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Monday, July 19, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/19 - Transformed - The Journey to Becoming

Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/19 - Transformed - The Journey to Becoming


2021/07/19 - Transformed - The Journey to Becoming

[NEW EPISODE] Transformed - The Journey to Becoming

After years of struggle and hurt, Sabine Gedeon was prepared to take the pills she had in hand. But before she did, she directed her pain and rage at God, and told him that, “in fact, if He was real, and didn’t want me to move forward with my plans, that I needed Him to prove it to me!” In the next moment, she says: “God Himself showed up in my bedroom, wrapped His arms around me.”

Thus begins Sabine’s story of transformation, which she likens to that of a caterpillar emerging from a chrysalis into a beautiful, graceful butterfly. In her new book TRANSFORMED: The Journey to Becoming, Sabine chronicles what took her to such depths and how she followed that divine intervention with a relentless pursuit of self-improvement and purposeful growth, despite the deep pain from the struggle of transformation.

Today, having transformed herself, Sabine Gedeon, is the Founder and CEO of Gedeon Enterprises, providing coaching and consulting services to ambitious, mission-driven leaders. With over 15 years’ experience serving as an HR professional, coach and advisor to leaders in Fortune 100 companies, and within her own practice, Sabine has helped hundreds of professionals breakthrough barriers, uncover or build their leadership capabilities, and experience growth in their lives, careers, and businesses.

Sabine knows first-hand the amount of faith and courage it takes to break away from the norm and step into something new or bigger than yourself. Using her personal experience as a benchmark, she hopes to help lead millions of others through their unique paths of purpose, impact, prosperity, and legacy.

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Georgeann and Judi introduce their guest for today’s episode, Sabine Gedeon, author of the book Transformed: The Journey to Becoming, and founder and CEO of Gedeon Enterprises. Sabine begins to describe her childhood in Haiti, and when she moved to the United States when she was four years old. Sabine describes how her mother moved to the United States a few years before her father and herself moved. She continues to describe how while she was younger, her parents didn’t trust strangers, such as babysitters to take care of their children while they were at work, and because of this they left her in the care of family. She explains how even though her parents trusted her family, viewing it as a more safe option, even though this wasn’t the case. Sabine continues to describe her journey through life, and how she had the image of success after college, even though she had a continuous personal struggle. She explains that she made the realization in her mid twenties that she didn’t love herself, and then became consumed by negativity after that realization, and could not go an entire day without seeing only negativity.

Segment 2

Sabine retells the story of the events that lead up to her plan to attempt suicide, and a last ditch effort discussion she had with God that caused her to decide to continue to live. She explains how for many years she went through the motions of believing in God, but never truly believed, but after that conversation she felt that “God wrapped his arms around [her]”. And, the next morning when she woke up she realized that God was real, God loved her and she had a purpose to live. Georgeann, Judi, and Sabine discuss what the feeling of God feels like. Judi brings up the point that God shows up to many people when they are at their lowest, and the three discuss why this may be the case. Sabine describes that surrendering herself to God was one of the most difficult hurdles in her relationship with God, and even having a relationship with God was difficult to her, as she had no human example of a healthy relationship to base her relationship with God on. Sabine describes her relationship with her mother, and how her mother treated her versus how she treated her brothers.

Segment 3

Sabine describes her definition of forgiveness, as well as her journey with those she has forgiven for her past. She explains how God allowed her to forgive her father first, and how even though he didn’t do anything wrong per say, he was absent from many of the aspects of her life she had the expectation of him to be there. Sabine explains how she gained her power back from letting go of the power that the past had over her, and how forgiving those who negatively impacted her past lifted a weight off of her shoulders and gave her strength. Sabine explains how she forgives others. The three discuss having a relationship with God, and Sabine explains how it's a process, and believing in God is a process, and Georgeann suggests that everyone should read Genesis 41 from the Bible as it aligns with what Sabine has gone through in her life.

Segment 4

Georgeann brings up how Sabine had to keep family secrets throughout her life, and how that is exhausting on Sabine and those who have to carry it. Sabine explains how the incest her grandmother experienced was rumored to her through bits in pieces throughout her childhood, and that became a full realization to her in her adult life while she was writing her book. She continues to explain she had another realization around the sexual abuse she experienced as a child, and how she realized she had told her mother about the situation, which is a memory she had blocked out. Sabine continues to explain what her purpose in life is, and how she is the chain breaker in her family, and breaks the cycles that have been plaguing her family. The three end the episode in prayer.


00:00:36.600 --> 00:00:44.610 Georgeann Dau: Good evening, welcome to a journey through into awareness on one of your host this evening i'm Dr George and down.

00:00:45.240 --> 00:00:57.120 Georgeann Dau: And we're here also with my dear friend and co host Judy Miller, and we have a wonderful guest tonight we're very blessed God continues to send us incredible.

00:00:57.780 --> 00:01:05.370 Georgeann Dau: People from all different faiths backgrounds beliefs, that are just really open hearted individuals.

00:01:06.060 --> 00:01:15.390 Georgeann Dau: As all of you that choose to listen, hopefully, those of you that come each week it's material that you can take away and carry in your heart.

00:01:15.900 --> 00:01:26.880 Georgeann Dau: And that it makes a difference in your lives because that's our purpose here that's what we hope for, although there's people we interview that have written books and that's terrific But our main focus is not.

00:01:27.600 --> 00:01:32.790 Georgeann Dau: To only have people on that have books that have written books but that have a.

00:01:34.260 --> 00:01:43.560 Georgeann Dau: have something to add to all of our lives, something to say here tonight, so we want to thank you again for being part of our time together tonight.

00:01:44.850 --> 00:01:47.100 Georgeann Dau: And our guest this evening is.

00:01:48.270 --> 00:01:50.730 Georgeann Dau: Judy is going to introduce.

00:01:51.420 --> 00:01:59.220 Judi Miller: So her name is Sabine Gideon and I know the George and loves to pronounce her name as it said in Haitian So do you want to give it a try George.

00:01:59.220 --> 00:02:03.450 Georgeann Dau: Absolutely being good yo how did I do.

00:02:03.810 --> 00:02:04.650 Sabine Gedeon: shitty oh.

00:02:05.010 --> 00:02:05.280 well.

00:02:07.080 --> 00:02:08.430 Georgeann Dau: being closed at all.

00:02:09.480 --> 00:02:11.190 Judi Miller: it's an absolutely beautiful name.

00:02:11.550 --> 00:02:12.510 Judi Miller: So it's a privilege.

00:02:12.630 --> 00:02:19.500 Judi Miller: privilege to introduce you so after years of struggle in her Sabine Gideon was prepared to take the pills she had in hand.

00:02:19.860 --> 00:02:36.420 Judi Miller: But before she did she directed her pain and range at God and told him that, in fact, if he was real and didn't want her to move forward with her plans that she needed him to prove it to her and the next moment God himself showed up in her bedroom and wrapped his arms around her.

00:02:37.500 --> 00:02:49.890 Judi Miller: This begins to being story of transformation which he listened, which he likens to that of a caterpillar merging into a beautiful graceful butterfly in her new book transformed the journey to becoming.

