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Monday, April 19, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/04/19 - The Agreement

Facebook Live Video from 2021/04/19 - The Agreement


2021/04/19 - The Agreement

[NEW EPISODE] The Agreement

We are the expression of one universal force, all part of the “oneness.” But what would change if we really began to live and experience life from that place of totality, not from the duality-- that separation--that has marked our current reality?

Join us tonight as we interview Rebecca Dawson, internationally acclaimed channeller, speaker and author, about her new book The Agreement. You will begin to grasp the infinite power available to all of us when we come into awareness and agreement with our true and eternal self.

Tune in for this philosophical conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Dr. Georgeann starts the episode off by introducing tonight’s guest, author Rebecca Dawson. Judi dives deeper into Rebecca’s career and background. Rebecca talks about this shift in consciousness we are noticing, starting by discussing changes we notice in ourselves. A key to this is disidentification, the idea that we are becoming unhooked from the things we use to define ourselves, questioning our validity and identity. The recent developments she has noticed are that we are unhooking from external things. With the pandemic, we are feeling externalities becoming more distant. As uncomfortable as this time may be, it is highly indicative of the shift happening. Dr. G discusses how Jesus brought a similar shift in his time. Rebecca moves on to discuss the idea that the masters, who she will move on to discuss, have been helping us to see that all we need is within ourselves. As opposed to in the past, we are now being told and are learning that we need to look at all aspects and emotions of ours should be acknowledged, and we must believe ourselves first. Continuing on this topic, she discusses the idea that we often forget that we exist, caring more about the world around us than ourselves.

Segment 2

Coming back from the break, Dr. G asks Rebecca how we can discern between the truths and shadows within ourselves, the sides of us that want to evolve and the sides that want to stay the same. Rebecca believes the agreement to be the noticing and acknowledgement of problems about ourselves. This allows us to go on a journey with these problems and aspects of ourselves. Rebecca describes the shift more as being similar light going through a keyhole, with the whole spectrum needing to compress and come together to get through. Our problems must come together and become one with us for us to get through. Not only is this shift occurring within, but collectively throughout society, with issues such as race and gender coming up. Judi asks Rebecca to further describe a quote from her book describing the body as the cosmic mind. She explains that it is more important to focus on the agreements we have with our bodies rather than what we put into them, bringing back the analogy of the keyhole. The agreement is important in helping us to process emotions and let go. Rather than embracing our problems, we look for sources externally, making us stop to face them. We tend to push away thoughts we don’t like rather than acknowledging them.

Segment 3

Rebecca discusses the idea that we are designed to birth things, we are here to reproduce things in a way that is repetitive. We are now noticing changes in the way the body operates, in many facets, such as the nervous system, eyes, hearts, etc. Rebecca’s focus is to embrace and identify the expansion of our capacity. She discusses her belief that knowing what we want halts creation, having a vision of what we want means that the idea is not new. So many people currently have no idea what they want, which can be disconcerting, but it just means that they are moving with the shift, creating a new paradigm. Trusting this change is a leap of faith, letting the joy and curiosity within guide. As much as humanity has thought it has been making progress, we are so contained, and we are only starting to break out and see that what we thought was progress was not the evolution we thought it was. Rather than losing touch with reality, Rebecca believes that we are moving through it. The three move onto the idea of religion and how this idea of faith is in line with the shift. Judi asks Rebecca to talk about the value of sound as she earlier touched on light. Rebecca describes that sound is very important in creation, possibly even preceding light. We are now moving into an experience where nothing new can be realized unless expressed.

Segment 4

In order for something to exist in our reality, it must be expressed. For many of us who don’t feel comfortable expressing ourselves, the time for minding your own thoughts and feelings has passed, we must now bring these things forth. Rebecca discusses the physical connections these ideas have, with many having a certain feeling in the back of the neck. Judi asks Rebecca to discuss how people can start to get into these topics. Rebecca has a website with many of her resources. Dr. G invites Rebecca out to New York to give a seminar. While channeling, Rebecca is fully present, often being in that mode today. Dr. G ends tonight’s episode in prayer.


00:00:28.530 --> 00:00:34.620 Georgeann Dau: Hi welcome to a journey through into awareness we're your hosts this evening.

00:00:35.670 --> 00:00:37.620 Georgeann Dau: Judy Miller and Dr George and.

00:00:38.820 --> 00:00:48.570 Georgeann Dau: we're very excited that you're joining us again tonight For those of you that are here, each week or mostly We appreciate it very much and we hope that you find our Program.

00:00:49.560 --> 00:01:04.410 Georgeann Dau: nourishing and one that serves you in your everyday life, so we always have such great people on and tonight we have a lovely lady we're actually with her it's very early for her.

00:01:05.640 --> 00:01:16.140 Georgeann Dau: she's in Australia and her name is Rebecca Dawson and she's going to honor us tonight with her work she's written an incredible book.

00:01:17.310 --> 00:01:18.660 Georgeann Dau: The agreements.

00:01:21.000 --> 00:01:23.460 Georgeann Dau: Rebecca hold your book there you go.

00:01:24.750 --> 00:01:32.790 Georgeann Dau: Right so it's great, and I think that I think that tonight's gonna be really exciting for all of us.

00:01:34.080 --> 00:01:35.850 Georgeann Dau: So Judy is going to.

00:01:36.930 --> 00:01:37.800 Georgeann Dau: Introduce Sir.

00:01:38.190 --> 00:01:47.820 Judi Miller: it's such an honor to have Rebecca here so Rebecca Dawson is an international channel or speaker and author, based in Australia, who has been in practice for more than 25 years.

00:01:48.210 --> 00:01:59.790 Judi Miller: After facilitating over 2000 private consultations rebecca's focus in the last seven years has been on the research and understanding of the six shifts that are occurring for earth and humanity.

00:02:00.300 --> 00:02:07.920 Judi Miller: Her journey began at 18 after spontaneously becoming a channel for information and wisdom for a collective she calls the masters.

00:02:08.460 --> 00:02:21.630 Judi Miller: So after 25 years of relaying this information to humanity, there was renewed urgency, according to the Masters humanities, in the midst of making a massive consciousness shift that is becoming more evident daily.

00:02:22.260 --> 00:02:35.310 Judi Miller: And as Dr George and mentioned her new book is called the agreement and has been written to help us understand this shift its roadmap for embracing life from this new level of cosmic mind so welcome to journey through to awareness Rebecca.

00:02:36.180 --> 00:02:38.730 Rebecca Dawson: Thank you i'm delighted to be here with you.

00:02:40.380 --> 00:03:05.160 Georgeann Dau: Great I was really excited to hear that you were part of helping us understand what is going on for all of us, I certainly feel the shifts happening for quite a while now, for many, many years, actually, but have really been questioning myself within.

00:03:06.270 --> 00:03:25.920 Georgeann Dau: And my patients with what is going on, for us, would you talk a little bit about that, and I know that you speak of the information coming to you through what's called the Masters Would you mind talking a little bit about what the shifts or and who are these masters.

00:03:26.820 --> 00:03:31.080 Rebecca Dawson: Well wow that's a that's a huge huge question So where do we begin there.

