The Journey Through to Awareness

Monday, May 3, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 20210503- Holistic Liberation - Free at Last

Facebook Live Video from 20210503- Holistic Liberation - Free at Last


20210503- Holistic Liberation - Free at Last

[NEW EPISODE] Holistic Liberation - Free at Last

In this time of Spiritual Transformation. we can experience change on all levels of life.  Hear and embrace what these changes indicate and call us to.  Experience the concepts of liberation of consciousness as we follow Spirit's call to free ourselves from identifying with our mind and body.  We are loved, we are living in wonder and oneness--- Holistic Liberation is the awakening call for these times --- not for some but for us all.

Join us for this special conversation with Gabriel Cousens, M.D. Psychic, Healer, Psychiatrist, Author, Homeopath, Spiritual Practitioner of Holistic Medicine and Nutrition, Chinese Herbalist, & Yogi.

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Dr. Georgeann begins today’s episode by introducing today’s guest, Gabriel Cousens. Judi dives further into Gabriel’s career and professions. Dr. Cousens discusses the meaning of the title of his book, Into the Nothing. In the mind there is time, space, and beingness. Beyond the mind though, there is “I-ness”, there is god, this is the nothingness to which he refers. He talks about this paradox that we are both here and we are not, we are multidimensional. In his book, Dr. Cousens says that we are born as originals and die as copies, his work is to help people return to being originals. Through schooling, parenting, etc. we lose our originality. The two hosts and Dr. Cousens discuss what it is that makes us unique and original.

Segment 2

Coming back from the break, Dr. G asks Dr. Cousens if he had a defining moment that led him into his journey into awareness. From a young age, he focused on the question “what is the meaning of death?” In 1975, he met someone who helped him expand beyond consciousness into the nothing. It was then that a voice told him that there is no death for the soul and he gained a profound understanding from this. Playing football from a young age, Dr. Cousens found himself having experiences going into the nothing. After this experience with football he found himself asking how he could more consistently interact with the nothing. To him the meaning of football is going beyond oneself. The most important things for Dr. Cousens are showing up and grace. One cannot work their way to god or diet their way to god, grace is the way, and everyone can find it. He believes there are 6 foundations, one being how we eat. Part of this is fasting, which gets one in touch with their sacred design, their soul. Another is movement, such as yoga. The third is service and charity. The fourth is working with a spiritual teacher when one is ready. The fifth is meditating and praying. The final is the awakening of the spirit. There are different variations of these, they don’t need to be in this order, but they all must be achieved.

Segment 3

Dr. Cousens discusses the 7-fold peace. This is a way of life when combined with the 6 foundations. It’s a holistic way of liberation. He talks about the joy and transcendence this brings him in life. Dr. G relates this back to a story from the Talmud and a view she has on. In his book, Dr. Cousens discusses a disconnection we feel with our souls. This separation blocks us from seeing the souls of other people and we instead see them as objects. Taking this separation further, we get hate. This hate comes from us projecting.

Segment 4

Starting the last segment off, Dr. G asks Dr. Cousens to discuss mystical experiences he’s had. From an early age he’s seen angels and other figures teaching. After the passing of his brother, he meditated in his brother's room and felt his presence. He didn’t make much of these experiences at a young age, he just appreciated them. In 1970, he took a course and had a vision of three beings. Walking in India with a mentor, a being materialized in front of him. Dr. Cousens continues on to talk more about these beings he has interacted with and the impact these experiences have had on him. He talks about becoming one’s prayer, or dissolving the spiritual blockage we may have and becoming what we are praying for. He gives the example of Native Americans experiencing and visualizing rain rather than praying for it. He shares ways to reach him and Dr. G asks him to ends tonight’s episode in prayer.


00:00:32.880 --> 00:00:34.200 Georgeann Dau: hi welcome.

00:00:35.370 --> 00:00:46.320 Georgeann Dau: To a journey through into awareness you're here with your host stuff to Georgia and TAO and Judy Miller and we're so excited as always to be with you.

00:00:46.890 --> 00:00:54.480 Georgeann Dau: And we have an exceptional guests here with us all the guests are exceptional we're really excited to have a guest with us tonight.

00:00:54.960 --> 00:01:05.010 Georgeann Dau: by the name of Gabriel cousins who has been on the spiritual path and journey for an exceptionally long time I think he might be 39.

00:01:05.760 --> 00:01:19.830 Georgeann Dau: Seven days and he's been on this journey, since he was about four years old, so it really is such a grace and honor that he said yes to be here with us right Judy I know you feel the same way.

00:01:20.130 --> 00:01:22.920 Judi Miller: Absolutely it's going to be such an amazing show.

00:01:24.030 --> 00:01:35.760 Georgeann Dau: So without further ado let's introduce everyone to Gabriel cousins Thank you Gabriel for saying yes for being here with us it's a privilege.

00:01:36.300 --> 00:01:44.220 Judi Miller: And Gabriel i'm just going to start with a brief intro just to get people a little acclimated to your background, because it is truly an amazing journey that you've taken.

00:01:44.550 --> 00:01:51.540 Judi Miller: So, Dr Gabriel cousins is a holistic physician he's a psychiatrist he's a family therapist he's a rabbi.

00:01:51.810 --> 00:02:01.770 Judi Miller: A yogi a spiritual mystic and a vital at any age advocate he's a humanitarian and a peace ambassador, so what he has not done, I do not know.

00:02:02.190 --> 00:02:10.170 Judi Miller: But he's often called the physician of the soul and he's been educating healing and administering to individuals social sectors.

00:02:10.440 --> 00:02:17.610 Judi Miller: And the planet in a variety of ways that have been life and world transforming over a career that has spanned over 50 years.

00:02:17.940 --> 00:02:26.400 Judi Miller: and Dr cousins is author authored 13 international best selling books, including his latest book which i'm so excited for him to delve into.

00:02:26.640 --> 00:02:35.010 Judi Miller: it's called into the nothingness a spiritual autobiography and it really is a wild courageous adventurous mystical life.

00:02:35.550 --> 00:02:43.740 Judi Miller: That led to his spiritual liberation, now the book takes us through his unique process of spare several different spiritual awakenings.

00:02:44.040 --> 00:02:49.380 Judi Miller: You know, he took the yoga way of life, including seven years immersed into globally traveling ostroff.

00:02:50.130 --> 00:02:56.430 Judi Miller: The Torah most specifically the cannibalistic in the scene teachings that are the most mystical aspects of Judaism.

00:02:56.730 --> 00:03:05.160 Judi Miller: And the native American tradition, where he braved the extreme spiritual trials of initiation to becoming a native American sundancer.

00:03:05.520 --> 00:03:22.770 Judi Miller: an eagle dancer and a spirit dancer now we've had the pleasure of reading his book and Dr cousins has truly packed over 10 lifetimes into his 77 years of life, it is such a pleasure to have him here and Gabriel, we would love for you to begin with a prayer.

00:03:24.090 --> 00:03:39.600 Gabriel Cousens: Okay, first of all thank you for inviting me and for the sweet introduction, so thank you so the prayer is about the merging of the heavens and earth and the heart and the mind.

00:03:40.830 --> 00:03:47.670 Gabriel Cousens: it's essential to start integrating this way because it helps us reconnect with our soul.

