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Thursday, September 16, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/09/16 - Planet Pakalolo Meets Christian Pakalolo

Facebook Live Video from 2021/09/16 - Planet Pakalolo Meets Christian Pakalolo


2021/09/16 - Planet Pakalolo Meets Christian Pakalolo

[New Episode] Planet Pakalolo Meets Christian Pakalolo

Flying into Planet Pakalolo this week we have a very special guest.  My close friend Christian Varas (a.k.a. Christian Pakalolo) has been a friend of mine for over 20 years.  If you were to ask who the inspiration was for creating the show's title, look no further. Christian and I met each other in college, and Cannabis became our common ground where we created endless moments, mischievous mishaps, and ultimately labeled ourselves "Cannabis Cannasseurs".  To this day, he and I still talk about the good old days when it was just Kush or Dro, and how much the industry has changed from when we were young lads playing with this plant.

Recently, Christian moved from the East Coast, and made his way over to beautiful sunny Hawaii.  I always said that if one man was going to settle in "The Aloha State", it would be him.  In this episode, Christian will grace us with those warm island vibes and illuminate the beautiful world of Hawaii.  We will talk about the benefits of Pakalolo and why Hawaii has such a deep relationship with the plant.  Consider this episode to be a fan favorite, and keep in mind that we will be visiting Christian in February when we air, "Planet Pakalolo live from Oahu".  In the meantime, let's have a great hour with the Man, the Myth, the Legend, Christian Pakalolo.

Tune in for this crazy conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Johnny introduces his friend for over twenty years Christian Varas (a.k.a. Christian Pakalolo). The two start the show off talking about Christians recent move to Hawaii. Christian shares his recent endeavors on working on his house and detailing cars. The two talk about the hardship of getting a house in Hawaii and deciding whether or not to flip and sell or to stay put with the instability of the home available on the islands. Christian shares that he doesn’t see himself moving back to New Jersey after seeing the different options the world has to offer.

Segment 2

The two talk about past experiences they have shared and how it has affected their relationship to this day. They turn the conversation to focus on the industry and advocates involved in the marijuana distribution. Johnny shares his and Christians past experiences with state troopers and getting caught with cannabis. The two enjoy themselves as they talk about the fun memory and all the feelings they went through in their moments of fear and adrenaline. The two then talk about how cannabis affects them personally, Christian focuses on knowing your limits and being responsible. The two apply this concept to their ski trip and tell that although they all have consumed cannabis they all went about their ski trip with no injuries and no harm done. The conversation turns to athletes and celebrities that use cannabis and how no one should have to hide.

Segment 3

The two talk about their first experiences with cannabis, Christian shares that at first cannabis was not his favorite but as anyone can tell from his alter ego Christian “Pakalolo '' his opinion has changed. The two talk about the different names that cannabis has been called. The two discuss which plants are their preferences and how they have seen the difference between homegrown and bought cannabis. Christian tells how he did not grow for the market but just for personal use. Jonny shares that he sees the upsides to growing your own cannabis in relation to buying from an outsider. Johnny tells that Christian is a good representation of the market and how consumers view cannabis distribution.

Segment 4

The two talk about their message to the listeners. They talk about how the episode consisted of a lot of what their friendship has entailed. They talk about being advocates for cannabis but knowing your limits based on personal experience. Christian push people to do their own thing, life is different for everyone and the two of them agree that the grass isn't always greener on the other side but what truly matters is where you plant the seeds.


00:00:36.480 --> 00:00:48.960 Jonathan Tsunami: Good evening everyone i'm Johnny tsunami, and this is planted pato low low a less taboo view and for those of you who don't know talk to follow his hawaiian slang for crazy tobacco.

00:00:49.590 --> 00:01:07.950 Jonathan Tsunami: But we're trying to take the crazy out of cannabis by talking to people who are either enthusiasts lovers or professionals professionals trying to get into the space and most of all advocates who want to educate and proliferate this beautiful plan amongst the stars.

00:01:10.110 --> 00:01:20.460 Jonathan Tsunami: Today guess what I am here today with Christian virus, my friend from college 20 years crystal minutes.

00:01:21.810 --> 00:01:22.560 Jonathan Tsunami: No government.

00:01:23.910 --> 00:01:24.900 Jonathan Tsunami: it's too late now.

00:01:26.520 --> 00:01:32.100 Jonathan Tsunami: But we also call them something else and actually you can find them on instagram was Christian pocket low low.

00:01:33.270 --> 00:01:33.570 Jonathan Tsunami: weeds.

00:01:34.800 --> 00:01:35.430 Jonathan Tsunami: Just cars.

00:01:36.540 --> 00:01:42.360 Jonathan Tsunami: You will not find any weed stuff on there, you will find a cause very nice, what do you work hard, you have again.

00:01:43.560 --> 00:01:45.420 Jonathan Tsunami: You know out as ours for.

00:01:46.890 --> 00:01:49.680 Jonathan Tsunami: GTS Porsche and then at some point to.

00:01:50.820 --> 00:01:52.650 Jonathan Tsunami: lovely what they have names.

00:01:54.090 --> 00:01:58.230 Jonathan Tsunami: I just keep them clean that's it So here we go fun fact.

00:01:59.640 --> 00:02:07.560 Jonathan Tsunami: today's episode is special because my man here for over 20 years being my friend We grew up together through college and then moved on from there.

00:02:08.040 --> 00:02:19.650 Jonathan Tsunami: And there was one guy who I always said y'all somebody's going to go and they're going to leave the east coast, because Christians from the east coast, such as myself, whatever is wondering rates you started.

00:02:21.630 --> 00:02:22.140 Jonathan Tsunami: In Jersey.

00:02:23.460 --> 00:02:27.150 Jonathan Tsunami: It would be this guy to go to Hawaii.

00:02:28.320 --> 00:02:38.910 Jonathan Tsunami: And, in November, what did you go to cover last September we're hitting a year, but here he's been in the lovely aloha state it's been a good time.

00:02:40.410 --> 00:02:44.250 Jonathan Tsunami: Tell me a little bit of what it's like currently in the state.

00:02:45.450 --> 00:02:46.770 Jonathan Tsunami: Of Hawaii terms what.

00:02:47.790 --> 00:02:49.470 Jonathan Tsunami: that's a good question I wasn't ready for that.

00:02:51.420 --> 00:03:01.590 Jonathan Tsunami: Is it's lovely lovely do they have a lot of crime, you know they have everybody's got crime status fresher anything's and this and that but.

00:03:02.820 --> 00:03:03.210 Jonathan Tsunami: I mean.

00:03:04.320 --> 00:03:05.550 Jonathan Tsunami: it's just like a really city.

00:03:06.720 --> 00:03:13.140 Jonathan Tsunami: I heard some someone had told me that mayor Giuliani had actually paid a whole bunch of bonds to fly out to Hawaii.

00:03:13.890 --> 00:03:31.740 Jonathan Tsunami: tickets, is there a lot of home I think there's a decent homeless homeless and it's also a good amount of house this House Leslie I mean by that isn't they work they you know have jobs, but why just become so expensive I can't afford a home or you're in a position to buy one.

00:03:33.180 --> 00:03:41.760 Jonathan Tsunami: So long i'm cleaning is a good amount of Rentals but I mean like as in people who you know they just don't have a shot to get into a house.

00:03:43.500 --> 00:03:50.850 Jonathan Tsunami: I guess what's the weather like three kinds of people in Hawaii not three kinds, but if I was in you know you've got a wealthier.

00:03:51.870 --> 00:04:04.770 Jonathan Tsunami: People that aren't from the island and you have the natives or Polynesian people of the island and then you also have the Asian Community says it's a big melting pot it's got everybody everybody's there.

00:04:05.970 --> 00:04:22.890 Jonathan Tsunami: But it's an island so real estate is very tight tight and expensive and hard to come by you know there's a planet pocket low low in Hawaii I did not know that it was it's a medical but it's not open anymore there's a there's a few medical shops, the same around have your own.

