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Tuesday, April 27, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/04/27 - Fabulous Fordham, in The Bronx

Facebook Live Video from 2021/04/27 - Fabulous Fordham, in The Bronx


2021/04/27 - Fabulous Fordham, in The Bronx

[NEW EPISODE] Fabulous Fordham, in The Bronx

On this week’s show we will visit the fabulous Fordham section of the Bronx.

My guests are Rediscovering New York regular Justin Rivers, Chief Experience Officer and Lead Tour Guide for Untapped New York, and Wilma Alonso, Executive Director of the Fordham Road Business Improvement District.

Tune in for this fascinating conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

To begin, Jeff introduces the topic of Fordham along with other great places in New York. Then Wilma Alonso and Marco Shalma are introduced. Both of them are not originally from the empire state but they have both made great contributions. Wilma started the Fordham Road Business Improvement District in 2005. She admits that it took 25 years to build a bid on Fordham Road. It took hard work but was made possible thanks to the supporters. Marco is currently working on something called a Radio Park that is a unique experience that is rooted from broadway performances. It is a drive in theater with a band that plays the soundtrack while dancers are also performing. It is currently located in Queens. In addition, Marco’s love for food and wanting more types of food to be attainable in The Bronx lead to him creating the Bronx Night Market which is located on Fordham.

Segment 2

Due to the pandemic, Marco and the Bronx Night Market have had to put some restrictions on themselves. In 2019, they had tens of thousands of people entering and leaving daily. They are known to welcome in anyone as a food marketplace but now they cannot to the same extent. Marco is looking forward to getting back to normalcy so he can resume serving the borough like how he used to. Wilma loves the vibrance of the people that live in Fordham. When speaking to them, it is interesting for her to hear their stories of places she is familiar with. It gives the two of them a connection to each other and their environment. Marco describes the community as super direct. He appreciates how the people always tell him how it is.

Segment 3

Justin Rivers is introduced to begin the second half. He is the Chief Experience Officer and Lead Tour Guide for Untapped New York. He is from New Jersey but went to school at Fordham New York. Fordham got its name because it was shallow and appeared as though it could forge a river. Eventually, Fordham Manner originates and an English man contributed to the name. Fordham was a village that was right outside of New York. It can sometimes get forgotten or lost because it became more of the Bronx. Furthermore, Edgar Allen Poe was a Bronx residence who always had money issues. His house was one of the first built on Fordham road. The home is still around today. It is described as a cute little cottage. There still remains some remnants of it including Fordham Plaza which was the village square and the Poe house. There is also some Revolutionary War history in the area. George Washington was running from the British through Fordham and people gave him coverage.

Segment 4

Now that we are coming out of the pandemic, tours are now being offered again. Justin is a tour guide for untapped New York who feature many unique tours including the remanence of Penn Station. Irish immigrants played a key role contributing to Fordham University. Many of them were migrating that direction from Manhattan. Later, Dagger John buys Fordham Manner. He also founded St. John’s University which eventually becomes Fordham. He got the name by coming to a New York that was very Protestant which contrasted to the Catholicism being brought over. Many people did not like the change being brought to the town. Catholics start to get beaten up and burned. Eventually, John interferes and states that if anyone attempts to burn the churches, he would burn the town like Moscow. He lined guns to be aimed at the entrance of the church and threatened to shoot people. He got the name by always fighting for Catholicism.


00:00:34.890 --> 00:00:43.890 Jeff Goodman: Hello everyone, welcome to our listeners in the big apple from across the US and around the world i'm Jeff Goodman, and this is rediscovering New York.

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00:01:16.770 --> 00:01:22.530 Jeff Goodman: and on some shows we celebrate an interesting invited color of the city and its history that's not focused on one particular neighborhood.

00:01:23.280 --> 00:01:28.920 Jeff Goodman: And prior episodes you've heard us covered topics is diverse and illuminating as American presidents who came from New York.

00:01:29.730 --> 00:01:35.850 Jeff Goodman: we've looked at the history of women activists in the women's suffrage movement in the city we've looked at the history of different immigrant communities.

00:01:36.240 --> 00:01:41.730 Jeff Goodman: we've looked at the history of the city's LGBT community and the gay rights movement we've looked at bicycles in cycling.

00:01:42.090 --> 00:01:52.620 Jeff Goodman: pumpkin opera in New York or library systems, the subway public art or greatest train stations and even some of our bridges, yes, New York has fabulous bridges everyone.

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00:02:03.210 --> 00:02:12.150 Jeff Goodman: Tonight we're journeying across the harlan river again well I live about 200 yards from and we're going back to the bronx and we're going to be visiting for them.

00:02:12.840 --> 00:02:23.790 Jeff Goodman: And the first part of the show, I have two guests, the first guest is Wilma Alonso women began her career on fordham road in 1995 at the bronx Council for economic development.

00:02:24.630 --> 00:02:33.030 Jeff Goodman: It was during her time as the Executive Director of this founding organization that in 2005 she helped establish the fordham road business improvement district.

00:02:33.840 --> 00:02:46.020 Jeff Goodman: Since then Wilma has long been considered the heart and soul of the organization and just known across the city as the fierce advocate of the neighborhood and as the architect behind many of the economic, social and capital improvements that have occurred on fordham road.

00:02:47.130 --> 00:02:54.300 Jeff Goodman: will miss leadership resourcefulness partnerships and creativity, continue to be the driving force behind the direction of the fordham road bed.

00:02:55.110 --> 00:03:01.710 Jeff Goodman: And joining her is Marco Sharma Marco was a bronx New York based entrepreneur investor and producer.

00:03:02.280 --> 00:03:08.400 Jeff Goodman: He founded set around seven media in 2013 quickly becoming a New York City leading creative agency.

00:03:08.850 --> 00:03:15.030 Jeff Goodman: celebrated for launching brands products and services with an innovative approach to branding and marketing someone into my own heart.

00:03:15.870 --> 00:03:23.790 Jeff Goodman: In 2017 Marco founded msc hospitality group and umbrella company with ownership in new york's most successful event series and stakes.

00:03:24.210 --> 00:03:32.820 Jeff Goodman: In various food and beverage concepts, most notably the bronx night market which we're going to talk we're going to talk about radio park and wandering barman.

00:03:33.570 --> 00:03:42.540 Jeff Goodman: He currently works closely with the US Small Business Administration new york's Department of Transportation and the city's economic development corporation, to create a citywide organization.

00:03:42.900 --> 00:03:52.470 Jeff Goodman: That supports street activation across the five boroughs mark was a board member of several not for profits and committees that are focused on support for the small and micro business community.

00:03:53.250 --> 00:04:08.100 Jeff Goodman: Marcos passionate about branding, can you tell content marketing good food the Yankees I hope there aren't that many mets fans on here tonight and arsenal necessarily in that order Marco Sharma and will not Alonso hearty welcome to rediscovering New York.

00:04:08.820 --> 00:04:10.080 Wilma Alonso: Thank you very much Jeff.

00:04:10.950 --> 00:04:11.310 Jeff Goodman: Well, mark.

00:04:11.670 --> 00:04:13.440 Jeff Goodman: Are you originally from New York.

