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Monday, July 26, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/26 - Cast Reunion with Mara & Erika!

Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/26 - Cast Reunion with Mara & Erika!


2021/07/26 - Cast Reunion with Mara & Erika!

[NEW EPISODE] Cast Reunion with Mara & Erika!

Actor/Writer, Erika Longo is best known for Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, FBI: Most Wanted, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. She recently wrapped on the feature film, I'm Not Him, a beautiful story about family and faith shot in the gorgeous Berkshires, MA. Her short film, Lina, which she wrote and stars in just screened at the LA Shorts Fest. Previous credits also include Six Degrees of Murder, and Extra Innings, which is currently available on Amazon Prime! Erika is working on her next screenplay.

Mara Kassin is an award-winning actress and producer. This past year, she produced and acted in several upcoming narrative podcasts. Her recent award-winning films LADIES LOUNGE, FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD COVEN, and EXTRA INNINGS can be found on Amazon Prime. She co-produced Shawn Christensen's CURFEW, which won an Academy Award for Best Live Action Short. Mara starred in and co-produced, GRANDMA'S NOT A TOASTER, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. She co-starred, wrote & produced her award-winning directorial debut, NOW OR LATER, which screened all over the world. Recent film credits include DATA RECOVERY, KLUTZ, THE ONLY BEAUTIFUL THING, CUL DE SAC, and BEFORE I DISAPPEAR. Selected theatre credits include works by Elizabeth Irwin, Halley Feiffer, Heidi Schreck, Anna Ziegler, Erica Saleh, and Caroline McGraw. She's a member of AMPAS, SAG-AFTRA & AEA.

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Today’s show starts by introducing the guests who were both actors in the film titled Extra Innings that is based on Albert’s life experiences. Erika Longo is best known for Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, FBI: Most Wanted, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Mara Kassin is an award-winning actress and producer. This past year, she produced and acted in several upcoming narrative podcasts. Her recent award-winning films LADIES LOUNGE, FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD COVEN, and EXTRA INNINGS can be found on Amazon Prime. Mara played the role of Albert’s sister and loved how their relationship allowed for her to get the best out of the role. For Erika, at first, she read for the role of the waitress but later ended up getting the part of Dani after getting good feedback.

Segment 2

Many actors prepare for their roles differently. Erika usually starts with the writing and loved how multiple of the scenes moved her. She always felt safe and able to connect with others like Mara. Albert was happy with everyone’s performance and loved how they truly tried their best to accurately portray Albert’s vision. He allowed for everyone to openly interpret the script and offer their thoughts. Albert will always remember the emotional scene that Mara starred in and ended up breaking down with Albert. They both felt such relief.

Segment 3

Erika was recently in a film titled Lina that was filmed in Los Angeles right before the pandemic occurred. It is currently being featured in a film festival and they are hoping it will be in many more. She also did Law and Order SVU among others. Furthermore, Mara mentions that she was nominated for an Oscar for a short film she did and ended up winning. It was very unexpected for her and really enjoyed her time at the Oscars. In addition, mental health issues are discussed and they all agree that others can help them if they let their problems known.

Segment 4

One question that gets brought up is how does one know how to be a good parent? Mara always makes an emphasis to read to her kids and always make time for them despite what her career demanded. There were some opportunities that she missed out on but she wanted to be there and was glad that she was. Thankfully, she was able to produce more while she was home more. Erika currently does not have any children but possibly will one day.


00:00:31.170 --> 00:00:45.810 Albert Dabah: hi there welcome my name is Albert tab i'm the host of extra innings covering all the bases, I am a film producer a therapist and I consider myself a mental health advocate.

00:00:46.530 --> 00:00:57.600 Albert Dabah: On extra innings we talk about subjects such as mental wellness mental illness such as bipolar disorder anxiety disorder depression and suicide.

00:00:59.130 --> 00:01:08.520 Albert Dabah: These subjects are usually people just do that somebody that people do not really like to talk about their I believe there is a stigma.

00:01:09.120 --> 00:01:22.230 Albert Dabah: On mental illness, but I believe that is really important for people to be able to talk about them and people to listen about these subjects that are basically universal and challenges that people have.

00:01:23.340 --> 00:01:39.000 Albert Dabah: On extra innings we've had people from all kinds of professions talking about their challenges what they've been through their lives, and I really enjoy talking with them about what they have to offer.

00:01:40.500 --> 00:01:48.150 Albert Dabah: An extra innings actually comes from a film I made called extra innings, which is currently on Amazon and other platforms.

00:01:49.380 --> 00:01:58.950 Albert Dabah: We would love for people to watch it when they have a chance on tonight's show, I am really pleased to have on Erica Longo and merrick hasson.

00:01:59.520 --> 00:02:13.320 Albert Dabah: Both of them were actresses in the film extra innings and played a huge role in making the movie success so let's start with just saying hello to Mary how are you.

00:02:13.590 --> 00:02:14.430 Albert Dabah: This evening.

00:02:15.090 --> 00:02:16.500 Mara Kassin: i'm good, how are you.

00:02:17.070 --> 00:02:20.460 Albert Dabah: doing well doing well and Erica how you doing.

00:02:20.790 --> 00:02:22.050 Erika Longo: Good hanging in there.

00:02:22.680 --> 00:02:29.700 Albert Dabah: Trying to great great well, as we know, we're going through a weird time in our history with coven.

00:02:31.020 --> 00:02:42.510 Albert Dabah: And then you know people getting vaccinated and then a new strain coming and all these different rules that are going on and it affects people in many different ways and.

00:02:43.890 --> 00:02:55.500 Albert Dabah: So you know, we have been doing the show since January virtually and it is something that I, we have gained a nice audience and I hope to continue doing this.

00:02:56.040 --> 00:03:20.550 Albert Dabah: So first let's start with Mera Mera, I met you years ago when I was first looking to take three scenes from the film and I was working with my daughter Sarah dabba at the time, and she helped find you by I don't remember how, but you found you and we shot a scene.

00:03:21.870 --> 00:03:26.430 Albert Dabah: that took place in a CAFE and.

00:03:28.080 --> 00:03:34.560 Albert Dabah: We came, and this was the scene, that I was looking to show potential investors, what the film could look like.

00:03:35.580 --> 00:03:42.450 Albert Dabah: So you never know what's going to happen in film in any way, I think it was about a year and a half or two years later, when we actually.

00:03:43.050 --> 00:04:04.140 Albert Dabah: did go and catch the whole film and I decided okay it's time to do it, it took me somewhere in there, I don't know over 20 years to write it on and off, and I am so proud of what we accomplished so I had called Marin, and we did another reading and I said let's do it and.

00:04:05.310 --> 00:04:15.930 Albert Dabah: Then Erica i'll just explain came in later to read for another scene that actually was the scene, that we actually took out in the movie but we decided on.

00:04:16.350 --> 00:04:26.910 Albert Dabah: That audition when i'll never forget this that I said to Erica, if you remember wait outside, I want to talk to you and I went outside and I said I can see you for another role.

00:04:27.690 --> 00:04:42.090 Albert Dabah: And she played the role of marriage girlfriend in the film and but I like I almost immediately felt that, as she was waiting apart for a waitress That was a film that we actually cut out.

