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Thursday, September 30, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/09/30 - From Carwash to Cannabis

Facebook Live Video from 2021/09/30 - From Carwash to Cannabis


2021/09/30 - From Carwash to Cannabis

[New Episode] From Carwash to Cannabis

In a world where natural resources continue to dwindle, one man has had a vision to change the way we use water in raising cannabis.  CEO and founder of GEOMAT, Albert DeChard's mission is:


"to provide businesses a cost effective EPA and OSHA approved solution. The organizations that are faced with the challenges of preventing fluids and contaminants from entering the environment are protected by our patented waste water recovery system enabling their operations to be fully compliant of Federal and State law."


With Albert it all started with the carwash business.  Learning how to recirculate water through his carwashes allowed him to learn the intricacies of closed loop systems, as well as sewer connections.  Through years of experience of dealign with water, he finally had the idea to bring his idea to cannabis.  


Tonight Albert will share with us some trade secrets, how he made the switch from carwashes to cannabis,  as well as how he made his vision of water sustainability within the cannabis industry come to life.   

Tune in for this crazy conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Jonny Tsunami is joined by father daughter team Albert and Isabella DeChard. The duo talk about how their product Geomat can help recycle water and be more sustainable in the long run for repurposing water. Geomat is both a patented Cannabis Water recovery System as well as a Patented Waste Water Recovery System. Albert shares the different time periods that he had seen much loss without a way to properly filter water in a sustainable manner therefore his company was formed and has grown over the years. Albert talks about the start of the business and how they have reached the point where they have focused on a more sustainable goal.

Segment 2

Jonny gives a background to Geomat’s policies and what their product promises to do.Jonny gives more information to how now is the time for Geomat to really sell out to the cannabis farms. He explains that at once point cannabis was illegal so no one cared how it was grown but now as it is becoming decriminalized and even legalised more information is wanted. Albert explains the process that the system goes through to ensure a more sustainable option to recycle water and save waste. Albert explains that the system is not hard to use and anyone can implement it to better their water supply and quality. Albert tells how the Geomat works and the different options that are available as well as the set ups that can be set up for different situation.

Segment 3

Jonny brings up Albert and Isabellas familial connections and how the two decided to collaborate. Isabella talks about what she has learned and how as she has seen the industry grow her passion has as well. Albert brings up how working together has brought in good business and brought their family closer together. The two talk about how times have changed as well as societal norms. The topic of how cannabis has been looked down upon is touched upon and how now Isabella and Albert are brought together in this industry. Jonny talks about the financial side of the business and how it is also changing. Jonny brings up expansion and how they may profit from traveling to California as they provide a way to recycle water when the state is in a drought.

Segment 4

Jonny admires that Isabella and Albert have reached out to the cannabis industry as Geomat has been a good outreach and product to use for cannabis farms. Albert talks about how it is easy to install and to install to move and continue to use. He talks about their different warranties and what they include. Isabella shares the marketing side of the business and where they can get in touch with their website as well as their LinkedIn where they can find updates and other information on the Geomat. The two share that one of their main goals is to expand and find bigger facilities to continue to grow their company.


00:02:51.660 --> 00:02:54.360 Jonathan Colavita: And here we go folks i'm Johnny tsunami, and this is.

00:02:54.360 --> 00:03:03.600 Jonathan Colavita: planet taco low low a less taboo view For those of you who don't know Fuck a Lola was hawaiian slang for crazy tobacco other known as.

00:03:04.050 --> 00:03:13.260 Jonathan Colavita: cannabis, but this show is about taking the crazy out of cannabis by interviewing industry professionals that are helping make the cannabis space more legitimate.

00:03:13.710 --> 00:03:24.930 Jonathan Colavita: And today, I have a special two for one special Father daughter team aldershot and Isabella to shard welcome to the show how are you guys hey Johnny.

00:03:25.260 --> 00:03:26.310 geomat2: Johnny how are you today.

00:03:26.790 --> 00:03:36.810 Jonathan Colavita: we're doing good you guys are down there in Florida where it's a little bit warmer and we're up here in the east coast or I should say up in New Jersey, where.

00:03:37.740 --> 00:03:44.610 Jonathan Colavita: We were just talking about some of the differences between the two locations, but we could see that you guys are all over the map.

00:03:45.150 --> 00:03:56.190 Jonathan Colavita: That is the geo matt and geo matt is a recycling water filtration system that Albert has created that specifically for helping.

00:03:56.490 --> 00:04:09.900 Jonathan Colavita: Cannabis grow OPS recirculate their water efficiently sustainably and being able to get rid of any kind of issues that are involved with that so Albert Isabella Thank you so much for coming to the show.

00:04:11.670 --> 00:04:24.300 Jonathan Colavita: Here we got today, current events what's going on water shortage, we got water shortages everywhere Al you deal with water on a daily basis right it's your livelihood.

00:04:25.410 --> 00:04:26.730 Jonathan Colavita: In a sense, water.

00:04:27.810 --> 00:04:29.070 geomat2: Right yes.

00:04:29.670 --> 00:04:30.630 i'm a pisces.

00:04:33.240 --> 00:04:34.020 geomat2: awesome so.

00:04:34.530 --> 00:04:37.740 Jonathan Colavita: Day two Italians both like what's your birthday.

00:04:38.400 --> 00:04:38.790 hey.

00:04:39.990 --> 00:04:41.070 Jonathan Colavita: hey yeah.

00:04:41.400 --> 00:04:41.820 11

00:04:44.640 --> 00:04:46.140 geomat2: or something was going on up there.

00:04:48.120 --> 00:04:49.320 geomat2: six, seven and eight.

00:04:50.250 --> 00:04:52.380 Jonathan Colavita: I hate to say it, but there might be something in the water.

00:04:52.710 --> 00:04:53.100 yeah.

00:04:55.560 --> 00:05:05.190 Jonathan Colavita: no pun intended so it's really you know so when we really think about this out West and you and we'll get into where you guys are located, and what the history of.

00:05:05.490 --> 00:05:13.950 Jonathan Colavita: Where do match started and how, which you know translated and evolved to where it is today, but when we look currently what's going on in the world of water out West.

00:05:14.370 --> 00:05:21.240 Jonathan Colavita: they're having a lot of issues right water shortages, to the point in some places they're stealing water from other people's farms.

00:05:21.630 --> 00:05:35.430 Jonathan Colavita: But they've also noted, to the agriculture agricultural services have noted that cannabis is actually a plant that uses less water and it's a little bit more efficient and comparison let's say almonds use 33% more water than cannabis.

00:05:35.940 --> 00:05:49.530 Jonathan Colavita: So it's very important to realize that water is, of course, part of cannabis life now in a state where we're out in California, where there's a drought, where would something like GEO match be helpful for let's say a form.

00:05:52.260 --> 00:06:02.880 geomat2: User water for multiply multiply purposes, on a farm practice for water, the plants were there are there, cleaning their tables and all the apparatus is once they provide a room there's a.

00:06:03.450 --> 00:06:19.830 geomat2: lot of what it takes us there that we can help them capture recycle so but genomic does any any part of the water cycle, if we can capture it and you may use it over a period of time it's happened for a multitude of ways in the industry beautiful.

00:06:20.070 --> 00:06:28.020 Jonathan Colavita: Now, when we go out East over here we have too much water right, and so we had a little bit of that issue and what's been going on but.

00:06:28.590 --> 00:06:39.420 Jonathan Colavita: It really is important to think that the thing that we look at GEO matt it's perfect for repurchasing securing sustainability, I think, now more than ever, natural resources are very important.

00:06:39.930 --> 00:06:48.690 Jonathan Colavita: Right we've reached a point where we're running short on a lot of different things and look at the price of oil and gas, and how all of these resources are changing.