00:02:51.060 --> 00:02:52.290 Judi Miller: And we both are showing it.

00:02:54.180 --> 00:03:00.750 Judi Miller: So being chronicles with took her to such depths and how she followed that divine intervention into one of transformation.

00:03:01.980 --> 00:03:10.770 Judi Miller: Today, having transformed herself Sabine is the founder and CEO of Gideon enterprises, providing coaching and consulting services to mission driven leaders.

00:03:11.250 --> 00:03:18.510 Judi Miller: With over 15 years experience serving as an HR professional coach and advisor to leaders in fortune 100 companies.

00:03:18.930 --> 00:03:29.730 Judi Miller: And within her own practice Venus helped hundreds of professionals break through barriers uncover or builder leadership capabilities and experienced growth in their lives, careers and businesses.

00:03:30.330 --> 00:03:38.580 Judi Miller: So being knows firsthand the amount of faith and courage it takes to break away from the norm and step into something new or bigger than ourselves.

00:03:39.150 --> 00:03:49.290 Judi Miller: Using her personal experience, she hopes to help lead others to their unique path of purpose impact, prosperity and legacy and it's such a privilege to have you here is to be.

00:03:49.860 --> 00:03:56.130 Sabine Gedeon: On Thank you so much, I swear every time I hear pieces of that read i'm like oh my gosh.

00:03:57.300 --> 00:04:00.120 Sabine Gedeon: Who is that she sounds cool I want to meet her.

00:04:00.720 --> 00:04:11.820 Judi Miller: Well, we definitely want to learn more about you so, can you share with our listeners what your childhood was like and how you arrived at that moment, when you want it to end it all, it must have been a very, very dark place.

00:04:12.300 --> 00:04:26.160 Sabine Gedeon: yeah absolutely, so I am from Haiti as as you shared before born their parents born there and migrated here when I was about four just shy of four with my dad it was.

00:04:27.000 --> 00:04:36.270 Sabine Gedeon: four of us kids and so it's kind of like it was a process of US coming, and I was the youngest so I guess I got my my paperwork in early.

00:04:36.870 --> 00:04:45.540 Sabine Gedeon: came here and At first it was just my mother and my dad and myself, and you know to backtrack some of the seeds, the original seeds that actually left it out.

00:04:46.170 --> 00:04:59.970 Sabine Gedeon: came to that point my mother came here first and she to probably work for about two years you know work hard saving up and so those critical first few months, I think I was with her maybe three maybe four months.

00:05:00.510 --> 00:05:09.450 Sabine Gedeon: before she left to come to the US, and so, for the most part, you know that bonding period that period of like really getting to know your mother, if you will.

00:05:10.170 --> 00:05:21.750 Sabine Gedeon: I didn't have that and it wasn't until later, you know God revealed to me like that was that was kind of like the catalyst and the stark for some of these things so nonetheless came here to my mother.

00:05:22.440 --> 00:05:28.920 Sabine Gedeon: And and dad and then later on my older brother and then naturally the rest of them trickled in.

00:05:30.180 --> 00:05:36.810 Sabine Gedeon: But during that time, you know, obviously parents are immigrants they're trying to make it working multiple jobs.

00:05:37.650 --> 00:05:45.780 Sabine Gedeon: You know, multiple occasions, or for the most part, my parents didn't trust like having us stay with like babysitters are like random people.

00:05:46.290 --> 00:06:00.810 Sabine Gedeon: So you know you always stayed with family and naturally right, you would believe that like putting your child with family is like a safe thing and a safe space to be, however, that was not the case for me.

00:06:01.830 --> 00:06:16.050 Sabine Gedeon: And so you know, through these times of staying with family, I was sexually abused in addition to the the sexual abuse, like outside of the home, certainly from the relationship with my mother, there was never this.

00:06:17.640 --> 00:06:21.600 Sabine Gedeon: emotional bond and, to this day, all these years later.

00:06:22.260 --> 00:06:33.510 Sabine Gedeon: decades later there's still no emotional bond and I don't know how much of that place because we didn't have that attachment spirit or well, some of it plays because we didn't have the attachment.

00:06:34.140 --> 00:06:45.210 Sabine Gedeon: And some of it is just based on on who she is but nonetheless going through that experiencing that through childhood experiencing the abuse the.

00:06:45.750 --> 00:06:54.930 Sabine Gedeon: Mental emotional verbal abuse in the home, it really just it compiled, I guess, luckily, for me, my saving grace.

00:06:55.410 --> 00:07:03.690 Sabine Gedeon: Was that I was really smart in school, and so I had that as an outlet, and you know by god's grace I can look back and I can see the many.

00:07:03.960 --> 00:07:18.180 Sabine Gedeon: Wonderful mentors that he placed in my life like people that gave me examples of things you know being different, however, the the pain, the hurt the abandonment and rejection all of that still existed within me.

00:07:19.050 --> 00:07:26.970 Sabine Gedeon: So when I got to college like I couldn't wait to get out of the House, naturally, for many different reasons and.

00:07:27.660 --> 00:07:33.270 Sabine Gedeon: You know, when I got to college again, it was the College is a time for you to find yourself right.

00:07:34.080 --> 00:07:45.150 Sabine Gedeon: After being here and I won't even go into the bullying and everything else that went on from school, but there was a lot of baggage here so by the time I left college started school started my full time job.

00:07:45.570 --> 00:07:53.070 Sabine Gedeon: Outwardly, everything looks great right, I was the person who you know I had it my own apartment I had my own car.

00:07:53.820 --> 00:07:59.670 Sabine Gedeon: You know, I was doing my career, based on what I went to school for so outwardly there was this.

00:08:00.240 --> 00:08:06.000 Sabine Gedeon: image of success there was this image of having it all together, and naturally I guess.

00:08:06.270 --> 00:08:19.050 Sabine Gedeon: I don't know where that confidence came, but I walked around like I had this great deal of confidence, even though you know inside this little girl was broken and insecure and it got to a point where by mid 20s about 25.

00:08:20.460 --> 00:08:31.830 Sabine Gedeon: series of events took place in a very, very short period of time that left me at this place of finally seeing my brokenness you know, in the past, I had been able to.

00:08:33.060 --> 00:08:46.620 Sabine Gedeon: I guess avoided or deflect it with work or my career, or you know friends like there were all these distractions and I was left in this place, and I do believe that it was god's.

00:08:47.160 --> 00:09:00.030 Sabine Gedeon: You know, working where I had to look at myself, and when I looked at myself, I remember vividly looking at myself in the mirror and realizing or coming to the realization that I didn't love me.

00:09:00.870 --> 00:09:11.310 Sabine Gedeon: And it was in that moment, like that was kind of like the that that was like the breaking of the dam, if you will, the initial breaking of the dam where I realized I didn't love me.

00:09:11.850 --> 00:09:17.370 Sabine Gedeon: And the more I thought about the fact that I didn't love myself I realized that okay.

00:09:18.090 --> 00:09:26.430 Sabine Gedeon: No one loves me there was no evidence as I looked for evidence of like Okay, who loves me who has shown me love it certainly wasn't in my household.

00:09:27.240 --> 00:09:38.250 Sabine Gedeon: It wasn't in my friendships it wasn't in my relationships, and here I was sitting with the realization that I was unlovable so it was those thoughts those beginning thoughts of.

