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Tuesday, August 10, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/08/10 - Celebration of Life

Facebook Live Video from 2021/08/10 - Celebration of Life


2021/08/10 - Celebration of Life

[NEW EPISODE] Celebration of Life

The first half of tonight's show is about the last two weeks covering my travel adventures back to my place, LA for a fitness photo shoot and then traveling to Oklahoma for my buddy, Philip Bauer’s, Celebration of Life ceremony. We also have a new female adoptable stray at Rocky’s Rescue for fostering or adoption. Also talking about the return to live music and KBProduction’s first concert back up In Dekalb, IL. .

Second half of the show we have special guest, Mike Fanelli, on to talk about track and field. Mike is widely known in the track and field community as a competitive runner, a coach of three USA National Teams, journalist and a track and field historian and collector. We will be talking about track and field at the 2020 Olympic Games. We will also talk about his favorite moments in Olympic and Olympic Trials history! .

Tune in for this fun conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Kevin joins us live by starting off with his condolences to Cameron Burell’s family after hearing about his passing. Then, he goes into how he prepares for his print shoots, including drinking a lot of water to even getting a manicure if it’s requested. By being on a low carb diet and drinking liters of water, it helps make his body ready and looking great for the shoot. Kevin also shares his disheartment for seeing the major issue of homelessness while in LA. He also talks about the concert business and his experience celebrating the life of one of his closest friends, Phillip Bauer, who passed away during the previous year.

Segment 2

Coming back from the break, Kevin discusses his positive experience flying with American Airlines and his recent occurrence of his flight out of Myrtle Beach getting delayed. With a garment bag, a box of books, and more he finds out his luggage doesn’t make it to the plane he ended up taking. Later he learns that the luggage won’t arrive until later that night, which included the books he wanted to have for his friend’s celebration of life because his friend wrote the book. So, he drives all the way back to receive the books to then discover that the books were sent to the wrong city, eventually winding up back in his office after being shipped between multiple cities. With this dilemma, he also had to buy clothes at Walmart. Even with all of this trouble, Kevin believes this was Phillip’s way of having his last practical joke on him.

Segment 3

Kevin now welcomes Mike Fanelli onto his show to discuss track and field. Kevin and Mike discuss specific male athletes' best records and time scores. Referencing back to 1960, various time records are talked about within the Olympic events. Mike speaks about how he enjoys watching multiple events, aside from Track and Field events, and the inspiration he feels from the Olympics. Specifically, they both bring up Shot put and the three athletes who finished within the same time record during one event. Then, Mike explains his favorite viewing experience of the Olympic Games recently and one from the past.

Segment 4

Mike talks about his Track and Field collection that is present in his garage, which went famous on Facebook. This collection is dedicated to the history of Track and Field and includes over 4,000 pieces. Kevin then asks Mike to share what his favorite pieces are within the collection, including an A.A.U autographed archive. He also shares some of the difficulty he went through to get some of the archives he has in his collection. One specific way he received a piece was by explaining to the owner of the item his intentions to pass down his collection to a museum to help others continue learning about the history of Track and Field. They also talk about what the T/F trials have been like over the years and the impact they think the Olympic trials have on athletes to prepare them for the Olympics.


00:00:24.750 --> 00:00:43.590 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Good evening everybody and welcome back to coffee topic so i'm Kevin for bro and you're listening in on talk radio dot nyc or you're watching us live now on Facebook COM slash talk radio nyc and happy to be back, I was gone last week i'm going to go over that a few minutes.

00:00:44.820 --> 00:00:52.050 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know I tried to do the show every week, but when it's a live show man it's it's tough to do because I live such a crazy.

00:00:53.130 --> 00:01:02.850 Kevin Barbaro Productions: A collective eclectic life, where i'm always on the road or i'm always doing something I but in last week was no exception to that, so I had to be on the road, but I like I said i'll go over that in a minute.

00:01:04.740 --> 00:01:10.800 Kevin Barbaro Productions: going to recap last couple of weeks here and also talk a little bit about the Olympics, on the second half, by show.

00:01:11.340 --> 00:01:16.290 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Like I do every week, I have a guest on the second half, and i've got a track and field.

00:01:16.890 --> 00:01:22.260 Kevin Barbaro Productions: journalist and historian Mike fanelli he's going to be joining us for the second half of the show we're going to be talking about.

00:01:22.680 --> 00:01:33.180 Kevin Barbaro Productions: track and field at the Olympic Games that just wrapped up last week, some of the great performances some of the more memorable performances and we're also he's actually a historian, as I mentioned.

00:01:33.570 --> 00:01:44.460 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And we're going to be talking about some of his favorite Olympic moments and Olympic trials moments over the course of the 50 years that he's been competing in.

00:01:44.850 --> 00:01:51.240 Kevin Barbaro Productions: track and field and he's been writing about it and we'll talk more about that as we get closer to the second half of the show but.

00:01:52.860 --> 00:02:03.060 Kevin Barbaro Productions: First of all, talking track and field now today's Tuesday and today very sad news came out of university of Houston where.

00:02:04.080 --> 00:02:07.170 Kevin Barbaro Productions: cam burrell, who was the.

00:02:09.120 --> 00:02:29.010 Kevin Barbaro Productions: ncaa division one 100 meter champion you're in 9.93 seconds, which is one of the fastest times in the world and he's actually the son of longtime Houston head coach leroy burrell leroy was the former world record holder at 100 meters and.

00:02:30.210 --> 00:02:40.770 Kevin Barbaro Productions: went to university Houston and coach is the coach longtime coach university Houston anyway sad news they found a yesterday or yesterday afternoon.

00:02:42.840 --> 00:02:52.980 Kevin Barbaro Productions: cam was was discovered in his apartment and he was deceased and no real indication as to what happened, I want to say is only like 26 years old really young.

00:02:53.580 --> 00:03:13.830 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And i'm not going to speculate as to the cause of death or they're going to release, something I think later today, but I know leroy we were nc double a coaches, you know, for a long time or on committees together and man just I I, I know that feeling of loss, I know that.

00:03:16.020 --> 00:03:29.640 Kevin Barbaro Productions: devastation that they must be going through them sure they're going through and and my my heart goes out to leroy and to all of cams family and friends and teammates at the University of Houston and but.

00:03:31.320 --> 00:03:40.680 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Getting back to my last couple of weeks here so two weeks ago, I had my buddy Mike Cunningham on the show from Gill athletics, we were talking track and field and coaching and whatnot.

00:03:41.280 --> 00:03:55.590 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And I had to head to California to head to La I got a place out there, where I had to go and film a an exercise print ad in for an exercise product it'll.

00:03:56.850 --> 00:04:08.700 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Usually, when we do these things they're they're non disclosures and I can't really say what it was for until it actually comes out until the ads come out, but it was for a fitness product, it was actually the second.

