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Thursday, October 28, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/10/28 - Return of the Snipz

Facebook Live Video from 2021/10/28 - Return of the Snipz


2021/10/28 - Return of the Snipz

[New Episode] Return of the Snipz

This week on Planet Pakalolo we meet up again with Sammy Snipz from Snipz Co. in the lovely state of Maine.  Last time we spoke Sam was in the process of working through his first grow.  Now he has finished his first harvest and wants to shed some light on the experience.  

Tune in for this crazy conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Johnny begins the show introducing his friend and guest Sammy Snipz. Sammy is founder of Snipz Co and has a strong following on social media. Sammy talks about the current issues in Maine relating to small business owners and recreational majuiana. Sammy talked about being a small business with few employees and the difficulties he has keeping up with politics revolving around recreational marjuiana. Sammy also talked about the wave of recreational spots in the main cities. At the end of the segment Johnny and Sammy discussed how medical caregivers, like Sammy, are given one large recreational sale a year.

Segment 2

Back from the break, Johnny and Sammy discuss outdoor growing. Sammy talks about big plants he has that are being harvested despite this being the wettest season. Sammy went on to explain his farming process and the two outdoor strains he has. Johnny asked Sammy to differentiate the process of working with a hoop house and not. Before the break Sammy spoke about the different indoor strains he has and the soil and light he uses to cultivate it.

Segment 3

Johnny and Sam discuss more on the medical community and their compassion. Johnny explained recreational sales can be a little more careless because they can be more concerned about the profit. Sam talked about his business and how it decided to buy property with a home so he was able to consistently farm. He describes his business as a homestead. Sam talks about expanding his business and continuing to bring people on to his farm.

Segment 4

In the last segment, Johnny and Sammy discussed the difficulties of running a small business. Sammy reiterated that he was looking to expand his business and hire more employees. His mission is to create jobs and pass on the knowledge of cultivating. Before the end of the show Johnny and Sammy gave their top five strains. Sammy leaned more to the indicia/ indicia hybrid family. He listed his instagram: Sammy Snipz.


00:02:58.980 --> 00:03:06.900 Jonathan Colavita: that's it folks it's the six o'clock our planet pukka lolo here i'm your host Johnny tsunami your less taboo view.

00:03:07.260 --> 00:03:20.790 Jonathan Colavita: And for those of you who don't know clock Lola was hawaiian slang for crazy tobacco and this show is about taking the crazy out of cannabis by interviewing cannabis professionals today's guest you've already met him once.

00:03:21.600 --> 00:03:26.190 Jonathan Colavita: But you're going to talk to him again semi snaps come on down baby, how are you today.

00:03:27.180 --> 00:03:28.680 Snipz: Johnny how you doing.

00:03:29.400 --> 00:03:38.190 Jonathan Colavita: doing well and i'll also point out the fact that Sam also had the most views as far as our episodes go he has a great following.

00:03:38.220 --> 00:03:39.360 Snipz: he's one of those guys.

00:03:40.050 --> 00:03:45.840 Jonathan Colavita: Who knows how to keep the social media channels flowing because we got to keep a tab on what this guy is doing.

00:03:46.320 --> 00:03:57.390 Jonathan Colavita: You know, we were Jersey boys, together we worked in maine together, I left he stayed he still up there, well, I got to see what he's doing and there's a lot of things that have happened since the last time we spoke my right my man.

00:03:58.290 --> 00:04:00.330 Snipz: what's going on man lots to talk about.

00:04:01.350 --> 00:04:14.340 Jonathan Colavita: Before we get into the biz snips co and how you've finished your first outdoor your in your indoor and you're evolving every single day that goes by beautiful to hear give us a little bit of an update on what's going on with me the lovely state.

00:04:14.640 --> 00:04:25.230 Snipz: yeah vein is you know it's very, very interesting what's happening here right now it's pretty on one and similar to what's going on throughout the rest of the country.

00:04:25.740 --> 00:04:32.820 Snipz: But on another hand it's actually very unique the way we're going about it, so what happened was we were fighting.

00:04:33.270 --> 00:04:39.540 Snipz: We when I say we care giver small business owners stakeholders in the medical marijuana program of maine.

00:04:39.840 --> 00:04:47.850 Snipz: kind of banded together form coalition's lobbied against the change that they were trying to put on our industry that would really put small people out of.

00:04:48.450 --> 00:04:59.220 Snipz: operation, and we, for the moment won that battle and what happened was the office of marijuana policy had to form a sort of work.

00:04:59.730 --> 00:05:04.380 Snipz: That consists of stakeholders in the medical marijuana program such as caregivers.

00:05:04.860 --> 00:05:15.030 Snipz: And what was supposed to happen was people like myself who don't even have employees or just you know just such a small operation that.

00:05:15.390 --> 00:05:30.930 Snipz: You know, we were expecting to be represented and heard and work together with the office of marijuana policy, and unfortunately what's happening is it seems the oh MP is kind of sidelining that work group a little bit.

00:05:32.010 --> 00:05:33.780 Snipz: Things aren't really getting done.

00:05:34.290 --> 00:05:49.080 Snipz: The Director of the om D is actually forming his own subcommittee that I just found which is kind of counterproductive to what we're trying to do here, so it seems that, even though, legally speaking, that we have won this battle for right now.

00:05:49.560 --> 00:06:01.650 Snipz: there's trying the state and the omb is trying to circumvent that in various ways, so it's interesting to see what goes down and a house is going to play out while the recreational program is.

00:06:01.950 --> 00:06:12.030 Snipz: fully up going ahead and streamlined and it's doing pretty well, but unfortunately the medical program is now kind of taking a backseat as far as.

00:06:13.200 --> 00:06:17.250 Snipz: The state and how everything's being regulated so we're.

00:06:18.330 --> 00:06:24.720 Snipz: Again, probably going to have to start talking to committees and banding together again and trying to see what's going on.

00:06:25.260 --> 00:06:31.080 Snipz: You know i'm a small farmer I spend every day working I try my best to keep in touch with all these politics that are happening, but.

00:06:31.320 --> 00:06:40.350 Snipz: People like me were just busted her butt every day working so it's hard to say no totally active in this I just got an email kind of giving me an update in the situation.

00:06:40.800 --> 00:06:49.320 Snipz: So it looks like we're going to keep going with this battle against you know big cannabis big corporations trying to put the put small guys, like myself, out of business.

00:06:49.980 --> 00:06:53.910 Jonathan Colavita: So how many recreational spots, I mean I don't know if you have a number so.

00:06:54.300 --> 00:07:04.080 Snipz: there's a lot now i'm At first it was a it was just too painful and then i'm seeing new spots popping up almost every day, it seems like.

00:07:04.410 --> 00:07:09.720 Snipz: In the major cities, especially i'm seeing more and more recreational dispensary opening up and.

00:07:10.500 --> 00:07:22.800 Snipz: I personally, you know, have no real issue with it, as long as the medical program is being equally you know viewed and regulated and taking care of in a way that is an.

00:07:23.310 --> 00:07:30.780 Snipz: Irresponsible dump Unfortunately I don't think that's happening, and it seems like the medical program is kind of being sidelined.

00:07:31.200 --> 00:07:37.650 Snipz: So you know we have to make sure that people have access, especially medical patients have access to their medicine, no matter what.

00:07:38.010 --> 00:07:50.730 Snipz: And that's kind of the name of the game right now just making sure that we're able to do that, to provide medicine for patients medicine that's the key what you're saying and that's where the big delineation because between recreational and medicinal and I can I could say it's funny.

