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Thursday, October 21, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/10/21 - Aloha Organic

Facebook Live Video from 2021/10/21 - Aloha Organic


2021/10/21 - Aloha Organic

[New Episode] Aloha Organic

How do all great adventures start?  How do all great ideas begin?  Where do we go when we are in need of inspiration?  PASSION.  


Passion is what drives us regardless of the industry we serve.  Passion is what keeps us up on late night deadlines.  Passion is what pushes us to be the best version of ourselves.  Most of all, passion gives us purpose, and purpose is what we need in order to be happy.


By the way, for those of you who don't know, Pakalolo means "crazy tobacco" in Hawaiian. Here on our new show, we are looking to put the crazy aside, and have some meaningful conversation around the science, stories, and opportunities that surround a big passion of ours, and many others out there:  THE CANNABIS INDUSTRY.


Our first guest is the epitome of what it means to be passionate about Cannabis.  This enthusiastic farmer started his first medicinal Cannabis farm, in partnership with Jonny Tsunami, the illustrious host of Planet Pakalolo.


While Jonny has begun the great adventure of a live weekly talk show on TalkRadio.NYC, this guest has opted to stay in the "Vacationland" of Maine, and begin the next step of his journey by starting the Snipz Cannabis Company, a full indoor and outdoor cultivation operation.  

Tune in for this crazy conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

This week on Planet Pakalolo Jonny Tsunami is joined by Brian B with Aloha Organics streaming all the way from Hawaii. The two kick off the show by sharing their knowledge on the power behind using nature to better the earth. Jonny dives into the importance of how soil affects nearly everything on top of it therefore those who walk on it have to help take care of it. Brian promotes having an organic background to give the most back to the earth. Jonny brings up global warming and how not only is it a problem for cannabis but a problem for all that live on the earth. Brian talks about how important it is to uses microorganisms to improve soil health. Brian explains that if this microorganism is used anywhere it can find a way to improve the environment it lands in.

Segment 2

Brian dives deeper into how eating organically and living organically is better for the gut and better for the environment. He continues to talk about indiginous microorganisms are key in keeping soil healthy and at their peak. Brian shares that with certain changes to how individuals treat the environment there is possibility to change world hunger as growth would drastically change. Jonny talks about how nonpecdiside ingredients affect individuals and affect other environmental factors differently. He continues to explain that by sourcing ingredients that are grown organically it is saving the environment and it is also showing the potential of a minimalistic way of growth.

Segment 3

Brian talks about the different places in Hawaii that he has seen beautifully grown medicine. He explains the different potencies that he has seen after living in California and now living in Hawaii. The two talk about the connectivity between what the seeds plant root in and how that evolves the produce that comes from the plant. Jonny talks about the taboo behind cannabis and how his show was based on the grey area that growing cannabis falls under, he continues to share how the show has widened individuals view on the plant its different uses and purposes. Brian adds that with more knowledge shared on agriculture the world may become a changed place as consciousness on the topic is not widely spread.

Segment 4

The two talk about mindfulness and how individuals are aware of what the media produces, not of what is true. Jonny talks about how the media tries to create a murmur of news before the news can come out with information, as well as spreading rumors before they are confirmed true. Jonny hones in on how the media can be used differently to get information out as well as to break down the taboo that surrounds cannabis. Brian explains how the world can become more organic and can change in smaller ways that will make big differences in the long run. He takes the last few minutes of the show to share with the audience the process that they go through to create these products and what these products do, not only for the individual but for the environment that surrounds everyone.


00:02:59.850 --> 00:03:11.610 Jonathan Colavita: Hello everybody i'm Johnny tsunami, and this is planet taco low low and for those of you who don't know pukka lolo is hawaiian slang for crazy tobacco.

00:03:12.150 --> 00:03:24.480 Jonathan Colavita: Also, known as cannabis, but this show is about taking the crazy out of cannabis by interviewing industry professionals and removing the taboos by talking about what they do, on a day to day.

00:03:25.050 --> 00:03:41.010 Jonathan Colavita: in and out kind of basis today my man Brian bar delaney of operator nonprofit aloha organic all the way in my favorite state the aloha state Hawaii Brian what's up brother, how are you.

00:03:42.780 --> 00:03:44.100 Serve Others: It makes sure he has a Johnny.

00:03:44.610 --> 00:03:45.690 Serve Others: yeah yeah we'll.

00:03:45.720 --> 00:03:48.390 Serve Others: talk to them right yeah yeah let's get rolling.

00:03:49.260 --> 00:03:50.370 Jonathan Colavita: Ryan be.

00:03:52.710 --> 00:03:54.180 Jonathan Colavita: How do you say the last name anyway, though.

00:03:54.960 --> 00:03:56.130 Serve Others: You said it right actually.

00:03:56.550 --> 00:03:59.430 Serve Others: I guess in Jersey, you get some Italian practice yeah.

00:03:59.520 --> 00:04:01.350 Jonathan Colavita: yeah he's an Italian guy.

00:04:01.710 --> 00:04:03.120 Serve Others: I we can't do the York.

00:04:03.690 --> 00:04:04.380 Jonathan Colavita: you're from New York.

00:04:05.040 --> 00:04:10.410 Serve Others: I wore a tie, and family came through the Jewish you get us in New York before they settled in California, in the mid 1800s.

00:04:11.550 --> 00:04:24.600 Jonathan Colavita: So you came from the east, where I am Okay, and we made our way over to the West i've already everybody already knows, I have an A fascination a love for Hawaii i've already told you a little bit of why I love Hawaii why the show is called planet pocket low low.

00:04:24.780 --> 00:04:34.290 Jonathan Colavita: You cannot the land where the word, the term talk a low low originates from you know it's all about being on the leeward side, as they say.

00:04:35.010 --> 00:04:36.720 Serve Others: hi there you go yeah yeah.

00:04:40.050 --> 00:04:52.140 Jonathan Colavita: So we always like to get into like just current what's going on in the world of cannabis now what just just to give the audience a little bit of a background what you do so they can understand where you're coming from when we talk about.

00:04:53.910 --> 00:04:58.860 Serve Others: Alright, so so our operation is completely nonprofit where community service based.

00:04:59.580 --> 00:05:13.110 Serve Others: The main things that we do are I mean, ultimately, our goal our mission is have everybody grow their own food and medicine in sustainable soil, while regenerating right the earth and reversing global warming yeah this this can all happen in the same single moves.

00:05:14.190 --> 00:05:19.170 Serve Others: The way that we're supporting, that is, we take a natural farming stance to.

00:05:19.920 --> 00:05:24.630 Serve Others: To ultimately recreating soil health right if we think about the healthiest places in the world.

00:05:24.900 --> 00:05:29.520 Serve Others: Right, are they turning compost and making piles and taking temperatures, not at all right or they're making boccaccio tease.

00:05:29.850 --> 00:05:39.900 Serve Others: Maybe yeah the rain forest, which is the by far the most fertile places in the world they're dropping water they're dropping plant material they're letting you decompose letting both aerobic and anaerobic processes work.

00:05:40.320 --> 00:05:46.380 Serve Others: And the ratios are sorting themselves out so for us, we take a very similar approach to that, so we have a.

00:05:46.800 --> 00:06:02.580 Serve Others: line of about six liquids nutrients all made from locally harvested natural ingredients, you know from bones to banana hard vinegars that we make to color and hulu that we grow, which is color is Taro and hawaiian and who is bread fruit in hawaiian.

00:06:03.150 --> 00:06:17.310 Serve Others: Those are some of the major starches or canoe crops, which were the crops that were brought over and the voyage and canoes originally so we use those starches and these indigenous crops, we make fermented plant uses we make you know different textures that can deal with both.

00:06:18.510 --> 00:06:23.760 Serve Others: You know pesticide mitigation and pathogenic control, as well as just overall plant health and support.

00:06:24.420 --> 00:06:31.920 Serve Others: And in that sense we teach classes, we teach people how to make it we want them to make it themselves, the reality is, if we can create our soil, we do nothing else on this planet.

00:06:32.250 --> 00:06:42.180 Serve Others: But just create our soil is a living soil in this world, we can reverse global warming within our lifetimes and the same 30 it took us to do it, we can we can fight and get it back so.

00:06:42.750 --> 00:06:53.850 Serve Others: that's our goal that's what we're trying to get out to at the same time let's feed everybody there's no need for anyone to be hungry, this is just absurd there's enough food in the world, so that's it how people sort of Community both local and global.

