The Journey Through to Awareness

Monday, August 2, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 20210802-Traveler's H.E.A.R.T.-The Fullness of Life

Facebook Live Video from 20210802-Traveler's H.E.A.R.T.-The Fullness of Life


20210802-Traveler's H.E.A.R.T.-The Fullness of Life

[NEW EPISODE] Traveler's H.E.A.R.T. - The Fullness of Life

Does your life feel lackluster, tiresome, or too regimented?

Join us as we interview Julie Zolfo, the author of The Way of the Traveler’s H.E.A.R.T., and learn how to experience the fullness and variety of life with or without a passport.

Julie’s approach to living every day is filled with connection, curiosity, courage, clarity, and co-creating. You’ll be able to explore new possibilities and expand beyond what you know. "Unconventional" is synonymous with Julie and her teachings.

By combining 25 years of corporate talent development experience with life coaching, emotional intelligence, the outdoors and other mindfulness modalities, Julie educates and empowers individuals to break free from their dissatisfying lives so that they can step into a new life chapter unapologetically. Julie helps guide her clients on their own path of discovery which leads them toward a more complete and fulfilling life.

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Show Notes

Segment 1

 Today’s episode of Journey Through to Awareness, our hosts started off by introducing special guest, Julie Zolfo. Julie is a world traveler and author of the book, The Way of the Traveler's H.E.A.R.T. Julie joins us today to talk about her experience and how it strengthened her faith in God and helped her find her home.

Segment 2

Coming back from the second segment, Julie talks more about what being home vs being in her house is like. She explains the cover illustration of her book where she is wearing a backpack. The backpack represented the fierce amazing woman that she was when she was out in the world traveling, however, Julie wanted to be that fierce amazing person even when she wasn’t traveling. Our hosts and Julie discuss their theories as to why we become just different people when we are out in the world versus being in our daily lives.

Segment 3

Coming back from the break, our hosts and Julie continue to talk about the book. She talks about her wishes for this book and how she hopes her audience can really connect with this book. And that they can learn from this book that everyone has the ability to go chase their dreams and be filled with hope. Julie talks about the importance of silence and how that itself can bring calmness and even unwavering faith. Julie shared a personal story of faith from when she was traveling in Nepal and climbing some of the tallest mountains in the world. 

Segment 4

For the last segment, Julie talks about her faith more. She explains how she knows and can tell that God is always with her during her travels and life in general. Despite setbacks, Julie’s faith kept her going and believing that there was a plan for her. Julie shares how the audience can get in touch with her and where to find her on the internet. She explains what she does with her clients and people who come to her for help. The episode ends with each person sharing what they liked and learned from Julie’s book and with a touching prayer.


00:00:00.000 --> 00:00:00.690 Georgeann Dau: spiritual.

00:00:05.970 --> 00:00:06.569 Georgeann Dau: Excuse me.

00:00:08.940 --> 00:00:10.769 Georgeann Dau: I think that we need to begin again.

00:00:12.840 --> 00:00:24.870 Georgeann Dau: I am Dr George endo, and this is a journey through to awareness, thank you for joining us tonight i'm one of your hosts and i'm here with my buddy and host Jerry Miller.

00:00:25.920 --> 00:00:44.010 Georgeann Dau: And, as always, we are looking to bring to you, information and guests who have a very important message that can bring something new to you, so that it gives you a new perspective on life adds to your life touches your heart.

00:00:45.840 --> 00:00:50.370 Georgeann Dau: We are called to go beyond the confines of our minds, and we hope to bring you that year.

00:00:50.970 --> 00:00:58.770 Georgeann Dau: i'm a psychoanalyst and I have a private practice as well as a certified spiritual direction been in practice for 21 plus years.

00:00:59.280 --> 00:01:13.560 Georgeann Dau: And my last name is da you and you can certainly find me if you Google me and Judy Miller is an incredible therapist to have her own right and i'm going to introduce.

00:01:13.980 --> 00:01:25.290 Georgeann Dau: Our guest in a moment, but I want you to meet Judy fairest our guest tonight is a very interesting woman of great courage and she's going to speak of her journey.

00:01:26.430 --> 00:01:34.350 Georgeann Dau: and we look forward to having you stay with us and listen to our show tonight Judy hi Andy I haven't seen you all week.

00:01:35.910 --> 00:01:37.620 Judi Miller: It is great to see you George Jan.

00:01:38.070 --> 00:01:38.670 Georgeann Dau: Thank you.

00:01:39.180 --> 00:01:52.050 Judi Miller: And it's also a privilege to introduce our guest for today so Julie soulful is the author of the new best selling book the way of the travelers heart, and I am sure that sounds great to julie's zeros it because it just came out last week.

00:01:53.160 --> 00:01:58.530 Judi Miller: Now Julie will inspire you to experience the fullness and variety of life, with or without a passport.

00:01:59.100 --> 00:02:10.050 Judi Miller: julie's approach to living every day is filled with connection curiosity courage, clarity and co creating you'll be able to explore new possibilities and expand beyond what you know.

00:02:10.890 --> 00:02:21.120 Judi Miller: on conventional is synonymous with Julian her teachings by combining 25 years of corporate talent development experience with life coaching emotional intelligence.

00:02:21.630 --> 00:02:31.890 Judi Miller: The outdoors and other mindfulness modalities Julie educates and empowers individuals to break free so that they can step into a new life chapter unapologetically.

00:02:32.490 --> 00:02:50.070 Judi Miller: Julie helps guide her clients on their own path of discovery which leads them towards a more complete and fulfilling life now Julie credits her success to her, her five f's it's faith it's family it's food it's fun and football okay.

00:02:51.330 --> 00:03:01.710 Judi Miller: And julie's journey in the background, but I actually met Julie, two years ago at a woman's retreat and he she had just achieved the master trainer level in the passion test program offered by Janet.

00:03:02.730 --> 00:03:11.790 Judi Miller: So I know firsthand julie's level of dedication and are open and caring hard so it's such a pleasure Julie, to have you on a journey through to awareness.

00:03:13.440 --> 00:03:21.450 Julie Zolfo - Well, thank you both for having me this is so exciting I am dialing in from central Oregon i'm in a little town called bend Oregon.

00:03:21.720 --> 00:03:33.120 Julie Zolfo - So it's so great, how the power of technology can connect us right like this from Tampa and New York and all the way here and Ben so thank you for the opportunity to be here and to meet your audience, this is exciting.

00:03:33.600 --> 00:03:35.550 Judi Miller: It is exciting to have you here so.

00:03:36.660 --> 00:03:43.350 Judi Miller: So Julie, for people who aren't familiar with you can you briefly tell us about your background and where you're yearning for travel originated.

00:03:43.710 --> 00:03:57.090 Julie Zolfo - Sure, before I really stepped into my passion, I had a J O B, like everybody else, I had a job and I actually loved most of my jobs, I was a marketing major at bentley University in Boston Massachusetts.

00:03:57.450 --> 00:04:00.990 Julie Zolfo - and went on to do some sales and marketing with Turner broadcasting.

