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Tuesday, November 16, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/11/16 - Wanderluster

Facebook Live Video from 2021/11/16 - Wanderluster


2021/11/16 - Wanderluster

[New Episode] Wanderluster

Back from a massive four-week litany of acting/modeling gigs and a concert production, I’m LIVE on TalkRadio.NYC and Talking Alternative Broadcasting. 

Tonight we talk about the heater of bookings: Target shoot in Michigan, National print and TV fitness ad for Ageless Male and a National TV commercial for one of the largest investment money management companies in the world (it’s confidential until it airs in a couple months). I had to deal with a random situation with a blood vessel in my eye that was present for all three shoots. We talk about the confidence you need in the audition process to book regularly. .

I am also talking tonight about my concert production and promotion company. We did a great concert at the @theoilpalace in Tyler, TX last week for King and Country. Also talk about the risks involved in the industry as evidenced by the tragedy in Houston last week. .

Given the time I will also talk about a few current events including @stoolpresidente and the article that came out in @businessinsider . Also touch on NCAA cross country this week. In addition, I will be addressing a situation that came up in track and field where an Olympian was fined $300 to use a photo of herself and why I find nothing wrong with that.

Tune in for this fun conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Kevin opens the show sharing what he has been up to recently. He explains he has been flying out for auditions the past couple weeks. Then he then shifts into the various topics today’s show will focus on: from his recent photoshoots, to his concert production companies, an athletes usage of her image and how she was sent a bill afterwards, to the Bar Stool scandal. Kevin goes on to share how at a recent photoshoot he realized shortly after arriving that a blood vessel popped on his face right as he was getting ready to film. After speaking to the AD (Assistant Director), he was told it was no problem and that they could edit it out. Kevin laughs about the situation and the process of filming and editing.

Segment 2

Kevin introduces the topic of agents. There are agents that are responsible for different areas across the country and different types of parts. Kevin has various agents from different agencies across the country. He says he spread a wide net for broader opportunities, as he is fortunate to have the capacity to do. He is fortunate to own a few companies that allow him that leverage. Kevin owns a construction company, and sports company which allows him to travel and own apartments in different states, such as LA, & NY, making his travels for auditions easier. He goes on to state how his time over the years has shifted in priority--realizing that his time is more valuable and worth more than he would’ve been willing to accept from gigs at the start of his career. He only auditions to gigs that pay over a certain amount. Kevin is primarily a commercial actor and print model. Kevin shifts topic into the track athlete that came across a photo of her and used the photo on a public domain. She shortly received a bill for $300 for using the photo. She found it an outrage because the photo was of her. Kevin explains why he thinks it is fair that she pays the photographer for the use of the photo. She agreed to put herself in a public domain, where photos would be taken of her, the photographer who took her photo, the photo now belongs to him because he took it, he put the time and effort and that is his art. The photo does not belong to her just because it is a photo of her, because of the fact that it was a public space which allowed for photography.

Segment 3

Kevin speaks about his workout routines and how at times for an upcoming gig, he flushes out his body and modifies his workouts to high reps and lower weights. He talks about his health and workout regime. Then goes on to share about the recent scandal about the founder of the athletic page Bar Stools Sports, Dave Portnoy. An article was released about Portnoy facing various sexual misconduct accusations. Young women have stated they met Portnoy for sex and it was extremely aggressive in nature causing them to become fearful. Kevin talks about how Portnoy was reached out by the journalist investigating and writing the piece but he refused to comment, in which Kevin states once the article was published he found it to be a lot more than he initially estimated. Kevin then shares how he himself had gone through something similar in his past as a coach. He quickly retells the story for those who don’t know, how he was a NCAA division 1 track coach, and how after kicking someone off the team, the next day he found out how he was being accused of harassment. Investigation took place and he was cleared but other professional misconduct came up and he ended up having to resign. He states that like Portnoy, someone writing an article of his also asked to comment and he finds that he and Portnoy made the best decision to not comment because your words can get twisted and misconstrued to create a false narrative. He explains that while he believes the accuser/victim should be believed, and an investigation should always occur, that the accused should also be given a platform and chance to prove their side of the story.

Segment 4

In the last part of the show Kevin talks about his concert production and promotion company. How they put on a great concert at the Oil Palace in Tyler, TX last week. He also goes on to talk a little about the tragedy that occured at the Astroworld Festival, that caused multiple deaths and injury.


00:03:15.450 --> 00:03:22.020 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Good evening everybody and welcome back to coffee talk excel i'm killing Barbara you're listening on talk radio dot nyc.

00:03:22.680 --> 00:03:30.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: or you're watching us on Facebook right slash talk radio nyc all one word.

00:03:30.450 --> 00:03:40.650 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And you can check out the podcast, of course, on spotify and apple and iTunes and wherever you get your your your podcast you can get the replay of this or we can watch the video again.

00:03:41.250 --> 00:03:53.640 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Who knows man, but anyway i'm back for the first time here live and in like a month because it has been crazy man, a.

00:03:54.960 --> 00:03:59.610 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Book the bunch of gigs is grayson for everybody he's not a production.

00:04:02.070 --> 00:04:10.230 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Looked a bunch of gigs in a row which had me at literally flying all over the country we're going to talk about that a little bit we're talking about how.

00:04:10.770 --> 00:04:20.880 Kevin Barbaro Productions: F up my I got randomly and I have zero idea how this happened, but, but it did happen and so we're going to talk about that we're also going to talk.

00:04:21.300 --> 00:04:35.670 Kevin Barbaro Productions: About we one of the things that's happening over the course of the last month, in addition to having the going back and forth across country for the acting and the modeling gigs will is that my production company kb productions.

00:04:36.750 --> 00:04:37.860 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Kevin Barbara productions.

00:04:38.880 --> 00:04:43.410 Kevin Barbaro Productions: was helping to produce the for king and country concert, which is a Christian.

00:04:43.980 --> 00:04:52.980 Kevin Barbaro Productions: concert at the royal palace and Tyler and we're going to talk about that and that experience, because some of the people that follow the show here are from the world of concert.

00:04:53.430 --> 00:05:03.480 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Production and promotion and and if we got some time we want to talk a little bit about nc double a cross country, of course, I was a long time nc double a division one head coach.

00:05:04.020 --> 00:05:10.680 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And that's coming up this weekend down in Florida state we're also going to talk a little bit, I want to talk about Dave portnoy.

00:05:11.280 --> 00:05:19.860 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And the founder and CEO of barstool sports and the the feud that's going on right now between him and business insider because.

00:05:20.820 --> 00:05:30.360 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I actually I can relate to the entire scenario, the entire situation that the guy is in and i'm going to talk a little bit about that, and then, if there's time if there's time.