00:04:24.540 --> 00:04:24.900 Jonathan Tsunami: Car.

00:04:26.610 --> 00:04:28.620 Jonathan Tsunami: How do you how do you obtain your.

00:04:29.700 --> 00:04:30.270 Jonathan Tsunami: pocket Lola.

00:04:31.650 --> 00:04:35.040 Jonathan Tsunami: Can I say that I mean you could say you don't say guys.

00:04:38.040 --> 00:04:40.950 Jonathan Tsunami: Is it from the dole plantation or whatever yeah come on.

00:04:42.540 --> 00:04:44.160 Jonathan Tsunami: Girls right out in the pineapple.

00:04:45.510 --> 00:04:54.390 Jonathan Tsunami: pineapple, this is a very friendly terms of marijuana I mean it's still illegal but uh well it's medical.

00:04:55.110 --> 00:05:06.270 Jonathan Tsunami: Well, I mean totally wrapping it around there's no recreational there's no right yeah so no I mean i'm not like hundred percent of weight loss i'm really oh my loss, what do you do in your own way.

00:05:08.160 --> 00:05:19.050 Jonathan Tsunami: When you're in Hawaii right, what are you doing right now currently in Hawaii right now detail and card detail, you can but you're working on the crib to yeah yeah I had to.

00:05:20.970 --> 00:05:23.460 Jonathan Tsunami: do a lot of work on the home purchase it.

00:05:25.980 --> 00:05:31.260 Jonathan Tsunami: Surely getting their prices, a little high on materials now but someone's there yeah.

00:05:32.340 --> 00:05:42.330 Jonathan Tsunami: it's been a process working on myself, and then I got like some helpers and some guys are like pretty solid they told me a lot of stuff because I didn't know what I was doing hawaiian good local guys.

00:05:44.460 --> 00:05:45.630 Jonathan Tsunami: very friendly helpful.

00:05:47.730 --> 00:05:48.240 Jonathan Tsunami: I mean.

00:05:50.070 --> 00:05:56.340 Jonathan Tsunami: They told me a lot of stuff man, otherwise you know I would have been like run around in circles yeah and then you say what you pay for the House.

00:05:57.210 --> 00:06:08.520 Jonathan Tsunami: um it's about 400 around the time it's not bad got napa now you flipping and make some money on it so obviously that's a risky business because he flipped but you don't know if you can get into another home.

00:06:10.260 --> 00:06:25.170 Jonathan Tsunami: leno did suddenly noted is it's kind of like you know i'm not the kind of can just buy a house and sell it right away now like, it would have to be a part words enough money where I could afford something else in Hawaii otherwise i'm out.

00:06:26.220 --> 00:06:33.750 Jonathan Tsunami: The mentality see that's like this the island mentality, I think what the do not over.

00:06:34.800 --> 00:06:37.380 Jonathan Tsunami: You know not minimalism maybe.

00:06:39.900 --> 00:06:42.180 Jonathan Tsunami: Conservation of energy so speak.

00:06:45.690 --> 00:06:45.960 Jonathan Tsunami: To.

00:06:50.490 --> 00:06:53.490 Jonathan Tsunami: This, but I think still.

00:06:54.990 --> 00:06:58.830 Jonathan Tsunami: to learn and build your own House like I did it with my house back in.

00:07:00.450 --> 00:07:02.520 Jonathan Tsunami: Again over over 10 years ago.

00:07:03.540 --> 00:07:13.260 Jonathan Tsunami: And we sold it and, unfortunately, they had a wall accident at the House but a flood and whatnot well that's another thing over there.

00:07:14.580 --> 00:07:25.020 Jonathan Tsunami: But everything's mapped so you don't have to worry about flooding, I mean this you know, depending on where you are I guess it's anything happened, but you know you know, so you can have my slides.

00:07:29.100 --> 00:07:29.310 Jonathan Tsunami: Now.

00:07:30.450 --> 00:07:31.080 Jonathan Tsunami: But uh.

00:07:32.910 --> 00:07:35.850 Jonathan Tsunami: You know it's it's an island where so.

00:07:37.590 --> 00:07:45.930 Jonathan Tsunami: something goes wrong, it can be real bad you see i'll point this out to our listeners right now come lay back, he is he's like.

00:07:46.740 --> 00:07:57.930 Jonathan Tsunami: i'm going to tell you about why you know I mean from what i've learned, you know i'm still i'm still a Jersey boy isn't have but it's like sunsets like this, though i'm still rocking New Jersey plates and boy.

00:08:00.480 --> 00:08:05.880 Jonathan Tsunami: Jersey boys Jersey boys baby Jersey boys, but representative.

00:08:06.660 --> 00:08:16.830 Jonathan Tsunami: You left and you went to Hawaii so which is better living out West or living out on the island life, or is it my mind man you win this we were city kids we would go.

00:08:17.610 --> 00:08:37.500 Jonathan Tsunami: Driving in the car on the West side you know smoking else have a New Jersey go get food I love New Jersey, in the summer is great, I mean six lovely place to be not in New Jersey New York i'm seeing the metro areas this little area now yes little tri state area do but.

00:08:39.390 --> 00:08:40.470 Jonathan Tsunami: I don't think I could ever move back.

00:08:42.420 --> 00:08:48.630 Jonathan Tsunami: big words folks words it's a different life i'm not saying it's a better life, but.

00:08:54.990 --> 00:08:59.370 Jonathan Tsunami: You don't need as much as you need here.

00:09:00.720 --> 00:09:02.340 Jonathan Tsunami: price of living is very high here.

00:09:03.510 --> 00:09:07.260 Jonathan Tsunami: yeah you have property taxes to those things, so I don't want to pay those.

00:09:08.490 --> 00:09:12.120 Jonathan Tsunami: So, what are you saying what's the deal, and why they're lower a lot less okay like.

00:09:13.920 --> 00:09:15.360 Jonathan Tsunami: Property taxes super low.

00:09:16.800 --> 00:09:30.090 Jonathan Tsunami: price of living in this area is super duper high I would agree, but so what he's saying, though, like when you go out there you buy a gallon of milk or whatever same some things are more expensive some things are.

00:09:31.560 --> 00:09:39.540 Jonathan Tsunami: You know I spent $120 right here in New Jersey at the supermarket spent about the same over there okay all right.

00:09:40.560 --> 00:09:47.430 Jonathan Tsunami: Okay, I mean it's just would you raise your kids there yeah yeah you saying you would have kids I didn't say that.

00:09:49.380 --> 00:09:52.560 Jonathan Tsunami: Another thing I want to point out to sidetrack a little bit.

00:09:55.110 --> 00:10:09.270 Jonathan Tsunami: Never you know, I was wondering, first I got hitched boom, you know kids young man young man young no kids I mean this guy no kids no kids still turn sideways first just your head let's just turn the head.

00:10:10.590 --> 00:10:13.380 Jonathan Tsunami: Look at that top notch you know what he hit up in that shit.

00:10:15.780 --> 00:10:23.760 Jonathan Tsunami: To get out of trouble and still the same the vibe the feel the energy when you move to an island.

00:10:25.260 --> 00:10:38.040 Jonathan Tsunami: What does it change like vibration wise you go from living on the east coast super super duper just energies all through the wall right people are like crazy right right, like me and then.

00:10:38.790 --> 00:10:45.630 Jonathan Tsunami: Right and then you go out there and it's completely thing so talk me through that or just a little bit.

00:10:46.890 --> 00:10:49.050 Jonathan Tsunami: it's just been quite has been super welcoming.

00:10:50.280 --> 00:10:53.610 Jonathan Tsunami: I can't say anything bad about the place, I mean.

00:10:54.900 --> 00:10:59.700 Jonathan Tsunami: I was probably just like any place else but, for the most part of these my experience.

00:11:02.010 --> 00:11:07.920 Jonathan Tsunami: I love it hmm and you have your closing out there, right now, because we're not there yet yeah um but.

00:11:10.560 --> 00:11:11.700 Jonathan Tsunami: For what I get out there.