00:04:13.950 --> 00:04:21.690 Wilma Alonso: Know i'm from Puerto Rico but I was racing Dominican Republic, so the good and the bad of both worlds.

00:04:22.920 --> 00:04:24.930 Jeff Goodman: and Marco have that you you're from New York originally.

00:04:25.650 --> 00:04:34.410 Marco Shalma: No actually i'm originally from Israel via South Africa and in New York in the branch of the past 17 years oh.

00:04:34.890 --> 00:04:45.510 Jeff Goodman: Well we'll have to talk offline i've only been to Israel and been to Puerto Rico but i've also been to the Dr and I love them all for different reasons i'm Wilma what brought you to the bronx Council for economic development.

00:04:46.560 --> 00:04:59.850 Wilma Alonso: So it's a long story, but um I started my career at the wrong bronze Council for economic development, I did my internship there, so I started as an intern so.

00:05:00.390 --> 00:05:11.910 Wilma Alonso: And then, after my internship was completed they hired me to be the Clerk typist and one thing leads to the other and in five years, I became the Executive Director of.

00:05:13.980 --> 00:05:18.990 Jeff Goodman: You started the bronx business the bronx business improvement district in 2005.

00:05:20.250 --> 00:05:31.050 Jeff Goodman: Actually, the fordham road business improvement district i'm sorry in 2005 um what was the inspiration that had you transition from the economic development of the bronx and focus on one particular neighborhood.

00:05:31.860 --> 00:05:34.590 Wilma Alonso: I think I fall in love with the photo road.

00:05:36.690 --> 00:05:47.520 Wilma Alonso: That energy the vibrancy and the commitment of business owners and property owners, maybe fully love and I just did my bits crossover.

00:05:48.990 --> 00:05:57.930 Jeff Goodman: i've had directors of bids on the show before woman, but most we're not founders of the organizations, they came in later on what was it like to build a bid from scratch.

00:06:00.030 --> 00:06:02.370 Wilma Alonso: It was hard, it was hard work.

00:06:03.390 --> 00:06:16.650 Wilma Alonso: It took 25 years to form a bit on the road it's not an easy thing it's not something it's like what a one size fits all for every neighborhood, but I think that, at the point that the bill was warm.

00:06:18.420 --> 00:06:25.230 Wilma Alonso: Property owners, were able to sign off and say, yes, we need, we need a bid in our district and.

00:06:26.580 --> 00:06:28.890 Wilma Alonso: That we are 15 years later.

00:06:30.150 --> 00:06:47.400 Jeff Goodman: Did you have a lot of support from the business community, when you founded the bid or was it some obviously you had to have some support to start the organization or was it something that took a while to build support for amongst a lot of the businesses who eventually signed on.

00:06:48.090 --> 00:06:52.380 Wilma Alonso: I think for for the foot and rub it in my in our case um.

00:06:53.160 --> 00:07:00.990 Wilma Alonso: It was, it was the that the reverse, I think that, because we came through as the organization, you know.

00:07:01.320 --> 00:07:09.720 Wilma Alonso: From the breast cancer for comic development that we were doing a lot of pre formation for the bed, so we were establishing a relationship with businesses first.

00:07:10.350 --> 00:07:17.160 Wilma Alonso: And then you know it's like we went up the ladder and let's start the relationship with property owners So hopefully we started with.

00:07:18.810 --> 00:07:21.930 Jeff Goodman: And i'm guessing that there was some members of the bid who've been members, since the founding.

00:07:22.680 --> 00:07:23.880 Wilma Alonso: Yes, they need.

00:07:26.040 --> 00:07:32.220 Jeff Goodman: Marco you founded the Is it the msc hospitality group of do you pronounce it mask hospitality group video.

00:07:32.550 --> 00:07:34.590 Marco Shalma: yeah we pass a mass hospitality group.

00:07:34.860 --> 00:07:46.980 Jeff Goodman: Okay um you founded the group i'd like to talk about the bronx night market, but first I want to find out more about radial park because it's unique and it sounds like a hell of a lot of fun what is what is radio park.

00:07:47.880 --> 00:07:59.190 Marco Shalma: When it is a hell of a lot of fun Jeff you know radio packets basically are driving theater in which we have something to be called broadway at the driving.

00:07:59.520 --> 00:08:05.130 Marco Shalma: And we it's it's a concept that we trademark, which is a hybrid experience between a driving.

00:08:05.460 --> 00:08:16.110 Marco Shalma: And a live performance, you know, like it's a sin immersive experience, where you watch the movie on the big screen and then you have a full 10 piece band in a cast of about 15.

00:08:16.650 --> 00:08:27.360 Marco Shalma: Literally filling up the space between the Cross between the picnic tables and singing the songs that are you know that are supposed to be in the placement of the of the movie so it's a.

00:08:27.660 --> 00:08:33.360 Marco Shalma: it's a really unique experience that came off from the pandemic, you know where and and.

00:08:33.810 --> 00:08:46.830 Marco Shalma: that's something that was created because of the the need to be more isolated to need to kind of but at the same time, to be outside and and you know engaging and communicating with other fellow new Yorkers.

00:08:47.370 --> 00:08:58.410 Jeff Goodman: So i'm curious as to how it works if if there's a point at which this music and a movie and people singing does the sound get turned off and then and then, and then the band, and the and the performance pick it pick it up.

00:08:58.620 --> 00:09:05.460 Marco Shalma: yeah this year that like you know we switch off from the movie into the live performance and we have, we have a team of video.

00:09:06.330 --> 00:09:10.830 Marco Shalma: video cameras running around and capturing know so as the movie.

00:09:11.160 --> 00:09:18.300 Marco Shalma: As the movie reached that point of the song, you know we switch it into the live performances and then the cameras chasing around.

00:09:18.570 --> 00:09:30.390 Marco Shalma: You know the cast and crew and music and then you get to see that, on the big screen so it's pretty unique you know it's a trade, you know we trademarked at and now we're in conversation to take that across the country to different venues.

00:09:30.750 --> 00:09:34.500 Jeff Goodman: wow what a great idea is you actually need a car to to to see it.

00:09:35.820 --> 00:09:47.700 Marco Shalma: You don't actually that guy so I mean you can bring a car, but we also have alternative of picnic tables and then what we did we bought about 150 picnic tables to to slowly and gradually replaced, a need for cars.

00:09:48.000 --> 00:09:52.140 Marco Shalma: Is corvids, you know as we, as we get out of coffee and, obviously, as the weather gets better.

00:09:53.370 --> 00:09:58.350 Jeff Goodman: i'm just so our listeners can find out about it, how would they find out about future performances.

00:09:58.710 --> 00:10:07.410 Marco Shalma: Well, all our shows on on radio park ra ra di ll park calm and then you can see all those shows, and I, and I gotta say that we have a.

00:10:07.740 --> 00:10:15.450 Marco Shalma: Big the big you know grandiose performance that we have to start the season starts may 27 is the blues brothers experience so.

00:10:15.750 --> 00:10:31.080 Marco Shalma: We have an incredible show which is kind of like you know it's kind of like fitting to have like a blues brothers with the car in radio part of driving, so it is going to be outstanding, so I urge everybody just check it out all the information.