00:05:31.410 --> 00:05:33.390 Kevin Barbaro Productions: touch on a few other things, one of which was.

00:05:34.440 --> 00:05:41.040 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Coming from the land of Twitter in the track and field world, there was an Olympian a track and field athlete on white station.

00:05:41.520 --> 00:05:53.670 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I believe she's a thrower I I I being honest I don't know her name I only saw the tweet and but it, but she was complaining, she was saying, I don't want to say she was complaining but.

00:05:54.780 --> 00:05:55.560 Kevin Barbaro Productions: She was kind of complaining.

00:05:57.090 --> 00:06:06.900 Kevin Barbaro Productions: that she had she essentially got fined or she had to pay $300 to use an image that had been taken of her.

00:06:07.410 --> 00:06:17.370 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And she didn't understand and people were kind of chime in and understand why you have to pay to use for some, for if you're in the picture.

00:06:17.730 --> 00:06:27.570 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Why do you have to pay and we're going to talk about that because I because I actually do agree with the fact that you should have to pay and then just coming for somebody who's images used all the time, so.

00:06:29.100 --> 00:06:34.380 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In any event, getting back to the whole road trip thing, so one up happening was.

00:06:35.640 --> 00:06:41.100 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I ended up booking three gigs in a row in three different states, so I booked a.

00:06:42.540 --> 00:06:53.340 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Video shoot for target now, that is not a commercial that's actually you know, in the world of industrials that you know that this is an in house employee.

00:06:53.760 --> 00:06:59.490 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So if you're an employee of target, then you will end up watching this video that i'm in it's myself.

00:07:00.360 --> 00:07:14.250 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And another actor and were the two main characters of this and i've done a lot of those over over time matter of fact, if you're if you're in the world of dentistry and you live in New York state, you have also seen me as.

00:07:15.990 --> 00:07:18.900 Kevin Barbaro Productions: A training video because I actually use ago.

00:07:20.580 --> 00:07:34.590 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I, in order to continue to make myself more marketable as an actor I learned how to do that, to use the teleprompter and and let me tell you something if you're an actor, you need to learn how to use a teleprompter um.

00:07:35.580 --> 00:07:52.560 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Because that's what that's where you're going to get a lot of your direct to camera types of games and the teleprompter is not easy anybody that's the it's just starting out will tell you some people they never get it, but there's a certain there's kind of an art to utilizing the.

00:07:53.670 --> 00:08:04.500 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The teleprompter In addition I just so happened to be well versed in Latin based medical terminology, so I can be on a teleprompter and I can see.

00:08:05.010 --> 00:08:17.580 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The information that's coming through and in real time I can I can translate and I can pronounce these long you know Latin based words that in the medical world.

00:08:17.880 --> 00:08:28.350 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And so I get used all the time for like these medical training videos anyway up and target up in Michigan for this target shoot and.

00:08:29.940 --> 00:08:37.530 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm so my call time is that, until the afternoon, I want to say that the call time was like maybe 145 in the afternoon or something like this.

00:08:38.190 --> 00:08:49.680 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I had a series of four or five auditions that self tape auditions that that I needed to bang out that morning, and then I was going to head to the shoot.

00:08:50.730 --> 00:09:03.360 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So i'm at my hotel I one thing that I do because I travel so much is that I always have my ring lights with me and I always have the ability to.

00:09:04.620 --> 00:09:11.820 Kevin Barbaro Productions: To take my auditions So if you do travel a lot, I mean it's nothing for you to pack your.

00:09:12.180 --> 00:09:20.340 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Ring lights and and to make sure that you have everything that you need so that you can tape auditions if they come if they come through on during the time you're on the road so.

00:09:21.270 --> 00:09:31.590 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm at the hotel I set up, you know, in the hotel it's a little bit difficult because normally this, this is my audition world right here, so when i'm doing auditions.

00:09:33.270 --> 00:09:47.400 Kevin Barbaro Productions: At home, whether it's here home in myrtle beach South Carolina which where I am right now the second or it's in New York City where Actually, I have a new apartment that i'm moving in with one of my very good.

00:09:48.960 --> 00:09:59.460 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Acting friends who is who is also got her own business i'm going to i'm going to get to have her on as a guest here next couple weeks genuine Rodriguez.

00:10:00.510 --> 00:10:01.290 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So anyway.

00:10:02.430 --> 00:10:11.400 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I always have this space, but when you're in a hotel you don't always have like a blank space like this, and so you gotta kind of improvise and usually what ends up happening is, I just have like.

00:10:12.060 --> 00:10:28.290 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The white curtains behind me and I tried to frame it so that it so that at least it's a blank background, so I banged out these for auditions and now it's like say I don't know it's a it's a one o'clock and I got to be there 145 so.

00:10:29.460 --> 00:10:41.640 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I roll out I get to the studio that we're filming this in and actually start meeting people hey man how's it going oh Kevin yada yada you're gonna be here.

00:10:42.690 --> 00:10:52.350 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So you set up and holding us up in the green room hey and we're gonna do hair and makeup in a couple minutes, no problem bro I got you i'm just going to hit the bathroom so.

00:10:53.580 --> 00:11:01.530 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I roll into the bathroom and i'm walking past the mirror and I take a look, and I don't have something.

00:11:02.580 --> 00:11:11.280 Kevin Barbaro Productions: On my eye this guy okay my writer and i'm like wait a SEC wait, is it so, then I look.

00:11:12.480 --> 00:11:12.960 Kevin Barbaro Productions: and

00:11:14.100 --> 00:11:16.980 Kevin Barbaro Productions: At some point during the day I had.

00:11:18.090 --> 00:11:29.070 Kevin Barbaro Productions: broken a blood vessel in my eye and anybody that's ever done that, before, and if you don't feel it there's no pain you don't even realize is there, but.

00:11:30.300 --> 00:11:33.660 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The side of my I had filled with blood.

00:11:34.710 --> 00:11:42.630 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And i'm getting ready to film i'm like you know this has never happened before I couldn't even tell you how it all happened right.

00:11:43.860 --> 00:11:50.850 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So i'm like I go, I find the the assistant director, the Ad.

00:11:51.960 --> 00:12:04.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Firstly, I say hey dude uh my eye is jacked up and I he's like yeah man, I saw that I I didn't want to say anything to you because he thought Maybe it was like.

00:12:04.620 --> 00:12:12.060 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I don't know normal or something it up, and I was like dude on my life I didn't notice this until like 30 seconds ago.

00:12:12.720 --> 00:12:23.670 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And I was like what I mean what do you guys want to do about this, you know, because obviously i'm about ready to give film we're about ready get in front of the camera and.

00:12:24.990 --> 00:12:33.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So he's like well, let me go to the director so and the producer, so they go in and have me come in you're looking at I and they're like no problem you'll just.

