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Thursday, October 7, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/10/07 - Using Edibles to Manage Pain

Facebook Live Video from 2021/10/07 - Using Edibles to Manage Pain


2021/10/07 - Using Edibles to Manage Pain

[New Episode] Using Edibles to Manage Pain

How do all great adventures start?  How do all great ideas begin?  Where do we go when we are in need of inspiration?  PASSION.  


Passion is what drives us regardless of the industry we serve.  Passion is what keeps us up on late night deadlines.  Passion is what pushes us to be the best version of ourselves.  Most of all, passion gives us purpose, and purpose is what we need in order to be happy.


By the way, for those of you who don't know, Pakalolo means "crazy tobacco" in Hawaiian. Here on our show, we are looking to put the crazy aside, and have some meaningful conversation around the science, stories, and opportunities that surround a big passion of ours, and many others out there:  THE CANNABIS INDUSTRY.

On today's episode of Planet Pakalolo we welcome Mark O’Donnel owner and founder of MSO’Donnel Consulting Agency.

Tune in for this crazy conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Jonny Tsunami starts the show by introducing his guest Mark O’Donnel owner and founder of MSO’Donnel Consulting Agency. Mark gives the listeners more insight to what his jobs really is and the goals he has doing this work. The two talk about the health benefits of the cannabis industry and how both have seen its positives. Jonny brings up licences and how Mark handels that and how he handles the products. Mark shares his own struggle being in the market in finding the right way to licence edible cannabis products.

Segment 2

Jonny and Mark talk about edible consumption and how they are both advocates for the product. Mark shares his personal experience with how he sees edible cannabis as a better form of medicine for him. He explains that too much of anything is not good and how with edibles it is all about finding the right dosage that will keep you in the game as well as help you feel less pain. The two dive into the taboos behind the edible cannabis and how bringing in the different dosages can help better fit the desired effect. Mark explains that he has had to test out different amounts to see which best helps him relax and feel less pain.

Segment 3

Mark and Jonny connection their views on cannabis and martial arts. They talk about their relationships with the plant and how it has grown as they got older. Mark talks about how cannabis and martial arts has helped him through a lot physically and mentally. He talks about how injuries from his past had gotten him into the pharmaceutical world, after realizing that he was being dosed on so many pain medications he decided to find an alternative. After experiencing cannabis and the correct dose he shares that his pain has reduced seventy percent from what it was. He explains his busy lifestyle and how pain and sleepless nights were adding to the stress, but cannabis was able to help.

Segment 4

The two talk about really getting into the cannabis industry truly entails. Mark shares his passions and goals for sharing cannabis by being an advocate and a consultant. Mark shares the hardships that will come with legalizing the licences and other paperwork. The two rending the audience that cannabis is a plant and can go bad that is why people have to evaluate if they should get into this business. Mark encourages people to reach out to him to see if they are on the right track to a successful business.


00:02:52.470 --> 00:02:59.400 Jonathan Colavita: Hello everybody i'm Johnny tsunami, and this is planet bako low low you're less taboo view and for those of you who don't know.

00:02:59.790 --> 00:03:04.830 Jonathan Colavita: taco low low is hawaiian slang for crazy tobacco, also known as cannabis.

00:03:05.190 --> 00:03:21.300 Jonathan Colavita: But this show is about taking the crazy out of cannabis by interviewing industry professionals we're diving deep into the cannabis space today, I have a special guest Marco Donald founder and owner of Ms oh Donald consulting agency mark I doing today brother.

00:03:21.720 --> 00:03:23.100 MSO: i'm doing great how you doing.

00:03:23.730 --> 00:03:24.960 Jonathan Colavita: i'm doing pretty good you know.

00:03:25.230 --> 00:03:37.170 Jonathan Colavita: We, we have a little chitchat before we got on we talked about how cannabis is changing and making the world a better place and you're very much involved with helping people you've got a management company now that's on 22 years.

00:03:37.470 --> 00:03:41.580 Jonathan Colavita: of consulting people on how to help their businesses get better right.

00:03:41.970 --> 00:03:43.380 MSO: that's true that's true.

00:03:43.920 --> 00:03:44.370 MSO: So.

00:03:44.880 --> 00:03:53.970 Jonathan Colavita: You know you started in your core industry which why don't we give the audience just a little sneak peek of what your core industry was before you shifted into the canvas market.

00:03:54.270 --> 00:04:07.410 MSO: Sure, I am I started out as an as an accountant and came out of college and my accounting degree and then got my background in accounting, so I understood numbers and then I went into my own business of management consulting startups.

00:04:08.550 --> 00:04:18.150 MSO: You know, small business consulting helping businesses to grow their business to start the business and then I really got into the consumer product space and started to really.

00:04:19.470 --> 00:04:30.480 MSO: enjoy doing that work bringing brands, to mark so that that's where i've i've evolved to from the basic you know startup helping people to get their business off the ground.

00:04:31.110 --> 00:04:39.210 Jonathan Colavita: Well, and we know that consumer products are huge when it comes to the cannabis industry because it's all revolved around consumerism and how.

00:04:39.840 --> 00:04:52.590 Jonathan Colavita: The people within the industry or the people that are users are going to consume the product so having somebody like you to be able to assist and help cannabis businesses understand how.

00:09:50.430 --> 00:09:55.410 Jonathan Colavita: Oh sorry Okay, I was muted I got booted off my own show I got muted.

00:09:56.910 --> 00:10:02.460 Jonathan Colavita: that's the first time that ever happened, so you know what is cannabis it's about wrong I.

00:10:03.180 --> 00:10:05.460 MSO: Think we're you know we're using too much cannabis in this show.

00:10:05.730 --> 00:10:07.320 Jonathan Colavita: I don't know it's the first time that.

00:10:09.000 --> 00:10:09.630 Jonathan Colavita: We got it.

00:10:09.720 --> 00:10:20.430 Jonathan Colavita: Where I apologize for that mark so let's let's get back to what you were saying so take take me back to where you were with consumer products and where that's important for the cannabis space.

00:10:20.520 --> 00:10:29.880 MSO: So you were saying about how you know that that's going to be the market, I mean people use the same kind of consumer products in cannabis and me, personally I i've taken.

00:10:30.540 --> 00:10:44.010 MSO: i've gone to the edible market, I really that's really where it helps me the most from from a pain perspective from a psychological perspective, I believe that you know you get your right dose and that those really can help you in many ways.

00:10:45.210 --> 00:10:52.320 MSO: Not not against smoking pot, by any means you know that's not what i'm saying, but, for me, you know i've been a user for 30 years as we talked about and.

00:10:52.650 --> 00:10:59.310 MSO: Over those years it's evolved for me into a cleaner way and and that edible has really helped me to.

00:10:59.580 --> 00:11:10.110 MSO: kind of get my number and a number of meaning that that milligram number that really works for me and gives me that that peace of mind that that helps me helps my pain helps my you know my struggles in life so.

00:11:10.440 --> 00:11:15.690 MSO: Cannabis has really come a long way and I see the consumer product space as just a really.

00:11:16.260 --> 00:11:19.590 MSO: Open Market you know I believe they're really going to start putting.

00:11:19.920 --> 00:11:27.330 MSO: Everything cannabis into everything and people are going to walk that right they're going to want healthier alternatives, you know the gummy is one thing, the chocolates another but.

