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Tuesday, August 31, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/08/31 - Creating a New Life and Food Adventures in the Smokies

Facebook Live Video from 2021/08/31 - Creating a New Life and Food Adventures in the Smokies


2021/08/31 - Creating a New Life and Food Adventures in the Smokies

[NEW EPISODE] Creating a New Life and Food Adventures in the Smokies 

Today's guest of Gateway to the Smokies Podcast is Erin Mahoney, she is the fourth generation of the Mahoney Clan to own and operate one of the family restaurants. She descends from a long line of Hospitality Industry Entrepreneurs and currently Owns and Manages J Arthurs Steakhouse – a Maggie Valley landmark for more than 32 years. In addition to running a successful business, Erin is a longtime advocate for positive growth in Maggie Valley.


Joseph and Erin will talk about Food adventures in the Smokies.  Don't miss this great Episode!


Tune in for this fun conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Joseph starts off by thanking the sponsors and giving a message from the sponsors. He discusses an apple festival that's coming up in the Smokies in Renville, and reads a poem by Mary Oliver that encapsulates this feeling of the festival and Maggie Valley itself. Joseph introduces his guest for today's episode Erin Mahoney, she owns and operates J Arthurs Steakhouse, and comes from a family of Hospitality Industry Entrepreneurs. Joseph and Erin discuss their past, and how Joseph was close to Erin’s grandfather as well. Erin discusses her journey across the country, as well as her journey through the hospitality industry. Joseph and Erin discuss how long Erin has been in Maggie Valley and what brought her there from Florida. Erin discusses her first job in the family business, and how she would wash dishes in the restaurant. She continues to discuss her father’s time in the restaurant industry and how he was a natural at it.

Segment 2

The two discuss how Erin’s mother stepped up in the restaurant after her father passed away young. Her mother took the helm of the restaurant and was able to keep it running even in her grief. Erin explains how her parents didn’t want her to follow the family and go into the hospitality industry, as it is not the best industry and it's a path that is difficult, but Erin was always drawn to it. Erin explains why she was drawn to the hospitality industry and why she enjoys it, even though it was not the path her parents wanted her and her siblings to take. Erin explains that her secondary education was in psychology and social work, and even though hospitality was originally out of her wheelhouse, she is incredibly grateful to be in this industry. Erin explains her ideology in hospitality and how she tries to follow her father’s way of running a business. Erin continues by explaining how her restaurant has evolved over the years, and that for her business to continue to be successful she needs to change with the world around her. Her example being how the original draw to the restaurant was the steak, but now it is more of a family restaurant.

Segment 3

The two talk about the actual physical building of Erin’s restaurant, which was built by Joseph’s father. Joseph discusses the high ceilings in the restaurant, as well as the model train that runs throughout the entirety of the restaurant. Erin says how whenever the train isn’t running in the restaurant the customers notice immediately even though it is just a small detail of the restaurant. The two discuss the small details within the restaurant and how they’re important, and how Erin appreciates that they are important to the customers and staff alike. Joseph discusses how the masonry within Erin’s restaurant was done by Cherokee people, who were hired to do the work by Joseph’s father because of their extreme mastery in stone work, that he was unable to find in any other masons. Joseph continues by saying how each of the men who were hired to do the masonry in the restaurant signed their work with their personal signature. Erin continues off this point saying how she loves finding the signatures all over the restaurant. The two discuss events held in the restaurant and how Erin operates these events.

Segment 4

Joseph and Erin discuss how Erin’s restaurant appeared in the film Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri, and how this appearance came to be. Erin discusses how she was not aware of what she signed up for as it was very long hours, but she found it very rewarding and enjoyed it immensely. Erin also brings up how several customers she’s had since the movie premiered wanted to sit at certain tables just like in the movie. Joseph brings up how he wants to create a tour of Maggie Valley of all of the film locations, as many films had been filmed within the area. The two discuss the future of Maggie Valley, and what Erin expects for the town’s future. The two also discuss breakfast and lunch spots in Maggie Valley.


00:03:05.520 --> 00:03:08.010 Joseph McElroy: Welcome to the gateway to the smoke Nice.

00:03:08.070 --> 00:03:13.710 Joseph McElroy: podcast this podcast is about america's most visited National Park.

00:03:14.130 --> 00:03:28.140 Joseph McElroy: The great smoky mountains national park and the surrounding towns these areas is filled with AIDS and natural beauty a deep storied history and rich mountain culture that we explore with weekly episodes.

00:03:28.560 --> 00:03:39.360 Joseph McElroy: I am Joseph Franklin mcilroy amanda world, but also with deep roots in these maps My family has lived the great smokies for over 200 year.

00:03:41.310 --> 00:03:50.730 Joseph McElroy: My businesses and travel, but my heart and today we're going to talk about food in a new life in the smokers and the first let's hear from our sponsors.

00:03:52.290 --> 00:04:01.410 Joseph McElroy: Imagine a place evocative of motor courts in the past, yet moderate and vibrant with a chic appalachian feel.

00:04:01.830 --> 00:04:18.180 Joseph McElroy: a place for adventure and for relaxation imagine a place where you can fish in a mountain here and it's trout stream grill the catch on fire and eat accompanied by fine wine or craft beers imagine a place that old time music and world cultural sell.

00:04:19.290 --> 00:04:33.690 Joseph McElroy: Imagine a place across from the world famous family restaurants, there is no other place like the middle Arc motel Maggie value North Carolina years smoky mountain adventure starts, where you stay.

00:04:35.460 --> 00:04:39.330 Joseph McElroy: So hi everybody i'm we're going to talk about a little bit of food in.

00:04:40.650 --> 00:04:44.250 Joseph McElroy: The mountains, I was gonna mention that we have.

00:04:46.050 --> 00:04:54.930 Joseph McElroy: In haywood county and apple harvest festival coming up and it's really sort of a big thing it's it's in downtown waynesville on October 16.

00:04:55.380 --> 00:05:01.470 Joseph McElroy: And it's it's it's an annual event and then this year is it's the 34th year it's been an operation.

00:05:01.980 --> 00:05:08.580 Joseph McElroy: it's a very fun family friendly festival and it's it is presented by the Howard county chamber of commerce.

00:05:09.030 --> 00:05:22.950 Joseph McElroy: And what they do is they take the streets of downtown waynesville and fill it with 200 vendors of arts and crafts and food concessions and then they have musics and cloggers and more and.

00:05:24.030 --> 00:05:26.460 Joseph McElroy: I got my I got my motel phone sitting right here.

00:05:27.720 --> 00:05:35.220 Joseph McElroy: And and local apple growers set up on the street to sell delicious mountain grown apples have a vast variety.

00:05:36.240 --> 00:05:40.110 Joseph McElroy: In addition, many vendors will make apple cider.

00:05:41.760 --> 00:05:53.340 Joseph McElroy: cake pies and other other really great, so I think you head on, down to waynesville area come stay at the middle or motel and Maggie valleys and go to the festival on October 16.

00:05:54.750 --> 00:06:12.330 Joseph McElroy: So when I was prepping for this show you know I you know I had to go back to my past little bit think about things, and you know, recently, of course, you know my mother died and yeah I got the thing about her, and you know this right now is it is Blackberry time in in.

00:06:13.530 --> 00:06:22.140 Joseph McElroy: In Maggie and haywood county and the gentleman that smoky mountains in general, so I was looking for a poem that.

00:06:22.680 --> 00:06:40.530 Joseph McElroy: That was, you know reminiscence of all that, and I am I just found one online by a woman named Mary Oliver and you know i'd like to read this poem somewhere so it's about blackberries because you know blackberries or something my mom made this wonderful.