00:04:01.350 --> 00:04:13.590 Julie Zolfo - I was a campus recruiter for some of the biggest companies out there, like Citigroup and Honeywell and Deloitte and one of my favorite jobs that I fell into which hopefully we have an opportunity to talk about tonight.

00:04:13.890 --> 00:04:32.430 Julie Zolfo - Is I became a director of destination management and travel for Pier 39 in San Francisco and, at the time, I had no idea, it was the number one tourist attraction in San Francisco and I ended up getting this marketing job, so I credit my.

00:04:33.810 --> 00:04:49.590 Julie Zolfo - My career looks more like a twister board than any sort of ladder or lattice rate, you know it's been like one hand on yellow one foot on red and there's been all these dots that at one point didn't seem to connect Judy.

00:04:49.950 --> 00:04:57.450 Julie Zolfo - But after 25 years I look back right when we look back in our lives, all those dots somehow connected.

00:04:57.750 --> 00:05:03.390 Julie Zolfo - And really brought me to the moment here, where, for the last 11 years i've been a coach i've been a speaker.

00:05:03.690 --> 00:05:20.430 Julie Zolfo - i'm running retreats as you shared i'm a master trainer with the passion test and my new accomplishment was my new birth baby that I just gave is the way of the travelers heart it's taken me a while most people take about nine months to have a baby I had it about five years.

00:05:21.510 --> 00:05:23.310 Julie Zolfo - So i'm really excited to be here.

00:05:23.640 --> 00:05:25.110 Georgeann Dau: With a big baby that.

00:05:25.650 --> 00:05:30.060 Judi Miller: baby and for our listeners who can see you were holding up the big.

00:05:30.060 --> 00:05:38.790 Judi Miller: Baby but it's actually it's actually an easy read it's not that big and you've got some wonderful pictures about your travels around the world, so thank you for that.

00:05:39.150 --> 00:05:45.450 Julie Zolfo - yeah well and actually you know just when looking at the book and people say like oh like there's a lot packed in here.

00:05:46.140 --> 00:05:54.060 Julie Zolfo - But it's a smaller book and i'm not sure if your audience is familiar with odd man Dino Are you familiar with the author odd man Dino he.

00:05:54.360 --> 00:06:04.470 Julie Zolfo - Back in the 70s and 80s wrote a lot of inspirational stories that were very spiritual based and all his books were about 100 to 110 pages.

00:06:04.860 --> 00:06:16.140 Julie Zolfo - And I actually share in my story when I was 11 years old, I saw a man do was coming to New Jersey and I asked my dad to take me to see him speak.

00:06:16.560 --> 00:06:26.580 Julie Zolfo - And that was the first time I saw a motivational inspirational speaker and I knew in that moment watching odd man Dino that that's what I wanted to do and so.

00:06:26.970 --> 00:06:35.610 Julie Zolfo - I almost feel like this book pays homage to His style of simplicity of you know spirituality but yet there's an adventure in there as well.

00:06:35.880 --> 00:06:45.180 Judi Miller: So you know I knew I knew I knew I loved Julie right away because I grew up loving augmenting you know the greatest salesman in the world is one of.

00:06:45.180 --> 00:06:46.290 Judi Miller: My favorite books.

00:06:47.040 --> 00:06:48.180 Georgeann Dau: i've read that book.

00:06:48.420 --> 00:06:49.020 Georgeann Dau: yeah.

00:06:49.110 --> 00:06:51.390 Julie Zolfo - Okay first one, I read was the choice.

00:06:51.660 --> 00:06:57.240 Julie Zolfo - And that was the first one, I ever read and then got into the greatest salesman yeah absolutely yes.

00:06:57.570 --> 00:07:10.680 Judi Miller: So Julie, we have a question for you so through all your travels you've learned that all roads lead home so for our listeners where is home and how do we get there, especially for people who feel like they're lost yeah.

00:07:10.710 --> 00:07:12.210 Georgeann Dau: And can travel.

00:07:12.750 --> 00:07:25.230 Julie Zolfo - yeah and for kids who can't travel well again i'm so i'm originally from New Jersey and since living in New Jersey, I have lived now, this is my 12th us state they lived in.

00:07:25.980 --> 00:07:38.850 Julie Zolfo - And i've lived in Massachusetts I lived in California I lived all over the country and Judy find it really interesting that at 53 years old i'm over to in a very serious relationship to get married.

00:07:39.390 --> 00:07:46.050 Julie Zolfo - But that never happened for me, yes and i've never had a home like a physical home or owned a home.

00:07:46.620 --> 00:07:54.060 Julie Zolfo - And I was okay with that I was Okay, you know going through life and collecting all these experiences.

00:07:54.540 --> 00:08:02.340 Julie Zolfo - And along the way, what I realized is when I stopped comparing my life to other people, but I was really okay.

00:08:02.910 --> 00:08:23.550 Julie Zolfo - from a very young age, I always knew that there was something with me and I never felt alone and so i'm wondering our listeners here i'm sure the listeners in this group, maybe have that same sensation right that it really is this feeling inside of belonging and when we can get there.

00:08:23.820 --> 00:08:25.680 Julie Zolfo - Then it really doesn't matter.

00:08:25.860 --> 00:08:33.960 Julie Zolfo - On the outside part, but the but the truth is, it was during the pandemic and being on a road trip.

00:08:34.470 --> 00:08:44.610 Julie Zolfo - That I finally realized, when I was driving back from North Carolina to Oregon that after five decades, I had everything in this moment.

00:08:45.000 --> 00:08:59.670 Julie Zolfo - That not only was home here, but it actually wanted to put roots down, and so I built a home and I moved into it on St patrick's day this year march 17 2021 to the shock of everyone.

00:09:00.090 --> 00:09:04.380 Julie Zolfo - And I tell them that I have a nest, but I still love to fly.

00:09:04.830 --> 00:09:18.810 Julie Zolfo - And that's the beautiful thing about home right whether it's inside here or something that we have it's something that we always know we can go back to and tap into it anytime What about you, what do you kind of how do you define home for yourself both of you.

00:09:19.980 --> 00:09:21.570 Judi Miller: turgeon do you want to go first and then i'll be.

00:09:21.780 --> 00:09:22.800 Georgeann Dau: i'll jump in first.

00:09:22.830 --> 00:09:28.620 Georgeann Dau: You go first because I really want you to talk about yourself and let everyone know also how they can reach you Judy.

00:09:28.860 --> 00:09:29.790 Judi Miller: Sure, so.

00:09:31.560 --> 00:09:38.490 Judi Miller: there's a chance that i'm Judy Miller, and you can definitely connect with me and Judy and i'm a life coach as well, so.

00:09:38.910 --> 00:09:46.770 Judi Miller: For home for me, I went through an incredible experience not too long ago, and for home for me is connecting with the oneness of the universe.

00:09:47.580 --> 00:09:57.930 Judi Miller: So, no matter where I go just being in that connection being with God being with the God of my understanding, or whatever you might call it that's home for me.

00:09:59.370 --> 00:10:01.350 Georgeann Dau: Yes, similar for me.

00:10:01.590 --> 00:10:02.820 Georgeann Dau: it's interesting because how I met.