00:10:31.260 --> 00:10:40.200 Jeff Goodman: Oh wow not i'm going to have to do it also because i'm getting possession of a car for the summer and about a week so good, and I have to drive across the willis avenue bridge and i'm there.

00:10:41.370 --> 00:10:43.710 Jeff Goodman: Whereas radio park in the bronx, by the way, what do you do it.

00:10:44.100 --> 00:10:48.390 Marco Shalma: Where you're located in hell it's point in Queens long island city.

00:10:48.420 --> 00:10:49.980 Jeff Goodman: Okay sorry okay yeah.

00:10:50.010 --> 00:10:54.930 Jeff Goodman: No i'll have to take the rfa bridge then instead of the willows avenue bridge.

00:10:55.110 --> 00:10:57.120 Marco Shalma: Just a 12 minute ride from for me you add.

00:10:57.930 --> 00:11:07.290 Jeff Goodman: One more question about do you ever will do, are you gonna do rocky horror and radio Park, have you ever thought of that that's the one, the first thing that came to my mind was was how great rock era would be for.

00:11:07.650 --> 00:11:16.710 Marco Shalma: It we know we already did last year during the pandemic, we did like in Halloween, of course, we celebrated Halloween for three days and one of the movies, was a was a rock era.

00:11:17.130 --> 00:11:24.510 Marco Shalma: And it was incredible we had a group called neon coven that does like you know that that's a stick they do a bunch of Halloween costume.

00:11:24.930 --> 00:11:34.590 Marco Shalma: And he was incredible you know so everybody came dressed up we played horror rocky horror, we all dance to all of the tunes but many will bring it back this year.

00:11:34.890 --> 00:11:45.420 Jeff Goodman: Oh well, let's go back to to fordham and fordham road Wilma what kind of programming and initiatives do you undertake at the fordham road bed that might be a little bit different from other bids.

00:11:46.650 --> 00:11:55.110 Wilma Alonso: I think that we do the basic you know supplement the service temptation services, marketing and verification, but I think.

00:11:56.610 --> 00:12:01.410 Wilma Alonso: The the event the outdoor events has been our bread and butter.

00:12:02.670 --> 00:12:17.550 Wilma Alonso: You know I I, I know that our constituents, they really wanted to have fun and enjoy time in the borrow so they don't need to go to order borrows I don't want to mention the name of the order borrows but.

00:12:18.180 --> 00:12:32.400 Wilma Alonso: So we have be hosting like a whole series of summer events like we brought the first SIP lining on for the route we have we bring the beach before the row, so we have sand and what is lights we do movie nights.

00:12:33.210 --> 00:12:47.610 Wilma Alonso: We have the largest festival in the bronx, that is, the podium there, so what i'm saying is like we try to make sure that our our residents and visitors, they can come and stay in the borrow and have fun.

00:12:48.420 --> 00:12:48.780 huh.

00:12:50.160 --> 00:12:54.960 Jeff Goodman: Marco bronstein market What was your inspiration for starting it.

00:12:55.950 --> 00:13:00.900 Marco Shalma: Well, you know I wanted to have to be honest and say food, you know lots of food.

00:13:01.140 --> 00:13:02.310 Jeff Goodman: dye can relate to that.

00:13:03.210 --> 00:13:04.560 Marco Shalma: Lots of delicious food.

00:13:05.040 --> 00:13:17.940 Marco Shalma: My co founder and I, you know met and we kind of bonded over the out of our love for food, you know, like food network different fully experience we both came from the food industry, like in the restaurant industry there's been a passion of us so.

00:13:18.240 --> 00:13:25.590 Marco Shalma: When we made and started having this conversation about kind of food and we realized that like 90% of those food that we keep mentioning.

00:13:26.130 --> 00:13:29.580 Marco Shalma: don't we don't we can't find them in the bronx, we have to commute to either borrowers.

00:13:30.030 --> 00:13:39.030 Marco Shalma: In all honesty, that caliber starts off, you know and we wanted to kind of do something to change, you know, like any other good idea it's coming from like a necessity need or want.

00:13:39.420 --> 00:13:50.340 Marco Shalma: And what we you know we realize all right universe brought us together to talk about food and also to kind of bring food to the bronx and celebrate bronx food so yeah food.

00:13:50.940 --> 00:13:51.840 Jeff Goodman: Food food.

00:13:52.980 --> 00:13:59.970 Jeff Goodman: Well we're going to take a short break and when we come back where I want to find out more about the bronx night market and we will be continuing our conversation.

00:14:00.420 --> 00:14:08.010 Jeff Goodman: With Wilma Alonso of the fordham road business improvement district and Marco Sharma of mass hospitality will be back in a moment.

00:17:03.630 --> 00:17:09.600 Jeff Goodman: Hello everyone we're back and you're back to rediscovering New York i'm Jeff Goodman and we are at show.

00:17:10.590 --> 00:17:24.750 Jeff Goodman: we're visiting fordham in the bronx today my guests are will Alonso she's the Executive Director of the fordham road business improvement district and Marco Sharma, who is the founder of mask hospitality group we're talking about the bronx night market.

00:17:25.800 --> 00:17:31.950 Jeff Goodman: Marco when does the Wednesday night market take place what time does it start what time does it end tell us about it.

00:17:32.310 --> 00:17:41.490 Marco Shalma: Well, it this year 2020 the market started April 3 and will go on every Saturday between 12 and seven through.

00:17:42.030 --> 00:17:57.480 Marco Shalma: November 13 so yeah so and this year because of the coven regulation until further notice i'm open it's going to be around July, you know we asking everybody to go online and rsvp slot just so we can kind of have a good crowd control.

00:17:58.710 --> 00:18:00.810 Jeff Goodman: Do I slots fill up to you.

00:18:01.200 --> 00:18:03.030 Marco Shalma: Oh yeah yeah very fast.

00:18:03.300 --> 00:18:06.510 Jeff Goodman: So i'll have to tell you, when i'm coming so make sure I get in yeah.

00:18:06.600 --> 00:18:07.680 Marco Shalma: we're going to get inside.

00:18:09.870 --> 00:18:13.440 Jeff Goodman: What is it like what's what's the vibe of the bronx night market like.

00:18:14.550 --> 00:18:19.230 Jeff Goodman: If I happen if I would have happenstance upon it by accident well, obviously, you have to have to make reservations.

00:18:19.500 --> 00:18:28.440 Jeff Goodman: But i've just walked in what would be some of the most fun and memorable things about it that i'd walk away and go wow I wasn't I had no idea that that that I would experience this.

00:18:29.400 --> 00:18:44.880 Marco Shalma: Yet I mean we have to, we have to kind of make a distinction between you know 2019 and 2021 broadside market, you know when we talking about 2019 we don't get about seven to 9000 people at you know coming through the door every day.

00:18:46.230 --> 00:18:57.210 Marco Shalma: 45 to 60 different vendors mostly food vendors, we talking about you know live performances from local artists, we talking about a beer garden we talking about different activation like a.

00:18:57.510 --> 00:19:08.610 Marco Shalma: Like a beer hoisting or or hot sauce eating chicken or different contests because of code and the regulation we had to kind of work on a smaller scale.