00:07:51.570 --> 00:07:54.660 Jonathan Colavita: it's not funny, but when I was somebody gave me living organic.

00:07:56.580 --> 00:08:07.020 Jonathan Colavita: product from a farm called skunk valley farm out in Oregon living organic soil and I hadn't been spoken with an organic soil for a while, since I left the farm, because everything that I can get is not that.

00:08:07.590 --> 00:08:14.070 Jonathan Colavita: And I had a glue glue just classic stream, but you know same way that we grow it outdoor, no less.

00:08:14.640 --> 00:08:28.230 Jonathan Colavita: And I was you know, I was medicated for sure I was like I can't believe how different it is, but you know the shift is always going into the indoor because maybe a couple lines with with recreational wants.

00:08:29.610 --> 00:08:38.940 Jonathan Colavita: But now my question would recreational actually So is there a lot of medical caregivers that are wanting to switch over to wreck or do they want to stay in the medical space.

00:08:39.420 --> 00:08:50.460 Snipz: So at first what was happening was everyone was like no i'm not doing that I would never do that i'm staying medical man, and that was kind of the narrative for a lot of caregivers who.

00:08:51.030 --> 00:08:58.590 Snipz: Were bigger and had a little bit more of established setup and now what's happening is a lot of these people are actually going to the REC side.

00:08:58.920 --> 00:09:09.180 Snipz: And that's fine it's no it's no problem, you know it's it's all good, but what they're doing is they're allowing all medical caregivers even people like myself to do one large.

00:09:09.690 --> 00:09:18.510 Snipz: Recreational sale, a year, which means that I can do one drop at a recreational dispensary from what I understand from my lawyer.

00:09:18.900 --> 00:09:29.370 Snipz: Is that I have one time, a year that I can do that I have not exercise this yet I plan on it, but that is how they're doing it right now and, in my opinion.

00:09:30.090 --> 00:09:41.430 Snipz: If it really is about the product, we should, as medical carriers, always be able to sell our products to recreational dispensary as well, I don't see why that would be.

00:09:42.390 --> 00:09:43.470 Jonathan Colavita: So one drop.

00:09:44.850 --> 00:09:49.680 Jonathan Colavita: At a specific allotted time of the year kind of thing like once a year.

00:09:49.890 --> 00:09:53.970 Snipz: exactly like I get one in the whole fiscal year that I can do this.

00:09:54.210 --> 00:09:55.380 Jonathan Colavita: For one nation.

00:09:56.310 --> 00:09:57.300 Snipz: For no case.

00:09:57.420 --> 00:10:00.750 Jonathan Colavita: You can't die one day i'm going to hit 10 locations.

00:10:01.200 --> 00:10:03.510 Snipz: From what I understand that would be cool.

00:10:03.570 --> 00:10:12.960 Snipz: But from what I understand it's very complicated it's very big the way they set these laws, what I understand it is one drop one location one time.

00:10:14.280 --> 00:10:19.860 Snipz: And that's it and it could be as much as as much as I want, apparently, from what I understand right.

00:10:19.950 --> 00:10:20.940 Jonathan Colavita: That was my next question.

00:10:21.120 --> 00:10:22.800 Snipz: Because to be very profitable yeah.

00:10:23.070 --> 00:10:31.650 Jonathan Colavita: yeah for sure um I think I don't know if that's something they've done in California or other recreational states but that's definitely a perk, at least for.

00:10:31.980 --> 00:10:39.210 Jonathan Colavita: You know it's something to kind of give the medical community a little bit of like funds boots because if they are competing with recreational.

00:10:39.960 --> 00:10:43.050 Jonathan Colavita: groups which they're always going to make more money because their.

00:10:43.560 --> 00:10:48.900 Jonathan Colavita: Legislation or the laws that are set up for them allows them to produce more which allows them to make more money so.

00:10:49.230 --> 00:10:57.780 Jonathan Colavita: In the medical it's friend, but if they give you something like that that's actually a nice little jump so was that something that you would consider out of your outdoor grill where your indoor grow.

00:10:58.440 --> 00:11:10.800 Snipz: That would be the indoor grow know the outdoor market is a very interesting thing that you know we can get into it a little bit later, too, but it's you know people want to pay different things for different types of products.

00:11:11.160 --> 00:11:17.490 Snipz: And unfortunately, there is a pretty negative connotation to you know, a negative look at.

00:11:17.970 --> 00:11:25.200 Snipz: An outdoor sun grown for some reason, two years I guess people think of it like we're all you just throw the plant outside and you let it do its thing and.

00:11:25.470 --> 00:11:31.860 Snipz: There are people that are working really, really hard putting out some of the most incredible cannabis i've ever seen that are outside.

00:11:32.190 --> 00:11:38.820 Snipz: And you know it's happening up here main it's happening, of course, in California, with a much better climate but the people that are doing it in maine.

00:11:39.210 --> 00:11:55.830 Snipz: are just incredibly impressive people there's a lot of farmers out here that are doing it, and despite decreasing seasons, I know they do it, but uh you know so for the wreck drop, I would say no that's getting more of our AAA indoor proud of that people you know, really, really early.

00:11:57.510 --> 00:12:02.460 Jonathan Colavita: And I mean I remember you agree when we were working together, you are great at networking with the different.

00:12:03.210 --> 00:12:12.990 Jonathan Colavita: dispensary's that were in the location so i'm sure you've already got a nice group or a nice network people that you can reach out to that when that drop comes you know people that you build relationships with.

00:12:13.950 --> 00:12:22.680 Snipz: Absolutely, you know there's a lot of middle grade product that you don't need to hear it from me, you know there's a lot of people pushing a lot of products that.

00:12:23.520 --> 00:12:31.410 Snipz: To my opinion just don't cut it so you know when we come out with living soil organic AAA indoor flower.

00:12:31.950 --> 00:12:50.400 Snipz: You know that's that's really something special, in my opinion that I always look for their will doing it and there's even fewer doing it indoors you know so it's it's crazy but uh you know, once we put that out, I feel like that's just something we have a discussion.

00:12:51.270 --> 00:13:01.110 Jonathan Colavita: And you know for for maybe any other growers and main what was the the Attorney that you're using for us using the same guy that we have from a while.

00:13:01.110 --> 00:13:09.120 Snipz: ago yeah yeah, so this is a tim's a row and yup yup and you know we're also is my guy there and.

00:13:10.020 --> 00:13:18.390 Snipz: Now they're it's a great law firm they take good care of yeah, and I mean we were able to get structure our business and the way we structure, this was.

00:13:19.170 --> 00:13:31.500 Snipz: Anticipating all the changes to everything into consideration when we did form these llc there was going to be no issues in the future about you know law changed as far as we're concerned, and right now that's things.

00:13:33.210 --> 00:13:33.750 Jonathan Colavita: um.

00:13:34.800 --> 00:13:42.210 Jonathan Colavita: yeah they were great guys over there and oh that was another question, I had and important right because you said a lot of them are popping up in portland the record.

00:13:42.210 --> 00:13:43.410 Snipz: stores so yeah oh yeah.

00:13:43.620 --> 00:13:47.610 Jonathan Colavita: Higher grounds get turned into higher grounds turned into a disco.

00:13:48.180 --> 00:13:50.520 Snipz: it's funny that you mentioned that I was there just yesterday.

00:13:50.790 --> 00:13:51.030 and

00:13:52.080 --> 00:13:57.690 Snipz: They are indeed a medical shop now I saw they had all their stuff there and.

00:13:58.470 --> 00:14:06.240 Snipz: And Wall Street is it's cool you know where they are as cobblestone road it's little alleyway i've never been there in portland maine and.