00:03:48.870 --> 00:03:57.180 Gabriel Cousens: Which is a fundamental issue that we're facing in the world today it forces wanting us to disconnect, and this is just the opposite.

00:03:58.470 --> 00:04:08.730 Gabriel Cousens: So the person Hebrew, but this is about the energy of the Shin you could could have shared bri who who should.

00:04:10.230 --> 00:04:17.340 Gabriel Cousens: be illegal or language, and you can provoke a beautiful shift because real cool well.

00:04:19.350 --> 00:04:24.450 Gabriel Cousens: No feel the integration hardened mud heavens and earth.

00:04:27.510 --> 00:04:31.230 Judi Miller: wow that was very beautiful, thank you for that, thank you for sharing that with us.

00:04:33.390 --> 00:04:42.480 Judi Miller: Now, Dr cousin the name of your book is called into the nothingness now, who is this book for and why did you what is into the nothing actually mean.

00:04:43.800 --> 00:05:02.610 Gabriel Cousens: Well, the book was forever for whoever who's interested and intrigued, as you just mentioned about a path of what it means to go into the nothing into wake up and know the truth of who you are.

00:05:03.780 --> 00:05:04.830 Gabriel Cousens: into nothing.

00:05:06.240 --> 00:05:17.460 Gabriel Cousens: Is a place beyond the mind that's no place so in the mind, we have place we have time we have space we're being this.

00:05:19.050 --> 00:05:20.130 Gabriel Cousens: I have this.

00:05:21.420 --> 00:05:24.960 Gabriel Cousens: And there's as we go beyond the mind.

00:05:26.040 --> 00:05:32.670 Gabriel Cousens: There we go to ins and, ultimately, that is disappears and there's only God.

00:05:34.470 --> 00:05:43.440 Gabriel Cousens: that's the death thing the primordial chaos prior to time space and being us wow.

00:05:45.540 --> 00:05:59.370 Georgeann Dau: When you say the that you go to the minus would you say at that point that there is only God that we are uniting in such a deep integrated way that the physical.

00:06:00.420 --> 00:06:03.660 Georgeann Dau: sort of elevates beyond into.

00:06:04.740 --> 00:06:06.510 Georgeann Dau: Nothing, which is God right.

00:06:06.930 --> 00:06:08.430 Gabriel Cousens: Right that's exactly right.

00:06:09.270 --> 00:06:09.510 Georgeann Dau: Which is.

00:06:10.230 --> 00:06:10.800 Good.

00:06:12.240 --> 00:06:22.500 Gabriel Cousens: it's different than an eye merging with God or being one with God because there's still the individual ego existing.

00:06:23.850 --> 00:06:25.410 Gabriel Cousens: But ultimately.

00:06:26.610 --> 00:06:33.240 Gabriel Cousens: into nothing is we disappear as unique ids and there's only God.

00:06:34.050 --> 00:06:39.960 Gabriel Cousens: OK now in the Torah says you can't know God and live.

00:06:42.000 --> 00:06:49.500 Gabriel Cousens: What that means, at the level of talking about it is yeah because there's no you left there's only God.

00:06:50.550 --> 00:06:59.910 Gabriel Cousens: So you don't live or exist as a separate energetic separate from graph to a brings us back to.

00:07:01.020 --> 00:07:09.300 Gabriel Cousens: The point zero, so to speak, where there's the primordial chaos prior to time space and energy.

00:07:11.400 --> 00:07:14.940 Georgeann Dau: Would you say that that's where we go when we leave the earth plane.

00:07:16.740 --> 00:07:17.190 Gabriel Cousens: Though.

00:07:20.100 --> 00:07:21.420 Gabriel Cousens: That is where.

00:07:22.440 --> 00:07:36.060 Gabriel Cousens: I would refer to as the astral plane, we still have a form, yes, we don't have flash, but we have a form and astral body and we're going to a different place this is beyond the planes.

00:07:38.220 --> 00:07:42.930 Georgeann Dau: How do you live in that way we can, can we live in that, how do you live in that and.

00:07:44.010 --> 00:07:45.600 Georgeann Dau: And and function on the earth.

00:07:48.600 --> 00:08:01.830 Gabriel Cousens: The there's a primal paradox it's a very good question and we don't talk a lot about paradox in the whole liberation process, but its primary.

00:08:03.390 --> 00:08:08.190 Gabriel Cousens: what's premiere here we are, physical by but our awareness.

00:08:09.330 --> 00:08:12.390 Gabriel Cousens: is dissolved into the nothing.

00:08:13.440 --> 00:08:16.500 Gabriel Cousens: So the paradox is we're both here and not here at the same time.

00:08:19.410 --> 00:08:35.640 Gabriel Cousens: In when we really start talking about spiritual life it's important that the paradox of the Multi we're multi dimensional beings I describe myself as being a Walker between the worlds, but there's a place where there's no world.

00:08:38.010 --> 00:08:38.460 Judi Miller: So, Dr.

00:08:39.090 --> 00:08:40.230 Gabriel Cousens: paradox, we live in.

00:08:41.280 --> 00:08:50.160 Judi Miller: Dr cousins I really love the way that you organize the book, you know you bring readers on your journey, but you have these snippets of teachings through out.

00:08:50.400 --> 00:09:04.320 Judi Miller: To make sure that the readers could actually you know learn from your experience as well, and one that really jumped out to me, was one of the things that you said is we are born as originals and die as copies, what does that mean.

00:09:06.780 --> 00:09:21.690 Gabriel Cousens: wow but alas brother sentences and my work is to help people become originals again, yes, yes that's the punch line right so we're born to be the unique expression of the divine.

00:09:22.110 --> 00:09:46.350 Gabriel Cousens: amen Okay, now we are programmed by our parents generally by the school by the political system by all the social systems to start to identify with the body with the by, and we go further with the gender or your gender and beliefs.

00:09:49.380 --> 00:09:50.250 Gabriel Cousens: and

00:09:51.810 --> 00:09:52.950 Gabriel Cousens: that's that aware.

00:09:54.240 --> 00:09:58.230 Gabriel Cousens: So we we began to move in that.

00:09:59.400 --> 00:10:01.320 Gabriel Cousens: idea of big something.

00:10:02.430 --> 00:10:06.780 Gabriel Cousens: Whereas the truth is were prior to that.

00:10:08.310 --> 00:10:10.860 Gabriel Cousens: So that's really the answer, there is as.

00:10:11.880 --> 00:10:15.660 Gabriel Cousens: We become an original so there's different ways of talking about.

00:10:19.770 --> 00:10:23.160 Gabriel Cousens: What I was learning Spanish we went down into Mexico.

00:10:24.990 --> 00:10:28.740 Gabriel Cousens: And visited the which Holiness.

00:10:29.910 --> 00:10:54.090 Gabriel Cousens: And what a child board the village elders gather around and try to tune in to the essence of the child and try to help that child go in the way that's best for their spiritual development it's a very profound way of thinking about it because they understand that child has a destiny.

00:10:55.110 --> 00:11:04.290 Gabriel Cousens: So we're born originals like that child, we have a destiny and but the systems.

00:11:05.370 --> 00:11:15.240 Gabriel Cousens: Our parents or families are you know school all these social systems have an idea who have who they want us to be right.

