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Monday, April 12, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/04/12 - The Altar of True Healing

Facebook Live Video from 2021/04/12 - The Altar of True Healing


2021/04/12 - The Altar of True Healing

[NEW EPISODE] The Altar of True Healing

True wellness is so very different from what we have been made to believe about health and wellness.

Join our discussion about manipulative medicine, osteopathy and energetic healing as we approach The Alter of Alternative Health Care, with Dr. Steven Weiss, Board Certified Neuro-Musculoskeletal Osteopath and Energetic Healer

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Dr. G starts off tonight’s episode with a personal anecdote about her experience with scoliosis and introduces tonight’s guest, Dr. Steven Weiss. Steven explains his background and discusses his body of work. His work as a doctor expands past physical healing, also focusing on spiritual and energetic healing. He continues on to discuss the embryonic period, the first eight and a half weeks after conception.

Segment 2

Coming back from the break, Steven describes the healing power of embryonic relationships, and how the embryo is the bridge between the spirit and body. He dives further into the process of the development of the body as an embryo. As the body develops, different parts are connected, and injuries experienced throughout life should be looked at deeper than the source, involving also the connected parts of the body. Steven describes the first experience he had with Jimmy O., who was his first influence with spiritual healing. Jimmy described his practice as “getting out of the way”.

Segment 3

Steven discusses an experience he had with a teacher of his. She taught him a ritual that helps him gain clarity. She called this practice “getting out of the way”, which helped Steven to understand what Jimmy had meant when they had first met. What Steven means by getting out of the way is to listen, to communicate with a patient’s higher consciousness rather than poke and prod to find the source of the problem. This stems from the idea that the source of the problem is never where it hurts. Dr. G relates this to the work that her and Judi do, asking Steven how listeners can get out of the way in their own lives. Steven relates this process of listening to the taking off a wetsuit that is attached to the body, hanging the suit on a hook. Going remote for the covid 19 pandemic, Steven noticed that many more people were booked healing sessions with him. He describes an experience he had with a patient who couldn’t walk, and how he healed her spiritually and energetically helping her to walk again.

Segment 4

Going into tonight’s last segment, Judi asks Steven to discuss his experience with Rosalyn, a mentor of his. He describes her teachings of the disciplines of spiritual law, and her mastery of the chakra system. He began his teachings with her after being healed by her. Judi brings up a story Steven shared with her of how Rosalyn connects the pain we feel with the things going on in our lives when we start feeling these pains. Steven’s takeaway for listeners from tonight’s conversation is to surrender, getting out of the way and allowing spirit to fill the gap. Dr. Georgeann ends tonight’s episode in prayer.


00:00:42.660 --> 00:00:52.140 Georgeann Dau: hi everyone and welcome to a journey through its awareness we're here tonight with a very special guest and, of course.

00:00:53.280 --> 00:01:02.130 Georgeann Dau: I just opened my mouth tonight and started speaking and introducing we're here with we're here with Judy Miller, our co host right.

00:01:02.340 --> 00:01:02.880 Judi Miller: Well it's great.

00:01:02.970 --> 00:01:03.630 Judi Miller: To be here.

00:01:03.870 --> 00:01:05.370 Georgeann Dau: With my co host.

00:01:06.390 --> 00:01:11.400 Georgeann Dau: we're here with Dr Stephen Weiss Stephen, thank you for saying yes to being here tonight.

00:01:11.610 --> 00:01:13.020 Steven Weiss: My pleasure, thank you.

00:01:13.590 --> 00:01:36.090 Georgeann Dau: And so, and i'm Dr George and for those of you just tuning in it's wonderful to have you with us and for those of you that listen in weekly Thank you we love being with you, so those of you that have listened um you might have remembered that I spoke about.

00:01:37.350 --> 00:02:00.630 Georgeann Dau: Having had scoliosis and having had the surgery first surgery was when I was 28 and the second one was about two years ago and I had an incredible experience with a man a doctor who were just about the same age, so I if I had found him or gone to him, when I was little.

00:02:02.970 --> 00:02:19.230 Georgeann Dau: But of course impossible because we were about the same age, he would have been little um I don't think I would have needed the surgery Dr Stephen wise is an incredible man friend Dr healer.

00:02:21.390 --> 00:02:32.940 Georgeann Dau: Just I can't say enough about him so i'm going to let us spend time with him so he's in St opposites.

00:02:35.580 --> 00:02:49.530 Georgeann Dau: healer among many other types of medicine, he has studied so Stephen please Thank you again for being here with Judy united tonight, thank you yeah.

00:02:50.820 --> 00:02:51.390 Georgeann Dau: So.

00:02:52.530 --> 00:02:55.860 Georgeann Dau: Stephen besides knowing you for 3030 plus years.

00:02:56.970 --> 00:03:01.710 Georgeann Dau: And you just peeling me along the way through the pain i've had and the struggles.

00:03:03.900 --> 00:03:16.530 Georgeann Dau: I mean, I remember time just being so congested and I was just sick and nothing to do with my back and you were able to heal me and you just amazing, could you talk a little bit about your work here for everyone listening.

00:03:17.700 --> 00:03:18.900 Georgeann Dau: I know where to start or.

00:03:18.990 --> 00:03:20.280 Steven Weiss: three seconds or so.

00:03:24.780 --> 00:03:32.760 Steven Weiss: My practices, open and full so i'm seeing new patients, so I have to kind of do that sometimes a half a dozen times a day.

00:03:36.960 --> 00:03:46.620 Steven Weiss: And I, and I tailor what I save all my work based on who's listening I can't talk a lot about esoteric matters or.

00:03:48.570 --> 00:03:58.020 Steven Weiss: You know the invisible world much if i'm dealing with people that are pretty concrete but i'll i'll pull away the veils for you and i'll just take you back.

00:03:58.380 --> 00:04:05.100 Georgeann Dau: yeah people people know that our show is very spiritually and energetically based, and I know you.

00:04:06.030 --> 00:04:06.540 So.

00:04:07.590 --> 00:04:11.610 Steven Weiss: If in our room we're spiritual beings living in a physical container.

00:04:14.580 --> 00:04:27.630 Steven Weiss: And, ironically, I was a pre engineering student before I was a pre MED student before I went to MED school and he used to work for a retired civil engineer rebuilding houses on the North coast of maine.

00:04:29.820 --> 00:04:38.520 Steven Weiss: And then switched from that to pre MED and switch from that into biology and ecology and looked at systems relationships.

00:04:41.610 --> 00:04:48.510 Steven Weiss: If we really look at who we are and what we are and what we required to to heal ourselves.

00:04:49.560 --> 00:04:56.280 Steven Weiss: We are spiritual beings living in a physical container, therefore, there are laws.

00:04:58.050 --> 00:05:03.840 Steven Weiss: immutable you'd call them health requirements, just like you need in the engineering world.

00:05:06.060 --> 00:05:13.140 Steven Weiss: That determine whether we are spiritual beings are present to inhabit our physical container.

00:05:14.190 --> 00:05:22.200 Steven Weiss: Those laws have to do with sacred geometry embryology interestingly enough when you start to look at.