00:04:10.200 --> 00:04:17.400 Kevin Barbaro Productions: print modeling add that I had, and the last three weeks, three weeks ago, I was up and in Washington DC.

00:04:18.180 --> 00:04:26.880 Kevin Barbaro Productions: For a print shoot and then and then two weeks ago, I was, I was in La it's interesting when you go and do a print you particularly a fitness sheet.

00:04:27.510 --> 00:04:37.170 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And I touched on that last episode before I was leaving to go to it, I was like in the middle of preparing for fitness you know when you prepare for a regular.

00:04:37.770 --> 00:04:53.310 Kevin Barbaro Productions: print shoe there isn't a whole lot of preparation involved, I mean you're just you are who you are you look like what you look like you know, maybe a new haircut every once in a while i'll i'll be asked to get a manicure if my hands are going to be close up.

00:04:54.390 --> 00:05:11.640 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And, which is something I never would have said yeah I gotta get a manicure before I became an actor, but when you get ready for fitness and it's a little different because you really don't have any idea until you get there, what kind of an outfit you're going to be in.

00:05:12.690 --> 00:05:19.050 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Are you going to be shirtless I mean I I in a similar situation, I was one of the.

00:05:20.880 --> 00:05:23.040 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Co stars of a feature film that came out.

00:05:24.510 --> 00:05:29.880 Kevin Barbaro Productions: right before the pandemic and in the festival world where I played a retired.

00:05:30.360 --> 00:05:46.200 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Boxer and there was a scene, I had like I had a bedroom scene, where I had to be shirtless so it was the same preparation, as, for that is when you go into a print shoot for a fitness shot so you're not really sure which so basically what happens is.

00:05:47.340 --> 00:06:00.330 Kevin Barbaro Productions: As I mentioned on that show you don't look when you see these guys in the movies, and you see him in print ads and whatnot and everybody's kind of chiseled up and and kind of slim down or whatever it is.

00:06:01.500 --> 00:06:07.320 Kevin Barbaro Productions: that's not real life Okay, we people don't just walk around looking like that what ends up happening is.

00:06:08.220 --> 00:06:13.950 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And it's actually fairly I mean it isn't that difficult it's not you know it's not like you're out you're solving world peace or something but.

00:06:14.340 --> 00:06:34.770 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Essentially, what you end up doing is, you have to manipulate your nutrition and manipulate your body, so that you're scaling yourself down over the course of like a week to 10 days, so that, on the day of the shoot or or on the day of filming or whatever it is.

00:06:35.910 --> 00:06:39.720 Kevin Barbaro Productions: On that day, and maybe for a couple of days around that you look.

00:06:40.980 --> 00:06:43.620 Kevin Barbaro Productions: At you know straight up as good as you're going to look.

00:06:44.670 --> 00:06:52.410 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And what ends up happening is you start by manipulating the amount of water that you're in taking so you can take a tremendous amount of water.

00:06:53.280 --> 00:06:58.470 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In the early stages, like say seven to 10 days out and you're drinking like seven liters of water, a day.

00:06:59.190 --> 00:07:10.800 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And then to kind of flush your your your your body of flesh the carbs out of your or your muscles and you're on like a high protein and even moderate fat diet you're on a low carb diet.

00:07:11.340 --> 00:07:19.980 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And then you slowly start cutting back the amount of water they're drinking, to the point where, like the last day you're only drinking you're only sipping on water, the day of the shoot.

00:07:20.640 --> 00:07:28.680 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You you're essentially dehydrating yourself that's why you look the way you do and that's why you can only look that way for a little while but i'm telling you man.

00:07:29.760 --> 00:07:44.130 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You can't get any hungrier or any thirsty year than when you're getting ready to do a print ad or you're getting ready to do an ad or shoot where you've got to trim down but anyway, for an end when great.

00:07:45.270 --> 00:07:49.380 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Although I will say la is crazy right now I mean just.

00:07:51.180 --> 00:07:59.070 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Listen i'm I don't want to get into some political you know, a conversation about the homeless or whatever, but.

00:07:59.940 --> 00:08:08.850 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i've never seen anything like it, and of course I go to La you know once, twice a month and i'm out there, for you know, a week or whatever, at a time.

00:08:09.390 --> 00:08:18.390 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And it's just it's just unbelievable to me I can't even I can't even begin to wrap my head around it and and you've got so many.

00:08:19.320 --> 00:08:36.690 Kevin Barbaro Productions: places now in and around la where the buildings, the businesses have gone out of out of out of business completely these companies have gone out of business, and you have abandoned buildings everywhere, and you have these homeless encampments everywhere and it's just.

00:08:37.710 --> 00:08:46.380 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I mean, I feel for these people, obviously I feel for these people i'm a you know pretty show socially liberal guy at the same time.

00:08:47.820 --> 00:08:49.800 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I just don't really understand how.

00:08:51.000 --> 00:08:59.430 Kevin Barbaro Productions: It how it can ever end I just really I just can't wrap my head right, I know that they're putting trying to move people from the encampments and putting them into.

00:09:00.330 --> 00:09:10.500 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Old hotels or older hotels at the cities have purchased or leased out I know they're doing that in Austin also but it's really it's just it's it's unbelievable to me so anyway.

00:09:11.520 --> 00:09:16.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Did that came back and to turn around and fly out to Oklahoma.

00:09:17.130 --> 00:09:28.080 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Actually, so I mean there's a reason I was going to Oklahoma as a sad when I had to go out on Tuesday of last week, which was exactly at the time that we were having that I would have had this show.

00:09:28.950 --> 00:09:35.130 Kevin Barbaro Productions: We were having a celebration of life ceremony for one of my very best friends fill up our.

00:09:36.300 --> 00:09:40.500 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I mentioned this a couple of months ago on and on another.

00:09:41.550 --> 00:09:56.460 Kevin Barbaro Productions: podcast another episode where my buddy Philip was regarded really all over the world, is one of, if not the best Johnny cash impersonator that there is, I mean it's really the transformation, the voice.

00:09:57.000 --> 00:10:16.830 Kevin Barbaro Productions: He had everything down the the even the tiniest idiosyncrasies about Johnny when he was performing his facial expressions everything had it all down pat and was getting ready to have the best year of his career, I was in addition to him being one of my best friends, I was actually.

00:10:17.850 --> 00:10:21.750 Kevin Barbaro Productions: His agent as manager as well, and so I know that.

00:10:22.920 --> 00:10:42.120 Kevin Barbaro Productions: 2020 before the pandemic hit that was going to be an absolute amazing year for me had over 120 dates book forum and and I was, thankfully, I was at his very last performance, which was up in Wisconsin there's a little theater in delvon Wisconsin that.

00:10:44.580 --> 00:10:49.740 Kevin Barbaro Productions: it's called the belfry theater it's a small church that had been converted into a concert hall.

00:10:50.340 --> 00:10:59.970 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Beautiful facility beautiful area and it was his last performance because right and I, thankfully, I was there for it, I sometimes I mean when you're.

