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Monday, July 19, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/19 - The Princess of 42nd Street with Romola Hodas

Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/19 - The Princess of 42nd Street with Romola Hodas


2021/07/19 - The Princess of 42nd Street with Romola Hodas

[NEW EPISODE] The Princess of 42nd Street with Romola Hodas

For more than twenty years, Romola Hodas owned and operated Harmony Marketing, selling products to, and helping to grow, the natural food industry. She was one of the industry’s first women to own her own business as a broker.

Today she divides her time between Long Island and Florida, where she is building her new business, Creating Harmony, and working as a consultant, healer, and public speaker.

The Princess of 42nd Street: Surviving My Childhood as the Daughter of Time Square’s King of Porn is co-authored by Elizabeth Ridley and is Romola’s first book.

Tune in for this important conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Tonight’s show starts by discussing both Albert’s film and the special guest Romola Hodas’ first book. It is titled The Princess of 42nd Street: Surviving My Childhood as the Daughter of Time Square’s King of Porn. It was co-authored by Elizabeth Ridley. Her main motive was to just tell her and her father’s story on 42nd street. Her father ran a business vending juke boxes and was also in the adult film business. At times his business and motives conflicted with the mafia’s which led to him getting shot at once.

Segment 2

Growing up, there was a lot of chaos in the household for Romola. She would live in fear that she would get abused. During her younger years, her mother always wanted her beaten and her father was the one to stop her sometimes. However, when she got older her father got in the habit of beating her if she gained any weight which led to her not being able to eat anything in front of her parents. Her sister had to sneak food up to her room. In addition, the children had to live wondering if they were going to get the nice or mean parent that day.

Segment 3

Romola shares a motto stating that “it is easier to be happy and harder to be miserable.” When something bad happens to her she just does her best to take action to change it instead of complaining. Growing up she went to reform school which helped her. Before leaving they said everyone would either stay on the right path or go back to their old ways and she really did not want to go back. Fortunately, she came out stronger and is now consulting and helping others heal.

Segment 4

Romola started going to therapy starting at an early age which is not supposed to occur. She never told one about the other. One handled personal insecurities while the other handled family problems. Currently, she is investing in crypto currency and very excited for the future. Furthermore, Romola loved her father even though he had some bad qualities and tendencies. Unfortunately, both of her parents have passed away but she will always be thankful for all of the lessons they have taught her.


00:00:44.970 --> 00:00:45.930 Albert Dabah: hi there.

00:00:47.160 --> 00:00:50.640 Albert Dabah: Welcome to extra innings covering all the bases.

00:00:53.790 --> 00:01:04.710 Albert Dabah: On our show we talk about all kinds of issues and tonight we have on our guests Ramallah hostess who's running a little late.

00:01:05.400 --> 00:01:23.880 Albert Dabah: So i'll begin about talking to you about what we talked about on the show, so my name is Albert dabba I am the host of extra innings covering all the bases, I am a filmmaker I have worked as a therapist and I basically a mental health advocate.

00:01:25.590 --> 00:01:50.190 Albert Dabah: On extra innings we talk about issues such as family we talk about mental wellness mental illness such as bipolar disease anxiety depression and suicide and issues that families deal with, and these are universal issues that many people.

00:01:51.720 --> 00:02:04.560 Albert Dabah: Do not like to talk about them or feel ashamed and there is a big stigma around mental illness, so my purpose is to talk with different guests about all these issues.

00:02:05.610 --> 00:02:06.240 Albert Dabah: So.

00:02:09.510 --> 00:02:26.880 Albert Dabah: One of the things that always strikes me is how, when we talk about these issues, a lot of times people clam up and on our show we've had people from many different professions coming and talking about.

00:02:28.110 --> 00:02:51.180 Albert Dabah: Where they've come from the challenges they've endured and how they've been able to deal with them in the way that they deal with them and what I like to do is really find out more about them have a discussion and explore their different ways of going through these challenges.

00:02:53.670 --> 00:03:05.610 Albert Dabah: Until we get Ramallah on the show i'll talk about the film extra innings, which is where I got the name from and it's a film that i've.

00:03:07.110 --> 00:03:25.170 Albert Dabah: Written over 20 years from the beginning of the idea to the time that I wrote the film and finished it and then started to shoot it which we finished, about two years ago and is now on Amazon and many other platforms.

00:03:26.610 --> 00:03:27.960 Albert Dabah: So extra innings.

00:03:29.040 --> 00:03:31.680 Albert Dabah: deals with based on a true story.

00:03:32.940 --> 00:03:38.220 Albert Dabah: which occurred of me growing up back in the 1960s.

00:03:40.560 --> 00:03:44.010 Albert Dabah: It takes place in brooklyn New York and.

00:03:45.390 --> 00:03:50.940 Albert Dabah: it's a story that was oh here's Ramallah hi.

00:03:51.330 --> 00:03:52.680 Romola Hodas: made me install and.

00:03:53.520 --> 00:04:00.900 Albert Dabah: apply well I just excuse me, everyone, but this is Ramallah hostess and.

00:04:02.400 --> 00:04:18.480 Albert Dabah: She was just running a little late but i'm so glad to have her on the show so we'll get back to extra innings the film so we're Mola is has written a book and the name of it is the Princess of 42nd street.

00:04:21.000 --> 00:04:23.430 Romola Hodas: As the daughter of time squares king of corn.

00:04:24.210 --> 00:04:28.770 Albert Dabah: Right and tonight we will discuss her book and her.

00:04:29.940 --> 00:04:35.550 Albert Dabah: challenges that she had growing up, and where she's at right now so Ramallah, how are you right now.

00:04:37.800 --> 00:04:39.330 Romola Hodas: breathe i'm good.

00:04:40.260 --> 00:04:41.940 Albert Dabah: take a deep breath you're on.

00:04:42.390 --> 00:04:48.360 Romola Hodas: yeah i'm good I mean it's been a little bit of a challenging time with the pandemic but.

00:04:51.120 --> 00:04:52.470 Romola Hodas: Good things are happening.

00:04:53.670 --> 00:04:56.700 Albert Dabah: Good good so tell us about I know that.

00:04:57.780 --> 00:04:58.530 Albert Dabah: You have.

00:05:02.730 --> 00:05:13.170 Albert Dabah: gone through a lot in your life and decided to write a book and how we met was I don't remember exactly how we met, but I remember, we talked about.

00:05:14.790 --> 00:05:17.100 Albert Dabah: Your background and where you're from and you.

00:05:17.460 --> 00:05:18.930 Romola Hodas: Tell me exactly how we met.

00:05:19.530 --> 00:05:19.950 Albert Dabah: already got.

00:05:21.330 --> 00:05:24.300 Romola Hodas: A black gentleman I forget I was working with him doing.