00:03:31.410 --> 00:03:31.800 Rebecca Dawson: I think.

00:03:33.210 --> 00:03:39.510 Rebecca Dawson: Many of us who are tuning in and listening to this are tuning in and listening because we're aware that things are shifting.

00:03:39.930 --> 00:03:48.690 Rebecca Dawson: And and right at the Center of our experience in life is ourselves so we tend to notice the changes within ourselves first.

00:03:49.110 --> 00:03:58.050 Rebecca Dawson: Perhaps are not feeling the same way about things or we're not as interested in the same directions of movement that we were traveling along before.

00:03:58.470 --> 00:04:04.380 Rebecca Dawson: And so really this we've been knowing about the shift, for a long time now, indeed there being teachers.

00:04:05.100 --> 00:04:15.960 Rebecca Dawson: and spiritually as we've been talking about this for hundreds of years, if not thousands of years, that there is this big leap in consciousness that's going to occur for humanity.

00:04:16.650 --> 00:04:31.950 Rebecca Dawson: What what we don't necessarily expect with that is that it's going to begin within us and then unfold into our external space and so many people who have been on what we might call spiritual path or.

00:04:33.090 --> 00:04:41.550 Rebecca Dawson: Stepping to understand the consciousness have been aware that we've been shifting inside and that's when we move into self inquiry and perhaps.

00:04:41.880 --> 00:04:47.040 Rebecca Dawson: look a little bit about self improvement and how we can become better versions of ourselves.

00:04:47.430 --> 00:04:59.760 Rebecca Dawson: that's been going on for a long time now, one of the key things with that is dis identification and so a lot of people, particularly in the last five to six years have been becoming unhooked.

00:05:00.150 --> 00:05:09.240 Rebecca Dawson: From what they believe defines who they are, so it could be relationships, it could be your work direction or family or things that you're interested in.

00:05:09.720 --> 00:05:17.700 Rebecca Dawson: And so what we tend to do is to question our and validity, should we even really be here, what is our purpose, what are we supposed to be doing.

00:05:18.600 --> 00:05:32.220 Rebecca Dawson: So a lot of the agreement, looks at how we can begin to reposition ourselves and find confidence in this new way of being now that we're on hooking from those external reference points.

00:05:32.730 --> 00:05:45.420 Rebecca Dawson: Well, what we're seeing in the last 18 months to two years in our world is we're beginning to see that on hawking starts become evident in our external systems and structures.

00:05:46.230 --> 00:05:57.480 Rebecca Dawson: So, because we have begun to become more clear that we exist in our right as conscious beings the structures that used to tell us who and what we are.

00:05:58.050 --> 00:06:05.430 Rebecca Dawson: And not being supported as much anymore by our awareness by our attention and our focus.

00:06:06.090 --> 00:06:16.980 Rebecca Dawson: So, particularly during what what we've called the covert situation in the last 18 or so months we're beginning to see things falter externally there's a lot of confusion.

00:06:17.460 --> 00:06:22.620 Rebecca Dawson: belief systems and structures are becoming so obvious that they're external to us.

00:06:23.460 --> 00:06:42.270 Rebecca Dawson: And so we're beginning to experience a dissonance between what it feels like in here and what the outside reality and belief system is telling us is true so it's an incredibly uncomfortable time for people but highly indicative of a shift in consciousness.

00:06:42.750 --> 00:06:51.570 Georgeann Dau: And to happen, it has to happen, I I I love Jesus and I spend a lot of time with the Lord.

00:06:52.110 --> 00:06:59.490 Georgeann Dau: And Jesus came to bring a new consciousness through the way he lived I mean did much more than that, but you know.

00:07:00.090 --> 00:07:12.930 Georgeann Dau: What I try to help people look at is the consciousness that he brought as a psychoanalyst and spiritual director I try to help people in launch their perception instead of live living in the distorted.

00:07:14.250 --> 00:07:34.170 Georgeann Dau: reference points that they were brought up with, because nothing identifies us in the outer world there is nothing that and we grab on to things to try to identify ourselves when we do not have a really true whole reference place which is love.

00:07:35.580 --> 00:07:39.600 Georgeann Dau: And how to live out of that is that pretty much what i'm hearing.

00:07:40.560 --> 00:07:48.810 Rebecca Dawson: I love the way you express that I think we're using slightly different language, but the concept is is is a resonant and it's the same.

00:07:49.140 --> 00:08:01.050 Rebecca Dawson: So this is really a return to sovereignty to knowing that everything that we made all the wisdom that we can possibly have access to is born from us and is inherent.

00:08:01.380 --> 00:08:16.020 Rebecca Dawson: So, even the concept of channeling for me personally, has changed so much over 25 years rather than some you know other wisdom that separate or another stream of consciousness is separate who asked coming from the outside.

00:08:16.200 --> 00:08:16.710 Rebecca Dawson: In.

00:08:17.010 --> 00:08:26.280 Rebecca Dawson: And somehow having to become worthy to receive that rather than that it's about how do we bring that inherent wisdom that's our birthright.

00:08:26.730 --> 00:08:33.360 Rebecca Dawson: out and for me that's what the act of channeling has become and the Masters have become very, very.

00:08:33.930 --> 00:08:47.190 Rebecca Dawson: focused on encouraging people to begin to become aware of their own capacities, and so we do talk a lot about what the human capacity is because we're actually designed to be able to do that.

00:08:47.490 --> 00:08:49.170 Judi Miller: So Rebecca for people who.

00:08:50.220 --> 00:09:00.480 Judi Miller: periodically get downloads or different hits sometimes they question whether or not it's divine information or guidance coming through them, or is it something that their mind is making up.

00:09:00.660 --> 00:09:03.210 Judi Miller: So did you ever struggle with that and how do you make that.

00:09:03.210 --> 00:09:08.670 Rebecca Dawson: distinction, yes, absolutely and I think you know for me.

00:09:09.780 --> 00:09:17.970 Rebecca Dawson: When I first began doing this, I had some knowledge and I had some awareness and I learned that through many different types of.

00:09:18.270 --> 00:09:30.960 Rebecca Dawson: directions with metaphysics and I had a Catholic background as well, so it was you know what is this piece of the puzzle, what is this piece of the puzzle, a lot of knowledge let's put it that way esoteric knowledge.

00:09:31.620 --> 00:09:51.690 Rebecca Dawson: For me, the great shift in my own capacity was when I reached that point where the wisdom that was coming out did not match or superseded in some way what I had learned from external systems of information, and that was the point at which I really had to decide.

00:09:53.040 --> 00:09:56.760 Rebecca Dawson: Am I willing to have the courage to move into the unknown.

00:09:58.170 --> 00:10:05.550 Rebecca Dawson: And and that's that to me was that point, and the reason I bring this up today's because I think so many of us are there at the moment.

00:10:05.760 --> 00:10:16.440 Rebecca Dawson: Where what is happening in our worlds what we're feeling what we're thinking what we're knowing isn't matched by what we already have seen it's not matched by any kind of.

00:10:16.860 --> 00:10:24.360 Rebecca Dawson: Confirmation around us and so it's it's a leap of faith time it's a leap of faith to really believe.

