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Monday, August 23, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/08/23 - Another Cast Reunion With Alex & Simone

Facebook Live Video from 2021/08/23 - Another Cast Reunion With Alex & Simone


2021/08/23 - Another Cast Reunion With Alex & Simone

[NEW EPISODE] Another Cast Reunion With Alex & Simone

Simone Policano is an actor and producer whose work has been featured in the Tribeca Film Festival, Cinequest Film Festival and Seattle Film Festival, among others. She has three features streaming on Amazon Prime: sci-fi drama "Auggie," opposite Richard Kind and Susan Blackwell, psychological thriller "This Is Our Home," in which she stars and produces, and 1960s heartfelt family drama "Extra Innings," the most recent addition to the Prime family. Her comedy work has been featured on Comedy Central, IFC, The New Yorker and Elizabeth Bank's digital comedy platform WhoHaHa, and she has written for Above Average, the digital branch of Lorne Michael's Broadway Video. Theatrically she most recently performed in the original Off-Broadway cast of the award-winning comedy, THE PLAY THAT GOES WRONG.

Alex is an actor/artist/human person and is so thrilled to be joining Albert on his Extra Innings Podcast! Right before the world shut down, Alex was seen as Stanley in Brighton Beach Memoirs (Maltz Jupiter Theatre) and Henry in Next to Normal (Fulton Theatre). Favorite NYC credits include Hit The Wall (at the iconic Stonewall Inn) and The Cobalteans (NYMF). He is also forever grateful and brimming with pride for having been able to play David in Albert's film, Extra Innings (AOD). When not acting, Alex can be seen eating sushi, doing something baseball related, and/or simply contemplating his existence. A mighty thanks to Albert for creating a space to talk about the real things and cheers to a safe and healthy 2021!

Tune in for this important conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Albert Dabah kicks off the show introducing two actors ,Simone Policano and Alex Walton, who worked with him on his award-winning film Extra Innings, available on several platforms such as Peacock. Albert asks them what was it like to be casted in the film and play their characters based on a true story. Simone speaks about the character and says she enjoyed it but did not feel as intimidated about working with her character as they resemble a mixture of many different people in Albert’s life and experiences. Alex felt connected to his character (David) and both Alex and Simone felt that working with Albert made it fun. They speak about important and favorite scenes from the film. For example, Alex speaks about his character David who in the film, couldn’t speak openly on his issues, hence one of the film’s main topics about mental illness and it’s stigma through certain cultures.

Segment 2

Coming back from the break, Graham asks Alex about playing his role as someone who was passionate about baseball. Alex loved the authenticity about the mental battle and passion from the character and relates to certain experiences. Simone relates the character and his battle between family and pursuing his passion to her journey to becoming an actor and how unique it may be compared to common professions. She said how it was common for her growing up for people to find it strange that she wanted to pursue acting as her full-time profession.

Segment 3

Albert asks them about their thoughts on people who don’t believe in mental stigma. Simone mentions how it takes a lot of strength to speak about mental illnesses especially now whether online or with our families as certain families may not accept these topics. Alex relates this to masculinity and how that is still sometimes thought of wrongly, such as the stereotypes of how men shouldn’t show their emotions or go to a therapist. Simone makes a point that there are other things in life that you can’t see but are just as real as mental health. It’s important to check up on close friends and family and show empathy, sometimes this means to just be there for them and let them know that it’s okay to talk and express how they are feeling.

Segment 4

Back from the break, Albert asks Simone and Alex about what they've been up to since their time together working on the film. During the pandemic, Simone has done things outside of acting such as working on a project where she has helped give back to her community and do errands for those in need like grocery shopping. Alex has picked up new hobbies like selling and buying valuable baseball cards. He has also travelled a bit to Greece and Italy and being able to express general gratitude about his life and what he has been able to experience. Now that a lot more acting opportunities are coming back again, they speak about the differences compared to pre-covid when going back to work such as the important protocols. As they wrap up the show, they talk about their last thoughts on the film Extra Innings and the importance of talking about topics like mental health awareness and mental health awareness month which is coming up in September.


00:02:22.020 --> 00:02:31.830 Albert Dabah: hi there everyone, welcome to extra innings covering all the bases, my name is Albert dabba I am the host of extra innings.

00:02:32.490 --> 00:02:44.790 Albert Dabah: And I am a filmmaker and a life coach and therapist and I am a producer who runs a company called Simba productions and ocean parkway productions.

00:02:45.750 --> 00:02:57.450 Albert Dabah: On extra innings we discuss all kinds of subjects basically talking about mental wellness mental illness, the stigma of mental mental illness.

00:02:58.440 --> 00:03:09.960 Albert Dabah: diseases such as bipolar disease anxiety disorder depression and suicide subjects that many people don't like to discuss or find it very difficult to discuss.

00:03:10.710 --> 00:03:16.590 Albert Dabah: i've had on many different people from all ways of life, all different kinds of professions.

00:03:16.980 --> 00:03:31.200 Albert Dabah: On this podcast talking about their journeys and their experiences and how they were able to overcome some challenges and deal with challenges that has brought them to another place in their lives.

00:03:32.280 --> 00:03:46.020 Albert Dabah: i've had actors i've had writers artist therapist and just people that have really have dealt with some very serious issues, some have written books about it, some talk about that.

00:03:46.950 --> 00:03:55.350 Albert Dabah: Their issues and the way they've gone about them and mental health conventions and places like podcasts like these.

00:03:56.460 --> 00:04:11.910 Albert Dabah: On tonight's show, I am really happy to have on two people that work with me on the film extra innings which by the way, extra innings comes from a film I made, which is now on many different.

00:04:15.570 --> 00:04:18.420 Albert Dabah: Over many, many different they're on.

00:04:20.160 --> 00:04:27.600 Albert Dabah: platforms that's the word i'm thinking of many different platforms are on Amazon now they're on peacock and.

00:04:28.740 --> 00:04:41.370 Albert Dabah: And if you go to the extra innings website you'll see all the different platforms that they're on we've won several awards best picture awards and very proud to have made the picture so tonight i'd like to welcome.

00:04:43.770 --> 00:05:03.270 Albert Dabah: summon Paula cano and Alex walton who are two actors that were in the film extra innings two principal actors who played basically boyfriend and girlfriend and I am no.

00:05:05.010 --> 00:05:12.270 Albert Dabah: Yes, they did anyway, so I welcome you both let's start with Simone Simone how are you tonight.

00:05:12.720 --> 00:05:19.350 Simone Policano: hi i'm good it's so good to see your wonderful face and hear your voice and talk to you i'm great i'm really excited to talk about the movie.

00:05:20.100 --> 00:05:23.550 Albert Dabah: Right great and beside you is Alex.

00:05:23.880 --> 00:05:28.650 Simone Policano: Oh yeah I just well I just walked up I showed up she didn't had no idea I was like are you doing here is.

00:05:30.510 --> 00:05:32.460 Albert Dabah: Alex is he just kind of surprised.

00:05:32.760 --> 00:05:37.440 Simone Policano: show up when nobody wants me that's my thing um but it's it's great to see you it's good to be back.

00:05:37.740 --> 00:05:40.710 Albert Dabah: Oh now it's actually has been on the podcast early on.

00:05:42.270 --> 00:05:43.470 Simone Policano: A regular on top of the.

00:05:43.470 --> 00:05:44.730 Albert Dabah: Day is like a regular guest.

00:05:45.420 --> 00:05:47.640 Simone Policano: he's the star of the movie, so I think that makes sense.

00:05:47.700 --> 00:05:49.800 Albert Dabah: yeah Alex Alex.

00:05:50.970 --> 00:05:52.800 Albert Dabah: know you fooled us Alex when we were.

00:05:54.090 --> 00:06:00.450 Albert Dabah: Casting the movie Juliet and I were casting it and you came back with a beard the second.

00:06:01.620 --> 00:06:03.420 Albert Dabah: And we didn't understand it, because you look.

00:06:05.250 --> 00:06:05.370 Albert Dabah: At.

00:06:08.190 --> 00:06:08.730 Simone Policano: The Italian.

00:06:09.090 --> 00:06:10.530 Albert Dabah: each other and systems, different.

00:06:13.800 --> 00:06:14.670 Simone Policano: On becoming a man.