00:06:42.270 --> 00:06:53.100 Joseph McElroy: cobbler and never if anybody's ever asked me what is my favorite dessert it's always been my mom's Blackberry cobbler followed by my grandmother's a lemon meringue pie or or a.

00:06:54.420 --> 00:07:01.110 Joseph McElroy: Banana pudding or coconut pie, to the way August is the title of the phone.

00:07:02.010 --> 00:07:18.930 Joseph McElroy: When the blackberries hangs rolling in the woods and the brambles nobody owns I spent all day among the high branches reaching my rip arms thinking of nothing cramming the black honey of summer into my math.

00:07:19.710 --> 00:07:34.920 Joseph McElroy: All day my body accepts what it is in the dark creek that runs by there is this thick part of my life darting amongst the black belts, the leaves there is this happy tongue.

00:07:37.590 --> 00:07:41.460 Joseph McElroy: So my guests in that hey.

00:07:42.510 --> 00:07:51.780 Joseph McElroy: it's Aaron mahoney, who is a is a is the fourth generation of the mahoney clans to own and operate, one of the family restaurants.

00:07:52.170 --> 00:08:00.750 Joseph McElroy: She decided she descends from a long line and hospitality industry, entrepreneurs and currently owns and manages J Arthur steakhouse.

00:08:01.080 --> 00:08:11.820 Joseph McElroy: Maggie valley landmark for more than 32 years, in addition to running a successful business and as a devoted mother and longtime advocate for a positive growth and Maggie valley Hello Aaron.

00:08:12.270 --> 00:08:13.080 Mike Ogletree: hi how are you.

00:08:13.950 --> 00:08:19.650 Joseph McElroy: i'm doing all right, so how long have we known each other, we were trying to figure that out right.

00:08:20.700 --> 00:08:21.300 Mike Ogletree: earlier.

00:08:21.780 --> 00:08:25.080 Joseph McElroy: yeah, it has to be over 40 years.

00:08:25.920 --> 00:08:36.420 Joseph McElroy: 40 almost 40 years alright, so I met Aaron and she was, I think three years old, four years old, about that about the agent my daughter now.

00:08:37.650 --> 00:08:38.070 Joseph McElroy: and

00:08:38.490 --> 00:08:40.500 Joseph McElroy: I would pick you up with your show.

00:08:46.050 --> 00:08:46.470 Joseph McElroy: I was.

00:08:47.940 --> 00:08:52.020 Joseph McElroy: Great friends with your grandfather are tearing it right, he was a he was the.

00:08:53.520 --> 00:08:54.990 Mike Ogletree: world of your family.

00:08:55.140 --> 00:08:57.180 Mike Ogletree: And yes, absolutely.

00:08:57.780 --> 00:09:01.680 Joseph McElroy: yeah I remember he took he took me and her by brother down to.

00:09:03.420 --> 00:09:18.030 Joseph McElroy: Miami or la for lauderdale or wherever yeah and we got to we got to go fishing on a boat in the sea, for the first time and I caught a big giant fish and it turns out, it was like it just to like a car.

00:09:24.720 --> 00:09:25.050 Mike Ogletree: Okay.

00:09:25.440 --> 00:09:31.890 Joseph McElroy: So so so where did that, where did your family's history of restaurant start.

00:09:32.790 --> 00:09:37.800 Mike Ogletree: Well, my my grandfather started in Helen deal in Florida and.

00:09:38.820 --> 00:09:42.240 Mike Ogletree: You know, then my dad kind of came into the picture and.

00:09:44.010 --> 00:09:50.730 Mike Ogletree: They opened up the restaurant in West palm beach in 1970 which is you know, still have it sooner than my time, but.

00:09:53.610 --> 00:10:02.580 Mike Ogletree: After that, it kind of things just spent about we open that restaurant 1970 and then we came up here and met your family my grandparents used to vacation up here.

00:10:03.060 --> 00:10:20.970 Mike Ogletree: and fortunately your parents were the first people that they've met I came into contact with and really connected with them, and you know I don't need to tell you the story like it we ended up your your dad built our health and your dad built our business and.

00:10:22.320 --> 00:10:35.430 Mike Ogletree: The rest is kind of history that was 1986 we moved from West palm beach in 1996 to pump city Florida, which is where we are now, and you know, and here we are.

00:10:36.030 --> 00:10:40.260 Joseph McElroy: Now, was it was the name of the restaurants that info marino's was that right.

00:10:40.500 --> 00:10:42.570 Mike Ogletree: It was many arrows but now the original.

00:10:42.750 --> 00:10:44.580 Mike Ogletree: My grandma.

00:10:44.790 --> 00:10:49.680 Mike Ogletree: mother's name was felt was felt a little bit differently spelled ma n I er.

00:10:51.090 --> 00:11:08.010 Mike Ogletree: And they dropped the eye so it's many arrows ma n er os, which is what you know, which is what the restaurant was named in Fort lauderdale and Allendale beach and and the restaurant in West palm beach and now currently and Stewart and just west of Stewart and calm city.

00:11:09.360 --> 00:11:15.150 Mike Ogletree: And then of course jr there's kind of a tribute to my grandfather James Arthur and started kind of the whole Program.

00:11:16.230 --> 00:11:16.590 Mike Ogletree: cool.

00:11:16.950 --> 00:11:19.680 Joseph McElroy: So you so you went out and.

00:11:21.060 --> 00:11:24.180 Joseph McElroy: You want the world, but now you're now you're Maggie Valley, how long you been.

00:11:25.440 --> 00:11:28.350 Mike Ogletree: i've been here for about 25 years.

00:11:29.790 --> 00:11:34.080 Mike Ogletree: And I didn't think I hadn't planned on being here that long but it just kind of.

00:11:34.920 --> 00:11:48.960 Mike Ogletree: Maggie valley kind of stole my heart, years ago, after the culture shock of coming from South Florida to Maggie value North Carolina and I kind of adjusted and you know this is where i've made my home and my family and.

00:11:50.010 --> 00:11:53.520 Mike Ogletree: I don't know that I would be live anywhere else by the choice to be honest, again.

00:11:54.330 --> 00:12:05.100 Joseph McElroy: We know my my mom came from Fort lauderdale my dad told the story for writing over the mountain the to see him, while he was sick and then they have on a farm and.

00:12:05.700 --> 00:12:21.240 Joseph McElroy: And I end up area, and you know, and she never thought she'd live in the Maggie Valley, but she ended up loving Maggie Valley, been a fixture Maggie valley now and then the rest of her life here, so you know never want to do anywhere else.

00:12:22.860 --> 00:12:30.120 Mike Ogletree: understand this is something that you know first like I said it was just it was very it was very it was just very different lifestyle.

00:12:30.180 --> 00:12:37.380 Mike Ogletree: But I mean it's just it's a wonderful lifestyle and that the benefits definitely outweigh the negatives here.

00:12:38.430 --> 00:12:40.950 Joseph McElroy: So what was your first job in the family.

00:12:42.180 --> 00:12:53.520 Mike Ogletree: So my first job was washing dishes at many errors in South Florida, and it was funny because I used to you know invite friends over on the weekends for sport and my dad would.

00:12:54.150 --> 00:12:58.320 Mike Ogletree: Have us be good to the restaurant and wash we'd all work in the dishwasher in the dish pit.

00:12:59.040 --> 00:13:09.030 Mike Ogletree: And you know, he would pay us a little bit of money here and there, but you know, eventually, I thought well i'm not gonna have any friends left because they come over here i'm gonna go and wash dishes at the restaurant.

00:13:10.320 --> 00:13:11.880 Mike Ogletree: But you know they just kept coming back.

00:13:12.120 --> 00:13:21.300 Mike Ogletree: They kept coming back and and and you know funny like a lot of those a lot of my friends ended up at an older age, of course, it was it was more.