00:09:39.030 --> 00:09:49.500 Sabine Gedeon: No one loves you you don't love yourself right and that I don't know how to explain it, but you know I I liken it to you know, probably close to schizophrenia.

00:09:50.370 --> 00:09:55.590 Sabine Gedeon: And I don't mean to make light of that, but that's that's the you know that's the language that I have for this, but.

00:09:55.980 --> 00:10:04.590 Sabine Gedeon: From the moment that I would wake up to the moment I went to bed at night and granted, you know I worked my full time job and I had my part time job still.

00:10:05.340 --> 00:10:12.810 Sabine Gedeon: All I heard was the negativity no one loves you you're you know you're ugly you're this you're that it was just constant.

00:10:13.230 --> 00:10:18.600 Sabine Gedeon: barrage of negativity all day long there would be moments where i'd be able to like.

00:10:19.020 --> 00:10:28.110 Sabine Gedeon: You know, turn it off, if you will temporarily to get work done but that's all I heard, and this was months of this going on, and you know.

00:10:28.590 --> 00:10:34.290 Sabine Gedeon: Again i've always had you know critical thoughts or whatever I didn't think anything of it.

00:10:35.160 --> 00:10:47.310 Sabine Gedeon: But this led to the point was just like okay I don't love me all these things are true, I was expecting I was accepting all of these voices and all of these critical thoughts so point was just like well what's the point in being here.

00:10:47.850 --> 00:11:00.570 Sabine Gedeon: And so, because my part time job was at a pharmacy and I had access to you know the medication that was there I can talk to this plant plan in my head of how I was going to end things.

00:11:01.500 --> 00:11:12.390 Sabine Gedeon: And I had my data set like the planner in me was still active I had my dates that I had you know how I was going to do this, what I was going to take specifically.

00:11:12.900 --> 00:11:23.190 Sabine Gedeon: And the night before my night My big day I should say you know I decided to clean my house like I had my paperwork like it when they found me.

00:11:25.980 --> 00:11:28.350 Georgeann Dau: Okay it's okay you're doing great.

00:11:28.680 --> 00:11:30.600 Sabine Gedeon: yeah usually, I can tell the story.

00:11:30.660 --> 00:11:31.260 and be okay.

00:11:33.360 --> 00:11:46.260 Georgeann Dau: Great Thank you so being you're an incredibly brave and beautiful young woman, it takes a lot of courage to share this story you give so many people listening.

00:11:46.890 --> 00:11:58.050 Georgeann Dau: Hope and a voice, where they can take a look at themselves because most people have some sort of this dynamic that has gone on in their childhood.

00:11:58.500 --> 00:12:10.620 Georgeann Dau: And they have not scratched the surface so certainly you have certainly you have, and you know I have an imagination what broke the dam.

00:12:11.160 --> 00:12:24.660 Georgeann Dau: When you got out of school and you were doing everything that you could prove yourself as being lovable and all of that, and in doing all that you told yourself that.

00:12:25.110 --> 00:12:35.010 Georgeann Dau: You were approving of yourself and feeling good about yourself one or two things started happening at work, which started chipping away that damn.

00:12:36.180 --> 00:12:36.810 Georgeann Dau: and

00:12:38.340 --> 00:12:46.080 Georgeann Dau: you're starting to see those feelings emerged, because those feelings and memories will never lead you right.

00:12:46.710 --> 00:13:02.640 Georgeann Dau: they're always there it's just that we learn to navigate them differently and we repeat them there's something I want to ask you about what you said to a csv book about your mother, but I would love, if you wouldn't mind to continue where you were going.

00:13:03.000 --> 00:13:03.450 Georgeann Dau: yeah.

00:13:03.570 --> 00:13:04.950 Georgeann Dau: Thank you for that heritage.

00:13:06.000 --> 00:13:18.150 Sabine Gedeon: I thank you for that um and so as I, you know was preparing, I decided, let me have a conversation with God about what I plan to do as if you know he somehow wasn't aware.

00:13:19.230 --> 00:13:23.010 Sabine Gedeon: And it just started out with all of the negativity like right like.

00:13:23.640 --> 00:13:30.240 Sabine Gedeon: I was angry, I was hurt I was broken I couldn't understand why you know this quote unquote God.

00:13:30.570 --> 00:13:41.730 Sabine Gedeon: In granted I had grown up Catholic like I went through Catholicism I went through all that, so there was a underlying belief right, but not a real true like Okay, I know that he's real.

00:13:42.150 --> 00:13:55.680 Sabine Gedeon: And so, as I was talking to him and expressing everything, one of the things that I said was I could indoor more if I knew that there was a reason to this, I would stay if there was purpose.

00:13:55.920 --> 00:14:05.310 Georgeann Dau: This is too important for me to interrupt I want to hold this because we need to take a quick break, would you be willing to continue when we come back.

00:14:05.370 --> 00:14:07.680 Georgeann Dau: Absolutely, thank you for being so generous and.

00:14:07.680 --> 00:14:17.010 Georgeann Dau: So gracious we will be right back with the journey through into awareness and our lovely woman of courage this evening Sabine.

00:14:18.600 --> 00:14:19.560 Sabine Gedeon: jr.

00:14:22.020 --> 00:14:24.090 Georgeann Dau: we'll be right back thanks for joining us today.

00:16:45.780 --> 00:17:00.030 Georgeann Dau: Welcome back to the journey through into awareness and for those of you just joining us we're here your guests Judy Miller and Dr Georgia and down and our lovely super guest tonight.

00:17:01.770 --> 00:17:04.020 Georgeann Dau: Simone gto.

00:17:08.190 --> 00:17:08.550 Judi Miller: Please.

00:17:09.930 --> 00:17:12.360 Judi Miller: Can you pronounce it one more time for us because we're going to get a.

00:17:12.360 --> 00:17:14.070 Judi Miller: Perfectly by the end of this show.

00:17:14.370 --> 00:17:17.400 Sabine Gedeon: You are so soft G GT.

00:17:18.120 --> 00:17:20.250 Georgeann Dau: GT oh yeah video.

00:17:20.700 --> 00:17:23.070 Judi Miller: And that is a beautiful name so, can you please can.

00:17:23.340 --> 00:17:26.010 Judi Miller: You can you please continue your story for us.

00:17:26.430 --> 00:17:39.180 Sabine Gedeon: Absolutely, so I was sharing that you know the night before my ask of God was two things one to show me that he was real and to show me.

00:17:40.410 --> 00:17:51.060 Sabine Gedeon: That my life had purpose and that there was there was a reason for all the pain that it wasn't just in vain and it wasn't just some cruel joke.

00:17:51.750 --> 00:18:01.680 Sabine Gedeon: So in that moment, as I, you know cried out as I poured out all of the you know negative stuff that I had been carrying for years.

00:18:02.580 --> 00:18:19.170 Sabine Gedeon: I felt this is what I liken it to I just felt the arms of God wraps himself around me and Prior to that, like I mentioned, you know I I went through the motions of believing but I never really truly believe, and I.