00:06:15.000 --> 00:06:15.630 Albert Dabah: Well that's.

00:06:17.280 --> 00:06:17.520 Albert Dabah: Right.

00:06:18.480 --> 00:06:19.020 Simone Policano: And you.

00:06:20.160 --> 00:06:31.920 Albert Dabah: talk to us tell us what's up with some money is it like for you, I mean one of the things that is different about the film is that is based on a story, and it was directed by myself.

00:06:33.330 --> 00:06:36.900 Albert Dabah: Now we met after casting met several times.

00:06:41.610 --> 00:06:42.450 Albert Dabah: very impressed me.

00:06:43.950 --> 00:06:45.450 Albert Dabah: Getting that despite the.

00:06:47.070 --> 00:06:48.300 Albert Dabah: nasty session and.

00:06:50.460 --> 00:06:55.800 Albert Dabah: asking them how you came across like what you would pass.

00:06:56.970 --> 00:06:57.090 Albert Dabah: Are.

00:06:58.440 --> 00:06:59.880 Albert Dabah: very willing.

00:07:03.090 --> 00:07:05.640 Albert Dabah: And I asked me or.

00:07:07.710 --> 00:07:07.950 Albert Dabah: Not.

00:07:09.810 --> 00:07:11.970 Albert Dabah: Because I really wanted it.

00:07:14.010 --> 00:07:14.400 Albert Dabah: and

00:07:16.860 --> 00:07:21.660 Albert Dabah: So i'm not to remember any of that look like you.

00:07:24.570 --> 00:07:24.840 Albert Dabah: fill.

00:07:25.890 --> 00:07:26.250 Albert Dabah: In the.

00:07:28.170 --> 00:07:28.500 Albert Dabah: Blank.

00:07:29.550 --> 00:07:29.820 Albert Dabah: face.

00:07:40.860 --> 00:07:42.810 Albert Dabah: By the way, I will pick.

00:07:48.240 --> 00:07:49.920 Albert Dabah: Right now, in.

00:07:50.820 --> 00:07:51.420 Franklin.

00:07:53.850 --> 00:08:02.760 Simone Policano: Well, it was I mean it was great it was never been in situation where you get to work directly with the person that a project is based off of.

00:08:03.630 --> 00:08:10.350 Simone Policano: And you know, it was a unique experience, because you know you directed at you wrote it you're also in it, and I think that.

00:08:10.620 --> 00:08:22.140 Simone Policano: That can be intimidating like I got I hope I do a good job and that's because it's your life and your life story and you're a lot closer to the project, then I think most creatives you know our to a movie that they're doing.

00:08:22.830 --> 00:08:27.840 Simone Policano: But it was really exciting, I mean, I think, like you, kind of said, and the way you explained to me even back then.

00:08:28.200 --> 00:08:38.640 Simone Policano: natalie who's the character that I play is sort of an amalgamation of a lot of different you know real people in your life and your experiences so, if anything, it was.

00:08:39.030 --> 00:08:44.670 Simone Policano: Less scary I guess I didn't have to get any one of them perfectly right like it was a new that she was a combination of.

00:08:45.210 --> 00:08:53.070 Simone Policano: People so it was like Oh, I have to get like you have a tough job because you had to like be him so you know that's a whole different thing but, for me, I think, was about kind body like.

00:08:53.640 --> 00:09:00.390 Simone Policano: What you know what the message that she's trying to get across and I think her role in the film is to be this interesting.

00:09:00.630 --> 00:09:10.440 Simone Policano: foil to him in this kind of you know she's been non Jewish love interest who's more of you know kind of like feistier and the family wouldn't really approve, and I think to to embody.

00:09:11.100 --> 00:09:20.190 Simone Policano: That and to take on like she serves a purpose of the movie, which is to kind of learn him away from everything that his family wants him to be and then she's kind of this.

00:09:21.210 --> 00:09:28.620 Simone Policano: Wonderful distraction, I think, for him, and so it was really fun to get to play that come get to play that role and kind of do everything that that entails.

00:09:29.730 --> 00:09:35.220 Albert Dabah: Right right well you really did hit it and get the role, I mean I.

00:09:35.790 --> 00:09:37.110 Simone Policano: Did I hit a home run.

00:09:38.760 --> 00:09:40.020 Albert Dabah: You got a grand slam.

00:09:40.260 --> 00:09:40.590 You hit.

00:09:42.630 --> 00:09:42.990 Simone Policano: You.

00:09:43.470 --> 00:09:49.020 Albert Dabah: yeah yeah and you guys connected real well I heard so many good things about both you guys people.

00:09:49.920 --> 00:09:50.640 Simone Policano: yeah well.

00:09:51.480 --> 00:09:55.350 Albert Dabah: yeah how about you what it was like What was it like you.

00:09:56.370 --> 00:10:00.720 Simone Policano: Well, I mean, I think we talked about this last time, but I think.

00:10:01.590 --> 00:10:09.330 Simone Policano: With a different if you were a different type of personality, it would have been a lot more difficult for me or for any actor in that situation, but I think we.

00:10:09.690 --> 00:10:17.760 Simone Policano: established very early on that you know you wanted to be my own version of David and I think that we told the line very well of.

00:10:18.210 --> 00:10:27.870 Simone Policano: You know you gave me as much information as you felt necessary or I would ask questions every now and then, but like it's something that I didn't go crazy like trying to become you I don't think that would have been.

00:10:29.370 --> 00:10:35.880 Simone Policano: I don't think there was enough time for that, first of all, and also, I just I think I think we, there was a nice balance between.

00:10:37.200 --> 00:10:43.590 Simone Policano: Because I connected to this character so much, and it was also us like two connections combining and.

00:10:44.910 --> 00:10:46.770 Simone Policano: yeah I just I.

00:10:47.820 --> 00:10:53.190 Simone Policano: It was very easy going on site, and it was it was fun, I had a blast and.

00:10:54.360 --> 00:10:55.860 Simone Policano: yeah I don't think I answer the question.

00:10:57.000 --> 00:10:57.270 Simone Policano: well.

00:10:57.870 --> 00:10:59.040 Albert Dabah: You know what I wanted to.

00:10:59.070 --> 00:11:00.420 Albert Dabah: tell you one thing that when.

00:11:01.920 --> 00:11:10.260 Albert Dabah: One of my best friends, if not my best friend when he's for the movie he said originally when we showed it in a small theater they had a small showing.

00:11:10.710 --> 00:11:20.670 Albert Dabah: And he said to me, it was really where he said wow that guy who plays, who is like I see the same mannerisms and stuff like that which I never saw it at all.

00:11:21.300 --> 00:11:23.100 Albert Dabah: yeah and he grew up with me.

00:11:25.110 --> 00:11:35.280 Simone Policano: I mean, I actually I think I picked up on that and i've mentioned this a couple times people, but like I picked up on that myself and with eight and a little bit to like the there was a certain.

00:11:37.170 --> 00:11:46.200 Simone Policano: I don't know they get chilled there's a chilliness that that you have that I hope that I also have some times, where it's like easy going.

00:11:46.830 --> 00:11:55.590 Simone Policano: I don't know I felt I felt I felt there were some similarities between us as well, I kind of tried to lean into the as much as I could like a soft spoken.

00:11:57.000 --> 00:12:11.370 Albert Dabah: And I think when that when the main things that I felt in actually having casting both of you, was the fact was well first you were cast earth and and I knew I wanted someone that would really.

00:12:13.050 --> 00:12:19.770 Albert Dabah: have an opposite of what you like something someone very different from you in terms of.

00:12:20.820 --> 00:12:24.090 Albert Dabah: Just a sense of personality that I felt.

00:12:25.620 --> 00:12:29.610 Albert Dabah: I don't mean that you would that different from each other, one that you know.

00:12:30.450 --> 00:12:33.150 Simone Policano: he's not you can just say it it's okay.

00:12:35.370 --> 00:12:36.540 Albert Dabah: If you look at the end of the.

00:12:36.540 --> 00:12:38.520 Albert Dabah: Film and I.

00:12:39.660 --> 00:12:46.710 Albert Dabah: always look at the end when you've asked about corona California, and you know you're thinking.

00:12:48.360 --> 00:12:50.220 Albert Dabah: Why not why shouldn't.