00:11:00.510 --> 00:11:10.320 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In the world of concert production and promotion, and at the same time I I have an agency, where I represent shows and sell the shows to venues.

00:11:11.220 --> 00:11:23.100 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You don't normally go to the shows that you aren't promoting yourself normally if you sell the show you're just it's really you know you collect the money and that's it, you know, but for this particular show, in particular for Philip.

00:11:24.270 --> 00:11:26.460 Kevin Barbaro Productions: always like going to the shows and.

00:11:28.110 --> 00:11:36.780 Kevin Barbaro Productions: When he came back from that show, he was he wasn't feeling well at the show, and he hadn't been feeling well for a while and, sadly, I mean he went to the hospital and and.

00:11:37.680 --> 00:11:52.380 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Then ended up being diagnosed with stage four colon and liver cancer and literally passed away within like 10 days just total shocker just I mean you can't even, I think, right now, I still can't really wrap my head around it, but.

00:11:53.520 --> 00:12:00.570 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So we had this we had to postpone we had to wait, you know because of coven to be able to do a celebration of life form.

00:12:01.230 --> 00:12:11.460 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And Philip was one of the funniest people i've ever met I got a high standard when it comes to sense to human right, but so Philip was one of those people that.

00:12:11.940 --> 00:12:22.920 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Would that met my high standard of what I consider to be funny the guy who was just crazy funny was always joking around always doing practical jokes and whatnot so.

00:12:24.000 --> 00:12:31.230 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Anyway, what ended up happening on my trip, I mean i'm going to tell the story when I come back from first commercial break here but.

00:12:32.490 --> 00:12:46.530 Kevin Barbaro Productions: When I went on the trip, basically, what happened was I had to one of my jobs was I had for the celebration of life, I had a case of his book, so he wrote this book called the heavenly yoke.

00:12:47.130 --> 00:12:52.830 Kevin Barbaro Productions: by Philip Bauer, which was Amazon bestseller I had a case of these in my office.

00:12:53.430 --> 00:13:04.470 Kevin Barbaro Productions: At my myrtle beach office and I had to carry them I did bring those with me to Oklahoma because we were going to be selling them and the money going to the to his wife Kim.

00:13:05.280 --> 00:13:11.790 Kevin Barbaro Productions: At the celebration of life and the adventure that I took and the adventure that this case of books took.

00:13:12.120 --> 00:13:23.760 Kevin Barbaro Productions: A heading out last week was epic and i'm going to talk about it just a minute when I come back to our first commercial break you listen to coffee talk XL i'm Kevin barbero and you're listening on talk radio dot nyc.

00:15:38.160 --> 00:15:41.970 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Welcome back everybody to copy talk XL i'm Kevin for bro and you're listening.

00:15:42.270 --> 00:15:53.010 Kevin Barbaro Productions: On talk radio dot nyc make sure after they if you miss the live or if you missed part of the live show you can always get the replay or you can read replay the video on Facebook COM.

00:15:53.400 --> 00:16:03.570 Kevin Barbaro Productions: slash talk radio nyc or you can download the podcast and listening to your car while you're working out at spotify apple iTunes anywhere, you can get your.

00:16:03.990 --> 00:16:13.320 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Your podcast and matter of fact that, to be honest i'm a couple weeks behind and upload the podcast so I got i'm going to get on that I can get somebody just sent me a.

00:16:14.610 --> 00:16:19.380 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Direct message on Facebook here and asked me where I get my haircut.

00:16:20.700 --> 00:16:28.680 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I just gotta cut man, so a little little known fact about me i'm really, particularly because i'm an actor about where I get my haircut.

00:16:28.980 --> 00:16:43.560 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But i'm actually not so particular that i'm not afraid to go to somewhere it's not that expensive loans, I do a nice job, so I got a I got a girl, and I, I refuse to let anybody else cut my hair, except for her so she's not working, I don't go, but I actually go to sports clips man.

00:16:44.850 --> 00:16:47.190 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Anyway, I appreciate the question somebody sent me about that.

00:16:47.610 --> 00:17:02.250 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And I just had to get a cup because I got I had literally 10 auditions this week 10 auditions already i've already banged out on nine of them I got no I think about eight of them I got two more to go unless more come up to this week anyway getting back to my story.

00:17:03.270 --> 00:17:12.930 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And then the second half of the show we're going to have like finale on to talk track and field but I swear this case of these books, now that the case of books ways.

00:17:13.680 --> 00:17:24.690 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Man I don't even know I when I put it on the steel to your point I want to say with 45 pounds, so I mean pretty heavy you know I mean obviously i'm pretty strong guy but I mean you're lugging a.

00:17:25.830 --> 00:17:37.230 Kevin Barbaro Productions: box of 45 pound box of books on your shoulder you know hauling through the airport and whatnot it gets a little heavy from all the way out in the parking lot all the way, anyway, so.

00:17:38.580 --> 00:17:49.590 Kevin Barbaro Productions: little known fact that i'm alive mentioned it before I, as a matter of choice, a couple years ago I made the decision i'm only going to fly first class Okay, but I fly like 150,000 miles a year.

00:17:50.760 --> 00:17:57.960 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And the reason why one of the reasons why do is because you get the free luggage, we also still get free booze and in in first class and free food, but.

00:17:58.950 --> 00:18:06.120 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Anyway, you get the I get I get to check three bags because of my status with American Airlines, I only fly in American Airlines now.

00:18:07.110 --> 00:18:22.620 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I mentioned this a couple of weeks ago and I, and I mentioned it on social media recently now I only fly American airlines and i've always been happy with them and even right now I don't have a real problem, but I have noticed that.

00:18:23.760 --> 00:18:36.990 Kevin Barbaro Productions: A tremendous number of flights lately, and I flyer almost every weekend or every week have been delayed and they keep saying well it's a they keep blaming on maintenance issues or they keep blaming it on staffing issues.

00:18:38.100 --> 00:18:42.480 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm not really sure what the truth is all I know is that that flights been delayed so anyway.

00:18:43.740 --> 00:18:51.300 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The plan was I was flying from myrtle beach to Tulsa now the the the celebration of life was happening at Oklahoma city.

00:18:52.020 --> 00:19:03.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But I made the decision I was going to fly it's also because I wanted to meet with a couple of theaters in Tulsa about promoting some shows there and I was going to reconnect with an old friend.

00:19:03.540 --> 00:19:13.020 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Somebody actually coached years ago when I was coaching at university of Toledo, she lived there, so I wasn't you know what i'm just gonna fly to Tulsa i'm going to drive to Oklahoma city.

00:19:13.650 --> 00:19:18.600 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And down drive back at you know stealing Oklahoma city drive back to Tulsa.

00:19:18.990 --> 00:19:25.440 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And then I was going to be in Tulsa for two days, and then I had to fly to Chicago because my production company I promotion company.

