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Tuesday, September 7, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/09/07 - Acting Tips and Stress

Facebook Live Video from 2021/09/07 - Acting Tips and Stress


2021/09/07 - Acting Tips and Stress

[New Episode] Acting Tips and Stress

Tonight I return from a two week adventure that took me back and forth across the country three times. I will be talking #actingtips about the different scenarios I found myself in on the three-different National commercial sets and productions. Some serious learning moments; even for me. It was a stressful time and I will talk about how to deal with anxiety when everything doesn’t go perfect. 


Also tied into the stressfulness of the week, I had to deal with some serious stress as it pertains to my flights on @americanair I fly them exclusively. I am in their highest Awards status. I only fly First Class over 100k miles a year. For the first time, I’m completely disappointed. I ran into a major issue that could have had a huge negative impact on the week and even damaging to my career. It’s such a ridiculous story that you HAVE to hear it. 



Tune in for this fun conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

To open up tonight's show, Kevin explains what he has been up to during the past few weeks. Kevin talks about his recent experiences acting and managing every other part of his life. One thing Kevin finds important for him is planning ahead of time, especially flight travel. He moves into speaking about his recent experience with American Airlines. Kevin exclusively flies American Airlines, over 100 thousand miles a year, and is in their loyalty program. He goes into the perks of being a loyal customer to them. He also explains that when he or his agents submits dates in advance for an acting gig, he gets to know the other planning that needs to be involved; wardrobe fitting, covid tests, etc. Recently, he was booked for 4 national commercials. While having to fly back and forth, Kevin needed to do covid tests for one of the production companies before filming and was planning a flight back to his home and then fly to his next destination. The people that he worked with were supposedly running behind time.

Segment 2

Kevin picks off from his conversation about flying back to LA while already being a bit delayed. He pays close attention to his timing when taking flights. When he arrived to take his flight to do another filming the next day, he was told about a delay with the flight due to a mechanical issue. Kevin noticed that this was an issue he has been experiencing numerous times already. He decided to take a different route but things still seemed to not go his way. Kevin was very disappointed, having to spend extra money to get to his destination. Unfortunately, the airline did not do much to help him. Kevin goes more into his next filming for a commercial. He noted the stressful part of taking covid tests before doing any gig. Adding to this stress, he wasn’t fully prepared with the right wardrobe. This was when he started to feel anxiety. Kevin admits his mistake of not asking questions beforehand. Having done hundreds of gigs in his acting career, he made assumptions about what to expect from clothes to the recording itself. Before starting to film, Kevin realized that he wouldn’t use a teleprompter to read his lines.

Segment 3

Kevin speaks about how nervous he felt filming the commercial he was not very prepared for. This is something that rarely ever happens to him. The moment the director called “action”, Kevin described what he was feeling. He describes his anxiety as almost not being able to breathe. It was a shocking moment for him as he was having an anxiety or panic attack for probably the first time in his life. On his way back home, he was going over in his head about what occurred, reminding himself that he had to push through and get the job done. This was definitely a reminder and learning lesson for Kevin that he needs to always clarify and ask questions. On a good note, Kevin spoke to the director, who made it clear to him that he is very talented and didn’t need to worry. Moving onto the next event on his trip, Kevin mentioned how he was running late again on his trip to a call back in person. This situation had to do with a delay with checking his bags and getting on his flight. He explains how sometimes his bags are in a different flight while he travels. At this point, he just wanted to be on his way again.

Segment 4

Coming back from the final break, Kevin continues his story about his flight to Atlanta. He was having a hard time negotiating with the ticketing person at the airport. He wasn’t able to get on his flight with his bags. Going through every scenario in his head of what to do, he goes to the storage room for bags. Kevin speaks about how stressed he was due to the workers not helping him there either. After speaking to someone again, he was advised to take his bags to the TSA. They were able to help scan his bags. Being eager to catch his flight, he ran to his gate afterwards. Again, he was able to get help at the gate. He was very grateful for the person who helped him check his bags almost seconds away from having to leave on the flight. In the end, Kevin successfully arrived in LA, filmed for the commercial and of course, did not have to resort to throwing his bags away. To end the show Kevin briefly mentions his guest for next week's show, Gaby Perez, who was his kick boxing coach many years ago and also started her own business. They will talk about what she has been up to as well as the topics of health and fitness.


00:03:08.490 --> 00:03:12.840 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Good evening everybody and welcome back to coffee talk XL on Kevin Barbara.

00:03:13.200 --> 00:03:27.180 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And you're listening on talk radio dot nyc or you're watching us live right now on slash talk radio nyc if you want to bump over there if you're if you're just watching or listening in on the radio feed and.

00:03:28.830 --> 00:03:36.150 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Then a couple of weeks since I was on actually ran a replay last week of the show from the week before, because I was in the middle of.

00:03:37.260 --> 00:03:41.280 Kevin Barbaro Productions: A crazy two weeks professionally that.

00:03:42.300 --> 00:03:44.550 Kevin Barbaro Productions: professionally and personally that.

00:03:46.260 --> 00:04:04.650 Kevin Barbaro Productions: we're going to talk about today because I want to talk about obviously this show is about me and my life as an actor and as a businessman and and all the things that I have going on and about athletics, because I was formerly a nc double a division one head coach for many, many years.

00:04:05.730 --> 00:04:06.750 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Things went belly up.

00:04:08.310 --> 00:04:09.210 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And so.

00:04:10.290 --> 00:04:11.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: This week.

00:04:12.360 --> 00:04:29.520 Kevin Barbaro Productions: If you saw my post about it earlier today, I want to talk about some lessons that were learned here in the last two weeks on these shoots and just some good advice for other people who are actors or want to become actors and just you know just people ask me all the time, like dude.

00:04:30.660 --> 00:04:38.520 Kevin Barbaro Productions: How do you juggle all these things, you know how do you manage all of this because you've got you know you obviously i'm flying back and forth across the country or.

00:04:39.030 --> 00:04:48.090 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Are in the country for either acting or my live entertainment company, and you know live sports and live music in a company.

00:04:48.960 --> 00:04:58.290 Kevin Barbaro Productions: or i'm in myrtle beach with my construction company, you know how do you juggle all those things here's how I do it i'm not sure Okay, but one thing is.

00:04:58.680 --> 00:05:18.420 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I try to manage my time in the best that I can so one thing about me is I try to plan ahead and I I am meticulous about planning my travel, particularly, and this is part of like the whole thing I was going to talk about today is how that planning.

00:05:20.820 --> 00:05:34.230 Kevin Barbaro Productions: keeps the wheels going, but at the same time there's a lot of gambling and they're on travel particularly flight travel and and it almost landed me in a horrific situation this past week.

00:05:35.310 --> 00:05:38.460 Kevin Barbaro Productions: and part of that tied into all that is.

00:05:39.600 --> 00:05:58.770 Kevin Barbaro Productions: As I said earlier in my Facebook post about it is American Airlines they're not going to like this episode i'm going to tell you right now, now I exclusively fly American Airlines it's a rare rare day that I fly on any other airline and American so I exclusively like first of all.

