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Thursday, August 5, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/08/05 - Hemp Sisters Nation

Facebook Live Video from 2021/08/05 - Hemp Sisters Nation


2021/08/05 - Hemp Sisters Nation

[NEW EPISODE] Hemp Sisters Nation

Our minds and our bodies flourish when in balance.  The continuants of the Cannabis plant support homeostasis, which is one of our most valuable evolutionary survival processes.

Evolution is a fundamental key to our survival, and it is up to us to pursue the answers of how these systems came to be and how we can optimize them to impact our lives in positive ways.

Visiting Planet Pakalolo this week are Gina "Mama" Epps and Lois "LoLo" Carter, Co-Founders of Hemp Sisters Nation and Co-Hosts of The Hempy Hour Podcast.

Hemp Sisters Nation is a compassionate and educational community, with a goal of inspiring each other through support and empowerment.  Here you can open the mind to alternate perspectives, find and give support, learn, grow and strive to be our best selves.  

MamaEpps and LoLo live and express the mantra of "One Love," the universal love and respect expressed by all people for all people.  These lovely ladies believe we cannot exemplify our greatest self and our humanity, if we do not find each other... 

Tune in for this crazy conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Jonny talks with The Hemp Sisters about educating others about cannabis though their own podcast, The Hempy Hour. They talk about hemp cosmetics, and their take on an upcoming growth in the cannabis cosmetics industry. They think that Hemp is making a shift into a more profitable industry because of the boom in education about medical cannabis. They share some history on the demonisation of Cannabis, and the specific plant differences between Hemp and Cannabis.

Segment 2

Gina, Loise, and Jonny talk about Hemp Sister Nation, their organisation, and why it’s so important to them. They talk about their own advocacy and how it was a passion for them. They began with nutrition knowledge and Hemp related cannabis advocacy in business. They use their cannabis advocacy to build a community and educate people about poverty and hunger. They also talk about the products they sell, having stayed out of cannabinoid selling, and mostly providing products that include nutritional hemp instead of anything that provides an actual high.

Segment 3

The Hemp Sisters and Jonny talk about their personal lives as childhood friends, to then growing up and starting a business together. Gina was a high school teacher for several years and witnessed the misinformation spread by high school health classes, and made it a point during her health unit to give correct information about the cannabis plant that wasn’t meant to scare them out of doing it. For that, she was arrested and lost her entire teaching career, which motivated her and Lois to start Hemp Sister Nation.

Segment 4

Jonny, Lois, and Gina return to talk further about their own business, their favorite products, and their own experiences in using cannabinoids and other cannabis products. They explain to the listeners why they should use hemp products to help with their own health, explaining how cannibanoids affect the body and can be used to help with different illnesses and symptom treatment. 


00:00:30.000 --> 00:00:40.890 Jonny Tsunami: Hello everyone and good evening i'm Johnny tsunami, and this is planted punk a low low For those of you don't know Poc lolo is hawaiian slang for crazy tobacco.

00:00:41.310 --> 00:00:53.160 Jonny Tsunami: Also, known as cannabis, but this show, is it a little less taboo view taking the crazy out of cannabis by meeting professional professionals in the cannabis space and hemp space today as well.

00:00:53.460 --> 00:01:01.800 Jonny Tsunami: And matter of fact, two of my special guests from today gina mama eps and low is low, low Carter on the low low co founders.

00:01:02.940 --> 00:01:12.570 Jonny Tsunami: Emphasis nation and co host of the heavy how happy hour podcast ladies walking the planet pocket low low how you doing today.

00:01:13.650 --> 00:01:16.440 The Hemp Sisters: And nominal, thank you for having us.

00:01:18.150 --> 00:01:19.530 The Hemp Sisters: I learned something new today.

00:01:19.800 --> 00:01:24.180 The Hemp Sisters: We did not know about pocket lolo we will tell others, we will spread the word.

00:01:26.430 --> 00:01:27.900 The Hemp Sisters: Our mission is that the word.

00:01:29.130 --> 00:01:34.530 Jonny Tsunami: spread the word it's about that, and this is it's about a less taboo view taking the crazy out.

00:01:35.130 --> 00:01:35.460 The Hemp Sisters: of it.

00:01:36.180 --> 00:01:41.850 Jonny Tsunami: Both of you amazing ladies have amazing stories we're going to get into them today, and the first thing that we're going to get into.

00:01:42.300 --> 00:01:51.570 Jonny Tsunami: Is a little bit of just current events, because you are obviously the hemp sisters, you know what's going on in the world right and the name of our company, we have the.

00:01:51.870 --> 00:02:05.130 Jonny Tsunami: GL wellness and we have everything going on, as well as a ton of products, so this was in came in the news today the CBD infused cosmetics market is set to grow up by $2.2.

00:02:05.520 --> 00:02:14.430 Jonny Tsunami: billion and we got let's see who's in here estee lauder Unilever l'oreal all these companies are coming in now.

00:02:14.640 --> 00:02:25.050 Jonny Tsunami: Both of you have a whole line of products so tell me what are your thoughts when it comes to hem cosmetics and ancillary products and why they become so popular in the recent years.

00:02:26.190 --> 00:02:33.150 The Hemp Sisters: But, like to say that I don't think that I mean the beauty industry is a big annual revenue period.

00:02:33.600 --> 00:02:46.020 The Hemp Sisters: And that's only gotten more popular as everybody that puts things on their body can actually go online and now create their own brand for it and have people to buy things through them and influencers are you know eight out of 10 people or.

00:02:47.700 --> 00:02:50.370 The Hemp Sisters: Some way and beauty is a huge part of that.

00:02:51.390 --> 00:02:59.070 The Hemp Sisters: You know I don't particularly think that it's because of education and I don't I don't think it's that there's no I say louder is not going to talk about the endocannabinoid the.

00:02:59.430 --> 00:03:12.840 The Hemp Sisters: You know the cutaneous EC is to sell that product so are they you know, relying on the backs of other people selling other kinds of products for that word, you know and is that going to work, you know, probably yes.

00:03:14.130 --> 00:03:18.390 The Hemp Sisters: mascara myself it works on me and i'm in the industry right 100% right.

00:03:19.260 --> 00:03:19.740 The Hemp Sisters: yeah I mean.

00:03:21.270 --> 00:03:21.840 Jonny Tsunami: It happens.

00:03:23.730 --> 00:03:35.820 Jonny Tsunami: It was seen as like the less attractive plan, although I don't want to really say that I, but I think in many ways it's kind of been not as important, because people are like oh cannabis cannabis cannabis so.

00:03:36.090 --> 00:03:51.240 Jonny Tsunami: When you think about it now, especially because the two of you are very much involved in hemp, why do you think in the past it's been like that now, maybe the hemp is shifting into a more profitable more interesting field, so why is it made that shift.

00:03:51.450 --> 00:03:58.680 The Hemp Sisters: I would say that that's directly due to the education in this plant, because people didn't know and still don't to this day.

00:03:59.100 --> 00:04:06.600 The Hemp Sisters: I mean, I have a very specific example I moved my family out to Washington state 2014 so we came from you know the Midwest and went out.

00:04:07.080 --> 00:04:14.970 The Hemp Sisters: to Washington grew high thc cannabis, we were caregivers you know we worked with very, very ill people hospice patients, etc.

00:04:15.330 --> 00:04:27.900 The Hemp Sisters: So we saw this the magic of medical cannabis, so you know, knowing that and seeing that and being around passionate people around this plant when you start to dip into now hemp quote unquote hemp.

00:04:28.500 --> 00:04:38.610 The Hemp Sisters: and high CBD the cannabis world is not want to hear it now it's this less attractive dirty product grown in the backyard, you know all the all this.

00:04:39.240 --> 00:04:52.770 The Hemp Sisters: bs you here and it's that's not the case, because we actually have been denied education about industrial hemp, so we weren't alive at five years ago I none of us and we don't have any personal experience.