00:19:25.770 --> 00:19:35.820 Kevin Barbaro Productions: We had a concert at the Egyptian theater in the cab Illinois where northern Illinois university is PS on Friday night and then I was going to fly back to myrtle beach well.

00:19:37.350 --> 00:19:43.290 Kevin Barbaro Productions: My flight out of myrtle beach is delayed and it's delayed a crazy like a two and a half hour delay.

00:19:43.920 --> 00:20:00.960 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So now i'm in a situation where i'm landing and Charlotte and i've got to connect to Tulsa now when I land in Charlotte I had essentially 15 minutes to get from my plane on the first one off i'm sitting and see one it.

00:20:02.370 --> 00:20:12.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: On the first one off, so I know that I can start hiking it but it's a hike to get from one terminal to the next, and so that can make it to the flag 15 minutes before I know that they're going to close the doors.

00:20:13.170 --> 00:20:13.680 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So.

00:20:15.120 --> 00:20:24.330 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i've got a garment bag, with my suits in it and i've got a backpack I checked the box of books and I checked My big suitcase okay.

00:20:25.260 --> 00:20:38.130 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I get to the plane I get there just in the nick of time and fly to Tulsa when I land in Tulsa I get a notification on my phone that my luggage did not make it to the plane, which is no shocker because I barely made it to the plane.

00:20:39.180 --> 00:20:43.470 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So i'm like okay that's fine you know, so I go into the the.

00:20:44.730 --> 00:20:57.600 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The baggage thing and American airlines and Tulsa and there's a lady working there, and I say you know what my bag didn't arrive she's like well, what do you want us to do with it when it gets here it's going to arrive tonight this this is Tuesday night now.

00:20:58.770 --> 00:21:15.780 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Unfortunately I needed these books that days it was so at that point it's impossible for the books to make it to the celebration of life, but we were having a separate ceremony just for close family and friends Wednesday morning and I was like you know what.

00:21:16.830 --> 00:21:27.780 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Maybe, even though it's an hour and a half i'll i'll drive all the way back get the box of books drive all the way back to Oklahoma city, so that I can have these for the for the ceremony, the next morning.

00:21:29.190 --> 00:21:39.120 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So i'm like you know what just hang on to them so i'm drive to Oklahoma city, so I got to go to the celebration of life ceremony, and as i'm as i'm driving there.

00:21:39.780 --> 00:21:47.070 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm like you know what it's not my fault that i'm late and so i'm thinking to myself, you know.

00:21:47.850 --> 00:21:53.700 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Maybe I should just have them drive the books to my hotel, so in my head that's what i'm thinking so.

00:21:54.450 --> 00:21:59.850 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I go back online and like I say I mean i'm in like the second highest tier on American Airlines, I only fly.

00:22:00.360 --> 00:22:07.710 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So I go on there and i'm liking it pay all that money to fly first class like my they should get the books to me they should get my luggage.

00:22:08.580 --> 00:22:14.910 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So I go online I change it, and I put in my hotel information in Oklahoma city so i'm thinking okay.

00:22:15.450 --> 00:22:30.180 Kevin Barbaro Productions: they're going to drive this case of books and they're going to drive my suitcase to me and deliver it to my hotel and then i'll have it, the next morning, so I don't have to drive all the way back and forth right, so I get up the next morning I check online nothing man I.

00:22:31.410 --> 00:22:42.900 Kevin Barbaro Productions: It seems saying that my luggage is still back in Tulsa i'm like Okay, it is what it is still in Tulsa no big deal, even though I put in, you know hey I you know drive it to my hotel.

00:22:44.070 --> 00:22:50.100 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So when I go to the ceremony, the next morning I apologize hey I don't have the book, you know so.

00:22:50.970 --> 00:22:55.350 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I drive all the way back to Tulsa I get to Tulsa like two o'clock in the afternoon.

00:22:55.890 --> 00:23:03.810 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And I go into the baggage claim and the lady was kind of helping somebody she's like do you need some help real quick I said well i'm just here to pick up my bags, you know because.

00:23:04.140 --> 00:23:16.860 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The APP ID said that they weren't there and tell us i'm sure packing my bag and the box, it was the same woman from the night before she's like oh I I just sent those to Oklahoma city i'm like.

00:23:18.630 --> 00:23:25.200 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Why would you sell an Oklahoma city I I I just checked the APP I literally I drove.

00:23:25.680 --> 00:23:30.450 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Going back to Oklahoma city why don't you send know clemson like what you said, the sentiment Oklahoma city and.

00:23:30.840 --> 00:23:36.420 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I said well yeah yesterday, I said to send a bit I mean it's today now why would you send them to Oklahoma city.

00:23:37.320 --> 00:23:48.000 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And so i'm like well, can you just tell the driver to bring back she's like Oh, we didn't we didn't drive in there i'm like what do you need to drive them there so like we flew them there so.

00:23:49.260 --> 00:23:50.640 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Why wouldn't you fly.

00:23:51.900 --> 00:23:58.320 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Oklahoma city's an hour and a half, from your why wouldn't you just have some dude put it on a truck and drive that's already doing other cities.

00:23:59.070 --> 00:24:08.310 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And she's like Oh well, we don't have enough drivers, so we food so i'm like well where's my where's my luggage now because at this point i'm still wearing the same clothes, when the yesterday.

00:24:09.690 --> 00:24:12.660 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Oh, I got a bunch of suits me dress shoes because they're in my.

00:24:13.740 --> 00:24:22.560 Kevin Barbaro Productions: effing bag, you know and so she's like Oh well, there in Dallas right now i'm like Why would they be in Dallas and she's like oh wait there's no direct late socom city so i'm like.

00:24:23.280 --> 00:24:31.260 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I can't wrap my head around the whole thing so anyway she's starting to get upset almost in tears goes up yeah i'm going to be honest with you.

00:24:31.890 --> 00:24:40.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Now my proudest moment I really wasn't being that Nice to her, because at this point um but so i'm like you know what fine, so I walk out she's helping this other dude.

00:24:41.160 --> 00:24:49.440 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I come back in and i'm like you know what let's just figure it out so long story short, or fairly long story short.

00:24:50.700 --> 00:24:52.470 Kevin Barbaro Productions: long story fairly short, I said that.

00:24:53.760 --> 00:25:04.320 Kevin Barbaro Productions: she's like well they're going to send them back so i'm like okay that's cool so that night Wednesday night I get a phone call and i'm leaving on on on Friday uh.

00:25:05.190 --> 00:25:09.930 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Oh they're sending them back I go back to the airport on Thursday they're still not there okay so.

00:25:10.770 --> 00:25:18.810 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Finally, the luggage gets back I don't pick up my luggage now I had to go to walmart and buy some more T shirts which PS I mentioned this a couple of weeks ago.