00:05:23.100 --> 00:05:33.540 Steven Weiss: The energetic relationships required for bodies to be able to heal you start to delve into a field that some of the teachers call spiritual law.

00:05:34.500 --> 00:05:44.040 Steven Weiss: But in so much as we are spiritual beings if we just look at spiritual law we've missed half the equation, and a whole lot of our patients won't get better.

00:05:45.330 --> 00:05:48.630 Steven Weiss: Because we are spiritual beings and happening a physical container.

00:05:49.980 --> 00:05:54.780 Steven Weiss: Therefore we have to pay attention more than pay attention, we have to.

00:05:56.190 --> 00:06:09.810 Steven Weiss: vigorously at here to the laws of physics and engineering, as they determine the capacity of the physical body to heal and regulate itself.

00:06:11.040 --> 00:06:20.850 Steven Weiss: So we have a sort of what I have in my practices in the equation it's an algorithm much like the kind of problem solving algorithm that.

00:06:21.300 --> 00:06:31.380 Steven Weiss: mechanical engineer would use to evaluate a machine that's broken, or like a structural engineer would use to evaluate a building that's for some reason can't be fixed.

00:06:32.190 --> 00:06:40.800 Steven Weiss: And my algorithm is several terms of physical structural mechanical engineering and then a bunch of terms that have to do with.

00:06:42.390 --> 00:06:54.060 Steven Weiss: spiritual energetic requirements, because my job is a early on in my career, I got thrown kind of in spite of myself into this role of being like a.

00:06:55.170 --> 00:07:06.930 Steven Weiss: You you don't know what it means to be a primary care physician you're kind of like the first person somebody sees well I got thrown in the first practice I worked in as to being the third or fourth level a tertiary level person.

00:07:08.250 --> 00:07:12.570 Steven Weiss: Where I was seeing the people who had fallen through the cracks often multiple times and.

00:07:13.890 --> 00:07:25.260 Steven Weiss: I not only had to figure out what why what hadn't worked no but I had to figure out, what can I offer that hadn't been addressed, and how can I support these people in healing.

00:07:25.740 --> 00:07:36.030 Steven Weiss: And I realized the more and more I got into this, that the only way I was going to help them was by looking at you know so often in medicine, healthcare, we chase symptoms.

00:07:37.560 --> 00:07:45.360 Steven Weiss: One of my teachers would say, a bit like a puppy chasing its tail and there's so many forms of therapy that are based upon symptom care.

00:07:46.380 --> 00:07:49.170 Steven Weiss: Right, making people feel better which isn't a bad thing.

00:07:49.500 --> 00:07:51.660 Steven Weiss: But I don't believe it can be misconstrued as healing.

00:07:53.280 --> 00:08:00.090 Steven Weiss: healing is really where you restore the body to its capacity to self heal and self regulate that's I agree.

00:08:00.300 --> 00:08:09.330 Steven Weiss: yeah so so somewhere the ecological perspective, where you never look at something an isolated point you always look at it in a larger and larger context.

00:08:09.750 --> 00:08:17.700 Steven Weiss: So I began to realize that the only way I was going to help people was to look at their always in the context of the rest of the body of a whole body.

00:08:18.030 --> 00:08:27.660 Steven Weiss: Based upon a pretty extensive understanding of how that body worked what are required to be healthy and how it was put together the embryology.

00:08:29.370 --> 00:08:40.410 Georgeann Dau: When you say embryology Stephen what i'm hearing from my training and certainly it's not your training, but it is how the child is form, with all the.

00:08:42.450 --> 00:09:02.070 Georgeann Dau: With all the tell tale pieces of what the mother is going to through in her own journey, the baby experiencing parts of that and having its own journey inside the womb, while it is forming from a fetus to a full a baby inside the womb, would you say that so.

00:09:03.450 --> 00:09:04.740 Steven Weiss: No good.

00:09:05.430 --> 00:09:07.470 Georgeann Dau: Good so please tell me this is.

00:09:08.190 --> 00:09:13.920 Steven Weiss: um what you're describing is the post embryonic period.

00:09:14.730 --> 00:09:15.990 Steven Weiss: Okay, so you have other.

00:09:16.230 --> 00:09:19.770 Steven Weiss: After the embryo is fully formed, it becomes the fetus.

00:09:20.130 --> 00:09:21.930 Steven Weiss: Okay, as a fetus.

00:09:22.230 --> 00:09:29.730 Steven Weiss: Then it's affected by both the genetic field to the mother and father, as well as the fact that it's just dating within the field of the second Chakra.

00:09:29.790 --> 00:09:34.440 Georgeann Dau: And the energetic and the energetic path mud okay.

00:09:34.830 --> 00:09:35.880 Steven Weiss: But let's go back.

00:09:36.330 --> 00:09:36.630 Georgeann Dau: Okay.

00:09:36.750 --> 00:09:37.290 Georgeann Dau: Good evening.

00:09:37.590 --> 00:09:38.730 Steven Weiss: you're talking about going.

00:09:39.030 --> 00:09:40.110 Georgeann Dau: from conception.

00:09:41.370 --> 00:09:47.700 Steven Weiss: there's the time between conception and when the fetus is fully formed which is about nine weeks.

00:09:48.990 --> 00:09:50.670 Steven Weiss: is called the embryonic period.

00:09:51.000 --> 00:10:07.650 Steven Weiss: Okay, now there are several and even as I start to to think about it, I get chills because it sort of took me a long time to even feel like I could begin to wrap around it, first of all, for the first eight and a half weeks post conception.

00:10:09.000 --> 00:10:20.940 Steven Weiss: The nucleus, the DNA is completely covered and cloaked in thick proteins called histones and they are not active in the embryonic period.

00:10:22.080 --> 00:10:26.310 Steven Weiss: So the first thing we learned about the embryo is that there's no genetics and.

00:10:28.320 --> 00:10:35.970 Steven Weiss: So the genetics, of the mother and father are not engaged in the embryo, the second.

00:10:36.330 --> 00:10:39.030 Steven Weiss: laugh yeah it's a wow the second.

00:10:39.180 --> 00:10:41.070 Steven Weiss: Big at the end of the embryonic.

00:10:41.070 --> 00:10:48.780 Steven Weiss: period every single human embryo is tentacle and.

00:10:49.980 --> 00:11:11.460 Steven Weiss: unmistakable to every other human embryo, there is no genetics, there is no race, there is no sex gender right, and so we have these perfect templates and if and as one of my teachers would say.

00:11:12.570 --> 00:11:24.330 Steven Weiss: And this embryonic period, from this perspective has been the obsession of an of several groups of embryologist trying to understand what there's no genetics, how do these guys get formed.

00:11:25.800 --> 00:11:29.070 Steven Weiss: And if you take a mystical perspective on it.

00:11:31.200 --> 00:11:40.140 Steven Weiss: The embryos formed from without it's basically sculpted there are forces off the only thing that's going on as the cells are divided.

00:11:41.490 --> 00:11:52.260 Steven Weiss: And several forces inside the embryo several forces outside the embryo influence the division of the cells, the growth, the shape the position.