00:06:54.810 --> 00:07:12.030 Jonathan Colavita: So let's give them a little perspective right, because now you're now you're really fighting with me, so my audience knows this, but there's to give you a little bit of background, I had a living organic regenerative no till no kill 40 acre farm tucked away in the northeast section of.

00:07:12.060 --> 00:07:13.350 Serve Others: yeah you you're already there.

00:07:13.710 --> 00:07:14.940 Serve Others: So tell us where it's at.

00:07:15.120 --> 00:07:20.280 Jonathan Colavita: We grew up We grew up in maine I grew up I made my own soil, it was made from all locally sourced.

00:07:20.340 --> 00:07:31.170 Jonathan Colavita: ingredients, so I called who you were pulling ingredients that were indigenous from your area right, so the indigenous from my area where oyster Shell see killed things that came.

00:07:31.230 --> 00:07:32.280 Serve Others: From fantastic.

00:07:32.460 --> 00:07:47.640 Jonathan Colavita: You know the coast of maine, but you are in Hawaii so the things that Hawaii the things that are indigenous to that area oh my God so beautiful so loving and so nurturing to ourselves, so what you're doing.

00:07:48.120 --> 00:08:05.010 Jonathan Colavita: Is you're taking organic matter that already exists that the earth is already putting it out and you're reusing it and giving it back to the plants and to the people that are raising those plants, so that they get the most amount of love and the best quality product in the return.

00:08:05.850 --> 00:08:10.800 Serve Others: I yes and also we're infusing with micro organisms that increase that process right.

00:08:11.040 --> 00:08:24.090 Serve Others: almost like enzymes do for protein synthesis in the body right we're increasing so micro organism density and diversity, so those natural processes aren't happening faster and stronger and larger than they would, if we were just throwing it on the on the dirt randomly.

00:08:24.510 --> 00:08:27.480 Jonathan Colavita: And people think of this and I always say this to them like we live in a world right.

00:08:28.170 --> 00:08:40.620 Jonathan Colavita: Where we see all we grow up we watched National Geographic we learned about all these animals that exists little do we know that the majority of organisms that exist on this world exists beneath our feet in that.

00:08:40.740 --> 00:08:41.100 Serve Others: Right.

00:08:41.310 --> 00:08:58.290 Jonathan Colavita: The soil that we refer to as the y so sphere and it's in all of that little tiny area that six inches that the majority of everything that goes on in this beautiful world around us occurs right below our feet and yet isn't that ironic about the way that we live in our world today.

00:08:59.100 --> 00:09:07.560 Serve Others: it's amazing do you want me to tell you how to use that six inches and make a VAT of essentially a micro organism solution that you guys can use that anybody can use anywhere from areas.

00:09:07.770 --> 00:09:09.300 Jonathan Colavita: This is what I want you to do this.

00:09:09.900 --> 00:09:10.770 Serve Others: Okay, tell me.

00:09:11.010 --> 00:09:28.260 Jonathan Colavita: we're gonna take this note down six inches and ladies don't be like that don't be nasty Okay, we know all right, first of all, the first two to three inches where the sensitivity really occurs Okay, but like my man Manolo Manolo golf don't be nasty okay.

00:09:29.400 --> 00:09:36.990 Jonathan Colavita: Yes, in those six inches there's other loves so now that my audience knows, Brian He is a man who comes from nonprofit.

00:09:37.350 --> 00:09:47.670 Jonathan Colavita: he's not here to take your world and say i'm going to make money from a woman's what i'm really going to say is is that there's already more than enough for us to exist in what is already there in front of us.

00:09:48.150 --> 00:09:57.840 Jonathan Colavita: He is a man who believes that global warming is something that can be reversed if done right he's a man who believes that the farm is the heart.

00:09:58.440 --> 00:10:11.610 Jonathan Colavita: And that there is other ways to be able to raise a plant, other than the traditional in organic nutrient world where the majority of cannabis is actually raised, unfortunately.

00:10:12.330 --> 00:10:16.020 Jonathan Colavita: And that there's so much going on beneath our feet.

00:10:16.680 --> 00:10:30.090 Jonathan Colavita: Before we go into that, though, because in the next you know, in the next section I really that's what i'm going to really start to get into the whole science where Brian tells us a little bit more maybe a lot more about why that sixth century so important.

00:10:32.640 --> 00:10:38.610 Jonathan Colavita: Because if that's all I got that's all you gotta go it, but it says a lot it's all you need it's.

00:10:39.240 --> 00:10:54.120 Jonathan Colavita: me and everything else it's just a little bit of a cherry on top, so now that you know that my man here, Brian comes from an organic background, who believes in making the world, be a holistic place that I truly has loving this heart, because I can just feel it already.

00:10:54.690 --> 00:10:57.000 Serve Others: Ah, thank you yeah we love everybody.

00:10:57.330 --> 00:11:01.800 Jonathan Colavita: Yes, and he's out there in Hawaii so right now what's the temperature over there in Hawaii.

00:11:03.360 --> 00:11:10.380 Serve Others: i'm gonna you're gonna complain about i'm pretty sure it's 7273 73 right i'm.

00:11:10.470 --> 00:11:14.220 Jonathan Colavita: Like I just finished playing around a golf 18 holes, I believe.

00:11:14.400 --> 00:11:14.850 Serve Others: yeah you.

00:11:15.390 --> 00:11:16.830 Jonathan Colavita: On my outfit i'm.

00:11:16.890 --> 00:11:19.680 Serve Others: So gorgeous best, it is a it's a club so.

00:11:19.890 --> 00:11:20.400 Jonathan Colavita: that'll grow.

00:11:20.700 --> 00:11:25.020 Serve Others: yeah and the blue goes nice against like the shaman peach action it's a good combo.

00:11:25.470 --> 00:11:31.140 Jonathan Colavita: All right, you know it's the holidays it's it's you know we're actually 72 degrees over here in New Jersey, which is great.

00:11:31.170 --> 00:11:34.590 Serve Others: Perfect I love it I love it that's why we got to see.

00:11:35.820 --> 00:11:51.060 Jonathan Colavita: talks about your global warming so let's talk about global warming, because that is what's currently affecting us right now that's, not just in cannabis that's across the board so for you somebody who feels passionate about global warming, what do you think we need to address.

00:11:52.380 --> 00:11:53.400 what's the biggest dilemma.

00:11:54.510 --> 00:12:01.800 Serve Others: I mean, I honestly think I mean I mean, aside from the dilemma is it's causing right which which which are just fucking two and number well to even exhaustive list, again.

00:12:02.220 --> 00:12:10.170 Serve Others: I think the first day to address and the easiest one to address, is why we attack it with aloha organic is literally swell health if everybody even just had.

00:12:10.680 --> 00:12:16.410 Serve Others: i'm going to tell you how to make this micro organism solution whenever it's time for it cost me like 25 cents a gallon to make us.

00:12:16.800 --> 00:12:23.400 Serve Others: If everyone just had to share their car everywhere, they went, wherever you walk the dog and a little square where you got your tree in between the cement.

00:12:23.670 --> 00:12:28.380 Serve Others: If you have a backyard anywhere, you have if you were to put this and you can put it in your toilets in your septic systems.

00:12:28.770 --> 00:12:35.940 Serve Others: It doesn't matter anywhere you put this Lactobacillus sets of these micro organisms sets they're going to get into the swell and increase will help.

00:12:36.180 --> 00:12:40.740 Serve Others: they're going to sequester carbon and they're going to reduce carbon emissions and we do nothing else.

00:12:41.310 --> 00:12:52.260 Serve Others: But make basically the super easy solution that's cheap to make for anyone in the world and just pour that into the dirt around our own little area, however, big your little square or circle or shape is.

00:12:52.920 --> 00:13:02.970 Serve Others: We can change everything we can do it in 30 years without a problem there's actually a movie called kiss the ground that woody made woody harrelson is over here on maui I actually live on maui our headquarters is on a wall.

00:13:04.260 --> 00:13:10.260 Serve Others: That he made is called kiss the ground it's on netflix it's free I encourage everybody to watch it i'm sure you're all about it's what you've already been saying.

00:13:10.500 --> 00:13:17.040 Serve Others: These know till micro organism rich solutions there's an institute called the rodale institute that i'm sure you've heard of I think it's out there.

00:13:17.370 --> 00:13:25.110 Serve Others: on the east coast, I guess, in Rhode island, I think I might be wrong might be New Jersey, but you know don't put on that piece, but they're very focused on that type of research and farming as well and.

