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Monday, August 9, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/08/09 - A New Now

Facebook Live Video from 2021/08/09 - A New Now


2021/08/09 - A New Now


Learn how to awaken and empower your higher consciousness so you can navigate life more successfully, happily and easily. Join us as we interview Michael Goddart, four-time, award-winning author.

At the age of 10, Michael started actively searching for the truth about death and how to attain true immortality with everlasting bliss. He began daily meditation at age 19, and at 21 began to meditate for over two hours daily.

For more than three decades, he has been actively developing his sense of knowing and accessing his higher consciousness. In 2013, Michael began to recover his past lives, eventually recovering 88 past lives and depicting them in vivid detail in his book In Search of Lost Lives.

His latest book is A New Now: Your Guide to Mastering Wisdom Daily, Achieving Equilibrium and Empowering Your Nobler Self.

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Today’s episode starts off by introducing our guest, Michael Goddart. They start off listing Michael’s achievements and interests and then going into his book, A New Now. He explains his purpose for writing this book and what he hopes the readers take away from reading this book. He explains we all have unlimited potential in realizing ourselves and God. Our hosts and Michael discuss finding a higher consciousness and how their faith in Christ further strengthens their beliefs and how he had brought this sense of higher consciousness. Michael explains his 33 wisdoms and how he came to this number and how he came to see his 88 past lives.

Segment 2

The conversation picks off from where they left off, with Michael explaining how he saw his past lives. He quotes that “we are spiritual beings living the human experience” to emphasize how precious life is and how it is a great opportunity for us to take a spiritual and human journey. The conversation goes back to the question of “what is our purpose in life?” Michael shares what he believes the answer to be: to be the master of our own minds and beyond to pure love and bliss. He explains the process a little bit, and shares a bit of his own personal experience.

Segment 3

Coming back from the break, our hosts and Michael discuss is the soul the body or the body the soul. Michael explains his answer and gives plenty of examples in nature and with humans to help the audience to understand. He tells of his past lives, his first being a bug’s life from many many years ago. Host Judi brings a new conversation by mentioning the importance of service that Michael had included in his book. The importance of service plays a large role in our purpose in life.

Segment 4

For the last segment of tonight’s podcast, Michael goes into detail about his past lives and what he has learned from the few glimpses that he had seen from them. They discuss important virtues that they believe is what keeps them able to achieve their goals and potentials, the greatest one being love. And the episode ends off with a lovely prayer by Georgeann.


00:00:36.480 --> 00:00:37.140 Georgeann Dau: Good evening.

00:00:38.790 --> 00:00:39.840 Georgeann Dau: i'm your host.

00:00:40.860 --> 00:00:45.900 Georgeann Dau: Dr George and down and dirty Miller i'm both this evening.

00:00:47.160 --> 00:00:47.850 Georgeann Dau: hi Judy.

00:00:49.110 --> 00:00:50.820 Judi Miller: Jane has a split personality today.

00:00:53.280 --> 00:01:13.530 Georgeann Dau: Judy and I are very good friends it's always so much fun to be here together, so we welcome you to a journey throw into awareness and we're grateful to those that follow us and listen each week and, as always, we hope and pray that the material we bring you is depth full honest.

00:01:14.730 --> 00:01:18.240 Georgeann Dau: and brings you into a higher level of awareness.

00:01:19.260 --> 00:01:31.740 Georgeann Dau: And mindfulness so as always we have a great guest tonight, and he has a wonderful book that we're very excited to bring to you this evening.

00:01:33.720 --> 00:01:45.240 Judi Miller: Sure, so i'll introduce Michael so at the age of 10 Michael Goddard still actively started searching for the truth about death and how to obtain true immortality with everlasting bliss.

00:01:45.600 --> 00:01:55.200 Judi Miller: wow that's a very young age to start Michael he also began daily meditation at age 19 and at 21 he began to meditate for over two hours daily.

00:01:55.860 --> 00:02:02.520 Judi Miller: So, for more than three decades, he has been actively developing his sense of knowing and accessing his higher consciousness.

00:02:03.150 --> 00:02:15.150 Judi Miller: As an international tax consultant and spiritual traveler Michael has been to over 50 countries and has had the opportunity to meet with those rare teachers who he considers to be fully realized humans.

00:02:15.840 --> 00:02:26.700 Judi Miller: In 2013 Michael began to recover his past lives eventually recovering 88 past lives and depicting them in vivid detail in his book in search of loss lives.

00:02:27.210 --> 00:02:41.730 Judi Miller: Michael is an award winning author of four books his latest book is called a new now your guide to mastering wisdom daily achieving equilibrium and empowering your noble herself so welcome Michael to journey through to awareness.

00:02:42.510 --> 00:02:45.360 Michael Goddart: Thank you so much for having me it's great to be with you.

00:02:45.960 --> 00:02:55.830 Judi Miller: it's it's a pleasure and it's a joy so Michael the name of your book is called a new now now, what do you mean by a new now and why is so critical during this period of time today.

00:02:56.490 --> 00:03:09.780 Michael Goddart: Well, I knew now it's really a new way of living it's it's being in the present that continuing to be in the present with higher and higher awareness so a new now is basically a.

00:03:10.230 --> 00:03:33.930 Michael Goddart: Self participatory experiential course on raising your consciousness and awareness it's helping you to navigate virtually any situation you encounter in daily life and to really focus on your purpose for each day for a year and your existence thrilling it is basically a whole metaphysical.

00:03:34.980 --> 00:03:47.700 Michael Goddart: course you can take and as part of that I discussed a 33 wisdoms which has made 33 is a very mystical number, but they break down into the 11 loving wisdom.

00:03:48.360 --> 00:03:56.580 Michael Goddart: The 11 guiding wisdoms in the 11th evolutionary wisdoms and as part of that we have the 10 keys to achieving equilibrium.

00:03:57.060 --> 00:04:20.520 Michael Goddart: And as we'll get into equilibrium and wisdom kelantan hand so each of us has unlimited potential to access our wisdom and for realizing God and our true self so they sound like a big ticket item but that's what life is all about, is reaching for the ultimate.

00:04:21.180 --> 00:04:35.010 Georgeann Dau: whoo whoo so um I I do similar work through psychoanalysis and spiritual direction working with people on their journey helping them move through.

00:04:35.670 --> 00:04:53.550 Georgeann Dau: What their preconceived views or from zero to seven of life, the perceptions of relationship of the world that we all have which I like to call the very early stages and development of the ego which I know you do too.

00:04:55.290 --> 00:04:55.920 Georgeann Dau: So.

00:04:56.940 --> 00:05:05.220 Georgeann Dau: it's funny when you speak of 33 because Jesus died at age 33 and you know from my.