00:11:27.600 --> 00:11:30.150 MSO: You know people have diabetes, people have high sugar levels.

00:11:30.510 --> 00:11:36.630 MSO: they're not looking for that kind of stuff they're looking for something that's healthy right and and cannabis is all about health and wellness Canada this.

00:11:36.930 --> 00:11:43.050 MSO: Is a plant that helps us all and and and you got to take that whole plant and use it, the way it was meant to be and.

00:11:43.500 --> 00:11:52.140 MSO: Whether it be smoking and you use it that way it's great, but I also feel that the edible side of it is really a great market people I really do i've done a lot of research in it.

00:11:52.950 --> 00:12:03.510 Jonathan Colavita: So report, and I want to get into the database market very, very deeply especially a little bit later into the show, but when we think about licensing.

00:12:04.290 --> 00:12:15.870 Jonathan Colavita: Especially for edibles because and we'll talk let's just talk about licensing a little bit currently what's going on within the state, because you you help people within the state specifically about.

00:12:15.930 --> 00:12:18.120 MSO: Other states yeah but, but primarily New Jersey now.

00:12:18.780 --> 00:12:19.800 Jonathan Colavita: there's more than enough.

00:12:19.800 --> 00:12:22.920 Jonathan Colavita: Rules to follow in New Jersey that to worry about for somebody to.

00:12:23.010 --> 00:12:24.510 MSO: You know exactly Jersey.

00:12:25.920 --> 00:12:37.950 Jonathan Colavita: And for licensing of edibles it's even almost more challenging in a way, because you're getting a manufacturing license which is more complicated than a.

00:12:38.550 --> 00:12:52.170 Jonathan Colavita: Retail license which is just the right to be able to distribute so you're not necessarily making the edibles but you if you have a retail license you're not making anything you're not growing anything you're just.

00:12:52.950 --> 00:13:00.450 Jonathan Colavita: Taking it from other locations, whether it's a cultivation or a manufacturing facility and then passing it on to the end user retail community.

00:13:00.930 --> 00:13:09.300 Jonathan Colavita: If you are trying to obviously make edibles and make that happen then that's a manufacturing license so that's a little bit more complicated right.

00:13:10.380 --> 00:13:17.610 MSO: that's true, I think, I think, where the disconnect is from the licensing process, I believe that you know.

00:13:18.120 --> 00:13:22.260 MSO: delving deep into speaking with lawyers speaking with people in the industry.

00:13:22.680 --> 00:13:29.280 MSO: It seems to me there's not a real fairness if you're an entrepreneur in the in this space, yet I feel like you have to.

00:13:29.520 --> 00:13:37.860 MSO: either have to find that manufacturer who's going to be able to get you that the cannabis number one right, and then you have to get someone who's going to package, it for you right, but again.

00:13:38.190 --> 00:13:46.800 MSO: To bring an edible to market in New Jersey if you've never had a product, how do you how do you do it without being considered illegal because up to this point.

00:13:47.100 --> 00:13:54.720 MSO: You weren't even really able to do any research on on getting that, because if you're doing it it's illegal right for me personally i've had my.

00:13:55.020 --> 00:14:01.440 MSO: Medical marijuana license in New Jersey for about five years so i've been able to do in my own kitchen no purchase it legally.

00:14:01.770 --> 00:14:09.120 MSO: And you know I asked all the questions, am I allowed to process this in my kitchen, to make it into something better, for me, and the answer was yes.

00:14:09.390 --> 00:14:20.730 MSO: You know, so I was able to do a lot of research on my own legally so that's where i've been able to find and refine the product and see what products really work well what oils extract really well.

00:14:21.000 --> 00:14:28.440 MSO: what's going to be a good product to bring to market So for me i've been doing that research but for someone an entrepreneur who wants to get into this industry.

00:14:29.010 --> 00:14:35.610 MSO: it's it's difficult to have an edible unless you're coming from a different state and you've had it formulated and you've had all those things done.

00:14:35.880 --> 00:14:43.110 MSO: You know you're a New Jersey person you're someone who makes the best cookies in the world and you're saying hey you know what i'd like to put this in you know into the cannabis market.

00:14:43.620 --> 00:14:52.320 MSO: Well, how right, how are you going to do that, because you can't legally do that right, so I think that that is an in Jersey also.

00:14:52.650 --> 00:14:58.860 MSO: they're really not, you know as someone who's been on the medical program they don't offer edibles in New Jersey.

00:14:59.250 --> 00:15:05.190 MSO: You know they have clearly has these little tablets That was the only thing that you were able to eat, other than that.

00:15:05.430 --> 00:15:10.620 MSO: You really didn't have options, you have to either you know smoke it or vaporize it or whatever they offer.

00:15:10.950 --> 00:15:21.660 MSO: And you know, for me, I didn't find that to be that convenient, so I had to go out on my own and do my own researching and find my number and how much did I really extract it, you know, it was a too strong and.

00:15:21.930 --> 00:15:31.050 MSO: You know, so I find that it's a huge market to be to be opened, and I think there's a lot of people that can do it, but it's a difficult barrier to entry.

00:15:31.920 --> 00:15:39.510 Jonathan Colavita: Well, so and then having your license medical medical license, that is to consume medical cannabis for five years.

00:15:40.080 --> 00:15:46.530 Jonathan Colavita: As a consultant That gives you a distinct advantage as well because you've been able to see the last five years.

00:15:46.770 --> 00:15:53.700 Jonathan Colavita: The quality of what's been able to come out of these facilities and i'm assuming you've probably visited more than one facility so.

00:15:54.090 --> 00:16:04.380 Jonathan Colavita: Having somebody with that kind of experience, I think is very important, especially when you're thinking about getting into the cannabis industry there are plenty people that i've talked to on the show that.

00:16:05.010 --> 00:16:15.240 Jonathan Colavita: Are business people, but may not necessarily be entrenched in cannabis itself and they're newer to it, where someone like you, has been had a very close connection to the plant itself.

00:16:15.630 --> 00:16:21.060 Jonathan Colavita: And for the last five years, as you said, has been really navigating through the medical space, which is huge.

00:16:21.300 --> 00:16:29.580 Jonathan Colavita: For people that want to enter the recreational space and they need that kind of assistance with someone like you, which is amazing, so you need that kind of support so.

00:16:30.060 --> 00:16:38.130 Jonathan Colavita: We cut a little early obviously because we lost a couple of minutes there when I flew the coop and my wi fi drop but that's Okay, we will be right back.

00:16:38.430 --> 00:16:45.390 Jonathan Colavita: With Marco Donald of Ms oh Donald and co which incident management consulting firm that works with cannabis businesses.

00:16:45.750 --> 00:16:54.510 Jonathan Colavita: And we're going to take a little break i'm Johnny tsunami, and this is planet taco low low you're less taboo view let's take a little break I talk radio dot nyc we'll be right back.

00:19:06.540 --> 00:19:18.660 Jonathan Colavita: hey everybody we're back i'm Johnny tsunami, and this is planet paga Lola you're less taboo view and today we're interviewing mark o'donnell of Ms o'donnell and co management consulting company mark, how you doing brother.