00:11:16.470 --> 00:11:33.390 Gabriel Cousens: And so we don't we lose our originality yes, we lose our sacred design yes loser or sense of who we really are what we're meant to be in what our purposes, which to me is to know God.

00:11:33.450 --> 00:11:37.020 Georgeann Dau: Yes, yes, absolutely yep.

00:11:37.470 --> 00:11:40.800 Gabriel Cousens: Right, and so our work is is either by work.

00:11:41.820 --> 00:11:45.930 Gabriel Cousens: Obviously, to work to help people become originals.

00:11:46.080 --> 00:11:57.930 Gabriel Cousens: Yes, yet touch with your sacred design, each of us has meant to give a sacred gift here on the planet, yes, yes, so you like that and it's true.

00:11:58.230 --> 00:12:03.540 Gabriel Cousens: yeah so the work is how do we get back to that in touch with the sacred design.

00:12:05.100 --> 00:12:20.040 Gabriel Cousens: And, be it and be the gifts were meant to be you know the gift of god's gift to the world and the uniqueness of our supposed to be and that's where we become the original thing it.

00:12:20.100 --> 00:12:31.110 Georgeann Dau: Yes, that's great I work at spiritual director and psychoanalyst and I help people God helps people through me when they come to.

00:12:32.550 --> 00:12:44.760 Georgeann Dau: recognize where they identify to become aware of the pre talking experience that is formed a definition of themselves that they now living out of.

00:12:45.480 --> 00:12:57.630 Georgeann Dau: And we take that apart, brick by brick, so that what is left is the essence of who God made them to be and it's a very long journey, as you know.

00:12:58.980 --> 00:13:09.330 Georgeann Dau: Yes, and the more solid the ego the more challenging for us but there's nothing else to do here on this earth plane right.

00:13:09.780 --> 00:13:28.740 Gabriel Cousens: it's our purpose we're here we're given a unique path to travel that best helps us wake up to the truth of who we are, yes, if we take that uniqueness away doesn't allow us to really wake up.

00:13:30.330 --> 00:13:38.430 Georgeann Dau: And blossom yes i'd love to at what point in your journey, would you say was the most.

00:13:39.510 --> 00:13:49.950 Georgeann Dau: i'm sure that it was everything, but what was the place that really you were really experiencing that you had awakened like wow.

00:13:50.460 --> 00:14:03.840 Georgeann Dau: um I wanted we'd love to hear this when we come back we're going to take a real quick break we'll be right back with Dr Gabriel cousins, thank you for joining us on a journey through into awareness we'll be right back.

00:17:07.260 --> 00:17:07.950 Georgeann Dau: Welcome back.

00:17:08.070 --> 00:17:17.850 Georgeann Dau: To the journey through into awareness, we are here with Gabriel cousins so we ended at the break, we decided to.

00:17:19.530 --> 00:17:36.960 Georgeann Dau: Maybe look at what was your moment where that really when I asked you that question, the first thing that comes to mind that really you grasped onto and said, I have taken a greater leap into my journey of awareness.

00:17:38.310 --> 00:17:45.330 Gabriel Cousens: it's a really good question and my whole life led up to that movement so as I write my book.

00:17:46.920 --> 00:18:07.440 Gabriel Cousens: I had TB, this is 1943 I had a TV one years old, it basically that I was a death sentence, so I had a question what's the meaning of death, I had to face it, for a year and then survive what's the meaning of death, then.

00:18:08.730 --> 00:18:24.900 Gabriel Cousens: Different events and my family my brother died when I was 16 and my father died when I was 21 My mother died when I was 33 and i'm still asking the same question, what is this all about what's the meaning of that.

00:18:26.100 --> 00:18:27.840 Gabriel Cousens: So in 1975.

00:18:29.580 --> 00:18:32.010 Gabriel Cousens: I met Swami booked amanda.

00:18:33.630 --> 00:18:39.660 Gabriel Cousens: and receive the awakening of the spiritual energy we call the lady.

00:18:40.710 --> 00:18:46.500 Gabriel Cousens: Torah with raw haka dash and we can call it the Holy Spirit same thing and.

00:18:48.180 --> 00:18:49.140 Gabriel Cousens: He.

00:18:51.360 --> 00:19:03.180 Gabriel Cousens: Basically touch me and actually blew into my mouth and that energy was there and I expanded beyond consciousness into the nothing That was my first.

00:19:04.440 --> 00:19:17.760 Gabriel Cousens: it's like wait I just I disappeared, and as I came back though a little voice we call the little voice of God ring and said.

00:19:18.810 --> 00:19:24.480 Gabriel Cousens: There is no death for the soul, the soul is immortal.

00:19:26.340 --> 00:19:29.130 Gabriel Cousens: Neither board or dies.

00:19:30.240 --> 00:19:52.860 Gabriel Cousens: That was the defining moment of awakening energy it's all my book, I describe all the energy things that happened energy moving up my spine and chakras lighting up, but the profound understanding was I spent 33 years of my life seeking this question.

00:19:53.880 --> 00:19:55.740 Gabriel Cousens: You know, and there was.

00:19:57.150 --> 00:20:14.250 Gabriel Cousens: You know it's not like we hadn't heard that word before, but it was the perception that direct experience of that truth right yeah That was a defining moment that really began the next level where spiritual path.

00:20:15.120 --> 00:20:27.420 Judi Miller: that's a Gabriel, and one of the things that I loved in your book, as you said that everything that you learned in life started with football meditation and sacred relationships, can you explain to listeners what you mean by that.

00:20:29.310 --> 00:20:48.210 Gabriel Cousens: Well that's really good, so what I what I was teaching what i'm saying is that, as a person like football through college really played for 12 years started when I was 10 years old okay and.

00:20:49.500 --> 00:20:53.010 Gabriel Cousens: There was a place where I would be on myself.

00:20:54.150 --> 00:21:01.020 Gabriel Cousens: into the nothing I began having those experiences that are relatively early age okay.

00:21:02.160 --> 00:21:12.900 Gabriel Cousens: And in meditation I was able to rest away so football is you graduate college and psycho okay what next.

00:21:13.920 --> 00:21:26.370 Gabriel Cousens: And so, football is in the how do I access that state at a more regular basis that's where I kind of moved into meditation.

00:21:27.600 --> 00:21:29.220 Gabriel Cousens: Now sig relations.

00:21:31.860 --> 00:21:35.040 Gabriel Cousens: Truly when we understand marriage it's a spiritual path.

00:21:37.290 --> 00:21:44.520 Gabriel Cousens: For enlightenment for liberation, as people in their interactions.

00:21:46.050 --> 00:22:00.480 Gabriel Cousens: bring out what needs to be healed but ultimately merge again it's another merging thing but it's a path when two people are interacting with each other, it really brings out the best.

00:22:02.040 --> 00:22:04.200 Gabriel Cousens: If you have that attitude which.

00:22:04.890 --> 00:22:06.960 Georgeann Dau: that's a very good if you have that attitude.

00:22:08.790 --> 00:22:17.310 Gabriel Cousens: And it helps us the bow spiritually so all those are my big learning areas.

