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Tuesday, August 24, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/08/24 - Prefontaine  and the Steven Avery Innocence Project

Facebook Live Video from 2021/08/24 - Prefontaine  and the Steven Avery Innocence Project


2021/08/24 - Prefontaine and the Steven Avery Innocence Project

[NEW EPISODE] Prefontaine  and the Steven Avery Innocence Project

The first half of tonight’s show, I will talk some quick thoughts on this past weekend’s Prefontaine meet. I will also continue my discussion that I started last week on acting tips. I mentioned last week how I had over 20+ auditions in about 10 days. I’ve now booked two of those (both are commercials: one in LA and the other in Atlanta) and had a couple other callbacks. I am continuing to talk about some of the important things that I do in order to maximize my potential. .


In the second half of the show, I have Jax West joining me from the Steven Avery Innocence Project. Steven and his nephew Brendan Dassey were convicted in the 2005 killing of Teresa Halbach. They were the subject of the widely-popular Netflix series “Making a Murderer”. Jax is actively working with hundreds of thousands of supporters to try and get the men freed or, at least, a new trial. We will talk about the latest developments and her thoughts on why she feels they are innocent. 


COFFEETALK XL is the fourth edition of the CoffeeTalk series for fulltime actor and businessman, Kevin Barbaro since 2007. A former elite NCAA Division I coach and nationally-syndicated radio host, the show is about his life as he juggles his modeling and acting career while owning three companies and founding an animal rescue. His guests are from all walks of life, each with their own unique and inspiring stories. The show is broadcast LIVE each Tuesday night at 8pm (Eastern)/5pm (Pacific) and the video replays are available on Spotify , Apple and iTunes. 


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Show Notes

Segment 1

Kevin starts off tonight's show briefly explaining the show’s rundown for tonight. In the second half of the show, Jax West from the Steven Avery Project will be joining Kevin to talk about this controversial case. Switching topics, Kevin talks about track and field and his time as a college coach. He mentioned Sha’Carri Richardson, a current American track and field sprinter who has a mixture of fans who like or dislike her. Fans have embraced her regardless of how they feel and no matter what, track and field is being talked about.

Segment 2

Coming back from the break, Kevin continues his conversation about Richardson. His thoughts are that track and field needs someone like her. He believes that she is a great athlete but may not be well spoken. He says that track and field need to hire the right people. Switching gears, Kevin picks off from last week’s conversation on his tips and advice for actors based on his experiences. He reminds listeners on one tip that he goes by: you’re either all in or all out. He believes in this because you have to put in all of your effort into it. Another tip that he has learned throughout his career is that he had to get training to hone his skills. He constantly watched youtube videos of famous actors in interviews. They would talk about the business; Kevin learned that many of them would give their advice that a person pursuing acting should also go into theater. You have to be committed to get trained. Kevin says that it’s not always about knowing certain people or just luck but more about putting in the hard work and doing well. Another advice he gives is to continue taking on auditions. It’s all about getting experience and things like having a good headshot in your profile.

Segment 3

Kevin introduces Jax West from the Steven Avery Project who will talk about the project and Brendan Dassey. Kevin believes that Dassey deserves another trial after being convicted for the killing of Teresa Halbach. West fills us in on this. She says that one has to have new evidence to do another trial. Jax does not understand the fact that one has to go back to the same judge and go up to a higher level if needed. Something will be filed for Avery’s case soon. Brendon, she believes, based on the documentary on Netflix, that he was led into saying what he said in court because he obviously had a low IQ and was a child or a minor at the time. He asks Jax about her thoughts on the prevalent theory on how the incident occurred if they did not do it. She says that Bobby Dassey, Brendon’s brother, was oddly obsessed with Teresa.

Segment 4

In this final segment, they pick off on the conversation about the evidence of whether the two men committed anything. He questions the idea that they would be seen as brilliant for not leaving any evidence , but not so brilliant because Teresa’s car was left by their junkyard. The car Jax says was in a different location and then moved to the salvage yard. A lot of the evidence being found is pointing to Bobby Dassey. He asks Jax about season three of the two part documentary Making a Murderer. Jax says that if there is a new trial and there's anything needed to be filmed, then they would do so. Kevin thanks West for joining him for tonight’s show. The Steven Avery Project has a facebook page where they always keep followers posted on the case.


00:02:55.740 --> 00:02:59.040 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Good evening everybody and welcome back to coffee talk back so.

00:02:59.460 --> 00:03:03.990 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm Kevin Barber oh and great to have you back here for our live weekly show.

00:03:04.410 --> 00:03:09.570 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Here on talk radio dot nyc or you're watching on Facebook COM.

00:03:10.260 --> 00:03:19.800 Kevin Barbaro Productions: slash talk radio nyc just all one word, you can catch the podcast if you're not listening live or even if you're listening live and you want to hear my voice again for some reason.

00:03:20.160 --> 00:03:29.460 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Then you can get it on spotify or apple or iTunes wherever it is you get your podcasts or you can download podcasts right from talk radio dot nyc so.

00:03:30.630 --> 00:03:33.960 Kevin Barbaro Productions: back this week i'm going to here's how today's gonna roll man.

00:03:35.010 --> 00:03:48.240 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm excited about the second half the show not that i'm not excited about the first half of the show but i'm completely intrigued by the second half of the show on the first half of the show we're going to be talking about i'm going to pick up where I left off last week on.

00:03:49.260 --> 00:03:50.430 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Acting tips now.

00:03:51.660 --> 00:03:58.650 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That being said, of course, i'm know a list actor i'm no be or even see list actor, but what I am.

00:03:59.070 --> 00:04:18.420 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Is a guy that built a career over the last decade, where I work all the time and I don't do any background work I don't do any extra work and and i've done hundreds and hundreds of gigs mostly commercial work with i've done, you know national TV shows i've done feature films, of course.

00:04:19.500 --> 00:04:32.580 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And I do a lot of print ads stuff So these are just things that worked for me and advice that I would give anybody that asked me how they want to get into the world of acting.

00:04:33.210 --> 00:04:43.740 Kevin Barbaro Productions: How I did it how I was able to create a career out of it, and these are just some of the things that worked for me, I mean may not work for everybody, but certainly works for me.

00:04:44.190 --> 00:04:51.810 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And the other thing we're going to talk about in this first half of the show and it's actually willing to start off with oh backing up, so the second half of the show.

00:04:53.160 --> 00:04:58.380 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i've got a woman, that is going to be coming on the show to talk about.

00:04:59.610 --> 00:05:06.900 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The Steven avery innocence project so Steven avery if you are in if you love crime shows.