00:13:21.690 --> 00:13:34.950 Mike Ogletree: of just something to keep us busy on of trouble at that time, but oddly enough, like a lot of those those people that my friends ended up working you know when they were 1516 1718 that kind of thing at the restaurant.

00:13:36.540 --> 00:13:40.860 Mike Ogletree: So it was it was um it was different definitely different but.

00:13:42.390 --> 00:13:45.540 Mike Ogletree: You know now looking back on it now, I greatly appreciate it.

00:13:52.620 --> 00:13:53.220 Mike Ogletree: I would say.

00:13:56.160 --> 00:14:01.950 Mike Ogletree: is definitely you know, like Okay, you can only stay at this part of the dishwasher and you can't touch X y&z.

00:14:02.250 --> 00:14:04.920 Mike Ogletree: However, it was still you know you were still working and you're.

00:14:04.920 --> 00:14:09.360 Mike Ogletree: Still sweating your tail off and just kind of yeah I mean.

00:14:09.780 --> 00:14:15.030 Joseph McElroy: I think I think my dad started having a sweep it is construction sites, around nine years old do.

00:14:16.110 --> 00:14:23.550 Mike Ogletree: Sure, I remember he your dad used to take my brother at an early age heavy equipment.

00:14:25.980 --> 00:14:28.290 Mike Ogletree: You know that's where they started to you know.

00:14:29.550 --> 00:14:31.020 Mike Ogletree: yeah yes.

00:14:31.890 --> 00:14:40.080 Joseph McElroy: You know he's what is he at three years old, and he already was showing on in Henry the backhoe he has his back yes.

00:14:41.610 --> 00:14:42.150 Mike Ogletree: Yes.

00:14:42.360 --> 00:14:45.030 Mike Ogletree: Absolutely absolutely that's that's where.

00:14:45.390 --> 00:14:45.960 Mike Ogletree: that's where.

00:14:46.230 --> 00:14:46.590 Mike Ogletree: I draw.

00:14:49.020 --> 00:14:51.270 Joseph McElroy: The three years old he's 83 years sheldon.

00:14:56.700 --> 00:15:00.510 Joseph McElroy: yeah you don't remember your dad john mahoney died too young.

00:15:01.920 --> 00:15:08.340 Joseph McElroy: I remember him being bigger than the in the restaurant here in Maggie valley was.

00:15:09.660 --> 00:15:13.350 Joseph McElroy: Originally working industry or both of them working industry.

00:15:13.770 --> 00:15:20.850 Mike Ogletree: know he he they both did my dad started working for my my mother's father, so my grandfather.

00:15:22.410 --> 00:15:28.440 Mike Ogletree: The you know when they were in Allendale and he he was just kind of a natural at it and.

00:15:29.760 --> 00:15:39.000 Mike Ogletree: You know, it just it just developed and it grew into where he kind of I don't want to say you took over, because he definitely take over my grandfather had a huge you know.

00:15:39.690 --> 00:15:45.960 Mike Ogletree: Just a huge presence in the restaurant in our restaurant anyway, but it was just it was a really.

00:15:46.920 --> 00:15:53.910 Mike Ogletree: Dynamic combination with the two of them and yeah they ended up opening the restaurant and in West palm beach in 1970 and.

00:15:54.750 --> 00:16:06.960 Mike Ogletree: They had a great working relationship, which was really kind of you know that I don't really know how to explain it but they worked well together and my dad was a natural and my grandfather just loved it and.

00:16:07.980 --> 00:16:09.750 Joseph McElroy: I remember that dynamic.

00:16:10.200 --> 00:16:17.640 Joseph McElroy: yeah take a little bit, we have to take a break and then we'll come back we'll talk a little bit more about your family history and then we'll get into the current day of.

00:16:18.930 --> 00:16:20.610 Joseph McElroy: Maggie valley and restaurant is.

00:16:21.510 --> 00:16:22.230 Mike Ogletree: It sounds great.

00:18:37.980 --> 00:18:44.550 Joseph McElroy: This is Joseph Franklin mcilroy back with the gateway to the smokies podcast my guest and.

00:18:50.010 --> 00:19:02.760 Joseph McElroy: i'm drinking promote a local museum, you know Boucher right it's in the it's it's going to be a great place in waynesville and i'm drinking balsam brown ALE, so I just thought i'd give a shout out it turns out it's really good.

00:19:03.990 --> 00:19:12.300 Joseph McElroy: So um you your father unfortunately died young and your mom sort of step into this place and she.

00:19:12.840 --> 00:19:25.350 Mike Ogletree: Yes, she did he he died at 55 and my mom and I was you know his head always supported my father and her dad in this industry and.

00:19:26.430 --> 00:19:39.630 Mike Ogletree: She really just kind of you know she had she did most of the book work and most of the office stuff while while he was alive and when he passed she really just kind of took the helm and.

00:19:41.340 --> 00:19:45.600 Mike Ogletree: You know, it was it was I you don't know the strength that people have.

00:19:45.600 --> 00:19:54.720 Mike Ogletree: until something some sort of tragedy I think occurs, and she really, really has led us in the right direction for the past 25 plus years.

00:19:55.620 --> 00:20:03.780 Joseph McElroy: yeah I mean, I would say that you know you know my grandmother used to tell the story that when she first came to haywood county she had to get her husband.

00:20:04.140 --> 00:20:10.860 Joseph McElroy: to actually get opened the baby characters a bike wouldn't give her as a business owner and woman business owner, the Bank but.

00:20:11.190 --> 00:20:26.040 Joseph McElroy: You know, and it may be improved since since that but, even when your mom took over, it must have been a challenge, being a woman business over owner in Maggie valley haywood county I mean to this day it's it's probably much better, but it was probably a challenge.

00:20:26.250 --> 00:20:36.330 Mike Ogletree: Absolutely, I think that um, yes, but you know, fortunately, she you know she had always been very she was she's always been a very strong force.

00:20:36.870 --> 00:20:48.390 Mike Ogletree: In our in our business and our family life and with with her children, I think she's always been a very strong person and just a driving force behind this I mean, I think that it was kind of a natural a natural flow.

00:20:50.310 --> 00:20:50.760 Mike Ogletree: You know.

00:20:50.850 --> 00:20:52.680 Joseph McElroy: We didn't have a choice, he bothers were strict.

00:20:53.070 --> 00:20:53.640 Mike Ogletree: Yes.

00:20:53.850 --> 00:20:54.690 yeah absolutely.

00:20:56.010 --> 00:20:58.650 Joseph McElroy: If she is your father wants you to follow the family tradition to.

00:21:00.960 --> 00:21:01.380 Mike Ogletree: know.

00:21:02.430 --> 00:21:21.360 Mike Ogletree: My both my brothers were just kind of naturals and they still are, but you know my my dad always said, you know just just get out, this is not, you know, this is not a great industries it's it's it's tough and and like I think it's time for today than it was back then, you know.

00:21:22.440 --> 00:21:30.960 Mike Ogletree: However, i'm grateful for it and i'm grateful for the the lessons the LIFE lessons i've learned and the you know the people i've met, I think that.

00:21:32.130 --> 00:21:40.980 Mike Ogletree: i'm very, very grateful, however, it was definitely not the path that either one of them like for me or or any of any of my siblings, to be honest with you.

00:21:41.820 --> 00:21:45.540 Mike Ogletree: But you know I mean, I think that you're just kind of drawn to it when it's something you grow up in.

00:21:46.740 --> 00:21:48.030 Mike Ogletree: I don't know how you can avoid it.

00:21:48.300 --> 00:21:50.400 Mike Ogletree: Really, you know it's your life.