00:10:24.720 --> 00:10:34.020 Rebecca Dawson: What it is that's emerging within us and it's quite different from what we've learned in the past where we've learned that there's certain feelings or emotions and we shouldn't pay attention to them.

00:10:34.290 --> 00:10:42.000 Rebecca Dawson: We shouldn't pay attention to these particular thoughts because it's separate us perhaps it's ego perhaps its programming.

00:10:42.480 --> 00:10:55.050 Rebecca Dawson: This is a big shift, because this is now about inviting everything back into one space not seeing those aspects of ourselves as separate us so that it can actually all begin to work together.

00:10:56.100 --> 00:11:13.050 Rebecca Dawson: And so it's really important to believe yourself, we often sign off with with seminars and workshops that we're doing saying believe yourself it's, the most important thing, because we don't we believe everything else, except ourselves, and we should believe ourselves first right.

00:11:13.350 --> 00:11:25.800 Judi Miller: Absolutely and Rebecca I love the name of your book and just a quote from the book one only needs to view life from a state of agreement in order to know the truth so for listeners, what is the agreement well.

00:11:25.830 --> 00:11:30.390 Rebecca Dawson: The ultimate agreement just following on from what we've just said, is to agree with yourself.

00:11:31.440 --> 00:11:48.900 Rebecca Dawson: and agree with your own existence, because when we are in this dualistic world we look out from our eyes and we see things and we assess it and there's that Maya there's that measurement of distance the illusion, in which we make.

00:11:50.130 --> 00:11:57.510 Rebecca Dawson: judgment in which we we weigh up one against the other ways the separation there do I choose this or this.

00:11:57.570 --> 00:12:00.450 Rebecca Dawson: dualism dualism exactly.

00:12:02.550 --> 00:12:12.240 Rebecca Dawson: The agreement is not necessarily because I know there's a lot of there's a lot of spiritual inquiring practicing to being in agreement with anything that's happening for you.

00:12:12.750 --> 00:12:23.910 Rebecca Dawson: And that's very, very valuable, but this this takes it a little bit further, and the ultimate agreement is to agree with yourself and why you are your own existence your own thoughts your own.

00:12:24.540 --> 00:12:34.590 Rebecca Dawson: feeling state because that's what we don't do we always check it against what we're saying, or what we're experiencing and straight away we're in duality there.

00:12:36.690 --> 00:12:37.230 Georgeann Dau: i'm sorry.

00:12:37.530 --> 00:12:37.800 Judi Miller: Go ahead.

00:12:38.820 --> 00:12:45.750 Georgeann Dau: To the outer world in the world, the dialogue we have so many questions for you get we have two minutes before the break.

00:12:46.800 --> 00:12:55.440 Judi Miller: I was going to say, along with Rebecca was saying, I know some of the terminology that you use in your book is Center point and saying to yourself, I exist.

00:12:56.670 --> 00:13:13.890 Rebecca Dawson: yeah it's it's so vital and we don't do it, you know everything else exists, my bills exist my children exist my my my job exists, but where are you in that you're the Creator, we were designed to be creators, we are the Center of long we forget that we exist.

00:13:15.390 --> 00:13:29.790 Georgeann Dau: You know, one of the big pieces of one of the big pieces and maybe we could begin, though, when we come back we'll be right back to a journey through into awareness with Rebecca Dawson, thank you for joining us tonight we'll be right back.

00:13:35.250 --> 00:13:36.000 Rebecca Dawson: Talk radio.

00:16:32.430 --> 00:16:41.940 Georgeann Dau: Welcome back to a journey through into awareness we're here tonight with Rebecca Dawson and we're discussing her book, the agreement.

00:16:43.020 --> 00:16:43.680 Georgeann Dau: So.

00:16:45.210 --> 00:16:46.980 Georgeann Dau: Rebecca when we talk about.

00:16:48.960 --> 00:16:55.410 Georgeann Dau: Trusting I am trusting ourselves having the agreement with ourselves.

00:16:57.000 --> 00:17:08.820 Georgeann Dau: How do we discern between our inner world and, what is the truth of what goes on inside of us and what is the deceptive piece or shadow.

00:17:10.650 --> 00:17:19.560 Georgeann Dau: Do you know what I mean by that I mean it's all there, but we need to become aware of it, in my opinion, we need to become aware of it, to live out of.

00:17:20.820 --> 00:17:32.940 Georgeann Dau: The place that's going to really desire to evolve, instead of the part of us that is egotistical wants to stay in pride and brokenness and not take a look.

00:17:33.720 --> 00:17:36.780 Rebecca Dawson: Of course, and I think you know agreement.

00:17:38.400 --> 00:17:42.840 Rebecca Dawson: In its purest form is an acknowledgement that something is.

00:17:43.620 --> 00:17:51.900 Rebecca Dawson: And I think what we do when it comes to those aspects of ourselves that we would wish to correct or we would wish to merge more fully into our homeless.

00:17:52.350 --> 00:17:57.810 Rebecca Dawson: Is that we acknowledge that it exists, and then we see it as a problem to be solved.

00:17:58.320 --> 00:18:06.210 Rebecca Dawson: And immediately, we have the distance immediately, we have the separation and it's very difficult to begin to come from our Holiness.

00:18:06.480 --> 00:18:16.980 Rebecca Dawson: When we're trying to solve a problem, and indeed that's when our minds are designed to do, yes, so the greatest opportunity that we have is to notice those aspects about ourselves.

00:18:18.060 --> 00:18:20.160 Rebecca Dawson: acknowledge their existence.

00:18:21.180 --> 00:18:26.310 Rebecca Dawson: And then again bring it back to our own existence this exists and I exist.

00:18:27.480 --> 00:18:38.430 Rebecca Dawson: Because, as soon as we start to see it as a problem to be solved it really becomes an incredibly difficult game and we start to move into process and it can become.

00:18:38.940 --> 00:18:48.030 Rebecca Dawson: Much more involved and we start to move into time and then we have something that's going to take us quite as we're going to go and have a journey with it.

00:18:48.510 --> 00:18:56.010 Rebecca Dawson: And while there's a lot of validity and a lot of value in going on a journey with an aspect of yourself.

00:18:56.730 --> 00:19:13.200 Rebecca Dawson: I tend to see in the Masters tend to see looking at journey as moving away from yourself again and away from your Center point, so the way that we would like to describe it, and the shift in consciousness that's happening at the moment is if we were an entire.

00:19:14.250 --> 00:19:26.970 Rebecca Dawson: entire spectrum of light, and this is not just all the different aspects within ourselves as individuals, this is all of humanity giant spectrum of light and we're passing into a new paradigm of consciousness.

00:19:27.690 --> 00:19:43.290 Rebecca Dawson: And there's a big door and the way that might be what some people call the veil or our sense of separation and in order for this huge spectrum of light to pass through one room to another it's going to go through a tiny teeny little keyhole.

00:19:44.400 --> 00:20:01.020 Rebecca Dawson: And when that happens there's a compression that occurs and so that light has to come into one laser point of clarity to go through the keyhole and out into a new reality, which is what some people might call new or three out of the Golden Age new consciousness.