00:10:02.820 --> 00:10:19.890 Georgeann Dau: Judy was I had her on the show, and I very much connected with her immediately we connected with each other and we both met our God that we believed in and knew but.

00:10:22.140 --> 00:10:34.350 Georgeann Dau: really had a physical and psychological everything immense immersion into the sense of God, if the Catholic Church.

00:10:35.790 --> 00:10:42.180 Georgeann Dau: And so the God of our understanding for me it's always Jesus the son of God.

00:10:44.310 --> 00:10:51.000 Georgeann Dau: Is my home the Holy Spirit lives in me I can immediately go into a place.

00:10:52.260 --> 00:11:01.860 Georgeann Dau: And caress and feel that presence and i'm very blessed that's my home, and I do have a house I don't live in a box, but.

00:11:01.920 --> 00:11:09.150 Julie Zolfo - I love that distinction Georgian because i'm in the travelers heart the book it's broken up into stories one part stories.

00:11:09.420 --> 00:11:18.210 Julie Zolfo - And one part education, but in the education part I have these five wisdoms and under each wisdom there's a motivation and desire.

00:11:18.630 --> 00:11:37.530 Julie Zolfo - And in Chapter eight we talk about home, but the wisdom is home is a sensational belonging, not a destination of belongings, and so I loved how you made the distinction of I have a home and, yes, I have a house, and that is part of what I share, about in the travelers far.

00:11:37.650 --> 00:11:38.760 Georgeann Dau: Beautiful soup.

00:11:39.060 --> 00:11:46.050 Georgeann Dau: Is a lot of meaning, it really is fantastic we have so much to explore the night with you and we're so grateful you're here.

00:11:46.590 --> 00:12:02.190 Georgeann Dau: And we need to take a break so we'll be right back sorry good we got off to a little bit of a strange spot tonight, but we're here and we're looking forward to sharing the rest of the time with you all, so thank you for joining us on a journey through awareness we'll be right back.

00:14:26.790 --> 00:14:38.130 Georgeann Dau: Welcome back to a journey through into awareness we're here tonight with Julie result phone and she's talking about her new book.

00:14:39.450 --> 00:14:41.550 Georgeann Dau: And for though I hope you can all see this.

00:14:42.570 --> 00:14:55.170 Georgeann Dau: away of the travelers heart and it's about exploration, but not just a places and things but about the depth of your heart so Julie tell us.

00:14:56.040 --> 00:15:06.930 Georgeann Dau: tell us more about the depth of your heart and how you met it on all of the different journey that you may just such a oh my gosh you're such a courageous woman.

00:15:09.240 --> 00:15:19.890 Julie Zolfo - Thank you so much, you know that word courage comes up a lot when people read about my story, and what I do, and I remember my father telling one time, Joe Dan that.

00:15:20.460 --> 00:15:31.260 Julie Zolfo - he's like Julie, are very interesting girl, because you go out in the world, and you go travel around the world, and you like think it's like normal and it's kind of comes natural to you.

00:15:31.650 --> 00:15:41.070 Julie Zolfo - But then you come home and you're in your daily life and sometimes you fall apart and so that was kind of the wisdom and the.

00:15:41.850 --> 00:15:54.900 Julie Zolfo - motivation behind creating the way of the travelers heart, because if you look for those who can see the cover on the cover of the book the way of the travelers, for it is i'm carrying this big backpack this big green backpack.

00:15:55.470 --> 00:16:05.730 Julie Zolfo - And when I put this backpack on it's almost as if God like i'm putting on like my super Cape here like I become a hero right and i'm invincible.

00:16:06.030 --> 00:16:20.010 Julie Zolfo - And in the book, I actually talked about i'm standing in the middle of Nepal scared as heck as to what's going to happen next, and I just take a deep breath and I start doing this incantation and going I am soulful woman.

00:16:20.190 --> 00:16:30.300 Julie Zolfo - I am fierce I am like you know invincible and I love that backpack and when I what I noticed I would come home, I take that backpack off.

00:16:31.170 --> 00:16:38.970 Julie Zolfo - put it in the closet and I go through my daily life, forgetting that incredible woman, that I was out there in the world.

00:16:39.360 --> 00:16:47.070 Julie Zolfo - And so, part of the way of the travelers heart, I created it first for myself, because I didn't want to just be that amazing woman.

00:16:47.490 --> 00:16:56.760 Julie Zolfo - A couple times a year when I traveled I wanted experience I colored results, the woman, I want to experience is also a woman all the time.

00:16:57.180 --> 00:17:05.970 Julie Zolfo - And so I started to dig deeper under what does those things that I forget about when I come home and you started tonight when you.

00:17:06.420 --> 00:17:17.880 Julie Zolfo - started this broadcast you said, the first thing it's about taking interest, even if we don't agree with people interest when we take an interest in somebody that creates connection.

00:17:18.330 --> 00:17:26.160 Julie Zolfo - Right when we're traveling it's so easy were open, you know we're we don't even mind like waiting online for something sometimes.

00:17:26.370 --> 00:17:41.880 Julie Zolfo - But how many of us right when we come home and we're standing on that express line and it clearly says 10 items and the person in front of us clearly has 11 you know, are we feeling a connection with that person at the moment right.

00:17:42.600 --> 00:17:44.490 Georgeann Dau: That is Julie, I.

00:17:44.580 --> 00:17:53.040 Julie Zolfo - You know I think we forget when we come home that we're part of this collectiveness and I think yeah.

00:17:53.520 --> 00:17:54.210 Georgeann Dau: I give you my.

00:17:55.620 --> 00:17:56.100 Georgeann Dau: theory.

00:17:56.730 --> 00:18:15.420 Georgeann Dau: Okay, when we are at home, we all get back into a life with the society that we are plugged into keeps us too busy and great we get grounded right into that and we're too busy for anybody else and we become very self involved.

00:18:15.960 --> 00:18:17.520 Georgeann Dau: that's all I matter.

00:18:17.730 --> 00:18:23.340 Georgeann Dau: That we have five minutes, we have to remind ourselves that this person is feeling the same way, we are.

00:18:25.950 --> 00:18:34.620 Julie Zolfo - Absolutely absolutely so that was one of the things I noticed right they I didn't have as much patient because we treat people at the level we treat ourselves.

00:18:34.890 --> 00:18:46.590 Julie Zolfo - And I am so much kinder you know, even when I travel I don't know about you all, but I am so forgiving if I get lost it's no big deal it's just part of the adventure.

00:18:46.920 --> 00:18:57.960 Julie Zolfo - You know if I can't figure out a word I just smile, you know, and I make up something and everything's Okay, yet when I come home and I don't know something.

00:18:58.440 --> 00:19:01.800 Julie Zolfo - All of a sudden there's this pressure that i'm supposed to know.

00:19:02.430 --> 00:19:13.350 Julie Zolfo - What the truth is, I don't know but I shut down and I hide instead of just asking for help, or clearly saying I don't know but i'm so open to learn.

00:19:13.800 --> 00:19:20.280 Julie Zolfo - Right, so all these things were happening for me when I come home and that's what I didn't like that part of Julie.

