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Tuesday, September 14, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/09/14 - Acting Advice and 9-11

Facebook Live Video from 2021/09/14 - Acting Advice and 9-11


2021/09/14 - Acting Advice and 9-11

[New Episode] Acting Advice and 9-11

In the first segment, I continue our discussion of acting advice. The importance of seeking out representation and how to handle difficult situations. Also, on the anniversary of 9/11, I reflect on what it was like that morning in my world. I was the head coach at the University of Toledo and had student-athletes from around the world. Being a college coach is challenging and you have a responsibility to your athletes and to their families. I talk about what it was like that morning. 

Second half of the show I have special guest Chris Anderson. @justchrisanderson Chris is an actor that I have had the privilege of working with in the DC area. He’s a police officer and former member of the US Marine Corps and was stationed inside the Pentagon the morning of 9/11. We will talk about what that experience was like, what 9/11 means for him and how it shaped his future. 


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Show Notes

Segment 1

Kevin Barbaro opens tonight’s episode speaking about his guest, Chris Anderson, who will be on later in the show. Going into the topic of the anniversary of 9/11, Kevin talks briefly about where he was in his career at the time. Kevin brings the conversation back to one of last week’s topics on acting advice. He says that as an actor, one should think about representation and having a variety of agents to help in various geographic locations and further your career. Kevin gives an example of recently having to send in a self tape of an audition and then doing a zoom callback afterwards. One advice that he gives is that you should always show up to a callback with the same outfit you did your audition in. Going more into this story, he was given the opportunity to audition for a different role than what he sent in the tape for. For the next part of this process, he had to be in Atlanta with the production company. Though they were running late while he arrived at the location for wardrobe fitting on time.

Segment 2

Kevin continues his conversation on this experience doing the wardrobe fitting being behind by almost 3 hours. The day before, he got the call sheet that shows the call time and more information for what he would be filming. One situation he says was that the set itself was 90 miles away from Atlanta from where he was already running late. With this being said, this was one reason that he believes an agent is important to work with. The benefit is that an agent would be able to help handle such bookings and process. Switching topics back to 9/11, Kevin was coaching at the University of Toledo at the time. Kevin used to live in New York for several years before this incident so it was quite emotional for him as it hit close to home. On his way to the park where he regularly coached, he heard on the radio about a plane hitting one of the towers. At the moment, Kevin thought that it might've been a small plane. He did not think much of it at first. He started to feel an uneasiness about what was happening as he was finding out more of what was happening. As almost the whole world just stopped, he felt an immense amount of responsibility to talk to his team of students about the tragic events that were occuring. He explains that he had to almost take the role of being a parent as everyone as well as himself were deeply emotional; even so currently as he spoke about it.

Segment 3

Coming back from the break, Kevin introduces his special guest, Chris Anderson. Anderson was a sergeant in the US Marine Corps and was stationed inside the Pentagon the morning of 9/11. Currently, Anderson is a police officer in Maryland. Anderson takes us back to his experience the morning of 9/11. Chris described it as a beautiful morning at first and was on the third floor of the Pentagon. He related to Kevin as he also heard about what was happening on the radio. After finding out more, he realized that it was rather a large plane. One of the people that Chris worked with had given the announcement that flight 77 slammed into the west side of the Pentagon. Chris was lucky to have been on the opposite side of the building and he along with his coworkers helped to protect the civilians in the building. Anderson was only about 23 years old at this time. When asked about what he was feeling when finding out about what was happening. Chris couldn't believe it and was almost frozen in time for a bit when seeing the destruction and chaos. But like every first responder, Anderson’s instinct was to help everyone that he could.

Segment 4

Coming into the final segment, Kevin asks Chris about how he processed what occurred being someone who was working as a Marine Corp. Chris never knew that both towers had fallen until he got back home later that night. Chris described how his job changed completely the next day. His unit was involved in checking badges and on everyone else they collaborated with in the recovery effort. Chris also describes the feeling as something he was able to feel in his chest and every part of his body because he deeply loves this country hence why he wanted to be in the Marine Corp. Kevin describes it as the first time at that point since WWII that everyone really united. Kevin asks Anderson his thoughts about the conspiracy theories revolving around the incident. Anderson goes more into what he saw and how unimaginable it was to witness everything that it’s impossible to think any different about what had actually happened. To close out the show, Kevin thanks Anderson for joining us tonight and gives him his appreciation for his service and current work as a police officer.


00:02:56.850 --> 00:03:05.700 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Good evening everybody and welcome back to coffee talk XL i'm Kevin Barbara and you're listening on talk radio dot nyc or you're watching us live on the.

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00:03:21.330 --> 00:03:30.870 Kevin Barbaro Productions: pretty much where we get your podcast so not a little bit i'm a little for Class today I don't know what it is in a vivid because i've been tested so many times in the last.

00:03:32.220 --> 00:03:44.610 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Two weeks I nice fall down stolen, it was the VID of course i'm fully vaccinated anyway, we talked a couple weeks ago you you can't work as an actor at this stage, unless you're fully vaccinated.

00:03:46.170 --> 00:03:58.320 Kevin Barbaro Productions: For the most part, I mean I guess there there's going to be, you know some non Union type stuff out there, where where they're just trying to fly by the seat of their pants or whatever, but then events I tonight on today's show.

00:03:59.370 --> 00:04:09.270 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I got a special guest coming on the second half, as usual, of course, i'm joined by we got cat central here, you know I started my own privately funded.

00:04:10.620 --> 00:04:11.640 Kevin Barbaro Productions: nonprofit.

00:04:12.870 --> 00:04:22.560 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Animal rescue called rocky's rescue, which is a trap neuter release program for cats and so there'll be popping in and out and.

00:04:23.670 --> 00:04:27.540 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But this is the 20th anniversary of 911, of course, everyone knows this.

00:04:28.140 --> 00:04:37.080 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And on the second half of my show i'm going to have a special guest on a good acting buddy of mine we've we've done a couple of things in the Washington DC area together.

00:04:37.650 --> 00:04:51.360 Kevin Barbaro Productions: and his name is Chris Anderson Chris is also a police officer and he is a former US marine corps member of the US marine corps and he was a sergeant in the US marine corps on 911.

00:04:52.830 --> 00:05:06.390 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And it station in the Pentagon and so he was there when everything went down and we're going to be talking with him about his experience and how that's shaped him and his life, you know moving forward, having been.

00:05:07.470 --> 00:05:16.260 Kevin Barbaro Productions: right in the middle of it, and so, and of course myself, you know I lived in New York City i've lived in New York City twice now in my life i'd lived there.

00:05:16.800 --> 00:05:27.690 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In 1997 I live there, because I was the assistant track and field coach and a physical education instructor at Columbia University, so I lived there for a year.

00:05:28.620 --> 00:05:39.120 Kevin Barbaro Productions: then went to the University of Toledo, to become the head coach at university of Toledo for men's women's cross country and ultimately men's women's track and cross country cross country and track.

00:05:40.020 --> 00:05:47.340 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And then you know people to follow the show know that my coaching career ended about a decade ago.

00:05:48.480 --> 00:05:58.620 Kevin Barbaro Productions: My own undoing and moved to New York City on a whim, so the second time, and so I I love New York it's my favorite city on the planet.