00:12:33.510 --> 00:12:43.290 Kevin Barbaro Productions: A risk and frame you from this side you won't even notice it because it was literally only on this one side like that the furthest right side of it didn't go anywhere other than that one spot.

00:12:44.460 --> 00:12:47.670 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So anyway, I ended up filming that well here's the deal.

00:12:49.440 --> 00:12:57.180 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That was like I don't even remember that was like a Thursday like three weeks ago, and then a week later.

00:12:59.040 --> 00:13:11.670 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I knew that I was already booked in New York City to do a fitness modeling shoot for there's a gnc product called ageless male and.

00:13:12.780 --> 00:13:29.610 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I am part of this national commercial as well as print and so when you go into gnc there's a chance that you're going to be going to see me, you know when you walk in and doing the ageless male stuff and.

00:13:30.990 --> 00:13:42.780 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So anyway i'm i'm like dude I gotta do this, you know fitness shoot you know, like a week, you know and they're just so happened that one of the guys on set used to be.

00:13:43.860 --> 00:13:45.060 Kevin Barbaro Productions: An optometrist.

00:13:46.110 --> 00:14:00.180 Kevin Barbaro Productions: randomly and he's like dude don't worry about it it's going to go away within like a week so anyway, the week comes by and and and it's you can still kind of see the redness when I roll up to New York, so I go to the Ad hey man, you know.

00:14:01.470 --> 00:14:06.210 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I don't know what to say I don't know if this is going to be an issue, but you know there's this little.

00:14:07.170 --> 00:14:19.860 Kevin Barbaro Productions: it's still kind of there I don't even know how it happened, but it happened, like a week or 10 days ago and he's like I don't know problem you know we're just going to frame it out and the print stuff they can just edit that out anyway, you know and.

00:14:21.000 --> 00:14:30.450 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So then i'm getting ready to film a big national TV commercial I can't say what company, it is, but it's one of the largest money management.

00:14:31.080 --> 00:14:38.970 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Wealth management companies in the world, and this is a, this is a straight up director camera speaking role.

00:14:39.660 --> 00:14:45.420 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And, which is exactly, which is why i'm clean shaven right now, which I hate the and clean shaven i'll talk about that in a second.

00:14:45.960 --> 00:15:00.120 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Listen man you want me to be clean shaven bro you got to pay because it's got to be worth it to me because I literally hate shaving but anyway, by the time I got there, it was just like a really tiny small dot but.

00:15:01.230 --> 00:15:12.150 Kevin Barbaro Productions: At the end of the day, I was more worried about it than any of the producers were any of the the directors were for the for these different shoots but it just.

00:15:12.990 --> 00:15:22.410 Kevin Barbaro Productions: It just added to the adventure over the course of the last three weeks as I yeah and that that commercial where I had to be clean shaven was out in La so I went.

00:15:23.190 --> 00:15:37.380 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Basically Michigan New York la and now i'm back here, so, in any event we're going to take our first commercial break and we'll be back in just a couple of minutes you're listening to coffee talk XL on talk radio dot nyc.

00:17:50.340 --> 00:18:01.260 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Welcome back everyone to coffee talk so i'm Kevin Barbara and you're listening on talk radio dot nyc and just getting back to talking a little bit about the.

00:18:01.890 --> 00:18:11.970 Kevin Barbaro Productions: booking so many gigs over the course of the last three weeks in a matter of fact, I just booked another gig today and in in Florida for a print at another print ad.

00:18:13.740 --> 00:18:14.940 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Somebody hit me up.

00:18:16.410 --> 00:18:32.640 Kevin Barbaro Productions: asked me through a direct message um how it is that I end up getting these different gigs in different places and do I have to pay for myself to get to these different places, so great question.

00:18:33.930 --> 00:18:47.730 Kevin Barbaro Productions: here's how it works Okay, so I have different agencies that represent me all over the country, so I have and and they're responsible for certain parts of the country only so like I have an la agent.

00:18:49.170 --> 00:18:58.650 Kevin Barbaro Productions: When park know act which is wonderful and it's a new agency that they're actually who booked this national commercial that I just film right to shave.

00:18:59.700 --> 00:19:10.950 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And it's but they're exclusively just la and then I got the agency in Florida, which is specifically for Florida I got one and Charlotte which.

00:19:11.640 --> 00:19:20.850 Kevin Barbaro Productions: is wonderful, I mean all my agencies are great they're they're really great people and they really get after learning and kind of champion, you have four.

00:19:21.570 --> 00:19:28.770 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Different gigs i've got one in the DC area of course I got one in the northeast and are actually a couple in the northeast.

00:19:29.280 --> 00:19:36.390 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So what happens is I spread a really wide net because i'm fortunate enough in life to.

00:19:37.020 --> 00:19:57.330 Kevin Barbaro Productions: own my own companies, I I own my own concert production company on partners in a in a construction company which does which does great and and then I have my sports production company kb sports, so I have these three things and it affords me the ability, because I don't answer to anybody.

00:19:58.500 --> 00:20:06.060 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The ability to to to travel around the country to take the different gigs and actually it enables me to actually have.

00:20:06.780 --> 00:20:13.500 Kevin Barbaro Productions: apartments in different parts of the country, so I have three three wide my home in myrtle beach, but then I also have one in New York.

00:20:14.160 --> 00:20:17.340 Kevin Barbaro Productions: an apartment in New York in an apartment in La and.

00:20:17.730 --> 00:20:32.700 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And essentially i'm just you know kind of going around and and I have to kind of hedge my bets on the different auditions i'll if listen if my agency gets me an audition, particularly if it's a self tape i'm going to submit it, because obviously.

00:20:33.930 --> 00:20:42.420 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Whoever is casting at least it initially thought that I was right for the role so hey and but the first thing i'm going to do is i'm going to look and see how much can pay.

00:20:43.050 --> 00:20:51.930 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know, because at the end of the day, I know charity and, at the end of the day, I have a minimum amount of money that I work for now, when I first got into.

00:20:53.040 --> 00:20:53.640 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Acting.

00:20:54.690 --> 00:20:59.790 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That minimum amount of money, I would work for was pretty low okay and.

00:21:01.470 --> 00:21:18.120 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But, over time, you know that my time became more valuable and so unless it's it's over a certain amount I won't even audition for it because it's just I don't even want the job I don't even want the gig because if it's not if it's not.

00:21:19.980 --> 00:21:30.510 Kevin Barbaro Productions: If it's not a production that can pay a reasonable amount of money and it because i'm not asking for the moon, but i'm in, but it is you know, a pretty decent amount of money that.

00:21:31.020 --> 00:21:34.830 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Then i'll work, for I would rather not work and.