00:05:25.980 --> 00:05:29.610 Romola Hodas: Selling green energy to the health food stores that I used to work in.

00:05:30.240 --> 00:05:35.160 Romola Hodas: Okay, what is he introduced me to you I can't remember his name right now.

00:05:36.630 --> 00:05:36.990 Albert Dabah: Oh.

00:05:37.620 --> 00:05:39.210 Romola Hodas: Darren something.

00:05:40.800 --> 00:05:51.240 Romola Hodas: i'll remember it a number here anyway that's how I met up new you from somewhere and he introduced me to you after I had told him a bit about me and he knew what you did.

00:05:52.380 --> 00:05:56.340 Romola Hodas: And you know I met you like I don't know many, many years before.

00:05:56.370 --> 00:05:57.600 Albert Dabah: yeah yeah.

00:05:58.050 --> 00:06:09.870 Albert Dabah: And I remember, I went to your apartment and I was taking notes on your story, you were asking me about possibly writing your story into a screenplay and I was at the same time, writing my story.

00:06:09.990 --> 00:06:26.850 Albert Dabah: I was, I was you know pretty much towards the end of it, and I recommend you to Chris silver and because Chris I met in my building, he was on a higher floor but I never knew him until one day.

00:06:27.750 --> 00:06:35.820 Albert Dabah: This is really funny I walked into the elevator and he had a baseball CAP and in Hebrew it said New York Yankees.

00:06:36.750 --> 00:06:49.290 Albert Dabah: Hebrew and I said oh New York Yankees you know we ended up talking it turned out, he was a writer, we got together for lunch a few times, he helped me at one point with his outline with my outline I mean for the for the we were working.

00:06:49.740 --> 00:06:59.100 Albert Dabah: Even though a lot of the script had been done, you know, I was wearing always working on rewriting it and then after we talked I suggested that you speak with him and apparently.

00:07:00.150 --> 00:07:02.130 Albert Dabah: I think you're working together with him now.

00:07:02.130 --> 00:07:02.460 Albert Dabah: Is that.

00:07:02.700 --> 00:07:09.480 Romola Hodas: You wrote a six episode series for cable just finished it so.

00:07:11.100 --> 00:07:11.820 Romola Hodas: we're.

00:07:12.840 --> 00:07:14.250 Romola Hodas: Showing it to some people.

00:07:14.550 --> 00:07:34.800 Albert Dabah: Okay right right so tell us, I mean when I met with you and you told me your story, I was amazed, there was so many different things, you told me and Oh, and we met more than once, I remember that and and then I did some video for you, we went to one of the places on 42nd street.

00:07:35.910 --> 00:07:36.540 Romola Hodas: website.

00:07:36.750 --> 00:07:38.190 Albert Dabah: yeah so.

00:07:38.910 --> 00:07:40.590 Romola Hodas: And you also did my book, launch.

00:07:41.310 --> 00:07:44.490 Albert Dabah: that's right right that's right, I was at your book launch yeah.

00:07:44.880 --> 00:07:53.790 Albert Dabah: And I was very excited for you, because I know it's something that you had wanted to do for such a long time, and so we were very similarly you know wanting to do something about our lives.

00:07:54.270 --> 00:08:00.690 Albert Dabah: Which i'm really happy that you're on the show because we both have something very similar but different, obviously, you know.

00:08:01.170 --> 00:08:12.600 Albert Dabah: So tell tell me a little bit about tell the audience a little bit about yourself, where you grew up, I know you have a lot to tell we only have this amount of time, but start wherever you want to start.

00:08:13.560 --> 00:08:31.800 Romola Hodas: um I wrote my story kind of like why you wrote your story, I wanted to help people, I also wanted to tell my dad story, because nobody knew how 42nd street became 42nd street from the late 60s, to the 80s.

00:08:32.340 --> 00:08:39.420 Romola Hodas: And I went through a lot of abuse, a lot of abuse from my dad and my mother, who was a genius she was.

00:08:40.500 --> 00:08:50.130 Romola Hodas: personality disorder and like let's get the frenetic and violent and whatnot I was the oldest of four and.

00:08:52.860 --> 00:08:54.480 Romola Hodas: There was a lot of.

00:08:56.580 --> 00:09:04.350 Romola Hodas: chaos and fear and just craziness mafias coming to the House sex parties at their house, you know these young kids there.

00:09:07.590 --> 00:09:13.620 Romola Hodas: What, along with all that you know my father built 42nd street and.

00:09:15.900 --> 00:09:24.990 Romola Hodas: Besides him being a nut job and a brute he also did something very brave and.

00:09:27.510 --> 00:09:33.360 Romola Hodas: yeah I mean the porno industry is a lot, the way it is because of my dad um.

00:09:33.720 --> 00:09:37.110 Albert Dabah: Can I ask you when you say he builds 32nd street what would.

00:09:37.170 --> 00:09:44.460 Romola Hodas: What do you Okay, so my dad first started off with a pinball gumball.

00:09:46.230 --> 00:09:47.760 Romola Hodas: jukeboxes and.

00:09:49.710 --> 00:09:50.760 Romola Hodas: cigarette machines.

00:09:52.050 --> 00:09:53.040 Romola Hodas: So we had a wrap.

00:09:54.120 --> 00:10:01.680 Romola Hodas: And he put some of those cigarette machines or whatnot on 42nd street when it was just starting, I don't know if you.

00:10:02.730 --> 00:10:11.190 Romola Hodas: Anybody saw the deuce but the deuce is a true story about those two guys and they were in a year before my dad came.

00:10:12.420 --> 00:10:15.270 Romola Hodas: And they were starting.

00:10:16.290 --> 00:10:17.490 Romola Hodas: massage parlors.

00:10:18.990 --> 00:10:20.520 Romola Hodas: My dad's in New Jersey.

00:10:21.540 --> 00:10:27.270 Romola Hodas: He has to go to the bathroom he goes to an arcade he goes downstairs and he sees.

00:10:28.740 --> 00:10:30.750 Romola Hodas: Old a.

00:10:32.490 --> 00:10:42.750 Romola Hodas: Keep shows and back then, you know they were like little refrigerators and you'd put your eyes in and you'd see pop by or Betty boop or whatever, and he was like wow.

00:10:43.320 --> 00:10:53.370 Romola Hodas: What happens if I take these machines and put girlie films in them and put them on 42nd street, and it was the girls could only go down to their underwear.

00:10:54.120 --> 00:11:09.360 Romola Hodas: make a long story short, he buys 15 and he goes around and the bookstore owners are life morty if this could have been done don't you think they would have done it already meaning the mob.

00:11:11.370 --> 00:11:24.510 Romola Hodas: And he said I don't know any went and his lawyer and he went and found out no they didn't need any licensing you could just put it in you didn't need any like a license for movie theater so.