00:06:00.030 --> 00:06:07.980 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Just in this is this is kind of like a groundwork for the entire story here and it's important and you'll find out why it's important years as we go on it, but.

00:06:09.480 --> 00:06:12.210 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Because I fly all the time I fly over 100,000 miles a year.

00:06:13.620 --> 00:06:16.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I fly it exclusively on American airlines.

00:06:17.220 --> 00:06:21.180 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I also made the decision, a few years ago that.

00:06:22.620 --> 00:06:33.210 Kevin Barbaro Productions: From now on, i'm only flying first class now I don't necessarily have to buy a first class ticket every time in order to be in first class because i'm in the highest category of.

00:06:34.110 --> 00:06:44.940 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The advantage program through American Airlines so they're their loyalty program essentially your their mileage program so since i'm in the highest you automatically get upgraded to.

00:06:45.990 --> 00:06:52.170 Kevin Barbaro Productions: first class if there's a first class seat available and it's done in a pecking order and if you're in the highest classification.

00:06:52.590 --> 00:07:02.250 Kevin Barbaro Productions: If their seats available chances are like 90% of the time you're going to get that seat, so I spent a lot of time figuring out looking at the seating charts.

00:07:03.060 --> 00:07:09.990 Kevin Barbaro Productions: figuring out my travel trying to juggle all of these different things, and the departure times landing where i'm going.

00:07:10.830 --> 00:07:16.890 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Obviously, I have to be budget conscious, particularly since i'm only flying first class or trying to fly first class all the time.

00:07:17.460 --> 00:07:26.070 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I you know, I have to be smart about you know, because it can get really pricey obviously and I don't I don't necessarily want that but generally speaking i'm pretty flexible and my tramp.

00:07:27.570 --> 00:07:27.960 Kevin Barbaro Productions: well.

00:07:30.420 --> 00:07:36.240 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And there are benefits to first class obviously you who miles faster and you get three check free.

00:07:37.410 --> 00:07:43.920 Kevin Barbaro Productions: check leg three free check bags per flight Okay, and in addition to that.

00:07:45.090 --> 00:07:52.440 Kevin Barbaro Productions: They still serve booze and first class, yes, so I can drink my way through about half of that ticket, to be honest with me so here's the deal.

00:07:53.880 --> 00:08:04.410 Kevin Barbaro Productions: My week, and these are all tied in together all right, this this entire story is tied in together American Airlines my acting acting advice it's all tied in together so.

00:08:06.690 --> 00:08:25.860 Kevin Barbaro Productions: When i'm submitting for job submitting for aggregates or my agent or agents around the country because obviously I have multiple ones going on, when when we're submitting for dates, I know, generally speaking about two three weeks in advance what my schedule looks like.

00:08:26.880 --> 00:08:42.270 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Things that I have to do for my other companies times tonight we call it booked out so like you're booked out, meaning that you tell your agent hey i've got something else going on, during this time, whether it's another acting gig that they didn't get me or or or whatever.

00:08:43.350 --> 00:08:51.420 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Please don't submit me for anything that films during this time, so you tell me you're booked out so there's a lot of communication that happens, obviously i'm self submitting myself.

00:08:52.320 --> 00:09:10.290 Kevin Barbaro Productions: For gigs my agents are submitting me and I have to communicate with my agents to make sure that they know when it is that i'm booked out now I can be booked out no production, but I can still take an audition during that time, which happens a lot, but this is part of the planning.

00:09:11.310 --> 00:09:20.100 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So I know ahead of time that the window of time that they're going to fill in these commercials where these these these gigs whether it's TV show whatever.

00:09:21.450 --> 00:09:29.460 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You when you get your casting call you see, and you have to pay attention this you see when the audition is, you see, when and if there's a call back.

00:09:30.030 --> 00:09:39.780 Kevin Barbaro Productions: If it's in person or if it's a virtual you see when there's a fitting, meaning a wardrobe fitting you see when there's a Cobra test because there's always going to be a covert test now.

00:09:40.170 --> 00:09:53.010 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And you see what the production windows are in terms of when they plan on actually filming so it'll be usually it'll be a range of time rarely it's it's it's actually a time you know I mean so.

00:09:54.270 --> 00:09:58.380 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In any event, as it turned out, I ended up doing like about.

00:09:59.460 --> 00:10:13.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: 30 auditions over the course of about two weeks, this happened, maybe three to four weeks ago, so I was talking about on those shows like man i've had all these auditions I hope things work out well, of course.

00:10:13.830 --> 00:10:33.360 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Now I ended up booking like four gigs out of all of those auditions three of which are national commercials alright, two of them in La and one of them in Atlanta they're filming dates were arranged such that I could make all three of them happen, but I got a planet right so.

00:10:34.710 --> 00:10:36.630 Kevin Barbaro Productions: here's what happens i'm out in La.

00:10:38.700 --> 00:10:47.700 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I need to fly back because I first of all I had business to do back on the east coast and I had to get back there's I needed to get down to Atlanta.

00:10:48.330 --> 00:11:10.050 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Because for like a Monday, because I was filming a commercial on Saturday, and on that Monday, they were doing the wardrobe fitting and a covert test now I was filming in La on Wednesday and Thursday so okay I I wrap up in La I fly back to the east coast.

00:11:11.490 --> 00:11:24.180 Kevin Barbaro Productions: On Monday I used my my frequent flyer miles to go back and forth to Atlanta from myrtle beach, because it was only gonna cost me like $5 and then you know a few thousand air miles so.

00:11:25.620 --> 00:11:35.700 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I get a notification from the the production company in in La that for the filming that's going to happen on Wednesday, Thursday hey we need you to do a covert test on Monday.

00:11:36.270 --> 00:11:47.130 Kevin Barbaro Productions: No problem man i'm actually already getting tested on Monday for another gig and i'll just forward you the results okay cool so I get to Atlanta.

00:11:48.480 --> 00:12:03.510 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And my i'm not going to say what production, these are or the production companies or anything else, so, because you know I don't want to call anybody out, but these are this is part of the whole thing is part of the less threat, so I can get the.

00:12:04.590 --> 00:12:21.390 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The wardrobe fitting a time they say you're the first appointment and it's at 11am so, can you show up 30 minutes before that, for your coven tests and we'll get you in and out you're the first year, the first wardrobe fitting OK cool so I get down there.

00:12:22.500 --> 00:12:33.180 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And I actually I go I get there, so I get there, an hour early I go downstairs they got the COPA test like this good swab.

00:12:34.050 --> 00:12:51.060 Kevin Barbaro Productions: paperwork, etc, I go upstairs to where the ballroom is where they're going to do the word opening and i'm like hey you know mall set you know, whenever you guys ready oh yeah well we're running a little bit behind you know it's probably going to be close to 1130 no problem, you know.

00:12:52.140 --> 00:12:53.820 Kevin Barbaro Productions: My flight back to.

