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Monday, May 24, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/05/24 - Gift of the Body

Facebook Live Video from 2021/05/24 - Gift of the Body


2021/05/24 - Gift of the Body

[NEW EPISODE] Gift of the Body

The great sages taught that the answers to healing, spiritual evolution, elevated consciousness, and living a happy and fulfilled life are inside of us. But how exactly do we tap into that?

Our guest, Jonathan Goldman can answer these questions. As one of the first acupuncturist in the United States and with over four decades of working with energy medicine, Jonathan has mapped where emotions, beliefs, and spiritual qualities operate in the energetic layers within and around the human body. This has allowed him to create a very unique form of healing.

Jonathan is the author of Gift of the Body: A Multi-Dimensional Guide to Energy, Anatomy, Grounded Spirituality and Living Through the Heart. He is the founder of the Essential Light Institute, which is dedicated to teaching self-transformation and energy healing through direct relationship with the living force of Light.

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Dr. G starts tonight’s episode off reminding listeners about the show’s mission and introducing tonight’s guest, acupuncturist Jonathan Goldman. Judi reads a quote of Jonathan’s and lists more of his qualifications. Jonathan talks about seeing the body as a gift rather than a prison, sharing his journey of healing, working through his pain. By accepting this pain, he found light and pleasure on the other side. This is when he realized there are layers to the body, and we are multidimensional beings. Jonathan discusses disidentification being the first step to healing. After disidentifying, we have choices of how to move forward and become, as Jonathan says, the commander of the vehicle. Pain is contraction, the universe expands and contracts, without pain, there is no pleasure. Suffering though, is the ignorance to confront or accept pain. He talks about a journey he had 12 years into his acupuncture career that opened his healing channel. He found weird things happening in his practice, with a feeling in his hands translating to healed patients without him doing much. He had a feeling of not knowing who he was anymore, this wasn’t his feeling though, it was his patients. This started a process over the next 15 years, of him understanding the layers of the chakra. This led to him creating a chakra map. Jonathan describes chakras as the energies in the center of each layer of our being, with each one having a responsibility for one of the more important aspects of our lives.

Segment 2

Coming back from the break, Judi asks Jonathan to discuss his chakra map. He talks about grounding, connecting our energies to those of the earth, and how the energy moves through the chakras. He compares the second chakra to a perpetual two year old, describing how it does what it wants to do. In making us want to fit in, civilization often tries to restrict the second chakra, which often leads to depression. There are two sides to each chakra, the front and the back. The energy is stored in the back and released through the front. He moves on to discuss finding the restricted chakras in patients. He describes a restriction in the throat chakra, which speaks truth. Dr. G asks about whether an infant in the womb can be affected by the mother’s chakras. Jonathan thinks this is definitely possible. He talks about cultivating gratitude, opening his throat chakra, making him more receptive to love and speak more truth.

Segment 3

Next they move on to the emotional bodies of the chakras. Each chakra has an emotional body, and they are meant to constantly be in movement. Jonathan describes the central qualities of some chakras and how they change depending on whether a chakra is expanding or contracting. He describes his process of healing, clearing energy out to find the source of the problem. He talks about the heart chakra and opening it in order to feel compassion. Compassion is a vibration of neutrality that allows everything. Empathy on the other hand links to those around you. While empathy can burn out, compassion cannot. Once open, we can more easily resonate through love. Resonance and magnetism are two laws of the universe, with magnetism pushing away likes and resonance attracting them. Jonathan talks about being a healer in order to participate in miracles. He moves on to discuss going through things in order to heal, providing an anecdote. In healing we need to commit at some point rather than resisting. Even after committing, we need to keep saying yes. Compassion tells us that we will heal and at our own pace.

Segment 4

Coming into the final segment Jonathan talks about light, and how it is real rather than a metaphor. It has nothing to do with religion or spiritual path, it is available to all of us. Reaching this light is done through prayer, meditation, and many other ways. As he mentioned before, we are supposed to feel pain, but even in contractions, there can still be light. Jonathan brings up a story of the Dalai Lama keeping his hands in front of his chest, where faith rests. Judi asks Jonathan to share resources where listeners can reach him or find his material. Judi asks Jonathan to discuss something he wrote about in his book, the longest four inches in the universe. This is the distance between the third chakra and the heart. He discusses what this distance means, and the differences between this chakra and the heart. He talks about us being invited or dragged through these four inches to live through the heart. Jonathan’s takeaway for the audience is that you are much more magnificent than you see yourself to be. Dr. G asks Jonathan to end tonight’s episode in prayer.


00:00:36.210 --> 00:00:44.340 Georgeann Dau: hi good evening so wonderful to be back again, it feels like it's been a while, since i've been with all of us and sweeping with all of you.

00:00:45.480 --> 00:00:56.670 Georgeann Dau: i'm tough to Georgia and Dell and we're your hosts Judy Miller and to Georgia and out, and this is a journey through into awareness and once again.

00:00:57.810 --> 00:01:04.440 Georgeann Dau: Our aim is to always bring a show to you that carries a message.

00:01:05.580 --> 00:01:19.770 Georgeann Dau: and information that touches you in the place that only God knows you meet that you can walk away from our show tonight and feel like you've really received a blessing and.

00:01:20.910 --> 00:01:23.160 Georgeann Dau: Something that you can bring into your life.

00:01:24.240 --> 00:01:27.210 Georgeann Dau: So we're excited as we always are to be here with you.

00:01:28.290 --> 00:01:43.680 Georgeann Dau: And we have a wonderful man with tonight with us he wrote this wonderful book and his name is Jonathan Goldman and he has a lot to say about the gift of the body.

00:01:45.360 --> 00:01:57.690 Judi Miller: So i'll read jonathan's bio so Jonathan the great sages thought that the answers to healing spiritual evolution elevated consciousness and living a happy and fulfilled life are inside all of us.

00:01:58.290 --> 00:02:03.750 Judi Miller: But how exactly do we tap into that our guest Jonathan Goldman can answer these questions for us.

00:02:04.140 --> 00:02:10.440 Judi Miller: As one of the first acupuncturist in the United States and with over four decades of working with energy medicine.

00:02:10.830 --> 00:02:19.710 Judi Miller: Jonathan has mapped where emotions beliefs and spiritual qualities operate in the energetic layers that are within and around the human body.

00:02:20.130 --> 00:02:23.070 Judi Miller: And this has allowed him to create a very unique form of healing.

00:02:23.850 --> 00:02:32.280 Judi Miller: Jonathan is the author of gift of the body, a multi dimensional guides energy and that to me grounded spirituality and living through the heart.

00:02:32.520 --> 00:02:46.140 Judi Miller: He is the founder of the essential life Institute, which is dedicated to teaching self transformation and energy healing through direct relationship with the living for us of light so welcome Jonathan to a journey through to awareness.

00:02:47.340 --> 00:02:50.010 Georgeann Dau: so wonderful Jonathan that you're here with us tonight.

00:02:50.700 --> 00:02:53.430 Jonathan Goldman: Nice to be with you wonderful to be with you both Thank you.

00:02:53.910 --> 00:03:10.770 Judi Miller: So Jonathan the name of your book is gift of the body now many people feel our body is a prison but you believe the body is the greatest gift in the universe So what exactly is the human energy vehicle and how is our body, a gift.

