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Monday, June 7, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/06/07 - What Does a Successful Life Look Like?

Facebook Live Video from 2021/06/07 - What Does a Successful Life Look Like?


2021/06/07 - What Does a Successful Life Look Like?

[NEW EPISODE] What Does a Successful Life Look Like?

Would you like to create extraordinary outer success, radiant health, and profound inner happiness – all at the same time? Join us for this very special interview with Debra Poneman, founder and CEO of Yes to Success.

Debra’s workshops, keynotes and on-line events have transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Her clients have used her formula to become mega-successful entrepreneurs, renowned transformational leaders, NY Times bestselling authors, millionaires, billionaires—even household names.

Yet Debra feels her greatest accomplishment is not just that she’s helped so many live their dreams but has shown them the truth of their own power and how to make their greatest contribution to a world that works for everyone. Debra is also a bestselling author and has appeared on networks including ABC, NBC, FOX and CNN.

Tune in for this philosophical conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Tonight’s podcast starts with introducing guest star: Debra Poneman. She talks about her company Yes to Success and what success means to her. Success is more than the material things and she explains how loving yourself is the key to and is success. Debra answers the question of how to love yourself by telling her story to success. She goes back to when she was younger and how she came across ideas such as following your heart’s desires, believing your ideas are sacred, and not waiting for that “perfect moment” to start pursuing your ideas.

Segment 2

Coming back from the break, Debra talks about being thankful for the failures and missed opportunities in life, rather than thinking negatively about it. She gives more helpful advice and explains how each one can help you accomplish your goals. Debra tells of a near death experience, where she makes a realization that the universe makes no mistakes. She continues telling her experience and makes the connection that words have power.

Segment 3

Debra goes into how to create a healthy physiology because bodily health is a basis to success. Research studies show that being healthy when you are older is often because of lifestyle choices made when you are younger. Debra shares her surprising and useful tips for lifestyle choices that are often taught in her classes.

Segment 4

Coming back from the break, the hosts and Debra talk about upcoming events going on at Yes for Success as well as where to get the Ageless Ebook, where they talk more about doing good lifestyle practices to stay ageless as you age. Debra explains how worrying can cancel out all the benefits of making good lifestyle choices because in the end, “your word is your wand.” The conversation ends with the 100 Monkey Story, an analogy that wraps up the podcast with encouragement to pursue your ideas and follow your heart.


00:00:44.160 --> 00:00:56.610 Georgeann Dau: Good evening, welcome to a journey through into awareness i'm talk to George and I feel like bozo the clown because I just got my haircut I don't like it.

00:00:57.930 --> 00:01:09.390 Georgeann Dau: Welcome everyone having some fun tonight we have a great guest i'm your host stuff to George and TAO with with our wonderful from my friend Judy Miller.

00:01:09.720 --> 00:01:23.580 Georgeann Dau: Who, we are co hosts have this incredible show, and we want to thank you for joining us, those of you that joined us every week, we want to thank you so much, and we hope that everything that we bring to you.

00:01:24.360 --> 00:01:34.290 Georgeann Dau: Is a takeaway that you can use going forward in your life find nourishing and heartfelt not just information.

00:01:35.460 --> 00:01:38.850 Georgeann Dau: So we want to thank you always for being with us.

00:01:40.050 --> 00:01:47.460 Georgeann Dau: And i'm going to say hello to our guests, but first judy's gonna say an awful lot about her.

00:01:48.780 --> 00:01:53.760 Judi Miller: Yes, I am, but first i'm going to say George and I love your hair you're always gorgeous.

00:01:55.080 --> 00:01:58.740 Georgeann Dau: And that's because you love me God, yes, absolutely.

00:01:58.920 --> 00:02:09.300 Judi Miller: But i'm so excited about our guests here today, so Deborah Parliament is the founder and CEO of yes to success her workshops keynotes and online events have transformed.

00:02:09.690 --> 00:02:21.150 Judi Miller: The lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world her clients have used her formula to become mega successful entrepreneurs renowned transformational leaders New York Times bestselling authors.

00:02:21.450 --> 00:02:29.400 Judi Miller: millionaires and billionaires yes billionaires even household names she's often called a mentor to the mentors.

00:02:29.820 --> 00:02:38.220 Judi Miller: Yet Deborah feels her greatest accomplishment is not just that she's helped so many people live their dreams, but she has shown them the truth of their own power.

00:02:38.490 --> 00:02:42.630 Judi Miller: And how to make their greatest contribution to the world that works for everyone.

00:02:43.290 --> 00:02:52.320 Judi Miller: So I actually met Deborah about five years ago and i've actually gone through her yes to success program at least three times and i've also done her ageless Program.

00:02:53.040 --> 00:03:04.200 Judi Miller: i'm always amazed that the depth of knowledge and I just want to warn listeners right off the BAT that our time together will only scratch the surface of the information that this amazing woman has to share.

00:03:05.220 --> 00:03:16.950 Judi Miller: And what touches me most about Deborah has her big open heart Deborah does everything with love, she was the one that actually encouraged me to write my book perfect and she was always there for me.

00:03:17.520 --> 00:03:29.820 Judi Miller: And I am so honored to call her my friend and my mentor and Dr George and and I are so excited to share Deborah with all of our listeners so welcome to journey through to awareness Deborah.

00:03:30.720 --> 00:03:44.400 Debra Poneman: I am so excited to be here and I am so happy that you listened to my encouragement to write your book perfect because it's such a phenomenal book and really has contributed to so many lives really is.

00:03:44.730 --> 00:03:53.490 Judi Miller: Thank you so much Deborah that's so nice of you to say so Deborah the name of your company is yes to success, what is success mean to you.

00:03:55.110 --> 00:04:04.800 Debra Poneman: Oh, goodness, you know people ask me that all the time and that's why it's kind of confusing you know the name of my company is yes to success and people think i'm going to start teaching them.

00:04:05.100 --> 00:04:13.920 Debra Poneman: How to have a fancy car and a big house and and you know the corner office and the truth about it is, is that.

00:04:14.220 --> 00:04:25.770 Debra Poneman: You can have all those things and still totally not feel successful on the inside and that's why I love what you're doing journey to awareness, because if success is an inside job.

00:04:26.250 --> 00:04:37.980 Debra Poneman: And I have seen people who have had have had all the material success that anybody would want and they still feel like their failures they're still unfulfilled they're still unhappy I mean, to the extent that they.

00:04:38.850 --> 00:04:49.680 Debra Poneman: I mean you look at somebody like a Kate spade may she rest in peace worth $200 million, what did that do for her so to me success is loving yourself.

00:04:49.920 --> 00:04:59.730 Debra Poneman: Success is being able to look in the mirror and say I really love that person that is looking back at me because, when you have self love.

00:05:00.000 --> 00:05:12.420 Debra Poneman: That is the basis to success Okay, and when you really love yourself whether you have the corner office or you drive the top of the wine tesla or you're driving a little Prius like me.