00:12:55.590 --> 00:13:00.120 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That tomorrow myrtle beach to my place isn't until the later in the afternoon, so I don't care.

00:13:00.810 --> 00:13:11.550 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So i'm like all right listen i'm going to be over in the restaurant area, it was like a hyatt regency there was like a business slash coffee area for for business driver so.

00:13:11.940 --> 00:13:29.640 Kevin Barbaro Productions: My hobby over there just let me know so 1130 comes nothing like all right it's interesting well, so I walked over there and i'm like hey you know, then I can see people going in and out, and I said hey you know i'm are we ready to go oh yeah well.

00:13:30.960 --> 00:13:34.440 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Actually we're a little bit behind and i'm like.

00:13:35.550 --> 00:13:36.000 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Okay.

00:13:37.620 --> 00:13:43.230 Kevin Barbaro Productions: How far it's like we're actually behind about an hour and I was like wow OK.

00:13:44.370 --> 00:13:52.230 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I said, because you know my my appointment was at 11 o'clock I was the first one, I was remember, I was the first guy here, you know.

00:13:52.740 --> 00:13:57.840 Kevin Barbaro Productions: not complaining, but you know and he's like yeah you know i'm sorry I haven't given her the list yet.

00:13:58.350 --> 00:14:07.500 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So he hadn't even given the wardrobe lady, the list of the people is people just going in Willy nilly so he's like okay well you know it's going to be like another hour i'll come and get.

00:14:09.240 --> 00:14:24.000 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Another hour goes by, he doesn't come and get I go back I don't get into the fitting until 130 Okay, it was 11 o'clock appointment, I was the first one there and i'm like Okay, you know now here's the thing you're on set this is the production company.

00:14:25.140 --> 00:14:30.420 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know I got a film with I don't want to create a stink that's not your job as an actor okay.

00:14:31.260 --> 00:14:46.050 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Your job is adapt to what's going on, and if you got a complaint, this is what you have an agent you just tell the agent, let them be the bad guy right so but I don't even i'm not even thinking like i'm going to say anything to the agent that book before and so.

00:14:48.150 --> 00:14:50.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And so what I ended up doing is.

00:14:52.320 --> 00:14:57.180 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm like Okay, no problem, you know I mean, so I do it, I head back to myrtle beach.

00:14:57.540 --> 00:15:08.700 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And now it's time for me to fly back to La so that I can film this commercial for two days and i'm going to pick up, we got to take our first commercial break i'm going to pick up from there in a second, because this is where things.

00:15:09.480 --> 00:15:22.020 Kevin Barbaro Productions: started to spiral a little bit and and there's a little anxiety involved here, and this is where American Airlines not gonna like it so i'll be back in just a minute i'm Kevin barbro you listen to pop talk excel on talk radio, am I see.

00:17:33.390 --> 00:17:40.170 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Welcome back everybody to copy talking excel on Kevin Barbara and you're listening on talk radio dot nyc.

00:17:41.190 --> 00:17:49.830 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So just picking up where I was at so i'm in La I fly back on a delayed flight PS, and this plays into what's happening later.

00:17:50.490 --> 00:18:04.980 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I go Atlanta to back for my wardrobe fitting and my to Cobra tests and now it's time for me to head back to La this is on Tuesday, because i'm filming on Wednesday and Thursday now when I make my travel plans.

00:18:06.120 --> 00:18:16.680 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I made sure that i've allotted enough time now, I always fly into because where I stay I got a place in studio city, so I either find a burbank or Ontario California.

00:18:17.370 --> 00:18:32.130 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I hate flying to La X I despise flying into la next I like going to smoke and not to mention the fact that it's usually less expensive to fly in and there's always first class seats available flying into the smaller airports so.

00:18:33.270 --> 00:18:34.530 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I so i'm.

00:18:36.300 --> 00:18:51.360 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Monitoring over the course of the day, because obviously i'm going to be filming on Wednesday and Thursday so it's Tuesday and it's Tuesday afternoon so i'm monitoring the flights to make sure that there's no weather issues i'm checking the connections.

00:18:52.380 --> 00:18:56.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Everything is cool everything's working like clockwork now when I made my travel.

00:18:57.480 --> 00:19:06.480 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Plans I allotted for something to get screwed up, so I had two outs, so I there were later flights heading to La.

00:19:07.320 --> 00:19:13.530 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Out of Charlotte, which is where I connect out of when I when I fly out to myrtle beach, so there, there were later flights.

00:19:14.220 --> 00:19:23.190 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And, just in case something happened, also because i'm monitoring and all day and because I paid for the first class ticket another benefit of paying for that ticket.

00:19:23.760 --> 00:19:33.240 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Is the fact that you can change it anytime there is no it's not like buying a seat and coach that's a non refundable ticket, you can change your flights.

00:19:34.050 --> 00:19:40.830 Kevin Barbaro Productions: If you got a first class ticket, these are refundable Okay, and so I could always if it looked like the weather was gonna be bad I could leave early.

00:19:42.810 --> 00:19:45.360 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So I got everything lined up I get to the your work.

00:19:46.920 --> 00:19:59.160 Kevin Barbaro Productions: My flight is supposed to be like say for 15 or something like this and I get there three o'clock and the guys like yeah you know, unfortunately this place now not going to depart till 730 and i'm like.

00:20:00.630 --> 00:20:04.950 Kevin Barbaro Productions: what's going on Oh well, they're there there's a mechanical issue now I.

00:20:05.370 --> 00:20:20.280 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I have heard this excuse i'm telling you right now, like i'm still going to continue to fly exclusively on American Airlines, because it is convenient for me, I do like the airline, but the last couple of months because I fly all the time right.

00:20:22.350 --> 00:20:30.750 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I would say, multiple multiple scenarios where things are getting screwed up travel wise and it's not the weather.

00:20:31.140 --> 00:20:42.300 Kevin Barbaro Productions: they're getting blamed on the mechanical thing which they think that nobody complained about because it, why would you complain because i'm making a safer reality is they're just saying you know, and then the other thing is.

00:20:45.120 --> 00:20:50.910 Kevin Barbaro Productions: crew issues you know i've had that i've had flights delayed for hours because they're waiting on crew, to show up.

00:20:51.690 --> 00:20:57.120 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So these are things that are avoidable, these are things that are not my fault and they're not the weather's flow and so.

00:20:57.600 --> 00:21:09.510 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm checking in the guys like you know I you know I can get you connected out there, but I, you have to the only way that we can do it is, if you because this place and I leave until 730 is, if you fly into las.

00:21:11.310 --> 00:21:21.810 Kevin Barbaro Productions: All right, fine you know, but my car everything is you know 60 miles from there, but I have to get there, I mean I got to film The next day what am I going to do right so.

00:21:23.010 --> 00:21:28.200 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That fourth of people is going to leave at 730 there's a 610 flight so.

00:21:29.610 --> 00:21:37.230 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The guys like let me put you on the 610 flight, and you know, but you still gotta fly to La X okay cool I get up to the gate we're waiting.