00:05:59.070 --> 00:06:08.490 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Having lived there twice in my life, but what i'm going to talk about a little bit leading up to the second half of the show it was my experience, having been in new yorker.

00:06:09.150 --> 00:06:15.870 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And what was happening that morning, as I was coaching at the University of Toledo, and the things that.

00:06:16.770 --> 00:06:23.400 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That I went through and and and i'm going to share that experience and we'll talk with Chris about his experience as well.

00:06:23.880 --> 00:06:37.650 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Obviously this show is about my whole life so there's a lot of lot of things going on right now I thankfully I just wrapped up all those commercials in a row, we talked about last week where man, I was, I was shotgun and back and forth across the country.

00:06:38.880 --> 00:06:47.520 Kevin Barbaro Productions: filming all these gigs and then juggle that I had to undergo to make that happen and and almost screwing it up and etc, etc.

00:06:48.120 --> 00:06:56.160 Kevin Barbaro Productions: things have calmed down this week, obviously, but you know I did have a zoom call back the yesterday for a.

00:06:57.120 --> 00:07:07.320 Kevin Barbaro Productions: National international tool company for a national TV spot and i've been placed on first right of refusal for next week and so.

00:07:08.010 --> 00:07:24.360 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Getting back a little bit to a couple of things that I had started to talk about last week, but like it totally ran out of time as it pertains to actors and my advice you know, having been in the business for a decade now, and and and making a great living at it and booking all the time.

00:07:25.470 --> 00:07:38.190 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know these are just some of the things that work for me, one of the things we were touching on last week is essentially what if things don't go perfectly once you booked the job and I started to talk about.

00:07:39.240 --> 00:07:45.090 Kevin Barbaro Productions: An experience i'm not going to say what gig it was obviously i'm not going to say what production company was like I shoot myself in the foot, but.

00:07:47.160 --> 00:07:57.750 Kevin Barbaro Productions: This is a reason why it's important for you to try, I mean, obviously I this goes without saying, but you're trying to get representation you're trying to.

00:07:59.340 --> 00:08:02.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Get taken in by an agency so that.

00:08:03.660 --> 00:08:10.770 Kevin Barbaro Productions: To further your career and I personally have multiple agencies that i'm with that cover different geographical areas.

00:08:11.130 --> 00:08:24.330 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i've got my la agent i've got one in Charlotte that was wonderful and book me a ton gta talent agency, the is the oldest talent agency in the southeast and then, I have one in Florida, I have one.

00:08:25.290 --> 00:08:31.980 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In the DC area and of course in New York, so you have multiple leagues and now it took a long time to.

00:08:33.420 --> 00:08:45.060 Kevin Barbaro Productions: get into these agencies, because it is starting out as an actor, of course, you're not just gonna ask and get picked up by a legitimate agency so, but this is why it's so.

00:08:46.110 --> 00:08:48.480 Kevin Barbaro Productions: What happened and I started talking about it last week so.

00:08:49.740 --> 00:08:58.170 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Going back to the audition so I audition which was, I had to send in the self pay for the audition and then they wanted to do a.

00:09:00.750 --> 00:09:12.240 Kevin Barbaro Productions: zoom call back now the zoom call back time that I was given was, I believe, one o'clock in the afternoon.

00:09:13.530 --> 00:09:21.420 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So, of course, I, like any good actor should you're prepared well ahead of time you got all your lighting setup your ring light you got.

00:09:22.410 --> 00:09:35.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The plane background you got everything, and you know you spend time leading up to this so that you can log into the zoom call back link 10 minutes ahead of time so that you're there and you're ready.

00:09:36.240 --> 00:09:44.250 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And you're not hustling you're not you know rushing around one important piece of advice that i've screwed up and not done before.

00:09:45.210 --> 00:10:03.150 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Out of happenstance or just overthinking it but one little bit of advice is that you should always show up to the call back in the same outfit that you did your audition it, you should look the same so that as soon as you're on screen.

00:10:04.380 --> 00:10:16.290 Kevin Barbaro Productions: With the casting agency or with the client whoever it is a producer or could be a company because it's a commercial you should look like what they saw for the self tape.

00:10:17.640 --> 00:10:26.160 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And so you know I got everything going so my call times like one o'clock right so okay that's cool and I log in and.

00:10:26.880 --> 00:10:33.330 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Then somebody comes on and says hey you know thanks for coming we're running a little bit behind Okay, no i'm you know i'm cool.

00:10:33.960 --> 00:10:39.090 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And we also want you to audition for a different role than what you sent the self taping.

00:10:39.780 --> 00:10:49.260 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Do you have all those original sides and, unlike but you know I don't have the sides for the other right now, but let me look it up and.

00:10:49.890 --> 00:10:58.020 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'll make sure that i'm ready, so how long do you think well it's going to be about 30 minutes and i'm like okay that's cool you know, but in my head is like man that's kind of.

00:10:59.040 --> 00:11:09.480 Kevin Barbaro Productions: A pretty gap of a pretty big gap, you know from the time that you said you were going to start the zoom to call back to when you're saying that you're going to get in i'm like okay that's cool no problem.

00:11:10.320 --> 00:11:19.770 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So, give me 30 minutes to pull up the old emails so that I can back from when I got the submission, so I can see what the other role was and.

00:11:21.030 --> 00:11:34.410 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And i'd be prepared for it, so I go I go through all that I don't get into the zoom call back now, mind you, I had something that I needed to do it's a three o'clock 330 for my construction company.

00:11:34.980 --> 00:11:43.590 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I had set it up, so I was going to be able to go to a potential customers House and you know take them through the process of what we can do for him.

00:11:44.730 --> 00:11:54.720 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So two o'clock rolls around nothing man 230 finally get in I like to 45 we're talking like an hour 45 i'm just standing in my in my room.

00:11:55.590 --> 00:12:09.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And so i'm like Okay, you know no big deal I go through the whole thing great get an email the next day hey Kevin you're on first right of refusal for this show okay awesome for the commercial and.

00:12:10.350 --> 00:12:21.840 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Then it turns into a booking so they get back to me in terms of booking so now it's like okay you got to be in Atlanta because it's an Atlanta gig and they they want you to work local in Atlanta, which is totally fine with me.

00:12:23.460 --> 00:12:32.880 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But you got to go for a COPA test, and you have to go for a wardrobe fitting and which is cool I mean that's that's part of the price of doing business so.

00:12:33.630 --> 00:12:44.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I get to Atlanta, and I started to talk about this last week I get to Atlanta, and my time for the wardrobe fitting those the same company right.

00:12:44.820 --> 00:12:54.990 Kevin Barbaro Productions: My time for the wardrobe fitting is 11am they say arrive early and you can get your coven test get a PCR tests, because you can be filming a few days.

00:12:55.650 --> 00:13:04.230 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And so I go downstairs go through the whole process through the swab I go back because I have the very first wardrobe fitting at 11 o'clock.

00:13:04.740 --> 00:13:10.890 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm actually there 10 o'clock so I get upstairs at 1030 hey you know it is OK, you know.

00:13:11.820 --> 00:13:19.650 Kevin Barbaro Productions: we'll get you on the list you know, thank you for showing up early etc and but we're going to be starting a little bit later we're going to start at 1130.