00:05:13.050 --> 00:05:22.890 Debra Poneman: It doesn't matter because it absolutely has nothing to do with any of that success is all about loving yourself that's right so.

00:05:22.980 --> 00:05:24.300 Georgeann Dau: All of those things.

00:05:24.570 --> 00:05:33.300 Georgeann Dau: people look to do in the world to define themselves and we live in a world that's like that, and I think all of us can remember.

00:05:33.660 --> 00:05:44.880 Georgeann Dau: What that might have been, because we all started somewhere from that because we live in the world we're not of the world, but we live in the world and the world is all about that.

00:05:46.920 --> 00:06:01.440 Judi Miller: And what you both said is just so beautiful but you know debra and George and, as I look out into the world there's so many people who don't love themselves, yes, so how can we go about helping people to discover and to truly love themselves.

00:06:03.210 --> 00:06:12.600 Debra Poneman: Well here's the deal it's not just one thing I mean I could talk about it for hours and hours and hours, but I just want to go back.

00:06:12.600 --> 00:06:13.200 Georgeann Dau: To what I.

00:06:13.530 --> 00:06:24.870 Debra Poneman: You asked me originally like what is success i'm going to tell you my story, because if I tell you my story then you'll see how I happened upon self love Okay, is that okay.

00:06:25.050 --> 00:06:26.790 Georgeann Dau: yeah sounds great okay.

00:06:26.970 --> 00:06:28.290 Georgeann Dau: So, yes.

00:06:28.980 --> 00:06:31.650 Debra Poneman: God knows, and I think Jim knows.

00:06:32.700 --> 00:06:41.460 Debra Poneman: I started meditating when I was 18 and when I was 19 I went to teacher training, I went to become a teacher of transcendental meditation and.

00:06:42.180 --> 00:06:53.850 Debra Poneman: When I can when I became a teacher of tm I taught a literally over 1000 people tm and I really believe that inner silence.

00:06:54.210 --> 00:07:02.400 Debra Poneman: We need to create the inner silence first if we think that we're going to create success without inner silence it's like thinking you're going to build a building without a foundation.

00:07:02.880 --> 00:07:06.300 Debra Poneman: Okay, and I know that there are many wonderful techniques out there.

00:07:06.510 --> 00:07:15.900 Debra Poneman: But I also know that anything that creates inner silence, you need that first, because if you don't the building is going to crumble you're not going to have that foundation.

00:07:16.110 --> 00:07:24.870 Debra Poneman: So what happened was I was teaching tm full time for the entire decade of the 70s, I was also administrator Maharishi international University in fairfield iowa.

00:07:25.200 --> 00:07:37.620 Debra Poneman: And at the end of the decade of the 70s, yes, you could calculate how old I am I became a teacher, I went to teacher training in 1971 I just scored it out of my mom and just went right off the teacher training, but.

00:07:39.630 --> 00:07:48.930 Debra Poneman: So I became a teacher and, at the end of the decade, I have a thought that woman does not live by mantra alone and I actually needed to make some money.

00:07:49.350 --> 00:08:02.280 Debra Poneman: So I moved to La I was living in a meditation community, and that was when I went to an event, where the person was talking about the law of attraction, this is 1980.

00:08:02.640 --> 00:08:14.520 Debra Poneman: And what the person was saying is that we are like tuning forks and a tuning for it that's an a flat in a sharp whatever it is, cannot cannot cannot attract to it and b flat.

00:08:14.880 --> 00:08:27.600 Debra Poneman: Because it would like tuning forks only can attract like attracts like and just like that, if we're always talking about home miserably we are how we're never get not going to get out and dad, how will never find our soulmate.

00:08:28.050 --> 00:08:37.620 Debra Poneman: that's how we're vibrating and that's, the only thing that we can vibrate because everything is vibration and what I realized was that.

00:08:38.010 --> 00:08:44.340 Debra Poneman: I wanted to teach this knowledge, because now I knew how to teach people how to create that inner silence.

00:08:44.580 --> 00:08:57.930 Debra Poneman: But now I found out that there was actually this body of knowledge that was taught by great masters like Napoleon Hill and wallace wattles and Florence Shen and Catherine ponder.

00:08:58.200 --> 00:09:11.460 Debra Poneman: That was all about the outer things that you can do will actually enter to like having gratitude all the things we know, having gratitude not being negative giving thanks for whatever happens in your life.

00:09:11.790 --> 00:09:22.380 Debra Poneman: So I started my company back in 1980 and, as you know it spread like wildfire all over the world, I had REPS teaching all over the world.

00:09:22.890 --> 00:09:31.170 Debra Poneman: And what I found was that, when the main one of the keys was following your heart's desire.

00:09:31.650 --> 00:09:42.480 Debra Poneman: Following your heart's desire, because a lot of times we know what we want in life, we know that we love music, we know that we love writing, we know that we love speaking.

00:09:42.720 --> 00:09:50.310 Debra Poneman: But then we have the discouragement committee that tells us all the reasons why Oh, we don't need another podcast what are you thinking.

00:09:50.670 --> 00:09:55.230 Georgeann Dau: I have the right shit that calls it, the bozos on the bus the.

00:09:57.090 --> 00:10:03.630 Georgeann Dau: head I love her, she goes at the bozos on the bus you'll call me and say the bozos on the bus and going at it again.

00:10:04.620 --> 00:10:12.540 Debra Poneman: But you know and it's not only the bozos on the bus inside your head, but I always tell people this, and this is a very important principle of success.

00:10:13.290 --> 00:10:19.710 Debra Poneman: When you have an idea that fills a need or answers the lack in society.

00:10:20.070 --> 00:10:31.740 Debra Poneman: With ever that is you're given that idea by the Creator, because you are the one that's supposed to manifest it if I wasn't given the idea to to start a podcast like this.

00:10:32.040 --> 00:10:39.420 Debra Poneman: I was given the idea to start teaching success seminars, but what happens is is that we often when we have an idea.

00:10:39.840 --> 00:10:46.890 Debra Poneman: We tell people about it when it's a tiny seed that could easily be crushed, not only by inside our head.

00:10:47.190 --> 00:10:55.020 Debra Poneman: But the discouraged MC Committee, you know our mother our partner or friends on it that's not gonna work, I have a friend who tried that that's not going to work.

00:10:55.410 --> 00:11:08.280 Debra Poneman: boom Our idea is crushed before we have the time for it to be planted and become a strong plant and then, even though the discouragement committee tells you what won't work it's not going to be crushed.

00:11:08.670 --> 00:11:18.180 Debra Poneman: And so what I tell people, the first thing that you have to do if you really want to love yourself as be true to your ideas would keep them inside.

00:11:18.660 --> 00:11:30.990 Debra Poneman: I say that sacred and secret come from the same route your ideas are sacred, they should be kept secret until they're sufficiently manifested so, even if the discouragement committee shows up.

00:11:31.440 --> 00:11:46.050 Debra Poneman: You can try my my ideas, because i've already manifested them to the point that I know that this is going to work so when So the first thing is, if you want to love yourself is keep your ideas secret.