00:11:12.840 --> 00:11:15.540 Jonathan Tsunami: and trade it for any other place in the world.

00:11:16.680 --> 00:11:27.990 Jonathan Tsunami: We go outside sunny 8484 all year pretty much I mean got the beach 10 minutes away 75 degrees crystal clear.

00:11:29.010 --> 00:11:32.250 Jonathan Tsunami: Wake up in the morning on the water even do some work in the House.

00:11:33.450 --> 00:11:35.370 Jonathan Tsunami: Then you're doing your job, whatever.

00:11:37.830 --> 00:11:42.180 Jonathan Tsunami: What am I thinking right now well obviously you could tell by the screen.

00:11:43.620 --> 00:11:51.390 Jonathan Tsunami: Why, and we both have 80 days, so we moved a lot so it's hard to have one of these bags cheap cheap it's a false foldable share.

00:11:53.520 --> 00:11:55.110 Jonathan Tsunami: But I will say this.

00:11:56.970 --> 00:12:06.720 Jonathan Tsunami: That it's always been like this the guys always promoted Hawaii I remember, he would go, we went to college together, you can go live.

00:12:07.980 --> 00:12:09.150 Jonathan Tsunami: coming out with change your life.

00:12:10.770 --> 00:12:24.810 Jonathan Tsunami: I mean you can allow the way this guy talks to me, I felt like you know chill vibe in New Jersey is great, but the wintertime and it kills you it's it's rough you're inside, I mean you can get to like the mountain ski like how often can do that.

00:12:25.500 --> 00:12:37.140 Jonathan Tsunami: Especially like now like you're all you're all do but, like the way me, you know I am all so like well you can't just like leave the mountain time you want your work and stuff.

00:12:38.730 --> 00:12:47.580 Jonathan Tsunami: So I mean it was rough like I was just like seasonal depression actually guy I would say yes, even fashion, like every September it was like.

00:12:49.170 --> 00:12:51.780 Jonathan Tsunami: Just kind of taking the chains off he's making me cry.

00:12:54.240 --> 00:12:56.970 Jonathan Tsunami: Seasonal depression, so I was literally a.

00:12:58.440 --> 00:13:03.900 Jonathan Tsunami: weird dude I was like today, I was like, finally, like, I saw some leaves on the ground was like.

00:13:05.130 --> 00:13:06.270 Jonathan Tsunami: i'm going to welcome the fall.

00:13:08.010 --> 00:13:11.610 Jonathan Tsunami: But it's just it's like I look at is like death no everything's like dying.

00:13:13.290 --> 00:13:31.530 Jonathan Tsunami: Look at this way it's the leaves are falling down and their death is the remainder, yes, as a part of life, but the tree is just shedding the leaves the energy goes down to the earth doesn't go away, it just stays below you you you.

00:13:32.550 --> 00:13:45.270 Jonathan Tsunami: You guys have been in the tropics in the jungle he doesn't want to hear my answer yo I mean listen wintertime there are some people who i'm just not one of those people.

00:13:46.980 --> 00:13:50.040 Jonathan Tsunami: It shocked me because, when we go on like yeah you know.

00:13:51.270 --> 00:13:58.020 Jonathan Tsunami: I like to ski you know I got that's 1000 skiers know snowboarding skiing no.

00:13:59.040 --> 00:14:09.510 Jonathan Tsunami: No, no, no snowboarding for me my son my son tried it once he did Okay, and then, when we took him to the top he was like man there's some fun ski trips and.

00:14:16.890 --> 00:14:18.510 Jonathan Tsunami: yeah yeah I.

00:14:19.710 --> 00:14:20.130 Jonathan Tsunami: mean.

00:14:21.990 --> 00:14:24.960 Jonathan Tsunami: yeah this is this is definitely.

00:14:26.250 --> 00:14:34.530 Jonathan Tsunami: Definitely Oh, you know we've had some fun ski trips yeah it's it's an involved some amazing stuff encounters as being part of all you know.

00:14:36.450 --> 00:14:47.280 Jonathan Tsunami: let's go let's take a break right there and we'll talk about how cannabis is a big part that remember that the big part of what we how we are who we are.

00:14:47.880 --> 00:15:05.790 Jonathan Tsunami: So i'm here right now with Christian taco low low Johnny tsunami, this is Christian buckle low low be prepared for like special guest appearances that are going to keep coming in from time to time and we'll be right back after these messages planet taco low low and less taboo you.

00:15:07.350 --> 00:15:09.840 Jonathan Tsunami: Talk radio dot nyc we'll be right back.

00:17:22.800 --> 00:17:32.400 Jonathan Tsunami: Alright folks we're back it's made Johnny tsunami with Christian park Hello on the planet taco loco show Christian know.

00:17:34.020 --> 00:17:40.740 Jonathan Tsunami: We finished on the last break and, by the way for those evil know Christians and the like, but he's kind of like the beetlejuice of the plan.

00:17:44.370 --> 00:17:47.760 Jonathan Tsunami: Exactly he's way more attractive 6.5.

00:17:49.320 --> 00:17:49.440 Jonathan Tsunami: You.

00:17:50.820 --> 00:17:52.260 Jonathan Tsunami: know not that people choose.

00:17:53.280 --> 00:17:55.620 Jonathan Tsunami: Howard stern's being assume oh.

00:17:56.910 --> 00:18:04.740 Jonathan Tsunami: it's a radio now there is video, but so yeah but again way more attractive still alive.

00:18:07.500 --> 00:18:07.980 Jonathan Tsunami: I like that.

00:18:09.420 --> 00:18:28.590 Jonathan Tsunami: We finished the last break, we were talking about cannabis right so let's just be specific here Christian is Christian pack a low low is not is not in the cannabis business per se Okay, he is an advocate yeah a proponent yeah.

00:18:31.140 --> 00:18:36.540 Jonathan Tsunami: And I love her enthusiasm enthusiasm absolutely a cannabis cannabis or.

00:18:40.320 --> 00:18:41.280 Jonathan Tsunami: Like decades, I guess.

00:18:42.660 --> 00:18:43.020 Jonathan Tsunami: it's been.

00:18:45.540 --> 00:18:48.930 Jonathan Tsunami: tasting yeah it's taken a while.

00:18:51.990 --> 00:18:52.410 Jonathan Tsunami: So.

00:18:56.340 --> 00:18:57.840 Jonathan Tsunami: I want to get to go ahead.

00:18:59.070 --> 00:19:09.990 Jonathan Tsunami: I can't believe it's legal right now I leave and i'll send recursion illegal ironic here's the guy who I wouldn't say introduced me because I met, I met Mary Jane before I met Christian but.

00:19:11.820 --> 00:19:20.820 Jonathan Tsunami: We burned on both we both hung out with Mary Jane you know, so that at the end of became like wow you know who else you going to hang out with the drinking buddy Jeff smoking buddy.

00:19:22.170 --> 00:19:29.970 Jonathan Tsunami: i'm proud to say that you were my buddy he's also an old joke side and he's also in my he was in my wedding that's right.

00:19:32.190 --> 00:19:33.570 Jonathan Tsunami: Man Castle, I gave him.

00:19:34.770 --> 00:19:38.850 Jonathan Tsunami: I gave I gave everybody in my party, a really nice card.

00:19:40.050 --> 00:19:42.450 Jonathan Tsunami: He cried when I gave it to well that's a lie.

00:19:43.740 --> 00:19:46.650 Jonathan Tsunami: I saw tears in his eyes.

00:19:50.850 --> 00:19:52.110 Jonathan Tsunami: feel embarrassed or whatever.

00:19:53.190 --> 00:19:57.720 Jonathan Tsunami: I just came out we weren't expecting it's all good it's all good, it was a very touching letter.

00:20:00.600 --> 00:20:03.120 Jonathan Tsunami: it's pretty deep for a guy not very deep.

00:20:04.410 --> 00:20:07.650 Jonathan Tsunami: Deeper no not really okay.

