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Monday, July 12, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/12 - The Golden Key To Unlock Infinite Abundance

Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/12 - The Golden Key To Unlock Infinite Abundance


2021/07/12 - The Golden Key To Unlock Infinite Abundance

[NEW EPISODE] The Golden Key To Unlock Infinite Abundance

Would you like to attract more abundance into your life?

Join us as we interview Brandon Beachum, serial entrepreneur and critically acclaimed podcaster, as he shares the eight keys to abundance - which he uncovered over 25 years of trial, error and deep exploration. Brandon brings together and puts his own spin on ideas from countless thought leaders from the worlds of science and spirituality.

From Lao Tzu and Jesus of Nazareth to Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, Abraham Hicks, and Dr. Wayne Dyer. Brandon remixes and expands on the wisdom of their work to craft an epic and poetic exploration of what he terms “the ultimate nature of reality.”

In 2015, Brandon founded a business that was recognized as one of the fastest-growing private companies by Inc. magazine. He has also achieved critical acclaim as the host of The Positive Head Podcast, and he recently launched a new late-night-style consciousness elevating talk show called Optimystic. Brandon achieved all of this by applying the empowering principles he shares in his new book, The Golden Key: Modern Alchemy to Unlock Infinite Abundance.

Join us as Brandon shares the keys to infinite abundance.

Tune in for this philosophical conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Today’s episode starts off with an introduction of tonight’s special guest: Brandon Beachum. Before Brandon talks more about his book, he explains his definition of what “abundance” means. Then, Brandon and our hosts shift the conversation over to talking about Jesus Christ and the difference between Jesus the man and Jesus the one who brought Christ. They continue the conversation, talking about the key points that Brandon had brought up in his book. They talk about consciousness and the importance of being conscious and understanding being conscious.

Segment 2

Coming back from the break, they start with Brandon explaining how everyone has something that is for them. Additionally, they continue the conversation discussing the idea of “bad things.” They go into what is bad and the backstory to Daoist beliefs about why bad things happen. Georgina brings up an interesting point and reminds the audience that their feelings do not define them. Bad feelings or bad behaviors and actions do not define who they are. Our host shares a personal experience in which they allow themselves to feel grief and mourn in order to learn from it. They begin to discuss how love can be a learning experience, for example when grieving over loved ones. And how even when it hurts, it can be seen as something to help you grow.

Segment 3

Returning from the break, the topic of synchronicity is up next. Brandon explains this with all these coincidences in life and miracle-like moments. This all comes from being in the present and not being caught up in the past or future, which can cause depression or anxiety. Brandon talks about how he came to the idea of having 8 keys to following excitement and inspiration and how it led to his book, The Golden Key.

Segment 4

For the last segment of tonight’s episode, the three talk more about Brandon’s book. First, Brandon explains his metaphor of how we are in the chrysalis stage of life, right before emerging into a beautiful butterfly. We finish the show with a metaphor that we, in a sense, put ourselves in a simulation.


00:00:41.310 --> 00:00:45.720 Georgeann Dau: hi good evening, welcome to journey through into awareness.

00:00:47.400 --> 00:00:51.030 Georgeann Dau: i'm one of your host this evening i'm Dr George and Dale.

00:00:52.290 --> 00:00:53.970 Georgeann Dau: And we're happy that you're with us.

00:00:54.990 --> 00:00:59.580 Georgeann Dau: Judy miller's back I missed her and she's back with us.

00:01:00.150 --> 00:01:01.440 Judi Miller: I missed you to George and.

00:01:01.590 --> 00:01:10.290 Georgeann Dau: Thank you Judy so we're always so honored that you're with us and.

00:01:11.790 --> 00:01:16.380 Georgeann Dau: We always want to make sure that our show contains.

00:01:18.240 --> 00:01:32.340 Georgeann Dau: What we feel in our hearts that might improve your life add to your life and touch your heart, so thank you for those of you that joined us each week we're very grateful to you.

00:01:33.810 --> 00:01:36.870 Georgeann Dau: So we have a very interesting guest this evening.

00:01:37.920 --> 00:01:47.010 Georgeann Dau: And our work is similar to his and judy's going to tell you a little bit about them before we begin.

00:01:47.460 --> 00:01:54.360 Judi Miller: Shortly i'd love to so before I introduce brandon would you like to attract more abundance into your life.

00:01:55.050 --> 00:01:59.400 Judi Miller: Then you've absolutely come to the right place, because tonight we'll be interviewing brandon Beecham.

00:01:59.910 --> 00:02:12.600 Judi Miller: He kills himself a serial entrepreneur and he's a critically acclaimed podcaster he'll be sharing the eight keys to abundance, which he uncovered over 25 years of trial error and deep exploration.

00:02:13.170 --> 00:02:20.280 Judi Miller: brandon brings together and puts his own spin on ideas from countless thought leaders from the worlds of science, as well as spirituality.

00:02:20.640 --> 00:02:29.130 Judi Miller: From Lao Tzu and Jesus of Nazareth to Dr Joe dispenser Dr Bruce lipton gregg Braden Abraham hicks and Dr Wayne Dyer.

00:02:29.550 --> 00:02:38.370 Judi Miller: brandon remixes and expands on the wisdom of the work to craft an epic and poetic exploration of what he terms, the ultimate nature of reality.

00:02:38.970 --> 00:02:45.450 Judi Miller: In 2015 brandon founded the business that was recognized as one of the fastest growing private companies by ink magazine.

00:02:46.050 --> 00:02:55.530 Judi Miller: He has also achieved critical acclaim as the host of the positive head podcast and he recently launched a new late night style elevating talk show called optimistic.

00:02:56.190 --> 00:03:09.150 Judi Miller: brandon achieved all of this, by applying the empowering principles he shares in his new book called the golden key modern alchemy to unlock infinite abundance so brandon welcome to journey through to awareness.

00:03:09.870 --> 00:03:11.370 Brandon Beachum: hello, thank you for having me.

00:03:11.760 --> 00:03:13.020 Judi Miller: it's great that you're here.

00:03:13.320 --> 00:03:21.360 Judi Miller: And you know brands and I really enjoyed reading your book it's actually a very quick read but it's got a lot of profound wisdom in it and great great stories and.

00:03:22.350 --> 00:03:23.310 Brandon Beachum: i'm glad you enjoyed.

00:03:23.940 --> 00:03:35.100 Judi Miller: So brandon before we actually jump into what the eight keys are we'd love for you to share with our listeners, what is your definition of infinite abundance hmm great question and.

00:03:35.580 --> 00:03:44.520 Brandon Beachum: You know I started off the book talking about abundance a long time is is only associated with like financial success, I feel, and.

00:03:45.390 --> 00:04:02.580 Brandon Beachum: Really, you know abundance has so many faces you've got you know time being, maybe the most precious form of abundance health wisdom meaningful relationships so there's so many forms of abundance in our life and.

00:04:03.720 --> 00:04:09.840 Brandon Beachum: yeah you know until what I like to point to in the book is You know, as I say.

00:04:10.830 --> 00:04:16.770 Brandon Beachum: he's written actually on the back cover abundance is our birthright the quintessence of our being, it is the essence of the essence.

00:04:17.190 --> 00:04:30.450 Brandon Beachum: And I like to steer the readers to the realization that you know all of the abundance in the universe, is an extension of self.

00:04:30.990 --> 00:04:42.420 Brandon Beachum: And that is rooted in the in the sort of understanding that all is literally one you're one with not only the consciousness of anime tall forums, the consciousness in anime.

00:04:42.780 --> 00:04:53.970 Brandon Beachum: anime to my form, I believe, is the consciousness that animate your form the separation between us as an illusion and that extends to everything, so we can also see, of course, that we are one with.