00:13:27.210 --> 00:13:40.560 Serve Others: Ultimately, if there's anything we do it's the easiest it's the most accessible it's the cheapest and it's available right now and immediately to everybody so that's what I would say to get up to we don't have to change the way we drive our cars do anything else if you just do that.

00:13:41.040 --> 00:13:49.890 Jonathan Colavita: Well what's crazy is when you talk about cannabis right and how cannabis is raised you got your outdoor you got your indoor you got to know tell you that the greenhouse you got your life death you got.

00:13:50.250 --> 00:13:51.300 Jonathan Colavita: All the different very.

00:13:51.450 --> 00:13:54.840 Jonathan Colavita: that's how you can raise the medium, you can raise them within their particular.

00:13:55.560 --> 00:14:07.110 Jonathan Colavita: Those different settings and I had some and I like I said I haven't I haven't I had a living regenerative organic farm we sold it just for coven hit and we worked out pretty well but.

00:14:08.340 --> 00:14:16.770 Jonathan Colavita: But you know when I talk to people, and I said Now let me smoke some of this, the other day, my buddy came to me, and he gave me some living organic from out in Oregon.

00:14:18.090 --> 00:14:29.670 Jonathan Colavita: From skunk valley forge shout out skunk Valley, I was so pleasantly high that I had not you know it really made me realize that from everything that I was consuming prior you know.

00:14:30.330 --> 00:14:39.120 Jonathan Colavita: i'm getting most of the time i'm getting really high end indoor and this was just some really nice greenhouse know till regenerative organic.

00:14:39.840 --> 00:14:45.660 Jonathan Colavita: A gorilla glue with some amazing tips and I smoked in the crap I said.

00:14:46.320 --> 00:14:53.370 Jonathan Colavita: These guys are spending less money it's the same thing that I did, but I mean like I said i'm out of it now i'm a consultant, but you know, speaking of on the.

00:14:53.850 --> 00:15:12.060 Jonathan Colavita: Cultivation horse these guys are spending less money in the long term rolling it and the target profile that is coming out of these quality plants grown under those conditions it made me realize Johnny, this is why you grew like this in the first place.

00:15:12.630 --> 00:15:25.500 Jonathan Colavita: Currently it's it's it's light times away and you merely makes you start to wonder and say to yourself holy crap you know if you're the everyday consumer you guys like you and me, we know what we're getting into when we buy something.

00:15:26.310 --> 00:15:29.940 Serve Others: Sure, of course, of course, plenty of plenty of filters and adjustment time.

00:15:29.970 --> 00:15:36.000 Jonathan Colavita: yeah it's like i'm a nutrition person So when I pick up an item and I read the nutrition label, I know what i'm looking at.

00:15:36.090 --> 00:15:38.430 Serve Others: it's got to be 100% organic ingredients.

00:15:38.670 --> 00:15:39.060 Jonathan Colavita: The average.

00:15:39.360 --> 00:15:39.690 Serve Others: If you.

00:15:39.930 --> 00:15:43.890 Jonathan Colavita: know and the average cannabis consumer probably even knows less.

00:15:44.250 --> 00:15:45.150 Serve Others: So hands down.

00:15:45.930 --> 00:15:55.530 Jonathan Colavita: And, especially on the east coast so that's where we're going to come back after this break and my man Brian be is going to come out and he's going to school us and he's going to.

00:15:55.770 --> 00:15:57.270 Serve Others: Johnny you can.

00:15:57.360 --> 00:16:03.930 Jonathan Colavita: Now, and he's going to give you some knowledge, where you're going to be like I need to have my own compost pile in my backyard.

00:16:04.200 --> 00:16:13.290 Jonathan Colavita: And I need to have Brian be on my speed dial and perhaps because they're sure to show is for cannabis professionals if you're thinking about building out your facility.

00:16:13.650 --> 00:16:23.670 Jonathan Colavita: And you want to do something a little bit I don't know amazing than perhaps Brian V and his team are the people you want to reach out to because we know New Jersey popping off so.

00:16:23.760 --> 00:16:24.990 Jonathan Colavita: Nice Kathleen sounds.

00:16:24.990 --> 00:16:41.100 Jonathan Colavita: Good we'll take a break, when we come back Brian de out of aloha organic is going to school us on how aloha organic gets organic i'm Johnny tsunami, this is planet pato low low you're less taboo view let's take a break right back after these messages talk radio dot n y C.

00:18:53.850 --> 00:19:00.630 Jonathan Colavita: Sound of the ukulele folks and we're back i'm planet pocket low low with my man, all the way from the aloha state Brian Bay of aloha.

00:19:02.040 --> 00:19:12.900 Jonathan Colavita: And he's about to give us the low low on organic, so my man Brian be the stage is yours, give us a little bit of a breakdown of how those organics change the world.

00:19:14.250 --> 00:19:16.950 Serve Others: Alright, thanks Johnny yeah I appreciate the opportunity um.

00:19:18.210 --> 00:19:19.380 Serve Others: I mean, I think.

00:19:21.750 --> 00:19:28.140 Serve Others: We know that micro organisms ultimately are a key piece to both gut health and soil health right, we know that.

00:19:29.910 --> 00:19:38.010 Serve Others: they're going to produce the general building blocks of the the end pk or the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium that plants are going to use to build their structures and.

00:19:39.540 --> 00:19:44.970 Serve Others: Ultimately, we know that the higher the diversity and the higher the density of these micro organisms, the higher the.

00:19:45.360 --> 00:19:53.280 Serve Others: diversity into the density of types of food are going to be available to the plants and the more bio availability of the food, there will be for plants.

00:19:53.700 --> 00:20:04.620 Serve Others: Additionally, as a micro organisms go through biological processes they're going to be air rating the soil and and along with putting the fertilizers into the swell so.

00:20:05.400 --> 00:20:11.490 Serve Others: That is our basic kind of okay we'll sit with that point and assume that we all agree science supports that at the moment.

00:20:12.630 --> 00:20:17.100 Serve Others: Our next step is gonna be okay, what do we do to cultivate both the growth.

00:20:17.790 --> 00:20:27.150 Serve Others: density and diversity of indigenous micro organisms and it did just to whatever area right indigenous to New Jersey if we're out there, they didn't use the Hawaii around here right it's that's our scene.

00:20:27.810 --> 00:20:33.120 Serve Others: is staying local to wherever you are because that's what your plants in your area and your dirt is going to like the most.

00:20:34.410 --> 00:20:38.940 Serve Others: And so, our solutions and what we're trying to do is say okay what swell amendments can we create.

00:20:39.240 --> 00:20:46.230 Serve Others: that are going to give the soils the best chance to then become these indigenously whole soils right whole micro organisms set so.

00:20:46.530 --> 00:20:50.520 Serve Others: Eventually, you don't need to do anything, just like the rain forest, nobody is rolling through their.

00:20:51.030 --> 00:20:58.290 Serve Others: fall you're spraying these trees and they're fucking massive, this is the reason they're like that is because, ultimately, the bio availability and the constant.

00:20:58.590 --> 00:21:10.620 Serve Others: Delivery of it it's a system that's continuing to propagate itself and without the use of salt based chemicals and other biocides we're not killing the microorganisms set or depleting the food that it needs.

00:21:11.580 --> 00:21:21.780 Serve Others: yeah you all fucking there with it, I mean I wish the rest of the world was in this place because it's just staggering and you know cannabis can change the world if cannabis, does it if cannabis takes a hard stand on and hemp.

00:21:22.080 --> 00:21:38.730 Serve Others: Take a hard stance on no more sophos chemical is no more soil depletion we're going living soils cannabis and hemp themselves can impact, global warming in the world okay so backing up to our seen our solutions are just support micro organism density micro organism diversity.

00:21:39.870 --> 00:21:45.210 Serve Others: Our primary way that we do that, and then i'm going to tell you guys also how to make this on your on your site as well.

00:21:45.600 --> 00:21:53.220 Serve Others: One of the ways we do is, we have our product is called living, for obvious reasons that's our most dense living micro organisms solution essentially what we've done.

00:21:53.610 --> 00:22:01.080 Serve Others: Is we take a lactic acid bacteria starter, which is milk right we'll get some organic milk, if you have raw milk it's already it's even better.

00:22:02.250 --> 00:22:14.220 Serve Others: And we'll let that sit with the starch and let the lactic acid bacteria the Lactobacillus that's in that that source of culture and that milk and as well then, some of the bacterial and microorganism sets that are in the air structure culture.