00:11:25.290 --> 00:11:31.230 Romola Hodas: Nobody would take them because they were scared except this one bookstore forget I forget the name right now.

00:11:32.490 --> 00:11:33.420 Romola Hodas: And he took two.

00:11:34.830 --> 00:11:35.670 Romola Hodas: and

00:11:37.590 --> 00:11:41.820 Romola Hodas: He put them in and in the middle of the night he gets a phone call.

00:11:42.240 --> 00:11:59.070 Romola Hodas: Marty the machines are broke you got to come there's align my father jumps into the car gets to New York and he comes home, and I remember he had said there were 200 men wrapped around the pool of the corner i'm sure there were like 30 and he.

00:11:59.130 --> 00:12:00.120 Romola Hodas: would happen is that.

00:12:00.390 --> 00:12:01.680 Romola Hodas: The the machine.

00:12:02.940 --> 00:12:07.050 Romola Hodas: They couldn't put any more 25 cents in so we just had an empty it.

00:12:08.550 --> 00:12:17.220 Romola Hodas: And then they could use it, and I remember him coming home saying gosh it's like I invented sex or something and then.

00:12:17.790 --> 00:12:28.230 Romola Hodas: They started putting all the other stores wanted machines and then he bought 50 more machines from you went to Kentucky and then he just started.

00:12:28.920 --> 00:12:39.720 Romola Hodas: Putting the machines in then he started a company to fix the machines, then he started a company to make the loop, so he didn't have to buy them.

00:12:40.860 --> 00:12:49.980 Romola Hodas: Then he would rent the store, then he would buy the building, so he just went ahead and had the whole thing covered.

00:12:51.570 --> 00:12:52.350 Romola Hodas: and

00:12:53.400 --> 00:12:55.800 Romola Hodas: The story goes um.

00:12:57.330 --> 00:13:03.930 Romola Hodas: My father would come home now I remember this and he would walk back and forth, because the mob would come in and they would want him to pay.

00:13:05.100 --> 00:13:16.410 Romola Hodas: um and he would walk back and forth there I don't know what kind of words, I can use on this podcast they're not taking a blinking blinking penny from me, you know.

00:13:17.700 --> 00:13:18.450 Romola Hodas: um.

00:13:21.090 --> 00:13:28.950 Romola Hodas: And so what happened was my father had to sit down with Joe Colombo, now the interesting thing is, when my father had a had a.

00:13:30.480 --> 00:13:36.060 Romola Hodas: His his route he had a jukebox in this one place in brooklyn.

00:13:37.560 --> 00:13:47.100 Romola Hodas: And when somebody wants to take a spot it's called jumping a spot so he moves the person's jukebox he come back the next week.

00:13:48.570 --> 00:14:03.180 Romola Hodas: Is jukeboxes move bubba to make a long story short, he takes the jukebox and he throws it down the stairs it's Joe colombo's jukebox I bought the never heard of jokes along, but we thought it was some you know.

00:14:06.960 --> 00:14:07.740 Romola Hodas: So.

00:14:08.790 --> 00:14:15.510 Romola Hodas: They wanted, my father to talk to him my father was like what are you kidding and I remember this to my father coming home.

00:14:16.710 --> 00:14:25.740 Romola Hodas: On the build parkway and two bullets go right through shot at him he goes in he talks to the man and he.

00:14:27.150 --> 00:14:36.990 Romola Hodas: He said i'll give you 50 bucks on taking the spot and they kind of had some kind of a relationship, from then on nothing.

00:14:38.040 --> 00:15:01.350 Romola Hodas: You know, a casual thing but anyway, so when he was in the porno business he sat down with them, and he said i'm not giving you a goddamn penny, but what I will do i'll teach you how to run a store and you buy the machines from me and the tapes for me and that's how he got around.

00:15:02.490 --> 00:15:15.390 Romola Hodas: having to pay them so when I was writing my book is my brother about this piece my brother worked for my father and my brother said yes, he said, this did happen, I remember.

00:15:16.440 --> 00:15:18.900 Romola Hodas: Going into this luncheonette or whatever, and one of the.

00:15:20.040 --> 00:15:33.150 Romola Hodas: You know mafia people were there and said we really respect your father, because he never gave in you know he never gave into any of it, you know he wasn't pushed around.

00:15:35.910 --> 00:15:36.360 Romola Hodas: So.

00:15:38.430 --> 00:15:40.080 Romola Hodas: He helped them build.

00:15:40.530 --> 00:15:41.970 Romola Hodas: Well self help.

00:15:43.560 --> 00:15:47.190 Romola Hodas: We went on vacations with some of them I remember.

00:15:48.690 --> 00:15:51.510 Romola Hodas: I can't remember the guy I think was joey.

00:15:52.530 --> 00:15:54.510 Romola Hodas: Barcelona something like that.

00:15:55.950 --> 00:16:06.360 Romola Hodas: With his kids and I was the eldest and I had to take care of every all the kids while the this was the concord and I remember, like a year later, or whatever.

00:16:07.950 --> 00:16:11.400 Romola Hodas: That man was found dead in the trunk of a car.

00:16:12.090 --> 00:16:14.550 Romola Hodas: His car and I remember.

00:16:15.870 --> 00:16:24.180 Romola Hodas: You know that was like one of the first times something heavy like that.

00:16:25.200 --> 00:16:26.400 Romola Hodas: came into my life.

00:16:26.430 --> 00:16:45.750 Albert Dabah: wow Ramallah we're gonna have to take a short break and we'll come right back and discuss more about your family and your dad and your mother and all the stuff that happened because I know it's a lot of stuff all right, thank you, mother will be back we'll be right back thanks.

00:19:02.010 --> 00:19:03.600 Albert Dabah: hi we're back with Ramallah.

00:19:04.800 --> 00:19:14.250 Albert Dabah: Ramallah, let me ask you a question how how was your father like to you, I know you mentioned your mother had some.

00:19:15.480 --> 00:19:16.500 Albert Dabah: You know, different.

00:19:17.580 --> 00:19:28.470 Albert Dabah: Challenges herself to deal with and i'm curious how they both work towards you how they work with each other, because I understand from the past and talking to there was a lot of.

00:19:29.820 --> 00:19:31.620 Albert Dabah: Like you said chaos in your family.

00:19:32.940 --> 00:19:37.200 Romola Hodas: Until I was eight my dad was.

00:19:39.090 --> 00:19:47.250 Romola Hodas: Like my hero, in a way, and my he would protect me from my mother, my mother would be you know.

00:19:50.040 --> 00:19:56.160 Romola Hodas: you'd walk home he'd walk into the House, you know you have to beat her, she was bad though the law like six and he's like.