00:13:20.190 --> 00:13:26.490 Kevin Barbaro Productions: OK, no problem, but in my head, you know, because the second time that they're late right i'm like Okay, you know mental note no problem.

00:13:27.450 --> 00:13:35.760 Kevin Barbaro Productions: 1130 rolls right i'm gonna have to break for commercial here a second but 1130 rolls around nobody comes and gets I go back oh yeah you know we.

00:13:36.150 --> 00:13:43.890 Kevin Barbaro Productions: she's really backed up right now now i'm like well that's Okay, no but I thought I had the first appointment just you know just seeing where we're on this.

00:13:44.370 --> 00:13:55.710 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I don't get in until 230 so now the callback was an hour and 45 minutes late the wardrobe fitting was the wardrobe fitting was.

00:13:56.640 --> 00:14:05.490 Kevin Barbaro Productions: What 233 hours three hours late three hours and 15 minutes later where i'm just standing around doing nothing, you know and.

00:14:05.940 --> 00:14:19.860 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Then i'm going to get to the rest of it and and wrap it up as to why this is important and why your agency is going to be important in situations like this we're going to take our first commercial break i'm Kevin barbro you're listening to coffee talk XL on talk radio nyc.

00:16:30.480 --> 00:16:36.420 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Well, welcome back everybody to coffee talk XL i'm Kevin Barbara when you're listening to talk radio dot nyc.

00:16:36.870 --> 00:16:44.640 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Thank God, this is not a scratch and sniff man because i'm telling you I am right i'm i'm about stinking myself out of my own place here.

00:16:45.210 --> 00:16:56.400 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I painted court, we ran into a problem with our when our construction jobs, this morning, so I had to take the hit and and paint some quarter around for the guy so that they can go and install a stain it.

00:16:56.940 --> 00:17:03.690 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So I was in the warehouse all day sweating bullets and then, when worked out and i'm basically in the same clothes have been all days so.

00:17:04.440 --> 00:17:19.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Counting your blessings that you're not here with me and that you can't scratch your screen and smell me because it ain't good but anyway, so I met the wardrobe fitting it's two hours it's almost three hours behind, and I was the first.

00:17:20.430 --> 00:17:27.360 Kevin Barbaro Productions: person I was, I was the first one to show up, and it was I was first one that appointment, but whatever you know so.

00:17:28.710 --> 00:17:38.850 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Then it comes down for the gig so The night before we get the call sheet call she shows up at about five o'clock which I mean that's not unusual for some kind of late in the day.

00:17:39.330 --> 00:17:47.490 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Ideally, obviously you're you're hoping that you're going to get your call sheet and least in the morning before you're shooting or maybe even two days ahead of time, but.

00:17:47.910 --> 00:17:55.260 Kevin Barbaro Productions: it's going to come when it comes right, so it comes in, about five o'clock and it says that the call times at 6am it's like.

00:17:56.430 --> 00:17:57.660 Kevin Barbaro Productions: All right, you know.

00:17:58.860 --> 00:18:09.060 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Now, normally speaking anything that's going to start before say certainly 7am but usually even.

00:18:10.410 --> 00:18:15.690 Kevin Barbaro Productions: There would be some sort of indication that there's going to be an early call time.

00:18:16.500 --> 00:18:33.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Now 6am isn't her terrific of a time and in there under no obligation necessarily to tell you that there's going to be a 6am call time and i'm not going to turn it down listen, I mean a lot of money on this thing so i'm not i'm not bitching i'm just taking you through the process here.

00:18:34.650 --> 00:18:35.190 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So.

00:18:36.780 --> 00:18:47.460 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But then it shows me the location, you know, because you get the call sheet and it tells you where your film well I look at it it's 90 miles from Atlanta 90 miles.

00:18:48.510 --> 00:18:50.010 Kevin Barbaro Productions: With a 6am call time.

00:18:51.180 --> 00:19:02.040 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And i'm just like so now everything's just kind of cumulative alright callback is two hours late wardrobe fitting is three hours late call time 6am.

00:19:02.460 --> 00:19:14.250 Kevin Barbaro Productions: going to drive 90 miles to get to the say, which means I gotta leave Atlanta at 430 in the morning to get to the to the to the filming say yeah so.

00:19:15.210 --> 00:19:29.640 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I get up my agent, and they are awesome gta agency like I said they booked this one out of Charlotte and Mary Kay mk is is and and key show they are amazing they are incredible.

00:19:30.240 --> 00:19:36.120 Kevin Barbaro Productions: awesome I can't even begin to tell you how much work that they've gotten me and how much they've helped me in my career but.

00:19:36.600 --> 00:19:43.350 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So I get up with mk hey you know i'm not wonder, because she knows it I you know i'm an amiable book so.

00:19:44.340 --> 00:19:54.510 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I said but I listed all these things out I said, this is, you know, but the main thing is that, like the whole thing was that you had to work local there's no transportation.

00:19:55.200 --> 00:20:05.730 Kevin Barbaro Productions: stipend or anything travel or accommodation, but then it's not even it's, not even in Atlanta, you know it's 90 miles away and anybody that knows the geography of Atlanta I used to live in Atlanta.

00:20:06.720 --> 00:20:20.310 Kevin Barbaro Productions: 90 miles, you can be in Alabama in 90 miles, you can almost be, if not all the way to South Carolina 90 miles and you're actually almost to Tennessee in 90 miles so.

00:20:21.030 --> 00:20:31.530 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Not only you know, in the city of Atlanta, but you, you could actually end up in 90 miles, you can be filming it, you know even the same state, as we were you were booked for so many event.

00:20:32.910 --> 00:20:39.900 Kevin Barbaro Productions: This is why you have the agent, and this is what i'm getting at not only did they help book The gig obviously they put me in a position, so that I could.

00:20:40.350 --> 00:20:51.660 Kevin Barbaro Productions: put my best foot forward, but where it's more important on the back end is that they're the one that's going to follow up on this, they let them be the bad guy it's not your job.

00:20:52.290 --> 00:20:58.830 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I mean if you are your own agent your own manager if you're booking these things you know you you've got to be the good guy in the bad guy.

00:20:59.280 --> 00:21:06.930 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But it's to your benefits and not have to be the bad guy sometimes you just gotta suck it up, because you know you booked it on your own your agent didn't do it.

00:21:07.170 --> 00:21:18.930 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But if you do have an agent, this is where it's incredibly helpful because then they can be the bad guy you're just hey i'm just here to you know do my job and and and longer check them out i'm good.

00:21:20.280 --> 00:21:29.880 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And so, anyway, that was kind of a process that I had to go through and it's just as an actor and as inspiring actors and there's a lot of people that watch this.

00:21:30.420 --> 00:21:43.380 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Obviously that's just another benefit of trying to have an agency, and yes, I am exclusive with them within a certain geography and, yes, you want to find people that that will will take you in exclusively.

00:21:44.790 --> 00:21:50.820 Kevin Barbaro Productions: it's worth it it's worth it to you, even if you're out booking your other stuff and you've got to give over a little portion of it.

00:21:51.060 --> 00:21:58.380 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Then you have to do it, you know I mean it's just that's the price of doing business, just like being on the casting networks price of doing business, you know so.