00:06:49.050 --> 00:07:02.640 Jonathan Colavita: and water being one of the most important so just to give me a little bit of a taste, where did you start you give me a little bit of history of the Marine history, because I think that's where the heart of this whole story starts, so you were working in the marine area.

00:07:03.300 --> 00:07:07.980 geomat2: That was working in the marine area was a captain, for a large sport fishing boats.

00:07:08.490 --> 00:07:16.560 geomat2: And we used to take the boats out when we weren't fishing and repurpose the bottom of the boat, so you would see it and we use a lot of water to wash the barnacles.

00:07:16.920 --> 00:07:22.110 geomat2: But what happened those boats were painted outside of the United States and they had a very high level content.

00:07:22.800 --> 00:07:33.810 geomat2: So the residual waste that came off was running into the River or the tributary where we are working and I got schooled real quick regarding the EPA and runoff water, which is the.

00:07:34.200 --> 00:07:39.960 geomat2: Clean water act that none of that what all has to be contained in the steam passive, is it can't go into the fire.

00:07:40.470 --> 00:07:45.210 geomat2: So I started playing with different types of materials to capture this water in the marine industry.

00:07:45.870 --> 00:07:57.600 geomat2: And there wasn't a marine industry moved from the Marine industry into the car wash because it was the same applications and then I went into hazmat until i'm in right now with the cannabis industry.

00:07:58.680 --> 00:08:00.660 Jonathan Colavita: So you are a captain of a boat to.

00:08:01.530 --> 00:08:04.590 geomat2: yeah you still want a sport fishing boat man.

00:08:05.130 --> 00:08:06.780 Jonathan Colavita: In in Florida.

00:08:07.200 --> 00:08:09.270 geomat2: and out of Miami for a private individual.

00:08:10.500 --> 00:08:13.140 Jonathan Colavita: private individual yes like.

00:08:13.830 --> 00:08:18.990 geomat2: yeah it was it, I thought it was the most glamorous job or was it the most glamorous job.

00:08:20.160 --> 00:08:23.610 geomat2: working for a very high net individual you know what I mean in Vegas.

00:08:24.990 --> 00:08:28.860 geomat2: But I have I fished all over the Caribbean for free, so that was a paid for.

00:08:29.430 --> 00:08:31.260 Jonathan Colavita: And i'm sure you're a passionate fisherman then.

00:08:31.530 --> 00:08:41.520 Jonathan Colavita: Yes, alright, so I mean listen but you're an entrepreneur by heart because you know you were in that place right you saw what you did in that zone but you took.

00:08:42.390 --> 00:08:52.830 Jonathan Colavita: What you learn from that and applied it to other facets, later on, you know i'm kind of all over the map too so i've tried all different types of things, but I often find.

00:08:53.160 --> 00:09:02.940 Jonathan Colavita: That everything that we do is never for a lost, so we learn what we gain from that one story right tell me a little bit about the carwash then he spent some time in the car wash.

00:09:04.260 --> 00:09:14.940 geomat2: When I walked into an office building one day that you probably see you go into a high rise class a office building, so much so much detailing cars so.

00:09:16.830 --> 00:09:20.340 geomat2: A guy was washing the car that was going into the sanitary sewer.

00:09:20.730 --> 00:09:29.370 geomat2: I went in had my meeting that I came out I talked to the guy about the water, and you know as far washed hair he's like i'm getting kicked out because I don't have a way to contain the water.

00:09:30.120 --> 00:09:39.450 geomat2: will be washing cars, so my I grew up the plans, I went back to the building and I started the first car wash and I rights office buildings and I sold them throughout Florida.

00:09:40.110 --> 00:09:46.620 geomat2: And then I shifted into the rental car bar, because the rental car market was having the same thing you see a lot of a.

00:09:48.180 --> 00:09:54.630 geomat2: rental car companies their business model is they, you know outside the airport they have their location.

00:09:55.260 --> 00:09:59.640 geomat2: They had the same problem, and I could go in there and I met all the environmental standards.

00:10:00.210 --> 00:10:10.710 geomat2: And they have the ability of thing we located take it take the capital investment with them and move it into the next location, so it was very appealing to them and i've been in that market strong for 20 years.

00:10:11.460 --> 00:10:26.940 Jonathan Colavita: So when you were a little just a back of fraction to the marine part of it is that that's when you really started to get comfortable with all of the governmental and the learning the EPA, and all of those regulations that I guess do they carry over.

00:10:27.960 --> 00:10:28.440 geomat2: Yes.

00:10:28.560 --> 00:10:30.750 Jonathan Colavita: amen inverted car line you know.

00:10:31.140 --> 00:10:40.590 geomat2: yeah absolutely expense, all I got schooled really hard but because everything has to do with the clean water act which team has this can't run into the environment.

00:10:41.430 --> 00:10:55.230 geomat2: So in the boat in industry was high high lead contact from the pain in the auto industry it's the metals that come off the break if you're watching one car there it doesn't really matter, but once you watch it a number of cars there even have a build up.

00:10:56.280 --> 00:11:03.210 geomat2: So it's 10 it goes it goes from cars, the golf course you know I worked with golf courses, where they would clean.

00:11:04.410 --> 00:11:10.260 geomat2: They had what they pull in the Greens to tugs right there washing all the clubs out and dumping on the ground.

00:11:10.920 --> 00:11:26.280 geomat2: Well, that built up to a high level of contaminate based on the pesticides, they will use so we put backs in that they would wash their and recycle so there's a lot of aspects that I learned along the way, but it all goes back to the one water clean water act yeah.

00:11:27.000 --> 00:11:37.380 Jonathan Colavita: And, and that was just something that you just spent the time and just opened up the books and just started reading I guess in detail because there must be a decent amount of information in there.

00:11:37.410 --> 00:11:38.880 geomat2: As far yeah there's there's.

00:11:38.940 --> 00:11:49.680 geomat2: there's a there's a time, but you know what I was what I was doing in Miami with the boat me open up a ticket book and it was there's big funds.

00:11:50.700 --> 00:11:52.950 geomat2: To do that, so I learned real quick and like.

00:11:52.950 --> 00:12:01.320 geomat2: Anything do you mean you touch the fire you like you gotta figure a way to get Burke so that's where I really started diving into different aspects of.

00:12:04.050 --> 00:12:09.180 geomat2: figuring out how what type of material, I can use that will stand up in the various industries also.

00:12:11.550 --> 00:12:19.050 Jonathan Colavita: OK now we're getting a little bit into like the trade secret stuff so don't give out the special sauce now hazmat you said hazmat.

00:12:19.980 --> 00:12:22.680 geomat2: yeah after after 911.

00:12:24.900 --> 00:12:35.340 geomat2: You saw all those guys coming out with a space suit so on, they are, they are being watched the first one was in boca raton Florida, if you remember, it was a magazine that they had the first anthrax incident.

00:12:36.330 --> 00:12:45.870 geomat2: And the FBI would go into that building and they were doing a forensic trace trying to find the cell the end flat so when they came out they had to be washed.

00:12:46.170 --> 00:12:54.990 geomat2: up on it that's way over my head about that, but what what it was was a carwash i've been building car washes i've been containing water now for a number of years.

00:12:55.500 --> 00:13:03.150 geomat2: So when I installed it for them, they called me i'm like Oh, I could build it so they came out and they I think they did over 5000 agents.

00:13:03.780 --> 00:13:07.320 geomat2: And they got washed and we collected all the water on a GM and what they did was they.

00:13:07.830 --> 00:13:22.470 geomat2: As they went through just like a carwash they got breaks the first cleansing unit, then the next one, then the third one, and then they were final they were out so all that water was contained during that process, they treated the water and then what it could be wow.