00:21:38.370 --> 00:21:48.210 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I noticed that the original flight actually comes in now they've rebooked everybody from that for 13 onto the 610 play so.

00:21:48.780 --> 00:22:00.000 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I said because it looks like now that flights going to leave at like it's about 15 minutes before the 610 play I say you know, can you just put me back on on the original.

00:22:00.630 --> 00:22:07.500 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Charlotte flight and i'll still make that connection, so I get on the flight and I tell the guy to i'm like listen man.

00:22:08.010 --> 00:22:17.550 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I hate to be the guy that complains that i'm not a complainer but like this is like the seventh or eighth trip in a row, where something is getting screwed up and it's not the weather.

00:22:18.570 --> 00:22:31.200 Kevin Barbaro Productions: and his response to me was well you know, the thing is that you fly so often you're more likely to see these problems happening than the average traveler and i'm like.

00:22:33.210 --> 00:22:39.270 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In my head like what the hell, are you talking about bro I mean i'm like so what you're saying is your excuses that.

00:22:39.960 --> 00:22:54.540 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Because I travel more than the average person I would notice these things more than the average person, and that should make it Okay, maybe i'm just not wrapping my head around that but anyway i'm like whatever man just giving me out there.

00:22:55.560 --> 00:23:03.150 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So I get out to La and of course I got to land in La so I get that lyrics I pull up my uber oh shit.

00:23:04.200 --> 00:23:07.470 Kevin Barbaro Productions: uber's on strike, the only option, it gives me as a scooter.

00:23:09.150 --> 00:23:14.820 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Like one of those skateboards with a handle on right it literally that's what you will pull up uber and La X.

00:23:15.540 --> 00:23:23.400 Kevin Barbaro Productions: A little scooter with a handle on it that's that's your option to go 60 miles right so, then I got a download lift, I get the lift.

00:23:24.180 --> 00:23:36.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: It takes me an hour to get out there and $110 $110 lift ride, to get out to the anterior so I say something that customer service said in American Airlines hey you know.

00:23:37.290 --> 00:23:46.860 Kevin Barbaro Productions: not my fault you sent me to La X, the cost me 110 bucks to get over to Ontario is there anything we can do about that no.

00:23:47.940 --> 00:23:58.680 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Oh okay all right hey sorry for the inconvenience, etc, etc, these things happen, these are trying times wow okay so i'm just eating the hundred and $10 fine whatever.

00:23:59.940 --> 00:24:14.100 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So these things are adding up you know building up for me right so and not to mention the fact it's like midnight now i've got to be on set at 45 I had done my call sheet.

00:24:14.910 --> 00:24:26.490 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And the call sheets that gave me the address where we were going it was by la X, I mean I could you know, whatever I mean my places out there, I mean I was going to go there, anyway, you know I mean, but still.

00:24:28.230 --> 00:24:37.800 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The thing that sucks is a 45 and am if you're out in studio city or burbank or out in Ontario California it's a two hour commute in.

00:24:39.300 --> 00:24:45.750 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Even though it's only between 40 and 60 miles been about where i'm at so I get I get to the.

00:24:47.490 --> 00:24:59.340 Kevin Barbaro Productions: To the to the set right well I get to where we were meeting, and then I get to the set so with this with this one, and this is, this is where things start getting a little bit crazy right, so I audition for this.

00:25:01.650 --> 00:25:02.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: and

00:25:03.930 --> 00:25:14.190 Kevin Barbaro Productions: It was I can't say too much about I don't want to give away what the company is or anything like that, so let me try to put it in general, but it so that I explained the story.

00:25:16.260 --> 00:25:25.290 Kevin Barbaro Productions: There was the audition was for what seemed to be a blue collar guy now, this is what i'm mostly cast as anyway, is a blue collar guy.

00:25:27.630 --> 00:25:38.340 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The callback still seem to that way alright, so they sent me the call sheet, but i'm going to be there and they asked me to to bring my wardrobe.

00:25:39.150 --> 00:25:45.780 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Okay, no problem and it shows me what I need they're saying black pants they're not specific by they say black pants.

00:25:46.320 --> 00:26:05.520 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And then shoes that are indicative of the pants that you're wearing, even if they are athletic shoes so still in my mind Now this is where it becomes my fault my fault is that because i've done so many games, particularly commercials i've done hundreds hundreds right.

00:26:06.570 --> 00:26:09.810 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I fall I realize I fall into like this.

00:26:10.830 --> 00:26:11.400 Kevin Barbaro Productions: kind of.

00:26:13.770 --> 00:26:26.640 Kevin Barbaro Productions: catalyst area where I assume what's going to be happening because i've done so many of them, and it all based on what the script is based on the casting, and all this kind of stuff.

00:26:27.180 --> 00:26:36.150 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I can kind of get a grasp as to what it is it's going to go down when I show up to the point where my own fault.

00:26:37.020 --> 00:26:50.430 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I don't even ask questions that I just assumed I just run with what i'm assuming is going to have right so because they weren't specific because this whole time, I think that i'm going to be portraying like a blue collar kind of guy right.

00:26:51.690 --> 00:26:52.890 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I have in my.

00:26:53.970 --> 00:27:06.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I packed up at the House I packed up a couple of pair of dark black you know, like pure black jeans a pair of really dark blue almost black jeans and a pair of dickie.

00:27:06.720 --> 00:27:12.570 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Work pants now and then shoes that are indicative of those so I had some older Brown.

00:27:13.320 --> 00:27:29.790 Kevin Barbaro Productions: dress shoes that I wear casually that are kind of you know kind of part of my look or whatever I put in some work boots because I had to be indicative of the work pants because i'm assuming incorrectly, that this is a blue collar guy right so.

00:27:31.230 --> 00:27:42.810 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And I don't ask questions, I mean come on bro asked questions right so um so I get there and you're everything's cool you know were just mean everybody and you go through the coven.

00:27:43.350 --> 00:27:52.920 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Screening, and everything which is always kind of stressful because it's like I know i'm fully vaccinated I don't have any symptoms, etc, etc i'm careful I wear my mask.

00:27:53.520 --> 00:28:02.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But you're still nervous that maybe I somehow got it and now with sudden everything's going to be screwed up, so it kind of adds to the stress.

00:28:02.670 --> 00:28:12.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Adding On top of that distress from the night before right so then so they look at the guy goes don't you have any dress means is.

00:28:12.990 --> 00:28:28.980 Kevin Barbaro Productions: No, it didn't it didn't say to bring dress pants it just said, this is what it is that you know and he's like Okay, and I could tell he was disappointed i'm like thinking myself Jesus I wish they would have been a little more specific, or I wish I would have asked right.

00:28:30.060 --> 00:28:40.860 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And I just so happened just so happened to have had in my travel bag from the previous shoe because I was dressed nicer in this.

00:28:41.370 --> 00:28:54.270 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Previous commercial from the week before that I had like a $500 pair of brown dress shoes and OK, so I got really nice brown leather dress shoes that i've only worked like three or four times.