00:05:06.270 --> 00:05:07.350 Georgeann Dau: grounding in faith.

00:05:08.460 --> 00:05:11.190 Georgeann Dau: Jesus came and brought this consciousness.

00:05:12.270 --> 00:05:15.990 Michael Goddart: Well 33 is the number of price choices right.

00:05:16.680 --> 00:05:25.380 Georgeann Dau: And he came to bring this consciousness, through his death and resurrection does do your writings have anything pertaining to that.

00:05:26.040 --> 00:05:39.510 Michael Goddart: Well, my writings are really a distillation and presentation for everyday audiences of the teachings of all the same semester, so I recognize only Christ.

00:05:41.100 --> 00:05:55.050 Michael Goddart: Can beers saw nearby roomie a face, I feel that there are enlightened beings there's at least one always alive on earth, who who basically as Christ consciousness.

00:05:55.380 --> 00:06:10.680 Michael Goddart: So i'm sure many people who consider themselves a Christian I think of myself as a Christian, because I follow the teachings of Christ, if you have the opportunity to go back in time and meet Christ, would you take advantage of that.

00:06:11.580 --> 00:06:12.990 Michael Goddart: Oh he's really.

00:06:14.160 --> 00:06:14.610 Judi Miller: Really.

00:06:14.850 --> 00:06:16.800 Michael Goddart: Well yeah so.

00:06:18.270 --> 00:06:30.060 Michael Goddart: Unfortunately I don't I don't think many people around here can do that, but there are always teachers who come, who have at least as fans consciousness.

00:06:30.330 --> 00:06:38.400 Michael Goddart: I mean and and I think the highest calling someone can have is to be a seeker seeker after truth and a seeker after God.

00:06:38.910 --> 00:06:54.330 Michael Goddart: we're here to grow and realize our divinity to grow closer to God so Christ came with a message of the Bible came later and our goal is to really find those kernels of truth that he brought.

00:06:54.630 --> 00:07:00.540 Georgeann Dau: Yes, yes I love that Judy and I both have met Jesus on our journey.

00:07:00.990 --> 00:07:01.800 Michael Goddart: Well, wonderful.

00:07:02.130 --> 00:07:06.990 Georgeann Dau: Wonderful a relationship with with the Lord.

00:07:07.320 --> 00:07:09.900 Judi Miller: And it's an experience that you've never forget.

00:07:10.350 --> 00:07:11.370 Michael Goddart: Right right.

00:07:11.580 --> 00:07:22.890 Judi Miller: So, Michael it leads into my next question for you, so you have 33 wisdoms how did you actually arrive at these wisdoms and do you have a particular wisdom that resonates with you more strongly than another.

00:07:23.490 --> 00:07:25.890 Michael Goddart: Well, depends on Wednesday and what i'm going through.

00:07:26.970 --> 00:07:34.020 Michael Goddart: What wisdom, I have to reach into it all came through to me intuitively through my higher Commission since.

00:07:34.410 --> 00:07:46.530 Michael Goddart: I I had been writing articles and revising and revising them for search of all sides my spiritual memoir and I had written in the revised revised 15 articles and a Q and a's.

00:07:46.920 --> 00:07:58.230 Michael Goddart: And it was finally time to begin to send them out to all the outlets my publicist for gotcha and I was just I had been tired of not reading something new.

00:07:59.040 --> 00:08:11.340 Michael Goddart: And so I just asked my higher self, is there a new book is their new reading I can do, and I can affirm formative and literally the book came the working title came to me word by word.

00:08:11.820 --> 00:08:20.520 Michael Goddart: And the first part I got was wisdom so initially the working title was mastering wisdom daily and then very quickly came.

00:08:21.150 --> 00:08:34.560 Michael Goddart: 10 case for achieving equilibrium, so that initially was my working title when I actually began to write the book right at the very beginning a new now just came through and the sentence, I thought I bet that's the title.

00:08:34.860 --> 00:08:51.090 Michael Goddart: So the 33 wisdoms really I just it just came to me that I have 33 wisdoms and they felt, then there were three really elements of it, of the loving guiding and evolutionary wisdoms and it just felt complete and whole and God different.

00:08:51.990 --> 00:08:54.990 Georgeann Dau: cool yeah it was absolutely beautiful.

00:08:55.380 --> 00:09:06.300 Georgeann Dau: yeah when you speak of there's always one, I believe that there are many enlightened beings but none of them really came back from the dead.

00:09:06.960 --> 00:09:09.450 Michael Goddart: But I don't know yeah but alive.

00:09:09.990 --> 00:09:16.020 Georgeann Dau: Absolutely, but so, who is the one now that's walking on the you said there's always one that.

00:09:16.200 --> 00:09:34.830 Michael Goddart: You know I really don't feel it's right for me to share that you know, on air, you know if people if you search hard enough, you can find them if if viewers have a burning question, they can always find me an email me, but if you are sincere after seeking God.

00:09:36.060 --> 00:09:39.060 Michael Goddart: You can find that like making sure.

00:09:40.350 --> 00:09:42.120 Georgeann Dau: there's always been a journey or.

00:09:42.180 --> 00:09:42.810 Michael Goddart: Since you.

00:09:43.020 --> 00:09:47.970 Georgeann Dau: have children um I know one man that I believe walking on the Earth is.

00:09:48.090 --> 00:09:48.750 Georgeann Dau: Is a.

00:09:49.560 --> 00:09:53.610 Georgeann Dau: A the higher consciousness of today and his name is Richard rohr.

00:09:54.300 --> 00:09:56.340 Michael Goddart: Oh Okay, I actually haven't heard of them.

00:09:56.940 --> 00:09:57.900 Georgeann Dau: yeah Oh, my goodness.

00:09:58.200 --> 00:09:59.430 Georgeann Dau: yeah very powerful.

00:09:59.670 --> 00:10:00.300 Michael Goddart: Wonderful.

00:10:00.450 --> 00:10:01.500 Georgeann Dau: Well, so it's interesting that.

00:10:01.650 --> 00:10:06.420 Judi Miller: it's interesting i've also heard that there is a an ascended master who's walking amongst us as well.

00:10:07.050 --> 00:10:16.980 Judi Miller: But Michael you asked a very leading question you said, if we can go back and actually meet Jesus in person would we take advantage of that opportunity and Georgia, and I said absolutely yes.

00:10:17.370 --> 00:10:30.300 Judi Miller: And I know that you had an opportunity to go back and kind of rediscover your 88 past lifetime so i'm just curious did you have an opportunity to meet any ascended masters in your previous lifetimes.