00:14:06.690 --> 00:14:11.160 Snipz: Really cool spot and he's got kind of the lock down a little neighborhood right there.

00:14:12.030 --> 00:14:17.400 Snipz: mark is actually part of mark the owner of that job was actually part of these committees.

00:14:17.730 --> 00:14:30.600 Snipz: That I get these emails from notifying me about these things, so he here as far as i'm concerned he's one of the guys really out there, trying, you did, and what I see now i'm a big fan so yeah for sure.

00:14:30.780 --> 00:14:39.030 Jonathan Colavita: For those over those people, you know, obviously, and when we come back we're gonna get into the business side and growing side indoor versus outdoor we got a lot of things that we're going to cover.

00:14:39.660 --> 00:14:52.920 Jonathan Colavita: When we come back, but i'm definitely people need to go check out snips co and the they definitely need to go check out higher grounds over there on Wall Street in the summer and the summer is when you want to go if you're going to go to war, you know.

00:14:52.950 --> 00:14:56.700 Snipz: If you're going to go, I was there caught in the rain yesterday, and it was pretty bad.

00:14:57.060 --> 00:15:03.870 Jonathan Colavita: yeah exactly it's like dead, but in the summer, I can only imagine, but again he's still a medical shop, so people can't.

00:15:04.980 --> 00:15:08.820 Jonathan Colavita: People just know if he's a mountain so it's just his patients that are going in there right.

00:15:10.230 --> 00:15:17.280 Snipz: Any any medical patients, you know that that are in like there's like 20 something states, now that we have come up here and.

00:15:18.090 --> 00:15:22.920 Snipz: But, to be honest there's like at least two or three wreck shops right in that area too.

00:15:23.370 --> 00:15:29.070 Snipz: So it's it's kind of interesting setup right now there's a lot of shops, not just the pool and everywhere, you go and.

00:15:29.280 --> 00:15:36.900 Snipz: it's it's everywhere, there is and that's kind of goes back to that middle great product, I was saying it's kind of flooding our marketing right now flooding all the markets in every state.

00:15:37.830 --> 00:15:46.890 Snipz: So we're trying to over here at steps to just pump out best product possible and keep people's hopes up that was good or bad if it's coming.

00:15:48.000 --> 00:16:00.000 Jonathan Colavita: yeah Well, I can attest to that because I know because right here my man was part of this and he's still making it today he's pumping it out so i'm here would say Sammy snip snip snip scope.

00:16:00.750 --> 00:16:10.980 Jonathan Colavita: It may give us the lowdown on low low and we're going to be right back after this commercial break i'm Johnny tsunami, this is planet bako low low talk radio dot n y C.

00:18:23.070 --> 00:18:34.740 Jonathan Colavita: hey everybody we're back i'm Johnny tsunami, this is planet pato low low you're less taboo view and we're here talking with Sam the man Sammy snips all the way up in maine what's up brother, how you doing.

00:18:35.700 --> 00:18:37.110 Snipz: i'm great how are you there.

00:18:37.650 --> 00:18:47.340 Jonathan Colavita: I am doing good and, obviously, in the first segment, we talked about the news that's going on in maine how there's this battle that's going on between the medical and recreational.

00:18:47.730 --> 00:18:53.010 Jonathan Colavita: it's always been there it's, not just in maine it's in the battle as long as the the whole thing has been created in the US.

00:18:54.060 --> 00:19:06.900 Jonathan Colavita: I don't like to use the word battle, but the balance of the two because some people see it as one thing and some seen as another so and that's also as being a consumer, but then also being the cultivator on that other side as well.

00:19:08.010 --> 00:19:20.520 Jonathan Colavita: That being said, we're going to get a little bit more into the big giant leaps and bounds at Sam has made in the last few months since the last time we talked you just finished your outdoor grill.

00:19:21.480 --> 00:19:31.680 Snipz: Sir, yes, Sir, and a crazy season, it was we're all good all all the big plants that we were actually putting for patients have been harvested.

00:19:31.980 --> 00:19:48.150 Snipz: i've still got a handful of plants outside my personal that we're just letting go is why not full term you know but uh yeah it was an interesting season, apparently, the wettest season on record in maine and a lot of other places too so very interesting.

00:19:49.350 --> 00:19:58.860 Jonathan Colavita: Well, with a name like tsunami, I might like that, but in with growing it's not good, we all know that, especially the outdoors it's good in the roots, but it's not good on the butts you know that.

00:19:59.430 --> 00:20:10.710 Snipz: that's it so you know this season will spawn where every day 6am of you know, big leaf blower that I would just go out there and blow off plants.

00:20:11.130 --> 00:20:19.500 Snipz: And you know as long as you stick with that, from the beginning, and you know, let anything bad get into your blood it's it's pretty good we had very minimal issues.

00:20:21.450 --> 00:20:22.050 Snipz: like that.

00:20:22.440 --> 00:20:22.980 Sorry.

00:20:24.420 --> 00:20:32.130 Snipz: got Harry here, protecting the farm, as always that's you know, one of our many forms of security weird got a couple dogs but uh.

00:20:32.850 --> 00:20:42.810 Snipz: yeah the outer was crazy pretty solid with what our selections both chose and now we're we chose the winners from an outdoor we had all the mothers inside the whole time.

00:20:43.200 --> 00:20:47.670 Snipz: And what we did was we found the winners are outdoors using a little bit of a Fino five pounds.

00:20:48.090 --> 00:20:58.110 Snipz: And we're running them indoors now, and they are beautiful so we're doing we've already got a little bit of what we want inside the hunt never stops but it's nice to know we've got something that's going to be able to well.

00:20:59.580 --> 00:21:05.160 Jonathan Colavita: And then you can do the same vice versa, with what you do from the indoor phenotype and dropping for the outside.

00:21:05.670 --> 00:21:06.390 Exactly.

00:21:07.620 --> 00:21:08.640 Snipz: awesome now exactly.

00:21:09.030 --> 00:21:10.830 Jonathan Colavita: From your outdoor what strains did you grow.

00:21:11.940 --> 00:21:27.450 Snipz: So what we did was we had a pretty big haunt have two different springs and the screens were remembered at four by aficionado out West and then we had.

00:21:28.500 --> 00:21:31.170 Snipz: strawberry mystical, which is also from out West.

00:21:32.340 --> 00:21:44.130 Snipz: And the strawberry Mr was the clear winner and, all in all ways, and it was a much cheaper pack of seeds and i've shown always pay a lot of money for the hype cx guys can find some good stuff anywhere.

00:21:44.700 --> 00:21:47.880 Jonathan Colavita: shrubbery mystical and remembered f4.

00:21:49.380 --> 00:21:57.720 Snipz: yup and the strawberry good is just Turkey looks like Tropicana cookies the color profile like just really purple and orange.

00:21:59.040 --> 00:22:09.210 Snipz: Just beautiful super super fruity but there's also gassy phenotypes too, so you know it's cool it's a good combination of fruit and gas, which are my two favorite products.

00:22:09.630 --> 00:22:10.080 Jonathan Colavita: I bring.

00:22:11.280 --> 00:22:13.530 Snipz: In the codes definitely an indicator.

00:22:15.240 --> 00:22:18.810 Jonathan Colavita: And then the deal with the rain bird it should include genetics on that.

00:22:19.140 --> 00:22:29.460 Snipz: You know I don't want to start anything but you know, these were very expensive seeds that you know we're guaranteed certain things August 15 harvest guaranteed and that was not the case.