00:25:19.410 --> 00:25:28.500 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I got a weird shape body man I you know i'm like the floating chest, very few T shirts in the World Fit me if they fit me well, so it doesn't look like a tent.

00:25:29.040 --> 00:25:37.800 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And it's actually the walmart brand George T shirts bro i'm telling you go and get those if you got a body for cheap my mind go and get those.

00:25:38.280 --> 00:25:47.790 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So I go to walmart I guess more teachers again underwear and socks I get you know beater under shirts and whatnot I went and bought these new kicks.

00:25:48.420 --> 00:25:58.980 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I didn't even need new sneakers just so I could work out, so I spent four days in the same clothes so anyway that box of books, this was this was Phillips last.

00:25:59.250 --> 00:26:12.780 Kevin Barbaro Productions: practical joke on me, because what ended up happening is that box of books went myrtle beach to Charlotte to Tulsa to Dallas Oklahoma city turned around when Dallas to Tulsa.

00:26:13.260 --> 00:26:22.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I never even got to take them where they needed to go on a hike them on my shoulder I pick them up, I walked over to the ticket counter slap slap it down.

00:26:22.980 --> 00:26:32.430 Kevin Barbaro Productions: send it to o'hare because I got to go to o'hare at this point, so I can go to the concert i'm going to get to o'hare pick it up thrown on my shoulder with my big.

00:26:33.720 --> 00:26:41.700 Kevin Barbaro Productions: suitcase in my garment bag that I never even wore any the suits out of and my backpack and I got the height get through all here.

00:26:42.450 --> 00:26:48.780 Kevin Barbaro Productions: anybody's ever flown into here knows that you know the parking the car rental places off site.

00:26:49.230 --> 00:27:00.780 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So I got to get onto a bus with all this stuff and I get off the bus and I got a hike it through the car rental place throw it in the car, drive to the cab and the concert, thank God.

00:27:01.560 --> 00:27:08.070 Kevin Barbaro Productions: We made some money because the concert actually did well like I made my NUTS like two months ahead of time, thank God.

00:27:08.580 --> 00:27:16.500 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And so it kind of ease the pain, then I have to hike it all the way back I got hype that box of books and all my gear.

00:27:17.100 --> 00:27:25.590 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Through the car rental place again onto the bus in o'hare checking in and bringing home and then hike it back to my office, where it all started from.

00:27:26.220 --> 00:27:38.100 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And I can just imagine my buddy Philip we like I said I mean the world last one of just the most pure funny great human beings in the world.

00:27:38.490 --> 00:27:52.080 Kevin Barbaro Productions: When he passed away and I just I look at it like it was his last practical joke on me, because he he would always joke that he was a prima Donna, and everything had to be about him well that entire trip was about him and hiking his books.

00:27:52.500 --> 00:28:01.380 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Through all these airports and everything and all the ended up doing was just coming right back to my office that my myrtle beach office and they're going to sit there, and so, God knows when so.

00:28:01.740 --> 00:28:08.790 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Anyway, i'm going to come back to my second commercial break and second half of the show i've got my special guest on Mike fanelli he's going to be.

00:28:09.150 --> 00:28:15.120 Kevin Barbaro Productions: chiming in we're going to be he's a track and field historian and track and field journalist and track and field competitor long time.

00:28:15.630 --> 00:28:22.020 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And we're going to be talking about the Olympic Games, mostly track and field and we're also on the second half of that segment.

00:28:22.290 --> 00:28:33.870 Kevin Barbaro Productions: we're going to be talking about his his memorabilia collection for track and field, and some of his favorite moments we'll be back in just a couple of minutes i'm Kevin barbro you're listening to coffee talk XL on talk radio dot nyc.

00:31:02.730 --> 00:31:09.180 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Welcome back everybody to coffee talk to excel on Kevin Barbara and you're listening on talk radio dot nyc make sure that you.

00:31:09.690 --> 00:31:21.570 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Go to spotify apple iTunes wherever you get your podcasts from so you can get the podcast that replay of this show or you'll be able to see the video on talk radio in my car Facebook page.

00:31:21.990 --> 00:31:32.790 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Second, half of the show getting ready to start here and I have my special guest Mike finales chiming in from gorgeous San Francisco Bay area Mike how you doing you're on mute so you gotta unmute yourself buddy.

00:31:41.040 --> 00:31:44.040 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You got a baby you got it I wish I could unmute you, but I can't.

00:31:46.140 --> 00:31:50.070 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But Mike while he's finding the new button here there we go.

00:31:50.550 --> 00:31:52.590 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That said, baby yeah man.

00:31:53.070 --> 00:31:56.550 Mike Fanelli: i'm a dinosaur but not that big of that so how you doing.

00:31:56.730 --> 00:31:57.540 Mike Fanelli: yeah i'm.

00:31:59.460 --> 00:32:00.930 Kevin Barbaro Productions: doing great I you know.

00:32:02.160 --> 00:32:13.170 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I when I emailed you about you know the stuff within the link for the show, I noticed that your email was like helensburgh something.

00:32:14.640 --> 00:32:29.670 Kevin Barbaro Productions: properties or something along those lines and dude just like an hour ago on my Twitter feed there was something from the healdsburg helensburgh winery it Are you familiar with that winery that had the big news come out.

00:32:30.750 --> 00:32:39.630 Mike Fanelli: Of what what I do professionally is I actually sell vineyards and wineries with a brokerage called sotheby's international real estate.

00:32:40.050 --> 00:32:54.780 Mike Fanelli: And my area of specialization is beer and wine country tucked away way out in the middle of the boondocks where the track and field garage resides but on my my day job is, I represent the purchase and sale of whiners.

00:32:56.160 --> 00:33:07.230 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Man very cool yeah cuz they apparently one of the wineries had a contest or 7000 applicants and these two women were hired and they're going to make $10,000 a month or.

00:33:07.230 --> 00:33:10.020 Mike Fanelli: Something crazy right good good for them.

00:33:10.590 --> 00:33:11.610 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Good for that man.

00:33:11.670 --> 00:33:12.990 Kevin Barbaro Productions: It is what it is rough.

00:33:14.220 --> 00:33:18.900 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But listen we're talking about the Olympics and.

00:33:20.490 --> 00:33:29.310 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I thought, personally, I thought this was an incredibly good Olympic for track and field, not necessarily for the USD now the women.

00:33:29.820 --> 00:33:46.320 Kevin Barbaro Productions: My opinion did amazingly well, of course, you know, but overall, I mean you're talking about three world records 12 Olympic records, you know, like 100 and something national records and track and field and so let's let's talk first about probably.

00:33:48.120 --> 00:34:04.470 Kevin Barbaro Productions: What I consider to be, I want to get your opinion, the most amazing record that was said, the most amazing race that i've ever seen I wish I was there and see alive, but, in your opinion, of the three world records that were set what's the most impressive to you.

00:34:05.610 --> 00:34:13.860 Mike Fanelli: Well, clearly, you know the Carson warhol 100 intermediate hurdles record is so extraordinary.