00:04:54.420 --> 00:04:57.690 Brandon Beachum: You know we've all heard the idea as above so below.

00:04:58.080 --> 00:05:05.430 Brandon Beachum: And so we can also see that physically, we are all made of the same stuff I mean literally the particles that make up.

00:05:05.670 --> 00:05:13.770 Brandon Beachum: My physical vessel that you're hearing words emanate from in this moment started these atoms started at the beginning of the known universe.

00:05:14.160 --> 00:05:28.650 Brandon Beachum: And lived out an entire life cycle and another been known as a star, and you know from young star good to meet you know adulthood middle age, old age, finally, finally reached, you know.

00:05:29.940 --> 00:05:31.080 Brandon Beachum: Achieving its own.

00:05:32.460 --> 00:05:46.800 Brandon Beachum: End of its own life and dying in a fiery you know explosive way that is so suitable to a star it's got strewn across the they you know cosmos ultimately reforming into me in this moment, as you hear me, you know.

00:05:47.430 --> 00:06:04.050 Brandon Beachum: Now speaking so it's really fascinating when you start to play with the idea that you know all is one, and not just in some far removed sort of like philosophical idea, but like though this is the nature of the situation, which I find myself everywhere, I go i'm there waiting for myself.

00:06:04.110 --> 00:06:05.340 Brandon Beachum: What happens if I start.

00:06:05.850 --> 00:06:11.310 Brandon Beachum: experiencing my world with that is my baseline understanding of what's coming into my field yeah.

00:06:11.640 --> 00:06:19.560 Georgeann Dau: i'm so delighted to have you speak of abundance in that way, because many times people hear the word abundance and they think about money.

00:06:19.830 --> 00:06:37.950 Georgeann Dau: and finances only and that's not what we're about so i'm really delighted to hear you speak about that because i'm yes and the level of our consciousness, which is unlimited, which you know Christ lived and revealed and brought to all of us.

00:06:39.090 --> 00:06:48.840 Georgeann Dau: is absolutely profound and it's wonderful to me another who is involved with the work and in bringing that tool, so thank you brandon.

00:06:49.050 --> 00:06:56.280 Brandon Beachum: hmm Thank you yeah I love that you brought up Christ consciousness, you know I I.

00:06:56.940 --> 00:07:01.860 Brandon Beachum: I like to I feel like sometimes and we you know, this is our first time communicating.

00:07:02.220 --> 00:07:21.000 Brandon Beachum: And so i'm not sure where your belief in God hundred percent lies and some of us have variations in our perspectives and things like that and I honor all of them what for myself when I think of Christ I think of you know, this idea of of Jesus right Jesus I believe was a man.

00:07:22.050 --> 00:07:35.910 Brandon Beachum: And you know this idea that you know that Jesus would come back I believe Jesus was a man who died and will not live again Christ consciousness Jesus Christ, the consciousness that sort of gave Jesus his.

00:07:36.270 --> 00:07:41.700 Brandon Beachum: mystique and power and all of those things, that is, the thing that's coming back onto the planet crazy.

00:07:41.820 --> 00:07:44.760 Brandon Beachum: lunches so yeah it's a vibration it's.

00:07:44.940 --> 00:07:50.280 Brandon Beachum: You know and it's interesting because I believe Jesus, the man who embodied Christ consciousness.

00:07:50.400 --> 00:07:54.180 Brandon Beachum: yeah was saying hey this is going to come back in a bigger way at some point.

00:07:54.330 --> 00:07:55.290 Brandon Beachum: After I go.

00:07:55.530 --> 00:08:02.490 Brandon Beachum: And I believe we're seeing that even now on this planet where people are realizing and what else did Jesus, the man say said, you will do greater things than I.

00:08:02.670 --> 00:08:04.200 Brandon Beachum: ran the father are one.

00:08:04.410 --> 00:08:10.890 Brandon Beachum: it's the same thing i'm saying it's all one you know, except there yeah you know now i'm not at risk of being hung on a cross thousands of years later.

00:08:11.340 --> 00:08:12.870 Brandon Beachum: The same message you know.

00:08:13.170 --> 00:08:23.850 Georgeann Dau: And Jesus his last name was not Christ, you have to bring the Christ, but what's fascinating brandon is from the beginning of a.

00:08:24.390 --> 00:08:41.790 Georgeann Dau: i'm a psychoanalyst and spiritual director my passion is psychological comments areas of the Gospel so when you really dig in there, and you look at the Christ consciousness being prophesized from the Old Testament Mon work Jesus wasn't just a man.

00:08:42.390 --> 00:08:58.410 Georgeann Dau: Jesus was the man that brought the Christ consciousness walk the face of the earth exemplified it so that we could see what it would be like living here and what the possibilities are and when he died.

00:08:59.040 --> 00:09:06.720 Georgeann Dau: He gave us a seed that all about called the Holy Spirit the Trinity whatever you want to call it that.

00:09:07.560 --> 00:09:25.050 Georgeann Dau: We now all have the gifts and responsibility that's why I was happy to meet you to bring that Christ consciousness by living it out mm hmm living it exemplifying it being it and sharing it hmm.

00:09:25.740 --> 00:09:27.090 Judi Miller: So so brandon.

00:09:28.800 --> 00:09:37.110 Judi Miller: brandon one of the first things that you said, the first key is really to see that oneness can you talk about the second key, which is to know the illusion, can you tell our listeners.

00:09:37.170 --> 00:09:37.950 Judi Miller: What that means.

00:09:38.580 --> 00:09:49.620 Brandon Beachum: yeah absolutely so you know it's one thing to kind of see this stuff as we touched on earlier, you know this see this stuff in a.

00:09:50.310 --> 00:09:56.880 Brandon Beachum: You know sort of philosophical far removed idea that you know and even take Jesus, you know himself it's like.

00:09:57.780 --> 00:10:08.100 Brandon Beachum: This idea that it's all an extension of self in some way, shape or form, so there is separation it's like it gets it gets a little tricky I think for our human minds.

00:10:08.850 --> 00:10:16.770 Brandon Beachum: to wrap itself around because it's like you and I are separate there's an argument that can be made for that, where most people would agree right.

00:10:17.550 --> 00:10:22.770 Brandon Beachum: brandon Georgia and Judy separate separate individuals but From another perspective we're one.

00:10:23.340 --> 00:10:35.490 Brandon Beachum: Right, and so the question is, is what what vantage point from which are we speaking right it's relative truth or divine dichotomy right to apparently contradictory things that both hold true based off the.

00:10:36.120 --> 00:10:48.510 Brandon Beachum: vantage point from which you are speaking, and so you know, I believe that can be the case with with with all of us that's the see the oneness hey I am one, with the Christ, you are one with the Christ, and in this case, you know.

00:10:49.770 --> 00:10:57.330 Brandon Beachum: With with knowing this knowing this illusionary thing that the the the the hero of 1000 faces, you know this great.

00:10:58.680 --> 00:11:15.600 Brandon Beachum: Act act that source God higher self consciousness is playing with itself and playing characters and what as you get to understand in in tap into the truth of the the illusion, you know a lot of what I share in this first two keys is scientific based perspectives.

00:11:16.440 --> 00:11:17.100 Brandon Beachum: You know, like.

00:11:18.210 --> 00:11:18.540 Brandon Beachum: When you.

00:11:18.570 --> 00:11:29.130 Brandon Beachum: When you break it down well what am I made up these atoms we talked about well what are they well they're actually what we call solid is actually illusionary it's not really solid it's.