00:19:09.390 --> 00:19:18.180 Marco Shalma: Approximately about third of the of their normal size, so we have to be a little bit more modest and humble you know, and now, right now, the main thing in mind.

00:19:18.510 --> 00:19:24.720 Marco Shalma: is to serve the Community both the Community of the bronx residents and the Community of the small businesses.

00:19:25.050 --> 00:19:44.460 Marco Shalma: And this is it's all about you know I don't want to say practical because it's still a great celebration of food and community in our design, but at the same time, we can wait till this is over, so we can come out being a lakh lakh lakh you know that the bronx has been used to us.

00:19:44.730 --> 00:19:53.100 Jeff Goodman: So yeah well, it seems like there's light at the end you know there's more light at the end of the tunnel and that tunnel is the end of that tunnel is coming sooner and sooner for us.

00:19:53.640 --> 00:20:07.440 Jeff Goodman: um Marco do you know if most people who go to bronx site market are they actually from fordham Where do they come, are they mostly from other parts of the bronx they come from other parts of the city do they come from outside the New York area to to go to the bronx market.

00:20:07.590 --> 00:20:15.300 Marco Shalma: So that's the beautiful part about the Bronze night market where we created you know with the guidance of Wilma and the bed it's the idea of.

00:20:15.600 --> 00:20:26.970 Marco Shalma: We are very predominant we are predominantly a local, you know food market event series with a we cater and understand our Community, the forum community.

00:20:27.330 --> 00:20:40.020 Marco Shalma: But we know we welcome in everybody from across the border or the city and beyond that you know so at any given Saturday, you will find local residents and other you know bronx I from different neighborhoods all across the board.

00:20:40.440 --> 00:20:46.770 Marco Shalma: But also will see like people coming from brooklyn and Queens and people coming from Jersey and Northern Ireland so in.

00:20:47.190 --> 00:20:56.940 Marco Shalma: A lot of visitors coming for westchester county so you know, while distinctly like we are they're focusing on our community in the photo community.

00:20:57.240 --> 00:21:04.860 Marco Shalma: We know we know that it becomes like a like a hub like a beacon for the bronx you showcase some coronary expertise some flavors.

00:21:05.130 --> 00:21:14.820 Marco Shalma: And you know it's a little bit more, you know, like like people do like you know when you didn't salsa and you and you kind of move it's a different tone it's a different vibe that we gave over there.

00:21:15.210 --> 00:21:18.450 Jeff Goodman: Well, I can't wait to come i'm really i'm really looking forward to it.

00:21:19.560 --> 00:21:31.500 Jeff Goodman: As much as i'd like to talk more about the bronx time market let's talk a little bit about the neighborhood that we're talking about which is, which is, which is for them describe the vibe of for them, what is it that that each of you likes about it.

00:21:35.040 --> 00:21:48.120 Wilma Alonso: um I think that point, a road is very unique we love the character and the people and we anything that we do is thinking about how we can amplify and make that even better, I think that is that.

00:21:49.320 --> 00:21:54.360 Wilma Alonso: Is the people, the richness that I already.

00:21:56.040 --> 00:21:59.700 Wilma Alonso: The vibrancy but also that our district.

00:22:01.410 --> 00:22:10.020 Wilma Alonso: is very well known, because of a commercial district, but I think he has the stories that people tell every day like.

00:22:11.070 --> 00:22:11.790 Wilma Alonso: The.

00:22:11.820 --> 00:22:12.630 Marco Shalma: The opportunity of.

00:22:12.720 --> 00:22:13.920 Wilma Alonso: That someone had.

00:22:15.000 --> 00:22:18.690 Wilma Alonso: On for the road or that they were have.

00:22:19.920 --> 00:22:26.370 Wilma Alonso: were used to come when they were little to Alexander or sears back in the days you know is like or.

00:22:26.670 --> 00:22:34.950 Wilma Alonso: They have the first is when the theaters were around you know, like what they would make memories about jams and you know, so I think that that's.

00:22:35.460 --> 00:22:41.970 Wilma Alonso: A very important aspect of one route because it's the district that we have the real stories to tell.

00:22:42.690 --> 00:22:57.390 Wilma Alonso: And that is that that means that we are connected to people's real life so and I think that we have people know what words we store, they have to come to get the sneakers to get in I was like so it's but it's a lot of fun.

00:22:58.410 --> 00:23:07.530 Jeff Goodman: Well, one of my first jobs back beginning in 1975 I was a cashier at alexander's but the one in brooklyn that kings Plaza I don't I never made it up to the one and fordham.

00:23:09.630 --> 00:23:13.530 Jeff Goodman: You each started your fordham neighborhood programs at different times.

00:23:14.370 --> 00:23:24.600 Jeff Goodman: Do you think that that the neighborhood has changed much since, since you began well i'd like to start with you because the bid is 16 years old now how has how has the neighborhood changed since you started the bed.

00:23:25.950 --> 00:23:39.570 Wilma Alonso: I think that um it has changed for the better, I think that um we have been blessed with a very low vacancy rate so and even during the pandemic so.

00:23:40.860 --> 00:24:00.720 Wilma Alonso: But I think it's like suddenly our neighborhood be transformed to have to be a one stop shopping destination, where we have national retail chain stores being part of being a member of the bit so before it was very local very like medium sized towns, you have like a one stop.

00:24:01.890 --> 00:24:10.620 Wilma Alonso: shopping destination, where you can go to tj maxx or or you can go to old navy oh gap, or you can go to.

00:24:11.520 --> 00:24:23.070 Wilma Alonso: One being you know, so I think that that's, that is, the by already that we want to keep past the character, because that that bringing a lot of sprint law my district, and the customers they love it.

00:24:24.240 --> 00:24:28.530 Jeff Goodman: And when we were planning the show one of the things that APP you mentioned, which I found really heartwarming.

00:24:28.830 --> 00:24:40.440 Jeff Goodman: Is that hardly any businesses in fordham road have actually close in the pandemic that that almost all of them have to have enabled to remain open and to and to continue continue serving their customers in the Community.

00:24:41.220 --> 00:24:43.980 Wilma Alonso: yeah well because the raid has been very steady.

00:24:45.030 --> 00:24:46.080 Wilma Alonso: We have be working.

00:24:47.550 --> 00:24:50.910 Wilma Alonso: Hand in hand with our businesses, I know it has been a tough time.

00:24:52.350 --> 00:25:09.120 Wilma Alonso: But our businesses are reselling you know it's like and we have to mention also that besides up and then make also we were hit really hard with the looting so, but our businesses are up and running and welcoming everybody to come to shovel full route.

00:25:10.290 --> 00:25:14.550 Jeff Goodman: Mark I think you mentioned that the night market goes from the spring to the fall every year right.

00:25:14.820 --> 00:25:19.380 Jeff Goodman: Yes, did you on what was the.

00:25:20.430 --> 00:25:29.640 Jeff Goodman: Actually, if you start in the springtime than the pandemic last year started in March, when were you able to reopen the market is it wasn't only this year or did you were you able to do it in 2020.

00:25:30.630 --> 00:25:36.870 Marco Shalma: We were able, we were actually like blessed and and and able to open the market late August last year.