00:34:14.940 --> 00:34:24.570 Mike Fanelli: I like to measure stuff I like to understand where things fit in perspective with other performances, etc.

00:34:25.020 --> 00:34:34.320 Mike Fanelli: Is 45.94 if you look at it from a point table Okay, so the way the way you score in a decathlon is using the scoring tables.

00:34:34.770 --> 00:34:52.140 Mike Fanelli: If you look at the scoring tables for 45.94 as 1341 points, the most that anyone has ever scored any mail has ever scored in the history of the Olympic track and field.

00:34:53.250 --> 00:35:15.330 Mike Fanelli: 1341 points is only been surpassed three by three other athletes ever in the history of the sport inside or outside of the Olympic Games jams alemany the world record holder in the javelin his his top performance was 1365 there are two usain bolt performances his world.

00:35:15.330 --> 00:35:31.440 Mike Fanelli: record 100 200 and then finally Mike out all of those were done outside when you're outside of the Olympics you don't have the rounds you don't have those sorts of things going on, and that was so extraordinary APP it's just.

00:35:32.460 --> 00:35:33.060 Mike Fanelli: Mind blowing.

00:35:34.200 --> 00:35:47.640 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah I agree, I mean that that was the event that I chose as well, I mean 4594 4594 to put in perspective for people that aren't necessarily track fans 4594 in the flat 400.

00:35:48.660 --> 00:35:55.830 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I believe, get you to the Olympic trials, I think you're on 4594 years you're at least going to get in, or at least beyond the list.

00:35:56.370 --> 00:36:15.540 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And that's in the flat that's that's what out 10 hurdles in your way, but not to not to discredit or not to be completely out shine you know Sydney mclaughlin and for 5146 and the point of hurdles, I mean that also I mean just in a flat race is incredible.

00:36:16.140 --> 00:36:22.320 Mike Fanelli: yeah mind blowing like you were mentioning that that that 4594 go back to it.

00:36:23.340 --> 00:36:30.450 Mike Fanelli: It would have won the flat 400 meters every single Olympics up to 1960.

00:36:31.290 --> 00:36:32.040 man.

00:36:33.600 --> 00:36:49.560 Mike Fanelli: Like and Sydney Sydney was just off the charts wasn't she I mean coming off of her Olympic trials performance, the world record they're going head to head with the with Mohammed and delilah Mohammed Mohammed.

00:36:50.640 --> 00:36:59.970 Mike Fanelli: off the, off the hook, it was great those were a couple of the highlights interesting, here we are we're talking about Olympic track and field if a lot of.

00:37:00.810 --> 00:37:08.250 Mike Fanelli: You know a lot of events and Olympic track and field and the highlights for the 400 intermediate hurdles both men's and women's okay that's cool.

00:37:08.550 --> 00:37:09.300 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Since yeah.

00:37:10.050 --> 00:37:11.040 Mike Fanelli: holy moly yeah.

00:37:11.790 --> 00:37:13.620 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah you know and the thing is that.

00:37:14.640 --> 00:37:21.750 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm a distance guy was you know, I was a distance coach and I coached at least to the Olympic trials and will championships and distance.

00:37:22.410 --> 00:37:31.020 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Distance guy but I love track and field, and I feel as though you're a distance guy, but you are the front cut from that same oh you just love track and field.

00:37:32.670 --> 00:37:45.330 Mike Fanelli: yeah yeah track and field i've you know, and I, like the Olympics, you know for all aspects of track and field, and not just the United States but internationally, you know.

00:37:45.960 --> 00:37:58.710 Mike Fanelli: it's there's a lot of great feel good stories are so much inspiration that takes place in watching the Olympic Games and is cool that this happened to be like the, the year of the intermediate hurdles.

00:37:59.010 --> 00:37:59.970 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But there was so.

00:38:00.000 --> 00:38:02.610 Mike Fanelli: Many other remarkable performances.

00:38:03.360 --> 00:38:05.940 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah I um I think that one of the.

00:38:07.050 --> 00:38:15.630 Kevin Barbaro Productions: One of the one of the great competitions to watch was the men shop good, and you know for those guys, first of all browser.

00:38:16.470 --> 00:38:22.890 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I mean, what can you say about this dude I mean he's obviously the world record in a record that was arguably juiced up.

00:38:23.460 --> 00:38:31.650 Kevin Barbaro Productions: To be real about it right, so it was a record that it stood for a lot of world records for a long time he ends up being the world record and.

00:38:32.070 --> 00:38:43.710 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Not at the Olympics, but prior to that at the Olympic trials and but for those three guys, I mean they really separated themselves out and and was deja vu Am I right.

00:38:44.550 --> 00:38:53.700 Mike Fanelli: yeah That was really kind of cool one of the neat things about the shot put was, and this is the first time this has ever happened in the history of the Olympic Games.

00:38:53.910 --> 00:39:06.990 Mike Fanelli: In all sports not just track and field, it was the first time that the exact same three athletes finished in the same order on the podium two consecutive Olympic Games.

00:39:07.260 --> 00:39:08.250 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Pretty cool man.

00:39:08.280 --> 00:39:19.530 Mike Fanelli: But the other thing about that you know come on browser throws he averages in his six throws his averages in excess of 75 feet.

00:39:20.730 --> 00:39:21.450 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Okay yeah.

00:39:22.350 --> 00:39:36.480 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah yeah he and and the great thing about that one thing I like about him is that he i've met them in person at a couple of his girlfriend is a business as a full Walter so i've met him at football team events.

00:39:37.290 --> 00:39:49.500 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know, like street events or whatnot super Nice, I mean he's a giant, though I mean this dude is what 6768 he's he's built like a Defense.

00:39:50.280 --> 00:39:59.850 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Honestly, I think that he could walk into the nfl right now and be one of the most athletic defensive lineman that there is, without a doubt, I mean the dude is a real athletes.

00:40:00.420 --> 00:40:09.720 Mike Fanelli: And one of the coolest most down to earth guys, you could ever meet I have, I actually got to meet him for the first time in person i've watched him for a number of years and familiar with his family and that sort of thing.

00:40:09.960 --> 00:40:17.820 Mike Fanelli: At the trials of the Olympic trials, he just set the world record at the in the shop foot and 45 minutes or an hour later I got.

00:40:18.390 --> 00:40:37.350 Mike Fanelli: His agent introduced me to them, we have the nicest conversation just kind of a cool casual light hearted conversation and in his hand he had a entire bottle of champagne is drinking a bottle of champagne from you know from the bottle yeah just set the world record.

00:40:37.620 --> 00:40:41.880 Mike Fanelli: And yeah miniscule and his massive pop is you.

00:40:42.090 --> 00:40:50.460 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Oh man I yeah I mean he's got like catcher's mitts for hands, you know and most people you know people outside of track and field, I mean.