00:22:15.330 --> 00:22:20.790 Serve Others: From there we feed that where our starch, which is call it blue so Taro and hulu.

00:22:22.530 --> 00:22:30.090 Serve Others: And that then gives us a dense Lactobacillus now they'd be Lactobacillus culture from there.

00:22:30.270 --> 00:22:30.960 An oculus.

00:22:32.190 --> 00:22:32.580 Serve Others: yeah.

00:22:33.600 --> 00:22:40.530 Serve Others: And inoculate yeah correct yeah absolutely and that's solution we dilute one to 1000 when we apply it.

00:22:41.520 --> 00:22:46.320 Serve Others: So that's how dense the micro organisms are and again that's why just to your point in terms of terms of money.

00:22:46.680 --> 00:22:54.000 Serve Others: When you break down actually price of our solutions, most of them are once five of the six or one to 1000 mixtures sinner ratios.

00:22:54.390 --> 00:23:06.180 Serve Others: which makes them like $1 or less per gallon of completed material like they're there in every way priced in the way that that how much farming should be, which is really cheap using natural you know renewable stable.

00:23:06.180 --> 00:23:07.020 Jonathan Colavita: Resources are all.

00:23:09.000 --> 00:23:15.270 Serve Others: Right that's right all you have all the time and they're dropping exactly what they need to replenish themselves from the fruits and leads that are dropping.

00:23:15.480 --> 00:23:27.420 Serve Others: You just need to make sure the microorganisms are there, a process them it's staggering I know it staggeringly frustrating sometimes how easy it is to change the world and feed everybody we just like, for whatever reason, he was not doing it yet, but we'll get there.

00:23:29.100 --> 00:23:32.730 Serve Others: yeah we are we're gonna do it all is now ready to ship, this is, this is the beginning of right here.

00:23:33.840 --> 00:23:38.580 Serve Others: So I mean I think that's it I could get into all the other products each product and stuff but you know for the lack of.

00:23:39.810 --> 00:23:44.550 Jonathan Colavita: What we might we might touch a few for but to give the audience a little bit of context.

00:23:44.940 --> 00:23:52.140 Jonathan Colavita: Okay, so in Hawaii the conditions of growing are very different than the conditions of growing in maine.

00:23:52.740 --> 00:24:02.940 Jonathan Colavita: So, especially outdoor right so in an outsourced setting we get in maine you get one shot it's a very powerful season, because everything goes down into that six inches.

00:24:03.840 --> 00:24:25.170 Jonathan Colavita: don't be nasty and then all of a sudden, the Spring comes late spring and bang, all of a sudden things turned green in less than three days So what do we find in maine we suffer from powdery mildew, but you can create inoculate folks from taking very few things rice.

00:24:26.430 --> 00:24:36.450 Jonathan Colavita: You pour the water into the rice you take the water that is strained from the rice and then you put goat's milk with the rice water.

00:24:37.350 --> 00:24:43.980 Jonathan Colavita: And you've created yourself a national document that you can use as a probiotic to fight the powdery mildew.

00:24:44.670 --> 00:25:04.530 Jonathan Colavita: This cost me nothing why because the goats milk was from the tyranny of the goat down the road and the water came from my well that I pumped by hand and the rice was from the cheapest store that had rice, there was literally you know and now all of a sudden i'm using organic.

00:25:05.640 --> 00:25:18.450 Jonathan Colavita: Non pesticide protective on my plant i'm staying with fair trade and and that's what I found to be this amazing thing when you're on the farm, you said you're on the farm people that grew up on farms.

00:25:19.530 --> 00:25:31.410 Jonathan Colavita: They there they think they can be successful at making businesses because you know you're on a farm you say Oh, why do you look so like, why do you do certain things the way you do you realize no reform.

00:25:32.250 --> 00:25:40.860 Jonathan Colavita: You don't want to overwork because you're already doing an abundance of work so there's no point in doing something twice Bill Gates said at the best.

00:25:41.340 --> 00:25:52.710 Jonathan Colavita: If you want to see something done efficiently hire a lazy man, a lazy man will get something done in the quickest amount of steps with a little less amount of work and that's efficiency.

00:25:53.340 --> 00:26:07.020 Jonathan Colavita: So we are not an efficient people we are the land of go to costco by 48 bottles of plastic water and then dump all those bottles and so on and so forth that's where we have our problem.

00:26:07.560 --> 00:26:18.210 Jonathan Colavita: So when people look at it, I think that's the taboo that's connected to organic it's like organic people are like you know you have to wash yourself with certain body so.

00:26:19.020 --> 00:26:24.570 Jonathan Colavita: And you're like kind of weird and this and that and it's like no Actually, I have a brain.

00:26:25.140 --> 00:26:35.970 Jonathan Colavita: And it works it's functional I might look a little wacky to you, but what i've come to realize is that, if I can use a minimalistic almost like farm like approach of using my everyday life.

00:26:36.930 --> 00:26:49.980 Jonathan Colavita: I could reduce my overhead expenses, I see as a even as a person on my day to day living but we're not used to that because we don't live on a farm we don't have to recycle the things that we use because we live in a throwaway society.

00:26:51.360 --> 00:26:56.370 Jonathan Colavita: we've been conditioned to be that, where you're saying with aloha organic is quite the opposite, I think.

00:26:57.780 --> 00:27:07.680 Serve Others: Absolutely, I mean and to your point also just just to kind of add to some of the research you've been you've been saying in terms of of what's creating the health my.

00:27:08.730 --> 00:27:21.570 Serve Others: My wife and I also and she runs it and she's wonderful at this run we run a functional medicine and psychology business as well, so we're really tight in a lot to to health, and I mean the the deal with or.

00:27:22.110 --> 00:27:33.210 Serve Others: it's the organic whole foods are what ultimately prepares the body to function, the best and deal with the rest of the toxins that are coming into us that we do not have control.

00:27:33.660 --> 00:27:47.880 Serve Others: Over, whether that be in the air, whether that being in other foods or in cleaning solutions or in you know perfumes or whatnot so so so so to your point as well, I mean it's it's it what you save in health and wellness.

00:27:49.530 --> 00:27:54.810 Serve Others: Mental wellness as well as physical wellness from eating whole ingredients is is astronomical.

00:27:55.980 --> 00:27:56.940 Serve Others: done that thing so.

00:27:58.110 --> 00:27:58.380 Serve Others: yeah.

00:27:59.280 --> 00:28:03.870 Jonathan Colavita: I I think anything is again and so How long have you been married.

00:28:05.250 --> 00:28:12.450 Serve Others: So let's see, so we have been 2014 we were married together before that we've been we've been together about 16 years beautiful beautiful.

00:28:12.840 --> 00:28:14.370 Jonathan Colavita: And you've been living in Hawaii.

00:28:15.180 --> 00:28:19.710 Serve Others: So yeah we had we've had you know it's the path yeah we met, we met in San Diego we were.

00:28:20.250 --> 00:28:34.200 Serve Others: I was has finished cards about to be into Grad school and she was doing some stuff down there, I was in the music industry for a while, obviously the music industry and cannabis tend to kind of be together a little bit, and you know, I was.

00:28:35.400 --> 00:28:42.150 Serve Others: In California, as you know, the cannabis industry began to go from a little bit more of a Gray area to a little bit more of.

00:28:42.450 --> 00:28:49.140 Serve Others: You know, we can bring in investments and and businesses and and really have it grow to the medicinal place that it really should be.

00:28:49.380 --> 00:28:58.650 Serve Others: I mean plant medicine is important in our world we're learning that hugely now whether with psilocybin and ketamine and and and ultimately cannabis research, and so I think that.

00:28:59.040 --> 00:29:13.110 Serve Others: Cannabis is the easiest way into starting to shift the world away from these chemical based approaches to things and a little bit more into you know ultimately just integrative plant medicine, along with you know Western Western known science institutions.

00:29:13.470 --> 00:29:19.530 Jonathan Colavita: Does your wife, but integrate cannabis into her health programs and things of that nature or what.

00:29:19.590 --> 00:29:28.620 Serve Others: At the moment, at the moment no so our as far as so her main focus on her doctorate in psychology which focuses in on that side.

00:29:28.950 --> 00:29:39.090 Serve Others: largely and then on the functional medicine side it's almost and again, you know I don't want to misspeak cuz I certainly am not a functional medicine practitioner certified Oh, she might be like over there, like oh my gosh but the.