00:11:29.400 --> 00:11:43.320 Brandon Beachum: The particles that make up those atoms are 99.99999% space, the separation, but you know I mean that the the distance between the particles is like you know so much greater than what's actually there.

00:11:43.800 --> 00:11:51.570 Brandon Beachum: And then, when you look at what's actually there their vibrations popping in and out of existence there's no solid that.

00:11:51.750 --> 00:12:02.070 Georgeann Dau: That is a vibration right that's fabulous and you know it, would you say that it is more accepting the gift that is then understanding it.

00:12:03.780 --> 00:12:04.500 Brandon Beachum: say that again.

00:12:04.920 --> 00:12:10.290 Georgeann Dau: When we look at consciousness and how it's Okay, for all of us support taken.

00:12:10.800 --> 00:12:15.840 Georgeann Dau: We say that it's more of a gift to partake in than it is to understand.

00:12:16.680 --> 00:12:29.010 Georgeann Dau: I mind from my work in my life that the minds the small minds and the ego gets in the way of accepting the gift that, is there a wall okay yeah.

00:12:29.070 --> 00:12:36.660 Brandon Beachum: yeah what a great question yeah absolutely the the experience itself is.

00:12:38.250 --> 00:12:44.910 Brandon Beachum: You know paramount getting caught in the mental constructs around this stuff it's fun to do.

00:12:45.240 --> 00:12:46.890 Brandon Beachum: You know it's fun for us to wax.

00:12:46.890 --> 00:12:50.100 Brandon Beachum: poetic about you know I can talk about anything.

00:12:50.940 --> 00:13:03.690 Brandon Beachum: You know, and I can tell you all about you know the experience at let's say burning man, for example, is a really incredible experience that I partaken in many times over the years.

00:13:04.020 --> 00:13:08.130 Brandon Beachum: And they say it's like one of those things it's like it's cut and it's kind of like trying to tell of.

00:13:08.370 --> 00:13:15.660 Brandon Beachum: A blind person what colors look like you know until you experience it a you know I can talk about it and you'll get something from that.

00:13:15.870 --> 00:13:23.460 Brandon Beachum: But until you've lived it, you know, and so that is absolutely what's happening, you know what I think is the most important thing, the experience of it all.

00:13:23.730 --> 00:13:34.680 Brandon Beachum: And and there's no experience that's less valid than any other experience that's an important piece, for those of us on this path to get someone who's still not there and their own understanding and development around some of these.

00:13:34.890 --> 00:13:40.320 Brandon Beachum: concepts are there, he it doesn't make them less divine right.

00:13:40.620 --> 00:13:41.070 Georgeann Dau: Because.

00:13:41.880 --> 00:13:47.100 Brandon Beachum: it's all necessary for source God the universe higher self whatever you want to call it.

00:13:47.430 --> 00:13:49.290 Brandon Beachum: To experience in know itself.

00:13:49.470 --> 00:13:52.380 Brandon Beachum: it's all vantage points that are that are important.

00:13:52.800 --> 00:14:00.300 Judi Miller: yeah and they'll grant brandon to that point we're going to take a break momentarily but maybe when we come back from the break, we can follow up on that.

00:14:00.840 --> 00:14:12.150 Judi Miller: That comment that you made, but also one of the things in your book as you talked about experience everything from love and how you define the word fair so we'd love to go into that right after our break looking forward to it.

00:14:12.360 --> 00:14:17.610 Georgeann Dau: will be right back thanks for joining us on a journey through and so awareness we'll be right back.

00:16:39.240 --> 00:16:46.050 Georgeann Dau: Welcome back to a journey through into awareness we're here tonight with brandon Beecham.

00:16:47.760 --> 00:16:54.750 Judi Miller: The brand that I love in the book, how you define the word share can you describe what you mean by fear, what does the acronym mean for you.

00:16:54.780 --> 00:16:57.900 Brandon Beachum: yeah yeah, so I think fear can have take on.

00:16:58.950 --> 00:17:13.500 Brandon Beachum: Two different meanings once again like we talked about depending on the vantage point from which we are we're perceiving fca our can stand for forget everything and run or face everything and rise.

00:17:14.160 --> 00:17:14.790 and

00:17:16.050 --> 00:17:16.980 Georgeann Dau: appearing real.

00:17:17.100 --> 00:17:31.140 Brandon Beachum: or false evidence of there's another one, I absolutely oh absolutely so it's like what am I going to do in the face of fear is that the thing that's going to break me or is that the thing that is pushing me through my next breakthrough and.

00:17:31.680 --> 00:17:40.740 Brandon Beachum: You know I believe a big part of our all of our journeys is facing fears I often will say if if it scares you and it excites you it's probably for you.

00:17:41.190 --> 00:17:56.820 Brandon Beachum: and being able to notice when has this combination of oh there's something about me that scared about this and it's exciting and i'm you know I can't lose if I step into it and face these fears and no matter what the outcome yeah.

00:17:57.330 --> 00:18:02.400 Georgeann Dau: And one of the things that I try to help my patients with is that we're not our feelings.

00:18:03.450 --> 00:18:10.080 Georgeann Dau: Are feelings do not have to define us or define a behavior action um yeah.

00:18:10.440 --> 00:18:15.120 Brandon Beachum: Absolutely, when you can when you can start to look at your feelings, as these.

00:18:15.960 --> 00:18:22.440 Brandon Beachum: You know waves of energy that are coming through, and you know it does it yeah doesn't define you.

00:18:22.890 --> 00:18:29.370 Brandon Beachum: And really this idea and I believe eckart always when I first heard kind of speaking of it in this way, assess the the the.

00:18:29.910 --> 00:18:38.880 Brandon Beachum: silent observer observing all the feelings and emotions and things coming through coming through our lives, and it was there that silent observer observer the unmoved mover.

00:18:39.150 --> 00:18:47.430 Brandon Beachum: that's just watching it all happen what St was there when you're five years old, and it will also there when you're 95 years old, just observing.

00:18:48.090 --> 00:19:01.260 Brandon Beachum: what's happening and creating that sort of healthy sense of detachment from these things I think it's very empowering, especially when you're on the fast track to expansion, like most people listening to this show probably are so.

00:19:01.830 --> 00:19:12.150 Judi Miller: So brandon one of the things that you also say is that our triggers are treasures, so we actually grow and learn from our experiences so, can you share with us, why do bad things happen hmm.

00:19:12.780 --> 00:19:18.210 Brandon Beachum: Well, I would I would answer that question with another question what is bad.

00:19:19.320 --> 00:19:19.650 Brandon Beachum: You know.

00:19:20.850 --> 00:19:28.290 Brandon Beachum: The I what comes to mind is the story of the of the Dallas farmer, have you ever heard the story of the Dallas farmer.

00:19:28.590 --> 00:19:31.440 Judi Miller: I have, but I know that our listeners would love to hear as well.

00:19:32.430 --> 00:19:34.890 Brandon Beachum: And I think George and might have gave me a nod know so.

00:19:36.270 --> 00:19:44.250 Brandon Beachum: Okay, so the Dallas farmer, of course, having Dallas and being the ancient philosophy that's very aligned with a lot of these perspectives and concepts we're talking about today.

00:19:45.240 --> 00:19:58.980 Brandon Beachum: Is one day his his horse that he used to help till his field ran away and his non taoist neighbors who didn't have this more expanded perspective.

00:20:01.080 --> 00:20:10.320 Brandon Beachum: You know unreality I kind of equate it to you know our human self and our higher self I often will say our human self is playing checkers and our higher self is playing chess.