00:22:30.660 --> 00:22:39.570 Snipz: I found the genetics, are a little bit unstable in the way that you know they were kind of becoming hermaphrodites to the end of their lifetime and.

00:22:40.170 --> 00:22:50.850 Snipz: that's something that you know readers are obviously trying to knock so to see a very expensive pack of seeds do that on us for a couple of the phenotypes and like one or two flowers.

00:22:51.450 --> 00:22:58.500 Snipz: In the month of August finished flower in the month of August it, you know it was learning experience and honestly.

00:22:59.040 --> 00:23:07.530 Snipz: i'd say that you know, it was a good try we're always looking for good stuff here and we're trying to strains that people haven't really heard of because.

00:23:07.770 --> 00:23:13.140 Snipz: yeah i'm not gonna lie i've got GMO dos dos gorilla glue I thought, all the classics and my grow room right now.

00:23:13.500 --> 00:23:24.510 Snipz: But i'm also looking for some Funk and stuff too because everyone's doing that and I know people really like cannabis and consider themselves connoisseurs know they're always looking for that really interesting.

00:23:26.880 --> 00:23:31.110 Jonathan Colavita: way so for the outdoor did you do, who catches, or you can kill you uncovered.

00:23:31.800 --> 00:23:37.620 Snipz: Oh, we were completely uncovered so you know, under the sun, the stars, the moon we're under all that which.

00:23:38.070 --> 00:23:45.930 Snipz: is cool but that's why you know, I was out there with a week long visit we had thousands I would probably bring up some fans and do it that way.

00:23:46.410 --> 00:24:05.880 Snipz: But yeah we were just completely outdoors and you know it was a it was intense but it's it's honestly a very fun way to garden to grow, you know being inside of the big powerful lights all day it's isn't as fun as being outside with the birds, you know nature it's much different experience.

00:24:06.900 --> 00:24:13.470 Jonathan Colavita: So did the did you find or I mean, I guess, right now, at this point i'm everything is cured and harvested and is is being.

00:24:13.500 --> 00:24:16.440 Snipz: Oh yeah everything from the indoors either been dried an artist.

00:24:16.590 --> 00:24:17.790 Snipz: harvested and all that.

00:24:17.880 --> 00:24:22.230 Snipz: Dr cure for instance once processing which lot of that went to process and.

00:24:23.760 --> 00:24:28.440 Snipz: that's just a really good way user rights stripped out the growler.

00:24:29.100 --> 00:24:33.630 Jonathan Colavita: I guess i'll have to swing by and do a nice little ski trip up to me swing by snips go.

00:24:35.250 --> 00:24:46.140 Jonathan Colavita: check it out i'm now That being said, do you compare hubli to doing it with hoop houses, how do you feel they lined up now compare and contrast those two.

00:24:46.470 --> 00:24:54.060 Jonathan Colavita: When we grew together, we were we had one of the hoops and then for those that though at home, who don't know what hoop houses are essentially it's a greenhouse.

00:24:54.360 --> 00:25:12.510 Jonathan Colavita: That has no end walls no sidewalls although you could, if you wanted to have adjustable walls go up and down, but we did a very basic wind tunnel kind of design and it served its purpose but Sam had to his uncovered this time so maybe you can be a little bit on that.

00:25:13.440 --> 00:25:17.370 Snipz: yeah yeah there's definitely some different schools of thought on this one, but as far as.

00:25:18.150 --> 00:25:26.730 Snipz: patterson's go it's interesting when you add who passes you're solving certain problems, but then you're also creating problems two.

00:25:27.240 --> 00:25:31.110 Snipz: Separate completely separate problems that you know so when you add the hoop houses.

00:25:31.440 --> 00:25:37.920 Snipz: You need to really maintain your moisture you're committed to levels in that house with those plants because they're going to get real wet.

00:25:38.250 --> 00:25:43.140 Snipz: Everything is going to kind of sit there, and even though they're not getting rained on necessarily.

00:25:43.620 --> 00:25:49.770 Snipz: The humidity is being trapped in the soup houses and you don't want anything like boulder boulder accurately happening.

00:25:50.190 --> 00:25:58.290 Snipz: So yeah it's really nice working under house when it's raining outside you can still get your day down per day of work done, that is a huge benefit.

00:25:59.220 --> 00:26:09.510 Snipz: But you know working without the hoop house, I found that there wasn't much of a PM issue, despite the high levels of committed experiencing.

00:26:09.870 --> 00:26:22.560 Snipz: You know, it was just a little bit more of getting the full effects of nature and also from what I understand being under the stars and moon night he does have an effect on the way the plant grows develops as well, so.

00:26:22.800 --> 00:26:24.060 Snipz: I was very happy that.

00:26:25.350 --> 00:26:25.920 Snipz: goes up.

00:26:26.190 --> 00:26:32.160 Jonathan Colavita: Did you feel like you had like do you feel like it was a better way are you going to stick with doing it that way, I guess that's a question.

00:26:32.550 --> 00:26:42.210 Snipz: um no, I think that ultimately once I can get the setup I want outside it will be greenhouse setup fully blown light deprivation.

00:26:42.510 --> 00:26:50.130 Snipz: fans going, you know supplementary lighting, the whole nine you know all all of it and that's really, I think, where we're heading as far as.

00:26:50.790 --> 00:27:01.080 Snipz: outdoor sun grown it's going to be more greenhouse and we got this really great indoor facility here, where we still got room for expansion even now in our own facility.

00:27:01.620 --> 00:27:12.210 Snipz: And you know that we own we're not paying rent to the landlord or anything like that, so you know we have opportunities for expansion, so I can agree to house one maybe two are very much in our future.

00:27:13.260 --> 00:27:21.990 Jonathan Colavita: very nice now with the indoor that's going on right now what so you had naming some of the strange you had GMO to do.

00:27:22.020 --> 00:27:38.910 Snipz: yeah so we're growing GMO dough see GG for where's my bike, which is a amnesia oh gee it's amnesia cross with biker questions we threw at the last place to pink pushed by barney's all man we're growing sweet God.

00:27:40.080 --> 00:27:47.910 Snipz: it's just a lot of really some good main genetics golden era which we grew outside of about three or four years ago, which was great.

00:27:48.900 --> 00:27:59.010 Snipz: meteor cold process OSHA there's a lot of different stuff that we have right now, a lot of sprains and strains a lot of phenotypes and we're just kind of hunting through it all right now and.

00:27:59.550 --> 00:28:07.470 Snipz: I can already tell that you know we're about to we're just to hack away from the Second, the second week of flour, right now, or big flower.

00:28:08.490 --> 00:28:16.290 Snipz: i'm seeing some stuff that you know plants are these plants are growing very quickly, hoping that we're going to be ahead of schedule or set of behind for change.

00:28:17.130 --> 00:28:22.890 Jonathan Colavita: So, what are you using inside for the three year cultivation.

00:28:23.550 --> 00:28:29.370 Snipz: That so we're growing organic living soil and doors now, this is a coast of maine blame them, you have.

00:28:29.940 --> 00:28:38.100 Snipz: they're a great company really like them and, so far, you know we pretty much only feed our plants compost extracts.

00:28:38.430 --> 00:28:48.840 Snipz: And then you know, a couple other little things here and there, but you know we're trying to keep it where the soil itself is good and healthy as long as our soils helping our clients are going to be healthy.

00:28:50.040 --> 00:28:55.830 Snipz: For lighting we're using a company called illuminati they're relatively new company what I understand.

00:28:56.580 --> 00:29:06.510 Snipz: And we're using their LEDs eileen access, which are also fairly new on the market, but uh you know we're just pretty intrigued by these lights.