00:04:53.910 --> 00:05:01.170 The Hemp Sisters: Personal experience with when I would be able to go to the store and buy cannabis for medical purposes, eight years ago.

00:05:01.620 --> 00:05:08.820 The Hemp Sisters: And, most of it was for industrial use, you know I mean So this has changed during World War Two where we started to import.

00:05:09.420 --> 00:05:17.790 The Hemp Sisters: Cheaper fabrics to manufacturing and and and then we all know about the war on drugs and we're have categorized you know down the road.

00:05:18.150 --> 00:05:28.200 The Hemp Sisters: So we went from that and then we have this whole missing piece of history and time and now we have candidates from California coming to the plate that hemp cannabis.

00:05:28.830 --> 00:05:35.250 The Hemp Sisters: So now we you know Kentucky Colorado, these are the first people starting to do industrial hemp and like 2013, so this is where we.

00:05:35.880 --> 00:05:42.360 The Hemp Sisters: We now start looking at that, but cannabis is kind of already established itself as far as what quality, it looks and nobody's talking about what these two plants do differently.

00:05:43.980 --> 00:05:46.980 The Hemp Sisters: I think cannabis categorizes him people into industrial hemp.

00:05:47.520 --> 00:05:55.710 The Hemp Sisters: that's a very different looking plant it's long it's stringing it's dangling there's no gorgeous beautiful flowers it doesn't smell like heaven on a stick your name is very, very different.

00:05:56.160 --> 00:06:02.100 The Hemp Sisters: But when you break down right now with this, you know the CBD craziness hemp craze and what they're considering hemp.

00:06:02.580 --> 00:06:07.860 The Hemp Sisters: Is the same exact plant is California is dealing with which much lower thc.

00:06:08.220 --> 00:06:16.320 The Hemp Sisters: And i've done this 10 times on social media i'll put flowers up of high thc i'll put flowers up of high CBD i'll put flowers up of spray D eight.

00:06:16.620 --> 00:06:34.530 The Hemp Sisters: Nobody knows what's what nobody from California to New York to Chicago nobody can tell the difference, but now we've been we've had years of genetics, you know it wasn't like this seven 810 years ago, eight years ago, like you know stick weed anywhere now it's.

00:06:35.820 --> 00:06:41.730 The Hemp Sisters: Like it's incredible and it's it's medicine now maybe not grown outside on the farm, but you know it can be medicine now.

00:06:42.960 --> 00:06:51.510 The Hemp Sisters: last thing is, we also have to understand that most of this, you know, Miss categorization and then in species and subspecies is because of what the government defines.

00:06:52.140 --> 00:07:02.160 The Hemp Sisters: As marijuana and so, if you look at it in that lens you know, this is where you why we're having great full spectrum tinctures and stuff because you're just playing with that point 3%.

00:07:02.640 --> 00:07:09.240 The Hemp Sisters: You know I mean so that's you know nobody's doing and growing this year, we need to get that my new amount of cannabinoid content out of it, you know, and I mean.

00:07:10.980 --> 00:07:19.020 The Hemp Sisters: To cosmetics real quick, I mean hemp oil is incredible for the skin and again like low said, nobody knows that nobody was taught that we didn't know that.

00:07:19.380 --> 00:07:25.650 The Hemp Sisters: My first experience with hemp oil is 2013 I was pregnant, I was 39 years old, terrified of my body just going to shit.

00:07:26.040 --> 00:07:33.870 The Hemp Sisters: You know, so I use hemp oil every day of my life on my entire body when I got a shower now hemp seed oil right no cannabinoids.

00:07:34.470 --> 00:07:43.770 The Hemp Sisters: From the hemp plant in the industrial hemp plant, you know, and not one stretch mark incredible skin incredible you know bounce back from going through that and almost 40.

00:07:44.190 --> 00:07:52.920 The Hemp Sisters: And I attribute that 100% to the hemp seed oil and again, you know it sparked our education really was 2013, I think, with the success of the.

00:07:55.920 --> 00:08:00.480 The Hemp Sisters: People are so used to like going to the doctor they don't know how it works, this one take and feel better and like that's it.

00:08:01.140 --> 00:08:13.140 The Hemp Sisters: In the cosmetic industry you don't have to spend a lot of time explaining why it's working on your body, because you're going to put that on your body and it's going to change like that you don't care you just that's your brand that's the problem that's what works for you.

00:08:14.340 --> 00:08:26.760 The Hemp Sisters: So it's you know in that regard it's it's you know another personal level, I started um CBD or you know cannabinoid enriched skincare two months ago, I never to care my skin and i'm.

00:08:27.480 --> 00:08:32.820 The Hemp Sisters: 47 I was a tomboy I played sports didn't give a shit about my skin, it was only my body didn't realize my skin's part of my body.

00:08:33.480 --> 00:08:40.620 The Hemp Sisters: So I finally dip into this and i'm not exaggerating an eight weeks I took 10 years off my face like just getting you know replenishing.

00:08:40.860 --> 00:08:47.490 The Hemp Sisters: and getting rid of the dead cells and regenerating new cells and i'm like oh my God that's been doing that for decades, like what the hell.

00:08:47.910 --> 00:08:59.310 The Hemp Sisters: You know what I mean so not only just hearing it and learning it but seeing it and living it, and now you want to tell the world like, as I think that what we're going to see is that people are going to start equating.

00:09:00.690 --> 00:09:11.280 The Hemp Sisters: skin health skin health being actual beauty right like we don't right now we do things to this these ingredients actually help support your body's natural.

00:09:11.790 --> 00:09:16.800 The Hemp Sisters: process we'll see what they throw into with a Fuck it up, you know to counterbalance that but.

00:09:17.280 --> 00:09:29.580 The Hemp Sisters: You know, we don't know what they're going to do and product, but I think that we, the conversation is about skin health, you know what does that look like you know it's not tied to beauty really is tied to function of your skin your largest organ.

00:09:30.750 --> 00:09:40.950 Jonny Tsunami: You know I grew cannabis medical cannabis as well, and when I think about it hempton many ways, has helped bring cannabis into the light.

00:09:42.000 --> 00:09:52.620 Jonny Tsunami: Dangerous as even though candidates isn't dangerous but it hasn't been seen as even less because it was industrialized so you can't be really scary that it's industrialized right because.

00:09:53.430 --> 00:10:02.430 Jonny Tsunami: skirts and chairs and things like that so again that danger, but then of course you take the next level, and you realize that has medicinal qualities as well.

00:10:02.760 --> 00:10:17.670 Jonny Tsunami: And it helped break the stigma that's attached to the planet it's almost like the you know sister, you know it well, the female plants for obviously cannabis and hemp are both beautiful but what i'm saying is that it was that balance of energy between the hemp.

00:10:17.670 --> 00:10:28.770 Jonny Tsunami: And cannabis were created that kind of springboard that allowed people now to be more open with cannabis as well, oh great yeah totally totally love it now.

00:10:30.390 --> 00:10:34.440 Jonny Tsunami: Go ahead, let me actually say it again, most what are you going to say.

00:10:35.460 --> 00:10:45.000 The Hemp Sisters: That we were told not to use plant that could make a PR fiber and all these things mean if we know that that was there, we don't learn that 20 years ago, you know so.

00:10:46.320 --> 00:10:47.070 The Hemp Sisters: i'm just got a bad.

00:10:48.600 --> 00:10:54.510 Jonny Tsunami: very bad rap I think it was, and it was one of the staple crops that was even on the Washington.

00:10:55.290 --> 00:11:12.030 Jonny Tsunami: In Washington DC at the White House, it was a buffer crop, it was good, it was very durable and strong so was something that they would plant next to other plants is it beneficial to to attract insects to away from the major COP crops like cotton and corn.

00:11:13.320 --> 00:11:13.710 The Hemp Sisters: oil.

00:11:14.520 --> 00:11:27.330 Jonny Tsunami: While cleaning the soil and then, of course, even perhaps whether there's some truth to it, or maybe not the ticonderoga and the whole lumber industry had it out for the hemp industry as well.