00:11:53.580 --> 00:11:56.160 Steven Weiss: Like, for example, one of the.

00:11:56.220 --> 00:12:02.040 Georgeann Dau: When they say the voices are you talking, am I hearing God created.

00:12:02.940 --> 00:12:12.690 Steven Weiss: It you know it's sort of like Einstein who was asked, once we know what do you believe in God and he sort of said, you know if you walk into the woods long enough, and you and you come to this.

00:12:13.230 --> 00:12:34.350 Steven Weiss: Part of the woods, where every tree is perfect and it's based perfectly and the rows are straight, as you can see, you know and and and you look around and there's perfection here, you have to tell yourself that something planted these trees and for him, that was his sense of.

00:12:35.490 --> 00:12:36.150 Steven Weiss: yeah.

00:12:36.780 --> 00:12:38.100 Georgeann Dau: No okay.

00:12:38.280 --> 00:12:47.550 Steven Weiss: I wouldn't say look i'll give you an example and one could say that we are molded during the embryonic period by spirit, no that's that's not.

00:12:48.570 --> 00:12:52.920 Steven Weiss: i'm not sure many embryologist would go along with that, but so.

00:12:55.680 --> 00:13:03.870 Steven Weiss: Early the very first structures, like a rod we could call it a superconductor little rod coven note record.

00:13:04.230 --> 00:13:12.390 Georgeann Dau: I want you to hold this because we're going to take a break and I don't want to go into a depth Felisa, this is a good place.

00:13:12.750 --> 00:13:32.010 Georgeann Dau: To take a break, so that we can continue from here, this is like a kind of like a new segment This is great so fascinating oh I love it so we'll be right back with Judy and I will be right back with Dr Stephen Weiss be right back thanks for joining us brief break.

00:16:35.880 --> 00:16:56.520 Georgeann Dau: hi welcome back to a journey through into awareness, for those of you just joining us i'm Doug to Georgia and down with our co host Judy Miller and we're here with Dr Stephen Weiss so Stephen finish your thought and then bless us with some of your experiences.

00:16:57.720 --> 00:17:02.070 Georgeann Dau: Oh, I want to sit with you all day I can't believe i've known you for 30 years and.

00:17:03.480 --> 00:17:04.800 Georgeann Dau: And you have an explain this to me.

00:17:04.980 --> 00:17:07.380 Steven Weiss: amazing how in Florida bar it.

00:17:09.810 --> 00:17:14.820 Steven Weiss: um during the break I was thinking that I could come at this in a different way.

00:17:16.500 --> 00:17:20.040 Steven Weiss: That would make it more meaningful or clinically significant.

00:17:22.410 --> 00:17:28.530 Steven Weiss: When you see people who have fallen through the cracks when you see people who continue to suffer and you look at.

00:17:29.310 --> 00:17:37.260 Steven Weiss: And you learn to track energy you learn to look at consciousness and we start with the idea that our bodies are alive.

00:17:37.710 --> 00:17:47.070 Steven Weiss: And as a function of our being alive, we are constantly adapting compensating and trying to heal view the various issues that our consciousness perceives in us.

00:17:47.670 --> 00:17:51.720 Steven Weiss: So when you look at people who've experienced extreme trauma.

00:17:52.410 --> 00:18:09.840 Steven Weiss: That hasn't been correctly diagnosed or comprehensively diagnosed and they haven't gotten better and you start track where the energy goes and you start to replay the tape of what where you needed to go and why, in your map to support their healing what I began to realize.

00:18:10.980 --> 00:18:18.390 Steven Weiss: And i'll come back to this, especially in the post 911 New York era where I was practicing.

00:18:20.010 --> 00:18:27.300 Steven Weiss: What you start to see are the relationships that are established in the early embryology period.

00:18:29.070 --> 00:18:55.680 Steven Weiss: So you start to realize that the the forces that created us and establish those primary relationships are actually, at least in my world in the way in my lineage by tradition, the basis of what we require to heal and regular so it's been put that the embryo is the bridge between spirit.

00:18:57.690 --> 00:18:59.220 Steven Weiss: And the physical body.

00:19:00.840 --> 00:19:01.440 Steven Weiss: And that.

00:19:02.520 --> 00:19:14.100 Steven Weiss: The that one could look at embryology from a more esoteric spiritual sacred geometry perspective as the movement or the evolution of consciousness.

00:19:15.240 --> 00:19:17.280 Steven Weiss: From the void non duality.

00:19:18.390 --> 00:19:36.900 Steven Weiss: Through we look at stages of the embryo, there are one dimensional two dimensional like an axis and then you start to look at the transitional stages between two dimensions and three dimensions and then three dimensional space being the matrix in which anatomy and physiology of all.

00:19:38.280 --> 00:19:49.170 Steven Weiss: Right, so we can look at embryology as the journey from spirit into its expression manifestation in our beings as anatomy and physiology.

00:19:49.740 --> 00:20:03.360 Steven Weiss: anatomy and physiology and a living body means that it that there are endowed with the capacity to know themselves organized themselves healing regulate themselves so it's not just like random building blocks right.

00:20:04.140 --> 00:20:06.630 Georgeann Dau: And that's and that's that's innate.

00:20:07.170 --> 00:20:08.250 Steven Weiss: that's today well.

00:20:08.280 --> 00:20:13.260 Georgeann Dau: hey the fetus the the embryo isn't doing anything for that it is happening.

00:20:13.800 --> 00:20:17.490 Steven Weiss: You, you have the explosion that occurs.

00:20:18.960 --> 00:20:24.090 Steven Weiss: In in one dimension, which is the fertilization of the egg.

00:20:25.200 --> 00:20:30.240 Steven Weiss: Now the native Americans have a whole Preamble to that, but I can talk about this thing i've been.

00:20:30.870 --> 00:20:40.680 Steven Weiss: observing that i'm calling for lack of a better word pandemic shock the perhaps we'll get to that later um and then that through a series of processes forms.

00:20:41.550 --> 00:20:56.640 Steven Weiss: This rod this this this axis and then everything else in the body organizes itself, for example, at the point of this axis and everything that's forming a two weeks, we are like a worm.

00:20:57.630 --> 00:21:06.450 Steven Weiss: we're straight and then there's a yoke second run the belly of the woman that's slowing down the division of the cells in the belly area.

00:21:06.930 --> 00:21:27.750 Steven Weiss: And the back is dividing a lot, and the result is the front slow the backs fast and it curls around that Rod and the top of the head the tip of the brain curls around that Rod and embeds itself in the midsection just above the openstack and that becomes the heart.

00:21:28.650 --> 00:21:31.290 Steven Weiss: So, first the heart comes from the for brand.

00:21:31.950 --> 00:21:33.540 Georgeann Dau: Well that's fascinating.

00:21:33.600 --> 00:21:39.150 Steven Weiss: And then enter the sides of our skulls get glued in and they become a collarbones.

00:21:39.510 --> 00:21:43.170 Steven Weiss: Well, and then the embryo straightens up.

00:21:43.500 --> 00:21:51.870 Steven Weiss: And you have not a line, but you have the line, a little bit like those little those long balloons and clowns will put together.