00:19:20.580 --> 00:19:30.210 Julie Zolfo - I was really shutting down, and so this book the way of the travelers heart the heart is an acronym right and it's in the five letters of H E a R T.

00:19:30.690 --> 00:19:36.420 Julie Zolfo - All stand for a wisdom and then under that wisdom, there is a desire that we want to connect.

00:19:36.600 --> 00:19:50.040 Julie Zolfo - We want to stay curious, we want to be courageous rate, we want to have clarity and the most important part that we started off this whole journey about is the Co creation of really being in the flow where spirit is taking us.

00:19:50.700 --> 00:19:51.240 Georgeann Dau: and love it.

00:19:51.480 --> 00:20:01.200 Judi Miller: So Julie Julie, can you go through for our listeners the the other parts of the acronym heart, because I know each letter represents something different, so can you go through each one of them.

00:20:01.290 --> 00:20:03.060 Julie Zolfo - yeah absolutely so.

00:20:03.360 --> 00:20:12.780 Julie Zolfo - You know there's a lot of layers to this book, so the H, and for those of you who can see it, the H, each one of the letters when you open up the book.

00:20:13.140 --> 00:20:23.760 Julie Zolfo - It actually has a drawing attached to it, so the age when you look at the age when you get the book at travelers heart book calm, you can order it there it's on Amazon right now.

00:20:24.150 --> 00:20:38.250 Julie Zolfo - The age has this water drop and so that he represents water, because if you think about it when we're first born right that's the first element in which we come into life, so the H stands for home is a sensation of belonging.

00:20:38.700 --> 00:20:47.700 Julie Zolfo - Not a destination of belongings, and in that Chapter I share, about how I go on this amazing adventure in New Zealand.

00:20:48.030 --> 00:20:54.150 Julie Zolfo - And even though i'm having this amazing adventure out in New Zealand, what is happening with envy.

00:20:54.540 --> 00:21:02.190 Julie Zolfo - Is the journey i've never experienced before, and that was for the first time that I understood about this concept of journey and with them.

00:21:02.550 --> 00:21:14.430 Julie Zolfo - So that's chapter H, and at the end of each chapter there's some pictures and there's also a reflection for everyone to kind of look at and how you can feel more connected in your everyday life.

00:21:14.520 --> 00:21:24.510 Judi Miller: You know Julie, when you started to take these travels around the world, did you feel a sense that your friends and family were perhaps judging you and how did you get beyond that yeah.

00:21:25.380 --> 00:21:35.640 Julie Zolfo - In the beginning I think they were really excited for me like okay Julie, like this is a little trip, but I saw this as something so much more.

00:21:36.090 --> 00:21:45.630 Julie Zolfo - I come from a very large Italian more male dominated family all extremely successful successful entrepreneurs.

00:21:46.170 --> 00:21:58.350 Julie Zolfo - And I was the first woman in my family to go to college to get a degree and get a job, no so i've always wanted to feel a part of what they were doing so to be there out on my own.

00:21:58.710 --> 00:22:12.120 Julie Zolfo - But I realized I couldn't do it their way, I had to find my way and so going out in the world was something nobody else in my family did, and so I really That was my thing of moving and traveling.

00:22:13.170 --> 00:22:24.930 Julie Zolfo - I think when I traveled for nine months in 1999 the first four months, I was by myself and meeting all these different people from around the world who had that same mindset of.

00:22:25.260 --> 00:22:31.020 Julie Zolfo - going out there and exploring and waking up every day and doing what you love and we didn't know where it was going to go.

00:22:31.530 --> 00:22:40.020 Julie Zolfo - And then I started to beat some of my friends along the way they didn't beat me till about Greece or Italy, some of the more safer luxurious places.

00:22:40.950 --> 00:22:51.330 Julie Zolfo - And all of a sudden that conversation of oh so when you coming home and well, what are you going to do about a job and for the longest time that wasn't.

00:22:52.260 --> 00:23:01.140 Julie Zolfo - That wasn't part of the journey, I was just wanting to be out there in the world, and so that was the beginning duty of where I started to shrink.

00:23:01.620 --> 00:23:12.060 Julie Zolfo - And I started to let the outside world kind of influence me and it kind of took me on a spiral, so you know in that spiral that's Chapter A.

00:23:12.660 --> 00:23:21.300 Julie Zolfo - The a of the heart acronym and a stands for adversity accelerates our self evolution and don't, we all know that.

00:23:21.990 --> 00:23:31.800 Julie Zolfo - You know, unfortunately we don't realize it when we're in the adversity that it's accelerating us to move someplace else, some of us get stuck.

00:23:32.040 --> 00:23:39.450 Julie Zolfo - So most don't want to be there, some of us resist being right standing in the fire of our discomfort is Janet attwood would tell us right.

00:23:40.140 --> 00:23:49.830 Julie Zolfo - But that's really where the growth is going to happen, and in that fire in that demise that I experienced when I came home.

00:23:50.160 --> 00:23:57.900 Julie Zolfo - Was it was a shedding of all like beliefs, that you were saying earlier, Jan that society had all these should.

00:23:58.350 --> 00:24:15.180 Julie Zolfo - about how Julie should show up how a single woman should show up how anybody should show up at a certain age in their life and in that depression in that downfall, I think it just really allowed me to get rid of everything that no longer serves me.

00:24:15.660 --> 00:24:16.710 Georgeann Dau: that's great.

00:24:16.950 --> 00:24:18.180 Julie Zolfo - that's what happens.

00:24:18.240 --> 00:24:18.570 Julie Zolfo - When you.

00:24:19.020 --> 00:24:21.300 Julie Zolfo - Go inward and let spirit talk to you.

00:24:21.660 --> 00:24:28.830 Georgeann Dau: Yes, and that's what I help people with an analysis in spiritual direction and you told yourself a moment ago.

00:24:29.370 --> 00:24:46.830 Georgeann Dau: Why, when you come home you start to feel that shrinking again because your home represents the people that you were brought up around and they all have that attitude of society, get a job fit and.

00:24:47.280 --> 00:25:01.170 Georgeann Dau: Do what a girl should do right when you're out in the world you're not around that right, whatever we have brought up around lives in us forever We just have to identify it and then take charge of it, otherwise it runs our life.

00:25:01.650 --> 00:25:07.020 Julie Zolfo - Absolutely, well, I think the beautiful thing, and this audience would definitely appreciate so at.

00:25:07.470 --> 00:25:20.610 Julie Zolfo - The heart at the core of my darkness i've really spirals pretty downward and you can see my personality i'm pretty outgoing and i'm full of life, but at one point, it was almost I was so stuck in my body.

00:25:20.880 --> 00:25:24.660 Julie Zolfo - I was completely shut down I could I really couldn't speak.

00:25:24.810 --> 00:25:31.200 Julie Zolfo - Like it was so in me now I was never had terrible thoughts about myself, I was deeply sad.

00:25:31.950 --> 00:25:41.190 Julie Zolfo - And I remember one night afternoon waking up from a nap where I had been crying myself to sleep and I woke up in this voice specifically said to me.