00:11:28.110 --> 00:11:41.700 Jonny Tsunami: When you think about how much more sustainable, it would be to run our resources off of hemp based products, as opposed to lumber which is getting gobbled up and our resources are already dwindling as it is.

00:11:42.450 --> 00:11:42.750 Right.

00:11:44.490 --> 00:11:48.960 The Hemp Sisters: there's a great you know movie to watch and clip to watch, because it really just.

00:11:49.710 --> 00:11:58.110 The Hemp Sisters: talks about hypocrisy, you know we did have this crap it was a strong hop it was used on a military was used, you know for manufacturing and such and again.

00:11:58.740 --> 00:12:06.900 The Hemp Sisters: global commerce changing and our ability to get things from other countries in a faster way changed all that and there's also a lot of things that go along with that feel it took advantage of that.

00:12:07.350 --> 00:12:20.640 The Hemp Sisters: But to see the entire United States re you know resurrect hemp during you know war, I mean it takes to something and why that went away again we go, we go digress but.

00:12:21.480 --> 00:12:28.920 The Hemp Sisters: So it has value our Government knows it has value what does that look like financially, I think, is, I was in question again the damn right yes.

00:12:28.980 --> 00:12:37.680 Jonny Tsunami: that's totally true and, obviously, in the next in a little bit we're going to get into more of the the business end of how we do this and how we run the business and.

00:12:38.430 --> 00:12:46.710 Jonny Tsunami: it's very, very important now to look at it, as the business, and I think that's another stigma that we're kind of trying to remove because this is.

00:12:46.740 --> 00:12:49.140 The Hemp Sisters: My shows it's about interviewing people that are.

00:12:49.140 --> 00:13:02.730 Jonny Tsunami: Professionals that are in the space that have a real passion behind the plant and see it as an industry it's not just that back alley kind of mentality of what it was always seen as so that taboo as well.

00:13:02.880 --> 00:13:03.570 Taking the test.

00:13:05.010 --> 00:13:09.390 Jonny Tsunami: The plant, but also the people that are passionate about the plant yes.

00:13:09.540 --> 00:13:14.460 The Hemp Sisters: We are the deliverers of taking this plan, out of the black market and bring it, you know to.

00:13:16.650 --> 00:13:17.250 The Hemp Sisters: Either you know.

00:13:18.930 --> 00:13:20.460 The Hemp Sisters: it's important wrong for sure.

00:13:21.300 --> 00:13:25.920 Jonny Tsunami: So the hemp sisters are going to bring it back so we're gonna take a little bit break right now.

00:13:26.280 --> 00:13:38.460 Jonny Tsunami: This is planted political lolo i'm here with gina and lowest and we're going to take a little break we'll come back we'll talk about hemp business and how these ladies are taken over donation all right.

00:13:38.610 --> 00:13:41.250 Jonny Tsunami: we'll be right back talk radio nyc.

00:15:57.390 --> 00:16:16.110 Jonny Tsunami: Alright we're back i'm here with gina mama eps and lowest low low Carter co founders of hemp sisters nation and co host of the happy hour podcast we got into some hemp discussion, ladies, how are you how's everything going.

00:16:18.090 --> 00:16:19.320 The Hemp Sisters: i'm digging this flow.

00:16:22.770 --> 00:16:29.940 Jonny Tsunami: We like to have fun, we like to keep it like loosely but at the same time, you know Look, we already got into some history.

00:16:30.270 --> 00:16:34.920 Jonny Tsunami: Right and we got into some some knowledge, which is what it's about making people.

00:16:36.420 --> 00:16:37.680 The Hemp Sisters: educate and have fun.

00:16:38.580 --> 00:16:40.620 The Hemp Sisters: Yes, oh i'm gonna get.

00:16:41.310 --> 00:16:42.090 Jonny Tsunami: we're gonna get into the.

00:16:42.990 --> 00:16:43.830 Jonny Tsunami: ball thing have.

00:16:44.760 --> 00:16:45.600 Jonny Tsunami: You both here.

00:16:50.280 --> 00:17:01.080 Jonny Tsunami: So let's talk about have sister nation, and it has become kind of your calling card will get it in also that gina wellness tell us what the situation is and why it becomes so important to to you.

00:17:01.980 --> 00:17:11.040 The Hemp Sisters: yeah i'm sisters nation was like a dream, you know 10 years ago we started just kind of dipping our toes into the activism and advocacy and.

00:17:11.370 --> 00:17:18.330 The Hemp Sisters: Educating on small levels and building a network on Facebook here and there, and I was still teaching so i'd be real careful because God forbid, you be honest.

00:17:18.810 --> 00:17:26.850 The Hemp Sisters: And you know low and was in Upper hotel management, so we you know, we have our careers going but passionate about this plant still so trying to educate and again.

00:17:27.270 --> 00:17:33.960 The Hemp Sisters: Not dipping into cannabinoids yet we're talking about hemp seed oil hemp protein, you know have powder hemp.

00:17:34.740 --> 00:17:39.900 The Hemp Sisters: Oil hemp seed oil have scenes you don't mean just basic nutrition to not blow anyone's mind.

00:17:40.470 --> 00:17:48.000 The Hemp Sisters: And you know we wanted to start building this Community so we've been doing that you know we do that on Facebook, we did it for eight nine years and the censorship was just.

00:17:48.360 --> 00:17:57.270 The Hemp Sisters: through the roof, I mean we're close to 60,000 followers we can't ever talk to engage with have a converse I can't answer a post ever like it's it was ridiculous.

00:17:57.750 --> 00:18:09.330 The Hemp Sisters: So we started to migrate more over to linkedin and that terrified me about you know being that open and honest and vulnerable this plant with you know professionals that are in every sector around the planet.

00:18:10.050 --> 00:18:16.320 The Hemp Sisters: But I started doing a little by little and low when I found out real quick, that this is a desperately needed.

00:18:16.530 --> 00:18:26.310 The Hemp Sisters: thing that to be educated on like this it's like the perfect time they come sisters nation, because we have you know, eight years or so of speaking to the choir as you would say people that are.

00:18:27.030 --> 00:18:35.040 The Hemp Sisters: You know, invested in learning about the plant and their their vocal about it, their vocal about their stories and the things i've had on their families, and that was the.

00:18:35.460 --> 00:18:43.290 The Hemp Sisters: You know our is the the the Facebook groups and the other groups that we you know run through like in the instagram and stuff like that So these are places where.

00:18:43.650 --> 00:18:51.300 The Hemp Sisters: On a one On one level, you know we can connect with people and understand the story and it just gives us more fuel to keep going, you know what I mean it's.

00:18:51.570 --> 00:19:00.390 The Hemp Sisters: and use experience and talk about things and other way but linkedin it was more like an eye opener of like oh like 80% of the world has no idea what the.

00:19:00.810 --> 00:19:08.940 The Hemp Sisters: hell we're talking about nothing I mean nothing like an right, so we have this Community let's like turn into a nation my certain you know.

00:19:09.720 --> 00:19:17.850 The Hemp Sisters: spreading our wings out because I think our core gotten we're just talking to people that know what we're talking about and they're just kind of.

00:19:18.420 --> 00:19:25.860 The Hemp Sisters: You know, it has a different face here it's it's like you're in grade school and you like, what do you mean the sky's blue because the why and like you know it's.

00:19:26.010 --> 00:19:34.710 The Hemp Sisters: yeah they were they were just wanted to learn like they want to just absorb as much as possible, so I started out like I did when I was teaching just talking about nutrition, you know, and that was enough to get.

00:19:35.190 --> 00:19:41.760 The Hemp Sisters: linkedin out of their minds, like I have 30,000 followers this we're talking about a ton of traction a ton of people a ton of messages.

00:19:42.180 --> 00:19:50.130 The Hemp Sisters: views through the roof like i've never seen, and so we like let's let's do a little more, you know let's let's dip into industrial hemp and let's tell them about.