00:21:52.290 --> 00:22:01.170 Steven Weiss: A cruise in on itself, and then you know the front of it is the head the job, the throat the chest, all the way down to the diaphragm.

00:22:02.370 --> 00:22:13.680 Steven Weiss: diaphragm comes in right behind the heart and the diaphragm happens to come from the neck, as it migrated down, which is the nerves to the diaphragm come from the neck.

00:22:14.190 --> 00:22:19.110 Steven Weiss: So, if it was on the diaphragm you piss off the net or if you piss off the neck you piss off the diaphragm.

00:22:19.800 --> 00:22:36.240 Steven Weiss: So what was talking with my students about understanding the units of function, which is a mechanical engineering term so for the diaphragm, we have to look at the neck for shoulder injury, we have to look at the year in the side of the head, because they are one common source.

00:22:36.870 --> 00:22:43.800 Georgeann Dau: So that's fascinating you know, having you treat me for 30 plus years that's well I now, it makes sense as to.

00:22:44.340 --> 00:22:53.100 Georgeann Dau: Why you're going to my ankle when it's something else that is bothering me Stephen can you talk about some of your experiences that you've had.

00:22:53.520 --> 00:23:06.510 Georgeann Dau: In the healing how you have actually using your techniques, because I know you heal a lot of people, I mean the body heals itself, we know that, but you were such a vehicle and I know that, for I know that personally.

00:23:07.530 --> 00:23:13.050 Georgeann Dau: So you know your energy, not everybody with your knowledge.

00:23:14.520 --> 00:23:16.530 Georgeann Dau: Has the energy to do what you do.

00:23:18.270 --> 00:23:20.430 Georgeann Dau: It can't be Stephen I don't think.

00:23:21.030 --> 00:23:29.520 Judi Miller: Stephen as you address Trojans questions, one of the things that you mentioned earlier, was that part of the healing is having that mediator or a facilitator.

00:23:30.120 --> 00:23:30.360 Georgeann Dau: yeah.

00:23:30.420 --> 00:23:36.720 Judi Miller: he's getting out of the way So could you explain to listeners also when they do healing, how do you get out of the way.

00:23:40.050 --> 00:23:40.650 Steven Weiss: We go.

00:23:40.740 --> 00:23:47.880 Steven Weiss: Good it's a good question um back question comes from two different routes.

00:23:49.020 --> 00:23:51.210 Georgeann Dau: You have to understand when you as Stephen a question.

00:23:52.290 --> 00:23:54.540 Steven Weiss: Some questions more than others um.

00:23:55.860 --> 00:24:06.840 Steven Weiss: i'm adopted to the zoo new people i'm a child of the bear clan the zoo news is half my life I was taking in and that's how I got there is another story, but I happen to meet.

00:24:08.010 --> 00:24:15.540 Steven Weiss: An incredible healer who his 30s was working as a sheep herder up in the mountains drunk most of the time.

00:24:16.020 --> 00:24:21.810 Steven Weiss: And he and his buddies weren't a mountain top and in northwestern new Mexico when he was struck by lightning.

00:24:22.710 --> 00:24:42.510 Steven Weiss: And he was blown off the Rocker he was sitting and he apparently sort of was lying smoking in the back in the back of the clearing and his friends just assumed that Jimmy was dead they're all drunk they got in the pickup and drove the 11 miles back to zuniga the pueblos uni.

00:24:43.800 --> 00:24:47.550 Steven Weiss: and told everybody went to his wife and said it was dead.

00:24:48.660 --> 00:24:52.020 Steven Weiss: Now i'm at suny I met Jimmy 10 years later.

00:24:53.130 --> 00:24:58.920 Steven Weiss: As he put it, he spent three days sitting on his back or lying on his back.

00:25:00.090 --> 00:25:06.150 Steven Weiss: torn open, while the spirit of his ancestors filled him with the knowledge and power of healing.

00:25:07.710 --> 00:25:08.220 Steven Weiss: and

00:25:09.270 --> 00:25:14.040 Steven Weiss: Central to that knowledge and power was the imperative of getting out of the way.

00:25:15.930 --> 00:25:25.710 Steven Weiss: When I first met him I watched him do a miraculous piece of healing to bring back a boy they've been concussed with it by hitting being hit in the head with a baseball.

00:25:26.820 --> 00:25:28.500 Steven Weiss: When blew my mind.

00:25:28.710 --> 00:25:36.960 Georgeann Dau: One moment i'm going to have to get out of the way, do you mean just allowing whatever to take place.

00:25:37.440 --> 00:25:39.570 Steven Weiss: No it's not asking.

00:25:40.260 --> 00:25:40.560 well.

00:25:41.880 --> 00:25:53.040 Steven Weiss: Well yeah so I watched Jimmy our should know I knew from I was a medical student and I was I rotated at the Indian Health Service hospital.

00:25:53.700 --> 00:26:04.590 Steven Weiss: And they told me, have you met Jimmy yeah he's our local celebrity so, how come no yeah it seems I mean we talked, you said you got to see this, and he took me down to the basement.

00:26:05.010 --> 00:26:13.050 Steven Weiss: And they showed me stacks of X rays of people that had shattered their arms, they were deemed irreparable.

00:26:13.530 --> 00:26:26.100 Steven Weiss: And then the doctors to surgeons had recommended amputation, or just splinting them and just letting it go and they'd family have gotten Jimmy the bone doctor and his specialty was re crystallizing bone fractures overnight.

00:26:27.900 --> 00:26:31.230 Steven Weiss: Let that one sink in he's been written up by several journals.

00:26:32.910 --> 00:26:42.900 Steven Weiss: You know the problem with the scientific method applied to that is nobody can say what the mechanism is yes Jimmy what he does he said I get out of the way.

00:26:44.490 --> 00:26:47.910 Steven Weiss: creator in the spirits of my ancestors come through me.

00:26:49.230 --> 00:26:54.240 Steven Weiss: And I allow them to work through me and and to do this work.

00:26:55.530 --> 00:27:03.330 Steven Weiss: So when I saw him basically bring this young boy back from the unconscious he pulled up a chair next to me and said.

00:27:04.890 --> 00:27:07.560 Steven Weiss: And I suddenly realized everybody left and left me alone with him.

00:27:08.790 --> 00:27:20.340 Steven Weiss: He said, Mary who's the woman who adopted me said you're going to some sort of white man's Medical School where they're trying to teach doctors, how to be healers she thought you that you might have some questions for me.

00:27:21.390 --> 00:27:27.750 Steven Weiss: And in my first year of osteopathic matt you know learning to do manual medicine, which is the idea of.

00:27:28.710 --> 00:27:36.360 Steven Weiss: Trained physicians doing stuff with their hands to change the outcome of diseases or change anatomy and physiology wasn't very energy based.

00:27:37.020 --> 00:27:44.310 Steven Weiss: The guy That was our Chair of that department was very fear based and he was like you gotta protect yourselves your patients will make you sick.