00:18:19.950 --> 00:18:29.640 Sabine Gedeon: I just laid there and I saw I woke up the next morning with this confirmation, if you will, that okay God is real.

00:18:30.060 --> 00:18:47.790 Sabine Gedeon: And I have a purpose and just like that you know woke up from the floor and abandoned, you know my plans to end it because I cried out to him and he answered, and not only did he answer, but he responded in the way that I needed in that moment.

00:18:48.900 --> 00:19:01.680 Sabine Gedeon: And so from that moment on, it was Okay, I have a purpose and God is real I need to know who he is if he's the one who's created me right, the logic in my mind was.

00:19:01.950 --> 00:19:03.840 Sabine Gedeon: Then I need to understand who he.

00:19:03.840 --> 00:19:16.620 Sabine Gedeon: Is what he said and I remember from my classes like okay Christ is God in human form, so I needed to learn about Christ and that's what I started reading the Bible for row and large.

00:19:17.430 --> 00:19:17.850 Judi Miller: Yes.

00:19:17.880 --> 00:19:25.860 Judi Miller: So beam before you go too far in one of the things that really bonds georgiana Nice that we had the opportunity to really experience the love.

00:19:26.220 --> 00:19:37.140 Judi Miller: of God and Jesus in the universe, and when you said that you know God came and wrapped his arms around you for those who have never experienced it can you tell us what that feels like.

00:19:37.980 --> 00:19:38.310 Oh.

00:19:39.480 --> 00:19:40.290 Sabine Gedeon: i'm.

00:19:40.620 --> 00:19:42.960 Georgeann Dau: Assuming that I have experienced it.

00:19:43.080 --> 00:19:51.750 Georgeann Dau: yeah we have and we'd like to just know your what you have to say about it, we it's difficult to explain because it's not an actual you're not seeing a person.

00:19:51.870 --> 00:19:53.100 Georgeann Dau: yeah it's.

00:19:53.970 --> 00:19:55.500 Judi Miller: but also for our listeners.

00:19:55.530 --> 00:19:55.980 Georgeann Dau: Yes.

00:19:56.160 --> 00:19:57.120 Judi Miller: We may not have.

00:19:57.540 --> 00:19:59.250 Sabine Gedeon: yeah i'm.

00:20:02.070 --> 00:20:19.560 Sabine Gedeon: feeling wise like physically it felt like the warmth of like a father's hug right, but I would almost liken it to like when you swaddle a baby right and you just wrap them in like it was just this overwhelming.

00:20:21.060 --> 00:20:23.760 Sabine Gedeon: comfort comforting feeling.

00:20:26.340 --> 00:20:27.480 Georgeann Dau: Would you call it love.

00:20:28.890 --> 00:20:29.310 Sabine Gedeon: yeah.

00:20:30.540 --> 00:20:34.530 Sabine Gedeon: It was warps there was warps there was compassion.

00:20:38.040 --> 00:20:40.440 Sabine Gedeon: yeah which is probably why stop like a baby.

00:20:41.640 --> 00:20:49.350 Sabine Gedeon: I just felt like someone just came from behind and just it's gonna be okay um that's the best way to describe it.

00:20:49.770 --> 00:21:05.760 Judi Miller: You know it's interesting that you describe it that way, when I described it to George and I told her it was almost like every possible definition or sensation of love that just move through me compassion forgiveness gratitude, it was just everything yeah.

00:21:05.970 --> 00:21:14.400 Georgeann Dau: I had to and consent still in moments because it's a grace grace to experience that we can ask God for it.

00:21:14.910 --> 00:21:22.590 Georgeann Dau: And God will give it to us at some point, but in god's time but it's definitely gifting grace we can't make it happen.

00:21:23.100 --> 00:21:35.940 Georgeann Dau: We can't make it happen, and you speaking about your relationship with the Lord many people know about Jesus, but they don't have a relationship with Jesus many people know of their God.

00:21:36.930 --> 00:21:47.910 Georgeann Dau: But they don't have a relationship with their God and that's nothing, nothing for me to say it's a very individual thing, but until we definitely have a relationship and feel that presence.

00:21:49.560 --> 00:22:03.960 Georgeann Dau: there's a there's something with us that gets in the way because us asking what God is like a fish asking where the water is it's always present we're never without or beyond our experience of God right.

00:22:04.620 --> 00:22:17.340 Judi Miller: And so being you know just to follow up with when George and was saying, as well as what you were saying you know oftentimes people experience the presence of God and their darkest moments, why do you think that is yeah.

00:22:17.940 --> 00:22:20.460 Sabine Gedeon: um that's a really great question.

00:22:24.150 --> 00:22:37.500 Sabine Gedeon: I think, because we're stubborn right as people we have we have free will right, we can do whatever we want and I guess i'll speak for myself oh oh broaden it, but I will stubborn and.

00:22:39.540 --> 00:22:51.330 Sabine Gedeon: It took my complete surrender once I believe it took my complete surrender it's for me to create the space to see him, you know I.

00:22:52.860 --> 00:22:53.940 Sabine Gedeon: I think about.

00:22:56.400 --> 00:23:06.000 Sabine Gedeon: That moment right like as I look back it's just like all I saw was darkness before that moment, all I saw was darkness, all I knew is darkness.

00:23:06.300 --> 00:23:18.780 Sabine Gedeon: And it was just that glimmer of light right like to shift things for me, and so I almost, how can I put this I almost wonder right if.

00:23:19.770 --> 00:23:33.360 Sabine Gedeon: If at any point I was ever really going to do it, and I only say that because now, knowing who God is and knowing how much he loves me and how much he, like cares for me like I can't even fathom that.

00:23:34.140 --> 00:23:43.080 Sabine Gedeon: That would have actually happened, I think, in that moment, because I surrendered right up until I said just show me your real and give me your verbiage.

00:23:43.470 --> 00:23:53.730 Sabine Gedeon: It was it was different words I was using different words, and I was in a different mindset, but when I finally surrendered I was just like I just want to know your real yeah.

00:23:54.420 --> 00:23:59.250 Georgeann Dau: And scripture talks about them that we need to really need god's help.

00:24:00.780 --> 00:24:13.890 Georgeann Dau: It makes sense that this would be so for you, because you grew up not being able to trust anyone, so how did you, you know long to surrender, we all have resistance, has to be.

00:24:15.600 --> 00:24:28.830 Sabine Gedeon: yeah if I had to say that because it that was probably the The biggest challenge, even in my relationship learning, like, I have a relationship with God, because I have no no human examples of that yes.

00:24:29.250 --> 00:24:42.330 Georgeann Dau: and your mother had to love you very much, because so much of our development takes place in the womb, she had to love you very much for you to be able to even consider surrendering.

00:24:43.980 --> 00:24:48.780 Georgeann Dau: Somewhere she had to love you in the womb, when she was carrying you.

00:24:50.010 --> 00:25:05.070 Georgeann Dau: Somewhere but you, you had that capacity to know that you weren't surrendering and that you needed to that comes from somewhere God will use what he has to work with that that came from somewhere.

00:25:05.640 --> 00:25:10.230 Judi Miller: And Sabine I think towards the back of your book, one of the things that you mentioned is.