00:20:02.160 --> 00:20:09.420 Rebecca Dawson: When that happens, we have to be willing to bring every aspect of ourselves into the smallest space.

00:20:10.590 --> 00:20:17.580 Rebecca Dawson: And not only is that happening within ourselves at this time we're really, really seeing super obviously.

00:20:17.940 --> 00:20:32.040 Rebecca Dawson: What those aspects of ourselves are that sabotage us, or what our fears are what our anxieties are right now actually in the last three weeks is an incredible surge of collective grief that's happening, for example.

00:20:33.000 --> 00:20:43.470 Rebecca Dawson: it's all part of the human spectrum of experience it all has to come together to pass through, and so it rather than seeing it there.

00:20:43.950 --> 00:20:51.450 Rebecca Dawson: say, well, I acknowledge and agree that there is grief it's part of the human experience, for example, or jealousy or whatever it is.

00:20:52.080 --> 00:21:05.760 Rebecca Dawson: Rather than then trying to resolve it or solve it will get rid of it we actually acknowledge it, we agree with it, and in that moment, it has the ability to become one with us and pass through into something new.

00:21:06.720 --> 00:21:12.330 Rebecca Dawson: Now we're not only seeing that within ourselves at this time we're seeing that collectively within society.

00:21:13.530 --> 00:21:27.750 Rebecca Dawson: I think we're especially seeing this with what's happening in the last 18 months because all of a sudden we're seeing the other everywhere we're seeing race issues we're seeing gender issues we're seeing you know.

00:21:28.860 --> 00:21:44.550 Rebecca Dawson: All sorts of things that are happening in different strata of society because we're coming so close to each other, as we pass through the issue is not, how do we solve the issue here, and the opportunity here is, do we agree that we all exist yet.

00:21:46.380 --> 00:21:54.960 Judi Miller: So Rebecca in the book you say your body is the total mind your body is the representation of the cosmic mind, could you explain that a little bit further.

00:21:55.770 --> 00:22:06.690 Rebecca Dawson: Absolutely, we tend to see our bodies as containers or as limitations, because that's how we see through third dimension ality there's always market points and boundaries.

00:22:07.230 --> 00:22:23.130 Rebecca Dawson: When we begin to see our body actually as an opening and as a doorway into this reality, perhaps in in DR Jones words for Christ consciousness, or for cosmic mind that that to me they're interchangeable concepts.

00:22:24.240 --> 00:22:35.490 Rebecca Dawson: We begin to see that it's not so much about what our bodies can contain and how it can find a balance it's more about how much can we bring out.

00:22:35.880 --> 00:22:54.300 Rebecca Dawson: How much are we willing to be in so much agreement with our bodies that we begin to trust what's emerging from it, rather than focus so much about what we're putting into it, which is what we do with wisdom information nutrition, all of these concerns that we have.

00:22:55.530 --> 00:23:13.320 Rebecca Dawson: it's really now about seeing it as a doorway just like we looked at that keyhole where consciousness can flow through into the reality is the same for our cosmic mind or cross consciousness and masters love to talk about the body, not as a vessel, but as as a doorway or as a portal.

00:23:13.650 --> 00:23:18.270 Rebecca Dawson: For consciousness flood this reality or this world.

00:23:20.610 --> 00:23:26.850 Judi Miller: So Rebecca, how do we let go of those judgments those assessments in order to walk through that portal.

00:23:28.530 --> 00:23:38.160 Rebecca Dawson: Again, I feel very deeply and and I know very strongly within myself my own personal experience it really has been the agreement.

00:23:38.760 --> 00:23:51.540 Rebecca Dawson: And I mean, particularly at this time I think many of us personally going through some incredibly intense experiences it's really the agreement rather than, for example, at the moment, you know resolving.

00:23:52.140 --> 00:24:08.370 Rebecca Dawson: deaths, of course, once for example that's happening for a lot of people at this time, rather than I must learn to deal with this or I must go through this grieving process, which of course is incredibly important what I found for myself personally, is, I must agree that there is grief.

00:24:09.480 --> 00:24:12.210 Rebecca Dawson: I agree with myself that I feel great.

00:24:13.830 --> 00:24:31.800 Rebecca Dawson: So that immediately that conflict and that struggle to resolve, something is alleviated and in that moment, there is unified experience, because the the consciousness, the cosmic mind the Christ consciousness is saying yes, this exists.

00:24:32.940 --> 00:24:33.240 Judi Miller: So.

00:24:34.380 --> 00:24:49.590 Georgeann Dau: it's a it's awareness and acceptance awareness acceptance integration letting go, like all in one flow like Oh, except integration, let it go and be.

00:24:50.580 --> 00:24:57.180 Georgeann Dau: I what in my work, I speak of it is it's people look at these things as a stumbling block.

00:24:57.750 --> 00:25:13.680 Georgeann Dau: I I look at it as a stepping stone, because I know that God the universe, the collective consciousness uses everything for good, and when we have that consciousness there's a flow that happens it's like a you know it's like a way.

00:25:14.970 --> 00:25:15.780 Georgeann Dau: it's like a way.

00:25:18.960 --> 00:25:21.780 Judi Miller: I love it I love it it's almost as good as your fish voice.

00:25:22.740 --> 00:25:25.770 Georgeann Dau: In my body somehow yeah.

00:25:25.800 --> 00:25:37.110 Rebecca Dawson: Tell us, it really is, and I like to think of ask you know, almost as fountains and and different emotions and different thoughts they flow through us some of them originate from us some of them.

00:25:37.500 --> 00:25:45.120 Rebecca Dawson: You know, come from the collective consciousness, or we experience it that way, so sometimes we're being actually a barometer to what's happening around us.

00:25:45.150 --> 00:25:47.790 Rebecca Dawson: Oh yes, and this exists right now.

00:25:48.300 --> 00:25:49.770 Rebecca Dawson: There isn't it.

00:25:50.700 --> 00:25:58.740 Rebecca Dawson: I am in agreement that there is anxiety and in that moment what we're not doing is we're turning we're not turning that fountain off.

00:25:59.160 --> 00:26:02.550 Rebecca Dawson: Until we solve the problem and fix it to turn it back on again.

00:26:02.820 --> 00:26:09.150 Rebecca Dawson: And I think that's so important right now, because so many people are withdrawing into themselves because they don't like what they're feeling.

00:26:09.360 --> 00:26:19.020 Rebecca Dawson: Whether or not they attribute it to themselves personally or what's happening around them, and therefore we stop the flow we try we stopped to solve problems.

00:26:19.530 --> 00:26:29.850 Rebecca Dawson: Rather than embrace it and that's our opportunity to say okay well that's a spectrum of the Rainbow of human experience let's bring it all together.

00:26:30.270 --> 00:26:42.180 Rebecca Dawson: I mean, even if we look at the spectrum of light, you know we we look at the Rainbow and we say well all of those colors are what make up the Rainbow wouldn't be a rainbow without that we need that that's why.

00:26:42.930 --> 00:26:44.820 Georgeann Dau: Yes, absolutely yeah of.

00:26:45.090 --> 00:26:50.460 Rebecca Dawson: course and what what we tend to do with emotions and thoughts, as we say, well, I don't want that bit.