00:04:43.410 --> 00:04:45.960 Albert Dabah: So Mera let's start with you.

00:04:46.170 --> 00:04:46.560 Mara Kassin: All right.

00:04:46.590 --> 00:04:52.560 Albert Dabah: What was it like for you to play this role and.

00:04:53.580 --> 00:05:04.980 Albert Dabah: me, as this was based on a true story, and it was directed and written by myself and it was also co directed with Brian drill injure and to play a part, like.

00:05:06.270 --> 00:05:16.260 Albert Dabah: my sister my older sister in the film who had her challenges in life and based on me, being the director and the writer What was it like for you.

00:05:17.220 --> 00:05:26.310 Mara Kassin: Well, you know, I think it comes with a lot of responsibility, because you want to get it right and it's an intense part and so little scary but it's also.

00:05:26.790 --> 00:05:31.440 Mara Kassin: Written from such personal experience that it's very clear to me.

00:05:31.800 --> 00:05:45.360 Mara Kassin: Who she was because you knew who she was, I think sometimes a writer if they're not clear than the actors like I don't know but I knew who she was because you knew who she was and I knew if I was acting with you as the director that.

00:05:45.930 --> 00:05:58.320 Mara Kassin: i'd be able to give you what you need because you'd know what you want, because it's based on someone you love, so there was some fear that I want to get it right because it's so personal to you, but also like a little bit of.

00:05:59.490 --> 00:06:01.230 Mara Kassin: Relief, knowing that.

00:06:02.490 --> 00:06:07.770 Mara Kassin: If it was wrong, you would tell me, it was wrong because you knew what would be right.

00:06:09.060 --> 00:06:09.630 Albert Dabah: yeah.

00:06:10.710 --> 00:06:19.500 Albert Dabah: When I remember, and this was filmed, I think, almost two years ago, it seems like forever, but um but I remember that.

00:06:20.790 --> 00:06:32.820 Albert Dabah: In working with you, we didn't have that much conversation I remember, I mean we did in the beginning, but I remember during the filmmaking it was almost more like nodding and saying yeah.

00:06:33.150 --> 00:06:40.050 Mara Kassin: Well yeah I think I I took that yeah We talked before and like you said a couple years ago we did a couple scenes so I read.

00:06:40.290 --> 00:06:51.330 Mara Kassin: A version of the script and I had her like in my brain from years ago, so I think once you have someone in your brain they kind of stay there, and it was exciting to get to play her again in the full.

00:06:51.720 --> 00:07:01.830 Mara Kassin: form, but I think once we started filming I was like, if you want something else will tell me right, and then I just you there was a lot of guessing and like okay okay.

00:07:02.190 --> 00:07:13.020 Mara Kassin: Then that just gave me competence to keep doing what I was doing, and if you have confidence in the role like this, I think you need competence, a role, like this to to get it right.

00:07:13.620 --> 00:07:19.620 Albert Dabah: yeah yeah so um we'll get back to you a minute, I want to get Erica in this conversation.

00:07:20.820 --> 00:07:24.150 Albert Dabah: So Erica What was it like to you to play the girlfriend.

00:07:25.530 --> 00:07:29.040 Albert Dabah: Of Mara in this film.

00:07:30.360 --> 00:07:37.410 Albert Dabah: You a to me was a perfect complement to Mera.

00:07:39.510 --> 00:07:45.060 Albert Dabah: I you know all these scenes I remember very well, but I remember this like.

00:07:46.830 --> 00:07:51.660 Albert Dabah: Real steadfast you know you you knew what you wanted and didn't want.

00:07:52.770 --> 00:07:57.000 Albert Dabah: In in this film when it took i'm kind of talking at the end and.

00:07:57.420 --> 00:07:57.870 Erika Longo: um.

00:07:58.140 --> 00:08:03.900 Albert Dabah: What was it like for you to be to be in the film and to work together with mirror.

00:08:04.530 --> 00:08:15.960 Erika Longo: It was wonderful I mean I, I also think back on the initial audition and I remember, just like you said coming into read initially for the waitress role and.

00:08:16.590 --> 00:08:28.920 Erika Longo: I think I read for you and Brian and then shortly after I think you gave me the sides for Danny and said, would you know, would you look at these, and we think we want to have you read for this.

00:08:29.880 --> 00:08:40.380 Erika Longo: Other role as well, and immediately when I got the sides just something resonated with me I just I loved the scene, I just loved danny's.

00:08:41.520 --> 00:08:55.470 Erika Longo: Truth and how honest and in kind of free spirited she seemed to be even even from that one scene, that I had read, and this is, I think the the second scene, we shot when you know.

00:08:56.940 --> 00:08:58.680 Erika Longo: I don't say too much, but um.

00:08:59.940 --> 00:09:06.390 Erika Longo: It was just and then and then getting to set and and filming with Mera, but even before we had I think of rehearsal.

00:09:08.010 --> 00:09:09.690 Erika Longo: Some exercises and.

00:09:10.920 --> 00:09:17.910 Erika Longo: got to explore a little bit a little bit more immediately, I thought we had chemistry, and it was just like easy very easy.

00:09:18.420 --> 00:09:23.850 Erika Longo: um and then just being on set with you and Brian and everybody and Alex as well.

00:09:24.720 --> 00:09:32.490 Erika Longo: It was like a family, it was it was so comfortable and you the table read you know back to the beginning, before we even got to location where we were filming.

00:09:33.210 --> 00:09:43.860 Erika Longo: um you could tell that you that you cared so much about this project and did mean so much to you, and it was so personal, I think that made everybody just really up their game and put their whole heart into it.

00:09:44.400 --> 00:09:51.780 Erika Longo: And I had to I mean I wish I was on set more I was only on set for a few days, but it was a wonderful experience and I loved I love shooting the scenes, I had so much fun.

00:09:52.290 --> 00:10:03.420 Albert Dabah: Well, great well, we thank you, we have really have received so much praise for the acting in the film, which I am really proud of because.

00:10:04.020 --> 00:10:15.150 Albert Dabah: I had hired casting directors previously, but never felt I was getting what I wanted and I had spent many years shooting casting sessions for other films.

00:10:15.750 --> 00:10:27.150 Albert Dabah: and also from the acting side being on the other side of the camera I really was just felt so tuned in to the actors that we chose.

00:10:27.900 --> 00:10:40.560 Albert Dabah: That when I look back on the film I don't see anyone that I felt that was a mistake or anything like that and i'm really proud of everyone's performance and.

00:10:41.670 --> 00:10:53.100 Albert Dabah: I and we we had some interviews with some of the actors, after the filming and i'll go back to you, Mary I remember you were saying how.

00:10:54.420 --> 00:10:56.430 Albert Dabah: How, you know there were some difficult.

00:10:57.810 --> 00:11:12.960 Albert Dabah: scenes that you had to work with, and maybe tell us a little bit about those scenes because you know my older sister was, which is based on she had many, many, many challenges in our life and.

00:11:13.950 --> 00:11:24.780 Albert Dabah: In you know, taking a true story and making you know people you know I i've showed the film probably 18 times live and did you know talks about it in Q and a's on it.