00:03:12.090 --> 00:03:27.510 Jonathan Goldman: it's a great question so you just refer to feeling like the your your body is a prison it's how I lived most of my life up until I was about 14 years old, you know I what I say is I was waiting for the parole board to meet you know.

00:03:28.560 --> 00:03:49.500 Jonathan Goldman: And like when do I get out because, like so many people I had my own version of trauma of pain of confusion and it felt like I was trapped, you know, so what I realized is there's a there's a famous song that says, the only way out is through.

00:03:50.700 --> 00:03:58.830 Jonathan Goldman: And I was convinced by trying everything else to get out that why didn't I try going in and seeing.

00:03:59.850 --> 00:04:15.990 Jonathan Goldman: If healing was available that way, and so I did lots of therapy, I did lots of different trainings and what I realized was by the by the working through of that pain by the acceptance what I call the radical acceptance of it.

00:04:17.700 --> 00:04:24.300 Jonathan Goldman: There was this treasure chest waiting for me through that transformation.

00:04:25.470 --> 00:04:36.840 Jonathan Goldman: That, on the other side of the darkness and learning how to work with it and move there was an incredible amount of light incredible amount of pleasure, and so, when I came to realize was oh.

00:04:37.500 --> 00:04:48.270 Jonathan Goldman: Everything is here, everything is is here it's not just the pain that I had for so many years, this is a multi dimensional.

00:04:48.870 --> 00:05:04.440 Jonathan Goldman: Multi layered energetic configuration this the body is just part of it, what I think about my body, there are layers to it, we are an energy vehicle created as what I say in my book is as a mobile schoolroom.

00:05:05.850 --> 00:05:13.710 Jonathan Goldman: to learn, and one of the ways we learn because it's just the nature of being in a body is is by transforming.

00:05:14.820 --> 00:05:26.460 Jonathan Goldman: The pain that all of us have some people more some people less by working to literally open that and release the energy that's contained in it.

00:05:26.820 --> 00:05:45.780 Jonathan Goldman: So that the good stuff is, on the other side, and so I came to realize it's not a prison it's a tremendous gift it's a tremendous gift, because every minute that I accept that i'm an incarnate human and that I work with that i'm learning something yes.

00:05:46.500 --> 00:05:55.530 Georgeann Dau: Hence the name of our show a journey through into awareness right, we always have to move through.

00:05:57.480 --> 00:06:09.090 Georgeann Dau: Because we all want, because we're so uncomfortable look to get rid of Jonathan would you say that awareness is the first step becoming aware of what's going on.

00:06:10.980 --> 00:06:17.910 Jonathan Goldman: Actually, I would say yeah I would say awareness is the first step, and it goes along with choice.

00:06:19.470 --> 00:06:34.950 Jonathan Goldman: Yes, right, in other words awareness, to be able to do oftentimes when I teach people, the first step, the first real step is what I call this identification this identification means I have it i'm not it.

00:06:37.080 --> 00:06:38.160 Georgeann Dau: But, yet I own it.

00:06:38.550 --> 00:06:40.590 Jonathan Goldman: But I own it's my.

00:06:40.650 --> 00:06:50.280 Jonathan Goldman: Mind maybe but it's not it's not me okay so what's my choice my choice is to accept it my choices to look at it in awareness.

00:06:51.510 --> 00:07:02.730 Jonathan Goldman: And then learn how to work with it from the inside out to become what I call the commander of the vehicle right, most of us are sitting in the backseat just hoping that the thing doesn't crash.

00:07:03.960 --> 00:07:04.200 Right.

00:07:05.640 --> 00:07:20.340 Judi Miller: So Jonathan similar to what George and was asking and what you were just saying so, I think one of the things that you said in your book is that pain is supposed to exist that suffering, on the other hand, is the result of our refusal to actually release the past that's right.

00:07:21.360 --> 00:07:33.390 Jonathan Goldman: that's right pain pain is just contraction and stiffness right and we live in a universe of that breeze expands and contracts, our body we expand and contract contraction is simply.

00:07:33.840 --> 00:07:47.790 Jonathan Goldman: The other side and we wouldn't know what pleasure, was that we didn't have pain right that the the yin and Yang exists but suffering as a referring to the earlier conversation is the refusal or the ignorance.

00:07:49.620 --> 00:07:56.070 Jonathan Goldman: To confront it accept it and then work with the release of that.

00:07:57.420 --> 00:08:13.500 Jonathan Goldman: Right, the different pain and suffering are not the same thing suffering is hanging on to it and living in that contraction I learned this the hard way you know, most of us fight contraction we've stayed and we stay have contracted have expanded and that's suffering.

00:08:14.580 --> 00:08:26.550 Jonathan Goldman: To give in and say Okay, this is really hard this moment is super hard I don't know what to do and i'm just gonna feel it and go into liquid I don't do with my hands right because.

00:08:27.810 --> 00:08:33.300 Jonathan Goldman: If we get throw and we hang in with it and then what I call called light to it.

00:08:34.770 --> 00:08:38.070 Jonathan Goldman: And then comes back out yes.

00:08:38.910 --> 00:08:39.540 Yes.

00:08:42.300 --> 00:08:55.740 Judi Miller: So Jonathan one of the things that makes your work so unique is this shocker map where you've actually outlined, where different emotions actually live within the body and our Chakra system can you share with us some about yeah let me.

00:08:55.770 --> 00:09:06.390 Jonathan Goldman: Let me tell you how it started, because in that story very short story is also the whole trajectory of my work so in 1980.

00:09:06.900 --> 00:09:15.720 Jonathan Goldman: Ladies seven early Ada i've been practicing acupuncture for 12 years in Boston you know little seven by eight room, most of the time in top of my house.

00:09:16.350 --> 00:09:24.120 Jonathan Goldman: And in 1987 I went to pursue I went to a mountain community in.

00:09:24.720 --> 00:09:32.640 Jonathan Goldman: An isolated mountain community in about four hours from Rio de Janeiro where they practice a particular kind of spiritual work spiritual healing work.

00:09:32.970 --> 00:09:41.160 Jonathan Goldman: The Center of what, which is the use of a tea that most people now know, as I Alaska that I did in that context was called diving.

00:09:41.640 --> 00:09:52.050 Jonathan Goldman: That completely open that experience have been there, a month opened up among many, many other things opened up my healing channel now that I understand that I was late and the whole time.

00:09:52.620 --> 00:09:58.890 Jonathan Goldman: When I came back from Brazil, I still had my acupuncture practice and weird things started happening.

00:09:59.580 --> 00:10:08.430 Jonathan Goldman: My hands would start burning and i'd put them on somebody and they get up and say oh there that they were totally well i'd start hearing a voice to tell told me what acupuncture points to do.

00:10:09.030 --> 00:10:19.440 Jonathan Goldman: and on and on and my hands would hover over a person and, at the beginning, I didn't feel what was going on to my hands would hold for five minutes in this room dropping and the other one.

00:10:20.040 --> 00:10:29.640 Jonathan Goldman: would come, but one day I had my hand over the solar plexus right that the stomach of a woman about a foot and a half above her.