00:25:41.940 --> 00:25:54.840 Julie Zolfo - Where were you last happy and without like even being startled or anything I looked up and I go San Francisco and the voice, said to me then go to San Francisco.

00:25:56.010 --> 00:26:14.880 Julie Zolfo - And that's what snapped me out of my depression and and I think it's as we are talking about going within and coming home and being connected I think spirit was just calling me and calling him in its it knew I was making choices for other people versus making choices for myself.

00:26:15.090 --> 00:26:15.960 Julie Zolfo - And all kind of like.

00:26:16.020 --> 00:26:27.000 Julie Zolfo - yeah and he just wanted to hold me and be like Julie, we got this together, you can love them, but no one's going to love you the way I do, and I know it's best for you and I had to trust that yeah.

00:26:27.330 --> 00:26:32.100 Georgeann Dau: And it surely we're called to see beyond the confines of our mind.

00:26:33.270 --> 00:26:38.460 Georgeann Dau: And the mind is made up of the ego zero to seven i'm sorry Judy again i'm sorry I get carried.

00:26:38.520 --> 00:26:40.770 Judi Miller: No, no, no, please, please finish what you're saying.

00:26:40.950 --> 00:26:41.550 Georgeann Dau: No i'm done.

00:26:42.060 --> 00:26:42.480 Georgeann Dau: Good.

00:26:42.570 --> 00:26:57.660 Judi Miller: So Julie Julie, I know that ties in so closely with the art and heart and the heart acronym since we're both passionate tell us facilitators it'd be great to share with our audience, you know how do we calculate what matters most, how do we get that clarity yeah.

00:26:57.690 --> 00:27:08.940 Julie Zolfo - Well, you know Judy and I, you know we've been blessed to kind of learn a process that gets us clear what matters most to us and the truth is it starts with actually sitting still.

00:27:09.870 --> 00:27:15.840 Julie Zolfo - Allowing yourself and giving yourself permission to actually go inside right and say.

00:27:16.590 --> 00:27:24.810 Julie Zolfo - What is my heart telling me now my head not society, not my mom my dad my grandma and everybody else right what's my heart saying.

00:27:25.350 --> 00:27:29.520 Julie Zolfo - And I don't know about you Judy but until I went to the passion test.

00:27:30.060 --> 00:27:42.900 Julie Zolfo - No one ever gave me a process of the permission to sit down and say when my life is ideal I am and just dream into it, without the should without the judgments and what.

00:27:43.290 --> 00:27:51.510 Julie Zolfo - What a beautiful gift that anyone can give themselves when i'm working one on one with the client or even in a group I tell them.

00:27:51.870 --> 00:28:00.480 Julie Zolfo - Nobody is going to see this list, but if you can't be honest with yourself in this moment and allow your heart to come forward when are you going to do it.

00:28:01.050 --> 00:28:04.320 Julie Zolfo - Right when are you going to do it, and so it really starts with.

00:28:05.010 --> 00:28:17.460 Julie Zolfo - What is your heart telling us when my life is ideal, what does that look like in where i'm living who i'm hanging out with my daily connection to spirit into God and fueling my soul.

00:28:17.910 --> 00:28:23.820 Julie Zolfo - And then the beautiful part that we get to do in the passion test is once you get clear and those things that are mattered most to you.

00:28:24.510 --> 00:28:29.640 Julie Zolfo - I was still people write the code is the passion test is the only test you can't fail love it.

00:28:30.150 --> 00:28:40.260 Julie Zolfo - Right, but we can score it and we can be honest with the score and be like okay on a scale of zero to 1010 meaning wow and doing this full out and zero like.

00:28:40.830 --> 00:28:47.010 Julie Zolfo - I don't even know this is important to me right, you score it and be like okay Well now, you know.

00:28:47.310 --> 00:28:56.370 Julie Zolfo - Because now and you move forward and you're making choices what we say in the passion test is when you're faced with a choice, a decision or opportunity.

00:28:56.820 --> 00:29:01.920 Julie Zolfo - You look at those passions and say is this bringing me closer to or further away.

00:29:02.460 --> 00:29:19.170 Julie Zolfo - And then making choices become really exciting and really easy because you're so clear about your yeses and you're so clear about that's not for my heart and I love that about the passion test it's an incredible simple and powerful tool.

00:29:19.500 --> 00:29:20.640 Julie Zolfo - And i'm just going to agree.

00:29:20.820 --> 00:29:33.180 Judi Miller: And i'm just going to repeat what Julie said, because it has changed my life so whenever you're faced with a choice decision or opportunity always choose in favor of your passions and when you do that, you start to live more life more joyfully.

00:29:34.530 --> 00:29:38.310 Julie Zolfo - yeah and I think the one part, that we have to remember, too, is.

00:29:39.450 --> 00:29:47.610 Julie Zolfo - Live they'll follow your passions and remember God intention attention, no tension, the truth is our job is to get clear.

00:29:48.000 --> 00:30:00.930 Julie Zolfo - To go full out and do everything we can, and then allow the universe, to see what shows up and not have an expectation, and that is Chapter II that we can get to later on experience without expectations.

00:30:02.190 --> 00:30:18.300 Georgeann Dau: And for those of us listening that might be in situations that you didn't know you had permission to choose and you find yourself in certain circumstances in life, we can always work through.

00:30:20.040 --> 00:30:34.500 Georgeann Dau: The pieces looking at now where you've landed and we can pick up from there and see how differently you'd like to navigate because your passions can be different now than someone that's 30 years old.

00:30:35.520 --> 00:30:40.170 Georgeann Dau: Okay we'll be right back to our journey through the witness we'll be right back.

00:30:52.140 --> 00:30:55.080 Left educate empower them.

00:33:45.870 --> 00:33:46.200 Georgeann Dau: Hello.

00:33:48.030 --> 00:33:49.050 Judi Miller: I think we're back on.

00:33:49.770 --> 00:33:51.840 Judi Miller: We do we have we have some technical.

00:33:51.840 --> 00:33:56.220 Judi Miller: Difficulties going on in the background, so thank you everyone so much for your patience.

00:33:57.450 --> 00:34:04.680 Georgeann Dau: So I was just being silly hopefully everybody's kind of laughing anyway welcome back to journey through with awareness with Julie.

00:34:06.330 --> 00:34:19.470 Georgeann Dau: Julie um, what do you what would you hope from reading your book, what do you think the most important point is that people will take away from your book, there are so many.

00:34:20.550 --> 00:34:22.560 Georgeann Dau: What do you think what do you think wanted to or.

00:34:25.170 --> 00:34:33.030 Julie Zolfo - I think, so my wish, so one of the things about writing a book is you get to get this message out there in the world to a bigger audience.

00:34:33.420 --> 00:34:41.520 Julie Zolfo - And when it becomes an Amazon bestseller you know that even creates a bigger spark and a bigger fired you know catch on for people.

00:34:41.970 --> 00:34:49.260 Julie Zolfo - And my hope is especially during a time in these these modern times, where people feel so restricted.

00:34:49.830 --> 00:34:56.730 Julie Zolfo - That there's some things in life, you know what regardless of what the outside world is telling us, we are free to do.