00:19:57.060 --> 00:20:07.320 Romola Hodas: Oh she's a kid and I remember one time he took me upstairs and he started to take off his belt and I was getting really frightened and he says screen and he hits the bed.

00:20:08.610 --> 00:20:12.570 Romola Hodas: He goes scream and i'm like oh strange, you know, but when I was eight.

00:20:14.190 --> 00:20:21.030 Romola Hodas: A things changed remember getting ready for school and.

00:20:23.160 --> 00:20:34.620 Romola Hodas: He was looking at his newspaper and he puts it down he goes you're going to go to school, like that and i'm like like like what he goes look at your ass.

00:20:35.280 --> 00:20:51.720 Romola Hodas: You must have the fattest ask you the fattest kid, so why don't you tell me about the fattest kid in school up the fattest can and I ran out of the House like oh my God now my father hates me what am I gonna you know, and he used to come home.

00:20:52.770 --> 00:20:56.910 Romola Hodas: chased me around the House pick me up my mother would be sitting there like.

00:20:59.280 --> 00:21:13.500 Romola Hodas: And he had a scale right by the the table, and he put me on the scale if I gained any weight beat the hell out of me made me sit at the dinner table I couldn't need to think clear the dishes go upstairs with that food.

00:21:14.070 --> 00:21:20.040 Romola Hodas: Really yeah and then my sister would sneak stuff up to me um.

00:21:21.300 --> 00:21:30.300 Romola Hodas: And I remember, so not only did he make me feel like I was like roseanne barr and her fattest and fuzzy moto.

00:21:32.850 --> 00:21:33.780 Romola Hodas: He also.

00:21:34.830 --> 00:21:39.390 Romola Hodas: He would you know my name was fat moly and imbecilic moron.

00:21:40.710 --> 00:21:42.300 Albert Dabah: Is that what that's what he called you.

00:21:42.450 --> 00:21:43.920 Romola Hodas: yeah imbecile.

00:21:44.040 --> 00:21:45.900 Albert Dabah: Mother your mother like.

00:21:47.160 --> 00:21:47.790 Albert Dabah: How did you.

00:21:48.600 --> 00:21:49.380 You know.

00:21:51.630 --> 00:21:59.700 Romola Hodas: I remember saying to my mother, how do you sit there and not say anything she goes when you get older you'll understand that was her answer.

00:22:02.160 --> 00:22:25.020 Romola Hodas: She was not well part of her was glad he was beating on me because I did not allow her to you know one time I don't know how old I was six six she comes downstairs she takes a hand and cheese throws everything off the table off the couch she goes now you pick it up.

00:22:26.190 --> 00:22:30.630 Romola Hodas: risa was at the kitchen table rhonda is in her highchair.

00:22:32.130 --> 00:22:40.050 Romola Hodas: Picking it up, you did it if you don't pick it up i'm going to get the Wooden Spoon I said, my you don't hit people now i'm six.

00:22:41.190 --> 00:22:44.490 Romola Hodas: really true I said, if you get that.

00:22:45.900 --> 00:22:56.010 Romola Hodas: If you come near me with that spoon i'm gonna hit you with it, and she came at me and I ripped it out of her hand and I find her on the head.

00:22:57.060 --> 00:23:14.700 Romola Hodas: And she was startled and I was like you ma you don't hit any of us you don't hit any of us so when she would go to hit any of the kids I would just pull her hair and follow away don't touch the kids you know so she.

00:23:16.560 --> 00:23:31.140 Romola Hodas: didn't like me too much you know, and then, when she would be out of those phases, because, as I got older, they would last and then they go away and they come back and they go away, which was.

00:23:33.960 --> 00:23:37.800 Romola Hodas: crazy making when you're a kid you know my sister recently used to say.

00:23:38.820 --> 00:23:43.320 Romola Hodas: Who do you think's going to be here today, the good mommy and the bad mommy oh wow.

00:23:45.570 --> 00:23:46.530 Albert Dabah: It was there any.

00:23:47.820 --> 00:23:49.590 Albert Dabah: She ever go for any kind of treatment.

00:23:49.710 --> 00:24:05.880 Romola Hodas: yeah they put her on lithium and she went to therapy, but she didn't go to the right therapy, nobody really understood stood you know if it was bipolar at a time she just gets a frantic if she was personality disorder so.

00:24:07.170 --> 00:24:15.960 Romola Hodas: And then she would stop her meds and just you know medicaid herself with like coding or percocet or whatever was back then.

00:24:18.960 --> 00:24:19.740 Romola Hodas: and

00:24:21.000 --> 00:24:23.010 Romola Hodas: You know, then they sent me to reform school.

00:24:23.520 --> 00:24:26.970 Albert Dabah: Oh really we like in the 1960s or.

00:24:27.090 --> 00:24:34.980 Romola Hodas: Obviously went to reform school what what was, I was like 16 so that's.

00:24:36.450 --> 00:24:52.350 Romola Hodas: 7374 something like that, and that was real I mean they were prostitutes and drug lords and drug dealers and gang members and here's this little rich Jewish girl sitting in the middle of all that.

00:24:53.070 --> 00:24:53.790 Albert Dabah: through reforms.

00:24:54.240 --> 00:24:56.520 Romola Hodas: thing yeah yeah but.

00:24:57.930 --> 00:24:59.310 Romola Hodas: As time went on.

00:25:00.450 --> 00:25:16.500 Romola Hodas: It was one of the best things that ever happened to me because the woman there her name was Mrs mcfarland and we used to call them at fiu every night we'd have a group talk and I remember, there was this one huge.

00:25:17.610 --> 00:25:29.160 Romola Hodas: Huge Amazon black girl that came in, she was frightening in like a week she's sitting on his lap like.

00:25:30.510 --> 00:25:39.060 Romola Hodas: Everything all the anger, or you know she she just had a way of making us soft.

00:25:39.990 --> 00:25:51.150 Romola Hodas: And and and laughing and crying and we used to have something called the mad room that if you were talking about your mother or father or a sister or uncle they used to be.

00:25:51.660 --> 00:26:04.050 Romola Hodas: Two BATs and two stuffed humans, you know dolls that you could go in and beat the hell out of your mother your father, whatever I never did that, but a lot of the girls did um.

00:26:05.820 --> 00:26:13.260 Romola Hodas: And I don't know, everybody just got very it was it was a very good thing, because somehow.

00:26:14.790 --> 00:26:21.840 Romola Hodas: Everybody who came in being and there was a remember also there were these two black girls vicki and Lorraine.

00:26:22.650 --> 00:26:33.120 Romola Hodas: And they didn't like me they didn't like because of my hair they didn't like me because I came from a wealthy family, and I remember one day i'm in there, doing my hair and the common and they say something, and I said, you know what.