00:20:10.560 --> 00:20:18.990 Brandon Beachum: And so, when you can see more of an expansion and, in this case the Dallas farmer seeing maybe maybe maybe there's a bigger game happening here, then the short vision, the one move.

00:20:19.530 --> 00:20:25.170 Brandon Beachum: This just happened the horse running away the neighbors come over and say oh my gosh the horse ran away.

00:20:25.560 --> 00:20:44.520 Brandon Beachum: One plus one equals two that means bad you are screwed you cannot you're you're never gonna be able to tell your fields, without the help of this this horse and the Dallas farmer seeing a little bit more of an expanding perspective, maybe you're right maybe so maybe not who knows and.

00:20:45.930 --> 00:20:52.170 Brandon Beachum: You know, goes on, with his day a non reactive to this apparently you know travesty according to the neighbors.

00:20:52.530 --> 00:21:00.900 Brandon Beachum: The next day, the horse comes back in a wild horse has followed it back and now all of a sudden, the neighbors witness this and come over and say oh my gosh.

00:21:01.200 --> 00:21:09.960 Brandon Beachum: We thought you're screwed and now we can see how blessed you are because, instead of one horsepower you have to horsepower you have double the Labor and you know the labors.

00:21:10.230 --> 00:21:20.730 Brandon Beachum: And the Dallas farmer being Unattached and not jumping to any conclusions and just letting what will be and should be be says, maybe so maybe I am maybe it is a blessing.

00:21:21.660 --> 00:21:31.290 Brandon Beachum: The next day his son his only human hacker helper yeah he tries to break in the wild horse gets on it gets thrown off breaks his leg.

00:21:31.650 --> 00:21:40.590 Brandon Beachum: And the neighbor see this come over oh my gosh we knew you're you're screwed but then we thought you were blessed now we know you're screwed without your human helper your son.

00:21:41.220 --> 00:21:46.710 Brandon Beachum: Your crops are done, for you are really in trouble, this time, that that was farmer replies, maybe so.

00:21:47.520 --> 00:21:57.630 Brandon Beachum: The next day, the military comes around gathering up young men to take off to war to be on the front line sure to die, they come to get the farmers young son and perfect age.

00:21:58.290 --> 00:22:11.610 Brandon Beachum: To be recruited for battle and they find him laid up in bed with a broken leg and he's no used to them so they leave him there and now he survives who were otherwise he was certainly doomed neighbor see this come over what do they say.

00:22:11.820 --> 00:22:14.430 Brandon Beachum: you're so lucky, what is the what is the.

00:22:14.910 --> 00:22:23.220 Brandon Beachum: Dallas farmer say maybe so, and so you know that's really my long winded answer to you know why does bad things happen.

00:22:24.030 --> 00:22:31.110 Brandon Beachum: I believe, if you haven't won and film The the the diamond behind the lump of coal, yet the story isn't over.

00:22:31.890 --> 00:22:43.710 Brandon Beachum: And so it's always happening, I believe, one of the biggest fundamental changes that can happen in a human's life is when they come to the understanding and realization that everything is happening for them not to them.

00:22:44.160 --> 00:22:53.220 Brandon Beachum: they're not they're not no they're no longer judging things on the surface, as good or bad in the same way it doesn't mean something challenging.

00:22:53.520 --> 00:23:01.800 Brandon Beachum: When something challenging comes up you don't feel it or hurt or maybe there's tears, or you know it growing can hurt right, but you come.

00:23:02.280 --> 00:23:10.110 Brandon Beachum: that's tempered with a certain level of understanding that you know what I can't see my higher self is playing chess i'm playing checkers.

00:23:10.380 --> 00:23:22.320 Brandon Beachum: I thought this was with the best thing for me next, but I really don't know, maybe so and I, one thing I do, then that leads into one of the other keys trusting the mystery, and once you get into that zone of living.

00:23:22.770 --> 00:23:29.700 Brandon Beachum: Now you've really you know found a formula that expedites gross growth and and helps you to you know.

00:23:30.690 --> 00:23:45.180 Brandon Beachum: Do what Charles mycoskie talked about all that matters is how gracefully you walk through the fire and, as you walk through the fires in your life now you're doing it with his grace encouraging ease that is admirable and comes with wisdom.

00:23:46.470 --> 00:24:01.860 Georgeann Dau: And one of the important things that i'm hearing you refer to underneath is which I like very much brands and you know i'm probably double your age, so you know i've been on this path for 45 years or so.

00:24:03.030 --> 00:24:14.970 Georgeann Dau: Is that all feelings are acceptable, we must have all our feelings we must allow them and then eventually they turn into a choice, like my my my little dog just died.

00:24:15.600 --> 00:24:25.650 Georgeann Dau: And i'm really morning I love him and I am morning and I am allowing the depth of mourning the depth of feeling i'm not out of control, with it.

00:24:26.010 --> 00:24:33.720 Georgeann Dau: i'm allowing it because so many times when people hear messages and lessons of what, of which you speak.

00:24:34.140 --> 00:24:44.460 Georgeann Dau: People can feel very guilty like oh my gosh i'm not on the right path, I can't do it there's something wrong because really the gift is in the process and the gift is in the wound.

00:24:44.910 --> 00:24:50.970 Georgeann Dau: And you have to massage that in order to discover it we can't make believe it's not there yep.

00:24:51.690 --> 00:25:01.470 Georgeann Dau: And I like i'm hearing that in the underneath of what you're verbally saying so thank you for that that's an important message for all of us to really grasp.

00:25:01.890 --> 00:25:12.120 Georgeann Dau: That we're going to feel wounded we're going to her we're going to get angry we're going to have our feelings and a lot of them come from our pre talking experience.

00:25:12.570 --> 00:25:27.780 Georgeann Dau: that we need to really go into and feel and disassemble and reassemble it to move forward the gift is in the wound and the stumbling blocks are really stepping stones and all as well.

00:25:29.010 --> 00:25:39.810 Judi Miller: So I definitely agree that everything is happening to us for our greatest good, but one of the difficult questions that I always get asked is so, for example, for a parent that loses a child.

00:25:39.990 --> 00:25:46.350 Judi Miller: Yes, how do you help them get through that because it's very difficult for them to see the gift in that situation.

00:25:46.380 --> 00:25:56.850 Brandon Beachum: Yes, um yeah absolutely agreed and George and his I couldn't agree more with what you just said, in the short answer is.

00:25:58.020 --> 00:26:09.000 Brandon Beachum: These perspectives can help to some degree to bring some sense of relief i'm sure George and for you there's some sense some piece of relief, knowing that.

00:26:09.480 --> 00:26:21.300 Brandon Beachum: it's it's not goodbye forever with your your your animal with your dog it's goodbye, for now, and that that is the dance that we're playing that source place you know.

00:26:22.110 --> 00:26:30.360 Brandon Beachum: With itself it's it's it's that perspective that contrast allows it to mean something imagine you know your your dream.

00:26:30.960 --> 00:26:39.570 Brandon Beachum: partner, and you know in life, whether it's a fantasy or it's the one you already have you know it, you know lifetimes you could take a you know, a.

00:26:40.290 --> 00:26:48.750 Brandon Beachum: celebrity that like a brad Pitt is a woman, or whatever you know, whoever it may be to you now imagine being stuck with that person for eternity.

00:26:49.230 --> 00:27:02.310 Brandon Beachum: And like this person is no longer so sexy and cool and after a trillion years of the way they snore I get me away from this buffoon you know, and so it really it's it's.

00:27:02.910 --> 00:27:12.840 Brandon Beachum: Exposure can breed indifference and so when we have the contrast of of removing ourselves from this incredible.