00:34:57.150 --> 00:35:04.680 Julie Zolfo - Right, we are free to love, we are free to be kind we are free to you know be go out in nature and it's free.

00:35:05.010 --> 00:35:15.540 Julie Zolfo - rate, so instead of all the things that you know and sometimes people want to be free from things I want to be free from stress or free from this person or you know how about i'm free to.

00:35:16.200 --> 00:35:31.620 Julie Zolfo - i'm free to just you know follow my heart i'm free to like what if you had to answer that question for yourself, you know what is it that regardless of what's happening in the world to remind yourself that you are free to.

00:35:32.460 --> 00:35:33.120 Georgeann Dau: love that.

00:35:33.300 --> 00:35:46.230 Julie Zolfo - No, and I think the second one where we started in the beginning, is that you know what you'll notice when you're reading the travelers heart again these incredible stories well, I think I I think they are, I hope you do too they inspire you.

00:35:47.040 --> 00:35:53.370 Julie Zolfo - i've met these incredible guides along the way there's a guide vishnu in Nepal and there's.

00:35:53.550 --> 00:36:06.450 Julie Zolfo - Anything oh I love these two everyone loves vishnu and the truth is that you know, after all these journeys what they all taught me was the guy that I always had was with me.

00:36:06.900 --> 00:36:14.400 Julie Zolfo - And when I wrote that I didn't even think about the whole concept of like Dorothy like the wizard of Oz that that story like there's no place like home.

00:36:14.670 --> 00:36:23.490 Julie Zolfo - It was always there was always in me and for the longest time I look to the other people to guide me and yes that's okay to check in.

00:36:23.850 --> 00:36:31.920 Julie Zolfo - But the most important person to check in with is always me, and so you know my biggest wish that this book.

00:36:32.190 --> 00:36:48.060 Julie Zolfo - inspires people to remember is that you do have all the answers you know what's best for you and you know only share that great secret with people in your life in your tribe or with people on a podcast you know to 50,000 people.

00:36:49.140 --> 00:36:54.510 Julie Zolfo - That you trust right but shared that dream and hope with the people who are going to nurture it.

00:36:55.050 --> 00:37:01.980 Julie Zolfo - You know Judy started by introducing me with Julius five f's five no faith family food family and football.

00:37:02.250 --> 00:37:14.820 Julie Zolfo - Right and I joke that I say being baptized Catholic and a jets fan right or the bookends of my life, but they are and they've created such security and comfort, you know, being a jet fan and.

00:37:15.240 --> 00:37:26.130 Julie Zolfo - This is a New York radio station, you know when you're a jets fan out there, the greatest thing that just give you is hope we can hope for another year, we can hope for our new quarterback right make a note.

00:37:27.570 --> 00:37:38.430 Julie Zolfo - ready and so having that hope and remembering that, even in our darkest days we are never alone we're not and.

00:37:38.790 --> 00:37:52.860 Julie Zolfo - that's what I love what you both are doing is reminding people right of you know that sense of home that sense of we have that strengthen when we're feeling afraid, the best thing we can do is travel with them.

00:37:53.340 --> 00:38:09.210 Julie Zolfo - Right get still get quiet because coming in from a big Italian family we didn't have a lot of quiet around so it took going into the Himalayas to actually realize that silence is really loud, just like my phone that I didn't shut off I apologize.

00:38:10.770 --> 00:38:12.960 Julie Zolfo - And it's not next to me, so I apologize.

00:38:15.120 --> 00:38:16.560 Judi Miller: So Julie, you know.

00:38:16.590 --> 00:38:18.360 Judi Miller: that's that's wonderful you just said.

00:38:18.630 --> 00:38:26.670 Judi Miller: And one of the things that you mentioned earlier, was alpha woman and I couldn't help noticing you kind of have like a mantra in the book and I think it goes you resolve a woman.

00:38:26.970 --> 00:38:32.280 Judi Miller: You are fearless and courageous and all you do, you are joyfully curious about everything and everyone.

00:38:32.670 --> 00:38:45.090 Judi Miller: And you have an unwavering faith in God, even in crazy and i'm so sorry since we're on the radio shit scary moments so Julie tell us about one of those moments, and when your faith was critical.

00:38:45.660 --> 00:38:51.240 Julie Zolfo - Oh gosh, so in that chapter Chapter II experience without expectations.

00:38:51.900 --> 00:39:03.810 Julie Zolfo - I somehow ended up in Nepal, after having a couple beers with some other travelers in Laos, so, if you look at a map losses like one country over here yeah to fly over to Nepal, but someone said.

00:39:04.020 --> 00:39:12.540 Julie Zolfo - hey if you love to hate, you should probably go to Nepal and experience that, while you're in this side of the world, and as a traveler like sure i'll just go to Nepal.

00:39:13.140 --> 00:39:20.580 Julie Zolfo - And so I get to Nepal and there's an entire story of how I got to Nepal and I how I found vishnu and I was doing this track.

00:39:21.150 --> 00:39:26.430 Julie Zolfo - And now we're getting to the point where we're submitting up to 17,000 feet.

00:39:26.910 --> 00:39:34.770 Julie Zolfo - And vishnu has been my rock he has carried my backpack I just had my little day pack, and he was taking care of me.

00:39:35.100 --> 00:39:43.080 Julie Zolfo - and on some a day it's four o'clock in the morning, we have a full moon we're at about 12,000 feet at this point.

00:39:43.530 --> 00:40:03.030 Julie Zolfo - These new shows up and he is pale as can be and his his brown beautiful Nepalese boy and i'm like what is up with you and he's like i've been sick all night and what it up, but happening is on summit day I had to take beach news backpack and my backpack.

00:40:03.480 --> 00:40:05.310 Julie Zolfo - And at the hardest part.

00:40:05.370 --> 00:40:11.040 Julie Zolfo - Of the mountain begin to walk and for those of you have ever been an elevation.

00:40:11.190 --> 00:40:15.420 Julie Zolfo - Right, the higher you go up you know it's like walking on the moon, when you see people.

00:40:15.420 --> 00:40:19.020 Julie Zolfo - Like one step yeah one step like.

00:40:19.350 --> 00:40:20.010 Georgeann Dau: A surgeon.

00:40:20.130 --> 00:40:29.520 Julie Zolfo - You kick there's no oxygen and there were many moments in that time, where I I didn't think I can do it.

00:40:30.060 --> 00:40:42.630 Julie Zolfo - I needed to turn around and one of the beautiful things when you're hiking know what they say, instead of constantly looking up at the mountain and holding on for dear life and be like oh I got so much more to do.

00:40:43.140 --> 00:40:53.850 Julie Zolfo - A beautiful thing to do is actually to turn around open up your Poles right open up your chest and look back and see how far you've come.

00:40:54.900 --> 00:41:13.710 Julie Zolfo - right and it was in that moment, that I was reminded Look how far i've come and there was always someone there to help me get through this and that in those moments just looking up to the heavens and seeing the Himalayas and just so close to God like I can truly like.

00:41:14.820 --> 00:41:33.900 Julie Zolfo - touch him right and he was touching me, and you know it's in those moments that you can either you know forget who's being with you, or you can remember and i'm so grateful in that moment that I couldn't remember who got me to this moment and who is going to take me over that mountain.

