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Monday, April 26, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/04/26 - Channeled Messages From The Famously Dead

Facebook Live Video from 2021/04/26 - Channeled Messages From The Famously Dead


2021/04/26 - Channeled Messages From The Famously Dead

[NEW EPISODE] Channeled Messages From The Famously Dead

What do the famously dead want us to know? What would George Harrison, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Martin Luther King Jr., John Lennon, Einstein and other famously dead want us to know? What messages would they have for us and how would they live their lives differently now that they have a higher perspective from the other side?

Join us as Lisa Najjar, international psychic-medium, transformational speaker and teacher, shares her amazing journey and the uplifting channeled messages she received from these deceased celebrities and historical figures. She is the author of Dying to Tell You: Channeled Messages from the Famously Dead.

Tune in for this philosophical conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Dr. Georgeann begins today’s episode by thanking the listeners and Judi introduces today’s guest, Lisa Najjar, international psychic-medium. Lisa shares her introduction to speaking to the dead, starting out hearing voices of the dead, not thinking much of it. Later on, she used this ability of hers to channel in order to share with a message with a woman whose mother was missing that the woman immediately knew the meaning of. She was later approached by Walt Disney and others to write a book. She believes that children are pretty psychic until the age of 7, but doesn’t remember her personal psychic experiences as a child. She speaks more on her experiences with Walt Disney, and messages he gave to parents who had lost their children. Lisa says that once on the other side, the deceased can travel interdimensionally, go to other planets, and see what they believe, until they don’t. Judi asks Lisa to talk about an experience she had talking to Jesus, where he showed her a vision and spoke about forgiveness.

Segment 2

In addition to having encounters with Jesus, Lisa has and continues to encounter Mother Mary in her practice. She shares that Mother Mary gave her a message of love, with the love we share and zen we have in our meditations both heals and manifests. Judi discusses a course of Lisa’s which she took at the end of 2020 and asks Lisa to talk about her interactions with Davy Jones and Walt Disney. The two told Lisa that joy and playfulness are second only to love, bringing us into a higher state. Not all of the dead who have come to Lisa have brought joy though, Elvis came with a message of regret, only now seeing the value of joy. Einstein was shocked moving on to the other side, realizing that we are all ordinary and should not judge ourselves on anything we do, we should just be. Lisa moves on to discuss the questions we are asked when we move on and the differences in our vibrations when we move on to the other side, yet the equality we still share. Dr. G asks Lisa to discuss the concept of the conscience, and Lisa talks about the complexity of the concept and the idea that the conscience is what moves on when we pass.

Segment 3

Coming back from the break, Judi asks Lisa to share her experiences of George Harrison coming to her with Jesus. Lisa discusses communicating with the spirits, learning to work with them on her own terms. Lisa discusses crying during channeling and how this happens often as the channeling comes from a place of pure love. Many of us can’t embrace that we are perfect, we are always throwing ourselves from grace. This comes from past lives, where we learned to punish ourselves and to not allow ourselves to be loved, feeling unworthy of it. The 3 discuss labels and judging, both of ourselves and others.

Segment 4

Coming back from the break, Lisa breaks down the different aspects of her work. The psychic work comes from the collective consciousness, mediumship comes directly from the dead, channelling she defines as the higher vibrations, with the energy being completely different and coming to her differently. Judi talks about a session she had with Lisa where her grandmother came through that inspired her to co host the podcast. Lisa shares her website and the resources on it, such as books and courses. Judi asks Lisa to share practices listeners can do on their own. Lisa recommends staying in one's joy place, meditating, and monaural beats. She continues on to talk about how anyone can receive messages through dreams. Lisa shares her takeaways from tonight's episode, starting with the fact that we are all so loved and perfect. Even though she has never channeled anyone that scares her, Lisa acknowledges that there is definitely dark energy out there.


00:00:35.610 --> 00:00:44.490 Georgeann Dau: Good evening and welcome to a journey through into awareness your hosts Dr Georgia and down and dirty Mila.

00:00:45.420 --> 00:01:02.220 Georgeann Dau: And we're always so happy to be with you for those of you that tune in each week we always like to say a special thanks and really hope that everything that we bring to our show, because we really take a lot of time thinking about.

00:01:03.720 --> 00:01:06.750 Georgeann Dau: What we feel that you might want need.

00:01:07.800 --> 00:01:15.150 Georgeann Dau: without knowing you, which is always a little bit of a challenge, but we do know you because you are parts of us and we're parts of you.

00:01:16.140 --> 00:01:35.310 Georgeann Dau: So we do hope that you find those shows nourishing so we have a great lady here with us tonight her name is Lisa in a jar and we're very pleased to have her that she said yes to join us so Lisa Thank you so much for saying yes and being here with us tonight.

00:01:36.270 --> 00:01:39.630 Lisa Najjar: Thank you so much for having me it's such an honor Thank you.

00:01:40.020 --> 00:01:46.380 Judi Miller: It is a great it's so great to be here so i'm just going to give everybody an introduction, so they get to know Lisa little bit better.

00:01:46.800 --> 00:01:53.700 Judi Miller: But at least in a jar used to be a court reporter now she's reporting for a higher court, not the Supreme Court, but the celestial court.

00:01:54.150 --> 00:02:01.410 Judi Miller: Lisa is an international psychic medium speaker and author of dying to tell you channeled messages from the famously dead.

00:02:02.100 --> 00:02:14.670 Judi Miller: Now, what do the famously dead want us to know what would George George Harrison Michael Jackson Elvis Presley Marilyn Monroe Martin Luther King jr john Lennon Einstein and other famously dead want us to know.

00:02:15.300 --> 00:02:23.010 Judi Miller: What messages would they have for us and how would they live their lives differently, now that they have a higher perspective from the other other side.

00:02:23.460 --> 00:02:32.250 Judi Miller: Now tonight Lisa will share her amazing journey and the uplifting channeled messages she received from these to see celebrities and historical figures.

00:02:32.760 --> 00:02:41.520 Judi Miller: Now I was first introduced to Lisa about four years ago and i've had several private and group sessions with her and i'm always amazed at the accuracy of her readings.

00:02:42.240 --> 00:02:53.730 Judi Miller: But what I love the most about Lisa is that her messages are always loving and uplifting and I am so excited to welcome my friend Lisa jar to journey through into awareness so.

00:02:55.290 --> 00:03:00.090 Lisa Najjar: Thank you so much Julie, thank you, that was beautiful I really appreciate it.

00:03:00.570 --> 00:03:01.320 Judi Miller: So Lisa.

00:03:01.530 --> 00:03:10.140 Judi Miller: I love your story about how you started channeling messages from these famously dead people can you share with our listeners how it all started.

00:03:11.730 --> 00:03:12.480 Lisa Najjar: Thank you.

00:03:13.770 --> 00:03:22.590 Lisa Najjar: Well it's really unexpected, I would say um what happened is I mean I was born a psychic medium and i've always had it so it was like.

00:03:23.100 --> 00:03:29.490 Lisa Najjar: Just like breathing really so I never thought too much of it, and when I was 17 I did have an experience.

00:03:29.760 --> 00:03:38.820 Lisa Najjar: Where I was in a house where a couple of the gals have died tragically, and I could hear them in the living room I could hear them around the House and.

00:03:39.630 --> 00:03:50.400 Lisa Najjar: told everybody, but they didn't care they were just very skeptical and Oh well, so we left it at that and I didn't think another thing of it and fast forward many, many years decades, really.