00:27:13.830 --> 00:27:28.380 Brandon Beachum: You know sense of love with another being in, then you get the reunion you can't have the reunion ever without the separation and when you come to the realization that we're eternal beings it's you know eternity is a long no time.

00:27:29.160 --> 00:27:34.860 Brandon Beachum: And so it really is I don't think there's any way.

00:27:35.280 --> 00:27:48.870 Brandon Beachum: To completely take away this thing it's not meant to completely take away this thing you're meant to feel the sting that's what how we know we're alive right it's like you know if that's The thing that allows us to fully feel.

00:27:49.260 --> 00:28:04.440 Brandon Beachum: And all these things can do is help temper some of it, to some degree, so maybe you know that pain, instead of an 11 out of 10 to eight out of 10 or you know this kind of thing and and so, for me, you know there's a great song.

00:28:06.030 --> 00:28:14.340 Brandon Beachum: Trevor hall sings and he talks about we came for more than love you came here to have not just experienced all of you came to experience the heartache in the.

00:28:14.610 --> 00:28:30.150 Brandon Beachum: In the pain in in all of that that is the things you've never seen a great work of art, without shadow in it, and we are, we are works of art, we this is your souls grand artistic offering and that's going to include some shadow and.

00:28:30.180 --> 00:28:32.700 Brandon Beachum: it's meant actually meant to be painful.

00:28:33.360 --> 00:28:37.020 Georgeann Dau: Absolutely, yes and love it love hurts.

00:28:37.650 --> 00:28:44.190 Georgeann Dau: Love hurts love is beautiful it's fantastic it feels wonderful and it can hurt everything is.

00:28:45.330 --> 00:28:47.850 Georgeann Dau: One side of the coin at each.

00:28:48.270 --> 00:28:49.380 Georgeann Dau: two sides of the coin.

00:28:49.740 --> 00:28:51.420 Brandon Beachum: it's designed to hurt you in some way.

00:28:51.570 --> 00:28:58.080 Brandon Beachum: yeah so that your soul, who otherwise can't really feel as deeply can feel deeply yeah.

00:28:59.460 --> 00:29:01.350 Georgeann Dau: it's really quite amazing isn't it.

00:29:01.890 --> 00:29:06.030 Georgeann Dau: Right we'll be right back with this amazing journey we're on a journey.

00:29:06.030 --> 00:29:10.830 Georgeann Dau: Through into awareness with brandon we'll be right back.

00:31:47.550 --> 00:31:53.670 Georgeann Dau: Welcome back to a journey through into awareness we're here tonight with brandon Beecham.

00:31:54.960 --> 00:31:59.910 Judi Miller: So brandon We live in a loving and supportive universe, and everything is happening for our greatest good.

00:32:00.240 --> 00:32:16.590 Judi Miller: And one of the things you talked about in your book is synchronicities synchronicities is the way the universe just saying that if got our back and your fifth K talks about bb bb which happens to be your initials talk to us about synchronicity and what BBB stands for, yes.

00:32:16.650 --> 00:32:26.340 Brandon Beachum: I love this conversation synchronicity is such a inspiring thing you know I think of synchronicity.

00:32:27.660 --> 00:32:39.000 Brandon Beachum: In this way, when you let's say I live in, you know i'm currently in Los Angeles let's say i'm in New York and i'm making my way across the country to come home and everything's very foreign to me.

00:32:40.140 --> 00:32:48.480 Brandon Beachum: You know i'm not very familiar with the states that i'm driving through, and as I, as I make my way across the country but it's like starting to get closer to home.

00:32:49.020 --> 00:33:01.380 Brandon Beachum: You know i'm in Vegas I recognize this Oh, I know this freeway this takes me in right into California now i'm getting really close I recognize this sign I recognize, and so I feel like that's sort of the thing that.

00:33:01.890 --> 00:33:05.400 Brandon Beachum: happens with each of us as we.

00:33:05.880 --> 00:33:14.220 Brandon Beachum: become more aligned with our higher self with the the part of our self that we left behind in essence when we came into physicality.

00:33:14.430 --> 00:33:20.670 Brandon Beachum: You start noticing more of the signs and the threads of connectivity and the winks from the universe, the synchronicities.

00:33:20.940 --> 00:33:31.290 Brandon Beachum: That guy you're getting closer you're in alignment with your your your highest path and timeline and so you know when you when you consider the idea that it's all.

00:33:31.590 --> 00:33:37.050 Brandon Beachum: you're one with it all and therefore you know I always say that we're in our own private universe.

00:33:37.290 --> 00:33:46.890 Brandon Beachum: Or what own y O U universe and i'm the lead director actor star in my own private movie and it's all reflecting me back to me in some way, shape or form and so.

00:33:47.280 --> 00:33:54.450 Brandon Beachum: When i'm really aligned a lot that's a lot of times when i'll start to see these like these synchronicities these.

00:33:55.110 --> 00:34:06.390 Brandon Beachum: Meaningful coincidences pop up that are better reflecting that truth and it's you know, by bringing that childlike wonder to that realization.

00:34:07.020 --> 00:34:16.620 Brandon Beachum: When you have it, I believe that it attracts more it's like one of my the only Bible quote you know versus that I like to quote is less you become like a child, you can't enter the Kingdom of heaven.

00:34:17.340 --> 00:34:27.720 Brandon Beachum: And so you have that childlike wonder and excitement about you know you mean Santa Claus is coming, you know and that kind of energy it invites more of that magic of.

00:34:28.380 --> 00:34:36.720 Brandon Beachum: Life and and that's what I think was meant by that particular verse is like you know get excited about the magic, that is.

00:34:37.140 --> 00:34:44.100 Brandon Beachum: happening all around you and the more excited you get the more of it, you see, and it becomes a you know this feedback loop that feeds into itself.

00:34:44.400 --> 00:34:57.630 Brandon Beachum: And a lot of that can come from this fifth key being in the present you know the present is the gift it's why it's called the President, if you are caught up in the past, you can you know that creates.

00:34:58.530 --> 00:35:08.100 Brandon Beachum: You know, depression or too caught up in the future can create anxiety well the past never shows up exactly like you imagined it to be that.

00:35:09.000 --> 00:35:15.780 Brandon Beachum: or i'm sorry it wasn't ever quite like you imagined it to be right, the futures never going to show up quite like you imagined it to be.

00:35:16.350 --> 00:35:22.320 Brandon Beachum: And yet we're doing all of this mental gymnastics when we do these things last in the pastor.

00:35:22.830 --> 00:35:30.570 Brandon Beachum: To projected into the future, at the expense of the gift, that is, the present and that's why I believe being is so important, and I know for myself.

00:35:31.200 --> 00:35:40.950 Brandon Beachum: I I as i've gotten better and better at recognizing the patterns and the messages and and a lot of the messages I like to think of my own higher self having left to bread crumbs for me.

00:35:41.220 --> 00:35:49.830 Brandon Beachum: Like you know who chose the name that I would incarnate with well I did some part of myself prior to incarnated right well Why did I choose the name.

00:35:50.100 --> 00:35:56.610 Brandon Beachum: Brendan Brendan Beecham hmm could have something to do with the fact that, as my father said at two years old, you could barely keep me.

00:35:57.270 --> 00:36:12.510 Brandon Beachum: contained on his lap because I had so many things to go and do and see you know busy busy busy busy being a Dewar at the expense of being fully present so encoded right there is hey don't forget BBB you know, be in the moment.

00:36:13.620 --> 00:36:23.910 Brandon Beachum: And so I share some funny other examples of that in the book, you know, like the famous the biggest scam of all time Ponzi scheme of all time Bernie made off.