00:25:11.250 --> 00:25:16.230 Judi Miller: it's not that your mother didn't love you, but maybe she doesn't know how to love you yes.

00:25:17.580 --> 00:25:22.890 Sabine Gedeon: yeah um so it's interesting that Dr George answer that um.

00:25:24.150 --> 00:25:35.700 Sabine Gedeon: So I think, as I psycho analyze my mother over the years and as Holy Spirit has given me revelation you know I share that prior to my birth.

00:25:37.020 --> 00:25:47.790 Sabine Gedeon: My second oldest brother, he was a twin and his twin died stillborn and then shortly after that she had another child in.

00:25:48.480 --> 00:25:56.460 Sabine Gedeon: Like at one round one ish like he fell sick out of nowhere and on the way to the hospital he died in her arms.

00:25:57.000 --> 00:26:13.260 Sabine Gedeon: And so you know I I know right but based on facts and just based on what he's revealed to me like she endured a lot of trauma right and so having another child on the heel of that because I was literally.

00:26:13.740 --> 00:26:26.760 Sabine Gedeon: She yeah she would have been pregnant with me when that that other child died so on the heel of that she she was not in the mindset, or in the place of i'm now going to have another child.

00:26:27.690 --> 00:26:43.200 Sabine Gedeon: And secondly, she had had all boys, and so I was the girl, and so I do believe that there were there were things within her that, because of what she's endured and what she's experienced wouldn't have allowed her to.

00:26:44.490 --> 00:26:52.740 Sabine Gedeon: To love me in the manner or to demonstrate it in the manner in which she could have had probably these other things that happens.

00:26:52.740 --> 00:27:01.440 Sabine Gedeon: or epsilon and then you know just growing up like it was it was evident, like you, you know when someone is not showing you love like.

00:27:01.680 --> 00:27:08.580 Sabine Gedeon: I had examples from friends of how like their their mother, you know treated them or how they were with their mother, and that was never.

00:27:08.820 --> 00:27:23.250 Sabine Gedeon: My situation, but I observed how she treated my eldest brother, and so there was a very drastic difference between how she showed love like demonstrated love for him versus how she.

00:27:24.750 --> 00:27:25.500 Sabine Gedeon: tolerated.

00:27:26.520 --> 00:27:29.400 Sabine Gedeon: me um so yeah.

00:27:29.940 --> 00:27:36.900 Georgeann Dau: Were you with a girl so she related to you from our unconscious you say, and she treated you like, she was treated.

00:27:37.680 --> 00:27:38.520 Sabine Gedeon: pretty much.

00:27:38.700 --> 00:27:46.890 Georgeann Dau: But she saw the boys favorite growing up your repeat until we're in treatment, and then we can crack it open and take a look.

00:27:47.490 --> 00:27:54.600 Georgeann Dau: You know, when we think about women I don't know how old your mom is, but when we think about women, women, for the most part.

00:27:55.530 --> 00:28:01.830 Georgeann Dau: never really had a choice as to whether or not I wanted to have babies are not back then.

00:28:02.550 --> 00:28:16.380 Georgeann Dau: They just thought it was what you did you had children and you continued on, and you, but they never thought about should I or shouldn't die and many situations like you're speaking of us to be with mom.

00:28:17.760 --> 00:28:28.560 Georgeann Dau: Pregnancy after pregnancy and not feeling like they had a voice and who knows if they even did they were obviously abuse somewhere for them to repeat that which you talk about in your book.

00:28:29.160 --> 00:28:35.190 Georgeann Dau: um think about the frustration, the resentment in the anger it doesn't take away your pain.

00:28:35.580 --> 00:28:43.530 Georgeann Dau: Right and it's very important for everyone to look at their individual journey but our moms think about the resentment, they must have had.

00:28:43.860 --> 00:28:53.730 Georgeann Dau: Getting pregnant at the pregnancy at the pregnancy with maybe not wanted to be a mom that many times and feeling like they didn't have a voice or a choice.

00:28:55.710 --> 00:29:15.390 Sabine Gedeon: that's that's probably what's allowed me to forgive her you know, for all these things right is because I recognize I can empathize with where she was I don't hold any you know ill feelings, but it doesn't change the fact that, like this was my experience.

00:29:15.450 --> 00:29:31.560 Georgeann Dau: Absolutely, and your experience was real for you and that's where your work with God is sure so we're going to very, very interesting conversation Thank you again so being for you tonight and we're going to end, thank you for all of you, and for you my duty and.

00:29:32.850 --> 00:29:38.370 Georgeann Dau: Then we'll take a quick break it's always fun to laugh and have fun we'll take a quick break we'll be right back.

00:32:15.180 --> 00:32:17.910 Georgeann Dau: Welcome back to the journey through into awareness.

00:32:20.430 --> 00:32:21.690 Georgeann Dau: so happy with us.

00:32:22.380 --> 00:32:23.460 Georgeann Dau: i'm sure there's some of you out.

00:32:23.460 --> 00:32:27.300 Georgeann Dau: There that think she's so good right so.

00:32:29.340 --> 00:32:30.270 Georgeann Dau: I can only be me.

00:32:32.790 --> 00:32:33.210 Georgeann Dau: Right.

00:32:33.240 --> 00:32:33.840 Judi Miller: George and.

00:32:34.290 --> 00:32:35.820 Judi Miller: George and just just so full of love.

00:32:36.960 --> 00:32:39.630 Georgeann Dau: yeah I really i've been this way, since I was little.

00:32:42.420 --> 00:32:47.490 Judi Miller: So Sabine right before the break you were talking about with George and about the importance of forgiving your mom.

00:32:47.940 --> 00:33:00.960 Judi Miller: And I just thought it was just a perfect segue because I know that one of your favorite quotes is to ears human to forgive is divine So what is your definition of forgiveness and why is it so important and, especially, who have you have to forgive.

00:33:01.500 --> 00:33:01.920 And, of course.

00:33:07.680 --> 00:33:29.040 Sabine Gedeon: You know it's funny I think the first person that through this this process or this journey, you know after my my encounter with God was my father, he was the very first person that God led me to to forgive and, at the time, I used to say no, I was someone who held grudges I held grudges.

00:33:30.630 --> 00:33:37.230 Sabine Gedeon: But my way of like not showing it was just like okay I don't think about the person or I just let it go.

00:33:37.650 --> 00:33:51.660 Sabine Gedeon: But I feel like I believe God allowed me to forgive my father, first because he's my earthly Father right, and so in being able to really develop a relationship with God like I had to start here first.

00:33:52.020 --> 00:33:59.700 Sabine Gedeon: And so, my father, you know, obviously, he was in my life like double household or two family household but he wasn't.

00:34:00.210 --> 00:34:14.580 Sabine Gedeon: He was there, but he wasn't and you know my father's definition of love was hey I provide for my family, what I do behind beyond that is you know irrelevant, and again I understand it's generational like the parent.

00:34:14.940 --> 00:34:25.860 Sabine Gedeon: parenting that they experience was a lot different and it's I probably had like the most americanized upbringing than all of my siblings just because I came here so early.

00:34:26.580 --> 00:34:40.410 Sabine Gedeon: So I had different expectations than what you know they were used to so I started with forgiving my dad i'm not because, not because he did anything wrong.

