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Monday, May 17, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/05/17 - Gates Of Power

Facebook Live Video from 2021/05/17 - Gates Of Power


2021/05/17 - Gates Of Power

[NEW EPISODE] Gates Of Power

Take a journey through seven gates. Explore the necessary fundamental elements to discover possibilities of self-healing, self development and self-actualization. Recognize that when you can learn to let your heart speak and listen, you might just find that your truest essence lives there.

Join us and our special guest, Nomi Bachar; Human Potential Expert, Self Actualization Coach, Psychotherapist, Author and Director of The White Cedar Institute.

Tune in for this philosophical conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Dr.G and Judi begin today’s episode by talking about the mission of the show and tonight’s guest, Nomi Bachar. Nomi has been counseling, coaching, and training individuals for over 25 years. Nomi discusses her journey from acting to coaching. From a young age, her father told her to “stop being so dramatic”, but wouldn’t be stopped. She talks about success in her acting school and career as a shy kid. She came to study in New York, but after a few years, she crashed. After going on audition after audition, she ended up going to therapy and shifting her focus. She discusses how her therapist shifted her view and helped her get into therapy. She moves on to the idea that there is this urge to liberate, one must feel their shackles in order to want to break them. We are taught to turn ourselves into what we feel we should, resisting the urge to look within and find who we are. The fear of rejection often holds us back. She helps artists use their expression to create a safe, vulnerable safe for them to explore their feelings. Many of her clients are shy and timid, but in expressing herself along with them, she helps shy clients to open up.

Segment 2

Coming back from the break, Nomi introduces the seven gates, or seven areas of our lives. Most of these gates are often blocked, as we each have a defensive structure. In her program, Nomi helps clients identify their defensive structures, emotional structures, and expanded structures of their being, helping to balance and heal each. The expanded self needs to lead, only once this self leads can the gates start to be identified and unblocked. This is an awakening to our God center that lives within. Dr. G discusses an anecdote of someone in her life seeking God around the world only to find she/he within. Nomi talks about guiding people to finding their expanded selves. Nomi discusses the gates, starting with the body. She talks about how our body mirrors our emotions. She shares tips for the audience in finding some of this tension and the sources of it.

Segment 3

Next Judi reads a quote of Nomi’s, and Nomi discusses what it means and what it takes for us to accept love. This is a long journey and needs to be taken with the knowledge that there is no judgement, criticism, or right pace to move at. Nomi discusses feeling emotions, actually feeling them, rather than just thinking about them. By identifying where in the body the emotions are, they become possible to process and we can liberate our emotional self. She moves on to the gate of dialogue, discussing the difference between lust and love. Nomi describes lust as looking for something external, but love being internal and a reflection of the relationship between one and themself. After finding love within, we can see other people and show compassion. Judi discusses how most of us don’t feel joy everyday and Nomi relates this to the emotional self, as long as we are locked up, we cannot access that creative, joyful part of ourselves. She talks about the need to play in all things you do rather than just seeking time to play and be joyful on its own. Dr. G talks about the need people find to define themselves and become super knowledgeable in what they do. This takes the fun out of doing things and takes the liberation out of doing things.

Segment 4

Starting the last segment of tonight’s show, Dr. G talks about recognizing that while we are called to joy, we are also called to suffer. The importance of going within is being able to deal with our own and then walk in solidarity with others without carrying them. Nomi talks about helping people to find the mission or direction of their life that their soul needs to go in order to become more whole. Sometimes when listening to our suffering, we can find our mission, this is what happened for Nomi. She moves on to discuss the gate of silence and knowledge, and how they are about connecting with God and joy. Coming towards the closing of the episode, Dr. G asks Nomi to share her takeaways from tonight’s show. Nomi shares the name of her podcast and links where she can be found. Dr. G ends the night in prayer.


00:00:30.540 --> 00:00:38.550 Georgeann Dau: Good evening and welcome to the journey through into awareness your hosts Judy Miller inductee Georgian down.

00:00:40.140 --> 00:00:52.470 Georgeann Dau: As always we're always so glad to have you with us, and we hope that the many presentations that we have each week Monday nights at seven he right here.

00:00:53.190 --> 00:01:01.980 Georgeann Dau: or informative and nourishing to your everyday life that's our goal is to open up perspectives on living.

00:01:02.670 --> 00:01:17.430 Georgeann Dau: Health spiritual awareness and psychological wellness so that each of us can cohabitate in the fullness of life God gave us as we live with one another.

00:01:18.390 --> 00:01:33.720 Georgeann Dau: So we always have great guests on and i'm going to let Judy introduce her tonight, but first i'm going to say her name, because I love her name her name is no me Bahar.

00:01:35.310 --> 00:01:35.880 Georgeann Dau: duty.

00:01:36.270 --> 00:01:38.730 Judi Miller: And I can't pronounce it, as well as George and.

00:01:39.000 --> 00:01:50.910 Judi Miller: it's an absolute honor and pleasure to welcome know me to journey through into awareness so Naomi is a holistic counselor she's a coach as self healing and actualization expert and best selling author.

00:01:51.300 --> 00:01:56.280 Judi Miller: She is the founder and director of white cedar Institute and the creator of the gates of power method.

00:01:57.030 --> 00:02:12.540 Judi Miller: She is trained in psychodrama gestalt bio energetics and primal therapy and we'll be learning more about that in our conversations So these are all modalities that utilize expression creativity, imagination and intuition.

00:02:13.080 --> 00:02:21.450 Judi Miller: So know me has been counseling coaching and training individuals for over 29 years so normally welcome to journey through into awareness.

00:02:22.890 --> 00:02:23.340 Yes.

00:02:24.420 --> 00:02:30.270 Georgeann Dau: That know me we can't hear you your MIC we can't hear you.

00:02:31.440 --> 00:02:32.130 Georgeann Dau: You Mike.

00:02:32.430 --> 00:02:34.140 Judi Miller: Perfect perfect so.

00:02:35.160 --> 00:02:45.090 Judi Miller: So new me, I know that you served in the Israeli army for two years and then you attend to the Academy of performing arts and you had a very successful career as an actress.

00:02:45.480 --> 00:02:57.450 Judi Miller: And I believe your father told you at a very young age, stop being so dramatic, we want to know how that impacted your life and how you went from being an actress to a psychotherapist.

00:02:57.780 --> 00:02:58.080 yeah.

00:03:00.270 --> 00:03:05.280 Nomi Bachar: Well, I don't know I came to the fact that he told me not to be dramatic.

00:03:06.330 --> 00:03:08.850 Nomi Bachar: Just made me more intense.

00:03:09.990 --> 00:03:28.980 Nomi Bachar: I was always like rebellious child, so it couldn't I couldn't be stopped and he said when I went to the Academy said i'm not paying i'm not raising gypsies and even wanted my mother to chase me out of the House, because I had to be there for three years.