00:10:30.450 --> 00:10:40.230 Jonathan Goldman: Body physical body I didn't know what I was doing but i'm holding my hand there, and all of a sudden this this thought comes into my head I don't know who I am anymore.

00:10:41.520 --> 00:10:48.300 Jonathan Goldman: So I don't know, probably the two of you have experienced that there are times in your life when you don't know who you are anymore.

00:10:48.600 --> 00:10:57.360 Jonathan Goldman: That didn't happen to be one of those times for me, so I know it wasn't my thought so I said to her, I took the risk, and I said, let me tell you what I just heard.

00:10:58.200 --> 00:11:08.070 Jonathan Goldman: I don't know who I am anymore, she was crying oh my God that's exactly what's going on my whole life is changing, I lost my job, my relationship is ended, and I was like ha and I wrote it down.

00:11:09.120 --> 00:11:16.020 Jonathan Goldman: That started a process over the next 15 years of every discrete place in every.

00:11:16.710 --> 00:11:25.710 Jonathan Goldman: Chakra in every layer of every shocker meaning, I was in one of the layers of her solar plexus Chakra I was in what's called the mental body.

00:11:26.130 --> 00:11:36.240 Jonathan Goldman: For solar plexus Chakra what I discovered them is that every layer of every Chakra has discrete qualities that are contained in it.

00:11:37.050 --> 00:11:54.750 Jonathan Goldman: That collectively we say is is us, so in that particular place the the mental body of the third Chakra is where identity lives like this life identity So who is Jonathan fill in the blank right who is Georgia and fill in the blank.

00:11:56.610 --> 00:12:05.010 Jonathan Goldman: that's where literally that thought lives it doesn't live here it lives there, and this woman was in what's called we call the midlife crisis.

00:12:05.460 --> 00:12:23.010 Jonathan Goldman: her life was transforming her whole self was being shaken up and she was having digestive problems and what they call female problems, and so what I realized was rather than trying to fix it, what if we just help it do what it's trying to do.

00:12:24.150 --> 00:12:32.760 Jonathan Goldman: So in the helping trying to do it sped up the process her symptoms got better and I realized hot.

00:12:34.020 --> 00:12:50.250 Jonathan Goldman: there's there's a whole world inside each of us have all of these qualities and they're distributed precisely So what if I learned where they all are and that's what led to the book that's what led to the shocker map.

00:12:51.240 --> 00:13:02.400 Georgeann Dau: i'm excuse me a moment before we go on, could we for the listeners just explain to them what shock resort sure our listeners might not know what that means yeah.

00:13:02.790 --> 00:13:05.610 Jonathan Goldman: Okay here's here's my my 92nd.

00:13:05.790 --> 00:13:07.860 Jonathan Goldman: Good energy anatomy lesson.

00:13:08.220 --> 00:13:16.410 Jonathan Goldman: Great we aren't we aren't energetic configuration at the Center coming right down the Center in front of our spine is a core.

00:13:16.830 --> 00:13:25.680 Jonathan Goldman: of energy it's made up of two different energies from the of the earth and of the heavens, they make a braid in the middle that's the Center.

00:13:26.220 --> 00:13:35.670 Jonathan Goldman: Around that are layers like the like the atmosphere of the earth, like the layers of the earth, each one.

00:13:36.360 --> 00:13:44.820 Jonathan Goldman: going from denser to more refined, starting with the physical body, the next is what's called the etheric body, where, for instance acupuncture.

00:13:45.090 --> 00:13:55.800 Jonathan Goldman: reiki and other therapies work then there's the emotional body, then there's the mental body, then there's a spiritual bodies, each one of all those layers then.

00:13:56.490 --> 00:14:09.390 Jonathan Goldman: Have a Chakra and energy Center that comes out of that central core in the front and the back there's a Cone that comes out the front there's a comes up right opposite in the back.

00:14:10.080 --> 00:14:33.120 Jonathan Goldman: These are the concentration of energies each one having a responsibility for one of the more the most important aspects of our lives, so we go from the ground, the ground is draw life force comes from the earth, the second Chakra in the belly is where life force becomes human life force.

00:14:33.690 --> 00:14:42.480 Georgeann Dau: This is very, very important, and I think it's it's where we want to continue when we come back take a quick break so.

00:14:43.350 --> 00:14:56.520 Georgeann Dau: Before we break a we correct in saying that the chakras or energy discs of energy that are that enter and exit in the body like wheels of energy up the Center of our body.

00:14:57.240 --> 00:14:57.630 Jonathan Goldman: Yes.

00:14:57.660 --> 00:14:58.530 Georgeann Dau: Say that that's true.

00:14:58.860 --> 00:14:59.670 Jonathan Goldman: I would agree.

00:14:59.910 --> 00:15:00.510 Jonathan Goldman: Okay, something.

00:15:00.570 --> 00:15:01.140 Georgeann Dau: like that.

00:15:01.290 --> 00:15:04.620 Jonathan Goldman: You just gave a 10 second thing summary of what I was saying.

00:15:07.920 --> 00:15:08.280 Georgeann Dau: yeah.

00:15:08.880 --> 00:15:12.810 Judi Miller: And Jonathan is is shockers just an old Sanskrit word for we'll.

00:15:13.320 --> 00:15:14.370 use.

00:15:15.690 --> 00:15:20.430 Jonathan Goldman: You just because it's been useful 5000 years you can use energy Center you can use.

00:15:21.510 --> 00:15:23.220 Jonathan Goldman: You know, many people call it the center's.

00:15:23.460 --> 00:15:29.640 Jonathan Goldman: I call the chocolate because giving honor to those people who knew about it, way way way before we head yes.

00:15:29.700 --> 00:15:41.130 Georgeann Dau: and Judy does some great work with this a lot to say we'll be right back explaining more this to a journey through into awareness with Jonathan Goldman we'll be right back.

00:18:43.170 --> 00:18:55.320 Georgeann Dau: Welcome back to a journey through into awareness with Jonathan Goldman and we were just about to continue our discussion about what chakras are and how they interact with one another.

00:18:56.670 --> 00:18:56.880 So.

00:18:58.500 --> 00:19:08.520 Jonathan Goldman: i'll just finish finish my little rap there so energy comes into the body from the earth through the first Chakra one of the things I teach is grounding.

00:19:09.150 --> 00:19:26.490 Jonathan Goldman: Right so being in the body is by definition grounding being here now in this vehicle present now right connecting literally to the vibration, of the earth that energy comes into the second Chakra second Chakra turns that into life force, not just.

00:19:27.690 --> 00:19:31.230 Jonathan Goldman: abstract life force life force it comes to the third Chakra that.

00:19:31.440 --> 00:19:33.000 Jonathan Goldman: Jonathan yeah.

00:19:33.270 --> 00:19:42.540 Judi Miller: Sorry i'm while you're on the second shocker, can I just ask you a question, because I thought it was fascinating when I was reading your book, you said, the second shocker is like a perpetual two year old.

00:19:44.010 --> 00:19:44.430 Jonathan Goldman: dad.

00:19:45.690 --> 00:19:58.290 Jonathan Goldman: We go, we go through the stages of life right So what is it people used to call the terrible twos actually in my family we called it, the marvelous tunes because our kids were just so crazy and and wonderful.