00:19:19.020 --> 00:19:21.120 MSO: i'm doing great job awesome, thank you for.

00:19:21.150 --> 00:19:22.590 Jonathan Colavita: Coming on the show welcome back.

00:19:22.950 --> 00:19:39.000 Jonathan Colavita: So we are now going to talk a little bit more about the business and your business, specifically, we have 22 years in management consulting in consumer products and which we had said is very important, with cannabis since there's so many different ways to consume cannabis.

00:19:39.330 --> 00:19:40.230 MSO: or one of the.

00:19:40.440 --> 00:19:41.100 biggest.

00:19:42.840 --> 00:19:50.910 Jonathan Colavita: Things that you are proponent of is edible consumption so let's talk a little bit about edible consumption, because i'm an advocate of that as well, so tell me.

00:19:51.900 --> 00:19:59.310 MSO: So over these several years Johnny I I had some issues with pain and you know the smoking.

00:19:59.880 --> 00:20:09.270 MSO: I can't can't really smoke as a professional you and I have spoken about the taboo of it, you know people smell it, you know that's just the way it is so I really delve into the the edible side of it and.

00:20:09.600 --> 00:20:11.370 MSO: I started to take it and realize that.

00:20:11.640 --> 00:20:21.900 MSO: it's different when you when you eat an edible It really is more of a medicine for you, and it really if you're doing it the right way, you know there's there's there's edibles out the editor 25 milligrams 50 milligrams and.

00:20:22.200 --> 00:20:24.480 MSO: People say to me, I really didn't enjoy it.

00:20:25.200 --> 00:20:30.660 MSO: You know too much of anything isn't good for you, just like vitamin C you can't take you know the body just want absorb it but.

00:20:30.870 --> 00:20:40.800 MSO: If you take that right number and and for me that right numbers between eight and 12 milligrams you know that really changes the way I feel it really helps my pain it doesn't take me out of the game.

00:20:41.700 --> 00:20:52.320 MSO: I think it would be beneficial for people to really look into that side of it, as opposed to you know to me that's 15 or 20 milligrams and saying i'm not i'm not into the edible side of it.

00:20:52.620 --> 00:20:57.870 MSO: Now if that's that's your game, and you like to do that and it works for you, that that's awesome to you know i'm not.

00:20:58.290 --> 00:21:07.920 MSO: Saying that's a bad thing, but I feel like when you when you really find your number when you really and I keep saying that number that number means milligrams right, and so, when you find your number.

00:21:08.220 --> 00:21:19.170 MSO: Your your turn around and i've had multiple people turn to me and see this, this is cannabis, this is unbelievable this really makes me feel great This makes me feel relaxed this, you know that whole high thing isn't isn't.

00:21:19.710 --> 00:21:28.080 MSO: That taboo of being high it's more of a wow you know I don't need my medicine medicine as much I don't use much painkillers you know I feel better so.

00:21:28.380 --> 00:21:37.800 MSO: You know, and we talked earlier about how you know the next day you're not all feeling like you know you took this medicine and it bothered your stomach and you feel sick from it.

00:21:38.070 --> 00:21:46.530 MSO: So So for me, you know doing all that research doing all that that time spending that time, taking the time to to do the.

00:21:47.070 --> 00:21:56.250 MSO: Work of different milligrams has really changed my view now listen i've always loved it so it's never it's just I love it more when I do it.

00:21:56.700 --> 00:22:08.220 MSO: And it works right, and when you when you don't have to take that medicine and I was on, and you can get off of that you could say i'm using cannabis it's natural it works it's a life change, it really is.

00:22:09.150 --> 00:22:15.960 Jonathan Colavita: And so, so two things, the first thing that I wrote down that back to what you just said, was the absorption rate which.

00:22:17.370 --> 00:22:30.120 Jonathan Colavita: for everybody is very different, and the other thing is the taboo of edibles themselves which traditionally you know let's say we go back 20 years and let's talk about the east coast, we all, because in the West.

00:22:30.120 --> 00:22:36.300 Jonathan Colavita: coast, things are far further advanced, so the options, like, for example, actually, although main.

00:22:36.900 --> 00:22:48.330 Jonathan Colavita: had their first medical program in 1996 and California was in 1999 California went recreational before main did main actually just went recreational last year.

00:22:48.660 --> 00:22:57.000 Jonathan Colavita: At comparable to California, which was over three years, four years ago and they've kind of rushed through the process, but what people.

00:22:57.810 --> 00:23:07.350 Jonathan Colavita: Have a taboo fear of when it comes to edibles is that it was made by so, and so, and you know you get a brownie.

00:23:08.130 --> 00:23:18.210 Jonathan Colavita: And you eat it traditionally brownies are kind of like the taboo that everybody knew how to make a brownie when they were doing it on their own, and you eat a brownie and maybe you're you know.

00:23:18.240 --> 00:23:27.570 Jonathan Colavita: A regular rumor it doesn't affect you now you're a newbie that comes in, and you eat in a brownie made by somebody who doesn't know what the dosages.

00:23:27.900 --> 00:23:39.030 Jonathan Colavita: Typically they're making it extremely strong or they have no real method when it comes to scientific manufacturing, so one batch you eat one and you're like.

00:23:40.020 --> 00:23:45.990 Jonathan Colavita: I don't feel anything, and then the next batch you eat something that's the size of a tic TAC and you think you got hit by an elephant.

00:23:46.290 --> 00:23:53.880 Jonathan Colavita: room oh that's something that is very taboo when it comes to edibles that scares people when they come in, because they.

00:23:53.880 --> 00:23:54.150 Jonathan Colavita: don't.

00:23:54.630 --> 00:23:59.880 Jonathan Colavita: know if I smoke, I feel it and then you know it's an instant effect where.

00:23:59.880 --> 00:24:04.080 MSO: You know, you know how much you want to smoke you take a couple hits you're feeling I completely agree.

00:24:04.620 --> 00:24:14.700 Jonathan Colavita: yeah to build trust that in you know 30 minutes or whatever it's going to hit in, but this is where you're talking about the whole idea of getting into the dosage.

00:24:15.210 --> 00:24:25.200 MSO: that's 100% Johnny I mean i've been there were i've taken that brownie or that cookie way back in the day and I was like Oh, this is a little too strong i'm not really into this, but.

00:24:25.650 --> 00:24:31.050 MSO: Having the pain and having that you know that that factor of you have to get better, you have to figure something out right.

00:24:31.290 --> 00:24:40.800 MSO: So you know my friends all joking they're like well you the guinea pig you know you've been this this guinea pig you've been trying it out oh my God somebody's got to do it right so i'm willing to do it at that's The one thing I can say.

00:24:41.580 --> 00:24:46.710 MSO: But, but I got my number, you know once I hit that 1012 you know 15 I said to myself.

00:24:47.580 --> 00:24:58.230 MSO: This is this is too strong, you know I want it to be able to function, I want to be able to relax I want it, and when I give people that that number of maybe eight or 10.

00:24:58.560 --> 00:25:04.050 MSO: that's when people are like wow this doesn't seem like that edible right and it's very similar to the gummy where.

00:25:04.470 --> 00:25:11.730 MSO: Since it's a gelatin and it doesn't it doesn't really mesh well with oil sometimes you'll get that you know one is.