00:03:30.120 --> 00:03:31.830 Nomi Bachar: Anyway, nothing stopped me.

00:03:32.910 --> 00:03:33.360 Nomi Bachar: and

00:03:36.210 --> 00:03:47.010 Nomi Bachar: How do I say that I wasn't naturally expressive I was a very shy and curled in kind of a person.

00:03:47.760 --> 00:03:58.500 Nomi Bachar: And I don't know why they accepted me thousands of people audition, but they did they saw something and then they were yelling at me all the teachers all the time.

00:03:59.280 --> 00:04:18.210 Nomi Bachar: But somehow out of 38 people we stayed only six and I was the only one that really actually performed on big stages, so I was meant to do that because I guess part of the journey my own journey to liberate my own expression.

00:04:19.290 --> 00:04:28.650 Nomi Bachar: Beautiful so you know I got we don't have academy awards and things like that, but every.

00:04:30.240 --> 00:04:53.340 Nomi Bachar: Every year, the government chooses to reactors and you get sent abroad, and you have for two years, full scholarship and I got one of them, because I did Joan of Arc I did Joan of Arc and and it was I guess very moving and I came to New York to study with the haagen.

00:04:54.570 --> 00:04:55.080 Nomi Bachar: and

00:04:56.790 --> 00:05:02.850 Nomi Bachar: After a couple years I crashed I it was so different.

00:05:03.990 --> 00:05:11.490 Nomi Bachar: You know, when you are an actor in New York, you audition and audition and you hardly sometimes perform.

00:05:12.720 --> 00:05:21.870 Nomi Bachar: And it was heartbreaking for me, because I was performing actor that got paid a salary.

00:05:22.890 --> 00:05:23.640 Nomi Bachar: So.

00:05:25.560 --> 00:05:32.130 Nomi Bachar: And, and my relationships crashed and I started going to therapy.

00:05:33.840 --> 00:05:41.880 Nomi Bachar: And then I realized that there was a lot there that needed healing and transformation.

00:05:42.090 --> 00:05:43.050 Georgeann Dau: Like all of us.

00:05:43.110 --> 00:05:47.910 Nomi Bachar: Like all of us, and especially the sensitive ones, the artistic ones.

00:05:48.000 --> 00:05:49.590 Nomi Bachar: Yes, so.

00:05:50.640 --> 00:05:53.310 Nomi Bachar: that's how I came into the room.

00:05:55.260 --> 00:06:02.280 Nomi Bachar: And then I realized it's very creative really it's very expressive.

00:06:04.110 --> 00:06:11.370 Georgeann Dau: You know, know me, excuse me, I just want to just say something what i'm hearing as you're talking about your life.

00:06:12.060 --> 00:06:20.250 Georgeann Dau: it's so clear on how God the universe, whatever um has used your entire life and your life straining.

00:06:20.790 --> 00:06:27.750 Georgeann Dau: To do what you do now and love, I can tell from our conversation how much you love your work now.

00:06:28.140 --> 00:06:41.010 Georgeann Dau: yeah, how do you think that you what you're talking about right now, the biggest piece, I was tied into your work and the expression of it i'm giving it the most power and makes you so great at what you do.

00:06:42.390 --> 00:06:51.000 Nomi Bachar: I think that the expression being able to liberate my own expression and step into it fully.

00:06:52.410 --> 00:06:54.120 Nomi Bachar: unapologetically.

00:06:55.710 --> 00:07:02.640 Nomi Bachar: Start started to create my own healing mm hmm when I went to start it therapy.

00:07:03.870 --> 00:07:11.940 Nomi Bachar: I was lucky, because my therapist said to me no me, you were born therapist he saw me improve or whatever, and I said.

00:07:13.230 --> 00:07:25.620 Nomi Bachar: No, excuse me, you can do that boring thing that you do i'm an artist and he said, I think it needs to go into the training and he said that for two years.

00:07:26.640 --> 00:07:31.920 Nomi Bachar: And then, one day, as you said, the guidance came and said.

00:07:32.940 --> 00:07:33.660 Nomi Bachar: My dear.

00:07:34.890 --> 00:07:56.250 Nomi Bachar: it's right that was that small voice and I knew that token you know so for a while I was doing box, I had a dance theatre company and I did that and I started by practicing training and then started my practice, but it was all about liberating.

00:07:57.840 --> 00:08:03.840 Nomi Bachar: The inner being and claiming everything that you are.

00:08:05.040 --> 00:08:14.190 Georgeann Dau: Would you say that the liberation and the owning and claiming comes from a very deep place of awareness of what's going on inside.

00:08:15.180 --> 00:08:18.630 Nomi Bachar: Yes, awareness is is the base.

00:08:18.840 --> 00:08:19.350 Georgeann Dau: that's right.

00:08:19.920 --> 00:08:39.540 Nomi Bachar: Up somehow you need to feel that urge to liberate because there are many people who somehow don't feel that urge and I think that when you suffer a bit you begin to feel the urge you need to feel your shackles.

00:08:40.140 --> 00:08:40.650 Georgeann Dau: Yes.

00:08:40.860 --> 00:08:42.330 Nomi Bachar: to want to.

00:08:43.770 --> 00:08:45.330 Nomi Bachar: Share cerda yes.

00:08:45.600 --> 00:08:59.820 Judi Miller: No me no me one of the things that i've heard you say in the past is that we learned very early on to not accept and that happiness can only be achieved and exist and acceptance, so why do we resist and how do we learn to accept ourselves.

00:09:00.900 --> 00:09:12.900 Nomi Bachar: Well, we learn to not accept very early on, because we're being told not directly maybe that this, and this, and this, and this and that and that that is not acceptable.

00:09:13.560 --> 00:09:27.090 Nomi Bachar: And as little creatures little kids, we need to be accepted, we need to be safe, we need to connect, we need to feel love, so we start twisting ourselves.

00:09:27.840 --> 00:09:39.330 Nomi Bachar: Creating this defensive structure to get the love to get the safety to get the sense of connection, and then we lose ourselves that's it.

00:09:39.930 --> 00:09:47.100 Nomi Bachar: Now i'm like not us anymore, we are like what we think people want us to be right.

00:09:47.670 --> 00:10:02.070 Georgeann Dau: And the the resistance, a Judy and know me, I think that you agree with this, the resistance comes from exactly what he's talking about is the need to.

00:10:02.730 --> 00:10:22.410 Georgeann Dau: turn ourselves inside out to become what we were made to feel we should so in in our adult life we become resistant to take a look any deeper because the small minds of the ego worked very hard in zero to seven to create this being by falling in line.

00:10:23.610 --> 00:10:33.780 Georgeann Dau: And that's where the resistance has come from many, many times, and of course it's much deeper than that, but just in a broad stroke that's where that is yeah.