00:21:51.030 --> 00:22:03.060 Joseph McElroy: Well, I took over the motel because I had a sense of you know, have a desire to be in the hospitality business, I mean i'm a i'm a computer guy right, and then a marketing guy and.

00:22:03.750 --> 00:22:13.290 Joseph McElroy: I ended up marketing for travel, so there was a little bit of relationship there, but you know when it became obvious that it was time for the motel to transition.

00:22:13.740 --> 00:22:29.100 Joseph McElroy: You know I sort of had to step up right, and you know, and I almost felt an obligation to it, I mean I I saw it as an opportunity, but I was also like this is my family legacy and it needs to continue, did you feel any of that sort of thing.

00:22:29.340 --> 00:22:34.560 Mike Ogletree: Well, absolutely I mean especially my father passed to it's like you know you think.

00:22:35.640 --> 00:22:47.130 Mike Ogletree: At some point, you have to come to terms with you know, this is what I have this is what is supported me my entire life, this is what has put me, you know through school or whatever it has been whatever it was the challenges and.

00:22:48.000 --> 00:23:02.010 Mike Ogletree: The strides whatever it has been at some point, you have to say, well, I can't just turn around and turn my back on this planet, I mean, like you, you know it, you breathe it and you live it it's just it's kind of the natural flow of of.

00:23:03.810 --> 00:23:18.630 Mike Ogletree: I think I think there was no other option for any of us really my sister is the only one who's not in the restaurant business she's an attorney but um you know, I think that I don't have an obligation but it's like a commitment.

00:23:19.020 --> 00:23:21.330 Mike Ogletree: You know this is like this is what has brought us here.

00:23:21.780 --> 00:23:34.140 Mike Ogletree: And it's been it's been fairly good to us, you know, up till now it's like, how can you turn your back on something like that, whether you whether it's what you truly you're passionate about.

00:23:36.150 --> 00:23:41.070 Mike Ogletree: or not, I think it was just I don't want to say obligation, but it was just the drive there.

00:23:42.060 --> 00:23:46.320 Joseph McElroy: Well, what I mean you know it's a, but I think I also said that you had.

00:23:49.800 --> 00:23:56.130 Joseph McElroy: For you got back into the restaurant and what we're doing where we were where did you go before you came back to.

00:23:57.240 --> 00:23:57.780 Mike Ogletree: study.

00:23:59.700 --> 00:24:06.210 Mike Ogletree: psychology social work in Spanish so was completely not it was out of the realm of.

00:24:09.960 --> 00:24:12.750 Mike Ogletree: What I want to do with my expertise my passion, but.

00:24:13.950 --> 00:24:17.460 Mike Ogletree: I am very grateful, is been very, very.

00:24:20.580 --> 00:24:29.970 Mike Ogletree: forgiving To me, this has been a you know I mean, I think that, like this industry you just you learn so many life skills that you would never expect to learn.

00:24:31.830 --> 00:24:49.110 Mike Ogletree: You know, and you come in you, you you cross paths with walks of life that you never thought that she would ever so I think that, for that reason i'm grateful for it and I don't know that I would have chose a better path, to be honest with you at this point.

00:24:52.860 --> 00:25:10.650 Joseph McElroy: So i'm sure you know, the what was the how much is the business model, what was the original purpose of the millionaire oh restaurants that then became the jr thurs where they're similar to the different what i've learned and what does it evolve to today.

00:25:14.940 --> 00:25:16.800 Mike Ogletree: I think that there's a lot of history.

00:25:18.060 --> 00:25:24.900 Mike Ogletree: You know, especially going back to Arizona and Arizona Allendale even even in West palm beach there's a lot of just.

00:25:25.860 --> 00:25:38.730 Mike Ogletree: You know I mean just the people that will pass through our doors and the kind of connection that we that especially my father would make with people you know for years.

00:25:39.390 --> 00:25:50.190 Mike Ogletree: We he had a connection with the Atlanta braves and we we serve them lunch and dinner and catered all their food for at the in West palm beach.

00:25:52.080 --> 00:25:53.550 Mike Ogletree: And you know, like I just.

00:25:54.930 --> 00:26:03.060 Mike Ogletree: I think that it's he was a unique person, and I think that he really paved the path pave the path for us, for his children.

00:26:04.770 --> 00:26:21.090 Mike Ogletree: In that way, and you know, he said, an example and I think that, for the most part we try to to follow that model or that example of just you know you know excellent hospitality and just you know good food consistent food and good service like I just think you know.

00:26:22.350 --> 00:26:31.050 Joseph McElroy: What are you famous famous for being more of a stake in primary place and then I think you've evolved into being a real family place right.

00:26:31.470 --> 00:26:44.460 Mike Ogletree: Yes, yeah yeah originally like I think that primary was probably the draw However, it is, it has changed a little bit um, you know as good as the primary job is, I think that.

00:26:45.090 --> 00:26:56.160 Mike Ogletree: You know you have to evolve or change, you have to grow with with with how the world changes, and now the you know the economy changes around you, you have to just kind of everything is very fluid in this market and.

00:26:57.690 --> 00:27:12.270 Mike Ogletree: I think we're just trying to keep the best of our of our history and what is it what we had what did we hung our hat on in the past and and try to move forward into you know, in the next several years I think it's just it's a very fine line.

00:27:13.650 --> 00:27:24.150 Mike Ogletree: But you know you get I get people that you know they'll come in and they'll say Oh, this is, you know, this is the gorgonzola salad is the same as it was 25 years ago, except the wooden bowl.

00:27:24.210 --> 00:27:35.130 Mike Ogletree: You know, and of course you can't serve in one bowl anymore, but you know just things like that, and like that that is the kind of the kind of motivation that that just keeps us going I think every day and.

00:27:37.200 --> 00:27:48.060 Joseph McElroy: We don't go there, I go there, quite a bit now and I love that you know, of course, the framework, the stakes are great, but you also introduced you know, a local things like rainbow.

00:27:51.360 --> 00:27:53.940 Joseph McElroy: And and barbecued ribs.

00:27:55.650 --> 00:27:56.130 Joseph McElroy: Right.

00:27:56.970 --> 00:28:13.110 Joseph McElroy: So you've you've incorporated a lot of local local culture into your family oriented food and it's it's it's much more than it's not it's, not even a steakhouse anymore, I mean yeah I think the I think the original the original.

00:28:14.220 --> 00:28:24.720 Joseph McElroy: The original design was sort of like a would have a family friendly steakhouse and now it's you know it's it's a it's even it's an even broader array right it's like.

00:28:24.990 --> 00:28:30.870 Mike Ogletree: Absolutely absolutely well, I think that you know I mean the only reason that the the biggest.

00:28:32.040 --> 00:28:40.290 Mike Ogletree: You know our biggest push is our is our community in the surrounding area and the people who support you, you know I mean, I think that you.

00:28:41.370 --> 00:28:45.840 Mike Ogletree: You have to do what what people want I mean you have to you know and.

00:28:46.950 --> 00:28:53.100 Mike Ogletree: You have to evolve, or you have to change, I mean you have to you have to move with times, or else you know you're I think you're going to get left behind.

00:28:53.760 --> 00:29:09.630 Mike Ogletree: So I mean and, like our biggest support is our local community in the surrounding area and any you know anything that that we can do to help our Community our community can do to help us, I think, is absolutely a necessity, especially in this day and age, you know I mean.

00:29:12.870 --> 00:29:15.030 Joseph McElroy: So you produce a sports bar.

00:29:16.320 --> 00:29:19.410 Mike Ogletree: We have somewhat of a somewhat of a sports bar.

00:29:20.730 --> 00:29:23.760 Mike Ogletree: You know I mean we have we we try to we try to promote.