00:25:12.090 --> 00:25:15.990 MSO: Like you just wow wow that was great and then the next really I didn't feel it so.

00:25:16.320 --> 00:25:23.010 MSO: it's it's hard to capture the consumer, because the consumer, sometimes feels like well I don't know if it's gonna work for me right, and in their head.

00:25:23.340 --> 00:25:34.830 MSO: You smoking a joint you know you're going to get high you know you're good right but it takes a little bit of time, you want to find your number, but when you do find that number it's a it's a life changer for people that that's really what i've noticed.

00:25:35.580 --> 00:25:37.860 Jonathan Colavita: So right now I guess.

00:25:39.030 --> 00:25:40.530 Jonathan Colavita: When when you're working with people.

00:25:41.730 --> 00:25:54.000 Jonathan Colavita: What do you typically personally for you, what do you find to be the most attractive or the most functional or them the best form to be able to work with when it comes to edibles.

00:25:54.480 --> 00:25:55.680 MSO: So i've created.

00:25:56.730 --> 00:26:00.930 MSO: i've created a granola because I believe coconut oil is a great product, I believe.

00:26:01.260 --> 00:26:10.260 MSO: i'm more more like you with the health and wellness I don't want junk I don't want candy I don't want all these things I want chocolate I love chocolate in small doses, you know.

00:26:10.500 --> 00:26:16.560 MSO: But I want something that's going to be healthy, so what i've done is i've made capsules so that they're basically a little pill.

00:26:16.860 --> 00:26:20.460 MSO: i've gotten it down to I have four milligram and eight milligram.

00:26:20.790 --> 00:26:24.990 MSO: The four milligram is if i'm in a lot of pain during the day and I just want something to take the edge off.

00:26:25.230 --> 00:26:35.370 MSO: I noticed that it doesn't really affect my head much it's more helps the body relax and then at nighttime i'll move to the double that goes i'll go to an eight and I feel.

00:26:35.670 --> 00:26:39.720 MSO: I feel like it works tremendous I mean you know it helps me sleep helps me relax.

00:26:40.050 --> 00:26:49.560 MSO: i'm not out of the game not you know totally you know and Johnny let's be honest there's days, where you want to be out of the gate want to want to do you know yeah I 10 or 12.

00:26:50.130 --> 00:27:04.800 MSO: But from my research, you know, we have an endocannabinoid system right we have that system in our body right, so what binds to those receptors is cannabis, which makes sense right, so we have to use cannabis, but just like anything else, as I said earlier, if it's vitamin.

00:27:05.460 --> 00:27:13.350 MSO: c vitamin D, you know if you take too much of that you might get an upset stomach you can get toxicity you so It stands to reason.

00:27:13.590 --> 00:27:23.430 MSO: That if you're using cannabis as a medicine and you use too much of it you're going to get the ill effects of it and and you're going to say I didn't really like that, because it was too much, but when you hit that right.

00:27:23.820 --> 00:27:31.620 MSO: edible and you're like wow this is this really makes me feel good it's really helps me that's when I feel like it's it's really good for people So for me.

00:27:31.950 --> 00:27:38.160 MSO: i'm like that for eight number, you know, on a night where maybe I want to do a little bit of fun i'll do a 12 milligram.

00:27:38.550 --> 00:27:48.690 MSO: But anything over That to me is like you're gonna you're gonna feel tired you're gonna you're gonna maybe knockout meet me personally, no other people 12 might not have an effect right but, for me, I.

00:27:49.110 --> 00:27:56.430 MSO: Doing this for years and, like, I said that number works, because i'm not i'm not a rookie right so it's not like a first timer so I know.

00:27:56.730 --> 00:28:03.240 MSO: That I can take more, but I know where it's going to take, and I don't I don't want to go there right, and I think that you're right about that taboo, where people.

00:28:03.450 --> 00:28:09.210 MSO: Have that brownie and maybe it's a 20 milligram or 25 milligram and they're like I took it I fell asleep, and I was done.

00:28:09.630 --> 00:28:13.320 MSO: Well that's not fun for anybody right nobody enjoys that that's not a medicine.

00:28:13.590 --> 00:28:24.150 MSO: So when you when you bring that dosage down and you say wow, this is a really good dosage and people ride it out and they're like wow I could use this on a regular basis, I don't need alcohol let's say I don't need.

00:28:24.810 --> 00:28:31.410 MSO: painkillers I don't necessarily need my xanax you know this, this kind of replaces it in a natural form hmm.

00:28:31.830 --> 00:28:38.820 Jonathan Colavita: yeah and I, and I think when it comes pills, which is funny because you know, obviously that's pharmaceutical when you.

00:28:39.330 --> 00:28:49.590 Jonathan Colavita: Know right but agriculture we become comfortable with accepting pills as a means to medicate because we trust that, when we take it, there is a specific dosage.

00:28:49.920 --> 00:28:57.150 Jonathan Colavita: That comes with taking that so as a means of being able to manage one's self with pain, or any other kind of.

00:28:57.630 --> 00:29:06.690 Jonathan Colavita: debilitating illness, where you would be using cannabis as a means to assist in aiding from that illness or their pain, whether it's mental or physical.

00:29:07.050 --> 00:29:15.210 Jonathan Colavita: Putting it in a forum where the dosage is extremely accurate will allow people to feel more comfortable when they come into.

00:29:15.630 --> 00:29:21.990 Jonathan Colavita: Using something like cannabis, for the first time, because the trust factor is there, I have to trust you.

00:29:22.380 --> 00:29:26.850 Jonathan Colavita: You know and that's The thing that I think it would have created the taboos in the past.

00:29:27.210 --> 00:29:41.340 Jonathan Colavita: Is that you know you got it from somebody word of mouth they pass it off to you and you didn't know what the connection between who made it and who you are as an individual is very disconnected because it was black market and it wasn't really.

00:29:41.940 --> 00:29:52.500 Jonathan Colavita: Nobody was making it for the sense of like i'm gonna you know do this to be the next entrepreneur of making the next best edible they were doing it because they were like good at baking brownies.

00:29:52.740 --> 00:29:55.380 Jonathan Colavita: exactly that still doesn't.

00:29:56.490 --> 00:30:08.250 Jonathan Colavita: fill in that void that we need when it comes to dealing with taking edibles which probably is the healthiest way of being able to consume cannabis, as opposed to.

00:30:08.610 --> 00:30:15.030 Jonathan Colavita: Smoking it and for especially people that already are in a state of illness consuming it.

00:30:15.750 --> 00:30:27.720 Jonathan Colavita: Through smoke bubbles probably isn't beneficial for people, especially that are older, that suffer from high blood pressure and things of that nature, so you can circumnavigate around.

00:30:28.380 --> 00:30:39.330 Jonathan Colavita: consuming it through traditional smoking method and be able to dose and have the same effect that maybe somebody who smokes does, but without having the side effects of smoking it.

00:30:40.350 --> 00:30:47.760 Jonathan Colavita: Literally that you can actually really help people and that's and that's something that's really amazing and I, and I.

00:30:48.120 --> 00:30:54.060 Jonathan Colavita: commend you on doing that and I think that, being able to be immersed in it the way that you are.

00:30:54.480 --> 00:31:01.800 Jonathan Colavita: Because you believe so much in what you're doing, and you see that the path to the future of how this plant will actually help people.