00:21:59.280 --> 00:22:09.210 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Anyway, getting back to 911 because I got my buddy Chris Anderson who's going to be coming on in about seven minutes or so and I matter of fact he's he's just tuning in right now.

00:22:10.410 --> 00:22:16.410 Kevin Barbaro Productions: My experience on 911 and i'm just going to talk about it briefly and then we're going to bring Chris on.

00:22:16.830 --> 00:22:25.590 Kevin Barbaro Productions: At after the next commercial break and we're going to talk about his experience, so my experience was so I was driving I was coaching at the University of Toledo, and we had.

00:22:25.920 --> 00:22:35.490 Kevin Barbaro Productions: An early morning practice, so the University of Toledo, is located in a village called Ottawa hills and about three miles away there's this beautiful park wildwood.

00:22:37.350 --> 00:22:47.070 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And we that's where we do most of our training we had like an eight o'clock am practice so we drive to the park.

00:22:47.880 --> 00:23:05.040 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And we have the same routine all the time, like they would do the same warm up run and all this kind of stuff so anyway, on my way to the park i'm listening to talk radio, I always listen to talk radio, I was listening ws PD in Toledo talk radio and.

00:23:06.180 --> 00:23:16.530 Kevin Barbaro Productions: On the way there they mentioned that that a plane had hit one of the town, and so, in my head having lived in New York.

00:23:19.350 --> 00:23:30.960 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i've been in New York, when when planes random stuff has happened multiple planes have hit the empire state building over the course of time in my head i'm thinking man that sucks you know it's.

00:23:32.130 --> 00:23:37.710 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm thinking i'm thinking it's like a one of the small planes a propeller plane just got out of control right in my head.

00:23:38.520 --> 00:23:48.510 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Because I didn't really know all he said on the radio was playing it hit the twin towers so then i'm driving and I get there, the girls are ready to start the warm up run.

00:23:49.350 --> 00:24:08.460 Kevin Barbaro Productions: They start the warm up Ryan, and I go back in the car i'm curious about what's going on, and I, by the time I get back to the car and they're on their warm up run and the the second plane hit and now it's obvious, this is this this isn't just some random thing and.

00:24:09.690 --> 00:24:19.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Of course I started feeling, you know this, I don't know tension, or something that was just like this uneasiness about what was happening.

00:24:19.650 --> 00:24:37.320 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But even still you know New York is 700 miles from Toledo, and you know, and in my head i'm there's you're still on i'm still almost trying to justify how could two planes hit you know, like like it just doesn't seem logical It just seems like.

00:24:38.430 --> 00:24:40.500 Kevin Barbaro Productions: What are the chances, what are the odds of to hit.

00:24:41.580 --> 00:24:48.510 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So the girls doing the warm up run and they they they we stretch out.

00:24:49.260 --> 00:24:57.840 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And then they start there we're going to do a workout so then they've got their second level, so we do warm up and stretch, then they go into like a 15 minute warm up then we're going to do the workout.

00:24:58.830 --> 00:25:08.160 Kevin Barbaro Productions: By the time they get back from there, so that we can start to work out now i've heard on ws PD that a plane is hit.

00:25:09.780 --> 00:25:10.740 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The Pentagon.

00:25:11.790 --> 00:25:15.420 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And i'm just like man whoa so.

00:25:16.620 --> 00:25:29.370 Kevin Barbaro Productions: As a coach at the nc double a level, particularly not even particular division, where it doesn't matter it doesn't even matter if it's any if you're a college coach you take on a lot of responsibility, a lot of rules.

00:25:30.090 --> 00:25:42.420 Kevin Barbaro Productions: With your student athletes, because they are away from home, you are personally you feel personally responsible for them, because you convince them to go to your school to be coached by you.

00:25:43.020 --> 00:25:53.640 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So i've got girls on the team women on the team from all over the world i've got Kenyans on the team i've got a girl from New Zealand i've got one from Sweden i've got.

00:25:54.300 --> 00:26:11.040 Kevin Barbaro Productions: One from Hungary and a couple of guys from Kenya, the girls on the team, the women on the team are from all over the Midwest for the most part, in addition to the international kids and I suddenly started feeling like.

00:26:12.210 --> 00:26:12.450 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I.

00:26:13.680 --> 00:26:18.750 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i've got to take on i've got to be the one that tells them what is going on.

00:26:19.830 --> 00:26:27.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: and assure them that everything is going to be okay when even in my head i'm not even sure, everything is going to be okay.

00:26:27.450 --> 00:26:32.880 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But I can't let on like I don't think everything's gonna be okay, so they come back more and I said girls listen.

00:26:33.750 --> 00:26:44.250 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I don't know how to say this, and I don't even know what is going on right now but we're not going to do the workout something big is happening.

00:26:44.850 --> 00:26:58.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Something something terrible is happening and we need to get back so that you can get back to the dorms or get back to your apartments and we can wait this out, but there's been two planes that have hit the World Trade Center.

00:26:59.940 --> 00:27:02.670 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And one hit the Pentagon.

00:27:03.750 --> 00:27:08.670 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And they immediately start crying dude i'm telling me, it makes me emotionally think about right now.

00:27:10.170 --> 00:27:10.830 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But i'm going to get through.

00:27:12.270 --> 00:27:15.330 Kevin Barbaro Productions: They immediately start right and and as a.

00:27:16.440 --> 00:27:20.370 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Now you've got to take on the role of their parent you've got to take on the role of they're.

00:27:22.500 --> 00:27:30.990 Kevin Barbaro Productions: An adult because you know they even though they're adults they're still young adults and they're gonna have a hard time processing and i'm having a hard time process, you know.

00:27:32.490 --> 00:27:34.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But we took everybody back.

00:27:35.190 --> 00:27:38.640 Kevin Barbaro Productions: and pull them to just stay in their dorms or stay in their apartments.

00:27:39.180 --> 00:27:47.400 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And the school itself the university is going to make a decision on what to do so obviously all kit classes were canceled that all planes were grounded.

00:27:47.910 --> 00:27:58.920 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And the entire world just stopped at that moment, and in that time and anybody that's a coach and a lot of coaches watch this.

00:27:59.790 --> 00:28:07.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Anybody that was coaching back then 20 years ago they I know that they went through the same thing, where you're trying to process yourself.

00:28:07.830 --> 00:28:19.590 Kevin Barbaro Productions: and get through your own emotions, but you've got to suddenly be there for a whole bunch of kids young adults that are looking to you for advice and.

00:28:20.460 --> 00:28:28.470 Kevin Barbaro Productions: and their parents calling are my kids safe, you know and i'm telling you it wait on me and.

00:28:29.070 --> 00:28:35.640 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So that was kind of my experience that morning we're going to stop for another commercial break and i'm going to bring my buddy Chris Anderson.

00:28:35.970 --> 00:28:49.710 Kevin Barbaro Productions: On, as I said before, he's a police officer now, but he was a sergeant and the US marine corps station in the Pentagon at that moment and we're going to hear his story here in just a minute i'm Kevin Barbara you're listening to coffee talk XL on talk radio dot nyc.

00:28:53.910 --> 00:28:54.450 Kevin Barbaro Productions: posted the.