00:03:51.060 --> 00:03:56.940 Lisa Najjar: There was a high profile missing persons case in a city in Canada, where I was living and.

00:03:57.900 --> 00:04:04.890 Lisa Najjar: While I was having lunch with a friend and she was telling me about this story in the news was an elderly couple that went missing and.

00:04:05.430 --> 00:04:16.170 Lisa Najjar: It was they went on a summer vacation and never came home and she was telling me the story, I said to my friend, the ladies here, I can feel her.

00:04:16.470 --> 00:04:27.090 Lisa Najjar: And you know that lady came home with me and she stayed with me for two weeks and all she kept saying is, you have to you have to find my daughter, please find my daughter.

00:04:27.570 --> 00:04:31.050 Lisa Najjar: And I was saying to her, I don't know anything about your daughter and.

00:04:31.650 --> 00:04:38.280 Lisa Najjar: I don't know anything about this case and I don't know what you're asking I don't know what I should be doing and I can't call a stranger up and.

00:04:38.670 --> 00:04:43.560 Lisa Najjar: What, what can I do and I did I kind of put her off for two weeks, and finally.

00:04:44.040 --> 00:04:57.210 Lisa Najjar: I did I said okay okay i'll do it tomorrow i'll do it, and she said Okay, will you get a grab a piece of paper, so I grabbed this paper and she said, I want you to take down a poem for her for from for me.

00:04:57.540 --> 00:05:10.260 Lisa Najjar: So she channeled this poon through me and that next day, as I promised, I called I found out who this woman was didn't know if there were more than one daughter, but it turns out there wasn't so I got Ahold of this Gal.

00:05:11.070 --> 00:05:19.140 Lisa Najjar: And I told her I said, this is, I mean it was a terribly hard, really, really awful challenging phone call add to make and.

00:05:19.770 --> 00:05:26.190 Lisa Najjar: I said I don't know if you believe in this stuff I don't know anything about how what your thoughts or feelings are on this, but.

00:05:26.850 --> 00:05:37.080 Lisa Najjar: Your mother's with me and she has a message for you, and she said, can I come over it was about 10 at night, and I said yeah so she came to my house and soon as she got in.

00:05:37.440 --> 00:05:46.350 Lisa Najjar: I had heard of the blame and she said she started to cry and said Now I know it's my mother, she said, I do believe in this I have worked with a boat.

00:05:46.950 --> 00:05:50.940 Lisa Najjar: I don't know dozens and dozens of psychic mediums to try and locate my parents.

00:05:51.210 --> 00:06:02.850 Lisa Najjar: and none of them gave me anything in writing and then she told me why that was important, she said that just before her mom went on that vacation they were in the kitchen and one of the last thing, she said to her was.

00:06:03.780 --> 00:06:12.720 Lisa Najjar: If either of us goes before the other I here's how we'll know it's us, we will write something from heaven if we don't write it it's, not us.

00:06:13.260 --> 00:06:28.770 Lisa Najjar: So she said when you gave me that poem I knew nobody had given me anything in writing and then, of course, she knew now her mother was passed and so that, then you know that that's that's when I realized that this is a very at a very useful gift, I mean.

00:06:30.390 --> 00:06:39.300 Lisa Najjar: I didn't want to use it in any professional capacity but that's when I at least realize the importance of it, and it was.

00:06:39.840 --> 00:06:48.090 Lisa Najjar: Later, that Walt Disney came through and that's when he asked me to do the book that's when I said I said no, for three years, I said I.

00:06:48.420 --> 00:06:57.270 Lisa Najjar: I absolutely i'm not a writer i'm not doing a book I don't know what you're asking me for, and I put them off until three years later him and George Harrison and.

00:06:58.020 --> 00:07:06.090 Lisa Najjar: Abraham Lincoln all came to me on Good Friday of 2015 and said now will you do this your son is in university, will you and I said i'm still.

00:07:06.480 --> 00:07:22.140 Lisa Najjar: don't know why you asked i'm not a writer i'm a i'm a court reporter, and they said, but you can take dictation and the I said yes, I can they said that's all we want, so I did do it for them at how about I mean, who would have ever guessed.

00:07:23.250 --> 00:07:23.730 Georgeann Dau: Yes.

00:07:24.270 --> 00:07:25.950 Judi Miller: yeah what an incredible story.

00:07:25.980 --> 00:07:32.550 Georgeann Dau: Incredible Lisa when you say you were born with it as a child, how did it show up for you.

00:07:33.420 --> 00:07:42.510 Lisa Najjar: Well, it didn't that I know of it's funny I was just teaching my first class last Saturday on increase your intuitive IQ and I was talking about how kids.

00:07:42.870 --> 00:07:54.480 Lisa Najjar: they're pretty psychic right up until the age of seven and I said so, you know you guys probably have stories and I said, interestingly enough i'm not doing this for a living, I don't have any stories because I don't remember that.

00:07:55.020 --> 00:08:00.960 Lisa Najjar: Anything happened until I was 17 and that that time in the House now did I know that something was.

00:08:01.470 --> 00:08:07.470 Lisa Najjar: Different well, I remember when I was five saying to my mother I got off on the wrong planet I don't know what i'm doing here.

00:08:07.740 --> 00:08:22.140 Lisa Najjar: I should be able to move things with my mind and things like that, so what what am I going to hear what kind of place in my ad that's all I remember saying and that's it I don't recall seeing things knowing things I just don't actually.

00:08:22.440 --> 00:08:23.250 Georgeann Dau: Really oh.

00:08:23.580 --> 00:08:24.630 Georgeann Dau: i'm sorry good you.

00:08:24.660 --> 00:08:25.950 Judi Miller: Know go ahead and get started.

00:08:26.190 --> 00:08:43.470 Georgeann Dau: Do we do we all, once we're, on the other side, do we all have the capacity and capability to journey back here, so to speak, or is it just those that have been tragically I have tragically died.

00:08:44.700 --> 00:08:46.050 Lisa Najjar: Do you mean reincarnation.

00:08:46.620 --> 00:08:51.090 Georgeann Dau: Well, why is it that it is everyone can everyone.

00:08:52.260 --> 00:08:52.980 Georgeann Dau: speak.

00:08:54.240 --> 00:08:56.790 Judi Miller: So can everyone connect with others, on the other side.

00:08:57.180 --> 00:09:01.620 Lisa Najjar: Oh, do you mean that when you're, on the other side, can you speak to people hear.

00:09:02.700 --> 00:09:03.420 You oh yes.

00:09:04.890 --> 00:09:05.880 Georgeann Dau: The tragic death.

00:09:06.300 --> 00:09:18.300 Lisa Najjar: Oh heavens, no oh my gosh, no, no, I do it all day long in my ratings grandma's grandpa's fathers, mothers everybody and, in fact, in my book, Paul Newman talks about that, and he says it's such a gift and he said.

00:09:18.900 --> 00:09:25.410 Lisa Najjar: Please reach out to those because they just sometimes they just want to tell you there okay.

00:09:25.920 --> 00:09:32.490 Lisa Najjar: Because we worried that they make it where are they are they Okay, are they happy and he said that just it just.

00:09:32.790 --> 00:09:46.080 Lisa Najjar: provides so much comfort and then the disease can fly free because they know they've sent that love note home to heaven and the person who's grieving at home, at least at a minimum knows that their loved one is.