00:20:09.060 --> 00:20:11.910 Jonathan Tsunami: we're gonna go we're gonna stop it right there.

00:20:13.380 --> 00:20:13.890 Jonathan Tsunami: So.

00:20:14.910 --> 00:20:30.120 Jonathan Tsunami: The industry has professionals and then we have advocates people that are the market share right people that go and buy cannabis consumer small different forms, so it'd be important to have somebody on the show they can talk about it myself an amateur.

00:20:31.980 --> 00:20:32.340 Jonathan Tsunami: Amateur.

00:20:36.120 --> 00:20:40.500 Jonathan Tsunami: did have a little experience yeah absolutely so you know.

00:20:41.520 --> 00:20:43.800 Jonathan Tsunami: And I and consumer experience through the roof.

00:20:45.210 --> 00:20:45.660 Through the.

00:20:47.850 --> 00:20:50.730 Jonathan Tsunami: wants yeah and i'm sorry.

00:20:54.660 --> 00:20:55.740 Jonathan Tsunami: i've actually started switch to.

00:20:57.390 --> 00:21:02.550 Jonathan Tsunami: This it's very difficult to find Dutch masters he's also a lot younger how old enough.

00:21:03.840 --> 00:21:07.500 Jonathan Tsunami: i'm old what 636 30.

00:21:09.630 --> 00:21:10.860 Jonathan Tsunami: that's where you're older got.

00:21:13.350 --> 00:21:16.950 Jonathan Tsunami: My beard is darker but your hairs on there, and much longer.

00:21:18.360 --> 00:21:33.540 Jonathan Tsunami: lives to trade knows Oh, you can lose tomorrow what my airfare now you ain't happening never now that he's been to the island he probably just rubs coconut oil all over himself details a car takes a phone call.

00:21:34.590 --> 00:21:38.490 Jonathan Tsunami: what's your what's your growth into the detail is very serious what's your girlfriend's.

00:21:39.630 --> 00:21:44.280 Jonathan Tsunami: Try and try and close up trend trend i'm boiling up my hair come on.

00:21:45.780 --> 00:21:46.890 Jonathan Tsunami: The details very serious.

00:21:48.150 --> 00:21:58.530 Jonathan Tsunami: Oh no it's kind of a kind of perfectionist is beautiful beautiful I can't help myself if you're in Hawaii and you have hubspot and why, and you want to get a dope.

00:21:59.790 --> 00:22:07.320 Jonathan Tsunami: Job paint correction, or you know check out his instagram it's Christian pato loma I mean i'm again it's not hard.

00:22:07.800 --> 00:22:24.000 Jonathan Tsunami: it's not a plug you know it's all you know plug but harmless plug but uh yeah man like you know it's just like another one of my bike I would call myself an enthusiastic as well, very good so let's look at this, we were driving up on the turnpike right, you know.

00:22:25.530 --> 00:22:34.200 Jonathan Tsunami: In a Mercedes wagon flying at five and then smoking on the way up to the ski trips and we're talking about ski trips before the break.

00:22:35.640 --> 00:22:44.430 Jonathan Tsunami: Again, the story, so we you know we get to ski trip around the seeds for me i'm flying pulled over state trooper.

00:22:45.480 --> 00:22:46.410 Jonathan Tsunami: Cars things.

00:22:47.670 --> 00:22:49.590 Jonathan Tsunami: race, I was like wait.

00:22:51.450 --> 00:22:53.760 Jonathan Tsunami: Wait don't tell us over puts him on one in the car.

00:22:55.830 --> 00:22:59.250 Jonathan Tsunami: broke down i'm not even gonna win and I don't want to make like.

00:23:01.290 --> 00:23:02.460 Jonathan Tsunami: I was like you said.

00:23:06.450 --> 00:23:21.570 Jonathan Tsunami: And it was available, it was minimal it was minimal amount, and it was a bad day I realized that these guys even back then they didn't care they were thinking it was like 1020 maybe 100 pounds, whatever that was enough for us to be like go up there, and like smaller.

00:23:22.890 --> 00:23:27.360 Jonathan Tsunami: You say though didn't have and it's post facto now, so you can't be.

00:23:29.280 --> 00:23:33.570 Jonathan Tsunami: did have a he had like a half or a quarter or something not at all.

00:23:35.070 --> 00:23:44.400 Jonathan Tsunami: When we split it so we had a quarter or you know how awesome he is is that I fucked up by last half of it, plus it was his flowery get paid for it and.

00:23:45.030 --> 00:23:53.970 Jonathan Tsunami: Then we get really lose half that we have and then he's got the rest of it still split it with me dude that's fucking friendship and then i'm still.

00:23:56.070 --> 00:23:57.720 Jonathan Tsunami: Testimony I love.

00:23:59.280 --> 00:24:04.650 Jonathan Tsunami: love you bro but the thing is that's cannabis yeah.

00:24:05.970 --> 00:24:10.560 Jonathan Tsunami: You up on the way I wasn't me now i'm gonna if I can remember that was amazing like little batch we had there.

00:24:12.390 --> 00:24:22.080 Jonathan Tsunami: Was tasty tasty tasty that was funny it was good time man, please split us up to pit us against each other.

00:24:24.240 --> 00:24:28.830 Jonathan Tsunami: He never he never he never said no, so I was like damn song solid.

00:24:30.990 --> 00:24:31.740 Jonathan Tsunami: No, of course not.

00:24:34.500 --> 00:24:35.010 Jonathan Tsunami: work like that.

00:24:36.060 --> 00:24:36.450 Jonathan Tsunami: But.

00:24:37.500 --> 00:24:41.340 Jonathan Tsunami: i'll tell you this much you push them through definitely pushing I was watching.

00:24:44.880 --> 00:24:48.510 Jonathan Tsunami: For 310 super triple glasses on wrong, he was on you.

00:24:51.900 --> 00:24:55.260 Jonathan Tsunami: you're doing you're doing 16.

00:24:57.810 --> 00:25:06.330 Jonathan Tsunami: It wasn't a bad guy it was just you know listen, I went back up, because then they forced me to go back to court, so we went all the way up to the mountain we finished future but came back home.

00:25:06.960 --> 00:25:19.470 Jonathan Tsunami: And then I go up I drive all the way up with my skis because i'm like i'm going way of finding out because the Court was in the middle of nowhere anyway, so my issue I go over there, go to hunter mountain side shoot it.

00:25:20.010 --> 00:25:28.380 Jonathan Tsunami: You know, small good job on the way there yeah totally irresponsible not saying it's right stupid young kid.

00:25:29.820 --> 00:25:33.120 Jonathan Tsunami: But it's, not to say that everybody else on the mountain wasn't already.

00:25:34.470 --> 00:25:41.490 Jonathan Tsunami: You know you get on a gondola and for those For those of you who the gondola right it's it's like.

00:25:42.510 --> 00:25:48.300 Jonathan Tsunami: You know it's like a ski lift, but instead it's like a zeebo it's a box it's a it looks like it's a gazebo.

00:25:49.560 --> 00:25:55.620 Jonathan Tsunami: shape i'm saying geometrically and then you can put your keys your skis on the outside and you send me one.

00:25:56.550 --> 00:26:02.640 Jonathan Tsunami: thing you boxing it out, or how many times, he and I have gone up on the mountain, but your smoke.

00:26:03.240 --> 00:26:13.650 Jonathan Tsunami: he's not everywhere, but you know you find you smoking weed smoking hole jays all the way up to the mountain and then like a bunch of maniacs we go jump off.

00:26:14.520 --> 00:26:25.770 Jonathan Tsunami: The mountain and go skiing down and nobody even gets hurt So my question is, you know when you think about cannabis and people who are in flux move, how does it affect you bro I mean you gotta know your limits.

00:26:26.820 --> 00:26:31.320 Jonathan Tsunami: Our children at home, while we still have the.

00:26:32.550 --> 00:26:33.930 Jonathan Tsunami: Non mature rating.

