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Monday, May 10, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/05/10 - Our Soul's Journey

Facebook Live Video from 2021/05/10 - Our Soul's Journey


2021/05/10 - Our Soul's Journey

[NEW EPISODE] Our Soul's Journey

Have we lived before and do our souls journey from lifetime to lifetime? What happens between lives and what is the purpose of our soul’s journey?

Join us as we explore these and other fascinating topics with Dr. Linda Backman, world-recognized regression therapist and licensed psychologist.

Dr. Backman has guided soul regressions for over 25 years and will share how past-life and between life regressions can help clear our current day issues. She will also explain how to identify if we are an earth-based, interplanetary or angelic soul. Don’t miss this fascinating interview!

Tune in for this philosophical conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

The first segment starts with Georgeann and Judi introducing the show and tonight's guest. Joining tonight's episode is world recognized regression therapist, Dr. Linda Backman. Judi moves the conversation towards Dr. Linda's early career and her transition into regression therapy. Dr. Linda explains that after the passing of a close friend at work, during the early 90s, she started to feel his spiritual presence in her life. This feeling is what drove her to start connecting deeper with spirituality and helping others with regression therapy. Dr. Linda gives anecdotes to Georganna and Judi about some of her first personal experiences with things like seeing past lives and connecting with a past life.

Segment 2

The second segment starts with Judi telling the listeners about a special offer now on amazon for her book ‘Perfect a path to love, forgiveness, and transformation’. The show then starts up again with Judi giving an explanation for some unexplained fears and phobias she has felt for the majority of her life and how she overcame these fears and phobias. Judi then gives the conversation to Dr. Linda to discuss how we can repair our soul.

Segment 3

The third segment starts with Georgeann reintroducing the show and the guest, Dr. Linda Backman. Georgeann then presents the questions to Dr. Linda, what are the different types of souls? Dr. Linda then goes into great detail regarding your soul, your soul in past lives, and the different types of souls involved with that. Dr. Linda then goes into the complications involving all the prior talking points of this specific segment.

Segment 4

The final segment starts with Judi giving Dr. Linda an opportunity to plug everything she is involved with currently in her practices. Dr. Linda discusses a little bit about how COVID has affected her and her practice. Dr. Linda explains that doing regression therapy online has, in a lot of ways, benefited her practice. Georgeann and Judi then wrap up this week's show.


00:00:43.380 --> 00:00:44.730 Georgeann Dau: Good evening and welcome.

00:00:46.110 --> 00:00:50.100 Georgeann Dau: i'm Dr George and Dale and here with co host.

00:00:51.690 --> 00:00:56.400 Georgeann Dau: Judy Miller and a very exciting guest that we have with us tonight.

00:00:57.720 --> 00:00:58.140 Georgeann Dau: and

00:00:59.520 --> 00:01:01.950 Georgeann Dau: I think many of you that listen each week.

00:01:02.970 --> 00:01:06.630 Georgeann Dau: And I want to personally thank you for.

00:01:07.680 --> 00:01:33.660 Georgeann Dau: Your commitment to our show and wanting to expand your view and perspectives on life humanity because it's so important to be open and you'll hear many things on our show that you might not agree with or think maybe are a little strange um perhaps but and.

00:01:35.400 --> 00:01:49.410 Georgeann Dau: doesn't mean that our views aren't your views or or your views what's important in life, I believe, is to remain open to the possibility, because we walk and we live in mystery.

00:01:50.610 --> 00:01:53.970 Georgeann Dau: So we have a very special guests here.

00:01:54.780 --> 00:01:57.450 Georgeann Dau: And we're going to introduce her in a moment.

00:01:58.680 --> 00:02:02.100 Georgeann Dau: I like to keep the the little tension up.

00:02:03.270 --> 00:02:03.810 Georgeann Dau: and

00:02:04.920 --> 00:02:11.670 Georgeann Dau: For those of you that have been with us, we have a very, very nice surprise that we're going to offer you with the break.

00:02:12.180 --> 00:02:26.550 Georgeann Dau: So hang in there with us, and after the break we're going to announce a wonderful complimentary gift in appreciation for all of you that have been with us and your commitment to living in life.

00:02:27.510 --> 00:02:42.990 Georgeann Dau: So we have a woman who i'm very interested in knowing more about actually also she is a psychologist she's a regression therapist and after working in psychology because those of you know i'm a psychoanalyst.

00:02:43.710 --> 00:03:00.660 Georgeann Dau: She was moved on in her spirit into being a regression therapist among many, many other things, and her name is Dr Linda bachmann Linda, thank you for saying yes and being with us on the show.

00:03:01.620 --> 00:03:05.250 Linda Backman: Totally my pleasure George and Judy to be with both of you.

00:03:06.030 --> 00:03:09.150 Judi Miller: So Linda I just want to read your official bio so.

00:03:09.660 --> 00:03:13.020 Judi Miller: Our listeners could gifts get a better understanding of who you are.

00:03:13.440 --> 00:03:22.410 Judi Miller: So, like Dr George and mentioned Dr Linda backman as a psychologist or researcher author and regression therapist she's been in private practice for over 40 years.

00:03:22.740 --> 00:03:35.610 Judi Miller: And through hypnotic regression she has guided thousands of clients to access their past lives and the time between lives, helping them to surface and understand the challenges of their souls, which are repeated life to life.

00:03:36.210 --> 00:03:45.960 Judi Miller: convinced that our collective healing has an impact on the evolution of humanity and the unity of all people, she has made the understanding of the soul her priority.

00:03:46.680 --> 00:03:53.910 Judi Miller: Dr backman founded the Raven heart Center in boulder Colorado in 1997 with her husband Dr Earl backman.

00:03:54.420 --> 00:04:09.420 Judi Miller: she's deeply focused on the development of a universal understanding and awareness of soul evolution Dr backman is the author of three books, bringing your soul to light the evolving soul and souls on earth.

00:04:10.980 --> 00:04:18.990 Judi Miller: which Dr George and I are holding up now i've had the privilege of having a past life and a between lives soul regression with Dr Linda.

00:04:19.470 --> 00:04:31.410 Judi Miller: And I am honored to call her my spiritual mentor Dr George and I are so excited to welcome Dr Linda to journey through toward us, so thank you for being here it.