00:19:50.460 --> 00:19:57.330 The Hemp Sisters: hemp for plastic and head for paper, and now you got the money people excited and you got the other industries and the finance people and.

00:19:57.750 --> 00:20:03.690 The Hemp Sisters: You know that my post views are viral the views are viral but you know not as many mess or not, as many.

00:20:04.530 --> 00:20:12.360 The Hemp Sisters: Comments right or reaction so you know people don't want to visibly be into this industry, yet, but my DNS would be through the roof in.

00:20:13.020 --> 00:20:22.110 The Hemp Sisters: Every sector around the globe everything you could think of they had a question about this plant and how they can either use it in their life or make money from it honestly.

00:20:22.380 --> 00:20:28.320 The Hemp Sisters: Every one of them, so we knew that's what industry would bring we're not talking about putting thc in your body or anyone's smoking or anything to freak anyone out.

00:20:28.710 --> 00:20:33.120 The Hemp Sisters: we're talking about what fiber can do for our planet and now the money guys are drooling.

00:20:33.360 --> 00:20:45.360 The Hemp Sisters: You know so i'm every industrial have deck on the planet in my inbox right now, because, like they're like let's go let's go let's go here to me but temps not ready for that, like they're not as ready as the money people you know so a lot of work to do, yeah.

00:20:47.040 --> 00:20:52.080 Jonny Tsunami: Now let's say let's take that who's got the roles and responsibilities between the partnership.

00:20:58.830 --> 00:21:00.600 The Hemp Sisters: With my my God crown.

00:21:02.250 --> 00:21:13.380 The Hemp Sisters: Know see really does, like everything ever the website, the podcast the blogs, the blogs, the newsletters like you name it anything that keeps the business going every day is Louis all of it.

00:21:13.680 --> 00:21:24.570 The Hemp Sisters: And then here's me on social media land like let's learn and teach and inspire and grow, and I mean just building the Community and building the network, and you know getting the people over the lowest that shoot the information to and.

00:21:25.320 --> 00:21:31.050 The Hemp Sisters: I mean, in the meantime these last few months, like we got to start getting some courses together so now, you know we've been trying to get courses together.

00:21:31.380 --> 00:21:45.630 The Hemp Sisters: We have a patreon that's going to be launching that we've partnered with feed my starving children which we're really proud about so we have a lot of stuff working out three sisters nation that happened much quicker than we thought it would thank you.

00:21:54.120 --> 00:21:54.570 The Hemp Sisters: So.

00:21:55.980 --> 00:22:07.440 The Hemp Sisters: You know about these things, but when you sit down to research, something it, I mean it really was so heartbreaking to see the scope of it, and in a real way of looking at.

00:22:10.590 --> 00:22:15.180 The Hemp Sisters: doing what is charity what is philanthropy what are all these things, and how do we as individuals.

00:22:15.720 --> 00:22:24.420 The Hemp Sisters: You know, do that, especially during coronavirus and we're all being told, like coronavirus is like you know it's like the number one death threaten the planet and you know you can't walk outside your House, because of.

00:22:25.620 --> 00:22:35.190 The Hemp Sisters: realizing mean factually that 20,000 people a day die because of hunger hunger related illnesses and 15,000 of that being shoulder and.

00:22:35.640 --> 00:22:46.920 The Hemp Sisters: Its priorities, what the hell, are we doing you know what I mean, I know that and so now we're we're on a mission and this this plant is going to allow us to bring a whole.

00:22:47.580 --> 00:22:54.780 The Hemp Sisters: planetary mission to the table, because we've already built these people, we already know they they trust us they believe in us, they want to know about this plant.

00:22:55.170 --> 00:23:04.980 The Hemp Sisters: And we've been you know dropping little bits and pieces about the feed my starving children and where we're going and you bet your ass I mean everybody's inbox don't tell me you don't have a starbucks you know worth of.

00:23:05.460 --> 00:23:14.130 The Hemp Sisters: A cup of day of starbucks to feed a baby for a month like i'm not buying that bullshit so we're we're going to be helping some children, and that is starting this month.

00:23:20.760 --> 00:23:27.630 The Hemp Sisters: Delivery of how do we, because you know the bag of rice is not about eating it's about nutrition right right so.

00:23:28.380 --> 00:23:32.040 The Hemp Sisters: knighted states were more familiar with the other side of malnutrition, which is obesity.

00:23:32.550 --> 00:23:44.070 The Hemp Sisters: And in developing or underdeveloped countries it's malnutrition and it's a physical you know this, the other side of the scale, but here are citizens are under nourished.

00:23:44.490 --> 00:23:54.120 The Hemp Sisters: Because of the crowd they have access to, or have really become something valuable that gotten even in a snack it's our Omega three Omega six diet.

00:23:54.540 --> 00:24:04.980 The Hemp Sisters: The abundance of the Omega six is is an inflammatory situation needs to you know Omega three and omega six they work together to balance each other out.

00:24:05.370 --> 00:24:18.000 The Hemp Sisters: mega three reduces inflammation because Omega six, we also need that's an essential fatty acid, but our diet looks like you know, three it's the ratio is like three to 21 or one to 21 it's.

00:24:19.260 --> 00:24:23.040 The Hemp Sisters: Three can do its job because you're having too much of an accessible mega sex.

00:24:23.310 --> 00:24:31.290 The Hemp Sisters: that's fried food that's processed food that's you know it's an everything shit storm yeah I mean they enhance the food with it because it's something you need but we're only eating that are not getting.

00:24:31.830 --> 00:24:33.930 The Hemp Sisters: more beneficial counterbalance that.

00:24:34.830 --> 00:24:46.260 The Hemp Sisters: So that's something that you know gotten these having these types of relationships and these types of goals, and you know things we want to do help us to start talking about things that people don't want to talk about.

00:24:47.160 --> 00:24:54.870 The Hemp Sisters: Better Sharon know gina started and our own sure, yes, we want to inspire people to take their talents and do things.

00:24:55.530 --> 00:25:06.990 The Hemp Sisters: Because when you start talking to them about this plan their mind starts going to places of solving problems right didn't know this was a piece of the puzzle to solve a problem right so.

00:25:10.950 --> 00:25:11.940 The Hemp Sisters: still has.

00:25:12.960 --> 00:25:13.470 Absolutely.

00:25:14.490 --> 00:25:19.050 The Hemp Sisters: yeah and you know, following backup destination that's kind of what that is you know it's.

00:25:19.560 --> 00:25:22.860 The Hemp Sisters: You know, talk listen do something to you know.

00:25:23.070 --> 00:25:32.520 The Hemp Sisters: and whatever right and it makes sure they're learning make sure that because there's too much misinformation that's the other side of that you go into Google or some shit you're going to find 10 articles that contradict themselves in four minutes.

00:25:32.850 --> 00:25:42.900 The Hemp Sisters: And now you're back to the consumer that doesn't know what to do now they're just not going to try it because they're too confused and they don't know what to do so we really we really have a lot of work to do and it's going to take time, but that's our mission.

00:25:43.950 --> 00:25:47.790 Jonny Tsunami: Well, I mean that's a beautiful philanthropic approach and.

00:25:48.390 --> 00:25:57.240 Jonny Tsunami: I think that that's often more and more often than not, people are focused more on the the corporate end of making all the money, making all the money, but when you have a passion behind it.

00:25:57.630 --> 00:26:07.830 Jonny Tsunami: I think that's what actually excites people more and then everything else will fall into place That being said, tell us a little bit about the website that you have with your products.

00:26:09.750 --> 00:26:25.650 The Hemp Sisters: Well, our our team, and because of credit card processing causes all the products, so I mean there's anything you could ever think of a full CBD line a full of the eight lines smoke bubbles they products topical oils pre rolls bait.

00:26:26.760 --> 00:26:33.840 The Hemp Sisters: old cars, I said big parts of skincare what the hell else wasn't missing, we have you know, like the name herpes.