00:22:17.790 --> 00:22:35.250 Gabriel Cousens: So I and my book, I explained, which most people don't get what football's about it's not just about banging heads it's about going beyond yourself it's going it's you know learning a little bit of structured focus and discipline.

00:22:36.510 --> 00:22:49.770 Gabriel Cousens: spiritual life same thing structure focus discipline, the same messages either up on the wall that looked upon as the football coach yet Okay, and then.

00:22:51.060 --> 00:22:58.230 Gabriel Cousens: relationship is the same thing sacred relationship is a journey into the unknown.

00:22:59.910 --> 00:23:04.110 Gabriel Cousens: If you're serious about relationship, it has to be.

00:23:05.340 --> 00:23:09.750 Gabriel Cousens: jumping off the cliff of love into.

00:23:10.800 --> 00:23:29.040 Gabriel Cousens: Whatever is going to happen, and you have to be okay with that and that's a huge learning experience a huge spiritual development experience again if you see it that way, if you see Sigma relationship as a spiritual journey.

00:23:30.600 --> 00:23:32.070 Gabriel Cousens: that's how they all come together.

00:23:32.580 --> 00:23:40.950 Judi Miller: So Gabriel, for those of us who don't play football and perhaps don't meditate or have a sacred relationship is there hope for us to be liberated.

00:23:44.430 --> 00:23:45.000 Gabriel Cousens: Yes.

00:23:46.710 --> 00:23:50.520 Gabriel Cousens: Because one of the things I talked about in the book.

00:23:51.810 --> 00:24:05.280 Gabriel Cousens: Is that the attitude, again, the world is, as you see it, the world is, as you believe to be the attitude that all our life experiences are there for our spiritual development.

00:24:06.810 --> 00:24:16.680 Gabriel Cousens: So the having that way of seeing life that brings you to higher and higher steps of evolution.

00:24:17.130 --> 00:24:34.320 Gabriel Cousens: Now I will say there's two wings to the bird, what is your own understanding and your wins dedication, as I said, I have a lot of purpose of the book and I would about the most important thing is to keep showing up, no matter what's happening gotta keep showing up.

00:24:35.670 --> 00:24:41.730 Gabriel Cousens: Part one and part two, is called grace in there without grace.

00:24:43.410 --> 00:24:58.020 Gabriel Cousens: Because you can work your way to God you can't die, you will to God you you can't do any that ultimately yeah you you set the table, but that grace is what allows it to happen.

00:24:59.220 --> 00:25:01.890 Georgeann Dau: grace allows the feast yes.

00:25:03.510 --> 00:25:05.610 Gabriel Cousens: So that's how that works.

00:25:07.230 --> 00:25:09.450 Gabriel Cousens: So that's available to everybody.

00:25:11.370 --> 00:25:22.500 Gabriel Cousens: The reason I also was saying is okay people usually say meditation you know but playing football is the way people think about playing football is no different than.

00:25:23.130 --> 00:25:36.810 Gabriel Cousens: Being a taxi cab driver if you understand the point it's the mundane life yeah what could be more mundane to play football okay when it when you see it.

00:25:37.980 --> 00:25:45.540 Gabriel Cousens: And then relationships could be very mundane or it could be very elevating that part is our responsibility.

00:25:47.370 --> 00:25:52.350 Judi Miller: So Gabriel, could you also talk about the six foundations and the sevenfold piece we'd love to hear about it.

00:25:53.190 --> 00:25:56.070 Gabriel Cousens: Okay you're asking a really good question so.

00:25:59.670 --> 00:26:01.680 Gabriel Cousens: I began to say well.

00:26:03.450 --> 00:26:09.570 Gabriel Cousens: This shouldn't be just limited as you asked earlier to just people in certain spiritual traditions.

00:26:10.980 --> 00:26:24.300 Gabriel Cousens: So how do I take the kind of messages and pathways in the different traditions and make it into something that no matter who you are.

00:26:25.320 --> 00:26:31.350 Gabriel Cousens: You can do it, you don't have to be part of this religion or that traditional okay and that's how I.

00:26:32.550 --> 00:26:33.570 Gabriel Cousens: develop those.

00:26:34.860 --> 00:26:39.390 Gabriel Cousens: So six locations first foundations, how we eat.

00:26:40.830 --> 00:26:46.440 Gabriel Cousens: How do we make eating an act of sacredness after all, most people have to eat.

00:26:47.550 --> 00:26:51.600 Gabriel Cousens: You have to show up the table, one way or another, how we're going to do that.

00:26:52.620 --> 00:27:07.440 Gabriel Cousens: And I saw that it most traditions were talking about a primary vegan diet and I played for out example and my book was like different books like Jesus was actually a vegan.

00:27:08.610 --> 00:27:11.970 Gabriel Cousens: His brother James, for example, only had bread.

00:27:13.200 --> 00:27:13.920 Gabriel Cousens: and

00:27:15.600 --> 00:27:18.330 Georgeann Dau: Water really no fish.

00:27:18.960 --> 00:27:33.870 Gabriel Cousens: Though do that came 200 years later today so what's going on, so, so the diet is part of it, clean pure no death associated with it.

00:27:34.920 --> 00:27:35.610 Gabriel Cousens: Then.

00:27:37.230 --> 00:27:39.300 Gabriel Cousens: Why include fasting.

00:27:41.430 --> 00:27:46.590 Gabriel Cousens: And fasting is a very powerful where we do spiritual fast twice a year.

00:27:47.850 --> 00:28:05.850 Gabriel Cousens: Okay, so what happens if as well, you get in touch with your sacred design, where the society saying forget that just earned money or whatever Okay, so you sacred design you actually get in touch with your soul and a more focused way because our spiritual fast include meditating.

00:28:07.110 --> 00:28:10.350 Gabriel Cousens: and certain movements dance and different things.

00:28:11.430 --> 00:28:21.000 Gabriel Cousens: You start getting in touch with yourself So those are that's step one step two it's good to do some sort of movement yoga TAI Chi.

00:28:22.020 --> 00:28:27.210 Gabriel Cousens: sacred dance something that's expressing the divine going through you.

00:28:28.380 --> 00:28:33.930 Gabriel Cousens: And going to do some breathing does actually didn't make your brain work better.

00:28:35.760 --> 00:28:37.410 Gabriel Cousens: The third is service and charity.

00:28:39.330 --> 00:28:41.850 Gabriel Cousens: surface in charity allows you.

00:28:42.870 --> 00:28:45.420 Gabriel Cousens: To make that heart connection with those people around you.

00:28:48.090 --> 00:28:49.350 Gabriel Cousens: Those people you're serving.

00:28:52.050 --> 00:28:58.380 Gabriel Cousens: We have programs in Africa, we have programs that will need Americans and.

00:28:59.610 --> 00:29:01.950 Gabriel Cousens: Right now we're focusing and seeing is.

00:29:03.000 --> 00:29:04.230 Gabriel Cousens: there's a lot of people starting.

00:29:05.610 --> 00:29:20.280 Gabriel Cousens: So Okay, and the fourth is if you're ready working with the spiritual teacher that everybody's ready, but if you are and as much.

00:29:23.550 --> 00:29:29.970 Gabriel Cousens: focus on a spirit some sort of spiritual discipline, the fifth is meditating and praying.