00:04:31.560 --> 00:04:39.090 Linda Backman: is truly my pleasure it's exciting to be Judy I know and Dr George and i'm looking forward to getting to know.

00:04:39.450 --> 00:04:39.660 me.

00:04:41.100 --> 00:04:52.650 Judi Miller: So, Dr Linda you were trained in practice as a conventional psychologists, now we all want to know how did you get involved in regression therapy and I want to know what did your colleagues, think about it.

00:04:54.690 --> 00:05:03.060 Linda Backman: Well, the story and i'll do my very best to make it short and I know that that everybody has their story of how they got into a spiritual.

00:05:03.750 --> 00:05:16.650 Linda Backman: area of focus or spiritual interest but long story short, when I was at the ripe old age of about my middle 40s practicing as a conventional psychologist as you both have mentioned.

00:05:17.760 --> 00:05:25.560 Linda Backman: I I had a colleague die actually my original colleague with them, we built a group of psychologists and psychiatrists.

00:05:25.920 --> 00:05:31.860 Linda Backman: And he died in his early 30s of a type of lung cast cancer, when I was in my middle 40s.

00:05:32.220 --> 00:05:48.330 Linda Backman: And when he passed and completely unbeknownst to me, I did not honestly believe in any of what i've now done, for you know, for over 40 well i've been in practice over 40 years been guiding regression for not quite 30 years.

00:05:49.080 --> 00:05:59.730 Linda Backman: So my colleague passed and I began to sense into it experience that my colleague was talking to me from the other side.

00:06:00.630 --> 00:06:10.650 Linda Backman: which I thought, back then, this is in 1993 I thought that was really strange, but at the same time, I felt like I could feel his energy and I.

00:06:10.950 --> 00:06:23.250 Linda Backman: I was receiving communication from him I began, also in my mind's eye to see scenes of past lives, I believe we had shared now before this.

00:06:23.520 --> 00:06:35.100 Linda Backman: Is and I think this is always important to share with people before this I didn't know if I believed in reincarnation or I didn't so I began to see scenes in my mind's eye that I felt there was.

00:06:35.820 --> 00:06:49.980 Linda Backman: A person in those scenes the same soul of my colleague, and so I thought this was, I just have to say, pretty weird and so I asked my husband I at that point, I think i've been married maybe 25 years.

00:06:50.580 --> 00:06:59.820 Linda Backman: My husband is a was spent my husband said spent 30 years as a university professor so he's you know formally educated.

00:07:00.330 --> 00:07:07.680 Linda Backman: we're both very liberal people we had never talked about reincarnation I asked my husband to sit down I explained what I was experiencing.

00:07:08.010 --> 00:07:18.240 Linda Backman: And what my husband said back to me back then in 93 was that he had forgotten about something that happened to me it happened to him as a child.

00:07:18.540 --> 00:07:26.340 Linda Backman: and growing up, he said to me, which i'd never heard before he said when I was growing up as a boy I remembered my past lives in detail.

00:07:26.910 --> 00:07:30.030 Linda Backman: And then my husband, whose first name is Earl Earl said.

00:07:30.900 --> 00:07:39.240 Linda Backman: But I I knew Those were my lives but I didn't want to tell anybody because I thought they would think I was you know this very odd child.

00:07:39.570 --> 00:07:50.670 Linda Backman: So basically Earl said he took that away and he forgot about it until 1993 and and fortunately and extremely fortunately URL said.

00:07:51.270 --> 00:08:09.930 Linda Backman: So you know go study go learn take this in whatever direction you want URL is not a psychologist he's a political scientists, so that was like validation for me, and so I began to read and it took me actually honestly in regard to Judy what you asked.

00:08:11.280 --> 00:08:24.690 Linda Backman: took me a while to to wrap my heart and mind around the validity of this whole experience and I thought well what am I going to do, I thought my my my conventional practice.

00:08:25.200 --> 00:08:33.960 Linda Backman: was primarily referrals from medical doctors and I thought oh they're all going to think I just completely lost my mind.

00:08:34.140 --> 00:08:34.590 Georgeann Dau: If that.

00:08:34.800 --> 00:08:39.480 Linda Backman: Really that truly never happened but that's what I was concerned about.

00:08:39.660 --> 00:08:40.020 sure.

00:08:41.340 --> 00:08:43.320 Georgeann Dau: that's great would incredible beginning.

00:08:45.570 --> 00:08:51.660 Georgeann Dau: You know I mean, I believe that we have a solid mean it's a solid, the body is the body and the soul.

00:08:52.740 --> 00:09:02.910 Georgeann Dau: Had how did you come to really grasping because it's beyond belief, how did you come to really grasping that we have a soul what was that, like, for you.

00:09:05.340 --> 00:09:07.200 Linda Backman: Well, you know.

00:09:08.790 --> 00:09:20.850 Linda Backman: Dr Jana was sort of like you know, there was this part of me that I now understand, but I didn't back then, there was this part of me almost like just pushing to learn more.

00:09:22.290 --> 00:09:22.950 Georgeann Dau: that's.

00:09:23.460 --> 00:09:32.130 Linda Backman: And it's like almost an impetus that you can't slow down your left brain says is this real.

00:09:32.550 --> 00:09:57.000 Linda Backman: But you're right brain, so your cognitive processes is this real and your heart says or your passion says, I have to learn about this, and so slowly but surely, I started reading material I started understanding, who or what is the soul, I wasn't raised to believe in any of this.

00:09:58.080 --> 00:10:06.150 Linda Backman: But I started gradually slowly but surely training reading guiding regression by regression by regression.

00:10:06.750 --> 00:10:16.290 Linda Backman: And the my Cardinal rule and regression is the client tells you the information or the client shares, you know tells me the information.

00:10:16.710 --> 00:10:25.020 Linda Backman: I don't give it to them and that's, not to say for any of you listening, I totally believe in very capable mediums and channels.

00:10:25.500 --> 00:10:39.420 Linda Backman: And that is certainly wonderful work and some of my dearest friends and colleagues are capable mediums and channels, but discovering your own soul level information, with the support of a regression therapist.