00:10:30.510 --> 00:10:36.390 Michael Goddart: Well i'm just having energy and goosebumps flow of engine my body, because i'm remembering.

00:10:37.110 --> 00:10:50.250 Michael Goddart: Because I always had this curiosity, I guess, to life's account I didn't need a fully realized master which really seems to deal, I was a British banker in that life and I had an assignment in Bombay.

00:10:51.150 --> 00:10:58.350 Michael Goddart: And I just had this pool to go to opera and I wanted to see the taj mahal and perform.

00:10:58.860 --> 00:11:07.110 Michael Goddart: And I took a real journey there and during the road journey, this is all described in detail in my book, in search of slides.

00:11:07.470 --> 00:11:16.410 Michael Goddart: I just thought, maybe I can meet a Swami there and before I had shipped out to Bombay I had joined the metaphysical society and month and.

00:11:16.680 --> 00:11:27.540 Michael Goddart: It had recently formed and I had been to several meetings and they had actually began to send me their papers, it took a long time they get to Bombay but I was able to read them, so I.

00:11:27.840 --> 00:11:38.610 Michael Goddart: I was a seeker in that lifetime, but he actually started earlier, so I it was just sort of like it's like opening this fabulous shoebox and I saw this glowing.

00:11:38.940 --> 00:11:49.890 Michael Goddart: Pearl on the train and I thought wow maybe I can be a Swami and abroad, so I was being hosted by a high up member of the British community.

00:11:50.280 --> 00:11:59.610 Michael Goddart: And you know I arrived and he served me tea, which was the customer and I just had this burning question, do you know if a Swami or and he said no i'm sorry.

00:12:00.060 --> 00:12:10.080 Michael Goddart: And then, a few minutes later he said, actually, I have an employee his servant who follows a teacher, let me call him in well that servant arranged a meeting and.

00:12:10.860 --> 00:12:22.140 Michael Goddart: I was taken there I had an interview for like an hour and 20 minutes and I actually read visited the place my first trip to India, and I just felt insulted toy.

00:12:22.500 --> 00:12:32.040 Michael Goddart: And that was before I recovered my past lives, I had just turned 25 but I had this inexpressible irresistible pool to cut an autograph.

00:12:32.370 --> 00:12:44.190 Michael Goddart: not really to see the touch, but I had learned of this master to find to find his home and I went there and I revisited it so these feelings of deja vu that we may have.

00:12:44.490 --> 00:13:03.510 Michael Goddart: Are the real thing they're not like thinking that you may have been somewhere if you're really tuned in Asia, who is actually a signpost of where you and I, and this is really one of the triggers I had for recovering my past lives hmm wow that's amazing.

00:13:03.510 --> 00:13:16.410 Judi Miller: So, Michael in recovering those 88 past lives, you must have learned quite a bit so we'd love to hear, I know that we have to take a break soon George and but we'd love to hear what you learned by going through those at past lives.

00:13:16.770 --> 00:13:21.720 Michael Goddart: Well, the first I learned many types of things, but the main thing, I think that would interest people.

00:13:22.440 --> 00:13:34.140 Michael Goddart: Is I just I really recovered why i'm the way I am I have so many different talents and a versions of secrecy some people's feelings of familiarity i've had with people.

00:13:34.650 --> 00:13:42.600 Michael Goddart: I mean people a lot of people are just focused on their genealogy and the bloodlines in their third and from three generations ago.

00:13:43.470 --> 00:13:46.500 Georgeann Dau: We wanted, we want to hear all about this and i'm sorry I don't mean.

00:13:46.500 --> 00:13:47.070 Georgeann Dau: sure.

00:13:47.280 --> 00:13:48.870 Michael Goddart: We need to take a break.

00:13:48.930 --> 00:13:56.520 Georgeann Dau: we'll be back in a minute with Michael God at a journey through into awareness thanks so much for joining us tonight we'll be right back.

00:16:18.240 --> 00:16:21.690 Georgeann Dau: Welcome back to journey through into awareness with Michael.

00:16:22.950 --> 00:16:28.410 Georgeann Dau: So, Michael you were saying something always interesting coming out of that mouth.

00:16:30.570 --> 00:16:30.990 Georgeann Dau: More.

00:16:31.140 --> 00:16:34.740 Michael Goddart: Plenty of contact content and the smile we've made.

00:16:35.940 --> 00:16:36.870 Georgeann Dau: And this heart.

00:16:37.290 --> 00:16:42.630 Michael Goddart: And the heart right but it's so good to be with with both of you, and everyone.

00:16:43.770 --> 00:16:46.530 Michael Goddart: So we're we're way I forgot.

00:16:48.210 --> 00:16:52.140 Judi Miller: We were we were briefly talking about past lives and what you've learned in your past life.

00:16:52.260 --> 00:17:00.360 Michael Goddart: Oh right, I was talking about a recovering my past lives really explained why I am the way I am oh my.

00:17:00.660 --> 00:17:11.580 Michael Goddart: Particular unique traits and abilities and I could give you example after example and then my memoir search of past lives I I go through some very distinct things.

00:17:12.300 --> 00:17:21.930 Michael Goddart: My character, when I was a kid and a preteen and teen and later on each of those is linked with a specific experience in a particular past life.

00:17:22.680 --> 00:17:34.020 Michael Goddart: so that you know if you can access your past lives that can really explain who you are and why you are here on your journey now, but what I want to emphasize is that.

00:17:35.070 --> 00:17:42.300 Michael Goddart: Earth is really for me the school of hard knocks and we're here for a purpose i'm sure.

00:17:43.050 --> 00:17:56.520 Michael Goddart: Most people are familiar with the quote attributed to tile artist, or can we are not human beings having a spiritual experience we are spiritual beings having a human experience so.

00:17:57.270 --> 00:18:07.410 Michael Goddart: The point I make initially in my new book a new now that you've been given the most precious gift imaginable that's your human life and, as we learned.

00:18:07.920 --> 00:18:22.080 Michael Goddart: so heavily in the recent past, it may take it away from you and your loved ones theories like if it's not a virus, it can be an automobile something, many of us get into every day so.

00:18:22.770 --> 00:18:34.890 Michael Goddart: This is your opportunity to make us to suffer life and a new now is really a personalized course for doing that it's really a self guided course for you to take a spiritual journey.

00:18:36.000 --> 00:18:50.730 Michael Goddart: and actually as part of that, I offer people, but I have called the journey journal, but you can call whatever you want, and you can download it from my website Carter talk calm and in the book a new now I describe how to work with it so.

00:18:51.150 --> 00:18:51.660 Michael Goddart: Can you.

00:18:52.350 --> 00:18:54.120 Georgeann Dau: Give us just again, please make.