00:29:31.590 --> 00:29:42.360 Gabriel Cousens: And the sixth is the awakening of the spiritual energy talk about kundalini rocca dash Holy Spirit there needs to be a an awakening there.

00:29:43.710 --> 00:29:53.820 Gabriel Cousens: So that's the six formation just basics and people can do different variations of that but sumo all six get included.

00:29:54.960 --> 00:30:00.240 Gabriel Cousens: In our life cycle, we may emphasize one over the other different types.

00:30:00.930 --> 00:30:02.790 Judi Miller: So Gabriel, we do have to take a break.

00:30:03.120 --> 00:30:03.780 Gabriel Cousens: But when we come.

00:30:03.810 --> 00:30:09.210 Judi Miller: back, we would love for you to kind of wrap up the six foundations and then go into the sevenfold piece.

00:30:09.540 --> 00:30:10.980 Gabriel Cousens: yeah so perfect.

00:30:12.360 --> 00:30:14.190 Judi Miller: So we'll take a quick break right now, thank you.

00:30:14.580 --> 00:30:15.900 Georgeann Dau: Be right back, thank you.

00:33:10.110 --> 00:33:11.070 Georgeann Dau: Welcome back.

00:33:12.150 --> 00:33:12.720 Georgeann Dau: So.

00:33:14.850 --> 00:33:18.990 Georgeann Dau: Judy go ahead, I love what you were ending with that you wanted to begin with.

00:33:19.110 --> 00:33:25.380 Judi Miller: Sure, so Dr cousins was about to tell us about the seven fold piece right.

00:33:25.710 --> 00:33:26.580 So.

00:33:27.840 --> 00:33:31.950 Gabriel Cousens: The seven four piece, I took a little bit more from the scenes.

00:33:33.000 --> 00:33:40.230 Gabriel Cousens: They had their communions each day morning and evening communions.

00:33:40.800 --> 00:33:43.170 Georgeann Dau: Day, then great wasn't that part of their.

00:33:44.160 --> 00:34:10.170 Gabriel Cousens: yeah it's what they did, yes, so, and so I was working from the cycle seven I kind of did something a little simpler, and so the first is peace with the body we that's the nutrition part and health and exercise and breathing second is peace with the mud, which is the meditation and prayer.

00:34:11.640 --> 00:34:15.150 Gabriel Cousens: Third, is peace with the family.

00:34:17.040 --> 00:34:25.230 Gabriel Cousens: So that is sacred relationship, the challenge the spiritual challenge of intimacy.

00:34:26.550 --> 00:34:31.470 Gabriel Cousens: The risk that people face every you know to be intimate.

00:34:33.360 --> 00:34:45.510 Gabriel Cousens: And really the relationship is kind of a model of relating to God in some way a surrender and letting go and trusting.

00:34:46.830 --> 00:34:49.110 Gabriel Cousens: Okay, so that's peace with the family.

00:34:50.400 --> 00:34:55.500 Gabriel Cousens: there's peace with the Community, there are today, we can see there's a lot of.

00:34:56.550 --> 00:35:10.260 Gabriel Cousens: agitation in the Community, a lot of chaos, but the key is to have the right relationship to the Community, no matter what's happening that you're still a piece in you're still at one within yourself.

00:35:11.880 --> 00:35:19.500 Gabriel Cousens: No matter how wild it gets there and I know today it's very challenging particularly United States.

00:35:20.520 --> 00:35:45.300 Gabriel Cousens: Okay yeah and then there's peace with all cultures and the native American when we say all the donkey lesson, what does that mean it means peace with the rocket rat people living earth, you know the plan people the animal world and the human world and all the human cultures.

00:35:45.990 --> 00:35:48.420 Georgeann Dau: All live in creation yeah.

00:35:48.540 --> 00:35:55.830 Gabriel Cousens: The whole thing and then next is peace with what I call the sacred ecology.

00:35:57.660 --> 00:36:11.280 Gabriel Cousens: Seeing that this is a subtle differences loving environment to statement it's like when you know you're one with the living planet, you know worshiping the planet you're one with it, you feel that connection.

00:36:13.560 --> 00:36:25.530 Gabriel Cousens: Then you want to take care of it because it's like an extension of your body, yes, so you want with living planet so naturally you want to take care of it, and finally peace with God.

00:36:26.970 --> 00:36:29.430 Gabriel Cousens: So those are the different.

00:36:30.630 --> 00:36:37.860 Gabriel Cousens: Parts of the windy of all seven levels in alignment and there's a much greater total peace.

00:36:39.810 --> 00:36:42.990 Gabriel Cousens: And so that's a way of that's.

00:36:44.640 --> 00:37:01.260 Gabriel Cousens: The seven four piece where you're filling in peace, of all those levels of your life when you combine the Six Nations seven for peace, then you are creating a much broader spectrum though here here's the point of making the book it's a lifestyle.

00:37:01.800 --> 00:37:08.970 Georgeann Dau: I was, I was just gonna say that what I hear you talk about is it's a way of life it's a way to live it's a lifestyle.

00:37:09.270 --> 00:37:15.300 Gabriel Cousens: ads right, and so I talk about holistic the holistic way of liberation.

00:37:15.420 --> 00:37:20.820 Gabriel Cousens: yeah which is living in a way that naturally takes you to liberation.

00:37:22.920 --> 00:37:24.780 Gabriel Cousens: This it's a way of life.

00:37:25.290 --> 00:37:25.770 Georgeann Dau: I love.

00:37:25.890 --> 00:37:31.020 Gabriel Cousens: The key, what are the key messages holistic way of life.

00:37:31.140 --> 00:37:46.080 Judi Miller: So Gabriel if we live according to the six foundations and the seven full piece will, will we be able to do 1000 push ups, a day and 800 setups and 80 pull ups like you do.

00:37:48.270 --> 00:37:49.920 Gabriel Cousens: Well everybody's unique.

00:37:51.240 --> 00:37:53.850 Gabriel Cousens: everybody's unique actions 1300 push ups.

00:37:53.910 --> 00:37:56.880 Gabriel Cousens: wow as of yesterday yesterday.

00:37:57.960 --> 00:38:04.800 Gabriel Cousens: But the point is we're all unique we're all unique expression, so what am I communicating with that so.

00:38:06.030 --> 00:38:12.030 Gabriel Cousens: i'm just pretty much turning 78 okay so it's 78.

00:38:12.180 --> 00:38:12.750 Georgeann Dau: Look great.

00:38:13.320 --> 00:38:14.730 Gabriel Cousens: You could do this part.

00:38:15.090 --> 00:38:15.990 Georgeann Dau: will look great.

00:38:16.500 --> 00:38:17.550 Gabriel Cousens: Thank you, thank you.

00:38:18.780 --> 00:38:33.750 Gabriel Cousens: Did you see the message so part of my thing is hey wait with chronological age, does that mean we get less flexible Does that mean we get weaker or can you just turn it around and get more flexible.

00:38:34.890 --> 00:38:37.410 Gabriel Cousens: More strength and more clarity.

00:38:38.880 --> 00:38:50.520 Gabriel Cousens: and enjoy life more you know your contract so it's a very clear message this can be done, yes, you have to do little work but isn't that true of life.

00:38:51.090 --> 00:38:53.790 Gabriel Cousens: Absolutely so it's.