00:29:40.590 --> 00:29:47.340 Serve Others: One what I understand and interpret from the functional medicine side is ultimately that we're really just reading reports, you know we're your blood.

00:29:47.550 --> 00:29:54.510 Serve Others: and your body, these are these are just detailed labs that are telling you where you are, this is not some kind of loose to interpretation scenario.

00:29:54.720 --> 00:30:04.800 Serve Others: there's how your body best functions and you're either in the range or you're not in the fucking range and then there are things that could bring in the range and you'll fire better if you're in the range and so I think that being said.

00:30:05.970 --> 00:30:11.040 Serve Others: that's what we focus on integrated cannabis is not an option over here, I think it is more in California.

00:30:12.000 --> 00:30:26.970 Serve Others: As far as that goes, but we, we take a very food based approach so back to you know whole ingredients and that's where all the organic as well right we support crop and food growers, as well as medicinal growers and pick a holistic approach to solving that.

00:30:28.890 --> 00:30:37.290 Jonathan Colavita: The the aloha organic okay so i'm trying to think what you know what part of the island is aloha organic located.

00:30:38.070 --> 00:30:53.130 Serve Others: Okay, so so we're on let's see, so we are our headquarters is in Colorado and we love we're happy to show people in place and we're always happy to show people how to how to use it, you know Kofi laws, of course, applying state laws were always very compliant with the law.

00:30:54.270 --> 00:30:58.080 Serve Others: Because we're all activists, so we all get paid attention to in that sense, I think.

00:30:59.520 --> 00:31:07.920 Serve Others: So it's in cali, which is the Windward side so overpass kaneohe hey if you ever go ahead towards the north shore and you go to the beach way you probably pass you know our place over there.

00:31:09.000 --> 00:31:16.170 Serve Others: And just passed quaaludes place called Connor and kahan obey is a extremely special place one of our partners.

00:31:17.730 --> 00:31:24.960 Serve Others: As it as a family history over there and ohana is the where the first voyagers the first boys, you can use ever landed.

00:31:25.470 --> 00:31:37.170 Serve Others: So the first call the first time that was ever planted is in kahala I mean that's just where the original mana or you know energy power right cheap that's where that that is and so all the call.

00:31:37.530 --> 00:31:40.380 Serve Others: That we feed our living our solution that we feed.

00:31:40.740 --> 00:31:51.180 Serve Others: comes from the actual place where the original waging canoes landed and we take all our movie which are the babies from there and that's where we grow our call on the different islands so.

00:31:51.450 --> 00:31:59.550 Serve Others: You can know that our stuff the mana and our stuff is the original mines from the original places of energy cultivation.

00:31:59.820 --> 00:32:10.920 Jonathan Colavita: There needs to be a whole other show that we go into talk about that, because people are enjoying that because they can feel the energy and what you're saying, but how that resonates deeper when you really get into how.

00:32:11.400 --> 00:32:21.090 Jonathan Colavita: How much that whole story is intertwined to each other that's where you know it really I could see that you guys got some some nice love coming into that and love.

00:32:21.420 --> 00:32:27.660 Jonathan Colavita: transmit into a beautiful return, whatever it is you're putting into cannabis or any other industry alike.

00:32:27.960 --> 00:32:39.750 Jonathan Colavita: So we'll take a little break when we come back we're going to come back with Brian be with aloha organics we're going to talk a little bit more about the personal side about as to why he thought, maybe I should bring this to the cannabis industry so yeah.

00:32:40.650 --> 00:32:50.100 Jonathan Colavita: we'll take a little break this is planet pocket low low i'm Johnny tsunami your hosts we're here to give you a less taboo view so we'll be right back talk radio dot n y C.

00:35:26.460 --> 00:35:39.510 Jonathan Colavita: That that last hit was really something special folks but you know what every once in a while you need to take a toke or you got to eat something or whatever it is that you got to use.

00:35:40.650 --> 00:35:45.540 Jonathan Colavita: I happen to believe it's cannabis and that's what we talked about on planting pocket romo cannabis.

00:35:45.990 --> 00:35:56.910 Jonathan Colavita: as a way of healing the world today, I have a great guest Bryan the with aloha organics all the way out from the aloha state with a name pocket low low originates from so.

00:35:57.450 --> 00:36:07.440 Jonathan Colavita: How else would I not be able to interview somebody who could be as amazing chillin on the islands experiencing it and doing amazing things Brian your back.

00:36:07.890 --> 00:36:18.360 Jonathan Colavita: Just make sure that you take your microphone off because it happens every time zoom has changed the laws so you actually have to unlock your microphone I don't know.

00:36:18.480 --> 00:36:19.800 Serve Others: we're jamming we're back.

00:36:19.830 --> 00:36:21.330 Jonathan Colavita: we're back it's a good thing, a bad thing.

00:36:22.440 --> 00:36:24.630 Jonathan Colavita: But Brian he's pulling up with that.

00:36:26.580 --> 00:36:38.130 Serve Others: yeah there there there pete pro day God is by far the best, I think the best rig is a puppy either, but they are the puff code they came up with a new one yeah they have the one that has like.

00:36:39.390 --> 00:36:41.310 Serve Others: A thermostat actually controlled chamber.

00:36:41.610 --> 00:36:42.060 Jonathan Colavita: yep yep.

00:36:42.930 --> 00:36:48.300 Serve Others: So you know if you if you got some nice eyebrows and stuff and it's definitely it's going to be your tasty a scene.

00:36:48.840 --> 00:36:50.550 Jonathan Colavita: I got some I had some.

00:36:51.960 --> 00:36:52.530 Jonathan Colavita: shoulder.

00:36:53.700 --> 00:36:56.370 Jonathan Colavita: Live sugar that I had the other day live shoulder.

00:36:56.460 --> 00:36:57.210 Serve Others: sounds beautiful.

00:36:57.570 --> 00:36:59.430 Jonathan Colavita: Oh, my God from name.

00:36:59.580 --> 00:37:06.600 Serve Others: i'll tell you to to your point I actually got some stuff so there's a beautiful place in a while most amazing places which you should generally.

00:37:07.200 --> 00:37:14.700 Serve Others: Go with someone who who brings you there but, but the the upper West Coast growth, some of the.

00:37:15.450 --> 00:37:21.840 Serve Others: Just most rooted medicine that there is and and some of it, you know you'll look at some of these outdoor things you'll just be like.

00:37:22.170 --> 00:37:27.840 Serve Others: You know because I came from cali to I just seen a lot of these like original things were just like oh like that's where I find my cousin.

00:37:28.110 --> 00:37:36.330 Serve Others: black, no, no, you know smoke test subject matter, you know kind of looks a little bit like like I just you know that kind of our midst like Arthur images like know and and i'm telling you it just.

00:37:36.930 --> 00:37:48.600 Serve Others: takes you down like the potency level the routine as the vibration that it creations, the whole scene it's just a it's just a different world because of its connectivity, you know it kind of shatters some of the old filter systems.

00:37:49.200 --> 00:38:02.970 Jonathan Colavita: I mean that's what it's all about I mean you know the you know, the report another reason why I chose the the name of the show it was it was titled after song by is Israel from you know.

00:38:03.600 --> 00:38:04.230 Serve Others: The burger.

00:38:04.440 --> 00:38:06.480 Jonathan Colavita: From there and it was called pocket Lola.

00:38:06.630 --> 00:38:08.160 Serve Others: You ever heard of that yeah yeah.

00:38:08.400 --> 00:38:17.850 Jonathan Colavita: Sure yeah the intro of that song is like just so great, and it really it's just like it resonates because when you think of like the island.

00:38:18.720 --> 00:38:28.770 Jonathan Colavita: Hawaii and all the islands and other islands in general, but just Hawaii specifically the way that it has evolved historically and culturally.

00:38:29.100 --> 00:38:34.500 Jonathan Colavita: Where it was like you have obviously like everyone else, the indigenous people that were the story connected to that.

00:38:35.310 --> 00:38:42.120 Jonathan Colavita: But then all of the other people that came in after you know, like the Japanese the Americans, all of these different people that came in and.

00:38:42.450 --> 00:38:52.170 Jonathan Colavita: In a sense, created their own little ecosystems within the island themselves so there's that whole story that the island holds that's a community and all the communities that have to intertwine.

00:38:52.650 --> 00:39:05.250 Jonathan Colavita: So now That being said, coming from cali right and I really what I like to get people to know is yes it's obviously important to understand that when you're getting into a business, and we look at aloha organics.