00:09:46.920 --> 00:09:51.330 Lisa Najjar: happy and at peace and and and in the light with God, you know that kind of thing.

00:09:51.660 --> 00:09:52.410 Judi Miller: So Lisa.

00:09:52.770 --> 00:09:54.810 Judi Miller: Lisa since you're talking about Paul Newman.

00:09:55.740 --> 00:10:08.250 Judi Miller: Can you talk a little bit about death and our loved ones, on the other side, so like you mentioned Paul mentioned in the book that they're actually always there and with us, and sometimes they're actually closer to us, on the other side than they are here.

00:10:08.520 --> 00:10:17.700 Judi Miller: And then Walt didn't Walt Disney also talked about, especially when children pass away, however, there still there for their parents, because suck So could you talk a little bit about that as well.

00:10:18.030 --> 00:10:25.320 Lisa Najjar: yeah they sure are you know, think about it, like right now my dad's in Florida my mom's in Ontario my son is in Canada.

00:10:26.130 --> 00:10:34.200 Lisa Najjar: You know my friends, a lot of them are in Canada and others are in La and all over I can't be with them every day, but when, but when we're past.

00:10:34.500 --> 00:10:39.210 Lisa Najjar: We absolutely can we could literally be with them every moment of every day if we wanted.

00:10:39.660 --> 00:10:49.500 Lisa Najjar: And not only that, but we're connected by the heart so and it's, mind you can talk into the mind even so there's no separation once we pass.

00:10:49.890 --> 00:10:54.300 Lisa Najjar: And yes, he mentioned a beautiful thing about children and he said he spoke to.

00:10:54.720 --> 00:11:05.910 Lisa Najjar: Well, actually, it was the Walt Disney that spoke to the children to the parents who have lost children and said that these children are happy and they're free and they're alive and they're.

00:11:06.150 --> 00:11:19.710 Lisa Najjar: they're there you know it's a great place that they are, but they will not sort of fly free until such time as their parents can not stop grieving but.

00:11:20.790 --> 00:11:29.880 Lisa Najjar: At least allow them to fly free and to be free, they worry about the parents so much, and if the parent is for five or 10 years.

00:11:30.390 --> 00:11:34.770 Lisa Najjar: grieving and will not allow any joy into their lives that child.

00:11:35.400 --> 00:11:46.530 Lisa Najjar: will watch and they they they don't feel like they can go on so it's so important Walt Disney said to yes, of course, feel your feelings and grieve all that you can and need to.

00:11:46.830 --> 00:12:02.070 Lisa Najjar: But while you're doing that really maybe send that love and say I know you're happy and free and I and it's okay fly free you know just be happy and really give them permission, so I think that was what his message was really and it's quite beautiful.

00:12:02.220 --> 00:12:02.580 Georgeann Dau: yeah.

00:12:02.820 --> 00:12:03.780 Judi Miller: yeah this is.

00:12:04.170 --> 00:12:08.580 Georgeann Dau: What what when we pass to the other side, what are we doing.

00:12:09.780 --> 00:12:12.480 Georgeann Dau: When we're there like what are we doing.

00:12:12.750 --> 00:12:14.040 Lisa Najjar: What are we doing.

00:12:14.400 --> 00:12:15.090 Georgeann Dau: You know what.

00:12:15.480 --> 00:12:16.200 honestly.

00:12:18.270 --> 00:12:23.610 Lisa Najjar: Some it just depends on who you are and what's going on my neighbor in Canada Calgary.

00:12:24.660 --> 00:12:28.080 Lisa Najjar: Her little daughter, who is a little gosh she.

00:12:32.280 --> 00:12:32.790 Georgeann Dau: Okay.

00:12:33.570 --> 00:12:44.310 Lisa Najjar: was eight, when all over the place, she went backpacking all through South Asia Southeast Asia or South America and just all over the world and Europe and everywhere and her grandmother.

00:12:45.270 --> 00:12:54.270 Lisa Najjar: Her actually great grandmother said i'm coming with you i'm going to be basically like it's in your suitcase not to protect you Claire.

00:12:54.540 --> 00:13:04.080 Lisa Najjar: But she said i'm going, because on my life I couldn't I could do this, and I want to live through you, and she says i'm going to have the time of my life in depth.

00:13:04.710 --> 00:13:06.180 Lisa Najjar: Now I mean that's interesting.

00:13:06.600 --> 00:13:15.840 Lisa Najjar: And what I have understood to the deceased they can be on other planets on other dimensions, they can go inter dimensionally traveling they can.

00:13:18.210 --> 00:13:23.370 Lisa Najjar: You know if they believe there's harps and clouds they will find harps and clouds for a while.

00:13:23.610 --> 00:13:27.750 Lisa Najjar: If they believe there's a pit of hell and damnation they will find that actually.

00:13:28.080 --> 00:13:34.170 Lisa Najjar: But only until they don't they it's only because of their beliefs so it's whatever you believe you will see.

00:13:36.840 --> 00:13:43.980 Judi Miller: So Lisa yeah Lisa one of the things, one of the things you mentioned in the book is one of the most spiritual experiences that you had.

00:13:44.370 --> 00:13:56.520 Judi Miller: was actually with Jesus he showed you a movie of murders of of killers of rapists and he asked you what do you see, can you share with listeners what your response was.

00:13:56.880 --> 00:14:07.200 Lisa Najjar: yeah That was the most profound experience, other than having my son, that was the most profound experience of my life, he did he showed me a movie fill up every imaginable thing that we could say.

00:14:07.530 --> 00:14:24.120 Lisa Najjar: You know sin or missing the mark or however you want to word that and with each frame, he said, what do you see here and I said they're perfect and beautiful than need go to the next one, and it went like this, and he said now, you must tell the world what I have shown you here and.

00:14:25.170 --> 00:14:37.170 Lisa Najjar: I when I afterwards I thought gosh Should I be working in the prison system or something and speaking to these criminals or what and they didn't let Allow me in back where I was living at the time in Canada, but.

00:14:38.610 --> 00:14:52.470 Lisa Najjar: Since then Jesus has showed up last Easter and also this Easter Sunday and both times, he spoke about forgiveness two different messages, but all the same thing, and he said, we must forgive, we must, he said, not only.

00:14:52.980 --> 00:14:58.380 Lisa Najjar: Not only when we forgive someone from Duke for doing something, no matter what it is.

00:14:59.520 --> 00:15:19.860 Lisa Najjar: It forgives a part of ourselves that also engaged in in some lifetime, something that was off or negative, or maybe not of the light will say that it will say it that way and and the other thing is when we forgive he said we lift the whole world into a whole nother frequency with goodness.

00:15:20.130 --> 00:15:31.680 Georgeann Dau: Yes, yes, absolutely yes, I absolutely know that to be so Oh, this is so exciting I I, I have a love affair, with Jesus that's great.

00:15:32.460 --> 00:15:33.840 Georgeann Dau: So we have to take a quick.

00:15:33.840 --> 00:15:42.120 Georgeann Dau: break we'll be right back with Lisa in a jar with very excited to have this with us tonight so excited we'll be right back.

00:18:44.310 --> 00:18:57.840 Georgeann Dau: Welcome back for those of you just joining us i'm Dr George and we're here with Lisa in a jar and, of course, my favorite co host and only coast.

00:18:58.860 --> 00:19:03.690 Georgeann Dau: Judy Miller thanks for coming back a journey through into awareness.