00:34:42.450 --> 00:34:51.360 Sabine Gedeon: But mostly because I feel like, how can I put this there was a Park, there were parts of me that felt like he wasn't there and again.

00:34:52.290 --> 00:35:09.420 Sabine Gedeon: For many reasons he wasn't he lived in the House, but he wasn't there emotionally and the person that I expected to like protect me or to defend me especially when it came to my mother to any you know to other things like he didn't do that, and so there was apparently a lot of resentment.

00:35:11.280 --> 00:35:19.470 Sabine Gedeon: That I had towards him because of that once dad was forgiven or the first layer of my relationship with dad was forgiven.

00:35:20.310 --> 00:35:28.500 Sabine Gedeon: Then I moved on to believe it or not, then I moved on to my cousins and my siblings, the ones who who have used me.

00:35:29.310 --> 00:35:41.460 Sabine Gedeon: In forgiving them right understanding somewhere somewhere this didn't just didn't just happen to me right somewhere along the lines, there was there was evidence of this in their lives.

00:35:42.540 --> 00:35:51.600 Georgeann Dau: And then warranty before you forgave them were you able to experience the hate anger you felt towards them.

00:35:52.440 --> 00:35:59.610 Sabine Gedeon: You know even to this day, believe it or not, i've never felt hate or anger and even when I.

00:36:00.660 --> 00:36:12.540 Sabine Gedeon: When I wrote the book that's when I realized that I was holding on to a lot of guilt and a lot of shame and I still blamed myself, I still believe that like.

00:36:13.620 --> 00:36:16.920 Sabine Gedeon: I I somehow allow that to happen.

00:36:20.400 --> 00:36:21.600 Sabine Gedeon: Okay Now I know better.

00:36:22.680 --> 00:36:25.380 Sabine Gedeon: Now I know better, but I still.

00:36:27.180 --> 00:36:39.120 Sabine Gedeon: yeah I don't I don't have like hatred or animosity towards them like we don't we don't need to interconnect we don't need to talk you don't need to be in my life, but I don't have any hatred or animosity.

00:36:40.590 --> 00:36:56.640 Sabine Gedeon: So yeah started with them actually my mother was like the last person in the line, if you will, that I was able to or that I was led to start forgiving and I was only able to do that, the more that I learned about her story, the more that I understood.

00:36:57.780 --> 00:37:02.400 Sabine Gedeon: It was a way of me like I was able to forgive her, because I can empathize with her.

00:37:04.560 --> 00:37:10.680 Judi Miller: it's interesting one of the things that you said, as you gained your power back by letting go of the power that the past had over you.

00:37:11.760 --> 00:37:18.210 Sabine Gedeon: yeah yeah one of the things, and you know we hear it all the time right forgiveness, is not about the other person.

00:37:18.270 --> 00:37:21.120 Sabine Gedeon: it's about you know there's such freedom.

00:37:21.240 --> 00:37:29.460 Sabine Gedeon: In forgiveness, I cannot even begin to explain the weight, I felt there was so much blaming.

00:37:30.450 --> 00:37:38.550 Sabine Gedeon: That I was experiencing at the time right, it was like everyone does this to me everyone did this everyone like it was very victimized.

00:37:38.790 --> 00:37:48.150 Sabine Gedeon: And when you live in a state of always feeling victimized you feel like you have no power, which is why you know it was easy for me to just be like okay well it's time to check out.

00:37:48.900 --> 00:38:05.370 Sabine Gedeon: But I gained my power back when I stopped giving it to everyone else because of what they did it it gave me this the strength, if you will, mental mental emotional and spiritual strength through forgiveness of other people.

00:38:05.790 --> 00:38:08.400 Judi Miller: So Sabine, how do you actually forgive someone.

00:38:08.970 --> 00:38:12.000 Sabine Gedeon: yeah it's a great question um.

00:38:13.290 --> 00:38:20.910 Sabine Gedeon: i've experienced it in many different ways right there's the obvious, you know verbally right like I forgive this person.

00:38:21.300 --> 00:38:34.530 Sabine Gedeon: And there's you know, there have been moments where i've been like God if there's anything in me that holds any resentment any hatred any whatever right through prayer asking God like I release it I released it.

00:38:35.040 --> 00:38:48.450 Sabine Gedeon: And there was this one point in my life actually not too long ago, maybe about three or four years ago, where I wrote letters to my mother, my father my eight year old self and God.

00:38:48.990 --> 00:39:02.130 Sabine Gedeon: Because I had to forgive God to and in writing those letters I was able to release everything that I was holding on to, and you know this is now years and years after like healing and I still had stuff there.

00:39:02.760 --> 00:39:09.840 Sabine Gedeon: There are still times, where I find myself, you know dragging things back up and having to say I let go of that um.

00:39:11.340 --> 00:39:17.370 Sabine Gedeon: For me, the I guess the the reality of forgiving people is to say.

00:39:19.020 --> 00:39:28.680 Sabine Gedeon: it's the say right that's one piece I don't hold it against you um I found that when I have been in that place of true forgiveness and surrender.

00:39:29.070 --> 00:39:39.840 Sabine Gedeon: I will go from okay God I forgive such and such for something right and when it's Ernest, I find myself than praying for that person, I find myself, then you know.

00:39:40.830 --> 00:39:58.560 Sabine Gedeon: appealing to God to help them, for whatever it was that they did to me right, like asking God for wisdom and earnestly praying for that person, even though they may have done me wrong so that's how I like that's my personal thing of how I know okay you've released it because.

00:39:58.560 --> 00:39:58.920 Sabine Gedeon: Now I.

00:39:59.070 --> 00:40:02.130 Sabine Gedeon: Have compassion and grace towards that person.

00:40:04.140 --> 00:40:04.680 Georgeann Dau: Beautiful.

00:40:05.400 --> 00:40:07.380 Judi Miller: That is beautiful beautiful.

00:40:08.850 --> 00:40:19.920 Judi Miller: Sabine you mentioned of love you know the love for God and Christ has been such an anchor in your life for people who don't have God and Christ in their life is there a way for them.

00:40:20.580 --> 00:40:28.290 Sabine Gedeon: Oh, my gosh yes, I you know I think about think about my life right like my life is one thing, but I think about last year.

00:40:28.740 --> 00:40:39.360 Sabine Gedeon: You know what so many of us well the entire globe indoors right in a time of crisis and a time of panic in a time of fear and a time ending of anxiety.

00:40:39.660 --> 00:40:44.790 Sabine Gedeon: And that was my earnest prayer oh my gosh that God would come that people would come to know you.

00:40:45.570 --> 00:40:57.360 Sabine Gedeon: You know I know that there are many different schools of thoughts of how you know people want to identify God or identify you know their source or their creator and you know, obviously I respect that.

00:40:58.200 --> 00:41:08.760 Sabine Gedeon: But you know biblically Dr George and you can attest to this, you know Christ says, I am the truth, the way and the light, for me, even in that moment, even though I had gone through.

00:41:10.140 --> 00:41:21.960 Sabine Gedeon: What do you call it all of the Catholicism classes and whatnot it was stating it was verbally accepting Christ into my heart and into my life that open that doorway.

