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Thursday, August 12, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/08/12-  From Grow To Show

Facebook Live Video from 2021/08/12-  From Grow To Show


2021/08/12- From Grow To Show

[NEW EPISODE] From Grow To Show

With special guest, Shaka Steve.

Tune in for this crazy conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Jonny Tsunami is joined by Steven Frey the S&MB guy on TalkRadio.NYC. The two talk about their start at the radio station and how they met. They carry the conversation on how different states and different countries are dealing with the distribution of marijuana. Steve brings up the fact that goods like oil have been embraced but the controversy that surrounds marijuana has created boundaries on items of that nature.

Segment 2

Steve and Jonny talk about their beginnings, Jonny tells how he got to where he is today from growing on a farm. Steve questions how Jonnys upbringing affected how he saw the taboo subject of marijuana. Jonny talks about his family and how they were his biggest supporters as he continued to grow and follow his passion. Jonny continues to talk about his upbringing and what he learned from farming. Jonny explains how each dispensary is different and how he has seen the difference in quality by state.

Segment 3

Steve shares his background and relates how he has seen individuals struggle within the cannabis businesses. Steve shares how money is still a struggle to pin point for the cannabis companies as it varies with so many factors. The two also talk about the risks that come with sellings and legalizing while still having so many unknowns.

Segment 4

Jonny shares the struggles he faced on the farm like temperature and unpredictable weather. Jonny tells stories of the unpredictable times on the farm and how they unconventionally avoided disasters. Steve tells about an individual he knows that has created something great for the cannabis industry but it was the people supporting him and providing him with exposure are truly what got his product the attention he needed to be successful. Jonny tells how right before covid his family sold the farm and he and his son took the opportunity to grow a garden that provided Jonny and his family a sense of self sustainability.


00:00:28.950 --> 00:00:36.210 Jonny Tsunami: And that's the queue i'm Johnny tsunami, and this is planet taco low low of less taboo you.

00:00:36.570 --> 00:00:43.320 Jonny Tsunami: For those of you who don't know paga Lola was hawaiian slang for crazy tobacco, also known as marijuana.

00:00:43.680 --> 00:00:52.380 Jonny Tsunami: But this show is about removing the stigma stereotypes and taboos connected to this illustrious plant by speaking to people in the industry.

00:00:52.890 --> 00:01:04.830 Jonny Tsunami: Today, I have a special guest, some of you might know him as the SMB guy I know him as shaka Steve he happens to be the Co producer Co.

00:01:05.670 --> 00:01:17.790 Jonny Tsunami: aficionado of mine that likes to sit on every once in a while and help me explain to you the very beautiful journey of candidates chaka Steve how are you Bobby welcome the local law.

00:01:18.480 --> 00:01:20.400 Shaka Steve: As always Johnny tsunami.

00:01:21.510 --> 00:01:22.560 Shaka Steve: pleasure to be here.

00:01:24.000 --> 00:01:36.990 Jonny Tsunami: papi that's what they say goes like this Johnny soon now me and shark is the floating around planning alone going at kennedy's story.

00:01:37.050 --> 00:01:38.460 Shaka Steve: don't quit your day job, whatever that is.

00:01:40.230 --> 00:01:49.320 Jonny Tsunami: I don't know but i'll tell you this much i'm happy to be here and today's episode we're going to call it from grow to show.

00:01:50.970 --> 00:02:00.780 Shaka Steve: yep I love the idea and I love what you're doing Johnny somebody who's been a part of the cannabis industry now having a legal medicinal grow.

00:02:01.440 --> 00:02:12.270 Shaka Steve: And now seeing what's happening nationwide state by state and potentially on a federal level you're putting your voice out there and giving a voice to the folks who are in the industry you're doing an awesome thing.

00:02:13.500 --> 00:02:15.120 Jonny Tsunami: here's a mug shot.

00:02:21.990 --> 00:02:22.740 Jonny Tsunami: Years long now.

00:02:24.300 --> 00:02:36.810 Shaka Steve: So so Johnny you know I love from grow to show that both of us do our own shows you know you started doing yours couple months ago I started doing mine, about a year ago and.

00:02:37.830 --> 00:02:46.830 Shaka Steve: yeah you were on a farm with hands in the dirt and now, if you look at what's going on, I believe you personally had some of this experience.

00:02:47.280 --> 00:03:00.420 Shaka Steve: There are folks being interviewed for this industry all day long every day, these days, to take on positions in a somewhat professional matter is if it's becoming less taboo for the rest of society, is it not.

00:03:02.100 --> 00:03:19.020 Jonny Tsunami: I think that we just had this conversation before you're gonna have to open your perspective if you're going to enter the cannabis business yes there's going to be the rules that you're going to follow what you're going to have to realize that there is going to be.

00:03:20.040 --> 00:03:34.650 Jonny Tsunami: A different breed of people that are going to be entering that space ones that are from the inside, like a guy like me who've spent some time out on the farm where you experience things that you wouldn't experience in a cubicle.

00:03:36.060 --> 00:03:41.610 Jonny Tsunami: So that gives us a little bit of an edge, but then at the other end of the spectrum there.

00:03:42.630 --> 00:03:51.150 Jonny Tsunami: there's things that just need to be done business that's the whole point of the show right bring in different people from different walks of life and interview them and see what they have to say.

00:03:52.650 --> 00:04:02.850 Shaka Steve: yep and i'm somebody who ends up dealing with small, medium sized businesses of every type everything from hair salons to hedge funds and when the subject of cannabis comes up.

00:04:03.450 --> 00:04:10.920 Shaka Steve: It you know something that is still federally illegal, although moving in the direction where it might be accepted on a nationwide basis but.

00:04:11.370 --> 00:04:21.540 Shaka Steve: State to State it's a different story and with human resources and human capital management in general State law can supersede federal law which.

00:04:22.020 --> 00:04:32.400 Shaka Steve: Which brings about a bunch of interesting topics of conversation, you know, especially if you happen to be a business owner and entrepreneur or somebody with their own enterprise, who is employing.

00:04:32.970 --> 00:04:42.240 Shaka Steve: folks who are working in a state where recreational cannabis is legal it don't like it almost brings about a whole different workplace management motif that you have to really think about.

00:04:43.290 --> 00:04:50.100 Jonny Tsunami: yeah yeah and that's where people like you, people like let's say that he that he poster.

00:04:51.090 --> 00:04:55.830 Jonny Tsunami: By regulator lady access people then people did all my people.

00:04:56.190 --> 00:05:04.530 Jonny Tsunami: All people that i've met and the people that I haven't met, yet which I want to meet his more calm we've got some really nice ones coming down the chain shaka you know that uh huh oh.

00:05:05.040 --> 00:05:12.930 Jonny Tsunami: there's more and more people that are coming, not just from the US outside the country you know there's a lot of things going on in Israel there's a lot of things going on in Australia.

00:05:14.010 --> 00:05:21.930 Jonny Tsunami: The US is not the only country that's that's riding this train right now but we're getting very close I just remember there was something in the news.

00:05:22.950 --> 00:05:27.840 Jonny Tsunami: That now Mexico has a problem because they're getting valid California we'd.

00:05:29.460 --> 00:05:35.370 Jonny Tsunami: Like that's how that's how its flipped you know I mean used to be like Mexico here you go brick we'd send it in.

00:05:35.880 --> 00:05:42.720 Jonny Tsunami: coming in us now, they have a problem where us weed is coming in the next why because there's more.

00:05:43.590 --> 00:05:52.710 Jonny Tsunami: You know why there's more legal grows coming out there's an overabundance of weed now coming from other areas, so there is a competition that's occurring in the Gray market.