00:26:34.170 --> 00:26:46.530 The Hemp Sisters: trillions days yeah the turbines and more of a biological target type of representation, so they created a device that is nasal septum ring plastic.

00:26:47.370 --> 00:26:58.200 The Hemp Sisters: You know all the anti whatever you can wear this you know hypoallergenic etc, but it's it's infused with turbans and they have you know different biological targets.

00:26:59.010 --> 00:27:06.780 The Hemp Sisters: So you know kind of our wonderful world of can't save anything works for anything but right now we scared that I mean they have you know.

00:27:07.800 --> 00:27:14.070 The Hemp Sisters: You know, happy, you know no smoke and they're taking things that people use in traditional medicine.

00:27:14.640 --> 00:27:20.310 The Hemp Sisters: The targets that they use So if I if I want to take chantix to quit smoking it's in a certain part of my brain.

00:27:20.790 --> 00:27:27.210 The Hemp Sisters: You know let's find that turban unlocks that that olfactory receptors that actually that particular formula that makes that.

00:27:27.630 --> 00:27:33.180 The Hemp Sisters: That happen, you know where it distracts you right, so that is the the main line.

00:27:33.900 --> 00:27:42.930 The Hemp Sisters: And that's returning it's really come into play right and then there's a whole other brand smoking hotties and that's lip gloss infused with Europeans that's a you know whole line and itself and.

00:27:43.830 --> 00:27:53.670 The Hemp Sisters: Wholesale distribution mass distribution white label with whatever you need we got but, again, like low and I don't talk a lot about that because we're trying so hard to push the education but yeah.

00:27:54.000 --> 00:28:02.730 The Hemp Sisters: there's not a product we don't have you know I mean you're not gonna find it, we have a weird relationship because you're talking about our website, we actually do not the hem sisters.

00:28:03.150 --> 00:28:23.940 The Hemp Sisters: And our website cannot right now sell any cannabinoid products, we do have you know nutritional hemp products and other products, but you know we've been we've been dealing with credit card processing since 2015 so you know before people were actually trying to.

00:28:24.990 --> 00:28:26.910 The Hemp Sisters: You got it you got it you got it, you know.

00:28:29.940 --> 00:28:31.140 The Hemp Sisters: We have to be much more.

00:28:32.400 --> 00:28:33.450 The Hemp Sisters: Creative and create.

00:28:36.360 --> 00:28:37.110 Jonny Tsunami: A good banker.

00:28:37.170 --> 00:28:38.400 Jonny Tsunami: You have to have the right banker.

00:28:41.550 --> 00:28:52.620 Jonny Tsunami: And that's that's just one of those things and that's where we, as a team meet together and we have different people in the space that serve each other so at the end, whatever it is we're creating can go out to the people and that's what we're doing.

00:28:53.100 --> 00:28:58.740 Jonny Tsunami: So let's take a little break when we come back we're going to get into a little bit of the personal side.

00:29:01.860 --> 00:29:10.740 Jonny Tsunami: I am here Johnny tsunami planet pocket a little low with gina and lowest and we're gonna take a little break we'll be right back talk radio and why see.

00:31:44.850 --> 00:31:56.700 Jonny Tsunami: Alright, we are back this is planet Poc Hello i'm Johnny tsunami your host and we are here with gina mama Apps and lowest low low Carter the hem sisters nation.

00:31:57.090 --> 00:31:57.870 The Hemp Sisters: me and.

00:31:59.220 --> 00:31:59.970 Jonny Tsunami: Girls.

00:32:02.910 --> 00:32:03.660 Jonny Tsunami: Hello yeah.

00:32:05.400 --> 00:32:05.880 Jonny Tsunami: yeah.

00:32:11.070 --> 00:32:16.380 Jonny Tsunami: i've had so much fun i've had more ladies on this show then than men, and I don't know.

00:32:18.270 --> 00:32:19.410 Jonny Tsunami: I don't know what it is.

00:32:20.430 --> 00:32:21.450 The Hemp Sisters: it's a talk show.

00:32:32.850 --> 00:32:38.100 Jonny Tsunami: But I think there's a lot of women that are taking taking huge roles in the cannabis space to.

00:32:38.820 --> 00:32:40.650 The Hemp Sisters: it's great making money moves.

00:32:44.160 --> 00:32:47.850 Jonny Tsunami: So now we're gonna get into the personal and I want I want.

00:32:47.880 --> 00:32:58.170 Jonny Tsunami: To really something we had talked about for was you guys were childhood friends, so I mean tell me a little bit about life as childhood friends and then.

00:33:00.360 --> 00:33:13.170 The Hemp Sisters: I have no i'm older, so I have known lowest literally since the day she was born so 44 plus years we're going back sandbox love yeah our moms were best friends, our dads were best friends.

00:33:13.860 --> 00:33:31.320 The Hemp Sisters: My parents introduced her parents, like, I mean it's deep deep generational friends and our kids could not be tighter since birth like it's it's really cool so there's there's three generations of this amazing relationship already paying it forward to that.

00:33:32.580 --> 00:33:34.140 The Hemp Sisters: We you know, this is a.

00:33:36.840 --> 00:33:47.910 The Hemp Sisters: Video of us from you know i'm the where they called the html right, I have all of that we've got my birthday party my birthday birthday party is our baby.

00:33:48.930 --> 00:33:49.590 The Hemp Sisters: yeah.

00:33:50.610 --> 00:33:59.850 The Hemp Sisters: it's you know birthday parties love you know I mean I get my dad's play cards and poker we were always in each other's lives just that you know we're raising.

00:34:04.590 --> 00:34:12.300 The Hemp Sisters: Our dads are on the same you know monarchs 16 inch team, so now lots of old style in our five year.

00:34:15.900 --> 00:34:16.500 The Hemp Sisters: Side fun.

00:34:17.220 --> 00:34:19.170 Jonny Tsunami: And then were so, then, but then.

00:34:19.950 --> 00:34:20.760 The Hemp Sisters: yeah life.

00:34:21.270 --> 00:34:21.780 The Hemp Sisters: Well, I.

00:34:22.170 --> 00:34:28.350 The Hemp Sisters: know exactly I go to college I hooked in college and I, you know went to school to be a PE teacher and a.

00:34:28.620 --> 00:34:33.210 The Hemp Sisters: teacher and a basketball coach and you know low went on, we just went off in different directions yeah.

00:34:33.450 --> 00:34:43.440 The Hemp Sisters: always kept in touch we actually ended up living together yeah mom when I was 2930 for you to by mid 20s 2425 we lived together for a couple years outside Chicago.

00:34:44.160 --> 00:34:55.200 The Hemp Sisters: So as soon as we drifted became right back you know it's just yeah life takes you on different journeys and different dynamic, you know you and I weren't hanging out like you know going out to bars and stuff when we were children.

00:34:58.170 --> 00:35:08.910 The Hemp Sisters: Lately, different friends if completely like completely different paths and actually her brother he's no longer with us, and he but he was more my age, a little closer to my age.

00:35:09.330 --> 00:35:19.140 The Hemp Sisters: i'm so in we never really kind of like that either, but he was he was one that was still coming around with you know my and her mother and you know things like gina was often school and I re things.

00:35:20.490 --> 00:35:21.450 The Hemp Sisters: Too cool for.

00:35:22.830 --> 00:35:24.420 The Hemp Sisters: Now, Derek guns drugs.

00:35:26.250 --> 00:35:30.660 The Hemp Sisters: Four years of your differences nothing when you're an adult before yours different like as a teenagers.

00:35:32.130 --> 00:35:32.970 The Hemp Sisters: have nothing in common.

00:35:34.680 --> 00:35:47.880 The Hemp Sisters: as adults, again we kind of you know meander back to each other and again, you know i'm teaching she's doing the hotel thing and life takes a crazy turn and I, you know I don't know if you want me to delve into my teaching.