00:27:44.730 --> 00:27:57.510 Steven Weiss: You know and and he was all about self protection, just like beating into us wash our hands after every patient and which isn't a bad thing, especially in covert but the idea that your patients could make you sick was pretty.

00:27:58.410 --> 00:28:10.740 Steven Weiss: You know interest them at don't agree potentially so ironically i'm thinking there's this holy man here, I experienced things i've never seen before, what can I possibly ask him.

00:28:11.610 --> 00:28:14.940 Steven Weiss: my mouth blurts Sir, how do you protect yourself.

00:28:15.480 --> 00:28:16.740 Georgeann Dau: Before you go on.

00:28:16.980 --> 00:28:19.080 Steven Weiss: Yes, we have to take a quick.

00:28:19.290 --> 00:28:20.280 Steven Weiss: break okay.

00:28:20.550 --> 00:28:33.300 Georgeann Dau: We will be right back with Dr Stephen wise Judy Miller and Dr George and down, and this is a journey through into awareness, thank you for joining us we'll be right back.

00:31:25.830 --> 00:31:43.920 Georgeann Dau: Okay welcome back to the journey through until awareness and so Stephen continue what you were saying, and I think he's so darn smart, I want to invite you to try to make it a little less technical.

00:31:45.090 --> 00:31:46.620 Georgeann Dau: I know it's hard for you.

00:31:47.100 --> 00:31:56.400 Georgeann Dau: I know, but I want our listeners to really grasp what you taught what you're talking about what you do.

00:31:57.480 --> 00:31:59.730 Georgeann Dau: So that maybe they can reach out to you.

00:32:00.900 --> 00:32:04.170 Georgeann Dau: Because you can help everybody you really can.

00:32:04.410 --> 00:32:10.860 Judi Miller: And Stephen you are an amazing practitioner, and you have some incredible experiences and how you got there.

00:32:11.130 --> 00:32:23.580 Judi Miller: And I know listeners would love to know more about your background and especially like you were saying with Jimmy and the the tribe that you, you worked and lived with we'd love to hear the end of the story in terms of how to get out of the way.

00:32:25.290 --> 00:32:25.920 Steven Weiss: So.

00:32:28.140 --> 00:32:37.530 Steven Weiss: There I am I just put my foot in my mouth perhaps he jumps up and gets about this close to me and starts yelling at me like who do you think you are.

00:32:38.160 --> 00:32:46.170 Steven Weiss: You know who do you think you can heal what more we even the bags of mud brought to this place by our ancestors and spirit.

00:32:47.010 --> 00:32:56.130 Steven Weiss: And all sudden, you have to do is get out of the way allow creation to come through you allow your ancestors to work through you.

00:32:57.030 --> 00:33:08.460 Steven Weiss: become a vessel that spirit can use you you won't have to worry about protecting yourself, you won't have to worry about worry about getting sick and people will amaze you at how they heal.

00:33:09.720 --> 00:33:12.150 Steven Weiss: The interesting things is he.

00:33:13.680 --> 00:33:15.030 Steven Weiss: So Jimmy the bone Dr.

00:33:16.290 --> 00:33:18.930 Steven Weiss: Our paths didn't cross again for a long time.

00:33:20.340 --> 00:33:23.220 Steven Weiss: And one of my other teachers and osteopathic teacher.

00:33:24.540 --> 00:33:34.140 Steven Weiss: One of the luminaries in the cranial osteopathic field which is certainly the interface of tissue and energy, even though they would choose to say it's more on the energy side.

00:33:35.850 --> 00:33:44.430 Steven Weiss: I was struggling to work with her and she taught me a technique I grown up meditating my mother taught me to meditate when I was like four.

00:33:45.090 --> 00:33:56.430 Steven Weiss: And I was exhausted, I had a presentation, the next day in the hospital and she was in house hospital this osteopathic teacher and teaching me stuff every night after my hospital duties.

00:33:58.080 --> 00:34:01.410 Steven Weiss: And when I came in, I was exhausted I couldn't walk he said Oh, maybe this will.

00:34:02.520 --> 00:34:15.330 Steven Weiss: And she taught me if you read that interview that's on my website she taught me that practice of taking my consciousness and floating it behind my sacred, for me, a hook and pulling.

00:34:15.810 --> 00:34:22.620 Steven Weiss: Something off of me like a cloak that stuck to me kind of tight and hanging that there and allowing it to this kind of.

00:34:23.550 --> 00:34:35.010 Steven Weiss: float and focus back there and then to observe all the kind of wondrous changes be creates in my created in my nervous system and my vitality and my perceptual capacities and.

00:34:36.420 --> 00:34:47.610 Steven Weiss: And, and that and I like has this burst of energy clarity the things she was trying to teach me was suddenly really easy and it's like.

00:34:48.060 --> 00:35:01.080 Steven Weiss: Dr day, my name is Ruby day from the mountains of Western maine Harrison main So what we had, and she said, Dr Sutherland who's the founder of cranial osteopathy taught me that in des moines iowa 1948.

00:35:02.130 --> 00:35:03.690 Steven Weiss: He called it getting out of the way.

00:35:05.490 --> 00:35:16.140 Steven Weiss: which I thought was so by the time I got back to zucchini Jimmy had passed, because the entire time i'm i'm traveling do my clinical rotations is a MED student i'm like.

00:35:16.980 --> 00:35:25.500 Steven Weiss: What I need getting out of the way I don't get all the way you know and and you know it's, just like the Dallas where I just didn't know i'm attached to doing nothing.

00:35:25.980 --> 00:35:36.930 Steven Weiss: And then here Ruby day appears through view incredible coincidence, and the universe coincidence right and teaches me this practice that i've used.

00:35:38.610 --> 00:35:47.520 Steven Weiss: i've a school that I train people to do and i've put together the threads of a bunch of different lineages seemingly disparate limited lineages and.

00:35:48.210 --> 00:36:00.900 Steven Weiss: I begin the journey by teaching them to get out of the way and the piece that Ruby day taught me I continued to work and expand to we're not just a one step and now it's a 10 step process.

00:36:02.730 --> 00:36:08.130 Steven Weiss: I realized after five years, and if I got on the way enough So what does that mean to get out of the way.

00:36:08.340 --> 00:36:09.810 Georgeann Dau: Yes, follow our listeners.

00:36:10.110 --> 00:36:10.710 Steven Weiss: Why not.

00:36:11.220 --> 00:36:15.480 Steven Weiss: Yet, so what it means to get out of the way is to listen.

00:36:17.310 --> 00:36:25.560 Steven Weiss: We spend so much time, especially as physicians poking and prodding and palpitating you know into a fancy way of poking and prodding.

00:36:25.890 --> 00:36:36.600 Steven Weiss: And we have our energy in the tips of our fingers and we're basically penetrating our our patients with our energies looking doing search and destroy for their symptoms looking for what's going on.

00:36:37.230 --> 00:36:42.570 Steven Weiss: When you start to adopt the mindset that the source of the problem is never where it hurts.

00:36:44.700 --> 00:36:45.120 Steven Weiss: Right.

00:36:46.170 --> 00:36:52.860 Steven Weiss: To say that to yourself, for a second, the source of the problem is never where it hurts, then, how are you going to get there.