00:05:53.220 --> 00:06:05.790 Jonny Tsunami: In the White market affecting black and now the black what am I going to send it i'll send in Southall send the right to Mexico so send it over to the east coast i'll send it down South and guess what now they have to deal with that it's crazy out slipping yeah.

00:06:05.820 --> 00:06:12.930 Shaka Steve: Green rush gold rush there's you know you think about commodity products, if you will, for a moment it's.

00:06:13.560 --> 00:06:26.640 Shaka Steve: Something where you know you go back 30 years ago we'd be looking to all these other countries for something like oil now you look at the world nowadays there's there's there's states in the country that produce more oil than than countries in the Middle East.

00:06:26.970 --> 00:06:30.960 Shaka Steve: And the same could be said for the world of cannabis were there been other countries who've.

00:06:31.350 --> 00:06:38.700 Shaka Steve: embraced you know some of its healing characteristics and some of what it can do for an economy and raising tax revenue and all of that.

00:06:39.090 --> 00:06:53.130 Shaka Steve: That really embraced it for a long time now, you have a place, like the US that's first starting to embrace it and that's that can be a very healthy thing, as long as a people, people really real in some method behind the madness.

00:06:53.520 --> 00:07:03.360 Jonny Tsunami: um well that's where it was one thing that you notice from out West, because when you ever you want to really kind of take a snapshot of how things are going to be on the east coast.

00:07:03.960 --> 00:07:22.200 Jonny Tsunami: Look at what's happened on the west coast what and maybe the east coast won't take the same approach, but in some ways they already are they're copying the way the legislation rolled out and things of that nature, but when you start to see how it's affected the States specifically California.

00:07:23.250 --> 00:07:28.140 Jonny Tsunami: The way that it created a saturated market and decrease the price of the value of the commodity itself.

00:07:28.620 --> 00:07:36.960 Jonny Tsunami: And how they gave out licenses Left and Right and made it a free for all it it didn't have the best effect world New Jersey.

00:07:37.530 --> 00:07:40.410 Jonny Tsunami: they're still following some kind of legislation, but they're also.

00:07:41.340 --> 00:07:50.610 Jonny Tsunami: i'm hoping to be a little bit more reserved, it seems like they are right now, because they're only trickling out a few licenses what we'll see what happens once they've reached that recreational point.

00:07:51.060 --> 00:08:03.690 Jonny Tsunami: And how it will affect the east coast, what kind of things will come into effect, remember, because now out West they're ready to say you know what we can legalize everything suicidal and things of that nature, so is that is you know New Jersey going to go down that route.

00:08:05.310 --> 00:08:11.340 Shaka Steve: I don't know it's interesting though, because it seems like it's in that kind of in between or phase and a lot of folks realize that.

00:08:11.850 --> 00:08:19.890 Shaka Steve: You pass new legislation right around that July mark lot of times it'll take months to to get things implemented on a State level but.

00:08:20.250 --> 00:08:31.470 Shaka Steve: there's there's a lot of moving parts to all of this there's a lot of different states we've rolled it out before places like New Jersey shout out to the 732732732.

00:08:32.460 --> 00:08:35.790 Shaka Steve: friends that I met this past weekend great branding loved it had to have the hat.

00:08:36.600 --> 00:08:45.600 Shaka Steve: they're trying to you know i've been to some of their state legislature meetings you know before the pandemic where they had folks from Massachusetts they had folks from Colorado they had folks from California.

00:08:45.930 --> 00:08:54.090 Shaka Steve: You know, giving some thoughts about what worked what didn't work what could they do better if they were doing it again, right now, and you know and it just gets to a point where.

00:08:54.720 --> 00:08:56.640 Shaka Steve: You gotta just either do it or or not do it.

00:08:57.060 --> 00:09:05.490 Shaka Steve: And you know yeah there's gonna it's not going to be perfect and you and i've talked about this plenty times and plenty of forums it's progress it's not perfection.

00:09:05.760 --> 00:09:13.410 Shaka Steve: I think the world as a whole, and certainly the country starting to come to come around to this point they're getting progressive enough where they know that there's.

00:09:13.680 --> 00:09:22.110 Shaka Steve: positivity there's healing effects there's all kinds of solutions that are tied to this beautiful planet, you always talk about.

00:09:22.380 --> 00:09:28.860 Shaka Steve: um but you know really getting the right people with the right process of execution behind it.

00:09:29.610 --> 00:09:41.640 Shaka Steve: is a challenge there's it's a challenge in most industries if you're talking food if you're talking, you know professional services or if you're talking cannabis yeah it's good health is hard to find.

00:09:42.210 --> 00:09:49.650 Shaka Steve: and especially with something like cannabis somebody like you who's who's had experience growing a phenomenal product with hands in the dirt.

00:09:50.670 --> 00:09:55.620 Shaka Steve: Sometimes that's hard experience to find because it's been considered taboo for so long.

00:09:56.070 --> 00:10:04.440 Shaka Steve: So, to have it on a on a on a resume or CV or a portfolio real that you might have it doesn't exactly happened that way but.

00:10:04.680 --> 00:10:18.270 Shaka Steve: we're moving more to direction where where that is accepted, and again kudos to you for getting on the air and addressing folks number one fear of public speaking by exercising freedom of speech on something that is a universally discuss topic at this point.

00:10:19.200 --> 00:10:32.310 Jonny Tsunami: Well, thank you, I appreciate the the kudos I really do, and I think that there is a there's a long way to go, as she said and.

00:10:33.330 --> 00:10:48.480 Jonny Tsunami: i'm going to start asking my guests regularly this one, how much they think the timeline is going to be, because when I first got in I thought it was going to be overnight, and then it doesn't move fast enough, and because there's so many moving pieces and components to the whole thing.

00:10:49.860 --> 00:10:58.950 Jonny Tsunami: that's when it becomes a little bit slower or a lot bit slower, but we are making progress, nonetheless, speaking of food, you had mentioned food.

00:10:59.700 --> 00:11:12.780 Jonny Tsunami: Now more news there's also the first restaurant in California, that is infusing food with cannabis and I don't mean using cookie.

00:11:13.470 --> 00:11:20.970 Jonny Tsunami: They may be using cooking cooking with oil, but the way that I had seen the video was that they are cooking regular additions.

00:11:21.810 --> 00:11:29.790 Jonny Tsunami: And then they're sampling it with a canvas that matches the turpin profile of.

00:11:30.780 --> 00:11:39.000 Jonny Tsunami: Whatever it is so and they're healthy dishes to because it's cali so you know, we want to be healthy, and we want to have our Playa balls and we want to be healthy.

00:11:39.450 --> 00:11:47.100 Jonny Tsunami: And we want to sit in the sun and bb guns and look good so a lot of them are nice healthy dishes and then they perish.

00:11:47.610 --> 00:11:59.040 Jonny Tsunami: Right, so now it's like imagine that just being a job, where you could just walk in and be working at this and there's a woman, that I know JESSICA Barton JESSICA you're out there hi Jimmy marketing guru.

00:12:00.300 --> 00:12:16.440 Jonny Tsunami: For cannabis and shout out to flow, can we give a shout outs and she you know she was somebody who went to an academy called gone gone GA which is similar to a whines humble yet.

00:12:18.810 --> 00:12:20.340 Jonny Tsunami: What a job, what an amazing.

00:12:20.520 --> 00:12:32.550 Jonny Tsunami: job I can do that, I would love to do that, but I have too many things going on already but i'm saying if you're listening, you could be young person, you can be any age doesn't really matter but.

00:12:33.600 --> 00:12:44.130 Jonny Tsunami: To me that's an attractive job like if you wanted to get into the industry and you wanted to have you could have regular service hospitality skill set.

00:12:45.180 --> 00:12:52.320 Jonny Tsunami: and be able to excel at that job, and not even knew that was enough not know that it was an opportunity for you there be a.