00:35:47.880 --> 00:35:49.680 Jonny Tsunami: story, I think that.

00:35:49.710 --> 00:35:50.280 The Hemp Sisters: This point.

00:35:50.490 --> 00:35:52.140 Jonny Tsunami: You can release the personal.

00:36:01.020 --> 00:36:05.610 The Hemp Sisters: Thank you, High School health for 15 years coach basketball, the whole shebang.

00:36:06.480 --> 00:36:12.990 The Hemp Sisters: We get to the point now where i'm already doing a little activism, I talked about i'm educating on you know social media and now i'm.

00:36:13.290 --> 00:36:28.710 The Hemp Sisters: About to teach this quote unquote Drug Unit to you know 15 and 16 year old high school kids who know 10 times more than what we knew back then, I mean what's in the hormones, these days, I don't know but that's it that's a different world fully adapted, you know it's.

00:36:29.760 --> 00:36:39.150 The Hemp Sisters: it's crazy so they want to know, and they they know i'm the person to talk to you i'm not gonna bullshit i'm not gonna lie to them i'm going to teach them and they can ask me anything and i'm going to be honest, so.

00:36:39.600 --> 00:36:47.250 The Hemp Sisters: We opened the health book and they're talking about you know cannabis being this evil drug and if you smoke one cannabis cigarette you're going to be addicted and it's it's worse than.

00:36:47.430 --> 00:36:54.330 The Hemp Sisters: Smoking you know pack of cigarettes a day just just bullshit bullshit bullshit bullshit i'm like calling your website on the fucking floor like we're done we're done with the books.

00:36:54.840 --> 00:37:02.940 The Hemp Sisters: And they're just like Oh, this is awesome and we throw the books on the floor and i'm like we're trying to talk about this plant now you know, and then the questions are you a million questions.

00:37:03.480 --> 00:37:13.350 The Hemp Sisters: But i'm not getting into like smoking weed and getting high and all that, like I delve into the plant like we just wrapped up our nutrition unit it's a perfect intro for me so MC 10 boil I start, bringing it in.

00:37:13.740 --> 00:37:23.940 The Hemp Sisters: or lowes making lip balms hemp oil lip balms i'm making hemp oil soaps, are giving them away before test kids are going NUTS they're loving it so i'm in trouble, because they were learning way too much you know.

00:37:24.270 --> 00:37:31.860 The Hemp Sisters: Drug smuggler as a teacher is not a good start right, so you know fast forward 10 meetings later i'm literally set up by the police.

00:37:32.520 --> 00:37:38.490 The Hemp Sisters: Arrested for nothing, and I lose my entire teaching career for just being honest so at this point.

00:37:38.910 --> 00:37:47.940 The Hemp Sisters: On this on fire, like i'm on fire so i'm just trying to figure out what to do, how to do it and how do I get this message out you haven't stopped me, like all you did was pissed me off.

00:37:48.900 --> 00:37:59.040 The Hemp Sisters: So now i'm just a lowest and we're brainstorming what do we do you know we started I started a small little oil spill business because that's easy from home i'm about to give birth i'm pregnant during all this madness, of course, why not.

00:37:59.610 --> 00:38:05.850 The Hemp Sisters: You know so just just crazy right my son's in jail and he's not even born like stupid.

00:38:06.510 --> 00:38:18.240 The Hemp Sisters: um so you know we long story short, we end up we go to Washington, we do that we come back from Washington and by time we're back 2014 into the 2015 now i'm just upload this is ass like you know this is.

00:38:19.410 --> 00:38:26.070 The Hemp Sisters: This is what we're supposed to do this is why we're here and, finally, she was like Fuck it you're right like this is do this let's do a divorce, so we can do this.

00:38:31.140 --> 00:38:35.400 The Hemp Sisters: Entrepreneurship was born yeah it was an act of freedom really yeah.

00:38:36.390 --> 00:38:36.990 The Hemp Sisters: I think that.

00:38:37.860 --> 00:38:44.670 The Hemp Sisters: Go ahead, I was gonna say I think that, in retrospect, looking back our careers and what we did.

00:38:46.740 --> 00:38:52.110 The Hemp Sisters: If we didn't have the certain skill sets that we acquired through these jobs, I don't think we really have the same perspective of what.

00:38:52.560 --> 00:38:56.460 The Hemp Sisters: Where we might be able to fit it in this space, you know what I mean, so I think.

00:38:57.360 --> 00:39:02.760 The Hemp Sisters: I you know myself personally i'm you know, out of high school, I was the cosmetologist you know.

00:39:03.150 --> 00:39:11.160 The Hemp Sisters: And then I had a very long stretch of drug abuse right another reason why you know we did different things for a certain period of time.

00:39:11.730 --> 00:39:21.150 The Hemp Sisters: And I came out of that and I started into the hospitality industry because, at the very core is you know of service to people like that's my core.

00:39:21.690 --> 00:39:30.180 The Hemp Sisters: it's just who I am by default, so the service industry served me well allowed me to express the things in the gifts and talents, I had an in a more structured way.

00:39:30.690 --> 00:39:40.170 The Hemp Sisters: And that was a mentoring, that was an empowerment of staff training staff, I mean coming from where I was you know, out of jail for.

00:39:40.890 --> 00:39:50.640 The Hemp Sisters: periods of time of two years in some cases, but coming out of that and then taking what you have growing from that and then really creating.

00:39:51.030 --> 00:39:54.450 The Hemp Sisters: Learning showing you how to create experiences for other people it's like what.

00:39:55.200 --> 00:40:06.180 The Hemp Sisters: But I did I started that job, but he hotels, is a front desk clerk just a face to face, you know frontline customer service position and within three months i'm supervising you know 1520 people.

00:40:06.630 --> 00:40:17.040 The Hemp Sisters: Three months from there i'm standing in front of 500 GMT talking about the service culture for hd hotels, just like that, and then coming and leaving you know so.

00:40:18.900 --> 00:40:23.730 The Hemp Sisters: It was a great it was a great experience, I never you know it's weird being somebody that you know is labeled.

00:40:24.330 --> 00:40:35.010 The Hemp Sisters: labeled a felon I labeled a drug addict and having that and then being able to take that you know and still be able to motivate people into their by itself it's like What else do you.

00:40:35.880 --> 00:40:46.110 The Hemp Sisters: What do you want from life So what do I do with that here, and here I have the most ultimate support we have each other, you know we have bonds that you just couldn't even you couldn't even forced a.

00:40:46.950 --> 00:40:52.380 The Hemp Sisters: Meeting like they they have backup systems of of lifting out in I mean like it just forever so.

00:40:53.520 --> 00:41:06.840 The Hemp Sisters: You know, we keep all of that, and we utilize that and we just find ways to you and we balance each other so well, because our strengths are and there's different, but we, but we understand each other's strengths and weaknesses and we don't push right.

00:41:08.070 --> 00:41:15.150 The Hemp Sisters: yeah like you said it's it's not your average business relationship, because it goes back so so many years and there's there's so many levels to it.

00:41:15.540 --> 00:41:25.410 The Hemp Sisters: And there is no breaking that so you know there's good days and bad days and people have tried to take low and I out 10 different ways in the last six seven years, I mean everything you can imagine we've been through.

00:41:25.770 --> 00:41:38.130 The Hemp Sisters: And we're here and we're not going anywhere so it's only made us stronger and it's only made us closer and you know made our vision more clear, so we appreciate it honestly it's all learning yeah for sure and.

00:41:38.880 --> 00:41:41.970 Jonny Tsunami: i'm very moved i'm very moved I really I do i'm.

00:41:42.210 --> 00:41:44.550 The Hemp Sisters: She brought it up, I didn't know she talked about it and it's.

00:41:44.580 --> 00:41:48.300 The Hemp Sisters: it's her story and it's it's incredible it's incredible Johnny really is.