00:11:46.800 --> 00:11:54.180 Debra Poneman: don't tell the discouragement committee be don't tell anybody, and the other thing is don't wait until you think you're ready.

00:11:54.810 --> 00:12:06.660 Debra Poneman: Because you'll never think you're ready, because we live in a relative universe, and there will always be loose ends oh i'll do that when kids are grown Judy and I know that all that when.

00:12:07.440 --> 00:12:15.690 Debra Poneman: I get the inheritance i'll do that when I get the divorce i'll do that when I get married i'll do that when when when next thing we know.

00:12:15.960 --> 00:12:26.730 Debra Poneman: we're on our deathbed and and when never came so don't wait for everything to be perfectly in place it's just not going to happen, what you need to do is, we need to.

00:12:27.450 --> 00:12:37.260 Debra Poneman: Take our dreams and take a step from which there is no turning back, and when I had the idea to teach yes to success my step from which there is no turning back.

00:12:37.680 --> 00:12:43.860 Debra Poneman: Is I went around and I put up posters that was back in 1980 right that's how we advertised.

00:12:44.340 --> 00:12:57.690 Debra Poneman: And when I put up my posters, though, yes success the discouragement committee showed up I already had the posters up I already taken a step from which there is no turning back so um I couldn't turn back.

00:12:57.720 --> 00:13:10.350 Debra Poneman: I had already rented the room, I already put up the posters take that step and then because I didn't listen to the discouragement Committee I walked into that room at Santa Monica public library.

00:13:10.920 --> 00:13:19.200 Debra Poneman: And even though this discouragement Committee said nobody's gonna believe a crazy idea like your mind creates your reality I walked in and they're standing room only.

00:13:19.680 --> 00:13:31.140 Debra Poneman: So I listened to the voice took a step from which there's no turning back I didn't share it until it was significantly manifested and the rest is history.

00:13:31.230 --> 00:13:47.340 Judi Miller: So Deborah before we take a break, I just wanted to ask you another quick question you talked about listening to that inner voice or that whisper that guides us and to follow our passion, but how do we actually learn to trust that so many of us doubt that inner voice that we hear.

00:13:48.660 --> 00:13:58.710 Debra Poneman: Well, one thing that you could do, first of all it's not that we doubted it's that we're scared that if we do follow it that we're going to fail.

00:13:58.980 --> 00:14:00.360 Georgeann Dau: Well, we are so brimmed.

00:14:01.020 --> 00:14:05.490 Georgeann Dau: lightly programs, we can we can we continue this when we get back.

00:14:05.850 --> 00:14:18.630 Georgeann Dau: Is, we have to take X and i'm so sorry I don't mean to cut you off, but before we get into it, because it's so exciting I don't want to cut you off again so we'll be right back with Deborah Putnam and we'll be right back.

00:16:52.380 --> 00:16:57.780 Georgeann Dau: Welcome back to a journey through into awareness we're here tonight with Deborah Parliament.

00:16:58.890 --> 00:17:04.140 Georgeann Dau: So Deborah Thank you again for being here, so please continue what you were saying.

00:17:06.150 --> 00:17:11.790 Debra Poneman: Okay, I love the you know I hate to say I love those commercials because, like Sam lever with some of.

00:17:12.270 --> 00:17:20.910 Debra Poneman: My favorite people on the planet it's so exciting anyway um so what I was saying is.

00:17:21.660 --> 00:17:29.580 Debra Poneman: When your intuition to speaking to you know what's your intuition you just do, but you are afraid of failure.

00:17:30.150 --> 00:17:38.790 Debra Poneman: If people could just get two things one is there's no such thing as failure there's just different ways to not do a thing.

00:17:39.240 --> 00:17:50.160 Debra Poneman: You know i've had failures quote unquote failures, but if we know that everything is just leading us in the perfect direction as Byron katie.

00:17:50.520 --> 00:17:59.010 Debra Poneman: always says, you know we just have to love, what is even if it looks like a failure, what I teach people to say is.

00:17:59.670 --> 00:18:07.110 Debra Poneman: Thank you God, because if you say thank you for even what looks like a mistake or a failure of or block.

00:18:07.620 --> 00:18:19.350 Debra Poneman: The truth of it will reveal itself to you much more quickly, because it opens up there's an energetic opening but it's like Oh, why did this happen to me I can't believe that I wanted to do this and then that happened.

00:18:19.800 --> 00:18:29.010 Debra Poneman: Then it closes us up at contracts us, and then we don't see the glory of the silver lining and absolutely everything.

00:18:29.370 --> 00:18:41.670 Debra Poneman: The other thing is when you have an intuition, to do something again you don't wait until everything's perfectly in place, but also don't move slowly move quickly and i'll tell you why.

00:18:42.120 --> 00:18:50.610 Debra Poneman: When you move quickly towards your dream if it's the wrong dream, you will know, right away in your course correct.

00:18:50.910 --> 00:19:00.960 Debra Poneman: But you can't steer a parked car right and if you're slow well i'll dip my toe into this maybe i'll try writing this book, maybe i'll try.

00:19:01.260 --> 00:19:12.270 Debra Poneman: Judy you know you wrote your book you took off like lightning when you started writing your book Okay, and in you, you did, and then look what an incredible best seller was right.

00:19:12.600 --> 00:19:20.220 Debra Poneman: If you just dip your toe you know you can be doing something for a long time before you realize that you're going in the wrong direction.

00:19:20.550 --> 00:19:32.610 Debra Poneman: course correct you're already in you know in California when you're driving from New England so go quickly all right so that's The other thing, but one more thing, and that is if this is your comfort zone.

00:19:33.720 --> 00:19:43.740 Debra Poneman: And this is where you're you're used to living just do something a little bit outside your comfort zone that's all we're not asking you to do something.

00:19:45.870 --> 00:19:50.730 Debra Poneman: Then you see it wasn't even a big deal and now your comfort zone is this thing.

00:19:53.010 --> 00:19:58.860 Debra Poneman: That wasn't so bad i'll try something my intuition to sing to do that's over here so, then you.

00:19:59.310 --> 00:20:15.720 Debra Poneman: know your comfort zone is this big and then your comfort zone is this big in that's how you make progress in life we're not telling you to wake up and do something way up here just take those steps listen to your intuition and and you'll find that it won't lead you astray.

00:20:16.590 --> 00:20:25.530 Judi Miller: Since every you were talking about how everything is here to serve us and how everything is truly perfect and on my journey, I was actually able to see then experience that.

00:20:25.830 --> 00:20:34.050 Judi Miller: I know that you had a similar experience as well, could you share with our listeners are near death experience and how you experienced the perfection of the universe.

00:20:35.490 --> 00:20:46.740 Debra Poneman: Yes, thank you for asking one of my favorite experiences so from the time I started teaching yes to success so again we're going back to 1980.

00:20:47.100 --> 00:21:01.440 Debra Poneman: I go to this seminar where I learned that there is a body of knowledge, there you can actually take these steps to create a successful life, I thought you just meditate and your life will be successful will know.