00:29:07.140 --> 00:29:20.220 Snipz: we've never grown with LEDs before we have ceramic metal highlights mixed in with our led cm agents, you know which we've grown in the past, but these LEDs there's a whole new game and we're learning a lot from them and.

00:29:20.730 --> 00:29:29.790 Snipz: You know i'm noticing huge growth, both in badge and and flower from these lights that I wasn't seeing under the adoption, like we use and even see an agent.

00:29:31.320 --> 00:29:31.620 Jonathan Colavita: And then.

00:29:32.490 --> 00:29:35.760 Jonathan Colavita: With the indoor grow is a five day garage We talked before the show.

00:29:37.050 --> 00:29:43.110 Jonathan Colavita: How much retrofitting did you have to do you know you said you had mentioned some spray foam was there any other kind of stuff that you know.

00:29:43.140 --> 00:29:51.810 Snipz: yeah you know this was a it was basically used for a mechanic, and this was kind of a mechanic's shop with a.

00:29:52.200 --> 00:29:56.760 Snipz: Dedicated server based certain things, or certain things a little bit Messier there was a paint Bay which.

00:29:57.090 --> 00:30:01.410 Snipz: You know another day that had a lot of gas, oil and gas and oil that so.

00:30:01.710 --> 00:30:19.650 Snipz: far as retrofitting not much as the structure more so, on our hands and knees just scrubbing and scrubbing for pretty much months, and so we felt that the facility was perfectly me, and you know so getting everything perfect was the big job you know really the real.

00:30:21.090 --> 00:30:31.920 Snipz: Painful part of the process was just cleaning cleaning cleaning cleaning and that's really the name of the game, as far as all grown facilities, no matter how you're growing or where you're doing it, or what you're doing.

00:30:32.550 --> 00:30:36.900 Snipz: You have to be clean, you have to be hijacked and that comes into as well.

00:30:37.740 --> 00:30:43.320 Jonathan Colavita: yeah well that's part of making a superior product is taking those little extra steps.

00:30:43.710 --> 00:30:50.250 Jonathan Colavita: In the R amp D and the research and development, so that when the final product comes out it's the same thing, every time because.

00:30:50.550 --> 00:30:58.890 Jonathan Colavita: People want that consistency awesome so we're going to take a little break here we're having here with sandy snips over and snips co up in maine doing that.

00:30:59.220 --> 00:31:11.970 Jonathan Colavita: Beautiful indoor and outdoor growing and serving his patients with some of the sweetest cannabis up there in the beautiful northeast i'm Johnny Tommy this is planet bako low low and we'll take a little break on talk radio dot nyc.

00:33:47.700 --> 00:33:57.150 Jonathan Colavita: hey everybody we're back it's Johnny tsunami your host a plan apocalypto here sandy slips from scratch co up in maine Sammy what's going on kid.

00:33:58.050 --> 00:34:00.120 Snipz: we're doing great you're doing great.

00:34:00.840 --> 00:34:12.090 Jonathan Colavita: We are covering a lot, and you have uncovered a lot of territory you've done many things you've really push yourself to the limit now it's at a point where you and your partner dylan or.

00:34:12.480 --> 00:34:24.150 Jonathan Colavita: doing it on your own fighting through you know the the glory of what it is to be somebody who's passionate about growing a plant and it seems to me that sometimes the medical community.

00:34:24.630 --> 00:34:31.650 Jonathan Colavita: Almost maybe has more compassion, because they think of it as medicine and medicine as a form of compassion, because you're trying to.

00:34:32.190 --> 00:34:41.310 Jonathan Colavita: deal with people that have an ailment so you are usually a passionate person in that regard and helping people in that regard in the recreational sense.

00:34:41.790 --> 00:34:54.360 Jonathan Colavita: it's more about maybe you know just getting getting getting the old proverbial doll or pumping out as much as you can and producing a product, just to get it out there, so that you can make money off of that and that's two very different.

00:34:55.530 --> 00:35:07.350 Jonathan Colavita: trains of thought and you had said this, even more so with the people that you were talking to in maine that some of those medical growers did eventually turned over when that recreational opportunity.

00:35:07.950 --> 00:35:12.690 Jonathan Colavita: came, but you have held your ground and you continue to hold your ground doing what you're doing.

00:35:14.130 --> 00:35:22.740 Jonathan Colavita: In this segment, we talked about the personal end of cannabis and one of the things that we had mentioned prior to the show was you threw out the word homestead.

00:35:23.820 --> 00:35:37.290 Jonathan Colavita: You like the fact that you know you see your farm as a homestead as a place where right now it's a tight knit community of you maxine delon, but there is room for growth.

00:35:38.940 --> 00:35:39.900 Snipz: Absolutely yeah.

00:35:41.550 --> 00:35:50.850 Snipz: Definitely is we're doing things a little bit interesting here not you know, not necessarily the traditional path for cannabis cultivators typically.

00:35:51.600 --> 00:35:58.680 Snipz: People like us will rent a big warehouse somewhere in a city where there's a lot of other growers other people they're doing similar things and.

00:35:59.280 --> 00:36:07.170 Snipz: You know the model that we're going with is that we actually bought you know, a plot of land with pre existing house and structures all there.

00:36:07.710 --> 00:36:18.030 Snipz: And we live here full time we don't have any employees right now it's literally just offs are here 24 seven with the plants and the top, the idea is that.

00:36:18.420 --> 00:36:27.210 Snipz: As we grow we bring people in, and you know they live here and they continue it, we can either all live here, or we go on the next thing but either way.

00:36:27.600 --> 00:36:44.070 Snipz: we'd like the idea that this is a place where we're always growing here and product and the way that we're doing and doesn't necessarily change the people might change but uh you know that's kind of what I like doing is I enjoy teaching people the way of growing in this style.

00:36:45.180 --> 00:36:45.750 Snipz: So.

00:36:47.040 --> 00:36:49.380 Snipz: world as a lot of hydroponics and other ways you.

00:36:50.550 --> 00:36:55.620 Snipz: know we live in this that you live here you live it if you would every day is.

00:36:56.790 --> 00:37:04.050 Snipz: Constant with the plants and never ends you wake up at four you know, two, three, in the morning and.

00:37:04.590 --> 00:37:18.510 Snipz: And it could be work to be done, you know so it's just it's an interesting way it's stressful at times, but I think that the passion like what you're saying is they're here that passion isn't everywhere else and we're trying to.

00:37:19.620 --> 00:37:25.860 Snipz: You know, bring our show that our passion, you know can equate to something really pleasing for the medical patients.

00:37:26.940 --> 00:37:31.380 Jonathan Colavita: It sounds like a message you know, the message is is that you know there's no place like home.

00:37:32.850 --> 00:37:45.300 Jonathan Colavita: And you know if you can look out your window, which I remember when you were on that you know the foreign together you look out the window and you see this field a green and you're like oh that's that's pretty Nice, which is a completely different feeling than.

00:37:47.010 --> 00:37:58.680 Jonathan Colavita: A brick and mortar warehouse in a industrialized city, and you know when you think of a plant it's like nature it's been outside, and yet the cannabis plant is like.

00:37:59.310 --> 00:38:15.330 Jonathan Colavita: One of these weird plants in the agricultural community that it's made it's quite a home inside, you know, look at everything else that we everything, especially when you're talking about wheat and corn, and all of these huge crops are all grown outside.

00:38:16.710 --> 00:38:23.970 Jonathan Colavita: or they're grown in a greenhouse sadly somebody's buying giant stadium or they're buying the ugly.