00:18:54.990 --> 00:18:59.160 Michael Goddart: The journey journal can be downloaded on my website cotter COM.

00:18:59.370 --> 00:19:12.540 Michael Goddart: God God God for God D ar T for dart if you're don't everything to write with and you think you may forget to just think of the loved art coming from God.

00:19:14.220 --> 00:19:23.940 Michael Goddart: I want to memorize it oh zip code for the US postal service, and I did it like in an hour and 10 minutes by thinking of really weird things so.

00:19:25.200 --> 00:19:27.120 Judi Miller: that's that's a great way to remember it.

00:19:27.300 --> 00:19:39.330 Michael Goddart: yeah yeah loves are coming from God, so this is something for you to really it can be a lifelong companion, because so many of us have rim wonderful inspiring books that are practical to.

00:19:39.690 --> 00:19:50.850 Michael Goddart: But I don't have the best memory, maybe i'll take two or three takeaways with the book after two weeks I forgot it all this way you can write quotes chicken right.

00:19:51.450 --> 00:19:59.910 Michael Goddart: What your goals are you can it's searchable if you keep it on where you can go back and see where your work it's really for taking charge.

00:20:00.210 --> 00:20:12.900 Michael Goddart: of your destiny to groom your destiny and that, by the way, is one of the loving wisdoms the wisdom of grooming, so I talked to write about spiritual grooming, which is something we could all do.

00:20:14.610 --> 00:20:18.540 Judi Miller: system, Michael we can definitely talk a little bit more about that, but before we.

00:20:18.600 --> 00:20:25.200 Judi Miller: turn to that one of the things that you referred to early on, was our purpose, so what, in your opinion, is our purpose in life.

00:20:26.100 --> 00:20:33.570 Michael Goddart: Well, really, I mean if you want to be absolutely honest our purpose for each of us is to realize God.

00:20:34.650 --> 00:20:45.390 Michael Goddart: And that is so totally easily more because each of us saddled with a mind who wants to go on a trip after trip after trip, so your mind is pulled.

00:20:45.750 --> 00:20:50.640 Michael Goddart: Everywhere, and all kinds of directions, you can be pulled into gaming into.

00:20:51.000 --> 00:21:00.960 Michael Goddart: This news cycles into what happened 20 years ago, so we want to become masters of our mind and I write a lot about the soul and the mind.

00:21:01.320 --> 00:21:10.500 Michael Goddart: Many people think they are their mind, they are their thoughts, but no our true identity, our true selves are so so.

00:21:10.770 --> 00:21:22.230 Michael Goddart: We are here for self realization which is realizing that we're souls and we're here to realize God it's all possible within the human frame you can't do it as an armadillo.

00:21:22.560 --> 00:21:35.460 Michael Goddart: They don't have that capacity or any other animal so quite frankly that's why we're here, and this is our opportunity So even if you can do it in one lifetime, which is made clear in my memoir.

00:21:35.970 --> 00:21:42.750 Michael Goddart: Every like you can become more and more spiritual and so you can move closer and higher on your journey to God.

00:21:43.530 --> 00:21:57.240 Michael Goddart: And, and that is like the ultimate adventure, because you are moving toward becoming to ultimate which is beyond language beyond mind beyond thought it's just pure love and bliss yes.

00:21:57.510 --> 00:22:00.900 Georgeann Dau: We are not our feelings and we're not our thoughts.

00:22:02.730 --> 00:22:18.210 Georgeann Dau: A very dear friend of mine was on the show a couple weeks ago when we have spent time he and I speaking about life after death and resurrection and reincarnation and, although he recognizes that it doesn't know a lot about reincarnation.

00:22:19.470 --> 00:22:31.290 Georgeann Dau: You know, as a Christian Maybe you can help our listeners with this that God has made us part and parcel as a whole unit, and that when Jesus.

00:22:32.100 --> 00:22:44.220 Georgeann Dau: died and resurrected Of course he never die, and he resurrected he resurrected and had a body, but it was a glorified body that went on.

00:22:45.150 --> 00:22:57.480 Georgeann Dau: And we would looking at that God in Christianity and my belief makes us whole and that embraces every part of that.

00:22:57.960 --> 00:23:14.790 Georgeann Dau: So that when we pass from your body is not just a dispensable vehicle that our soul inhabited for a short time that God embraces all of that, once all of that, as part of the creation that God has made to come back to God.

00:23:15.720 --> 00:23:21.300 Georgeann Dau: And so out of that we were looking at Maybe you can help us with this really a.

00:23:21.390 --> 00:23:26.070 Georgeann Dau: Because out of that we were looking at it and saying, well then, how can there be.

00:23:27.660 --> 00:23:36.300 Georgeann Dau: You know past lives, because then there wouldn't be any Michael door there wouldn't be any Georgia in doubt there wouldn't be any Judy Miller.

00:23:36.660 --> 00:23:50.970 Georgeann Dau: There wouldn't be any sin liebowitz which God has given us life for a specific purpose to grow and build and you see in this earth it's not a dispensable container.

00:23:51.990 --> 00:24:03.420 Michael Goddart: Well, well, actually, I mean when when you leave the physical and I agree really leave it your body will eventually deteriorate if it's buried or.

00:24:03.510 --> 00:24:14.070 Michael Goddart: or go things so so Jesus may have performed a miracle to instill greater faith and his disciples and those who follow but.

00:24:15.120 --> 00:24:19.920 Michael Goddart: Actually, I read about in my book, we actually have seven energetic bodies.

00:24:20.310 --> 00:24:31.410 Michael Goddart: When you die, you know you're no longer in the physical, but you have your astral body is your Castle bodies there are successively higher planes of consciousness.

00:24:31.830 --> 00:24:44.340 Michael Goddart: At it most people are come down and they they're not aware of your past slides are not meant to be that's what makes it so challenging because if each of us remembered all our lives in total.

00:24:44.730 --> 00:24:57.210 Michael Goddart: and understood the suffering we've gone through, no one would want to stick around but to go back to God, you have to become pure spirit your spirit without sin and sin.

00:24:57.840 --> 00:25:04.620 Michael Goddart: has a lot of heavy backers for people but originally you know from the land meant so it's really to go away from God so.

00:25:04.770 --> 00:25:05.820 Michael Goddart: you're wanting to move.

00:25:06.060 --> 00:25:11.460 Michael Goddart: toward God and become pure and clean or slate but the thing is.

00:25:12.510 --> 00:25:23.460 Michael Goddart: The basic law of creation is action reaction so since we came here, we may have started with a perfectly pure clean slate but as soon as you.

00:25:24.420 --> 00:25:34.260 Michael Goddart: took an act you killed, something you heard something where you were good to somebody that created a reaction so we're constantly coming back so.