00:12:53.100 --> 00:13:04.650 Shaka Steve: Listen doing a food and wine pairing and napa sonoma valley is is a great pastime, especially if you're a California right, but you know, do we having a gun GA, as you said, no runs intended.

00:13:05.880 --> 00:13:06.540 Shaka Steve: To really.

00:13:06.870 --> 00:13:16.710 Shaka Steve: create the ultimate pairing experience like, why not like it's it's a it's a great a great activity, a great tourist attraction a great all the way around.

00:13:17.610 --> 00:13:30.390 Shaka Steve: So it's it to me that, like stuff like that is is exciting to see that that folks are starting to embrace it that way, where it can be just as normal as taking a trip out to napa and doing a food and wine pair.

00:13:30.960 --> 00:13:42.690 Jonny Tsunami: And that's the way it should be Mr shaka Steve that's the way it should be, and I believe that people such as yourself and myself, continue to be proponents then one day we will own it.

00:13:43.080 --> 00:13:50.430 Jonny Tsunami: And that's how it goes, you have to be willing to do that and make it make that correlation for people make them feel comfortable and say hey.

00:13:51.660 --> 00:14:12.420 Jonny Tsunami: it's no different than anything else we're going to take a little break shaka is in the House with the tsunami and after this little deeper after that so hang in there we'll be right back this is planet pocket low low a less taboo view and we are on talk radio and by see seen a bit.

00:16:28.380 --> 00:16:34.860 Jonny Tsunami: And we're back this is planet pocket low low and less taboo view i'm Johnny tsunami and i'm here with shaka Steve shaka.

00:16:36.180 --> 00:16:36.810 Shaka Steve: what's up brother.

00:16:38.430 --> 00:16:39.870 Jonny Tsunami: Gentlemen brother Joe.

00:16:41.310 --> 00:16:50.400 Shaka Steve: Great to be here once again, we were just chatting a little bit about some of the special types of jobs that have come about like gone GA versus assemble yay.

00:16:50.760 --> 00:16:57.870 Shaka Steve: yeah I don't know if you remember, but I had interviewed and employment attorney a couple couple months back you know about the concept of.

00:16:58.500 --> 00:17:14.430 Shaka Steve: workplace impairment recognition experts like you know folks that had to really be able to recognize trouble that employees might have when you were growing on the farm, did you ever think that that we were going to be here, did you visualize this time frame like.

00:17:15.480 --> 00:17:16.230 Shaka Steve: What did you think.

00:17:18.090 --> 00:17:29.550 Jonny Tsunami: that's a great question chaka and and when I was on the farm what's funny is that you almost it was peaceful about it is that you forget about.

00:17:31.350 --> 00:17:33.330 Jonny Tsunami: So much of what's ahead.

00:17:33.810 --> 00:17:47.370 Jonny Tsunami: and start to just focus on the immediate, because when you're taking care of a living thing it's almost like nurturing the baby it's exactly the same thing you can't walk away from a plan it's like people get into this is, as this is the consultant talking.

00:17:48.540 --> 00:17:54.540 Jonny Tsunami: like somebody just saying well i'm going to buy a big box and then i'm going to put a bunch of Greens shit in it.

00:17:55.590 --> 00:18:08.580 Jonny Tsunami: And it's going to grow it's going to make me money and it's like hmm well i'm in theory, yes, but you can't just assume that it's flip a switch walk away and everything's hunky dory.

00:18:08.880 --> 00:18:10.560 Jonny Tsunami: Even if we're going to do it outside.

00:18:10.800 --> 00:18:21.390 Jonny Tsunami: You know, we were doing primarily most of the growing that we did was outside and rightfully so we, we also did inside but we felt that self sustainability.

00:18:22.470 --> 00:18:32.160 Jonny Tsunami: That the that kind of the regenerative life living organic soil that that's the way to go, that was the way that we saw canvas being made, and it was cost effective.

00:18:33.030 --> 00:18:41.220 Shaka Steve: But, did you did you ever get that feeling like what part of what made you so passionate about it and successful at it was the fact that you were kind of.

00:18:41.640 --> 00:18:51.570 Shaka Steve: removed from normal society and considered to be somewhat of a taboo discussion and now it's like part of every everyday conversation for everybody it's like you feel any of that.

00:18:51.990 --> 00:19:01.320 Jonny Tsunami: i'm driving in a car i'm driving in a beat up jeep wrangler i'm driving up the turnpike it's February northeast it's snowing i'm in i'm in a.

00:19:02.670 --> 00:19:14.790 Jonny Tsunami: 2008 jeep wrangler with main plates and the shit swerving all over the road and i'm driving seven hours i'm going either to my family or backup to the farm I got a lot of time to think 400 miles.

00:19:16.440 --> 00:19:25.890 Jonny Tsunami: You just kind of get used to it and you sit there and you're like Oh well, there's that giant fake moose that you know the past when you get into main you know you're at the homestretch like two hours away.

00:19:26.730 --> 00:19:31.620 Jonny Tsunami: And you start to really start to analyze it and you think yourself there's probably a ton of people that think this is crazy what i'm doing.

00:19:32.760 --> 00:19:33.180 Jonny Tsunami: You know.

00:19:34.380 --> 00:19:42.630 Jonny Tsunami: Leaving your wife your kids are three weeks up two days back three weeks or four days back what does that do to relationship, what does that do to.

00:19:43.020 --> 00:19:49.500 Jonny Tsunami: What does that do to somebody well in our situation God bless my wife most amazing woman on the face of the earth I babe Nikki.

00:19:50.130 --> 00:19:54.870 Jonny Tsunami: Hope she's listening that's why I said you guys should listen when I when I sit in the pregame.

00:19:55.710 --> 00:20:04.560 Jonny Tsunami: shouting out a lot of people right now, but these were the people that supported me my wife my kids my son came up on the farm and he worked for a week five in the morning till Fuck.

00:20:05.130 --> 00:20:13.080 Jonny Tsunami: Excuse my French seven o'clock at night and pounding steaks and when I was done with him after a week can at black circles owners I drop them off to his mom he was like.

00:20:14.190 --> 00:20:14.640 Jonny Tsunami: Good.

00:20:16.680 --> 00:20:22.260 Jonny Tsunami: People I really get what you're really appreciate you yeah good.

00:20:23.520 --> 00:20:28.680 Jonny Tsunami: Because you don't want to face that's not even getting into all the other side of the farm which things can get.

00:20:30.390 --> 00:20:45.660 Jonny Tsunami: Very wacky you know you're on a farm in the middle of the night there's no one around it's dark you don't know anybody the town's population is 2500 people everybody's living there 678 generations, the Jersey boys move in the radar goes up of ED.

00:20:47.250 --> 00:20:56.490 Jonny Tsunami: ED utley and now sudden you thought you were in the middle of nowhere when you bought the House and then three weeks later he just realized the hills have eyes.

00:20:58.890 --> 00:20:59.280 Jonny Tsunami: Oh well.

00:20:59.820 --> 00:21:01.800 Shaka Steve: shout out to the seven seven tree to.

00:21:02.520 --> 00:21:06.960 Jonny Tsunami: Time know bunker down, you know and it's in and then it gets real.

00:21:07.200 --> 00:21:15.270 Shaka Steve: And so, but but, but like there's there's there's a couple of select areas throughout the country Johnny that that have catered to this industry.

00:21:15.780 --> 00:21:22.980 Shaka Steve: and have some of those similar small populations, where if it's 2500 people 2300 are in the cannabis industry.

00:21:23.730 --> 00:21:32.220 Shaka Steve: Or at least it feels that way, but now it's it's shifting a little bit where it's starting to appear and more and more places and the need to have.

00:21:32.520 --> 00:21:41.460 Shaka Steve: wholesale and retail and distribution, and all of that real close to home is getting heavier than it's ever been before and there's no doubt there's opportunity.