00:26:35.250 --> 00:26:42.840 Jonathan Tsunami: Children in home that may be listening everybody said oh that one more time I know your limits limits, you know I know like I don't know.

00:26:43.890 --> 00:26:44.430 Jonathan Tsunami: If I can.

00:26:46.230 --> 00:26:51.060 Jonathan Tsunami: i'm not gonna be like Oh, I wonder if I could do yeah, but the fact is, is that if you ask somebody.

00:26:52.290 --> 00:27:02.970 Jonathan Tsunami: Who, maybe even skis on normal, on occasion, who doesn't smoke weed and you had them go up to the top of Mount you smoke them out, they might fall down that shit in.

00:27:04.290 --> 00:27:05.430 Jonathan Tsunami: bad shape would happen.

00:27:06.450 --> 00:27:17.460 Jonathan Tsunami: By organically, for whatever reason, when we introduce that molecule into guys, like us, as Catholics resistant try we don't send them out before you don't.

00:27:18.480 --> 00:27:20.640 Jonathan Tsunami: Maybe you should maybe you should maybe.

00:27:22.860 --> 00:27:23.610 Jonathan Tsunami: go down one time.

00:27:25.530 --> 00:27:33.750 Jonathan Tsunami: Yes, for those of you who would stand by that one most people I think would probably not you know.

00:27:37.290 --> 00:27:46.170 Jonathan Tsunami: You know if you see, like everybody at the top of the mountain, though, is probably already smoking weed so if you're like you walk up to like the guy who operates the ski left you're going you want to.

00:27:47.580 --> 00:27:48.180 Jonathan Tsunami: Go home back.

00:27:49.770 --> 00:27:58.740 Jonathan Tsunami: i'll be right back 11 you know it, you know it, I know it without do come on it's what outdoor sports and stuff like this, look at Michael phelps.

00:28:01.110 --> 00:28:04.410 Jonathan Tsunami: will be usain bolt got he got caught and he got caught.

00:28:05.460 --> 00:28:20.010 Jonathan Tsunami: don't say I took a picture, with the bone he didn't get caught, he was doing what he was doing, which is his form of a routine to his Olympic how many gold medals nobody will ever break him again men.

00:28:23.040 --> 00:28:32.250 Jonathan Tsunami: You know your figure there's always an image to uphold there's a time, but this is where we say with the planet bako low low he's saying the sub phrase me say.

00:28:33.150 --> 00:28:52.020 Jonathan Tsunami: A less taboo view and the reason is, is that when a guy like phelps he shouldn't have to hide it or what he should you because the guys are super athlete if I can see, they said well look at a guy sucks now because it's not his fault is everybody just thinks is bad.

00:28:53.520 --> 00:28:59.310 Jonathan Tsunami: duly noted duly noted Christian but there's still like those people, I still think it's.

00:29:00.390 --> 00:29:02.790 Jonathan Tsunami: Like what I have it like i'm hiding, you know.

00:29:04.110 --> 00:29:09.690 Jonathan Tsunami: And I guess, in a sense, that's like thinking is bad sad but we're not going to hide anymore, you know I mean.

00:29:11.520 --> 00:29:17.430 Jonathan Tsunami: You grew up your whole life it's always been like so bad no had dare back in the day there.

00:29:18.510 --> 00:29:35.850 Jonathan Tsunami: will stop there, because will will dare to break into dare when we come back we'll get a little more personal Finally I started peel the onion back yes Johnny tsunami planet Parker Lola here with Christian Popolo la talk radio dot nyc we'll be right back after these messages.

00:32:14.310 --> 00:32:28.320 Jonathan Tsunami: Okay we're back Johnny tsunami planet bucko low low here with our I want to say he's actually gonna be a Co host at this point he's not going to be every show but he's definitely going to be in there periodically and Maria joining you from the way.

00:32:29.430 --> 00:32:39.300 Jonathan Tsunami: You are even joining from Hawaii as Christian pocket low low, but when I think of Krishna is my guy on the street, who gives me the pulse who's telling me what is happening in the cannabis world.

00:32:39.810 --> 00:32:53.040 Jonathan Tsunami: I deal with a lot of cannabis professionals and they are at a certain point, always trying to pitch something in the business world we're always selling ourselves it's okay it's just the way it is it's part of life.

00:32:54.000 --> 00:33:06.900 Jonathan Tsunami: But I also like to stay connected to the consumer to the marketplace, to the people that love the plant and that's where Christian package comes in, because my man loves playing solo.

00:33:09.870 --> 00:33:10.380 Jonathan Tsunami: elements but.

00:33:11.820 --> 00:33:17.520 Jonathan Tsunami: It wasn't my favorite at first actually tell you what do you mean the hell, does that mean like.

00:33:18.660 --> 00:33:21.960 Jonathan Tsunami: You know didn't click right away, how old, are you for signing.

00:33:23.160 --> 00:33:24.930 Jonathan Tsunami: Smoking no smoking.

00:33:26.070 --> 00:33:29.040 Jonathan Tsunami: long time ago man i'm having.

00:33:31.650 --> 00:33:37.800 Jonathan Tsunami: Like my friends yeah yeah like maybe 1413 something like that That was my first.

00:33:39.630 --> 00:33:44.970 Jonathan Tsunami: 14 was a bull Red Bull REPS man bowlers yeah me what a boulder up is.

00:33:47.190 --> 00:33:54.510 Jonathan Tsunami: A ball or a little five about another bowl on both he said, both you guys do anything fun demarest weirdo.

00:33:56.280 --> 00:33:56.670 Jonathan Tsunami: yeah man.

00:33:58.650 --> 00:34:09.840 Jonathan Tsunami: sragow in Chicago the home icon in the show summary actually run just so funny that he wouldn't even talk about the show summary and now these things are coming out naturally anyway, which is freakin weird.

00:34:11.430 --> 00:34:20.550 Jonathan Tsunami: grow cush let's go over some of like the names of them exactly as i'm saying throw some other one down and ultimately.

00:34:24.390 --> 00:34:39.660 Jonathan Tsunami: I could guess you're from New Jersey it's like I can't really think of many from New Jersey, no none from New Jersey missing there from New Jersey, just to throw out my old school terminology, I think it was in Miami was like fire and like was the other one there's like to.

00:34:42.270 --> 00:34:59.010 Jonathan Tsunami: Wait a second it's different everywhere, of course, it's different but everywhere, so your third Jersey, I can't remember, but I can't think of that many other than that grow and sometimes row rags the regs over that, and so I forgot that existed.

00:35:00.450 --> 00:35:11.130 Jonathan Tsunami: Actually, and I probably said this before, but like first time ever, Mexico, now has California weed because they're worried about people smuggling cali needed to Mexico because Mexicans are like fucking Berkeley so.

00:35:11.490 --> 00:35:18.660 Jonathan Tsunami: i'm going to guess what California is gross sweetness to it it's a microcosm deliciousness for the cannabis plant So what are you gonna say no.

00:35:19.290 --> 00:35:27.180 Jonathan Tsunami: No that's why they went out there and grow it in the first place, or anything else for that matter, it's just beautiful area grow agriculture it's tough area.

00:35:28.680 --> 00:35:32.070 Jonathan Tsunami: As well things are, if you want to have the reward papi.

00:35:33.900 --> 00:35:34.380 Jonathan Tsunami: man.

00:35:35.700 --> 00:35:37.590 Jonathan Tsunami: Much but that's like a.

00:35:39.120 --> 00:35:42.720 Jonathan Tsunami: girl in my class and kind of do you bet you I can guess your favorite plan.

00:35:43.980 --> 00:35:45.630 Jonathan Tsunami: I mean, I know your favorite cannabis.

00:35:48.570 --> 00:35:57.000 Jonathan Tsunami: i'm gonna say tell me some right right go for it grant a deeper it's up there yeah definitely it's it's definitely perfect.

00:35:57.960 --> 00:36:10.830 Jonathan Tsunami: i've never really had I was like I mean I guess it's real but you know it's really, really good for me they never had purple gay never had never really you know really labels things and things like that, but you know.