00:11:25.230 --> 00:11:30.420 Albert Dabah: And many people ask me all kinds of questions that this really happened that really happen, and I would say, well you know.

00:11:31.230 --> 00:11:41.100 Albert Dabah: compressing all this, many, many years into two hours, so no not exactly the way it happened, but the feelings behind it, where they're from my perception, from what I saw.

00:11:42.300 --> 00:11:49.770 Albert Dabah: So what was it like some of these difficult scenes that you played because she's suffered in her lifetime so maybe you can tell us what it was like for you.

00:11:49.950 --> 00:11:54.750 Mara Kassin: Oh yeah so when you read it, you know there's a lot of heavy scenes in.

00:11:56.220 --> 00:12:02.250 Mara Kassin: The film, but what I didn't realize is what that you know how it was shot I did a lot of her.

00:12:02.940 --> 00:12:10.470 Mara Kassin: Earlier scenes in order, and then the later scenes you know, towards the end and it started and she's so fun to play.

00:12:10.950 --> 00:12:17.910 Mara Kassin: You know Vivian so full of life and she's free and she speaks her mind and that's so fun to play so the first you know.

00:12:18.630 --> 00:12:31.380 Mara Kassin: 10 days were a lot of fun and it was energetic and it was it felt great you know it's fun to be that that that like she speaks her mind like there's no filter that was fun and then like the last you know, several scenes.

00:12:31.860 --> 00:12:50.190 Mara Kassin: Just fit like I felt like it was like war and me physically like it was it was sad, you know, like she you know she like breaks down so like to go from that like joy to that like sadness i've never liked so physically felt the difference between.

00:12:51.450 --> 00:13:09.240 Mara Kassin: The beginning and the end of a shoe as I did here because I mean her, I think, for me, you know she operates all she wants is love, like all she wants in life is love so that's all she's striving for and when that doesn't work I think she just.

00:13:10.590 --> 00:13:28.320 Mara Kassin: It just so fast, so far, and it was it was hard, it was sad, it was heavy and it was personal to you so like I felt that um so it was it was a huge experience and and i'm proud we did it, you know and i'm proud, you know you got to make the film you want to me.

00:13:29.100 --> 00:13:35.220 Albert Dabah: yeah i'm one of the things i'll say about, that is, you mentioned that all she wanted was love.

00:13:36.390 --> 00:13:43.080 Albert Dabah: An old friend of mine who hadn't seen in a while like we connected, the other day on Facebook, it was her birthday and we met for dinner.

00:13:43.620 --> 00:13:52.380 Albert Dabah: And she told me and then she saw she she her her unfortunately her her son passed away from drug addiction and.

00:13:53.100 --> 00:13:57.150 Albert Dabah: About four years ago and it's obviously still very inner heart, you know and.

00:13:57.930 --> 00:14:03.660 Albert Dabah: So she didn't want to watch the film right away, but then she watched the inches I really loved the film Albert and I.

00:14:03.960 --> 00:14:09.720 Albert Dabah: I would describe it, not so much about mental health and social and such because I would say it's about family love and.

00:14:10.260 --> 00:14:17.100 Albert Dabah: I believe, finding one's place in in the world, and I really liked that description and you just said, love and I think.

00:14:17.520 --> 00:14:25.740 Albert Dabah: that's exactly what it was she was always looking for love and I think it's you know, basically, we were all looking for love, but when you're feeling like you're not.

00:14:26.430 --> 00:14:35.850 Albert Dabah: You know, when you you you're not attached to that when you find can't find that attachment in any way possible that's when life can be really difficult.

00:14:36.540 --> 00:14:53.040 Albert Dabah: And that's when people can just you know get into themselves and feel their nothing's going right and sometimes drug addiction becomes that the the the source and sometimes that can lead to suicide as well, unfortunately, so.

00:14:54.270 --> 00:15:06.510 Albert Dabah: we're going to take a break and come right back and we'll talk to Eric and more about her role and we'll also talk about what you guys are doing now all right we'll be right back with Erica and Mary Thank you.

00:17:23.010 --> 00:17:35.610 Albert Dabah: hi we're back with Erica and Mera, who both played roles in the film extra endings so Erica um yeah you just in a couple of scenes, let me ask you a question um.

00:17:36.090 --> 00:17:48.210 Albert Dabah: When it comes down to playing your scene, and you know you have this role um how did you prepare for it, is there any special way that you prepare for the role, did you.

00:17:49.620 --> 00:18:00.600 Albert Dabah: feel like you needed to do any research or you know it's because I always feel like whatever role you have in a film or a play it's a role.

00:18:01.020 --> 00:18:01.680 Albert Dabah: and

00:18:01.740 --> 00:18:12.420 Albert Dabah: I remember I played in a I did a show about four or five years ago was like 14 characters and there were maybe five or six main characters and the rest of us weren't one scene.

00:18:13.350 --> 00:18:25.410 Albert Dabah: But I really enjoyed that one scene and, for me it was worth all the rehearsal time and all the time that we did the shows that you know there's a lot of time that goes into.

00:18:26.700 --> 00:18:38.670 Albert Dabah: As you know, making a film or doing a play or anything that you know it's going to be on for a while and and it takes time, so what was it like for you Erica.

00:18:39.480 --> 00:18:51.870 Erika Longo: I mean, the first thing I always I usually do depending on whatever whichever role i'm playing is to start with the writing because that's what i'm you know that's what I look at first.

00:18:53.250 --> 00:19:06.660 Erika Longo: And like I said when I go back to that initial audition something about that scene, and I think the scene, that I auditioned with was the second scene, there were three scenes, I think that we filmed I think one of them ended up being cut from the film that, for you know.

00:19:07.710 --> 00:19:09.510 Erika Longo: You had your own reasons for the you know.

00:19:11.610 --> 00:19:14.430 Erika Longo: But yes we auditioned with that second scene.

00:19:16.410 --> 00:19:25.470 Erika Longo: that's kind of intense with Vivian and Danny and it it just moved me immediately when I read it, even in the audition um.

00:19:26.490 --> 00:19:27.270 Erika Longo: So.

00:19:28.410 --> 00:19:40.740 Erika Longo: Also, like Mary said we all knew that this was a really personal story and a true story, and I think I really wanted to respect that, although you didn't.

00:19:41.280 --> 00:19:51.510 Erika Longo: I never feel felt pressure to emulate who the true person was in real life, you know, I think that sometimes when we're playing roles that are based on.

00:19:52.080 --> 00:19:56.580 Erika Longo: Real stories and true and real people in real life, I think there's like a pressure to.

00:19:57.420 --> 00:20:09.480 Erika Longo: Well, if it's not the exact way that that person wasn't real life, then i'm doing it wrong, but I never felt that I don't know you know i'm sure the same goes for everybody else, but I never felt like I was trying to you know mimic.

00:20:10.500 --> 00:20:14.160 Erika Longo: Somebody you were very kind of.

00:20:15.180 --> 00:20:23.580 Erika Longo: open about bringing our own interpretations and our own portrayals to the role so, for me it was just it always felt.

00:20:25.230 --> 00:20:28.680 Erika Longo: Really amazing and really like it like it was very.