00:21:42.120 --> 00:21:52.920 Shaka Steve: But it's it's still a long road to get to the straight line the opportunity and you're somebody who's felt that front line because you've been approached by people here locally i've seen it myself.

00:21:53.400 --> 00:22:06.720 Shaka Steve: where people are like hey you've done this before talk to us about what we need to do, and can you general manage the project for us and talk to us about some of that because I feel like i'm interviewing you now I apologize.

00:22:07.230 --> 00:22:07.710 Shaka Steve: But uh.

00:22:08.220 --> 00:22:11.520 Shaka Steve: But but but let's talk about it, because this is stuff I wonder about.

00:22:12.600 --> 00:22:16.710 Jonny Tsunami: Well, and that's a great way to go back to what we were saying before which is.

00:22:17.910 --> 00:22:27.720 Jonny Tsunami: It was crazy and now all of a sudden, is it not so crazy that somebody who's willing to throw 30 $40 million into a project to come to me and say.

00:22:28.800 --> 00:22:31.380 Jonny Tsunami: What would you what would you want your title to be to be able to do this.

00:22:33.000 --> 00:22:42.870 Jonny Tsunami: Was I thinking about that, when I was driving up alone seven hours one way through wind and snow and and and the unknown certainty now.

00:22:43.590 --> 00:22:45.810 Shaka Steve: But if you're worried about staying alive, but yes.

00:22:46.320 --> 00:22:57.210 Jonny Tsunami: uh yeah well that was part of it, but I mean it's just like you're sitting there and even after a while I got numb to it, but even swerving all over the place, my God whatever you know you're going to go you're you're traveling up to the Northeast.

00:22:57.630 --> 00:23:02.880 Jonny Tsunami: The snow up there that's why we became very good growers up there is because you have one season.

00:23:03.870 --> 00:23:11.070 Jonny Tsunami: I mean come on one season in that area, but what I mean is that it's a short powerful season, so if you don't hit the numbers right if you don't plant, the right day.

00:23:11.490 --> 00:23:15.090 Jonny Tsunami: If you don't take the proper precautions to deal with things that Mother Nature throws at you.

00:23:15.390 --> 00:23:30.480 Jonny Tsunami: you're going to lose, and if you have one shot for one harvest per year, maybe some little riff raff in between, for a little tiny indoor stuff you're going to make sure that the majority of what's going on in the summer in the fall and boo.

00:23:30.960 --> 00:23:37.290 Shaka Steve: But I would think a lot of different businesses Johnny, and this is my the SMB guy side of my brain talking, they could relate to that.

00:23:37.740 --> 00:23:47.070 Shaka Steve: Where a lot of them have very seasonal business model, some of them are busy Columbia up Memorial Day through Columbus day and that's that's their busy season.

00:23:47.430 --> 00:23:51.690 Shaka Steve: Now you and I live too far from from the shore the Jersey shore and it's.

00:23:52.200 --> 00:24:01.410 Shaka Steve: there's definitely some businesses here like that, whether whether their golf courses or restaurant hospitality, leisure, or just entertainment venues or anything like that.

00:24:02.130 --> 00:24:13.410 Shaka Steve: there's a common thread that holds everybody together, not just the fact that a lot of people like activists, but the fact that if you are a wholesale cannabis grower there's a spot there's a time and a season.

00:24:14.580 --> 00:24:18.510 Jonny Tsunami: there's a time and there's a season, now the ones that are really.

00:24:19.770 --> 00:24:26.220 Jonny Tsunami: Now if you're going if you're doing this legitimately as a business you want the time in the season, to be all year long right.

00:24:26.280 --> 00:24:34.200 Jonny Tsunami: Agreed, so you need to have your planning and that's when it comes in, where you have a team we bring people together that's where it's like okay.

00:24:34.470 --> 00:24:42.270 Jonny Tsunami: Johnny you might be somebody who can do this for us but we're going to take care of that like yeah you better take care of that, because if you're asking me to do your taxes i'm not interested.

00:24:42.720 --> 00:24:50.670 Jonny Tsunami: i'm here to help you grow your fucking lead so that's a different story, but do you want to make sure that those teas and Iser you know crossed and dotted.

00:24:52.020 --> 00:24:53.130 Jonny Tsunami: And i'm all about that.

00:24:53.820 --> 00:25:02.880 Shaka Steve: So that's that's interesting you look at it i'm sorry i'm a big movie guy you know how my mind works, I think of ratatouille with the kids have like.

00:25:03.240 --> 00:25:10.590 Shaka Steve: you're already looking at the kitchen and saying Okay, you know dessert chef is here the sous chef is here the chef is here here's the garbage boy like.

00:25:11.220 --> 00:25:25.200 Shaka Steve: Do you look at the at the farm and that type of lens and be like okay here's the main grower here's the here's the sous chef grower and here's the here's the guy who does the drying and curing here's the one that's trimming everything like you have it, that clearly laid out.

00:25:25.440 --> 00:25:36.540 Jonny Tsunami: I would say that, yes, well, of course, and if you're going to do that on the farm that was in easy because you had a smaller group, but when you both put it out into a macro level it's the same exact thing.

00:25:37.050 --> 00:25:47.430 Jonny Tsunami: you're going to you're going to have that same system, and when you have people that are working for you, you know you many people tell you be happy with like 70% because nobody's going to do 100% of what you.

00:25:47.730 --> 00:25:56.100 Jonny Tsunami: want to do, I might be able to trim above a certain way, where I know this is exactly how I want it done and I can express that to somebody but am I going to.

00:25:57.060 --> 00:26:07.710 Jonny Tsunami: expect that they're going to be able to sit there and do know what i'm want to make sure is that what they're doing, they can do well, so that we can get that covered and move into this section and that section so it's a well oiled machine.

00:26:08.010 --> 00:26:16.260 Jonny Tsunami: And we are producing cannabis, month after month and and it's not there's no lag time you can't have lifetime if you're a relational facility.

00:26:16.500 --> 00:26:30.480 Jonny Tsunami: The whole why you want to take over the black market as a white market facility is to produce and make sure that every time the the the patients or the consumer it's coming in the shells are always full.

00:26:31.620 --> 00:26:41.040 Jonny Tsunami: The product is always there it's always buco it's always beautiful there's always a variety there's always something new and there's always a healthy inventory and if.

00:26:41.580 --> 00:26:47.130 Jonny Tsunami: that's another big thing that's a problem in New Jersey, because, even if you go to Colorado when you go to like.

00:26:47.730 --> 00:26:58.800 Jonny Tsunami: An okay dispensary they still really good stuff and then, if you really want to be picky about it, you drive up further north and you go into the farms and you start to hand select things but in New Jersey.

00:26:59.520 --> 00:27:06.510 Jonny Tsunami: A lot of these operators it's not good i've seen it with my own eyes so that's okay doesn't matter.

00:27:06.870 --> 00:27:17.520 Shaka Steve: I get fascinated by this type of discussion Johnny because you've had such interesting intimate experience with this topic, and with this science and with this plan.

00:27:18.240 --> 00:27:29.700 Shaka Steve: And if you look to somebody who's had experience owning managing operating restaurants or restaurant groups, they can put that on a resume and otter.

00:27:30.390 --> 00:27:38.340 Shaka Steve: A real, even if they wanted, you know and and really publicize what they've done and how they've done it and someone in your position.

00:27:39.000 --> 00:27:45.360 Shaka Steve: Even if they do a really good job packaging, the experience and publicizing it might still be met with a little bit of that.

00:27:45.720 --> 00:27:53.280 Shaka Steve: That taboo view that different lens that people look at things through like like this person doesn't really have any real world experience yet.