00:21:35.730 --> 00:21:43.200 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Then you know I just if they can't pay it, then I would just rather not do it it's no big deal, I mean you know, I was in that boat when I first started acting and.

00:21:43.530 --> 00:21:52.500 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And, and would work, for you know to 200 bucks or hundred $50 for the entire day, and you know it is what it is you got to build it up, at some point.

00:21:53.850 --> 00:22:03.420 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But now, obviously, particularly if i'm going to have to travel somewhere, I have to, I have to see the whole scope of thing so i'm primarily a commercial actor.

00:22:03.870 --> 00:22:16.440 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And i'm primarily when the print print modeling stuff is great, because actually you end up getting that stuff usually that there you know there's no Union for that and it's usually really good day.

00:22:17.160 --> 00:22:26.760 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Particularly if it's something like this fitness shoot that I just did where you know you have to the reason why your cast is because you have a certain.

00:22:28.290 --> 00:22:36.420 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I don't I don't want to say it's a skill set, because it really that there is no skill involved whatsoever, but you know they're willing to pay for.

00:22:37.230 --> 00:22:46.230 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The right people, and so what I do is you know people ask me matter of fact, today I was, I was, I was finishing up a construction contract with it.

00:22:47.040 --> 00:22:53.640 Kevin Barbaro Productions: With a family, we just finished their job and they were asked me about the act because they actually seen one of my commercials on TV.

00:22:54.150 --> 00:23:02.610 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Recently, on the Food Chain on the food network for best buy and they're asking what you know, do you get residuals.

00:23:03.180 --> 00:23:14.520 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Well, the way it works now in the world of commercial acting is the fact that he there's you're paid for two things okay you're you're paid for your time.

00:23:15.240 --> 00:23:28.890 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And then you're paid for the usage of whatever it is that that they film and that all of this is laid out and this actually kind of plays into what I was going to talk about when about the woman who was upset.

00:23:29.820 --> 00:23:35.340 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The Olympian that was upset about the fact that that she had to pay for her image okay so.

00:23:36.210 --> 00:23:46.590 Kevin Barbaro Productions: it's kind of all ties in together with that, but basically what ends up happening is they'll they'll give me a chart note, and it will have how much my artist V is for the day.

00:23:47.070 --> 00:23:51.720 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And that again that's where I have like a minimum that i'm going to work for for the day period.

00:23:52.650 --> 00:24:02.580 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And then there's going to be the usage and the usages they're going to lay out for you, where it's going to run is it going to be on TV broadcast is going to be.

00:24:03.300 --> 00:24:11.580 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Strictly Internet based or it's going to be ott which is like you know your TV where you don't have cable, but you can put you watch, you know.

00:24:12.570 --> 00:24:28.320 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The roku and all these different things and or flow tracker for animal flow sports so and then the usage is usually, generally speaking, the usage just more than what the yard speed and so.

00:24:29.310 --> 00:24:36.390 Kevin Barbaro Productions: What I have to do is, I have to determine whether or not it's worth it to me financially to.

00:24:37.290 --> 00:24:46.200 Kevin Barbaro Productions: get to this gig before I even before I even audition because if it's not going to be worth it, to me, then, then then i'm just wasting everybody's time because again i'm not a charity.

00:24:46.860 --> 00:25:01.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But even something like the target thing now I fly all the time, so we and we talked about this on the show I am I am wanderlust man I I love to travel I love being on the road, I love to fly.

00:25:02.430 --> 00:25:14.970 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I fly about 150,000 miles a year I i'm able to be flexible, with my flights, I only fly on American airlines which 99% of time it works out great for me.

00:25:16.680 --> 00:25:26.370 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But, so I so i'll be able to search the flights and and find and and i'm automatically you know I don't mind paying the full left for first class we had this discussion.

00:25:27.210 --> 00:25:39.630 Kevin Barbaro Productions: A couple of months ago on the show where I was talking about how three years ago, I made the decision that i'm only going to fly first class that's it i'm done flying and coach but i'm smart about it because, again i'm no charity.

00:25:40.710 --> 00:25:47.850 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I am able, because i'm flexible i'll take a look there's a button on that when you go to make your reservations and says it where it says seats.

00:25:48.630 --> 00:25:56.970 Kevin Barbaro Productions: This before you make a reservation and you can look and see how much availability is left in first class and since I am executive platinum, which is the highest.

00:25:57.990 --> 00:26:04.650 Kevin Barbaro Productions: classification in the American Airlines I automatically am and granted upgrades free upgrades automatic.

00:26:05.730 --> 00:26:16.530 Kevin Barbaro Productions: As long as there's space and and there's a pecking order but i'm already at the top of the pecking order so i'm always one of the first people in line so i'll choose flights that work out on time.

00:26:17.100 --> 00:26:24.330 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And and i'm paying only coach fair but I know for a fact that i'm going to be traveling first class both ways.

00:26:25.380 --> 00:26:41.610 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So i'll take a look at all that and see if it's worth it to me and see if, at the end of the day, i'm still going to make more than what my minimum amount of money that I will make is so the usage, because the question came up about the whole.

00:26:42.780 --> 00:26:44.130 Kevin Barbaro Productions: residuals okay.

00:26:45.510 --> 00:27:03.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: residual That was really I mean those still exist, of course, but less and less I mean I have I get you know acting gigs in all over the country I book all the time I get a lot of auditions were obviously I don't book them, obviously.

00:27:04.080 --> 00:27:19.920 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And you you, you always see that there's a buyout I I have yet to see one come across the desk that didn't have just a lump sum buyout for the usage and sometimes man at that age is pretty good matter of fact, sometimes.

00:27:21.210 --> 00:27:32.280 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know, at the moment the longest that will be will be for a year, I, but they will say that they want to renew it if it does renew for a second year, then usually it's the.

00:27:32.910 --> 00:27:45.990 Kevin Barbaro Productions: original usage plus 10% or original usually plus 20%, but that is in lieu of any claims, later on, about residuals and whatnot so you agree to the fact that.

00:27:46.590 --> 00:27:57.840 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Yes, this is how much you're going to get paid for your time and then, yes, this is how much I agree that the use of of the video is worth to me.

00:27:59.070 --> 00:27:59.490 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Now.

00:28:01.200 --> 00:28:07.230 Kevin Barbaro Productions: As it pertains to the woman that had the issue with the fact that she sign image of herself.

00:28:08.370 --> 00:28:10.560 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Again she's an Olympian I don't know her name.

00:28:12.150 --> 00:28:18.660 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I am too lazy to even look it up, even though the computer is on right next to me, but she was a track and field athlete.

00:28:19.830 --> 00:28:25.080 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And she found her image online she used it for something I don't know what she used it for.