00:36:12.030 --> 00:36:13.590 Jonathan Tsunami: i'm not sure i've ever really truly added.

00:36:15.180 --> 00:36:15.510 Jonathan Tsunami: Why.

00:36:17.550 --> 00:36:19.920 Jonathan Tsunami: I don't know man, you know it is, what do you think I like.

00:36:21.360 --> 00:36:29.220 Jonathan Tsunami: it's a new world where everything's labeled and regulated, but like it was just whatever the dude said, you know yeah you're right on anything on it.

00:36:30.270 --> 00:36:32.910 Jonathan Tsunami: says a funky monkey.

00:36:37.980 --> 00:36:42.510 Jonathan Tsunami: Literally 100 times, maybe like I picked up good any parents i'd say maybe 50 of them were actually.

00:36:49.860 --> 00:36:52.740 Jonathan Tsunami: That wasn't those long time ago, when she cheat meal.

00:36:53.850 --> 00:36:54.210 Jonathan Tsunami: costs.

00:36:57.420 --> 00:37:05.280 Jonathan Tsunami: I guess, I had a little beginner's luck for the first one um yeah I would call it beginner's luck, because it just went well and everything was like.

00:37:06.360 --> 00:37:13.110 Jonathan Tsunami: tasty even like after the hard part of curing which, again we have.

00:37:14.730 --> 00:37:15.990 Jonathan Tsunami: hi, can I say that.

00:37:17.550 --> 00:37:28.470 Jonathan Tsunami: post facto I mean it's a long time ago, I guess, but you know, for an amateur I would say, I did pretty good it was more than like you know what I read in like high times and things like that, but um.

00:37:30.120 --> 00:37:31.530 Jonathan Tsunami: I remember one time I came over as.

00:37:33.030 --> 00:37:42.180 Jonathan Tsunami: john Phillips and Johnny helped me out here brother you threw me into a dead zone, no, I remember, I came over his house for a ski trip and.

00:37:43.110 --> 00:37:56.220 Jonathan Tsunami: It was like an early morning thing because you want to get there early you don't want to get to them out, you always get to the House and get the most out of it and I go to the sounds are you going to garage the basement where his parents house.

00:37:57.540 --> 00:38:00.270 Jonathan Tsunami: Because we plants hanging out on the.

00:38:03.690 --> 00:38:05.250 Jonathan Tsunami: Coffee table in his room, you know.

00:38:06.330 --> 00:38:07.860 Jonathan Tsunami: and his dad was buying look.

00:38:10.740 --> 00:38:22.080 Jonathan Tsunami: Pretty cool my parents will be you know they I mean I was, I was like old at that point but i'm not sure if, like I know it's like 18 1716 they'd be like yo.

00:38:23.700 --> 00:38:26.310 Jonathan Tsunami: I get hit with like a bell is really good, what is this.

00:38:27.840 --> 00:38:36.120 Jonathan Tsunami: truth be told, I mean, would you rather be i'll be enjoying your own heart and fruits and labor's or deal with the risk of dealing with.

00:38:37.200 --> 00:38:38.520 Jonathan Tsunami: You know the.

00:38:40.260 --> 00:38:49.470 Jonathan Tsunami: Illicit market because there's obviously risks there, which obviously which now segue it into cannabis now I guess it's a good thing that that option is there for the market, though.

00:38:50.550 --> 00:38:56.280 Jonathan Tsunami: Nobody knows, for you saying that if you went to the illicit market to get cannabis for yourself.

00:38:58.140 --> 00:39:14.250 Jonathan Tsunami: that's more of a rescue me just be at home, you got you can't miss my son said to you many states like a wreck they allow you to grow yeah the canvas course I don't know how people follow the rules or how they keep track of that sure it's very wishy washy um.

00:39:15.270 --> 00:39:20.760 Jonathan Tsunami: But then again it might get to a point where there's going to be so much of it, cannabis, that is, what are you saying screw.

00:39:22.470 --> 00:39:23.940 Jonathan Tsunami: You should be allowed to grow your own.

00:39:25.890 --> 00:39:27.090 Jonathan Tsunami: But then it comes into the issue.

00:39:29.100 --> 00:39:36.900 Jonathan Tsunami: Does it actually do they didn't let that is it actually taking place, can you actually recreationally there's recreation now.

00:39:37.350 --> 00:39:42.270 Jonathan Tsunami: They just they are granted certain titles and they're still waiting on a whole bunch of other.

00:39:43.050 --> 00:39:52.710 Jonathan Tsunami: Applications that goes for you know we're very bureaucratic standard time as outside of your I don't even want to hear about it because it's just so much stuff this is part of the reason why I went to why yeah.

00:39:53.970 --> 00:40:03.840 Jonathan Tsunami: Just so much stuff it's like forums and non guaranteed a lot of hope but forget to know somebody in front of you, because it looks cool.

00:40:05.640 --> 00:40:07.530 Jonathan Tsunami: that's just outside of you know i'm Sam.

00:40:09.450 --> 00:40:17.850 Jonathan Tsunami: Yes, you said that already yeah but you do reflect the market while people smoke cannabis, in just canvas.

00:40:19.140 --> 00:40:20.040 Jonathan Tsunami: what's your favorite.

00:40:21.090 --> 00:40:23.070 Jonathan Tsunami: you're an indigo guy last year.

00:40:25.590 --> 00:40:27.060 Jonathan Tsunami: granddaddy purpose isn't that.

00:40:28.110 --> 00:40:30.930 Jonathan Tsunami: it's just because it's my favorite doesn't mean I do all day long.

00:40:32.100 --> 00:40:39.000 Jonathan Tsunami: So he knew that it was medicine back, but then that's why we give you credit see didn't know how to pick it.

00:40:39.510 --> 00:40:51.750 Jonathan Tsunami: A lot of people, they just get whatever yeah but he is, I would say, I can sort for sure no high time that I time talks about he did have a high time subscription yeah you know I just kept reading that's, the only thing I did read.

00:40:52.980 --> 00:40:55.860 Jonathan Tsunami: That like some like some book bag like a.

00:40:58.260 --> 00:41:06.000 Jonathan Tsunami: Whole like the pearl yeah so like that john steinbeck boom I don't think actually read it i'll say that is middle school, though.

00:41:07.350 --> 00:41:14.010 Jonathan Tsunami: But again chillin on a patio out in Hawaii loving life taken in the waves.

00:41:15.630 --> 00:41:21.570 Jonathan Tsunami: Still on work man still still a lot of work man don't fucking cry me, you know, like the House.

00:41:23.250 --> 00:41:37.980 Jonathan Tsunami: it's like it's like it's just a lot to learn a lot of work like a lot of stuff and I never thought I could do, but we're only a couple years, part two years apart, I got a 10 year old and 12 years and this guy is complaining to me about I got a push from brick and mortar.

00:41:39.450 --> 00:41:51.690 Jonathan Tsunami: yeah I wanted to look good, and I know I don't want to do us the world's smallest file and I don't want to do a bad job you know, of course, I would like to learn how to you know, see the energies.

00:41:54.090 --> 00:41:54.420 Jonathan Tsunami: Right.

00:41:56.640 --> 00:42:13.980 Jonathan Tsunami: I respect it, I do so, you come out to the east coast i'm trying to get this to my audience right now is that something big to you man, you need to be able to do stuff yourself oh trust me yeah I would love it yeah it's not like I would love it everything is just readily available.

00:42:15.900 --> 00:42:17.370 Jonathan Tsunami: How can I convince my wife.

00:42:19.140 --> 00:42:21.810 Jonathan Tsunami: that's knows my wife that's a.

00:42:24.180 --> 00:42:29.190 Jonathan Tsunami: Tough one right there I did convince her that we were going to you know sell the House.

00:42:30.810 --> 00:42:42.540 Jonathan Tsunami: It was it was easy for me man when I was trying to buy a house because Jersey was just property taxes and it's hard to leave everyone from is trending up from New Jersey yeah I mean.