00:05:07.980 --> 00:05:17.670 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Particularly true crime shows, and you haven't been living under a rock, then you know the making a murderer on netflix and making a murderer or two.

00:05:18.090 --> 00:05:34.800 Kevin Barbaro Productions: While they're wildly popular around the world, and there is a lot of people, including myself, that feel as though there is the potential more than the potential that Steven avery was set up.

00:05:35.970 --> 00:05:44.310 Kevin Barbaro Productions: To take the fall him and his nephew Brendan dasey for the murder of Teresa hall Bach.

00:05:45.570 --> 00:05:57.630 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Who was a photographer this is back in 2005 and we're going to i've got a woman jack West jack's West is she is intimately involved with.

00:05:58.350 --> 00:06:13.260 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The movement, and there are hundreds of thousands of people that are behind this to minimum get the guy a real trial get them a new trial get Brendan dasey a new trial his nephew and we'll talk about that in a little bit.

00:06:14.370 --> 00:06:19.230 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Because there is a tremendous amount of evidence, if you watch the documentary.

00:06:20.610 --> 00:06:27.300 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Where It just seems unfathomable that there isn't at least a reasonable doubt that the guided do it.

00:06:28.980 --> 00:06:49.230 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And so we're going to talk so jack excuse me jack's West female is she she helps run their social media she helps organize some of these I don't want to say protest but you know, obviously events media events to help continue to generate.

00:06:50.520 --> 00:07:02.970 Kevin Barbaro Productions: interest in the case itself and hopefully get get him and his nephew Brendan a new trial and we're going to talk about some of the different things now of course caveat.

00:07:03.900 --> 00:07:17.610 Kevin Barbaro Productions: There are people out there that say that the documentary didn't have all the pieces lined up now, I will say that the individuals that the producers of the show.

00:07:19.530 --> 00:07:33.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: are adamant that they didn't leave anything out that would be a exculpatory or that would that would be, you know that would that would make it so that it's obvious that the guy was.

00:07:34.410 --> 00:07:43.230 Kevin Barbaro Productions: guilty, I mean they didn't think they didn't leave anything out according to them, there are people to see otherwise we're going to be talking about that so The other thing I was going to talk about.

00:07:44.760 --> 00:07:53.640 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Today, because I come from the world of track and field, I I try and talk about track on each of the show variety shows about my life different aspects my level, of course.

00:07:54.810 --> 00:08:04.440 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm somebody who's lived a multi act life, I had a long successful career in as a as a college and elite level.

00:08:05.010 --> 00:08:14.490 Kevin Barbaro Productions: nc double a and and professional track coach lot of great runners world ranked American record holder etc love the sport attract fields my favorite.

00:08:15.210 --> 00:08:27.510 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Sport, so I love talking about it obviously my career went belly up and if anybody's been watching any one of my for show my coffee dog shows you know the circumstances behind it.

00:08:28.320 --> 00:08:39.330 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And I had to regroup and go on a different path and now i'm successful I mean more successful nona wasn't then so life works out that's i'm in the second act of life.

00:08:39.810 --> 00:08:52.050 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But I still enjoy the first act of my life still like talking about track and field so we're going to talk a little bit, I want to touch upon the prefontaine classic the diamond league meet that was held at the University of Oregon.

00:08:53.430 --> 00:09:06.270 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And the controversy, the the the scuttlebutt on social media about it, particularly as it pertains to shikari Richardson the hundred meter runner now, before I even say that.

00:09:07.530 --> 00:09:10.080 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Huge kudos to the different.

00:09:11.760 --> 00:09:15.240 Kevin Barbaro Productions: amazing performances that happen you got American record.

00:09:16.260 --> 00:09:20.820 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Women steeple you got another American record in the women's 100.

00:09:22.020 --> 00:09:28.020 Kevin Barbaro Productions: By a thing moo hoo like, in my opinion, could be the next great.

00:09:29.670 --> 00:09:41.130 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Possibly is she stays healthy and stays grounded potentially the greatest American distance runner or middle distance runner of all time she's already kind of on that path, obviously.

00:09:42.570 --> 00:09:44.310 Kevin Barbaro Productions: great effort by.

00:09:45.420 --> 00:09:47.310 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Ryan browser in the shop but.

00:09:48.960 --> 00:09:57.360 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Even, despite the fact that the diamond League has this crazy thing, where the last round is the one that matters which makes zero sense, it would.

00:09:57.660 --> 00:10:09.930 Kevin Barbaro Productions: It literally would be like having an entire baseball game and actually the only thing that matters on who wins wins or loses is the ninth inning that's literally other it makes zero sense okay.

00:10:11.610 --> 00:10:14.010 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But not only that, but but.

00:10:15.120 --> 00:10:31.680 Kevin Barbaro Productions: My dude is down to earth and his in addition to his expertise in the shop foot, which is unmatched obviously he's a world record holder and the greatest shop or while time the molly he showed up with bro i'm telling you top shelf man, but.

00:10:32.760 --> 00:10:35.250 Kevin Barbaro Productions: didn't to what everybody is talking about.

00:10:36.960 --> 00:10:42.090 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And here's The thing that we're talking about cartridge here here's my take on this.

00:10:44.130 --> 00:10:49.980 Kevin Barbaro Productions: About 10 or 15 years ago nascar had this.

00:10:52.530 --> 00:10:55.860 Kevin Barbaro Productions: branding advertising marketing.

00:10:56.910 --> 00:11:02.130 Kevin Barbaro Productions: scheme with TNT now TNT was broadcasting, the majority of nascar races.

00:11:03.180 --> 00:11:07.350 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And they called it drama is so had all these series of commercials.

00:11:08.700 --> 00:11:22.650 Kevin Barbaro Productions: feeding on the drama behind nascar and there was a really great a portion of one of the commercials for this where.

00:11:23.760 --> 00:11:33.000 Kevin Barbaro Productions: They were saying that it's like you'd have a driver and say drama is something drama is another thing right and.

00:11:34.500 --> 00:11:45.930 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And they had one of the drivers say drama is a half a million people that love you sitting next to a half a million people that hate you and.

00:11:47.520 --> 00:11:54.840 Kevin Barbaro Productions: When it comes to scurry Richardson when it comes to track and field and her place in it right now that's what it is.

00:11:56.220 --> 00:12:01.740 Kevin Barbaro Productions: you've got half the people that love her and you seemingly have half the people that hate.