00:28:26.220 --> 00:28:42.000 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And then, all of a sudden somebody signed a she had used it Maybe it was on her website, I have no idea, but she had used it in a public forum, otherwise the person that actually took the photo would have never seen it so clearly she used that photo.

00:28:43.350 --> 00:28:47.850 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In something that was in the world of the public domain okay.

00:28:49.260 --> 00:28:59.730 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And she got a bill $300 for the use of the image, even though the image was of her, and so, then people started chiming in.

00:29:00.180 --> 00:29:09.690 Kevin Barbaro Productions: How can, how is that fair, you know why is it that they that you're if it's your own picture if you are the person in the picture.

00:29:10.260 --> 00:29:20.520 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Why aren't you entitled to use that photo well here's how it works Okay, but a photograph or video.

00:29:21.120 --> 00:29:32.340 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You got to remember, we live in a digital age, right now, but we didn't always live in a digital age right prior to the digital age, it was an actual photo it was something physical.

00:29:33.180 --> 00:29:41.490 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That you could physically hold in your hand that was the only way that photographs were were developed was actually an actual photo.

00:29:42.210 --> 00:29:54.810 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Now it's it's digital, but what hasn't changed is the fact that whoever took that photo whoever took that photo they created something that they own.

00:29:55.440 --> 00:30:07.410 Kevin Barbaro Productions: They created the photo and if you are out in the public domain, like the Olympics or or sporting events, these photographers are paying their on their own nut.

00:30:08.010 --> 00:30:14.040 Kevin Barbaro Productions: To go and photograph ease, they have to pay for their press passes they've got to pay for credentials I gotta pay to get there.

00:30:14.610 --> 00:30:23.280 Kevin Barbaro Productions: there's all this money involved in their business their business is taking photos and when they take a photo that becomes their property.

00:30:24.210 --> 00:30:37.830 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And that property has value to it now does it suck that you got to pay to use your own image yeah, of course, it does, but it also sucks the fact that that that photographer is out money.

00:30:39.480 --> 00:30:48.810 Kevin Barbaro Productions: they're not a charity, and it is their property, because you put yourself, you agreed by putting yourself out in the public domain, that you were that you were open to being photographed.

00:30:49.200 --> 00:31:02.820 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That photograph them becomes ownership of somebody else, and you have to be, can you imagine, and I gotta go to another commercial break here, but can you imagine if every person who was ever in any photo and it was recognizable.

00:31:04.530 --> 00:31:14.550 Kevin Barbaro Productions: With could then lay claim to that and say the photographers wouldn't make any money and like I said they're not a charity so.

00:31:15.270 --> 00:31:28.020 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Yes, you own your likeness and you can do whatever you want with your likeness, but when somebody takes a photo of you, or when I get video or I get photograph they own that when I did this fitness you almost finished out to me, and all this kind of stuff.

00:31:29.340 --> 00:31:36.180 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Someone owns those and even, I understand that I would have to pay to use them if i'm going to use them.

00:31:37.080 --> 00:31:44.970 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In any kind of public domain, and I have to give credit to that person because that's The other thing that people screw up they don't give credit to the person that actually took the photo.

00:31:45.360 --> 00:31:54.750 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Anyway, that's my take on it i've got to go to my second commercial break i'll be back in a couple of minutes, this is Kevin Barbara you're listening coffee talk XL on talk radio dot nyc.

00:33:58.050 --> 00:34:13.620 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Welcome back everyone to coffee talk XL i'm Kevin Barbara and you're listening on talk radio dot nyc or or you're tuning into the podcast or the replay on spotify or iTunes or wherever it is that your your your podcast.

00:34:14.730 --> 00:34:27.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So getting back to you know the acting stuff and the image and whatnot um one thing that was interesting was being on this fitness you so.

00:34:29.400 --> 00:34:39.750 Kevin Barbaro Productions: When you're on one of these fitness first of all in a million years I never envisioned myself and being in these fitness.

00:34:41.520 --> 00:34:56.550 Kevin Barbaro Productions: shoots over the course of the last you know, three months i've ended up with three of them and that are you know national print or or or broadcast commercials.

00:34:57.660 --> 00:35:00.570 Kevin Barbaro Productions: it's really interesting being on these shoots.

00:35:02.010 --> 00:35:07.020 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Obviously you've got it, you know it's a bit gratuitous and.

00:35:08.040 --> 00:35:12.270 Kevin Barbaro Productions: it's a it's not normal life and so like.

00:35:14.040 --> 00:35:17.610 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know, as you get prepared to go to these fitness us, of course, your.

00:35:18.600 --> 00:35:25.260 Kevin Barbaro Productions: People in these fitness shoots they don't look like that 24 seven I think I mentioned this about a month or so ago, when I was getting ready to do another one.

00:35:25.920 --> 00:35:35.430 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You don't look like that all the time, I mean you there's a certain process that you go through in terms of manipulating your your your carb intake.

00:35:35.880 --> 00:35:48.300 Kevin Barbaro Productions: As and your protein intake and your and your water intake your your fluid intake, and this is a manipulation essentially that happens over the course of a week basically.

00:35:50.100 --> 00:35:55.260 Kevin Barbaro Productions: It starts about seven days out and what happens is that.

00:35:56.850 --> 00:36:05.430 Kevin Barbaro Productions: it's the same thing that bodybuilders do before they ever competition on fitness models do before they they they have their competitions and.

00:36:06.690 --> 00:36:18.540 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Essentially, what it is in layman's terms is that you seven days out, I will drink and it sounds ridiculous but i'll drink seven liters of water.

00:36:19.770 --> 00:36:31.770 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And over the course of the the next seven days i'll go from seven liters of water completely flushing out.

00:36:32.370 --> 00:36:43.200 Kevin Barbaro Productions: All of my my bodies and myself and trying to basically read my body of carbs that's on it i'm taking it all of this i'm thinking, all of this water.

00:36:43.950 --> 00:36:54.870 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm not really eating any carbs at all i'm only focusing on protein and when i'm working out i'm working out with like higher REPS.

00:36:55.710 --> 00:37:08.550 Kevin Barbaro Productions: and lower weight because i'm more in this this world of of where i'm trying to burn as much as I can okay so i'm trying to burn as much as I can i'm only focusing on the protein.

00:37:09.630 --> 00:37:31.050 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That essentially barely any carbs at all and i'm taking in all of this water, then what ends up happening is I start to gradually cut back on the amount of water that that i'm that i'm taking in and actually even a couple of days before I get to the photoshoot.

00:37:32.100 --> 00:37:34.590 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I will then start eating carbs.

00:37:36.120 --> 00:37:44.280 Kevin Barbaro Productions: With less protein and I will be drinking less water and and at this point, all of my.

00:37:45.870 --> 00:37:54.390 Kevin Barbaro Productions: cells and my muscles are being filled with the The carbohydrates, which are hungry, you know and essentially what you end up doing is you shift.