00:31:23.760 --> 00:31:33.210 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Welcome back to coffee talk XL i'm Kevin barbro and you're listening on talk radio dot nyc you can catch the podcast on iTunes.

00:31:33.630 --> 00:31:50.190 Kevin Barbaro Productions: apple podcast or you can just go to talk radio dot nyc and you'll be able to get it there as well, continuing the conversation here on the 20th anniversary of 911 and a Christian gonna have to unmute yourself there there you go brother, I like to name your phone crackers.

00:31:52.650 --> 00:32:07.470 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But Chris and I we we've acted together Chris is out of the DC area Nova area and and and Chris, as I mentioned before, is a police officer now and and but back 20 years ago.

00:32:08.490 --> 00:32:16.530 Kevin Barbaro Productions: was a sergeant in the US marine corps and he was stationed inside the Pentagon on 911 when everything went down by doing brother.

00:32:17.160 --> 00:32:18.420 CRACKERS’s iPhone: i'm good, how are you.

00:32:18.900 --> 00:32:20.370 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Man i'm just killing it bro you know.

00:32:21.840 --> 00:32:25.320 CRACKERS’s iPhone: Well, thanks for having me it's been the hardest working man in the room.

00:32:25.980 --> 00:32:45.690 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Man i'm telling you it's uh it's just I just been spraying and praying brother, I mean it's a it's been a wild ride, you know now that we're back to work, you know and uh you know back to filming and i'm sure we'll run into each other again up in in your area so so I wanted to talk now.

00:32:46.980 --> 00:32:51.330 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Where are you a police officer now where what what precinct or where you at.

00:32:51.900 --> 00:33:07.710 CRACKERS’s iPhone: i'm a police officer in intermingle county Maryland so if anyone's familiar with the area it's just south of baltimore it encompasses Annapolis city Annapolis city has their own separate police department, but we are the county that Annapolis city sits in.

00:33:08.340 --> 00:33:12.240 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Okay, great great and are you controlling or what's your.

00:33:13.620 --> 00:33:13.890 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Little.

00:33:15.750 --> 00:33:32.520 CRACKERS’s iPhone: And no I just recently left our special operations division, I was part of our SWAT team for the past 14 years and I just transition back to our patrol division, with the expectation of potentially going to our training academy here in the very near future.

00:33:33.120 --> 00:33:38.550 Kevin Barbaro Productions: nice man shoot well, I think, obviously, I appreciate your your your service and your service bag is.

00:33:38.550 --> 00:33:43.410 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Maria do man I love the COPs man yeah because I don't break the law, so I love.

00:33:47.100 --> 00:33:58.260 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So take us back you know i'm on that morning I was mentioning you know what what was going through my head is everything was happening, but of course I was I wasn't intimately.

00:33:58.830 --> 00:34:11.850 Kevin Barbaro Productions: involved in in what was taking place at the time, what what did, how did that morning start off for you, and when did you realize that something something's happened.

00:34:12.900 --> 00:34:21.630 CRACKERS’s iPhone: Well it's ironic that I was able to hear the last part of your story on the tail end of what you were thinking when you started hearing these things come across the radio because again.

00:34:21.990 --> 00:34:27.240 CRACKERS’s iPhone: There was no Facebook, there was no instagram there was no social media, so you weren't getting that instant.

00:34:28.620 --> 00:34:42.420 CRACKERS’s iPhone: Feed of information so beautiful day it was an early morning I work for the Pentagon or at the Pentagon for the secretary of Defense for public affairs so inside in my office.

00:34:43.530 --> 00:34:55.440 CRACKERS’s iPhone: If you look at the Pentagon from the topics Leonard He threw a is the inner he is the outer um you have three floors above ground.

00:34:56.310 --> 00:35:14.100 CRACKERS’s iPhone: So I was on the third floor of the Sea Ring in my office and inside the building and beautiful day perfect weather couldn't have asked for anything better, as far as the weather goes so just sitting inside listening to talk radio or the talk show hosts and.

00:35:15.720 --> 00:35:26.220 CRACKERS’s iPhone: Just like you a building or a plane is hit one of the world trade towers okay yeah much like you, I was a little prop sightseeing playing, because I know they're.

00:35:26.280 --> 00:35:34.950 CRACKERS’s iPhone: Very tourists driven in Manhattan so probably wouldn't be out of the ordinary for a mishap or an accident of that caliber so.

00:35:36.930 --> 00:35:45.300 CRACKERS’s iPhone: We were like hold on let's take a look so jumped on the Internet and were able to pull up the news feed and they were already getting pictures.

00:35:45.660 --> 00:35:56.070 CRACKERS’s iPhone: and saw the devastation and this is before the second plane so saw the devastation and we were like that's that's not a sightseeing claiming that didn't just put the building that was.

00:35:56.580 --> 00:35:56.880 yeah.

00:35:58.440 --> 00:35:59.220 CRACKERS’s iPhone: Large.

00:35:59.340 --> 00:36:02.430 CRACKERS’s iPhone: me and her the information that it was an actual passenger liner.

00:36:02.430 --> 00:36:03.090 CRACKERS’s iPhone: Yet so.

00:36:03.150 --> 00:36:10.560 CRACKERS’s iPhone: Right um and I think it was probably while we were sitting there looking at those images that it came across the radio that a second plane.

00:36:11.640 --> 00:36:12.810 CRACKERS’s iPhone: had hit the second tower.

00:36:14.070 --> 00:36:25.260 CRACKERS’s iPhone: So a lot of us that were there that day there were only a handful of us there from my units that were inside the building and we started having the conversation of this doesn't sound random.

00:36:26.580 --> 00:36:31.920 CRACKERS’s iPhone: This sounds like it's a targeted event, what do we need to do to start.

00:36:32.580 --> 00:36:45.090 CRACKERS’s iPhone: The process here, this is a high value target the Pentagon is the symbol of the Defense department for the United States very high value, what do we need to do so, a lot of people don't know the Pentagon has its own police department.

00:36:46.170 --> 00:36:51.720 CRACKERS’s iPhone: So we went to the Pentagon police department and started asking questions hey, what are we doing you know.

00:36:52.020 --> 00:36:54.510 CRACKERS’s iPhone: What has has the threat con level gone up and.

00:36:54.840 --> 00:37:06.720 CRACKERS’s iPhone: We started those conversations and by the time we made it back to our office um I had maybe been sitting there for about three minutes and I can hear the footsteps of somebody running towards my door.

00:37:08.250 --> 00:37:13.170 CRACKERS’s iPhone: And we kind of joke, a little bit in the military i'm not sure if you're wearing them.

00:37:15.120 --> 00:37:15.480 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah.

00:37:15.900 --> 00:37:21.660 CRACKERS’s iPhone: And I hear one of the airman because it was joint service, so we had marines sailors airmen.

00:37:21.930 --> 00:37:25.080 Kevin Barbaro Productions: soldier branches of the military are there yeah.

00:37:25.110 --> 00:37:32.880 CRACKERS’s iPhone: We are we had everybody, so I knew who it was when I heard his voice, it was when the airman that I worked with, and he said a plane just hit the building.

00:37:33.960 --> 00:37:40.710 CRACKERS’s iPhone: And it was like come on man like you gotta do better than that yeah and he said it again.