00:25:35.700 --> 00:25:49.170 Michael Goddart: We don't really keep the same bodies, but we are the same mind and soul entities to come down into the mental regions before the physical your soul had to become associated with the mind.

00:25:49.950 --> 00:26:05.340 Michael Goddart: And so the mind has been in really control for for ages for unfold agents I recovered that i've had a total of 4137 human lives and, as far as I know, this is my last one.

00:26:05.760 --> 00:26:16.980 Michael Goddart: But i've been really growing spiritually over thousands of lines, my first life when I really began to fall back spiritually I was a woman on another planet.

00:26:17.220 --> 00:26:28.110 Michael Goddart: With six children my husband had an occupation, equivalent to what we would call a lawyer so Chad has all the details in my memoir and search of loss lives.

00:26:28.680 --> 00:26:39.300 Michael Goddart: So we're laboring you guys under a cloud of annoying the soul is like paternal spark of love bliss and since shrouded.

00:26:39.870 --> 00:26:46.350 Michael Goddart: By the mind by all these layers think of a light bulb and you start wrapping all kinds of material around it.

00:26:46.740 --> 00:26:55.140 Michael Goddart: You know I talked about the higher mind that habitual mind and the lower mind both the higher mind think of that is just a few layers of cars.

00:26:55.440 --> 00:27:07.290 Michael Goddart: That habitual mind as the layers of cotton around that eternal light bulb in your lower mind, it says Kansas wrapped around the light bulb, which has become encrusted by conch all the.

00:27:07.590 --> 00:27:20.700 Michael Goddart: Negative evil fun she had all the bad things you've done all the violence but that's why we want to move away from the lower mind and that's what an empowering here, no PR itself is all about.

00:27:20.760 --> 00:27:25.500 Michael Goddart: Yes, your higher mind is really the ally of their soul.

00:27:25.710 --> 00:27:29.460 Michael Goddart: It little split gets you up and helps you pray or meditate.

00:27:29.790 --> 00:27:31.050 Michael Goddart: However, you worship.

00:27:31.440 --> 00:27:41.820 Michael Goddart: In spirit and helps you instill faith in yourself so each of us has a higher mind, but most of us are dominated by our lower mind, most of the time.

00:27:41.970 --> 00:27:53.550 Georgeann Dau: Yes, yes and that's absolutely I I don't disagree with anything you saying that we need to take another break, but I always meditate on is the soul and the body of the body and the soul.

00:27:54.810 --> 00:28:01.020 Georgeann Dau: we'll be right back to a journey through into awareness with Michael God, I thank you for joining us tonight.

00:30:39.030 --> 00:30:41.280 Georgeann Dau: Welcome back to a journey through into awareness.

00:30:41.280 --> 00:30:43.830 Georgeann Dau: With Michael godard tonight and.

00:30:45.480 --> 00:30:46.170 Georgeann Dau: Be clear I.

00:30:46.200 --> 00:30:59.220 Georgeann Dau: just want to make sure that I did miscommunication anything I am not saying that our bodies are when we die our physical flesh lives again or that God is calling that back again.

00:31:00.330 --> 00:31:02.130 Georgeann Dau: at all, it is more of a.

00:31:04.800 --> 00:31:18.720 Georgeann Dau: it's changed it's changed body, but this still body, whatever that is maybe it is lie and wonder why no, no, no, but uh maybe it's a something like a while the graph or something.

00:31:19.260 --> 00:31:19.620 Georgeann Dau: But.

00:31:20.280 --> 00:31:26.490 Michael Goddart: Like what yeah I mean I i've heard many stories of people who are in finance meditators and they come with him.

00:31:26.760 --> 00:31:37.170 Michael Goddart: And they've met certain people they've known or heard of, and you can recognize some because well you're in your astral body which is like full of more like it's more luminous it's on a higher.

00:31:37.500 --> 00:31:55.320 Michael Goddart: vibration so before the break you, you asked is is the soul, the body or is the body and the soul well basically right here, as our eyes Center that is the seat of the soul and the mind and the soul permeates our whole body without the soul, the soul is what animates us, I mean.

00:31:57.390 --> 00:31:58.200 Michael Goddart: meditation.

00:31:58.500 --> 00:32:04.650 Judi Miller: Michael sorry to interrupt you, but for for listeners who can't see where you pointed are you pointing to the third eye or.

00:32:04.860 --> 00:32:06.060 Michael Goddart: yeah yeah you can.

00:32:07.140 --> 00:32:12.180 Michael Goddart: I call it the ice Center The third is actually a higher Chakra and I write about the.

00:32:12.480 --> 00:32:19.380 Michael Goddart: chakras yeah when you when you progress inside, you can get to the third eye, but initially it's like where you concentrate.

00:32:19.590 --> 00:32:29.910 Michael Goddart: Often, if someone's trying to remember something they automatically go Oh well, was that I was trying to remember, so you automatically go to the Center that is your seat of consciousness.

00:32:30.360 --> 00:32:36.390 Michael Goddart: And so, your soul current permeates your whole body if it didn't you wouldn't be alive and.

00:32:37.170 --> 00:32:48.150 Michael Goddart: I think of maybe you're more of a Bible scholar of a statement than I am, but I believe Christ said I die daily have some john or one of the Gospels so.

00:32:48.540 --> 00:33:07.860 Michael Goddart: We all have that opportunity to die daily you can practice time because when you physically die or host so current is pulled out of your body in town in some cases with your mind in the body said, but you can practices staley through through meditative practice.

00:33:07.860 --> 00:33:08.130 Georgeann Dau: So.

00:33:08.310 --> 00:33:26.010 Michael Goddart: When the time comes to tie it up CC you're looking forward to what you've you've pierce the Veil, let me it's basically concentrating all your attention at the Center in with trying and going with him and staying connected to your party if I die daily.

00:33:26.970 --> 00:33:32.340 Georgeann Dau: Like a daily we die to our egos and every time we talk to our egos we resurrect.

00:33:32.640 --> 00:33:38.340 Georgeann Dau: You die to ourselves and that's always my prayer helped me die to myself and take on your likeness.

00:33:38.610 --> 00:33:49.890 Michael Goddart: Right right well the egos what closes back of the world with keeps a parked car and what we wanted to overcome the ego and I write a lot about ego in my book.

00:33:50.310 --> 00:34:02.130 Michael Goddart: It also keeps us out of our eternal now the ego because it's it's obsessed with the future in the past past grievances past hurts what's going to happen, how am I going to tie.

00:34:02.520 --> 00:34:10.290 Michael Goddart: Well, this is your chance to die daily so when the time comes, you look forward to it, because you know you're going to a much better place.