00:10:33.900 --> 00:10:46.860 Nomi Bachar: They are afraid we don't know that that's okay we're afraid to look inside and even begin to touch who we really are but because what if that's not Okay, the fear of of rejection.

00:10:48.150 --> 00:10:52.020 Nomi Bachar: and not being able to be accepted and safe.

00:10:53.550 --> 00:10:55.080 Nomi Bachar: You got to take a chance.

00:10:57.000 --> 00:11:07.740 Nomi Bachar: Are you going to stay caged and suffering or are you going to claim who you are and step out and take a chance.

00:11:08.160 --> 00:11:11.940 Georgeann Dau: And you know the journey know me that it takes to do that.

00:11:12.210 --> 00:11:12.660 Nomi Bachar: Oh yeah.

00:11:12.720 --> 00:11:18.330 Georgeann Dau: there's no self help book that's going to do that, for you know yeah so Judy get.

00:11:18.720 --> 00:11:25.920 Judi Miller: I was going to ask know me just along that same line I know that many people are terrified to actually feel the intensity of their emotions.

00:11:26.310 --> 00:11:30.210 Judi Miller: So how do you help people do that well.

00:11:30.480 --> 00:12:00.120 Nomi Bachar: Because I work with all the creative arts people write and draw and move and make sounds and scream and yell and cry and dance in my workshops and even in one on one sessions before pandemic, we have i'm very much expression oriented so people have first like they don't.

00:12:01.320 --> 00:12:04.620 Nomi Bachar: They can do it, but then I do it with them.

00:12:05.670 --> 00:12:18.180 Nomi Bachar: and eventually they love doing it, so you know I work with meditations I work with a lot of expression, I work emotionally, but we create.

00:12:20.190 --> 00:12:29.550 Nomi Bachar: The space where you can be totally emotional I create that space for them, I encourage that space.

00:12:29.820 --> 00:12:30.990 Georgeann Dau: The safe space.

00:12:31.110 --> 00:12:42.240 Nomi Bachar: of safe space and the emotionally vulnerable space where you can be a total mess and know that it's absolutely fine but.

00:12:42.300 --> 00:12:43.200 Georgeann Dau: there's no judgment.

00:12:43.530 --> 00:12:46.290 Nomi Bachar: there's no judgment, yes, yes.

00:12:46.620 --> 00:12:57.300 Judi Miller: So know me, I know that you started as a very timid and shy child So do you ever have clients who don't feel comfortable expressing and being creative yes.

00:12:57.330 --> 00:13:18.570 Nomi Bachar: Many but they they all become expressive because everybody around them and and in a session I do it with them and, at times, I scream I yell with them, just to get them going, you know and in workshops everybody around them is doing and eventually they do.

00:13:19.050 --> 00:13:33.510 Nomi Bachar: hmm I had a client who was a banker very uptight very stuff and then he he became like a beautiful poet of a sudden, in the end of workshop.

00:13:35.100 --> 00:13:35.460 Nomi Bachar: yeah.

00:13:35.580 --> 00:13:47.190 Georgeann Dau: that's great Do you remember in the 70s, I think it was the 70s, then they came out with the treatment of primal scream yes young let john Lennon used to talk about that yeah.

00:13:47.670 --> 00:13:49.440 Nomi Bachar: That was my trainings.

00:13:49.470 --> 00:13:50.670 Georgeann Dau: yeah that's great.

00:13:50.820 --> 00:13:52.080 Nomi Bachar: A primal therapy.

00:13:52.950 --> 00:13:53.460 Georgeann Dau: Happy yeah.

00:13:54.600 --> 00:13:55.170 Nomi Bachar: But yeah the.

00:13:55.680 --> 00:14:00.660 Nomi Bachar: primal terrific and say crime is all about expressing yeah.

00:14:01.500 --> 00:14:10.380 Georgeann Dau: So that's wonderful so we're going to take a brief break and we'll be back in a moment, with no me that.

00:14:11.700 --> 00:14:13.260 will be right back, thank you.

00:17:15.960 --> 00:17:22.320 Georgeann Dau: Welcome back to the journey through into awareness, tonight we have joining us.

00:17:24.300 --> 00:17:26.910 Georgeann Dau: know me I just love saying that name.

00:17:29.760 --> 00:17:30.660 Georgeann Dau: Like saying that name.

00:17:31.710 --> 00:17:32.400 Judi Miller: So.

00:17:32.610 --> 00:17:33.840 Georgeann Dau: Good Judy it's great.

00:17:34.650 --> 00:17:38.610 Judi Miller: I was gonna say no me, you said we're all masterpieces waiting to come out.

00:17:39.090 --> 00:17:45.480 Judi Miller: So how do we actually optimize all seven areas of our life, and I believe you call them at the seven gates.

00:17:47.040 --> 00:17:47.520 Nomi Bachar: well.

00:17:50.250 --> 00:17:55.920 Nomi Bachar: First of all, we need to know that we actually have seven areas of life, most people don't know that.

00:17:57.960 --> 00:17:58.920 Nomi Bachar: What are they.

00:18:00.060 --> 00:18:10.980 Nomi Bachar: We call them gates because their portals from your inner being out to the world and from the world back into your inner being.

00:18:12.570 --> 00:18:19.170 Nomi Bachar: There is the gate of the body everybody knows that there is the gate of emotions.

00:18:20.490 --> 00:18:32.700 Nomi Bachar: there's the gate of dialogue which has relationships with self and others, there is the gate of creative expression and we're all creative and we all want to express.

00:18:33.960 --> 00:18:42.120 Nomi Bachar: Their is the gate of life path why you're here your lessons your contribution and so on, the purpose.

00:18:42.960 --> 00:19:07.230 Nomi Bachar: There is the gate of silence prayer meditation spiritual understanding and the gates of knowledge, all knowledge is life knowledge is wisdom, so all of these seven areas need to be open up opened up and unblocked.

00:19:08.700 --> 00:19:11.100 Nomi Bachar: And mostly they are blocked.

00:19:12.390 --> 00:19:18.990 Nomi Bachar: And why they're blocked because of that defensive structure that we talked about a minute ago.

00:19:19.980 --> 00:19:42.420 Nomi Bachar: That defensive structure that covers your life covers your emotional self, but it also covers your expanded self that drop of God that sits inside of you, the defensive structure is just like a big dark shawl or something on a life.

00:19:43.920 --> 00:19:58.560 Nomi Bachar: and the first thing that we need to do, and we do it in the program is identify, this is my defensive structure that's not me this is my emotional self.

00:19:59.670 --> 00:20:15.660 Nomi Bachar: And it has it needs some tending needs some healing and this is my expand itself my wisdom self a person needs to identify these three elements that are sitting within their.

00:20:16.980 --> 00:20:38.550 Nomi Bachar: Internal being and then we step in and start working on balancing those three healing them and making sure that we plant, the expanded self and I go like this your wisdom self to be the leader of your inner.