00:20:30.240 --> 00:20:40.740 Erika Longo: Free flowing and I remember that second scene, we actually filmed first and then the scene that came first in the film we left till later on, which was the more you know kind of psychedelic.

00:20:41.670 --> 00:20:47.970 Erika Longo: fun scene, which was, which was awesome to play, but a little nerve wracking as well, but, but in a good way um.

00:20:49.200 --> 00:20:54.210 Erika Longo: But yeah for me it was just an amazing experience from the beginning to the end, I think.

00:20:55.260 --> 00:20:57.240 Erika Longo: And I always felt safe and and.

00:20:58.770 --> 00:21:03.150 Erika Longo: You know, really awesome connecting with Mara as well.

00:21:04.020 --> 00:21:11.040 Albert Dabah: Well that's great I mean I you know I when you just remind me that about that we could hold the psychedelic scene.

00:21:12.900 --> 00:21:14.550 Albert Dabah: You know that was one that.

00:21:16.530 --> 00:21:23.160 Albert Dabah: I really felt was important in the film and I had no idea how that was going to turn out.

00:21:23.820 --> 00:21:33.270 Albert Dabah: I remember talking to Brian and you go, we had all these different ideas we played all different kinds of music, we talked with Luigi the cinematographer a lot of mounted.

00:21:33.900 --> 00:21:41.400 Albert Dabah: And we basically ended up saying we had an idea of what we wanted, but we said let's let it flow let's see what happens.

00:21:42.000 --> 00:21:56.430 Albert Dabah: And it was you know it felt like almost an improv when we did it because we really didn't know exactly what we wanted, but we wanted something, and what we got was exactly it was great I mean I felt.

00:21:58.200 --> 00:22:16.920 Albert Dabah: It was it was it to me it it gave a sense of who that character was of Vivian how far she would go and where David was and where the girlfriend was, and I think it surprised, many people.

00:22:18.900 --> 00:22:32.730 Albert Dabah: You know my my sister who's very religious and you know I don't think I have an easy time watching that, but it was something that to me was very important to display was that.

00:22:34.020 --> 00:22:51.660 Albert Dabah: my sister was someone who really had very little filter and she would say how she felt even if and and because of that she would be sometimes extremely annoying and which people would find her and.

00:22:52.800 --> 00:23:02.940 Albert Dabah: But I had, I had a gentleman on last week, who was talking about unfortunately his sister who took her life, and she sounded so much like my sister.

00:23:03.660 --> 00:23:21.480 Albert Dabah: She was my sister was a great listener, she was always there for me as like in the beginning of the film she says go for your dreams and she always said that for me, and these are things I believe in, I believe, a really important so merits and she played that character of Vivian.

00:23:22.560 --> 00:23:31.140 Albert Dabah: Did you find yourself at times ever I I do remember at the very end without telling everyone what happened, the last scene.

00:23:32.250 --> 00:23:39.750 Albert Dabah: with you in it we're actually even the next less you know never forget, when we were on the beach, and you and Alex are on the blanket.

00:23:40.350 --> 00:23:58.830 Albert Dabah: And I remember going up to, is it was the first scene of that day, and it was very difficult for me to get the words out and there were times like that, for me, where I felt very emotional and I remember going up to you and saying, for both of you something like.

00:24:00.540 --> 00:24:05.220 Albert Dabah: And when we had a break of I think about a week because of brain till we shot that listening.

00:24:06.390 --> 00:24:07.770 Albert Dabah: You to both of you.

00:24:08.850 --> 00:24:14.460 Albert Dabah: Something like you know what to do the scene something very simple because.

00:24:15.480 --> 00:24:27.060 Albert Dabah: It was a very emotional scene and I there was nothing I don't think there was anything for me for more to say and I love that scene and then the scene that followed.

00:24:28.710 --> 00:24:43.440 Albert Dabah: was, as we know, very emotional and but i'll always remember that when it finished you started to break down and I started to break down and.

00:24:44.250 --> 00:24:45.420 Mara Kassin: I was lost power sorry.

00:24:45.690 --> 00:24:46.560 Albert Dabah: Oh okay.

00:24:46.920 --> 00:24:58.950 Albert Dabah: i'm Okay, and we gave each other, a big hug and I felt we had we had a couple more scenes we shot after that, but I was so relieved after that scene, I felt like right.

00:24:59.100 --> 00:25:03.780 Mara Kassin: I mean, I was, I was so mad that it rained and we had to push it off a week.

00:25:03.840 --> 00:25:11.640 Mara Kassin: Because i've seen like those scenes way on you, I just want to get over with because I felt it in like the pit of my stomach for like a week.

00:25:11.940 --> 00:25:16.080 Mara Kassin: it's heavy stuff you know, and I think a testament to keeping it simple.

00:25:16.440 --> 00:25:30.000 Mara Kassin: And even like working with Eric on our heavy scenes is that everyone on the set was lovely the whole cast was lovely I cared about everyone right away, and like doing those scenes with Alex was simple and easy because.

00:25:30.810 --> 00:25:35.850 Mara Kassin: He was my brother like I I loved him for those like to like you know month and a half.

00:25:36.930 --> 00:25:46.380 Mara Kassin: And because it was a chill set even with having material and never felt like heavy so when you can win, and I think.

00:25:46.770 --> 00:25:57.540 Mara Kassin: You know, as an actor, you get scared of the melodrama that like oh these heavy things, what is it going to feel like what does it look like and to to do with like no expectations to just.

00:25:58.890 --> 00:26:01.290 Mara Kassin: connect and keep it simple was.

00:26:02.790 --> 00:26:07.110 Mara Kassin: The best you could give us like allow us to do that because.

00:26:08.190 --> 00:26:10.920 Mara Kassin: I felt that I felt I felt the weight of it.

00:26:12.630 --> 00:26:20.910 Mara Kassin: And it was hard by being allowed to not feel the pressure and just do it was was great.

00:26:22.170 --> 00:26:22.680 Albert Dabah: yeah.

00:26:23.970 --> 00:26:35.280 Albert Dabah: What am I, you know, this is the longest I actually haven't watched the film in a while now it's much it's so much, and I think every weekend I sat and watched it but.

00:26:36.810 --> 00:26:44.070 Albert Dabah: I still have it, but I, but I will again, I mean for sure, and will i'm Erica.

00:26:44.430 --> 00:26:53.730 Albert Dabah: So how do you normal I mean you you've been you know, one of the things I wanted to ask you, you know I looked at your bio and you've done a lot of stuff and you've written stuff.

00:26:54.420 --> 00:27:01.110 Albert Dabah: i'm might have to cut you short for a break, but tell us a little bit about some of the other stuff you have done, besides extra minutes.

00:27:02.190 --> 00:27:05.250 Erika Longo: um well the the writing that you just brought up.

00:27:06.270 --> 00:27:13.290 Erika Longo: I did a short film I wrote my my first screenplay script that i've written i'm.

00:27:13.860 --> 00:27:25.500 Erika Longo: i'm still very new at writing so it's like a little strange to even talk about it but yes, I wrote a short film called Lena i'm based on also based on a true story about my my grandma when she was very ill before she passed away.

00:27:25.980 --> 00:27:32.520 Erika Longo: And it's essentially a story about the three generations of women, the grandma the mother and the granddaughter i'm.