00:41:33.960 --> 00:41:34.770 Julie Zolfo - and thank goodness.

00:41:34.830 --> 00:41:35.670 Julie Zolfo - He got better.

00:41:36.150 --> 00:41:37.560 Georgeann Dau: yeah i'm glad he did.

00:41:38.040 --> 00:41:51.990 Georgeann Dau: Yes, take a quick break again she was like really quickly but Julie, do you think that you would have felt your God, and it would have been enough for you had you not continued on.

00:41:53.100 --> 00:41:57.570 Georgeann Dau: will answer that when we come right back to the journey through into awareness.

00:41:57.780 --> 00:42:00.390 Georgeann Dau: Thank you for joining us tonight we'll be right back.

00:44:22.560 --> 00:44:27.330 Georgeann Dau: Welcome back to a journey through into awareness with julie's all for this evening.

00:44:28.680 --> 00:44:36.210 Georgeann Dau: So Julie, what do you think, do you think it would have been enough for you, if you didn't reach the top because you're a go getter and you're determined woman.

00:44:36.750 --> 00:44:44.190 Julie Zolfo - Brain well it's hard to answer that because it didn't happen right it didn't happen, but I can say this that.

00:44:45.450 --> 00:44:54.810 Julie Zolfo - The one thing that is always certain in my life and I don't know why, and I would love to know from your listeners or yourself I just always know God is with me.

00:44:55.380 --> 00:45:07.920 Julie Zolfo - And I never end, you know when I left on my trip my mom gave me this necklace it was like a half piece right and she had the other piece, and so I would have this you know, on main so I be able to grab it.

00:45:08.340 --> 00:45:17.400 Julie Zolfo - And my mom and I always talked about the angel Athena Athena is an angel that's very present in my life, and so we talked about Athena.

00:45:17.700 --> 00:45:25.530 Julie Zolfo - And we talked about the spirits around me, and so, if I had not summited when i've been Okay, and still known God was with me.

00:45:26.370 --> 00:45:35.820 Julie Zolfo - And I I hard for me to answer that question I want to say yes, I want to believe that my faith would trust that God said okay there's a reason because.

00:45:36.240 --> 00:45:42.090 Julie Zolfo - I know, moving forward after that there was a lot bigger setbacks and disappointments that happened.

00:45:42.480 --> 00:45:54.840 Julie Zolfo - And you know I realized that all those setbacks, you know really set me up for something different, and something better so knowing what I know now I would hope to realize in that moment.

00:45:55.080 --> 00:46:03.900 Julie Zolfo - That, if it was a detour and I did everything I could to get to the top but it didn't happen then there had to be a reason why right.

00:46:04.170 --> 00:46:08.550 Georgeann Dau: That sounds like you were a lot of food before you left on the trip.

00:46:08.910 --> 00:46:10.680 Julie Zolfo - yeah, but when I came back.

00:46:11.070 --> 00:46:22.890 Julie Zolfo - When I came back from my trip I did lose it a little bit when I went into my depression, so much so that I have this sweatshirt that I know your audience can't see but i'm going to hold up and it's a see.

00:46:23.190 --> 00:46:24.000 Julie Zolfo - Okay, this.

00:46:24.300 --> 00:46:25.440 Judi Miller: isn't just an idea.

00:46:25.650 --> 00:46:25.920 Okay.

00:46:26.940 --> 00:46:34.050 Julie Zolfo - I have this sweatshirt it's a green hoodie and I was given this to my from my sister during the time when I was depressed.

00:46:34.500 --> 00:46:44.340 Julie Zolfo - And I opened it up that Christmas you wanted to make me happy, especially Julie open my gift next, so I open up this sweatshirt and I look at it, and everyone can see what it says right.

00:46:44.340 --> 00:46:45.360 Georgeann Dau: reread it.

00:46:45.660 --> 00:47:00.480 Julie Zolfo - Okay, so I pull it up and it's I go life goes on and I throw the sweatshirt down have my sister said, can you pick that up again and actually read what it says and i'm like.

00:47:02.880 --> 00:47:03.870 Julie Zolfo - Life is good.

00:47:08.100 --> 00:47:09.750 Julie Zolfo - It in the moment.

00:47:10.020 --> 00:47:20.040 Julie Zolfo - My fairly loud and I didn't get it, but I think about that moment of God is like God he's telling me right in front of me life is good.

00:47:20.160 --> 00:47:24.780 Julie Zolfo - But how often is the sign right there and I was like life goes on.

00:47:25.980 --> 00:47:33.330 Georgeann Dau: Well, because we identify with our feelings yeah we're not our feelings, but we all identify with those feelings we all do it.

00:47:33.720 --> 00:47:40.530 Georgeann Dau: But these are good reminders that we're not our feelings and feelings are not fact the things we have.

00:47:41.160 --> 00:47:42.180 Julie Zolfo - Absolutely.

00:47:42.390 --> 00:47:51.990 Judi Miller: Absolutely so Julie, we have so many questions for you, but we want to give you the opportunity to let our listeners know how to get your book how to connect with you how to work with you.

00:47:52.260 --> 00:47:58.500 Julie Zolfo - Excellent Thank you so much, and again what a joy to be here tonight Thank you so much it's been a whirlwind of the week.

00:47:58.860 --> 00:48:15.960 Julie Zolfo - On the book just came out last tuesday's so it's been a whirlwind the way of the travelers part it's actually very easy, you can go to travelers heart three words no spaces, you can go right there that will take you to a landing page will.

00:48:16.260 --> 00:48:17.250 Julie Zolfo - will take you right.

00:48:17.280 --> 00:48:18.420 Julie Zolfo - To Amazon.

00:48:18.960 --> 00:48:22.530 Julie Zolfo - You know what I love to do as Judy said is is I work with people.

00:48:22.680 --> 00:48:32.010 Julie Zolfo - Around getting clear on their passions, but another thing that i've noticed over the years is I help people get clear in their passions, then they don't take action on them.

00:48:32.520 --> 00:48:41.580 Julie Zolfo - And so, where my really my real passion and inspiration is helping look people look at the energy they're putting behind that passion.

00:48:41.910 --> 00:48:48.090 Julie Zolfo - And are they saying I can have it, or I can't have it, so a lot of what I do when I work with my clients is I do.

00:48:48.660 --> 00:48:56.790 Julie Zolfo - it's called the E Li it's called the energy leadership assessment and I help people actually look at the different energies cecily charge and said.

00:48:57.030 --> 00:49:08.970 Julie Zolfo - We have all these feelings that are going on throughout the day it's like the stock market right there up there down there hi there low were courageous were scared where we're vivacious we're quiet.

00:49:09.210 --> 00:49:14.790 Julie Zolfo - But when the bill ends at the end of the day of the stock market or even in your life, where do you default to.

00:49:15.060 --> 00:49:26.310 Julie Zolfo - Do you default to an energy that's building you up and moving you direction of your passions, or do you have an energy that it's like it's defeating and it's hopeless and you're angry and you're frustrated.