00:26:34.020 --> 00:26:42.150 Romola Hodas: it's not my fault that I have this here and it's not I didn't make the money my parents made the money so, what are you mad at me for.

00:26:43.470 --> 00:26:46.650 Romola Hodas: Every friend friends after that you know it's like.

00:26:47.670 --> 00:27:00.930 Romola Hodas: You can't help or you know, so it just taught me how important it is to undo the shit that your family does so, you could find your own voice and.

00:27:01.260 --> 00:27:08.700 Romola Hodas: learn how to be good to yourself and talk good to yourself and have a good attitude in life and.

00:27:09.660 --> 00:27:21.390 Romola Hodas: Find mentors I found lots of mentor because I knew I was going to be NUTS coming from that family, so I started at a young age, going to therapy and some therapists were idiots.

00:27:21.870 --> 00:27:32.190 Romola Hodas: I remember one therapist said to my mother first time you met me she's either going to be a lesbian or she's gonna kill herself and I said ma ma.

00:27:33.240 --> 00:27:38.100 Romola Hodas: i'm not going to be lesbian, not that there's anything wrong with lesbians and i'm not going to kill myself, you know.

00:27:39.660 --> 00:27:49.050 Romola Hodas: And I also just found a lot of teachers on the Internet, you know I wanted to learn that you know i'm going to be Ramallah hostess once.

00:27:49.740 --> 00:28:03.780 Romola Hodas: And she's been to learn how to be happy, and what that means to her and it's much harder being happy than it is being miserable being miserable easy being happy takes work.

00:28:04.830 --> 00:28:12.030 Romola Hodas: You know um and i've always I mean i've had my times, where I was.

00:28:13.260 --> 00:28:26.670 Romola Hodas: On my knees and agoraphobic and couldn't go out but I always knew that that was just a certain time of my life, and it would pass arm and I did all that I could to.

00:28:27.900 --> 00:28:30.150 Romola Hodas: You know, like, for instance, now with the pandemic.

00:28:31.980 --> 00:28:42.480 Romola Hodas: i'm living a life, the last six months that I don't like I don't like not having stuff to do and have put you have to live it, you have to be living in something that you don't like.

00:28:43.470 --> 00:28:59.580 Romola Hodas: And you have to accept that you're not liking this, but you got to try to make some good stuff happen, while you're in this time of oh Jesus I need life to start again um and.

00:29:01.440 --> 00:29:14.730 Romola Hodas: that's a lot of the reason why I wrote my book yeah you know when you're abused, if you don't acknowledge that and acknowledge that.

00:29:16.230 --> 00:29:20.340 Romola Hodas: you're not going to be well on the head for your whole life.

00:29:21.000 --> 00:29:26.130 Albert Dabah: Right remember we're gonna have will continue in a minute we're gonna break for a commercial.

00:29:26.550 --> 00:29:30.420 Albert Dabah: Like you can attract that I really want to stay with, so thank you so much we'll be.

00:29:30.420 --> 00:29:31.410 Romola Hodas: right back all the.

00:32:02.850 --> 00:32:14.520 Albert Dabah: hi we're back with remotest Ramallah, you said something that really hit me just now when you said it's I think you said something like it's.

00:32:16.290 --> 00:32:18.000 Albert Dabah: harder to be bad.

00:32:19.230 --> 00:32:22.020 Romola Hodas: it's hard to be on it's easier to be unhappy.

00:32:22.980 --> 00:32:29.760 Albert Dabah: unhappy then and harder to be yeah yeah so explain that again because I think that's.

00:32:30.930 --> 00:32:35.160 Albert Dabah: You know something that I think people think the opposite.

00:32:36.480 --> 00:32:46.020 Romola Hodas: So for me, you know what was going to make me happy, I wanted to run a business in the natural food industry.

00:32:47.430 --> 00:32:55.080 Romola Hodas: I had to go and do that and learn how to do that okay I one time, I felt I was drinking too much.

00:32:56.220 --> 00:33:05.160 Romola Hodas: I wanted to learn how to not drink too much, and I went and I learned how not to drink too much um when I moved to Florida, and I had nobody.

00:33:06.240 --> 00:33:14.610 Romola Hodas: I went to certain meetups I really liked cryptocurrency I went to cryptocurrency meetups to meet people instead of sitting at home going.

00:33:15.030 --> 00:33:31.290 Romola Hodas: Oh i'm so lonely i'm so lonely well, what do something about it, so you can be happy like right now it's killing me that I can't do i'm going and i'm volunteering feeding southern Florida here, you know.

00:33:32.340 --> 00:33:39.120 Romola Hodas: It takes effort to go and do the things that make you happy and most people.

00:33:40.200 --> 00:33:55.260 Romola Hodas: don't really put the effort into that from what i've experienced in my life um so that's why I say it's much it's much easier to be miserable because when you find out what makes you happy you got to go out and do it.

00:33:56.880 --> 00:33:59.610 Romola Hodas: No, I wanted to write a book i'm going to show my book is.

00:34:00.840 --> 00:34:04.170 Albert Dabah: Good the Princess of 42nd street.

00:34:04.350 --> 00:34:05.520 Romola Hodas: yeah yes my dad.

00:34:06.450 --> 00:34:07.080 Albert Dabah: uh huh.

00:34:08.070 --> 00:34:10.740 Romola Hodas: On Amazon i'm.

00:34:12.930 --> 00:34:14.430 Romola Hodas: Just without what I was going to talk about.

00:34:15.630 --> 00:34:18.840 Romola Hodas: My book, I wanted to write a book, since I was a little girl.

00:34:19.380 --> 00:34:32.280 Romola Hodas: Oh yeah I mean my first ghostwriter I had to let her go she tried to rob me I had problems with my publisher I prob problems problems problems, but I did it, you know.

00:34:34.620 --> 00:34:37.740 Albert Dabah: How long ago, was it when the book came out was that, about a year ago.

00:34:40.380 --> 00:34:44.610 Romola Hodas: It was 2000 it was it was September 2018.

00:34:45.000 --> 00:34:46.050 Albert Dabah: uh huh right.

00:34:46.350 --> 00:34:46.920 and

00:34:49.740 --> 00:34:54.330 Romola Hodas: In October November i'm going to be on the RON Howard, a documentary.

00:34:54.750 --> 00:34:55.830 Albert Dabah: Oh wonderful.

00:34:56.310 --> 00:35:03.690 Romola Hodas: Well, I can't say much about it i'm not really supposed to but i'm very excited about that um.

00:35:04.470 --> 00:35:16.320 Romola Hodas: yeah I can't really say much more, but hopefully it's going to be helping my book sell um I know that i'll be doing a lot of interviews and that'll be nice, you know who doesn't want the book to sell.