00:10:40.590 --> 00:10:44.550 Linda Backman: that's sort of the mode that really resonated for me.

00:10:45.390 --> 00:10:56.610 Judi Miller: So, Dr Linda what I found interesting during our sessions, it was almost like I was an observer just talking about what was happening in in my past lives or between live sessions.

00:10:57.270 --> 00:11:15.240 Judi Miller: So it was almost like my mouth had a mind of its own, but I was fully aware and cognizant of what I was saying so, is that the typical experience and and do people can you explain it for our listeners, is it scary and what does it look like when you go through a regression session.

00:11:17.190 --> 00:11:31.620 Linda Backman: Well, I honestly think what happens is that left brain capability that monkey mind that we all have a monkey mind that's the observer that's sort of the Meta process.

00:11:33.300 --> 00:11:41.250 Linda Backman: And, but there's this right brained intuitive process that it's almost like starting your car.

00:11:42.000 --> 00:11:50.640 Linda Backman: And then you can't turn the car off and I don't mean it runs away with you and it's dangerous, but you know it's like turning on an ignition.

00:11:51.420 --> 00:12:02.460 Linda Backman: And then the information the story the content begins to flow this left brain metal stuff is still running and observing.

00:12:02.940 --> 00:12:18.990 Linda Backman: But the intuitive capability and I know you know, probably some of your listeners and I used to say this to myself too oh i'm not intuitive we're all intuitive it's a muscle we strengthen over time and believability.

00:12:21.660 --> 00:12:28.980 Judi Miller: And you know, Dr George and I had a great discussion on one of our past shows, and we were talking about what is the purpose of life.

00:12:29.250 --> 00:12:43.470 Judi Miller: So for me it's to choose love in every moment, so we will continue to have the same experiences will continue to meet similar people, and we will come back lifetime after lifetime until we learn to choose love.

00:12:43.890 --> 00:12:50.340 Judi Miller: So, based on all of the regressions that you've done for other people, what do you believe our souls purposes.

00:12:52.290 --> 00:13:16.830 Linda Backman: Well, simply put our souls purpose is to evolve this human culture that we live in, to evolve us and we can use the word love to evolve us toward equality all people matter balance and and all of that, so what overview is to evolve humanity.

00:13:18.750 --> 00:13:35.730 Georgeann Dau: Yes, and what causes our because we're born complete and enough, so what causes our inability to grow and know that and live from that in the dysfunction is all of our upbringing.

00:13:36.720 --> 00:13:43.230 Georgeann Dau: And all that was put into us during that time, and I know you and judy's focus mainly also is.

00:13:44.010 --> 00:14:07.500 Georgeann Dau: The past lives and also ancestors having a piece of that and I do definitely believe that as well, but we're going to take a quick break and when we come back we're looking forward to more journey through until awareness with Dr Linda Bachman we'll be right back, thank you for listening.

00:17:07.590 --> 00:17:14.940 Georgeann Dau: Welcome back to a journey through into awareness with Dr Linda bachmann and.

00:17:16.260 --> 00:17:22.320 Georgeann Dau: Judy my co host my buddy you have something to announce to everybody.

00:17:22.740 --> 00:17:31.770 Judi Miller: Well, you know, Dr George and is always telling me how wonderful our listeners are and how loyal they are so we wanted to do something to say thank you.

00:17:32.250 --> 00:17:37.860 Judi Miller: So, as many of you know I published my book perfect path to love forgiveness and transformation last year.

00:17:38.160 --> 00:17:46.020 Judi Miller: So today, if you go to Amazon, you can get the ebook version of this totally free and it's a gift to all of our listeners.

00:17:46.350 --> 00:17:53.850 Judi Miller: So the reason why we wanted to give it to you for free is not only because you're such great listeners, but it also has to do with past lives.

00:17:54.450 --> 00:18:02.700 Judi Miller: So this leads into my next question for Dr Linda so Dr Linda for most of my life I was plagued by unexplainable fears and phobias.

00:18:03.030 --> 00:18:09.900 Judi Miller: and through the science of epigenetics I learned that we could actually inherit the pain and the trauma from our parents and our ancestors.

00:18:10.560 --> 00:18:20.460 Judi Miller: And on this journey, the person that I trust it to heal me in this lifetime was actually the soul that inflicted the pain on my family in a previous lifetime.

00:18:20.940 --> 00:18:30.750 Judi Miller: And what I learned from what I saw was that we could never get it wrong we're always given the opportunity to come back and heal and to make a wrong right.

00:18:31.620 --> 00:18:40.890 Judi Miller: So, Dr Linda based on the thousands of regressions that you have done, have you seen that we're souls get an opportunity to come back and heal.

00:18:43.440 --> 00:18:52.530 Linda Backman: I mean honestly Judy over and over and over, and you know we we live in this world of again.

00:18:54.060 --> 00:19:00.900 Linda Backman: Functioning almost like we rely so much on our left brain that we forget to rely on our right brain.

00:19:02.370 --> 00:19:07.290 Linda Backman: And oh my gosh I heard so many things during the break that fit with what we're talking about.

00:19:08.490 --> 00:19:25.470 Linda Backman: And so, if we think about what is the highest source of energy and everybody just put your term on it call it God call it great spirit call it the source use your word the Lord.

00:19:27.120 --> 00:19:30.120 Linda Backman: For Jewish people auto nae or Hashem.

00:19:31.980 --> 00:19:43.350 Linda Backman: That divine source two things that divine source gives us almost innumerable an ending opportunities to heal and grow.

00:19:44.310 --> 00:19:53.130 Linda Backman: So, to use your free will and that's one of the uniqueness is of coming into body on earth is that we have free will.

00:19:53.850 --> 00:20:07.770 Linda Backman: And so we can make human choices that perhaps aren't the most beneficial choices for us, or for others, but then we're given the opportunity, whether it's within a lifetime or in a subsequent incarnation.

00:20:08.970 --> 00:20:18.300 Linda Backman: to heal and and grow and evolve So yes, I mean i've seen that time and time and time again whether it's.

00:20:19.470 --> 00:20:41.430 Linda Backman: How did I treat my child in a past life that I could use myself as actually as a quick example I know i've had past lives, where I was more involved with my needs than the needs of my children, and so I chose my own social needs, and you know lifestyle needs.

