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Thursday, January 21, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/01/21 - The Courage to Have Vibrant Health


2021/01/21 - The Courage to Have Vibrant Health

[NEW EPISODE] The Courage to Have Vibrant Health

This week on Voices of Courage, Ken D. Foster is joined by Dr. Gabriel Cousens who has been doing humanitarian work since 1965 and has continued to do humanitarian and peace work throughout the world since then, including teaching and service in 42 countries, to discuss going beyond the limitations of the mind and into the nothing to create a spiritual lifestyle that leads us to liberation.

Dr. Cousens discusses connecting more deeply with our soul and to the divine, loving ourselves enough to want to heal ourselves, and having the courage to follow our intuition and reach our highest level of spiritual joy.

Show Notes:

Segment 1

Ken opens the show by reflecting on a few positives that came with the New Year and encourages listeners to reflect on the good in their lives and look forward to improving yourself this year. He talks about the power that comes when cultivating positive emotions and touches on the transformative effects of yoga. Ken then introduces the guest of the show, Dr. Gabriel Cousens. Dr. Cousens shares a prayer in Hebrew that is meant to connect the heart and the mind. Cousens and Ken then discuss how to break free from the confines of your mind and venturing into the unknown. They touch on the role of relationships in our lives, whether they be familial or romantic, and how they function to let us grow spiritually. Cousens also talks about his book, Into the Nothing. while reminiscing on his spiritual journey.


Segment 2

Cousens explains how one gets started on their spiritual journey and gives advice for those eager to try. He walks listeners through taking their challenges and converting them into inspiration and growth. Cousens then talks about being sensitive to the state of your spirit and how to know if your soul is truly growing out of its shell. Ken and Cousens also touch on the importance of healing and independence in this process. Cousens gives a description of a mystic and how to identify if you’re truly experiencing something divine.


Segment 3

Ken promotes his upcoming The Courage to Change Everything summit, where you can hear from doctors, lawyers, business leaders, football players, and all of the like, on how you can use courage to change your life and make a difference in the world. Ken and Cousens then continue their conversation on the nature of mystics and sensing your spiritual progression, Cousens reminiscing on his own journey to reaching a state of perpetual oneness. He talks about the impact that reaching this state has on one’s daily life. Cousens and Ken then delve into true mental and spiritual liberation and perfecting the relationships in our lives.


Segment 4

Dr. Cousens discussing the importance of honoring yourself and tuning into both our outer-and-inner experiences. Cousens explains to listeners how to tap into their intuition and manipulate it in our physical and spiritual lives. The show closes with Cousens sharing his final advice for listeners and Ken once again promoting the upcoming Summit.

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