00:37:42.060 --> 00:37:43.650 CRACKERS’s iPhone: And when I turned to look at him.

00:37:45.390 --> 00:37:47.070 CRACKERS’s iPhone: pale sweaty.

00:37:48.330 --> 00:37:51.360 CRACKERS’s iPhone: Anxious excited right.

00:37:51.450 --> 00:37:52.230 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So many other.

00:37:52.260 --> 00:38:03.390 CRACKERS’s iPhone: slides that I can use describing just he was he was in the Center courtyard because a lot of people don't know this either, if you're a smoker still that's still a thing i'm still smoke cigarettes.

00:38:04.830 --> 00:38:08.220 CRACKERS’s iPhone: You have to go in the Center courtyard in the very Center of the Pentagon.

00:38:08.820 --> 00:38:10.260 CRACKERS’s iPhone: And that's where he was.

00:38:10.440 --> 00:38:19.500 CRACKERS’s iPhone: When he watched flight 77 come around and bank and slammed into the Western side of the Pentagon.

00:38:19.650 --> 00:38:24.750 CRACKERS’s iPhone: He watched it man so his reaction to it, of course, was different than mine.

00:38:25.140 --> 00:38:31.500 CRACKERS’s iPhone: yeah but the the the power didn't go out the lights didn't blink the alarms didn't go on.

00:38:32.610 --> 00:38:42.480 CRACKERS’s iPhone: If he at that moment, if he hadn't run up and told me, I would have sat in there until I heard the fire alarms and everything and started to respond from that but.

00:38:42.930 --> 00:38:54.240 CRACKERS’s iPhone: I mean it was probably you know, maybe 60 seconds, maybe two minutes tops, then the fire alarms started sounding for the evacuation because there's three miles of cord or inside that bill.

00:38:54.270 --> 00:38:54.780 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah.

00:38:55.380 --> 00:38:57.600 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I mean it's crazy yeah it's a huge.

00:38:57.600 --> 00:38:59.190 CRACKERS’s iPhone: Massive element so.

00:39:00.420 --> 00:39:09.780 CRACKERS’s iPhone: We had probably I think somewhere in the range of 65 to 80 civilians in the in the building that we had to make sure that we had accounted for.

00:39:10.410 --> 00:39:23.070 CRACKERS’s iPhone: um Luckily, we were on the exact opposite side of those offices and the the affected side, so we had a roster and we had a rough idea of where everyone was so myself in the airman and whoever was left.

00:39:24.090 --> 00:39:30.720 CRACKERS’s iPhone: took off into the building to retreat those people to account for them get them out of the building and it was just.

00:39:32.760 --> 00:39:39.960 CRACKERS’s iPhone: As I mean I had just turned 23 Oh, I was a young certain I just turned 23 the week prior.

00:39:41.160 --> 00:39:48.000 CRACKERS’s iPhone: To the incident so um you know a lot of the younger kids they kind of look to sergeant says that you know.

00:39:49.050 --> 00:39:54.780 CRACKERS’s iPhone: upper level supervisory position and they're all looking at you for for answers hey what do we do next.

00:39:54.810 --> 00:39:57.240 CRACKERS’s iPhone: With where do we go like.

00:39:57.750 --> 00:40:02.340 CRACKERS’s iPhone: And some of the guys were great came with me, we did.

00:40:03.810 --> 00:40:11.670 CRACKERS’s iPhone: We did what we had to do to try to help as many people as because there wasn't a whole lot we're not medics we're not emt we're not.

00:40:12.810 --> 00:40:28.980 CRACKERS’s iPhone: True, I mean we are trained professionals, but not in the medical field, so we did what we could I mean we were out there, passing out water and just I mean we did absolutely everything that we could possibly do to feel useful during the Minutes and hours, following that but i'm.

00:40:30.660 --> 00:40:30.990 CRACKERS’s iPhone: Like.

00:40:32.580 --> 00:40:33.660 CRACKERS’s iPhone: Did you go out.

00:40:33.840 --> 00:40:38.490 Kevin Barbaro Productions: To so at that point, you know, everybody leaves right.

00:40:38.730 --> 00:40:40.860 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Obviously, because everybody's got evacuated.

00:40:42.390 --> 00:40:51.600 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And you made your way to the actual impact area, and when you got there What was your first.

00:40:53.160 --> 00:40:58.950 Kevin Barbaro Productions: emotion or first like what was going through your head when you first saw what really happened.

00:40:59.670 --> 00:41:13.980 CRACKERS’s iPhone: This isn't happening with that mean you, you almost had it and it was a fleeting moment of like look, this is not real like this, this is not happening right now, it was just jet black thick like choking smoke in the air.

00:41:15.120 --> 00:41:23.640 CRACKERS’s iPhone: And just a debris field just you couldn't tell what was what between building or plane or ground or glass or it was just.

00:41:24.810 --> 00:41:25.620 CRACKERS’s iPhone: chaos.

00:41:26.190 --> 00:41:27.180 CRACKERS’s iPhone: In front of us.

00:41:27.840 --> 00:41:36.210 CRACKERS’s iPhone: And you had people trying to come in from from that particular side to help and then you had people coming from the interior, because we started on the Interior.

00:41:37.020 --> 00:41:48.330 CRACKERS’s iPhone: Just to kind of get people away, and then we had to start worrying about because because everybody everybody wanted Dale every every first responder within eyesight of that building was coming to say hey.

00:41:48.990 --> 00:41:49.320 CRACKERS’s iPhone: yeah.

00:41:49.350 --> 00:41:53.910 CRACKERS’s iPhone: we're here will help you will do what needs to be done and at some point, you have to start thinking of.

00:41:54.780 --> 00:42:04.950 CRACKERS’s iPhone: Are those people going to become casualties themselves do we need to keep those camelback because it is a secure facility still we know this tragedy has just occurred, but they're still certain things certain protocols that.

00:42:05.970 --> 00:42:06.510 CRACKERS’s iPhone: that are still in.

00:42:06.540 --> 00:42:07.410 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The Pentagon bro.

00:42:09.180 --> 00:42:10.020 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know and.

00:42:11.250 --> 00:42:17.820 CRACKERS’s iPhone: So we we ended up being primarily responsible for that exterior perimeter security to kind of prevent.

00:42:18.960 --> 00:42:26.250 CRACKERS’s iPhone: The more casualties FFS the way you want to put it, we we wanted everybody every pair of hands that could help we wanted to impair helping.

00:42:26.700 --> 00:42:30.900 CRACKERS’s iPhone: um yeah there's there's thousands they're I mean they're up to 30,000 people in that building on any given day.

00:42:31.620 --> 00:42:32.700 Kevin Barbaro Productions: wow he's.

00:42:32.730 --> 00:42:33.180 So.

00:42:34.620 --> 00:42:35.040 CRACKERS’s iPhone: Much out.

00:42:35.640 --> 00:42:47.940 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah and you know similarly what was happening in New York and we got to stop for a commercial break here in a minute, but some you know to me what gets me, you know.

00:42:49.500 --> 00:42:59.340 Kevin Barbaro Productions: choked up about it, or just I don't even know how to process all the emotions about it, but first responders like yourself your police officer right your first response.