00:40:51.660 --> 00:41:01.860 Kevin Barbaro Productions: One of the nice things I thought about this this Olympic Games, we did get a chance to see a tremendous amount of track and field on TV.

00:41:02.310 --> 00:41:16.530 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And we got to see I mean it was an odd schedule, because they went morning night and, of course, Tokyo is 1214 hours ahead of us, and so they were flip flop, we were watching the night in the morning in the morning in the night.

00:41:17.670 --> 00:41:28.080 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And opposite days you know, but we did in in what we would consider to be prime viewing hours, I mean I felt this Oh, we got see a lot of track and field.

00:41:28.290 --> 00:41:40.980 Mike Fanelli: yeah I thought we got a really good dose of practice your button in the entire thing that NBC did and that peacock and that live streaming thing the opportunity was there, if you wanted to take advantage of it.

00:41:41.610 --> 00:41:52.740 Mike Fanelli: To see everything live, and you know and that's what I did I screamed I was up at 330 every morning because i'm in California so it's 330 our time it was brutal man, it was an.

00:41:52.740 --> 00:41:53.700 Kevin Barbaro Productions: endurance on.

00:41:54.060 --> 00:42:10.530 Mike Fanelli: Ultra marathon but, but it was so worthwhile and and it just think the coverage was extraordinary leave that guys like TIM I changed right, you know who knows back inside out firsthand you know, a 1984 Olympian in his own right.

00:42:11.370 --> 00:42:26.430 Mike Fanelli: His insight and brick humor and it just is extraordinary it to that, and it was arguably one of the greatest most certainly viewing opportunities of an Olympic Games ever in my history in the sport and that goes back a long way.

00:42:27.090 --> 00:42:33.990 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Right right yeah yeah I mean how many what was the first Olympic Games, that you recall from memory.

00:42:34.800 --> 00:42:35.430 Mike Fanelli: So.

00:42:36.030 --> 00:42:37.920 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I started what age yourself man, but.

00:42:37.950 --> 00:42:41.430 Mike Fanelli: I do i'm ancient it's cool you know.

00:42:42.930 --> 00:42:54.540 Mike Fanelli: I started following track and field in 1966 67 so the 1968 Olympic Games, a black and white, on my you know our great big console philco TV.

00:42:55.440 --> 00:43:01.230 Mike Fanelli: That that was it that that just I was totally turned on England became and that's my favorite Olympic Games.

00:43:01.980 --> 00:43:13.950 Mike Fanelli: Ever for a variety of reasons which i'm happy to chat about, but these Olympic Games surpassed any other Olympic Games that i've experienced since then and I have had the privilege of attending.

00:43:14.580 --> 00:43:30.780 Mike Fanelli: Many Olympic Games, since that period of time whether we're talking Los Angeles Seoul South Korea, you know, London, we had actually had 2012 was probably my favorite Olympic Games prior to this one I didn't think that this would be surpassed.

00:43:31.830 --> 00:43:36.900 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Now nice well listen, we got to go to our last commercial break and when we come back we'll talk more about.

00:43:37.740 --> 00:43:48.780 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Your collection that you got that is famous on Facebook and we'll talk about some more memories i'm Kevin Barbara you're listening to coffee talk to excel on talk radio dot nyc we back in just about one minute.

00:46:18.330 --> 00:46:23.820 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Welcome back everybody to coffee talk XL on Kevin Barbara and you're listening on talk radio dot.

00:46:24.120 --> 00:46:37.770 Kevin Barbaro Productions: nyc make sure that after the show you are able to get the podcast on spotify apple iTunes where we get your podcasts and tune in every Tuesday night at eight o'clock Eastern five o'clock Pacific time live.

00:46:38.760 --> 00:46:48.840 Kevin Barbaro Productions: To to to catch a little bit about acting business travel track and field like we are tonight I got my special guest Mike finales track historian and track journalists.

00:46:49.170 --> 00:47:00.420 Kevin Barbaro Productions: On to talk about the Olympics, we were just talking about this Olympics, but as Mike was mentioning before the commercial break his very first Olympic Games that remembers it was 1968.

00:47:00.870 --> 00:47:10.500 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In Mexico City and and and and he mentioned a couple others like how many Olympic Games, have you actually physically been to.

00:47:11.700 --> 00:47:32.910 Mike Fanelli: Five five actually physically a couple of what i've done and no and we're considering doing this again for Paris, although I am signed up for the track and field news tour is we rented a house in the immediate area and and brought into live feed so we're on the same schedule.

00:47:33.210 --> 00:47:42.810 Mike Fanelli: You know so, for instance for London in for, for instance, we rented a house down in in Provence in the southern part of France and wine country does obviously in my head.

00:47:43.140 --> 00:47:44.040 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah one.

00:47:44.370 --> 00:47:58.950 Mike Fanelli: And we rented a house, we had the live BBC feed we're at our ahead, it was so cool a day trips lunches this sort of thing come on back you know and then be there live, you know, for you know all the action is pretty cool.

00:48:00.030 --> 00:48:11.460 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Nice now i'm going back, we mentioned before you are somewhat Facebook famous for your track and field collection and.

00:48:12.480 --> 00:48:27.420 Kevin Barbaro Productions: From what I understand now give me a visual of this, but from what I understand you essentially have like a room or a garage, that is, that has been designated as it like a museum for track and field is Am I far off the base on that.

00:48:27.780 --> 00:48:44.850 Mike Fanelli: yeah you're pretty close so uh yeah I refer to it as the tracking to your garage it's a it's a an ancillary space on our property that is dedicated to the what I call the track and field archives it's the history of the sport.

00:48:46.200 --> 00:48:51.480 Mike Fanelli: And yeah so i've collected in excess of 4000 pieces.

00:48:52.860 --> 00:48:56.100 Mike Fanelli: That that's what compromises that comprises the yeah.

00:48:57.930 --> 00:48:59.190 Kevin Barbaro Productions: and your wife is cool with that.

00:49:00.690 --> 00:49:01.440 Mike Fanelli: You know.

00:49:02.370 --> 00:49:03.510 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You got to be at this point right.

00:49:03.900 --> 00:49:07.410 Mike Fanelli: she's she's got her, she gave you know, or whatever you call it, and you know.

00:49:07.530 --> 00:49:13.830 Mike Fanelli: yeah yeah so yeah we had a little prenup going in you know yeah.

00:49:14.190 --> 00:49:17.160 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah you, you get the truck stuff she gets all that she gets the rest.

00:49:17.880 --> 00:49:24.900 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah What would you say is the is is either the most valuable or the coolest piece of memorabilia that yeah.

00:49:25.530 --> 00:49:40.200 Mike Fanelli: Well, I think what's kind of neat to understand is that you know the breath and width of what the archives, as I like to refer to them as covers is is so substantial.