00:35:18.300 --> 00:35:22.320 Romola Hodas: So i'm looking forward to that and we'll see what happens from that.

00:35:25.230 --> 00:35:29.190 Albert Dabah: So let's go back a Look how long were you in the reform school.

00:35:29.520 --> 00:35:30.630 Romola Hodas: About a year.

00:35:31.200 --> 00:35:31.920 Just a year.

00:35:33.060 --> 00:35:36.150 Albert Dabah: It happened, how did you leave that like did it was it.

00:35:36.210 --> 00:35:38.370 Romola Hodas: um you had to.

00:35:39.720 --> 00:35:40.530 Romola Hodas: go on.

00:35:42.420 --> 00:35:49.710 Romola Hodas: Would you call it, there was a journey or a plan you know you had to do and I.

00:35:50.790 --> 00:35:58.440 Romola Hodas: I forget what the steps were but um I was ready to go, I was going to go to school, to be a lawyer.

00:36:00.000 --> 00:36:06.150 Romola Hodas: But that's really not my personality, even though I can be outspoken and I care about people and all that.

00:36:06.930 --> 00:36:20.940 Romola Hodas: Reading all that stuff was boring as hell, I feel very, very lucky that I first became a holistic practitioner, and then I got involved in the natural food industry, it was wonderful it was really wonderful.

00:36:23.220 --> 00:36:39.840 Albert Dabah: So what happened to the new went back home the relationship that you had with your family and and how is your relationship with your siblings but also you, with your parents being it like you mentioned how they were so abusive so how How was it after you.

00:36:40.890 --> 00:36:41.850 Albert Dabah: When you came back home.

00:36:45.570 --> 00:37:04.590 Romola Hodas: I really to tell you the truth, I don't remember all I remember, was that I changed so much, I had a very difficult time being, with my boyfriend because my self esteem my you know I had I learned to feel much better about myself.

00:37:06.030 --> 00:37:09.780 Romola Hodas: And I just remember how sad, it was that everything.

00:37:11.610 --> 00:37:12.210 Romola Hodas: started.

00:37:13.260 --> 00:37:17.220 Romola Hodas: Making it go away, you know and realizing.

00:37:18.690 --> 00:37:29.010 Romola Hodas: You know, you need to do something, because I don't want to feel like this, I want to feel proud of myself, I want to feel good about myself, I need to be around people who treat me well.

00:37:29.850 --> 00:37:40.440 Romola Hodas: You know i'm That was a big thing that I learned, you need to be around people who treat you well and and so many of the friends that I had back then.

00:37:43.200 --> 00:37:45.120 Romola Hodas: Were takers more than givers.

00:37:46.200 --> 00:37:59.070 Romola Hodas: You know, for a long time that's the kind of people that I had in my life, because I was I learned to be a caretaker because of my home environment and my journey was to learn how to.

00:38:01.980 --> 00:38:06.870 Romola Hodas: Take care of myself more than everybody else, I still have issues with that.

00:38:09.240 --> 00:38:22.020 Romola Hodas: But it's really a gift to learn how to stop being a caretaker and an enabler in certain things and learn boundaries and.

00:38:22.650 --> 00:38:39.210 Romola Hodas: Take care of yourself and not that person I don't want that's not good for me, and you know, at one time I let go of all my friends, I had zero friends, it was hellish but I couldn't be around all those people.

00:38:41.100 --> 00:38:44.160 Romola Hodas: And that's one of the things that they told us that what's going to happen and.

00:38:45.810 --> 00:38:55.350 Romola Hodas: And when I went to reform school that you're going to go home and you're either going to go back to the crowd you were with where you can find people who.

00:38:56.610 --> 00:38:57.240 Romola Hodas: are good for you.

00:38:57.840 --> 00:39:00.510 Albert Dabah: Did you find yourself a therapist at that point.

00:39:00.540 --> 00:39:20.100 Romola Hodas: 1 million yeah oh yeah absolutely there was a time you know you're not supposed to have two therapists at the same time, and I was like screw that and I had a man and a woman therapist and it was wonderful wonderful, for me, you know getting the two perspectives, it was.

00:39:21.390 --> 00:39:40.890 Romola Hodas: Wonderful um and what what what I do in my life like right now I just started therapy again, two months ago, because I was like you need to talk to somebody, this is not, you know I needed to talk to somebody with all this life that was going on with the pandemic and.

00:39:42.660 --> 00:39:54.270 Romola Hodas: And that's what I do i'll go to therapy and then whatever was going on, that I needed to talk about you know um and then I stopped and I go and.

00:39:54.990 --> 00:40:06.750 Romola Hodas: But it's interesting right now, this woman is great and she's going over a lot of things that I went over i'm like Do I really have to talk about what happened with my brother and the shooting and.

00:40:07.290 --> 00:40:14.430 Romola Hodas: You know it's like it's like you peel an onion it's like yeah you spoke about this, you know six years ago.

00:40:15.120 --> 00:40:34.860 Romola Hodas: But now, when you're talking about it, you have a different perspective, and you can maybe let go of a little more pain and you can say oh geez maybe I need to see him more whatever so it's it's interesting for me going to therapy, because I learn.

00:40:36.060 --> 00:40:46.320 Romola Hodas: about things that I thought that I learned before and you see them differently, and you could let go with this anger and whatnot I mean that is very, very important to me.

00:40:47.520 --> 00:40:56.970 Romola Hodas: To do that, and when I didn't have money for it, I would I use I listened to Rom does deepak chopra.

00:41:00.990 --> 00:41:13.740 Romola Hodas: Esther hicks you know just people who will help me think better and helped me get out of a mood and do guided meditations you know and that's what I you know, I was a counselor.

00:41:15.390 --> 00:41:22.770 Romola Hodas: For problem drinkers it's very different than an alcoholic problem drinker is different than alcohol and I would say to them.

00:41:23.820 --> 00:41:27.510 Romola Hodas: You have to really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really.

00:41:29.670 --> 00:41:37.770 Romola Hodas: want to do this because it's not easy, and this is a lifelong thing and.

00:41:38.790 --> 00:41:55.710 Romola Hodas: Just coming to see me isn't enough you got to get on the Internet and read books and and I had a stop being a counselor for that, because after years and years of people coming.

00:41:56.910 --> 00:42:02.070 Romola Hodas: Between the fourth and the sixth time when they realized that it was work.

00:42:04.080 --> 00:42:08.460 Romola Hodas: This years of this, so I just had to stop because it was.

00:42:09.570 --> 00:42:10.140 Romola Hodas: yeah.

00:42:11.400 --> 00:42:20.220 Romola Hodas: Who wants to be doing that so it's a it's a unfortunate thing because a lot of people give up on themselves.