00:43:01.200 --> 00:43:13.980 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The fact that you have it within you that you see something terrible you see chaos and carnage and your gut instinct isn't to run away.

00:43:14.970 --> 00:43:32.190 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Where the average person their gut instinct is to run away, but all these people are running towards it, no matter how scared you are because anybody can be scared in that moment, you know I mean obviously your heart racing you know and to me, you know that.

00:43:33.570 --> 00:43:39.510 Kevin Barbaro Productions: seen that unfold on TV in New York and, of course, at the Pentagon.

00:43:40.530 --> 00:43:41.400 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I just.

00:43:42.420 --> 00:43:48.660 Kevin Barbaro Productions: My level of respect, I already respected the COPs like is it and I already everybody loves a fire department right because it.

00:43:49.440 --> 00:43:50.490 Kevin Barbaro Productions: shows everybody loves.

00:43:50.850 --> 00:43:57.510 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The fire, because when they show up they're there to help they're not showing up arrest anybody everybody loves the fire department, but.

00:43:59.490 --> 00:44:10.650 Kevin Barbaro Productions: After this and see how many people perished for doing the one thing that everyone else doesn't have it in their head to do and that's run towards the danger.

00:44:10.950 --> 00:44:16.710 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm going to stop for the commercial we're going to come back and I want to talk about the days leading up after that and how this is all affected.

00:44:17.070 --> 00:44:25.620 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You and your life and your life's journey will be back in another couple of minutes here i'm Kevin Barbara you're listening and coffee talk XL on talk radio dot nyc.

00:44:55.860 --> 00:44:59.250 uninformed about menopause and how it impacts on your life.

00:46:25.530 --> 00:46:41.430 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Welcome back everybody to the final segment of coffee talk excel today's episode you're listening to talk radio dot nyc and in the 20th anniversary of 911 I have my acting buddy Chris Anderson, who is a police officer now.

00:46:42.540 --> 00:46:51.990 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In Maryland and he is was a station in the Pentagon on 911 as a sergeant in the US marine corps and so Chris.

00:46:54.990 --> 00:47:07.800 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You leave that night I mean eventually you go home right and uh did you have a full grasp at when you because, obviously, I can imagine that, on the site.

00:47:09.390 --> 00:47:25.500 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And you're so busy just helping just hands on deck right that it's not like you're listening to talk radio you're not watching TV at that point, did you even have an inclination is that how massive this was I.

00:47:25.530 --> 00:47:25.710 Kevin Barbaro Productions: went.

00:47:25.830 --> 00:47:26.760 Kevin Barbaro Productions: To figure that out.

00:47:27.270 --> 00:47:43.350 CRACKERS’s iPhone: When I got home, I did not know that either tower had fallen until I got home, I did not know about flight 93 until I got home I knew about flight 93 because initially, we thought that either because we got word that it was headed towards.

00:47:44.070 --> 00:47:44.940 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The district DC.

00:47:45.390 --> 00:47:54.990 CRACKERS’s iPhone: yeah so we thought that hey it's either hey coming to finish the job, where we're at or it could potentially be you know the US Capitol the White House another.

00:47:56.490 --> 00:48:06.300 CRACKERS’s iPhone: beacon of freedom right, you will, for the United States to be like hey let's destroy something else, so we had no idea that it had actually gone down in in chain still.

00:48:07.920 --> 00:48:09.150 CRACKERS’s iPhone: So to.

00:48:10.410 --> 00:48:12.390 CRACKERS’s iPhone: To kind of deal with with with that.

00:48:13.560 --> 00:48:20.850 CRACKERS’s iPhone: For as long as I was there and I wasn't as as long as as others were there, but to be there that day in the day come home and.

00:48:22.050 --> 00:48:34.740 CRACKERS’s iPhone: My wife telling me that that these that the World Trade Center both towers and fallen in the plane flight 93 had gone down in shanksville Pennsylvania was just that much more.

00:48:36.600 --> 00:48:37.470 CRACKERS’s iPhone: disbelief.

00:48:37.710 --> 00:48:45.510 CRACKERS’s iPhone: On top of everything that i've seen in everything that you've done and everything that took place for for me and my colleagues that day yeah.

00:48:45.810 --> 00:48:52.860 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So i'm heading into you know the next day or the subsequent days after that what.

00:48:54.270 --> 00:48:59.850 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I mean what what from a from a military standpoint obviously you're in the marine corps and marine corps.

00:49:01.260 --> 00:49:07.590 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Is everyone's infantry in the marine corps, what was the kind of.

00:49:10.050 --> 00:49:20.250 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I don't want to say, the method of operation at that point, but how much did things change right away next day on your job, and the marine corps job.

00:49:21.090 --> 00:49:28.410 CRACKERS’s iPhone: Well, my job in particular change because they ended up setting up what we refer to as camp unity against the That was the.

00:49:29.790 --> 00:49:38.100 CRACKERS’s iPhone: The camp that they set up for the relief workers that were coming in, they had to soldiers in there, they had construction workers they had.

00:49:39.540 --> 00:49:45.360 CRACKERS’s iPhone: Press media and some some of the actual employees from the building were also there but it's called camp unity.

00:49:45.660 --> 00:50:01.410 CRACKERS’s iPhone: With I was there for a person about three months, and that was during the recovery effort, because, as we all know, there you know 184 people lost their lives that day at that building the youngest was three years old and the oldest was 71.

00:50:02.040 --> 00:50:05.400 CRACKERS’s iPhone: Then, obviously passengers on the plane, but.

00:50:06.480 --> 00:50:13.050 CRACKERS’s iPhone: The those things had to be dealt with you can't just pick everything up at the front end loader and take it off site and.

00:50:13.410 --> 00:50:13.800 CRACKERS’s iPhone: yeah.

00:50:14.190 --> 00:50:16.230 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'll get everything put it back together.

00:50:16.290 --> 00:50:27.450 CRACKERS’s iPhone: So um there was a lot of recovery effort i'm taking place right there on site and, in that you know construction workers and engineers and, of course, you had.

00:50:28.080 --> 00:50:43.320 CRACKERS’s iPhone: Politicians and senators and congressmen everyone wanted to come and visit and tour, and my my particular unit was in charge of the ingress and egress in the security checking badges checking ids that sort of thing which was kind of alien to us.

00:50:43.830 --> 00:50:55.440 CRACKERS’s iPhone: yeah prior to that day but i'm I stayed there and that's what I did 12 hours on 12 hours off for three months, while we're those shifts doing that.

00:50:56.430 --> 00:51:06.750 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And so, everybody that is old enough to remember 911 and even people that aren't old enough they've seen the images and.

00:51:07.560 --> 00:51:25.800 Kevin Barbaro Productions: What was your emotional feeling when you saw them drop that giant flag down off the side of the building and it said let's roll what was what was going through you and your not just your mind but emotionally in that moment.

00:51:26.460 --> 00:51:40.920 CRACKERS’s iPhone: You know what Kevin it's really hard to explain that that flag was like blindingly bright, it was just the just the emotions and everything of that entire day was so dark so dark so heavy just.

00:51:42.060 --> 00:51:48.360 CRACKERS’s iPhone: unimaginable and when that came unfurled over the edge of the building right beside.