00:12:51.540 --> 00:12:51.900 Albert Dabah: She.

00:12:52.650 --> 00:13:06.720 Albert Dabah: Absolutely says why like are you like, are you kidding me like i'm not was definitely like so and it will not stay anywhere like me.

00:13:07.950 --> 00:13:12.000 Albert Dabah: Yes, and I felt that was something very strong was.

00:13:13.020 --> 00:13:14.610 Albert Dabah: The same thing, I felt like.

00:13:15.990 --> 00:13:17.070 Albert Dabah: I did have some.

00:13:22.320 --> 00:13:23.580 Albert Dabah: way that.

00:13:23.820 --> 00:13:24.780 Albert Dabah: That kind of.

00:13:27.930 --> 00:13:33.450 Albert Dabah: Women who I felt was an end in itself, it really felt like.

00:13:36.000 --> 00:13:36.330 Albert Dabah: there's.

00:13:37.650 --> 00:13:38.880 Albert Dabah: So many things, I think.

00:13:41.460 --> 00:13:41.640 Albert Dabah: That.

00:13:42.750 --> 00:13:43.950 Albert Dabah: That really.

00:13:48.810 --> 00:13:49.230 Albert Dabah: Were.

00:13:53.910 --> 00:14:01.710 Simone Policano: Well, because she's I mean she's hilarious like Mars, the funniest person ever, and I think just her, she comes in, with all this energy like oh my God you're so beautiful and you're this.

00:14:01.920 --> 00:14:07.530 Simone Policano: And I think that, nowadays, just like oh wow okay we're here we're doing it and, and I think that you know, like you said.

00:14:07.830 --> 00:14:14.850 Simone Policano: I think they are on some similar pages in some ways, on very different pages and other ways like natalie and David, I think that.

00:14:15.090 --> 00:14:21.180 Simone Policano: natalie is having a ton of fun with him and I do think she really likes him, but I think it's not that serious in her mind.

00:14:21.450 --> 00:14:32.220 Simone Policano: And she's very go with the flow and very independent like you said, and I think david's like i'm putting my whole life on hold for you i'd like fought with my family because of you and i'm like i'm all in and she's kind of like what are you.

00:14:32.700 --> 00:14:43.830 Simone Policano: What are you talking about, so I think that's where kind of the the disconnect comes in, but I do think that the movie wouldn't work if they didn't actually really liked each other, also, so I think you, you see both sides of that in the movie.

00:14:44.580 --> 00:14:56.730 Albert Dabah: And another thing that comes to my mind, is each kind of you know, filling out the other end there's two parts of that scene, one where they're on on the beach talking in.

00:14:57.750 --> 00:14:58.020 here.

00:15:02.550 --> 00:15:04.650 Albert Dabah: Well, actually a very well.

00:15:06.780 --> 00:15:07.260 Simone Policano: Yes.

00:15:13.470 --> 00:15:16.200 Simone Policano: I think that we've talked about that, being one of our.

00:15:17.610 --> 00:15:24.240 Simone Policano: That was that it was so fun, one day, and you know that was the point where I think Alex since the moment really coming through as David and.

00:15:25.470 --> 00:15:31.770 Simone Policano: There was a lot of trust and we became friends and comfortable with each other very quickly, so there was trust in like you know.

00:15:33.030 --> 00:15:37.500 Simone Policano: messing around and making mistake like there was just a lot of trust to sell it.

00:15:40.920 --> 00:15:52.350 Albert Dabah: up one of the things that now, in the movie obviously you have a as in real life have an older brother phil and one that's been out as you.

00:15:53.550 --> 00:15:54.360 Albert Dabah: Know hey we're.

00:15:55.860 --> 00:15:55.980 Albert Dabah: Just.

00:16:00.420 --> 00:16:00.750 Albert Dabah: Rather.

00:16:03.480 --> 00:16:06.000 Albert Dabah: It was there anything that you felt when you said that.

00:16:07.800 --> 00:16:08.400 Albert Dabah: about that.

00:16:11.070 --> 00:16:16.710 Albert Dabah: Because it really came look wow that was very real part of my life.

00:16:20.190 --> 00:16:21.750 Simone Policano: yeah I just think at that point.

00:16:23.280 --> 00:16:36.600 Simone Policano: David has just become so accustomed to not sharing this that I think if he does it'll break you know I don't think he is ready for that or knows how to handle those feelings, so I very much connected that moment, because.

00:16:37.170 --> 00:16:50.820 Simone Policano: I hardly want to speak about any of my issues, so I totally connected to that, and it was just a moment where I can't as much as he wanted to let her in, I think, and it was just too scary too overwhelming.

00:16:50.880 --> 00:16:53.010 Albert Dabah: And then later on in the film you.

00:16:53.100 --> 00:16:57.060 Simone Policano: Live right just needed some time and some some care and.

00:16:57.540 --> 00:17:03.660 Albert Dabah: Trust which was, I felt the view this as seen on the way you guys played it that way, when you were in the bedroom.

00:17:04.620 --> 00:17:06.330 Albert Dabah: And our.

00:17:07.410 --> 00:17:11.490 Albert Dabah: In house Mon, how you reacted to him, like, why did you ever tell me.

00:17:12.720 --> 00:17:15.930 Albert Dabah: It was really I never talked about it sometimes.

00:17:17.700 --> 00:17:24.930 Albert Dabah: i'll never forget Juliet and I were watching that scene and shot gather and she and I have.

00:17:26.460 --> 00:17:28.560 Albert Dabah: said i'd never seen film.

00:17:30.630 --> 00:17:37.740 Albert Dabah: Actually, acknowledged that way of knowledge that I have a brother in.

00:17:41.940 --> 00:17:42.120 Albert Dabah: Law.

00:17:44.040 --> 00:17:45.240 Albert Dabah: And what.

00:17:49.380 --> 00:17:50.430 Albert Dabah: came up very.

00:17:51.720 --> 00:17:52.620 Albert Dabah: Well, a lot of time.

00:17:56.760 --> 00:17:57.090 Albert Dabah: So.

00:17:58.290 --> 00:18:10.290 Albert Dabah: I felt it really meaningful and Andy postcards now there's such a stigma about mental illness and one and.

00:18:12.390 --> 00:18:13.170 Albert Dabah: it's very different.

00:18:14.460 --> 00:18:14.670 Albert Dabah: and

00:18:17.370 --> 00:18:17.640 Albert Dabah: i'm.

00:18:18.870 --> 00:18:19.170 Albert Dabah: Like.

00:18:24.270 --> 00:18:24.720 Albert Dabah: So.

00:18:26.040 --> 00:18:38.490 Albert Dabah: That that was one of the scenes that really and we wanted, and then as Julian I Julia and I did really is the largest part of the casting and the really.

00:18:39.450 --> 00:18:48.360 Albert Dabah: felt like we had guys work together, we felt like we really had a cast and i'll never forget, we had a party before we started filming and.

00:18:50.190 --> 00:18:50.730 Albert Dabah: Alex.

00:18:52.770 --> 00:18:53.100 And then.

00:18:54.120 --> 00:18:54.480 It.

00:18:56.670 --> 00:18:57.780 Simone Policano: yeah yeah.

00:18:58.170 --> 00:18:58.890 Albert Dabah: And I never a.

00:19:02.430 --> 00:19:02.970 Simone Policano: Good time now.

00:19:05.580 --> 00:19:07.350 Albert Dabah: Did you guys ever feel like.

00:19:09.210 --> 00:19:13.980 Albert Dabah: nervous about back that really touchy subject in the.

00:19:15.390 --> 00:19:16.110 Albert Dabah: I hope I get her.

00:19:17.160 --> 00:19:17.370 Albert Dabah: Like.

00:19:21.450 --> 00:19:29.700 Simone Policano: I mean, I think that, like it's kind of ties into what you're saying before about the scene like where she can finally tells her, I think the thing with.

00:19:30.480 --> 00:19:37.470 Simone Policano: trauma and like mental you know illness and then they that have really kind of hurt you and that it takes like a breaking moment, I think.

00:19:37.740 --> 00:19:40.770 Simone Policano: Like healing really loves her in because she plays the music.