00:36:24.150 --> 00:36:34.530 Brandon Beachum: You know mate he burned everyone and made off with their money or Anthony wiener the Congressman who had a fall from grace for sharing pictures of as a wiener like it's like you can't make some of this.

00:36:34.530 --> 00:36:35.220 Brandon Beachum: stuff up and.

00:36:35.400 --> 00:36:40.680 Brandon Beachum: When you start to see these things it's like it's you realize what a sense of humor.

00:36:41.700 --> 00:36:43.140 Brandon Beachum: You know our higher self has.

00:36:45.120 --> 00:36:54.390 Judi Miller: So brandon we touched upon many of your keys in different parts of our conversation, can you quickly summarize them for us, before you go into the golden key for our listeners.

00:36:55.200 --> 00:36:57.870 Brandon Beachum: Yet to summarize all the all the keys Is that what you asked.

00:36:57.990 --> 00:37:00.450 Judi Miller: yeah just an order because we've kind of jumped around.

00:37:00.690 --> 00:37:12.420 Brandon Beachum: mm hmm sure sure sure, so the first key is see the oneness the second key is no the illusion The third key is focus your flow.

00:37:13.200 --> 00:37:26.880 Brandon Beachum: The fourth key is align your intentions, the fifth key is BBB the six key is trust the mystery the seventh key is love what comes.

00:37:27.540 --> 00:37:38.670 Brandon Beachum: The eight key the master key that ties them all together master the y O U universe master the universe, and what I love about these eight keys that.

00:37:39.150 --> 00:37:52.920 Brandon Beachum: My aim, when I went set out to write was okay i'm just gonna kind of intuitively pull out the keys that I found over 25 years of deep exploration of these topics and application of these perspectives and ideas and I landed on eight.

00:37:53.940 --> 00:37:58.200 Brandon Beachum: Just by happenstance and then, as I was telling my my brother about this.

00:37:58.980 --> 00:38:05.280 Brandon Beachum: And you know it's like oh yeah there's eight keys in my book that's coming out and he goes Oh well, you know I he lives in a high rise building.

00:38:05.610 --> 00:38:15.570 Brandon Beachum: And there's a large Chinese population in the city where he lives in Irvine California he's like Oh well, you know everyone in my building because there's so many.

00:38:16.080 --> 00:38:29.370 Brandon Beachum: Chinese people they want to be on the eighth floor because in traditional and modern you know culture eight is considered a sign for abundance because it sounds phonetically similar to the word I suppose so.

00:38:30.060 --> 00:38:42.330 Brandon Beachum: I thought that was really cool speaking of synchronicities and a little winks you know I landed on the eight keys doing buttons, which of course also looks like an infinity symbol turned sideways, and so I love to see these encoded things.

00:38:42.810 --> 00:38:50.460 Brandon Beachum: happening, I mean even have a great story of synchronicity around the cover art for the book if you'd care for me to share that.

00:38:50.700 --> 00:38:51.150 Georgeann Dau: is just.

00:38:51.270 --> 00:39:07.620 Brandon Beachum: Really inspiring I think so Okay, so you know another example of the book itself a lot of times you know synchronicities or signs or messages and dreams, a lot of these things start happening, of course, as you as you get on this path and so from time to time i'll have.

00:39:08.700 --> 00:39:20.370 Brandon Beachum: You know prophetic sort of you know, informational dreams were downloads are coming through and that's what happened on August 620 20 when I had the dream about the book and exactly what I should write it about the content.

00:39:20.700 --> 00:39:23.550 Brandon Beachum: You know the unique way in which i'm distributing and marketing.

00:39:24.210 --> 00:39:34.260 Brandon Beachum: And so I get up and i'm thinking you know real inspired and and following that childlike excitement and continuing in seeing that it continued which led to me writing it.

00:39:34.590 --> 00:39:39.810 Brandon Beachum: And I was like okay well what when I call this book and the name idea, the golden key came to me.

00:39:40.680 --> 00:39:46.200 Brandon Beachum: Based off what it would be about, and so I said Oh, let me search and see if I can, if someone else has ever used this name.

00:39:46.740 --> 00:39:59.820 Brandon Beachum: And first thing that came up was a short essay a very well known short essay written in 1931 by man named emmett fox who talks he helped do a lot with bridging the idea between you know Christ and.

00:40:00.360 --> 00:40:02.100 Brandon Beachum: This kind of new thought movement and.

00:40:02.340 --> 00:40:05.850 Brandon Beachum: And he wrote this sermon on the mountain that I think is best known.

00:40:05.850 --> 00:40:06.420 Georgeann Dau: Yet work.

00:40:06.630 --> 00:40:13.110 Brandon Beachum: But the golden key is a short essay that he wrote that you know and as I read the description I got chills because I had.

00:40:13.350 --> 00:40:21.840 Brandon Beachum: sort of been given this idea to tell to game a Phi my process of distributing the book and his description was I dare you to just try this.

00:40:22.140 --> 00:40:35.010 Brandon Beachum: These ideas on I share in the essay and see for yourself and very game a Phi like you know I dare you to play with this kind of thing, and it was very similar to what I was feeling called to do so, I go to my friend.

00:40:36.450 --> 00:40:41.640 Brandon Beachum: Vasa who's one of the most amazing visionary artists in the world.

00:40:42.360 --> 00:40:50.940 Brandon Beachum: And you know I thought of him, as the person who could possibly do the cover art, for me, and although I know him very well and his processes pretty timely.

00:40:51.600 --> 00:40:57.690 Brandon Beachum: You know, to do his paintings, so I thought well i'm trying to get this out pretty quickly, it might be a little too fast for bodger to deliver.

00:40:57.990 --> 00:41:04.440 Brandon Beachum: A good cover art and what else is he working on, does he have the time all these kind of thoughts came to mind and I decided.

00:41:05.070 --> 00:41:07.290 Brandon Beachum: Finally, just to contact him and just talk to them about it.

00:41:07.950 --> 00:41:16.260 Brandon Beachum: And I said look, I had the stream and I gave him my whole spiel here's what happened and then emmett fox already had written something you know some similar in some ways 100 years earlier and.

00:41:16.590 --> 00:41:24.870 Brandon Beachum: You know, and would you be willing to create the golden key cover art with every time and after i'm done with my whole spiel he says well.

00:41:25.290 --> 00:41:34.740 Brandon Beachum: If you're done if you'd, allow me to now go grab my dream journal, since you just shared your dream with me and he pulls out his dream journal, and he goes and he starts reading a dream for months earlier he had.

00:41:35.280 --> 00:41:42.690 Brandon Beachum: And he's in I run a communal property in Los Angeles, called the mystic Manor and he said in my dream, as these readings like I was at the mystic manor.

00:41:43.200 --> 00:41:53.400 Brandon Beachum: And I was hunting for the key to everything and so he goes into this elaborate dream that he had at my property hunting for the key to everything months before I asked him to do this.

00:41:53.700 --> 00:42:04.590 Brandon Beachum: And he says so, to answer your question will I create the cover art for your book well i've already started it because I was so inspired by this dream I had months earlier, you had your property so.

00:42:04.620 --> 00:42:05.070 Brandon Beachum: It was an.

00:42:05.310 --> 00:42:11.520 Brandon Beachum: Incredible synchronicity and and just energetic tie in that we just really enjoyed.

00:42:11.880 --> 00:42:14.520 Georgeann Dau: that's great that's great I love that.

00:42:15.420 --> 00:42:16.290 that's fantastic.

00:42:18.270 --> 00:42:20.040 Brandon Beachum: So when you see the cover art of the book.

00:42:20.340 --> 00:42:20.850 Brandon Beachum: You know.