00:28:55.290 --> 00:29:03.600 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And I got these sticky workman's now, the thing about me and dickie work pants I purposely buy them much bigger, so I only wear like.

00:29:04.260 --> 00:29:19.500 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I mean, I only have like a 32 inch waist and my inseam is like 31 so i'm like 3231 but I buy him like 3434 because I like them to be baggy because I work in that right so.

00:29:21.720 --> 00:29:27.570 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Now the production companies in there, this isn't their fault and the clients for.

00:29:28.590 --> 00:29:39.600 Kevin Barbaro Productions: All the different people that are involved with this this commercial as a two day shoot for commercials and they're, on the other there they're watching remotely through zoom so.

00:29:40.410 --> 00:29:48.900 Kevin Barbaro Productions: he's he brings me over he shows me now to them it's not a big deal that they look and they and i've got their top on you know I got the.

00:29:49.410 --> 00:30:03.150 Kevin Barbaro Productions: black sheep, but to me in my head I I can't get over the fact that i'm wearing these giant work pants you know you can't see me, but in my head, this is playing with my head right uh.

00:30:03.870 --> 00:30:15.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And and i've got these $500 pair of brown shoes with these with these black dickie work peanuts, you know and their and their shirt and so.

00:30:16.050 --> 00:30:22.740 Kevin Barbaro Productions: This is start you know the anxiety, a little bit is starting to build up you know and i'm starting to kind of feel like.

00:30:23.250 --> 00:30:29.550 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Man and then all of a sudden, they gave me the script The night before, but when I show up as a teleprompter right.

00:30:30.060 --> 00:30:50.640 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So i'm i'm just skimming over it hey no problem again dude ask but know what do I do assume right, I assume we're using a teleprompter because that was kind of how everything was rolling up until that point and then we're almost ready to go, and I said, you know.

00:30:52.410 --> 00:30:55.650 Kevin Barbaro Productions: who's running the top from Oh, the teleprompter is not for you, oh.

00:30:56.940 --> 00:31:10.200 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Okay, they got it teleprompters really Oh, he said how you doing on your lines i'm like right so and I got a break here in a second but leading into the break dude i'm standing there.

00:31:11.970 --> 00:31:23.040 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Under the lights were ready to go, I mean this is a big production right i'm in these these gigantic dickie work pants with $500 brown dress shoes and.

00:31:23.790 --> 00:31:33.120 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In the cameras where you go I barely know the lines anyway cuz i'm sitting you're assuming that i'm going to use a teleprompter and they're like action.

00:31:33.810 --> 00:31:42.000 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And i'll tell you the rest in a second when I come back from our second commercial break i'm Kevin Barbara you're listening to talk coffee talk excel on talk radio dot nyc.

00:34:17.040 --> 00:34:24.270 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Welcome back everybody to copy talk XL i'm Kevin barbro listening on talk radio dot nyc make sure that you come back to talk.

00:34:24.750 --> 00:34:37.020 Kevin Barbaro Productions: To talk radio dot nyc we able to download the podcast or you can go to apple spotify or iTunes and you can get the podcast there, or you can just go to Facebook and and and you'll be able to see.

00:34:37.800 --> 00:34:59.940 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The replay of the video it's it's always up so any event so i'm standing there right and my now here's the deal with me, I never get nervous all right, I I I never get nervous maybe that's a maybe that's like a tick in my personality, but I never get nervous.

00:35:01.500 --> 00:35:07.710 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And you know, sometimes i'm wondering meetings don't care enough to get nervous yeah I know that that's not the case, but in terms of like.

00:35:08.670 --> 00:35:24.480 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know, being on camera saying lines, all this stuff i've done it so so many hundreds and hundreds of hundreds I don't get nervous whatsoever i'm i'm steady for anybody's ever been in production with me they'll tell you I i'm that guy right.

00:35:26.490 --> 00:35:30.780 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So they say action and dude i'm telling you.

00:35:32.310 --> 00:35:33.180 Kevin Barbaro Productions: All of a sudden.

00:35:35.370 --> 00:35:44.820 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I couldn't I couldn't remember not one I could I could, and the more this The more I was stumbling over it.

00:35:45.990 --> 00:35:52.200 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The more I could feel it in my chest my chest was like caving in like I was.

00:35:53.910 --> 00:35:59.100 Kevin Barbaro Productions: It it was like I was having a hard time breathing you know and i'm dude i'm starting to sweat.

00:36:00.210 --> 00:36:02.670 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And i'm standing there and.

00:36:03.930 --> 00:36:13.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm trying to fight through it in my head, you know but it's like for some reason in my head i'm going through all of these things that it just happened, going back to the flight.

00:36:13.980 --> 00:36:29.250 Kevin Barbaro Productions: To these things getting screwed up and then the pants that i'm wearing and the fact that I should have asked you know, and all this stuff and and now all of a sudden we're filming and and the more I couldn't think of what I needed to say, the more.

00:36:30.900 --> 00:36:40.410 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Anxious I was getting and I didn't realize this until I was, I actually left that day to go home, I was having.

00:36:41.460 --> 00:36:53.190 Kevin Barbaro Productions: An anxiety attack, I was having like a panic attack i've never had one in my whole life, and all I kept thinking to myself, while i'm standing there is.

00:36:54.000 --> 00:37:05.370 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I have to get through this you know there's this there's this tiny part of me that, while i'm standing there, I mean I I I don't know if anybody listening can relate to this but.

00:37:06.690 --> 00:37:14.190 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm sure that there are people that can relate to this where, like, for the first time in my life i'm standing there and i'm thinking to myself.

00:37:15.630 --> 00:37:33.000 Kevin Barbaro Productions: dude I could walk out of here right now and just tell them to keep the money, like in my head i'm totally cool with that, like this is how anxious, I am in that moment I literally with part of me was like just get out of here, you know and.

00:37:35.220 --> 00:37:40.500 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And so I just got a message come through here sorry about that, let me just check and see what that is.

00:37:43.230 --> 00:37:54.900 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And who's hit me up here oh nothing okay anyway so i'm really anxious about it but it's like it was so we stopped that one scene.

00:37:55.920 --> 00:38:06.480 Kevin Barbaro Productions: which was part of one of the two commercials for the day and I go into down i'm just like man wow this is, you know crazy so i'm just running through my lines run through life and i'm just telling myself, obviously.

00:38:08.040 --> 00:38:19.860 Kevin Barbaro Productions: it's cool I mean this is film, this is commercial you know you can stop and start as many times as you want to so they get developed the film very good, I mean all the things that I already know, I already inherently know I had to remind myself.

00:38:20.880 --> 00:38:32.010 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And so, everything kind of smooth out and it gets better over the course of the day, but i'm still not 100% because i'm just feeling anxious about how everything is going down right.

00:38:32.670 --> 00:38:40.290 Kevin Barbaro Productions: to the point where, at the end of the day, I mean we had to come back for the next day, anyway, I even said to the to the director, I was like dude listen man.