00:41:48.780 --> 00:42:01.440 The Hemp Sisters: I think the reason I didn't really it's it's a it comes with that service attitude of what you represent and, quite frankly, I know, with that to God, I mean with that took from me and what whatever I celebrate that personally.

00:42:02.250 --> 00:42:12.810 The Hemp Sisters: I always had this this you know i'm Italian we had this this you know this family shame thing, and I mean it's just born into it it's you know when you walk outside that door you're representing your family.

00:42:13.260 --> 00:42:19.440 The Hemp Sisters: And you know from what you when you talk when you do so, it unfortunately just sticks with you because it's part of your.

00:42:20.040 --> 00:42:24.900 The Hemp Sisters: Childhood you know So what does that make my partner look like what does that make people whatever.

00:42:25.320 --> 00:42:33.090 The Hemp Sisters: This is like fucking yeah it doesn't matter what they look like doesn't matter what I think doesn't matter what anyone thinks you you'd be unapologetically you, and if they don't like it.

00:42:33.540 --> 00:42:50.220 The Hemp Sisters: By yeah that's it and, quite frankly, the cannabis space i'm not alone man, you know I probably wasn't alone in you ever been pressured professional world, but nobody would talk about that that you can talk about that people that hired me and I he I had gone, you know, as you know.

00:42:51.240 --> 00:42:55.740 The Hemp Sisters: out of work for so long as you just don't hire felons even back then you didn't do that.

00:42:56.910 --> 00:43:03.030 The Hemp Sisters: in Illinois I had you know the check the box situation right so checking your box and you didn't get your applications right and half the time.

00:43:03.390 --> 00:43:09.330 The Hemp Sisters: My father he's gone now too, but he had said, like stop checking the fucking box man like you're you're smart.

00:43:09.750 --> 00:43:14.010 The Hemp Sisters: You know you're not you know I mean like you're just not that person, and I did the first.

00:43:14.400 --> 00:43:22.020 The Hemp Sisters: job that I applied for, and I didn't check the you know, do you have any felonies last 10 years box I got that job, and then it worked that job for 12 years.

00:43:22.410 --> 00:43:31.890 The Hemp Sisters: And I went from measly girl making seven bucks an hour, you know to being in the second position down from the top of the photo and that's huge.

00:43:32.910 --> 00:43:38.790 The Hemp Sisters: that's huge for me JI JI Ki now whenever whenever but I work, you know work that you.

00:43:42.390 --> 00:43:42.990 The Hemp Sisters: made a baby.

00:43:45.000 --> 00:43:50.760 Jonny Tsunami: You girls are literally phoenix rising so we're gonna take we're gonna take a little bit.

00:43:59.370 --> 00:43:59.670 Jonny Tsunami: we're gonna.

00:44:04.080 --> 00:44:18.780 Jonny Tsunami: get to the last part that message to the audience so stay right there i'm Johnny tsunami, this is planet pocket low low i'm here with gina mama Apps and lowest low low Carter and we will be right back talk radio and y si.

00:44:22.740 --> 00:44:23.010 The Hemp Sisters: si.

00:45:02.700 --> 00:45:03.000 That.

00:46:50.400 --> 00:46:54.720 Jonny Tsunami: we're back what a that last that last segment right there.

00:46:55.140 --> 00:47:10.650 Jonny Tsunami: Man you guys really touched me right there i'm really happy that we that we've met up it's it's been an absolute pleasure, when we say that my co host shaka Steve says me, you know go to say it's an absolute pleasure to everybody, because Maybe it is because I am.

00:47:11.220 --> 00:47:11.670 Pleased.

00:47:19.380 --> 00:47:28.710 Jonny Tsunami: And that's why we do this, show so and so i'm here with the lovely gina mom Apps and lowest low low Carter.

00:47:30.150 --> 00:47:44.160 Jonny Tsunami: nation and a wonderful product line we talked about some of the products um I guess what we, you mentioned the whole list, but what which one are your favorites let's let's go there let's start there in there.

00:47:45.180 --> 00:47:47.640 The Hemp Sisters: I love, a good da tincture i'll tell you.

00:47:48.840 --> 00:47:55.830 The Hemp Sisters: i'm not playing I opened my eyes in the morning, that goes right my mouth and i'm already feeling good from the night before, so it kicks right in in time and.

00:47:56.220 --> 00:48:03.960 The Hemp Sisters: it's it's different than the night like you're you're still high, you still feel psycho advocate same feeling but it's not as heady so you don't you don't.

00:48:04.290 --> 00:48:07.290 The Hemp Sisters: If you take too much and i'll use that term loosely it's different for everyone.

00:48:07.590 --> 00:48:15.450 The Hemp Sisters: But if I took a little more than normal i'm not gonna want to go take a nap i'm gonna just be a little goofy or via little sillier but you know real productive like you don't.

00:48:15.750 --> 00:48:20.790 The Hemp Sisters: You don't get that super chill like you're relaxed your body's relaxed but you're functioning more.

00:48:21.000 --> 00:48:35.280 The Hemp Sisters: On a higher level if that makes sense and i'm a cannabis user i'm high thc all day every day that I am needs to be low thc all day, every day, I don't know if it's I don't know if it's a reaction to just you know other things in my life that have changed my.

00:48:35.610 --> 00:48:49.110 The Hemp Sisters: Brain chemistry, I mean who knows, but the da for me is like I you know I would spend my entire life looking for strain of cannabis to smoke, that would be okay, for me, not invoke paranoia or awkward feelings, you know.

00:48:49.950 --> 00:48:57.420 The Hemp Sisters: And, and so I when da became available through some of the products we have like i'll give it a shot, you know, and what I found was that.

00:48:57.810 --> 00:49:05.730 The Hemp Sisters: I it would bring me to the line of where paranoia with tire strains like tip me, and it would keep me they're like oh.

00:49:06.120 --> 00:49:15.060 The Hemp Sisters: But not an anxious way like you just be there, it was handle like my bias and react to feeling like cognitive changes anymore, for whatever reason, so you know, like.

00:49:15.630 --> 00:49:22.200 The Hemp Sisters: Like hyper aware of when things are changing and my brain chemistry helps you sleep Do I need help me sleep.

00:49:22.530 --> 00:49:29.520 The Hemp Sisters: that's my you know my my thing why I started it was like it's not really paying me I got common aches and pains for 44 year old you know.

00:49:30.090 --> 00:49:40.860 The Hemp Sisters: But my sleep, you know my brain is just constantly going and again like paranoia kind of invokes when I use higher thc so that, for me, was was huge.

00:49:41.400 --> 00:49:47.520 The Hemp Sisters: and me, coming from a you know, like high thc like i'm a big go full extract cannabis oil all day every day i've been doing that for.

00:49:48.240 --> 00:49:56.940 The Hemp Sisters: Seven years you know, and I love it to my body loves it my just I love it it's incredible for me so da comes the table and i'm like what the Fuck out of here like.

00:49:57.270 --> 00:50:06.540 The Hemp Sisters: No way no way some shifts extracted from him that person again no way something extracted from hemp and CBD gonna make me feel like you know my Fico makes me feel.

00:50:06.930 --> 00:50:12.450 The Hemp Sisters: And so I tried ingesting it I wasn't gonna you know try smoking and I know i'm not going to get the same from that so I ingest it i'm like.

00:50:14.400 --> 00:50:17.820 The Hemp Sisters: My daytime This is like hot am yeah.

00:50:20.100 --> 00:50:30.210 The Hemp Sisters: I mean like OK OK, so now, I see where all the hype is, and now you can legally get this and feel really good you know, in most states, right now, so I was full force on board.

00:50:30.690 --> 00:50:43.260 The Hemp Sisters: Any argument really is that you know Jen and I are kind of we know we don't really like a lot of the things that you know are converted Internet so we've got you know da comes it's manufactured how its processed now his conversion and Nice, you know nice summer.

00:50:43.590 --> 00:50:53.280 The Hemp Sisters: process, but you know so, but you can find the naturally you know you're not going to find people extracting like that to make a day product, no, I mean the cost of that is ridiculous.