00:42:21.450 --> 00:42:22.980 Brandon Beachum: You know its roots in origin now.

00:42:24.030 --> 00:42:25.710 Judi Miller: i'm just showing the cover of the book so.

00:42:26.340 --> 00:42:39.300 Judi Miller: So our viewers can actually see it, yes, so Brent brandon one of the things that you mentioned, was the unique way that your marketing the book and it is a very unique way, do you want to mention to listeners, how are you inviting people to actually participate.

00:42:39.930 --> 00:42:52.770 Brandon Beachum: Yes, absolutely so in the spirit of practicing what I preach and walking the talk, I decided, the best thing I could do, how can I most benefit.

00:42:53.430 --> 00:42:59.130 Brandon Beachum: Humanity or these extent these other means, if you will, extensions of self.

00:42:59.940 --> 00:43:11.520 Brandon Beachum: what's the what's what's the most beneficial thing I could do, and for me it's really taking this information 25 years of deep exploration of this topic around the ultimate nature of reality as I call it.

00:43:11.850 --> 00:43:20.250 Brandon Beachum: And i've really condensed it into you know just over three hours to listen to, or 100 pages to read, which is quite the task for me because i'm pretty verbose.

00:43:20.670 --> 00:43:25.650 Brandon Beachum: And so, how did that, how do I get this out there as far and wide as possible well i'm going to gift it to people.

00:43:26.070 --> 00:43:42.870 Brandon Beachum: So I decided to make it a fun kind of game a five way where, if you have a key code a golden key code, you can get the ebook or audio book as a gift which we've set up in this case, if you guys go to golden key dot gift and use the code awareness, you can get the audio and or.

00:43:42.870 --> 00:43:44.010 Georgeann Dau: Yes, and.

00:43:44.040 --> 00:43:53.010 Brandon Beachum: Then you can do the same thing and create your own code and share it and then, if people come back at the end of the book they're invited to play a abundance manifestation game.

00:43:53.340 --> 00:44:05.190 Brandon Beachum: which would entail them paying anything they want for the book after reading it, we then take that those resources that that abundance and share it with all the people playing the game, how do I spread spread it to everyone.

00:44:05.220 --> 00:44:10.350 Georgeann Dau: that's beautiful that's right because we do all gonna work for everyone, not just for.

00:44:10.410 --> 00:44:11.610 Brandon Beachum: trails beautiful.

00:44:11.940 --> 00:44:18.060 Georgeann Dau: We have to take a break we'll be right back to a journey through into awareness, thank you for joining us tonight.

00:46:55.680 --> 00:47:01.110 Georgeann Dau: Welcome back to journey through into awareness we're here tonight with brandon Beecham.

00:47:02.520 --> 00:47:03.030 Georgeann Dau: brandon.

00:47:04.230 --> 00:47:06.870 Georgeann Dau: What do you mean by the covert chrysalis.

00:47:07.410 --> 00:47:07.800 hmm.

00:47:08.970 --> 00:47:09.600 Brandon Beachum: So.

00:47:10.620 --> 00:47:26.910 Brandon Beachum: I like to sort of equate our journey as humans to especially this obviously this this coated piece of our journey has been very intense for a lot of us and you know it's.

00:47:27.630 --> 00:47:39.000 Brandon Beachum: it's really interesting for those of us who are kind of tapped into this spiritual awakening that is gone from being this fringe topic and i'm sure, Georgia and you've been on this journey, a long time, you can see, the big difference in.

00:47:39.630 --> 00:47:50.340 Brandon Beachum: How much has proliferated you know society and becoming more and more mainstream I mean I go to I mentioned like Bernie man earlier, you know I go to festivals, and things like that quite often, and you know going.

00:47:51.330 --> 00:48:00.510 Brandon Beachum: going to these events and seeing 21 year olds who are you know super into spirituality and it's like the hip cool thing it's like that was not the case when I was 21 and.

00:48:00.810 --> 00:48:08.100 Brandon Beachum: No one was talking about this stuff of a very much certainly not a lot of young people, and so I think we're on a fast track to awakening.

00:48:08.670 --> 00:48:18.390 Brandon Beachum: and part of that growth there comes a point you know I equate what's happened recently, this sort of retraction period for mankind.

00:48:18.990 --> 00:48:26.040 Brandon Beachum: equated to the journey of the the caterpillar and the butterfly I mean you can look at a caterpillar and What it does is.

00:48:26.400 --> 00:48:33.900 Brandon Beachum: You know it starts out in it, it it's funny because I was telling my mother about this once probably a year ago, or so, as I was writing you know.

00:48:34.650 --> 00:48:40.680 Brandon Beachum: Or maybe when it was when I was writing I was telling her you know yeah i'm writing about the caterpillar into a butterfly new caterpillar's will go and they'll.

00:48:40.980 --> 00:48:45.360 Brandon Beachum: Just kind of destroy everything in there in there that come across their their.

00:48:45.840 --> 00:48:57.960 Brandon Beachum: You know their path and she instantly is like oh my gosh you're right my geraniums of three years i've loved in these caterpillars are eating them alive and i'm like exactly so it's just destroying everything in its path.

00:48:58.110 --> 00:49:09.210 Brandon Beachum: With reckless abandon doesn't care about you or your lover attachment to your geraniums and but at some point in the caterpillars journey, I imagine, El cel pops up.

00:49:09.720 --> 00:49:15.720 Brandon Beachum: You know and it's this cell that's got a totally different messaging and at first, the the.

00:49:16.350 --> 00:49:26.400 Brandon Beachum: You know caterpillar cells look at it and say what what is this, you know and stamp it out kill it right, think of Jesus as an imagined early imagine El cel what is this stamp it out, you know.

00:49:26.640 --> 00:49:34.950 Brandon Beachum: But then another imaginary cell pops up and then another and another, and, over time, at first, the caterpillar can kind of contain it and kills them off, but then.

00:49:35.340 --> 00:49:38.490 Brandon Beachum: Enough of them are online, at the same time, they start working together.

00:49:38.970 --> 00:49:52.590 Brandon Beachum: And at some point the tide shifts and the imagine i'll sell start to take over, and at this point it's it's chaos for the caterpillars world it retreats into a chrysalis and the caterpillar.

00:49:53.220 --> 00:50:03.390 Brandon Beachum: The cells that have made up the caterpillar actually turn and melt into a goo that the imagine l cells feed on so all the pain and destruction.

00:50:03.870 --> 00:50:18.870 Brandon Beachum: That the caterpillars precipitated now become a fuel for the imaginary cells to feed on which hold the Code, the DNA for the butterfly and out of that they transmute it into what we know as the beautiful butterfly.

00:50:19.410 --> 00:50:26.580 Brandon Beachum: And, just when the caterpillar thinks its world is over, it becomes a butterfly, and so I like to equate that to what we've been through.

00:50:26.820 --> 00:50:29.700 Brandon Beachum: Going into the coven chrysalis and as we emerge out.

00:50:29.970 --> 00:50:35.880 Brandon Beachum: You know, yes, it looks messy all around, and you know and at some point, it looks messy and.

00:50:36.300 --> 00:50:43.980 Brandon Beachum: You know, if you take a snapshot of souls evolution, why did this child have this hardship or death or or you know disability.

00:50:44.430 --> 00:50:53.640 Brandon Beachum: Okay, and you're seeing a snapshot in it in a infinite souls journey, when you see it from the broader perspective it's on its way to its butterfly ness and I believe.

00:50:53.940 --> 00:51:04.260 Brandon Beachum: Collectively that's what we're experiencing now, as we emerged from the code chrysalis and more and more people are waking to the truth of these ideas and and yeah just profound truth.