00:37:54.930 --> 00:38:07.260 Kevin Barbaro Productions: What you're lifting from like a essentially a Cardio or and based workout where you know low rate high low weight high REPS that you switch it.

00:38:07.800 --> 00:38:27.660 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In the in the last couple of days, including the last day to a high weight and low REPS, and this is what gives you that kind of full look there and and and literally it gets to the point where the the day of the shoot morning of a shoot or day before shoot I will have had.

00:38:28.920 --> 00:38:40.560 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Maybe a half a liter of water, the entire day, even though i've continued to work out and everything else, and the morning of all i'm all i'm doing is having some coffee and.

00:38:41.280 --> 00:38:49.950 Kevin Barbaro Productions: When you do that that's how that's how you see this happen, where it kind of manipulates down through now I give major credit to.

00:38:50.970 --> 00:39:03.720 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The guys that end up doing like action, films and whatnot where you have got to be on point you know physically over the course of numerous days over the course of a month.

00:39:04.230 --> 00:39:15.480 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Not where it's like a print shoot or a photoshoot like what I do, or what i've done where you know I it's a set day and it's one day, maybe two days this fitness you was two days for ageless male.

00:39:17.490 --> 00:39:19.590 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But you know it, you know, obviously.

00:39:20.970 --> 00:39:30.060 Kevin Barbaro Productions: nothing's going to happen in the 24 hours you know, for the second day, but these guys are able to stay on point for like weeks at a time which I, you know.

00:39:30.720 --> 00:39:40.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: First of all, it's not really healthy, I mean let's be honest, I wouldn't recommend this to anybody it's it, but you know if you're if you're an actor.

00:39:40.620 --> 00:39:47.850 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And you want to put your best foot forward, then this is what this is this stuff that you've got to do if you're not willing to do it no big deal but.

00:39:48.870 --> 00:39:53.970 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But you also have to put yourself in the best position you can so that so that you can book.

00:39:54.750 --> 00:40:05.070 Kevin Barbaro Productions: These gigs and then, when you're on the set of fitness shoot is just ridiculous so it's a bunch of guys standing around whether we're women too, but the women in this one we're not fitness.

00:40:05.460 --> 00:40:12.480 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Because is ageless male is the product they they they had women that were very fit you know and beautiful.

00:40:13.440 --> 00:40:18.180 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That that were part of the whole thing, but the reality is it was a bunch of guys hanging around.

00:40:18.510 --> 00:40:23.070 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And it's like Okay, you know they're getting ready to shoot you know say somebody curling.

00:40:23.340 --> 00:40:30.360 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Well then, the rest of us that are getting ready to shoot are like in the background, you know they got weight set up, and you know you're trying to.

00:40:30.690 --> 00:40:36.330 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know, get get all pumped you spend like 10 minutes you know going through you know, a kind of a.

00:40:37.170 --> 00:40:45.390 Kevin Barbaro Productions: workout essentially and then boom you're on camera and you're only on camera for like you know 60 seconds, or maybe.

00:40:45.690 --> 00:40:55.650 Kevin Barbaro Productions: A minute and then even though you spend 10 minutes getting ready for that one minute and then you're back doing the same thing it's actually exhausting over the course of a couple of days, but.

00:40:56.460 --> 00:41:03.240 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In the end, that's that's how these guys all end up looking that way, and then you know literally within.

00:41:03.750 --> 00:41:12.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know, four or five days of being out of the fitness you then you're right back to normal you you look like you always do now.

00:41:12.630 --> 00:41:19.440 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That being said, the whole process of that seven days out it's not going to help you.

00:41:20.070 --> 00:41:26.460 Kevin Barbaro Productions: If you're not in shape already obviously you can, if you're not already in shape if you're not already in a position to do that.

00:41:27.240 --> 00:41:41.040 Kevin Barbaro Productions: it's not like you're just going to go from you know, a beer belly to being chiseled jack in seven days, just because you're manipulating the water that's just not how it works so anyway somebody to ask me about how it all works that's how it works.

00:41:42.780 --> 00:41:46.230 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The last one of the last things I want to talk about because I I have.

00:41:47.910 --> 00:41:59.790 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The ability to empathize with the situation i've I was in a similar situation and I wanted to talk a little bit about what's happening with Dave portnoy.

00:42:00.840 --> 00:42:04.710 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The founder and CEO of barstool sports so.

00:42:08.340 --> 00:42:18.630 Kevin Barbaro Productions: First of all, I knew who Dave portnoy was I had never really seen any of his videos and whatnot and I was visiting a friend, a couple of weeks ago and.

00:42:19.320 --> 00:42:25.680 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And I was introduced to all of his videos and the one bite and and the unpacking.

00:42:26.070 --> 00:42:32.010 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Of all the gifts and everything that were sent to his his apartment etc, etc, if you know who they portray is it.

00:42:32.370 --> 00:42:40.380 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In your fan of his, then you know what i'm talking about if you're not then you don't know what i'm talking about, but I don't have time to explain the whole thing, but really.

00:42:40.830 --> 00:42:49.980 Kevin Barbaro Productions: A barstool sports, is it, I mean the guy is a I would I don't know if he's a billionaire but he's probably pretty close to it.

00:42:51.390 --> 00:42:54.720 Kevin Barbaro Productions: He he lives in a world of monopoly money essentially.

00:42:56.280 --> 00:43:04.110 Kevin Barbaro Productions: here's the thing about do for money he's he's he's just himself he's a regular guy that got rich and continued to be a regular guy.

00:43:05.730 --> 00:43:24.210 Kevin Barbaro Productions: He he is just a regular guy with more money and so he is just himself, he can be to some people i'm sure he can be abrasive barstool sports themselves had been accused over time, of being misogynistic in their coverage of sports.

00:43:27.150 --> 00:43:38.070 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm not going to say that that's true or it's untrue, I will say that obviously they they do spend more time covering men's sports they do women's sports.

00:43:38.880 --> 00:43:47.670 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And you can read into that in any way you want to he said some controversial things in the past, were very controversial things.

00:43:48.600 --> 00:43:58.470 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In the past that rubbed a lot of people, the wrong way The other thing about the guy is typical of a lot of people who are incredibly rich like that he's a conservative.

00:43:59.520 --> 00:44:10.590 Kevin Barbaro Productions: he's a he's a trump fan, and that alone is going to essentially guarantee that about 50% of the population doesn't like you and so.

00:44:12.660 --> 00:44:17.310 Kevin Barbaro Productions: you've got all these things that are that this is this is for years okay.

00:44:18.390 --> 00:44:27.840 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Anybody that's in a position that he's in has has pissed people off before there's no way that he has okay.