00:39:06.030 --> 00:39:12.750 Jonathan Colavita: That somebody can speak in depth, such as yourself about the business itself but it's also important to know where does the heart come from.

00:39:13.290 --> 00:39:23.280 Jonathan Colavita: From that person who is vested in that business and that's what I wanted to get into like you know where did you think that maybe this was something where you really wanted to shift into the cannabis space personally.

00:39:24.870 --> 00:39:27.120 Serve Others: So I mean I for me.

00:39:28.140 --> 00:39:28.980 Serve Others: It came from.

00:39:32.550 --> 00:39:40.230 Serve Others: It probably started I guess i'm just trying to think I suppose I started really early on, I mean my my my parents were really big on.

00:39:40.680 --> 00:39:47.880 Serve Others: Making sure to share surplus, you know we didn't always have it, and then, when we did have it, they were big on sharing it and it was just part of that.

00:39:48.570 --> 00:39:58.800 Serve Others: I think Community view you know both my parents are where you came from immigrant families from completely different places, so I have like a for just a really weird mix of all sorts of shit going on and growing up.

00:39:59.280 --> 00:40:03.930 Serve Others: And really interesting, I think it helped build in me ultimately compassion.

00:40:04.680 --> 00:40:09.120 Serve Others: You know, and like a loving kindness place that I tried to maintain as much as possible and, like, I think.

00:40:09.480 --> 00:40:18.060 Serve Others: You know, for lack of better like Facebook, like those kind of Buddhist encompassing kind of thoughts I think being service based and trying to help people so that started early on.

00:40:18.570 --> 00:40:21.960 Serve Others: And it kind of moved in Canada is a natural place to move, you know cannabis.

00:40:22.320 --> 00:40:28.380 Serve Others: Obviously, it can be abused and have negative things but there's so many people in well that has tons of positive services for.

00:40:28.620 --> 00:40:39.870 Serve Others: from cancer treatments to certain mental scenarios to anxieties to sleeping to pain, I mean it's staggering the list of ameliorating qualities that it has and so.

00:40:40.590 --> 00:40:50.370 Serve Others: That being said, I think I also I continue to use it everyday myself before medicine and any of this was a thing right when it was still an underground scenario and.

00:40:50.790 --> 00:41:00.990 Serve Others: I realized in its benefit for me in a number of scenarios and i've also dealt with Lucy some people's cancer and i've seen its benefit in those scenarios as well.

00:41:01.740 --> 00:41:05.790 Serve Others: As well as some other developmental disabilities that she needs benefits and so.

00:41:06.600 --> 00:41:19.440 Serve Others: For me, it became almost like a justice focused compassion based advocacy it's like I there's no way people should be in jail for a plant there's no way that this should be criminalized in the way that it is because because of its.

00:41:19.950 --> 00:41:27.810 Serve Others: connectivity to consciousness, openness and alternative medicine that doesn't eight itself the capitalist democracy and blah blah blah right so.

00:41:28.770 --> 00:41:32.820 Serve Others: That, I think it's what got me there it started from from more of obviously.

00:41:33.240 --> 00:41:38.730 Serve Others: A Gray area place then as it became more of a white label type scenario we realized okay Look, we can really get this to the masses.

00:41:38.940 --> 00:41:47.040 Serve Others: We can now research it right, I mean I come from a research background I ran a data company and did research for a long time, I mean that's ultimately that's what my wife and I bonded on I mean.

00:41:47.400 --> 00:41:58.200 Serve Others: Research based science is what can inform our future, and now that it's in a place where we can research it it kind of has all got me moving there and then I realized this medicine smoking every day on stuff it's full of toxins.

00:41:58.830 --> 00:42:08.010 Serve Others: A lot of these it's and it's not our fault like we didn't know you know, like we're we're all buying these products that look really pretty to us and we don't know right we don't you don't know what you don't know until someone teaches you.

00:42:08.460 --> 00:42:13.230 Serve Others: And so we learned that and so that I guess you know medium story long.

00:42:13.770 --> 00:42:18.810 Serve Others: that's I think the route to cannabis, is it the whole world is using it, I believe it's the entry to plant based medicines.

00:42:19.050 --> 00:42:25.110 Serve Others: I believe it's how we can start to shift the consciousness paradigm, to get people to actually be aware that plant based medicines.

00:42:25.620 --> 00:42:34.380 Serve Others: can have a better effect on the results that we're looking for and taken to consideration, you know regenerative environment sustainability right all of this.

00:42:35.490 --> 00:42:44.670 Serve Others: So i've had really ultimately to help people, and if we can help people grow it for cheap and easy that we can help people have businesses, we can help value added businesses coming back.

00:42:45.060 --> 00:42:54.540 Serve Others: And we can help you know it's really communities grow in agriculture, which is our overall goal is to create a more agriculture based, and you know community.

00:42:56.190 --> 00:42:57.810 consciousness paradigm.

00:42:59.610 --> 00:43:08.730 Serve Others: yeah that's to me, is something that really kind of sticks out because I was a public school teacher for 10 years nice beautiful yeah.

00:43:08.790 --> 00:43:16.800 Jonathan Colavita: And so consciousness is something that I kind of tried to instill upon my students, maybe not necessarily just the.

00:43:17.280 --> 00:43:27.960 Jonathan Colavita: The subject matter that I was teaching, which was obviously important to me because that's what I taught, but that having consciousness was almost more important because it allows you to accept.

00:43:28.950 --> 00:43:36.120 Jonathan Colavita: and absorb the information more readily you know so whether was math or English or science or anything.

00:43:36.480 --> 00:43:53.730 Jonathan Colavita: it's to be conscious and to be aware and it's kind of interesting We live in a society now where it's we teach people to be we teach mindfulness but at the same time, our mind is already full so I almost feel like we should be more empty than we should be full.

00:43:54.720 --> 00:43:55.140 Serve Others: With that.

00:43:55.560 --> 00:44:04.980 Jonathan Colavita: yeah and and I think consciously that's where we, as a whole, obviously with this last black swan event that's occurred with coven.

00:44:05.370 --> 00:44:15.750 Jonathan Colavita: People that become you know mentally overwhelmed many because of things that are out of their control, you know if something bad happens in your life, you can consciously.

00:44:16.440 --> 00:44:21.180 Jonathan Colavita: Immediately fix that little tiny thing that's occurring because it's within your grasp of reality.

00:44:21.600 --> 00:44:34.470 Jonathan Colavita: But a thing, like a pandemic is far beyond your grass, but you cannot change that this thing has occurred, you can obviously get yourself better or not get sick and live your life, the way that you want to live it accordingly to.

00:44:35.070 --> 00:44:45.690 Jonathan Colavita: fit whatever those parameters are, but at the same time you it's very hard to feel like you're in control when you start to see that all these other things.

00:44:46.320 --> 00:44:53.370 Jonathan Colavita: From one singular event can create this downward spiral of all other events which then inadvertently affect your well being.

00:44:53.820 --> 00:45:02.520 Jonathan Colavita: And now more than ever being conscious and being aware and being inside of one's thoughts and feeling comfortable inside of those thoughts is more valuable than ever.

00:45:03.870 --> 00:45:04.320 Serve Others: greed.

00:45:04.920 --> 00:45:06.000 And more about I agree.

00:45:07.350 --> 00:45:19.920 Jonathan Colavita: So while we might look at the person who may consume cannabis is that person who's trying to like maybe be more inside of their thoughts by being more reflective and actually taking the time to be reflective.

00:45:21.120 --> 00:45:27.750 Jonathan Colavita: It can help them in dealing with all of these other things that could be overwhelming like dealing with.

00:45:28.560 --> 00:45:38.820 Jonathan Colavita: eating, even if it was a loss, because people lost people in this, but I think that they also lost their freedom, in a sense for the you know, once you were told to be forced in lockdown to sit.

00:45:39.420 --> 00:45:52.920 Jonathan Colavita: In a specific location cannabis use probably went up in New Jersey, everything was shut down, but the dispensaries were open the liquor stores were open the food stores were open and the pharmacies we're open.

00:45:53.490 --> 00:46:03.690 Jonathan Colavita: So, you know as long as they're fed and they're drinking and they're smoking and they're taking their bills and then we can keep them in control.

00:46:05.010 --> 00:46:18.660 Jonathan Colavita: But some of those things can be very damaging as well, I think, cannabis is one of those things that allows us like you said to bring that conscious awareness inside of ourselves well allows us to kind of take a step back in a world that can be very overwhelming at any given moment.