00:41:22.260 --> 00:41:35.520 Sabine Gedeon: And even then I can't even say that oh my gosh my life change it's been through this process of getting to know him and allowing him to direct me allowing him to let me let the past go, so that I can you know.

00:41:36.330 --> 00:41:42.630 Sabine Gedeon: move forward in my life so it's a process it's not a one time thing it starts with that confession.

00:41:43.320 --> 00:41:43.950 Sabine Gedeon: That Christ.

00:41:43.980 --> 00:41:51.690 Sabine Gedeon: Is is God in the flesh and that he came to save us but it's also a lifetime journey.

00:41:52.410 --> 00:42:16.470 Georgeann Dau: Yes, I love, have you quoted from you use this the biblical story from genesis yeah I love that story of Joseph and his brothers um I just want to get the address here real quick, so people can, maybe, do you know the address, so if and i'm not bad with i'm not good with that it's genesis.

00:42:16.620 --> 00:42:18.540 Sabine Gedeon: 41 I don't want to say.

00:42:18.840 --> 00:42:21.510 Georgeann Dau: Yes, I believe it is genesis 41.

00:42:22.620 --> 00:42:36.930 Georgeann Dau: read that and and you and those lists those listening, you might want to read that because it's very much in kin with what Sabine has gone through.

00:42:37.740 --> 00:42:53.880 Georgeann Dau: And how she felt, and it is an incredible incredible story and true it's a story, as well as it has so much depth of psychological meaning, as all of scripture does certainly the New Testament.

00:42:54.450 --> 00:43:05.850 Georgeann Dau: But there's so much, I want to say to you Sabine so um you say we have a couple of minutes before our next break um you speak of your grandmother.

00:43:07.320 --> 00:43:15.240 Georgeann Dau: giving birth, because this sums it up for me as a psychoanalyst now, you spoke of you that I want to address after the break your grandmother.

00:43:17.280 --> 00:43:22.380 Georgeann Dau: gave birth to your mother's brother.

00:43:23.850 --> 00:43:25.020 Sabine Gedeon: No um.

00:43:25.050 --> 00:43:26.400 Georgeann Dau: Was it, what did I get wrong.

00:43:26.880 --> 00:43:37.950 Sabine Gedeon: My my grandmother's are my mother's father is a relative a close relative a cousin of my grandmother that's right.

00:43:38.370 --> 00:43:55.020 Georgeann Dau: So there was sexual incest within the family yeah which which says so much just about the original sin, and what gets passed down and families, and we all have these pieces, we all have these pieces.

00:43:55.890 --> 00:44:10.680 Georgeann Dau: The only differences is, those of us that become aware of it and deal with it, otherwise we go through life like shackles on our ankles dragging it around we'll be right back, we look forward to returning see in a minute, thank you.

00:46:48.150 --> 00:46:50.580 Georgeann Dau: Welcome back to a journey through into awareness.

00:46:51.870 --> 00:47:01.770 Georgeann Dau: You know Sabina I was thinking at the break that that all the experiences, you had, and the one with your grandmother, you were forced to keep family secrets.

00:47:03.120 --> 00:47:16.470 Georgeann Dau: Which made things Tripoli difficult, you know unconsciously, sometimes is an energy in the family that one of the children or more or forced to be to be keeping.

00:47:17.670 --> 00:47:20.610 Georgeann Dau: The family costume jewelry.

00:47:22.170 --> 00:47:30.930 Georgeann Dau: You know those pieces that are not meant to be spoken of, and that's very, very dangerous for the one being called to carry it.

00:47:32.490 --> 00:47:45.990 Sabine Gedeon: So interesting it's i'm like you know throughout your childhood right like you hear things you hear bits and pieces right and it's never like clear and there's it seems so normal.

00:47:47.040 --> 00:47:53.940 Sabine Gedeon: And so it wasn't until this process of writing this book, like all of that revelation around.

00:47:54.270 --> 00:48:04.890 Sabine Gedeon: The incest, and how far back, yet when all these memories of things that had been said throughout the time like that's when it all came flooding back, and I was just like ahh okay.

00:48:05.190 --> 00:48:18.210 Sabine Gedeon: This This makes sense, and so I recalled, and I don't I must have repressed this, but when I had experienced you know the sexual abuse at seven.

00:48:18.750 --> 00:48:33.480 Sabine Gedeon: After several times, I told my mother I at some point, I had forgotten that I had ever told her because, in my mind, I was just like i've never told anyone, and I remember it actually yeah I did tell her, and when I told her.

00:48:35.940 --> 00:48:49.410 Sabine Gedeon: She didn't confront them she didn't confront the boys, necessarily, but I do remember getting in trouble in the sense of like it was okay you're not going there anymore, and it was it was a very harsh.

00:48:50.850 --> 00:49:09.930 Sabine Gedeon: reaction towards me versus like hey, this is what they did, and so I think in that moment the the thought of okay my mother doesn't, believe me, or she's not gonna do anything that part got repressed and it wasn't until I was writing the book and I was like oh my gosh I do tell her.

00:49:10.470 --> 00:49:12.210 Sabine Gedeon: And she did just ignore it.

00:49:12.390 --> 00:49:21.000 Georgeann Dau: Well yeah that's very that's you know i'm hearing that on some level just out of that piece.

00:49:22.500 --> 00:49:26.160 Georgeann Dau: How could you again trust anyone.

00:49:27.210 --> 00:49:32.790 Georgeann Dau: believe that someone was going to be there for you um and feel safe yeah.

00:49:34.110 --> 00:49:35.610 Georgeann Dau: you're a remarkable young woman.

00:49:37.140 --> 00:49:40.710 Georgeann Dau: By god's grace, yes, we all by god's grace.

00:49:41.730 --> 00:49:49.830 Judi Miller: To be you know the name of my book is called perfect and the reason is is because, on my journey I realized that everything is divinely orchestrated.

00:49:50.160 --> 00:49:58.530 Judi Miller: And one of the things that you talked about in your book is that everything in your life was in service of your purpose in life, can you talk a little bit about that.

00:49:58.950 --> 00:50:12.090 Sabine Gedeon: yeah most of that is still uncovering are still being uncovered to be completely honest, but when I think about what God has showed me about my life up until this point right there.

00:50:13.110 --> 00:50:21.990 Sabine Gedeon: Statistically, like I shouldn't be here right there's there's so many reasons why I should not be here, statistically, there should be other things happening.

00:50:22.710 --> 00:50:35.190 Sabine Gedeon: But when I wrote that book and particularly as I was led to to release that prayer that I released in the back of the book, it was a declaration, if you will, of.

00:50:35.730 --> 00:50:45.360 Sabine Gedeon: I was drawing the line in the sand right, so all of what the generations before me had experienced had endured like I was the chain breaker.

00:50:45.720 --> 00:50:55.860 Sabine Gedeon: And I was particularly set into that family and and while it does it may not make sense that, like you know, I was ordained to experience, all of the stuff.

00:50:56.130 --> 00:51:05.310 Sabine Gedeon: I do believe that I was ordained to experience all that stuff so that I could be the one to turn around and break that cycle, you know break that cycle of.