00:27:53.700 --> 00:28:08.430 Shaka Steve: If you ask somebody who's a restaurant professional map out the whole kitchen for me that dictates successful food products, you can map out the ideal farm that that outputs successful cannabis product I think there's so much fun common ground there.

00:28:08.970 --> 00:28:22.590 Jonny Tsunami: there's a lot of perspectives that come in there's a lot of components, I should say that come into play, so when we look at the last group that came to me and said, would you be interested in helping us operate this facility big facility hundred thousand square feet.

00:28:24.720 --> 00:28:34.170 Jonny Tsunami: But then immediately my brain i'm like oh my God before you even do that, I would recommend you guys should probably look for maybe some greenhouses that are already.

00:28:34.680 --> 00:28:44.940 Jonny Tsunami: being shut down for other reasons repurpose them and reduce your overhead and do light deprivation on in those greenhouses produce something that's just as good as.

00:28:45.720 --> 00:28:54.270 Jonny Tsunami: High end indoor at a way lower costs, reduce your overhead why you gonna pay 100,000 square foot on the giant facility that's you know over there, I get it.

00:28:54.600 --> 00:29:00.540 Jonny Tsunami: Where you're seeing it, but a lot of times even these big money investors, they just go in so big and they don't realize.

00:29:00.870 --> 00:29:05.820 Jonny Tsunami: That there's a different way that they can go in and i'm not saying it's small either, because you know.

00:29:06.390 --> 00:29:16.020 Jonny Tsunami: there's a place out wilcox farm out in Arizona, it was a it was a tomato greenhouse that they repurpose it was a 230,000 square foot.

00:29:16.620 --> 00:29:20.850 Jonny Tsunami: Greenhouse that they repurposed and turned in for growing hemp and cannabis so.

00:29:21.150 --> 00:29:33.480 Jonny Tsunami: I mean that to me, is where I come in as a consultant say okay you guys out this great plan here, but this is also a viable alternative and, yes, if you need me to do this and you want to do that this is what your overhead is going to cost if you do this.

00:29:34.050 --> 00:29:36.900 Jonny Tsunami: This is what your overhead is going to cost in that situation so.

00:29:37.530 --> 00:29:38.130 Shaka Steve: amen brother.

00:29:38.520 --> 00:29:40.620 Jonny Tsunami: Man man, I like it well.

00:29:41.910 --> 00:29:42.450 Jonny Tsunami: Shah.

00:29:47.730 --> 00:30:02.700 Jonny Tsunami: Well, that was juicy let's take a little break and when we come back chaka Steve and Johnny tsunami we're going to go at it again round three thing being by typical lolo a less taboo view talk radio nyc see in a bit.

00:32:35.970 --> 00:32:45.030 Jonny Tsunami: And we're back planet poker low low or less taboo view i've got my co host co producer shaka Steve with me.

00:32:45.600 --> 00:32:47.490 Shaka Steve: Just feel like a Co host scenario today.

00:32:49.680 --> 00:32:54.960 Shaka Steve: You know how much I love talking about these types of topics with you Johnny tsunami, so I just can't help myself.

00:32:57.180 --> 00:33:00.000 Jonny Tsunami: Well guess what papi you ain't getting rid of me.

00:33:02.580 --> 00:33:06.450 Jonny Tsunami: we're gonna yeah more you coming back on what are you crazy.

00:33:06.780 --> 00:33:09.090 Shaka Steve: yeah oh stop it don't don't be nasty.

00:33:09.360 --> 00:33:09.810 Shaka Steve: Now.

00:33:10.380 --> 00:33:23.220 Shaka Steve: now listen, I wanted to share this with you, with with the listeners out there, so i'm a small, medium sized business guy I have my own show here on the network talk with business leaders and their trusted advisors all the time.

00:33:23.760 --> 00:33:31.020 Shaka Steve: And you know one thing that is interesting right now is that trusted advisors get put in a bit of an awkward position because they have a lot of.

00:33:31.350 --> 00:33:42.060 Shaka Steve: clients entrepreneurs prospects friends that are asking them questions about how to navigate the cannabis opportunities the cannabis industry in the cannabis potential setbacks like.

00:33:42.660 --> 00:33:55.230 Shaka Steve: And a lot of times folks are kind of fishing around for an answer, so I do a lot of work in the human resources arena, working with small, medium sized businesses and I got I got a note the other day from a friend who works in the.

00:33:55.680 --> 00:34:03.630 Shaka Steve: The outsourced CFO bookkeeping accounting type of space and says i'm at a seminar on cannabis now and there's someone here from a.

00:34:03.840 --> 00:34:15.150 Shaka Steve: payroll HR organization and a question came up about HR services and cannabis companies and these folks claim that they're the largest in the country that deal with cannabis related businesses.

00:34:15.450 --> 00:34:29.160 Shaka Steve: which seems risky as it's still federally illegal this seminar is from the New Jersey CPA society, etc, like which every state has their own CPA societies and their own industry societies so what's your thoughts what's your opinion.

00:34:29.940 --> 00:34:37.800 Shaka Steve: And I just I just find it to be interesting just the very concept, where there's so much there's so much enthusiasm around.

00:34:38.280 --> 00:34:47.430 Shaka Steve: You know, recreational legalization and using it for for medicinal purposes as well, and you know trusted advisors get asked their opinion and.

00:34:47.820 --> 00:34:56.850 Shaka Steve: they're not sure where to go in certain circumstances like touching the money side of things, is still a very taboo topic in this industry, is it not.

00:34:57.720 --> 00:35:06.480 Jonny Tsunami: Well that's that's a huge thing because well, what can I do with cash look at the casinos the car wash.

00:35:07.560 --> 00:35:10.080 Jonny Tsunami: Welcome, has been a lot of cash the strip clubs.

00:35:12.510 --> 00:35:17.130 Jonny Tsunami: there's been cash money businesses have been around long time cash money spin around.

00:35:18.240 --> 00:35:26.250 Jonny Tsunami: it's interesting how crypto is affecting the whole thing and how that's just an item called crypto and just say digital currency because digital currency is also you know.

00:35:27.030 --> 00:35:34.560 Jonny Tsunami: Any kind of money that we're exchanging digitally now so putting putting crypto side caches paper stuff like that.

00:35:35.130 --> 00:35:47.490 Jonny Tsunami: it's starting to dwindle or it's losing its power and a lot of these businesses that have been based on that kind of cash run business it'll be interesting to see what happens there moving forward.

00:35:48.000 --> 00:36:00.630 Shaka Steve: that's probably a whole different topic for a whole other day of the idea of the gold standard versus the green standard where academy has could actually be used as a basis for monetary system, I think we're still a ways off of that.

00:36:00.990 --> 00:36:10.680 Shaka Steve: But I do I do find it interesting where folks that have to deal with money you know you had your guests becky who works in the banking regulatory side of things and trying to help.

00:36:10.980 --> 00:36:15.750 Shaka Steve: Thanks really get get positioned well to deal with cannabis and cannabis related businesses.

00:36:16.740 --> 00:36:23.490 Shaka Steve: Every when you're working and you own your own business and you're trying to earn revenue and and grow your your endeavors.

00:36:23.940 --> 00:36:33.060 Shaka Steve: there's money associated with it, so if you're forced to operate in cash it just creates a whole set of headaches and problems and theft and risk and.

00:36:33.630 --> 00:36:43.410 Shaka Steve: Just all of it it's it's one of those things where having the state to state, you know, be a little different, what are we up to 1617 different states that have.

00:36:43.740 --> 00:36:50.520 Shaka Steve: legalized recreational cannabis, I know, New Jersey was 15 New York or 16 that's I was always think of things in terms of New York and New Jersey first sorry.

00:36:51.390 --> 00:36:59.610 Shaka Steve: But it it we're still at a point where federal legalization could be a couple years away could be five years, they could be even up to 10 years away.