00:38:53.850 --> 00:38:57.810 Georgeann Dau: transcendent and since died of the ego and rise.

00:38:57.960 --> 00:39:01.800 Gabriel Cousens: died in the worker, I have to conclude the workout by.

00:39:02.160 --> 00:39:04.980 Georgeann Dau: You you can't do it without working like that.

00:39:06.300 --> 00:39:15.990 Gabriel Cousens: No, no i'm we're in agreement, and what i'm saying is it can be done with kinda like a chronological age we can get stronger, more flexible.

00:39:17.190 --> 00:39:18.480 Gabriel Cousens: and have more endurance.

00:39:18.630 --> 00:39:25.110 Gabriel Cousens: Absolutely so that's the message of better communicating here that's probably where I do.

00:39:25.680 --> 00:39:33.060 Gabriel Cousens: love the point of it, because they go Okay, you can do this 78 think about how we image 78.

00:39:33.420 --> 00:39:36.030 Georgeann Dau: Right absolutely.

00:39:37.080 --> 00:39:53.040 Georgeann Dau: I love the piece from the Talmud and i've used it for many years and I just realized, it was from the Talmud we don't see things as they are, we see things as we are right right and that's pretty much you know I think what I try to live my life out of.

00:39:53.160 --> 00:39:57.960 Georgeann Dau: yeah um you know what what I wanted to tell you is that Judy and I are both 102.

00:40:01.230 --> 00:40:01.650 Judi Miller: together.

00:40:07.500 --> 00:40:19.080 Judi Miller: Gabriel, you know when we look out into the world there's a lot of things that doesn't look like love and I know, towards the end of your book he talked about this concept of separation and hate, can you address that for us.

00:40:20.580 --> 00:40:21.150 Yes.

00:40:24.420 --> 00:40:32.460 Gabriel Cousens: I talked about so it's so important to connect with her so when we feel connected with her so.

00:40:33.480 --> 00:40:39.810 Gabriel Cousens: Then we get everybody else has a soul to everybody else is a spark or God.

00:40:40.170 --> 00:40:42.570 Georgeann Dau: I need to interrupt for a moment I truly don't.

00:40:42.600 --> 00:40:46.680 Georgeann Dau: Please forgive me where we're never disconnected from our soul.

00:40:47.430 --> 00:40:48.990 Gabriel Cousens: But there's been a reception.

00:40:49.050 --> 00:40:52.830 Georgeann Dau: it's a perception, thank you, I just wanted to clarify that, for our listeners.

00:40:52.890 --> 00:40:56.340 Gabriel Cousens: yeah, I was glad you did it's important point.

00:40:57.450 --> 00:40:59.160 Gabriel Cousens: That we feel disconnected.

00:40:59.310 --> 00:41:04.170 Gabriel Cousens: Correct you feel that connection it's always there okay.

00:41:06.090 --> 00:41:14.190 Gabriel Cousens: But as we're doing these things we feel more connected, then we see that light of God and everyone.

00:41:15.210 --> 00:41:36.420 Gabriel Cousens: So we we see can feel that love it's natural about when, although we are connected we don't feel connected in our experience their awareness is that separation from the soul happens, we can't see the soda people they just become objects.

00:41:37.500 --> 00:41:49.770 Gabriel Cousens: At the lavoie objects it's really easy to feel the separation, when you take that separation further it can turn into hey look what we see in our society.

00:41:51.000 --> 00:42:05.310 Gabriel Cousens: As people feel less connected to their soul to the deep guide for who they are, what do we see, we have the dial got out there for sure you know it's even like a political statement yes.

00:42:07.230 --> 00:42:26.760 Gabriel Cousens: And it's like wait, but that's coming from being disconnected yeah that feeling the connection that always there and so that can lead to separation, which then can lead to hate because there's no connection, yes, and then you can make that hate are any reason to differ.

00:42:28.350 --> 00:42:38.160 Georgeann Dau: Its projected its projected out of the self because we feel the heat within ourselves it's projected out of the cell phone to everything outside yeah.

00:42:38.430 --> 00:42:40.890 Gabriel Cousens: So that that does that answer that today.

00:42:41.220 --> 00:42:42.390 Judi Miller: Yes, absolutely.

00:42:42.660 --> 00:42:44.190 Gabriel Cousens: Yes, very good question.

00:42:44.670 --> 00:42:45.300 that's great.

00:42:46.980 --> 00:42:56.100 Judi Miller: And I know that we have to take a break, but when we come back Gabriel, we would love for you to share some of the amazing mystical experiences that you've actually gone through.

00:42:57.270 --> 00:42:58.020 Gabriel Cousens: Okay.

00:42:59.640 --> 00:43:09.780 Georgeann Dau: Thank you you're very generous we'll be right back with the journey through into awareness and Dr Gabriel cousins thanks for joining us we'll be right back.

00:43:10.950 --> 00:43:11.940 Gabriel Cousens: i'm gonna be just.

00:43:13.290 --> 00:43:13.530 Gabriel Cousens: Fine.

00:45:31.770 --> 00:45:40.410 Georgeann Dau: Okay hi welcome back so Dr cousins do you mind sharing with us some of your mystical experiences you've had along the way.

00:45:41.760 --> 00:45:43.560 Gabriel Cousens: Sure i'm.

00:45:43.920 --> 00:45:53.520 Gabriel Cousens: Sorry jenna it really began in an early age spontaneously really when I was eight I began seeing angels have.

00:45:55.260 --> 00:45:58.320 Gabriel Cousens: other kind of figures coming in teaching.

00:45:59.880 --> 00:46:01.950 Gabriel Cousens: And I didn't know really what was going on.

00:46:03.000 --> 00:46:03.960 Gabriel Cousens: When my.

00:46:05.460 --> 00:46:14.430 Gabriel Cousens: brother died, I used to meditate in his room and I can feel mental his presence, but just a much greater.

00:46:16.860 --> 00:46:20.790 Gabriel Cousens: Over mystical life and.

00:46:24.330 --> 00:46:40.530 Gabriel Cousens: Then, as things progressed in my life, I began meditating naturally nobody here I mean this isn't the 15th nobody actually knew how to meditate I mean sure a few people that mostly know and so.

00:46:40.650 --> 00:46:41.430 Georgeann Dau: Were you born.

00:46:42.720 --> 00:46:43.920 Gabriel Cousens: 1943.

00:46:43.980 --> 00:46:44.550 Georgeann Dau: Well yeah.

00:46:44.790 --> 00:46:46.080 Georgeann Dau: i'm sorry I didn't ask when we.

00:46:46.080 --> 00:46:46.380 Gabriel Cousens: Are.

00:46:46.740 --> 00:46:53.100 Georgeann Dau: Chicago Chicago Okay, I was born in 54 in New York and Judy you were you.

00:46:53.580 --> 00:46:54.300 Judi Miller: I came after.

00:46:55.380 --> 00:46:57.360 Georgeann Dau: yeah but you where were you born.

00:46:57.990 --> 00:47:00.900 Judi Miller: I was born in Trinidad I was born in the Caribbean yeah.

00:47:01.770 --> 00:47:03.390 Gabriel Cousens: Okay interesting.

00:47:03.780 --> 00:47:09.360 Georgeann Dau: So at a very young age when you're having these experiences, how could you possibly make anything of them, he was so little.