00:19:04.680 --> 00:19:05.220 So please.

00:19:06.810 --> 00:19:07.470 Georgeann Dau: Go ahead.

00:19:07.650 --> 00:19:08.640 Judi Miller: Go ahead Virgin.

00:19:08.820 --> 00:19:09.600 Judi Miller: We have so many.

00:19:09.900 --> 00:19:11.400 Judi Miller: We have so many questions.

00:19:11.940 --> 00:19:12.360 Georgeann Dau: I want.

00:19:12.390 --> 00:19:13.590 Georgeann Dau: Yes, I know, go ahead.

00:19:14.370 --> 00:19:25.680 Judi Miller: So you know also I know that you've had many experiences with mother Mary and she told you that there is only love, can you share with our listeners some of the experiences and encounters that you've had with her.

00:19:26.910 --> 00:19:39.780 Lisa Najjar: Yes, I love mother Mary I love mother Mary and I love Jesus to Mother Mary as she comes to me quite a bit and and in my client personal client sessions she's been coming a fair bit these days.

00:19:40.230 --> 00:19:50.910 Lisa Najjar: But she one of the questions was interesting I was actually on a friend call with David from all my my friend and she she was asking me, you know.

00:19:52.050 --> 00:19:56.340 Lisa Najjar: With everybody and all the eggs in the world and everything and she said, you know.

00:19:56.880 --> 00:20:05.700 Lisa Najjar: What does prayer do and what does chant do like I would love to hear what they have to say this, this chanting that we do, and all this meditating and all of this.

00:20:06.300 --> 00:20:15.840 Lisa Najjar: and mother Mary came right in and she gave us this message, and she said, one person that's in a Zen place that's in their Center.

00:20:16.890 --> 00:20:23.370 Lisa Najjar: negates or or neutralizes 1000 people in a text mean that was profound to me.

00:20:23.730 --> 00:20:33.720 Lisa Najjar: So I said just keep staying in that beautiful then place that you're in and keep radiating all that love to all the people that you do in that in your meditations and everything so.

00:20:34.170 --> 00:20:49.200 Lisa Najjar: she's always talking about love and and and and just the power of it and really she said the other day to to me that All there is is love and that's how we not only heal every affliction but that's how we manifest.

00:20:49.530 --> 00:20:54.810 Lisa Najjar: it's a secret to manifestation is we heal and we manifest through love so.

00:20:55.980 --> 00:21:11.460 Judi Miller: And I actually I actually did take your course at the end of 2020 on divine connection and the power of how we can manifest so I I definitely apply that in my own life, making sure that I apply love and incorporate love and all my heart's desires to that.

00:21:13.320 --> 00:21:21.030 Judi Miller: And you know, since we're talking about that course that you had at the end of 2021 of the things that I love is you encouraged all of the participants.

00:21:21.330 --> 00:21:29.880 Judi Miller: to remember the things that brought us joy so as a child, what brought us joy in our 20s in our 30s in our 40s and today what brings us joy.

00:21:30.210 --> 00:21:44.970 Judi Miller: And I know that davy Jones was one of the famously dead, who came to visit you and he had a very joyful expression and the joyful way about him, and so did Walt Disney So what did davy Jones and Walt Disney have to say about joy and playfulness in our lives.

00:21:46.170 --> 00:21:52.350 Lisa Najjar: That it's, the most important thing, you know that it's basically second to love, if you can even say second.

00:21:52.710 --> 00:22:04.560 Lisa Najjar: It takes us immediately into this high vibrational state, so we really are supposed to or should seek out that which brings us joy, whether it's in the things we listened to.

00:22:05.130 --> 00:22:11.370 Lisa Najjar: watch the people were around the music everything everything around us.

00:22:11.640 --> 00:22:18.570 Lisa Najjar: And really find our truth and find what brings us passionate joy, even within our work and the places we live.

00:22:18.780 --> 00:22:30.150 Lisa Najjar: And with covert now and everything it's actually easier because now we're a lot of us can find that we can work from home and we can maybe go live, where we actually do, and maybe always wanted to live.

00:22:30.540 --> 00:22:45.930 Lisa Najjar: So I say to people there's no time like the present, find what brings you joy and if you're around someone or you're living somewhere doing something that doesn't bring you much joy it's really time to look at that seek joy yeah.

00:22:47.280 --> 00:23:00.390 Judi Miller: And then you know some of the people that did come through for you Marilyn Monroe Elvis Presley john Wayne Michael Jackson it almost felt like they had a sense of regret or a sense of sadness, can you talk a little bit about that.

00:23:01.200 --> 00:23:08.790 Lisa Najjar: Yes, some of them did, like, for example, Elvis he came to me while I was on a plane going to nashville from Arizona, I think it was.

00:23:10.020 --> 00:23:17.310 Lisa Najjar: Or maybe Canada anyways he he he was saying that now that he can see what one act of kindness does.

00:23:17.550 --> 00:23:27.510 Lisa Najjar: And how it reverberates all the way out through this whole of eternity he said, had I known that I would have done kindness all day long so that's his regret and.

00:23:28.350 --> 00:23:35.070 Lisa Najjar: And so, for some of the other ones like john Wayne he he grew up thinking that power and might.

00:23:35.580 --> 00:23:41.940 Lisa Najjar: was right, and you know just like being in control and being strong and all this kind of thing.

00:23:42.390 --> 00:23:55.560 Lisa Najjar: And he found out that there's a real strength to being vulnerable and to being sort of real and being just heart opened and all and that's what he was regretting I think some of that.

00:23:56.220 --> 00:24:05.310 Lisa Najjar: And an Einstein now that was a little bit different he was so revered for his intellect and when he got to the other side, he was first of all, just shocked.

00:24:05.670 --> 00:24:14.100 Lisa Najjar: Because he said Oh, my goodness i'm nothing here i'm just ordinary, and that was a big like you know crash for him.

00:24:14.490 --> 00:24:21.510 Lisa Najjar: And he realized that we're all extraordinary and he you know him and I think I can't remember if it was Mark Twain but a couple of them.

00:24:21.900 --> 00:24:31.260 Lisa Najjar: talked a lot about not to judge ourselves on anything we do the good and the bad the high and the low and don't let society do it either.

00:24:31.740 --> 00:24:45.060 Lisa Najjar: Because there's great wonderful stuff in every bit of it and to just be just be and not to focus on what we are aren't in this earth realm it means nothing it doesn't mean anything.

00:24:45.420 --> 00:24:48.420 Judi Miller: So this is is that the theory of irrelevance.

00:24:48.930 --> 00:25:01.650 Lisa Najjar: Yes, it really is, but all of the people and what they tell you in society and how you're graded and judged by your peers or the world or your parents or the family or culture, you come from it's irrelevant.

00:25:01.980 --> 00:25:12.720 Lisa Najjar: it's irrelevant soon as you get to the other side, we are truly all one, and in fact we don't have the bodies or anything anymore, we have just light and we're known by the color of our light.

00:25:13.110 --> 00:25:29.190 Lisa Najjar: And the brighter and all that, the more the more evolved, we are so it's just about the heart, they look at the heart and they asked, only a few questions when you first get over how much did you love, what did you learn and teach, you have the courage to follow your truth.

00:25:29.580 --> 00:25:29.970 Lisa Najjar: And that.