00:29:25.440 --> 00:29:37.320 Mike Ogletree: Local events we try to promote regional events that kind of thing, but you know which we try to have just a casual area in one side of the restaurant just for for people who like that type of thing you know I mean.

00:29:38.850 --> 00:29:40.650 Joseph McElroy: Are you usually hear some noise that's really.

00:29:40.980 --> 00:29:49.530 Mike Ogletree: We do have music, we do have we have we've had we have usually we have only had lb and then we have a band.

00:29:49.620 --> 00:29:50.790 That includes ld.

00:29:51.810 --> 00:30:02.790 Mike Ogletree: Which is just unbelievable they're both unbelievable but we've had him for about four or five years that's something my mother brought in about I guess now yeah I guess about five or six years ago and it's just.

00:30:03.540 --> 00:30:12.840 Mike Ogletree: it's been great you know I mean it draws a little bit more than people who might not necessarily want to eat dinner but might like to listen to music and have a drink so.

00:30:14.490 --> 00:30:15.360 Joseph McElroy: Let me just say.

00:30:15.540 --> 00:30:20.370 Joseph McElroy: The drinks are lonely I was there two nights ago and I had a really great old fast.

00:30:22.080 --> 00:30:27.120 Joseph McElroy: No yeah I could I could it says James Arthur has jr has an excellent bar.

00:30:28.680 --> 00:30:39.420 Joseph McElroy: So when we come back we'll take a break down and talked about, we talked a little bit about the you know Jay arthur's in the Community and in the industry and and Maggie that sound good.

00:30:39.720 --> 00:30:40.350 Mike Ogletree: sounds great.

00:33:19.140 --> 00:33:26.100 Joseph McElroy: This is Joseph or April mcilroy back with the gateway to the smokies podcast my guest Aaron.

00:33:27.270 --> 00:33:27.960 Joseph McElroy: Aaron.

00:33:28.320 --> 00:33:29.490 Joseph McElroy: So.

00:33:29.700 --> 00:33:37.290 Joseph McElroy: You know I think one of the best things about your restaurant and i'm totally biased, because my boss, the father built this the physical.

00:33:39.930 --> 00:33:43.140 Joseph McElroy: Building can you describe it for the people that are listening.

00:33:44.340 --> 00:33:52.440 Mike Ogletree: Well i'm most people say in and if it's theater this is gonna sound really ignorant, but unless you will say it's a large cedar Kevin.

00:33:54.630 --> 00:33:55.140 Mike Ogletree: But it.

00:33:56.310 --> 00:34:03.600 Mike Ogletree: it's just a beautiful building, I mean it's just like that you know your dad built our House to, and this is everything about it is just perfect and.

00:34:05.010 --> 00:34:17.580 Mike Ogletree: I know that it is, it was made in its time, it was built in, as time and but I mean like there's there's nothing I would change about it, I don't think.

00:34:18.000 --> 00:34:20.430 Mike Ogletree: That you know, obviously the inside decor needs to be a.

00:34:20.610 --> 00:34:23.790 Mike Ogletree: Little updated as we need to change with times, but like.

00:34:25.260 --> 00:34:29.820 Mike Ogletree: Yes, I mean there's there I don't think there was anyone else that that could have done anything better with.

00:34:30.150 --> 00:34:31.080 With our House you don't.

00:34:32.220 --> 00:34:51.510 Joseph McElroy: To tell a couple stories about it, one is is those you know it's got these huge you know it's like huge giant ceilings right here, but these are scale that is rare to do right so it's like it's so area it's all would but it's so area it's not like you're.

00:34:54.660 --> 00:34:59.880 Joseph McElroy: Doing like this it wouldn't Wonderland right you got a little train that goes around that.

00:34:59.940 --> 00:35:15.540 Mike Ogletree: Well, yes, yes, and I can tell you anytime in the if the train is not running over you know the trainings is under construction or whatever might need to be done, like people notice it, I mean those are those are details that I think that people come there for.

00:35:17.010 --> 00:35:18.420 Mike Ogletree: You know and.

00:35:20.520 --> 00:35:24.180 Mike Ogletree: That has been it's been that way for years, like since since since we've started.

00:35:25.470 --> 00:35:29.310 Mike Ogletree: there's just certain things that like I think you expect to see it places it's like.

00:35:29.760 --> 00:35:35.340 Mike Ogletree: And when you don't see them you're kind of miffed I mean people, especially people who have been coming here for years and years.

00:35:35.730 --> 00:35:49.050 Mike Ogletree: And people who came in here as children, and then they the next generation comes along they want to bring their children and something's not right it's like we're the trains, why are they not working, you know I mean and like that's a big deal.

00:35:49.500 --> 00:35:50.160 Mike Ogletree: Oh no.

00:35:51.390 --> 00:35:54.000 Mike Ogletree: You know there's definitely an A.

00:35:54.060 --> 00:35:55.080 lot of nostalgic.

00:35:56.580 --> 00:35:57.120 Joseph McElroy: Wonderful.

00:35:58.830 --> 00:36:08.670 Joseph McElroy: yeah wonderful for Christmas and don't you get me Michael largest indoor Christmas tree and least haywood county but maybe.

00:36:08.670 --> 00:36:09.150 Joseph McElroy: Also.

00:36:09.420 --> 00:36:14.730 Mike Ogletree: Caroline yes, yes, I feel like Of course I think i'm going to say that we have the biggest Christmas tree.

00:36:15.120 --> 00:36:27.720 Mike Ogletree: But I you know I feel like it rivals sometimes a rival it definitely rivals the biltmore House you know, last year we had we had the first tree we had, and we had to change it out after about 10 days.

00:36:28.860 --> 00:36:37.710 Mike Ogletree: ago we changed it out and it was just outstanding it was even better than I imagined the first time and it's just one of those things that people you know I mean like.

00:36:38.220 --> 00:36:49.740 Mike Ogletree: People come to the restaurant, a lot of times, not only for the food and for the hospitality, but for just for that nostalgia for that this is how this is how good it feels you know this is how I felt.

00:36:50.130 --> 00:36:56.580 Mike Ogletree: When I was you know 10 or 15 years ago, how I felt, and so I want my kids to feel you know, so I think that.

00:36:57.600 --> 00:37:03.180 Mike Ogletree: there's a lot to be said for that and we take a lot of pride in that you know I mean I even though it's a few times a year.

00:37:03.780 --> 00:37:16.080 Mike Ogletree: um I think that people remember that and I can't tell you how many people come in, they say Oh, you know this is either bigger or smaller you know, whatever it might be but um it just.

00:37:16.830 --> 00:37:26.670 Mike Ogletree: It makes a mark on my soul and makes you know that, like those are the things that that are important, you know and then there's the things that we need to keep up with.

00:37:27.480 --> 00:37:30.330 Joseph McElroy: And you have these two giant fireplaces in there right.

00:37:30.810 --> 00:37:37.470 Joseph McElroy: yeah and you know I don't know if that told you, the story, but he you know at the time he employed.

00:37:38.760 --> 00:37:52.290 Joseph McElroy: rock mason's that were cherokee Indian right and people don't know that a lot of cherokee Indian when they were building the the one of the parkway was building the blue Ridge parkway was being built, they actually brought it.

00:37:55.170 --> 00:38:01.710 Joseph McElroy: To missions to build the rock the rock the rock works for bridges and things like that, but.

00:38:02.760 --> 00:38:07.920 Joseph McElroy: But they have assistance and they used because there's a lot of things in cherokee they use cherokee assistance.

00:38:08.220 --> 00:38:18.390 Joseph McElroy: For the all a lot of the cherokee learn how to do really great art rock rock work like Italian medicines, so that employ those for you know the high high end stuff that he.