00:34:11.220 --> 00:34:25.440 Judi Miller: Michael one of the things that you mentioned in your book is that when we fully awake and we see God in everyone and everything and i've had glimpses of that but I haven't been able to live from that state constantly how difficult is that to achieve and have you've done that.

00:34:25.830 --> 00:34:33.750 Michael Goddart: Well, I I don't want to talk about my own experiences because doing so could inflate the ego which was not my best friend.

00:34:34.200 --> 00:34:48.960 Michael Goddart: But it's a very advanced state, I mean once you realize God you to seek God in everything I mean God i'm being your expressions of God God is within everything entered in and alive basically.

00:34:50.310 --> 00:35:10.770 Michael Goddart: it's like a resting energy, I mean if you look at a rock God is part of that because it's part of the creation, a human a human is a higher level of consciousness in an animal an animal that basically as a higher life form to birds lizards and insects and so whole chain of thing.

00:35:11.190 --> 00:35:21.390 Michael Goddart: And a lot of people don't believe us, but if you become aware of your past lives you for most of us, we have been of many, many forms of life.

00:35:21.750 --> 00:35:30.660 Michael Goddart: There are currently eight point for me and types of species that are alive, including plants, so as far as I know.

00:35:30.990 --> 00:35:42.300 Michael Goddart: On my first planet I started out as a Bush shadow retrieved from my higher consciousness and it's been a very, very long journey, so you know the tough part is I mean.

00:35:43.140 --> 00:35:50.640 Michael Goddart: Some of us are meant to go back some some many of us are meant to continue in the creation, hopefully, adding to.

00:35:51.120 --> 00:36:06.690 Michael Goddart: The love and the kindness, but the most one of the most important things really is to focus on being a good human being and being kind and loving and watching speech, so I don't know if i've answered your question but keep posting.

00:36:07.830 --> 00:36:15.900 Judi Miller: Well, it follows up on what you said, because I think one of the things that you emphasize in your book is why service is so important service to others, is so important.

00:36:15.930 --> 00:36:24.150 Michael Goddart: Right and I talked about the five types of service and it's also can save it and Sanskrit if service of body mind.

00:36:24.540 --> 00:36:34.650 Michael Goddart: Wealth purpose and soul and the tools that people aren't that familiar with, I mean if people volunteer they're helping to build shelters they're giving money.

00:36:34.920 --> 00:36:42.300 Michael Goddart: they're they're working phone banks service of purpose in his wrestling with the immortal questions of the human mind.

00:36:42.720 --> 00:36:52.290 Michael Goddart: Why am I here what is my purpose, what is God is all these huge metaphysical questions we get to wrestle with in advance.

00:36:53.250 --> 00:37:06.300 Michael Goddart: And service of soul it's really when your soul is in contact with the Holy Ghost and we can talk about the Holy Ghost if you'd like to because I i'm happy to share, about that.

00:37:07.650 --> 00:37:11.880 Michael Goddart: Because a lot of people are confused about the Trinity doesn't make sense to them.

00:37:12.510 --> 00:37:22.380 Michael Goddart: Well, you know God is everywhere well you know you have the father, the son and the Holy Ghost well the son of asleep is the master Jesus Christ.

00:37:23.160 --> 00:37:41.520 Michael Goddart: The father is really the ultimate immortal eternal ocean of bliss and love the Holy Ghost is really is called by other names in many cultures it's called the sound current the chabad the logos and Greek and.

00:37:41.730 --> 00:37:47.970 Michael Goddart: Really, you know it's really what you traveled back on is really the force of creation.

00:37:49.020 --> 00:38:02.280 Michael Goddart: So the Holy Ghost is something you can meditate on and that is your soul service and take it a tuned or connected to the sound correct that's where a Heidi hi teacher comes in.

00:38:02.940 --> 00:38:10.080 Michael Goddart: And that's where, if you wanted to so surface and meditate on with the Holy codes and it's the most enchanting.

00:38:10.620 --> 00:38:18.150 Michael Goddart: I mean if it has different sounds as it passes her different realms of consciousness and it's the most gorgeous alluring.

00:38:18.720 --> 00:38:30.330 Michael Goddart: Unbelievable music, I mean it's called construct music and compared to his truck music, you know, like cat cat or you know violence pianos there's no comparison.

00:38:30.750 --> 00:38:41.610 Michael Goddart: Physical music it's just the pores ports invitation, but people are so uplifted by beautiful symphony some singing well that's just on a much lower level than.

00:38:41.880 --> 00:38:48.720 Michael Goddart: than the god I call it the god current and buy books, the audible cod current because you can hear it and see it.

00:38:49.320 --> 00:39:04.740 Michael Goddart: I also talked in my balcony now about your senses and we have the spiritual sense of hearing and seeing and we're here we can develop that and what those spiritual senses, you can contact the Oracle card current the Holy Ghost.

00:39:06.420 --> 00:39:08.760 Georgeann Dau: think it was the gospel of john where.

00:39:10.020 --> 00:39:14.130 Georgeann Dau: Jesus speaks about why he has to go to the cross.

00:39:15.660 --> 00:39:26.910 Georgeann Dau: And what his purposes, and he says, I must do this because if I don't I will not leave I won't be able to leave you apparently the helper the Holy Spirit.

00:39:28.260 --> 00:39:34.770 Georgeann Dau: So, in his death again that's why i'm saying that there are many masters, but.

00:39:36.480 --> 00:39:37.320 Georgeann Dau: To my belief.

00:39:37.710 --> 00:39:52.320 Georgeann Dau: Right, no one has done what Jesus has done because he gave us through his death God used it and elevated the consciousness we're now the seed of the Christ because Christ wasn't Jesus his last name.

00:39:52.770 --> 00:40:05.910 Georgeann Dau: The seed of the Christ enters entered humanity so every created thing now has this Holy Spirit this, and now it became the Trinity.

00:40:06.480 --> 00:40:25.590 Georgeann Dau: And it's actually prophesized from Jeremiah and Isaiah and the Old Testament thousands of years before so it's just so profound to me and so exciting that you know you have this prophesized um you know, in the Christ it's it's very powerful.

00:40:25.980 --> 00:40:31.620 Michael Goddart: Yes, it is very powerful and we have the opportunity to contact in this lifetime.

00:40:32.310 --> 00:40:33.060 Michael Goddart: Yes.

00:40:33.510 --> 00:40:35.670 Michael Goddart: yeah absolutely right right.

00:40:37.050 --> 00:40:42.360 Judi Miller: So, Michael along that same line in the book you say we can all become God, can you yeah.

00:40:43.140 --> 00:40:51.840 Michael Goddart: Well, that is really the ultimate on the path of self realization and cognitive Ascension it's really realizing your divinity.