00:25:30.330 --> 00:25:38.970 Lisa Najjar: You know that's it so we can focus on that now, while we're living, I think it helps make helps us make different choices, while we're in these bodies.

00:25:39.300 --> 00:25:48.480 Judi Miller: that's absolutely beautiful you just mentioned that we have different vibrations, on the other side, but even though one person might be a different vibration than another we're all equal right.

00:25:49.290 --> 00:25:58.110 Lisa Najjar: Yes, we are, yes, we are we're equal in the sense that, of course, we all come from the one God and that's all beautiful and I believe I don't know because I haven't been there, but.

00:25:58.410 --> 00:26:09.660 Lisa Najjar: I believe we all go into that in time, but while we're doing this will call it the game I don't even know what to call it, while we're on this this realm of like.

00:26:10.380 --> 00:26:15.690 Lisa Najjar: rebirth yeah we're it's it's we're all at different levels of remembering that's it.

00:26:16.080 --> 00:26:27.060 Lisa Najjar: You know when when Jesus said, you know what I do you can do and your he he said how much were the same we're all i'm not special either you, you are one with the father and.

00:26:27.360 --> 00:26:43.020 Lisa Najjar: We really are, but we think we're separate because we judge ourselves because we're not walking on water but Jesus showed me that, though, that film and said no you're all perfect and beautiful right here, right now, no matter what you may have done or said or thought.

00:26:44.040 --> 00:26:44.340 Georgeann Dau: yeah.

00:26:45.510 --> 00:26:47.100 Georgeann Dau: What, what do you think about.

00:26:49.440 --> 00:27:01.650 Georgeann Dau: What, what do you think about the idea and it's more than idea actually to me, but of having a conscience what is a conscience to you from what you've learned.

00:27:03.060 --> 00:27:07.110 Georgeann Dau: Do you believe that there's such a thing as a conscience and what is it.

00:27:07.830 --> 00:27:13.530 Lisa Najjar: yeah and I wouldn't know how to define it that's a big concept, and it also breaks my mind thinking about it.

00:27:14.130 --> 00:27:19.920 Lisa Najjar: it's, but it is the part of us that I believe lives on and to all the different lifetimes some people say.

00:27:20.220 --> 00:27:29.280 Lisa Najjar: What the record of what you've done and send thought is all in stored in this akashic records or the Book of life or whatever the holes the holes of knowledge or whatever.

00:27:29.640 --> 00:27:42.090 Lisa Najjar: I would say it's all housed in that consciousness and so it's and I think that's what we're doing is ascending to higher levels of consciousness and so, if we're you know coming onto the earth and we're still in a mindset of.

00:27:42.600 --> 00:27:55.140 Lisa Najjar: Killing people and stepping on them and and all of that, then you know we yes we're equal, but we have, at that time, a lower consciousness, we have the light hasn't gone on, we have an awakened to our divinity.

00:27:57.270 --> 00:28:09.960 Georgeann Dau: And we need to take a break in a moment, but I always look at conscience having a conscience, as the part of myself that is operating at a higher level.

00:28:10.590 --> 00:28:26.850 Georgeann Dau: Which is I call it my God centered we're on able to perceive and grasp what is the higher plane to choose from on this earth plane to love and make a difference throughout.

00:28:27.960 --> 00:28:29.220 Georgeann Dau: all humanity.

00:28:30.150 --> 00:28:34.920 Georgeann Dau: is beautiful anyway that's that's what why I was asking you about conscience.

00:28:35.130 --> 00:28:48.450 Georgeann Dau: Because consciousness and consciousness, or the same but they're also different this is, I love this conversation we'll be right back to a journey through into awareness with Lisa miniature we'll be right back.

00:31:41.460 --> 00:31:43.770 Georgeann Dau: Welcome back with Lisa job.

00:31:44.820 --> 00:31:47.310 Georgeann Dau: Judy you always have the best questions so.

00:31:48.330 --> 00:31:52.140 Georgeann Dau: If you don't mind i'd love for you to to to ask more.

00:31:52.410 --> 00:32:05.940 Judi Miller: No problem so so I know, one of the people that visited Lisa quite often was George Harrison and one of the things that struck me is that she said from far away, he often looked like Jesus, and she couldn't tell until he got close.

00:32:06.270 --> 00:32:23.220 Judi Miller: And then I believe in one of your encounters they actually came together and one of the things that George said was that there is no need for a do over because each experience is just an experience so Lisa, can you tell us a little bit about George and why he was following around Jesus.

00:32:24.300 --> 00:32:33.300 Lisa Najjar: Yes, he was job shadowing he's absolutely job shadow and I thought that was the cutest and he.

00:32:34.590 --> 00:32:40.170 Lisa Najjar: He basically was it was kind of joking with me and saying you know when I come back I probably be a.

00:32:41.490 --> 00:32:44.400 Lisa Najjar: teacher preacher type you know somebody.

00:32:45.270 --> 00:32:57.360 Lisa Najjar: And then he laughed and said, you know what but by the time I come back there'll be no need for because you will be, you will have awakened more on the planet and there will be no need for this sort of thing you'll find the god within so.

00:32:58.170 --> 00:33:07.410 Lisa Najjar: yeah they did look alike, and I could never tell until they came towards me who was who there and he's been a kind of a great friend, because he comes in.

00:33:07.890 --> 00:33:16.320 Lisa Najjar: Personally, and quite often, the last couple of years for for various things and for messages for the world and different things like that.

00:33:17.400 --> 00:33:25.740 Judi Miller: and similar to George and was asking before about you know can people on the other side come in, but also, can we actually sense and feel them as well.

00:33:25.980 --> 00:33:38.160 Judi Miller: And one of the things that I noticed in your book is when you were tired, or you weren't feeling well or you know you just didn't want to do this channeling at the moment they respected what you what your wishes, were.

00:33:39.270 --> 00:33:52.230 Lisa Najjar: Yes, they do, and you can actually tell them how you want to work that same little nice well I say she's like little nice, but the one that went traveling when I met her at eight she was a gifted medium and I would say to her.

00:33:53.100 --> 00:34:00.630 Lisa Najjar: So clarity, you, you know i've received the spirit school I knew, she was a medium she said Oh, my goodness, when I come home from school they're all in the living room waiting for me.

00:34:00.840 --> 00:34:08.700 Lisa Najjar: And she said, but I just tell them go away, I have homework to do, and they literally go away, she commanded them at eight years old, so.

00:34:09.150 --> 00:34:16.620 Lisa Najjar: She taught me how to how to tell them how I want to work because you know what they they're not in a body and sometimes they forgot forget.

00:34:16.950 --> 00:34:25.650 Lisa Najjar: And so you just have to say here's how I want to work and, for me, I said I typically I generally don't want to see, I want to hear, I want to know, I want to feel.

00:34:26.310 --> 00:34:41.670 Lisa Najjar: Things like that I want to hear, but I don't with with the famously did I, yes, I did see some of them like George and Jesus there, but when it's in my sessions I typically try not to so you can state how you want to work with spirit yeah.

00:34:41.760 --> 00:34:58.440 Judi Miller: mm hmm so, especially during this time, Martin Luther King jr Abraham Lincoln one of the things I remember Abraham Lincoln says is out of the many is one So is there any message that is especially relevant for the things and times that we're going through now.

00:34:59.730 --> 00:35:13.440 Lisa Najjar: Honestly, I think that entire book well written back then is more relevant today, because these are such simple messages and yet look at look around us, I mean we need that more than anything.