00:21:01.920 --> 00:21:09.240 Debra Poneman: Is you can meditate and you have the basis, but then there's energetic things that you could do that I learned from.

00:21:09.810 --> 00:21:20.730 Debra Poneman: These great masters in one thing that everybody says Napoleon Hill and wallace wattles and Florence Shin and science of mine, they all say your word is your wand.

00:21:21.000 --> 00:21:29.430 Debra Poneman: And you can speak things into reality and I always told people that and also visualize things I remember when I was broke.

00:21:29.670 --> 00:21:36.030 Debra Poneman: And I was driving a beat up old chevy belair that my auntie left me 10 year old chevy belair that when she died.

00:21:36.330 --> 00:21:48.600 Debra Poneman: But I went I wanted a Mercedes, this is back in the 80s, so I went to the Mercedes dealer got a picture of this exact Mercedes that I wanted put it up on my Bulletin board visualized myself in that Mercedes, God knows this.

00:21:49.440 --> 00:22:05.520 Debra Poneman: I swear to you as I sit here three years later, somebody gave me that exact Mercedes gave it to me, but I know, so I knew that the power of our thoughts I knew the power of our words I taught it for decades.

00:22:06.060 --> 00:22:11.280 Debra Poneman: So this is 1980 fast forward to 2014.

00:22:11.790 --> 00:22:14.130 Debra Poneman: And dumb one day i'm in home.

00:22:14.370 --> 00:22:28.680 Debra Poneman: And I am feeling a little bit sick and whenever I don't really get sick whenever I feel like something's coming on I don't even name, and I know i'm getting a sore throat now I just take some golden seal explanation, a little zinc some electrolytes gone.

00:22:29.010 --> 00:22:38.070 Debra Poneman: So I did my routine this is on a Monday and actually felt worse on Tuesday well that's unusual I did it again, I felt worse on Wednesday.

00:22:39.150 --> 00:22:42.120 Debra Poneman: On Saturday i'm lying in bed and thinking.

00:22:43.710 --> 00:23:00.840 Debra Poneman: and probably going to die here because I was sicker than I ever remember having been I lived alone, I was divorced at the time and i'm lying in bed, and I thought okay i'm going to die, and I did what any intelligent person would do I called my favorite healer.

00:23:02.460 --> 00:23:16.650 Debra Poneman: And because he's a long distance healer and I said, you have to help me he says, I will help you, but you have to promise you you'll do exactly what I tell you to do so, I said anything he said call 911 immediately.

00:23:17.910 --> 00:23:27.450 Debra Poneman: And I couldn't at that point, I was really failing, so he called 911 the paramedics came the Arctic she break down my door because I hit a break in because I couldn't stand up.

00:23:27.930 --> 00:23:35.400 Debra Poneman: And they asked me what hospital, I wanted to go to I said evanston and they didn't have the 11 minutes to get me to evanston hospital.

00:23:35.640 --> 00:23:48.690 Debra Poneman: They had to take me to a hospital around the corner, they wheeled me into the emergency room and the people in the emergency room start rushing around putting in the tubes and every orifice and monitors word the tubes couldn't go.

00:23:49.110 --> 00:23:56.640 Debra Poneman: And I started dying, well, it turned out, I had I had what's called an acute sepsis, which is a bacteria in your blood, I had just gotten back from a developing country.

00:23:56.940 --> 00:24:03.720 Debra Poneman: you've about a 50% chance of living, if you have an acute sepsis I had to deadly bacteria in my blood.

00:24:04.410 --> 00:24:15.930 Debra Poneman: And so the odds didn't lock not liquid my blood pressure was like 52 over 28 which is not compatible with life so i'm lying on the gurney and I start going to the other side.

00:24:16.890 --> 00:24:25.950 Debra Poneman: And while I start going to the other side, I noticed that, when my eyes are open, I could see everybody rushing around trying to save my life and my eyes are closed.

00:24:26.280 --> 00:24:37.290 Debra Poneman: I could also see everybody rushing around and trying to save my life, but I also saw that everything that they were doing was guided by a divine light.

00:24:37.740 --> 00:24:47.010 Debra Poneman: That it wasn't their choice to hang an IV bag it wasn't their choice to change the setting on a monitor it was being guided by the divine.

00:24:47.550 --> 00:24:56.940 Debra Poneman: And I remember lying there thinking Oh, my goodness, when we say there are no mistakes in the universe, there are really no mistakes in the universe and.

00:24:57.360 --> 00:25:06.330 Debra Poneman: even one of the nurses actually fumbled an IV bag and dropped it on the gurney and everybody likes shatter daggers with their eyes, but I saw.

00:25:06.570 --> 00:25:16.470 Debra Poneman: That when she bent down to get the IV bag she moved her head away from one of the monitors and somebody went Oh, my goodness, and went and made an adjustment that saved my life.

00:25:17.760 --> 00:25:20.550 Debra Poneman: And I saw how everything in creation just fits.

00:25:20.550 --> 00:25:31.410 Debra Poneman: Together lean hogs the fine fine tuned watch and then it got even better so i'm lying here thinking Okay, I want to live, so I could tell everybody there really are no mistakes.

00:25:31.770 --> 00:25:41.580 Debra Poneman: And by then my former husband, who is still my dear dear friend and actually I have to tell you tomorrow, because it was on our would be anniversary, it was actually on June 8.

00:25:42.060 --> 00:25:54.660 Debra Poneman: So it was June 8 exactly six years ago that this hair exactly seven years ago that this happened so happy anniversary so anyway, what happened was she had arrived, because the healer called him and told him, where I was.

00:25:55.170 --> 00:26:04.260 Debra Poneman: And when he sat down, it did not look like I was going to live and I looked over, and I saw these tears rolling down his face, and so did the nurse.

00:26:04.590 --> 00:26:12.840 Debra Poneman: And the nurse went over to him and put her hand on his shoulder and said don't worry she's going to be fine.

00:26:13.350 --> 00:26:24.120 Debra Poneman: And what I saw was that, when she said, the words she's going to be fine I saw the words in that place between life and death, I saw the words come out of her mouth.

00:26:24.600 --> 00:26:34.470 Debra Poneman: accompanied by this pink sparkly light it looked a lot like a my little pony rainbow but she said she's going to be fine in the words went out of her mouth.

00:26:34.860 --> 00:26:54.780 Debra Poneman: And went into my body in gave strength to every every fiber of my being just gate got strength from the words she's going to be fine and i'm like Oh, my goodness, your word is your wand your words do create your reality and then.

00:26:55.980 --> 00:27:06.930 Debra Poneman: I mean this story is phenomenal the doctor walks in looks at the monitors sees what's going on and says get that blood pressure up.

00:27:07.260 --> 00:27:13.380 Debra Poneman: or we're going to lose her in this really gruff voice and when he said we're going to lose her.

00:27:13.830 --> 00:27:24.960 Debra Poneman: I saw company those words this brown Gray gunk and it was a cartoon his company by a smell it even smell like a swamp it went out of his mouth.