00:42:43.590 --> 00:42:47.790 Jonathan Tsunami: For a long time, but not original weapon just sitting go.

00:42:49.200 --> 00:42:54.990 Jonathan Tsunami: To city people to city birds that's cold to city birds sit.

00:42:56.310 --> 00:42:56.490 Jonathan Tsunami: yo.

00:43:01.770 --> 00:43:03.900 Jonathan Tsunami: What animal, would you like me to use.

00:43:05.430 --> 00:43:07.740 Jonathan Tsunami: Those birds, people say they rarely see me so you know.

00:43:09.960 --> 00:43:11.160 Jonathan Tsunami: loosen snow leopard.

00:43:12.570 --> 00:43:15.810 Jonathan Tsunami: elusive snow map yeah yeah yeah.

00:43:16.950 --> 00:43:21.510 Jonathan Tsunami: Try to say yes to this as well she'll like it, let me go and.

00:43:22.710 --> 00:43:24.810 Jonathan Tsunami: We can play it to her later, so let me really.

00:43:27.120 --> 00:43:27.570 Jonathan Tsunami: wants us.

00:43:30.960 --> 00:43:36.510 Jonathan Tsunami: To loosen snowbirds is still a snowbird snow leopard.

00:43:37.740 --> 00:43:38.190 Jonathan Tsunami: Take two.

00:43:40.320 --> 00:43:40.920 Jonathan Tsunami: To.

00:43:43.590 --> 00:43:44.760 Jonathan Tsunami: snow leopards.

00:43:47.490 --> 00:43:58.650 Jonathan Tsunami: One snow leopard you gotta ask her what parameters, you know well wouldn't have to be one that would want to go on a journey with a snow leopard was anything else I would assume it would be snow leopard food.

00:44:01.380 --> 00:44:03.480 Jonathan Tsunami: Oh well as trying when we go.

00:44:04.500 --> 00:44:04.890 Jonathan Tsunami: down.

00:44:06.570 --> 00:44:09.930 Jonathan Tsunami: What animal would.

00:44:11.490 --> 00:44:19.440 Jonathan Tsunami: trend be okay we're gonna like that down because the next time you know, we have one more 15 minutes segment you didn't write that down I did.

00:44:22.260 --> 00:44:33.870 Jonathan Tsunami: Johnny tsunami, this is polite o'clock oh low low less taboo you i'm here with Christian pocket low low he's given us the low low on all things why and chill and and and cannabis, a dear friend of mine and.

00:44:34.590 --> 00:44:38.580 Jonathan Tsunami: we'll be right back after these messages it's talk radio dot nyc take a little break.

00:44:40.380 --> 00:44:41.160 Jonathan Tsunami: I am i'm going.

00:46:40.530 --> 00:46:45.930 Jonathan Tsunami: Oh hey guys we're back i'm here with Christian taco low low on planet pocket Christian.

00:46:47.670 --> 00:46:48.150 Jonathan Tsunami: So.

00:46:49.230 --> 00:46:59.010 Jonathan Tsunami: That that's the EPA tome of what we're trying to say here, it took me 1617 words to say what's up and he just went to it was.

00:47:00.570 --> 00:47:04.020 Jonathan Tsunami: Like that yeah somewhat now see I even added that.

00:47:05.190 --> 00:47:13.530 Jonathan Tsunami: wasn't necessary and justice minister backfill see Italian coming out Oh, I see I see I see I see.

00:47:15.210 --> 00:47:18.510 Jonathan Tsunami: Of course for him it's the island man, the aloha state.

00:47:19.620 --> 00:47:23.460 Jonathan Tsunami: A waterway yeah wow wow who will say this now.

00:47:24.540 --> 00:47:34.860 Jonathan Tsunami: In February, but typical low low if we're still knowing if my producer Sam doesn't like kicking off the network Kenny say like I love people.

00:47:36.270 --> 00:47:36.690 Jonathan Tsunami: That.

00:47:37.980 --> 00:47:38.340 Jonathan Tsunami: You know.

00:47:39.390 --> 00:47:43.230 Jonathan Tsunami: We go to a while, who, and we do a special edition.

00:47:44.310 --> 00:47:48.000 Jonathan Tsunami: planet pocket low low in a while you can host me.

00:47:49.410 --> 00:47:53.610 Jonathan Tsunami: Now you would be hosting me because you're the hope you would be the host because you.

00:47:54.750 --> 00:48:00.630 Jonathan Tsunami: I could host the host me you could host me and my family and then you'd be hosting me.

00:48:01.980 --> 00:48:10.020 Jonathan Tsunami: On the show, yes, because you know this, we live in a world now where technology allows us to be everywhere it's true sure.

00:48:11.310 --> 00:48:18.690 Jonathan Tsunami: it's marvelous thing sometimes sometimes not great, we like to finish the last segment of the show with.

00:48:19.410 --> 00:48:28.680 Jonathan Tsunami: what's the message that you want to try to tell people you know, obviously, tonight we talked a lot about just being friends and being jovial and I actually had special place because, in all honesty.

00:48:29.070 --> 00:48:38.400 Jonathan Tsunami: there's one person that really just is one of my cannabis bros is my main Christian I man and then and then then.

00:48:39.300 --> 00:48:48.090 Jonathan Tsunami: he's never deviated these a week, but like there's a lot of people Ai babble and all kinds of riffraff and she had and it's just the guys kept it to a very basic thing.

00:48:48.810 --> 00:49:01.830 Jonathan Tsunami: he's a man of his word very simple principles and yet he lives by those principles and it brings him a happy life peaceful life when we want us to be peaceful and content right but also the last things.

00:49:03.030 --> 00:49:13.410 Jonathan Tsunami: funny you say that actually yeah well we've already had the cannabis and we will be having the stakes are really yeah I did a little song hey kiss my art software like that.

00:49:14.820 --> 00:49:19.350 Jonathan Tsunami: And pepper just pet my know USA why, if you preparations on pepper is.

00:49:20.910 --> 00:49:21.630 Jonathan Tsunami: Your came up.

00:49:23.460 --> 00:49:31.440 Jonathan Tsunami: against some PEPs i've evolved in my my years but can you add some things to speak and we could also swing around the corner and pick up some famous.

00:49:32.640 --> 00:49:36.570 Jonathan Tsunami: Oh, I spring away back some benjamin's or I can show you something new.

00:49:39.120 --> 00:49:41.130 Jonathan Tsunami: Okay let's try i'll try number two.

00:49:42.390 --> 00:49:51.270 Jonathan Tsunami: What I that's what I was waiting for Eric appreciate it that's what I was waiting for true cannabis advocate like if you were going to open up a cannabis disco.

00:49:52.860 --> 00:49:54.060 Jonathan Tsunami: yeah no alcohol.

00:49:55.320 --> 00:49:57.360 Jonathan Tsunami: yeah it's generally, I mean.

00:49:59.250 --> 00:50:00.600 Jonathan Tsunami: Alcohol alone.

00:50:02.160 --> 00:50:10.740 Jonathan Tsunami: between a little trouble ish I mean some people it's like oh fun jovian but like alcohol and we can get back to you know we're just getting the elements but.

00:50:12.240 --> 00:50:20.910 Jonathan Tsunami: Certainly, for alcohol and the we'd see yeah definitely definitely not when there's enough out call spots anyway, I mean some people like to drink and smoke, but.

00:50:22.020 --> 00:50:28.710 Jonathan Tsunami: From our first deal, I would say, keep it simple also the effective yeah.

00:50:29.820 --> 00:50:32.160 Jonathan Tsunami: let's take that in for a second folks because we know.

00:50:33.660 --> 00:50:42.120 Jonathan Tsunami: I keep it simple we take it in what you're saying I keep it simple oh dude you can ask me repeat science at five seconds to go.

00:50:43.980 --> 00:50:45.390 Jonathan Tsunami: students to.

00:50:47.130 --> 00:50:47.730 Jonathan Tsunami: me.