00:47:09.960 --> 00:47:16.260 Gabriel Cousens: Well, the truth is, I didn't I just appreciate it, I learned, not to mention it to anybody.

00:47:16.380 --> 00:47:17.070 Georgeann Dau: I bet.

00:47:17.100 --> 00:47:18.180 Gabriel Cousens: Who are parents.

00:47:19.980 --> 00:47:44.040 Gabriel Cousens: But, but then, as I play football, I began as a one beyond myself, I began my more mystical experiences I saw Okay, going beyond yourself that happens, and then really after I received the shopkeeper other weekend either jenan may be again more actively I.

00:47:45.510 --> 00:47:49.830 Gabriel Cousens: 1970 I actually saw three buildings.

00:47:51.090 --> 00:47:52.920 Gabriel Cousens: I was taking an s course.

00:47:54.090 --> 00:47:55.590 Gabriel Cousens: wonder okay.

00:47:55.650 --> 00:47:58.770 Georgeann Dau: I did that, yes, that was a powerful course I loved it.

00:47:59.010 --> 00:48:02.370 Gabriel Cousens: yeah it was the very last one he taught and.

00:48:03.660 --> 00:48:08.700 Gabriel Cousens: I had a vision of three it was sai Baba shirty.

00:48:10.290 --> 00:48:11.100 Gabriel Cousens: Abraham.

00:48:13.410 --> 00:48:14.700 Gabriel Cousens: And crazy worse.

00:48:15.960 --> 00:48:21.720 Gabriel Cousens: Now honestly I didn't know who they were at that moment, but then.

00:48:24.270 --> 00:48:25.530 Gabriel Cousens: When I was in.

00:48:26.730 --> 00:48:34.410 Gabriel Cousens: India, and I was walking with one of my main spiritual teachers who have crashed nanda he materialized in front of us.

00:48:36.150 --> 00:48:42.270 Gabriel Cousens: and actually put his hand out like this and energy came out of his hand it hit me in the foreign knocked me over.

00:48:44.010 --> 00:48:57.600 Gabriel Cousens: At our okay luckily sort of we're kind of cash Nana was there I say, well, did I just imagine what just happened, he said no, no, he came he materials right in front of uni so there was materialisation.

00:48:59.040 --> 00:49:01.230 Gabriel Cousens: Now a few other times that happen.

00:49:02.940 --> 00:49:09.840 Gabriel Cousens: One was just when I was kind of doing a little meditation early morning out in the woods.

00:49:12.030 --> 00:49:14.610 Gabriel Cousens: The goddess Lakshmi.

00:49:15.720 --> 00:49:19.980 Gabriel Cousens: goddess of spiritual material wealth appeared.

00:49:21.210 --> 00:49:34.830 Gabriel Cousens: That you walk towards me then she merged with me at every level, and her essence went into me shift literally shifted so I became her feminine essence came in and.

00:49:36.570 --> 00:49:41.040 Gabriel Cousens: Added to my being so this whole feminine essence became part of me.

00:49:42.150 --> 00:49:47.760 Gabriel Cousens: In a very, very real way it's like whoa that was pretty powerful and then.

00:49:49.230 --> 00:49:51.150 Gabriel Cousens: When I first began.

00:49:52.350 --> 00:49:56.670 Gabriel Cousens: kind of really considering Israel 2008.

00:49:58.050 --> 00:50:06.150 Gabriel Cousens: To quote unquote alia you know the stepping up I would there's no initiation nobody, but I went and what in a cave.

00:50:08.310 --> 00:50:09.180 Gabriel Cousens: above.

00:50:11.790 --> 00:50:12.930 Gabriel Cousens: They did see.

00:50:14.730 --> 00:50:23.610 Gabriel Cousens: There was a half cave so far, I went three days without food and water there Okay, and the second day.

00:50:26.580 --> 00:50:28.470 Gabriel Cousens: literal after twilight a.

00:50:30.630 --> 00:50:37.410 Gabriel Cousens: figure appeared again a physical figure and identified as Abraham.

00:50:38.550 --> 00:50:46.620 Gabriel Cousens: It was only for maybe 30 seconds, but again, a transmission of energy happened where his.

00:50:48.510 --> 00:51:05.070 Gabriel Cousens: Love because he is is TIM was open at all for directions any open to everybody, so I felt this transmission of love kind of more universal of and also his spiritual warrior ship, I mean he took.

00:51:06.390 --> 00:51:08.730 Gabriel Cousens: A whole pagan world and.

00:51:09.930 --> 00:51:10.470 Gabriel Cousens: grew.

00:51:11.550 --> 00:51:25.440 Gabriel Cousens: OK so Those are three you know, three, four very mystical experiences many visions, but these are a little different because they were materialisation.

00:51:26.790 --> 00:51:30.870 Georgeann Dau: Was Abraham like a holographic where was he, like a solid form.

00:51:31.950 --> 00:51:35.370 Gabriel Cousens: It felt like a solid form it looked like a solid.

00:51:35.760 --> 00:51:38.010 Georgeann Dau: wow and i'm just thinking of you know.

00:51:38.010 --> 00:51:39.840 Gabriel Cousens: Jesus three dimensional and.

00:51:39.840 --> 00:51:53.820 Georgeann Dau: Solid right just thinking of Jesus when he when he appeared in the upper room, you know, he was able to walk through doors, but yet when he was in front of them, he was solid he ate it's just it's fascinating it's just.

00:51:54.090 --> 00:51:54.600 Gabriel Cousens: yeah.

00:51:54.690 --> 00:51:55.350 Georgeann Dau: see what see.

00:51:55.860 --> 00:52:00.060 Gabriel Cousens: That really does exist when you research it up that can happen.

00:52:01.260 --> 00:52:03.900 Georgeann Dau: Yes, well, I, I believe that it's just.

00:52:04.140 --> 00:52:15.030 Gabriel Cousens: Fantastic there's, no doubt, I mean i've had visions in a near death experience had a vision of Jesus as well coming kind of receiving me as I went through that tunnel of light.

00:52:16.410 --> 00:52:21.570 Georgeann Dau: So so reassuring Gabriel it's so reassuring.

00:52:22.770 --> 00:52:23.400 Georgeann Dau: Beautiful.

00:52:24.540 --> 00:52:26.160 Judi Miller: yeah those are amazing experiences.

00:52:26.400 --> 00:52:27.600 Judi Miller: Well, thank you for sharing them.

00:52:27.870 --> 00:52:34.500 Georgeann Dau: Thank you for sharing them my heart is just breaking through my tested loves yeah.

00:52:35.880 --> 00:52:42.510 Gabriel Cousens: it's very humbling to have these yeah you know and and key is I didn't ask for them.

00:52:42.600 --> 00:52:44.130 Georgeann Dau: Right becomes.

00:52:44.850 --> 00:52:54.750 Gabriel Cousens: grace yeah I had they all were about that just an experience, but an actual shift in energy.

00:52:54.930 --> 00:52:58.080 Gabriel Cousens: Along the actual change and be as a result.

00:52:58.110 --> 00:53:07.770 Gabriel Cousens: And then, also in the death experience of going through the tunnel was it's like a total acceptance in a different way, so there.