00:27:33.510 --> 00:27:45.570 Erika Longo: kind of on it's almost like a slice of life in in a day into a look into this night when the grandmas and experiencing a very intense episode.

00:27:46.290 --> 00:27:57.630 Erika Longo: from her illness and the three of them basically trying to deal with that and coming to terms with you know, the fact that she's not going to get better basically um.

00:27:58.920 --> 00:28:06.480 Erika Longo: yeah so it's right now it's a making the rounds at the film festival circuit, so we just screened at La shorts which was amazing.

00:28:07.020 --> 00:28:11.430 Erika Longo: Right every yeah, of course, everything is online now, for the most part, so it was virtual as.

00:28:11.460 --> 00:28:13.590 Erika Longo: Well, which is, which is interesting, you know.

00:28:15.150 --> 00:28:19.410 Erika Longo: Because this is my first experience with film festivals being you know something my own project coming in.

00:28:20.910 --> 00:28:22.200 Erika Longo: So, but.

00:28:23.460 --> 00:28:29.250 Erika Longo: yeah it still boggles my mind that we were able to do it, we filmed I think three weeks before the world shut down.

00:28:30.300 --> 00:28:37.680 Erika Longo: And so we got really, really lucky, because if if we wouldn't have been able to tell me that I don't think we would have found you know.

00:28:38.700 --> 00:28:39.390 Erika Longo: So.

00:28:40.530 --> 00:28:40.980 Erika Longo: yeah.

00:28:41.340 --> 00:28:57.180 Albert Dabah: Well let's let's let's continue with that we're gonna have to take a break, but i'd love to know more, because I know you've had a lot of also acting credits this talk about some of them and we'll be right back with Erica and Marin some extra innings Thank you.

00:31:28.980 --> 00:31:37.020 Albert Dabah: hi we're back with Erica and Mera on extra innings so Erica you were talking to us about your film, what was the name of the film again that.

00:31:37.770 --> 00:31:39.060 Albert Dabah: Lena Lena.

00:31:39.120 --> 00:31:40.380 Erika Longo: Li na yes.

00:31:40.770 --> 00:31:42.060 Albert Dabah: Li na and it's in.

00:31:44.040 --> 00:31:51.810 Albert Dabah: it's a short film and it's, you said that two different festivals and you've been in one so far is that.

00:31:51.810 --> 00:31:52.020 Erika Longo: We get.

00:31:52.530 --> 00:32:00.210 Erika Longo: To it premiered at the Maryland film festival i'm a little bit ago and it just screened a few days ago at the La shorts festival.

00:32:00.450 --> 00:32:01.770 Erika Longo: All virtually online.

00:32:01.830 --> 00:32:02.190 Albert Dabah: yeah.

00:32:03.030 --> 00:32:06.330 Erika Longo: Oh no hopefully it'll get into a few more have a good little run.

00:32:07.710 --> 00:32:13.650 Erika Longo: But yeah we weren't really lucky to have gotten that filmed right before the pandemic happen, a couple weeks.

00:32:13.650 --> 00:32:14.970 Albert Dabah: ago and we.

00:32:15.240 --> 00:32:16.380 Erika Longo: shot that in La.

00:32:16.650 --> 00:32:18.750 Albert Dabah: so well, good luck with that.

00:32:18.960 --> 00:32:19.650 Erika Longo: Thank you.

00:32:19.830 --> 00:32:24.840 Albert Dabah: luck and I know you've been some you have some TV credits as well, is that right.

00:32:24.870 --> 00:32:43.110 Erika Longo: yeah I was a really lucky, I was able to book a couple co stars this this year I did, law and order sbu which is amazing and FBI most wanted so i've been fortunate enough to be auditioning a lot this this past year, so i'm grateful.

00:32:43.560 --> 00:32:46.290 Albert Dabah: Good good fantastic and Mera.

00:32:47.850 --> 00:32:56.220 Albert Dabah: I remember very clearly that, when we met and you shot that one scene.

00:32:57.240 --> 00:33:09.420 Albert Dabah: I think it was I don't remember exactly, but it was a few months later, you said you were nominated for an Oscar for one of the producers on a short film is that right.

00:33:09.720 --> 00:33:10.920 Mara Kassin: yeah and we want.

00:33:11.520 --> 00:33:12.540 Albert Dabah: That you want and yeah.

00:33:12.780 --> 00:33:24.630 Mara Kassin: Sure yeah when I was six months pregnant I produced short film for my friend and collaborator who have acted with and produce with before and.

00:33:24.930 --> 00:33:35.160 Mara Kassin: he's a friend, and you know we're just making a movie and I remember, I was just talking to someone because we're working on something else, and we were Reminiscing and onset the makeup artist was like.

00:33:35.430 --> 00:33:42.510 Mara Kassin: we're gonna win an Oscar that's a good to be here, I was just making a movie and then we got you know, had a great festival run.

00:33:42.900 --> 00:33:56.370 Mara Kassin: And then it got nominated you get you get festival run you get a shortlist so there's 10 films and then we get to five films and then you're like I was at the Oscars I was like I just i'm just happy to be here, and then you win and it's crazy but yeah.

00:33:56.430 --> 00:33:57.780 Albert Dabah: What was the name of the film again.

00:33:57.780 --> 00:33:58.380 Mara Kassin: Are you.

00:33:58.740 --> 00:34:01.230 Albert Dabah: yeah I remember watching it and you were at the Oscars.

00:34:02.100 --> 00:34:03.660 Albert Dabah: yeah what was that, like.

00:34:05.250 --> 00:34:06.030 Mara Kassin: Well boring.

00:34:07.260 --> 00:34:07.650 Mara Kassin: weren't.

00:34:08.700 --> 00:34:15.990 Mara Kassin: A little bit you said, I mean it's amazing what you walk the red carpet and then you get in there and you're I was in like the nosebleed seats, so you.

00:34:15.990 --> 00:34:17.910 Mara Kassin: Know like you said now you're hungry.

00:34:18.360 --> 00:34:19.950 Mara Kassin: For it, but then you get to go to like the.

00:34:19.950 --> 00:34:24.120 Mara Kassin: Port the parties and it's a me like it's amazing but.

00:34:25.230 --> 00:34:34.560 Mara Kassin: it's also like I opening like Oh, you know we're stars they're just like us, you know you see people and you're like okay we're people so.

00:34:36.180 --> 00:34:38.880 Mara Kassin: After do what did you hear we did all that stuff.

00:34:39.030 --> 00:34:39.750 Mara Kassin: But um.

00:34:40.080 --> 00:34:41.310 Mara Kassin: I was so much fun.

00:34:42.330 --> 00:34:48.780 Mara Kassin: But then you just want to make another movie you know, making a movie a bajillion days over going to the parties and stuff.

00:34:48.840 --> 00:34:55.320 Albert Dabah: yeah you know it's funny you say you want to make another movie many people said, you should write another movie to me and.

00:34:56.580 --> 00:35:03.720 Albert Dabah: And the end you know I started writing something about relationships and I just tore it up and really like when I wrote.