00:27:25.320 --> 00:27:33.720 Debra Poneman: into my body took all of my strength away so I made a deal with God, I said, if you let me live.

00:27:34.140 --> 00:27:41.520 Debra Poneman: I will tell everybody, the power of their words even their power of the words to create life and death.

00:27:41.910 --> 00:27:50.220 Debra Poneman: And furthermore, then I could start, and then I started seeing the thoughts I saw somebody one of the order orderlies I guess they're called.

00:27:50.430 --> 00:27:57.750 Debra Poneman: Have the thought boy I wish, she would just die, so I could get home, I saw that thought, and I saw how the thoughts were affecting me.

00:27:58.350 --> 00:28:03.630 Debra Poneman: I said okay God, I will do your work on earth, I will tell everybody, and then I also made another another promise.

00:28:03.960 --> 00:28:18.510 Debra Poneman: And I will never say anything bad about my children, again, I will never say he so this and she saw that and shoes are and, to this day, I mean it's not like imperfect, but if I slip off I put my hand on my heart and I.

00:28:18.510 --> 00:28:18.930 Georgeann Dau: Say you're.

00:28:19.080 --> 00:28:19.680 Georgeann Dau: you're awake.

00:28:20.340 --> 00:28:22.950 Georgeann Dau: you're gonna be a win is that you slip up that's.

00:28:22.980 --> 00:28:31.860 Debra Poneman: What I have the awareness, but I say i'm about 97% I do not say anything, because I know.

00:28:31.950 --> 00:28:32.700 Debra Poneman: what's going.

00:28:33.510 --> 00:28:33.840 Debra Poneman: On now.

00:28:34.920 --> 00:28:36.630 Georgeann Dau: You also want it to live.

00:28:37.380 --> 00:28:40.410 Georgeann Dau: If something awesome position and they don't want to live.

00:28:41.040 --> 00:28:43.920 Georgeann Dau: That will expire them, I believe.

00:28:44.460 --> 00:28:45.390 Georgeann Dau: with all my heart.

00:28:45.960 --> 00:28:47.610 Debra Poneman: I said I said to God.

00:28:47.670 --> 00:28:48.450 Debra Poneman: I want to live.

00:28:48.510 --> 00:28:49.950 Debra Poneman: yeah here's the deal yeah.

00:28:49.980 --> 00:28:52.920 Debra Poneman: You, let me, I will do your work on earth.

00:28:53.550 --> 00:29:06.780 Georgeann Dau: Okay, very good interesting I love it okay we'll be right back with Deborah upon them, and we have to take a brief break, thank you for joining us on a journey through into awareness journeying we'll we'll be right back.

00:29:12.600 --> 00:29:14.730 Judi Miller: And left edge case and.

00:31:58.920 --> 00:31:59.700 Georgeann Dau: Welcome back.

00:31:59.730 --> 00:32:10.320 Georgeann Dau: To a journey through into awareness if you're just joining us we're we're your hosts Judy Miller and up to George and doubt and we're here with Deborah upon them.

00:32:11.520 --> 00:32:13.650 Judi Miller: So Deborah we warned our listeners that.

00:32:13.650 --> 00:32:29.460 Judi Miller: we're only scratching the surface of all this amazing information and knowledge that you have but you're always continuously reinventing yourself, and I know that you're starting a course about aging, can you tell us why you're doing that now and what motivated you to do that.

00:32:30.570 --> 00:32:37.590 Debra Poneman: yeah and, by the way, I just want to tell everybody, I have a diffuser going so if you think somebody smoking or hookah over there, and my.

00:32:39.510 --> 00:32:50.880 Debra Poneman: What do you call this essential oils I just love it, how many of them going in today, for some reason there it's blowing in this direction was like where's her house on fire anyway so.

00:32:51.510 --> 00:32:57.180 Debra Poneman: I just want to point that out in case anybody's wondering what that smoke is um.

00:32:57.870 --> 00:33:10.260 Debra Poneman: Alright, so and don't let me forget, I still want to talk about self realization but thank you for asking so here's what happened for all of these years that i've taught yes to success Okay, and I I teach yes to success.

00:33:11.250 --> 00:33:19.830 Debra Poneman: Around the world i've been doing it since 1981 and I, and I 1980 and I teach I teach goal setting and I teach.

00:33:21.030 --> 00:33:36.810 Debra Poneman: attitudes that create success and I teach prosperity principles, you know all of these things and and dumb but one of the things that I always taught was how to create a healthy physiology Okay, because.

00:33:37.320 --> 00:33:49.020 Debra Poneman: Health is another basis so spiritual awareness as a basis of success love loving yourself as a basis of success, but also your body your.

00:33:50.010 --> 00:33:58.980 Debra Poneman: body's a temple right, and if you treat it well, it will also be the basis to your success if you abuse it, it will not.

00:33:59.460 --> 00:34:06.090 Debra Poneman: And what I was noticing again is that you know this expression people spend their whole lives like.

00:34:06.450 --> 00:34:13.500 Debra Poneman: ruining their health to be successful and and you know and they make all this money, and then they spend all their money, trying to get their health back.

00:34:13.860 --> 00:34:19.500 Debra Poneman: Well, what if we could be successful and become healthier, at the same time.

00:34:20.010 --> 00:34:33.510 Debra Poneman: And what happened was was that people would say to me you look so great you guys know i'm going to be 70 in a few weeks, few months and people say there is no way that you are 70, and this is me this is what I.

00:34:33.960 --> 00:34:41.160 Debra Poneman: look like this is not, you know botox or anything with talks I will not put in my face not that there's anything wrong if.

00:34:42.300 --> 00:34:45.930 Debra Poneman: that's the way you've got it want to go, but I i'm scared anything name talks.

00:34:47.550 --> 00:35:03.240 Debra Poneman: But people ask me, and I say well you know what maybe what I should do is I should teach a course on what I do to keep the temple of the body youthful and strong and vibrant, so I decided that I was going to.

00:35:03.630 --> 00:35:19.320 Debra Poneman: teach a course on Anti aging, so I contacted one of my friends, who has been my friend for 50 years we were actually students at Washington University in St Louis together she actually was one of the meditators when I was the president of the meditation club on campus in 1972.

00:35:20.550 --> 00:35:29.910 Debra Poneman: And she would come she was one of the meditators she went on to Harvard and she became a researcher in anti aging, as a matter of fact, the very first research.

00:35:30.150 --> 00:35:38.190 Debra Poneman: On meditation and anti aging that appeared in Newsweek magazine in 1990 that was her team's research so.

00:35:38.910 --> 00:35:50.730 Debra Poneman: She and I teamed up and last year for the first time we taught this course called ageless and it was such a huge success because, again we taught people.

00:35:51.030 --> 00:35:59.820 Debra Poneman: How to turn back the hands of time how they have a clear brain how to have a strong body, how they have lustrous skin a hot of lester's here.

00:36:01.410 --> 00:36:12.150 Debra Poneman: into your 60s and 70s and 80s and 90s, and beyond, you know a lot of people think Oh, but it's hereditary into like alzheimers this hereditary guess what it's not.