00:20:43.170 --> 00:20:53.940 Linda Backman: When I came into body in my current life, and I know a fair amount about my purpose in current LIFE among many things, one aspect of my current life.

00:20:54.330 --> 00:21:12.210 Linda Backman: was to agree to be a mom to be into lovely to say this, given where one day post mother's day but was to decide to be a mother and you know, or it could be decided to be a parent because it doesn't matter whether you're a father or a mother.

00:21:13.710 --> 00:21:28.110 Linda Backman: And to be committed to that as part of my life and it wasn't I have to say i'm so glad that was not a difficult choice for me in my current life but yes we're given opportunities to heal and evolve and grow.

00:21:29.130 --> 00:21:32.580 Linda Backman: During a lifetime and lifetime to lifetime.

00:21:33.540 --> 00:21:48.840 Georgeann Dau: So much of my life that I live day to day now here, I have an awareness when things or challenging or difficult I may be able to sort of tune in and i'm grasping.

00:21:49.920 --> 00:22:03.150 Georgeann Dau: The lesson i'm supposed to get out of it and how I want to journey through it now, I have, I have very much I have a very keen awareness as to that and.

00:22:04.440 --> 00:22:07.770 Georgeann Dau: Again, if there's such a thing as past lives.

00:22:08.880 --> 00:22:15.570 Georgeann Dau: There must be there obviously something that i'm becoming aware of that, I needed to repeat here.

00:22:16.290 --> 00:22:30.510 Georgeann Dau: You know, and I there's so much, I want to say and i'm not going to use the show for that, but I I definitely hear that you said something interesting though that here now, we have free will, so when we're quote, on the other side we don't have free will.

00:22:35.010 --> 00:22:48.300 Linda Backman: So good question Dr George and how you ask it when we are, on the other side, so Okay, let me just remind listeners probably everyone knows this.

00:22:48.750 --> 00:22:56.820 Linda Backman: When we're alive, we bring a slice of our soul into our bodies at birth and that's what causes us to live and breathe.

00:22:57.600 --> 00:23:07.860 Linda Backman: But the remainder of our soul, energy is our higher self and our higher self is in the higher realm you could say, with the divine at all times.

00:23:08.520 --> 00:23:26.550 Linda Backman: And so, yes, we have free will, on the other side, but the bottom line of this comes from years and years and years of guiding regression and not just past life regression but regression, where the client works at their soul level and understands who they are, as a soul.

00:23:27.870 --> 00:23:36.630 Linda Backman: We we evolve in body, not out of body, so our learning coming into body is school.

00:23:36.630 --> 00:23:37.620 Georgeann Dau: Okay, I got it.

00:23:37.830 --> 00:23:40.080 Linda Backman: yeah this is this is.

00:23:40.110 --> 00:23:53.490 Linda Backman: yeah I guess so with this as well, where free will, is so crucial, and so our guides we all have spiritual guides loving benevolent spiritual support spiritual guides guardian angels call them what you want.

00:23:54.750 --> 00:24:08.700 Linda Backman: They observe and support us as we make human decisions, and we can make any decisions that we wish, so we grow and learn in body, mostly and not out of body.

00:24:09.240 --> 00:24:21.270 Judi Miller: So, Dr Linda just to expand on what you're saying there, so if we communicate with our guides through our intuition, how do we develop that intuition, so we can communicate more clearly with our guides.

00:24:23.010 --> 00:24:30.390 Linda Backman: Well, first of all, most of us think as I used to, and I think I said this a little bit earlier in the Program.

00:24:31.230 --> 00:24:42.420 Linda Backman: Oh i'm not intuitive Oh, you know that some female all the well known mediums and channels they're really intuitive but i'm not not true, but what people don't understand.

00:24:42.780 --> 00:24:47.640 Linda Backman: oftentimes is, what are the common ways of being intuitive.

00:24:47.970 --> 00:24:58.320 Linda Backman: So, think about the term clairvoyance clairvoyance sort of means that you know, a momentarily there I close my eyes clairvoyance is like you've got a camera.

00:24:58.530 --> 00:25:05.790 Linda Backman: In the back of your head or there's a movie screen going on in the back of your head that's visual and intuition.

00:25:06.180 --> 00:25:14.790 Linda Backman: But just as a quick reminder to the audience, we are intuitive and about three other ways and sometimes we're more strongly intuitive.

00:25:15.120 --> 00:25:24.180 Linda Backman: In some of these other ways, some of us are very emotionally intuitive I can have that experience at times I have an adult daughter.

00:25:24.870 --> 00:25:30.570 Linda Backman: Sometimes, I will start to feel emotions and I have to figure out.

00:25:31.140 --> 00:25:39.630 Linda Backman: These are not my emotions i've tapped into my daughter's emotions, or I used to get on an airplane and have a lot of anxiety.

00:25:39.870 --> 00:25:45.150 Linda Backman: Not because i'm afraid to fly and i'm actually not been on an airplane now and months and months and months.

00:25:45.450 --> 00:25:59.760 Linda Backman: But I used to be a get on an airplane I felt anxiety and I finally learned, I was feeling other people's anxiety on the plane, so we can tap in to either the emotions of a past life.

00:26:00.420 --> 00:26:10.140 Linda Backman: Or the emotions of others, so we call that Claire sentience we also have our bodies are intuitive receptors many of us.

00:26:11.040 --> 00:26:25.170 Linda Backman: If something like let's just say there's a trauma, on the other side of you know, the United States or even outside the United States sometimes we can have a stomachache a headache a backache.

00:26:25.680 --> 00:26:37.500 Linda Backman: we're tapping into the energy of the trauma somewhere on the earth, or we could be tapping into the energy of past lives, so our body is a receptor finally.

00:26:38.340 --> 00:26:49.650 Linda Backman: Our mind our our auditory and our cognitive capability can be our intuitive receptors my guides talk to me in my head i've learned how to.

00:26:50.160 --> 00:27:03.540 Linda Backman: hear my guides speak to me and i'm hearing it almost like a conversation going on in my head so everybody think about your strongest intuitive capabilities whoo.