00:13:22.770 --> 00:13:35.250 geomat2: So that sorry that that when one for me, though, significant part of time because that was a lot of things were happening around that time for the chemical and biological they were worried yeah I mean.

00:13:35.880 --> 00:13:43.770 Jonathan Colavita: Look at what's going on now, I mean, with all the things that are going on with the disease and this and that, so I can almost see.

00:13:45.300 --> 00:13:54.900 Jonathan Colavita: I mean there's other places where you're using power washing to clean out industrialized areas all the time, so and actually.

00:13:55.230 --> 00:14:04.530 Jonathan Colavita: Now i'm going to have to like now now you know I got some family that works, important to work at the seaport and they're cleaning industrial machines all the time, so I might have them.

00:14:04.890 --> 00:14:07.680 geomat2: All know what happened Everywhere you ever going to see runoff water.

00:14:08.610 --> 00:14:10.170 Jonathan Colavita: Well now, I know who my guy is.

00:14:10.230 --> 00:14:10.740 Jonathan Colavita: You know what.

00:14:10.920 --> 00:14:16.380 Jonathan Colavita: He said Now I know i'm going to go and the name GEO matt was something that you had from the get go.

00:14:16.770 --> 00:14:19.140 geomat2: yeah that's what I started the business as.

00:14:20.460 --> 00:14:34.350 geomat2: executive auto care the product was jail matt now it's executive or don't care what's on the car washes and it's the big on that and I have copyrights for do matt and that's you know everything we run with that that's that's.

00:14:34.890 --> 00:14:38.970 Jonathan Colavita: Pretty awesome I mean when when we come back because we're going to take a little break.

00:14:39.810 --> 00:14:44.790 Jonathan Colavita: we're going to go into some of the systems that you guys use.

00:14:45.210 --> 00:14:54.300 Jonathan Colavita: so that the people at home kind of get a better understanding of how they could use it, because remember what we're trying to do here on the show is connect cannabis professionals.

00:14:54.930 --> 00:15:00.720 Jonathan Colavita: So there's people out there that listen that are cultivators one of them happens to be my very good friend and We grew together.

00:15:01.200 --> 00:15:10.080 Jonathan Colavita: And I could see this being something that definitely will be useful, especially because he's only indoor setting so, although I do have some questions for the next.

00:15:10.500 --> 00:15:23.910 Jonathan Colavita: If there's been some opportunity for the outdoor setting as well, so anyway we're gonna take a little break i'm Johnny tsunamis planet pocket low low i'm here with Al and Isabella to shard the founder of.

00:15:24.690 --> 00:15:29.400 Jonathan Colavita: GEO matt and we're going to take a little break and when we come back we'll go and we'll dive a little deeper.

00:17:43.110 --> 00:17:45.210 Jonathan Colavita: crew with back i'm Johnny tsunami, this is.

00:17:45.210 --> 00:17:52.380 Jonathan Colavita: planet taco low low less taboo view and i'm here with Alan Isabella shard of GEO matt what's up guys.

00:17:53.880 --> 00:17:54.510 geomat2: Are you doing.

00:17:54.750 --> 00:18:04.620 Jonathan Colavita: We got into it, we so just to fill in the people that came in late to the show we got a little bit of background with our he went from being in the marine division, working with.

00:18:05.520 --> 00:18:12.930 Jonathan Colavita: clearing out all these boats and lasting barnacles off getting but now all of these lead chips fall down and they go into the water.

00:18:13.350 --> 00:18:23.970 Jonathan Colavita: So my man, here comes up with this creation GEO matt let me lay this under, let me start recirculating this, let me clean this up, let me work with the EPA and OSHA and let me make something great goes from.

00:18:24.390 --> 00:18:31.740 Jonathan Colavita: The Marine division to the car wash division, then makes his way to the hazmat division and it's finally settled.

00:18:32.310 --> 00:18:45.180 Jonathan Colavita: On about settled, because this guy doesn't like settle much in the cannabis division right so out our mission at GEO matt is to provide businesses a cost effective EPA and OSHA approved solution.

00:18:45.720 --> 00:18:59.370 Jonathan Colavita: The organizations that are faced with the challenges of preventing fluids and contaminants from entering the environment are protected by our patented wastewater recovery system enabling their operations to be fully compliant Federal and State law.

00:19:00.870 --> 00:19:01.200 I love it.

00:19:05.910 --> 00:19:07.890 Jonathan Colavita: it's right there everything that I need to say right.

00:19:08.520 --> 00:19:15.630 Jonathan Colavita: So allow us go to cannabis right, so we talked a little bit more in generality now we're talking about cannabis and in the past.

00:19:15.960 --> 00:19:22.380 Jonathan Colavita: Cannabis was always black market, so there wasn't guys there wasn't necessarily a calling for.

00:19:22.710 --> 00:19:29.160 Jonathan Colavita: GEO map in cannabis because guys ever growing in the black market in the middle of the hundred acre woods of California.

00:19:29.400 --> 00:19:37.410 Jonathan Colavita: weren't worrying about the EPA, because what they were doing was illegal in the first place, so they had bigger problems to worry about than the EPA like the DEA so.

00:19:38.100 --> 00:19:46.290 Jonathan Colavita: that's, the last of your issues, but now we've come to the point where it's white market there's huge corporations now they're doing monstrous things.

00:19:46.800 --> 00:19:59.490 Jonathan Colavita: And there's an opportunity for GEO matt to be part of that ecosystem and then we'll talk about going into ecosystem let's talk about circulation and how your system kind of works alright so.

00:20:00.300 --> 00:20:08.850 Jonathan Colavita: closed loop just you know, give me your version of closed loop how you came with it, why you did it and you know white works.

00:20:10.710 --> 00:20:22.980 geomat2: came up with the closed loop, because sometimes we can't do a sore discharge so once we have the closed loop system, for instance, if they're watching their tables or any other apparatus is that are integral facility.

00:20:24.270 --> 00:20:33.720 geomat2: They can spray everything they want on it it's in a contained area everything that falls off it goes to the top surface it goes to or a filtration system back into the tanks.

00:20:34.770 --> 00:20:43.740 geomat2: And then they can we use that and that's where we come where they're closed loop process, so if you're what happens is if they're Washington table maybe let's say 10 gallons of water.

00:20:44.340 --> 00:20:50.970 geomat2: By what you have over spray and and what evaporation maybe we're put eight gallons or eight to six towns back in.

00:20:51.360 --> 00:20:58.230 geomat2: We have a hydrostatic float that puts freshwater back and it takes so with oxygen keeps a level and it just keeps the water going and.

00:20:59.070 --> 00:21:10.890 geomat2: Periodic Lee it's not like an arrow system where we're squeezing the water out and you have a Brian access there's 100% contain and there's just two filters that have to be cleaned periodically.

00:21:11.520 --> 00:21:16.890 geomat2: And that's a matter of turning off about washing the filter putting it back up to us, so you don't.

00:21:16.980 --> 00:21:19.380 Jonathan Colavita: need to be Einstein to work with the system is what your.

00:21:19.380 --> 00:21:28.230 geomat2: Town, you know that's one thing when you do something over time, I like to use the word you got to take the dumbness and make an idiot.

00:21:28.980 --> 00:21:42.030 geomat2: Because when you do something like wow and how many mess data i'm going to make it so now we're doing a 27 years I have a diabetic if someone like comes up and does something stupid now there are a special person.

00:21:44.790 --> 00:21:50.280 Jonathan Colavita: And when we think about this, especially cannabis right because they have a lot of things that they have to deal with already.

00:21:50.760 --> 00:21:59.190 Jonathan Colavita: won money issues right there's just so many issues that a cannabis business has to deal with that a regular business doesn't have to because it's not federally legal yet.