00:20:39.990 --> 00:20:42.780 Nomi Bachar: Being your inner little team.

00:20:43.830 --> 00:20:59.880 Nomi Bachar: Then, when that is the leader you start looking at your gates, and you begin to see how am I blocking them what gate of the body what's going on there.

00:21:00.900 --> 00:21:02.310 Nomi Bachar: What needs.

00:21:03.720 --> 00:21:05.280 Nomi Bachar: What needs work.

00:21:06.600 --> 00:21:10.170 Nomi Bachar: What do I need to do their emotions and so on.

00:21:10.470 --> 00:21:20.040 Georgeann Dau: i'm i'm hearing that it's an awakening yes right and awakening to our God Center that lives within.

00:21:20.610 --> 00:21:34.230 Georgeann Dau: That has a dark drape over it, based on the small minds of the ego that we create to be accepted and loved by our early relationship with family and superior.

00:21:34.800 --> 00:21:52.140 Georgeann Dau: superior leaders right those that are bringing us up school it's usually zero to seven yes um I, you know as a psychoanalyst you know I do this with my patients and spiritual director, you know, helping them come to this Center which is you know, Thomas Merton.

00:21:53.850 --> 00:22:06.480 Georgeann Dau: and actually you know, a modern day mystic he's passed since you know, he said i've traveled all over the world and back looking for God, only to find that he lives within me.

00:22:07.410 --> 00:22:30.930 Georgeann Dau: He lives within me right and that's terrific that's what we're hearing tonight is that your work is developed to help people your patients your listeners your participants to take a look at what that drape is and to lift that drape off sounds like a lengthy process.

00:22:32.520 --> 00:22:48.150 Nomi Bachar: It is and it isn't because you know, most of the time when they come to me they don't know it's like I actually they speak in this language I don't know why but i'm doing this and this and that and i'm feeling this it's all like more.

00:22:48.540 --> 00:23:01.110 Nomi Bachar: me and once they begin to see all that I defensive pattern me this is my emotional self and she needs.

00:23:02.490 --> 00:23:19.800 Nomi Bachar: I don't know to cry or whatever it is, this is my expand itself was she all this time, you know they start bringing them in and they start the inner dialogue between all these three parts.

00:23:20.550 --> 00:23:31.770 Nomi Bachar: He guided by the expand itself many times people don't even know where the expensive stuff is it only has one you know.

00:23:32.220 --> 00:23:34.860 Georgeann Dau: They don't even know that they exist at all.

00:23:35.550 --> 00:23:38.130 Georgeann Dau: times they don't know that they even have one um.

00:23:38.190 --> 00:23:39.300 I speak about.

00:23:40.410 --> 00:23:44.610 Georgeann Dau: Necessary fundamental elements within the seven gates.

00:23:45.900 --> 00:23:48.060 Nomi Bachar: Necessary fundamental.

00:23:48.540 --> 00:23:52.230 Georgeann Dau: elements within the seven gates, I believe there were three of them.

00:23:56.790 --> 00:23:59.760 Judi Miller: Was that the expanded self defense of self in the.

00:24:00.030 --> 00:24:09.780 Nomi Bachar: These are the three aspects that are inside your inner being now the gates are your life, meaning from this inner being.

00:24:10.980 --> 00:24:28.980 Nomi Bachar: i'm going like this because, hopefully, the expanded is on top and emotional and defensive receiving and they're like balanced or they're beginning to be balanced now from here, the energy starts moving through the body.

00:24:30.420 --> 00:24:40.620 Nomi Bachar: Through the gate of the body or to the gate of emotions it's moving expressing itself through those areas of life.

00:24:41.250 --> 00:24:45.720 Nomi Bachar: So yeah if the energy inside is this way.

00:24:47.430 --> 00:24:58.410 Nomi Bachar: Which is how I mean when I meet people it's like most and crazy here and people and they're all fighting there and they don't know where that expanded this than.

00:24:58.440 --> 00:25:01.080 Georgeann Dau: me, excuse me a moment when she said that most people.

00:25:02.100 --> 00:25:02.640 Yes.

00:25:03.900 --> 00:25:06.150 Nomi Bachar: Most people in the company and, of course.

00:25:06.450 --> 00:25:09.210 Georgeann Dau: Most most people most most human beings.

00:25:09.270 --> 00:25:10.350 Nomi Bachar: Yes, yeah.

00:25:10.380 --> 00:25:18.210 Georgeann Dau: we're all a little crazy, the only differences, those of us that know your it's like people coming to you have already begun to longer.

00:25:19.020 --> 00:25:19.350 Georgeann Dau: yeah it's.

00:25:19.410 --> 00:25:22.650 Georgeann Dau: already begin began to hunger and thirst right.

00:25:23.190 --> 00:25:36.480 Nomi Bachar: That offense and now, when this is like this, when they come it expresses itself in the gate of the Bobby there is symptoms and craziness in the energy field.

00:25:36.990 --> 00:25:48.570 Nomi Bachar: It expresses itself in the gate of emotions, obviously, because the emotions are all over the place, or they're not even there supposedly gain of dollar relationships crazy.

00:25:48.720 --> 00:25:49.530 Judi Miller: So, nobody.

00:25:49.560 --> 00:26:00.450 Judi Miller: So, no, no me, maybe we can go through each of the gates, so the first game that you mentioned, was the body, and I think one of the things that you said is our body is a mirror of our consciousness right, what does that mean.

00:26:01.050 --> 00:26:05.130 Nomi Bachar: It means that the body is what comes out of the printer.

00:26:06.540 --> 00:26:08.370 Nomi Bachar: You see, you typing something.

00:26:10.230 --> 00:26:19.740 Nomi Bachar: And it comes out of the printer exactly the way you typed it right all your emotions and thoughts beliefs.

00:26:20.880 --> 00:26:23.700 Nomi Bachar: Considerations fears everything.

00:26:25.170 --> 00:26:30.600 Nomi Bachar: is moving is energetic and it's moving through the body.

00:26:31.710 --> 00:26:35.190 Nomi Bachar: The body is the mirror it's like exactly the same.

00:26:36.300 --> 00:26:40.560 Georgeann Dau: Do you feel that it gets trapped in certain parts of the body.

00:26:40.740 --> 00:26:43.470 Georgeann Dau: And um and maybe breath.

00:26:44.190 --> 00:26:45.450 Nomi Bachar: Yes, yes.

00:26:45.510 --> 00:26:48.720 Georgeann Dau: move can help on trap that and move it.

00:26:49.680 --> 00:27:06.510 Nomi Bachar: Some is the breath and another is movement another one is expression because we're lacking will locking it here we're lacking and here we're lacking in here and check or in the stomach or in the belly.

00:27:07.590 --> 00:27:19.890 Nomi Bachar: we're lacking in different places, this is why bio energetics is a wonderful training because that's all about how all help the psyche is sitting in the body.