00:36:12.540 --> 00:36:18.660 Debra Poneman: Only 5% of all timers patients have one or the other parent that had alzheimers.

00:36:18.960 --> 00:36:28.530 Debra Poneman: The other 95% it's lifestyle choices, so what we teach people are those lifestyle choices that you can make.

00:36:28.800 --> 00:36:37.860 Debra Poneman: so that you can have a crystal clear brain you don't have to have that people Oh well, and you're sick you start having memory loss know you don't.

00:36:38.310 --> 00:36:54.000 Debra Poneman: it's a choice yeah you do if you don't make the best lifestyle choices, so what we decided to do was to teach this course, and it is just overflowing with lifestyle choices that people can make, and I like to share some of them with your.

00:36:54.120 --> 00:37:00.210 Judi Miller: folks if you want me to absolutely and I took your course last year, so it's an absolutely amazing course.

00:37:01.320 --> 00:37:09.870 Debra Poneman: Well, thank you and I don't even know which one to start with, but okay i'll just tell you one because this this kind of blows people's mind.

00:37:11.010 --> 00:37:18.300 Debra Poneman: If we were if we were if you were able to raise your hand out there and listening land, I would say.

00:37:19.800 --> 00:37:32.160 Debra Poneman: What is a more potent anti aging strategy okay going to bed at 10 o'clock and sleeping until five that's only seven hours of sleep or going to bed at midnight.

00:37:32.520 --> 00:37:42.060 Debra Poneman: And sleeping until nine getting nine hours of sleep alright well, most people would say, well, you get your beauty sleep nine hours, the answer is.

00:37:43.500 --> 00:37:53.760 Debra Poneman: seven hours if you go to bed at 10 o'clock like what well that's because our bodies are still program according to our circadian rhythms.

00:37:54.120 --> 00:38:12.750 Debra Poneman: Our bodies are still programmed to start shutting down when the sun goes down cavemen didn't have electric lights that keep us going until midnight, so our circadian rhythms start gearing up to produce human growth hormones hd gh.

00:38:13.260 --> 00:38:22.320 Debra Poneman: peak human growth hormone occurs production occurs at 10 o'clock it reaches its peak.

00:38:22.890 --> 00:38:37.110 Debra Poneman: At before midnight and then it starts it starts diminishing so you get five times more human growth hormone, which is the hormone that keeps you young between the ages, the hours of 10 and 12.

00:38:37.650 --> 00:38:45.600 Debra Poneman: Then, even if you slept 10 hours beginning at midnight, so people say oh I can't go to bed at 10 things just started 10.

00:38:45.930 --> 00:39:00.150 Debra Poneman: Well, you don't have to do it every night do it as much as you can and we promise you that you will wake up feeling clear not like you got run over by a truck and you will have more energy during the day and.

00:39:00.750 --> 00:39:10.680 Debra Poneman: that's just one thing that people don't realize it's when you go to sleep not how long you sleep that stimulates human growth hormone.

00:39:11.820 --> 00:39:15.660 Judi Miller: So Deborah because I took your class i'm going to ask you some questions.

00:39:17.100 --> 00:39:20.610 Judi Miller: So, how does that, how does bad breath contribute to alzheimer's.

00:39:23.310 --> 00:39:35.160 Debra Poneman: that's so funny Okay, when you have bad breath, it means that that there is bacteria multiplying in your mouth and your oral cavity now a lot of people know that when bacteria multiplies.

00:39:35.820 --> 00:39:51.300 Debra Poneman: If you don't have good oral hygiene, which means brushing several times a day flossing at least everyday rinsing with a good natural mouthwash not one with formaldehyde not sorry no listerine none of I can remember slope.

00:39:52.290 --> 00:39:54.390 Debra Poneman: formaldehyde is a carcinogen.

00:39:55.200 --> 00:40:08.730 Debra Poneman: No, because you're mucosal membranes are very absorbent so you go to the health store you get a good naturally something with like tea tree oil they killed every known form of harmful bacteria on on contact okay.

00:40:09.120 --> 00:40:18.990 Debra Poneman: You rinse out your mouth, because if multi if your bacteria multiplies it not only becomes target target becomes plaque plaque becomes calculus and that's why you have gum disease and tooth decay.

00:40:19.410 --> 00:40:31.440 Debra Poneman: But also it gets into your bloodstream and what happens is is that when the bacteria gets into your bloodstream you've heard that it can cause heart disease, but it could also get into your brain and it causes inflammation.

00:40:31.860 --> 00:40:50.310 Debra Poneman: And the worst culprit for the degeneration of your brain is inflammation and and your inflammation is has been linked to dementia and alzheimers, so there are so many things that you can do to decrease.

00:40:51.390 --> 00:40:59.850 Debra Poneman: inflammation in your brain one is good oral hygiene all right, you know another thing, just so that you know another thing that you could do to decrease.

00:41:00.150 --> 00:41:05.970 Debra Poneman: Brain inflammation I bet you're going to ask me this next is please everybody stop eating white sugar.

00:41:06.690 --> 00:41:16.320 Debra Poneman: It is the number one culprit for blank brain inflammation don't complaining to me if you don't know where you put your keys, or why you walked into a room.

00:41:16.560 --> 00:41:22.050 Debra Poneman: If you're eating dunkin donuts okay that's your choice that's your lifestyle choice.

00:41:22.320 --> 00:41:32.940 Debra Poneman: But what you want to know is that that white sugar and also carbs that turn into white sugar like white pasta and white flour, you know white bread white rice.

00:41:33.240 --> 00:41:39.510 Debra Poneman: All of those things they cause brain inflammation in brain inflammation does lead to.

00:41:40.410 --> 00:41:51.690 Debra Poneman: memory loss and eventually dimension all timers, by the way, that prediction is by scientists that 50% of adults when they hit the age of 85 50%.

00:41:52.410 --> 00:42:01.380 Debra Poneman: will have alzheimers please don't be one of those 50% just start instead date sugar coconut sugar stevia monk fruit.

00:42:01.830 --> 00:42:12.600 Debra Poneman: All of those things are delicious substitutes but not true bn previous previous whatever it's that's fake those are made by the Pepsi coke company in the Coca Cola company I hope they're not your sponsors.

00:42:12.930 --> 00:42:16.740 Debra Poneman: But what you want is like some good organic like sweet leaf stevia.

00:42:17.040 --> 00:42:29.670 Debra Poneman: Their justice delicious the sugar and it doesn't cause brain inflammation do you want to make a cake sweeten it with applesauce my kids and grandkids they don't even know the difference I don't have grandkids i'm sorry my God kids.

00:42:32.370 --> 00:42:33.480 Judi Miller: The reason I asked you.

00:42:33.480 --> 00:42:45.960 Judi Miller: About bad breath as I wasn't feeling well and George and happens to be a natural pathak practitioner, and one of the questions she was asking me is do I have bad breath and my initial reaction was that's kind of personal George and.

00:42:46.560 --> 00:42:49.860 Judi Miller: So now, I know now I understand the reason why she was asking.