00:12:03.390 --> 00:12:12.960 Kevin Barbaro Productions: me particularly because my show I can you know I don't need to be bias or excuse me, I don't need to be unbiased I can be biased by wanting this is my show.

00:12:14.340 --> 00:12:21.720 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I think people should give her men benefit of the doubt, I think I think she's good for track and field, because here's the deal man.

00:12:22.860 --> 00:12:34.890 Kevin Barbaro Productions: track and field has an identity crisis, it has a huge identity crisis because not only does it not really understand what its own identity is.

00:12:36.180 --> 00:12:41.250 Kevin Barbaro Productions: It doesn't understand what identity, it should be, or what direction it should go in.

00:12:42.570 --> 00:12:57.600 Kevin Barbaro Productions: There they're they're outside of the Olympics and the diamond League, I mean they're shooting themselves in the foot with this whole thing with the field events and it just hasn't really taken off like other sports so like as an example.

00:12:59.070 --> 00:13:00.090 Kevin Barbaro Productions: professional football.

00:13:01.290 --> 00:13:04.380 Kevin Barbaro Productions: They don't have an identity crisis they know who they are they're the nfl.

00:13:05.640 --> 00:13:06.660 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Professional baseball.

00:13:07.740 --> 00:13:11.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: They don't have an identity crisis they know what they are their major league baseball.

00:13:12.720 --> 00:13:14.610 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Professional hockey the nhl.

00:13:16.710 --> 00:13:24.300 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Even professional soccer aside from than the national teams that that countries that play each other.

00:13:25.650 --> 00:13:26.730 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Is majorly suck.

00:13:29.040 --> 00:13:30.180 Kevin Barbaro Productions: that's their identity.

00:13:31.200 --> 00:13:33.600 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The problem with track and field is there is no idea.

00:13:35.160 --> 00:13:38.010 Kevin Barbaro Productions: People people people that love track and field.

00:13:39.360 --> 00:13:51.720 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And people that are deep in it, because they're emotionally attached to it, they can't really step on the outside and look in objectively like I can't because I was immersed in it now i'm on the outside looking in I have nothing to do with.

00:13:53.550 --> 00:13:54.600 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The problem is.

00:13:56.430 --> 00:14:14.460 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That people can't identify with outside of the Olympics, and we need to as track and field track and field, and I say we needs to reach out just like nascar did just like all these other professional enlisted and grab the casual sports fan.

00:14:15.780 --> 00:14:25.230 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And the only way that you're going to be able to do that is that there, it has to be something or someone that's worth watching.

00:14:26.340 --> 00:14:27.390 Kevin Barbaro Productions: for whatever reason.

00:14:28.530 --> 00:14:36.120 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And, first of all it's not like this thing where it's like bad publicity good to listen listen scar rich and she's her own person.

00:14:37.230 --> 00:14:54.330 Kevin Barbaro Productions: she's she is unapologetic about it and I don't blame him she's allowed to be who she is she allowed to think the way she does she's allowed to be confident she's allowed to say what she wants to say she's entitled to that she's also the six fastest woman that's ever run the event.

00:14:55.500 --> 00:15:14.550 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Second fastest American female ever run the event and so she has a place in history and I don't blame her, I actually I i'm actually a fan, because I think that be, because there is a lack of identity for track and field in general.

00:15:15.840 --> 00:15:24.600 Kevin Barbaro Productions: This is something this is someone that the casual sports fan has kind of embraced and they either lover or they hate her.

00:15:25.230 --> 00:15:39.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But at least they're talking about track and field and i'm going to build on that when I come back in just a couple of minutes i'm giving Barbara you're listening to coffee talk XL on track race track radio talk radio dot nyc.

00:17:53.730 --> 00:17:54.870 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Welcome back everybody to.

00:17:54.900 --> 00:18:12.090 Kevin Barbaro Productions: copy talk XL i'm Kevin Barbara with your listing on talk radio dot nyc picking up where I left off, and then i'm going to get back to talking about some of my acting, such as your work, your way through from starting your career to becoming a full time actor was shikari Richardson.

00:18:13.680 --> 00:18:14.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Listen.

00:18:16.140 --> 00:18:30.810 Kevin Barbaro Productions: My feeling is that that that that track and field needs something like this something like hers you know yeah I get that the commercial that they ran for Nike yeah you know.

00:18:31.950 --> 00:18:41.430 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In retrospect, probably not a great idea, I think that what they were trying to do was kind of follow that kind of like tiger woods thing, where you know tiger came out any apologize.

00:18:41.790 --> 00:18:50.340 Kevin Barbaro Productions: back when he had all his personal issues with his wife and whatever I kind of think it was one of those things, but the reality is listen man.

00:18:52.980 --> 00:19:06.810 Kevin Barbaro Productions: It was it she wasn't at her best she'd been off for all this time she must be making an excuse for so here's the deal dude if you watch the broadcast she actually walked past Lewis Johnson, and the others.

00:19:07.920 --> 00:19:11.010 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And was going to walk down the tunnel and they brought her back.

00:19:12.330 --> 00:19:22.650 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Everybody making it seem like she was hogging the spotlight whatnot she was going to walk dude wasn't like she didn't know she got last bro she knew she guidelines.

00:19:23.400 --> 00:19:37.890 Kevin Barbaro Productions: All right, she was trying to you know hey hold your head up high just walk out but they want to put the microphone forward yeah they should have they should have interviewed the other women, obviously I mean you had the second fastest legal time the second best time in history, right.

00:19:39.300 --> 00:19:47.130 Kevin Barbaro Productions: It and yeah she got nice place but you know what in the world of track and field right now that's what people want to hear, they want to hear what she's got to say.

00:19:48.270 --> 00:19:53.970 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Whether you like it or not, there is no identity for track and field and that's what you've got to embrace.

00:19:54.540 --> 00:20:02.730 Kevin Barbaro Productions: If track and field really wants to do something clean house at USA track and field USA if it's if it's not working.

00:20:03.540 --> 00:20:09.930 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And they need to hire the people who ever it is that isn't charge of marketing nascar.

00:20:10.530 --> 00:20:26.250 Kevin Barbaro Productions: and making that what it is that's what they need to do if they don't do it, and then they are their own worst enemy so that's my take on on sky Richardson and and all the doctors don't coffers she is that good not that day big deal.

00:20:27.570 --> 00:20:37.740 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Is she not the most well spoken person who cares doesn't affect your life, not one iota but if she was a guy straight up if she was a guy would that kind of.

00:20:39.060 --> 00:20:39.750 Kevin Barbaro Productions: bravado.