00:19:41.040 --> 00:19:48.990 Simone Policano: And he, like reiki can do it and that's why he hits that wall and he's like well, I have to tell you what's going on, because you're essentially watching me have a panic attack right now.

00:19:49.260 --> 00:19:54.120 Simone Policano: And so I think, for me, that was the moment of like okay put yourself in the shoes of someone.

00:19:54.660 --> 00:20:04.710 Simone Policano: who thinks she's going into like a steamy fun sexy moment and then it's totally taken off guard by like this incredible emotional response that you get from someone, and I think.

00:20:05.280 --> 00:20:17.760 Simone Policano: You know, wanting to honor that moment i'm like you know it's a sexy seen until it's not and then there's a really big shift that happened, so I think that can be a delicate balance to try to find, I think we did a good job of that I hope you have a good job of it.

00:20:17.820 --> 00:20:18.930 Albert Dabah: got it oh you guys.

00:20:21.510 --> 00:20:22.890 Albert Dabah: Like that we'll take.

00:20:24.180 --> 00:20:25.320 Albert Dabah: A break right now.

00:20:29.340 --> 00:20:29.970 Albert Dabah: Be right back.

00:20:30.450 --> 00:20:30.810 Simone Policano: Thank you.

00:22:47.400 --> 00:23:00.300 Albert Dabah: hi we're back with Simone and Alex talking about the movie extra innings we were talking about the issues of what went on film and how.

00:23:02.010 --> 00:23:09.150 Albert Dabah: One of the stories that goes throughout the film, one of the elements is the stigma that there is with mental illness.

00:23:10.860 --> 00:23:12.570 Albert Dabah: How, how was it for you.

00:23:13.590 --> 00:23:37.920 Albert Dabah: Alex and being part of the family situation where you had this strong drive to play baseball and the only person in your family that would it that not only a positive about it, but really said go for your dreams your sister Have you ever been in a situation like that.

00:23:38.760 --> 00:23:50.130 Simone Policano: yeah I would say that this that particular aspect of David couldn't be further away from from me Alex because I mean, I guess, luckily my family.

00:23:51.240 --> 00:24:03.840 Simone Policano: You know I mean i'm an actor, I wanted to be a baseball player they they they encouraged me to follow my dreams like from the onset and they were almost annoyingly about that just follow my dream follow my dream so like that aspect.

00:24:04.620 --> 00:24:09.930 Simone Policano: was not something that I have really had much experience with but.

00:24:11.610 --> 00:24:20.910 Simone Policano: As an actor and as a character, I mean I just love that that that internal battle that he's constantly having and I thought it was very.

00:24:22.380 --> 00:24:27.000 Simone Policano: accessible and realistic and yeah authentic and.

00:24:28.050 --> 00:24:37.770 Simone Policano: I think that David truly loves his family and he does not, and they have been through such tragedy together, even though they don't talk about it.

00:24:38.160 --> 00:24:54.150 Simone Policano: That there's just an eternal bond in that way, and he doesn't want to disappoint them, but you know there's a fire inside him that he you know he can't ignore and I I just find it a very relatable situation that I have a personal experience, but I know.

00:24:55.380 --> 00:25:01.800 Simone Policano: So many people have and I I love that internal kind of battle that he constantly has to be having.

00:25:03.390 --> 00:25:06.960 Albert Dabah: summer have you have you had that kind of experience at all in your life.

00:25:09.000 --> 00:25:14.250 Simone Policano: I mean like Alex my family is very supportive of you know.

00:25:14.520 --> 00:25:27.810 Simone Policano: Both my acting and like a lot of things in my life, luckily I think it's more like where I felt that more is with friends who are just maybe doing very different careers or who are from different places like people who just come from.

00:25:28.200 --> 00:25:36.750 Simone Policano: different walks of life and perspectives and stuff I have so many people who don't understand what like acting as a career is, and the same way that you know.

00:25:37.230 --> 00:25:41.760 Simone Policano: david's parents like What do you mean well played baseball baseball like what are you talking about.

00:25:42.330 --> 00:25:49.620 Simone Policano: I have many friends who are like wait, you want to act like professionally like you don't want to like go get a real job if I hear that there's one more time and.

00:25:50.070 --> 00:25:59.970 Simone Policano: I think that that was my kind of way into that experience, because I do think that everyone loves watching movies and TV and stuff but they don't a lot of people.

00:26:00.420 --> 00:26:06.360 Simone Policano: don't view this as like an actual viable career because it's like so hard to really do it professionally, but I think.

00:26:06.510 --> 00:26:17.790 Simone Policano: Something my mom I always talk about issues like you're pursuing a career that 98% of people just assume is impossible, like off the BAT they're like you can't be a movie star you can't be a broadway whatever that's not a real thing.

00:26:18.120 --> 00:26:28.560 Simone Policano: And so I think that that my family's always been very supportive, but I definitely you know, I was like I went to a school where a lot of people become bankers and lawyers and and acting is super different from that.

00:26:29.160 --> 00:26:33.780 Albert Dabah: yeah I mean, I think that you know, a friend of mine once in a while.

00:26:35.280 --> 00:26:43.680 Albert Dabah: Other film and you know we talked to her about the mental illness part of it, but she's and she had a son, who.

00:26:45.150 --> 00:26:51.360 Albert Dabah: are saying overdose and we talked a lot about that was fairly recent.

00:26:52.830 --> 00:26:58.710 Albert Dabah: But after she said, the film, she said to me, he really felt more than anything, it was about family.

00:26:59.970 --> 00:27:07.410 Albert Dabah: Family and love of family and how to find yourself how to find your way in the world and.

00:27:08.730 --> 00:27:11.640 Albert Dabah: And the mental illness part of it, yes sure.

00:27:12.900 --> 00:27:24.420 Albert Dabah: But I like that a lot, because I think everyone to some degree, goes through that lemme who am I what am I going to be, what do I want it, and obviously some families much.

00:27:28.890 --> 00:27:29.160 Albert Dabah: Do.

00:27:31.500 --> 00:27:39.990 Albert Dabah: I have a friend who then went into film school he's a lawyer Ob gyn and I said to him listen.

00:27:41.520 --> 00:27:43.350 Albert Dabah: we're going to be a writer.

00:27:44.400 --> 00:27:51.120 Albert Dabah: He encouraged me and I and we went to a baseball game once I asked, maybe.

00:27:54.510 --> 00:27:55.890 Albert Dabah: You want to write about.

00:27:57.720 --> 00:27:57.960 Albert Dabah: running.

00:28:02.970 --> 00:28:03.150 Albert Dabah: up.

00:28:04.800 --> 00:28:05.040 Albert Dabah: and

00:28:11.280 --> 00:28:13.800 Albert Dabah: I think those will be ality.

00:28:18.450 --> 00:28:19.560 Albert Dabah: As a partridge.

00:28:20.700 --> 00:28:21.240 Albert Dabah: I believe.

00:28:22.320 --> 00:28:25.230 Albert Dabah: Though and less and.

00:28:30.780 --> 00:28:30.990 Less.

00:28:32.370 --> 00:28:32.910 Albert Dabah: I have.

00:28:35.730 --> 00:28:36.270 Albert Dabah: Sunday.

00:28:36.690 --> 00:28:37.050 Simone Policano: Oh yeah.

00:28:38.970 --> 00:28:39.690 Albert Dabah: God is it.

00:28:40.770 --> 00:28:41.340 Albert Dabah: really worth.

00:28:43.230 --> 00:28:43.470 Simone Policano: It.

00:28:43.740 --> 00:28:54.690 Albert Dabah: So it's it's mind blowing and, for me, what it in the very beginning of it it's like taking all his work and we get to have you use it.

00:28:56.550 --> 00:29:04.200 Albert Dabah: And I recently saw I think it's a fairly recent movie and and here are the actors name oh William diplo please take note.

00:29:05.340 --> 00:29:07.140 Albert Dabah: And pretty tough.

00:29:10.020 --> 00:29:14.220 Albert Dabah: Spot and in the very beginning of this question Banco.

00:29:15.720 --> 00:29:16.980 Albert Dabah: You sitting on the floor.

00:29:19.170 --> 00:29:21.600 Albert Dabah: loves music and.

00:29:25.050 --> 00:29:32.640 Albert Dabah: stop thinking very greetings brother, he is go into being an artist reading about artists, writers.