00:27:04.200 --> 00:27:05.850 Georgeann Dau: whoo yes.

00:27:07.170 --> 00:27:13.560 Judi Miller: So so Dr Linda we will be taking a break momentarily, but when we come back one of the things we'd love for you to comment on.

00:27:13.800 --> 00:27:26.460 Judi Miller: Or is, what are the different kinds of souls so you've been using terms in the past that i've heard you in terms of earth based souls interplanetary souls and angelic realm souls so we'd all love to hear about that when we come back from the break.

00:27:28.230 --> 00:27:28.680 it's great.

00:27:30.150 --> 00:27:33.330 Georgeann Dau: that's great Thank you again for being here with us tonight it's just.

00:30:22.200 --> 00:30:28.530 Georgeann Dau: Welcome back to a journey through into awareness and we're back with Dr Linda Barton.

00:30:29.580 --> 00:30:31.530 Georgeann Dau: So Linda you are going to.

00:30:33.180 --> 00:30:34.680 Georgeann Dau: speak to us about.

00:30:35.400 --> 00:30:37.230 Judi Miller: The different types of souls, we want.

00:30:37.470 --> 00:30:39.390 Judi Miller: to know the different types of souls.

00:30:40.440 --> 00:30:44.040 Georgeann Dau: very interested in this piece yeah I think we all are.

00:30:44.700 --> 00:30:52.950 Linda Backman: Yes, and and this some of this may be new for some of our listeners maybe not new for other listeners, so you know.

00:30:53.580 --> 00:31:07.380 Linda Backman: For people out there listening it's like you think about past lives if you think about reincarnation and probably the first thing that comes to mind, for most people would be okay, where did I have where and when.

00:31:08.040 --> 00:31:14.820 Linda Backman: Have I had past lives and, of course, so you think about well you know if I had a past life in Egypt.

00:31:15.750 --> 00:31:24.630 Linda Backman: Have I did, I have a past life during the French Revolution, etc, etc, and obviously we can talk about that in greater depth so.

00:31:25.020 --> 00:31:34.950 Linda Backman: So that's the first thought, maybe for not everybody, but the first thought for most listeners past life on Earth okay.

00:31:35.400 --> 00:31:53.760 Linda Backman: What i've learned from the course of many, many innumerable regressions and a little bit from mentors I had years ago and then stepped into regression There are essentially three types of souls, or I call it soul origin.

00:31:54.960 --> 00:31:56.610 Linda Backman: And what that means is.

00:31:58.050 --> 00:32:04.440 Linda Backman: You know, think about people on the earth so i've learned about this from from my clients So these are incarnated souls.

00:32:06.000 --> 00:32:16.500 Linda Backman: one type of soul origin, and when I say soul origin What this means is when a soul is created, it is created.

00:32:18.090 --> 00:32:28.020 Linda Backman: In regard to where most of the incarnations of that soul will happen so first category is an earth based soul.

00:32:28.290 --> 00:32:39.720 Linda Backman: And I want to just be sure listeners here that i'm saying earth based not earthbound because often in in spiritual teachings and spiritual groups, we think about earthbound meaning.

00:32:40.020 --> 00:32:54.450 Linda Backman: A soul that stuck and hasn't transitioned onward that's not what i'm referring to, so one type of soul is a soul that's created to incarnate almost exclusively on earth.

00:32:54.690 --> 00:32:56.220 Georgeann Dau: Can I interrupt you, for a moment.

00:32:56.700 --> 00:33:01.800 Georgeann Dau: sure what would thank you, what would cause a soul to be earthbound.

00:33:05.190 --> 00:33:16.200 Linda Backman: Well yeah I think that's a bit overstated it and you know we live i'll just say, Dr George and I think that.

00:33:17.130 --> 00:33:36.450 Linda Backman: In many ways the human culture gets at times too focused, this is my opinion on fear so it's like Oh, what if a soul it, what if a person dies and their soul sort of get stuck and that soul energy doesn't return back to the higher realm.

00:33:37.260 --> 00:33:44.760 Linda Backman: That is truly very that is very infrequent.

00:33:45.210 --> 00:33:45.960 Linda Backman: yeah and.

00:33:47.010 --> 00:33:54.060 Linda Backman: But it's like any of us that are intuitive some of us, you know can walk into a building a room.

00:33:54.450 --> 00:34:03.960 Linda Backman: An old building and feel the energy of something that happened there that doesn't necessarily mean that soul is stuck or.

00:34:04.440 --> 00:34:22.920 Linda Backman: earthbound it simply means there's energy left there that arises from what happened there with a soul, but that earthbound people tend to see it as a soul is stuck and I think, to some extent that's more fear based than it needs to be.

00:34:23.130 --> 00:34:24.240 Georgeann Dau: mm hmm Thank you.

00:34:24.270 --> 00:34:26.430 Georgeann Dau: yeah so interrupt no.

00:34:26.490 --> 00:34:39.480 Linda Backman: No problem, no problem so so an earth based soul is a soul that almost exclusively incarnate on earth so that's an earth basal then there's an interplanetary soul.

00:34:39.930 --> 00:34:57.270 Linda Backman: And interplanetary soul and I listeners I bet this will ring bells for some of you an interplanetary soul is a soul that is designed to incarnate primarily not on earth that incarnates in other planets other star systems.

00:34:58.770 --> 00:35:09.870 Linda Backman: Other celestial locations, that are not earth and i'll just add quickly, because the question that will will come up so so so Linda if you're working with a.

00:35:10.350 --> 00:35:19.650 Linda Backman: With an interplanetary soul that obviously I have and I that's largely what souls on earth that particular book is about.

00:35:20.610 --> 00:35:34.590 Linda Backman: These are souls that have had more incarnations not on earth than on earth, they gain great wisdom, great evolution, because they incarnate in the celestial realm in locations that are healthy.

00:35:35.370 --> 00:35:45.660 Linda Backman: And then they bring that healthy wisdom with them to earth and we need that healthy wisdom so earth based souls interplanetary souls third category.

00:35:46.230 --> 00:35:57.150 Linda Backman: I am beginning to work on some content for people keep asking me on on some written material that may end up becoming a book i'm not quite sure yet.