00:20:41.490 --> 00:20:49.920 Kevin Barbaro Productions: We wouldn't be having this conversation, but because she's a woman and she's got that kind of bravado then everybody's freaking out switching back to my.

00:20:51.030 --> 00:20:53.040 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Acting so last week, I was talking about.

00:20:54.240 --> 00:21:00.810 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That you have to treat your acting career, like you, like a business you're not treating it like a business, and what are you doing.

00:21:01.230 --> 00:21:07.740 Kevin Barbaro Productions: you're either all in or you're all out you're not if you're not allowed if you're not only that's fine you know but.

00:21:08.730 --> 00:21:20.100 Kevin Barbaro Productions: don't expect the benefits of an all in career if you're not all if you got one foot in something else that's, not to say you can't have multiple things going I own three companies and i'm still but.

00:21:21.060 --> 00:21:31.800 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Still full time actor, but I always have defaulted to my acting career and i've created my businesses to work around that and to support that.

00:21:32.460 --> 00:21:46.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I was talking last week, you know that I had had it when I was on the show, I want to say I had 20 auditions and and several callbacks within like the 10 days prior to last week's episode.

00:21:48.120 --> 00:21:56.520 Kevin Barbaro Productions: that's the the fruit of that is starting to roll in so i've already booked two of those commercials one in La for two days and and one in Atlanta for a day.

00:21:58.020 --> 00:22:05.760 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And, and I got several other callbacks and i've got like another five or six auditions that have just rolled in in the last 48 hours.

00:22:07.080 --> 00:22:23.310 Kevin Barbaro Productions: We talked about having to make sure that you're taking care of having your casting networks, whether casting networks backstage actors access, yes, pay the money invest in yourself get great headshots so moving on from that.

00:22:25.650 --> 00:22:32.700 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You need the thing that the next part of this puzzle, which is what I did was I recognize that.

00:22:34.200 --> 00:22:41.790 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I have to, I have to build upon whatever it is my strong points aren't after work on my weak points, meaning that i've got to get training.

00:22:43.050 --> 00:22:44.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I had to start.

00:22:45.540 --> 00:22:52.080 Kevin Barbaro Productions: honing this skill this art of being an actor, and so what I did.

00:22:53.400 --> 00:22:54.270 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Was that.

00:22:55.350 --> 00:23:00.300 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I was constantly watching videos YouTube videos of.

00:23:02.070 --> 00:23:12.780 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Famous actors and it wasn't I wasn't I wasn't watching them acting what I was watching her interviews with famous actors on talk shows and whatnot.

00:23:13.440 --> 00:23:29.010 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Talking about the business of acting and the common denominator you kept hearing is good gotta do theater I started in theater theater is what what what gave me my start etc so i'm thinking Okay, well, I guess, I gotta do theater.

00:23:29.910 --> 00:23:39.240 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So that was a big part of my decision to move to New York City and live on my car PS as anybody who's been watching this show knows.

00:23:41.070 --> 00:23:44.910 Kevin Barbaro Productions: For 18 months so that I could so that I could become.

00:23:46.620 --> 00:24:07.170 Kevin Barbaro Productions: A better actor, so that I can run this like a business, and that I can I can branch out and be what I am now and and what I hope to be in the future, but it started by getting training so by doing theatre your email immersed in training you're immersed in everything from from.

00:24:08.280 --> 00:24:24.270 Kevin Barbaro Productions: character development to on developing a scene and scene, study and character, study and you know and and the art of becoming someone else.

00:24:24.990 --> 00:24:37.890 Kevin Barbaro Productions: or or or the art of portraying somebody else and you can't do that unless you're getting the training you've got to make the commitment to yourself to get the training.

00:24:38.520 --> 00:24:42.450 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So that so you can hone that skill, because at the end of the day.

00:24:43.230 --> 00:24:51.600 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah you can get all the auditions in the world that you want, but the reality is you're never going to book something if you don't have the training behind it.

00:24:52.500 --> 00:24:57.480 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And you know, I see a lot of people they don't really understand how the business works.

00:24:58.020 --> 00:25:04.320 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And a lot of actors that are just kind of getting started they don't really understand it, which I eat this this is more speaking to them.

00:25:04.830 --> 00:25:21.900 Kevin Barbaro Productions: They think it's about who you know dude I didn't know anybody when I moved to New York City, I never even been in school play before my whole life, and I was able to create this but I created my opportunities by working hard you know it, yes, you got to be lucky.

00:25:23.250 --> 00:25:34.560 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And I was very lucky and have been continued to be lucky, but you create your luck, by working hard you have to put yourself in a position to do well, and this is any business in.

00:25:35.910 --> 00:25:49.740 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Any anything that you take on in life, no one's going to help you Okay, at the end of the day, you got to do it on your own, because no one is going to care as much about you and your career or your life as you do.

00:25:50.580 --> 00:26:00.870 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And you have to take the bull by the horns and say what can I do to create my own luck, what can I do so that I can be at the table.

00:26:01.350 --> 00:26:16.770 Kevin Barbaro Productions: When when when that basket of biscuits come by and I can reach in and grab one and getting the training joining theatre companies doesn't matter where it is and the other thing too is, I see a lot of actors, they they they talk about.

00:26:18.030 --> 00:26:42.780 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Well, they will know they don't want to pay to play is what people call, meaning that they don't want to pay to go to what are now done virtually by zoom showcases with casting directors or agents or managers, where you're paying you know 50 to 100 or $150 and it's.

00:26:43.950 --> 00:26:49.530 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Where they send you a scene and you work on it, and then you do it in front of them, they give you feedback and advice.

00:26:50.940 --> 00:26:51.450 Kevin Barbaro Productions: This.

00:26:52.770 --> 00:27:02.040 Kevin Barbaro Productions: People say they don't want to do it, what are you talking about yeah you got to invest in yourself, I do, that I do this, all the time i've been an actor for like a decade now, like.

00:27:03.510 --> 00:27:05.190 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm always working on it.

00:27:06.510 --> 00:27:15.090 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm not booking hundreds and hundreds of gigs on by accident it's because i'm putting myself in the position that I I love getting in front of.

00:27:15.900 --> 00:27:33.090 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Listen i've had some terrible auditions before I mean like horrible you know that's a horrible callbacks even keep it somewhat recently yeah well i've just got a screwed it up, and you know but it's all a part of the learning process and but you're not going to learn.

00:27:34.170 --> 00:27:44.070 Kevin Barbaro Productions: If you don't put yourself in that position it's like I said last week about being vaccinated and the vaccinations requirement for sag.