00:25:37.260 --> 00:25:44.910 Marco Shalma: And as to to to the due diligence that we did with working closely with a city state organization and officials.

00:25:45.180 --> 00:25:51.930 Marco Shalma: In order to understand and also advise and consult and what it will look like to open, you know to to restart New York.

00:25:52.350 --> 00:26:03.060 Marco Shalma: And because of our you know because of I meant work with those organization, including to T etc, we were we were we had the information of what it takes, so we can't we went on, and did that.

00:26:03.480 --> 00:26:11.010 Marco Shalma: And, and I think it was important for us to do that, because the Community of the bronx which throughout the pandemic was heard more than other communities.

00:26:11.310 --> 00:26:18.870 Marco Shalma: And with less activities, even at the little one that you know the smallest, one that you can imagine, like street closers or like you know sidewalk.

00:26:19.320 --> 00:26:26.280 Marco Shalma: dining or whatnot we knew that we had responsibility to go ahead and do that, we knew that it is like something that the Community requested.

00:26:26.670 --> 00:26:35.760 Marco Shalma: and also the micro businesses, you know our vendors are seasonal vendors that that's you know that's their livelihood and it couldn't do that, so we all bring in in.

00:26:36.030 --> 00:26:45.570 Marco Shalma: delayed or was we ran all the way through Christmas, and that was like for us, that was a pilot program to come back this year and say Okay, we know what we we know what we did.

00:26:45.840 --> 00:26:57.900 Marco Shalma: You know, and we were the first one to open this year and we are the only one running at the moment, in a very crowded safe regulated form and people are loving it.

00:26:59.970 --> 00:27:07.440 Jeff Goodman: Well, in case we have some would be local entrepreneurs listening, as we sometimes do two different neighborhood shows.

00:27:07.860 --> 00:27:18.300 Jeff Goodman: Is there anything that either of you wish was informed that isn't right now to get to meant to maybe give someone an idea to open up a business or to do something that doesn't exist.

00:27:18.660 --> 00:27:24.540 Marco Shalma: i'm not gonna tell you, because i'm planning on opening that business that I know that is is not existed, so what I always say like you know.

00:27:24.870 --> 00:27:31.560 Marco Shalma: walk around in for them it's a great shopping district, you know come to the bronx new market enjoy the food and enjoy the Community.

00:27:31.950 --> 00:27:40.050 Marco Shalma: And you can tell what it is that you know the neighborhood might need or whatnot and and i've got to say something about the Community in the bronx and for them, you know.

00:27:40.470 --> 00:27:45.780 Marco Shalma: super direct they'll tell you straight to your face if they like what you do a lot, you know and that's something that is.

00:27:46.080 --> 00:27:55.200 Marco Shalma: I consider that a privilege because other places, you might go around for a long time without knowing if you're doing well or not, you know so they'll keep you on a check, so I appreciate that.

00:27:55.710 --> 00:28:00.780 Jeff Goodman: that's a good piece of advice Marco Wilma do you have any advice for someone looking to open a business and for them.

00:28:02.700 --> 00:28:04.260 Wilma Alonso: Well, you can find an empty space.

00:28:07.620 --> 00:28:12.900 Wilma Alonso: But I think that um we always welcome any type of like innovative businesses.

00:28:13.920 --> 00:28:33.330 Wilma Alonso: Independent stores that are looking to do something, but one specific thing that we will live, we would love to have important road is like art anything related to art art gallery will be great and we can make them with a pop up with a market perfect.

00:28:33.930 --> 00:28:42.060 Jeff Goodman: wow that's such a great idea last contact information for bronstein market and for the fordham road been How can people find out about you.

00:28:43.620 --> 00:28:56.130 Wilma Alonso: So if they wanted to know about the point aerobic and reach out to our website is fordham road or they can follow us on any of the social media platform for the road and waste.

00:28:56.820 --> 00:28:59.790 Jeff Goodman: Great and Marco for bronx night market, it would be.

00:29:00.450 --> 00:29:11.730 Marco Shalma: At bronx night market, you know simple as that you know, on Facebook instagram and on Twitter at bronx tag market we are super responsive anybody's welcome to come and hit us up.

00:29:12.510 --> 00:29:21.000 Jeff Goodman: I can't wait to come so and thank you for that invitation to call advance to make sure that i'm one of the lucky people who actually get into the designated time.

00:29:21.510 --> 00:29:28.320 Jeff Goodman: Well, my Alonso from the fordham road bed and Marco Sharma of mask hospitality group Thank you so much for being on rediscovering New York.

00:29:29.460 --> 00:29:39.270 Jeff Goodman: we're going to take a short break everyone, and when we come back we're going to have a lively discussion with a regular guests on rediscovering New York we're going to talk about the history of fordham.

00:29:39.600 --> 00:29:43.590 Jeff Goodman: and have a very important institution that's right on fordham road will be back in a moment.

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00:33:13.980 --> 00:33:19.470 Jeff Goodman: One of the note before we get to the second half of the program tonight, even though rediscovering New York is not a show about real estate.

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00:33:39.360 --> 00:33:45.660 Jeff Goodman: Our second guest is no stranger to rediscovering New York, although he hasn't been around lately but it's great to have him back that's justin rivers.

00:33:46.170 --> 00:33:51.570 Jeff Goodman: justin is the chief experience officer and lead tour guide for untapped New York formerly called the untapped cities.

00:33:52.200 --> 00:33:56.490 Jeff Goodman: justin started his career as a New York middle school and English language teacher.

00:33:57.060 --> 00:34:04.800 Jeff Goodman: On taught on low resigned and he dragged his students to historic sites across the city and effort to bring New York city's lesser known stories to life.

00:34:05.400 --> 00:34:11.040 Jeff Goodman: He became co creator of the wonder city it's a graphic novel that reimagines New York city's entire history.

00:34:11.700 --> 00:34:17.610 Jeff Goodman: He was also the playwright, and producer of the eternal space an off broadway play that centered on the demolition of New York city's.

00:34:17.850 --> 00:34:23.370 Jeff Goodman: Pennsylvania station as sin, for which we still have not forgiven some of the people behind that abominable thing that happened.

00:34:24.240 --> 00:34:32.430 Jeff Goodman: It was with this production and one simple tweet that he fell head over heels for untapped New York and we partnered with for his remnants of penn station tour, which I still have yet to go on.

00:34:32.970 --> 00:34:38.970 Jeff Goodman: A log in this role as chief experience officer justin is the founding director of the character connection initiative.

00:34:39.360 --> 00:34:44.340 Jeff Goodman: it's a nonprofit that connects character, education and mindfulness to middle school curriculum.

00:34:44.970 --> 00:34:49.260 Jeff Goodman: he's also curator and lead tour guide for some untapped new york's most popular tours.

00:34:49.620 --> 00:34:53.400 Jeff Goodman: Including the underground tour of the subway the remnants of Dutch new Amsterdam.

00:34:53.700 --> 00:35:01.290 Jeff Goodman: The secrets of the brooklyn bridge the remnants of the world's fair and flushing meadow the secrets of coney island maritime history of New York.

00:35:01.620 --> 00:35:09.840 Jeff Goodman: The hidden gems of rough Wild West of you know, in the art in New York City subway justin welcome back to rediscovering New York we've missed you.