00:38:24.870 --> 00:38:34.110 Jonathan Colavita: American izod Center eyesore that they built over in secaucus and like turn it into you know, a grow facility that's that's doesn't even.

00:38:34.560 --> 00:38:41.070 Jonathan Colavita: really make sense when you're thinking of things in that size one way what you're doing on a more boutique artesian level.

00:38:41.460 --> 00:38:52.380 Jonathan Colavita: yeah I then I could see that you know that's that's a great story that you know this is your home and then you've got your garage where I will happily enough the guy lived there was a mechanic right.

00:38:53.250 --> 00:38:55.470 Snipz: yeah it was it was a mechanic.

00:38:57.090 --> 00:39:05.760 Snipz: Simply use this space as just as work on people's vehicles and just had fun in there and get his own thing for a couple decades and.

00:39:06.480 --> 00:39:13.050 Snipz: We are happy to take it on because it's you know insulated fully insulated already, and you know.

00:39:13.920 --> 00:39:21.510 Snipz: Just certain little spots, how to be sprayed phone, but really the place was pretty turnkey so he did we didn't end up using that you know.

00:39:21.960 --> 00:39:31.950 Snipz: Oil eating from that switch the system but uh not much how to be done, realistically, as far as the structure itself, you know we have opportunities down the line to you know.

00:39:32.400 --> 00:39:42.810 Snipz: break it down into much smaller flower and we're really dialed in but for right now, you know you got a nice excellent nice mother nice flower and dryer and.

00:39:43.230 --> 00:39:52.560 Snipz: cause guy coming from you know more of a bar in a basement setup like this is the next level for me, and I think that we could actually get pretty edited as far as our.

00:39:54.450 --> 00:40:04.230 Jonathan Colavita: Well, and here's another thing that's really interesting, I had a dinner meet dinner last night with a gentleman who was actually on my show, he was one of my guests Marco Donald shout out Marco Donald.

00:40:05.610 --> 00:40:24.210 Jonathan Colavita: mark has a he's 20 years experience in the consumer product space so whether it's a beverage or bag of chips or whatever he's done that he's he spent his whole life helping people make formulations now he's doing it with cannabis and one of his big thing is.

00:40:25.650 --> 00:40:28.440 Jonathan Colavita: When you start scaling out to a certain point.

00:40:30.240 --> 00:40:39.180 Jonathan Colavita: And you start farming formulating stuff and there's there's, a thing that happens that when you're doing something in an artesian boutique way that formulation.

00:40:39.720 --> 00:40:45.360 Jonathan Colavita: to stretch that out to something on a more industrialized version is very hard to do.

00:40:45.930 --> 00:40:55.320 Jonathan Colavita: it's like the same thing, this is why comparatively let's say solvent list extraction is not popular because the yield rate is extremely low.

00:40:55.890 --> 00:41:05.670 Jonathan Colavita: And until somebody can figure out how to take an artesian style of doing something and stretch that out into a manufacturing scope of high volume.

00:41:06.150 --> 00:41:13.080 Jonathan Colavita: nobody's going to go and do that it's going to be for people like you and me and those other people in the medical community.

00:41:14.070 --> 00:41:20.580 Jonathan Colavita: And maybe even the recreational community but let's just say the gone GA whereas you saving the cotton the connoisseur the canvas or.

00:41:20.970 --> 00:41:31.950 Jonathan Colavita: Those people will always be there, and there will be a home for people like you, that treat the plant like a home like a homestead.

00:41:32.550 --> 00:41:41.550 Jonathan Colavita: Right and that's where I think is so valuable so important when you're you're actually putting something in your body yeah you don't think I don't think we.

00:41:42.990 --> 00:41:51.630 Jonathan Colavita: put that into play, because of just the nature of our society in general, we know majority of us are obese and all these other issues that.

00:41:51.930 --> 00:41:59.340 Jonathan Colavita: kind of crap that we put in our body, so the last thing, people are going to be thinking about is cannabis under that, but it goes into the same category so.

00:41:59.940 --> 00:42:09.810 Jonathan Colavita: To me it's almost funny I think I have a vision of this guy who's been living on the farm that you own now, who was a mechanic in a garage and it was like his passion and he worked on cars and.

00:42:10.260 --> 00:42:22.290 Jonathan Colavita: You know it's it's what he does now it's filled with plants but it's in the same sense the care that he puts towards a car or even when I was training someone the care that you put into somebody.

00:42:23.130 --> 00:42:32.220 Jonathan Colavita: That care that that tlc then that's when the product comes out really amazing just very hard to scale that out, so I commend you.

00:42:33.030 --> 00:42:50.730 Jonathan Colavita: for holding your ground The good news is according to mark that all of these bigger companies are getting rid of their research and development teams, because, why would I pay for research and development if i'll just buy out Sammy snips so there's always but here's the thing.

00:42:52.230 --> 00:42:59.070 Jonathan Colavita: it's still led by passion, even if you didn't sell out, which sounds like right now you're not selling out to anybody.

00:42:59.520 --> 00:43:13.350 Jonathan Colavita: But what could happen in the future, you create something that's so special and unique that then the brand right or that you're creating ends up being something that's a valid.

00:43:15.660 --> 00:43:18.420 Jonathan Colavita: never know what happens from there sky's the limit.

00:43:20.850 --> 00:43:25.050 Jonathan Colavita: As my soapbox for a minute i'll let you i'll give you back the MIC I took the soapbox for a minute.

00:43:27.780 --> 00:43:43.650 Snipz: yeah no it's totally true, I mean I don't really think about those things right now, but I do as far as selling my business, but I think that this part about scaling a candidate or any business, but specifically scaling a cannabis company.

00:43:44.370 --> 00:43:50.220 Snipz: is extremely difficult and yeah you've got certain players like jungle boys and you know cookies.

00:43:51.270 --> 00:44:01.530 Snipz: And then you have big guys up here, even made we're kind of emulating that stuff but over here on more of a big level, but for the main market, the New England market so thought of California warehouse.

00:44:01.770 --> 00:44:12.630 Snipz: But it's still a main warehouse there are guys that are there, that are doing some pretty amazing stuff at a large scale, but yeah are you really getting that quality that.

00:44:13.380 --> 00:44:24.930 Snipz: Just perfect it's love man and people certain people laugh roll their eyes, but true This is like yeah if you really put love into this plan, like you're going to be able to tell from the end product.

00:44:25.350 --> 00:44:36.840 Snipz: And you know I haven't really seen that i've seen good stuff impressive stuff from these bigger companies, but the boutique smaller you know small batch grows.

00:44:37.260 --> 00:44:44.760 Snipz: there's nothing compared to that it's just next level and so we're what I consider our broker snips it's more of like a medium.

00:44:45.120 --> 00:44:50.370 Snipz: we're like a amid small batch girl where we're not exactly micro not exactly.

00:44:50.850 --> 00:45:05.040 Snipz: Where we're kind of this nice sweet spot in between, where we can still have really, really high us and our facility, but we're not really compromising as far as quality that that's the name that's number one for us is just.

00:45:05.760 --> 00:45:16.410 Snipz: for everyone in the game is just finding that folly and quantity and getting the right compromise the two, and you know we're not looking to compromise at all as far as quality.

00:45:17.430 --> 00:45:26.460 Jonathan Colavita: yeah well, I mean it's too early, I am a to say it, I mean I will hope it never happens, is what I really am saying it but.

00:45:26.580 --> 00:45:27.720 Snipz: yeah you know.