00:35:13.890 --> 00:35:23.820 Lisa Najjar: Really that piece that unity that oneness that we're just not finding here, and I think we're all going through that shift in consciousness that's what's going on here, I believe.

00:35:24.120 --> 00:35:42.300 Lisa Najjar: And so they tell me and so it'd be wise to remember that, yes, out of the many we you know are one we are one all across the globe really we are and what what we do here, they say that the butterfly flaps its wings, I mean it's felt everywhere and impacts, the whole world.

00:35:42.750 --> 00:35:44.310 Lisa Najjar: So I think that's just.

00:35:44.550 --> 00:35:49.470 Lisa Najjar: kind of, we have to really embrace that concept, I mean once and for all yeah.

00:35:49.890 --> 00:35:54.840 Judi Miller: And you know i'm George and I share so many things in common, I think that's why we love each other so much.

00:35:55.170 --> 00:36:11.010 Judi Miller: But we've had the opportunity to be touched by the divine and experience the divine and whenever that happens we break out in tears because we just can't hold it in, and you mentioned that when you experience and encountered Jesus you feel Similarly, why does that happen, why do we cry.

00:36:11.790 --> 00:36:26.460 Lisa Najjar: Oh gosh because we're in the presence of Holiness, I mean it's so loving they look at you, and they love you and there's nothing you could have ever been done said or thought that would ever change any of it.

00:36:27.210 --> 00:36:30.300 Lisa Najjar: You know, when we look at our children and we love them so much.

00:36:30.810 --> 00:36:42.630 Lisa Najjar: that's nothing in comparison to how we are looked at by the divine we're just the most precious beings on the planet and, in fact, in my manifestation 10 week course that just finished.

00:36:43.290 --> 00:36:49.050 Lisa Najjar: i'm pretty sure or one of my groups anyways i'm pretty sure Jesus came and said that.

00:36:49.530 --> 00:37:01.770 Lisa Najjar: He was doing this kind of telling us sort of what he was doing, and he was washing all of our feet like we've seen and heard that he he did that's how he he would don't on us.

00:37:02.280 --> 00:37:11.790 Lisa Najjar: They would dote on us, because they just love us that much we're very loved we are all so loved so no need to ever feel alone, we are so loved.

00:37:12.990 --> 00:37:24.720 Judi Miller: yeah and Lisa one of the things that we talked about was you know we are perfect exactly as the way we are in the eyes of the Creator, but many of us can't embrace the fact that we are perfection.

00:37:26.340 --> 00:37:40.650 Lisa Najjar: No, no, we can't have many of us we're all kind of we're all basically throwing ourselves from grace all the time it's like we flung ourselves from grace we never were thrown out never, never.

00:37:41.160 --> 00:37:46.260 Lisa Najjar: So we just we do something wrong or thinks something wrong and because and we label ourselves bad.

00:37:46.560 --> 00:37:55.860 Lisa Najjar: And then, what I found because of the work I do my most meaningful work, I think, is tracking back lifetimes where people where things got set up.

00:37:56.160 --> 00:38:07.290 Lisa Najjar: So where did that relationship pattern or dynamic or situation gets set up where and i'll always track back to maybe you know one lifetime ago five lifetimes or maybe this childhood.

00:38:07.650 --> 00:38:23.400 Lisa Najjar: And it's where we took on a belief that we were bad and then we set up punishment for ourselves forever life after life after life and it's like no, we need to take ourselves off the cross, we need to just accept the grace that is ours and.

00:38:24.300 --> 00:38:40.770 Lisa Najjar: And just allow us ourselves to be loved and that's tough that's tough, even in marriages, sometimes a partner can't allow themselves to be loved really just love they feel unworthy of love and I think that's the issue we all have this deep seated sort of unworthiness and.

00:38:42.090 --> 00:38:48.600 Lisa Najjar: The divine would want us to know you are perfect exactly as you are now laws and all.

00:38:50.520 --> 00:38:54.390 Judi Miller: yeah i'm just waiting for George and to say something, because I know she wants to say something.

00:38:55.440 --> 00:38:55.710 Georgeann Dau: well.

00:38:56.610 --> 00:39:08.640 Georgeann Dau: You know I don't I don't work with people lifetimes but my work as a psychoanalyst and spiritual director is to be able to help people to reclaim the parts of themselves.

00:39:09.240 --> 00:39:19.020 Georgeann Dau: that were made wrong criticize that created a level of self hate from there very early years intrauterine to age seven.

00:39:19.440 --> 00:39:33.570 Georgeann Dau: Which is when it really occurs in this life but that's why the name of the show is a journey through into awareness, because, in order to do that we need to become aware of what the hell happened.

00:39:34.590 --> 00:39:54.090 Georgeann Dau: I have this feeling, it continues to come up I see repeats in my life like themes what's going on inside of me what happened and it's a repeat of whatever well, however, we retreated whatever messages we received, we continue to do to ourselves in this life until we.

00:39:55.140 --> 00:40:09.180 Georgeann Dau: can become aware of it, then we have more of a choice of taking charge of it, otherwise it takes charge of our life, it really does and we live 90% of our life unconscious here.

00:40:09.660 --> 00:40:18.270 Georgeann Dau: that's why i'm committed in this life to helping people awaken, which is what you're doing, which is what Judy is doing we're all doing it.

00:40:19.350 --> 00:40:27.120 Georgeann Dau: What whatever we want to call ourselves light workers, you know children of the light whatever you know we don't need labels, but.

00:40:28.740 --> 00:40:43.740 Georgeann Dau: And it's such a blessing to be with people that are doing the same work, so I want to thank you for what you do and I think Judy every time I speak to her so you're all doing it and it's a blessing it's such an honor and a grace and it's gift.

00:40:44.790 --> 00:40:57.060 Georgeann Dau: It all comes from gift I don't take any credit for what I do it all comes from gift, the only credit, I can so I can do is receive is that I said yes right.

00:40:57.510 --> 00:41:11.850 Lisa Najjar: that's right that's right and Jesus spoke both easter's about forgiveness, as I mentioned, and it was he said the but the most important forgiveness is self so for yourself or anything that you took on any erroneous.

00:41:11.880 --> 00:41:28.440 Lisa Najjar: beliefs or any if you did something bad or wrong or mark just forgive you did the best you could in that moment and give yourself the grace that you give to your child or your loved one we all get grace extend grace to Africa, yes.

00:41:28.800 --> 00:41:41.070 Judi Miller: yeah and I think part of it is, is when we label and judge other people, and when we label and judge ourselves, we actually separate ourselves from the wholeness of who we are and the wholeness of the Creator.

00:41:42.420 --> 00:42:00.600 Georgeann Dau: When we are judging ourselves we're just rejecting when we're rejecting others when we're judging others we're just rejecting those parts of ourselves, we don't want to look at that's a very big key for everyone to hear tonight that when you feel an urge to.

00:42:02.520 --> 00:42:11.460 Georgeann Dau: Judge point a finger at someone always remember that really you're rejecting a part of yourself you're not ready to look at yet and that's okay.

00:42:12.480 --> 00:42:15.810 Georgeann Dau: But we have to become aware that we're doing it because it's always about us.

00:42:16.110 --> 00:42:18.630 Georgeann Dau: We don't see things as they are, we see things as.

00:42:18.630 --> 00:42:19.140 Georgeann Dau: We are.