00:36:53.640 --> 00:36:58.770 Steven Weiss: you're getting nearby but digging deeper into the source of the problem, like where right.

00:36:59.250 --> 00:37:13.560 Steven Weiss: And, and so you have to back up, you have to listen, you have to become a good conversationalist you have to allow you have to create a quiet field that enables their higher consciousness, to communicate to you.

00:37:14.970 --> 00:37:20.250 Steven Weiss: What they what they required to support their healing and then you have to have a map.

00:37:21.600 --> 00:37:32.100 Steven Weiss: Right basically a guidebook or a GPS to know what that what you're feeling translates into were in the embryo were in the tissue what relationship.

00:37:32.520 --> 00:37:45.660 Steven Weiss: Is it energetic is it tissue based and then what technique, do you have to call on, because then you have it, you know so first you pray real hard to listen, then you pray real hard to understand what it is you're hearing.

00:37:46.920 --> 00:37:52.650 Steven Weiss: When you pray real hard to have the tools that will actually meet what you're being asked to do.

00:37:54.090 --> 00:38:00.030 Steven Weiss: And then to listen to see whether you chose wisely pick the right tool and are doing the right thing.

00:38:00.570 --> 00:38:12.030 Georgeann Dau: Yes, you know it's interesting because what you're talking about really is also my psychoanalytical work, and I think Judy a lot of what you do also um.

00:38:14.550 --> 00:38:18.960 Georgeann Dau: But there's a piece that I know becomes as gift.

00:38:20.040 --> 00:38:34.980 Georgeann Dau: And that is an intuitive place in me that I can settle into and feel that map, so if someone doesn't have that as gifts and we're all gifted just different gifts i'm not a good cook.

00:38:35.880 --> 00:38:46.290 Georgeann Dau: What can what can our listeners do to get out of the way because you really talking about connecting with a higher level of consciousness.

00:38:47.130 --> 00:39:04.230 Georgeann Dau: mm hmm right so i'm I I know some people that listen every week and I know them and love them and I know that they are thinking to themselves oh my gosh I want to have money they laughing right now, I want to be able to get out of the way what.

00:39:04.260 --> 00:39:05.640 Georgeann Dau: What is he talking about how do they get.

00:39:05.760 --> 00:39:06.690 Georgeann Dau: How do I get out of the way.

00:39:08.370 --> 00:39:09.150 Georgeann Dau: How can we help.

00:39:09.810 --> 00:39:14.190 Steven Weiss: teach the basic practice, then I students with.

00:39:14.640 --> 00:39:21.660 Georgeann Dau: Well, I think that that I don't think we have time for that, I mean I think like to come back on the show, but when you say listen.

00:39:22.200 --> 00:39:41.100 Georgeann Dau: Most times when people go and prayer and they listen if they haven't been meditating since age for what they're going to hear is the chatter in their own ED which, through my work with them, I help them to CERN what that is that a move, but what can we do just as lay people.

00:39:41.130 --> 00:39:42.900 Steven Weiss: Well, I think that's why.

00:39:45.600 --> 00:39:54.330 Steven Weiss: Dr Sutherland and his wisdom taught, I have no idea where he got that piece, the power of.

00:39:55.200 --> 00:40:09.900 Steven Weiss: It reminds me of a lot of meditations in Tibetan Buddhism, where you're actively manipulating your attention to confound your conscious mind and drive yourself deeper into a contemplative state, so I think the act of.

00:40:11.580 --> 00:40:14.070 Steven Weiss: Moving energy forming a Cork.

00:40:15.540 --> 00:40:26.190 Steven Weiss: Allowing that hook to be freely suspended and automatically shifting behind your sacred to consciously like imagine the practice of pulling off a wetsuit that glued to your skin.

00:40:26.940 --> 00:40:33.390 Steven Weiss: all the way down into your bone you can appeal it off and then turn around and hang it on the book.

00:40:34.710 --> 00:40:45.480 Steven Weiss: and leave it there, and that act just that act has a profound impact on our ability to acquire stillness.

00:40:45.720 --> 00:40:47.400 Georgeann Dau: Okay that's great it's.

00:40:47.610 --> 00:41:07.890 Steven Weiss: reducible it's trainable um it's identifiable and so I start my day that way my teachers, Dr day and lived her adult life out of the way you know she did this practice in the morning is what she did what I find is the state, I can accomplish.

00:41:08.940 --> 00:41:14.340 Steven Weiss: quickly when I do that approximates it doesn't take the place of it.

00:41:15.840 --> 00:41:17.730 Steven Weiss: A deep state of longtime meditation.

00:41:18.390 --> 00:41:25.830 Georgeann Dau: Okay, and even even me with metal back there for those with battling that you can still do it has nothing to do with.

00:41:26.460 --> 00:41:27.180 Steven Weiss: The energy body.

00:41:27.690 --> 00:41:28.140 Georgeann Dau: The energy.

00:41:28.440 --> 00:41:30.960 Georgeann Dau: But I wanted to make sure everyone heard that.

00:41:31.860 --> 00:41:38.730 Judi Miller: Stephen you use this methodology a lot for healing but put can people regular people use it in their everyday lives.

00:41:38.790 --> 00:41:41.190 Judi Miller: yeah the create that sense of stillness by.

00:41:41.370 --> 00:41:42.990 Steven Weiss: I use it in traffic.

00:41:44.130 --> 00:41:47.490 Steven Weiss: You know i'll use it if i'm having a difficult conversation with with.

00:41:47.550 --> 00:41:51.930 Steven Weiss: With anybody, you know, a confrontation or grocery store or.

00:41:52.950 --> 00:41:54.900 Steven Weiss: or i'm working with a particularly trying patient.

00:41:56.850 --> 00:42:00.300 Georgeann Dau: me what you do what you talk about with your energy.

00:42:00.630 --> 00:42:12.630 Judi Miller: When the breath yeah and also, I was just curious you know with coven 19 a lot of people are actually doing remote energy healing does your does your work, lend itself to remote energy healing as well.

00:42:12.900 --> 00:42:13.800 Steven Weiss: Yes, I mean.

00:42:14.550 --> 00:42:15.510 Georgeann Dau: I do i've had it.

00:42:15.780 --> 00:42:25.320 Steven Weiss: yeah once upon a time, because I came from the consciousness movement somewhere teachers people in that movement would be abroad, they hurt themselves that contact me.

00:42:25.590 --> 00:42:34.350 Steven Weiss: And they'd want to remote healing and I was always kind of like the reluctant healer in the beginning of it, and I might have done a handful year.

00:42:35.310 --> 00:42:49.620 Steven Weiss: I moved I went moved into exile in a year ago, in March and a little island off the southwest Florida, and suddenly I was, I found the demand, because I closed my office, I was doing eight to 10 a day many days.

00:42:50.640 --> 00:42:51.390 Steven Weiss: Now.

00:42:52.470 --> 00:43:01.710 Steven Weiss: I can probably come close to filling one day of remote sessions either people are living far away, and they want to work with me or they don't want to come into the city.