00:35:10.080 --> 00:35:12.270 Untapped New York: Jeff it's always a pleasure yeah where have I been.

00:35:12.390 --> 00:35:13.740 Jeff Goodman: I don't know you tell me.

00:35:15.570 --> 00:35:16.170 Jeff Goodman: A great to have.

00:35:16.440 --> 00:35:21.960 Jeff Goodman: been great to have you back, as always, yes you're originally from the New York area.

00:35:22.530 --> 00:35:36.960 Untapped New York: I am, yes, although not born in the city i'm from Jersey don't hold it against me, but I was born right outside of New York in hackensack and then I went to fordham university as a bushy bright eyed bushy tailed 18 year old and never came back.

00:35:39.030 --> 00:35:49.590 Jeff Goodman: So we when we will talk about that shortly um What was your career and business path that led you to illuminating New York and the best of it for the tours that you create in that you lead.

00:35:50.070 --> 00:35:53.010 Untapped New York: Well, you know actually I feel like I can talk about this.

00:35:53.790 --> 00:36:02.850 Untapped New York: In slightly more detail, because it was the Jesuits at fordham who instilled in me, you know, be a person of service, so I started teaching Catholic school on the lower East side.

00:36:03.780 --> 00:36:11.280 Untapped New York: Because of that, and the lower East side and that career got me to trying to illuminate history for students who hated it.

00:36:12.090 --> 00:36:20.250 Untapped New York: badly and I bring them around New York it's it guys you live in the most history density in the world, almost you know we got to get out.

00:36:20.580 --> 00:36:33.840 Untapped New York: and see this stuff and I realized, I really liked it and that translated into other projects which introduced me to untapped then cities now New York and i've been able to have a dream career of doing that for everyone so it's been great.

00:36:34.380 --> 00:36:43.590 Jeff Goodman: And i'm a little envious of it, but I get to do a little bit of it once a week on this on the on the show fordham and fordham road first How did the neighborhood get its name justin.

00:36:44.310 --> 00:36:46.830 Untapped New York: So really interesting tell.

00:36:48.480 --> 00:37:00.300 Untapped New York: It actually there could be one of two things, and nobody settled on it, yet, but most likely, it was because the bronx it was settled at a part where the bronx river was shallow a place where you could forward the river.

00:37:01.020 --> 00:37:01.920 Jeff Goodman: board off.

00:37:02.340 --> 00:37:22.410 Untapped New York: yeah so for down there it is so and it was founded by a Dutchman, right after the English takeover of new Amsterdam actually 1666 a man by the name of john our care or what he actually anglade can I says named john Archer that's what he preferred to be known as.

00:37:23.430 --> 00:37:26.160 Untapped New York: He founded for to manner.

00:37:27.510 --> 00:37:35.460 Untapped New York: Which is interesting because he got what was called a patent and it was more like a medieval sort of serfdom.

00:37:35.940 --> 00:37:42.060 Untapped New York: That he was granted by then governor lovelace down in Manhattan who was running the show down there.

00:37:42.420 --> 00:37:57.900 Untapped New York: And he starts for to manner, and so they think it's because of the Ford in the River at the bronx river, or it could also be that john was a fan of the English poet john for them, but I think it's probably the river.

00:37:58.470 --> 00:38:06.420 Jeff Goodman: not to get too off too much on a tangent I mean obviously there were Dutch people and settlers and first generation North Americans living here with the time.

00:38:06.420 --> 00:38:16.830 Jeff Goodman: Of the takeover in 1664 but i've not heard of a lot of Dutch people who would then granted, given these grants by an English governor was that unusual at the time.

00:38:17.010 --> 00:38:26.400 Untapped New York: It was unusual in Manhattan it was not unusual I mean what we know today as the outer boroughs so, for example, if there was good land in the bronx.

00:38:26.970 --> 00:38:38.790 Untapped New York: The name bronx comes from jonah's bronk who was Swedish who was given a land grant by I think it was stuyvesant now, I think it was before stuyvesant um so the end.

00:38:39.330 --> 00:38:55.080 Untapped New York: Deborah Moody in brooklyn got braves end and she was English and flushing was English so that was stuyvesant so the Dutch kept all of their Englishman far away from it and because they wanted it for themselves, but Manhattan it was very, very rare yeah um.

00:38:55.920 --> 00:39:01.080 Jeff Goodman: let's talk about old fordham village when when did that start when did that yes.

00:39:01.530 --> 00:39:08.430 Untapped New York: john so interestingly enough john Archer i'll just keep referring to john Archer because i'm often with Dutch pronunciation.

00:39:09.060 --> 00:39:20.130 Untapped New York: Is it john Archer brought I think it was 16 families with him to the manor to settle for the manner in the area around what we know today as fordham from the grand concourse.

00:39:20.460 --> 00:39:32.070 Untapped New York: And fordham road all the way down to sort of fordham Plaza and a little bit North and those families grew to be a couple of hundred people over generations who founded.

00:39:32.640 --> 00:39:44.100 Untapped New York: fordham village and it's a part of fordham's identity that we sort of lost when it got assumed into the greater bronx but fordham was a very, very successful village.

00:39:45.330 --> 00:39:52.170 Untapped New York: so successful that the New York central made it a stop on the white plains line which really changed.

00:39:53.250 --> 00:40:01.260 Untapped New York: For them, and the worker for them so yeah fordham village was a popular bucolic village right outside of New York.

00:40:02.280 --> 00:40:05.340 Jeff Goodman: Are there any remnants of old fordham village that we can still see today.

00:40:05.640 --> 00:40:19.620 Untapped New York: Well, you know i'm a big fan of street cred and how street patterns in New York sort of tell the story of the history and if you go to fordham Plaza which is right outside of the gates of fordham university between fordham road and Webster avenue.

00:40:22.020 --> 00:40:33.720 Untapped New York: That is the public that was the village square and you can still feel it very much today and, of course, one of the greatest remnants besides some of the oldest buildings at fordham University, which I think will talk about.

00:40:34.350 --> 00:40:45.510 Untapped New York: which were some of the first buildings built in fordham the Po house, which I know we're going to talk about Edgar Allan poe to the Po house and PO park is really a remnant of the old fordham village.

00:40:46.710 --> 00:40:50.670 Jeff Goodman: And there's also some significant revolutionary war history and forth and isn't there.

00:40:51.000 --> 00:41:01.920 Untapped New York: yeah So what we know as the Boston post road today, and of course the River as well, was the main thoroughfare through fordham it was called the kings road.

00:41:02.610 --> 00:41:07.380 Untapped New York: And the kings roads lead to the kingsbridge which the kings bridges down by marble.

00:41:07.980 --> 00:41:13.830 Untapped New York: hill down in that leads over into the northern tip of Manhattan, which was the very first bridge to.

00:41:14.220 --> 00:41:17.760 Untapped New York: Manhattan, by the way, don't let anybody tell you highbridge was first kingsbridge was.

00:41:18.090 --> 00:41:26.070 Untapped New York: And that was George Washington was escaping New York during the battle of New York in August and he was running away from sessions and the British.