00:27:45.240 --> 00:27:53.370 Kevin Barbaro Productions: screen actors Guild shoots listen it's their rule, so you can either work or you cannot work.

00:27:54.210 --> 00:28:04.890 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And and same thing goes with training, you can either get the training pay for the training, because you have to invest in yourself, or you can just assume you're just going to skirt through this career.

00:28:05.910 --> 00:28:11.160 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Because you're good looking or because you're nicer because you know you got some monologue or something.

00:28:12.630 --> 00:28:23.130 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But it same thing you can either work or you cannot work and so that that to me, I think, as you're building yourself up to even being in a position audition.

00:28:24.390 --> 00:28:24.690 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know.

00:28:25.920 --> 00:28:36.300 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And we'll talk next week, a more about the actual audition process, but if you don't have good assets, meaning that you got to have grecia headshots.

00:28:36.690 --> 00:28:44.850 Kevin Barbaro Productions: you've got to be on all the casting sites, even if you don't have you know I have agencies all over the country I live in La New York i've got.

00:28:45.750 --> 00:28:56.640 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Charlotte i've got overland I have agencies that i'm with all over the country they're getting me all of these games on self submitting myself to a tremendous amount of work as well.

00:28:57.540 --> 00:29:18.120 Kevin Barbaro Productions: matter of fact, one of the two gigs that I just booked a this week the La gig was from my agent and the gig in Atlanta, I was a self submit so you have to you have to be involved, you have to be invested in it and.

00:29:19.200 --> 00:29:23.250 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And you have to have its many even if you don't have a real yet.

00:29:24.270 --> 00:29:25.920 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Okay, and listen.

00:29:27.630 --> 00:29:37.320 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I if it was me doing it over again i've been in the position where I took some really low paying stuff in New York, just so I could get some footage I mean loping.

00:29:37.800 --> 00:29:45.630 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Of course I got a price now man, you know my time is valuable and do don't ask me to do some free for real I don't need the exposure.

00:29:46.860 --> 00:29:55.920 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That people say Oh, but in any event uh i'll pick up from that point next week we'll talk a little bit more about what happens after.

00:29:56.760 --> 00:30:00.870 Kevin Barbaro Productions: you've been submitted and somebody hit you back and say hey we got to meet your request for you.

00:30:01.290 --> 00:30:22.770 Kevin Barbaro Productions: What do you do now what's my best advice so that you can put yourself in the best position for them to give you the call back, but after this commercial break i've got jack's West on here who's going to be talking about Steven avery and brandon dasey and the Steven avery project and.

00:30:23.820 --> 00:30:37.080 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I i'm completely completely intrigued i've been waiting for this for two weeks to talk about this, it will be back in just a couple of minutes on coffee talk XL on Kevin Barbara and you're listening on talk radio dot nyc.

00:30:40.140 --> 00:30:41.160 Kevin Barbaro Productions: uninformed about.

00:33:06.210 --> 00:33:19.290 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Welcome back everybody to talk radio, excuse me to talk radio ny dot nyc and coffee talk XL i'm Kevin Barbara and I want to welcome my special guest jax West and you're muted so get on mute yourself real quick.

00:33:20.670 --> 00:33:23.460 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And to here to talk about.

00:33:24.570 --> 00:33:34.410 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Steven avery project and Brendan dasey and you know I prepped everybody last week on my show that I was going to have you on here and so that.

00:33:34.770 --> 00:33:49.320 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Because you know we have a wide range of people all over the world that watch this show either live or tape or or you know iTunes buy gas or whatever some people may not even know what i'm talking about well, although you would have to be living under a rock.

00:33:50.940 --> 00:33:52.380 Kevin Barbaro Productions: To not know what i'm talking about.

00:33:53.430 --> 00:34:08.820 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But I really appreciate you coming on now your your role i've been following you now on your Facebook page, you know, and if people want to follow you just go to Facebook and hit Steven avery project.

00:34:09.450 --> 00:34:15.360 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And you'll be able to follow this hundreds of thousands of people that they follow the page that are supporters of him.

00:34:15.990 --> 00:34:28.530 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And I tell you so that I can be as biased, as I want as my show I can do I, I believe that minimum the guy deserves to have another trial.

00:34:29.160 --> 00:34:41.790 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I that you know whether he did it or not, of course, only God himself knows what happened, but I believe I believe he didn't do it, I believe he was set up that's my personal opinion is my show I can I can take whatever I want.

00:34:42.210 --> 00:34:53.910 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Obviously you think so as well, so show me in real quick on just let's first talk about what's happened lately with this, because what people don't understand is.

00:34:54.480 --> 00:35:12.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Even though that the making a murderer season two ended, years ago, this is still going on, and he just had a court ruling, which really uh my opinion it didn't really matter much but fill us in on what's happening right now for for both guys.

00:35:13.470 --> 00:35:28.290 Jax West (She/ Her): Well, the thing to know about here in the United States is our legal system takes as Kathleen zellner says it typically takes her 15 years to overturn a wrongful conviction.

00:35:28.830 --> 00:35:44.670 Jax West (She/ Her): Because, you first have to bring it back to the same court that ruled against you and you have to have new evidence and there also has to be now and i'm not the person who claims to be a lawyer, the whole legal system, confuses the heck out of me.

00:35:45.960 --> 00:36:03.450 Jax West (She/ Her): But you have to have something new and you there has to be case law, showing another case something like this happened before, and to be able to get it into Court again, so what Kathleen zellner will do is she will.

00:36:04.200 --> 00:36:16.320 Jax West (She/ Her): Show new evidence that she has and she submits it and she wants to get even either what's called an evidentiary hearing just show the new evidence to show that.

00:36:17.070 --> 00:36:27.030 Jax West (She/ Her): This evidence would warrant a new trial or go directly to a new trial, but since you go back to like the same judge that already ruled you guilty.

00:36:27.600 --> 00:36:38.580 Jax West (She/ Her): um you know I never understand this, because judges have egos right so Are they really going to say oops my bad, I made a mistake on this, let me give you a new trial.

00:36:39.390 --> 00:36:51.210 Jax West (She/ Her): that's really hard to do so it's almost it's just i'm wasting time that you have to go back to that judge and then that judge can take as much time as they want to rule.

00:36:51.930 --> 00:37:02.400 Jax West (She/ Her): No deadline and you need them to rule no and then go to court above their head and then, if that court rules against you then go above their head.

00:37:02.730 --> 00:37:19.020 Jax West (She/ Her): And then, if that rules against you, you start back all over again with new evidence, so you, you know the odds are against you when you're presenting in the Wisconsin court, you need to get it out of that area.