00:35:04.200 --> 00:35:12.990 Albert Dabah: But the other day I was, as I have a new girlfriend and we've been seeing each other, a year and it's going really nice we've gone away to vail and Los Angeles next week.

00:35:13.650 --> 00:35:27.690 Albert Dabah: For two weeks and but I was listening there's an old movie I don't know if you've ever seen it, I was a big Charlie Chaplin fan, and when I was in brooklyn college, I took a course on Charlie Chaplin and I never laughed so hard in school.

00:35:28.710 --> 00:35:46.920 Albert Dabah: Maybe anywhere, and they were silent films, as well as some his talking films and I really and then I read his biography and it was amazing and I became such a fan, so the other day on spotify I like to listen to a lot of.

00:35:48.270 --> 00:36:05.280 Albert Dabah: Music scores of movies, that are remembered and so he did a movie called limelight back in the 50s with a woman named Claire Bloom, who was an English actress and Charlie Chaplin it happened to be he basically grew up in a orphan in an orphanage and.

00:36:06.660 --> 00:36:16.350 Albert Dabah: This film is so tender and so sweet and the music is I listened to it, and I was really listening to it like I hadn't listened to in a while I was listening to it over the weekend.

00:36:16.920 --> 00:36:24.990 Albert Dabah: And all of a sudden, I had this I don't know you know, to me, I felt like an Epiphany and I said, I have to write another film because it brought out so much.

00:36:25.350 --> 00:36:44.100 Albert Dabah: Love in this music and in the film that it made me think oh my gosh you know why don't why i'm making experiences to film something that you that you write and really you know love, so I hope to do it one day um so let me, let me get back to.

00:36:45.450 --> 00:37:02.850 Albert Dabah: The whole subject of mental illness um have you yourself Mera been because of a character you played Have you had any connections to someone like that in your life or a friend or a friend of a friend.

00:37:03.090 --> 00:37:05.010 Albert Dabah: I challenges like that.

00:37:05.130 --> 00:37:08.520 Mara Kassin: Sure, more anxiety and depression.

00:37:09.630 --> 00:37:10.290 Mara Kassin: and

00:37:11.310 --> 00:37:13.170 Mara Kassin: Like very close people to me.

00:37:14.670 --> 00:37:20.580 Mara Kassin: it's hot it's hard to watch that but what I learned with the film.

00:37:21.240 --> 00:37:28.500 Mara Kassin: Is that you have to talk about it, no matter how hard it is, and even the talking doesn't have to be like this intense talking moment is just address it.

00:37:28.830 --> 00:37:36.960 Mara Kassin: and ask and not like avoided, even though something's hard to talk about don't avoid it and you don't have to solve it for me.

00:37:37.230 --> 00:37:49.800 Mara Kassin: I want to solve like solve people's problems and you can't solve it, but what you can do is be there to listen and just ask so that's what I learned like sweeping stuff under the rug ignoring it not putting a name on it.

00:37:50.190 --> 00:37:54.720 Mara Kassin: That that that that that gets not that helps no one that makes it worse, so.

00:37:55.680 --> 00:38:13.020 Mara Kassin: Now, whenever I feel someone might be struggling I check in more than maybe I would before, because I know how important is just to be like hey i'm here what's up you know and for myself, like the there been points in my life, where you know i've been overly anxious.

00:38:14.100 --> 00:38:16.680 Mara Kassin: And with age I just got so much better about.

00:38:17.910 --> 00:38:21.240 Mara Kassin: When you learn to be more accepting and forgiving of yourself.

00:38:22.710 --> 00:38:29.820 Mara Kassin: yeah that the you know when your teens and early 20s like I struggled a lot, especially with acting like.

00:38:30.990 --> 00:38:36.660 Mara Kassin: it's hard as being a young actress and then you just get better and you learn more and you.

00:38:37.770 --> 00:38:41.220 Mara Kassin: Like I said, be more forgiving and letting go a little bit.

00:38:41.310 --> 00:38:54.300 Albert Dabah: Integration yeah i'm grateful I think that's one of the keys is be more forgiving is really important yeah how about you Erica what, in terms of people that you may have known or your own.

00:38:55.050 --> 00:39:09.000 Erika Longo: I mean, I think you know i'm I agree with a lot of what with a lot of what narrow said, but also, I I have my own struggles with anxiety, you know um and i've gotten a lot better in certain areas of my life, but I still struggle with it.

00:39:10.320 --> 00:39:11.640 Erika Longo: to some degree, you know I.

00:39:12.960 --> 00:39:15.660 Erika Longo: it's it's hard you know and.

00:39:17.700 --> 00:39:25.860 Erika Longo: Just like Mayra said I think it's important to talk about it, I mean, I have no shame in saying that I go I go to therapy and it's helped me a lot.

00:39:27.060 --> 00:39:27.600 Erika Longo: You know.

00:39:29.250 --> 00:39:47.190 Erika Longo: And I think by just acknowledging someone's struggles and just talk and saying hey i'm here do you want to talk about it, and you know not to ECHO everything you just said, but not putting pushing something under the rug um you know even with my own family i've had to kind of.

00:39:49.590 --> 00:39:58.020 Erika Longo: it's hard when someone when you feel like somebody's being dismissive when you're trying to say hey I have this struggle and.

00:39:58.950 --> 00:40:03.900 Erika Longo: I need help i'm trying to figure out how to deal with it, or whatever it is, and.

00:40:04.500 --> 00:40:13.080 Erika Longo: You know someone's like oh no you're just fine you just have to stop worrying so much or just you know you don't have anxiety like you're you know it's all in your head or whatever it's like no.

00:40:13.650 --> 00:40:22.440 Erika Longo: You know no I do I need you know I need to figure it out or try to you know work on work on it in whatever way that may be.

00:40:23.280 --> 00:40:34.050 Erika Longo: Here, so I think it is really, really important to to talk about it, and you know, I think, the more we do talk about it, the more you realize you're not alone so many people.

00:40:35.970 --> 00:40:41.100 Erika Longo: struggle with with these kinds of things you know, on varying degrees, of course, but it's like.

00:40:42.540 --> 00:40:56.160 Erika Longo: You know they're we're all in the same boat, do you know, to some extent it's like it's just certain things may affect people differently, but we're all dealing with our own stuff that we're just trying to figure out, you know.

00:40:57.120 --> 00:41:06.120 Mara Kassin: yeah just like I was saying, like as I got older I got better at it, but it is a continued like struggle like I have anxiety awesome.

00:41:06.540 --> 00:41:15.750 Mara Kassin: yeah I it has gotten less, but like it's it doesn't go away, and I think the more we talk about the more you dress it, the more you say Okay, this is OK, I have it.

00:41:16.230 --> 00:41:29.880 Mara Kassin: The easier it gets like now, if i'm anxious and might just be for that day or that our or that one it won't it won't like keep me up at night, over and over it's it's gotten more manageable but yeah it doesn't it doesn't go away.

00:41:30.030 --> 00:41:31.110 Erika Longo: So you, you can sleep.

00:41:32.610 --> 00:41:32.790 Erika Longo: Because.

00:41:33.660 --> 00:41:42.810 Mara Kassin: It used to be so like usually like I used to like be up for like hours in the middle of the night or something was on my head and that's only like once or twice a month.