00:38:41.370 --> 00:38:51.300 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I don't even know what to tell you, but that's not really indicative of me I mean I he's like not worried about do we got ya mean to sound great you sound normal you know, a sound, you know.

00:38:52.200 --> 00:38:59.040 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Your delivery that's why we that's why we picked you, you know and i'm like I know but it's just not being right so i'm driving back home.

00:39:00.540 --> 00:39:09.750 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And i'm trying to run through in my head what happened and how I can fix it because you know, at the end of the day, it would be nice if you know.

00:39:10.350 --> 00:39:21.120 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You could just walk away from something with no consequence, because you feel stressed out or because you're having an anxiety attack, but sometimes sometimes you can.

00:39:21.930 --> 00:39:32.400 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Sometimes you have to you got to make it through and that was the situation, I was in I had to remind myself during the course of that that panic attack dude you got a job to do.

00:39:32.910 --> 00:39:43.470 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You need to rein it in, and you need to get through this which I did you know, but on the way back home i'm like Okay, so now, I need I know what I need to do so.

00:39:44.850 --> 00:39:48.660 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I had some really nice, you know black dress pants obviously I mean I got custom.

00:39:49.950 --> 00:39:55.410 Kevin Barbaro Productions: $4,000 custom suit man, you know I mean I got plenty of stuff to where they if that's what they wanted it up.

00:39:55.920 --> 00:40:12.870 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So I roll back in the next day, everything is cool I even I said something to the Ad into the director guy said listen, you know sorry about yesterday, again, I know you said it's not a big deal, but to me it was and we're going to kick ass today and, and so we did it okay.

00:40:14.280 --> 00:40:16.170 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Life is good cool did out.

00:40:17.580 --> 00:40:18.270 Kevin Barbaro Productions: rained it in.

00:40:19.320 --> 00:40:19.890 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Then.

00:40:24.870 --> 00:40:31.950 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I got to get back to Atlanta because i'm filming on Saturday now this this Thursday I finished I wrap up the two days of filming out there.

00:40:33.360 --> 00:40:37.710 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The next day, I have an in person call back in La which.

00:40:38.880 --> 00:40:48.240 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Rare to have in person callbacks right now, but you know I had an in person callback for a TV commercial so I can go into the to that, then I had to the airport.

00:40:49.380 --> 00:40:50.520 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Because I gotta head back right.

00:40:51.540 --> 00:41:02.460 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Now my bags packed life is good going on my clothes blah blah blah everything that I need to head back for a few days before I ultimately go back this week, you know but.

00:41:03.510 --> 00:41:13.230 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In any event, I get to you know i'm running a little late to the airport okay yeah I could elect a few minutes early for from the House, but what happened was.

00:41:14.040 --> 00:41:26.820 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I made the decision to stop it a tj maxx so I can get another luggage bag, because I wanted to bring back some new word boots and stuff that I had just bought.

00:41:28.020 --> 00:41:32.760 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Whatever Okay, I get to the airport I get to car rental.

00:41:35.460 --> 00:41:37.830 Kevin Barbaro Productions: car rental I get to the parking lot.

00:41:39.090 --> 00:41:40.590 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I get on the shuttle bus.

00:41:42.210 --> 00:41:55.650 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I take the shuttle bus and the Shuttle bus makes it so i'm running late, so my my This is where everything gets really crazy, and this is where the whole American Airlines right so.

00:41:58.050 --> 00:42:01.050 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm on the show i'm on the shuttle and.

00:42:02.430 --> 00:42:08.250 Kevin Barbaro Productions: This is the Ontario California airport, there are only two terminals there's only about 10 gates in each terminal.

00:42:09.390 --> 00:42:25.230 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So my flight is at 3:50pm meeting, I have to be on the plane for the doors to close at 340 it's three o'clock and i've got to check bags i've already checked in and i'm flying first class as usual right.

00:42:26.910 --> 00:42:31.830 Kevin Barbaro Productions: On the shuttle shuttle makes it extra stop it only makes that stop if somebody on the.

00:42:32.190 --> 00:42:39.390 Kevin Barbaro Productions: On the shuttle needs to stop at that stop and, of course, on this one time that i'm running a little late Somebody needs to stop there.

00:42:39.630 --> 00:42:56.430 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Well it's a USO building, so I can't really bitch about it because it's a veteran and i'm like Okay, you know sweet is you know so they stop, of course, American airlines is the last terminal so sitting there and waiting and waiting get off.

00:42:57.660 --> 00:43:14.820 Kevin Barbaro Productions: run in get to the counter now when you check your bags your bags have to be checked, no later than 40 minutes before your flight is scheduled to deport that would be 310 okay I roll up to the counter at 312.

00:43:16.920 --> 00:43:21.660 Kevin Barbaro Productions: She says i'm sorry I can't check your bags for you i'm like.

00:43:23.640 --> 00:43:31.830 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Can you just I mean I know my fault i'm late, I get it it's my fault i'm late, but can we just put them can't you just tag them and put them on there.

00:43:32.190 --> 00:43:44.550 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And and see if they make it because I mean I don't understand why, like like if it's 40 minutes at o'hare and La X and Atlanta and JFK, these are the four largest airports in America.

00:43:45.300 --> 00:43:55.560 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In 40 minutes from the ticket counter to the plane, they can get my bag there but you're saying in 38 minutes you can get it from here to the.

00:43:56.280 --> 00:44:01.050 Kevin Barbaro Productions: To the gate right behind you, because this is a tiny airport I don't I don't understand why you can't just.

00:44:01.890 --> 00:44:08.190 Kevin Barbaro Productions: put it on let them same to let the baggage people say no, you know and she's like no you can't do it.

00:44:08.790 --> 00:44:18.330 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I said well you know what I got to get to Atlanta, I have to do this is the last flight out that I can make it Oman right, I have to get to Atlanta my bags don't so.

00:44:19.110 --> 00:44:31.500 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know, have at it so she says okay well there's a flight tomorrow morning good I don't care do what you got to do so then i'm standing there he hands me two tickets i'm like.

00:44:32.820 --> 00:44:37.920 Kevin Barbaro Productions: What is this, so this is for your flight tomorrow morning, I said whoa.

00:44:39.210 --> 00:44:39.840 Kevin Barbaro Productions: whoa whoa.

00:44:41.160 --> 00:44:56.430 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm leaving now i'm already checked in on that flight i'm leaving now I don't care when you send my bags say, well, we can't fly your bags without you oh really that's interesting because.

00:44:57.810 --> 00:45:08.610 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Multiple times in the last two months i've arrived in an airport and my bags have been on another plane flying without me so they can fly without me.

00:45:09.120 --> 00:45:20.250 Kevin Barbaro Productions: you're just saying that you won't fly them without me and and so and I gotta take my last commercial break so that I can finish up the story, but she says no.

00:45:21.180 --> 00:45:30.540 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I can't check them you either have to leave now without your bags period get somebody to come take your bags i'm like what am I I got 20 minutes here.