00:37:19.290 --> 00:37:39.420 Jax West (She/ Her): So that's where she's at right now is she had submitted something with new evidence and, if you read the the ruling, a lot of the ruling doesn't even make sense, so because it's like no yeah you know, but again it's the same judge, so I.

00:37:40.890 --> 00:37:44.610 Jax West (She/ Her): there's something that's supposed to be filed in Stevens case this coming Friday.

00:37:45.300 --> 00:37:59.730 Jax West (She/ Her): I don't know for sure what that'll be what court whatever but it's on the docket for this Friday so we'll see what gets filed on Friday and see if we're able to figure out what direction it's going in now.

00:38:00.240 --> 00:38:19.890 Jax West (She/ Her): brendan's case, on the other hand, is a tougher road because of brendan's coerce confession you know, Stephen hasn't confessed Stephen has maintained his innocence 100% Brian while most people if you watch that interrogation.

00:38:19.920 --> 00:38:21.000 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And not just all.

00:38:21.030 --> 00:38:42.000 Jax West (She/ Her): The part that humanity and making a murderer, if you watch the entire thing it is very clear that boy with the low IQ was led to say those things, and so it is harder to overturn his conviction and he's gone all the way to the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court denied to hear his case.

00:38:42.870 --> 00:38:45.480 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So while there is no real precedent.

00:38:46.950 --> 00:39:02.520 Jax West (She/ Her): um while there is still things that could be done legally for Brendan it's a tougher road so they're trying more, for they wanted the judge to give him clemency and let him out or not, the judge the governor sorry.

00:39:02.880 --> 00:39:22.800 Jax West (She/ Her): But the governor has already ruled on that because the rules are you had you in order to get clemency you have to have served X amount of time of your sentence which brandon has not, at this time, so according to the Governor of Wisconsin Brendan is not eligible at this time.

00:39:24.060 --> 00:39:24.570 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So.

00:39:25.680 --> 00:39:27.780 Kevin Barbaro Productions: let's talk a minute here about.

00:39:29.850 --> 00:39:30.780 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Why.

00:39:31.800 --> 00:39:37.350 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You myself and hundreds of thousands of other people feel as though.

00:39:38.400 --> 00:39:50.430 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Minimum there should be another trial, but really In reality, this was a major major setup because you have to take all of the circumstances into account here now.

00:39:51.390 --> 00:40:05.850 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Their conviction of Brendan as you're saying he was a minor a ball, he was a minor with obviously low IQ you know that that probably reside somewhere on the spectrum.

00:40:06.480 --> 00:40:19.920 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And he in and they had him in there for hours and hours and and he kept changing his story obviously to fit what they were they were feeding him.

00:40:20.340 --> 00:40:30.870 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Oh, you know this happened Oh, there was a gun remember essentially and oh yeah you know because he just wanted to get out of there he thought that he just confessed because you're talking about a child.

00:40:31.530 --> 00:40:44.340 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I mean low you know low low cognitive child here who's really just trying to tell the people in authority what they want to hear so he can just call me give asked tonight just go home, you know and.

00:40:45.390 --> 00:40:57.960 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And with and with Stephen Obviously he already had served a tremendous amount of time to prison for a crime he didn't commit they were in the process of suing the county.

00:40:59.010 --> 00:41:07.920 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And, and the Sheriff who end up arresting him for this murder, who end up searching his these are people that he's suing.

00:41:09.120 --> 00:41:24.330 Kevin Barbaro Productions: him out there, searching his home right na miraculously come up with this woman's listen, I feel horrible for Teresa and her family, you know I mean obviously this one, was killed, but obviously um.

00:41:25.440 --> 00:41:38.460 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And, and I know emotionally they can't detach themselves from that so there they think that that there's closure because they just they want there to be closed, you know because of what they've gone through, but.

00:41:40.020 --> 00:41:49.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Anybody that watched it so they searched the trailer where this one up there's not one iota of this woman's DNA.

00:41:51.300 --> 00:41:55.590 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I mean, what do you think in your mind.

00:41:56.610 --> 00:42:01.500 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Because you are deep in this right right, what do you think.

00:42:02.700 --> 00:42:03.180 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That.

00:42:04.740 --> 00:42:06.420 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Because there has to be an alternative.

00:42:09.180 --> 00:42:09.780 Kevin Barbaro Productions: theory here.

00:42:10.170 --> 00:42:21.060 Kevin Barbaro Productions: mm hmm and what's the prevalent in that area, because you live there, you know what would What would you say is the prevalent theory as to how this happened if Stephen and Brendan didn't do it.

00:42:21.870 --> 00:42:38.250 Jax West (She/ Her): Okay, so I live in the Chicago suburbs so i'm not far from there, but i'm not yeah i'm if you follow the evidence that is what Steven avery says that we're following the evidence that's what Kathleen zellner says, following the evidence.

00:42:39.690 --> 00:42:46.740 Jax West (She/ Her): Everything is pointing to Stevens nephew Bobby dasey so brendan's brother.

00:42:47.790 --> 00:42:58.110 Jax West (She/ Her): that's where the evidence goes this boy, he was he was 18 at the time, he is the one that said he saw Theresa robach.

00:42:58.650 --> 00:43:08.550 Jax West (She/ Her): Come there that day and then he had claimed that he saw her walking towards Stevens trailer before he left to go hunting.

00:43:08.970 --> 00:43:18.600 Jax West (She/ Her): Then, when he was going hunting he just happens to cross going opposite direction, with his soon to be step Father Scott tada.

00:43:19.170 --> 00:43:32.460 Jax West (She/ Her): That Scott tonic is able to know exactly what time this was three o'clock that we passed each other going hunting and scott's going hunting this way bobby's going to go hunting at scott's house oh.

00:43:33.990 --> 00:43:42.000 Jax West (She/ Her): And then Scott also had testified about seeing this big tall fire at the garage and all of this.

00:43:42.540 --> 00:43:51.420 Jax West (She/ Her): But when you dig into the evidence things that Ken kratz the assistant state's attorney covered up.

00:43:51.930 --> 00:44:02.250 Jax West (She/ Her): And stephens lawyers at the time string and muting just took cracks his word for it, is that the computer that they seized from the.

00:44:02.640 --> 00:44:21.090 Jax West (She/ Her): dasey Ganda home was brendan's computer that's how kratz had worded it distributing that there is nothing of relevance on Brendan dasey computer when in all reality, it was Bobby desktop computer well was the family computer, but it was in bobby's room.