00:38:18.990 --> 00:38:34.530 Joseph McElroy: Employed them for high end stuff that he did, and so he employed them for the record in your restaurant, but you know, one of the things that that was a sort of a semi secret is that every chair every every rock bass and had their own signature.

00:38:34.680 --> 00:38:35.100 yeah.

00:38:36.750 --> 00:38:45.150 Joseph McElroy: Maybe an animal they put into design or the rock work or maybe they balanced giant triangle different once you remember, which one that they.

00:38:45.750 --> 00:38:47.220 Mike Ogletree: Had on we had we had.

00:38:47.460 --> 00:38:53.850 Mike Ogletree: We have to arrowheads actually like the two arrowheads one one of each fireplace and.

00:38:54.090 --> 00:38:54.600 Mike Ogletree: That.

00:38:54.750 --> 00:39:01.830 Mike Ogletree: Was I can't remember the gentleman's name, but my gosh she's so talented but it's in the very top of both of the.

00:39:02.580 --> 00:39:19.920 Mike Ogletree: The tune of the inside of the chimneys would you know the rock work and then there's I find the one arrowhead very easily in the lounge and the dining room it's a little more difficult, but I mean the work is so intricate it's just it's just amazing It really is amazing cool.

00:39:20.550 --> 00:39:26.100 Joseph McElroy: um how was your how was your reception into baggy Valley, with the restaurant first open.

00:39:28.020 --> 00:39:37.860 Mike Ogletree: um I think you know, I was, I was much, much younger that time, so I think a lot of that I probably didn't pick up on but um I know that.

00:39:40.020 --> 00:39:44.910 Mike Ogletree: You know, to make your mark anywhere, you have to really do your time, and you have to you have to.

00:39:45.330 --> 00:40:00.720 Mike Ogletree: You have to do your own work and make your mark and just be as good as you can be and support your community, and I think that it was probably I would say it was probably tough back then, but I mean I like I said, I think that.

00:40:03.090 --> 00:40:03.420 Mike Ogletree: Might.

00:40:03.720 --> 00:40:05.190 Joseph McElroy: be the kid what everybody over.

00:40:05.940 --> 00:40:14.400 Mike Ogletree: This do is whenever you ever but you know, it was a bit of a higher end type thing I would say, at first, even then, and.

00:40:15.090 --> 00:40:27.210 Mike Ogletree: I just think maybe there was some resistance, but I mean, I think that you know hard work and persistence and like you know consistency, I think, pays off a lot and in even so, you know you're.

00:40:28.380 --> 00:40:30.630 Mike Ogletree: you're going to make mistakes, but I think that, like.

00:40:31.950 --> 00:40:35.850 Mike Ogletree: there's a lot to be said for longevity and.

00:40:37.350 --> 00:40:42.420 Mike Ogletree: You know, consistency and just commitment to our Community, and I think that that's.

00:40:43.230 --> 00:40:55.500 Mike Ogletree: Where we are at this point, I think that you know we have to stick together, we have to, we have to do our own work in our Community and just continue to to better ourselves every day and people around us as well yeah.

00:40:55.800 --> 00:41:10.350 Joseph McElroy: I know that you have another beautiful balcony area where you get private dining and then you have yeah both of the dining room and the sports club area, you get a lot of events that come there that the red.

00:41:11.910 --> 00:41:12.300 Joseph McElroy: yeah.

00:41:12.480 --> 00:41:28.230 Mike Ogletree: yeah we got a lot of we get a lot of why we get several you know wedding receptions or rehearsals dinners and then we also do in a car tour groups there's recently there's been more tour groups this area.

00:41:29.580 --> 00:41:37.470 Mike Ogletree: We had a, for example, this past weekend, we had a corvette tour group coming through, but you know it's all walks of life it's just.

00:41:39.330 --> 00:41:44.370 Mike Ogletree: We do we were very blessed in that area, because we have the space to do it and.

00:41:44.970 --> 00:41:50.070 Mike Ogletree: And for sure we have the staff at this point to do it to you know I mean it's just um.

00:41:50.460 --> 00:41:56.790 Mike Ogletree: Any any of these groups like they like the one that was here and, to be honest with you, other than outside of last year and the year before.

00:41:57.240 --> 00:42:03.480 Mike Ogletree: i'm not necessarily I don't can't say that I specifically remember, other than going back and looking at it, but.

00:42:04.230 --> 00:42:19.110 Mike Ogletree: They said, you know we've been coming here for 1618 years which you know that that is a that is a huge deal to me it means very much to me that someone that a group of 4050 6070 people comes back, year after year after year and.

00:42:19.680 --> 00:42:20.310 Joseph McElroy: That kind of.

00:42:20.460 --> 00:42:22.680 Joseph McElroy: You know I had somebody posts on Facebook.

00:42:24.180 --> 00:42:26.550 Joseph McElroy: Pictures of their honeymoon in the 60s at the.

00:42:26.550 --> 00:42:27.660 Mike Ogletree: dealer yes.

00:42:28.110 --> 00:42:28.530 Right.

00:42:30.120 --> 00:42:30.720 Mike Ogletree: Wonderful.

00:42:31.080 --> 00:42:38.160 Joseph McElroy: And I have people come by and say we've been coming every year for 14 years right yeah, so it is it's like.

00:42:38.910 --> 00:42:39.900 Mike Ogletree: Every time.

00:42:40.260 --> 00:42:54.360 Joseph McElroy: yeah so you a lot of businesses and Maggie valley and even the surrounding areas and haven county did not do, particularly well after 2012 and ghost town sort of clothes for good, how did you do.

00:42:57.750 --> 00:42:58.440 Mike Ogletree: Well, I mean.

00:43:00.060 --> 00:43:15.600 Mike Ogletree: It was very difficult it was a huge shift, you know I mean you had to wear you know, in the past, not you couldn't necessarily hang your hat on that, but you know you had people here because of those town and they were kind of.

00:43:17.490 --> 00:43:26.040 Mike Ogletree: They were they were here and they would they would say, and they will eat I mean it was it was it was a huge challenge I shouldn't sugarcoat it, it was a huge challenge.

00:43:26.520 --> 00:43:30.300 Mike Ogletree: And it's still has been you know it's like, how can we.

00:43:30.990 --> 00:43:38.520 Mike Ogletree: bring people to our area we need to to draw them because you know, like used to we didn't have to draw the families and because we had you know.

00:43:38.880 --> 00:43:47.460 Mike Ogletree: We had hot wheels and water bugs we had ghost town, we had the magic waters ever in cherokee we had you know I mean there's a lot of like historic things that went on here.

00:43:48.540 --> 00:43:59.400 Mike Ogletree: That we just didn't really have to make too much of emotion, to get them to come here, you know, we had trout ponds, we had water slides we have like a lot of stuff for families and this is a fabulous what I mean.

00:43:59.670 --> 00:44:09.030 Mike Ogletree: I feel like this is a an area where families come because they feel like it's safe and it's fun and it's a good vacation for their you know for everyone and.

00:44:09.900 --> 00:44:19.980 Mike Ogletree: So we you know I think we had to be a little more strategic and it was it was tough for several years and it still is tough every day is tough but, like, I think that the more that we can just.

00:44:21.450 --> 00:44:35.010 Mike Ogletree: promote our you know the people that we work with and we work among you know and the natural beauty of our area, I think that um I mean we can't hang your hat on someone else's business forever you really can't.

00:44:35.280 --> 00:44:40.470 Joseph McElroy: and listen we wasn't just ghost hunters also mountain culture mountain heritage.

00:44:40.560 --> 00:44:40.950 Mike Ogletree: you're right.

00:44:41.250 --> 00:44:53.190 Joseph McElroy: A lot of give and that's what we're promoting yeah mountain cultural heritage and having music and food and different things, and you know we saw a lot of families this year I don't know if you saw but the swimming pool.