00:21:59.640 --> 00:22:09.540 Jonathan Colavita: The last thing you want to worry about is having the EPA come in and knock on your door, because your employees are blasting all kinds of harmful chemicals into the groundwater right.

00:22:10.320 --> 00:22:17.310 Jonathan Colavita: but also to it, it pays to work with someone who has 27 years of experience, cannabis is is like a side note.

00:22:17.700 --> 00:22:29.550 Jonathan Colavita: Within that timeline because it took you that you know that 27 years of doing what you did is what perfected, a system where someone who's using it as an end user, whether it's a car wash or a cannabis grow.

00:22:30.210 --> 00:22:39.630 Jonathan Colavita: is going to benefit from a person who's had that kind of experience, I could tell you get them meticulous nature about so now tell me about the sewer system this.

00:22:39.750 --> 00:22:48.750 geomat2: source system, it was the same thing if you if you're in a place and you're washing and will filter and enough to clean in policy of water, so you can do it this chart.

00:22:49.470 --> 00:22:55.770 geomat2: And that's ideal, because you have nothing left of the water, you know you don't have a residual tanks it's going in there.

00:22:56.160 --> 00:23:07.440 geomat2: But what's happening in the industry now i'm seeing Johnny is that you want to show when you go for your license in there you're asking for water they're going to say hey How much are you will be cycling.

00:23:08.010 --> 00:23:18.060 geomat2: So it's a big it's a really big thing that's coming out past So if you have an apparatus like to not there when you're going for your permanent and you know you're bringing in new Water line and.

00:23:18.570 --> 00:23:32.850 geomat2: they're going to say what are you doing well here, this is statistics for washing everything on a close look we cycle and then after a period of time will discharge it back into the sanitary sewer line and they're very receptive to that so.

00:23:32.970 --> 00:23:42.810 Jonathan Colavita: let's say we're in a greenhouse right, and they have the rolling the sliding racks yes, I have their plans for their laying down and they're all plugged in by different.

00:23:43.200 --> 00:23:46.950 Jonathan Colavita: apparatus to share nutrients Whatever the case may be, and, as you said.

00:23:47.400 --> 00:23:58.110 Jonathan Colavita: Okay, the plants reach their age maturation and they go to the next room and then it becomes decontamination so i'm in a greenhouse i've got a specific amount of space, how do you map out.

00:23:58.830 --> 00:24:10.110 Jonathan Colavita: The way that you're going to lay out the mat itself does it fit the whole square footage of the floor, or is it matter depend room by room where, how do you approach these scenarios.

00:24:11.190 --> 00:24:16.350 geomat2: Of the standard system if you can take and i'm not an expert in this market yet.

00:24:16.770 --> 00:24:24.960 geomat2: But if you can get the table, out of the room and what i've seen the places I go there actually lifting the table up walk the trays and taking them out to wash.

00:24:25.710 --> 00:24:33.240 geomat2: So at that case I have a system it's it's 10 feet wide it's 22 feet long at the table signal on and they could get washed.

00:24:33.540 --> 00:24:44.670 geomat2: And then you see in the videos they're standing on a nice good work surface washing the water flows through the clarity of holes goes through the filtration system gets pumped back into the tank and creates a closed loop.

00:24:45.210 --> 00:24:49.530 geomat2: Now, if you don't have the ability to get it at a real it scalable.

00:24:50.130 --> 00:25:02.520 geomat2: You know, we can do the whole the whole room, we could do a part of the room anything you want it's the same thing we could have a containment area in the room and have an opt out after tax, you know 20 feet 30 feet away pipe back into it.

00:25:03.480 --> 00:25:14.460 Jonathan Colavita: As durable, I mean it's got to be super durable, for the fact that you know you're going to have people foot traction I mean you had cars rolling on it, so I mean, I can only imagine you know people wouldn't be a problem.

00:25:14.670 --> 00:25:17.850 geomat2: it's 260 pounds per square foot will withstand.

00:25:18.570 --> 00:25:19.350 Jonathan Colavita: per square foot.

00:25:19.710 --> 00:25:21.570 Jonathan Colavita: Yes, oh my God.

00:25:21.840 --> 00:25:26.940 geomat2: You know you have to think of came about, for the marine industry right, we were taking a foot boats, putting them on it.

00:25:27.360 --> 00:25:37.440 geomat2: With jack Hello jack so how much pressure is in that one square foot area of the boat is not dispersed my grow room I go in there and I look at the tables right.

00:25:38.250 --> 00:25:49.260 geomat2: 20 foot frame with eight legs when it, how much weight, or do we actually put on its peanuts consider what it could withstand I mean the top layers also.

00:25:49.920 --> 00:25:56.910 geomat2: Which is a big point it's non skid and you're not standing in the water, because anybody in this industry knows you're going to get lucky.

00:25:58.170 --> 00:26:05.520 geomat2: So your elevated above it on a nice good work surface about three quarters of an inch and then the water's boiling underneath that top layer

00:26:06.420 --> 00:26:07.260 Of.

00:26:09.090 --> 00:26:09.750 Jonathan Colavita: So you have.

00:26:11.070 --> 00:26:13.320 Jonathan Colavita: six groups or it's just a whole nother.

00:26:14.670 --> 00:26:28.260 geomat2: issue you're boiling in in Europe as four sides as a train the top and our middle is our patented device that has the filtration system and, as a full impervious layer and then I pump it from that different aspects.

00:26:29.850 --> 00:26:36.510 Jonathan Colavita: I like it, I like it so now, and also, I was just thinking of this because I had a cannabis for myself.

00:26:38.040 --> 00:26:44.730 Jonathan Colavita: And you know when you're on a farm everything you do you never rush to work Bill Gates at the best.

00:26:45.210 --> 00:26:51.420 Jonathan Colavita: hire me a lazy man, if you want to see the job done the most efficient way possible and a farmer realizes this.

00:26:52.290 --> 00:26:55.320 Jonathan Colavita: i'm not going to wake up in the morning go crazy doing all kinds of work.

00:26:55.830 --> 00:27:07.260 Jonathan Colavita: To find out that I shouldn't have done it in the first place, because I rushed and I didn't really think about what was the most important task in hand so really when you're working with the plant efficiency is very important.

00:27:07.860 --> 00:27:12.960 Jonathan Colavita: So imagine now I got to take these tables out of the greenhouse last amount side.

00:27:14.250 --> 00:27:22.890 Jonathan Colavita: Ultimately, put all kinds of crap in the groundwater, then at that point, which is bad then bring them bring the tables back in so with this, they can keep.

00:27:24.090 --> 00:27:31.680 Jonathan Colavita: That they're saving themselves a huge step, they can just keep it in that room last these tables out and it will they don't have to do the extra Labor.

00:27:33.810 --> 00:27:37.890 geomat2: Like I said from what i'm witnessing now you're seeing a lot of steps don't.

00:27:39.270 --> 00:27:45.360 geomat2: know what the hell traditionally they were doing it like you would describe it, because sometimes it's a long distance between the House.

00:27:45.750 --> 00:27:54.900 geomat2: or where they are where they want to watch it and they've you know, been carrying those things it's not like you're throwing them on the back it's Labor intensive you got two guys 100 front one in the back.

00:27:55.680 --> 00:28:01.770 geomat2: You know, so I think any way you can just like any business any way you can close it down.

00:28:03.090 --> 00:28:06.810 geomat2: To find a way to make it more efficient it's going to affect the bottom line for sure.

00:28:07.320 --> 00:28:18.300 Jonathan Colavita: Efficiency now, is there any talks of using like the actual okay so you're watering the plants is there a way of you guys, are you thinking of, maybe even.