00:44:22.110 --> 00:44:36.840 Jax West (She/ Her): And then, so the things that we're on this computer our disgusting things of women being tortured and raped and murdered and children being decapitated and.

00:44:37.170 --> 00:44:43.290 Jax West (She/ Her): There was a file on there that said Teresa ha back a file on there that said wrath for her vehicle.

00:44:44.760 --> 00:44:56.880 Jax West (She/ Her): Kevin Kevin Stephen has when he has told me that anytime that Teresa holbeck had been there previously because you know, Stephen lives at a junkyard works that did yeah he.

00:44:57.180 --> 00:45:06.630 Jax West (She/ Her): likes working on cars, so he would fix up cars and then tried to sell them and he would put them in auto trader, so there were other times that Teresa holbeck had been there.

00:45:06.990 --> 00:45:19.050 Jax West (She/ Her): Every time she had been there previously Bobby would then comment to Stephen oh that girl was here today, your girlfriend was here today, so he and Bobby work the night shift so he's home during the day.

00:45:20.220 --> 00:45:34.950 Jax West (She/ Her): So why is Bobby obsessing on when this girl goes to the home it doesn't make any sense and then Scott tada this whole I saw this fire that was this tall.

00:45:35.340 --> 00:45:50.040 Jax West (She/ Her): Well i've been a guest in scotts home and I asked him about the fire and how tall was the fire and he told me he didn't recall anything about a fire if there was a fire or not, or if anybody was out there, he just said what the COPs wanted him to say.

00:45:50.970 --> 00:45:52.470 Kevin Barbaro Productions: hmm listen.

00:45:53.040 --> 00:46:02.820 Kevin Barbaro Productions: jack I got it break for a commercial real quick and we're going to come back we're going to pick up from there because, like I said i'm fascinated I want people to be able to hear.

00:46:04.320 --> 00:46:15.510 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That that that there really is a possibility, this Stephen and Brendan are innocent so i'll be right back in just a minute you're listening to coffee talk XL on talk radio yc.

00:48:44.520 --> 00:49:03.900 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Welcome back everybody to coffee talk XL i'm Kevin Barbara and you're listening on talk radio dot nyc and you can catch the podcast on spotify and iTunes apple podcasts after the show probably tomorrow and but I i've got jack's West on here works with the.

00:49:05.310 --> 00:49:28.560 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Steven avery project and we're talking about the the the evidence or lack of evidence that that that Steven avery and his nephew Brendan dasey were convicted on and possible other alternative theories as to who could have done it here's what I think.

00:49:30.000 --> 00:49:33.630 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And and and feel free to chime in here with this so.

00:49:35.790 --> 00:49:40.590 Kevin Barbaro Productions: What I have a hard time wrapping my head around, as I was watching this you know.

00:49:42.990 --> 00:49:43.710 Kevin Barbaro Productions: First of all.

00:49:45.660 --> 00:49:48.660 Kevin Barbaro Productions: If Steven avery and Brendan dasey.

00:49:49.710 --> 00:49:51.270 Kevin Barbaro Productions: are so sophisticated.

00:49:52.500 --> 00:49:54.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That they're able to.

00:49:55.260 --> 00:49:59.910 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Murder, a woman in their trailer and clean up every.

00:50:01.710 --> 00:50:16.680 Kevin Barbaro Productions: piece of DNA evidence there's no evidence whatsoever this woman was in the home okay there's so sophisticated they could pull off a murder without leaving not even one trace of it there's so sophisticated.

00:50:17.880 --> 00:50:37.590 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That they're able to burn a body in a bonfire beyond recognition and and what I know what a ton of crime shows, is it takes a tremendous amount of heat tremendous to burn a body to oblivion that's that's what crematoriums are okay.

00:50:38.610 --> 00:50:40.350 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So they're so sophisticated pull that up.

00:50:42.180 --> 00:50:44.370 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But yet they're dumb enough.

00:50:45.540 --> 00:50:52.110 Kevin Barbaro Productions: At the same time to leave her effing truck on their own property.

00:50:53.940 --> 00:51:07.920 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know so either they're geniuses because they were able to erase every ounce of evidence or they're idiots but you can't be both at the same time right, so what and what you're saying, like the kid is 18.

00:51:08.490 --> 00:51:14.460 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Possibly allegedly you know that the the other nephew could have done this right well.

00:51:15.870 --> 00:51:17.730 Kevin Barbaro Productions: um if he had.

00:51:18.870 --> 00:51:27.060 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Just moving that vehicle into the back of the dumb to me sounds like something a child, would do covered up with a few.

00:51:27.960 --> 00:51:41.940 Kevin Barbaro Productions: boards, you know thinking well nobody's going to see it, but I mean how big you've been to the junkyard I know that a lot of it has gone down because, for obvious reasons, but how big is this place because you've been there.

00:51:42.840 --> 00:51:54.030 Jax West (She/ Her): I have been there and I actually walked the path from the office to where the car was allegedly found and filmed it and timed it.

00:51:54.540 --> 00:52:04.680 Jax West (She/ Her): To show that there's just no way possible that this woman would have found the car as quickly as she did without being told to go there.

00:52:04.950 --> 00:52:13.320 Jax West (She/ Her): because she testifies saying that they were looking at all the cars and looking inside the cars, because they didn't know if they were also looking for a body.

00:52:13.740 --> 00:52:22.680 Jax West (She/ Her): So she's basically bypassing all these cars, because she started at the very first this point, all the way back there.

00:52:23.070 --> 00:52:41.730 Jax West (She/ Her): And where the car was found it is behind a little pond and the row of trees so it's not even something you really see off hand that Why would that be where you're walking directly to to do that in 20 minutes but.

00:52:42.330 --> 00:52:52.530 Jax West (She/ Her): to know about the car possibly being planted there is that is one of the new witnesses that Kathleen zellner just got this past year.

00:52:53.220 --> 00:53:18.930 Jax West (She/ Her): Already, who delivered the newspaper, to the salvage yard on the November 5 that is the day the Saturday that the vehicle was found so he was there before dawn so like 4am it is still dark he is driving down every road and there is amy dasey pushing the ramp for on to the property.

00:53:19.950 --> 00:53:20.250 Kevin Barbaro Productions: hmm.

00:53:21.060 --> 00:53:25.230 Jax West (She/ Her): So, because there are other witnesses that had seen.

00:53:26.370 --> 00:53:27.960 Jax West (She/ Her): or parked.

00:53:29.190 --> 00:53:43.110 Jax West (She/ Her): Have a little bit away from the salvage yard, so we did been there for days and this other witness had reported it to cold born, he is the one that you hear on making a murder call in the plates that looked all.