00:40:52.710 --> 00:41:06.150 Michael Goddart: it's not coming back in the physical ips returning to your original home or true home it's not the earth or true home is is being part of God it's like that the drop.

00:41:07.470 --> 00:41:19.620 Michael Goddart: In fact, creating and rejoining the ocean right now we're like a muddy drop that people have walked on we've had a hard time but through our spiritual work, we can.

00:41:20.580 --> 00:41:38.910 Michael Goddart: rise, and you know become clouds and rejoin the ocean, so we all have that God potential within us and it's just a question of really so sincerely in your heart of hearts wanting that in in praying to God to leech or as that power seeds that.

00:41:40.710 --> 00:41:43.470 Georgeann Dau: is nothing else because it's the love right.

00:41:43.800 --> 00:41:53.760 Michael Goddart: It is the love and everything around us is really in all honesty illusion install going to leave us, I mean the Earth is changing moment to moment.

00:41:54.780 --> 00:42:04.680 Michael Goddart: So what we want to seek is the eternal that is that which is real and that is pure love and it's beyond language you can't really describe it.

00:42:05.190 --> 00:42:08.070 Judi Miller: and love is what unites us all together that's our commonality.

00:42:08.460 --> 00:42:10.260 Michael Goddart: Yes, absolutely.

00:42:10.920 --> 00:42:23.190 Georgeann Dau: And when we come back um, perhaps you could give us and our listeners some insight as to where you think we're going now with the changes.

00:42:24.270 --> 00:42:28.830 Georgeann Dau: In the metaphysical energetic realm here on earth.

00:42:29.760 --> 00:42:31.050 Georgeann Dau: Okay it's my living here.

00:42:32.580 --> 00:42:35.700 Georgeann Dau: Since we're living here right now right, even though we're not have it right.

00:42:35.940 --> 00:42:37.050 Michael Goddart: Right beautiful.

00:42:37.920 --> 00:42:43.740 Georgeann Dau: we'll be right back with Michael God, I thank you for joining us on a journey through and so awareness we'll be right back.

00:45:21.720 --> 00:45:25.410 Georgeann Dau: Welcome back with Michael God are on a journey through into awareness.

00:45:26.610 --> 00:45:43.230 Georgeann Dau: Michael I just want to say before we continue maybe you could just tell our listeners where they can contact you send an email get more information about you, but I just want to say you know for Judy and I both you are such a lovely.

00:45:43.740 --> 00:45:54.270 Georgeann Dau: Well, spoken heartfelt man, and it is truly a blessing to have you here with us, I feel like we're sitting before.

00:45:55.320 --> 00:46:04.530 Georgeann Dau: A very high conscious master being so thank you so much for bringing all of yourself here and gracing us with that this evening.

00:46:04.950 --> 00:46:13.290 Michael Goddart: Oh you're most welcome it's just really enjoyed it to be here with you well you know my latest book a new now.

00:46:14.010 --> 00:46:21.960 Michael Goddart: You can get it on Amazon and old book outlets, but if you'd like to read an excerpt first and listen to interviews.

00:46:22.380 --> 00:46:37.290 Michael Goddart: Please visit my website that's cotter calm God T ar te calm and you can look under free media and for all my books from the book page, you can click through to Amazon.

00:46:37.830 --> 00:46:41.400 Michael Goddart: s3 or buyer books or order them wherever you get books.

00:46:41.910 --> 00:46:52.500 Michael Goddart: And even through your local bookshop on Facebook my book, page is more bliss, that is, the sequel to my second book list which still needs to be published.

00:46:52.860 --> 00:47:11.040 Michael Goddart: And that's about the 33 elevating spiritual strengths and virtues and by author page on Facebook and linkedin is simply Michael Goddard if you have a burning metaphysical question, you can always email me my address, is on the website.

00:47:11.640 --> 00:47:19.980 Judi Miller: Great so Michael is definitely a humble and beautiful soul, so he may not say this, but all four of his books or award winning books so congratulations Michael.

00:47:20.190 --> 00:47:21.030 Michael Goddart: Oh, thank you for.

00:47:21.150 --> 00:47:22.650 Georgeann Dau: sharing with the world.

00:47:23.010 --> 00:47:38.670 Michael Goddart: Thank you well spiritual revolution was my first book and it's basically a distillation of all the tastes of our of Christ, the Bible is quoted, more than any other book and all the Masters have come before so in a new now I talk.

00:47:39.690 --> 00:47:53.130 Michael Goddart: Right about building your spiritual foundation spiritual revolution will really give you everything you need to know about how to have a spiritual foundation, it has to 52 principles of spirituality.

00:47:53.520 --> 00:48:03.600 Michael Goddart: And 52 it's actually another mystical number, because you have 52 energy blocks in your body 26 in the front of your body and 26 in the Pack.

00:48:03.840 --> 00:48:20.250 Michael Goddart: So you can study it as you want, you can incorporate it in your journey journal, which I talked about earlier in the show you can download that, from my website under free media so there's a whole wealth for you to look into to awaken further.

00:48:22.980 --> 00:48:34.590 Judi Miller: walks and Michael you said, a new now is basically like a chorus and to use the journey journal, but is there, another is there, additional ways that readers can benefit by going through your book is there other recommendations on how to go through the book.

00:48:35.460 --> 00:48:44.310 Michael Goddart: Well they're they're all kinds of you know exercises in enlightenment's in the book, basically, I mean, I would advise people.

00:48:44.700 --> 00:48:57.090 Michael Goddart: To take responsibility for how they're going to read the book, I mean ideally read the book, from start to finish, but you can also download the journey turn on take notes that you read you can mark it up anyways you want.

00:48:57.510 --> 00:49:10.560 Michael Goddart: I want people to kind of be we're all booting masters really and to really figure out how you want to follow your path wherever that takes show, I mean.

00:49:11.280 --> 00:49:27.480 Michael Goddart: You can learn to rely on your higher knowing your intuition and how to work with the book what to work on, maybe you have a problem with overeating there's a little section on overeating and being distracted by media.

00:49:28.680 --> 00:49:41.220 Michael Goddart: Everything well this will help bring everything up that needs to come up in your life so it's a very individual experience of working with me now, but it can be actually a lifelong companion for you great.

00:49:42.870 --> 00:49:54.900 Judi Miller: Some Michael you had the opportunity to meet so many awakened individuals in your life what's, the most important thing to you that's really resonated based on dealing with all of these individuals.

00:49:55.590 --> 00:50:08.040 Michael Goddart: Well, what comes immediately is that it's really all love, this is all kind of masking the pure eternal loves that it's there for us so.