00:41:26.490 --> 00:41:36.030 Untapped New York: And he was making his way to white plains and he passed right through fordham fordham village at the time was filled with revolutionary so he got a little help you got a little cover from them as well.

00:41:37.860 --> 00:41:44.100 Untapped New York: And he used a part of the millbrook road which no longer exists to escape figured out.

00:41:46.170 --> 00:41:51.780 Jeff Goodman: Well, you know it's interesting that the kings road they changed the name to the Boston post road, but there were several.

00:41:52.350 --> 00:42:03.360 Jeff Goodman: Royal names that didn't get changed, and one of them is kingsbridge and we have neighborhood kingsbridge and also the bridge the actual bridge which I actually I think they found remnants of in.

00:42:04.080 --> 00:42:13.290 Jeff Goodman: Right north of marble hill there's a park there now and they've they've found remnants of the original bridge I would love to see them sometime I don't know if they could dig them up or excavating them out.

00:42:13.470 --> 00:42:16.320 Untapped New York: Jeff that could be a whole other show i've got a great story about that, but.

00:42:17.610 --> 00:42:18.420 Untapped New York: Now we're talking about.

00:42:20.280 --> 00:42:24.840 Jeff Goodman: i'm right before we take a break justin let's talk about Edgar Allan poe.

00:42:25.560 --> 00:42:37.020 Jeff Goodman: You know, he was buried in baltimore he lived in Manhattan for a while, but a lot of people don't realize, he was also a bronx guy you know how did he wind up there and what was some of the famous poems that he wrote, while he lived there.

00:42:37.200 --> 00:42:45.330 Untapped New York: He was a bronx resident for almost the like the entire to the end of his life, he died fairly young, but his wife Virginia.

00:42:45.900 --> 00:42:59.580 Untapped New York: He always wrote about lived with him and the whole cottage for a while and he went up he had he always had money issues, and so one of the things that he found in the bronx was an escape from his life down in baltimore and.

00:43:00.780 --> 00:43:07.380 Untapped New York: He was able to get a little bit of quiet as well, and if you go to the Po house, which is still there it's it's a very.

00:43:07.800 --> 00:43:21.390 Untapped New York: cute little historic cottage but very small because it's what he could afford, and the reason why I think Pope thrived in the bronx was because of his relationship with the Jesuits who had just started St john's or what.

00:43:21.540 --> 00:43:27.660 Untapped New York: We call fordham he was he was a guest of the early Jesuits they loved him he loved them.

00:43:28.350 --> 00:43:38.130 Untapped New York: And the bronx his newest Catholic Church, which was built in 1847, which is still on the site of fordham university today what's called Our Lady of mercy.

00:43:38.640 --> 00:43:47.220 Untapped New York: And he would have heard some of the first bells being wrong from that church in 1847 and they say it, and it is inspired his famous poem the bells.

00:43:48.870 --> 00:43:55.620 Jeff Goodman: Well, I think this is a good point to take a short break and when we come back we're going to talk about the College that really helps define.

00:43:55.980 --> 00:44:06.210 Jeff Goodman: This part of the bronx my first my second guest and well, my third guest really we had two guests, the first part is justin rivers of untapped New York we'll take a short break and be back in a moment.

00:44:08.460 --> 00:44:09.210 Listening to.

00:46:22.140 --> 00:46:33.150 Jeff Goodman: Welcome back to rediscovering New York and our show on forum in the bronx my guest for this part of the show is justin rivers justin is the lead tour guide of untapped New York.

00:46:33.780 --> 00:46:46.590 Jeff Goodman: justin now that we're coming out of the worst parts of the pandemic and companies like yours are actually offering tours again what are some of the tours that people can take advantage of now if they're interested.

00:46:47.520 --> 00:46:51.960 Untapped New York: So we have put mainly on the weekend Saturdays and Sundays, we have put.

00:46:52.500 --> 00:47:05.490 Untapped New York: Our greatest hits as we like to say on the calendar, so the underground subway tour, which has been selling really well, which is surprising everybody, but it's it's a great tour i've been doing them myself.

00:47:06.000 --> 00:47:15.360 Untapped New York: Grand central secrets of grand central terminal also Dutch new Amsterdam, so all of those are in regular rotation secrets of the remnants of the world's fair sorry.

00:47:16.320 --> 00:47:32.040 Untapped New York: At least once a month and remnants of penn station is now back, which includes more than a hand which has been a big draw for a lot of people to to get to experience more and a hand if they haven't yet so we're very busy we're very lucky and grateful to be busy so.

00:47:33.000 --> 00:47:38.280 Jeff Goodman: And how can people get in touch with untapped New York to find out about your offerings and to book some spots.

00:47:38.430 --> 00:47:45.750 Untapped New York: So the best way to do it is untapped we're still on tap, even though the name changed, and you can go slash tours.

00:47:46.080 --> 00:47:55.200 Untapped New York: And we just redid the website, now the tours and the insiders have their own individual pages it's much easier to book so untapped slash tours and you can find us there.

00:47:56.010 --> 00:48:00.810 Jeff Goodman: And i'm going to have to take your remnants of penn station to or one of these days, I know I keep threatening, but now, who knows, maybe i'll.

00:48:00.960 --> 00:48:02.340 Untapped New York: Close that up.

00:48:05.010 --> 00:48:07.170 Untapped New York: i'll be there don't worry about it, you will do it.

00:48:07.410 --> 00:48:07.860 Jeff Goodman: All right.

00:48:09.690 --> 00:48:11.220 Jeff Goodman: fordham university.

00:48:12.360 --> 00:48:18.900 Jeff Goodman: Before I talk about the College, I want to ask you one question about the neighborhood when would for them begin to look like the neighborhood that we see today.

00:48:19.920 --> 00:48:38.190 Untapped New York: So the fordham neighborhood that we see today really sort of started taking shape in the mid early to mid 20th century was rapid rapid development low tenement development mainly which was spurred on by train connection ventral subway connection.

00:48:39.210 --> 00:48:47.010 Untapped New York: And of course immigrant population what's interesting Jeff you and I did a show about belmont, which is the southern and fordham.

00:48:47.670 --> 00:49:06.750 Untapped New York: And belmont very, very strictly Italian, but the fordham end of town was a split between Irish and Jewish and there's a lot of Irish influence even still today in the fordham neighborhood and that's really when for them that we know it looks like in the form that you can see today.

00:49:07.470 --> 00:49:07.770 Did.

00:49:08.790 --> 00:49:15.240 Jeff Goodman: Irish immigrants have anything to do with how fordham university was founded, or how it, how it progressed I would.

00:49:15.840 --> 00:49:26.580 Untapped New York: Actually Well, yes, very much so, but I think the I think fordham spurt brought a lot of Irish and because it was a Catholic haven, it was founded by a very big.

00:49:27.030 --> 00:49:43.740 Untapped New York: Irish immigrant who was a larger than life Archbishop in Catholic history, which I think we're going to talk about so I think it becomes sort of like a stronghold for the Irish as they're coming over in greater numbers and escaping from Manhattan.

00:49:44.820 --> 00:49:46.530 Jeff Goodman: you're talking about dagger john us.

00:49:46.800 --> 00:49:48.780 Untapped New York: Talking about dagger john Hughes yes.