00:45:31.050 --> 00:45:36.720 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm on getting somebody or you can she's like well didn't take them to the cargo, this is the American Airlines lady right.

00:45:37.050 --> 00:45:45.480 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So anyway, let me take the last commercial break and i'll come back in a minute and finish the story i'm Kevin Barbara you listen to copy talk excel talk radio advice.

00:47:44.970 --> 00:47:47.550 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Welcome back everybody to coffee talk XL i'm.

00:47:47.550 --> 00:47:52.560 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Kevin Barbara and you're listening on talk radio dot nyc so i'm at the ticket counter.

00:47:54.420 --> 00:48:06.840 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The clock is ticking here now, I have to be at the gate by 340 for this 350 play, I have to be on this flight my my call time for the next morning in Atlanta is 6am.

00:48:07.650 --> 00:48:13.920 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And a 90 mile drive which i'll get to in a minute because none of that was listed in the casting.

00:48:14.730 --> 00:48:20.280 Kevin Barbaro Productions: A sprung it on us at the end of business, the day before that not only is this axiom call time.

00:48:21.030 --> 00:48:35.130 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That it's a 90 mile drive one way to get to the to where we're filming it so anyway, I mean even get to that so i'm like I need to get I, I have to leave she's it, she said well you can't leave with your luggage.

00:48:36.420 --> 00:48:46.650 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I said listen, I mean you know I didn't want to pull this card out but I fly first class all the time, I am in the highest ranking here I you know I.

00:48:47.580 --> 00:48:54.360 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know I know that I was two minutes late, I get that but I need you to help me figure out a solution to this.

00:48:55.200 --> 00:49:05.790 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know i'm a loyal customer here right help it anything you can do no it's impossible, I said what if I take you down to the baggage area, you know.

00:49:06.540 --> 00:49:13.950 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The the baggage room, oh no they they they they don't store bags really that's interesting because every time I go in there's a ton of backs.

00:49:14.640 --> 00:49:27.060 Kevin Barbaro Productions: No, you can't do it it's against our policy Okay, so what you're saying is I literally have to throw my bags away if I can't get somebody to take them for me, I have to throw them away.

00:49:27.960 --> 00:49:43.560 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In order to get on this plane you're saying it's impossible for me to get on this plane, with my bags, so I have to get rid of these bags, in order to get on the plane that's what you're telling me said yeah there's no other way it's impossible.

00:49:44.580 --> 00:49:52.020 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Okay, fine grab my bags as i'm walking off I said listen i'm still checking into that flight don't check me out of that flight.

00:49:52.830 --> 00:50:06.600 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So now i'm walking around the clock is ticking right now I only have 10 minutes 10 to 15 minutes to get to the gate and i've got these two bags, that there is nothing I can do I.

00:50:08.070 --> 00:50:12.510 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm even thinking i'm running every scenario my head i'm firing through different.

00:50:13.620 --> 00:50:15.570 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Airlines, to see if there's a later flight.

00:50:16.200 --> 00:50:26.850 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know I mean i'm just i'm scrambling what am I gonna do i'm even considering my head throwing away my two bags literally thousands of dollars, with the clothes and shoes and whatever there.

00:50:27.240 --> 00:50:33.240 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm literally considering throwing them away, but then i'm like where the hell, am I gonna throw them away.

00:50:34.140 --> 00:50:42.000 Kevin Barbaro Productions: If I take these out into the parking lot i'm in my head i'm like i'm just find that a giant Bush and i'll just shove them in the bush and hope for the best and i'm like.

00:50:42.300 --> 00:50:48.990 Kevin Barbaro Productions: dude what are you going to do when you get to Atlanta the tsa a rescue because you created some big ass bomb scare at.

00:50:50.190 --> 00:51:00.480 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The Ontario airports you left two bags outside the building right so like I can't I can't figure this out i'm just i'm completely stressing out right.

00:51:01.650 --> 00:51:10.200 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So i'm walking around I see the baggage through that I was talking about earlier right so i'm like you know what i'm going to go and ask the school right.

00:51:11.220 --> 00:51:20.610 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So i'm walking over to it now, this is an opposite ends of the terminal okay there's no line of sight down to the ticket office.

00:51:21.420 --> 00:51:33.510 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I go as i'm walking in the door to the baggage area right as i'm walking in I see the woman that's working there at the kiosk facing me on the phone I knew.

00:51:34.470 --> 00:51:45.840 Kevin Barbaro Productions: There was no doubt in my mind I knew who she was on the phone with this woman has never seen me before she doesn't know what i'm going to come in and ask and there's no way she can know what i'm going to come in at us.

00:51:46.740 --> 00:52:07.470 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But I knew that she was she and she looks at me she looks up and looks at me that she goes so we're not allowed to hold any bags here in in the bag, I was like son above, I mean i'm just at this point now i'm i'm living like I get I was two minutes late right.

00:52:09.480 --> 00:52:21.270 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But this woman down at the ticket counter right took it upon herself to she couldn't even see me, and this is five minutes later, you know I mean for all she knew I left.

00:52:22.020 --> 00:52:30.510 Kevin Barbaro Productions: She took it upon herself to call she had to be watching me, you know so she calls down to the baggies girl to tell her don't help him.

00:52:31.830 --> 00:52:36.300 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So i'm just she's like i'm sorry I can't help you know you're not sorry I mean at this point i'm.

00:52:36.870 --> 00:52:45.720 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm pissed i'm beyond the art of other two minutes okay now I feel like this woman just trying to not help me right, so I walk out.

00:52:46.710 --> 00:53:04.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i've got five minutes I got five minutes to get to the gate or that plane is leaving without me and i'm not going to make the call time for a huge ass commercial a national commercial in Atlanta, the next day i'm about ready to screw myself right I got five minutes.

00:53:05.310 --> 00:53:15.390 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm just and I live, I have no option, I mean I literally don't there's, not even a trash bin for me to throw my bags and because I was, I was ready to do it, throw them in trashman.

00:53:17.160 --> 00:53:26.640 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm walking past the counter says passenger assistance us so coincidentally right because it was the US oh stop that maybe the two minutes left.

00:53:28.080 --> 00:53:32.280 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And it was an old guy in an old lady right we're talking like 90s.

00:53:33.810 --> 00:53:39.840 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And the woman says, are you Okay, is there anything I can help you with and i'm like you know I got like five minutes i'm like.

00:53:40.650 --> 00:53:52.500 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I give you the reader's digest version they won't let me out with my bags I have nowhere to put my I don't know what to do, I literally, for the first time in my life I am helpless right now I don't know what to do, but I have to leave on this flight.

00:53:53.700 --> 00:54:06.660 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Is there anything that you can do to help me, can I store my bags and anything if she's like I there's just nothing I can do I wish there was something I can do, I feel terrible for you and then all of a sudden, the old guy says a son.

00:54:08.400 --> 00:54:15.150 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Just take the bags upstairs to tsa make them say now and i'm like you know what.