00:19:58.830 --> 00:20:12.720 Jonathan Goldman: What is that it just the second Chakra does what it wants to do, wants to do, wants to go here wants to go there and wants to connect this way wants to jump wants to cry wants to yell wants to write when you get older right wants to connect with another person whatever.

00:20:13.890 --> 00:20:15.360 Jonathan Goldman: And the.

00:20:16.590 --> 00:20:25.920 Jonathan Goldman: So it is a perpetual two year old way it needs is some maturity and some guidance ideally that comes from the heart.

00:20:27.180 --> 00:20:38.670 Jonathan Goldman: which sees is in touch with the lower self and the higher self is in touch with the god self and the human self and can say okay right now.

00:20:39.450 --> 00:21:03.150 Jonathan Goldman: that's not what we're going to do, wait a little while okay now let's go let's have fun let's dance let's you know, do the things that second chakras do mostly what we do is we try to restrict the second Chakra civilization makes the second Chakra being squeezed be constricted.

00:21:03.480 --> 00:21:04.230 Georgeann Dau: to fit in.

00:21:05.130 --> 00:21:08.400 Jonathan Goldman: And what that leads to is depression.

00:21:09.030 --> 00:21:15.480 Georgeann Dau: Oh yeah to suppress the truth of who we are meant to be.

00:21:16.470 --> 00:21:19.350 Jonathan Goldman: And in our just natural exuberance and our passion.

00:21:19.350 --> 00:21:32.010 Jonathan Goldman: and creativity and really literally I just taught a class on this last week that that restriction of the second Chakra so a shocker has a front and a back.

00:21:32.820 --> 00:21:42.900 Jonathan Goldman: The back, is what I call the wheel centers the wheel centers actually we store energy in the will Center and we release it to the front.

00:21:43.530 --> 00:21:54.120 Jonathan Goldman: To do what a shocker does so, what we learn how to do is we hold back that energy of the second Chakra their people to my vision, they look like they have a bustle you know, like used to be in the.

00:21:54.660 --> 00:21:59.910 Jonathan Goldman: yeah, these are the dresses had a bustle at the back people look like they're walking around with a bustle.

00:22:01.680 --> 00:22:14.580 Jonathan Goldman: And it's full of the energy so it's what I tell people there's nothing missing there's nothing missing that you just put it somewhere let's find it and bring it forward so, then the Chakra is full.

00:22:15.660 --> 00:22:22.380 Jonathan Goldman: And then it will be like a two year old except at the same time you're opening your heart that gives it boundaries.

00:22:23.220 --> 00:22:26.340 Georgeann Dau: sounds like individuation it is.

00:22:27.480 --> 00:22:30.240 Jonathan Goldman: Is individuation energetically.

00:22:30.420 --> 00:22:32.520 Georgeann Dau: Yes, yes yeah.

00:22:32.700 --> 00:22:42.180 Judi Miller: So Jonathan when these shockers are not spinning or full of energy flowing properly, how does it manifest does it manifest this pain and sickness.

00:22:42.720 --> 00:22:54.870 Jonathan Goldman: manifest is painting sickness it manifests as all the things that we associate with not being well right very simple definition of health is.

00:22:55.470 --> 00:23:17.640 Jonathan Goldman: All the chakras full to their with their their energetic measure doing what each one of them knows how to do in harmony united under the command of the heart, that is, health, you see, so when they're restricted like this, you get all the symptoms associated with that.

00:23:18.690 --> 00:23:25.770 Jonathan Goldman: With that Chakra so if a woman, I talked about was having trouble with her identity, and so it manifested in her digestion mostly.

00:23:26.880 --> 00:23:42.330 Jonathan Goldman: And you get a generalized pattern of illness that we need to unravel and figure out see so where's the linchpin which one of these chakras is holding all the other ones back because they're all compensate for each other.

00:23:42.720 --> 00:23:43.110 Georgeann Dau: You see.

00:23:43.470 --> 00:23:51.000 Jonathan Goldman: So there's always one or one or two of them that are actually descent, or like they were the first that got restricted.

00:23:52.920 --> 00:24:03.480 Judi Miller: So so Jonathan does do we contract energetically or have junk in our energy field first before it actually manifests as ailments in our bodies.

00:24:03.660 --> 00:24:19.200 Jonathan Goldman: Oh for sure most illness, in my view, is comes from a constriction in the mental body, and then it works its way down so so, for instance, talking about this woman let's talk about a different.

00:24:20.040 --> 00:24:26.610 Jonathan Goldman: Energy the throat Chakra throat Chakra has to do with receiving has to be giving as to speaking the truth.

00:24:26.970 --> 00:24:40.830 Jonathan Goldman: Right, so a restriction in that what i'm doing here in front of my throat a restriction in that Chakra causes us to not taking what is good for us, so it can manifest, for instance in.

00:24:41.340 --> 00:24:58.950 Jonathan Goldman: In we're not taking a nutrition, the problem isn't the food you're eating, the problem is you're not taking in anything, why would I do that because, when I was young, somebody was so hurtful to me and what was coming into me I couldn't trust, so I learned how to restrict it.

00:24:59.670 --> 00:25:11.370 Jonathan Goldman: Z so but it's showing up and then in digestive problems, so when I analyze an icy and I enter into contact with that person's energy field, which is what healing is.

00:25:11.820 --> 00:25:24.060 Jonathan Goldman: Then i'm led eventually to say Oh, I see what they're really doing is they've they have another they have a fin on the back of their their like a like a Tara DECO fin on the back of their.

00:25:24.750 --> 00:25:44.940 Jonathan Goldman: Their throat the back of their neck, what if we release that and come forward and they can start receiving and apropos what Jordan was saying in awareness, the choice to say yes, I want this, I want to have my full measure, I want to receive I want to speak truth that i'm gonna.

00:25:45.990 --> 00:25:51.270 Jonathan Goldman: And then everybody rearrange is based on freeing that and they're digesting gets better.

00:25:52.110 --> 00:25:58.410 Georgeann Dau: Would you say that the constriction possibly begins in the formation of the fetus.

00:25:59.430 --> 00:26:00.510 Georgeann Dau: Infant in the womb.

00:26:01.530 --> 00:26:17.940 Jonathan Goldman: You can it can, because of course the child inside is affected a lot by the mother's energy but she's going through also the atmosphere, you know and what kind of harmony, there is or isn't in person yeah right.

00:26:18.360 --> 00:26:25.830 Georgeann Dau: We had an incredible a doctor on a couple of months ago, maybe a couple of weeks ago and he was talking about.

00:26:27.090 --> 00:26:33.660 Georgeann Dau: Something similar and Judy did it come to mind at all with Stephen was talking about about yeah.

00:26:34.380 --> 00:26:36.300 Georgeann Dau: he's like a hook.

00:26:36.570 --> 00:26:46.260 Georgeann Dau: In the back you're talking about a fin he does energetic work also he's a he's a doctor of see apathy but and energy healing yeah.

00:26:46.530 --> 00:26:52.680 Jonathan Goldman: You know first thing in my book is a poem called the six blind men and the elephant mm hmm.