00:51:50.190 --> 00:51:57.630 CRACKERS’s iPhone: The whole that the the impact area yeah and and I don't know how what i'm allowed, but it was like a big middle finger.

00:51:58.050 --> 00:52:12.180 CRACKERS’s iPhone: Today, you will not get the best of us, you will not defeat this this this cannot be defeated, this is not something that is going to go away, we are going to be in your face, and I think the President to.

00:52:12.210 --> 00:52:12.480 CRACKERS’s iPhone: yeah.

00:52:12.630 --> 00:52:13.830 we're gonna find you on.

00:52:15.120 --> 00:52:18.240 CRACKERS’s iPhone: We heard you and now you're going to hear us.

00:52:18.570 --> 00:52:18.990 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah.

00:52:19.410 --> 00:52:20.340 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So one of the greatest.

00:52:20.700 --> 00:52:23.430 Kevin Barbaro Productions: impromptu speeches, I know our lifetime.

00:52:24.750 --> 00:52:34.740 CRACKERS’s iPhone: And the feeling I I can't even really describe it it's something that you feel it's not like I can feel it like in my chest in my lungs in my heart.

00:52:35.190 --> 00:52:42.990 CRACKERS’s iPhone: yeah I I love this country I love the Marine corps I love the freedoms that we enjoy because I, I know what other people don't.

00:52:43.380 --> 00:52:55.860 CRACKERS’s iPhone: I know what other countries don't have I know what those those people experience on a daily basis, they don't have what we have we don't have the they don't have the abilities that we have.

00:52:56.790 --> 00:53:06.750 CRACKERS’s iPhone: When it comes to their livelihood, so the feeling that I that I have, especially when when I saw that it was just so it was overwhelming.

00:53:06.810 --> 00:53:08.640 Kevin Barbaro Productions: For me yeah yeah.

00:53:08.970 --> 00:53:11.400 CRACKERS’s iPhone: And I still have a photo of it i'm here in my home.

00:53:12.360 --> 00:53:17.970 CRACKERS’s iPhone: Nice it's definitely powerful, for me it was it was a statement for sure.

00:53:19.290 --> 00:53:35.730 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know I feel like and it's unfortunate because we obviously live in different times now, even though it was only 20 years ago or 20 years, not that long you know I mean it's it's it's a snapshot of time and in that moment, you know, we had attacked.

00:53:37.290 --> 00:53:42.960 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And and and and you know punched in the throat, and the whole country.

00:53:44.160 --> 00:54:02.040 Kevin Barbaro Productions: says, you know what hey man bro this is America man, you know I mean and we we we rally together all of us and we're like hey man let's let's let's be this is America bro you don't stick your finger in our eyes and now.

00:54:03.960 --> 00:54:05.580 Kevin Barbaro Productions: we're we're 5050.

00:54:05.760 --> 00:54:06.150 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know.

00:54:06.300 --> 00:54:20.250 Kevin Barbaro Productions: it's just it's disappointing because what what we had an opportunity to do, I mean you think about civil rights movement right you think about Vietnam you think about all the different things, the the.

00:54:21.360 --> 00:54:28.050 Kevin Barbaro Productions: As it through time we we struggled we struggle with shock because we're American and we, I mean we we kept struggling and we were divided divided.

00:54:28.710 --> 00:54:37.350 Kevin Barbaro Productions: It was the first time since World War Two that we were united and proud we're proud to be Americans, you know.

00:54:38.070 --> 00:54:49.380 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And it's it's sad to me because you know i'm proud to be American you know I mean I feel for people that that don't have a we're I i'm compassionate you know just like you, are and and.

00:54:50.430 --> 00:55:07.170 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And we're not going to let somebody come here and take what we have any happened, you know and and that was a pretty big punch in the throat, but we survived it, but you know, unfortunately, no we're not in that position yet what do you say when we only got a couple minutes but.

00:55:09.180 --> 00:55:19.170 Kevin Barbaro Productions: One thing that is fascinating to me, is all the conspiracy theories so obviously you were there, and you saw the whole use it and.

00:55:20.490 --> 00:55:37.230 Kevin Barbaro Productions: How can anybody, I mean probably run into the this is how can anybody think that that would be a missile you know, because that was the I mean how big it, you know I see it, on TV, but you as a human being, like how big was this whole to you.

00:55:39.390 --> 00:55:40.140 CRACKERS’s iPhone: It was.

00:55:41.370 --> 00:55:47.070 CRACKERS’s iPhone: it's hard to have if anyone has ever stood beside like a cruise ship and you're looking up at the enormity.

00:55:47.610 --> 00:55:57.000 CRACKERS’s iPhone: Of yeah sure that's what it looks like to you're standing on the ground from the outside looking up because it it wasn't just the outer ring that was affected it penetrated three rings deep.

00:55:57.570 --> 00:56:06.660 CRACKERS’s iPhone: All right, floors so you're talking nine stories of action and, probably, you know.

00:56:08.340 --> 00:56:12.150 CRACKERS’s iPhone: I don't know somewhere in the range of almost 100 yards why.

00:56:12.960 --> 00:56:14.940 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Why is the wings yeah.

00:56:15.270 --> 00:56:16.350 CRACKERS’s iPhone: it's a massive.

00:56:17.010 --> 00:56:17.760 CRACKERS’s iPhone: yeah acid.

00:56:18.930 --> 00:56:23.970 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Lead man I can't even imagine you know it says something they'll also about.

00:56:25.140 --> 00:56:26.700 Kevin Barbaro Productions: How that building is built.

00:56:27.300 --> 00:56:39.690 Kevin Barbaro Productions: With all the steel and the mirabelle and everything and you take a plane 600 miles an hour and it can't even get all the way through you know I mean you, you better come with something bigger than that brother, you want to take on the Pentagon yeah.

00:56:40.260 --> 00:56:41.730 CRACKERS’s iPhone: The ratings to last.

00:56:42.120 --> 00:56:44.940 CRACKERS’s iPhone: yeah exactly they made things the last.

00:56:45.420 --> 00:56:46.380 CRACKERS’s iPhone: Well, listen man.

00:56:46.410 --> 00:57:05.460 Kevin Barbaro Productions: dude I appreciate you, I appreciate your service and continued you know service to your Community obviously man and hopefully we'll we'll get a chance to act in a few more gigs up in the in the DC area here in the next you know, hopefully, in the next couple of months, you know I mean.

00:57:05.790 --> 00:57:06.600 CRACKERS’s iPhone: very near future.

00:57:06.780 --> 00:57:07.890 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Now so yeah brother.

00:57:09.240 --> 00:57:11.820 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'll talk to you soon, I really appreciate you being on the show.

00:57:11.910 --> 00:57:12.390 CRACKERS’s iPhone: Yes, sir.

00:57:12.480 --> 00:57:21.870 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Thank you, everybody you got it man Thank you so much, everybody for listening in here on coffee talk XL tune in every Tuesday night at 8pm live and you'll be able to.

00:57:23.100 --> 00:57:38.790 Kevin Barbaro Productions: watch the show live or you can catch the podcast on iTunes or spotify or apple or wherever it is again or just go to coffee topics, you can go to talk radio dot nyc i'll be back next Tuesday night and I appreciate this Kevin Barbara and we'll see you next week.

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