00:42:50.580 --> 00:42:52.650 Debra Poneman: yeah Am I right.

00:42:53.160 --> 00:43:00.600 Georgeann Dau: Yes, I yeah i've been i've been in 1981 I started a clinic i've been working.

00:43:02.280 --> 00:43:15.630 Georgeann Dau: With the psychological the spiritual and the physical since 1981 and helping patients put the whole piece together for health and healing besides the mouth i'm sure you know, the steps, because you know a lot.

00:43:17.070 --> 00:43:26.790 Georgeann Dau: it's also the microbiome it's also you got that if you have bad breath it's it could be the mouth, but it's many times, also the gut.

00:43:27.330 --> 00:43:37.200 Georgeann Dau: And when you have that going on in the mouth many times, it can cause heart disease, because the gums remain inflamed like Deborah said.

00:43:37.710 --> 00:43:47.310 Georgeann Dau: And the bacteria reaches all parts of the body it's really quite serious people have no idea, there was a patient that every time they would smile their gums were very red.

00:43:47.730 --> 00:43:57.750 Georgeann Dau: And I tried to explain to them that it looked like they had ginger vitesse and they said well if I floss employees will, of course, it boutiques because you have to divide us.

00:43:58.020 --> 00:43:59.280 Georgeann Dau: You have an application and.

00:44:00.510 --> 00:44:11.880 Georgeann Dau: You need to make it bleed and I make I I do aroma therapy I make a great mouthwash to keep the gums strong at the dentist they call me baby gums.

00:44:14.700 --> 00:44:21.210 Georgeann Dau: we'll be right back silly we'll be right back to a journey through with awareness and Deborah Parliament thanks for joining us.

00:46:43.200 --> 00:46:46.980 Georgeann Dau: Welcome back to the journey through with Deborah Parliament this evening.

00:46:47.790 --> 00:46:51.420 Judi Miller: And I am sure, George and you have the most beautiful gums out of anybody that.

00:46:53.490 --> 00:46:55.260 Georgeann Dau: Absolutely that's right.

00:46:55.710 --> 00:46:57.510 Georgeann Dau: In my neighborhood they say is baby.

00:46:59.310 --> 00:47:00.540 Judi Miller: I have a new name for you.

00:47:00.570 --> 00:47:01.770 Judi Miller: Thank you for sharing that.

00:47:02.130 --> 00:47:02.430 Georgeann Dau: But.

00:47:02.490 --> 00:47:04.830 Georgeann Dau: it's fun to keep it light it's fun to laugh.

00:47:05.670 --> 00:47:08.070 Judi Miller: As ever, we have so many questions for.

00:47:08.070 --> 00:47:17.280 Judi Miller: You, but in case we run out of time we just want listeners to know how they can connect with you and more about your ageless program and how to get your free ebooks.

00:47:19.140 --> 00:47:22.530 Debra Poneman: Okay, well, thank you for asking and.

00:47:23.640 --> 00:47:39.480 Debra Poneman: You know, yes to success COM is where it's all happening, but if you want to get my ageless ebook where we talk a lot more about gum health, but so much more even about how gum health is related to sexual dysfunction.

00:47:40.590 --> 00:47:57.360 Debra Poneman: We go deep into it, but so much more in the ageless ebook which is ancient and modern techniques for turning back in the hands of time basically just go to yes to forward slash ageless ebook.

00:47:59.310 --> 00:48:00.030 Debra Poneman: Creative.

00:48:00.390 --> 00:48:02.610 Judi Miller: Deborah you have a program coming up don't you.

00:48:03.810 --> 00:48:17.520 Debra Poneman: I do, and you know what if you get the ageless ebook then we'll be able to tip it you could also go to yes to success COM forward slash I think it is maybe ageless webinar probably.

00:48:18.780 --> 00:48:27.510 Debra Poneman: We have a lot, but you know what just get the ageless ebook and then we'll tell you about the program in the in the free webinars but in the meantime.

00:48:27.930 --> 00:48:37.020 Debra Poneman: Yes, we actually have a program that's coming up this weekend, remember, I told you that ronnie my friend from Harvard and I.

00:48:37.470 --> 00:48:46.860 Debra Poneman: Teach on an ageless course that Judy you took and it's two days and it just happens to be this weekend the 12th and 13th.

00:48:47.160 --> 00:49:00.120 Debra Poneman: And we cover everything about how to remain ageless everything from you know things you would expect, like sleep and exercise and diet and meditation we teach breath practices we teach.

00:49:01.380 --> 00:49:14.430 Debra Poneman: Self massage because we live massage because that gets the toxins out of the body, but we also talk about the silent agers like five g and em Apps and.

00:49:15.390 --> 00:49:25.950 Debra Poneman: there's it's so rich, it is just absolutely so rich and what I don't want people to think is Oh, I know all about that, I promise you, if you don't learn something new, we will give you your money back.

00:49:26.190 --> 00:49:30.930 Debra Poneman: But the just go ahead and get the ageless ebook and then you'll have a chance to.

00:49:31.770 --> 00:49:47.610 Debra Poneman: opt in for our free webinar and give you some information about our course that's coming up, but I have to say i've been teaching courses now for well meditation and courses for almost 50 years.

00:49:47.970 --> 00:49:58.560 Debra Poneman: And I think this is one of the best things that most life changing courses that i've ever taught so i'm very, very excited, so I hope some people take advantage of.

00:49:58.650 --> 00:50:14.220 Georgeann Dau: Have a deadline, you know it's so wonderful to have someone out in the world, giving this information because Oh, my goodness it's been around very, very long time, and people still don't know if.

00:50:15.120 --> 00:50:23.310 Georgeann Dau: it's amazing i'm so glad that you're doing this, I find it amazing that people still think that vegetable is a ketchup.

00:50:24.930 --> 00:50:34.620 Georgeann Dau: don't criticize it we really need to get on board with this, because you really are not only what you think and say, but what you eat.

00:50:35.820 --> 00:50:36.930 Debra Poneman: yeah and you know what.

00:50:38.100 --> 00:50:50.880 Debra Poneman: it's like in one of the things we teach, for example, like what is the type of exercise that is the most powerful exercise modality for anti aging and everybody always gets yoga and that.

00:50:50.940 --> 00:50:52.410 Georgeann Dau: Is not days.

00:50:53.070 --> 00:51:02.370 Debra Poneman: It right in because it has to do with bringing oxygenation to the brain and in blood flow to the brain and its really attracts people when we.

00:51:02.700 --> 00:51:22.530 Debra Poneman: tell people yoga is good for other things, but it is not the number one in the great thing about our courses that ronnie ronnie Newman, our Harvard researcher everything we teach is verified by science it's not Deborah and ronnie's anti aging course it's not burn ronnie's anti.

00:51:22.560 --> 00:51:35.760 Debra Poneman: aging course, but their fight this woman is a fanatic about her science i'll make a statement she'll go where's where is the literature to back it up and, like all right i'll find the literature to that which.