00:26:53.820 --> 00:26:57.570 Jonathan Goldman: And it's a great it's a great, so we are.

00:26:59.040 --> 00:27:06.720 Jonathan Goldman: that's what we all are, and so everybody has their take on reality it's what I say to people we're not inventing anything we're just discovering.

00:27:07.350 --> 00:27:13.530 Georgeann Dau: Right, the taupe it tells us we don't see things as they are, we see things as we are.

00:27:14.490 --> 00:27:15.420 Jonathan Goldman: I like that.

00:27:15.510 --> 00:27:30.510 Judi Miller: that's great so Jonathan before we take a quick break I just had a quick question related to what you were saying before about the throat Chakra when it's closed and constricted I believe one of the things that you said is gratitude helps people open up that throat Chakra.

00:27:30.810 --> 00:27:35.010 Jonathan Goldman: The two things that open the throat Chakra our gratitude and generosity.

00:27:35.790 --> 00:27:42.330 Jonathan Goldman: and gratitude is a vibration that lives in the mental body of the throat oh my show you exactly where it is right here.

00:27:42.780 --> 00:27:56.010 Jonathan Goldman: That it lives in there and by cultivating gratitude if sometimes first you know, sometimes we have to like look around like what am I grateful for you know okay oh i'm grateful I have water drinker can be grateful for that.

00:27:56.160 --> 00:28:11.130 Jonathan Goldman: yeah but then we realize how many incredible i'm grateful for being alive i'm 71 years old i'm grateful every day that I wake up, you know i'm grateful right and I cultivated pipeline bed, and I feel gratitude.

00:28:12.900 --> 00:28:28.380 Jonathan Goldman: And that opens my throat Chakra which makes me receptive to energy makes me receptive to love automatically I speak more truth, yes justin act of cultivating consciously in awareness gratitude beautiful.

00:28:28.890 --> 00:28:29.760 Judi Miller: That is beautiful.

00:28:31.770 --> 00:28:39.570 Georgeann Dau: So we'll be right back take a brief break to a journey through until awareness with Jonathan golden, thank you for joining us tonight.

00:28:46.560 --> 00:28:47.430 Jonathan Goldman: Education.

00:31:32.340 --> 00:31:42.570 Georgeann Dau: Welcome back to a journey through into awareness, with your hosts Judy Miller and after GA and our and our wonderful guests tonight, Jonathan Goldman.

00:31:43.740 --> 00:31:47.310 Georgeann Dau: So Jonathan I particularly interested in.

00:31:48.450 --> 00:31:54.120 Georgeann Dau: These wheels of energy, the shockers just speaking about and what emotions are correlated to each one.

00:31:56.160 --> 00:31:59.820 Jonathan Goldman: So each layer, as I said, has a different emotion so.

00:32:01.770 --> 00:32:03.630 Jonathan Goldman: Now let me just say something in general.

00:32:03.810 --> 00:32:05.850 Jonathan Goldman: Please your emotional body.

00:32:06.930 --> 00:32:21.150 Jonathan Goldman: Right, we think of them as emotions as as particular but in general the emotional body of our field of vehicle is meant to create move movement right emotion energy in motion.

00:32:22.590 --> 00:32:33.990 Jonathan Goldman: And so, each Chakra has an emotional body that is meant to be in movement so on an energy level, for instance, when we have.

00:32:36.060 --> 00:32:41.160 Jonathan Goldman: let's say i'm holding back grief right which will Center in the heart Chakra.

00:32:42.510 --> 00:32:50.280 Jonathan Goldman: Right and and the throat Chakra i'm holding that back on an energy level what i'm doing is i'm creating stiffness.

00:32:50.760 --> 00:33:02.130 Jonathan Goldman: i'm creating heaviness and sometimes the emotional body looks like if you're looking at the sky in the summer and it's getting ready to rain, you know and the clouds get thick and they get.

00:33:02.820 --> 00:33:12.090 Jonathan Goldman: All mashed together and it just you're like something needs to happen, our energy bodies are the same thing you see so.

00:33:13.350 --> 00:33:25.950 Jonathan Goldman: Each each energy layer then actually has a number of things and it's totally the the emotional layer of the heart, the central quality is joy, but also, then the opposite is grief.

00:33:27.150 --> 00:33:32.070 Jonathan Goldman: depends on is it expansion is expanding, or is it contracting.

00:33:36.090 --> 00:33:36.540 Georgeann Dau: This.

00:33:37.410 --> 00:33:39.120 Georgeann Dau: Is a contraction It reminds me.

00:33:41.490 --> 00:33:42.780 Georgeann Dau: A lot of feeling like this.

00:33:43.320 --> 00:33:44.310 Judi Miller: So Jonathan i'm.

00:33:45.000 --> 00:33:47.670 Judi Miller: Sorry, no, no, please, please finish what you were gonna say.

00:33:48.480 --> 00:33:55.590 Jonathan Goldman: In June for do something, right here, what happens is okay so let's say in my life which I can see which true.

00:33:56.970 --> 00:34:05.340 Jonathan Goldman: I had a lot of repressed anger in my life blah blah blah I had my own story right, so a lot of repressed anger that repressed anger is in the third Chakra.

00:34:06.480 --> 00:34:19.560 Jonathan Goldman: What that did was because I already had a contraction of this energy of anger that needs movement right it's not bad or good it just needs movement lots of energy stuck to it.

00:34:20.520 --> 00:34:21.630 Jonathan Goldman: Lots of resonant.

00:34:21.630 --> 00:34:25.080 Jonathan Goldman: Energy so there's right we live in a sea of energy.

00:34:25.770 --> 00:34:33.570 Jonathan Goldman: We don't live in Eve, I live in a place where the air is very pure it's full of thoughts it's full of emotions every time I personally think something.

00:34:33.840 --> 00:34:47.220 Jonathan Goldman: or emote something it goes into the air, so I gathered a huge amount of energy into my third Chakra On top of that anger, so I had to clear all of that energy out.

00:34:48.330 --> 00:34:58.740 Jonathan Goldman: And then I could get down to my own anger and you know awareness confronted so each one of the shockers ends up the same same way, so the thing you referred to earlier Judy about.

00:34:59.070 --> 00:35:02.430 Jonathan Goldman: The symptoms, that we have right we get these symptoms.

00:35:02.910 --> 00:35:16.440 Jonathan Goldman: A lot of the first stage of healing for almost everybody that I see is I say we're going to backup the cosmic dump truck and we're just going to shovel all the energy that you've accumulated on top of your own stuff into that.

00:35:16.860 --> 00:35:23.400 Jonathan Goldman: 2123 sessions now let's get down to what's yours and let's start unraveling that.

00:35:23.610 --> 00:35:28.530 Judi Miller: mm hmm that's beautiful so Jonathan you were talking about the heart Chakra before as well.

00:35:28.890 --> 00:35:29.640 Judi Miller: And I think.

00:35:29.790 --> 00:35:44.820 Judi Miller: Also, you know in society today when people feel fear they'll close their hearts, but I believe one of the things that you teach is in order to be safe it's actually the opposite, we need to open our hearts yeah.

00:35:44.850 --> 00:35:45.300 Shooting.

00:35:47.220 --> 00:35:55.260 Jonathan Goldman: Water yeah it is exactly the opposite, we think of protection as i'm going to close down.