00:29:34.920 --> 00:29:36.570 Albert Dabah: writers and.

00:29:38.370 --> 00:29:43.440 Albert Dabah: poets, and then go was, I think one of his heroes in his mind and.

00:29:44.610 --> 00:29:51.330 Albert Dabah: Oh, and then I just kind of relax into it wow this incredible way to take.

00:29:52.950 --> 00:30:03.240 Albert Dabah: US technology and make these paintings that someone did, and he died I think only 37 the dating.

00:30:04.710 --> 00:30:10.800 Albert Dabah: scene, but it makes me just think about what an artist can do it can make.

00:30:12.120 --> 00:30:14.940 Albert Dabah: them really suffered some built and everyone's.

00:30:17.490 --> 00:30:19.980 Albert Dabah: A lot sometimes you do the film that can really.

00:30:22.320 --> 00:30:22.860 Albert Dabah: play are.

00:30:24.360 --> 00:30:24.720 Albert Dabah: Really.

00:30:27.180 --> 00:30:27.540 Albert Dabah: wanting.

00:30:29.040 --> 00:30:35.850 Albert Dabah: living on and, for me, making the movie was something I never thought I could do.

00:30:37.170 --> 00:30:39.810 Albert Dabah: Like I always love baseball and I love.

00:30:49.020 --> 00:30:53.220 Albert Dabah: The smell oops sorry I met a guy to train it Yankee game went two weeks.

00:30:56.760 --> 00:30:57.120 Albert Dabah: home.

00:31:03.870 --> 00:31:09.510 Albert Dabah: And we're talking baseball and I said there's new rule based expanding out.

00:31:19.230 --> 00:31:19.620 Albert Dabah: and

00:31:20.640 --> 00:31:24.420 Albert Dabah: Earlier I don't like that I love that I love.

00:31:31.590 --> 00:31:39.720 Albert Dabah: Later bye by time, and so we started talking about that and then movies to knew all about movies, and then I said I made a movie called action.

00:31:40.650 --> 00:31:40.950 Simone Policano: Which.

00:31:41.280 --> 00:31:43.410 Albert Dabah: I think I saw and he's supposed to pay me see.

00:31:44.610 --> 00:31:54.510 Albert Dabah: amazing he saw the movie and we're talking about it and then he got off around 42nd street and say goodbye, then, no, no, he got off with.

00:31:55.500 --> 00:32:04.740 Albert Dabah: A 30 foot or 42nd street the guy to my left and he's asking what's my favorite movies, of all time and I say, well, one of the midnight cowboys articles at the mall walking Nevada.

00:32:05.250 --> 00:32:15.000 Albert Dabah: And then the guy next to me is getting off for a SEC, by the way, i'm an actor, or I was in midnight, but they get this is the New York story.

00:32:16.320 --> 00:32:17.310 Simone Policano: Arc in a nutshell.

00:32:17.400 --> 00:32:18.600 Albert Dabah: So yeah really.

00:32:20.190 --> 00:32:22.500 Albert Dabah: I think we have to take another break.

00:32:23.130 --> 00:32:23.610 alright.

00:32:25.050 --> 00:32:27.300 Albert Dabah: Welcome back you guys.

00:32:28.650 --> 00:32:30.090 Albert Dabah: thought about doing.

00:32:31.710 --> 00:32:31.950 Albert Dabah: yeah.

00:32:32.700 --> 00:32:33.060 Simone Policano: Thank you.

00:32:33.870 --> 00:32:34.440 Albert Dabah: Alright, thanks.

00:32:37.380 --> 00:32:39.990 About metaphors and how it impacts on your life.

00:35:05.280 --> 00:35:10.260 Albert Dabah: hi we're back with Simone and Alex we've been talking about the film industry.

00:35:11.460 --> 00:35:13.110 Albert Dabah: And when it comes to.

00:35:14.670 --> 00:35:20.880 Albert Dabah: The whole when people talk about the stigma of mental illness i've heard people say there is no stigma.

00:35:22.740 --> 00:35:26.370 Albert Dabah: But what do you guys have to say about that have you heard anyone talk like that.

00:35:29.160 --> 00:35:40.500 Simone Policano: I feel like that's not true, I think that, especially in our current age of you know, the technology era everyone's on instagram making their lives look better than it actually is kind of thing I feel like.

00:35:40.860 --> 00:35:49.320 Simone Policano: there's this pressure to perform happiness and perform like i'm totally fine i'm okay all the time, and I think that.

00:35:50.310 --> 00:35:59.280 Simone Policano: You know, struggling or nothing okay can be viewed as weak, because now, I think it's become such a part of our culture to just be on all the time.

00:36:00.210 --> 00:36:09.960 Simone Policano: And so I think people view it, I mean when for is actually I think that it takes a lot of strength to like talk about mental illness publicly or privately, because some people's families even don't.

00:36:10.230 --> 00:36:15.930 Simone Policano: acknowledge that, as a thing I mean like I have a friend, whose sister is bipolar and she's always talked about like my parents don't.

00:36:16.320 --> 00:36:22.620 Simone Policano: I don't wonder if they don't want to believe it they don't want to hear it, but they don't take it seriously they you know it's kind of like well she just has her mood swings.

00:36:22.890 --> 00:36:29.070 Simone Policano: And my friend, is always like this, there was a diagnosis for this, this is a real thing, and I think the question of like is.

00:36:29.370 --> 00:36:39.120 Simone Policano: You know, mental illness on my cats getting involved okay is mental illness, like a real thing the fact that even so having that conversation and asking that question and 2021 is like kind of.

00:36:39.630 --> 00:36:50.580 Simone Policano: crazy yeah my hand i'd be curious to hear that point of view that it's not staying the same it's kind of that seems like a pretty bold statement but um.

00:36:51.900 --> 00:36:59.610 Simone Policano: yeah I mean it's even like little things I think social media social media kind of exacerbates the problem, sometimes, but like even jokes like you know.

00:37:00.690 --> 00:37:06.660 Simone Policano: They need a therapist like to work late it's like it's like jokes like making fun at that and.

00:37:08.130 --> 00:37:09.330 Simone Policano: Maybe like.

00:37:10.440 --> 00:37:17.940 Simone Policano: With masculinity as well and, being a man like there's a there's some shame and like opening up feelings and emotion in that regard still.

00:37:18.750 --> 00:37:29.160 Simone Policano: though that was kind of a non sequitur I think it's a good point like women are viewed as like softer and it's okay to cry but men aren't supposed to cry or or good I love you or like yeah.

00:37:30.120 --> 00:37:36.150 Simone Policano: I yeah I especially still think there's such a stigma with like, even going to therapy like that's like thought of as.

00:37:37.530 --> 00:37:41.610 Simone Policano: you're in therapy like what what's what's wrong you're in therapy what's wrong, I feel like totally.

00:37:42.000 --> 00:37:43.950 Albert Dabah: yeah I totally agree with that.

00:37:45.480 --> 00:37:48.870 Albert Dabah: But in my own family, I know I very expressive that's.

00:37:53.070 --> 00:37:57.120 Albert Dabah: The guess you could say, maybe, and in the same.

00:37:58.800 --> 00:38:02.850 Albert Dabah: Line acre saying, like a feminine part of me, we come out with i'm talking about.

00:38:04.260 --> 00:38:08.940 Albert Dabah: Something that really dealing with a feeling my cry about something like I cry a lot.

00:38:10.380 --> 00:38:22.740 Albert Dabah: And I cry because what's ever in that movie xp in a way that I know that emotion i'm not afraid of that emotion and creator of that film.

00:38:23.850 --> 00:38:27.210 Albert Dabah: Good chance that's there we go are getting that emotion.

00:38:29.760 --> 00:38:30.540 Albert Dabah: That feeling that.

00:38:31.860 --> 00:38:33.210 Albert Dabah: I think some people that.

00:38:34.710 --> 00:38:35.520 Albert Dabah: They that.

00:38:37.110 --> 00:38:45.750 Albert Dabah: Maybe there is no Stigma is so much less the I think it's a common i've heard it and I think almost like.

00:38:47.520 --> 00:38:47.700 A.

00:38:48.780 --> 00:38:51.870 Albert Dabah: Day them notes, no i'm i'm the last.