00:49:26.670 --> 00:49:37.860 Julie Zolfo - So part of what I do is it's passion, plus energy it's P, plus E, which is really important, when making decisions, so you, you have your passions, you have your top five.

00:49:38.070 --> 00:49:46.920 Julie Zolfo - But then we start looking at the energy behind those passions, so we can really move them forward so if you are interested in kind of make some leaps in your life.

00:49:47.190 --> 00:50:01.140 Julie Zolfo - But you've been a little hesitant know a lot of people out there, wants certainty, especially during these times, but the truth is, when we have spirituality and we trust in God actually having less certainty.

00:50:01.620 --> 00:50:13.680 Julie Zolfo - and be more curious right and be like well that's interesting that happened rate that's going to allow us to move faster during these times and.

00:50:14.100 --> 00:50:32.040 Julie Zolfo - In the book, I actually wrote at the end of Chapter II, a reflection in it's called the answer and so many of us are looking for the answer, but the truth is the first line says certainty annihilate curiosity.

00:50:32.640 --> 00:50:40.170 Julie Zolfo - Right, because when we're so certain right we don't go to source, we think we have all the answers we do things on our own.

00:50:40.500 --> 00:50:47.310 Julie Zolfo - The creativity is no longer there we're not getting new ideas and, at the end of day things get stale and they die.

00:50:47.940 --> 00:50:59.910 Julie Zolfo - Right, but when we stay open and we trust God is leading us he gives us new ideas and new source of new fuels, and that brings new feelings and new ideas that move us in a new way.

00:51:00.240 --> 00:51:04.260 Julie Zolfo - And so we're either moving towards growing and living.

00:51:04.680 --> 00:51:15.600 Julie Zolfo - or kind of falling apart and dying and so, if you're feeling stuck if you're feeling burnt out if you want truly a new way that you can live every day like.

00:51:15.930 --> 00:51:27.150 Julie Zolfo - A traveler right, not just on vacation not just like on holidays, if you love that person, you are, that even a joy is waking up at three o'clock to get that cab to go to the airport right.

00:51:27.540 --> 00:51:34.800 Julie Zolfo - Be that excited for your life right be that excited for your life and i'm telling you it's possible.

00:51:35.100 --> 00:51:46.080 Julie Zolfo - And that's what I love about the travelers part is giving you very practical tools, I have a tool girl right I love being able to work with coaches and therapists they are so important.

00:51:46.380 --> 00:51:56.910 Julie Zolfo - And yet, at the end of the day when i'm home by myself, I gotta be able to start using those tools for myself right and so everything I do, I give my clients, a tool.

00:51:57.210 --> 00:52:14.310 Julie Zolfo - They get to practice it they come back, we measure your success we kind of see where things are working, where things aren't working and it's that constant progress, so I just love helping people really live full full great adventurous lights.

00:52:14.370 --> 00:52:22.230 Georgeann Dau: and user you have such great energy and in your work if you feel that you come across with people people your.

00:52:22.860 --> 00:52:26.400 Georgeann Dau: Your work you feeling like you're struggling that people aren't moving.

00:52:26.850 --> 00:52:38.040 Georgeann Dau: Just think of Judy and I because most of the time it's pre talking they don't know what's going on they're stuck in their unconscious because we only live 10% out of our consciousness.

00:52:38.460 --> 00:52:49.230 Georgeann Dau: and Judy does incredible breath work to work through the ancestry pieces that go back five years that are keeping you stuck so just keep us in mind.

00:52:49.680 --> 00:53:02.670 Judi Miller: Thank you, George alphabet and Julie, as we begin to wrap up the session today, I know that in the back of the book, you have 26 ways to keep the travelers heart beating Julie, what is your favorite.

00:53:03.510 --> 00:53:04.500 Ah.

00:53:05.670 --> 00:53:05.940 Julie Zolfo - Oh.

00:53:06.090 --> 00:53:06.870 Georgeann Dau: gosh one.

00:53:07.650 --> 00:53:09.120 Georgeann Dau: Can you pick one right.

00:53:09.300 --> 00:53:21.180 Julie Zolfo - All right, well, given my last name is Z i'm going to go to the busy at the bottom and it says zero percent is required of you for the universe to love you 100%.

00:53:21.630 --> 00:53:24.810 Judi Miller: wow okay George and you've got the book what's yours.

00:53:25.470 --> 00:53:35.610 Georgeann Dau: I don't know i'd have to really spend time with this to Jews, I can't really pick so quickly, you know me i'm an analyst I have to sit with all this.

00:53:38.670 --> 00:53:39.750 Georgeann Dau: What about you Judy.

00:53:39.840 --> 00:53:50.400 Judi Miller: Well i'm going to do with Julie did she did based on her name so i'm Jay for God so joyfully except that what is is exactly what is best for you.

00:53:50.820 --> 00:53:56.880 Georgeann Dau: Okay, and then i'll go with G ground your thoughts and emotions with gratitude daily.

00:53:57.570 --> 00:53:58.800 Georgeann Dau: I like that.

00:53:59.850 --> 00:54:02.310 Judi Miller: These are wonderful Julie, these are great tools.

00:54:02.370 --> 00:54:06.690 Georgeann Dau: busy great This is great, you can take it to make a copy of this.

00:54:06.690 --> 00:54:08.850 Georgeann Dau: and give it away to everybody in the world.

00:54:10.320 --> 00:54:14.070 Georgeann Dau: that's great Julie such a such an honor to have you with us, you terrific.

00:54:15.210 --> 00:54:15.480 Julie Zolfo - well.

00:54:15.570 --> 00:54:16.950 Julie Zolfo - Thank you again for being here.

00:54:17.460 --> 00:54:20.460 Georgeann Dau: Thank you so would you like to say a prayer tonight.

00:54:20.970 --> 00:54:32.850 Julie Zolfo - yeah I would I wrote this prayer based off of the word fulfillment because in the word fulfillment it says fill me, and so this was a poem that I wrote to spirit.

00:54:32.880 --> 00:54:42.060 Julie Zolfo - So great oh great spirit fill me with your love your laughter and lasting joy fill me with your wisdom your wealth and amazing wonderment.

00:54:42.720 --> 00:54:50.250 Julie Zolfo - fill me with your fearlessness flexibility and fired up heart filled me with trust truth and tenderness to share.

00:54:50.820 --> 00:55:08.970 Julie Zolfo - fill me with abundance gratitude and prosperity fill me, so I can share all that you've given me with the world fill me with the knowingness that right now in this moment I have everything I need the your unconditional love and lasting friendship and so it is thy will be done.

00:55:09.600 --> 00:55:11.220 Georgeann Dau: amen amen.

00:55:11.460 --> 00:55:24.990 Georgeann Dau: Every row for all of you that are with us each week, thank you for joining us pray for you Judy you Julie God bless us all and we hope to see you next week.

00:55:25.620 --> 00:55:26.190 Georgeann Dau: Thank you.

00:55:26.850 --> 00:55:28.350 Georgeann Dau: God bless good night.

00:55:28.590 --> 00:55:29.010 Judi Miller: Can I.

00:55:29.220 --> 00:55:29.940 Julie Zolfo - Can I can.

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