00:35:56.400 --> 00:35:58.290 Jonathan Goldman: Right i'm going to make a barrier.

00:36:01.230 --> 00:36:17.370 Jonathan Goldman: it's not this way because when I opened my heart, I can step into the space of compassion, which is in front of my heart and will show you where it is right here, where my fingers are that's where compassion lives in every human being.

00:36:18.480 --> 00:36:19.350 Judi Miller: And everybody.

00:36:19.890 --> 00:36:21.210 Georgeann Dau: yeah right.

00:36:21.780 --> 00:36:26.490 Jonathan Goldman: So when I open my heart, I can step into the space of compassion and activated.

00:36:28.650 --> 00:36:40.290 Jonathan Goldman: And that's my protection because compassion, is a vibration of neutrality compassion, is a vibration that allows everything but is not involved with anything.

00:36:42.300 --> 00:36:49.530 Jonathan Goldman: Right, so I in that space of compassion if energies come to me they come to that space they get transformed.

00:36:50.910 --> 00:37:00.270 Jonathan Goldman: And they go on to light when i'm quite an empathy which could look like compassion, but isn't the same thing empathy actually comes from the second Chakra.

00:37:01.260 --> 00:37:13.740 Jonathan Goldman: Then what happens is, I have an automatic link to the people that i'm being empathetic with and stuff pours important pours important pours in to me I don't know how to transform it and that we call burnout.

00:37:15.330 --> 00:37:20.310 Jonathan Goldman: compassion doesn't lead to burnout compassion, I can be tired at the end of the day, but i'm not burned out.

00:37:23.010 --> 00:37:43.080 Georgeann Dau: Would you say that if someone wants to desire transforming this so they're experiencing a lot coming into them and they want to transform it would you say real just real briefly, perhaps it would be to receive aware feel let go.

00:37:45.270 --> 00:37:48.510 Jonathan Goldman: And I would add to it Center yourself in the heart.

00:37:50.280 --> 00:37:58.140 Jonathan Goldman: Do all that, while you are centered in the heart, because then that's where that that intuitive awareness comes from.

00:38:00.630 --> 00:38:13.680 Judi Miller: And Jonathan you know you were talking about the heart and the throat before, and one of the things that i've seen with clients, is that, when our heart and our throat chakras are open, we can manifest easily through love yes yeah.

00:38:14.130 --> 00:38:23.730 Jonathan Goldman: Because because right there's two laws in the universe of magnetism and resonance magnetism is opposite forget resonances like attracts like.

00:38:25.470 --> 00:38:31.020 Jonathan Goldman: that's what you're going to talk with the law of resonance if i'm available to receive.

00:38:31.620 --> 00:38:42.450 Jonathan Goldman: Surprisingly i'm going to receive if I spend my time whining and complaining and close my throat Chakra, then I keep justifying keep keep recreating My own belief.

00:38:43.440 --> 00:38:52.230 Jonathan Goldman: That i'm not that i'm not going to receive anything and oh my God I keep not receiving You see, but when I open it was you said open the throat in the heart.

00:38:53.880 --> 00:38:55.320 Jonathan Goldman: What I need comes to me.

00:38:56.970 --> 00:39:05.550 Georgeann Dau: But even in that repeat there's the opportunity, because the repeat comes and has a purpose, everything has a purpose.

00:39:05.820 --> 00:39:10.080 Jonathan Goldman: For sure, and we live in the universe have one more chance.

00:39:11.340 --> 00:39:11.970 Georgeann Dau: Only one.

00:39:12.990 --> 00:39:13.920 Jonathan Goldman: Always one more.

00:39:15.210 --> 00:39:16.140 Georgeann Dau: that's right that's.

00:39:16.260 --> 00:39:17.460 Jonathan Goldman: Actually, one more.

00:39:17.820 --> 00:39:18.720 Jonathan Goldman: that's exactly.

00:39:21.090 --> 00:39:21.390 Georgeann Dau: That.

00:39:22.740 --> 00:39:29.340 Judi Miller: Jonathan you said, one of the reasons why you're a healer is so you could participate in miracles I think that's beautiful.

00:39:30.120 --> 00:39:39.330 Jonathan Goldman: I was once having a reading with a with a psychic person, and this was a teacher very advanced teacher that was coming through this guy and he says to me.

00:39:40.020 --> 00:39:56.760 Jonathan Goldman: Why do you want to do healing work and I gave the right answer you know I want to help people don't have tons of he was basically he said that's crap I said what he said you do it because you want to participate in miracles, and I looked around he said he said okay.

00:39:57.840 --> 00:40:00.360 Jonathan Goldman: And he said, not only is that okay that's why you do it.

00:40:01.590 --> 00:40:05.940 Jonathan Goldman: it's really Okay, if the universe is infinitely abundance, which it is.

00:40:06.990 --> 00:40:15.420 Jonathan Goldman: there's plenty of room for me to to love, what I do and want to experience miracles i'm not taking anything from anybody right.

00:40:15.810 --> 00:40:16.350 Georgeann Dau: Beautiful.

00:40:16.470 --> 00:40:29.460 Jonathan Goldman: that's what I do and I needed to know that healing was real because when I was young, there was so much illness and death in my family that I needed to know that healing was real him that there, there was hope.

00:40:30.480 --> 00:40:32.220 Jonathan Goldman: And that's The other reason that I went into healing.

00:40:35.130 --> 00:40:36.810 Judi Miller: Jonathan what is the whatever prayer.

00:40:38.220 --> 00:40:39.450 Jonathan Goldman: Whatever it goes like this.

00:40:40.470 --> 00:40:48.810 Jonathan Goldman: Whatever I have to see whatever I have to feel whatever I have to remember, whatever I have to go through.

00:40:49.620 --> 00:40:54.840 Jonathan Goldman: If it is for my healing and in the highest good of all beings I agreed to it.

00:40:55.530 --> 00:41:09.030 Jonathan Goldman: Whatever I have to see whatever I have to feel whatever ever I have to remember what I have to go through which are the things that we resist right oh my God I don't want to see that oh my God I can't feel that era so i'm willing.

00:41:10.170 --> 00:41:16.470 Jonathan Goldman: Okay i'm saying to God i'm saying to my guides i'm saying to the universe Okay, but.

00:41:17.370 --> 00:41:27.660 Jonathan Goldman: It needs to be for my healing I don't want to just go through stuff for them to go through it, I want to go through it, because it's for my healing and because it's in the highest good of all beings, which includes me.

00:41:28.710 --> 00:41:35.550 Jonathan Goldman: So this was something also I received one day with a woman, I was lying on my table, and I was working on her throat Chakra.

00:41:36.090 --> 00:41:46.230 Jonathan Goldman: And I heard it like that somebody spoken to me what a route to go, and I said Okay, let me send this to you and you tell me what percentage you actually can mean that and she said.

00:41:47.370 --> 00:41:53.010 Jonathan Goldman: 70% so because grace's radio she actually got 80% yield.

00:41:54.510 --> 00:41:54.870 Judi Miller: hmm.

00:41:56.040 --> 00:41:56.550 Judi Miller: well.