00:43:02.820 --> 00:43:10.320 Steven Weiss: Or, there are a few people that actually like the results to get better from the remote sessions, that my hands on sessions.

00:43:11.430 --> 00:43:12.360 Steven Weiss: Which is pretty weird.

00:43:14.910 --> 00:43:16.740 Steven Weiss: And some of it, I mean.

00:43:20.790 --> 00:43:28.200 Steven Weiss: it's quantum physics right and there's no, you know to same application is this amazing remote prayer studies that have been done.

00:43:28.950 --> 00:43:39.600 Steven Weiss: The thing that blows my mind is the capacity, if we are on our way and we're allowing this to unfold to actually move from that remote healing state move bone.

00:43:40.500 --> 00:43:48.090 Steven Weiss: And a young girl fall out of a hammock and they said she dislocated or sacred and she couldn't get out of bed and repair it called me or mother called me.

00:43:48.600 --> 00:43:54.060 Steven Weiss: And I worked, and I when I work remotely I work as if they're on my table in my healing room.

00:43:54.660 --> 00:44:06.660 Steven Weiss: there's like a little version of themselves and i'm doing the often the procedures with my hands and I, and I basically, I mean it's some I mean part of me is like your to talk about this i'm real i'm.

00:44:07.770 --> 00:44:11.880 Steven Weiss: Live lifted in case the sacrament dropped it and I felt a clunk.

00:44:13.020 --> 00:44:19.860 Steven Weiss: Yes, and the mother called me the next day, and she was what will grow was walking for the first time since she'd fall off the hammock.

00:44:21.270 --> 00:44:32.580 Steven Weiss: Yes, there was no evidence of the swelling and she had regain maybe 75 80% right away of her range of motion of her lumbar spine and sacred, so you know from that space if.

00:44:34.710 --> 00:44:48.360 Steven Weiss: it's weird but there's something you know makes you want to watch, you know what the bleep do we know again or the word sequel you know down the rabbit hole just to do a review of quantum physics, because there's definitely something there, and definitely.

00:44:51.210 --> 00:44:57.390 Steven Weiss: know every once in a while you know because I find myself, I never intended to be so far.

00:44:57.990 --> 00:45:14.160 Steven Weiss: Holding spirit, on the one hand and tissue, on the other, and there's part of me that feels like I sit up in the corner my office sometime after particularly and I do what I do because the people that I see have tried everything else, so I do what I do because I learned it.

00:45:15.300 --> 00:45:23.040 Steven Weiss: And the tools are in my toolbox it feels like this is what's been called for and it's achieve results over the years.

00:45:23.490 --> 00:45:30.840 Steven Weiss: Right, you know the things I use are the things i've used that with a difference between healing and not healing for like 10s of thousands of people.

00:45:31.440 --> 00:45:39.540 Steven Weiss: In the 35 years i've been doing this, so I never intended to be weird, which is a question somebody asked me to interview, years ago, and you know it's like I.

00:45:40.020 --> 00:45:47.970 Steven Weiss: You know I ended up where I am because I really wanted to serve my patients, you know and and sort of the reluctant healer in that way.

00:45:49.590 --> 00:45:51.090 Steven Weiss: So the road healings have been like that.

00:45:53.490 --> 00:46:11.520 Georgeann Dau: journey, I mean who who teaches a child to meditate at age four you know when you look at your you know your journey from the term you are child, then, from what I know of you also um it's always been anointed for you to be doing this, I.

00:46:11.820 --> 00:46:19.590 Steven Weiss: Know it's ironic that's that you know, in our own journeys, do you all know, the book, you know the the journey of the gift the the other.

00:46:20.280 --> 00:46:31.380 Steven Weiss: The drama of the gifted child Alice Miller written in the 16th it's The interesting thing is the very first chapter is called why we heal.

00:46:31.950 --> 00:46:45.660 Steven Weiss: And she's the first person that seemed to like pull the veil aside and say we mostly are motivated to heal so strong because we've been so damaged ourselves healing is an extension of its craving to be loved by our primary family that so you know.

00:46:45.960 --> 00:46:48.750 Georgeann Dau: we're going to take a quick break we'll be right back.

00:46:50.040 --> 00:46:50.400 Georgeann Dau: be like.

00:49:12.180 --> 00:49:17.010 Georgeann Dau: Okay, great so we're where we Stephen get finish what you were saying.

00:49:20.490 --> 00:49:21.480 Steven Weiss: we're really.

00:49:24.060 --> 00:49:25.440 Georgeann Dau: Well, Stephen yeah.

00:49:25.980 --> 00:49:31.260 Judi Miller: I was gonna say Stephen I would love to learn more about some one of your mentors Reverend rosalyn.

00:49:31.290 --> 00:49:32.520 And what you want from her.

00:49:34.020 --> 00:49:37.230 Steven Weiss: roseland re air mmm hmm.

00:49:38.370 --> 00:49:46.440 Steven Weiss: rosen beer I apprenticed with her for 15 years I was blessed to sit at her feet, she was.

00:49:48.090 --> 00:49:49.170 Steven Weiss: How do I go into that.

00:49:50.220 --> 00:50:02.730 Steven Weiss: One of the most profoundly powerful healers I know i've been at the table, hand in hand, working with her and watched her dissolve Kappa see Sir calmness on the skin of a patient.

00:50:04.440 --> 00:50:04.950 I have.

00:50:07.290 --> 00:50:15.000 Steven Weiss: been i've talked with people who've been with her when she started a car with her bare hands when the battery died.

00:50:17.100 --> 00:50:18.390 Steven Weiss: develop that much cheaper.

00:50:21.120 --> 00:50:23.340 Steven Weiss: One of the real celebrated healers.

00:50:24.450 --> 00:50:34.740 Steven Weiss: On the planet really she trained well interestingly, she comes from the Dutch Reformed Church, which has a pastoral healing and medium ship background.

00:50:35.310 --> 00:50:45.870 Steven Weiss: So she was a profoundly powerful healer who left the Dutch Reformed Church when she found out the non Christian spirits are much more fun than the Christian spirits to incorporate.

00:50:48.000 --> 00:50:54.720 Steven Weiss: But she's been taken in and and serve hailed as a medicine elder by several of the tribes.

00:50:56.400 --> 00:51:05.370 Steven Weiss: She was enthroned as a medium as a Oracle for the been the pre Buddhist Tibetan religion.

00:51:07.320 --> 00:51:15.300 Steven Weiss: amazing she taught us a lot about the discipline of spiritual law a lot about one of her things is.

00:51:16.110 --> 00:51:34.560 Steven Weiss: to filter much in the body there, she has several filters, one of them is the understanding of the medicine wheel, the wheel of laws, a sacred teaching it through which to understand so much of cosmology and so much of the body also speaking of wheels she's a master of the Chakra system.

00:51:36.450 --> 00:51:37.710 Steven Weiss: and energy practice.

00:51:38.940 --> 00:51:55.560 Steven Weiss: she's still have her program is called the healing light Center church at OCC she's in Sierra Madre California and she's still she's still teaching she's still out there and for anybody who wants to get a toe in in that world of healing.