00:31:02.190 --> 00:31:08.070 Jonathan Colavita: Is through not just maybe the edibles but the edible is one of the best ways of being able to consume it.

00:31:08.460 --> 00:31:17.040 Jonathan Colavita: and to be able to share that knowledge with people within the industry and that's where I try to show people within the show is that.

00:31:17.490 --> 00:31:26.760 Jonathan Colavita: It starts with a passion you've had 22 years of management in the industry now, not all of those 22 years may have necessarily been in cannabis.

00:31:27.000 --> 00:31:41.640 Jonathan Colavita: But that doesn't really necessarily matter, because when you're trying to help somebody a business understand how to market to that consumer and how they feel about a product 22 years of experience is 22 years of experience.

00:31:42.180 --> 00:31:54.930 Jonathan Colavita: As event and when you're when you're talking about consumerism and who we are, as people, we will consume and our behaviors are the same across the board across regardless of what the product is so.

00:31:55.620 --> 00:32:04.830 Jonathan Colavita: That being said, we'll take a little break awesome little segment right there talking about that when we come back we'll talk with Marco Donald founder and owner of Ms oh Donald management.

00:32:05.070 --> 00:32:19.320 Jonathan Colavita: Consulting services a little bit mouth personally lighting fall in love with the plan which i'm very excited to talk about so i'm Johnny tsunami, this is planet pocket low low you're less taboo view and we'll take a little break on talk radio dot n y C.

00:34:55.170 --> 00:35:10.650 Jonathan Colavita: hey everybody we're back i'm Johnny tsunami, and this is planting taco low low you're less taboo view so if you're just tuning in now we're talking to Marco Donald founder and owner of Ms o'donnell and co consulting services mark welcome back to planet taco lolo.

00:35:11.100 --> 00:35:11.790 MSO: Thank you Johnny.

00:35:12.570 --> 00:35:13.380 MSO: So did you know.

00:35:13.440 --> 00:35:14.850 Jonathan Colavita: My pocket low low man crazy.

00:35:15.900 --> 00:35:16.770 Jonathan Colavita: crazy tobacco.

00:35:17.370 --> 00:35:19.650 MSO: I didn't until I looked it up yeah.

00:35:19.680 --> 00:35:25.920 Jonathan Colavita: So it's you know, obviously in Hawaii they they have great cannabis.

00:35:27.120 --> 00:35:31.590 Jonathan Colavita: they're they're not quite at the level that kelly's at ironically enough.

00:35:32.100 --> 00:35:41.340 Jonathan Colavita: But I love their vibe I love the whole fact that it's like it's a plant where it's immersed itself in the culture of the island itself and they're very accepting of it.

00:35:41.760 --> 00:35:47.490 Jonathan Colavita: And that's what the show is about is about accepting how this plant can really make a difference in our lives.

00:35:47.940 --> 00:35:55.320 Jonathan Colavita: And so, for you, you have been able to say that almost after 30 years cannabis, has made a huge difference in your life.

00:35:55.890 --> 00:36:13.800 Jonathan Colavita: And when we talked to for, and this is really exciting, for me, because i'm a martial arts advocate as well, that you are practicing a lot of Kung fu wing chun actually Bruce lee's way, those of you in the way of the intersecting fist.

00:36:14.250 --> 00:36:16.350 MSO: Right yeah got it.

00:36:16.650 --> 00:36:21.840 Jonathan Colavita: yeah be the water, the name like tsunami, I mean I love water so.

00:36:22.710 --> 00:36:24.480 MSO: i'm like water fill the gaps right.

00:36:24.840 --> 00:36:30.360 Jonathan Colavita: that's it fill the gaps and that's what you do with your consulting firm, because a lot of these businesses.

00:36:30.810 --> 00:36:41.880 Jonathan Colavita: They might have the drive to want to bring something to market but they don't necessarily know how to and that's where you come in to fill the gaps, but you have a very good relationship with the plan itself.

00:36:41.880 --> 00:36:42.150 MSO: So.

00:36:42.240 --> 00:36:48.720 Jonathan Colavita: let's get a little bit more personal and talk about how, when you were I like the story with the wrist.

00:36:49.110 --> 00:36:49.380 MSO: I want.

00:36:49.620 --> 00:36:53.760 Jonathan Colavita: That story again because that one was really good so give me that one a little bit.

00:36:53.910 --> 00:36:57.870 MSO: Alright, so, so I was a hockey player growing up.

00:36:58.740 --> 00:37:08.400 MSO: family had a landscape construction business and we did you know that on the side always do that well that was in college and you know snow plowing and whatnot so I had my my share of pain and.

00:37:08.910 --> 00:37:16.950 MSO: As you said at 29 I said, you know I think I want to, I want to take martial arts, a good friend of mine said, well, you have to take gq window and said done.

00:37:17.640 --> 00:37:28.110 MSO: So I got into this journey of G condo and I did it for about four years and during those four years I got the I got you know it was dark, but it was really spiritual mind body connection.

00:37:29.040 --> 00:37:37.950 MSO: really love Johnny I really I mean it taught me more than just martial arts and taught you teach she teaches you a lot in the head, you know, in the headspace it kind of gives you a little bit of.

00:37:38.580 --> 00:37:43.920 MSO: reality of life right, you know, and so I was doing it, and I was really enjoying it and.

00:37:44.430 --> 00:37:56.040 MSO: throughout the period I had this nagging wrist injury and I just I just ignored it because I was enjoying it so much, and we do I our hands in Chicago we work out with the wind Chung dummy, as you said, and it would in and.

00:37:56.370 --> 00:38:05.880 MSO: So i'm going along and then I get a separate injury, where I have a fall prey to rips so i'm like all right, I gotta stop you know, for some time.

00:38:06.570 --> 00:38:19.020 MSO: I can keep doing my iron hands through that that process because i'm like I don't want to lose right, so I say you know this just isn't enough now that I should probably go to the doctor, so I go to the doctor and the doctors will give an x Ray and.

00:38:20.160 --> 00:38:27.360 MSO: He looks at my X Ray he says one more you know your wrist is broken i'm like I didn't know that Doc he said, well, you need surgery right away.

00:38:27.780 --> 00:38:34.620 MSO: i'm like okay he's like the bone you broke if if it's broken it could die, and you can get a lot of pain, I said okay.

00:38:35.310 --> 00:38:42.870 MSO: When I got my surgery I wake up surgeons air he said yeah we're gonna we're gonna put a cast on it, so what I just had surgery anything I needed to cast is a.

00:38:43.200 --> 00:38:51.420 MSO: Mark your wrist is broken between five and seven years and the damage that you did was tremendous and we're not sure what what the outcomes gonna be.

00:38:51.990 --> 00:38:56.760 MSO: And they said oh okay so Johnny that that took a.

00:38:57.480 --> 00:39:08.220 MSO: lot of pain, I was a lot of pain for a long time, and it led to you know nerve pain and into my neck because of the nerve going up my arm and then I went to.

00:39:08.520 --> 00:39:16.350 MSO: Get epidurals because of the neck pain and then I was you know, so I was fully entrenched in that in that pharmaceutical world and.