00:27:20.730 --> 00:27:34.710 Nomi Bachar: I can look at somebody and know exactly where the energy is trapped and why I can read the body, but the thing is that they need to begin to have an awareness of that.

00:27:36.030 --> 00:27:41.760 Georgeann Dau: Is there an awareness, you can speak of that maybe our listeners can pay attention to something at home.

00:27:42.420 --> 00:27:47.700 Nomi Bachar: Yes, so when you are paying attention to your body.

00:27:49.410 --> 00:27:58.950 Nomi Bachar: begin to notice, where are the chronic tensions that repeat themselves all the time let's say it's the shoulders.

00:28:00.060 --> 00:28:06.780 Nomi Bachar: Ask yourself what is trying to be expressed here.

00:28:07.920 --> 00:28:21.450 Nomi Bachar: Because it's the emotions, maybe you shouldering too much responsibility that is not yours, or maybe the shoulders or look locked in because of fear.

00:28:22.740 --> 00:28:28.560 Nomi Bachar: But the thing is that you need to listen and you need to be quiet.

00:28:29.610 --> 00:28:31.650 Nomi Bachar: and go inside the body.

00:28:32.760 --> 00:28:33.690 Nomi Bachar: and ask.

00:28:34.830 --> 00:28:37.590 Nomi Bachar: and get some intuitive answers.

00:28:38.880 --> 00:28:51.990 Nomi Bachar: People don't do that, they just go take the body to the gym take the body, you know feed the body this and that and they're like maneuvering the body they're not listening to the body what.

00:28:52.020 --> 00:28:58.200 Georgeann Dau: Would you would you say that they are actually stuffing the feelings associated with.

00:28:59.370 --> 00:29:01.890 Georgeann Dau: what's looking to be lodged in the body.

00:29:02.550 --> 00:29:10.230 Nomi Bachar: That stuffing and they are forcing the body to be.

00:29:13.080 --> 00:29:16.470 Nomi Bachar: Attractive whatever that means.

00:29:18.180 --> 00:29:20.370 Nomi Bachar: they're like manipulating the body.

00:29:21.840 --> 00:29:25.440 Nomi Bachar: Rather than just befriending the body.

00:29:26.250 --> 00:29:28.140 Georgeann Dau: What to once again to fit in.

00:29:29.070 --> 00:29:37.470 Nomi Bachar: to fit in it's all the defensive structure right is showing up in each one of those areas.

00:29:38.220 --> 00:29:44.640 Judi Miller: So, normally, we have to take a quick break, but when we come back we'd love to explore the next gate, which is the gate of emotions.

00:29:46.260 --> 00:29:47.010 Georgeann Dau: will be right back.

00:29:48.780 --> 00:29:49.170 Thank you.

00:29:50.550 --> 00:29:51.960 off radio and my.

00:29:53.100 --> 00:29:55.050 Left edge and.

00:32:39.600 --> 00:32:40.440 Georgeann Dau: Welcome back.

00:32:41.580 --> 00:32:42.420 Georgeann Dau: With no meat.

00:32:43.620 --> 00:32:45.360 Georgeann Dau: And we're moving on to.

00:32:46.440 --> 00:32:49.770 Georgeann Dau: Her creation gates of power and we're going to be looking at.

00:32:50.790 --> 00:32:54.210 Georgeann Dau: The second gate the gate of emotions.

00:32:54.900 --> 00:33:07.350 Judi Miller: So I would just love to read something from naomi's blog I love reading your blog posts, and this ties in so well to the body and listening to our body and going into the gates of emotion so.

00:33:07.650 --> 00:33:14.190 Judi Miller: What you wrote on your blog is, as we listened attentively to our suffering we discover what our soul is crying for.

00:33:14.760 --> 00:33:32.550 Judi Miller: it's so important to learn to feel safe and confident internally, so that we can open our hearts to all the possibilities of life and to our true potential we hold on to our fears and pain, because freedom feels dangerous We long for it and distrusted at the same time amen.

00:33:34.260 --> 00:33:34.860 Georgeann Dau: amen.

00:33:36.930 --> 00:33:40.680 Judi Miller: So know me we'd love for you to comment on that I thought it was so well said.

00:33:41.490 --> 00:33:41.910 it's.

00:33:43.320 --> 00:33:51.000 Nomi Bachar: yeah it's because we have boxed in our emotional part.

00:33:52.230 --> 00:34:01.920 Nomi Bachar: And we called it no good not lovable not enough, we are afraid of expressing.

00:34:03.840 --> 00:34:08.700 Nomi Bachar: And that's why the gate of emotions is mostly blocked for a lot of people.

00:34:10.350 --> 00:34:11.040 Nomi Bachar: So.

00:34:14.160 --> 00:34:31.290 Nomi Bachar: How can you be happy, how can you be present, how can you be loving or receive love when you are boxed in in a little jail cell that you've created for yourself.

00:34:32.490 --> 00:34:37.470 Nomi Bachar: You can't you need to take the step and it's it.

00:34:38.610 --> 00:34:45.690 Nomi Bachar: Demand some cards and begin to find those emotions and begin to express them.

00:34:46.860 --> 00:35:05.130 Nomi Bachar: and your suffering is a good place to start because you're suffering inside in there, unless you're like stuffing your face or using addictions all kinds of addictions, then you don't even feel that you're suffering but somehow you know you're suffering.

00:35:06.330 --> 00:35:16.920 Georgeann Dau: And when we look at this, we always need to remember that there's never any judgment or criticism coming from anywhere, and it is a long journey.

00:35:18.150 --> 00:35:30.900 Georgeann Dau: And it's not about achieving anything or arriving anywhere, because that again is that small minds of the ego that tells us that we're not doing it right, we have to try this we have to try that.

00:35:31.770 --> 00:35:46.200 Georgeann Dau: it's okay as you're embarking on the journey of awareness to recognize that you are loved and you're enough, and you go at your own pace you move at your own pace right.

00:35:46.410 --> 00:35:49.320 Nomi Bachar: But it's it's still very scary at the beginning.

00:35:49.380 --> 00:35:52.890 Georgeann Dau: Yes, but, but a lot of times I don't know about you.

00:35:54.210 --> 00:36:01.200 Georgeann Dau: know me or Judy when we work with people, many times they can feel that.

00:36:02.190 --> 00:36:17.820 Georgeann Dau: If you're not moving at this pace, or you know, this is a 12 month course and I haven't gotten it that there's something wrong with it's not about that right, the psyche can move at whatever rate, it needs to move that and it's all.

00:36:18.390 --> 00:36:19.980 Nomi Bachar: Great time yes.

00:36:20.550 --> 00:36:21.690 Georgeann Dau: Yes, I just wanted to say that.

00:36:22.470 --> 00:36:32.430 Nomi Bachar: it's true it's very important to have that space of allowing that process because it's a long sometimes it's very long.