00:28:18.810 --> 00:28:35.190 Jonathan Colavita: recirculating water that they're using let's say i'm actually watering plants and that water can be recirculated back into a like a sprinkler system of some kind, or some kind of feeding system are you guys thinking of other things are you just focusing, in this specific.

00:28:35.460 --> 00:28:43.440 geomat2: No, I actually it's funny you say that it goes is about I will work on that today with a company that we're working with in central Florida.

00:28:44.670 --> 00:28:52.650 geomat2: That to it's a closed loop process it's capable again why so I like we described go back into the tank so use it for a period of time.

00:28:53.010 --> 00:29:00.390 geomat2: And then there's a throw us they throw a switch it goes back into another pipe goes into the irrigation pond that that the water and outside.

00:29:01.020 --> 00:29:06.600 geomat2: Because he gets the loaded with everything that's an irrigation on the go back now you know.

00:29:07.320 --> 00:29:16.830 geomat2: If we're going back into a drip system, you know i'm working on something now that would Polish it more because that has to be really, really polished water because they'll send to the trip system.

00:29:17.370 --> 00:29:24.720 geomat2: You know so that's that's definitely doable it's in the works, but it's the big thing if you keep it in on ground.

00:29:25.260 --> 00:29:38.700 geomat2: there's definitely a way to keep it, you know, one of the other things i'm working out too is taking up the water off the roof there and arranged on here, because you can fill the tanks with that one switch it goes in there, all of a sudden, I got 500 gallons of water.

00:29:39.060 --> 00:29:41.400 Jonathan Colavita: that's now you're talking old farm style because.

00:29:41.400 --> 00:29:41.580 geomat2: They.

00:29:41.640 --> 00:29:55.560 Jonathan Colavita: Just to the farm, they would take a gutter and then a barrel, and then just run a shoot down in there, and you had your water, so all right now let's see we're getting into a man every layer we peel back the layers of the onion we get deeper and deeper so.

00:29:56.970 --> 00:29:57.720 geomat2: There you go.

00:29:57.870 --> 00:30:09.180 Jonathan Colavita: Yes, there you go and when we come back we're going to get into the personal side we get a little bit of Isabella in here a little Father daughter action talk about the story of the family and how we're turning this into something really special so.

00:30:09.480 --> 00:30:18.330 Jonathan Colavita: i'm going to take a little break talk radio dot nyc i'm here with Alan Isabella to shard a geo matt on planet pocket low low, we will be right back after these messages.

00:32:53.100 --> 00:33:01.560 Jonathan Colavita: Alright we're back flying into planet pocket lolo is Alan Isabella to shard Alan is a how you though and.

00:33:03.750 --> 00:33:06.600 Jonathan Colavita: I say izzy I jumped I jumped the gun I just saw there was an issue.

00:33:07.590 --> 00:33:08.010 Jonathan Colavita: That happened.

00:33:09.750 --> 00:33:15.750 Jonathan Colavita: Okay, good right we got the Bergen county connection, even though you may never step foot in there, I don't even know how she.

00:33:16.290 --> 00:33:22.320 geomat2: Was that place whenever we go up there, you see the call, especially in some ways that's all I got.

00:33:22.980 --> 00:33:24.360 Jonathan Colavita: lucky to place which was.

00:33:33.750 --> 00:33:35.220 Jonathan Colavita: This is the perfect, this was the perfect.

00:33:35.700 --> 00:33:42.480 Jonathan Colavita: segment to be doing this now so when we get personal, this is the personal segment right, so we have a father God or team here right.

00:33:42.690 --> 00:33:53.970 Jonathan Colavita: i'm Isabella why don't you come in a little bit I was looking I was spying on everybody's linkedin, this is what I do because I want to get to know, everybody so tell us a little bit about what you do within the cannabis industry.

00:33:55.980 --> 00:33:57.030 geomat2: So I.

00:33:58.380 --> 00:34:08.310 geomat2: also started I guess relatively recently when you look at some of the other players in the industry, I started about a little bit over a year and a half ago.

00:34:09.420 --> 00:34:23.670 geomat2: Much like a lot of people covered kind of shook shook me up, and when I talked to my dad and he explained the vision, he had and what we're trying to do to implement juma into cannabis, I was.

00:34:24.240 --> 00:34:34.290 geomat2: super for it, I also not too long ago or around the same time, I guess, I was writing copy and working for some.

00:34:35.400 --> 00:34:46.290 geomat2: Marketing management in cannabis, so at the same time i've been working with GEO matt and now I was kind of learning science behind the plan, as well as.

00:34:47.610 --> 00:35:03.240 geomat2: A lot of like troubleshoot growing information, so I from everything i've learned so far i've gotten really passionate about what where the industry is going, but even more especially, how do you not.

00:35:04.440 --> 00:35:21.210 Jonathan Colavita: Like that you know I before in the last segment, I saw you know she shot you a few looks you know she gave me she gave you a few looks I don't know what it was, for I can see that I can see that you guys work well together there's a tab telepathy right.

00:35:22.230 --> 00:35:26.850 geomat2: it's definitely i'm online johnny's been a wild ride.

00:35:28.800 --> 00:35:39.780 geomat2: Your family business yeah and plus you know she hasn't been around in a while you know, so that all of a sudden she's you know when she went to College has gone, you know say.

00:35:40.560 --> 00:35:48.840 geomat2: You see your holidays, so now it's back to you know, working together towards something so it's exciting, you know what is that she's very good at what she does.

00:35:49.470 --> 00:35:49.770 Jonathan Colavita: Well, I.

00:35:50.220 --> 00:35:58.320 geomat2: don't like to settle very much like out so it's just it's been really refreshing to work.

00:35:59.220 --> 00:36:07.080 geomat2: closely with someone, I know, but then, at the same time, something that I there's a lot of like personal connection or influence well.

00:36:07.890 --> 00:36:17.670 geomat2: it's an extremely exciting market it's once in a lifetime, you know, I feel that the way this is booming and like you said that big players that are coming into this.

00:36:18.090 --> 00:36:30.630 geomat2: And it's not if it's when you know when I was at her age, my father sent me over ahead if I was breaking plans for my backyard, you know, no, no, no time we're making a living with you know.

00:36:30.960 --> 00:36:42.000 geomat2: Yes, and I it really hit me because we've had a successful run, and this is like this, this charge me again i'm really excited to come back to work.

00:36:42.390 --> 00:36:50.220 geomat2: meeting you know people like like yourself to get people that are in it, you know they're there, they said it's a good way to look at this, you know.

00:36:51.240 --> 00:36:59.820 geomat2: I enjoyed it I like working with Isabel like that in fact age group to say no so like i'm the old guy but, once he gets it going again.

00:37:00.600 --> 00:37:07.140 Jonathan Colavita: Did you guys think that you were going to be working together, like when you went to college and know.

00:37:08.670 --> 00:37:14.010 geomat2: If you told me this like even just two years ago, I would have thought this would be terrible.

00:37:14.220 --> 00:37:16.200 Jonathan Colavita: Never would have worked with your dad yeah.

00:37:16.680 --> 00:37:25.290 geomat2: But it's honestly it's been a lot of growth and it's crazy it's like kind of starting to feel full circle, for me, because growing up, he was.

00:37:26.460 --> 00:37:35.970 geomat2: Working you know more with car washes but I always kind of knew what he did you know recycled water, good for the earth, but now that i'm like.

00:37:36.570 --> 00:37:52.290 geomat2: i've dive really deep into it i'm really I don't know you're really done a lot once I got into the cannabis on the cool guy yeah you know, I was putting them to college getting them first you know actually want a car now it's a whole nother.

00:37:53.010 --> 00:37:55.230 Jonathan Colavita: that's why we call it from car wash the cannabis.

00:37:55.320 --> 00:37:55.680 yeah.