00:50:08.880 --> 00:50:21.120 Michael Goddart: If you made in light danger that person it's the most humble human you can ever imagine, but also the most powerful thing could create a miracle paid want.

00:50:23.190 --> 00:50:32.250 Michael Goddart: It be nothing to them, but it's really all about love, just to be in their presence to be a meeting the elevated and you just want to.

00:50:32.700 --> 00:50:48.090 Michael Goddart: stay in their presence, but separation it's important because it in fires up the engines of of longing so to yearn for God to turn to the Lord is also a very precious gift.

00:50:50.430 --> 00:50:53.760 Judi Miller: Yes, absolutely because there's great joy in the reunion.

00:50:54.360 --> 00:51:02.820 Michael Goddart: yeah yes, yes, we can all go back, I mean if you wish, I enough that it may not be the slave time, but it could be, I mean.

00:51:04.710 --> 00:51:08.040 Michael Goddart: I don't want to call it a miracle but God can do anything.

00:51:09.330 --> 00:51:19.470 Michael Goddart: I mean justice talked about a smart souls I believe many of us are marked and even if you aren't marked if you were basically meant to keep coming back.

00:51:20.010 --> 00:51:29.820 Michael Goddart: who's to say, can I can't have you come back if the longing and chime in so long for death perfect love long to the spirit.

00:51:30.240 --> 00:51:36.210 Michael Goddart: long for the Holy Ghost come come to you because people are really beginning you Dr.

00:51:36.930 --> 00:51:49.860 Michael Goddart: janice people before the last break what is going on, more down well, people are beginning to hear more of the Holy Spirit is just for many people, just an echo of an ECHO, maybe if you're really concentrated if you're.

00:51:50.370 --> 00:52:07.920 Michael Goddart: In a quiet space and reading and you cause you're you're aware of a little bit of sound well just kind of like the purity echo of it probably so we all have that capacity to be in touch consciously put the Holy Spirit.

00:52:11.790 --> 00:52:15.120 Georgeann Dau: What do you think is going on on the earth plane, right now, Michael.

00:52:15.540 --> 00:52:29.460 Michael Goddart: Well hell of a lot of this is going on a lot of negativity and a lot of positivity there are some really enlightened beings on earth, who are raising the consciousness and there are huge numbers of unemployment things so are.

00:52:30.630 --> 00:52:35.520 Michael Goddart: You know, taking us to hell in their hand back so it's all individual I mean.

00:52:36.330 --> 00:52:45.150 Michael Goddart: You know, three brothers could be sent to war and take it be, all together, and two of them are shot one of them dies instantly.

00:52:45.780 --> 00:52:53.970 Michael Goddart: One is impaired for the rest of this life and the third one is fine, I mean each of us has our individual destiny it's really.

00:52:54.600 --> 00:53:03.660 Michael Goddart: I mean take an active role in your destiny, I do believe in destiny, but you can ruin your destiny toward God towards spirituality so.

00:53:04.290 --> 00:53:09.630 Michael Goddart: A huge amount is going on in the world and we don't have to get cut up and.

00:53:10.170 --> 00:53:18.930 Michael Goddart: I mean we don't have to spend 10 hours a day or an hour a day just obsessing about the news, there are constant tragedies, I mean.

00:53:19.230 --> 00:53:33.300 Michael Goddart: yeah, no matter where you live in the world, people are suffering interview are well have materially, you may feel estranged from your spouse, you may feel seven that's your son or daughter is acting a certain way well.

00:53:33.750 --> 00:53:42.990 Michael Goddart: People are going to do what, but they do I do feel me come into her with a script and no matter how unintelligible how been how loving.

00:53:43.530 --> 00:53:51.960 Michael Goddart: People are basically reading from a script So what we want to do is separate ourselves what I write about us so liberation.

00:53:52.410 --> 00:54:14.280 Michael Goddart: What I ultimately want is soul liberation for soul from the mind and Reunion with God we have that opportunity to reunite with pat cod cod source and if the word God just resonate review and, by the way, that does not mean, as as some masculine source it's.

00:54:15.420 --> 00:54:17.250 Michael Goddart: beyond any sexuality.

00:54:18.060 --> 00:54:18.870 Georgeann Dau: You know, God is.

00:54:18.930 --> 00:54:25.530 Michael Goddart: So mind as to well at the moment, male and female, and in between, so you, you can groom your destiny.

00:54:28.170 --> 00:54:31.950 Georgeann Dau: So, Michael Would you mind if we end in prayer.

00:54:32.670 --> 00:54:34.710 Michael Goddart: Absolutely go ahead, do you want.

00:54:35.580 --> 00:54:46.080 Georgeann Dau: To end, for this evening i'd like to end in prayer and for those of you again, thank you for joining us tonight, we hope that you enjoyed our show and.

00:54:46.590 --> 00:55:05.130 Georgeann Dau: We have a lovely woman next week coming on with us, and I think you'll be very happy with that show, and we want to thank Sam and all those behind the scenes that make our show possible so in the name of the father, the son the Holy Spirit amen.

00:55:06.330 --> 00:55:10.110 Georgeann Dau: Lord we come before you this evening, as always, we stand.

00:55:10.620 --> 00:55:18.750 Georgeann Dau: with gratitude for all that you bring us to for all that goes on for how you are always at work within us praying through us.

00:55:19.080 --> 00:55:28.230 Georgeann Dau: To bring about a higher level of consciousness as we go beyond the limitations of our mind, thank you for our lives here.

00:55:28.770 --> 00:55:36.450 Georgeann Dau: We thank you for Michael God art and all that he brings his wisdom and His grace, I thank you for Judy my dear friend.

00:55:36.810 --> 00:55:48.240 Georgeann Dau: We pray Lord for all those listening and we pray for all those behind the scenes and all human beings that walk on the earth we pray Lord that you always help.

00:55:49.050 --> 00:56:02.100 Georgeann Dau: teach us how to love elevate our consciousness to recognize that we carry you within us and that you are with us always and always amen amen.

00:56:03.660 --> 00:56:04.350 Georgeann Dau: Thank you.

00:56:05.880 --> 00:56:09.090 Georgeann Dau: That was able to virtualize all of you, thank you, my most.

00:56:09.570 --> 00:56:11.280 Michael Goddart: treasured no, it was.

00:56:11.310 --> 00:56:14.550 Michael Goddart: a wonderful experience Thank you so much, thank you, Michael.

00:56:15.030 --> 00:56:15.810 Thank you Judy.

00:56:17.280 --> 00:56:17.730 Georgeann Dau: good night.

00:56:17.910 --> 00:56:20.340 Judi Miller: we'll see you next night everyone good night everyone.

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