00:37:00.000 --> 00:37:02.550 Shaka Steve: Probably about five to 10 and I don't know what i've been thanks, but.

00:37:03.330 --> 00:37:10.740 Shaka Steve: you're you're still in a whole bunch of no man's land in between her phase right now, even with the particular states like Jersey legalized it.

00:37:11.310 --> 00:37:23.070 Shaka Steve: And hasn't necessarily put it into practice, yet so now you have a whole bunch of folks scratching their head, what do I do Do I need a license for this Do I need a prescription for it, can I go to this event that I saw a flyer to.

00:37:23.460 --> 00:37:29.640 Shaka Steve: actually buy and consume and trade town of this paraphernalia ideas and related topics.

00:37:30.780 --> 00:37:37.740 Shaka Steve: Probably probably not exactly straightforward and completely legal at this point, yet, but I don't know it's still a Gray area.

00:37:39.510 --> 00:37:46.350 Jonny Tsunami: yeah well because what are we going to do there's always that that battle, where people don't want to come out.

00:37:48.240 --> 00:37:52.230 Jonny Tsunami: There has to be more people that are willing to say i'm okay with it.

00:37:52.800 --> 00:37:53.490 Shaka Steve: All does that.

00:37:53.850 --> 00:38:06.120 Jonny Tsunami: Now now voting level, most people are actually probably co line with legalizing cannabis than any current subject in the in on a national level.

00:38:07.230 --> 00:38:07.770 Jonny Tsunami: that's crazy.

00:38:08.160 --> 00:38:14.040 Shaka Steve: there's lots of people that that talk a big game, and then, when push comes to shove.

00:38:14.700 --> 00:38:19.020 Shaka Steve: They they might cower a little bit, especially with something so taboo that's.

00:38:19.350 --> 00:38:28.260 Shaka Steve: that's why I think with someone like you again I keep giving you props for what you're doing getting your voice out there and helping your guests get their voices out there.

00:38:28.620 --> 00:38:36.660 Shaka Steve: Because it's something where not everybody's necessarily been that forthcoming and open to give a forum like that, for this topic.

00:38:37.170 --> 00:38:45.420 Shaka Steve: So the more you're doing it, the more it's it's making it less taboo and know, as you say, less taboo you, you talk with.

00:38:45.930 --> 00:38:52.770 Shaka Steve: authority and experience and concreteness and when you're trying to communicate effectively with people.

00:38:53.130 --> 00:39:03.390 Shaka Steve: Nobody likes to hear from somebody who's wishy washy about how they feel about a particular topic, especially if it's something where people are really looking for God so again kudos to you know.

00:39:03.780 --> 00:39:11.040 Jonny Tsunami: shock, I again I love the kudos I think that you're a you're a gentleman and a scholar and i've.

00:39:12.330 --> 00:39:21.510 Jonny Tsunami: You inspired me to actually start this show so let's come up cool man who we can hear, I think that we, what we're what we're creating here is a platform for people.

00:39:21.780 --> 00:39:36.450 Jonny Tsunami: To be either enthusiast the lover the person who wants to be in the space or already is in space, because all of those people co align under the same concept which is, I am a proponent of it, and if we look at.

00:39:37.290 --> 00:39:48.690 Jonny Tsunami: Like I said before voting, the majority of people in this nation agree that cannabis should be federally legal Okay, when we look at how polarized.

00:39:49.230 --> 00:40:00.060 Jonny Tsunami: We are, as a nation how people will fight almost on every subject we fight over our political candidate we fight over everything and then all of the opinions.

00:40:00.390 --> 00:40:07.590 Jonny Tsunami: that are connected and all the subcategories within that and still even That being said, it says a lot about the cannabis plant.

00:40:08.160 --> 00:40:16.530 Jonny Tsunami: That all of these people, who have all of these different views that really don't get along in all these other different circles, depending on who they with.

00:40:17.220 --> 00:40:26.490 Jonny Tsunami: can come to an agreement and say i'm fine with it, and now that they're to the degree that degree of how they're fine with it could be listen I don't care what people do.

00:40:26.940 --> 00:40:33.450 Jonny Tsunami: it's it's not the worst thing in the world, I don't care, let them do their thing to the people that are like it needs to be.

00:40:34.800 --> 00:40:36.420 Jonny Tsunami: legalized and that.

00:40:37.530 --> 00:40:38.040 Jonny Tsunami: in between.

00:40:38.460 --> 00:40:46.320 Shaka Steve: yeah I think it's it's as you as you were saying it's more than just being a proponent though it's it's like.

00:40:46.980 --> 00:40:52.140 Shaka Steve: You know, no, no plans on the title of the show like we're calling this field from grow to show.

00:40:53.100 --> 00:41:08.820 Shaka Steve: You have to be working with people who want to grow, not just grow cannabis, but grow their business initiatives grow their business initiatives, no matter what their industry is real estate accounting being an attorney being a doctor.

00:41:09.780 --> 00:41:27.150 Shaka Steve: there's an element of the plant and of the plants healing powers and of the plants community and everything associated with it, that can have a fun positive effect and growth effects, no pun intended on each of these industry so.

00:41:28.200 --> 00:41:41.190 Shaka Steve: You know, like again for you being somebody who actually physically had their hands in the dirt living on the farm driving and that very vivid picture that you put out there in the jeep wrangler the seven hours each way back and forth, to the farm and back to your family.

00:41:42.240 --> 00:41:50.910 Shaka Steve: Now you're you're finding yourself in a position that where this is becoming more of a corporate America type of thing more of a big money type of thing where.

00:41:51.330 --> 00:41:58.350 Shaka Steve: You know people with deep pockets are like hey, we want a piece of the green rush you want a piece of the cannabis industry say here's a whole bunch of dough.

00:41:58.920 --> 00:42:11.850 Shaka Steve: let's set up a farm let's set up a retail day what's up a distribution thing and that we need to find people with the experience, who can really deliver an ideal experience an ideal solution and ideal customer journey.

00:42:12.120 --> 00:42:18.690 Jonny Tsunami: And this is for everybody across the board, no matter who want to walk into a meeting and you want to be the master and commander of that.

00:42:19.650 --> 00:42:28.110 Jonny Tsunami: When you can walk in, and you can be in there, and you can answer every single question that somebody has and be able to question what they're doing.

00:42:28.920 --> 00:42:37.380 Jonny Tsunami: and have them question themselves that's when you've put yourself in a position where you say, well, because I took X amount of risks.

00:42:37.950 --> 00:42:51.960 Jonny Tsunami: It has put me in a situation where it has put me in a category where most people will not Dell and you love movies, I love movies, I believe it's karate kid to which is the one with them Hilary swank.

00:42:52.680 --> 00:42:54.180 Shaka Steve: that's the next karate.

00:42:54.810 --> 00:43:00.300 Jonny Tsunami: kid Mr miyagi obviously great lines, I will leave it before we go to break i'll leave you with this one.

00:43:02.700 --> 00:43:05.940 Jonny Tsunami: ambition is like a boat.

00:43:07.140 --> 00:43:08.400 Without water.

00:43:12.690 --> 00:43:17.070 Jonny Tsunami: You know, we need you need knowledge knowledge.

00:43:18.120 --> 00:43:20.310 Shaka Steve: knowledge and experience.

00:43:20.580 --> 00:43:31.500 Jonny Tsunami: and experience, but you need to dive in if you're going to put yourself in that position, and that goes for the person who is the insurance the regulator, the banker, and this and that.

00:43:31.770 --> 00:43:36.900 Jonny Tsunami: I want, that same experience and I opened up a cannabis business I just like I want my grower to be someone experienced.