00:37:56.820 --> 00:38:02.640 Jonathan Colavita: It just resonates because you know you made a name for yourself within all of those other industries right.

00:38:03.000 --> 00:38:15.030 Jonathan Colavita: And I guess so when they say timing is everything you know, would you have, would you have gone to cannabis 20 years ago to do this, no it wasn't a thing to even consider, but yet you've created this really.

00:38:15.930 --> 00:38:26.310 Jonathan Colavita: illustrious career where you've made all of these micro adjustments to the system that you've created and it's like it becomes applicable.

00:38:26.760 --> 00:38:34.500 Jonathan Colavita: In other industries where it is now cannabis and that's you know, for you, I could see where you guys are both excited because also for Isabella that.

00:38:34.950 --> 00:38:47.730 Jonathan Colavita: She came in at the advent of this sequence of events in your life with changing and converting to matt you know God that was something that she knew what it was when she was a kid.

00:38:48.090 --> 00:38:54.540 Jonathan Colavita: But now she's appreciated it in a way that she's never had before, and how awesome is that because not every parent gets that opportunity.

00:38:55.290 --> 00:39:05.430 geomat2: Without a doubt, and like with my wife said, we were talking about it, one night how everything goes full circle and I truly you know, like that I thought this 20 years ago.

00:39:06.120 --> 00:39:16.230 geomat2: But you know I always liked the plan was always around it one way or another, and for it to come to this point, right now, at the end of my career.

00:39:17.820 --> 00:39:25.530 geomat2: And in to see what what could happen, and I think we're we're really going to make a difference with the genome, and this is going to help a lot of people.

00:39:26.310 --> 00:39:32.760 geomat2: You know, comply with your environmental regulations it's going to help them with the permit process it's going to help them.

00:39:33.180 --> 00:39:43.620 geomat2: With their Labor and then ultimately we're all business right your bottom line, because if it doesn't matter how good it is if i'm not saving your money Johnny i'm on the back of the bus.

00:39:44.280 --> 00:39:45.180 Jonathan Colavita: yeah it's that.

00:39:45.960 --> 00:39:47.520 Jonathan Colavita: what's that worth the Roi.

00:39:47.910 --> 00:39:59.220 Jonathan Colavita: But what's really again, and what I try to hammer down with this show is is that there are other ancillary businesses that people can now come into the cannabis space they don't have to feel like.

00:39:59.670 --> 00:40:10.380 Jonathan Colavita: Oh i'm going to Joe just cultivate the plant that's the riskiest thing out of the whole industry, you can make a ton of money out of never touching the plant at all.

00:40:11.070 --> 00:40:14.520 Jonathan Colavita: And then your risk is way less than somebody that has to.

00:40:14.820 --> 00:40:24.420 Jonathan Colavita: Listen, you have one bad and of course GEO matt helps right because, with your system you remove mold you can move all kinds of issues right so for the cultivator that's great because one less risk.

00:40:24.780 --> 00:40:38.970 Jonathan Colavita: Is the likelihood that my crop will cash out if my crap does not crop out and what a forever reasoning gets sick, for whatever reason i've just lost a ton of money and if i'm at the startup phase that's the worst time.

00:40:39.030 --> 00:40:39.960 geomat2: Because it's very.

00:40:40.590 --> 00:40:48.450 geomat2: devastating and it's hard to get industry to you know, as you know, it's hard it's so hard to get the funds.

00:40:49.650 --> 00:41:07.050 Jonathan Colavita: A while to get the funds, but then also to I talked to a banker, a few weeks ago 90% of cannabis transactions, through the banker through cash so they also have to worry about things at the same thing, like the casino, you know you have that kind of business casinos.

00:41:08.130 --> 00:41:16.590 Jonathan Colavita: dance parlors where a lot of cash transactions have occurred not easy if you're running a business to have it be primarily cash.

00:41:17.040 --> 00:41:18.000 geomat2: No, no.

00:41:19.350 --> 00:41:27.870 geomat2: it's funny it was we swung into this way because when I go to my bank and you're talking in like all right, what do you do it now in like.

00:41:28.260 --> 00:41:40.680 geomat2: The fireworks started going up i'm like i'm not I have nothing to do with selling a product well, where is the check coming from and i'm like where's the checks coming from the person who's right me to check right.

00:41:41.880 --> 00:41:44.790 geomat2: So it's a whole a whole other day.

00:41:45.540 --> 00:41:50.820 Jonathan Colavita: So now and you're working with a place in Florida, you said right now.

00:41:51.270 --> 00:41:54.270 Jonathan Colavita: Yes, and that's an indoor and outdoor.

00:41:54.540 --> 00:42:02.280 geomat2: it's it's a multi face bro right, so they have they have very big canopy inside a big canopy god's.

00:42:02.970 --> 00:42:05.520 Jonathan Colavita: Outside greenhouse outside or outside outside.

00:42:05.850 --> 00:42:06.810 geomat2: Outside outside.

00:42:07.380 --> 00:42:23.190 geomat2: In the next yeah I you know what I think they have inherent problems with it because of the rain when it comes down to the window when making grow is very small, you know it's it's almost the opposite of what you guys are doing up board, you know you know.

00:42:23.760 --> 00:42:25.680 geomat2: Next month to grow outside of here.

00:42:26.250 --> 00:42:29.580 geomat2: yeah that's hearing the whole view of the rain, you have all that.

00:42:29.850 --> 00:42:36.900 Jonathan Colavita: Florida, though it's not designed for growing cannabis, you know if you know if you ever need somebody if any of your.

00:42:37.470 --> 00:42:42.600 Jonathan Colavita: People that you work with or they need help with their crops, you know who to talk to them now.

00:42:42.930 --> 00:42:51.150 Jonathan Colavita: And i'll tell them get the hell out of Florida if you're growing it outside because it's so humid the cannabis plant is not designed unless you get genetics.

00:42:51.540 --> 00:42:59.640 Jonathan Colavita: that are built to go against high humid conditions which those genetics do exist, but you got to know them to grow them.

00:43:00.180 --> 00:43:05.910 Jonathan Colavita: And if you don't you're growing plants that are going to be susceptible to getting sick because they're not used to the conditions.

00:43:06.180 --> 00:43:14.370 Jonathan Colavita: that's why California, is one of the most amazing places on earth to grow cannabis, but what's their issue water that's why I was thinking you guys can even.

00:43:14.940 --> 00:43:22.170 Jonathan Colavita: You know if i'm using the water to actually water, the plants and not clean material which they have to do too, but if they were watering the plants.

00:43:22.470 --> 00:43:36.240 Jonathan Colavita: You guys can figure out a way to recirculate that especially to a farm that's in drought every drop you save them is buco money because their water shortage is definitely having an impact on their cultivation.

00:43:36.960 --> 00:43:48.180 geomat2: If you say, if you had a greenhouse or just the lane that you're growing outside that's 20 feet long and it's it's 120 feet 20 feet wide 120 feet long.

00:43:48.540 --> 00:43:52.110 geomat2: I could put materials there that that will not crazy expensive.

00:43:52.620 --> 00:44:01.050 geomat2: That would elevate your plants above the soil and where you want to get anything coming up that ended it did rain, you would capture that water to go into a tank.

00:44:01.380 --> 00:44:07.350 geomat2: And also, if you did have to run off from the plant if you go on here to like you described that's.

00:44:08.100 --> 00:44:15.450 geomat2: As getting into it that's something i'm pushing obviously you don't I mean i'm like look, this is what I have it's perfect, this is what I can do for you.

00:44:15.810 --> 00:44:23.850 geomat2: The index business, you know once I get in the door i'm like I walk around, and I said look I can take care of that water bottle really easy for you.