00:50:53.700 --> 00:51:03.060 The Hemp Sisters: But you're getting it anyway, you know it's some very low levels throughout the plant naturally in some strains so you know you gotta find things that work.

00:51:03.720 --> 00:51:08.070 The Hemp Sisters: And for people that don't have access to cannabis people that can't get high thc and that's you know.

00:51:08.370 --> 00:51:13.140 The Hemp Sisters: Half the country or more, that is that's not even available to them, so something like da coming out where they can.

00:51:13.380 --> 00:51:20.490 The Hemp Sisters: get a little glimpse of how the other half lives, you know it's it's nice right well and it's true are we, you know but and again back to the education thing you know.

00:51:20.580 --> 00:51:28.800 The Hemp Sisters: I nothing on the market, it so people that are using da like in that case, are they doing it for medical purposes are they doing it for recreational purposes.

00:51:29.160 --> 00:51:35.790 The Hemp Sisters: I think this really in the end is going to shape the fate of what happens to date in the long run, you know if it's a scoot around getting high.

00:51:36.300 --> 00:51:50.220 The Hemp Sisters: You know what I mean to some level it's not like CBD is for medical care, I mean if if we look at like that is it going to end up with the rest of the you know thc family and, probably, you know, probably.

00:51:51.780 --> 00:51:53.820 Jonny Tsunami: never really thought that probably.

00:51:55.140 --> 00:51:59.550 Jonny Tsunami: could be the case, it could be it definitely is and things are always changing right.

00:51:59.610 --> 00:52:00.270 And it right.

00:52:01.320 --> 00:52:08.430 Jonny Tsunami: The industry, so you know why should people consider using hemp products in their everyday lives or.

00:52:09.360 --> 00:52:16.740 The Hemp Sisters: endocannabinoid system yeah I mean I don't know how you know your listeners how educated, they are on that, but I mean again we.

00:52:17.640 --> 00:52:28.830 The Hemp Sisters: What we speak about most often because we don't get to bring watch people with too much science, but again, you know our bodies we've evolved to be self regulated right, we are in constant.

00:52:29.700 --> 00:52:38.940 The Hemp Sisters: defense of our external and internal vironment our body uses a system called endocannabinoid system to help us mitigate that regulate body temperature all of these things.

00:52:39.900 --> 00:52:48.930 The Hemp Sisters: You know, it is, it has out of all of our neurotransmitters and no cannabinoids account for 80% of the neurotransmitters that are producing your body.

00:52:49.560 --> 00:53:06.120 The Hemp Sisters: And it's an important system it's communicating and it's regulating over other systems, you have your you know immune system your central nervous system, I mean everything respiratory etc, so why does help that is because we're making endocannabinoid to move to these receptors and other.

00:53:07.140 --> 00:53:07.680 The Hemp Sisters: You know.

00:53:09.900 --> 00:53:11.160 The Hemp Sisters: exhilarating you know.

00:53:12.960 --> 00:53:20.190 The Hemp Sisters: Things but I mean we're making those but our bodies that we do it naturally I mean we do it on demand, though.

00:53:20.550 --> 00:53:25.860 The Hemp Sisters: Right so it's not like that is being made every day, just in case something happens to you they're done on demand so.

00:53:26.220 --> 00:53:37.590 The Hemp Sisters: You know, throwing things like stress in your life they start to you know break down and we start to deregulate the the need for the endocannabinoid to do this is is overwhelming and we're under chronic chronic chronic.

00:53:39.030 --> 00:53:46.320 The Hemp Sisters: These chronic things you know the endocannabinoid system, Mr Smith can't function on demand fix it everything going and we move on.

00:53:47.160 --> 00:53:56.250 The Hemp Sisters: Chronic abuse of that not being able to produce quality endocannabinoid is not producing the right, you know the receptors and while because our diets are shit all of these things happen.

00:53:56.580 --> 00:54:03.600 The Hemp Sisters: We deregulate we fall to illness, he fall to the effects of stress and anxiety we fall to the effects of chronic pain and.

00:54:04.020 --> 00:54:11.310 The Hemp Sisters: and other things and we're final cannabinoids you know come and play is to stimulate our system to do better.

00:54:11.670 --> 00:54:19.800 The Hemp Sisters: You know, and in some cases like thc actually you know fit with receptors to mimic the same activity, you know the desired activity.

00:54:20.190 --> 00:54:26.430 The Hemp Sisters: So yeah that's how I can help right, you know so that's like the baseline of it, supporting your vital optimize your functioning and.

00:54:26.970 --> 00:54:40.050 The Hemp Sisters: In most cases, disease, you know we got so many studies that show like you know, especially from Dr Russo mean he showed clinically that people that had fibromyalgia migraines ibs they had lower endo cannabinoid.

00:54:40.560 --> 00:54:47.790 The Hemp Sisters: levels in their body, this was a you know, this is a metric that they use to understand the whole endocannabinoid deficiency can't.

00:54:49.530 --> 00:54:52.860 The Hemp Sisters: This is a common denominator and some of these you know disease that don't have an.

00:54:53.610 --> 00:55:04.770 The Hemp Sisters: Ideology where they come from how these even happening, you know they put a lot of working understanding that the ETS really has a role with that so now, you know extrapolate that and move it across other diseases that we we don't.

00:55:05.400 --> 00:55:12.510 The Hemp Sisters: You know, we play with the origins of, or we don't really have curious we just have treatment of symptoms, this is where people tend to cannabis.

00:55:13.200 --> 00:55:15.750 The Hemp Sisters: and doctors aren't talking about the system that's in every single.

00:55:16.260 --> 00:55:27.750 The Hemp Sisters: person and animal with a spine on the planet, like they don't even know the system exists and that's clearly a huge issue, so when we're educating our own doctors on what can potentially help our bodies naturally and they're looking at us like we have three heads.

00:55:28.080 --> 00:55:39.210 The Hemp Sisters: That needs to change yourself in a situation you go to your doctor and you know that this is a master regulatory system right is you know feedback loop system it's literally regulating most of the things that are going to regulate you.

00:55:40.260 --> 00:55:48.750 The Hemp Sisters: And you're going to doctor and you say hear about that, and he says well i've heard about it, you know, he said, oh, you are the most important system in your body, and he can't answer any questions about it.

00:55:49.770 --> 00:55:59.610 The Hemp Sisters: A smile, like the smirking Okay, you know, like there's like not buying it right right so it's very hard as a person, when you're like buying time to Dr bus on the meetup know about.

00:55:59.880 --> 00:56:11.070 The Hemp Sisters: read an article a while back because there was a study about what in America what schools are actually talking about you know, and none of them knew about the endocannabinoid system so long story short.

00:56:12.780 --> 00:56:16.080 Jonny Tsunami: story i'm sure you girls can keep going on, because.

00:56:17.100 --> 00:56:19.980 Jonny Tsunami: i'm so happy and you're coming back again we're going to have you as a.

00:56:20.670 --> 00:56:33.990 Jonny Tsunami: recurring guest and I love that I I pray and I hope your nation takes over and then you just push it in what you're doing and it's been it's been a great time having both you on the show so.

00:56:35.340 --> 00:56:37.830 Jonny Tsunami: I love it I love you ladies and we're gonna say.

00:56:40.050 --> 00:56:40.320 Jonny Tsunami: hey.

00:56:40.380 --> 00:56:42.150 Jonny Tsunami: we're going to stay linked up so.

00:56:42.360 --> 00:56:48.990 Jonny Tsunami: Listen i'm Johnny tsunami, this is planet pocket low low gina mama Apps lowest low low Carter.

00:56:50.250 --> 00:56:50.790 Jonny Tsunami: nation.

00:56:51.030 --> 00:56:57.510 Jonny Tsunami: We have a great evening everybody talk radio and why see who's.

00:56:59.790 --> 00:57:00.030 Jonny Tsunami: On.

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