00:41:42.840 --> 00:41:45.300 Erika Longo: it's all right that's amazing because I cannot sleep it's been.

00:41:45.480 --> 00:41:48.570 Erika Longo: A struggle for years it's like real my brain just doesn't shut off.

00:41:48.840 --> 00:41:50.490 Erika Longo: yeah thoughts just.

00:41:51.540 --> 00:41:56.490 Mara Kassin: It ebbs and flows, I hope it at the ebbs and flows like sometimes but.

00:41:56.670 --> 00:41:58.440 Mara Kassin: yeah it's got data.

00:41:58.500 --> 00:42:00.120 Mara Kassin: back out a little better, for me, too.

00:42:00.990 --> 00:42:01.530 Erika Longo: that's good to know.

00:42:02.640 --> 00:42:21.570 Albert Dabah: Well, you know I think that's you know really important what you guys are talking about, because sleep is so important and anxieties, you know any day you might wake up and it could be anything you might hear something on the news that just like Okay, you know.

00:42:21.960 --> 00:42:25.290 Erika Longo: there's nothing sometimes you don't even know which I just get like this pit in my chest like this.

00:42:25.290 --> 00:42:25.830 Erika Longo: feeling of.

00:42:26.220 --> 00:42:27.870 Erika Longo: What is this like you know.

00:42:28.410 --> 00:42:30.120 Erika Longo: you're already know what is from yeah.

00:42:30.510 --> 00:42:39.420 Albert Dabah: yeah I mean like the day, my friend, said to me, I feel like at times it's like the end of the world when you listen to the news and my responses.

00:42:40.290 --> 00:42:52.980 Albert Dabah: You know I listened to this rabbi will ensure the someone this rabbi I know who's a great guys lubavitch guy you combined, but I was not always religious and he told me to listen to this.

00:42:53.790 --> 00:43:08.640 Albert Dabah: seminar from this rabbi and and in disguise truly religious now, but he was a hippie growing up, and he said, listen to this and I listened to the sky rabbi talking and i'll tell you it and briefly basically would say you know we live in a broken world and.

00:43:10.290 --> 00:43:21.030 Albert Dabah: it's actually a blessing to go through this hardship that we go through when we go through it and come and feel the light from it, because we keep learning more and more about ourselves, and about other people.

00:43:21.930 --> 00:43:28.740 Albert Dabah: So we'll come right back with Mera and Erica right after this these commercials and.

00:43:29.880 --> 00:43:31.530 Albert Dabah: we'll see you soon.

00:43:32.550 --> 00:43:32.910 Albert Dabah: Thank you.

00:46:03.660 --> 00:46:15.600 Albert Dabah: hi we're back with Erica and Mara actresses from the movie extra innings we were talking a little bit about mental illness or just you know anxiety and depression and.

00:46:16.530 --> 00:46:28.350 Albert Dabah: How everyone deals with it in some way or another um one of the things I wanted to bring up is that I think when I speak to people sometimes they'll say in and and it sounds like they've had some you know.

00:46:29.670 --> 00:46:46.620 Albert Dabah: Challenges problems in their lives, and I said, do you ever go to therapy and sometimes I hear someone say yeah i've been there, but the therapist was terrible I mean you know what they told me was this and that whatever and my first response usually is.

00:46:47.850 --> 00:46:56.040 Albert Dabah: Well, you know, there are some therapists that are just not that great or didn't match well with you, you should try someone else if you feel like.

00:46:57.060 --> 00:47:07.980 Albert Dabah: You could use some help, but I know a lot of people get turned off to it, but I think it's also part of I think I still think it's part of that whole stigma of.

00:47:08.640 --> 00:47:19.860 Albert Dabah: know that you have to go for help now for me, I went for help, when I was 21 because I knew growing up in my house and seeing the way my brother was and no one explaining it to me.

00:47:20.760 --> 00:47:33.630 Albert Dabah: Because it just wasn't talked about that I I used to feel that I was going to end up like that, and I, one of the first things that this therapist told me, and I was with them for about four years, he said to me.

00:47:35.040 --> 00:47:46.830 Albert Dabah: You know my question to him was Am I normal you know, based on what I was saying to him and how I felt about myself, because I didn't talk to anyone about it, and that was you know back in the.

00:47:48.030 --> 00:48:03.870 Albert Dabah: 70s early 70s, but uh, but it was earlier than that that I was feeling all the shame and feeling uncomfortable like with myself, even though I had friends, but I never talked about with my friends, so the therapist said to me something like.

00:48:05.790 --> 00:48:17.160 Albert Dabah: That normal sees that we all want to feel like we fit in that there's a certain normal, but the way he put it was MAC then was it's a matter of degree of where you fit.

00:48:17.610 --> 00:48:26.730 Albert Dabah: Of who you are like you could be way out there and be a genius and be smart, but you could still am with that, along with that you can have amazing.

00:48:27.750 --> 00:48:43.350 Albert Dabah: challenges that you just don't know how to deal with no matter how intelligent, you are and sometimes and one of the things I was talking about this rabbi this seminar I listened to the other day, he says something about the more sensitive, you are.

00:48:44.520 --> 00:48:51.780 Albert Dabah: Because there are just happened to be very you know a lot of very sensitive people, the more you see that other people don't see.

00:48:52.500 --> 00:49:11.040 Albert Dabah: And sometimes that brings problems and I really related to that because i'll listen to something and i'll try to really analyze it and go underneath that and think wow what does that mean you know what does that mean for me, what does it mean for society, you know how do we handle that.

00:49:12.450 --> 00:49:24.120 Albert Dabah: In today's world when we put on the news this I mean in this country all over the world, you hear about all these crazy things that are going on, and you know, sometimes people say I don't listen to the news I can't listen to the news anymore.

00:49:25.320 --> 00:49:37.950 Albert Dabah: or that's too subjective that that I don't agree with that channel i'm going to go to this one, so we have to always is to me it's like finding your place in the world, where do you fit in where do you feel comfortable and it changes.

00:49:39.030 --> 00:49:57.450 Albert Dabah: So Mary you you're you're you're a woman with children, how does it, you know, like, I feel, one of the main things that's difficult when a parent says, how do you know how to be a good parent, I mean there's tons of books on it, but you know how do you know I.

00:49:57.480 --> 00:50:01.920 Mara Kassin: Question it every day, you know, like if you're doing the right thing, I mean.

00:50:02.700 --> 00:50:09.540 Mara Kassin: There are certain things that like I don't give parenting advice unless asked, but the one thing I did write that I love is I.

00:50:09.900 --> 00:50:22.560 Mara Kassin: Read to my kids i've read to them, I read to them all the time and that's one thing i'm like I can't be wrong about that so i'll tell everyone reach your kids that's fine, but everything else it's like you learn different things work for different people.

00:50:23.880 --> 00:50:35.430 Mara Kassin: I worry I think about this is one of them, this is now what keeps me up at night, not did I get part not like was good enough not do they like me it's like did I do that right for my kids is that OK, for my kids.

00:50:36.090 --> 00:50:44.430 Mara Kassin: But it all you can do like I always think there's um an Al franken quote he said it's about quantity not quality so like.