00:26:51.600 --> 00:27:05.280 Rebecca Dawson: So let's get rid of that, but where is your totality and it's bringing them all into a unified field of awareness, a unified field of awareness and the awareness is this exists.

00:27:05.940 --> 00:27:13.350 Judi Miller: And one of the things that you use in the book which I love you ask the question what is what else is there, what else is there for me.

00:27:14.280 --> 00:27:19.020 Rebecca Dawson: And we don't know we never get to the what else until we acknowledge what is.

00:27:19.140 --> 00:27:19.530 Judi Miller: mm hmm.

00:27:20.250 --> 00:27:36.000 Rebecca Dawson: So many times we think when I want something else in life, I don't want this rather than all this exists, but what else is there because now, the game is to acknowledge and come into agreement with its existence and then that unlocks more.

00:27:37.080 --> 00:27:38.760 Georgeann Dau: Intellectual i'm sorry.

00:27:39.780 --> 00:27:57.660 Georgeann Dau: So much of the time people identify themselves with their feelings feelings, the things we have there nothing's that we are so if we can just recognize, we have the feeling and recognize it doesn't define us, that is something we're having in the moment period amen.

00:27:58.620 --> 00:28:01.380 Rebecca Dawson: it's an aspect of the human experience.

00:28:01.500 --> 00:28:03.210 Georgeann Dau: Absolutely love it.

00:28:03.900 --> 00:28:14.070 Rebecca Dawson: yeah i'm what is heaven on earth, it is the acknowledgement of the divine in the human So yes, i'm divine, and this is the human experience I love it.

00:28:14.160 --> 00:28:25.560 Georgeann Dau: Oh that's such a great place we'll be right back with Rebecca Dawson the journey through into awareness and we are here journey together we'll be right back.

00:31:18.030 --> 00:31:23.220 Georgeann Dau: hi welcome back we're here with Rebecca Dawson author of the agreement.

00:31:24.990 --> 00:31:33.030 Georgeann Dau: So Rebecca How does all of this shift in consciousness affect the physical body and disease.

00:31:35.130 --> 00:31:48.540 Rebecca Dawson: Well, the physical body, of course, is our it's the whole arc of humanity, we like to think of our thoughts and our egos perhaps or our motions as the whole lot but it's actually our physicality.

00:31:49.080 --> 00:31:57.810 Rebecca Dawson: And our physical bodies are designed as we touched upon very briefly before to be openings to bring new things into this world.

00:31:58.770 --> 00:32:12.030 Rebecca Dawson: And, whether that be more human form or whether that be creative substance through concepts and design, we are really designed to birth things.

00:32:12.900 --> 00:32:24.540 Rebecca Dawson: We have come to understand over many hundreds of thousands of years through our belief systems and and now construct with reality that we're here to to reap to reproduce things in a way.

00:32:24.990 --> 00:32:33.660 Rebecca Dawson: That is very repetitive and consistent, where we have the same sorts of blueprints for experienced the same sorts of traumas in our DNA.

00:32:34.020 --> 00:32:48.600 Rebecca Dawson: We we go to work every day, and we do the same sorts of things, every day, were in essence if you if you know the nature of consciousness, or the nature of cosmic mind or God Christ consciousness, it is creative.

00:32:49.470 --> 00:33:00.750 Rebecca Dawson: So our bodies, because we are the living god's as the Masters like to call us and we are designed to be created, our body to actually created to change all the time as well.

00:33:01.620 --> 00:33:12.510 Rebecca Dawson: Of course, must, it must, and so our bodies at this time are going through an incredibly rapid return to that create a blueprint.

00:33:13.230 --> 00:33:17.700 Rebecca Dawson: And how we're experiencing now is we're noticing changes in the capacity of the body.

00:33:18.210 --> 00:33:28.470 Rebecca Dawson: we're noticing changes in the way that it operates changes in the way the organs are working together in and our nervous system now eyesight the way our hearts are operating.

00:33:29.010 --> 00:33:47.370 Rebecca Dawson: So many things, and a lot of teachers are talking about this in terms of Ascension symptoms that as the vibrational frequency of the planet increases our bodies are changing in accordance to that and that is that is absolutely something I think that we're all seeing and experiencing.

00:33:48.780 --> 00:33:49.050 Judi Miller: So.

00:33:50.010 --> 00:33:50.520 Rebecca Dawson: Yes.

00:33:50.610 --> 00:33:52.950 Judi Miller: So sorry, please finish what you were saying.

00:33:53.370 --> 00:34:01.350 Rebecca Dawson: But our focus is really on the reinstatement of the creative capacity of the body, which means that it's going to keep changing.

00:34:02.040 --> 00:34:14.640 Rebecca Dawson: and not necessarily to be seeing these changes as something that needs to be corrected to go back to where it wants, but rather embracing it and seeing our capacity expanding.

00:34:15.120 --> 00:34:35.550 Rebecca Dawson: Expanding so that we don't keep getting the same diseases, the same illnesses, the same patterns of trauma response in the body as we've always had it's going to enable us to have new experiences of the body moving forward so that's that's where we sit with with disease at this time.

00:34:36.330 --> 00:34:48.570 Judi Miller: So Rebecca you say that the greatest capacity to create right now is actually not knowing what we want and that seems very contrary to way that we are actually raised always having a purpose always having an attention or goal.

00:34:49.920 --> 00:34:59.640 Rebecca Dawson: Absolutely, because if you if you know what you want, and you can visualize it, and this is going to be a really disruptive for a lot of people, it was disruptive.

00:34:59.850 --> 00:35:10.620 Rebecca Dawson: For me, when this information, first, you know the Masters first started moving in this direction with us, or if you can visualize something have a really clear idea about what you want.

00:35:11.460 --> 00:35:26.010 Rebecca Dawson: And then start to make steps to move towards it, you already have in your mind a concept of that which means that somewhere that idea already exists already happened is already being done.

00:35:27.240 --> 00:35:28.260 Rebecca Dawson: And it's not new.

00:35:29.730 --> 00:35:33.270 Rebecca Dawson: It might be new for you, but it's not new, for the collective humanity.

00:35:34.260 --> 00:35:40.440 Rebecca Dawson: And this is what's so unprecedented about this time for us is that we're moving into a new.

00:35:40.800 --> 00:35:53.040 Rebecca Dawson: capacity for humanity for a new earth reality, which means new things new blueprints so with so many very awakened and conscious people right now absolutely no idea what they want.

00:35:53.820 --> 00:36:03.540 Rebecca Dawson: no idea what they're moving towards they know that they don't want what's on offer, but they don't know what they do want, and it can be incredibly disconcerting, because you can feel like you're lost.

00:36:03.810 --> 00:36:09.750 Rebecca Dawson: But actually what's happening is you're moving out of historical reference for what's possible.

00:36:10.860 --> 00:36:15.420 Rebecca Dawson: you're sitting in that space that bridge between the old earth and new Earth.

00:36:15.900 --> 00:36:26.610 Rebecca Dawson: And now you wait for your feeling state to begin to guide you towards something now you're not necessarily going to have a picture of what the outcome is because you haven't created it yet.