00:44:24.480 --> 00:44:27.690 Jonathan Colavita: And how how many years, have you been serving the cannabis space now.

00:44:28.920 --> 00:44:35.400 geomat2: I started going in about two years ago researching getting into it and get my foot hole.

00:44:36.390 --> 00:44:39.090 Jonathan Colavita: And now, since then, how many people have you helped.

00:44:41.610 --> 00:44:44.250 geomat2: Over over a cup over two dozen.

00:44:45.660 --> 00:44:47.310 Jonathan Colavita: inspirational it's amazing.

00:44:47.550 --> 00:44:50.820 geomat2: And I have, I have a lot of proposals out right now.

00:44:51.990 --> 00:45:01.080 geomat2: And then the big thing that i'm seeing is the other people that are coming into the market that are doing the big build outs and doing a triple leaseback they're the ones that are calling me.

00:45:02.250 --> 00:45:08.310 Jonathan Colavita: Well, now we'll do it we'll do a little real real estate chitchat when we back get back we'll talk about the message the opportunity that.

00:45:08.880 --> 00:45:13.800 Jonathan Colavita: cultivators or cannabis professionals can have if they match up with GEO matt so.

00:45:14.070 --> 00:45:24.120 Jonathan Colavita: we're here with Alan Isabella shard of GEO matt and we're going to take a little break this planet poker low low i'm Johnny tsunami your host and this talk radio dot nyc take a little break we'll be right back.

00:47:24.900 --> 00:47:28.140 Jonathan Colavita: Alright folks we're back i'm Johnny tsunami, this is planet.

00:47:28.140 --> 00:47:40.410 Jonathan Colavita: pocket low low and i'm here with Alan Isabella to shard a geo matt we are wrapping up today's show it's our last segment out Isabel it has been a great time having you on, and I really do appreciate you so I want to get that out there first.

00:47:42.750 --> 00:47:43.260 geomat2: Time to.

00:47:44.160 --> 00:47:52.800 Jonathan Colavita: And I think, also a side note I think what you both are doing and is really amazing I commend you on dipping your toes in the water.

00:47:54.030 --> 00:48:05.790 Jonathan Colavita: But also realizing that there is a whole industry out here and it's great to hear that people with this kind of expertise are coming into the industry, you know, the one thing for somebody who maybe is.

00:48:06.720 --> 00:48:20.070 Jonathan Colavita: You know, has a has an idea that they want to apply but there's no substitute for experience and wisdom that comes with that and that's what you want, when you're going to be doing some kind of infrastructure layout so when you're talking about GEO matt.

00:48:21.480 --> 00:48:25.290 Jonathan Colavita: it's easy to put in it's easy to get out i'm assuming yes.

00:48:25.770 --> 00:48:26.820 geomat2: And you know.

00:48:27.870 --> 00:48:32.940 geomat2: We just did one a couple months ago that they're doing in the middle of a big build out.

00:48:33.360 --> 00:48:40.470 geomat2: So they wanted to do like what they met with us they're like Look, we want to in this room, but their rooms on ready, I said, not a problem we'll set it up here.

00:48:40.920 --> 00:48:51.060 geomat2: When you're ready, and you have a final bill, you have your florist on this call us and we'll move we'll move it over for you, and that was a big selling point of that process.

00:48:51.180 --> 00:49:06.600 Jonathan Colavita: So you have the big I guess because you've designed it in a way, where you spent all these years, like you said conservation of energy, you want to make it as easy as possible, to be able to install these things and easy for the user to.

00:49:07.290 --> 00:49:18.570 geomat2: Exactly what if we ship something out to California it comes on to Alex accrual goes out there, lays it out in a day we run it you're trained in the world.

00:49:19.200 --> 00:49:25.920 geomat2: You know, when you offer a warranty with it will come out and clean the system on a yearly basis and that keeps the warranty and play.

00:49:27.180 --> 00:49:28.590 Jonathan Colavita: As a 20 year warranty right.

00:49:28.620 --> 00:49:29.520 geomat2: What are your warranty.

00:49:30.180 --> 00:49:34.860 Jonathan Colavita: sensation Again I say it again to my people 20 year warranty now when you have.

00:49:36.240 --> 00:49:43.710 Jonathan Colavita: Your crew is it people will say it's a crown California, or something you send your own people, or you have people that you source in different states or how do you run that.

00:49:44.070 --> 00:49:48.030 geomat2: Well, what what i'm doing the same business model that I did with the cars.

00:49:48.450 --> 00:50:02.880 geomat2: I have crews, I have who's that rollout i've subcontractor so out the country got installed cars car washes for me and it's the same thing you know, a group of tradesmen periodically throughout the country that I have an internal.

00:50:04.230 --> 00:50:04.680 geomat2: zoom.

00:50:04.770 --> 00:50:07.350 Jonathan Colavita: You have your specs and give them the specs and you say.

00:50:07.650 --> 00:50:18.210 geomat2: i've added same same specs you know, and it is same same product same you know same bulks so everything standardized it's started to turn key bought.

00:50:18.750 --> 00:50:26.790 geomat2: It now if we're getting into something a little more custom, you know that's that it's the same thing, but it's just you know built a different way.

00:50:28.110 --> 00:50:35.730 Jonathan Colavita: So, and also so Isabella to get a little bounce over there you're helping with the marketing a lot too right yes.

00:50:35.880 --> 00:50:49.050 Jonathan Colavita: yeah So what are the handles that we would want to reach out to so I get I like to get that in there, too, you know gio match COM, but is there any other places, that we would want to look into implementing.

00:50:49.710 --> 00:51:13.920 geomat2: We have a is definitely gonna break down the system give you a rundown on our company's mission and what we do a linkedin if you look into it's linkedin COM matt cannabis is going to have like updates images of installations of when we do podcasts articles things like that.

00:51:14.550 --> 00:51:16.440 Jonathan Colavita: And you're both on linkedin yes.

00:51:16.740 --> 00:51:24.990 Jonathan Colavita: Yes, so we can people can reach out to you that way now you had mentioned bigger facilities out.

00:51:26.790 --> 00:51:30.120 Jonathan Colavita: Bigger facilities right, you said now you're focusing on or.

00:51:30.900 --> 00:51:37.410 geomat2: What sense the press, the press we've been getting well you know we're lucky we got some good pressing cannabis tech.

00:51:37.890 --> 00:51:48.090 geomat2: They you know they gave us a rave review about the new technology that's coming out that when we moved into the space we got some calls from that we've been in.

00:51:49.050 --> 00:51:56.700 geomat2: Japan or we had a lot of press from that we're going to be in nj biz next month, this month it's about it's going to be out there.

00:51:58.500 --> 00:52:04.560 geomat2: But what what i'm getting Johnny is the guys from the real estate market which i'm like, why are they equal you know.

00:52:06.000 --> 00:52:13.860 geomat2: they're like look, this is what we're doing we love your product it's not penetrating we don't want to lease this out and then, when we get it back, we have an environmental pop.

00:52:14.430 --> 00:52:21.660 geomat2: So that's that's the whole one that i'm focusing in with these guys and they really like that, but.

00:52:22.350 --> 00:52:35.070 geomat2: Like you said once I got into this lane like he said there's so many people jumping in right it wouldn't different things, and when I started talking with the companies that are doing a triple leasebacks I thought it was brilliant.

00:52:36.330 --> 00:52:47.100 geomat2: And they will they will want to be protected, they all want to turn key so you know I am I getting into likes I don't want to do likes, I just want to do your containment aspect any way I can capture the water.

00:52:47.940 --> 00:52:55.950 Jonathan Colavita: Beautiful when you think of cannabis really the the two most important things other than any cannabis still is the real estate real property.

00:52:56.520 --> 00:52:58.350 Jonathan Colavita: And the structure of the lease upon that property.