00:54:16.440 --> 00:54:22.350 Kevin Barbaro Productions: hell yeah bro i'm like i'm gonna make them say no right i'm going to listen, this lady down.

00:54:23.010 --> 00:54:33.450 Kevin Barbaro Productions: dude I run on tsa pre check, so if you're tsa pre check, you know you're just running in you don't take your build off of shoes off your bags at that bullshit right you're just in right.

00:54:34.350 --> 00:54:50.280 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But i've never even seen only one time in my life have I seen and I fly all the time i've never seen somebody take regular baggage up to the tsa counter i've only ever seen except one time.

00:54:51.810 --> 00:54:58.110 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Somebody have big bags, you know me and that one time happened to be on my flight out here.

00:54:59.250 --> 00:55:10.350 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'll tell that it was that more that day, you know, a few days before that I saw a guy with a big bag and I remember thinking myself how's it going to do with that that's you can't put that camera right.

00:55:12.000 --> 00:55:16.440 Kevin Barbaro Productions: never thought of it again and so right, then, when i'm standing there, and so the tsa girl is there.

00:55:17.700 --> 00:55:24.600 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And I put the bag, I said hey i'm sorry I don't know what to do with it, and she goes.

00:55:25.950 --> 00:55:28.560 Kevin Barbaro Productions: worry about it long as it fits in the.

00:55:29.850 --> 00:55:33.630 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In the scanner will scan it we don't care and i'm like Oh, really.

00:55:35.370 --> 00:55:45.300 Kevin Barbaro Productions: that's interesting note to self right so anyway, she scanning through dude I got less than i'm down to like four minutes I can hear them announcing my name.

00:55:45.810 --> 00:55:56.940 Kevin Barbaro Productions: first class customer right final call the morning doors are going to close right, so my bags were packed to be checked they weren't bag they weren't.

00:55:58.320 --> 00:56:11.460 Kevin Barbaro Productions: packed to be carried on and go through this So my first big bag comes through no problem second one gets shuffled over I i'm at the end i'm like ma'am please i'm begging you i'm begging you.

00:56:12.450 --> 00:56:22.800 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Please do this as fast as you can whatever's in there that i'm not supposed to have throw it out, I don't care matter of fact, throw the whole thing out I don't care take the whole.

00:56:23.280 --> 00:56:39.840 Kevin Barbaro Productions: thing I don't care, I have to get on this flight, I have to get to the gate right now, or they're gonna leave it on me so she opens it up takes out the can of shaving cream and shampoo zips it up, I run down to the gate now, as I said before, there's only like 10 gates in this place right.

00:56:41.310 --> 00:56:42.600 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I run up to the gate.

00:56:43.800 --> 00:56:48.720 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And the door is still open, thank God and i'm standing there with two big ass bags in my backpack you know.

00:56:49.920 --> 00:56:51.390 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And I say to the girl.

00:56:53.640 --> 00:57:06.810 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I don't i'm like I met your mercy I don't know what to do with these things you know I got to be on this way, and she goes, oh no problem we'll just check them i'm like.

00:57:08.910 --> 00:57:15.150 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Okay, so she goes over computer prints off the exact same foldable.

00:57:16.470 --> 00:57:25.260 Kevin Barbaro Productions: baggage ticket hands me the same exact baggage claim slip that you get downstairs she even has the orange.

00:57:25.920 --> 00:57:36.090 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Priority slips that they have downstairs to mark first class customers that's how they know, to get them off the plane first she has everything.

00:57:36.630 --> 00:57:55.080 Kevin Barbaro Productions: At the ticket gate that they have downstairs everything right so she printed all and I say, do I need to pick these up at the plane in phoenix on my connector and then recheck we're just going to check them all the way to Atlanta and i'm like.

00:57:57.180 --> 00:58:15.840 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Okay, listen, I know I got to get on the plane, I know I got less than like one minute here but i'm just going to tell you a ball Thank you so much for helping me like this is, you see a huge horrible situation from happening Thank you so much, be valuable to the woman downstairs.

00:58:17.100 --> 00:58:33.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: said impossible she literally told me impossible for me to leave with my luggage on this flight she said that I literally would have to throw away my luggage, in order to get on this flight and you're telling me.

00:58:34.350 --> 00:58:42.120 Kevin Barbaro Productions: This is no big deal you tsa is telling me no big deal just bring them up here and just scan them through so.

00:58:43.140 --> 00:58:54.810 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Obviously this happens all the time, you have the same exact baggage claim information and materials appears you knew downstairs why wouldn't she just say that.

00:58:56.010 --> 00:59:04.590 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Knowing that i'm first class customer, knowing that i'm desperate in this situation and I was only two minutes late all this woman had to do was say.

00:59:05.790 --> 00:59:12.750 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I don't know if they'll do it or not, but you can try taking them up to the game and see if they'll check that's all she had to say.

00:59:13.920 --> 00:59:16.590 Kevin Barbaro Productions: This went beyond the fact that, like, I was two minutes late.

00:59:18.900 --> 00:59:19.710 Kevin Barbaro Productions: This woman.

00:59:21.000 --> 00:59:25.350 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And i'm telling you man i'm i'm livid at American airlines at this point right.

00:59:27.450 --> 00:59:39.150 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And I get I want anybody hit me up about tobacco soon as I get that that whole ended when she went out of her way to not help me, you know I mean like it was like.

00:59:40.590 --> 00:59:41.520 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'll tell you what it was.

00:59:42.540 --> 00:59:53.550 Kevin Barbaro Productions: It was the difference between her telling me I can't help you and her telling me I won't help you that was exactly what that was she wasn't telling me she can't help me.

00:59:54.120 --> 01:00:03.690 Kevin Barbaro Productions: She was telling me that she refused to help me to even give me any advice whatsoever and tell me, she took the route that impossible.

01:00:04.380 --> 01:00:15.180 Kevin Barbaro Productions: To get on that flight, let alone I got on a flight got to Atlanta film like commercial and my bags are right here so anyway, that is my.

01:00:15.750 --> 01:00:29.880 Kevin Barbaro Productions: ridiculous couple of weeks i'll let you brew on it i'm going to be back next Tuesday i've got a special guest next week gabby Perez she is a physical let's see she was actually a.

01:00:31.290 --> 01:00:35.130 Kevin Barbaro Productions: kickboxing coach that was one of my kickboxing coaches.

01:00:35.520 --> 01:00:44.820 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Years ago she started her own business she's doing great we're going to talk about health and fitness and and her husband and their quest to leave the corporate rules.

01:00:45.090 --> 01:00:49.020 Kevin Barbaro Productions: and carve their own path which I love so much she's gonna be on the show next week.

01:00:49.590 --> 01:00:56.550 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And then the week after that we've got Christine navy is going to be on she is the morning drive host on the number one morning drive show.

01:00:56.910 --> 01:01:09.990 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In New York City she's awesome we're gonna be talking acting we're talking radio and all that kind of stuff so great couple of weeks coming up every Tuesday night 8pm live i'm Kevin Barbara we listen coffee talk XL on talk radio dot nyc.

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