00:39:16.980 --> 00:39:28.560 MSO: I didn't like it so when we talk about the pills, and the capsules that i'm making I look at it more as a nutraceutical right as it as a vitamin right and that's that's what i'm trying to portray is because.

00:39:28.980 --> 00:39:35.250 MSO: i'm really not against medicine, because I understand people need medicine i'm not going to say hey you shouldn't take medicine.

00:39:35.670 --> 00:39:37.800 MSO: But I think it's definitely over prescribed.

00:39:38.190 --> 00:39:45.780 MSO: And I started to really go on this journey and that's when the edible started to that's when I really started to get into the edibles and start to do the research.

00:39:46.050 --> 00:39:56.340 MSO: I went to a doctor of integrative medicine, he helped me to change my diet and in a much cleaner diet that meant the absorption of the cannabis was was better.

00:39:56.940 --> 00:40:05.220 MSO: I was able to get off those medications I was able to stop those epidurals and my pain has decreased probably 70%.

00:40:05.580 --> 00:40:13.440 MSO: And the only thing that's been consistent besides trying to eat really well which that's not easy, but the one thing that's been consistent is my cannabis and.

00:40:13.920 --> 00:40:21.600 MSO: I look back, and I say this stuff really works, I know as we've talked about being someone who's used it for 30 years I was looked at as.

00:40:21.930 --> 00:40:26.370 MSO: Well, you can't use that stuff it's against the law it's no good it's not good for you to people saying.

00:40:26.700 --> 00:40:39.240 MSO: What is that stuff How does that work, how come it works so well well it's a natural plant and it grows naturally there's no processing there's no, you know no additives, I mean you use it as it is and it's amazing right So for me.

00:40:39.600 --> 00:40:42.960 MSO: that's what really changed my life and that pain that struggle.

00:40:43.320 --> 00:40:52.350 MSO: took a lot out of me, you know when you're running a business you're in pain, you know it's frustrating you're always going you're always moving not getting a lot of sleep, which are working, all the time.

00:40:52.620 --> 00:40:58.770 MSO: And that pain just weighs on right so to be able to say, this is something i've been using for so long.

00:40:59.190 --> 00:41:09.210 MSO: everybody's been telling me I shouldn't be using it, but it's, the only thing that works, so why is it, why is it this way, why does it have to be this way the taboo you're saying it's been a taboo and.

00:41:09.450 --> 00:41:21.210 MSO: Well you're just smoking pot, because you want to use it now, to be honest with you, I use it, because it works really well for me it's helped me to get off these medications and at 46 years old, I take nothing.

00:41:21.600 --> 00:41:27.480 MSO: I run three times a week I exercise, I have three two little girls know that I run after.

00:41:27.990 --> 00:41:36.810 MSO: Constantly I mean it's it's it's it's an amazing plant that has really helped and I think that if people would embrace it the way they should.

00:41:37.080 --> 00:41:48.480 MSO: and understand it a little bit more, I think you get people off that pharmaceutical train, I think you get people off those shots in their back and and I think they would be a little bit happier and because those those pharmaceuticals.

00:41:48.780 --> 00:41:55.530 MSO: You don't you don't realize what they're doing to your mind you know you think it's helping that pain and you feel good when you're on it.

00:41:56.190 --> 00:42:02.460 MSO: After it wears off, you know your mind is worked it really takes a toll on So for me.

00:42:02.850 --> 00:42:12.540 MSO: it's changed the way I do everything and and i'm all natural everything you know I just I just believe in plant medicine, I believe that it just heals I believe that.

00:42:12.750 --> 00:42:19.680 MSO: Your body will heal itself if given the right nutrition given given cannabis, I believe that that's why the edible for me is.

00:42:20.220 --> 00:42:34.050 MSO: I think why i've enjoyed it so much is because I actually feel like i'm healing my body, while i'm eating, because the body heals from the inside out right you put something a bandaid on that that's a bandaid it is what it is, but when your body's in pain.

00:42:34.380 --> 00:42:44.880 MSO: you're not going to heal from the outside, in you're going to have to take something you're gonna have to heal from the inside out and with that endocannabinoid system tied to our nerve pathways tied to different areas of our body.

00:42:45.270 --> 00:42:53.700 MSO: You you you actually heal it's not a bandaid it's actually you get better and better and better and you're just amazed, but i'm just amazed by it right so.

00:42:54.150 --> 00:43:07.230 MSO: That to me is the personal story yes i've been in pain and don't get me wrong, I still have my day is where I have my pain, but Johnny i'm going to use a number 70% better than, then I was, and I was, I was in a in a bad place, I really was.

00:43:08.430 --> 00:43:10.230 Jonathan Colavita: yeah when it comes to.

00:43:11.520 --> 00:43:21.000 Jonathan Colavita: Like I may have just had a recent study that came out about this that pharmaceutical grade drugs have been directly connected to dementia.

00:43:22.080 --> 00:43:41.580 Jonathan Colavita: And i'm sure didn't get connected to many other different diseases there's a reason why, and I say this, and I sound like a broken record but there's only two countries in the entire world that allow televised pharmaceutical ads one is the United States and the other is the Netherlands.

00:43:41.970 --> 00:43:42.750 MSO: So if.

00:43:42.780 --> 00:43:53.490 Jonathan Colavita: we're allowing televised advertisements or pharmaceutical grade drugs nobody's thinking about this, but what The thing is, is that pharmaceutical grade drugs.

00:43:53.880 --> 00:44:04.530 Jonathan Colavita: are derived from plant matter in the first place, but they are synthesized in a laboratory and they are fused with artificial molecular compounds.

00:44:05.010 --> 00:44:18.360 Jonathan Colavita: So when our body goes to absorb pharmaceutical grade drugs, we are never entirely breaking down those drugs and the compounds that the pharmaceutical companies adds to cut the drugs to make money.

00:44:19.020 --> 00:44:33.390 Jonathan Colavita: cannot be absorbed by the body and therefore sit inside of us as free radicals those free Radicals are not absorbed and therefore continuing to sit inside of our body and create detrimental effects on our oregon's.

00:44:33.870 --> 00:44:46.020 Jonathan Colavita: But we're willing to accept that, when we watch a commercial and, at the end, they say side effects might be BA BA BA BA BA BA BA BA BA BA and you're worried about cannabis.

00:44:46.080 --> 00:44:46.620 MSO: It well.

00:44:47.340 --> 00:44:48.120 MSO: i'll tell you what.

00:44:48.210 --> 00:44:54.810 MSO: It was there was one trigger where I was watching a commercial like you're talking about and I was taken by get in at the time, and you know it's an opioid.

00:44:55.200 --> 00:45:03.480 MSO: And the commercial was for opioid induced constipation so you have to take a pill, because of the pill that you're on.

00:45:04.110 --> 00:45:14.370 MSO: What How does that make any sense right so that's really where, for me it started to be like wait a minute, this is, this is just too much this is too much and and the natural route has always been.

00:45:15.120 --> 00:45:21.210 Jonathan Colavita: Natural and and it's funny because, as I said, all of these pharmaceutical grade medicines.

00:45:21.810 --> 00:45:30.990 Jonathan Colavita: The compounds that the scientists use to create to make the medicine are derived from the understanding of various plants that exist in the world.