00:53:08.880 --> 00:53:16.710 Gabriel Cousens: Is these are real things and what my interpretation is is that I was given these gifts.

00:53:18.420 --> 00:53:23.490 Gabriel Cousens: As part of my spiritual evolve, but they weren't just old isn't that interesting know.

00:53:23.700 --> 00:53:27.540 Gabriel Cousens: My phone as if the.

00:53:28.980 --> 00:53:32.340 Gabriel Cousens: heavenly energies, they were guiding me oh.

00:53:32.730 --> 00:53:37.740 Georgeann Dau: Yes, I always believe is a divine purpose for everything that happens, like that.

00:53:38.250 --> 00:53:40.230 Gabriel Cousens: So that's how I felt about it.

00:53:40.470 --> 00:53:41.400 Georgeann Dau: yeah that's.

00:53:41.520 --> 00:53:43.110 Judi Miller: incredible that is beautiful.

00:53:43.350 --> 00:53:51.270 Judi Miller: So Gabriel there's something that you had in your book that I love to also and it was pray until you become the prayer what is that.

00:53:53.760 --> 00:54:12.570 Gabriel Cousens: There is a word neighbor called lion polo which means become your prayer what does that mean is what you do set so it's one thing oh i'm praying for this, though, please got some new Mercedes Benz you do this Jacqueline type thing okay.

00:54:14.190 --> 00:54:14.820 But.

00:54:16.080 --> 00:54:21.660 Gabriel Cousens: Becoming your prayer being to actually become the result of your prayer.

00:54:23.550 --> 00:54:26.700 Georgeann Dau: praying with faith is it like playing with faith.

00:54:27.450 --> 00:54:28.530 Gabriel Cousens: To step beyond.

00:54:28.890 --> 00:54:29.250 Yet.

00:54:30.780 --> 00:54:33.930 Gabriel Cousens: Okay, so i'm gonna explain that a little bit more so.

00:54:34.470 --> 00:54:34.800 Georgeann Dau: We.

00:54:34.830 --> 00:54:44.310 Georgeann Dau: Have about that sorry to interrupt we have about three minutes and i'd like to it, and before we end if you would grace us with another prayer if you wouldn't mind so get I don't want to interrupt.

00:54:44.430 --> 00:54:45.450 Gabriel Cousens: Though okay so.

00:54:47.040 --> 00:55:05.970 Gabriel Cousens: to become your prayer, so why you pray because there's a blockage that you have, so we have to dissolve that blockage the spiritual blockage that we may have what's the softer mode, then we can actually be come that will, for which will praying.

00:55:07.110 --> 00:55:07.950 Gabriel Cousens: Does that make sense.

00:55:08.550 --> 00:55:10.050 Georgeann Dau: Yes, okay.

00:55:10.350 --> 00:55:17.100 Gabriel Cousens: So let hip hop is becoming prayer so if it is simple way because it's also native American as well.

00:55:18.600 --> 00:55:23.430 Gabriel Cousens: The Native Americans don't pray for rain they visualize and experience it rating.

00:55:25.860 --> 00:55:36.870 Gabriel Cousens: And the word you you experience it is just the prayer is fulfilled, yes, and in your physical experience you're smelling the rain your field, the rain and getting where you're getting money.

00:55:38.760 --> 00:55:44.940 Gabriel Cousens: that's what I mean by become your prayer love it I feel already fulfilled.

00:55:47.040 --> 00:55:48.750 Gabriel Cousens: feel it really evaluate.

00:55:49.860 --> 00:55:58.680 Georgeann Dau: variances experience it as having it already having it, yes, not thank you enough, would you ever be willing to come on again.

00:55:59.400 --> 00:56:09.540 Gabriel Cousens: Sure, I think you you both of you have asked excellent really outstanding questions, and I really appreciate the farthest of your questions.

00:56:09.870 --> 00:56:10.650 Georgeann Dau: Oh, my gosh.

00:56:10.710 --> 00:56:19.830 Judi Miller: You was blessing guests, I know that we are coming close to the end, so we would love for listeners to know how they can learn more about you and your book and how to connect with you.

00:56:20.520 --> 00:56:44.670 Gabriel Cousens: OK, so the easy way is to go to websites to go to one is Dr cousins calm that's pretty easy and the other is the Community where all my teachings are stored in the videos listener and that's tree of life that M and mighty networks that CEO.

00:56:46.740 --> 00:56:52.320 Gabriel Cousens: Not to treat your wife that MN dot CEO or Dr cousins COM.

00:56:53.730 --> 00:56:55.740 Gabriel Cousens: Those are the two easy ways.

00:56:58.140 --> 00:57:18.150 Gabriel Cousens: To really access or everything in the simple way, and you can access we have our spiritual fasting retreats we do twice a year, and at the zero point which is working with your mind to clear all the negative and really offer to the mind positively well and.

00:57:19.590 --> 00:57:39.480 Gabriel Cousens: All the kind of different teachings I also have monthly meditation retreats I started that, with all that it's going, and so we have that over the Internet, so people get supported in that way, and I also have a Thursday evening kind of program alive and liberated with Dr David.

00:57:40.410 --> 00:57:42.270 Georgeann Dau: You went to the States.

00:57:43.890 --> 00:57:45.390 Gabriel Cousens: Well, I just left to stay.

00:57:46.890 --> 00:57:49.680 Georgeann Dau: ever come to New York, you are welcome in my home.

00:57:50.790 --> 00:57:51.630 Gabriel Cousens: my daughter.

00:57:51.690 --> 00:57:53.970 Gabriel Cousens: my daughter brianne truly live there too.

00:57:54.060 --> 00:57:55.230 Georgeann Dau: Okay, what but.

00:57:55.860 --> 00:57:57.600 Gabriel Cousens: The delivery side.

00:57:58.050 --> 00:58:02.280 Georgeann Dau: Great well, I opted, I hope to have you in my own you're always welcome you.

00:58:02.880 --> 00:58:04.740 Gabriel Cousens: Very, thank you very sweet.

00:58:05.160 --> 00:58:07.770 Judi Miller: it's a blessing to have you here yeah.

00:58:08.490 --> 00:58:11.130 Gabriel Cousens: And so we'll end with a blessing.

00:58:12.270 --> 00:58:18.720 Gabriel Cousens: We at that point, yes Okay, so I want to bless everyone.

00:58:21.600 --> 00:58:24.030 Gabriel Cousens: All the listeners, the two of you.

00:58:25.500 --> 00:58:34.770 Gabriel Cousens: That we truly feel as though the sublime and holy truth of who we are.

00:58:37.170 --> 00:58:51.600 Gabriel Cousens: And, as I say, this prayer that we're blessed with that take a moment to feel your oneness with your soul your oneness with God just a moment become your prayer.

00:58:57.990 --> 00:59:06.570 Gabriel Cousens: And the everyone now carry that energy of your prayer fulfilled the link your oneness with God.

00:59:08.100 --> 00:59:09.750 Gabriel Cousens: into the rest of your life.

00:59:12.570 --> 00:59:16.170 Judi Miller: Man Thank you so much, Dr Gabriel cousins it's been a true honor.

00:59:17.370 --> 00:59:19.260 Gabriel Cousens: Thank you Judy blessing.

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