00:36:27.270 --> 00:36:44.700 Rebecca Dawson: So this is a leap of faith in this feels good for me in this moment this feels good for me on this day to do this to let the joy within you guide you and the curiosity, which are the hallmarks of Christ consciousness joy and curiosity.

00:36:45.990 --> 00:36:59.910 Rebecca Dawson: And that then will unfold into something that you had no idea was possible because there wasn't any reference for it, yet in human history and that's where we are so the not knowing is incredibly.

00:37:00.720 --> 00:37:07.860 Rebecca Dawson: disconcerting when where you're used to being dictated by mind remember the mind can't give you anything that hasn't already happened.

00:37:09.660 --> 00:37:13.320 Rebecca Dawson: So, to get into the new, we have to cross the bridge of not knowing.

00:37:13.800 --> 00:37:14.160 Judi Miller: mm hmm.

00:37:14.820 --> 00:37:17.280 Judi Miller: And that is, and that is scary for some people.

00:37:17.550 --> 00:37:30.000 Judi Miller: i'm just quoting something from your book, which seems to you know, be very aligned with that you know when we begin to awaken repetition feels like contraction and creation feels like expansion, the familiar no longer feels like safety.

00:37:31.980 --> 00:37:33.690 Judi Miller: it's a new way of experiencing things.

00:37:34.080 --> 00:37:38.430 Rebecca Dawson: absolutely true, and that can begin with disillusionment it can begin with boredom.

00:37:38.640 --> 00:37:46.020 Rebecca Dawson: And so often, we tend to question ourselves and say well what's wrong with me that I don't want to do that, that I don't find enjoyment in that anymore.

00:37:46.260 --> 00:37:54.480 Rebecca Dawson: When all that's happening is that you're now being being repositioned and refocus into the open space of newness.

00:37:54.780 --> 00:38:09.090 Rebecca Dawson: And, and to be able to be okay, with what I don't really know but i'm willing to be curious and see what emerges here that really is being fully conscious to the moment and what's possible.

00:38:10.260 --> 00:38:13.680 Judi Miller: So Rebecca do you feel that humanity is ready for these changes.

00:38:14.490 --> 00:38:17.310 Rebecca Dawson: I think that it's happening anyway Judy.

00:38:18.900 --> 00:38:28.140 Rebecca Dawson: it's not really a question of whether or not we're ready because we're here, I think the question is how how how comfortable can we get within it.

00:38:28.620 --> 00:38:38.100 Rebecca Dawson: How much can we give ourselves permission to step into the not knowing, so we can really start to take off and actually into to unfold.

00:38:38.640 --> 00:38:53.100 Rebecca Dawson: In a fullness you know, like a flower coming into its full bloom, we think that we've evolved as humanity but really it's been the structures around us that have evolved humanity hasn't really been evolving consciously.

00:38:53.310 --> 00:38:54.120 Rebecca Dawson: For quite some.

00:38:54.270 --> 00:38:55.920 Georgeann Dau: time I love that.

00:38:56.130 --> 00:39:10.380 Rebecca Dawson: it's like the chicken and the egg the egg rolling along and the chicken thinks it's making progress it hasn't even started yet because we're so contained my own beliefs and our structures and society and our economy, all of those things.

00:39:11.190 --> 00:39:13.590 Rebecca Dawson: it's not until everything starts breaking open.

00:39:13.620 --> 00:39:14.430 Georgeann Dau: yeah it as.

00:39:14.460 --> 00:39:21.450 Rebecca Dawson: We actually stopped so we're just beginning yeah so you know, we need to be a little less hard on ourselves.

00:39:22.950 --> 00:39:32.100 Rebecca Dawson: What we thought was progress was kind of externalised progress not really the evolution of human consciousness.

00:39:32.910 --> 00:39:34.740 Georgeann Dau: So we're in liminal space.

00:39:36.000 --> 00:39:38.160 Georgeann Dau: living with the anxiety of the unknown.

00:39:40.320 --> 00:39:51.240 Rebecca Dawson: Well we're actually in time and timelessness at the moment and I think that's why so many people are having disrupted sleep we're finding that there are moments where we're staring out into deep space.

00:39:51.660 --> 00:39:55.170 Rebecca Dawson: we've done memory going for many people.

00:39:56.190 --> 00:40:04.350 Rebecca Dawson: were really losing some people feel like they're losing touch with reality, but what's actually happening is we're dropping through reality.

00:40:04.560 --> 00:40:18.660 Rebecca Dawson: into the open space of what is now possible and real choice for the first time, when you're in duality you can only choose really between A and B, or between what's already on offer you don't actually get to choose freely.

00:40:19.500 --> 00:40:29.820 Rebecca Dawson: With the starting from the what I don't know I don't want that all of that, I don't know what I want that very quickly opens up new possibilities.

00:40:31.200 --> 00:40:42.390 Georgeann Dau: imagination, for the three of us this really feels in a way, it does for me like a relief it almost feels like a relief to not have to know.

00:40:42.840 --> 00:41:00.450 Georgeann Dau: i've always wanted to live in has been something in me and I think all of us, the three of us my imagination is to live in kind of a more open realm than the world dictated and now it's sort of here and it sort of feels like a relief in a way to make.

00:41:01.320 --> 00:41:10.140 Rebecca Dawson: Well, I think it can be, and as you're saying that it occurs to me from my own Catholic roots that that's really what the concept of faith was really all about.

00:41:10.200 --> 00:41:29.310 Georgeann Dau: that's what I was thinking and it's funny because I wasn't brought up Catholic I came to Catholicism Jesus called me there on my own through an awakening but yes it's faith and that faith and forgiveness is stated more in scripture than any other two words.

00:41:30.240 --> 00:41:30.840 Rebecca Dawson: and love.

00:41:31.080 --> 00:41:32.220 Georgeann Dau: The three yes.

00:41:32.940 --> 00:41:33.630 yeah you know.

00:41:34.920 --> 00:41:47.520 Rebecca Dawson: Just just thinking about it now feeling into it now, you know forgiveness really is the ultimate that's the ultimate act of agreement it's will this make sense, yes, I am in agreement with it that's the act of forgiveness.

00:41:47.940 --> 00:41:54.780 Judi Miller: You know, for me, forgiveness, is just letting go of all the stories the judgments, the labels and just existing so yeah.

00:41:55.380 --> 00:41:56.580 Georgeann Dau: doesn't it feel doesn't if.

00:41:57.630 --> 00:41:58.410 Judi Miller: It feels great.

00:42:00.630 --> 00:42:09.180 Judi Miller: So Rebecca early on, you were talking about light, what does sound have to do with creation and what is the relationship between light and sound.

00:42:10.170 --> 00:42:14.820 Rebecca Dawson: Well, this is really interesting because the section on sound and creation book.

00:42:15.930 --> 00:42:27.930 Rebecca Dawson: I wasn't actually like the Rebecca persona wasn't actually going to put that in the book, but it was very, very insistent that it needed to go in there and so it's the final chapter in the book.

00:42:28.410 --> 00:42:38.880 Rebecca Dawson: And, and I feel that it's very important because we tend to underestimate the value of sound I know there's a lot of people that are into you know sound healing and vibrational healing through sound.