00:46:20.760 --> 00:46:21.690 Jonathan Colavita: I don't know how you feel but.

00:46:22.620 --> 00:46:23.010 Serve Others: yeah it's.

00:46:23.970 --> 00:46:33.270 Serve Others: Up to you had no, I completely agree, I mean I think it's, given that it has some hallucinogenic properties, along with each other properties, you know it allows us to bring our.

00:46:33.630 --> 00:46:43.980 Serve Others: minds and our consciousness into focus spaces, that we may not otherwise be able to access with that immediacy it without using it, and I think when we learn to to.

00:46:45.090 --> 00:46:49.290 Serve Others: engage gate control and practice in those spaces, we can really learn to.

00:46:49.680 --> 00:47:01.530 Serve Others: increase that emptiness slash mindfulness or the mindfulness of the true emptiness existence of things right, however, we would like to frame it right, we can we can continue to to be at one, if you will, with that station so.

00:47:02.760 --> 00:47:12.240 Serve Others: I agree that it certainly has that application I think that's one that it has, for me, and you know I wouldn't be a multi per day times a day user if I if I didn't think so, you know.

00:47:12.690 --> 00:47:22.650 Jonathan Colavita: This is the beauty of why I love cannabis when we looked at traditional podcasts they're out there, especially the business oriented one it's all about the race to zero in the business world.

00:47:23.160 --> 00:47:27.990 Jonathan Colavita: But we were trying to find out with cannabis is that, where you're racing off to nowhere.

00:47:28.830 --> 00:47:34.200 Jonathan Colavita: Why don't you be right here and realizing that this is a place where you should be.

00:47:34.650 --> 00:47:42.900 Jonathan Colavita: So That being said, we'll take a little break when we come back with my man Brian be of aloha organics aloha organics we're going to really.

00:47:43.170 --> 00:48:00.570 Jonathan Colavita: just say hey listen, this is why you should have some kind of organic solution in your everyday whether it's cannabis or anything else for that situation so Ryan be we'll be right back i'm Johnny tsunami planet back a little little you're less taboo view talk radio n y C.

00:50:04.110 --> 00:50:05.670 Jonathan Colavita: folks let me do that one more time.

00:50:09.480 --> 00:50:13.020 Jonathan Colavita: that's not radio silence that's me sucking in on a pen hold on.

00:50:16.260 --> 00:50:18.240 Jonathan Colavita: This is live radio, but I don't give a shit.

00:50:19.920 --> 00:50:20.970 Jonathan Colavita: Ryan you're still on mute.

00:50:21.540 --> 00:50:28.470 Serve Others: yeah you I am I realized that hey what's the scene out there for for cannabis you guys medical your legal what's your what's your flow.

00:50:28.770 --> 00:50:31.170 Jonathan Colavita: We are recreational my man, we have come over.

00:50:31.200 --> 00:50:31.890 Serve Others: yeah you.

00:50:32.010 --> 00:50:34.860 Serve Others: Rebecca fuckin a credible.

00:50:35.100 --> 00:50:40.200 Jonathan Colavita: Low low low on the planet pato low low dispensary in a walking.

00:50:41.400 --> 00:50:42.120 Serve Others: fantastic.

00:50:42.540 --> 00:50:44.970 Serve Others: Well, the way it works, the Hawaii laws are very weird.

00:50:45.060 --> 00:50:45.870 Serve Others: And is.

00:50:46.620 --> 00:50:47.190 Jonathan Colavita: It shut down.

00:50:48.300 --> 00:50:48.570 Jonathan Colavita: Ah.

00:50:48.660 --> 00:50:57.780 Serve Others: yeah well fair enough yeah they're like interesting space it's an interesting space is a lot of moving pieces here they're not all rooted in law and structure.

00:50:58.290 --> 00:51:02.970 Jonathan Colavita: Well, that you know what that's a whole nother thing we and we've gone into this conversation.

00:51:03.480 --> 00:51:09.840 Jonathan Colavita: On the show with different guests of all the different industry because you know it's one of those things that hasn't solidified itself.

00:51:10.170 --> 00:51:15.660 Jonathan Colavita: The Federal Government has an approved that yet so the banks haven't come in i've had bankers on the show very, very.

00:51:15.930 --> 00:51:24.450 Jonathan Colavita: You know, sea level people that you know are really cool and really smart and amazing and they wear suits and ties and you know all this stuff.

00:51:25.320 --> 00:51:35.130 Jonathan Colavita: I mean I don't know it's The point is, is that they believe in it, so if they believe in it, then what are we waiting for it's all just a matter of.

00:51:37.140 --> 00:51:49.560 Jonathan Colavita: You know how it goes the story it's a story, I think, to tell the story when Finally, and this is the mindfulness now we're talking about it, having you on the show actually i'll have you back anytime, by the way, oh.

00:51:49.680 --> 00:51:51.300 Serve Others: Thanks man love it yeah the great.

00:51:51.630 --> 00:52:00.600 Jonathan Colavita: mindfulness and people being aware of the media and the story, and all of this stuff that's going on it's like listen.

00:52:00.930 --> 00:52:16.620 Jonathan Colavita: i'm sure eventually i'm going to read something in the news and say yeah pots, going to be federally illegal tomorrow when it when it when it like when that article comes out when they finally say you know the NASDAQ has agreed to Baba blah blah blah, you know all that stuff.

00:52:17.700 --> 00:52:30.300 Jonathan Colavita: All those people are connected to it and and that's totally fine because that's the whole point is to have an industry and business, I was actually looking at your business, I was looking at the organics and one of my very good friends Sam.

00:52:30.960 --> 00:52:35.130 Jonathan Colavita: Sammy who I grow this I grew this lovely cannabis with them.

00:52:35.820 --> 00:52:37.980 Serve Others: This was yeah that's fantastic it's beautiful.

00:52:38.070 --> 00:52:38.490 Jonathan Colavita: That was.

00:52:38.670 --> 00:52:40.980 Jonathan Colavita: Beautiful that was in living organic soil.

00:52:41.940 --> 00:52:42.960 Serve Others: awesome up in maine.

00:52:43.380 --> 00:52:44.490 Jonathan Colavita: up in maine and he's still.

00:52:44.490 --> 00:52:45.450 Serve Others: Growing beautiful.

00:52:45.750 --> 00:52:57.360 Jonathan Colavita: you're still growing today Sammy snips snips main snips co love them yeah but since we're talking about it, I do have some growers on the show, and I was looking at your list.

00:52:58.170 --> 00:53:08.550 Jonathan Colavita: Okay well you've got the abundance water soluble calcium and you've got the well why don't we go why don't we start there just give us a little break and then.

00:53:08.640 --> 00:53:10.380 Jonathan Colavita: yeah we'll take it.

00:53:10.440 --> 00:53:12.660 Serve Others: All right, so So the first one, then thanks Johnny yes.

00:53:14.070 --> 00:53:27.270 Serve Others: The first one is abundance we actually have two versions of it and they're so close we decided not to make them separate products, although we might at some point, but they are both a water soluble calcium, one is a water soluble calcium, one is a water soluble cow phosphate.

00:53:28.620 --> 00:53:32.580 Serve Others: that's a product that we actually do you think everybody would enjoy me saying how we make everything.

00:53:33.720 --> 00:53:39.630 Jonathan Colavita: Listen you've got six that i'm looking at, if you want to take a couple of minutes on each one go.

00:53:39.660 --> 00:53:41.160 Serve Others: I can do it fast faster to.

00:53:42.570 --> 00:53:45.000 Jonathan Colavita: Do it because I want to hear about it, and this is what this is.

00:53:45.000 --> 00:53:48.600 Serve Others: Okay that's what's up okay great well let's let's educate them um.

00:53:49.560 --> 00:53:59.340 Serve Others: So first off, let me just let everybody know if you miss anything that i'm saying or whatnot all of the white papers from the University of Hawaii are downloadable on our site at each product page at the store.

00:53:59.640 --> 00:54:09.000 Serve Others: So, for example, for abundance, you can just click on abundance at the bottom scroll to the bottom there's a button down there that says University of Hawaii White Paper just click that and you'll get a PDF download.

00:54:09.300 --> 00:54:21.480 Serve Others: It will tell you what i'm saying to you like, I said, we are fine for it, we would love to have no business because the whole world is making this stuff and putting it in the ground we win we all win it's just incredible, so I hope for that.

00:54:22.800 --> 00:54:25.920 Serve Others: And if you don't want to make it, you can of course buy it from our nonprofit.