00:41:56.850 --> 00:42:03.120 Jonathan Goldman: So that's the key I to me that's the key of healing because right we give permission.

00:42:04.200 --> 00:42:13.800 Jonathan Goldman: apropos you know you said something earlier georgiana about you know everything has its has its purpose so resistance has its purpose, but when we get to a point.

00:42:15.120 --> 00:42:34.950 Jonathan Goldman: of being you know over ourself who know over are pretty self and ready to go for it because we tried everything else, and we tried to do it sort of and we've tried to mitigate it and we've tried to run away and none of it has gotten us what we want and we're willing to say Okay, yes.

00:42:35.970 --> 00:42:50.010 Jonathan Goldman: let's go whatever I have to see whatever to feel etc for my healing and in the highest good of all beings and okay let's go and then our job is to keep saying yes yeah.

00:42:50.430 --> 00:42:58.260 Georgeann Dau: Willingness yeah I just heard, I just heard you explain and talk about the purpose of repeat.

00:42:59.610 --> 00:42:59.910 Georgeann Dau: yeah.

00:43:01.080 --> 00:43:09.810 Georgeann Dau: The purpose of repeat, because every time we repeat, we get closer to the core it's used it's used if we.

00:43:10.530 --> 00:43:27.660 Georgeann Dau: You know what i'm hearing is and it's also, I think I will believe all of us that it's used when we are willing to move towards awareness, to open it up to see the little kernel so we can expand on that it's really.

00:43:28.320 --> 00:43:29.790 Jonathan Goldman: passion tells us.

00:43:29.850 --> 00:43:34.440 Jonathan Goldman: Yes, do you're going to you're going to get there you do it at your own pace.

00:43:34.500 --> 00:43:41.820 Jonathan Goldman: Yes, tell you how to do it it's up to me to hold the space, because I know you're going to do it yeah.

00:43:42.840 --> 00:43:43.920 Georgeann Dau: Yes, I love that.

00:43:44.490 --> 00:43:53.190 Judi Miller: So Jonathan, we have to take a quick break, but when we come back one of the questions we'd like you to address, as you know, everything is here to serve us for our highest and greatest good.

00:43:53.550 --> 00:43:59.880 Judi Miller: But in those moments of despair, sometimes it's hard to see that so maybe you can share with us, how do we get through that.

00:44:01.050 --> 00:44:03.570 Jonathan Goldman: You have to give you my take on the elephant.

00:44:03.930 --> 00:44:11.970 Georgeann Dau: that's great well, we look forward to having the elephant back in the room right we'll be right back we're gonna take a quick break thanks for joining us.

00:46:34.050 --> 00:46:36.210 Georgeann Dau: Welcome back with Jonathan Goldman.

00:46:38.250 --> 00:46:39.750 Georgeann Dau: So let's talk about the elephant.

00:46:41.940 --> 00:46:45.900 Jonathan Goldman: here's here's my answer was very beautiful question Judy.

00:46:47.520 --> 00:47:02.010 Jonathan Goldman: We all we want to make it complicated right, we want to make it complicated because we want our our minds to be engaged and we will have we may have us we have degrees in education, so we have to make things complicated, the truth is it's super simple.

00:47:03.300 --> 00:47:14.220 Jonathan Goldman: light is not a metaphor light is real light is what illuminates the entire universe it's what makes life force it, what is at the heart of creation.

00:47:14.850 --> 00:47:21.510 Jonathan Goldman: The the Hindu people call it ayesha undifferentiated and differentiated the light and.

00:47:22.200 --> 00:47:32.580 Jonathan Goldman: that emanates from the heart of the divine Okay, but it's real it's not a metaphor, it has nothing necessarily to do with religion or any particular spiritual path.

00:47:33.120 --> 00:47:46.620 Jonathan Goldman: it's available to all of us, we can learn to cultivate a conscious vibrational perceptible relationship with that vibration of light.

00:47:47.550 --> 00:47:56.400 Jonathan Goldman: it's done through meditation it's done through prayer it's done through breathing it's what I teach How do we make an inner construction.

00:47:56.850 --> 00:48:03.810 Jonathan Goldman: In our bodies in this this energy like a sub structure in our energy field.

00:48:04.620 --> 00:48:15.120 Jonathan Goldman: That centered in the heart grounded understanding the heart receiving light, so that in these moments you're referring to Judea the moments of despair, the moments of difficulty which everybody as.

00:48:15.510 --> 00:48:25.590 Jonathan Goldman: Right it's part of the American culture, particularly the you know is that everything is supposed to be beautiful and wonderful all the time you go on instagram and it was supposed to be your most.

00:48:25.680 --> 00:48:31.320 Jonathan Goldman: Beautiful credit, but gorgeous self and i'm fantastic right it's it's it's ridiculous.

00:48:31.440 --> 00:48:33.540 Georgeann Dau: Yes, because the great.

00:48:33.900 --> 00:48:52.650 Jonathan Goldman: But you did good with their life is he has contraction it has difficult moments it's supposed to be referring to what Jordan said, but I can go through those dark moments in light centered my heart and it's saying it's not metaphorical I do it every day it's what I teach my.

00:48:53.880 --> 00:49:04.860 Jonathan Goldman: let's cultivate this vibration glide so, especially in those moments of despair, I have an automatic connection at least I got a flashlight.

00:49:07.050 --> 00:49:07.650 Judi Miller: I love it.

00:49:07.860 --> 00:49:08.400 Judi Miller: A little bit.

00:49:08.700 --> 00:49:09.690 Georgeann Dau: We call it fake.

00:49:11.220 --> 00:49:12.990 Georgeann Dau: Another word for it could be faith.

00:49:13.860 --> 00:49:22.530 Jonathan Goldman: walk a which lives in the mental body of the heart right in front of compassion literally lives about a foot and a half in front of your chest.

00:49:23.220 --> 00:49:34.050 Jonathan Goldman: Is that's where literally faith lives, you know I recently watched the Dalai Lama, the Dalai Lama right that low is an amazing person and he got the coven vaccine.

00:49:34.890 --> 00:49:45.180 Jonathan Goldman: it's a very good go on YouTube it's like a minute and a half and he's talking, it is very beautiful Dalai Lama way you know his English is very, very beautiful and sweet and he's saying this is a very good thing.

00:49:45.870 --> 00:49:52.140 Jonathan Goldman: If you watch his hands his hands 100% of the time are in the survey faith and the split of compassion.

00:49:53.490 --> 00:49:55.380 Jonathan Goldman: provoking he's he's saying what he says.

00:49:55.740 --> 00:50:01.080 Jonathan Goldman: he's smoking faith, the whole time provoke, this is a very good thing is going to help everybody.

00:50:02.520 --> 00:50:03.000 Judi Miller: And so.

00:50:04.590 --> 00:50:18.690 Judi Miller: That is beautiful so Jonathan George and and I have lots and lots of other questions for you, but we don't want to run out of time, we want listeners to know how they can learn more about you and how they can connect with you, so if you can let them know and again.

00:50:18.750 --> 00:50:19.410 Jonathan Goldman: i'm Jonathan.

00:50:19.590 --> 00:50:22.140 Judi Miller: Jonathan Coleman author of gift of the body.