00:45:31.410 --> 00:45:39.720 Jonathan Colavita: And they synthesize that molecular compound and created into an artificial version which they can do for pennies on the pound because official.

00:45:40.380 --> 00:45:52.620 Jonathan Colavita: And we're just we're we've just become conditioned to accept it as a society because our doctors have also accepted it, maybe not even like making it their own fault in that it's just part of the system, as we are.

00:45:52.680 --> 00:46:05.580 Jonathan Colavita: At this I agree, I agree, oh so again totally amazing and we could see why someone like you, is very passionate about wanting to see how you can bring edibles to the market and help other businesses.

00:46:05.850 --> 00:46:12.330 Jonathan Colavita: Bring edibles to the market, so we will take a little break and when we come back we'll close out we'll talk a little bit why.

00:46:12.840 --> 00:46:26.100 Jonathan Colavita: Somebody who's in this business, especially in New Jersey should reach out to mark to look for some guidance okay i'm Johnny tsunami, this is planet bako low low you're less taboo view and we'll be right back this is talk radio dot n y C.

00:48:27.480 --> 00:48:37.290 Jonathan Colavita: we're back i'm Johnny tsunami, and this is planet baka lolo and i'm here with Marco Donald founder and owner of Ms o'donnell and co mark and really fun.

00:48:38.730 --> 00:48:44.250 MSO: This has been a blast john is this is great man I don't ever get to talk to somebody like this, and this is a lot of fun for me.

00:48:44.820 --> 00:48:46.440 Jonathan Colavita: it's it's too easy.

00:48:49.350 --> 00:48:49.770 Jonathan Colavita: it's like.

00:48:50.460 --> 00:48:54.150 Jonathan Colavita: You know, when you really feel good about something that you're passionate about.

00:48:54.960 --> 00:48:55.680 there's no effort.

00:48:58.080 --> 00:49:06.060 Jonathan Colavita: And when you're looking for somebody to help you in a business as what you do professionally on a day to day business day to day level.

00:49:06.630 --> 00:49:15.180 Jonathan Colavita: it's really important to know that people can feel confident that the person that they're working with truly understands the culture of the Community.

00:49:15.660 --> 00:49:21.690 Jonathan Colavita: And that's what it comes down to because cannabis, while there's pharmaceuticals, as we said in the last.

00:49:22.530 --> 00:49:27.270 Jonathan Colavita: segment and all these other different realms where consumerism exists.

00:49:27.870 --> 00:49:36.990 Jonathan Colavita: Cannabis is a little bit different it's it's it's different in the sense it's been around for a long time, but it's becoming more and more mainstream and acceptable.

00:49:37.440 --> 00:49:46.680 Jonathan Colavita: But it's important to make sure that when somebody wants to get into the business that they understand that sometimes they need guidance it's not as easy as just.

00:49:46.980 --> 00:50:01.440 Jonathan Colavita: Oh, you know I got a few million dollars, and you know I want to get a license and I want to have open a shop on the corner of Main Street and drop you know which sounds great well that's easy.

00:50:03.750 --> 00:50:08.100 MSO: I don't believe it's that easy at all Johnny I believe that in order to.

00:50:08.610 --> 00:50:17.130 MSO: Number one, I think, being in the cannabis space, I think you really have to embrace the plant, I think you have to understand and really have a passion.

00:50:17.400 --> 00:50:28.920 MSO: For what this this plant can do I don't think someone who just says hey you know what I want to get into the marijuana industry, and I want to you know start a business well that's great why right so someone like me.

00:50:29.310 --> 00:50:39.750 MSO: I want to do it, I want to help people, because I have a passion to get people off their medicine to get people healthy to get people you know, to really understand what this plant can do.

00:50:40.140 --> 00:50:50.940 MSO: And I don't think that a lot of people that are trying to break into the industry might might have that knowledge right, you know they might be a good lawyer, they might be a good consultant, they may have consulted in different realms but.

00:50:51.210 --> 00:50:55.890 MSO: As you said in the past i've been doing this 30 years just as part of my lifestyle and I understand.

00:50:56.160 --> 00:51:04.230 MSO: You know from being an accountant from understanding numbers what it's like to run a business in this and it's not easy, you know it's a plant and.

00:51:04.650 --> 00:51:10.710 MSO: plant is a difficult business to run right now, if you're going into the edible market it's a consumer product.

00:51:10.980 --> 00:51:20.430 MSO: And the consumer products Johnny I had a fresh pressed juice company for about five years and I was CEO of the fresh pressed juice company, you know sourced out as one of my clients and.

00:51:20.850 --> 00:51:30.990 MSO: it's amazing it was it was a fresh product, it was hot and cold, it had to be you know contain cold and had a shower quick shelf life quick turnaround you know 60 days.

00:51:31.350 --> 00:51:41.220 MSO: You know and cannabis is a plant that can go back it's a plant that you know you want to get right, so that people get the best right, so I think people really have to.

00:51:41.580 --> 00:51:53.310 MSO: evaluate if it's something they want to do, and someone like myself is is is a great sounding board right, so if you're questioning should I get into this business, why should I get into this business.

00:51:54.030 --> 00:52:00.990 MSO: Am I my fit for this business let's say, well then, then shoot me a message and let's talk, because my goal isn't necessarily saying.

00:52:01.200 --> 00:52:07.200 MSO: I want to consultant, I want to make money my goal is, I want to bring this market to the people, the right way.

00:52:07.500 --> 00:52:15.060 MSO: I want people to understand what this plant can do the power of the plan, and I want people to have successful businesses right when when they do it.

00:52:15.510 --> 00:52:26.010 MSO: But I also want to help people that that's the goal it's always been my goal and what better way than through candidates, which is a healing plan to help people right and then from the business angle of it.

00:52:26.490 --> 00:52:33.780 MSO: it's like any other business of the sense of it's hard every business is hard, you know that right, you know businesses it's it's a grind every day.

00:52:33.960 --> 00:52:38.040 MSO: Some days you're not sure if this is what I want to do you know you talk to entrepreneurs, all the time and they're like.

00:52:38.400 --> 00:52:42.870 MSO: I want to give up, I want to give up, but then they turn around and they make that big deal right, but so.

00:52:43.080 --> 00:52:51.210 MSO: You have to you have to really prepare yourself for this business this isn't something that well I heard it's legal I want to get into like you just had an open up on the corner and i'm going to sell.

00:52:51.660 --> 00:52:59.040 MSO: Why are you what makes you better if you don't embrace that plan and understand the whole background of that plant and how it's grown and.

00:52:59.250 --> 00:53:04.470 MSO: And the city, but the indigo we didn't get into that right, you know with it with a cheaper the indycar that.

00:53:04.740 --> 00:53:15.120 MSO: The hybrid side of it, you know if you're not familiar with these things that I suggest you get yourself knowledgeable before you even even think about getting into the business, you know so for me.

00:53:15.570 --> 00:53:24.000 MSO: I believe, if if someone's thinking about it, I could definitely be a good sounding board to to help them to say you know I don't know if this is right for me or not.

00:53:24.900 --> 00:53:43.230 Jonathan Colavita: yeah and so and i'm a consultant as well, I hadn't medical marijuana farm in maine right and I sold that to a multi state operator and then from there, I shifted more into the consultation end and but, again, and maybe there's room for us to talk later on me.