00:42:22.050 --> 00:42:34.350 Albert Dabah: When I want to when we take a break in a minute, but I want to ask you, when we get back like it sounds like it sounds to me like you found a lot of inner strength within yourself.

00:42:34.830 --> 00:42:44.280 Albert Dabah: To go through all these challenges that came through your family and where you grew up and and dealing with a situation.

00:42:44.910 --> 00:42:53.460 Albert Dabah: I remember you telling me some stuff about the parties that used to have at your House and how really well, they were.

00:42:54.150 --> 00:43:09.210 Albert Dabah: And I I there and but how you're talking now is I didn't hear all this from you, before I didn't know this, like all the self help you've done, which is fantastic, because I think listeners out there need to know.

00:43:10.050 --> 00:43:19.920 Albert Dabah: Because if you sometimes people go to a therapist, and I say you know what that therapists up I think therapy sucks instead of trying another therapist.

00:43:20.160 --> 00:43:27.180 Albert Dabah: Lastly, everything there's always some people that just you know connect with there's bad doctors is good doctors.

00:43:27.180 --> 00:43:27.540 Romola Hodas: Just like.

00:43:27.690 --> 00:43:35.400 Albert Dabah: Anything else so when we get back, I really want to talk more about that, because you really have.

00:43:37.020 --> 00:43:42.480 Albert Dabah: i'm actually seeing a side of you that I never really heard before which i'm glad, but I knew was there because.

00:43:42.810 --> 00:43:53.970 Albert Dabah: You did you did write that book you did come through with that and that takes a lot and I understand that completely so we'll be back in a minute with Ramallah Thank you so much stay tuned.

00:46:25.620 --> 00:46:27.780 Albert Dabah: hi we're back with Ramallah hostess.

00:46:29.040 --> 00:46:33.450 Albert Dabah: she's been talking about her book The Clean of.

00:46:33.480 --> 00:46:34.560 Romola Hodas: 42nd.

00:46:34.680 --> 00:46:36.990 Albert Dabah: print riches i'm sorry the.

00:46:38.460 --> 00:46:39.390 Albert Dabah: Have 40 seconds.

00:46:41.730 --> 00:46:45.990 Albert Dabah: So I was saying before the break about all this.

00:46:47.430 --> 00:47:01.290 Albert Dabah: Energy you have have to mind that you found within yourself to do things that you did for yourself to feel good about yourself and that you've.

00:47:02.310 --> 00:47:05.850 Albert Dabah: You know you've got therapists I especially find that.

00:47:06.930 --> 00:47:15.090 Albert Dabah: i've never met anyone and not that there aren't people like that that, at the same time went to a man and a woman therapist, but I think that's a really.

00:47:16.680 --> 00:47:17.880 Albert Dabah: cool thing to do.

00:47:17.910 --> 00:47:19.110 Romola Hodas: Because it helped.

00:47:19.230 --> 00:47:21.330 Albert Dabah: me effective so tell me about that.

00:47:21.780 --> 00:47:36.870 Romola Hodas: Well, I mean you know, the thing is, you know you're not supposed to be seeing two therapists at a time that's the thing I never really followed the things um and I just felt like you know.

00:47:37.920 --> 00:47:38.880 Romola Hodas: I really.

00:47:40.110 --> 00:47:48.780 Romola Hodas: When I walked when I walked on the streets, when I was younger and a person would be laughing across the street, I thought they were laughing at me.

00:47:49.140 --> 00:48:00.750 Romola Hodas: i'm telling you that when I was young, I felt like I was walking out like the pillsbury dough lady and and the hunchback of Notre Dame I was.

00:48:02.520 --> 00:48:10.950 Romola Hodas: really bad and I didn't want to be that I didn't want to feel you know, and it was sometimes I would look, and I would go, I think you pretty.

00:48:13.590 --> 00:48:33.660 Romola Hodas: hold on a second okay well um you know I think you have nice shoulders it nice nails you know I think you have nice size, you know, I was trying I would stand in front of the mirror trying to see part of me knew that I was not hideous but a much more bigger part of me felt.

00:48:34.860 --> 00:48:46.890 Romola Hodas: awful so I was, like you, I i'm going to be over i'm going to be around till i'm 96 I know I am and i'm like you're going to live like this, no I didn't want to so.

00:48:47.550 --> 00:49:01.590 Romola Hodas: i'm from early age from 11 years old, I started to go to therapy and then, when I was how old is I I was 2728 26 I was seeing two therapists same time a man and a woman.

00:49:03.180 --> 00:49:07.410 Romola Hodas: which was great it was really very good.

00:49:08.010 --> 00:49:09.750 Albert Dabah: Did they know that you were saying.

00:49:10.080 --> 00:49:19.230 Romola Hodas: I don't think so because I didn't want to hear I didn't want to hear what they had to say, you know I you know if I did I don't remember but.

00:49:20.370 --> 00:49:22.800 Romola Hodas: um I probably didn't.

00:49:23.820 --> 00:49:26.010 Romola Hodas: um it was fine.

00:49:27.630 --> 00:49:33.870 Albert Dabah: yeah sure So how are things now with your book out your.

00:49:35.070 --> 00:49:38.820 Albert Dabah: This passive this thing with this series that's coming up.

00:49:40.650 --> 00:49:41.730 Albert Dabah: How do you feel them lately.

00:49:43.110 --> 00:49:44.010 Romola Hodas: um.

00:49:44.910 --> 00:49:47.940 Albert Dabah: I mean there's coven was which has really been.

00:49:48.120 --> 00:49:49.920 Romola Hodas: Terrible right that's been you know.

00:49:51.090 --> 00:49:53.910 Romola Hodas: This this thing with the with the documentary.

00:49:55.470 --> 00:49:59.430 Romola Hodas: i'm feeling very, very, very positive about it um.

00:50:02.010 --> 00:50:13.080 Romola Hodas: So we'll see what happens, I have no idea what's going to happen, you know i'm hearing from one of the producers, all this is going to open up a lot of doors well the universe knows that I don't mind that.

00:50:14.280 --> 00:50:19.200 Romola Hodas: You know um I had been before coven.

00:50:21.030 --> 00:50:35.670 Romola Hodas: I had been investing in bitcoin and stuff so money was Okay, and I was working as a hostess in a wonderful wonderful Greek restaurant, because I wanted I needed something to do you know oh you're gonna tell people your hostess.

00:50:37.380 --> 00:50:42.300 Romola Hodas: hostess I love being a hostess you know i'm so.

00:50:44.220 --> 00:50:50.520 Romola Hodas: Right now i'm i'm waiting for a business to start my portal has to go out.