00:49:48.810 --> 00:49:59.430 Jeff Goodman: How did he get the name you'd never think of an art of a bishop getting a name like dagger well actually the not to be anti Catholic, but you know the church throughout the centuries has.

00:50:00.810 --> 00:50:06.120 Jeff Goodman: fostered a lot of violence against people, but you know, in the 19th century in New York headed to get the name damage on us.

00:50:06.270 --> 00:50:12.240 Untapped New York: For sure, and the Jesuits were assassins he wasn't agenda without but the Jesuits made their living in Europe by being assassins but.

00:50:12.780 --> 00:50:24.180 Untapped New York: that's a whole other story dagger john john Hughes was an Irish sorry bad Irish immigrants who came over and i'll get hate mail for that and.

00:50:24.750 --> 00:50:28.710 Untapped New York: He came to a New York that was very, very Protestant.

00:50:29.460 --> 00:50:40.230 Untapped New York: And, of course, what you're having is in the 1830s and 40s you're having these massive migrations of Irish immigrants who are taking jobs from new Yorkers who are filling the streets.

00:50:40.740 --> 00:50:50.130 Untapped New York: The the neighborhoods of lower Manhattan think five points and they're bringing Catholicism with them and new Yorkers hated this, this is, you know we're a strong Protestant Episcopalian town.

00:50:50.880 --> 00:51:08.970 Untapped New York: And he builds old St pat's which down on my street a little Italy and lower Manhattan nolita and, like other American cities, at the time, Catholics are being beaten up they're being killed the churches are being burned and.

00:51:09.030 --> 00:51:12.630 Jeff Goodman: dashes repeats itself sort of like now, the anti Asian.

00:51:12.720 --> 00:51:15.090 Jeff Goodman: exactly that we have running around.

00:51:15.210 --> 00:51:25.620 Untapped New York: Even on a larger scale because Catholicism itself was such an affront to the Protestants and john Hughes takes over and he says to everybody don't.

00:51:26.280 --> 00:51:27.060 Untapped New York: even think about it.

00:51:27.870 --> 00:51:41.310 Untapped New York: And he builds if you go to old St pat's there's a 12 foot wall around St pat's he built that wall and he lined it with parishioners who had guns trained right at the turret at the entrance of the church and he said, if you try, we will shoot you.

00:51:41.910 --> 00:51:54.060 Untapped New York: Also, he made a very famous quote, he said, you know if anybody tries to burn our churches, we will burn Manhattan like Moscow, because there was a famous burning of Moscow at the time, so he did not screw around.

00:51:54.780 --> 00:52:06.600 Untapped New York: um, and that is how he got the name dagger john he would said he would fight to keep Catholicism and he really is why Catholicism grows to be it's it's it's bizarre to think of.

00:52:07.140 --> 00:52:15.030 Untapped New York: Know Catholics in new yorker and Catholics not being welcome to New York today, you know there's a lot there's a very large Catholic identity but that's mainly because of him.

00:52:15.630 --> 00:52:19.350 Jeff Goodman: What role did he play in St john's either in the founding or its growth.

00:52:19.530 --> 00:52:24.330 Untapped New York: So he found it he decided it was time to get a Catholic higher education.

00:52:26.640 --> 00:52:29.700 Untapped New York: institution in New York, but he realized, it would never.

00:52:30.930 --> 00:52:38.160 Untapped New York: thrive in Manhattan if they've started it so he buys fordham manner, which was then at the time called rose hill manner.

00:52:38.910 --> 00:52:52.140 Untapped New York: And he buys the property, I think it was like for $29,000 and it got a really great deal and he found St john's that's what it was called first for a couple of years, mainly as a college and Seminary to start training.

00:52:53.730 --> 00:52:55.020 Untapped New York: priests and brothers.

00:52:55.590 --> 00:52:55.830 um.

00:52:57.090 --> 00:53:10.830 Jeff Goodman: We have a couple of minutes left justin let's talk about some of the fun things about for them it's home to some of the oldest historical artifacts in the city and a lot of people, the city don't even know that they're there, what are some of the more interesting ones.

00:53:11.190 --> 00:53:18.810 Untapped New York: So it's really interesting even as a student when I was there, the new Walsh library, which you can see from the train you could see from fordham road it's gorgeous building.

00:53:19.680 --> 00:53:27.930 Untapped New York: was dedicated because William Walsh built it and his wife loved it, she was a student at for him an alum she loved antiquities.

00:53:28.260 --> 00:53:36.690 Untapped New York: So they also decided to donate the Greek etruscan and Roman art museum it's 4000 square foot space in the library it's open to the public.

00:53:37.170 --> 00:53:51.840 Untapped New York: And they have these gorgeous Greek trust in Greek ended trust and bosses plates very well preserved and it's some of the oldest human artifacts in New York City and nobody ever takes.

00:53:52.680 --> 00:53:59.280 Untapped New York: them up and it's a really quiet meditative spot to it's just a really great place in the library and it's free to the public.

00:53:59.670 --> 00:54:03.360 Jeff Goodman: i'll have to check it out, especially the Americans who were there, like 1000 years before the Romans were.

00:54:03.390 --> 00:54:04.560 Untapped New York: ya know and and.

00:54:04.620 --> 00:54:17.400 Untapped New York: And it's amazing how well preserved I keep thinking of this a trust involved in my head that I used to go see when I was a student and it was brand new when I got there not the vase i'm not that old the the museum.

00:54:19.050 --> 00:54:21.240 Untapped New York: And it was it's just really gorgeous stuff.

00:54:22.440 --> 00:54:26.820 Jeff Goodman: there's a fairly well hidden replica of the Sistine Chapel on the campus.

00:54:26.970 --> 00:54:29.700 Untapped New York: yeah so it's and that's a fairly cool new thing.

00:54:30.750 --> 00:54:38.760 Untapped New York: In duane library, which was the old library before the Wharf Walsh library open, which now has become a Center for.

00:54:39.840 --> 00:54:50.610 Untapped New York: theological offices and also some theological classes there's the mother Butler Commons, which nobody knows where that is even students, if you tell them, you know mother Butler Commons and they go uh huh.

00:54:51.960 --> 00:54:59.250 Untapped New York: In the room, the metropolitan museum of art donated to fordham a quarter size replica of the Sistine Chapel ceiling.

00:54:59.910 --> 00:55:04.740 Untapped New York: That they had put together for an exhibit I believe it was in 2018.

00:55:05.610 --> 00:55:18.090 Untapped New York: On Michelangelo and decided when they dismantled it they thought that fordham being Catholic University would would love it and father McShane who is still the President, he said yeah totally and it's gorgeous it's really quite stunning.

00:55:19.410 --> 00:55:22.140 Jeff Goodman: Well justin we're at a time, maybe we.

00:55:22.140 --> 00:55:28.350 Jeff Goodman: can continue this conversation, when we talk about some of the unusual campuses in the city that's actually an interesting idea for a show.

00:55:28.500 --> 00:55:29.010 Untapped New York: That is.

00:55:29.130 --> 00:55:37.590 Jeff Goodman: we'll have to do that justin rivers lead tour guide and chief experience Officer of untapped New York Thank you so much for being on the show about fordham.

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