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Thursday, March 18, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/03/18 - The Courage to Breakthrough Your Limits

Facebook Live Video from 2021/03/18 - The Courage to Breakthrough Your Limits


2021/03/18 - The Courage to Breakthrough Your Limits

[NEW EPISODE] The Courage to Breakthrough Your Limits

This week on Voices of Courage, Ken D. Foster is joined by Denise Mueller-Korenek, Guinness Word Record Holding Cyclist, security company CEO, and inspirational speaker, and Ruble Chandy, global entrepreneur, business accelerator, and best-selling author, to discuss the courage to breakthrough your limits.

Segment 1

Host Ken D. Foster opens the episode by assuring the audience that there has never been a better time to upgrade your life to the next level. He walks the listener through aspects of their life, identifying what they are missing and how they can stop these aspects from keeping them from being the best version of themselves. He introduces the first guest, Denise Mueller-Korenek, a world-record holding athlete, now inspirational speaker.

Segment 2

The next segment opens with Denise explaining how she would train not only her body, but her mind before competing in races, including personalized workouts, meditation, hypnosis, and praying. What you think about is what you manifest, so she suggests to stick to thinking about positives. She speaks about what goes through her mind in high-pressure moments. She reveals that she focuses solely on survival, when facing a life-or-death situation, there is nothing else to think of other than survival. She speaks on how these competitions have helped her in other aspects of her life, including how it has inspired her to realize that she can do anything she sets her mind to, and even if she does not accomplish it, the journey still makes it worth it. She discusses near-death experiences, and how they did not force her to stop and instead helped her to move forward. The conversation moves to courage, and how she defines it, relating it to the act of trying.

Segment 3

The next segment opens with Denise speaking about her Christian faith, which allows her to see gratitude in all of the elements that had occurred. She continues to reveal the role that God has played in her success, and how her life has evolved as a result of it. Denise’s segment closes with discussion on what is next for her, speaking about her goals, working on completing running a non-competitive marathon in every state in the country. The next guest, Rubie Chandy, an author and online-business creato, speaks about starting his business in order to pay off debts. After failing in two businesses by the age of 24, putting him $60,000 in debt, Chandy speaks about the shift in his mindset that led to him tuning into his spiritual life, which led to him creating a business that resulted in him gaining seven-figures and quitting the workforce in his thirties. Chandy discusses the Western sales world, and how there is only one model of selling, which is mainly focused on closing and selling, and how it is currently shifting in our current business environment. While the Western world may be solely focused on money, the Eastern business world is less-focused on money, giving them more freedom.

Segment 4

The final segment opens with Chandy speaking about his new book, and how figuring out the best way to communicate with people in the business world inspired him to write a story about the bond between a woman and a business coach and how the business coach aided her in saving her life. He speaks on thriving businesses right now, and how the businesses that are thriving right now are the businesses that are innovating. The companies that will grow are the companies that are successfully able to adapt to this new world. The next decade will be about connection, rather than expression. Creating human connection in one’s business will lead to a successful business. Chandy also explains how one can use fear to improve our lives. Denise returns to reveal her message to the world right now, revealing that people should get back into the game of life. Chandy answers the question as well, sharing that people should continue to share joy in the world.

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