00:50:52.590 --> 00:51:15.210 Romola Hodas: and waiting for a business to start that has to do with cryptocurrency and a few other things um I might be actually i'm getting involved with mining cryptocurrency on a farm in in Florida we'll see so it's kind of like i've been waiting on my battery's dying waiting for i'm.

00:51:16.230 --> 00:51:18.540 Romola Hodas: Moving because my battery's dying so.

00:51:18.540 --> 00:51:20.760 Albert Dabah: Today we're right here.

00:51:25.860 --> 00:51:37.020 Romola Hodas: um because I I really, really believe in in cryptocurrency um I have for quite some time, oh why isn't this working.

00:51:37.680 --> 00:51:38.340 Albert Dabah: No, you hear.

00:51:38.370 --> 00:51:40.770 Romola Hodas: We hear you oh it's not gonna be here.

00:51:41.970 --> 00:51:50.550 Romola Hodas: Please so that's what's doing i'm getting in but you know i've been involved in crypto currency for a while um.

00:51:52.470 --> 00:51:54.660 Romola Hodas: gosh Why is this happening.

00:51:55.800 --> 00:51:58.680 Romola Hodas: Of course, where I plug it in all the time isn't working.

00:52:00.060 --> 00:52:04.890 Romola Hodas: Come on okay hi hi um.

00:52:06.210 --> 00:52:10.410 Romola Hodas: And really I guess we'll see we'll see what happens i'm getting a chair hold on.

00:52:10.920 --> 00:52:13.530 Albert Dabah: Okay we're here where were we.

00:52:14.910 --> 00:52:15.930 Albert Dabah: were sitting tight.

00:52:20.850 --> 00:52:27.690 Romola Hodas: didn't work happening so yeah so that's what's happening i'm at i'm waiting for Is it too much of a glare with that.

00:52:27.690 --> 00:52:29.010 Albert Dabah: window we're good we're good.

00:52:29.070 --> 00:52:31.620 Romola Hodas: Okay, so um.

00:52:33.600 --> 00:52:39.450 Romola Hodas: You know I I am waiting to see what's happened Oh, you have to go out um.

00:52:41.460 --> 00:52:43.650 Romola Hodas: With the documentary to see what happens and.

00:52:44.760 --> 00:52:47.310 Romola Hodas: Things are moving forward just.

00:52:48.420 --> 00:53:00.840 Albert Dabah: Let me, let me go back a little bit well, it sounds great it sounds like you're you know you have a lot of things on hold things will be happening we're almost done so, I think your dog should be okay, hopefully um.

00:53:02.130 --> 00:53:03.000 Albert Dabah: How did things and.

00:53:04.680 --> 00:53:05.790 Romola Hodas: What if I picked him up on.

00:53:06.420 --> 00:53:08.670 Albert Dabah: Your dad has passed away.

00:53:08.910 --> 00:53:10.290 Romola Hodas: yeah yes.

00:53:10.590 --> 00:53:14.190 Albert Dabah: And how did things end up with him hi what's his name.

00:53:14.370 --> 00:53:14.850 Her name is.

00:53:16.140 --> 00:53:16.710 Romola Hodas: kristin.

00:53:17.520 --> 00:53:19.020 Albert Dabah: kristin hi kristin.

00:53:22.380 --> 00:53:25.980 Albert Dabah: How did things go your dad towards the end of his life in your relationship.

00:53:27.060 --> 00:53:27.660 Romola Hodas: well.

00:53:29.790 --> 00:53:31.170 Romola Hodas: My father.

00:53:33.870 --> 00:53:42.030 Romola Hodas: We had a very difficult relationship yeah I love, my father like crazy, but he was.

00:53:43.980 --> 00:53:46.740 Romola Hodas: narcissistic childish.

00:53:47.910 --> 00:53:50.910 Romola Hodas: A party or you know he just you know and.

00:53:51.990 --> 00:54:09.330 Romola Hodas: uh something really bad happened to my brother because of a decision that he made I don't know that he admitted that but um my dad died from COPD and a broken heart to tell you the truth, um.

00:54:12.870 --> 00:54:20.760 Romola Hodas: You know I didn't see him too much because he just is what his second wife room whatever we had.

00:54:21.840 --> 00:54:22.560 Romola Hodas: um.

00:54:22.800 --> 00:54:24.870 Albert Dabah: What happened to you, your mother and did.

00:54:25.500 --> 00:54:26.490 Romola Hodas: My mother.

00:54:27.840 --> 00:54:29.250 Romola Hodas: died at 60.

00:54:30.480 --> 00:54:34.800 Romola Hodas: She had a heart attack and stroke, and then the rehab place that.

00:54:36.180 --> 00:54:54.870 Romola Hodas: She went into I said Please be careful, my mother has diabetes and don't you know that she cover foot they didn't take care of it, she had to have her foot amputated and she just went loony or than she was, I mean she she wound up playing with her own poop on the walls and she just.

00:54:56.070 --> 00:55:04.110 Romola Hodas: You know, when she died, I was sad but I was so happy, I was happy because my mother had it really was like a really rough life.

00:55:07.050 --> 00:55:07.620 Romola Hodas: So.

00:55:09.360 --> 00:55:15.420 Albert Dabah: What sounds like it sounds like you know you've had you know you're you're on a good path.

00:55:17.130 --> 00:55:23.520 Albert Dabah: i'm so glad to have you here tonight and to see where you're at.

00:55:23.910 --> 00:55:26.250 Romola Hodas: Well, thank you for thinking of me to be on this.

00:55:26.490 --> 00:55:35.160 Albert Dabah: yeah no i'm I your name just popped in my head, one day, and I said oh i'd love to have you on the show and i'm glad that you're here tonight.

00:55:36.510 --> 00:55:41.640 Albert Dabah: You know the show the your book and and my film.

00:55:42.930 --> 00:55:43.860 Albert Dabah: You know, has simple.

00:55:44.490 --> 00:55:53.310 Romola Hodas: cool I cried I cried at the end of your it was one I was like I can't believe I know this man, I mean it was great.

00:55:53.700 --> 00:55:55.080 Oh Thank you so much.

00:55:56.100 --> 00:56:12.510 Albert Dabah: I really appreciate that well, everyone can see the show it's on Amazon and other it was on Amazon prime but now is on just Amazon so it's like to 99 it and other platforms, most of the platforms and.

00:56:14.130 --> 00:56:30.450 Albert Dabah: I hope everyone gets a chance to see it and gets a chance to read your book the Princess of 42nd street, and please spread the word and remotely Ramallah, have a good evening and we'll meet again one day i'm sure.

00:56:30.510 --> 00:56:31.800 Romola Hodas: Yes, thank you.

00:56:32.250 --> 00:56:34.020 Albert Dabah: All the best bye bye take.

00:56:34.050 --> 00:56:34.320 care.

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