00:42:39.330 --> 00:42:43.380 Rebecca Dawson: But then the Masters have been bringing through some information recently about how.

00:42:43.860 --> 00:42:53.280 Rebecca Dawson: Sound is so incredibly important for creation, especially as we're coming into this new era of humanity, we often you know.

00:42:53.760 --> 00:43:04.380 Rebecca Dawson: Light travels faster than sound, I know that that's what we commonly being taught in our education they're very adamant that actually sound proceeds light.

00:43:05.220 --> 00:43:17.940 Rebecca Dawson: And that, when we understand how consciousness exists beyond time we will start to be clear that sound proceeds light, so they do go into a bit more of that in depth in in the book.

00:43:18.330 --> 00:43:30.480 Rebecca Dawson: But the I think the really valuable jewel in the section on sound is that we're moving into an experience now where nothing can become realize unless it is expressed.

00:43:30.690 --> 00:43:31.470 Georgeann Dau: Or, my goodness.

00:43:32.580 --> 00:43:33.360 Georgeann Dau: i'm so excited.

00:43:34.500 --> 00:43:36.930 Georgeann Dau: We have to take a break we'll be right back.

00:43:38.700 --> 00:43:44.070 Georgeann Dau: To a journey through into awareness, thank you for joining us tonight we'll be right back.

00:43:45.630 --> 00:43:46.530 Georgeann Dau: I don't want to stop.

00:43:50.580 --> 00:43:51.750 Rebecca Dawson: Education in.

00:46:06.120 --> 00:46:12.180 Georgeann Dau: Welcome back, so please if you don't mind Rebecca can we continue our compensation.

00:46:12.660 --> 00:46:13.500 costs.

00:46:14.700 --> 00:46:25.230 Rebecca Dawson: I love the way we are using our voices so clearly today so so the Masters are very adamant that in this new era of consciousness we're moving into.

00:46:25.620 --> 00:46:40.410 Rebecca Dawson: What we've experienced before is that thought creates reality and what we're moving to now is an experience, whereby expression creates reality, and this is so important for for every human.

00:46:40.950 --> 00:46:45.180 Rebecca Dawson: At this time, because what we're used to is is going within.

00:46:45.900 --> 00:47:01.380 Rebecca Dawson: And having our experience internally and it being very private and very personal and and special and unique just to us, and so in that very way we're seeing ourselves as separate to the rest of the collective field.

00:47:02.100 --> 00:47:15.630 Rebecca Dawson: This is now moving into an awareness that everything within you is valid, and it is the expression of that consciousness that allows it to show up.

00:47:16.140 --> 00:47:26.100 Rebecca Dawson: In our world and in our reality and this takes us back to ourselves as being the portals for consciousness, the birthing place for creation.

00:47:26.640 --> 00:47:38.610 Rebecca Dawson: In order for something to actually exist in our reality moving forward, it now has to be expressed and I think for so many of us who are used to chewing over things.

00:47:39.000 --> 00:47:48.930 Rebecca Dawson: building something and not expressing it perhaps i'm intruding on somebody else's truth or reality if I express what i'm feeling on knowing in this moment.

00:47:49.500 --> 00:47:58.950 Rebecca Dawson: The time foot treading carefully and the time for minding your own thoughts or minding your own feelings is really past.

00:47:59.400 --> 00:48:19.950 Rebecca Dawson: And in order to really begin to honor the truth in totality of who and what we are it's know about bringing it forth I mean, I believe it was in the Bible, but you probably more accurate on this topic than I am Dr George and where it was said that in the beginning, there was one it was.

00:48:20.610 --> 00:48:35.400 Georgeann Dau: Yes, that's in the that's in the Book of Genesis in the beginning was the word Actually, this is the blood, but actually it's in the New Testament also in the beginning was the word and the word was with God.

00:48:36.690 --> 00:48:38.580 Georgeann Dau: And the word was made flesh.

00:48:41.850 --> 00:48:45.900 Georgeann Dau: yeah and you know what's so incredible to me is it's all there.

00:48:46.920 --> 00:48:53.100 Georgeann Dau: it's one scripture it's all there, and you know anyway i'm sorry i'm.

00:48:53.490 --> 00:48:57.510 Rebecca Dawson: Just able to see it and understand it, and feel it in a different way.

00:48:57.660 --> 00:48:58.320 Georgeann Dau: Yes, and.

00:48:58.410 --> 00:49:02.400 Rebecca Dawson: The people at this time there's a lot of tension around the throat area.

00:49:02.760 --> 00:49:11.040 Rebecca Dawson: I won't go into this much but there's a new gland it's appearing at the base of the skull on the back of the neck that's designed to be the current the.

00:49:11.400 --> 00:49:27.750 Rebecca Dawson: Current conductor point well the the conduit between cosmic mind or Christ consciousness, in the heart, space and and the voice so it doesn't have to pass through your brain anymore and get checked and reference the edited before it's expressed.

00:49:27.900 --> 00:49:29.310 Rebecca Dawson: What so people who are.

00:49:29.520 --> 00:49:38.430 Rebecca Dawson: coming out with things and trying to edit and finding it harder to do that understand that this is part now of the flooding of consciousness on our planet.

00:49:38.880 --> 00:49:49.110 Rebecca Dawson: Things are not becoming a reality until they're expressed so the time for silence and to be quiet and to be centered and so on, that is not this time.

00:49:50.220 --> 00:50:04.800 Judi Miller: So Rebecca there is so much profound information in this book, I found myself like highlighting everything so for someone just getting started what's the best way to learn more about you and the work that you offer How can people get in touch with you.

00:50:05.130 --> 00:50:17.850 Rebecca Dawson: it's really simple i've got a website, which is my name Rebecca i've got loads of free articles and videos and channeling content on there, I put out new messages from the Masters every month.

00:50:18.180 --> 00:50:29.580 Rebecca Dawson: got a YouTube channel, and you can get the first chapter of the book, which is about the body which is really important for people to understand it, this time for free, if you just jump on to the website.

00:50:29.970 --> 00:50:36.600 Rebecca Dawson: So you can download that and and start to explore what's happening for you and what's happening for humanity right now.

00:50:37.050 --> 00:50:39.600 Judi Miller: Like fantastic, thank you for your generosity.

00:50:39.840 --> 00:50:40.650 Judi Miller: yeah George and.

00:50:41.130 --> 00:50:55.050 Georgeann Dau: i'm sorry Judy, thank you for your generosity absolutely it just came to me um if you ever would be willing to come to New York I think Judy you know, would you be willing to give a seminar year.

00:50:55.800 --> 00:51:08.520 Rebecca Dawson: I would love to i've never been to New York, I think the farthest towards there i've been I think Ohio and i've been to Pittsburgh, but i've never been to New York, so I would love to.

00:51:09.240 --> 00:51:11.610 Judi Miller: know there is nowhere like New York, you will love it.

00:51:12.630 --> 00:51:12.840 Rebecca Dawson: and

00:51:13.380 --> 00:51:19.740 Georgeann Dau: I was thinking before beautiful your accent is, and I was giggling to myself thinking, I wonder how we said to her.