00:35:57.600 --> 00:36:05.610 Linda Backman: There are souls that come to earth from the angelic realm the angelic realm just simply explained serves the divine.

00:36:06.060 --> 00:36:26.460 Linda Backman: The angelic realm are Ambassadors of pure love and compassion and we have people in body souls on earth, that I call angelic realm souls, they are very strongly loving people and bring that powerful beautiful energy.

00:36:27.180 --> 00:36:35.280 Judi Miller: So, Dr Linda what percentage of our population are eds ips or a ours, and what are some of the challenges that they experience.

00:36:36.780 --> 00:36:48.510 Linda Backman: Well, I would say it, you know that's a great question and and that it's, not to say that many of us don't struggle with being in body on earth.

00:36:49.260 --> 00:37:00.510 Linda Backman: But if I you know, try to categorize it a little bit earth based souls have been in these human bodies and in this human culture usually over and over and over it makes it.

00:37:00.990 --> 00:37:11.400 Linda Backman: A little underscore little bit easier to be in body on earth for North Bay soul, but an IP interplanetary or an ar angelic realm soul.

00:37:11.910 --> 00:37:33.960 Linda Backman: Because this is not the the the usual place where I peas in a RS come they're often are issues that they deal with So if I just love ips in a RS together for a second we're talking about allergies autoimmune disorders autistic spectrum.

00:37:36.330 --> 00:37:56.940 Linda Backman: different kinds of skin disorders different types of learning issues and, in some ways, just coping with humanity that is struggling to evolve, so I piece in a ours at times have more you might say, challenges being in body yet and underscore yet.

00:37:58.260 --> 00:38:03.660 Linda Backman: ips in a ours are extremely evolved souls with.

00:38:05.100 --> 00:38:05.940 Linda Backman: Pure.

00:38:08.040 --> 00:38:14.250 Linda Backman: High Frequency ways they look at life and bring their wisdom to earth.

00:38:15.630 --> 00:38:22.020 Judi Miller: So several weeks ago, Dr George and I interviewed lease in a jar she's a well renowned psychic and a medium.

00:38:22.380 --> 00:38:30.840 Judi Miller: And one of the things that she said, is when we get to the other side we're actually not recognized by our outer appearance or actually recognized by our vibration.

00:38:31.170 --> 00:38:38.550 Judi Miller: And in your book the evolving soul, you talk about different vibrations in different colors that we are, can you share a little bit about that.

00:38:39.510 --> 00:38:51.000 Linda Backman: Yes, and I mean I totally agree with what you just said, you know we're not Judy or you know we're not any of the three of us when we cross over Yes, our our our guides and our.

00:38:52.290 --> 00:38:57.690 Linda Backman: soul group, which is a whole nother topic recognize us, yes, by our vibe vibration.

00:38:57.990 --> 00:38:58.470 Linda Backman: there's no.

00:38:58.680 --> 00:39:12.480 Georgeann Dau: Excuse me, do we recognize ourselves on the other side, in other words, when we when we pass Do you remember that you were Linda that Judy Judy that I was judging do we have a recollection of that.

00:39:15.000 --> 00:39:21.870 Linda Backman: I think the best answer is yes okay um it's like okay i'm crossing over i've died in this.

00:39:21.900 --> 00:39:35.640 Linda Backman: most recent incarnation i'm crossing over and my my father from my incarnation greets me and supports me or my grandparents i'm thinking about a beloved grandfather of mine.

00:39:36.420 --> 00:39:50.070 Linda Backman: That that grandparent assist me and crossing over So yes, we do recognize we do recognize each each other and we incarnate with some souls.

00:39:50.460 --> 00:40:02.850 Linda Backman: repetitively over and over so that happens, but I think Judy what you're what you're referring to, and it is a question that often is answered in a in a regression session.

00:40:04.320 --> 00:40:15.000 Linda Backman: What is the, this is the way I asked it, you know when the client has finished the past life and has crossed over and is working at the soul level with their guides.

00:40:15.330 --> 00:40:26.010 Linda Backman: One of the questions I might ask to the client, I might say to the client, could you please ask your spiritual guide to show you the core color of your soul energy.

00:40:26.580 --> 00:40:36.390 Linda Backman: When i'm asking that the reason for that is the core color so our soul exudes, this is not aura everyone, so the question I always get asked.

00:40:36.720 --> 00:40:45.510 Linda Backman: This is the core frequency of your soul what color does it exude, we know that color has frequency.

00:40:45.870 --> 00:41:10.080 Linda Backman: And the colors of the Rainbow increase in frequency, so the more evolved, we are, and all that means is we carry a great deal of wisdom, it also means we come into body to assist humanity to evolve, the more wisdom, we carry and that would be EB IP or ar but our soul energy exudes a color.

00:41:11.130 --> 00:41:24.600 Linda Backman: In the higher realm exudes a color and that tells us where we are in our level of soul evolution, which actually tells us what commitments have we made when we come into body to assist humanity.

00:41:25.350 --> 00:41:33.330 Georgeann Dau: Does it tell us where we're going on the other side, like are there are there, like different rooms are there, different like.

00:41:34.230 --> 00:41:52.620 Linda Backman: Oh, Dr George and that's a cool question it's a great question, yes, it may tell us that we're joining with a small group of other highly evolved souls, because we make agreements with other evolved souls, in order to help the earth So yes, it might.

00:41:54.390 --> 00:41:56.070 Linda Backman: yeah beautiful question yeah.

00:41:56.190 --> 00:41:59.850 Georgeann Dau: hmm Thank you beautiful answer is just so powerful.

00:42:00.990 --> 00:42:01.770 Georgeann Dau: Powerful.

00:42:02.070 --> 00:42:10.200 Judi Miller: So, Dr Linda one of the things that i've heard you say before is that big souls take on big projects, what does what does that mean.

00:42:11.760 --> 00:42:24.240 Linda Backman: yeah you know so funny I would I would want to say, obviously, Dr George and i'm meeting you today and and Judy I already know you to to a fair extent so, then I would want to say okay.

00:42:24.450 --> 00:42:35.160 Linda Backman: The two of you, what kind of projects, do you think you take an odd for your current life but yes, the more evolved, we are so so so everybody hears the the the.