00:44:53.190 --> 00:44:54.750 Joseph McElroy: yeah the US.

00:44:59.340 --> 00:45:07.110 Joseph McElroy: More this handsome young people were using it, so it was a it was a sea change this year in terms of you know.

00:45:08.790 --> 00:45:19.140 Joseph McElroy: We still have the nostalgic crowd, but we also started getting people that just want to experience the now and enjoy culture authentic right.

00:45:19.530 --> 00:45:20.730 Mike Ogletree: Absolutely, yes.

00:45:20.820 --> 00:45:26.730 Joseph McElroy: yeah cool and I love being able to say somebody says, where do you go to go get some neat so i'll look across the street.

00:45:28.470 --> 00:45:29.850 Joseph McElroy: yeah that's pretty cool.

00:45:31.140 --> 00:45:37.020 Joseph McElroy: So, to come back with our final segment, I want to talk about how you guys got to be in a famous movie.

00:45:37.860 --> 00:45:39.000 Mike Ogletree: Okay, that sounds great.

00:47:42.960 --> 00:47:51.750 Joseph McElroy: hey this is Joseph Franklin McElroy back with a gateway to the smokies podcast my guest Aaron mahoney so Aaron.

00:47:53.250 --> 00:47:56.400 Joseph McElroy: So you know watching a movie one day.

00:47:58.800 --> 00:48:08.430 Joseph McElroy: And all of a sudden, I see frogs and I go oh my God it's Jay arthur's restaurant I recognize it like it was my backyard, my home I.

00:48:09.660 --> 00:48:13.950 Joseph McElroy: was three what three billboards out of what was the name million.

00:48:14.610 --> 00:48:15.690 Mike Ogletree: Every Missouri.

00:48:15.840 --> 00:48:18.300 Joseph McElroy: Evans mystery to how did that come about.

00:48:19.380 --> 00:48:24.570 Mike Ogletree: Well um they kind of just solicited us and asked.

00:48:26.520 --> 00:48:31.710 Mike Ogletree: asked if they could use our building it was you know, of course, it was in in season, it was like in June.

00:48:33.960 --> 00:48:38.040 Mike Ogletree: And we kind of went back and forth, and you know they did some filming over in Silva.

00:48:39.660 --> 00:48:49.290 Mike Ogletree: And they were kind of on the fence, whether they were going to use us or not, and it was it was very quick, it was about 10 days before they said Okay, we need to this day this day and.

00:48:50.280 --> 00:48:56.640 Mike Ogletree: You know, all of a sudden, there were a bunch of trailers and everything's set up in the in the parking lot the restaurant and.

00:48:57.870 --> 00:48:58.920 Mike Ogletree: It was it was.

00:48:59.040 --> 00:49:16.260 Mike Ogletree: It was a little tough, because it was an all day thing, and you know they use the fire department as kind of a staging area and they asked if we had any people that would like to be walk ons are staying whatever they call them standards that kind of thing.

00:49:18.480 --> 00:49:26.220 Mike Ogletree: However, we don't know that we knew were signing up for because it was you know, it was very, very long hours, of course.

00:49:27.930 --> 00:49:44.130 Mike Ogletree: No air conditioning and it was multiple you know multiple scenes with a lot of different food men prepared and that kind of thing it was so rewarding it was just it was it was just amazing like Of course I don't I don't know that anyone thought it would be as huge as it was.

00:49:45.900 --> 00:49:46.650 Mike Ogletree: But it was great and.

00:49:47.760 --> 00:49:50.010 Joseph McElroy: Independent movie that was gonna be yes.

00:49:50.670 --> 00:50:04.380 Mike Ogletree: Right exactly right and, to this day, I have people that will that you know I have customers that will come in and they'll say, well, we want to sit in this table we're going to see exactly where they said, like Where do they said and what did they do, and who did you know and.

00:50:05.640 --> 00:50:06.720 Mike Ogletree: I just remember.

00:50:08.280 --> 00:50:10.650 Mike Ogletree: It was just very, very.

00:50:13.080 --> 00:50:26.610 Mike Ogletree: mean just the the local people that came out to support the movie and the filming of the movie and who you know who want to just be involved, whether they were on screen or not it was just incredible like the support, I guess, I should say.

00:50:26.820 --> 00:50:27.150 well.

00:50:28.350 --> 00:50:37.440 Mike Ogletree: It was just it was wonderful and even to this day, you know we have a couple posters inside the building let's say either people will be like Oh well, this is where they sat or you know.

00:50:37.950 --> 00:50:45.150 Mike Ogletree: Oh, my gosh I didn't know this was filmed here, you know, and then you kind of set the scene and people can kind of see it and it just brings them back a little bit, which is nice.

00:50:46.830 --> 00:50:47.070 Joseph McElroy: I mean.

00:50:47.460 --> 00:50:49.530 Joseph McElroy: People over here that was filmed over there and it's.

00:50:50.250 --> 00:50:50.610 Mike Ogletree: I mean.

00:50:51.270 --> 00:50:57.390 Joseph McElroy: It helps you know it's like everything little story X built in the story of their experience I call it.

00:50:59.580 --> 00:51:00.450 Mike Ogletree: What do you call it.

00:51:01.980 --> 00:51:10.830 Joseph McElroy: study but normal tourism experiences so does it make the memories a flashbulb memories, so all little things add to that that's another one.

00:51:11.220 --> 00:51:22.860 Joseph McElroy: In fact we're probably we're starting some tours for that'll originate from the metal art and one of them will be like the the movies, you know we're movies, are shot, yes, you get a lot of movie shot in this area.

00:51:24.000 --> 00:51:25.740 Joseph McElroy: So that would be kind of cool.

00:51:25.950 --> 00:51:27.690 Joseph McElroy: Absolutely yeah.

00:51:28.170 --> 00:51:30.180 Joseph McElroy: Absolutely yeah.

00:51:30.390 --> 00:51:31.140 Mike Ogletree: yeah it was a great.

00:51:31.170 --> 00:51:46.920 Mike Ogletree: It was a great experience and so thrilled that you know that were that we were able to do that and just you know before that, like years ago we had, I mean I guess the most before that, prior to that the only thing we had uncle ben's at one point shot a commercial.

00:51:46.950 --> 00:51:49.290 Mike Ogletree: did a commercial at the restaurant you, these are kitchen.

00:51:51.240 --> 00:51:52.170 Mike Ogletree: But that you know.

00:51:52.440 --> 00:51:53.070 Mike Ogletree: The outside of.

00:51:53.730 --> 00:51:58.020 Joseph McElroy: Food that you know Maggie Maggie valley and haywood county so.

00:52:00.780 --> 00:52:05.460 Joseph McElroy: Out of wide open spaces, that people can do big things here right.

00:52:05.700 --> 00:52:06.090 Like well.

00:52:07.530 --> 00:52:07.920 Mike Ogletree: As a.

00:52:07.980 --> 00:52:08.550 Mike Ogletree: plan ahead and.

00:52:09.390 --> 00:52:10.860 Mike Ogletree: You know I mean.

00:52:11.910 --> 00:52:12.510 Mike Ogletree: Yes.

00:52:12.960 --> 00:52:13.740 Joseph McElroy: No, I.

00:52:14.880 --> 00:52:22.620 Joseph McElroy: yeah there's like you know you come around here you don't know that there's like a way up in the mountains or there's a five star place called the swag.

00:52:23.550 --> 00:52:34.860 Joseph McElroy: yeah or you have a great you have an idea, you can get it a world class prime rib you know place in the valley, or even stay and experience grammy award winning musicians.

00:52:36.720 --> 00:52:37.050 Mike Ogletree: yeah.