00:50:49.320 --> 00:50:55.170 Jonathan Tsunami: know I mean you said, keep it simple just keep it somewhere I don't really have like a message, just like.

00:50:56.910 --> 00:51:07.740 Jonathan Tsunami: Risk got their own thing and that's a man you just real yourself, you see, this is where we look at and we saying this and it's not all a one.

00:51:08.340 --> 00:51:20.670 Jonathan Tsunami: Okay, life is not just all it's all east coast or West Coast, or maybe they say the grass is not greener, on the other side, something right yeah something like that I believe tell me how you feel about this one.

00:51:21.930 --> 00:51:27.270 Jonathan Tsunami: The grass is not greener, on the other side it's where you plant, the seed put the fertilizer.

00:51:33.840 --> 00:51:38.700 Jonathan Tsunami: Okay, so this is what we find is that we have to be a happy medium, he had a calling.

00:51:39.810 --> 00:51:51.270 Jonathan Tsunami: To go, so I guess part of the message to the audience today is that if you've ever haven't been to Hawaii you've got it up so absolutely gotta visit you forgot to visit why, and if you need a tour guide.

00:51:53.310 --> 00:51:53.880 Jonathan Tsunami: Is your man.

00:51:56.220 --> 00:51:57.870 Jonathan Tsunami: I know it's gonna be bad to again.

00:51:59.730 --> 00:52:06.300 Jonathan Tsunami: Can we come back to bless me really get in there was quite a long time in this time bringing my wife and kids How crazy.

00:52:06.780 --> 00:52:16.140 Jonathan Tsunami: crazy but we're gonna go get used to brag to me that I can ride a motorcycle and then we got an open first thing he does go down there was a lot of pine needles on that corner.

00:52:18.030 --> 00:52:30.120 Jonathan Tsunami: And I had a good time and have you know that I did just finished a ride 1500 miles in Mexico okay lovely a law enforcement officer from boy is super helpful super friendly worried about what we about.

00:52:31.260 --> 00:52:39.510 Jonathan Tsunami: yeah you super nice dude man oh yeah so we were in Hawaii so you know we get the mopeds and I spin out or whatever I come around this corner nolan nowhere.

00:52:41.430 --> 00:52:50.400 Jonathan Tsunami: Nowhere the corner and it was like shit on the ground, go down slash on my knee all kinds of road shit and it had to go last but, again, you know.

00:52:51.630 --> 00:52:52.380 Jonathan Tsunami: Keep it simple.

00:52:54.330 --> 00:52:57.240 Jonathan Tsunami: it's certainly should have rented the fucking jeep wrangler from the beginning.

00:52:59.010 --> 00:53:07.020 Jonathan Tsunami: It was my thought yeah I mean listen we rented the jeep wrangler at the end you drove off with it and left me on the beach in the middle of nowhere cripple with me.

00:53:09.780 --> 00:53:12.480 Jonathan Tsunami: It was a really nice guy nice dude.

00:53:17.820 --> 00:53:21.630 Jonathan Tsunami: name, but I know this remember his name he's a good dude I was listening.

00:53:23.430 --> 00:53:24.870 Jonathan Tsunami: I mean a lot so.

00:53:30.840 --> 00:53:32.790 Jonathan Tsunami: Whatever he does something like you know that's.

00:53:33.870 --> 00:53:40.380 Jonathan Tsunami: We know you know it's a weed podcasts, and I say we'd podcast i've said nothing.

00:53:42.270 --> 00:53:49.200 Jonathan Tsunami: i'm still scared of it it's still very scary propositions me know all this recreational legalization.

00:53:51.120 --> 00:53:52.410 Jonathan Tsunami: it's hard to believe that's all.

00:53:53.550 --> 00:54:02.100 Jonathan Tsunami: It is hard to believe and but it's happening moving forward, not backwards that's for sure can't believe I should have done.

00:54:03.870 --> 00:54:09.960 Jonathan Tsunami: It happen in your lifetime and literally happened when you went to Hawaii all these years that you were here in New Jersey.

00:54:11.790 --> 00:54:20.340 Jonathan Tsunami: But just made a difference to you anyway i'm terrible I mean I was maybe more relaxed i'm saying, because you know, like legally you'd be not to worry about it.

00:54:22.680 --> 00:54:23.340 Jonathan Tsunami: would be nice if.

00:54:24.420 --> 00:54:29.010 Jonathan Tsunami: It feels good it's still like you just can't shake that feeling I.

00:54:30.420 --> 00:54:40.890 Jonathan Tsunami: mean even after they legalize it yeah I mean it would have to be like federally legalized where you go nine years old we're gonna be sitting on the horse like this to me in Hawaii like this.

00:54:41.970 --> 00:54:45.090 Jonathan Tsunami: For me, to give up that billions like you know me I when I.

00:54:48.510 --> 00:54:49.110 Jonathan Tsunami: Smoke weed.

00:54:51.390 --> 00:54:54.870 Jonathan Tsunami: All the cars everywhere, I mean Everywhere you go into smelling.

00:54:56.820 --> 00:54:57.780 Jonathan Tsunami: it's kind of actually Nice.

00:54:59.100 --> 00:55:06.900 Jonathan Tsunami: change of pace, I they're saying for one of the first times ever that college kids you're consuming more cannabis than they are for alcohol, tobacco.

00:55:09.360 --> 00:55:09.720 Jonathan Tsunami: I mean.

00:55:10.800 --> 00:55:11.730 Jonathan Tsunami: I guess you know.

00:55:12.780 --> 00:55:26.640 Jonathan Tsunami: Maybe I would say it's good, but you know I would say it's good to do you think and and I remember high school if I call you see movies consume alcohol like crazy man like I never understood how to do it, but.

00:55:27.750 --> 00:55:33.180 Jonathan Tsunami: I mean like gallons of like just near have to be able to be more like i'm willing i'm willing.

00:55:34.200 --> 00:55:34.860 Jonathan Tsunami: la la.

00:55:36.450 --> 00:55:41.190 Jonathan Tsunami: la la this so smokes wow or he you know to eat fruits and vegetables.

00:55:42.480 --> 00:55:44.190 Jonathan Tsunami: more like a stake in right it's kind of guy.

00:55:45.240 --> 00:55:51.120 Jonathan Tsunami: Okay, take a nice kind of guy but he doesn't gorge is not a gorgeous know you when you're hungry.

00:55:52.020 --> 00:56:07.020 Jonathan Tsunami: Again folks For those of you who look at cannabis, as part of the health and wellness advocate you know group which I do, I think it doesn't have to be in everybody's everyday routine, but it can be and there's value in it, and you know coming days you think you smoke straight.

00:56:10.740 --> 00:56:14.280 Jonathan Tsunami: i'll periodically i'll take like a couple days off yeah.

00:56:15.300 --> 00:56:18.810 Jonathan Tsunami: it's nice you given body nice little shock I think it's been.

00:56:20.040 --> 00:56:25.440 Jonathan Tsunami: Probably every day for years and years well he's more ears.

00:56:26.550 --> 00:56:28.020 Jonathan Tsunami: Christian my brother.

00:56:29.100 --> 00:56:30.750 Jonathan Tsunami: For being an inspiration to the show.

00:56:32.490 --> 00:56:40.440 Jonathan Tsunami: And being the first live person in the studio the next time we see this gentleman is going to be on February moment planet pop a little goes live to a while.

00:56:41.640 --> 00:56:47.010 Jonathan Tsunami: it's been a pleasure talking to Christian Popolo a big inspiration and somebody you're going to see from time to time on the show.

00:56:47.520 --> 00:57:01.350 Jonathan Tsunami: Christian, thank you for coming out, thank you for having me my absolute pleasure, the next time that we get together it'll be on the beautiful island i'm Johnny tsunami, this is Christian taco planet Puck a little less taboo view.

00:57:02.370 --> 00:57:09.030 Jonathan Tsunami: Take care everyone talk radio dot n y C a great night because we didn't want to miss.

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