00:42:35.520 --> 00:42:48.480 Linda Backman: Everybody meeting listeners the assumption is Oh, or the assumption might be okay i'm more evolved versus less evolved, so my life's going to be easier, maybe not.

00:42:48.780 --> 00:42:50.040 Linda Backman: Because or evolve.

00:42:50.280 --> 00:42:50.610 Linda Backman: yeah.

00:42:50.880 --> 00:42:51.960 Linda Backman: The other bigger.

00:42:53.070 --> 00:42:53.310 Linda Backman: yeah.

00:42:53.340 --> 00:42:56.070 Linda Backman: The bigger our agreements are, the more involved, we are.

00:42:56.250 --> 00:42:56.340 Linda Backman: Oh.

00:42:56.700 --> 00:43:08.040 Georgeann Dau: My gosh yes and we're challenging our lives, maybe oh we're going to take a brief break we'll be right back with Dr Linda buckman we'll be right back, thank you for joining us.

00:43:14.850 --> 00:43:15.750 Educating.

00:43:57.600 --> 00:43:58.020 poster.

00:45:30.030 --> 00:45:32.550 Georgeann Dau: Welcome back with Dr Linda Bachman.

00:45:34.080 --> 00:45:36.780 Judi Miller: So, Dr Linda i'm sorry go ahead.

00:45:37.110 --> 00:45:39.390 Georgeann Dau: Go ahead, I was gonna say we have.

00:45:40.320 --> 00:45:52.470 Judi Miller: More time with you and we have so many questions, but we want to make sure that listeners have an opportunity to understand where they can connect with you, where they can learn more about you So could you just tell us where listeners can reach out to you.

00:45:53.430 --> 00:46:12.810 Linda Backman: Absolutely easiest way is my website and it's www dot Raven like the bird our a V in heart, like the heart in your chest centers so Raven heart easiest way to track me down.

00:46:13.530 --> 00:46:17.850 Judi Miller: and Dr Linda you are doing regression remotely correct.

00:46:18.660 --> 00:46:33.060 Linda Backman: I am doing, I mean, to be honest, but a fair amount of regression remotely and coven it's kind of been a blessing a blessing in certain ways, yes, I am doing regression remotely is the simple answer.

00:46:34.230 --> 00:46:41.370 Judi Miller: So, since you mentioned coven I have a quick question for you so before I met you I had a past life regression.

00:46:41.820 --> 00:46:58.200 Judi Miller: And what the creator told me was that we can all come home by loving and accepting who we are, exactly as we are, and I can't help but notice that coven 19 is actually for forcing us all home can you comment for our listeners your thoughts on coven 19.

00:47:01.050 --> 00:47:14.190 Linda Backman: You know what what comes to my mind Judy as you asked that as something that came up on my email oh I don't know within the hour before we started doing this program and it was.

00:47:14.940 --> 00:47:35.430 Linda Backman: an email from one of the executives at united airlines who's someone born and raised in India but lives in the United States i'm asking for those of us who are you know I for years been a very frequent flyer with United airlines.

00:47:37.200 --> 00:47:57.300 Linda Backman: Supporting the people of India and the incredible needs of it because cove it is as i'm sure most people know is hit very hard in India too hard in other parts of the world as well, where the vaccine isn't as prevalent and and all of that, and so I think one aspect of of coven that.

00:47:58.560 --> 00:48:14.130 Linda Backman: I don't I don't think coven was created was was was caused by the Creator, but I think how we deal with it is what is tied to the creator and it's like no i'm you know i'm fully vaccinated but.

00:48:15.030 --> 00:48:39.780 Linda Backman: What about these countries that need the vaccine and need humanitarian relief and supplies, and so we need to focus on this as a global issue and I think so often, myself included, at times, I would forget to think about globalism, in terms of solving the pandemic, so it teaches us to.

00:48:41.400 --> 00:48:46.890 Linda Backman: view humanity from a complete equality standpoint, we.

00:48:46.950 --> 00:48:47.940 Linda Backman: all have the same.

00:48:48.000 --> 00:48:48.900 Linda Backman: same needs.

00:48:48.990 --> 00:49:12.540 Georgeann Dau: Absolutely and we're all the same, and we're all one and I pray for everyone is i'm sure you do because there's no separation at all it's an illusion that there is, and you know you were talking before about global pain, you know those that I struggle with that I feel pain.

00:49:12.840 --> 00:49:25.230 Georgeann Dau: So net fully and I will have a a view of the suffering in certain places, when when you were talking about purpose and it makes life very challenging.

00:49:26.280 --> 00:49:30.720 Georgeann Dau: But I say yes to it because i'm here to serve and i'm very clear on that.

00:49:31.980 --> 00:49:41.370 Linda Backman: Right, and you know, when you say that Dr George and what comes to my mind, is, and I think this happens to listeners as well, I might have a night.

00:49:41.880 --> 00:49:51.540 Linda Backman: Where I just didn't sleep very well or I was awake for a chunk of time in the middle of the night it isn't always the case that what i'm about to say happens, but.

00:49:52.110 --> 00:50:02.640 Linda Backman: There might be times when I wake up in the morning and there was an earthquake somewhere or sadly there was a plane crash somewhere and i'm affected by that because i'm.

00:50:03.210 --> 00:50:21.360 Linda Backman: porous intuitively i'm porous energetically and you know is that frustrating to be awake for some period of time, yes, but, but we need to use our energy to support others and their needs.

00:50:21.390 --> 00:50:30.540 Georgeann Dau: yeah I, I had the privilege of doing some of my extra work with the nuns and I remember them speaking to me about when they would go through something.

00:50:30.810 --> 00:50:40.500 Georgeann Dau: They would bring it to Jesus and to God and they would prayed for God to use it and I remember at that time, I thought to myself oh my gosh I am not there.

00:50:41.700 --> 00:50:43.380 Georgeann Dau: I am not there at all.

00:50:45.000 --> 00:51:04.710 Georgeann Dau: that's changed for me a little bit and I recognize that, when we elevate that that God can use it that, even though we're not with people that our consciousness if we bring it forth and and asked for it to be used that God can use that and God.