00:38:53.160 --> 00:38:54.150 Albert Dabah: night I know.

00:38:56.430 --> 00:38:58.650 Albert Dabah: I don't need error here.

00:39:01.080 --> 00:39:01.950 Albert Dabah: With therapist.

00:39:03.690 --> 00:39:05.340 Albert Dabah: I preventive therapy.

00:39:07.950 --> 00:39:17.730 Albert Dabah: Is the worst or it doesn't do anything because and some of my answer some of my responses have been well if it didn't help you did you ever think about bone other therapies.

00:39:18.870 --> 00:39:19.200 Albert Dabah: it's like.

00:39:19.500 --> 00:39:34.620 Albert Dabah: A doctor I mean if you go to a doctor and you feel that that that doctrine talking about you go to a different doctor, because your hands killing you and you feel like you got it extended hand the other doctor right away what it is, you know Doc.

00:39:35.760 --> 00:39:37.770 Albert Dabah: And same thing with Eric.

00:39:40.200 --> 00:39:46.740 Simone Policano: I feel like a lot of people talk about mental health is like or mental illness is like the invisible illness or the you know people take.

00:39:47.100 --> 00:39:54.510 Simone Policano: You know if someone has a broken leg, or if someone has pneumonia people take that seriously like oh something's actually wrong with you.

00:39:54.810 --> 00:40:00.780 Simone Policano: But it's something that doesn't make you have a fever or you know you don't have to take a painkiller for it.

00:40:01.260 --> 00:40:15.030 Simone Policano: People somehow and you can't see it in someone walking down the street it's not real because you can't see it and I bought it's always been so confusing to me because, like oxygens real but we can't see it like, and you know if you can't see it, it doesn't mean it doesn't exist right.

00:40:16.110 --> 00:40:29.760 Albert Dabah: I had a long talk with I don't know if you guys had met Dr feinberg stage became on the set one day Well he we became friends and he's a great guy he was on the show, and they say wonders.

00:40:31.470 --> 00:40:42.420 Albert Dabah: And we talked a lot about that, and I said, you know it is like suicide, no more suicide than ever, right now, the like you're in and he said well.

00:40:43.440 --> 00:40:46.350 Albert Dabah: They never used to like vendor overdoses.

00:40:47.760 --> 00:40:48.660 Albert Dabah: As they would never.

00:40:51.210 --> 00:40:51.630 Albert Dabah: be like.

00:40:52.980 --> 00:40:53.490 Albert Dabah: You know it's like.

00:40:56.040 --> 00:40:56.190 A.

00:40:57.420 --> 00:41:00.000 Albert Dabah: Hill and you don't really end.

00:41:02.400 --> 00:41:02.910 Albert Dabah: Of the day.

00:41:06.540 --> 00:41:06.780 Albert Dabah: Like.

00:41:10.770 --> 00:41:13.230 Albert Dabah: Oh, maybe it'll be an open, but.

00:41:19.170 --> 00:41:28.830 Albert Dabah: As I didn't groups in one day is think of it is if someone is taking a hammer hitting you 100 times over the head and you just have to say, stop like it.

00:41:30.330 --> 00:41:38.460 Albert Dabah: is really sad place to be but it's real and some people say oh itself selfish not at all.

00:41:39.510 --> 00:41:44.100 Simone Policano: No, I wonder, and I wonder if you know how many.

00:41:45.240 --> 00:41:55.740 Simone Policano: People potentially could have been saved by simply having the conversations you know that and I just think that goes back to like if if it weren't so stigmatized you know.

00:41:56.760 --> 00:41:59.370 Simone Policano: it'd be easier to give voice to some of these dark.

00:42:00.870 --> 00:42:06.270 Simone Policano: scary viewings and that I think a lot more people go then or have then.

00:42:07.350 --> 00:42:09.720 Simone Policano: Everybody what's on you know by right.

00:42:10.020 --> 00:42:12.300 Albert Dabah: I think one of the words this.

00:42:14.100 --> 00:42:23.250 Albert Dabah: And it was not a podcast about suicide he lost his lawyers side to things that he said, you know, the whole thing would say commit suicide is a terrible thing to say.

00:42:24.840 --> 00:42:28.950 Albert Dabah: is committed means like he did something really bad like he did it.

00:42:31.710 --> 00:42:33.690 Albert Dabah: it's really that's a.

00:42:36.300 --> 00:42:37.650 yeah but this.

00:42:38.820 --> 00:42:39.240 Albert Dabah: and

00:42:40.980 --> 00:42:50.430 Albert Dabah: The other thing he thought about that one of the most important thing do is his his therapist and.

00:42:51.780 --> 00:42:51.960 What.

00:42:53.250 --> 00:42:54.360 Albert Dabah: is really happening.

00:42:56.160 --> 00:42:57.420 Albert Dabah: You have endurance.

00:43:01.410 --> 00:43:02.700 Albert Dabah: And what is that.

00:43:03.810 --> 00:43:07.350 Albert Dabah: From there to be in there, and he.

00:43:11.280 --> 00:43:13.890 Albert Dabah: said than done, but go.

00:43:18.690 --> 00:43:18.900 Albert Dabah: Like.

00:43:24.030 --> 00:43:31.440 Simone Policano: Something something i've like i've heard suicide described before as like a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

00:43:31.770 --> 00:43:41.190 Simone Policano: And I think i've always like not known how to feel about that, because I do think solution is a very complicated word to use in that sentence like I don't know that people.

00:43:41.490 --> 00:43:52.200 Simone Policano: who take their own life would like I think like you said it's not so much a thought out solution as like I just can't take it anymore, and this is an act to make the hammer stop, as you said that, I think that.

00:43:52.650 --> 00:43:58.770 Simone Policano: With if someone doesn't have the right tools to get them through whatever they're struggling with.

00:43:59.040 --> 00:44:06.180 Simone Policano: you end up you know, rather than being like great how do I approach this in a way that can better the situation to maybe it's not a hammer, but it's like.

00:44:06.480 --> 00:44:13.650 Simone Policano: No it's a smaller hammer or whatever it is it's just I have to go to the extreme and make the whole thing stop, and I think like Alex was saying.

00:44:13.890 --> 00:44:18.900 Simone Policano: If you have this stigma around asking for help, or not being okay and.

00:44:19.170 --> 00:44:31.380 Simone Policano: I mean look I went to Yale which was like a very you know very good school that has a lot of different tracks, a lot of people who are very type A and work way too hard and very hard on themselves and.

00:44:32.310 --> 00:44:33.750 Simone Policano: The year after I graduated someone.

00:44:34.080 --> 00:44:42.570 Simone Policano: Someone took her took her own life, and it was horrible because she was a freshman and she had just gotten to school and she was so overwhelmed and didn't know.

00:44:42.750 --> 00:44:46.800 Simone Policano: What to do, and I think the pressure of always being the best and always whatever.

00:44:47.010 --> 00:44:55.260 Simone Policano: And something that her family said was she kept saying that she felt like she had to pretend to be okay, because everyone around her seemed like they were Okay, and I just think it's this whole like.

00:44:55.590 --> 00:45:00.540 Simone Policano: lie on top of a lie on top of the lie of everyone's doing fine so you also have to be doing fine.

00:45:00.930 --> 00:45:08.790 Simone Policano: which you know, maybe if she had been given resources or a place to go to say it's okay to not be okay, maybe when it said that to her.

00:45:09.420 --> 00:45:18.450 Simone Policano: the sort of thing, it would have ended up differently, and so I can hope for other people that they have access to people who tell them like it's okay to cry it's okay to feel sad it's okay to all of these things.

00:45:18.780 --> 00:45:21.630 Albert Dabah: And I think as part of what I said earlier, the whole thing of.

00:45:23.760 --> 00:45:34.290 Albert Dabah: trying to find your place in the world right to find your place in your own family, you don't feel like you fit in So how do you get in you know, on blaming yourself.

00:45:35.580 --> 00:45:40.530 Albert Dabah: Anyway, we're gonna have to take a break, when we get back let's talk about a little bit about what you guys have been up to.

00:45:42.060 --> 00:45:43.530 Albert Dabah: In making extra.

00:45:44.850 --> 00:45:45.420 Simone Policano: house that my.