00:36:32.670 --> 00:36:34.230 Nomi Bachar: Absolutely okay.

00:36:34.830 --> 00:36:42.930 Nomi Bachar: that's right okay so JEREMY you know you're not going to stop counting your steps every second but good.

00:36:43.170 --> 00:36:55.290 Judi Miller: know me what I found with people is that one they're very mental they think that they're feeling their emotions, but they're actually just thinking about it so, how do we create that awareness that you talked about early on.

00:36:58.200 --> 00:37:08.640 Nomi Bachar: You know what I the way I work is I say wearing the body they say they say I feel this and this and it's very mental and I go where in the body.

00:37:09.090 --> 00:37:19.770 Nomi Bachar: hmm How does it move okay you saying that you're feeling fear okay move it, let me see it, then they cannot stay mental.

00:37:21.630 --> 00:37:29.850 Nomi Bachar: They have to become they have to go into the energy field somehow and express it.

00:37:32.190 --> 00:37:47.820 Judi Miller: I totally agree with you, one of the things that I teach is that the mind doesn't always tell the truth that the body tells the truth and that oftentimes we have trauma that gets lodged in our bodies and we call it issues in our tissues, so I love that I love what you said yes.

00:37:47.970 --> 00:37:49.110 Nomi Bachar: So it's like.

00:37:50.220 --> 00:37:58.170 Nomi Bachar: liberated again liberating that emotional self that has been sitting in this little jail forever.

00:38:00.570 --> 00:38:13.650 Judi Miller: One of the other gates that you talk about is the gate of dialogue that's I believe that's The self love and the communication between ourselves and other people, one of the terms that you used is from lust to love, what does that mean.

00:38:15.180 --> 00:38:37.650 Nomi Bachar: Well, you know, there is a difference big difference between lust last means I don't feel like i'm enough, but if I get that person and they love me back, and I can get some fire going here then i'm going to feel like i'm somebody.

00:38:39.270 --> 00:38:48.510 Nomi Bachar: See lust is grabbing on to something outside to make me feel my fire.

00:38:50.040 --> 00:38:56.340 Georgeann Dau: Would you say many times, the body is used to do that, yes, it's just.

00:38:56.760 --> 00:38:57.900 Nomi Bachar: Another addiction.

00:38:59.430 --> 00:39:06.150 Nomi Bachar: You know, but love is, you have to love yourself, first, to be able to love.

00:39:07.440 --> 00:39:14.820 Nomi Bachar: So you can't even get there without doing circling back and and healing the relationships.

00:39:16.020 --> 00:39:24.270 Nomi Bachar: Inside of you remember, there are these three yeah parts of you and your defensive is very.

00:39:25.320 --> 00:39:30.630 Nomi Bachar: kind of like sometimes critical on your emotional.

00:39:31.710 --> 00:39:36.780 Nomi Bachar: And that means the relationship between you and you is not yield.

00:39:38.460 --> 00:39:40.410 Nomi Bachar: So that's the first relationship.

00:39:42.780 --> 00:39:47.040 Nomi Bachar: And just out of that you can begin to.

00:39:49.500 --> 00:39:52.470 Nomi Bachar: See other people have compassion.

00:39:53.730 --> 00:39:54.060 Judi Miller: hmm.

00:39:54.150 --> 00:40:13.650 Nomi Bachar: let's see you went inside of yourself and you felt your own suffering and your own vulnerability know begin to relate and communicate and feel them and know them because you know you, because we all have the same more or less the same feelings.

00:40:14.370 --> 00:40:20.280 Georgeann Dau: Yes, we do and we're called to experience every feeling known to humanity you're in this life.

00:40:20.370 --> 00:40:22.260 Georgeann Dau: right if we can yes.

00:40:22.710 --> 00:40:25.320 Georgeann Dau: Right that's good that's really great.

00:40:26.610 --> 00:40:34.590 Judi Miller: One of the things that you mentioned earlier, was that one of the ways to get through these blocks is through creative expression, and I believe that's also one of the gates as well.

00:40:34.920 --> 00:40:46.530 Judi Miller: Yes, why is playtime and joy and fun so important, because I know when I look out into the world, I see most people aren't experienced join in their lives every day yeah.

00:40:47.820 --> 00:41:12.540 Nomi Bachar: How can you, because who is which part of you is feeling that it's it's your emotional self your emotional self is that creative child inside of you it's the joyful side of you, and if they are sitting, as I said in their cell locked in and feeling bad about themselves.

00:41:13.650 --> 00:41:16.650 Nomi Bachar: they're not free to roam to play.

00:41:18.030 --> 00:41:19.230 Nomi Bachar: To be creative.

00:41:20.190 --> 00:41:23.040 Nomi Bachar: And I think that this is why we're here.

00:41:24.300 --> 00:41:30.570 Nomi Bachar: Big why we're here is to play to be creative.

00:41:31.980 --> 00:41:45.810 Nomi Bachar: to feel all the possibilities just celebrate all the possibilities to celebrate all the people that we meet and all the experiences that we have just to celebrate lunch yes.

00:41:45.840 --> 00:41:47.010 Georgeann Dau: celebrate life.

00:41:47.490 --> 00:41:47.970 celebrate.

00:41:50.370 --> 00:41:53.790 Nomi Bachar: The journey of experiencing life.

00:41:54.210 --> 00:42:04.980 Judi Miller: hmm know me what I hear from a lot of people is that they don't have time, I know that sounds crazy, but I have a job, I have a family, I need to take care of this, where do I find time to play.

00:42:06.750 --> 00:42:10.680 Nomi Bachar: it's you need to play in all of the things that you doing.

00:42:10.830 --> 00:42:13.140 Judi Miller: Yes, yes, sir.

00:42:13.260 --> 00:42:15.630 Nomi Bachar: I am i'm having a good time now.

00:42:15.750 --> 00:42:37.530 Nomi Bachar: Yes, care, you can call it work or whatever I don't care when I mean a session I think whoa that's interesting yeah kind of fun, you know I then did not used to be, I used to be very light, because my defensive was an accelerant I had to excel in everything had to be.

00:42:37.530 --> 00:42:39.600 Nomi Bachar: This there was a perfectionist there.

00:42:39.900 --> 00:42:42.750 Nomi Bachar: right that spoiled on my fun.

00:42:44.280 --> 00:42:54.810 Nomi Bachar: For many, many years of my life, and you know you go to some traumas and you kind of wake up and you go like what the hell's going on.

00:42:56.400 --> 00:42:56.970 Georgeann Dau: what's going on.

00:42:57.420 --> 00:42:58.320 Nomi Bachar: Here, why.

00:43:00.390 --> 00:43:00.870 Nomi Bachar: I may know.

00:43:01.920 --> 00:43:02.700 Nomi Bachar: A little bit.