00:54:26.550 --> 00:54:32.730 Serve Others: So abundance comes into play, because human a water soluble cow phosphate the cow phosphate is from bones.

00:54:33.090 --> 00:54:44.760 Serve Others: And the calcium, we make from eggs, so the bones just have that additional fast scenario what we generally do is so we we move the bone so that's the underground hawaiian oven, I mean our whole process is.

00:54:45.780 --> 00:54:56.640 Serve Others: we're we're very careful to not have an accidental capitalist overlay which still must exist in a world where the business has to make money from people buying things to continue to operate.

00:54:57.240 --> 00:55:07.620 Serve Others: But to not have that compromise, what would otherwise be appropriate indigenous and agriculturally sustainable practices, so we kept the bones in an email.

00:55:08.670 --> 00:55:15.840 Serve Others: ourselves, I mean not myself the other two partners on a wall who do I, my family they took it in the email, and we think the blackboard then we mix it with.

00:55:16.440 --> 00:55:26.010 Serve Others: vinegar and that vinegar has a reaction with the black bones breaks it down into a water soluble cow phosphate so you can do that yourself it's whatever we get it from cows.

00:55:26.700 --> 00:55:35.370 Serve Others: Here in maui or on on a wall, or we get dear bones from the brothers and molokai so and that's our that's our bone scenario.

00:55:37.020 --> 00:55:45.570 Serve Others: So our second product is a balance balances and I tell everybody straight up you know if you're on the coast, you can do this yourself balance is ocean water.

00:55:46.170 --> 00:55:56.910 Serve Others: We call it it's it's it's our traces are trace mineral solution ocean water has 150 some odd trace minerals around at forest some out of those are.

00:55:57.870 --> 00:56:13.620 Serve Others: used by plants for different portions of structured resiliency and most soils do not have all the levels of the trace minerals necessary so ocean water is a fantastic addition, one of the things it's best, for, if you do it right before you flush.

00:56:14.700 --> 00:56:22.260 Serve Others: In your last phases you give him a bunch of trace minerals, you get a shocking taste and Turkey profile increases.

00:56:22.860 --> 00:56:31.710 Serve Others: staggering so, for example, we've got some friends at my llama the roots there in California, I believe I think their grandma is that my llama the roots.

00:56:32.100 --> 00:56:43.380 Serve Others: And they have they've won several awards using our stuff before we branded it we used to just send them, you know 50 gallon drums and five gallon buckets of stuff we would just they would make it right, the the the partners would make it a 10.

00:56:43.920 --> 00:56:51.930 Serve Others: And they got up to one of their award winning cannabis samples had a 7% Turk concentration sick.

00:56:53.190 --> 00:57:00.480 Serve Others: yeah Saturday so and I believe that was probably largely due to the to the balance so yeah, then we have we have a grow.

00:57:01.470 --> 00:57:08.430 Serve Others: You know this goes feed so feed is probably our next one in alphabetical order there that one is probably what you'll be happy to buy from us, that is fish.

00:57:08.820 --> 00:57:19.680 Serve Others: Parts full heads full bodies right everything but unlike a lot of emotions, where they just put it through a grinder and emulsified we're actually using osmotic pressure, as well as.

00:57:20.460 --> 00:57:27.720 Serve Others: Sugar to create a slow amino acid release, so we let it sit for six months and giant vast by the Doc I see.

00:57:27.870 --> 00:57:29.850 Serve Others: Is it time for commercial let's.

00:57:30.360 --> 00:57:46.500 Jonathan Colavita: translate that for the audience, you know when you're cooking something and let's say I want to take a chicken I Barbecue it okay that's one thing now take that chicken or pork and put that in a slow cooker and watch the fibers of that shit go.

00:57:47.760 --> 00:57:49.110 Serve Others: You don't even read analogy.

00:57:49.770 --> 00:57:57.510 Jonathan Colavita: You don't this is they're talking about slow cooking some beautiful shit that's deep translate for well your keep going.

00:57:57.660 --> 00:58:03.060 Serve Others: yeah I mean I mean you'll see i'll go grab some of the next commercial break from from from the shadow side.

00:58:03.330 --> 00:58:15.090 Serve Others: it's I mean it's like it's just black liquid and and we didn't do anything to it, it was full bodies, and it is black liquid just that's it so it's bio availability to the plan is staggering.

00:58:15.720 --> 00:58:23.730 Serve Others: So that one that's our feed that what is basically your nitrogen it's about it's about a three three to 3.9% nitrogen and that's your you know that's your Green feed right.

00:58:25.020 --> 00:58:25.530 Serve Others: And then.

00:58:27.030 --> 00:58:32.430 Serve Others: what's, how do we have to prep, for I saw the commercial morning I don't know when our I don't know.

00:58:32.970 --> 00:58:38.160 Jonathan Colavita: Requirements for next time Okay, let me do this, let me do this right.

00:58:39.180 --> 00:58:40.650 Jonathan Colavita: Because you need to come back on the show.

00:58:41.460 --> 00:58:42.840 Serve Others: Okay yeah.

00:58:44.220 --> 00:58:55.320 Jonathan Colavita: You know what's going to happen is there's going to be you're going to be doing other stuff and you're going to tell me about more stuff I need to I need to because I love this stuff personally so now we're sucked in I can't even.

00:58:56.070 --> 00:58:57.390 Serve Others: let's do it let's teach everybody.

00:58:57.780 --> 00:59:04.770 Jonathan Colavita: What happened in an hour when like minded individuals get together dude and what's happened, it was crazy that we just hopped on and make amazing this happen.

00:59:05.130 --> 00:59:13.590 Jonathan Colavita: So let me give you this one for my audience he didn't even he's nowhere even near cutting the precipice of what's going on what this company is doing.

00:59:13.920 --> 00:59:29.430 Jonathan Colavita: We need to come back we're going to bring this guy back to here, I know we're going to have another episode with this guy because he has too much to bring and I love his vibe and if you're from the Ola aloha organic then you're on planet pocket whoa I don't care what you're saying.

00:59:29.460 --> 00:59:30.630 Serve Others: Thanks appreciate.

00:59:31.410 --> 00:59:45.540 Jonathan Colavita: I appreciate you so much, this has been so much fun I wish that we had more time dude i'm wish we did we went through it our my audience is probably eating this up right now, and now we're going to have to learn this.

00:59:46.740 --> 00:59:54.180 Jonathan Colavita: But i'm super excited and i'm actually super excited that we met, because now I or my my my wheels are spinning, and now I have to bring this to other people.

00:59:54.540 --> 00:59:55.650 Serve Others: call me anytime that's good.

00:59:56.040 --> 00:59:58.650 Jonathan Colavita: i'm in March, by the way, so.

00:59:59.160 --> 01:00:00.150 Serve Others: Great which island.

01:00:00.690 --> 01:00:02.490 Jonathan Colavita: i'm like dude.

01:00:02.670 --> 01:00:04.620 Serve Others: we're semi semi your itinerary oh yeah.

01:00:04.620 --> 01:00:06.450 Serve Others: i'm each other's me, I will show you.

01:00:06.960 --> 01:00:07.470 Jonathan Colavita: My boy.

01:00:08.640 --> 01:00:12.330 Jonathan Colavita: My boy regards to what I was telling you about he moved there he lives there now.

01:00:13.260 --> 01:00:15.480 Serve Others: Are you should do I do a live show from from the.

01:00:15.480 --> 01:00:15.750 farm.

01:00:18.000 --> 01:00:19.260 Serve Others: There you go that's what's up.

01:00:20.160 --> 01:00:42.180 Jonathan Colavita: Oh i'm saying bro listen i'm Johnny tsunami, this is playing a popular low low Brian be with a low how're Ghana came in from the aloha state dropped a bomb on some organic and some serious love my meds coming back to break the taboos, because that's what we do Ryan I love you aloha.

01:00:42.210 --> 01:00:42.840 Serve Others: You too buddy.

01:00:43.980 --> 01:00:46.830 Jonathan Colavita: i'll See you in March, because i'm coming in that's.

01:00:46.890 --> 01:00:47.520 Serve Others: I can't wait.

01:00:48.090 --> 01:00:49.530 Serve Others: Have a beautiful day Ross he said.

01:00:49.980 --> 01:00:52.320 Jonathan Colavita: i'm out talk radio dot nyc.

01:00:53.160 --> 01:00:54.060 Serve Others: Okay Hello.

01:00:54.570 --> 01:00:54.870 Hello.

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