00:51:57.450 --> 00:52:09.330 Steven Weiss: she's a very wonderful source of having an experience and really having a door open if you if you want to learn more experience more about energy medium ship spiritual law.

00:52:11.010 --> 00:52:20.550 Steven Weiss: yeah she one of the things that she's really good at is reading you and empowering you to become the healer that you are.

00:52:21.960 --> 00:52:22.920 So she.

00:52:25.470 --> 00:52:32.910 Steven Weiss: One of my colleagues in the first practice that the practice of brooklyn New York had been studying with her and she brought me to meet her and.

00:52:34.050 --> 00:52:42.780 Steven Weiss: She asked a question I gave an answer she didn't like she brought me up in front of 250 of my most intimate friends.

00:52:43.860 --> 00:52:45.060 Steven Weiss: And and.

00:52:46.170 --> 00:52:49.020 Steven Weiss: me basically proceeded to do energetic heart surgery on me.

00:52:52.080 --> 00:53:03.420 Steven Weiss: And at that moment it's it, she was exactly what I was looking for and said, your grandmother, can I can I train with you said I believe you've already begun to train with me Stephen.

00:53:05.550 --> 00:53:06.000 Steven Weiss: So.

00:53:07.980 --> 00:53:10.230 Steven Weiss: cow her teachers and her spirit teachers.

00:53:11.820 --> 00:53:16.620 Steven Weiss: were deeply influential in my clarifying my model.

00:53:17.700 --> 00:53:25.680 Steven Weiss: And and walking my path in healing understanding the role of sacred geometry and ceremony and energetic practices.

00:53:26.760 --> 00:53:31.470 Judi Miller: Because I like your story when you were saying that she was helping you, I guess, with your near your foot.

00:53:32.130 --> 00:53:42.630 Judi Miller: And she asked you what was happening in your life when that injury first occurred so oftentimes the pain that we feel we actually originates like you said earlier enough, and what we think it does.

00:53:43.020 --> 00:53:47.760 Steven Weiss: Never, and you know it's so easy to miss that opportunity right.

00:53:48.420 --> 00:53:56.340 Steven Weiss: I mean we can consider that the pain holds the possibility of a threshold to a deeper understanding of ourselves and our journey.

00:53:56.640 --> 00:54:06.330 Steven Weiss: And what its context is, and if we just like chase the pain run around after it and and do what we can to bludgeon it until it becomes non symptomatic we've missed an opportunity.

00:54:06.930 --> 00:54:16.590 Steven Weiss: And and it's that deeper and I sort of think of it like chutes and ladders that kids game, you know it's like when you start digging really be you sort of like going down the rabbit hole.

00:54:17.160 --> 00:54:28.170 Steven Weiss: And, and the there in lives, the healing there in lives, the awakening there in lies a deeper relationship with God or a deeper relationship with spirit.

00:54:29.340 --> 00:54:31.860 Georgeann Dau: In any and every true healing or.

00:54:32.700 --> 00:54:33.090 Steven Weiss: yeah.

00:54:33.150 --> 00:54:45.750 Georgeann Dau: That is that is so, unquestionably, so if we were um I want to end with prayer we have a couple of minutes before we end it went very quick, would you ever consider coming back on again Stephen.

00:54:45.840 --> 00:54:46.380 Steven Weiss: Are loving.

00:54:46.530 --> 00:54:47.370 Your guests.

00:54:48.570 --> 00:54:50.430 Georgeann Dau: um I think Judy and I would too.

00:54:52.080 --> 00:55:12.360 Georgeann Dau: If there was one takeaway that you would want to tell our listeners what would that be, and you have a clinical the medicine lunch clinic in Manhattan if there was one takeaway What would you like to have our listeners take away from this tonight real briefly Stephen if you.

00:55:12.750 --> 00:55:17.370 Steven Weiss: Have a medicine watch clinic as as a practice, and I have a school called the altar of creation.

00:55:20.880 --> 00:55:22.170 Steven Weiss: of about four takeaways.

00:55:23.910 --> 00:55:24.390 Georgeann Dau: We have.

00:55:24.420 --> 00:55:27.780 Georgeann Dau: One minute on and Judy might have something to ask.

00:55:27.990 --> 00:55:39.450 Steven Weiss: I you know, the first thing that came to my mind, since you said prayer is a one of my favorite a scene prayers is me the Christ breath within.

00:55:40.590 --> 00:55:46.620 Steven Weiss: REACH, the gap between that which i'm able to do and that which needs to be done in this moment.

00:55:47.430 --> 00:55:55.800 Steven Weiss: No it's about surrendering and getting out of the way and allowing spirit to fill the gap, some of the days, where i've been.

00:55:57.030 --> 00:56:14.850 Steven Weiss: least well no you're all joking about since this day of mask and hand sanitizers and I were a visor I see 12 people a day and I put my hands on them nobody's gotten cold so he's got intestinal fluids, you know yeah I mean some of us some people have gotten coven, unfortunately.

00:56:16.260 --> 00:56:30.480 Steven Weiss: touch wood um but you know that when I back when I used to get colds and your or have an injury i'd be unwell and you really feel like what can I offer this person, you know, I have to work really hard to be present.

00:56:31.410 --> 00:56:42.240 Georgeann Dau: always come to mind um Sistema, we have to end in one minute so I do want to end unless Judy you want to say something else to Stephen we can get that.

00:56:42.510 --> 00:56:47.820 Judi Miller: Even this has been absolutely incredible and I know George and loves to end in prayer so I don't want to disappoint her.

00:56:49.530 --> 00:56:51.930 Judi Miller: I can turn around and go ahead okay.

00:56:52.560 --> 00:56:55.680 Georgeann Dau: All right, shall we and Stephen, thank you for being on the show.

00:56:58.350 --> 00:57:13.620 Georgeann Dau: loving God you fill all things with the fullness and hope that we can never comprehend, thank you for leading us into a time where more of reality is being unveiled for us to see.

00:57:14.340 --> 00:57:26.640 Georgeann Dau: We pray that you take away our natural temptation for cynicism denial, fear and despair, help us to have the courage to awaken to greater truth.

00:57:26.970 --> 00:57:33.420 Georgeann Dau: Greater humility and greater care for one another and we place all our prayers.

00:57:33.870 --> 00:57:55.860 Georgeann Dau: All our hope and the blessings that you offer us we offer back to you and service at the altar of your grace and knowing that you were hearing us better than we can ever speak and be clear to you, we pray in all of the names of God amen.

00:57:57.420 --> 00:58:04.140 Georgeann Dau: amen Thank you so much, thank you for joining us tonight we hope it was rich for you.

00:58:05.850 --> 00:58:20.610 Georgeann Dau: And we love you and we hope to see you next week, thank you for those that are behind the scenes doing all the technical work for us and we'll see you next week at a journey through and so when we have a great guest next week also.

00:58:21.090 --> 00:58:22.260 Steven Weiss: goodnight goodnight.

00:58:22.470 --> 00:58:23.220 Georgeann Dau: Thank you Judy.

00:58:23.910 --> 00:58:24.750 Judi Miller: Courtesy guys.

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