00:45:45.660 --> 00:45:47.520 Albert Dabah: My back was and.

00:45:47.640 --> 00:45:48.270 Alex.

00:48:20.190 --> 00:48:26.880 Albert Dabah: hi we're back with Simone and Alex so Simone tell us a little bit about what you've been up to since.

00:48:28.230 --> 00:48:33.210 Albert Dabah: The filming of extra innings I know you've been busy doing some acting and.

00:48:35.220 --> 00:48:38.280 Simone Policano: yeah I mean it was four years ago, which is like a crazy.

00:48:38.520 --> 00:48:44.400 Simone Policano: A lot of life has happened since then yeah i've been i've been you know lucky and fortunate to do.

00:48:44.880 --> 00:48:50.940 Simone Policano: A couple cool other filmmaking projects but, honestly, actually, if I have a second talk about anything I want to talk about.

00:48:51.570 --> 00:48:55.410 Simone Policano: coven has obviously been a crazy thing you know to happen to everybody and also.

00:48:55.920 --> 00:49:08.160 Simone Policano: You know the entertainment industry, specifically because everything shut down and so during that time I sort of accidentally started this like Community effort in New York called invisible hands, which was like to.

00:49:08.790 --> 00:49:14.820 Simone Policano: To bring groceries to people who you know were sick or elderly or disabled at the beginning of the pandemic.

00:49:15.720 --> 00:49:26.700 Simone Policano: And to that you know the young healthy people could go out and and the people who are more at risk, could you know stay safe inside and that kind of blew up and I spent like six months working on this project and it was a really.

00:49:27.150 --> 00:49:36.300 Simone Policano: Great way to honestly get out of the acting headspace a little bit, unlike remind yourself of what's important like you know we're two actors that we've been on this podcast talking about.

00:49:36.660 --> 00:49:44.310 Simone Policano: A lot of things, I would argue, more important than acting like mental health, and I think this movie is about more than just acting and so you know spending my time.

00:49:44.910 --> 00:49:53.730 Simone Policano: Helping the Community that raised me because I have been born and bred new yorker being able to like give back during this time and help people.

00:49:54.270 --> 00:49:59.820 Simone Policano: You know, feel safe and feel like if they need to get groceries and are scared about going outside they'll be able to have.

00:50:00.120 --> 00:50:09.810 Simone Policano: Some people who can do the shopping for them and kind of working on that project was probably I would say the most rewarding thing i've done in the past four years since we since we shot extra minutes.

00:50:09.930 --> 00:50:10.680 Well that's great.

00:50:11.700 --> 00:50:12.510 Simone Policano: yeah Thank you.

00:50:16.650 --> 00:50:16.980 Simone Policano: Oh.

00:50:17.310 --> 00:50:17.670 buddy.

00:50:21.660 --> 00:50:34.020 Simone Policano: I do a lot of staring into space contemplating my existence, I often do that, but you know, obviously the pandemic goes insane and makes you think about.

00:50:34.500 --> 00:50:46.110 Simone Policano: Life in all the ways, so I mean I i'm excited I picked up some new hobbies I am I so old baseball cards online now, which I think I might have mentioned to you yeah.

00:50:46.680 --> 00:50:54.360 Simone Policano: i've gone through my collection and like i've started buying and selling and like I was like oh i'm pretty good at this and the industry was booming and.

00:50:54.990 --> 00:51:07.170 Simone Policano: I don't know I love baseball cards and and yeah so that's been fun acting things are slowly, maybe happening again its way, the industry is waking up after like hibernation right.

00:51:08.460 --> 00:51:17.160 Simone Policano: yeah I don't know I just trying to fill my days with things that I traveled to Greece and Italy, I was lucky enough for that recently.

00:51:18.510 --> 00:51:38.580 Simone Policano: To go with my sister, and that was really great and just honestly, just like existing in another foreign place was enough for me just walking around and then, just like feeling grateful to be alive for a couple weeks and to be just in a new exciting area.

00:51:38.700 --> 00:51:40.500 Albert Dabah: I was, I was the pandemic.

00:51:41.970 --> 00:51:43.980 Simone Policano: yeah I mean there were definitely moments of.

00:51:45.510 --> 00:51:54.840 Simone Policano: scariness but it's similar to to New York, most people are masked and you know or taking it seriously they're definitely very excited to have people traveling again.

00:51:56.070 --> 00:52:00.780 Simone Policano: In these places that are you know made for their survive on travelers.

00:52:01.830 --> 00:52:06.510 Simone Policano: All in all, i'm very happy and everything when safe and sound and.

00:52:06.780 --> 00:52:07.500 Albert Dabah: When did you go.

00:52:08.070 --> 00:52:10.980 Simone Policano: I went mid July, so I got back a couple weeks ago.

00:52:11.040 --> 00:52:14.100 Simone Policano: I went for like 16 days with my sister.

00:52:14.370 --> 00:52:15.450 Simone Policano: Right yeah.

00:52:15.630 --> 00:52:16.650 Albert Dabah: you're right now, he.

00:52:16.740 --> 00:52:17.880 Albert Dabah: got married and.

00:52:20.100 --> 00:52:21.090 Simone Policano: Italy or Greece.

00:52:21.600 --> 00:52:22.980 Albert Dabah: In Greece, right now.

00:52:23.220 --> 00:52:23.670 Simone Policano: Oh Nice.

00:52:24.090 --> 00:52:33.090 Simone Policano: centering oh that's where I was that's funny because yeah I was there with my sister and it's like the place definitely probably you don't go with your sibling I would say.

00:52:33.120 --> 00:52:33.720 Next time.

00:52:34.950 --> 00:52:46.560 Simone Policano: Because it's just all romantic and everybody's getting okay for going and you want to get married here says not again and again and again, but um yeah it was breathtakingly beautiful, I will say the sites and stuff.

00:52:48.060 --> 00:52:51.360 Albert Dabah: I I shall so long ago I was in Athens.

00:52:52.890 --> 00:52:54.390 Albert Dabah: 50 years ago and.

00:52:55.740 --> 00:52:57.990 Albert Dabah: mechanism for food and.

00:52:59.880 --> 00:53:01.170 Albert Dabah: And I loved it all.

00:53:01.500 --> 00:53:01.890 Simone Policano: yeah.

00:53:02.130 --> 00:53:03.900 Albert Dabah: People were talking about reading.

00:53:04.410 --> 00:53:05.130 Simone Policano: These renewals.

00:53:06.510 --> 00:53:07.800 Albert Dabah: And I just got pictures like.

00:53:09.120 --> 00:53:12.600 Simone Policano: doesn't even make sense it's like what How does this look like this, you know.

00:53:13.740 --> 00:53:16.440 Simone Policano: And i'm used to like looking down like a garbage still.

00:53:17.640 --> 00:53:27.210 Simone Policano: You know, got her to be nice, which is awesome I love your eyes raised here i'm a new yorker Thank you, I can I can make one yeah but.

00:53:27.540 --> 00:53:32.790 Albert Dabah: So if we go back in the past you've done some you do something, a Neil Simon play.

00:53:33.120 --> 00:53:37.020 Simone Policano: Oh yeah right right before the world shut down I did Brighton beach memoirs up in.

00:53:37.410 --> 00:53:37.890 Florida.

00:53:39.060 --> 00:53:40.830 Simone Policano: Wall Street or theater theater.

00:53:40.920 --> 00:53:42.120 Simone Policano: haha yeah.

00:53:42.690 --> 00:53:44.130 Albert Dabah: that's a show that Brian.

00:53:44.190 --> 00:53:50.880 Simone Policano: Active so I played I played the brother Stanley who Brian played in the movie version of Brighton beach me.

00:53:50.880 --> 00:53:52.380 Albert Dabah: And he also played it on brooklyn.

00:53:52.830 --> 00:53:54.240 Simone Policano: Oh, we did wow.

00:53:55.500 --> 00:53:56.460 Ryan was the.

00:53:58.650 --> 00:54:01.320 Simone Policano: Yes or no, no.

00:54:02.850 --> 00:54:03.630 Simone Policano: Yes, thank you.

00:54:07.140 --> 00:54:07.440 Simone Policano: yeah.

00:54:08.160 --> 00:54:09.120 that's great so.