00:52:37.680 --> 00:52:38.910 Joseph McElroy: roadside motel.

00:52:38.940 --> 00:52:39.960 Mike Ogletree: Right yes right.

00:52:41.250 --> 00:52:48.120 Joseph McElroy: So you know it's a wonderful place to visit So where do you think Maggie valleys heading now.

00:52:49.470 --> 00:52:51.780 Joseph McElroy: I didn't think what is it what is it becoming.

00:52:54.720 --> 00:53:04.080 Mike Ogletree: I think that we are, we are just grew up, I think that you know um I think are unique this kind of defines us like I think that.

00:53:05.100 --> 00:53:19.080 Mike Ogletree: There are so many different like intricate places around this area that like that you wouldn't expect around the corner and you know what I think the more unique, we are, the more we put ourselves on the map and.

00:53:20.850 --> 00:53:27.630 Mike Ogletree: We just you know, I think that we just need to continue to evolve and we need to continue to to.

00:53:28.920 --> 00:53:36.060 Mike Ogletree: I don't want to say go with the flow that sounds so routine, but I think that, like we, we need to be able to be fluid because.

00:53:38.070 --> 00:53:48.930 Mike Ogletree: We need to survive and we've survived with, I think that we have survived some pretty crappy times I hate to say you know, I think that we've had some really low low times in this area, and I think that.

00:53:49.140 --> 00:53:50.610 Mike Ogletree: You know, we bounce back.

00:53:51.270 --> 00:53:52.350 Joseph McElroy: from somebody the ghost.

00:53:53.490 --> 00:53:55.890 Joseph McElroy: ghost town might be coming back what do you think about that.

00:53:56.190 --> 00:54:02.790 Mike Ogletree: Well, I mean I have high hopes for this and i've always had high hopes for that, like I have so many fond memories there it goes down.

00:54:03.270 --> 00:54:08.040 Mike Ogletree: But at the same time, I think that you know we all need to do our own work, and we need to like.

00:54:08.760 --> 00:54:22.680 Mike Ogletree: grow together as a community and just move forward like God, I hope that they I hope that that would be the best thing for this area, but you know I don't think that we should stay awake at night and and and think that we're gonna.

00:54:24.600 --> 00:54:26.310 Mike Ogletree: know we have so many good things around.

00:54:27.180 --> 00:54:28.890 Joseph McElroy: motorcycle Museum in the world.

00:54:31.620 --> 00:54:32.010 Joseph McElroy: music.

00:54:32.040 --> 00:54:35.820 Mike Ogletree: And we have we have a stellar puzzle room, we have.

00:54:36.180 --> 00:54:41.790 Joseph McElroy: yeah we are we have southern most ski resort and in the United States.

00:54:42.810 --> 00:54:45.720 Mike Ogletree: You know within like we have a lot of natural beauty to.

00:54:45.810 --> 00:54:46.290 Mike Ogletree: me like.

00:54:47.070 --> 00:54:55.680 Mike Ogletree: there's just so many things that like draw people in this area like I don't I think that we should just expand our horizons all of it and just keep on.

00:54:56.190 --> 00:54:59.910 Joseph McElroy: So I didn't have time to go through full of its itineraries.

00:55:03.000 --> 00:55:05.220 Joseph McElroy: At least you know, the food industry.

00:55:06.240 --> 00:55:10.230 Joseph McElroy: Where would somebody go for breakfast and where would somebody go for lunch in this area.

00:55:10.680 --> 00:55:19.890 Mike Ogletree: Well, I would definitely go if I were going to get a breakfast i'm good either POPs like outstanding or in for breakfast.

00:55:21.030 --> 00:55:32.880 Mike Ogletree: I would go to my favorite like my favorite view in this area is a mountain air in my gosh is outstanding like you know I mean you have to have some time but I mean it is well worth it.

00:55:33.330 --> 00:55:41.250 Mike Ogletree: And then, like the sandwich shop next door to your your business is like the best sandwich you can get in this area like.

00:55:42.210 --> 00:55:48.660 Joseph McElroy: A sandwich shop, is it got unbelievable I mean the other day, I said that sandwich shop I would eat out in New York City.

00:55:49.140 --> 00:55:50.550 Mike Ogletree: Yes, yeah.

00:55:52.290 --> 00:55:53.190 Joseph McElroy: Even better than that.

00:55:53.580 --> 00:55:54.300 Joseph McElroy: yeah no.

00:55:54.360 --> 00:55:55.740 Mike Ogletree: You wouldn't you absolutely.

00:55:56.220 --> 00:55:56.820 I mean like.

00:55:58.050 --> 00:56:00.300 Joseph McElroy: So we're running out of time, so what.

00:56:03.960 --> 00:56:04.590 Joseph McElroy: about you.

00:56:07.020 --> 00:56:08.070 Mike Ogletree: i'm saying if you're.

00:56:08.490 --> 00:56:12.330 Joseph McElroy: With people find out more about you were really out of time, so I just want to.

00:56:12.570 --> 00:56:19.530 Mike Ogletree: do absolutely like it, you can contact me at the restaurant and Jay arthur's rest at gmail COM.

00:56:20.970 --> 00:56:21.870 Mike Ogletree: or our website.

00:56:23.460 --> 00:56:26.670 Mike Ogletree: jr's restaurant and yeah.

00:56:27.390 --> 00:56:30.450 Joseph McElroy: Why, you have social media that you follow the people should follow.

00:56:31.830 --> 00:56:36.360 Mike Ogletree: I just adjust the restaurant, but of course Facebook just the restaurant.

00:56:37.350 --> 00:56:42.510 Joseph McElroy: Alright cool well, thank you very much for being on the show all right.

00:56:42.780 --> 00:56:47.100 Mike Ogletree: Thank you i'm honored yeah happy to do it again, we can talk about something else just.

00:56:47.280 --> 00:56:51.990 Joseph McElroy: All right, yes we'll talk about talking about feels fishing or quilting or something.

00:56:53.640 --> 00:56:57.420 Joseph McElroy: I just saw your children are very involved in art side like to find out more.

00:56:57.870 --> 00:56:58.890 Mike Ogletree: Very artistic.

00:56:59.100 --> 00:57:01.020 Joseph McElroy: yeah there's you know things that.

00:57:01.530 --> 00:57:02.580 Maybe for next time.

00:57:05.850 --> 00:57:25.650 Joseph McElroy: yeah cool um this has been a wonderful show and we're going to have another show next week, as we do every week Tuesdays from six to seven you find out more about us at gateway to the smokies that fun or even Facebook, a gateway to the smokies podcast.

00:57:26.730 --> 00:57:33.720 Joseph McElroy: We are on the top radio dot nyc network, which has a lot of live podcasts.

00:57:34.740 --> 00:57:46.050 Joseph McElroy: And one of which is a New York podcast that follows after this it talks about you know, tourism and things to do in New York, so I think you should watch that but it's got a wonderful network with live podcast.

00:57:47.760 --> 00:57:49.170 Joseph McElroy: I am I.

00:57:50.760 --> 00:58:01.200 Joseph McElroy: I you know the I have a I have a site called smokies adventure Ms sm okay I E s if you.

00:58:04.830 --> 00:58:12.240 Joseph McElroy: have information about traveling the smokies places to do and there's a whole area from Tennessee to North Carolina to all the way up to.

00:58:12.840 --> 00:58:30.120 Joseph McElroy: Virginia down to Georgia, and you know it's got roadmaps it's got books Scott itineraries and I love you visit there so i'll see you next week, thank you very much, as the gateway to the smokies for there and mahoney and post Joseph Franklin back for.

00:58:30.390 --> 00:58:31.140 Mike Ogletree: Thanks Jeff.

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