00:51:04.800 --> 00:51:20.640 Georgeann Dau: sees that so I just wanted to mention that out loud to all listeners that we do make an impact we don't have to be with anyone, you know that's what prayer is it's an elevation of consciousness that we bring to the God of our understanding to be used.

00:51:22.170 --> 00:51:27.810 Georgeann Dau: in any way that God knows that, where it might need to be used.

00:51:28.110 --> 00:51:29.490 Judi Miller: that's beautifully said, George and.

00:51:31.890 --> 00:51:32.610 Judi Miller: So.

00:51:34.320 --> 00:51:36.150 Judi Miller: Dr Linda you are about to comment, please do.

00:51:36.660 --> 00:51:45.120 Linda Backman: I will, I will thank you for noticing that yeah what I was about to say in response to what you just said, Dr georgiana is that.

00:51:46.740 --> 00:52:05.910 Linda Backman: For that so as we evolve as a soul and again we have all been body, not out of body, but no matter which of those soul types, we are the three soul origin types, the more we evolve, or the more highly we evolved and we all were young souls, you know, so you know.

00:52:06.930 --> 00:52:26.760 Linda Backman: We I was once a young soul and obviously my responsibility grows, as I evolve, but the basic reason we come into body, as we evolve, more and more as a soul is to aid humanity and that you know we do I think that 24 seven well.

00:52:26.820 --> 00:52:38.130 Linda Backman: I have was average everyday things I concern myself with and and all of that, but that is the reason i'm overriding reason, as we grow that we come back to earth.

00:52:38.700 --> 00:52:50.400 Georgeann Dau: Do we ever not come back to earth do we ever talk to Linda evolve, where we are then totally with God or when, then what happens to us what happens to the soul, then.

00:52:51.090 --> 00:52:56.130 Linda Backman: Yes, so as we evolve to greater levels of soul wisdom.

00:52:57.360 --> 00:53:07.950 Linda Backman: The more we evolve, the more responsibilities we take on in the spiritual realm and just without being able to have a lot of time to go into this.

00:53:08.880 --> 00:53:27.810 Linda Backman: The more our soul evolves, the more we become how to say this, the more our higher self takes on agreements at the soul level there are coordinating bodies of souls that serve earth serve.

00:53:28.740 --> 00:53:42.990 Linda Backman: Parts of the celestial realm and serve the angelic realm that do what they can to be guide so basically Dr Jan we become we become spiritual guides the more we have all.

00:53:44.280 --> 00:53:50.910 Judi Miller: So, Dr Linda I see that we have to wrap up soon is there anything that you want to share with our listeners that we haven't asked you yet.

00:53:52.980 --> 00:53:54.300 Linda Backman: Oh um.

00:53:56.310 --> 00:54:03.360 Linda Backman: I mean, I would say it's interesting, I would say to everyone, know that your life has purpose.

00:54:03.870 --> 00:54:11.730 Linda Backman: And a lot of this material is in my book, so you can go to my website and see i've written three books filled with client material.

00:54:12.240 --> 00:54:30.840 Linda Backman: But as you evolve and you think about your life purpose, I would suggest to people to think about purpose almost from you might say, two aspects, so be serious about it what's your life purpose, what are you doing to age humanity.

00:54:31.890 --> 00:54:44.130 Linda Backman: And then flip it over because and so here's the serious life purpose and why you're in body and what you came to do, whether it's the type of work you do, or the kind of.

00:54:44.460 --> 00:54:56.070 Linda Backman: mom or dad or grandparent or teacher or you know frontline worker think about it from a serious standpoint, also be sure you think about it from a.

00:54:57.990 --> 00:55:08.070 Linda Backman: What do you love to do that your passion is that travel is that gardening is that cooking is that so make it serious.

00:55:08.700 --> 00:55:26.100 Linda Backman: And then, make it joyful because it's so easy to get so serious that we forget the joy our life purpose it, you know fits both ends of the spectrum, and these are things that people do learn in regression sessions.

00:55:26.730 --> 00:55:28.980 Judi Miller: So, Dr Linda it's been an absolute pleasure and.

00:55:29.040 --> 00:55:35.700 Judi Miller: honor to have you as a guest, and I know that Dr George and always loves to end in prayer Linda.

00:55:36.420 --> 00:55:38.010 Georgeann Dau: I hate to see you go.

00:55:39.570 --> 00:55:40.950 Georgeann Dau: To not going anywhere we're ready.

00:55:42.390 --> 00:55:48.510 Georgeann Dau: loving God you fill all things with the fullness and hope that we can never comprehend.

00:55:48.930 --> 00:55:55.380 Georgeann Dau: Thank you for leading us into a time where more reality is being unveiled for all of us to see.

00:55:55.710 --> 00:56:09.780 Georgeann Dau: We pray that you will take away our natural temptation for cynicism denial, fear and despair, help us to have the courage to awaken to a greater truth great humility and great a care for one another.

00:56:10.230 --> 00:56:20.820 Georgeann Dau: And we pray all of these desires, in the name of all the different names, of the one and only God amen.

00:56:21.150 --> 00:56:23.160 Linda Backman: amen amen.

00:56:24.450 --> 00:56:26.550 Georgeann Dau: God is that whether.

00:56:26.880 --> 00:56:30.360 Judi Miller: it's been truly truly amazing to have you here Thank you so much.

00:56:30.990 --> 00:56:32.040 Linda Backman: My pleasure.

00:56:33.270 --> 00:56:49.560 Georgeann Dau: good night everyone, thank you for joining us, we hope that the show gave you a beautiful takeaway to place in your heart and to live by and with may God bless you I love all of you, and we hope to see you next week.

00:56:49.740 --> 00:56:51.540 Judi Miller: And don't forget to get your free book.

00:56:52.170 --> 00:57:06.120 Georgeann Dau: Yes, and you can tune into the show that God had on a journey through awareness i'm in the beginning, when we first met.

00:57:06.480 --> 00:57:06.960 Judi Miller: mm hmm.

00:57:07.350 --> 00:57:15.210 Georgeann Dau: So you can listen to her interview and get your free book Thank you goodnight goodnight goodnight Judy.

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