00:45:27.750 --> 00:45:36.420 Jonathan Colavita: that's what happens with a lot of these a lot of times it's that that it's just like a white dwarf stars burns real quick.

00:45:37.290 --> 00:45:39.690 Snipz: Look here, so it has to do yeah.

00:45:39.720 --> 00:45:44.580 Jonathan Colavita: And it's it's a and in the race to zero because there's The other thing.

00:45:45.600 --> 00:45:51.270 Jonathan Colavita: You know you just try to pump out you pump out you pump out this what happens in recreational market to especially is that.

00:45:52.440 --> 00:46:03.300 Jonathan Colavita: Everybody just wants to give them the lowest price and it's like the race to zero Where are you going with this you're screwed you're cutting off, you know you're fighting yourself in that situation.

00:46:03.690 --> 00:46:12.690 Jonathan Colavita: Because you're cutting off you couldn't cut yourself out and everybody else that's in your Community out and eventually it's going to hit a number, where people are going to be like this is even make sense anymore.

00:46:13.200 --> 00:46:20.730 Jonathan Colavita: I saw a post, the other day, where somebody had 250 pounds that they were willing to get away $55 a pound a link it was a linkedin post.

00:46:21.300 --> 00:46:26.160 Jonathan Colavita: So it wasn't even like snapchat or something like that you know what I mean it was like a legit like.

00:46:27.090 --> 00:46:38.010 Jonathan Colavita: we're a wholesaler coming by this, so I don't I can't imagine the quality of what that is but that's where this is going yeah exactly but that's where this is going and.

00:46:38.700 --> 00:46:49.500 Jonathan Colavita: it's important like people like self and all the other medical growers, not just a name and all the other States hold true to the policies that you are holding true to so I commend you for that when we come back.

00:46:50.070 --> 00:46:55.860 Jonathan Colavita: We are going to go into just a couple other things I want to know, maybe you know sam's top five.

00:46:56.250 --> 00:47:03.660 Jonathan Colavita: top five strains you know, maybe if there's an opportunity for somebody to come to the homestead I don't know I got a few questions left for him.

00:47:03.870 --> 00:47:19.650 Jonathan Colavita: So we're gonna take a little break when we come back we'll be finishing up our episode with semi snips from snips go this is planet bako a low low giving you a less taboo view on Johnny tsunami your hosts will be right back talk radio dot n y C.

00:49:20.460 --> 00:49:22.050 Jonathan Colavita: So they almost got caught they're.

00:49:24.930 --> 00:49:26.520 Jonathan Colavita: finishing up a conversation anyway.

00:49:28.140 --> 00:49:37.170 Jonathan Colavita: So hey guys, it is kind of talk a little low and i'm here with Sammy snips and we're having a great time.

00:49:37.920 --> 00:49:44.850 Jonathan Colavita: And you know we're just talking on some you know he's token on a Jay i'm token on my little bit pain here disposable vapor pen.

00:49:45.300 --> 00:49:49.620 Jonathan Colavita: Talking about differences cannabis between the medical the recreational.

00:49:50.340 --> 00:49:58.590 Jonathan Colavita: The battles that we've been going through up in maine as far as legislation and how the scales keep flipping back and forth between those two communities.

00:49:59.130 --> 00:50:10.350 Jonathan Colavita: We talked about the outdoor and indoor grow and the battle between those two and how we even see that and those people that believe in those things different that whole situation is.

00:50:11.130 --> 00:50:22.650 Jonathan Colavita: And, but today we're going to finish out with basically the message the opportunity that we got to say to the audience, which is support local support small business support.

00:50:23.670 --> 00:50:29.460 Jonathan Colavita: local farmers sport if we're going to be specific, with cannabis support medical growers.

00:50:30.360 --> 00:50:36.570 Snipz: that's definitely that's definitely gotta support all these small caregivers they're, the ones who are actually.

00:50:37.260 --> 00:50:44.100 Snipz: helping people who are actually really, really, you know, trying to put people's best interests at heart and.

00:50:44.670 --> 00:50:55.380 Snipz: You know that's not something that's typical in today's English in any industry in any aspects of life, where there are people sack making sacrifices to help others and.

00:50:56.100 --> 00:51:07.320 Snipz: Now right now it's not easy, being a small business owner small care here, you know as far as operating as far as the legality there's just the politics, you know there it's constantly.

00:51:07.710 --> 00:51:16.950 Snipz: Things are changing at a pretty rapid pace and a lot of farmers, like myself we're just trying to get our things worked on it's it's tough that you know we are given certain.

00:51:18.030 --> 00:51:25.050 Snipz: You know hoops to jump through but ultimately I gotta say support the small guys will be happy, in the end product that.

00:51:26.550 --> 00:51:33.990 Jonathan Colavita: We had finished them, we said that you know you got a homestead and, obviously, things are still kind of small you know at this point, but you know all sudden.

00:51:35.130 --> 00:51:39.510 Jonathan Colavita: stuff can escalate real quick start getting busy or are you looking for people.

00:51:40.920 --> 00:51:46.770 Jonathan Colavita: At this point, for somebody to help out around the place or were you at that step.

00:51:47.520 --> 00:51:57.990 Snipz: yeah you know it's it's a pretty intimate process here it's it's because we all live here and are doing it every day, so we do have certain people in mind already, you know that.

00:51:58.590 --> 00:52:07.920 Snipz: helps them tasks and know what they're doing on a farm and, yes, we do actually have some people in line for you know staff when we're ready for it.

00:52:08.550 --> 00:52:15.240 Snipz: which I hope will come soon, and you know I would love to just keep creating jobs and you know, the idea is.

00:52:15.960 --> 00:52:22.650 Snipz: You know you come here you learn how to do it, and then you can pass on that torch go start your own operation somewhere.

00:52:22.980 --> 00:52:29.130 Snipz: Your thing, and you know that's how I did it that's a lot of people do it were you know there's no.

00:52:29.460 --> 00:52:36.660 Snipz: there's no real class for this, you know, there might be some crazy degrees, you can get now for cultivation, but.

00:52:36.930 --> 00:52:55.380 Snipz: There is nothing like going out and just actually living it every day and growing cannabis, you know, whether it be inside or outside there's you know parts that are simple there's parts that aren't and you know there's really, really nothing like doing so it's it's not it.

00:52:56.340 --> 00:53:00.090 Jonathan Colavita: wouldn't be like working you know, for purely for something.

00:53:00.900 --> 00:53:09.720 Snipz: No, no, and you know, while that isn't it look I can't if that's in whatever state you're in if that's the only cannabis related job you can get.

00:53:10.140 --> 00:53:17.760 Snipz: Your with one of those guys I understand if you're going just to get your foot in the door, and you just need to learn the basics, because there is such a.

00:53:18.720 --> 00:53:26.970 Snipz: barrier information for the consumer and for people like myself who are, on the other end of it we're actually producing it.

00:53:27.510 --> 00:53:36.630 Snipz: And there's just you know between the you know prohibition for all these years and government agencies hiding and not allowing research to happen for candidates now.

00:53:37.230 --> 00:53:46.680 Snipz: You know there's a lot of information that isn't public and you know it's very, very difficult learning all that stuff when you're with the big guys and that's how you get these very.

00:53:47.640 --> 00:53:58.650 Snipz: Poorly bad you know, not a form Bud tenders, which is kind of becoming a stereotype for me is that you know, a Bud tender doesn't even know the difference between you know any type of genetics so.

00:53:59.460 --> 00:54:01.560 Snipz: You know we're trying to change that and.