00:53:43.620 --> 00:53:58.170 Jax West (She/ Her): what's going on here, so this guy had walked into and where there was a missing poster and a picture of the car and so he's like Oh, I saw this car parked at the turnaround by the dam and.

00:53:59.490 --> 00:54:13.830 Jax West (She/ Her): too cold born and then thought nothing of it until years and years later, when he watches, making a murderer and he's like that's the guy that i've reported that I to and there's nothing about it on.

00:54:15.150 --> 00:54:35.250 Jax West (She/ Her): In any of the evidence that this guy had seen the rap for, and so this, so the car was allegedly somewhere else first and then that moved to the salvage yard, the day it's found and now new and he's not a child, this was an older man.

00:54:35.520 --> 00:54:36.900 Jax West (She/ Her): Delivering the newspaper.

00:54:37.170 --> 00:54:47.580 Jax West (She/ Her): That saw Bobby dasey on the driver side door open pushing the car and there was somebody with him that was on the Passenger side pushing on the Passenger side.

00:54:48.090 --> 00:54:57.120 Jax West (She/ Her): And when the guy delivers the paper and then is coming back now his driver side is on the side that you know because bobby's going into the salvage yard at that time.

00:54:57.510 --> 00:55:06.150 Jax West (She/ Her): And he said Bobby then kind of came into the middle of the road to try and stop him from driving and he had to drive off the road to go around him.

00:55:06.930 --> 00:55:26.130 Jax West (She/ Her): And this is something that he reported to manage walk back when it happened, and he thought he did his duty and reported it and now again just like this other guy it's not until years later he watches, making a murderer and he's like there's no mention of this and I saw this so.

00:55:27.390 --> 00:55:34.440 Jax West (She/ Her): that's been covered up that and again everything points to Bobby dasey that's where the evidence is going.

00:55:35.790 --> 00:55:43.710 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And so, my understanding of this too is that the dasey family.

00:55:44.940 --> 00:55:46.770 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And the avery family.

00:55:48.090 --> 00:55:48.870 Kevin Barbaro Productions: they're kind of.

00:55:49.950 --> 00:56:03.720 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Not together on this because I can't imagine, obviously the dasey family wants to get Brendan out which I 1,000% believe that this kid was.

00:56:04.920 --> 00:56:22.500 Kevin Barbaro Productions: railroaded and feel terrible for him um but at the same time, they don't want to implicate his brother, obviously, so they got to push the blame on the somebody which is Stephen and The thing is, and I know that you agree with me on that well.

00:56:23.520 --> 00:56:50.850 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In reality, I mean you have to think about motive, and you have to think about what's the end game here okay what so Stephen is sitting on a 35 $36 million dollar civil suit he's about ready to be richer than beyond belief right because he already got F by these people okay.

00:56:54.570 --> 00:57:07.320 Kevin Barbaro Productions: What is ending be me he just is so uncontrollable that he needs to rape or murder some woman on his own property.

00:57:08.790 --> 00:57:25.350 Kevin Barbaro Productions: No way that it was DNA that save the guy and it would be DNA that faq right what would his end game be there can't be in in gay, but like you're saying right to a child.

00:57:26.790 --> 00:57:30.180 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And Steven avery is no child is a grown man and.

00:57:30.540 --> 00:57:32.880 Jax West (She/ Her): His IQ is actually lower than brendan's.

00:57:33.450 --> 00:57:35.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: People don't remember, which is stunning.

00:57:35.280 --> 00:57:59.100 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah which is stunning to me because he doesn't seem that way, but that, but these the the the possibility that the the brendan's brother was involved in this and i'm I mean it seems obvious to me that essentially all the people in the county are thinking hey man.

00:58:00.240 --> 00:58:03.090 Kevin Barbaro Productions: This is a way to get out of $36 million nut.

00:58:04.500 --> 00:58:09.420 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And so you know everything is just focused on that.

00:58:10.950 --> 00:58:14.700 Kevin Barbaro Productions: um if you heard ever from teresa's family.

00:58:15.810 --> 00:58:21.510 Jax West (She/ Her): No, I have never heard from teresa's family I did see them when brendan's.

00:58:23.280 --> 00:58:30.270 Jax West (She/ Her): To the seventh circuit of appeals which is here in Chicago, and so I attended those hearings and the Hawk family was there.

00:58:31.440 --> 00:58:34.710 Jax West (She/ Her): But I didn't have any interaction with them yeah.

00:58:35.310 --> 00:58:37.260 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I mean, obviously I feel terrible for them.

00:58:38.640 --> 00:58:51.900 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Because they lost somebody, and I mean like you say in their mind because it's impossible for them to detach themselves from this impossible, I mean I it's not even fair to ask them.

00:58:52.260 --> 00:59:03.300 Kevin Barbaro Productions: To try to assume to you know, be more objective about this, but well, I know that we're all going to be watching have you heard anything about a season three of.

00:59:04.200 --> 00:59:14.730 Jax West (She/ Her): Making there's there's no word on a season three as of yet if Stephen gets a new trial or something like that, if there's something substantial for them to film i'm sure they will.

00:59:15.540 --> 00:59:22.230 Kevin Barbaro Productions: awesome and a real quick and we got to go what's the website that people can go and find more information.

00:59:22.860 --> 00:59:33.960 Jax West (She/ Her): Well we're on Facebook so we're called Steven avery project, so if you follow Steven avery project we share all the information on the case, all the new filings everything is there.

00:59:34.830 --> 00:59:43.830 Kevin Barbaro Productions: awesome well listen, I really appreciate you being on I honestly I I I like to see the good in people even a terrible situation.

00:59:44.820 --> 00:59:56.670 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Like I said I don't see what the end game would be and I don't see how you can assume that Stephen and Brendan are geniuses and one right and then would be complete screw ups, on the other.

00:59:56.880 --> 01:00:10.020 Jax West (She/ Her): We didn't even touch the tip of the iceberg here so there's so much to show that these guys are innocent and did not get a fair trial, so I advise people really go out there and do your homework do your own investigating.

01:00:11.070 --> 01:00:18.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: awesome Thank you I wish I had more time, but i've got 30 Minutes that but thank you for being on and maybe we'll we'll touch base again okay.

01:00:18.480 --> 01:00:30.510 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Okay Thank you so much, and they listened tune in every Tuesday night 8pm Eastern here on talk radio dot nyc i'm Kevin barbro and you're listening to coffee talk to excel we'll see you next week.

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