00:49:41.280 --> 00:49:58.200 Mike Fanelli: You don't get to substantial you don't start a substantial so where I started as they began in unsuspecting Lee in March of 1969 and the very, very first piece ever from the archives, this is it.

00:49:58.650 --> 00:49:59.700 Kevin Barbaro Productions: This is wow.

00:50:00.120 --> 00:50:11.340 Mike Fanelli: This is it, this is the AAU indoor national track and field championships and if you could see closely you'll see that it's autographed by like all kinds of.

00:50:12.180 --> 00:50:25.560 Mike Fanelli: Athletes from them so on march 1 1969 the archives on officially began it was just a couple of months after the 1968 Olympic Games, which we referenced earlier and I was 12 years old.

00:50:26.550 --> 00:50:41.550 Mike Fanelli: And I had you know was so in love with the sport by that point in time into I went running around and anybody who had that that signature USA navy blue uniform with a red letters on I went running up to them, I didn't.

00:50:41.940 --> 00:51:00.660 Mike Fanelli: weren't necessarily some I did somebody I got there I chased them around all evening until the the men's Three Mile and that's where George young set the world indoor record for three miles, it was so spectacular your first big track need to see a world record right come.

00:51:00.660 --> 00:51:13.620 Mike Fanelli: On yes, at any rate, that that was the last time I asked anybody for an autograph was was then but that's what What began it and you know yeah always have that first step right, and now the archives or 4000.

00:51:14.910 --> 00:51:21.660 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Man now do you have a an archive of track and field news also or.

00:51:22.980 --> 00:51:34.740 Mike Fanelli: Welcome thanks for asking yeah and that's one of the most difficult things is in collecting is to get the entire and complete track and field news.

00:51:35.160 --> 00:51:53.550 Mike Fanelli: yeah every single issue from Volume one number one from the 1948 but the for trying to get 1948 to 1952 was a was a whole nother story and i'm happy to tell you about a few that if you want to take a second to do so.

00:51:54.060 --> 00:52:02.910 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah yeah no I how did you how did you go about a cute because I would think that you really gotta go digging for somebody that was alive and they kept it.

00:52:03.600 --> 00:52:22.710 Mike Fanelli: You got it, you have to dig hard to get 1948 4951 52 anything before 90s, and so I, I came across as an Olympics collector in France, he didn't speak any English my French is very limited.

00:52:23.340 --> 00:52:42.060 Mike Fanelli: We began a communication that lasted for three or four months with his are limited, language skills, but when I explained to him that what it was that I was trying to to collect was for the purposes of creating.

00:52:43.440 --> 00:52:54.900 Mike Fanelli: Historical archive that would later be gifted away given you an institution to use for higher learning and the education of the sport in the history of the sport going forward.

00:52:55.440 --> 00:53:02.820 Mike Fanelli: Then we were able to kind of come to terms of agreement, I sent him a boatload of dough hoping that I would actually get the package.

00:53:03.930 --> 00:53:16.710 Mike Fanelli: package arrived all good and that's where 1948 49 5051 came from, and he had regarding them from a library in Cologne Germany.

00:53:17.640 --> 00:53:22.020 Kevin Barbaro Productions: wow man those well traveled then obviously.

00:53:23.400 --> 00:53:38.400 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And now you've been to a from what I understand you've been to since the 1969 since 1972 you bend up almost or most or all of the Olympic trials Is that correct.

00:53:38.550 --> 00:53:47.820 Mike Fanelli: Oh yeah no I i've actually been to every one of the last 11 Olympic track and field into it's my favorite favorite meat in the world first.

00:53:47.940 --> 00:53:53.640 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Man, so you were there in sacramento when when my athlete briana show miss the.

00:53:55.170 --> 00:53:57.960 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The steeplechase water jumping was disqualified.

00:53:59.100 --> 00:54:00.510 Kevin Barbaro Productions: was a heartbreaker at.

00:54:00.930 --> 00:54:02.160 Mike Fanelli: remember how hot that was.

00:54:03.150 --> 00:54:10.050 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Oh dude that was brutal hot you know not as hot as baton rouge yeah.

00:54:11.880 --> 00:54:12.450 Mike Fanelli: yeah.

00:54:12.930 --> 00:54:13.350 Early.

00:54:14.490 --> 00:54:20.430 Mike Fanelli: 1990s ooh that was cool yeah that was great Olympic trials have my uh my top three or four.

00:54:21.210 --> 00:54:24.240 Mike Fanelli: Well, you know, like because of the after parties or something like that.

00:54:24.270 --> 00:54:40.200 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Well yeah I mean it was New Orleans man and and probably my favorite race of that was the men's 10,000 because the dude just took off and nobody went well it's suicide, to try and run that fast and he ran away with.

00:54:41.100 --> 00:54:54.300 Mike Fanelli: yeah you know you never know, I mean the thing about the trials is it's also doing die, you know your top three or you go home, you know and there's nothing for right now you've got a CFL then for.

00:54:55.020 --> 00:55:13.500 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah let me ask you real quick and we and we got to wrap up here, but, in your opinion, and this is debated on social media quite a bit right now, do you think that having an Olympic trials hurts us helps us or it's a net zero when it comes to our performances at the Olympic Games.

00:55:13.710 --> 00:55:27.990 Mike Fanelli: Well, I actually really liked the idea of an Olympic track and field trials that is very, very objective versus subjective and in years past and other countries, their objective or subjective, meaning that it's a selection process.

00:55:28.410 --> 00:55:28.620 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know.

00:55:28.890 --> 00:55:39.750 Mike Fanelli: you've demonstrated that you can make the top three under all the necessary pressures ideally those pressures are set up to replicate the actual Olympic Games, I, like our process I wouldn't change a thing.

00:55:40.860 --> 00:55:46.080 Kevin Barbaro Productions: awesome well listen Mike I really appreciate you being on coffee talk and sharing your.

00:55:46.410 --> 00:55:59.820 Kevin Barbaro Productions: expertise and and and talking about i'm i'm probably just as equally as impressed with the fact that you have the entire track and field news collection as pretty much anything else, including all of your.

00:56:00.690 --> 00:56:10.830 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Olympic trials that you've been to I you know, the fact that you were able to track and and and were you communicating with this guy by actual snail mail back and forth or was just by email.

00:56:11.040 --> 00:56:13.140 Mike Fanelli: It was email, but it was very.

00:56:15.060 --> 00:56:16.380 Mike Fanelli: long, but it was working.

00:56:17.550 --> 00:56:28.830 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah well listen, I really appreciate it, and hopefully i'll get to run into you at the next Olympic trials, or maybe in eugene at the World Championships I put in for my ticket thing i'm sure that you have to.

00:56:29.910 --> 00:56:42.450 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Listen, I appreciate it everybody will be back next Tuesday night eight o'clock Eastern five o'clock Pacific time live join me back here for coffee talk XL i'm Kevin Barbara and you're listening to talk radio dot nyc.

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