00:50:45.090 --> 00:50:55.620 Mara Kassin: And not like it shouldn't be quality, but just be there just show off just in quantity be there for your kids so that's one thing you know even with my career, I made that decision when I had my first kid that.

00:50:57.060 --> 00:51:02.490 Mara Kassin: Actually, with a therapist I talked about this about my fear of missing out like I was young, I was in.

00:51:02.760 --> 00:51:07.770 Mara Kassin: You know, so all my friends are going on auditions going to this schmoozing here going to every film festival thing.

00:51:08.100 --> 00:51:13.290 Mara Kassin: And I made the decision to have kids and be home with my kids and like that was my priority.

00:51:13.500 --> 00:51:22.320 Mara Kassin: And sometimes I got like anxious about my career, but, for me, I wanted to be there, I want to be there for everything I wanted I didn't I want to put them first.

00:51:22.680 --> 00:51:32.310 Mara Kassin: And you know I know I made the right decision, but I do like sometimes you get selfish and you're like, but I want to do this i'm going to do that, but I know for me like.

00:51:33.360 --> 00:51:39.180 Mara Kassin: be there for them and figure out like I produced I started producing a lot more when I kids because I knew for me.

00:51:39.630 --> 00:51:43.920 Mara Kassin: like this, this therapist said when I was all free get like, she said to me she's like.

00:51:44.190 --> 00:52:00.210 Mara Kassin: You don't have to do it the way everyone else does that there's other ways to have a career and have kids like you don't have to go to for auditions a day if you want be home with the kids she's like do it your way, so I am that I got off track thinking.

00:52:00.270 --> 00:52:02.700 Albert Dabah: that's all right, I do right here.

00:52:03.000 --> 00:52:09.690 Mara Kassin: yeah like you know, like, I want to be there for them, and I want to you know you gotta take care of yourself so i'm still learning.

00:52:10.200 --> 00:52:18.270 Mara Kassin: about that, but with kids and especially with Kobe this year I can that's a whole other talk like how.

00:52:18.960 --> 00:52:29.490 Mara Kassin: I have a six year old a 10 year old a 12 year old and how it affected them differently in the mental health, and it was heartbreaking and the most I could do was be there for them and listen then.

00:52:30.450 --> 00:52:43.830 Mara Kassin: Like love, then you know that's all you can do and control because there's so much, how do you control it's crazy, you have to learn how to i'm still learning how to how to how to let go of that the things you can control.

00:52:44.340 --> 00:52:46.260 Mara Kassin: yeah sure boring all day.

00:52:46.830 --> 00:52:49.170 Albert Dabah: yeah no no understandable.

00:52:50.190 --> 00:52:52.860 Albert Dabah: Erica Now I know you don't have kids right.

00:52:53.280 --> 00:52:54.210 Erika Longo: Definitely not no.

00:52:55.440 --> 00:52:57.030 Erika Longo: No, I mean not that Definitely not.

00:52:57.210 --> 00:52:57.900 Erika Longo: That sounded wrong.

00:52:58.680 --> 00:52:59.550 Mara Kassin: Well yeah.

00:52:59.940 --> 00:53:00.990 Erika Longo: Possibly one day.

00:53:02.850 --> 00:53:12.000 Albert Dabah: But I I imagine you know, having kids and pursuing a career is you know it's like you said is adjusting to.

00:53:12.900 --> 00:53:25.800 Albert Dabah: Finding the balance, but you know and that balances, I think, always a case whether you have kids or don't have kids family a family, you know finding that balance in your life of how much to pursue something you love.

00:53:26.910 --> 00:53:36.330 Albert Dabah: You know how to had to be able to adjust to the let's say the auditions and that you, you know you go on a bridge audition you.

00:53:36.900 --> 00:53:41.640 Albert Dabah: You know I know many actors, they go on edition, and the first thing is, they say I nailed it.

00:53:42.330 --> 00:53:57.690 Albert Dabah: Now from being on the other side and watching so many auditions over the years for about 18 years I started auditions for all kinds of projects and including you know how you know movie stars and all that would come over to the studio.

00:53:58.860 --> 00:54:09.300 Albert Dabah: And I always felt I nailed it that when I heard that I said Lou you know, I understand that feeling, but you kind of in some way, have no idea what they're really looking for.

00:54:09.660 --> 00:54:17.760 Albert Dabah: And sometimes they don't know what they're looking for they have a breakdown, but when they see someone sometimes that changes that break down.

00:54:18.120 --> 00:54:27.960 Albert Dabah: A little bit of a sudden viewers to another and it's fitting a puzzle, and if you take that to a larger scale I think it's like life is like a puzzle.

00:54:28.860 --> 00:54:43.110 Albert Dabah: We have to you know find the little pieces and parts that make sense and on a daily basis and and then you know you can make your goals for six months or a year, or whatever it is, but then you really have to be flexible, because you never know what's going to happen.

00:54:45.420 --> 00:54:57.330 Albert Dabah: i'm watching this crazy show called manifests as anyone heard of it it's on netflix yeah it's pretty crazy well, if you want to it's like watching a twilight zone and it never ends.

00:54:58.170 --> 00:55:06.690 Albert Dabah: I grew up on twilight zone so i'm kind of intrigued with it so um anyway we're coming near the end of the show is there anything that.

00:55:08.100 --> 00:55:11.310 Albert Dabah: you'd like to either of you like to talk about that's coming up for you.

00:55:12.960 --> 00:55:21.120 Albert Dabah: anything at all well one i'd like to say Lena look for Lena because I think that sounds like a really sweet film Thank you.

00:55:22.320 --> 00:55:24.030 Albert Dabah: Mary have you been auditioning at all.

00:55:24.060 --> 00:55:33.540 Mara Kassin: During this time yeah the two short films that we film right by film like a month before that pandemic that starting one's going to be a dances with films next.

00:55:34.410 --> 00:55:48.900 Mara Kassin: Month called klutz and the other is called the only beautiful thing which I think is going to be New York in September we just got in but I don't know if I can announce so films that yeah I mean they're great I had a blast working on those.

00:55:50.010 --> 00:55:51.450 Albert Dabah: yeah yeah.

00:55:51.660 --> 00:55:53.250 Mara Kassin: podcast but that's.

00:55:53.520 --> 00:55:56.820 Mara Kassin: You know, also that's all part that's all corporate stuff I learned how to do.

00:55:57.450 --> 00:56:02.670 Albert Dabah: Right right well listen it's been great having both you guys on and seeing you.

00:56:04.080 --> 00:56:08.640 Albert Dabah: It was really great working with both of you, and I mean that sincerely.

00:56:10.080 --> 00:56:25.110 Albert Dabah: and keeps keeps spreading the news of extra innings because I find that it's a film I don't think it's for everyone, but I know because I saw it firsthand when I was at all these festivals how the people that.

00:56:27.270 --> 00:56:45.060 Albert Dabah: clued into it and really clued into it and I know it's rated 4.3 out of five on Amazon so i'm really happy about that, so thank you again for being on the show will be back next week and i'll see you guys soon one day all right take care.

00:56:48.060 --> 00:56:48.390 Albert Dabah: All right.

00:56:50.520 --> 00:56:50.820 Mara Kassin: bye bye.

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