00:42:23.190 --> 00:42:23.820 sure.

00:42:24.930 --> 00:42:38.430 Georgeann Dau: Lisa i'm when when you feel this when you feel the X Ray have so many things that I want to stay on point I apologize for for being a little confused in the moment um.

00:42:39.780 --> 00:42:46.500 Georgeann Dau: I don't know if people listening understand what channeling is, I know that sounds very basic but there was someone who.

00:42:48.060 --> 00:42:54.180 Georgeann Dau: contacted me who listen to last week's show, and they didn't understand a lot of the terminology.

00:42:55.500 --> 00:43:06.540 Georgeann Dau: And they felt a little lost so maybe if you could talk about what channeling is just real briefly and and then what about reincarnation and how does it fit into all of this.

00:43:06.780 --> 00:43:11.670 Judi Miller: So George and maybe if we take our break now and then, when we come back, we could lead off with those fantastic.

00:43:11.670 --> 00:43:20.430 Georgeann Dau: question I think that's a great idea we'll be right back, thank you for joining us tonight we'll be back tonight right back.

00:43:27.180 --> 00:43:28.080 Educating.

00:45:42.300 --> 00:45:45.240 Georgeann Dau: Welcome back we're here with listen to Joe.

00:45:46.440 --> 00:45:47.970 Georgeann Dau: Okay let's hear.

00:45:49.290 --> 00:46:01.890 Lisa Najjar: So I I define so they're psychic in my world anyways people you know there's no set way because lots of people have their own definitions, but I define it as psychic work medium work.

00:46:02.430 --> 00:46:07.230 Lisa Najjar: And then channeling and I split media ship and channeling some don't many don't.

00:46:07.560 --> 00:46:19.500 Lisa Najjar: So psychic information comes from the collective consciousness it's really all about the source of the information psychic work comes from the collective consciousness, sometimes the order of the person i'm reading things like that.

00:46:21.000 --> 00:46:32.490 Lisa Najjar: medium ship is very different that's coming directly from a deceased loved one that is delivering a message and i'm just a telephone I just listening and I speak what they're saying basically taking dictation.

00:46:33.090 --> 00:46:37.980 Lisa Najjar: And then channeling I split many people put channels in with.

00:46:38.460 --> 00:46:45.600 Lisa Najjar: medium ship and I don't for For this reason for me when I say channeling It means the higher vibrational so.

00:46:45.840 --> 00:46:54.300 Lisa Najjar: So somebody in the deceased realm is and more the fourth dimensional plane and then for me the channeling they come differently, they come through differently.

00:46:54.540 --> 00:47:01.740 Lisa Najjar: The energies completely different and it's always fifth dimensional and higher so that's where you have the ascended masters and upward.

00:47:02.190 --> 00:47:08.880 Lisa Najjar: There are different types of channel summer full trance channels, where they literally are knocked out and they're fascinating to watch.

00:47:09.180 --> 00:47:13.950 Lisa Najjar: they're not out there just and then the entity takes control of their voice box and things like that it's.

00:47:14.520 --> 00:47:22.380 Lisa Najjar: kind of interesting I don't want to be that so i've already told them i'm not going to work like that I want to have more control over my body and things and.

00:47:23.190 --> 00:47:40.320 Lisa Najjar: But so i'm gonna just a partial trance channel so when that fifth dimensional energy comes in i'm still coherent, but my eyes are closed, I can open them and i'm just in this heavenly space, because I am now lifted into the fifth dimension with down and that's how I define the differences.

00:47:41.310 --> 00:47:44.220 Georgeann Dau: Thank you i'm sure everyone listening appreciates that.

00:47:44.550 --> 00:47:54.120 Judi Miller: Good job George and I actually had a session with Lisa probably about six months ago, and I know Lisa doesn't always remember what she's channeling but my grandmother came through.

00:47:54.540 --> 00:48:01.170 Judi Miller: And one of the things that she said, is Judy if a podcast comes around, and you have the opportunity to jump on it so.

00:48:02.520 --> 00:48:06.660 Judi Miller: We are together so i'm always amazed it comes through.

00:48:07.140 --> 00:48:08.340 Georgeann Dau: And if it's all you guys.

00:48:09.330 --> 00:48:09.780 Georgeann Dau: know.

00:48:10.560 --> 00:48:18.390 Lisa Najjar: But again, remember it either she had to tell me on the phone, we were just chatting one day I don't remember you told me this I said no, I don't.

00:48:20.430 --> 00:48:22.560 Judi Miller: yeah and i'm Dr Jan.

00:48:22.770 --> 00:48:29.580 Judi Miller: George and I definitely have more questions for you, but before we run out of time, this is lisa's book dying to tell you.

00:48:29.910 --> 00:48:41.070 Judi Miller: So it's a quick read it's got some great and profound information in it and it's a fantastic book so Lisa How do people find out more about you, how do they get to work with you.

00:48:42.000 --> 00:48:48.660 Lisa Najjar: Yes, easily they go to Lisa and there they will find my books, they will find personal sessions, they can have.

00:48:48.900 --> 00:48:56.640 Lisa Najjar: i'm doing well tomorrow night the moon meditation full moon I do the moon meditations I do the ascended master groups at once a month.

00:48:57.060 --> 00:49:02.550 Lisa Najjar: And i'm also just started an increase your intuitive IQ course and that's really for anyone.

00:49:02.850 --> 00:49:11.760 Lisa Najjar: I say we use our intuition, for everything from picking us both to buying a house and everything in between so it's not about becoming a psychic although you can.

00:49:12.000 --> 00:49:19.650 Lisa Najjar: But it's about we use it it's one of our guests, so why not make it your superpower and that's what i'm doing we're having lots of fun just.

00:49:20.700 --> 00:49:33.570 Lisa Najjar: practicing with each other, building confidence because that's, the main thing that people need and so that just started and people can join anytime they want it sort of ongoing and it's to be a lot of fun

00:49:33.900 --> 00:49:42.120 Judi Miller: So Lisa for listeners, who are just listening is there one or two things or practices that we can do to help increase our intuitive IQ.

00:49:43.770 --> 00:49:49.530 Lisa Najjar: yeah gosh there's so many, but I think just practically speaking meditation I just taught it the other day.

00:49:49.830 --> 00:49:58.680 Lisa Najjar: meditation when I started, I was always intuitive when I started a regular meditation practice it went through the roof so just five or 10 minutes a day.

00:49:58.950 --> 00:50:07.710 Lisa Najjar: The other thing is some people find really great luck with binary beats meditating with by normal beats I don't use them, but many people are awakening just from that.

00:50:08.430 --> 00:50:14.160 Lisa Najjar: Staying in a joy place for one thing, definitely stay in your joy place in all things and.

00:50:14.760 --> 00:50:22.200 Lisa Najjar: Then spirit tells me that if people just they're always getting intuitive hits right your intuition your gut feeling whatever you want to call it.

00:50:22.470 --> 00:50:32.730 Lisa Najjar: But they don't follow it, because they think oh lucky gas or but no start jotting down every time you get a hit on something or feeling, not to do something, or to do something, then.

00:50:33.540 --> 00:50:44.010 Lisa Najjar: date it and then watch what happens and maybe try it and then, once you start seeing it, you will start following it the minute you start following it and trusting it and noticing it spirit says.

00:50:44.340 --> 00:50:49.590 Lisa Najjar: yeah i'll give her more now and it really starts to jumpstart things.