00:52:58.830 --> 00:53:11.340 Jonathan Colavita: Those are really the only things that are being used to leverage money to actually do the funding for these components, because the only real asset that a company could take back and say all right, well, we have the land to leverage as debt.

00:53:12.540 --> 00:53:22.230 Jonathan Colavita: Because you're not going to leverage the planet it's not stable enough so you leverage the land, but because a lot of these things are somebody buys it they get the license.

00:53:23.160 --> 00:53:26.940 Jonathan Colavita: They don't do great and then somebody else buys them out and then things shift.

00:53:27.240 --> 00:53:35.610 Jonathan Colavita: So, for having GEO map being able to be something that can be installed and then take it out with not being almost like a semi permanent kind of structure.

00:53:35.880 --> 00:53:40.470 Jonathan Colavita: It allows those people that own that space or leasing that space.

00:53:40.770 --> 00:53:50.190 Jonathan Colavita: Or at least the next group to come in to be able to say okay well we're going to make a switch or they can relocate it so it gives them options, which is very important, when you're talking about.

00:53:50.460 --> 00:54:01.350 Jonathan Colavita: laying out, especially a bigger facility, so the fact that you know the rooms could change and maybe what was originally a propagation room becomes a vegetation room and so on and so forth.

00:54:01.680 --> 00:54:09.750 Jonathan Colavita: Well then, GEO matt doesn't make it any harder it just allows you to be adaptable and functional and then you can use it in this room or.

00:54:10.020 --> 00:54:18.810 Jonathan Colavita: Can can these be repurposed to I mean do you repurpose let's say they want to shift it into another room or have you had requests like that, or you deal with any kind of.

00:54:18.960 --> 00:54:26.190 geomat2: yeah not not mistakes, but definitely in the other markets that I worked with you know all right, we had a typical one for car.

00:54:26.520 --> 00:54:34.290 geomat2: In this building our wherever we want you to take it out, because we lost her least be wanting this new bill, so we take the whole system and we put it into gold.

00:54:34.680 --> 00:54:44.430 geomat2: But to get back to what you were saying about the rooms shifting and all that the big part of it, too, is that i'm not penetrating the ground we're not cutting the concrete to put rains in.

00:54:44.760 --> 00:54:53.040 geomat2: So that's my past and a lot of permitting process right so as we know, once you get tied up with permitting that takes a hard time very long time.

00:54:53.400 --> 00:54:57.060 geomat2: So they're having a hard enough time getting the interior stuff permanent.

00:54:57.480 --> 00:55:06.300 geomat2: And then we're saying okay we're going to cloud and we're going to put sore dreams in, then you get into the technical aspect okay it's another fixture what's your pitch to low with the water take.

00:55:06.660 --> 00:55:16.050 geomat2: Now you know all that comes in, like Oh, we don't have a drain here we're going to put you on that we're not to worry about it so i'll be recycled and then we can pop it out so that's a big on it.

00:55:17.280 --> 00:55:24.300 Jonathan Colavita: Hot no you gotta go run on patna you got it going on, because permits are such a pain in the.

00:55:24.300 --> 00:55:25.380 geomat2: ass please.

00:55:25.560 --> 00:55:27.990 geomat2: So can I got Gray hair.

00:55:29.850 --> 00:55:34.170 geomat2: i'd be talking to you from a big bone right now, if I had problems with permits my whole life.

00:55:35.130 --> 00:55:39.720 Jonathan Colavita: or or any of that or any of these are the EPA or fines or any of that stuff.

00:55:40.980 --> 00:55:47.340 geomat2: doesn't bother me because they love me I do what I do you don't know, am I good they're my friends, you know i'm saying i'm like.

00:55:48.480 --> 00:55:51.900 geomat2: But the permit people are you know very special breed sometimes.

00:55:52.920 --> 00:56:02.670 Jonathan Colavita: You actually have, and you know what now I think about it a great marketing opportunity for you guys, is the fact that you are self sustainable and there's nothing more that.

00:56:03.330 --> 00:56:14.940 Jonathan Colavita: If you were going to pull cannabis consumers, they are very much pro or pro environment sustainability, so I think people that oh yeah.

00:56:17.250 --> 00:56:19.620 geomat2: There you go make a real world impact it.

00:56:19.920 --> 00:56:22.620 Jonathan Colavita: That sticker is amazing I want one of those.

00:56:23.760 --> 00:56:26.850 geomat2: Before we get on because 70 stuff will send you swag back.

00:56:28.680 --> 00:56:37.320 Jonathan Colavita: A lot most swag bag always wears flag always where you'll see it on the next episode a little thing I don't care I love it that's that you have that on a shirt.

00:56:37.860 --> 00:56:41.040 Jonathan Colavita: yeah oh yeah this gene is the best.

00:56:42.300 --> 00:56:44.490 geomat2: The blimp don't overcharge you don't own a metal and.

00:56:46.200 --> 00:56:50.310 Jonathan Colavita: telling you man that and that symbol of recycling man that's it that's a staple.

00:56:50.490 --> 00:56:54.900 geomat2: And, to put it in Thank you that's that's my daughter came up with that when I thought that was a great marketing.

00:56:55.500 --> 00:56:59.070 Jonathan Colavita: Yes, you and that's you were your graphic designer also.

00:56:59.460 --> 00:56:59.820 yeah.

00:57:00.870 --> 00:57:01.860 Jonathan Colavita: yeah so I mean.

00:57:02.880 --> 00:57:04.740 Did you matt here with the marketing.

00:57:05.790 --> 00:57:09.180 Jonathan Colavita: that's the father daughter combination right there it's really awesome.

00:57:09.840 --> 00:57:19.170 geomat2: One too, but I that's when that came out i'm like that was what the light bulb went out, we were tying it all together, yes it's.

00:57:19.260 --> 00:57:25.530 Jonathan Colavita: it's so awesome and for the future you're working on making some new patents, I guess, is what sounds like.

00:57:25.590 --> 00:57:29.160 geomat2: Some new idea there's a there's a patent right now that.

00:57:30.240 --> 00:57:39.960 geomat2: That should be coming very soon, that has to do with the Alex permanent living plan so that's that's my six pack that has to do with capture and recycle.

00:57:40.290 --> 00:57:42.180 Jonathan Colavita: of six you have six.

00:57:45.030 --> 00:57:47.700 Jonathan Colavita: Well, today has been a great episode.

00:57:48.480 --> 00:57:57.090 Jonathan Colavita: For all those folks at home that have listened in and for all those cannabis professionals that have a cultivation space are thinking of making cultivation space.

00:57:57.330 --> 00:58:03.240 Jonathan Colavita: or know people that are expanding into different states, because these guys will go to all 50 that we can.

00:58:03.660 --> 00:58:15.360 Jonathan Colavita: Definitely put in a system that will help you make sure your EPA sound OSHA sound, you can retain your water, you can keep a better place less permits there's so many so many perks with GEO matt.

00:58:15.930 --> 00:58:30.120 Jonathan Colavita: it's worth a call if you're in that space today Albert to shard Isabella to shard Father daughter team of GEO matt Thank you so much for coming out to planet pocket low low and.

00:58:30.900 --> 00:58:39.450 Jonathan Colavita: I guess I would love to have you back as another guest another time, maybe tell us a few months from now, we catch it again, maybe some updates about.

00:58:39.600 --> 00:58:41.370 geomat2: You taking the time john I really do.

00:58:42.180 --> 00:58:50.430 Jonathan Colavita: Thank you for taking the time alright folks i'm Johnny tsunami this planet taco low low you're less taboo view talk radio dot nyc everybody have a great night.

00:58:52.230 --> 00:58:52.710 Thanks guys.

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