00:43:02.910 --> 00:43:14.400 Nomi Bachar: yeah and you can shift, you know so i'm very encouraging of people doing all kinds of playful things yeah you know, and I myself I.

00:43:15.570 --> 00:43:16.860 Nomi Bachar: painted my chairs.

00:43:18.000 --> 00:43:22.170 Nomi Bachar: My my shadow leaders and I just went and I painted.

00:43:23.940 --> 00:43:24.450 Georgeann Dau: mm hmm.

00:43:25.020 --> 00:43:29.160 Nomi Bachar: I don't know, maybe look great, but who cares I did.

00:43:32.400 --> 00:43:37.800 Georgeann Dau: When you were talking about the defensive piece part of what I find.

00:43:38.820 --> 00:43:48.630 Georgeann Dau: I don't know if you agree with it or not, is that when individuals need to with as we age, they need to continue to keep up.

00:43:50.340 --> 00:43:57.510 Georgeann Dau: Whatever they learned very early on to get the love and attention they needed, so if it was a intellect.

00:43:58.560 --> 00:44:08.520 Georgeann Dau: They continue to have to force themselves to study everything know everything so that they can feel defined and they can love themselves in it, because that's where they got the love.

00:44:08.910 --> 00:44:21.810 Georgeann Dau: Outwardly, and it really is nonsense, but that's where they are and that jams them up that keeps them stuck is, it is no more fun, it was never fun to begin with, because it wasn't their true self.

00:44:21.900 --> 00:44:23.790 Nomi Bachar: Exactly exactly so.

00:44:24.210 --> 00:44:26.520 Nomi Bachar: Yes, liberation that we're Tom.

00:44:26.520 --> 00:44:43.560 Georgeann Dau: Yes, absolutely and it's so great, when we do this work that we're able to with God, because I never take any credit for them only no vehicle that God uses to help people get there, that you know, to really help people be free there's nothing better.

00:44:43.890 --> 00:44:54.030 Nomi Bachar: there's nothing better and people are afraid of freedom because nothing in society is really, really encouraging that.

00:44:54.120 --> 00:44:56.760 Nomi Bachar: No or teaching that.

00:44:56.850 --> 00:44:57.300 Georgeann Dau: that's right.

00:44:57.420 --> 00:45:14.250 Nomi Bachar: Everything is the opposite that's why be good be excelling be be striving get the status get the car get the wife get you know nothing is is actually so people need.

00:45:15.570 --> 00:45:17.910 Nomi Bachar: A place to be encouraged.

00:45:18.990 --> 00:45:19.530 Georgeann Dau: Yes.

00:45:23.550 --> 00:45:24.780 Georgeann Dau: So we.

00:45:25.980 --> 00:45:38.640 Georgeann Dau: We have just a couple of minutes we'll get to take a brief break and then, when we come back we'd like to move on to the next gate which I believe is a my life past.

00:45:39.270 --> 00:45:40.110 Nomi Bachar: Life past.

00:45:40.920 --> 00:45:41.310 Georgeann Dau: path.

00:45:41.400 --> 00:45:42.030 Nomi Bachar: A path.

00:45:42.120 --> 00:45:46.260 Georgeann Dau: Of like that, yes, and we'll be right back with life path.

00:45:49.260 --> 00:45:51.600 To talk radio and my.

00:45:53.520 --> 00:45:54.690 Education and.

00:48:08.310 --> 00:48:09.240 Georgeann Dau: I welcome back.

00:48:10.560 --> 00:48:10.890 With.

00:48:12.180 --> 00:48:19.680 Georgeann Dau: me a car on a journey through into awareness before we move on to the next.

00:48:22.320 --> 00:48:22.830 Georgeann Dau: pair.

00:48:24.660 --> 00:48:29.250 Georgeann Dau: of life, with no me, I would just like to mention that.

00:48:31.650 --> 00:48:32.970 Georgeann Dau: We are called to joy.

00:48:34.410 --> 00:48:37.140 Georgeann Dau: And we're also called to learn how to suffer.

00:48:38.190 --> 00:48:51.150 Georgeann Dau: Because part of life is suffering doesn't mean that we're called to suffer all the time that God causes to suffer, but if it gets important that we recognize that and I just want to say that because.

00:48:52.200 --> 00:48:53.340 Georgeann Dau: we're not about.

00:48:54.930 --> 00:49:02.670 Georgeann Dau: And I really want to mention this because this is my show or show and we're not about.

00:49:03.870 --> 00:49:11.010 Georgeann Dau: watching the news and that people are dying and drowning and you know we're just skipping along through that.

00:49:11.640 --> 00:49:21.120 Georgeann Dau: The reason this work is so powerful and the importance of going within is to be able to recognize that we all suffer and we can.

00:49:21.660 --> 00:49:37.860 Georgeann Dau: When we deal with our own, we can then walk in solidarity with others and not carry it when we don't deal with our own we will feel like we can't watch that because we are carrying it because we never carried our own.

00:49:39.900 --> 00:49:48.270 Georgeann Dau: So we're able to walk in solidarity with another and recognize that we can share their pain, but we're not carrying them.

00:49:48.810 --> 00:50:04.650 Georgeann Dau: That we all belong to God and we will all have our time for joy and, for we all have our time for places of suffering when we do our work, we come to recognition of this more so know me, would you agree with what I just said yes, yes, yes.

00:50:04.710 --> 00:50:07.020 Nomi Bachar: No need to resist anything that life.

00:50:07.380 --> 00:50:10.320 Nomi Bachar: brings in our path.

00:50:11.940 --> 00:50:15.600 Nomi Bachar: I mean the greatest wisdom sometimes comes out of suffering.

00:50:15.870 --> 00:50:18.600 Nomi Bachar: Absolutely, I can say about myself and and.

00:50:18.930 --> 00:50:19.440 Georgeann Dau: lead to.

00:50:19.710 --> 00:50:23.430 Nomi Bachar: No need no need to resist anything that is happening.

00:50:23.730 --> 00:50:24.900 Georgeann Dau: Beautiful because it's.

00:50:24.960 --> 00:50:29.730 Nomi Bachar: All wonderful lead designed for us to grow.

00:50:30.000 --> 00:50:30.570 Georgeann Dau: Yes.

00:50:31.080 --> 00:50:32.400 Georgeann Dau: It is yeah.

00:50:33.030 --> 00:50:51.120 Nomi Bachar: And the next gate the LIFE path is all about that it's about looking at the the chart of our life mm hmm realizing, what are the important lessons for this lifetime.

00:50:51.870 --> 00:50:55.650 Georgeann Dau: Was that from your vision map that you use that you spoke about.

00:50:56.340 --> 00:51:00.510 Nomi Bachar: The visual map is just working organizing all.

00:51:00.630 --> 00:51:01.080 The game.

00:51:02.160 --> 00:51:02.550 Nomi Bachar: But.