00:44:28.920 --> 00:44:32.400 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You don't even have to be rich to to have enemies, but.

00:44:32.970 --> 00:44:41.040 Kevin Barbaro Productions: When you're rich like that kind of rich you're going to have a lot of enemies new added a lot of people that want to do everything that they can to take you down, they want to tear you down.

00:44:41.820 --> 00:44:49.620 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Because they're either jealous of where you're at or they don't like the fact that you're republican or they don't like the fact that you know, whatever it is.

00:44:50.700 --> 00:45:02.340 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So he had kind of this feud and i'm gonna have to take my last commercial break here in a second finish up the story, but he's had he had this feud with the magazine business insider.

00:45:03.210 --> 00:45:19.290 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And what ended up happening is that they ended up running a hit piece on the guy that took them eight months and and that's kind of the crux of all this i'm going to go through this and and what my kind of.

00:45:21.420 --> 00:45:36.870 Kevin Barbaro Productions: My story that that I shared many, many times over the years here and how that I can completely empathize with the situation we're going to talk about it after my last commercial break i'm Kevin barbro you're listening to coffee talk XL on talk radio dot nyc.

00:45:39.690 --> 00:45:40.080 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Join us.

00:47:35.670 --> 00:47:43.830 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Welcome back everyone to coffee talk XL on Cuba, Barbara and you're listening on talk radio dot nyc and talking alternative broadcasting.

00:47:44.340 --> 00:48:05.940 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Out of New York i'm actually at my home, right now, my myrtle beach home and South Carolina enjoying the last warm days before we hit winter, but so getting back to the portal and the situation and how I can relate to what what's going on, so they the they had a young writer who she.

00:48:07.500 --> 00:48:18.570 Kevin Barbaro Productions: started digging into his past and essentially contacted hundreds of female friends or feet past girlfriends or people that he had hooked up with.

00:48:20.520 --> 00:48:34.560 Kevin Barbaro Productions: or party with or whatever hundreds of people over the course of eight months and and and put together this this piece, and there were two women who accused him.

00:48:37.710 --> 00:48:40.980 Kevin Barbaro Productions: A nice anonymously through this article of.

00:48:42.360 --> 00:48:47.430 Kevin Barbaro Productions: of being aggressive or you know, taking advantage of them.

00:48:49.800 --> 00:48:51.390 Kevin Barbaro Productions: it's not they didn't necessarily.

00:48:52.410 --> 00:49:02.970 Kevin Barbaro Productions: accuse them of raping them, they did he was he was he was aggressive and and and whatnot in their sexual encounter so.

00:49:04.380 --> 00:49:06.000 Kevin Barbaro Productions: If there was actually.

00:49:07.110 --> 00:49:16.680 Kevin Barbaro Productions: One of the women and they were young you know from the sounds of things, and one of them was like 19 and i'm not sure how they will the other one was, but they were young he's 43 so.

00:49:18.780 --> 00:49:29.880 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So this woman who wrote the article she spends about eight months, you know researching the whole thing she put they put the article out, and you know it's brutal now they did reach out to them.

00:49:30.270 --> 00:49:48.480 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Over the course of time, he admits to this and say hey you know this article come out do you want to comment on it, he didn't he said, you know you just going to let it run its course and then then when it came out, it was beyond what he had expected it to be now.

00:49:50.070 --> 00:50:09.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Look, my own situation, and of course this is over 10 years ago now, but I was a you know successful nc double a division one head coach I kick somebody off the team, the next day I get accused of sexual harassment, I go through this whole thing I get cleared of it, but then.

00:50:10.680 --> 00:50:28.050 Kevin Barbaro Productions: At the same time I end up having to resign because there were other things that I was doing in my life and it making you know poor life decisions for ethical decisions, etc, and so I ended up resigning, but the the sexual harassment part of it was was thrown out because.

00:50:29.100 --> 00:50:33.510 Kevin Barbaro Productions: They at the end of the investigation was obvious that I wasn't harassing anybody.

00:50:35.520 --> 00:50:44.100 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But i'm no angel right and there were there was other things involved in, so I ended up resigning and have to start over from scratch.

00:50:44.550 --> 00:50:58.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know, fast forward this is where i'm at now you know mean life is good, but what happened was that an article came out in a gossip magazine called deadspin, which is part of gawker.

00:50:59.310 --> 00:51:09.660 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Which doesn't really exists so much anymore, but it prided itself on being it touted itself on being based on rumor okay.

00:51:11.010 --> 00:51:30.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: There was a young guy same same scenario who wanted to make a name for himself as an investigative reporter I don't blame them a matter of fact, I actually am friendly with the guy i've talked with the guy now, but he went back and he tried contacting all of my former athletes.

00:51:31.170 --> 00:51:41.430 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Now I coached hundreds of athletes over the course of 22 years and he ended up contacting legitimately according to him.

00:51:42.810 --> 00:51:53.100 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Nearly 100 athletes and he gave them the cloak of anonymity and listen to some and if somebody has ever got an extra Brian give them the cloak of anonymity and they're going to grind it right.

00:51:53.760 --> 00:52:13.530 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So, of all the people that I coached he was able to find three extremely for people who would come forward only anonymously and and and say things about me that were on the various or or or damaging okay.

00:52:14.700 --> 00:52:17.940 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Some of them were true, I ain't gonna lie to you right, you know.

00:52:19.350 --> 00:52:27.690 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I did a lot of dumb stuff you know man, I admit it, I hey you know i'm not perfect man i'm a human right, some of the stuff was.

00:52:29.310 --> 00:52:31.500 Kevin Barbaro Productions: taken out of context, some of this stuff was.

00:52:32.610 --> 00:52:38.250 Kevin Barbaro Productions: was blown out of proportion and then some of the stuff which is flat, not just with literally just not even true.

00:52:41.070 --> 00:52:49.020 Kevin Barbaro Productions: What happened is and what happened what's happening with the important is you have somebody who their goal is not to be.

00:52:49.920 --> 00:53:05.250 Kevin Barbaro Productions: unbiased their goal is not to hey i'm going to research, this i'm going to see if this guy is a nice guy on and then Oh, all of a sudden, well, I guess he's really not a nice guy, and this is where the art of this is where the story goes okay.

00:53:06.720 --> 00:53:07.230 Kevin Barbaro Productions: um.

00:53:08.580 --> 00:53:15.750 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So, like with me it's like okay it same thing with him the goal is to write a story that is damaged that's the goal.

00:53:16.530 --> 00:53:23.790 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And the people that are writing a story are going to keep digging and keep digging and giving all these people that cloak of anonymity.

00:53:24.570 --> 00:53:33.480 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And until they find enough stuff so that they can put together an article that is damaging if they can't find anything there's no article.