00:54:10.470 --> 00:54:12.570 Albert Dabah: The acting world is starting to open up.

00:54:13.470 --> 00:54:22.680 Simone Policano: Slowly yes yeah I mean it's interesting because, like the film TV world kind of it was really shut down for a while and then it's it has slowly come back.

00:54:23.370 --> 00:54:30.480 Simone Policano: Because, like all you're all set for like coven safe and there's coppa compliance officers and you get tested three times a day like I shot an episode of.

00:54:31.230 --> 00:54:40.230 Simone Policano: New Amsterdam, which is a medical show on NBC and that was that was crazy because you know we are testing three times a day and everyone was in separate rooms and you know so they.

00:54:40.770 --> 00:54:49.440 Simone Policano: But that's that's been kind of able to survive it's theater that really because, how do you make you know how do you bring an audience in how do you do as a virtual space so.

00:54:49.620 --> 00:54:58.020 Simone Policano: That now that you know they're requiring everyone who comes to the show be vaccinated all cast Members have to be vaccinated so with the vaccines now.

00:54:58.950 --> 00:55:05.130 Simone Policano: Theoretically, things are opening up and like you know beginning of October so it's really exciting to see, I have a lot of friends.

00:55:05.340 --> 00:55:14.160 Simone Policano: You know in shows who broadway shut down and they were out of work for X amount of you know months a year at this point so it's really exciting to see people, it will get back to work.

00:55:21.870 --> 00:55:22.980 Albert Dabah: Now the carousel a.

00:55:24.300 --> 00:55:24.900 Simone Policano: Ferris wheel.

00:55:25.350 --> 00:55:26.040 Albert Dabah: Ferris wheel.

00:55:26.580 --> 00:55:27.360 Simone Policano: Time Square.

00:55:28.530 --> 00:55:29.550 Simone Policano: Just what we need.

00:55:31.980 --> 00:55:33.300 Simone Policano: Any new Yorkers will tell you.

00:55:33.510 --> 00:55:44.220 Simone Policano: Time square is already the worst thing about rewarded for our when lines for so I just don't know why they but you know listen if it brings revenue to the city be cool great super fast.

00:55:45.000 --> 00:55:50.220 Simone Policano: You throw it playing all the tourists off one by one i'm just kidding I love her no I didn't read that I mean.

00:55:50.880 --> 00:55:52.320 Albert Dabah: cleaning up 40 seconds.

00:55:54.000 --> 00:55:54.330 Albert Dabah: On.

00:55:57.300 --> 00:55:58.860 Albert Dabah: her father was called a.

00:56:01.500 --> 00:56:02.760 Albert Dabah: kingdom 40 seconds.

00:56:05.190 --> 00:56:05.490 Albert Dabah: later.

00:56:08.580 --> 00:56:15.300 Albert Dabah: she's that you put in time or you put in water and you see some new stuff going on.

00:56:16.770 --> 00:56:17.010 Albert Dabah: Oh.

00:56:17.640 --> 00:56:21.630 Albert Dabah: yeah he was crazy man and she was gone and she wrote a book.

00:56:23.790 --> 00:56:24.720 Albert Dabah: I mean have.

00:56:26.580 --> 00:56:27.390 Simone Policano: You ever.

00:56:27.600 --> 00:56:28.650 Albert Dabah: So much craziness.

00:56:30.000 --> 00:56:31.950 Albert Dabah: But I bring I bring it up because.

00:56:33.150 --> 00:56:39.150 Albert Dabah: I remember working on for 30 seconds and in line I had a score now he has so please.

00:56:40.740 --> 00:56:40.950 Albert Dabah: Please.

00:56:42.060 --> 00:56:43.830 Albert Dabah: really like bad.

00:56:45.210 --> 00:56:45.630 Albert Dabah: and

00:56:46.950 --> 00:56:55.020 Albert Dabah: People that walk in and everyone, like all the sales people watch out for them, they might be stealing you know, and I have all these code words.

00:56:56.340 --> 00:57:10.350 Albert Dabah: But then it seemed like 42nd street first into Disneyland you know, like where all the characters and they really cleaned it up and then see like having a Ferris wheel going up.

00:57:13.080 --> 00:57:16.980 Simone Policano: It was really interesting during the height of Poland, where everything shut down.

00:57:17.700 --> 00:57:28.260 Simone Policano: Transparent like this weird graveyard were like all the marquees for shows that never opened or that close we're still up and all the lights are off, and it was just this like ghost town, it was very, very spooky.

00:57:29.580 --> 00:57:30.960 Albert Dabah: There, a date that they're opening up.

00:57:32.670 --> 00:57:39.000 Simone Policano: Different shows or different I think I think you forget it's like first or second week of October is like most of them.

00:57:40.920 --> 00:57:41.190 Simone Policano: yeah.

00:57:42.150 --> 00:57:46.800 Albert Dabah: that's um well any lasting thoughts you guys have about.

00:57:47.940 --> 00:57:49.890 Albert Dabah: Where you're at we want to be.

00:57:50.760 --> 00:58:02.520 Simone Policano: I have, I have a lasting thought that's about neither of those things but it's about our movie on peacock so I have to tell you one of the categories were in on peacock is called for love of the game it's like the sports category.

00:58:02.970 --> 00:58:12.180 Simone Policano: And the first movie and that we were like if you scroll a couple movies, yes, the first one is field of dreams which, in my opinion, is the best movie ever made so.

00:58:12.450 --> 00:58:25.560 Simone Policano: You know to be in the same category my dad Jimmy field of dreams, when I was like seven magical and I told him to go on peacock and look at our movie he was like you're in the same category as being dreams, so I can retire now i've reached my career peak.

00:58:27.360 --> 00:58:29.700 Simone Policano: Thank you, thank you i'll be retiring that's what's next.

00:58:29.940 --> 00:58:34.260 Albert Dabah: Oh wonderful that's great that's how you're the one who told me was that I didn't know that.

00:58:34.560 --> 00:58:40.320 Simone Policano: yeah yes, I am I don't know I found it to my friends texted me and they're like oh my God I.

00:58:40.650 --> 00:58:45.000 Simone Policano: Just watched your movie and I was like oh it's on Amazon I don't know why they're both watching, at the same time that's funny.

00:58:45.180 --> 00:58:50.730 Simone Policano: And then another friend took a screenshot and send it to me, I was like Why is everyone watching it and she's like oh I just got added to peacock and I was like.

00:58:51.390 --> 00:58:51.840 What.

00:58:57.300 --> 00:58:58.470 Simone Policano: i'm also retiring no.

00:59:00.360 --> 00:59:04.530 Simone Policano: No thanks our I think again, I like talking about this stuff and.

00:59:05.880 --> 00:59:10.290 Simone Policano: I think it's important to keep giving voice to all these well.

00:59:11.310 --> 00:59:14.250 Albert Dabah: Well we'll be talking a lot about is that may mean.

00:59:15.000 --> 00:59:16.740 Albert Dabah: cameras mental health awareness month.

00:59:18.840 --> 00:59:19.290 Albert Dabah: movie.

00:59:20.670 --> 00:59:20.940 Simone Policano: Right.

00:59:24.660 --> 00:59:28.050 Albert Dabah: yeah and i'm really committed to being like this and.

00:59:30.210 --> 00:59:31.530 Albert Dabah: letting me know that.

00:59:40.080 --> 00:59:55.260 Simone Policano: I think you were you were able to put such a such a painful experiences in your life and turn into like a beautiful movie I think that can really go to show that you know you can turn a lot of pain into something beautiful and, hopefully, people will watch that and be inspired you.

00:59:57.240 --> 00:59:57.750 Simone Policano: Know Sir.

00:59:57.960 --> 01:00:01.470 Albert Dabah: Thank you so much for both you've been on the show it's great that we are all together.

01:00:01.800 --> 01:00:02.250 yeah.

01:00:03.480 --> 01:00:06.300 Albert Dabah: All right, and we'll see we'll get we'll get together one day so.

01:00:06.570 --> 01:00:06.840 yeah.

01:00:07.920 --> 01:00:08.730 Albert Dabah: All right, well.

01:00:09.090 --> 01:00:09.810 Simone Policano: Thank you, thank.

01:00:10.920 --> 01:00:11.610 Simone Policano: You soon.

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