00:50:49.650 --> 00:50:54.990 Georgeann Dau: Yes, that's been my experience that's right, yes, yes and.

00:50:55.080 --> 00:50:56.520 Lisa Najjar: Also, asking dreams.

00:50:56.550 --> 00:51:05.160 Lisa Najjar: If you want a question, sometimes it's easier for people to connect in the dream state at first so asked before bed night after night just say okay.

00:51:05.460 --> 00:51:20.190 Lisa Najjar: i'm at a crossroads i'd really like some guidance on blank and can you please come bring me the message in a dream and start programming your dreams, even to give you those messages you'll be amazed, maybe, maybe not the first night but keep doing it and you'll see some changes, I think.

00:51:21.180 --> 00:51:23.700 Georgeann Dau: Would you be willing to come back on the show again.

00:51:24.330 --> 00:51:31.530 Lisa Najjar: Good luck to you, ladies are amazing I would love to hear all the all of what you're up to, yes, of course.

00:51:31.710 --> 00:51:34.380 Georgeann Dau: Thank you, thank you for your generosity Lisa.

00:51:34.830 --> 00:51:42.780 Judi Miller: We would love to have you back so Lisa 2021 is the year of movement life is a highway tell us what that's all about.

00:51:43.890 --> 00:51:50.610 Lisa Najjar: Your Harrison came in on June 11 last year's singing life is a highway Tom Cochrane version of it, and he was saying.

00:51:50.910 --> 00:51:57.780 Lisa Najjar: You know, yes, yes, I see that there's all this chaos going on and that's all true and i'm not denying it or minimizing it, he said.

00:51:58.080 --> 00:52:08.190 Lisa Najjar: But I want to tell you something he said tell them Lisa that they're sitting on a mountain of gold and they don't know it, and I said, what do you mean amount of gold, I didn't know quite what that man, he said, the.

00:52:08.460 --> 00:52:17.400 Lisa Najjar: gold of possibility, he said, because of this new wave of Ascension energy and because of this veil the veil is lifting.

00:52:17.640 --> 00:52:27.450 Lisa Najjar: And so there's not much of a veil between worlds anymore, and we are all waking up whether we know it or not, and whether we like it or not, so he said because of that.

00:52:27.690 --> 00:52:36.150 Lisa Najjar: You can manifest almost instantly now, but the problem is most people because of the situation they're in on fear highway.

00:52:36.420 --> 00:52:46.410 Lisa Najjar: And there's another highway over there, that if they could just step away from the fear and go over here, he says, you watch you wouldn't believe how your manifestations will come to pass.

00:52:46.800 --> 00:52:55.650 Lisa Najjar: quicker than they ever have before so he said get on and no one's on it you'll have the whole highway to yourself yeah it's very good yeah.

00:52:58.380 --> 00:53:06.840 Judi Miller: So Lisa What would you like to leave our listeners with we talked about so much wonderful profound information, what are the two to three things that we should remember.

00:53:08.100 --> 00:53:18.930 Lisa Najjar: I know I said it already in this interview but gosh you are so loved you are so loved and if you know how loved you are, and if you know that.

00:53:19.410 --> 00:53:24.810 Lisa Najjar: Your angelic you know guides and and the masters and beloved you know.

00:53:25.320 --> 00:53:36.090 Lisa Najjar: Jesus and Marian so many masters are around you and God, I mean just reach out reach out to the divine being the God of your understanding and.

00:53:36.570 --> 00:53:42.210 Lisa Najjar: Your life will be just so much more improved and it'll help take you up out of the fear that's.

00:53:42.720 --> 00:53:49.590 Lisa Najjar: that's all over, and you know permeating the globe, it seems like right now so just knowing your loved knowing that you're not alone.

00:53:50.250 --> 00:54:01.110 Lisa Najjar: Knowing that you're amazing and you're you're perfect and beautiful and that you're sitting on a mountain of gold of possibilities so get on the highway and write it all night long.

00:54:02.490 --> 00:54:03.210 Judi Miller: I love that.

00:54:03.240 --> 00:54:03.870 Georgeann Dau: I love that.

00:54:05.700 --> 00:54:06.330 Lisa Najjar: yeah.

00:54:07.470 --> 00:54:11.910 Judi Miller: And I think one of your other favorite songs is is it sweet Lord my sweet.

00:54:13.200 --> 00:54:30.120 Lisa Najjar: I used it to get me into a joint place before I would channel any of the guests in my block and then I would use David for miles champ dietary chant guy at a mantra and that put me in a beautiful high high vibrational state so between those two I was ready to go.

00:54:31.410 --> 00:54:31.770 Georgeann Dau: Nice.

00:54:33.000 --> 00:54:35.130 Georgeann Dau: Have you ever channels anyone that scared you.

00:54:37.350 --> 00:54:45.000 Lisa Najjar: Great question wow I have, I have never been asked that I have never channeled anyone who's scared me um.

00:54:47.520 --> 00:54:48.840 Lisa Najjar: No, I really haven't.

00:54:48.870 --> 00:54:58.380 Georgeann Dau: amazing so you would think that people only those ascended of a high from a high vibration have come to you.

00:54:59.520 --> 00:55:04.710 Lisa Najjar: Well, that said i've never channeled anyone that scared me, but I will say this.

00:55:05.190 --> 00:55:11.850 Lisa Najjar: That there is darker heavier energy on the planet and it always has been it's light and dark and so have I had.

00:55:12.150 --> 00:55:24.120 Lisa Najjar: Attacks on me psychic or spiritual yeah energetic when i'm out in crowded places sometimes yes, I feel it or after being around somebody that's kind of just a miserable maybe a really angry person.

00:55:24.480 --> 00:55:33.870 Lisa Najjar: Absolutely or gold walking into a haunted house check yeah I do and I have to like clear it or sometimes even get someone to help clear it off me, so I have been.

00:55:34.200 --> 00:55:45.690 Lisa Najjar: bothered by that absolutely all the way through the whole journey, I have here and there, but no i've never actually channeled them, and I think because, again we set those intentions that I work with the light through the light.

00:55:46.080 --> 00:55:50.340 Lisa Najjar: I want from the late for that.

00:55:50.430 --> 00:55:56.550 Georgeann Dau: yeah intentionality seems to really be intentionality love.

00:55:57.720 --> 00:56:00.090 Georgeann Dau: And I love you and I love you you.

00:56:00.090 --> 00:56:00.750 Georgeann Dau: know that.

00:56:01.200 --> 00:56:17.070 Georgeann Dau: And I love all of you, thank you for joining us tonight we have spectacular gifts gifts guests coming up as gift on the next several weeks Lisa Thank you really a privilege to know you to meet you and I hope we see each other again.

00:56:17.280 --> 00:56:18.600 Lisa Najjar: We we.

00:56:19.110 --> 00:56:19.200 Lisa Najjar: Have.

00:56:19.290 --> 00:56:23.100 Judi Miller: You guys been such a pleasure it's been such a pleasure to have in your head.

00:56:24.180 --> 00:56:26.370 Lisa Najjar: it's been amazing Thank you so much.

00:56:26.520 --> 00:56:32.880 Georgeann Dau: Thank you really great so you'll come on again all right, everyone Thank you so much we'll see you next week.

00:56:33.750 --> 00:56:35.310 Georgeann Dau: goodnight God bless good night.

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