00:50:22.830 --> 00:50:32.430 Jonathan Goldman: So, give the bodies available on Amazon we just sent them in because we ran out there now available as of today.

00:50:33.330 --> 00:50:51.630 Jonathan Goldman: They may 24 and our website essential essential light is one word lowercase two l's in the middle essential light essential we have a whole array of offerings from.

00:50:52.890 --> 00:51:03.450 Jonathan Goldman: videos free videos to attend a 10 second class that I did last year that's available I just did a two part series on medium ship.

00:51:03.960 --> 00:51:21.540 Jonathan Goldman: i'm doing a three part series on anxiety depression and trauma all these things are available for people who are just beginning, people were in the middle of their journey and people who have been doing this for a long time, who want to augment and you know add to their own Program.

00:51:23.220 --> 00:51:30.690 Jonathan Goldman: very welcome, and you know somebody once said to me, if you like my babble listen to me babble, if you like someone else's Babel listen to their but.

00:51:31.260 --> 00:51:40.530 Jonathan Goldman: though, if you like my Babel coming listen, you know and learn this way and incorporated the thing about what I teach is this it doesn't contradict anything.

00:51:40.860 --> 00:51:57.390 Jonathan Goldman: No only augments it's only going to going to add to what you already do in and give you the actual practical way to put what you know to be true into actual vibrational vibrational practice.

00:51:58.050 --> 00:52:05.160 Judi Miller: i'm hearing that also yeah and there's a lot of divine wisdom in your book Jonathan it's definitely a Labor of love i'm sure.

00:52:05.400 --> 00:52:07.320 Jonathan Goldman: Yes, seven years to me.

00:52:07.710 --> 00:52:16.890 Judi Miller: wow beautiful so Jonathan I one of the things that you commented on the book is what is the longest four inches in the universe.

00:52:17.790 --> 00:52:22.020 Jonathan Goldman: longest words in the universe, is the distance between the third shocker and the heart.

00:52:22.470 --> 00:52:32.580 Jonathan Goldman: mm hmm right longest because there it's interesting in the configuration of the body there so opposite right the third Chakra is about doing and making in.

00:52:32.940 --> 00:52:47.730 Jonathan Goldman: Achieving and going for it and termination right and the hardest about unity and harmony, not weaker stronger in many ways, but very different in that it brings everything into.

00:52:48.240 --> 00:52:58.380 Jonathan Goldman: Its own harmony and the third Chakra is about distinguishing like this is this, and this is that this is a me this is a you this is right it's about identity.

00:52:58.830 --> 00:53:11.640 Jonathan Goldman: And so the distance from one to the other that's where we're being drawn everybody I see every illness every confusion every difficulty.

00:53:12.390 --> 00:53:25.710 Jonathan Goldman: To me appears as a person who is being invited and drawn and some cases forced into their heart in order to have a different life in a different way of living.

00:53:26.700 --> 00:53:43.260 Jonathan Goldman: As a collective as a humanity that's what's going on from my point of view, yes we're taking from the third chart we just had right, we had the we live in the United States in the quintessential expression of the third Chakra in the history of humanity.

00:53:44.400 --> 00:53:55.740 Jonathan Goldman: We are the makers, we are the conquerors we are the Doers right all of that manifests stirs right, of course, not everybody benefits from that, but as a culture that's what we're about.

00:53:56.730 --> 00:54:00.690 Jonathan Goldman: And we're being in the so then recently what we had is.

00:54:01.110 --> 00:54:14.280 Jonathan Goldman: The people who are hanging on to that for everything they're worth and trying to make everybody else do with them so provoking conflict provoking anger provoking criticism and judgment.

00:54:14.820 --> 00:54:35.640 Jonathan Goldman: Because everybody's being pulled to the heart, which is not about any of that stuff and so that's my point of view is, we are all being invited or dragged through that four inches to come in live through the heart, which is the new way.

00:54:36.240 --> 00:54:38.790 Jonathan Goldman: And then you're going to take 100 years I don't know.

00:54:39.780 --> 00:54:42.540 Georgeann Dau: What a great point beautifully said.

00:54:43.440 --> 00:54:46.980 Judi Miller: Jonathan Jonathan is that the most important shocker in your opinion.

00:54:47.880 --> 00:54:49.290 Jonathan Goldman: yeah because the Center.

00:54:50.100 --> 00:55:00.420 Jonathan Goldman: it's not more important in it's not more important in the sense of a function of the body but it's the one that creates that hold everybody else in.

00:55:01.590 --> 00:55:18.360 Jonathan Goldman: In harmony everybody else, meaning they think of them as people who holds all the other shockers so most important in the sense of when I shift my loyalty to that is what I say I shift my loyalty to that and i'm living through that that's the basis for everybody else lining up.

00:55:19.200 --> 00:55:20.730 Georgeann Dau: You talking about the heart Chakra.

00:55:21.120 --> 00:55:28.170 Georgeann Dau: Chakra yes absolutely yeah so Jonathan before we end is there one if you could give one.

00:55:29.610 --> 00:55:32.070 Georgeann Dau: One um tidbits tidbit.

00:55:33.390 --> 00:55:40.080 Georgeann Dau: To our audience that are listening that they can take away from tonight 30 seconds or less Cup.

00:55:41.100 --> 00:55:46.050 Jonathan Goldman: You are way more way more magnificent.

00:55:47.310 --> 00:55:59.640 Jonathan Goldman: than you have ever imagined yourself to be that place of your true self that you've protected all these years, with all the things you did is in the Center of your heart.

00:56:00.330 --> 00:56:09.000 Jonathan Goldman: go there yeah and you're going to meet not only yourself but everybody else who's doing the same thing, so you are not alone.

00:56:09.420 --> 00:56:17.850 Georgeann Dau: I love it that's great so Jonathan we always ends in prayer, would you be willing to say the prayer tonight absolutely Thank you.

00:56:21.090 --> 00:56:46.320 Jonathan Goldman: We asked here that all those who are here with us, and all those who we meet can benefit from this piece that we have now in our hearts, we asked to know that we are this piece, we asked to generate this piece, we asked to become messengers of peace, simply by being in this piece.

00:56:47.520 --> 00:56:52.200 Judi Miller: amen amen that was beautiful Thank you so much what an honor to have you.

00:56:52.920 --> 00:56:53.850 Jonathan Goldman: so wonderful.

00:56:54.870 --> 00:56:55.290 Georgeann Dau: Thank.

00:56:56.010 --> 00:57:01.800 Jonathan Goldman: You to our just lovely incredible smart beautiful people and i'm happy to be with.

00:57:02.190 --> 00:57:03.210 Judi Miller: You Thank you.

00:57:04.050 --> 00:57:19.680 Georgeann Dau: And Thank you everyone, we look forward to seeing you next week, right here Monday nights at seven and the journey through into awareness, look forward to it, God bless you we love you and good night good night.

00:57:19.830 --> 00:57:22.020 Georgeann Dau: Thanks john a good night thanks Jonathan.

00:57:22.110 --> 00:57:23.910 Judi Miller: Thank you Judy mentor to.

00:57:24.150 --> 00:57:24.840 Georgeann Dau: good night Judy.

00:57:25.200 --> 00:57:26.010 Thank you, both.

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