what's going on.

00:51:22.650 --> 00:51:30.240 Boruch Klar: With everybody, then all of a sudden, the person is oh i'm so sorry, can I help you yeah we don't we shouldn't judge we don't know.

00:51:31.050 --> 00:51:33.360 Albert Dabah: yeah, so I think part of.

00:51:34.500 --> 00:51:38.430 Albert Dabah: So so tell me a little bit more were coming to the end of.

00:51:39.810 --> 00:51:50.550 Albert Dabah: I think you know when I tell people about how bad it's hard for me to really describe it, but there's something about it that.

00:51:52.740 --> 00:51:54.480 Albert Dabah: Like you said it's all over you.

00:51:54.510 --> 00:51:57.120 Albert Dabah: earlier said how it all over the world.

00:51:58.380 --> 00:52:02.730 Albert Dabah: And I think that's an amazing beautiful thing that I remember.

00:52:04.020 --> 00:52:21.120 Albert Dabah: When I was spending some time in Florida when my son went to school there and during the holidays, we went to her body, and you know I felt like I was home, I felt like I was home meeting these new people that I didn't know and they just took us in yeah sit down.

00:52:22.260 --> 00:52:24.030 Albert Dabah: pray with us have something to eat.

00:52:27.330 --> 00:52:38.580 Boruch Klar: it's it's really people who are dedicating their lives to the things that we're talking about you don't walk into a house anywhere in the world there's like 6000 institutions now.

00:52:39.300 --> 00:52:40.080 Boruch Klar: You don't walk into.

00:52:40.110 --> 00:52:43.980 Boruch Klar: Any one of them, and feel judged you just don't it's just not possible.

00:52:50.880 --> 00:52:51.360 Boruch Klar: i'm sorry.

00:52:52.890 --> 00:53:03.750 Boruch Klar: So that's people give up their lives for other people it's just a sudden it's truly beautiful thing you know the Ruby who you know you would do anything for the rebel rebel will send you to some part of the world.

00:53:06.390 --> 00:53:20.850 Boruch Klar: rebel will send you some part of the world, and it can be in Vietnam, it could be anywhere and you would go, but the other passed away 25 years ago and people are still going out there's still.

00:53:21.870 --> 00:53:30.510 Boruch Klar: there's still I mean it's just it just gets bigger and bigger and bigger because it's it's not the person is the messages it's it's.

00:53:31.080 --> 00:53:37.560 Boruch Klar: The purpose, you have in life, I mean for me i'm in was I ended up in Westerners from Montreal it's not it's not so difficult.

00:53:37.980 --> 00:53:51.330 Boruch Klar: But there are people literally live in countries where they don't speak the language, the kids go to schools in different countries, because they have to go across the border to get I mean there's just nothing there there's no restaurants kosher restaurant that I mean there's nothing.

00:53:53.310 --> 00:53:59.790 Boruch Klar: So yeah Basically, there are people who give up their their lives for other people they're just by nature.

00:54:00.720 --> 00:54:09.180 Boruch Klar: Wonderful people and and again not judging and unconditional love you know, sometimes you walk into a room or someone's going on, and you feel.

00:54:09.840 --> 00:54:15.900 Boruch Klar: uncomfortable only have so many people there, and you just feel like you don't belong, or you walk into somebody's house.

00:54:16.530 --> 00:54:26.910 Boruch Klar: And people come up to you in a second and and make you feel I mean just come on in where have you been can I get you something to eat, you know I just like your family, and I can, why not.

00:54:27.360 --> 00:54:38.940 Boruch Klar: Why not we are family, we are all one, we are all part of godliness it's it's not you know you have to live it you believe it you gotta live in and that's that's what we do.

00:54:39.990 --> 00:54:53.700 Boruch Klar: And I think that doesn't matter who you are, it could be me and my experiences that can be you and your experiences of what you're doing you went through an experience, you could have it could have stayed black and dark for you, and yet it turned into.

00:54:54.780 --> 00:54:59.580 Boruch Klar: into a life, where you're helping so many people it's like unbelievable now your podcast and a movie.

00:55:00.720 --> 00:55:03.330 Boruch Klar: We can all do, that we all have our our.

00:55:04.560 --> 00:55:13.620 Boruch Klar: We all have our traumas that we go through and and we can turn them around we can turn the darkness into light, we can make a difference in another person's life, I really think that's what it's all about.

00:55:14.160 --> 00:55:17.190 Boruch Klar: I was talking to I had a woman in my class, who was a cancer.

00:55:18.150 --> 00:55:26.850 Boruch Klar: survivor and she said she can walk down the street and see a person another woman going through what she's going she could see it in the person's face and she'll stop and say you know what.

00:55:27.240 --> 00:55:43.530 Boruch Klar: I beat it, you can read it give people a positive give us a choice it's a choice get them out of that you can't live in your past and you can't live in the in the darkness, you have to move on and and like you said, sometimes you need people to help you.

00:55:45.540 --> 00:55:51.600 Boruch Klar: You know, in a selfish way when you're helping other people your help you're helping yourself, or you feel good about yourself.

00:55:53.940 --> 00:56:00.210 Boruch Klar: it's not why we do anything that we do, but it's yeah I feel like I have a life worth living I love it.

00:56:01.470 --> 00:56:07.290 Boruch Klar: And more excited about it all the time and i'm learning all the time, but finishing my learning it's just.

00:56:08.070 --> 00:56:16.080 Boruch Klar: it's it's like almost every day is a new opportunities, you know you get up in the morning it's a new day what am I going to learn today who am I going to help today what am I going to do.

00:56:17.190 --> 00:56:18.870 Boruch Klar: How am I going to make the world a better place.

00:56:19.230 --> 00:56:29.340 Albert Dabah: yeah well listen barf it's been a real pleasure, having you on the show tonight and I can't believe you're a little nervous about it because you're so old talking.

00:56:29.730 --> 00:56:30.150 and

00:56:33.090 --> 00:56:51.870 Albert Dabah: visit me here tonight and let's get together one day soon, and thank you so much, and for anyone who wants to see extra innings it's on Amazon and other platforms, right now, and when you have a chance, take a look and.

00:56:52.380 --> 00:56:58.410 Boruch Klar: anybody wants to meet a, but you can go on to go on the Internet to and put in locator.

00:56:58.890 --> 00:57:09.840 Boruch Klar: Wherever you are in the world, you find the person that's closest to and guaranteed is going to be here, and she because usually a couple, they will be the best couple, you will ever meet and taking advantage.

00:57:10.440 --> 00:57:12.060 Albert Dabah: How is that right.

00:57:12.600 --> 00:57:15.390 Albert Dabah: yeah alright thanks so much have a.

00:57:16.110 --> 00:57:18.690 Boruch Klar: Nice Keep up the good work I love it.

00:57:21.810 --> 00:57:22.560 Boruch Klar: love this.

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