00:51:36.150 --> 00:51:37.350 Georgeann Dau: I find that so.

00:51:37.650 --> 00:51:39.900 Debra Poneman: Everything is based on science, yes.

00:51:39.930 --> 00:51:40.710 Judi Miller: So Deborah.

00:51:41.760 --> 00:51:52.590 Judi Miller: One of the things that I heard, is that we can do all these wonderful things like eat right sleep exercise, but if we worry worrying and negative thoughts can negate a lot of the benefit of those things.

00:51:54.030 --> 00:52:04.350 Debra Poneman: Oh, that is so true, and you know Judy that is that's my baby because I just watched people attract.

00:52:05.460 --> 00:52:18.330 Debra Poneman: Really attract negativity into their lives and it breaks my heart, because they have control over it, you know, one of the things I teach is the seven day mental diet and I got that from emmett Fox, who is one of.

00:52:18.990 --> 00:52:31.290 Debra Poneman: 100 years ago almost in 1935 he wrote this pamphlet called the seven day mental diet and he said it will be more strenuous than because for seven days you fast a negativity.

00:52:31.650 --> 00:52:39.660 Debra Poneman: You do a negativity fast and he says, even more than fasting on food it's going to be the hardest fast you've ever done.

00:52:40.140 --> 00:52:47.970 Debra Poneman: But it will have the greatest impact on your life of anything you've ever done and i've been teaching it for 40 years since I started, yes to success.

00:52:48.360 --> 00:52:54.060 Debra Poneman: And I have seen people with that what I teach people is when you're about to say something like.

00:52:54.690 --> 00:53:01.920 Debra Poneman: i'm 60 i'll never find my soulmate or i'll never get out of debt or this world is going to hell in a handbasket or whatever you want to say.

00:53:02.430 --> 00:53:12.690 Debra Poneman: kind of catch yourself because and cancel it, because your word is your wand you hurt you saw my my proof during my near death experience.

00:53:13.020 --> 00:53:23.190 Debra Poneman: And so you the quality of your life if it's happy if it's sad if it's full if it's empty if it's overflowing with love if it's not overflowing with love.

00:53:23.490 --> 00:53:44.760 Debra Poneman: it's not your astrology astrological chart it's not you know Oh well, my mother said, I never be happy, yes, all of those things do have an effect, but really it is in your hands, and it can start with just making make statements about what you do want and stop drawing to yourself.

00:53:45.210 --> 00:53:51.930 Georgeann Dau: What you don't ever do you agree that we first have to recognize and and become aware that we're even doing that.

00:53:53.310 --> 00:54:05.430 Georgeann Dau: You know, most of the time people don't even have awareness of just saying oh i'm sick not I feel sick but i'm sick, by the way, me folks read i'm sure you have sermon on the Mount.

00:54:06.030 --> 00:54:08.490 Debra Poneman: sermon on the Mount and until.

00:54:08.820 --> 00:54:10.590 Georgeann Dau: That piece of literature.

00:54:11.760 --> 00:54:23.460 Debra Poneman: In that's the point, the point is, is that all of these great masters, the Napoleon hills we've heard of Napoleon hill think and grow rich it's think and grow rich and you know what the thing is about.

00:54:23.940 --> 00:54:30.630 Debra Poneman: it's think about the vision of what you do want and don't think about the vision of what you don't want.

00:54:30.900 --> 00:54:41.820 Debra Poneman: When an obstacle comes up it's not Oh, this is so terrible my life is over there's this obstacle, you know what Napoleon hill says i'm thinking we're rich one of the obstacles comes into his life, he says to it.

00:54:42.270 --> 00:54:51.330 Debra Poneman: Well Hello little fellow I don't know what it is you come to teach me but i'm going to learn it so well, you will not have to come back a second time instead.

00:54:52.560 --> 00:54:59.220 Debra Poneman: Of the world and and dumb in our course and our ageless course, we have a whole section on mindset and again.

00:54:59.580 --> 00:55:15.840 Debra Poneman: With ronnie on board, we have to cite all of the research and there is so much that says that our mindset actually has the power to shift our health and to shift our happiness and we have the research to prove that.

00:55:16.290 --> 00:55:23.460 Georgeann Dau: One of them, one of the most important things about what we're looking at tonight is that when we do this, inner work.

00:55:24.810 --> 00:55:39.060 Georgeann Dau: and becoming more whole we're doing it to become a better fuller human being, for all of humanity, for the collective consciousness, not just for ourselves because that's why we're here.

00:55:39.480 --> 00:55:50.160 Judi Miller: So that's a perfect segue to our last question for Deborah so we can change the world, one person at a time so Deborah share with us the hundredth monkey story.

00:55:51.420 --> 00:55:59.160 Debra Poneman: Well, the hundredth monkey i'll do it a really short version and the hundredth monkey is some scientists on on an island.

00:55:59.610 --> 00:56:07.560 Debra Poneman: They they saw that these little monkeys would eat the sweet potatoes, but it, but it was horrible because they you know they were sand on the sweet potato.

00:56:07.830 --> 00:56:13.590 Debra Poneman: And this one little monkey figured out that they could wash off the sand and then the sweet potato tasted really good.

00:56:13.920 --> 00:56:22.380 Debra Poneman: And then, this little monkey Todd another little monkey and that will monkey Todd another little monkey and then the monkey took their mom and then the mom to her friends.

00:56:22.680 --> 00:56:33.120 Debra Poneman: true story the scientists observe this and what happened was when the hundredth monkey was washing off the sand spontaneously.

00:56:33.390 --> 00:56:41.430 Debra Poneman: The little monkeys, on the other side of the island and on other islands started washing their sweet potato.

00:56:41.730 --> 00:56:53.400 Debra Poneman: And the analogy, there is, is that we think that we're helpless to change the world, but when you start being positive and you start canceling negative thoughts, when you start looking for the good.

00:56:53.640 --> 00:57:06.030 Debra Poneman: When you start moving outside your your comfort zone you the ripple effect effects all of creation and how do you not know that your action is the hundredth monkey.

00:57:06.210 --> 00:57:08.700 Debra Poneman: that's going to cause a shifting them in.

00:57:08.970 --> 00:57:09.840 Georgeann Dau: That create hope.

00:57:12.480 --> 00:57:13.530 Georgeann Dau: that's why we're here.

00:57:14.340 --> 00:57:17.640 Georgeann Dau: that's why we are Thank you debra Thank you Judy.

00:57:18.120 --> 00:57:21.570 Judi Miller: it's been such a pleasure and an honor to have you on the show debra Thank you.

00:57:21.930 --> 00:57:22.500 Georgeann Dau: Thank you.

00:57:23.730 --> 00:57:35.730 Georgeann Dau: Thank you for joining us a journey through into awareness and we'll see you next week we're looking forward to sharing very interesting story life story of an incredible man.

00:57:37.230 --> 00:57:39.030 Georgeann Dau: See you next week good night.

00:57:40.620 --> 00:57:43.860 Georgeann Dau: good night everyone good night everyone good night Deborah Nice.

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