00:43:37.140 --> 00:43:41.430 Shaka Steve: As my as my friend, Sam we've was the executive producer of talk radio dot nyc.

00:43:41.430 --> 00:43:42.630 Jonny Tsunami: same way.

00:43:42.780 --> 00:43:50.250 Shaka Steve: The hardest part of doing a show as you're doing now doing anything like this that's really worthwhile is doing the first one.

00:43:51.450 --> 00:43:54.570 Jonny Tsunami: yeah well we're on number 13.

00:43:55.350 --> 00:43:56.310 Shaka Steve: lucky lucky 13.

00:43:56.910 --> 00:44:01.980 Jonny Tsunami: Well it's very befitting that Mr shaka Steve would come on for lucky 13 very.

00:44:03.120 --> 00:44:04.980 Jonny Tsunami: kudos to you, Sir, but again.

00:44:06.000 --> 00:44:09.300 Jonny Tsunami: that's what it takes, you know take that risk to take that jump.

00:44:09.870 --> 00:44:18.780 Jonny Tsunami: And you know, eventually, it pays off and yes you're right now, and now we're having bigger bigger conversations and we will continue to have bigger conversations.

00:44:19.050 --> 00:44:30.660 Jonny Tsunami: As well as many more amazing guests, to share their conversations and their stories as well, but let's take a little break before we go to our last goodbye, which is to shocker.

00:44:31.140 --> 00:44:32.160 Shaka Steve: Okay baby bok.

00:44:33.000 --> 00:44:42.870 Jonny Tsunami: bok okay explain it pucker law law or less taboo view talk radio dot and white see.

00:47:15.510 --> 00:47:21.990 Jonny Tsunami: And we're back folks i'm Johnny tsunami here with shaka Stephen this planet bako with less taboo.

00:47:23.910 --> 00:47:24.360 Jonny Tsunami: chaka.

00:47:25.320 --> 00:47:26.940 Shaka Steve: that's me i'm here, I made it.

00:47:27.840 --> 00:47:28.650 Jonny Tsunami: Let me tell you something.

00:47:31.740 --> 00:47:35.760 Jonny Tsunami: This has been a very, very beautiful journey, thus far.

00:47:36.960 --> 00:47:37.620 Shaka Steve: I agree, brother.

00:47:38.190 --> 00:47:39.300 Shaka Steve: And i'm happy to be sharing.

00:47:39.690 --> 00:47:42.630 Jonny Tsunami: What I wanted to you show me this picture, while ago.

00:47:43.980 --> 00:47:44.370 Jonny Tsunami: and

00:47:45.690 --> 00:47:48.210 Jonny Tsunami: My face it's just like it just says it all.

00:47:50.700 --> 00:48:01.560 Jonny Tsunami: I remember, I remember I we were that day what happened that day, we had no, no, whatever she wanted plants outside whatever was.

00:48:03.000 --> 00:48:05.010 Jonny Tsunami: And we had hoop houses over the plants.

00:48:06.120 --> 00:48:06.810 Jonny Tsunami: and

00:48:08.220 --> 00:48:12.540 Jonny Tsunami: The frost came in now in maine frost can come anytime.

00:48:14.070 --> 00:48:16.680 Jonny Tsunami: We had snow, on this day well.

00:48:17.850 --> 00:48:33.510 Jonny Tsunami: We had snow on October 30 it was the day before Halloween and the snow came, it was like three inches not much, but it was hail, and our and our hoop houses were made of PVC pipe and then they had it was a cheap very, very cheap version.

00:48:34.560 --> 00:48:42.600 Jonny Tsunami: The reason being is because you only needed to protect us from moisture so that the water doesn't come down on top of the buds and cause root rock or Bud rock.

00:48:43.410 --> 00:48:54.120 Jonny Tsunami: or try this, so what we would do is you would take a 20 foot PVC and you would bend it over the PVC like a one inch diameter bend it over the the trench.

00:48:54.720 --> 00:49:12.930 Jonny Tsunami: And then we roll out this plastic tarp over it nail it down boom boom perfect for summertime use very cost effective reduce the overhead per pound per unit and save us a ton of money and we were able to you know benefit from that but tuber 30th comes Sammy snips is.

00:49:15.210 --> 00:49:15.630 Shaka Steve: Freezing.

00:49:16.050 --> 00:49:25.440 Jonny Tsunami: Know he's doing well he's freezing yeah that's the first one, because you know the cold, because the wood, we have only we didn't really have any heat in the House, we had a we had a mini split and this little tiny cabin you know.

00:49:25.950 --> 00:49:38.550 Jonny Tsunami: And we had a wood burning stove to keep us warm so you back said he up all night long boom seal it, but then like three four o'clock in the morning you're sitting there, and you look like the wake up kids you know you're like.

00:49:40.380 --> 00:49:43.980 Jonny Tsunami: me and I had just passed out from the night before from doing a bunch of trimming.

00:49:45.060 --> 00:49:46.320 Jonny Tsunami: And Sammy shaking me.

00:49:48.060 --> 00:49:48.360 Jonny Tsunami: Right.

00:49:50.070 --> 00:49:50.370 Jonny Tsunami: Like.

00:49:51.600 --> 00:50:01.680 Jonny Tsunami: Man what he's like oh they're collapsing loops are collapsing like what are you talking about he's like it's snowing it's October 30.

00:50:02.040 --> 00:50:04.200 Shaka Steve: But man is a common domain is a common.

00:50:04.500 --> 00:50:22.380 Jonny Tsunami: In the hoop houses, because the PVC, even though it was um it was three inches maybe two inches it was it was wet and inverted the pipes and drop the hoop houses right on the plants and now we're scrambling to the we scramble outside we're cutting.

00:50:24.210 --> 00:50:26.550 Jonny Tsunami: blowing snow off you're like oh my God.

00:50:28.710 --> 00:50:34.320 Jonny Tsunami: Thousands of dollars a shower by God and you're running all over the place, but.

00:50:35.400 --> 00:50:45.480 Jonny Tsunami: We saved it and the beauty of it is, is because, and that was a smaller, less than when we realize, you can take, even if it was stuff that you caught early you we call it fresh frozen, you know we cut early throat.

00:50:46.080 --> 00:50:52.770 Jonny Tsunami: throat right into the freezer and then you can blast it and turn it into whatever else you wanted to buy frozen, you know.

00:50:52.830 --> 00:51:01.140 Shaka Steve: I think there's another fun lesson from it, though Johnny because this is the part of your show where you'd like to talk about opportunities that are out there in the cannabis world.

00:51:01.560 --> 00:51:12.120 Shaka Steve: And you think about folks that have set up those like PVC half hoop things and like little tense and and whatever for day camps if they have them or whatever it's.

00:51:12.150 --> 00:51:20.340 Shaka Steve: there's an opportunity for folks to do that, to build them in a more 30 way that's that's more adaptable for the cannabis industry.

00:51:20.430 --> 00:51:26.310 Shaka Steve: I got a I got a buddy that is an industrial engineer Johnny I don't know if you've met him get around my buddy Adam.

00:51:26.550 --> 00:51:40.170 Shaka Steve: he's an industrial engineer that designs air purification and air filtration systems for some of the most major brands out there, that you see if you bought an air purifier in the last five years there's a solid chance that he is the one who engineered it.

00:51:40.800 --> 00:51:42.570 Shaka Steve: And for him there's like a ridiculous.

00:51:42.570 --> 00:51:57.480 Shaka Steve: opportunity but it's unless you have the right people alongside of you somebody with the experience and the know how like that you've had from seeing it firsthand some of those folks might not even think that there that they have an opportunity in this space they might be beyond me.

00:51:58.170 --> 00:52:08.310 Jonny Tsunami: I can't wait until the turns rack and then i'm hoping that the legislation allows the citizens to grow at least one plant.