00:51:21.000 --> 00:51:21.360 Judi Miller: well.

00:51:21.480 --> 00:51:23.220 Judi Miller: They say American San nasal.

00:51:25.830 --> 00:51:26.400 Georgeann Dau: like that.

00:51:27.540 --> 00:51:32.610 Rebecca Dawson: I don't think i've got a super strong Australian accent because i'm West Coast, I think east coast is.

00:51:34.830 --> 00:51:35.430 Georgeann Dau: yeah.

00:51:35.610 --> 00:51:36.150 Rebecca Dawson: Thank you.

00:51:36.210 --> 00:51:48.960 Georgeann Dau: Thank you, that would be that would be interesting let's Judy and I talk about this and i'm on long island but i'm an hour east of Manhattan, which is very easy to get set up and might be something that we could look at and consider.

00:51:49.290 --> 00:51:52.890 Rebecca Dawson: sounds amazing and if it gets in the way.

00:51:54.390 --> 00:51:55.140 Judi Miller: Well, we can wait for.

00:51:55.800 --> 00:52:04.170 Judi Miller: Technology well Rebecca this has nothing to do with your book, but I want to ask you this question, so I did actually listened to one of your channels on YouTube.

00:52:04.440 --> 00:52:12.750 Judi Miller: Where I think it was in December, you were talking about 2021 when you channel Do you remember, do you know what's happening and what's coming up for you.

00:52:13.380 --> 00:52:19.950 Rebecca Dawson: Because you know when you when you have the view that it's all one.

00:52:21.090 --> 00:52:29.460 Rebecca Dawson: it's just a different stream of consciousness or a different aspect of different color of the Rainbow that gets the air time.

00:52:29.640 --> 00:52:38.790 Rebecca Dawson: So, in a way, I feel, everybody has the capacity to to to channel so i'm always fully present it's fully integrated.

00:52:40.020 --> 00:52:43.290 Rebecca Dawson: Indeed, I think it's very difficult for people to tell.

00:52:44.520 --> 00:52:51.420 Rebecca Dawson: When i'm in that mode and when i'm not these days when I do seminars, you know it's very deeply there.

00:52:51.960 --> 00:53:02.220 Rebecca Dawson: But it's accessible and in all moments at all times as i'm sure for both of you, your wisdom is for you, you know there's moments, where you just narratives.

00:53:02.910 --> 00:53:03.090 So.

00:53:05.070 --> 00:53:08.100 Judi Miller: I didn't notice that that Australian accent the Georgia and loves.

00:53:08.400 --> 00:53:13.140 Judi Miller: sounded a little bit different so I wasn't sure if there was any like physical changes, when you channel.

00:53:13.740 --> 00:53:22.350 Rebecca Dawson: They used to be, I think, the more the more i've moved into the unified consciousness understanding the less distinction and separation, there is so.

00:53:22.710 --> 00:53:36.030 Rebecca Dawson: You know, sometimes well it used to be, you know complete facial changes complete voice changes very different persona and and body language, especially you know if i'm doing a live presentation.

00:53:37.080 --> 00:53:43.770 Rebecca Dawson: it's a little bit more subtle now it's still there, but again, and this goes back to the beginning of our conversation when.

00:53:44.160 --> 00:53:57.600 Rebecca Dawson: When George and asked you know what's the distinction between the individual aspects of the consciousness and the group consciousness when it's the group consciousness it's less mark when it's the individual it's very, very prominent.

00:53:59.010 --> 00:54:03.000 Rebecca Dawson: The personality types and the voice changes and yes.

00:54:05.520 --> 00:54:13.080 Rebecca Dawson: But you know what can I say we are complex and yet incredibly simple beings as humans out.

00:54:13.950 --> 00:54:17.310 Judi Miller: Well it's been absolutely amazing to have a guest on the show.

00:54:17.880 --> 00:54:27.930 Rebecca Dawson: amazing Thank you i've loved our conversation today and and the agreement and the resonance between the three of us has been quite beautiful, so I think you treasure.

00:54:28.770 --> 00:54:29.400 Do you.

00:54:31.050 --> 00:54:33.450 Georgeann Dau: When do you channel any of.

00:54:34.980 --> 00:54:38.310 Georgeann Dau: That is Jesus of a move through you or.

00:54:39.420 --> 00:54:43.350 Rebecca Dawson: it's really interesting because I have had over the years.

00:54:44.490 --> 00:55:00.990 Rebecca Dawson: Yes, i've had that experience and it's really interesting it usually only happens when i'm out on location somewhere it's happened in the north of grace before and some caves on a lake and it's happened in Egypt before.

00:55:02.460 --> 00:55:19.110 Rebecca Dawson: But not in not in a live seminar seminar that i've done yes interesting, so I don't know why that is it's it's it's evidence, but with an unmistakable.

00:55:21.180 --> 00:55:22.680 Rebecca Dawson: frequency of energy.

00:55:23.730 --> 00:55:35.730 Georgeann Dau: Just so beautiful I can't that we can't Thank you enough for coming on this has been a spectacular experience to be with you Rebecca and abundant blessings to you.

00:55:37.050 --> 00:55:42.930 Georgeann Dau: Thank you so much, would you would you like to say a prayer would you like me to say end with a prayer or.

00:55:45.030 --> 00:55:48.450 Rebecca Dawson: place, I think that there's something emerging from you in this moment.

00:55:48.630 --> 00:55:50.370 Georgeann Dau: God, are you okay with that.

00:55:50.730 --> 00:55:53.220 Judi Miller: No, I think that's wonderful I know you love to end in prayer.

00:55:53.520 --> 00:55:55.500 Georgeann Dau: yeah so thank you so much again.

00:55:57.360 --> 00:56:01.590 Georgeann Dau: loving God you fill all things with the fullness and hope.

00:56:02.850 --> 00:56:05.130 Georgeann Dau: That we can never comprehend.

00:56:06.690 --> 00:56:19.080 Georgeann Dau: Thank you for leading us into a time where more of reality is being unveiled for us to see we pray that you take away all our natural temptation for cynicism.

00:56:19.740 --> 00:56:30.360 Georgeann Dau: Denial fear and despair, help us have courage to awaken to greater truth greater humility and greater care for each other.

00:56:31.080 --> 00:56:42.480 Georgeann Dau: Maybe we place our hope in what matters and what lasts just singing your eternal presence in love listen to our hearts learnings for the healing of our world.

00:56:43.410 --> 00:56:56.790 Georgeann Dau: Knowing good God, you are hearing us better than we are speaking we offer these prayers in all the Holy names of God and distinctly in the consciousness of the Christ amen amen.

00:56:58.080 --> 00:57:09.630 Georgeann Dau: amen whenever I feel deeply I always come to two years i've been like this, since I was a little girl, so thank you, I love you thank.

00:57:09.720 --> 00:57:21.870 Georgeann Dau: You Thank you we love you, thank you for joining us tonight absolute blessing every week to be with you, may God continue to bless us all goodnight.

00:57:22.560 --> 00:57:23.580 Georgeann Dau: goodnight goodnight.

00:57:24.780 --> 00:57:25.260 Georgeann Dau: goodnight.

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