00:51:04.500 --> 00:51:07.560 Georgeann Dau: I love it I love that image that's really great.

00:51:07.920 --> 00:51:08.220 Judi Miller: yeah.

00:51:08.250 --> 00:51:09.090 Georgeann Dau: I agree.

00:51:09.270 --> 00:51:15.990 Judi Miller: It is a beautiful image brandon one of the things that you talked about in your book also is that life is a simulation um.

00:51:16.320 --> 00:51:29.400 Brandon Beachum: Yes, yes I love I love this you know this is early on, I believe it's in the second key know the illusion and I talked about this idea that was first really gained a lot of popularity in.

00:51:30.960 --> 00:51:41.310 Brandon Beachum: and early 2000s a guy named Nick bostrom from Oxford put together a paper they called simulation argument and the idea is that.

00:51:42.570 --> 00:51:44.610 Brandon Beachum: You know, when you take a look at.

00:51:45.840 --> 00:51:58.830 Brandon Beachum: You know our journey as as beings or civilization in in civilization, in general, he he proposed that there's three possibilities with any advanced civilization one is that.

00:52:00.120 --> 00:52:10.650 Brandon Beachum: They they become post-human well first off he talks about would they if they become post-human which really means they survive all the things that would maybe stamp them out, you know overcome.

00:52:10.920 --> 00:52:19.740 Brandon Beachum: The you know the things that would limit them from advancing and they would die out he's like the first idea is that they become post-human.

00:52:20.640 --> 00:52:30.960 Brandon Beachum: or they never make it into becoming post-human they just never make it they kill themselves off before they can they actually achieve high technology second ideas that they become post-human.

00:52:31.380 --> 00:52:44.070 Brandon Beachum: And opt for low technology afterwards right the third he proposed was they become post-human and continue to advance their technology and what he then did is he also.

00:52:45.480 --> 00:52:51.930 Brandon Beachum: Basically, ran some algorithms to determine what he felt would be the most likely and it showed that more likely than not.

00:52:52.440 --> 00:53:04.500 Brandon Beachum: Becoming post human and opting for high technology would happen so if That indeed is the case, it only takes one post human high technology society to create many.

00:53:05.220 --> 00:53:16.500 Brandon Beachum: semi ancestor simulations simulations of themselves and we can see as our technology advances we're getting better and better look at you know, the latest xbox versus you know.

00:53:16.830 --> 00:53:26.490 Brandon Beachum: atari right it's getting more and more lifelike so it only stands to reason that we'd create simulations of ourself that become indistinguishable from the real thing.

00:53:27.030 --> 00:53:34.380 Brandon Beachum: And so that's why you have people like the Elon musk's of the world and stuff saying yeah I mean we can look at the the you know.

00:53:35.460 --> 00:53:45.930 Brandon Beachum: You know just examine the situation in which we find ourself as beings well i'm made of vibrations that if you zoom in I pixelate it's made of light there's.

00:53:46.410 --> 00:53:52.110 Brandon Beachum: Obviously, been programmed by someone there's certain rules that have been programmed into place physics and things like that and.

00:53:53.100 --> 00:54:02.310 Brandon Beachum: So there's a lot of evidence that it's a light show it's a simulation right, and so you have people like Elon musk saying yeah one in billions chance that we're in a base.

00:54:02.760 --> 00:54:15.120 Brandon Beachum: level reality versus simulation because all it takes is one advanced post human civilization, you know one kid with an xbox 100 on this shelf can create billions of us right and so.

00:54:15.600 --> 00:54:26.250 Brandon Beachum: I think, for some people, that can start to feel a little unnerving or an easy to like oh my gosh what i'm just on some kids shelf in a video game console in the future and it's like.

00:54:26.880 --> 00:54:29.550 Brandon Beachum: Perhaps and there's a lot of evidence that maybe can point to that.

00:54:29.850 --> 00:54:41.550 Brandon Beachum: According to this simulation argument, however what's the purpose and who's the designer behind it, and I believe we are the creator and created rolled into one we're the ones that set up the simulation as well.

00:54:42.330 --> 00:54:48.870 Brandon Beachum: You know it's God guiding right God experiencing herself and creating a.

00:54:49.650 --> 00:55:00.450 Brandon Beachum: A environment what what do we use simulations for in our own world well if I was going to be a fighter pilot they would put me in a simulator before they put me in the sky to fly around to you know.

00:55:01.440 --> 00:55:08.460 Brandon Beachum: $50 million machine right, why do they put me in a simulation first so that I can test and get my chops without.

00:55:08.700 --> 00:55:17.400 Brandon Beachum: The real risk of crashing and burning and doing major harm, so perhaps that's what's happening here is, we are in a simulation as we grow into our own.

00:55:17.760 --> 00:55:28.440 Brandon Beachum: You know, God hood and expand into more of ourselves where we can play in a simulated environment where the stakes are way less heavy, if you will, and.

00:55:28.770 --> 00:55:28.980 So.

00:55:30.030 --> 00:55:36.450 Georgeann Dau: Waiting for us to you know all look at maybe in collective consciousness.

00:55:37.830 --> 00:55:45.030 Georgeann Dau: What we're paying attention to within the collective consciousness, because there's a lot of ideas there's a lot of.

00:55:46.080 --> 00:55:46.710 Georgeann Dau: Thought.

00:55:48.030 --> 00:55:55.680 Georgeann Dau: You know what do we pay attention to, but that's you know I could sit with you for hours, so we have a minute before we need to end.

00:55:56.940 --> 00:56:09.900 Georgeann Dau: Unfortunately, so brandon is there anything that you would like our listeners and viewers to take away from our time together is there one piece that you could sneak up in 30 seconds.

00:56:11.220 --> 00:56:22.080 Brandon Beachum: That you are as worthy as any other being ever has been could be or will be, you are one with it all, there is no one better there's no one more qualified, you are the evolution of 14 billion years of the physical universe.

00:56:22.350 --> 00:56:34.650 Brandon Beachum: now emerging as you, you have 2000 ancestors, in the last 400 years grandparents alone that did so much fought died love lost pain, so that you could exist.

00:56:35.070 --> 00:56:38.010 Brandon Beachum: don't get caught up telling a story of separation you're not as good as.

00:56:38.370 --> 00:56:44.400 Brandon Beachum: Anyone that you would compare yourself to you're seeing or hearing that person you're comparing yourself to in your field, because you're such a.

00:56:44.760 --> 00:56:53.310 Brandon Beachum: Close vibrational match that they're appearing in front of you you're calling it in it's just that much closer don't create separation with it create unification with it, yes, well.

00:56:53.850 --> 00:56:55.230 Georgeann Dau: It was such a treasure.

00:56:55.410 --> 00:56:57.510 Brandon Beachum: Thank you for joining us thanks.

00:56:57.660 --> 00:57:02.370 Brandon Beachum: So much for having me i've so appreciated taking this journey with all of you.

00:57:03.000 --> 00:57:07.560 Judi Miller: And the in your book The golden cake was a fabulous rate, so thank you for sharing that with the world.

00:57:08.400 --> 00:57:10.080 Georgeann Dau: Thank you brands and very much.

00:57:10.140 --> 00:57:10.920 Brandon Beachum: My pleasure.

00:57:11.040 --> 00:57:12.450 Brandon Beachum: Thanks journey well.

00:57:12.630 --> 00:57:21.870 Georgeann Dau: Well, my gosh you to Thank you everyone for joining us tonight, and we look forward to seeing you next week on a journey through into awareness take opportunity.

00:57:22.080 --> 00:57:23.610 Judi Miller: Have a great night good day.

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