00:54:02.070 --> 00:54:15.750 Snipz: make people a little bit more educated and I make all of my patients educated i'm always happy to meet with the patient to sit down talk to them and hear their side of things and give them my side of things, so that we can kind of all get on the same page as caregivers patients.

00:54:16.350 --> 00:54:19.290 Jonathan Colavita: Well, and then then she goes back to the supporting again that.

00:54:20.550 --> 00:54:21.390 Jonathan Colavita: If you.

00:54:22.560 --> 00:54:27.510 Jonathan Colavita: Go to a recreational facilities and where you're most likely going to get a Bud tender who you know.

00:54:27.870 --> 00:54:35.850 Jonathan Colavita: Just is getting there to get paid and maybe get some cheap weed and you know the be like others achieve of either you don't try this try that and then they're.

00:54:36.090 --> 00:54:44.070 Jonathan Colavita: What they're not growing it those tenders they're just standing there because the job they're getting paid $13 an hour to sit behind there and take chopsticks and pull out of a bowl.

00:54:44.700 --> 00:54:45.360 Snipz: Which is different.

00:54:45.480 --> 00:54:58.470 Jonathan Colavita: than somebody like you, who, if they're going to be working with the patient direct and you're growing the plant there's no there's no separation between the consumer and you.

00:55:01.350 --> 00:55:07.230 Snipz: Absolutely that's what a lot of patients who will drive up to me from as far as you know, New Jersey New York.

00:55:07.860 --> 00:55:16.290 Snipz: And a lot of Massachusetts Connecticut and all these places, but you know a lot of them say that there's just nothing like going to the grower direct.

00:55:16.770 --> 00:55:25.230 Snipz: And that's what all these patients all say the same thing when we meet, and it was that, like this is so cool you know, and I could ask you any questions I want.

00:55:25.680 --> 00:55:34.230 Snipz: I can they can give me feedback, you know, fortunately i've never really had too bad feedback, but a positive typically but like.

00:55:34.560 --> 00:55:42.540 Snipz: I want to know you know whether it's our flower whether it's an extraction or how you know the extraction dawn or things like didn't like.

00:55:43.050 --> 00:55:51.270 Snipz: These are things that like a big company isn't really, really taking into consideration, but when you're meeting up with the caregiver with the owner of the company.

00:55:52.110 --> 00:56:05.880 Snipz: Just just him said I can give you all the information you need and it's full transparency and there's nothing i'm going to be like Oh well, let me call this person and ask this and that i'm there for the medical patients, you know, and so a lot of figures, just like.

00:56:06.870 --> 00:56:17.310 Jonathan Colavita: We didn't even talk about this here we're almost done with the show but i'm glad we got it before I forget extraction what What did you get rid of everything you already had everyone.

00:56:18.210 --> 00:56:28.260 Snipz: yeah now there's we actually still have a couple of our freezers are still pretty filled up so we've done a few drops and we're just to teach we doing certain drops.

00:56:28.440 --> 00:56:30.060 You know what.

00:56:31.080 --> 00:56:31.860 Snipz: Fresh frozen so.

00:56:32.160 --> 00:56:34.860 Snipz: What do you yes it's all fresh, this is all fresh frozen, this is.

00:56:34.860 --> 00:56:48.060 Snipz: going to go to live resin you know this whole plant live resident we dedicated a couple you know, a couple of our plant outdoor plants strictly for that, and you know it's it's just such a Turkey Turkey product is about.

00:56:49.080 --> 00:56:59.400 Snipz: sonogram right her profiles are just perfect and it translates really, really well in life residence, so you know we're doing both libraries and cartridges and just regular.

00:56:59.880 --> 00:57:13.230 Snipz: batters interviewing some diamonds and sauces coming soon, so all different types of stuff but as far as solvent list and rosin because we do have a lot of that coming soon to, as I mentioned some of those strengths, I was growing and wash very, very well for.

00:57:14.280 --> 00:57:18.030 Jonathan Colavita: sure you wash it yourself, are you using what's his name and.

00:57:18.060 --> 00:57:36.900 Snipz: we're yeah hot and heavy hot and heavy Teddy just in, and you know he's the man do there's lots of great you know people in this area that you in Alex is just the guy that I really like I got along with justin and you know this products have always been amazing.

00:57:37.620 --> 00:57:48.150 Jonathan Colavita: So so just so you know guys if you're ever in maine you go and you got your medical card now there's outdoor sun grown he's got his indoor he's got.

00:57:49.380 --> 00:58:06.150 Jonathan Colavita: tons of strains to choose from tons he's got edibles company he's gotten on he's got solvents coming I mean he's got oils comment he's got a lot of different things coming down the chain so before we go top five strains what are your top five strengths.

00:58:07.650 --> 00:58:11.430 Snipz: yeah it's uh it's crazy i'm gonna have to go with.

00:58:13.380 --> 00:58:14.370 Snipz: him Bush.

00:58:16.650 --> 00:58:19.830 Snipz: amnesia G, which is where's my bike mama.

00:58:21.240 --> 00:58:31.620 Snipz: To see those because it's just such an incredible strain GG for because it's such an incredible screen and last one, you know I gotta go because.

00:58:32.820 --> 00:58:33.060 that's.

00:58:34.380 --> 00:58:43.230 Jonathan Colavita: Also, a fan of that yeah see you're more on that hybrid hybrid into code, leaving favorites.

00:58:45.420 --> 00:58:52.800 Snipz: That there's so many to choose from it's even hard, even just do that but i'll top my head, those are what I grow what i'd love to smoke, no.

00:58:54.420 --> 00:58:59.430 Jonathan Colavita: Well, I would have to say i'm one of the city man, so you know me i'm all over.

00:59:00.180 --> 00:59:10.770 Jonathan Colavita: yeah but listen Sam i'm very happy that we had the the show today it's great to hear that all these amazing things are coming on the phone if people want to check out your website.

00:59:11.880 --> 00:59:12.600 Jonathan Colavita: Which website.

00:59:13.320 --> 00:59:24.870 Snipz: They can either go to hold on running everything through instagram right now is a lot of times do you can go to instagram slash Sammy snips go to instagram sent six mean.

00:59:26.340 --> 00:59:36.600 Snipz: I do have a homework page that I have to put up on my big cartel page that I got put off because we still have some goodies to couple left and he says in his approaching.

00:59:36.810 --> 00:59:38.580 Jonathan Colavita: send me a hoodie.

00:59:39.240 --> 00:59:39.720 Snipz: Out of girl.

00:59:41.700 --> 00:59:43.170 Snipz: Pretty large.

00:59:43.830 --> 00:59:45.060 Jonathan Colavita: yeah i'm pretty large these days.

00:59:45.990 --> 00:59:46.530 Snipz: You got it.

00:59:47.190 --> 00:59:53.760 Jonathan Colavita: I appreciate you i'm so happy your beard looks great you Bud looks great everybody's doing great up there.

00:59:54.870 --> 01:00:04.500 Jonathan Colavita: You know you'll be checking in flying into planet pocket alone, and maybe a couple of months from now, and let us know and give us some updates and give us the pulse of what's happening in that beautiful state of maine.

01:00:04.920 --> 01:00:14.070 Jonathan Colavita: Everybody this was Sammy snips who flew in the planet pato low low tonight and he's flying right back up to the beautiful northeast and me Johnny tsunami your host.

01:00:14.550 --> 01:00:30.180 Jonathan Colavita: dialing out for now and we'll be back next week next week we'll be dealing with the cannabis wholesaler Tommy jaci Tommy we're looking out for you alright everybody have a great night planet taco low low a less taboo view talk radio dot nyc goodnight.

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