00:51:06.060 --> 00:51:15.990 Sabine Gedeon: Being having children out of wedlock break that cycle of incest break that cycle of you know, poverty break that cycle of so many things are that I.

00:51:16.500 --> 00:51:27.300 Sabine Gedeon: I truly believe that like that's part of my purpose and, most of it is still being uncovered but in that moment I just knew that I, I was the one now is called to expose it.

00:51:27.660 --> 00:51:34.590 Sabine Gedeon: And to draw that line in the sand, so that when I have children and my children's children, they will never experienced that.

00:51:34.710 --> 00:51:35.550 Sabine Gedeon: Like it's.

00:51:35.580 --> 00:51:41.700 Georgeann Dau: done beautiful beautiful beautiful God didn't create any of what you experienced as a.

00:51:41.700 --> 00:51:47.190 Georgeann Dau: trail at all God right not at all, but God used it.

00:51:47.640 --> 00:51:50.070 Sabine Gedeon: Exactly okay exactly.

00:51:50.130 --> 00:51:52.980 Georgeann Dau: make that clear for everyone that God doesn't create these things.

00:51:53.490 --> 00:52:05.100 Judi Miller: And Sabine also um you know many indigenous cultures believe that when we heal we heal seven generations back and seven generations forward so you weren't just doing it for yourself, you were doing it for all of your ancestry.

00:52:05.520 --> 00:52:11.850 Sabine Gedeon: yeah and it's amazing because, even as a child, I always felt like.

00:52:12.780 --> 00:52:20.310 Sabine Gedeon: I was the one who were the three guys what that meant right like I was the one and I I attributed it to like.

00:52:20.580 --> 00:52:28.560 Sabine Gedeon: I was going to be the one you know, to go to school, to go to college and you know, like break us out of poverty, like my limited mindset only saw.

00:52:28.830 --> 00:52:35.700 Sabine Gedeon: My purpose through monetary stuff, which is where all of the achievement and proving and all of that stuff came.

00:52:36.000 --> 00:52:52.230 Sabine Gedeon: But it wasn't until this moment, where I was just like actually no it's it's so much more than that it's it's it's deeper than that but I had never heard of the seven generations before and the seven generations after like that that gives me even more.

00:52:53.280 --> 00:52:59.190 Sabine Gedeon: Peace and and just want to honor God even more because that's that's a huge.

00:53:00.630 --> 00:53:01.740 Sabine Gedeon: that's a huge gift.

00:53:02.850 --> 00:53:12.720 Judi Miller: So Sabine you're a very special person, and we can talk to you for hours, but we just want to let our listeners know how they can connect with you how they can learn more about you and how they can actually work with you.

00:53:13.080 --> 00:53:22.440 Sabine Gedeon: yeah absolutely so I have a group here on Facebook as well or on Facebook it's called the tribe of courageous leaders and my you know.

00:53:23.040 --> 00:53:34.650 Sabine Gedeon: Dr George and use the word courageous our courage several times and I truly believe that if we are ever going to fully step step into and operate in purpose that it's going to require courage.

00:53:35.160 --> 00:53:40.650 Sabine Gedeon: You know so much of what we do and so much of what we see as highlight moments for people.

00:53:41.190 --> 00:53:50.370 Sabine Gedeon: They did it with the fear they did it with the doubt they did it with the insecurity, and so my focus is really your My message is really like yes, you can push through, and you can.

00:53:50.670 --> 00:54:02.880 Sabine Gedeon: accomplish anything with courage and so that's what we talked about there you know you can always connect with me on my website at Sabine Gideon calm and and certainly linkedin is another place, that I hang out at as well.

00:54:03.720 --> 00:54:15.690 Georgeann Dau: Yes, and consider getting her book it's a great it's a great little read, but its power packed with a lot of very depth full.

00:54:17.460 --> 00:54:30.660 Georgeann Dau: heartfelt connection to the wounds the trauma and the courage it takes to go through and Sabine uses a beautiful metaphor of the butterfly.

00:54:31.680 --> 00:54:47.520 Georgeann Dau: You know, and the cocoon and what it takes for the butterfly to move through that process from caterpillar to the butterfly and Sabine i'm sure you know, this that.

00:54:48.780 --> 00:54:58.200 Georgeann Dau: In order for the butterfly butterfly comes out of the cocoon it has very thin membrane attached to it.

00:54:58.710 --> 00:55:05.700 Georgeann Dau: And there's a story, where a woman saw it, and our heart went out, for she felt like the butterfly was gonna die because it was flapping its wings.

00:55:06.030 --> 00:55:13.170 Georgeann Dau: And then collapsing flapping its wings and collapsing and she went and got a little manic your scissors and cut it and the butterfly died.

00:55:13.500 --> 00:55:31.470 Georgeann Dau: Because the butterfly has to strengthen its wings by breaking that little thread on its own so we're all called to pray for the grace of courage and fear FAA are false evidence appearing real.

00:55:32.910 --> 00:55:50.850 Georgeann Dau: Also evidence appearing real so we want to thank all of you for joining us, those of you that joined us every week we're so grateful and we always hope, as I said in the beginning, that what we bring to you is a takeaway that touches your life so being would you like to end in prayer.

00:55:51.840 --> 00:55:53.100 Sabine Gedeon: Oh absolutely.

00:55:53.160 --> 00:55:55.290 Georgeann Dau: So we have a minute, would you say the prayer.

00:55:55.500 --> 00:55:56.400 Sabine Gedeon: I sure will.

00:55:57.510 --> 00:56:01.800 Sabine Gedeon: heavenly Father We thank you for this time we thank you for this opportunity to come together.

00:56:02.070 --> 00:56:08.250 Sabine Gedeon: to reveal you and reveal your glory, I thank you, Lord God for everyone who's tuned in every one who will tune in Lord God.

00:56:08.550 --> 00:56:14.010 Sabine Gedeon: Allow your grace and your glory Lord God to be upon them, Lord God allow your hand of blessing Lord God.

00:56:14.220 --> 00:56:23.160 Sabine Gedeon: To touch them wherever they are, Lord God, in the name of Christ Jesus we ask these things, and I thank you, Lord God for bringing Dr George and Judy into my life, Lord.

00:56:23.700 --> 00:56:36.270 Sabine Gedeon: I ask that you would bless them immensely Lord God that you would allow the work of their hearts in their hands Lord God to manifest or got into multiply and doing your work or God we ask these things in christ's name amen.

00:56:36.480 --> 00:56:39.060 Georgeann Dau: amen beautiful Thank you you're an angel.

00:56:41.160 --> 00:56:42.900 Georgeann Dau: numbers and stay in touch.

00:56:43.050 --> 00:56:45.540 Sabine Gedeon: Absolutely Thank you so much for having me.

00:56:46.110 --> 00:56:47.100 Judi Miller: it's always an absolute.

00:56:47.130 --> 00:57:03.120 Georgeann Dau: pleasure yeah and thank you, those behind the scenes that make this show possible for us, and we look forward to seeing you next week, we have another show next week that we think, and we hope will touch your horse goodnight.

00:57:03.540 --> 00:57:03.900 goodnight.

00:57:04.920 --> 00:57:05.370 Georgeann Dau: goodnight.

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