00:53:45.180 --> 00:53:56.640 Jonathan Colavita: But you know it's nice to know that regardless, even though my consulting business is relatively new my knowledge and the plan is very old.

00:53:57.180 --> 00:54:05.640 Jonathan Colavita: But at the same time having somebody who's got consulting business, such as yourself, for as long as you had brings the value there.

00:54:06.000 --> 00:54:18.870 Jonathan Colavita: Plus, coupled with the understanding of the plant itself is extremely valuable and I, and I say this to people too, with with consulting because sometimes the word consultant can scare people, I think.

00:54:19.050 --> 00:54:19.980 MSO: that's true yes.

00:54:20.490 --> 00:54:31.920 Jonathan Colavita: I look at it, as such, where you're looking at me as a partner, somebody who's either or somebody who's going to just advise you, or you know we're going to work on a project base so.

00:54:33.000 --> 00:54:39.570 Jonathan Colavita: Just so we give a little bit of an understanding how do you organize your relationships with the people that you helped.

00:54:40.320 --> 00:54:42.600 MSO: You know, tell me its individual to each company.

00:54:42.990 --> 00:54:48.750 MSO: very similar to what you said you know if you want me to just be an advisor I can advise but i'd get in there and.

00:54:48.960 --> 00:54:58.920 MSO: No fractional CEO fractional CFO in that sense, where you can help them to really set the business up and structure, the business and know what what needs to get done right.

00:54:59.670 --> 00:55:09.750 MSO: i'm not that that sales type where where you're trying to push a sale on people like like you said you want you want to be whatever fits their what their need is at that time right so i'm trying to.

00:55:10.200 --> 00:55:19.740 MSO: You know, talk to people see what their need is, but basically in the cannabis space there's not really a need, I couldn't feel right, because I know the lawyers, I know the accountants, I know the.

00:55:19.920 --> 00:55:29.220 MSO: You know, and I know growers, I know people in the space so to me it just it goes so hand in hand with what I do and the passion that I have for it.

00:55:29.550 --> 00:55:35.490 MSO: I feel like I can bring value to any business that's looking to to get into this into this realm into this space.

00:55:35.820 --> 00:55:41.310 MSO: Whether it be that consumer products based or whether it be you know, we want to do a grow like you're like you're talking about right.

00:55:41.520 --> 00:55:48.540 MSO: it's it's the economics of things and and and when you break it down, and you can sit with a client or a person and really show them.

00:55:48.780 --> 00:55:54.720 MSO: What your knowledge is how broad your knowledge is and give them that that outlook of what their business could be.

00:55:54.900 --> 00:56:03.990 MSO: But all the things that could go wrong so just understand that this isn't something that it's a guarantee just because it's cannabis and everybody's making money or thinks they're making money right.

00:56:05.010 --> 00:56:22.860 MSO: there's definitely difficulties in any business, so I think working with so many different businesses and over these 22 years i've seen so many pitfalls so many mistakes and knowing cannabis so well, I can help you to avoid that I truly believe that.

00:56:23.580 --> 00:56:35.730 Jonathan Colavita: And I believe that, because I think that, from my interactions with a lot of the people that i've spoken to that want to be in the business, the majority of them I don't have a percentage on that, but the majority of them.

00:56:36.840 --> 00:56:48.450 Jonathan Colavita: Have no real background or understanding of the business itself so they they they're very intrigued by it, because they hear the numbers and they see the headlines and.

00:56:48.810 --> 00:56:57.720 Jonathan Colavita: You know, maybe they've got a connection here or there, so on and so forth, but the majority of people that are looking to enter the space.

00:56:58.740 --> 00:57:07.590 Jonathan Colavita: Now really haven't had the experience so it's it's beneficial to be able to have someone like yourself as a consultant.

00:57:07.920 --> 00:57:16.320 Jonathan Colavita: To be able to guide them so that they make the right decisions and depending on whatever it is that they're focusing on and and to.

00:57:16.980 --> 00:57:22.620 Jonathan Colavita: Make sure that it fits within their realm you know a lot of people want to do something huge and you say to them listen.

00:57:23.040 --> 00:57:32.640 Jonathan Colavita: I mean i've had enough conversations now where the big big big money has made its way in to New Jersey, so the dream that you may have, as far as in your head.

00:57:33.420 --> 00:57:42.090 Jonathan Colavita: Maybe you should focus on a more realistic goal, because that's where we're at now, especially with how things have changed, and now that it's recreational.

00:57:43.050 --> 00:57:51.270 MSO: I agree, and the other side of the Johnny is you know you and I are admitting that we have used cannabis for 30 years I mean who else could be an expert right, I mean.

00:57:51.480 --> 00:57:57.870 MSO: Is there really anybody in this industry that can say this is what i've done is a living, because it's been illegal So how can you.

00:57:58.080 --> 00:58:08.130 MSO: How can you tell me that you know more than I do i've been using this for 30 years i've been doing my research i've been enjoying it, but like you said, I have had a business for 22 years a couple of those two right and make make it.

00:58:08.400 --> 00:58:26.700 MSO: and say hey okay wow I understand the whole the whole all sides of right, but again it's been a taboo we've been looked at, as you know, burnout is the is the is the word that I always I go back to, but now Johnny were considered pioneers so it's it's interesting how things change right.

00:58:27.450 --> 00:58:28.170 Jonathan Colavita: So if.

00:58:28.290 --> 00:58:32.010 Jonathan Colavita: People want to reach out to you, where are some locations, that they can reach out to you.

00:58:32.880 --> 00:58:45.330 MSO: They can shoot me an email at mark ma rk at Ms oh llc COM, they can shoot me a phone call at 97388658 to one or they can hit me up on linkedin at mark o'donnell.

00:58:46.050 --> 00:58:54.660 Jonathan Colavita: beautiful and I have all those I will also be putting them out on the newsletter as well, so that everybody can make sure that, if they want to reach out to mark.

00:58:54.930 --> 00:59:07.770 Jonathan Colavita: and talk and see if there is some synergy there, which I think that if they do, they might find that be some nice happy surprises mark it's been awesome having you on the show today Thank you so much for coming on.

00:59:08.250 --> 00:59:11.940 MSO: That has been an absolute pleasure man, I really appreciate you having me on, so thank you.

00:59:12.750 --> 00:59:24.900 Jonathan Colavita: I listen we every time it gets a little bit easier and I don't know man, the guests are just make it so much fun and I think that it's a it's a great place to be in and i'm happy that you're in that space.

00:59:25.590 --> 00:59:27.540 MSO: Thanks very much Johnny really appreciate it man.

00:59:28.200 --> 00:59:37.320 Jonathan Colavita: awesome alright folks so i'm Johnny tsunami here with Marco Donald and we're going to be closing out he flew in the planet pocket low low, but now he's got to go fly out.

00:59:37.710 --> 00:59:45.690 Jonathan Colavita: i'm going to go take a break, to those of you at home thanks for tuning in and a great episode like I said, if you want to reach out to mark.

00:59:45.990 --> 01:00:02.520 Jonathan Colavita: That all of his information i'll be posting it as well, so everybody take a great weekend it's coming up i'm Johnny tsunami, this is planet pocket low low you're less taboo view have a great weekend talk radio dot n y C.

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