00:51:02.940 --> 00:51:25.320 Nomi Bachar: Miss from the the part of the program that's spiritual you you, you always I always encourage them to listen to what are the messages that getting what other lessons that are important for them to learn, and what is their unique contribution.

00:51:26.340 --> 00:51:28.140 Nomi Bachar: To themselves and others.

00:51:29.820 --> 00:51:46.350 Nomi Bachar: So you can call it life purpose life mission life pass for life direction it's where your soul needs to go in this life to become more whole.

00:51:47.610 --> 00:51:48.990 Nomi Bachar: Because when you give.

00:51:50.460 --> 00:51:57.930 Nomi Bachar: You become more whole when you receive you become more whole when you learn when you heal all of that.

00:51:58.140 --> 00:51:58.860 Georgeann Dau: When you love.

00:51:59.130 --> 00:52:02.220 Nomi Bachar: When you love when you receive love when you forgive.

00:52:04.230 --> 00:52:07.440 Nomi Bachar: or when you suffer when you are in ecstasy.

00:52:09.030 --> 00:52:11.310 Nomi Bachar: I mean the questions are always.

00:52:12.600 --> 00:52:14.490 Nomi Bachar: For me, in life path.

00:52:15.540 --> 00:52:26.610 Nomi Bachar: what's the direction that my soul is moving and wants to move that's why we thought life path.

00:52:28.560 --> 00:52:32.220 Nomi Bachar: quickly the next gate the gate of silence.

00:52:32.580 --> 00:52:35.310 Judi Miller: know me, can I just ask you a question about the previous gate.

00:52:35.670 --> 00:52:44.550 Judi Miller: Yes, so we talked about it earlier so by following our bliss and following our joy is that also breadcrumbs towards our purpose in life as well.

00:52:44.940 --> 00:52:48.750 Nomi Bachar: Yes, that's a very good indication.

00:52:50.010 --> 00:53:07.440 Nomi Bachar: But sometimes when we listen to our suffering, we understand what your path what our path is because sometimes what you need to heal and my case I had a lot of healing to do, but what I needed to heal was also my gift.

00:53:08.340 --> 00:53:12.330 Nomi Bachar: Yes, so it came out of was born out of suffering.

00:53:12.450 --> 00:53:21.480 Nomi Bachar: Right, you know and and and but also the joy of performing obviously helped me.

00:53:23.700 --> 00:53:26.730 Nomi Bachar: Be be be more effective, with my gift.

00:53:27.540 --> 00:53:30.450 Georgeann Dau: it's the opposite side of the same coin, yes.

00:53:31.770 --> 00:53:39.690 Nomi Bachar: Yes, yes, yes, so the gain of silence, we do a lot of meditations different kinds of meditations.

00:53:41.010 --> 00:53:52.710 Nomi Bachar: emotional meditations dialogue meditations physical movement meditation sounds meditation we do you know kind of 57 different kinds of meditation.

00:53:53.610 --> 00:54:19.860 Nomi Bachar: And it cultivates your ability to be connected to call it god's universe, the one that's the great self whatever it is you connect and you realize one with it it's one with you it's within you it's everywhere, and you gain tremendous amount of strength and support from being.

00:54:21.330 --> 00:54:23.130 Nomi Bachar: One with the one.

00:54:23.280 --> 00:54:24.360 Georgeann Dau: Yes, yes.

00:54:25.410 --> 00:54:44.310 Nomi Bachar: yeah again and again of knowledge is just fun knowledge is fun and its knowledge is power to so knowledge of self knowledge of others knowledge of anything in life, one is enriching.

00:54:46.950 --> 00:54:56.310 Judi Miller: And I think one of the things that you said very early on in the show was about our awareness and that the most precious gift, we have as humans is our ability to be aware, yes.

00:54:57.450 --> 00:54:57.870 Georgeann Dau: and

00:54:59.190 --> 00:55:03.060 Georgeann Dau: We are I don't want us to run out of time, it goes so quickly.

00:55:04.320 --> 00:55:16.530 Georgeann Dau: We have a two minutes to before the end um no mate thank you both of us from our hearts for saying yes to being on the show it was a great gift to have you with us.

00:55:17.010 --> 00:55:21.000 Nomi Bachar: I enjoyed it so much you both are lovely lovely lovely.

00:55:21.330 --> 00:55:34.530 Georgeann Dau: Thank you, as your as your course and is there's one or two things real quickly that we could give our listeners before we end of that they could take away.

00:55:35.670 --> 00:55:54.360 Nomi Bachar: Well, I would say, read the gates of power or or just listen to it because it's an audio gates of power actualize your true self it's a shortfall of wonderfulness yes read it and enjoy it great.

00:55:54.840 --> 00:55:57.840 Judi Miller: And know me How can people get in touch with you, if they want to learn more.

00:55:58.830 --> 00:56:00.930 Nomi Bachar: gates of

00:56:01.470 --> 00:56:03.390 Georgeann Dau: And I have it on the.

00:56:05.040 --> 00:56:16.950 Georgeann Dau: The radio show website under tonight's show are all the addresses that we can get in touch with with no me so i'd like to say thank you again, thank you to all of you.

00:56:17.760 --> 00:56:41.010 Georgeann Dau: Being here tonight with us, you give us great reason to continue our work here, so let us pray loving God you fill all things with the fullness and hope that we can never comprehend, we thank you for leading us into a time where more of reality is being unveiled for a school it's time.

00:56:42.570 --> 00:56:53.130 Georgeann Dau: For us to begin to see begin to see and we pray that you will take away our natural temptation for cynicism denial, fear and despair.

00:56:53.640 --> 00:57:11.580 Georgeann Dau: Help us to have the courage to awaken to greater truth great humility and greater care for each other, knowing good God that you heal us and you hear us better than we can ever do for ourselves, we pray in all of the Holy names of God amen.

00:57:11.880 --> 00:57:12.360 amen.

00:57:13.500 --> 00:57:14.010 Georgeann Dau: amen.

00:57:15.030 --> 00:57:15.600 Judi Miller: Thank you, Sir.

00:57:15.930 --> 00:57:20.100 Judi Miller: Thank you so much know me for being such a special guest Thank you know me so much.

00:57:20.310 --> 00:57:26.640 Georgeann Dau: And thank you all of you so much we'll see you next week, we have Jonathan.

00:57:27.270 --> 00:57:28.800 Georgeann Dau: Goldman Goldman.

00:57:30.450 --> 00:57:35.850 Georgeann Dau: Judy and I are a great team, we have Jonathan Goldman with us next week seven o'clock.

00:57:37.050 --> 00:57:38.910 Georgeann Dau: And we'll see you then Monday nights.

00:57:39.990 --> 00:57:40.410 Georgeann Dau: goodnight.

00:57:40.680 --> 00:57:41.010 goodnight.

00:57:42.120 --> 00:57:44.370 Georgeann Dau: goodnight God bless.

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