00:53:34.170 --> 00:53:46.800 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know, if you want to be unbiased you know and a journalist right, and then you know you would do the research, and if you find out that there that that there's there's nothing bad to write about I.

00:53:48.330 --> 00:53:54.060 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know, you would write an article about what a nice guy the guys the guys Tom Hanks essentially right um.

00:53:54.630 --> 00:54:05.700 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But they don't write a nice article right, even if if it runs into a dead end I can't see what I can't hammer this guy home that i'm just not going to say anything is is what ends up happening.

00:54:06.090 --> 00:54:12.270 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And that's what happened to him that's what ended up happening to me and the guy that wrote the story about me.

00:54:12.870 --> 00:54:23.370 Kevin Barbaro Productions: um you know hey kudos man, I mean you ended up you know getting a half a million views on the Internet and and whatnot i'm still standing whatever.

00:54:24.120 --> 00:54:35.340 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But he he did try to reach out to me that affect this this can even wet and try and knock on my door, let me know on my house right he didn't even live in my town he lived in Cleveland.

00:54:36.630 --> 00:54:39.300 Kevin Barbaro Productions: He showed up in Toledo that's where I was and.

00:54:40.350 --> 00:54:51.570 Kevin Barbaro Productions: He said but I refused to talk to him, just like portnoy refused to talk to him, and the reason why you refuse to talk to them is because there is not one thing that you can say this going to change their mind.

00:54:52.140 --> 00:54:59.190 Kevin Barbaro Productions: there's not one thing and, as a matter of fact, anything that you say is going to be twisted around and turned around.

00:54:59.580 --> 00:55:05.400 Kevin Barbaro Productions: and used against you so it's better to just not say anything which is the route that I took it's the smartest route.

00:55:05.880 --> 00:55:11.130 Kevin Barbaro Productions: that's the route that he took it's the smartest route you just gotta lay it all out and when the article comes out.

00:55:11.580 --> 00:55:19.920 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Then you're going to have to you know deal with it one way or other the other at that point but don't give them any more information don't even.

00:55:20.760 --> 00:55:28.260 Kevin Barbaro Productions: don't don't even engage with them because it's it's not going to work out in your favorite they don't have any interest really in you've got to say they're only asking you.

00:55:28.740 --> 00:55:45.450 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Because they're hoping that you're going to screw up and say something that they can then use against you they're not they're not they don't want to talk to you so that you can convince them that you're a nice guy Okay, and so that was the position that that he was in now.

00:55:46.560 --> 00:55:47.550 Kevin Barbaro Productions: All of that being said.

00:55:51.090 --> 00:56:01.530 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I don't know whether or not these things are true that he did, or that they say that he did I believe him, I believe that it's possible that it's not true.

00:56:02.280 --> 00:56:13.770 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Okay, that that that these two people came forward, and they have an agenda and they feel as though they were wrong, and this is their interpretation of what happened.

00:56:15.210 --> 00:56:26.790 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Now people falsely accuse people all the time of doing these kinds of I was falsely accused right at the end of the day, there's not a whole life new because you can't squeeze the toothpaste on this.

00:56:27.960 --> 00:56:29.130 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The problem comes in.

00:56:30.600 --> 00:56:33.240 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Obviously, these are women, making complaints against men.

00:56:34.470 --> 00:56:36.660 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Even though i'm somebody that was wrongly accused.

00:56:37.800 --> 00:56:39.780 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I still think it's important.

00:56:40.800 --> 00:56:47.550 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That you your first reaction is to believe the person that's making actually accusation because.

00:56:50.040 --> 00:56:56.520 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You don't want to be wrong on that you can't just immediately think well there's no way that this could happen you.

00:56:57.540 --> 00:57:01.860 Kevin Barbaro Productions: This person is putting themselves out there, this woman is putting herself out there.

00:57:03.030 --> 00:57:05.310 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Opening herself up to scrutiny, of course.

00:57:06.330 --> 00:57:22.830 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And she's making the claim Okay, there may be a multitude of things going on in her head as to why she's making that claim Okay, even if it's not true, you still in my mind, even though, like I said i've been wrongly accused of something.

00:57:24.300 --> 00:57:38.340 Kevin Barbaro Productions: and had to clear my name I still think that that it is important to believe the the person making the accusation, and then put the focus on the person that's being accused like I was like portly is.

00:57:39.480 --> 00:57:40.830 Kevin Barbaro Productions: For them to have to.

00:57:42.000 --> 00:57:51.690 Kevin Barbaro Productions: defend themselves and, yes, we have this thing in America, where you know you're innocent until they prove that you're guilty things like this that's not how it works okay you're guilty.

00:57:52.650 --> 00:58:00.450 Kevin Barbaro Productions: of something whether it's The end result thing that you're being accused over now you're guilty of something you put yourself in a bad position period.

00:58:00.930 --> 00:58:11.820 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And you do have to prove as best you can now it's impossible to prove you did not do something that's ours in the world, you can't prove you didn't do something I can't prove that I didn't eat breakfast at school.

00:58:13.710 --> 00:58:25.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But I think it's important that and I think that even portnoy even says this you know if these things really happened to somebody it is horrific you do got to believe them and and and there's.

00:58:25.800 --> 00:58:39.210 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In my mind even having gone through this there's nothing wrong nothing wrong but that you should believe the person that's making accusation at first, then give the person who was accused or coordinate.

00:58:40.200 --> 00:58:51.840 Kevin Barbaro Productions: To defend themselves and to and try and figure out where this all came from so having my own experience, having been through that.

00:58:52.320 --> 00:58:59.370 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Knowing that that article about me was only going to be bad there was nothing that was going to be good about it, no matter what I said.

00:58:59.700 --> 00:59:02.880 Kevin Barbaro Productions: same thing with him the goal was to write a bad article about him.

00:59:03.300 --> 00:59:15.780 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The goal was to dig and dig and dig until you found it to people, a lot of the hundreds that they contacted that had something negative to say, and then they run with that one thing I will say and i'm going to be done for the week here, I will say.

00:59:17.460 --> 00:59:22.110 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I wouldn't want to be those people at business insider right now, because Dave portnoy.

00:59:23.640 --> 00:59:34.410 Kevin Barbaro Productions: He gregarious and you know he's just seems like a you know, he may come across as being just a dumb jock maybe or something like this, the reality is really smart.

00:59:34.860 --> 00:59:39.300 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And really powerful and he's got a lot of influence, and if they did lie.

00:59:40.050 --> 00:59:54.960 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Then man I wouldn't want to be those people so anyway that's my take on all this i'll be back next Tuesday or every Tuesday at 7pm live here on talk radio dot nyc and talking alternative broadcasting i'm Kevin bar row, this is coffee talk XO and we'll see you next week.

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