00:52:10.230 --> 00:52:18.570 Jonny Tsunami: One plant legally whatever under whatever rules and regulations you want to do it, and I would I would love to surface those people.

00:52:19.020 --> 00:52:27.960 Jonny Tsunami: I would love to focus on that I built a garden over coven covert broke, you know covert hit we just we finished, we just sold the far right before covert it.

00:52:28.320 --> 00:52:28.620 Shaka Steve: Go but.

00:52:29.100 --> 00:52:31.500 Jonny Tsunami: i'm at home i'm chillin and.

00:52:32.820 --> 00:52:34.830 Jonny Tsunami: What am I gonna do I build the garden with my son.

00:52:35.880 --> 00:52:41.730 Jonny Tsunami: We make beautiful veggies all this stuff i'm thinking to myself and people reached out to me because I was posting it online and stuff.

00:52:42.030 --> 00:52:49.110 Jonny Tsunami: People really like can I pay you to build one of those in my backyard coven has created a sense of self sustainability.

00:52:49.710 --> 00:52:55.650 Jonny Tsunami: Because now everybody's afraid that, when let's say delta comes out, I mean he's gonna shut down oh my God.

00:52:55.950 --> 00:53:02.370 Jonny Tsunami: So if I have my own they don't realize that it takes a lot of work to be self sustainable but regardless it's a whole nother subject but, at the end of the day.

00:53:02.670 --> 00:53:13.980 Jonny Tsunami: That feeling of having land and space and your own garden, and your own crop leads to self sustainability, which allows a person to feel better maybe less anxious.

00:53:14.400 --> 00:53:24.000 Jonny Tsunami: feeling a little bit more control because they have the ability to take sunshine and dirt and create into sustenance now if they're a cannabis.

00:53:24.810 --> 00:53:34.650 Jonny Tsunami: person and they're enthusiastic and they want to learn more about a plan, they want to Fuck how'd that plant, they want to make love to that plant, they want to, they want to learn everything about it, then they want to smoke that plant.

00:53:34.860 --> 00:53:42.210 Jonny Tsunami: or convert that plan into some kind of an award concentrate or topical I would love to take them through that process yeah.

00:53:42.510 --> 00:53:48.240 Jonny Tsunami: Somebody that I don't even look at it, this is something i've got to work with some oh yeah somebody wants me to do some.

00:53:49.020 --> 00:53:58.020 Jonny Tsunami: giant facility that's really cool I like that that's great and everything like that it's an awesome opportunity and i'd be more than happy to do it, but I also almost find just as much.

00:53:58.380 --> 00:54:05.370 Jonny Tsunami: Of a beauty and passion around it, that I love to share that with the everyday person who could just put it into their garden.

00:54:06.540 --> 00:54:19.410 Shaka Steve: Absolutely and i'm totally with you, if you think back to the professional world for a second, though, doctors, lawyers accountants, all of them in professional service and healthcare types of fields.

00:54:19.950 --> 00:54:21.780 Shaka Steve: there's a reason for all of them to at least.

00:54:22.200 --> 00:54:31.350 Shaka Steve: have an outlet for it, or have somebody on staff that specializes in it there, there are countless folks in those professions being asked about it nowadays.

00:54:31.590 --> 00:54:43.950 Shaka Steve: So, whether they do it, or they have somebody they can refer it out to it behooves them to do so even people who have focused Johnny on working in legislation and government and politics and all of that.

00:54:44.370 --> 00:54:52.830 Shaka Steve: it's like the State of New Jersey, now has a cannabis regulatory Commission there's somebody from the Attorney general's office he's been appointed to run the whole thing.

00:54:53.310 --> 00:55:03.960 Shaka Steve: it's like those are real opportunities and they're also the types of things where there's no, especially if you look at the Attorney side of things there isn't much in the way of case law.

00:55:04.770 --> 00:55:14.160 Shaka Steve: To document what people's next steps are like you know and that goes back to some conversations you and i've had along the way, about being forward thinking versus only rearview mirror.

00:55:14.640 --> 00:55:23.940 Shaka Steve: Is there's a certain piece of this, especially with someone like you Johnny where you have to look back at your experience and your time in the dirt and your time back and forth, you know me and etc.

00:55:24.630 --> 00:55:34.410 Shaka Steve: But there also has to be anticipation of the next couple of steps in the road and that's a couple of bumps in the road, but there are a ton of opportunities out there and again.

00:55:34.980 --> 00:55:38.550 Shaka Steve: The idea of from grow to show what you've been doing as of late.

00:55:39.330 --> 00:55:47.490 Shaka Steve: Putting a voice to it and helping be a sounding board the way that i've like to consider myself for the small, medium sized business community over the last 20 years.

00:55:48.240 --> 00:55:57.870 Shaka Steve: it's a very big thing you know i've said it in my show before Jerry seinfeld said, years ago, like public speaking is the number one fear of all people number two is death.

00:55:58.410 --> 00:56:04.140 Shaka Steve: So you'd rather be in the casket than giving the eulogy if you're most people and just by.

00:56:04.680 --> 00:56:15.870 Shaka Steve: Exercising that beloved freedom of speech and really speaking concretely and being so passionate about it, giving your less taboo view and helping others get their their view out there.

00:56:16.470 --> 00:56:27.990 Shaka Steve: I just think it's awesome work and i'm excited to be a part of it, and wherever I can support the efforts and get get the message out there baby let's let's get everybody as educated as possible and make some impact.

00:56:28.410 --> 00:56:33.390 Jonny Tsunami: I appreciate that Steve and there's a lot of people out there that i've known over the years that have supported me.

00:56:34.170 --> 00:56:46.320 Jonny Tsunami: Just in my endeavors as being an entrepreneur, and you know once I did that cannabis jump and you know i'm very open about it, so I put it on my instagram and stuff so people people know i'm not bullshitting them, they could.

00:56:46.800 --> 00:56:56.880 Jonny Tsunami: They could see they could see that i'm literally hauling plants into a giant barn i'm not you know what I mean and there's that there is the difference between you know.

00:56:57.390 --> 00:57:03.360 Jonny Tsunami: The average person who just thinks well you know it's recreational now, so I just want to get a license not that easy dude.

00:57:03.960 --> 00:57:16.980 Shaka Steve: No, but it's about having the right people by your side, and I was happy to have met you when I moved back to town here and I love what we're doing together and let's just keep making some beautiful music and having some fun discussions brother.

00:57:17.700 --> 00:57:23.820 Jonny Tsunami: Bobby you know he making beautiful music that's what we do we just make that beautiful ukulele music I call it.

00:57:25.050 --> 00:57:31.080 Jonny Tsunami: Dick Dale needs the ukulele that's what we got for our theme song, so they can all see that, when we phase out listen.

00:57:31.860 --> 00:57:39.600 Jonny Tsunami: folks yani tsunami and shaka Steve here i've given you the first taste of what we thought to the something beautiful we've made it through the through the.

00:57:39.780 --> 00:57:53.700 Jonny Tsunami: Three months sector we're about to go in and hit it into the high speed, we got some new guests coming around this time Thank you so much for supporting us been a great time we got a lot more coming down the pipeline shaka it has been a pleasure thanks again.

00:57:54.600 --> 00:58:00.360 Shaka Steve: Man it's what I do you guys want to learn more about always Friday my show it's X SMB guy that's 21,000.

00:58:00.750 --> 00:58:02.160 Jonny Tsunami: that's it and guess what.

00:58:02.610 --> 00:58:03.210 Shaka Steve: that's it.

00:58:04.080 --> 00:58:17.220 Jonny Tsunami: Friday check them out, or we Friday on talk radio nyc this is planet bako lolo less taboo view I want everybody to have a great night thanks for listening tuning in talk radio dot nyc we'll see you next week, everyone.

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