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Tuesday, July 27, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/27 - Hot Takes & Paying It Forward

Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/27 - Hot Takes & Paying It Forward


2021/07/27 - Hot Takes & Paying It Forward

[NEW EPISODE] Hot Takes & Paying It Forward

The first half of the show tonight, I am going through some of my unfiltered “Hot Takes” on a wide range of topics from the AEA @actorsequity latest announcement to open their enrollment process (and how that can potentially affect @sagaftra eligibility) to the @sec gaining @texaslonghorns and @ou_athletics (and what that could mean moving forward). I also talk a little about the @olympics and some interesting tidbits from the running media. . 

Second half of the show I welcome a special guest, Mike Cunningham @mikecunningham1976 He is the national sales director for @gillathletics1918 We will talk about the changes to the landscape and culture for college athletics. His popular podcast that introduces the world to coaches from all walks. We also share a desire to “Pay It Forward” in life and how he views his role in humanity. .

Tune in for this fun conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Kevin starts off his show by speaking about SAG-AFTRA and acting unions. When he heard of Actors’ Equity's decision to open up their enrollment process, he became surprised by the way it is now easier to receive membership for a union, as opposed to earning it through having a principal role or background role. Kevin then talks about the changes that will come with this open access ability and how more people will be able to join Actors’ Equity. By being in a union, then you will be on a different playing field than others and have the chance to potentially secure more roles with the benefits of the membership. Kevin believes this defeats the purpose of union by having this membership being open to non-union gigs. And he is skeptical of what prompted this new announcement.

Segment 2

Coming back from the break, Kevin shares details how fitness commercials are shot and how he is preparing for his upcoming fitness shoot. Then, he goes into discussing Simon Biles and her decision to withdraw herself from the Olympics. When you get to this high level, he says there comes a big pressure to perform and always be on top of your game. But, he knows how there are still days athletes are feeling doubtful of their performance and their abilities. But, the difference is shown in Olympians because they chose to continue playing despite their fears. However, Simone Biles was fully aware of his choice to leave and Kevin emphasizes that her choice to not perform was necessary because all athletes should put themselves and their mental health first before participating in a high-pressure sport. Kevin also brings up the Big 12 in the NCAA and his opinion on their choice to stay.

Segment 3

Joining us now is Mike Cunningham, the National Sales Director for Gill Athletics. Mike is Kevin’s former coaching colleague and Kevin is happy to have him on the show. Mike shares more about his podcast and the amount of coaches he has gotten on as guests for it. Kevin then asks his guest what he thinks is the biggest change he has seen in college athletics. Mike talks about how in the past, social media and phones were not present much back then, and now that social media and smartphones have progressed there are more media stories that are circulated. Now, you must consider how the image and likeness of athletes are influenced greatly because of the presence of social media. Mike wishes coaches would do some of their responsibilities differently when considering the title they hold. So, Mike stresses the importance of coaches checking in with their own mental health even during the busy schedule of their career. Also, he brings up the benefits of connecting with people that spark from coaching or being on athletic teams. Mike then goes into the history of the first championship of the NCAA before the next break.

Segment 4

Mike then shares how Gill Athletics still stays number one in the business by continuing to grow and develop more products throughout the year. From his experience working as a SaleS Director, Mike talks about their business goals and how the factory creating their products from metal/foam is like “Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory”. Kevin then transitions the conversation on paying it forward, with Chris adding his take on it by saying in order to help others, you have to create value. By thinking of what you can do for others, you should dismiss any expectations of what someone will do in return to a gift or act of service. Kevin talks about working on your legacy while also still being a better person, without waiting for the perfect moment. Even a compliment can go far, especially when others think paying it forward only involves paying for something. Both of them end the episode by agreeing with the importance of being a positive light to others, even in times like now where things are more difficult and scary.


00:00:27.720 --> 00:00:32.580 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Good evening everybody and welcome back to coffee talk excel i'm Kevin barbro and you're.

00:00:32.700 --> 00:00:52.110 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Either listening or watching right now on talk radio dot nyc if you're just listening in on talk radio dot nyc, then you can watch the live video if you just go to Facebook COM slash talk radio nyc just all one word and you can see, see us live so tonight's episode.

00:00:53.790 --> 00:01:04.590 Kevin Barbaro Productions: got a few things to talk about a little bit of hot takes you know my take on a few things everything from actors equity and they're changing their membership requirements.

00:01:05.460 --> 00:01:15.420 Kevin Barbaro Productions: talked about Simone biles and her dropping out of the team competition yesterday and the US team finishes with the silver and also going to touch on the.

00:01:16.050 --> 00:01:27.060 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The big 12 and the situation with Texas and Oklahoma essentially notifying them, I want to say yesterday or today that they will not be renewing their.

00:01:28.110 --> 00:01:36.870 Kevin Barbaro Productions: contract and 2025 for the meteorites and they have reached out to the SEC according to espn and asked for.

00:01:38.010 --> 00:01:52.710 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The open discussion for them to join the SEC, and what that means just in the world of athletics, particularly college athletics, as the ncaa and college athletics, are completely evolving at this point, maybe faster than.

00:01:53.250 --> 00:02:01.320 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Anybody saw it may be faster than then it can handle it we're gonna we're gonna find out one way or the other it's one of those situations where.

00:02:01.950 --> 00:02:10.050 Kevin Barbaro Productions: We can do this, the easy way, or we can do this, the hard way but either way we do it we're going to get it done so we're going to talk about that second half of the show.

00:02:11.070 --> 00:02:20.010 Kevin Barbaro Productions: As per normal or word per usual I got a special guest on second half, and it's going to be longtime friend former coaching colleague.

00:02:21.480 --> 00:02:29.130 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Mike Cunningham he's going to be on the show he's now the national sales manager for Gil athletics, which is one of the largest track and field.

00:02:29.760 --> 00:02:41.880 Kevin Barbaro Productions: equipment, companies and suppliers in the world, but they also do more than that we're going to be talking about that we're gonna talk about the evolution here of college athletics, because he was a former nc double a division one coach just like I was.

00:02:42.960 --> 00:02:52.290 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And we're also gonna be talking about just life stuff because he's he's a pay it forward kind of guy and and he's got a unique outlook on on that and helping people.

00:02:52.620 --> 00:02:59.820 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And, as do I, and so we share that in common and so we're going to have him on for the second half of the show but getting back to the.

00:03:00.330 --> 00:03:09.660 Kevin Barbaro Productions: main discussions that I wanted to touch on tonight and kind of like you know kevin's hot takes if you want to call them is the first thing is actors equity so.

00:03:11.370 --> 00:03:12.450 Kevin Barbaro Productions: If you're an actor.

00:03:14.010 --> 00:03:28.860 Kevin Barbaro Productions: inputs if you're an actor like I am where you're a commercial actor or you're a TV or movie actor film then your Union your Guild that you're trying to earn membership into is the screen actors Guild sag.

00:03:29.520 --> 00:03:37.590 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And if you are a stage or theater actor or stage manager, then what you musical theatre.

00:03:38.670 --> 00:03:46.620 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Whether it's opera plays musicals broadway those are that's called the actors equity association and.

00:03:47.940 --> 00:04:06.750 Kevin Barbaro Productions: By joining hga you effectively are joining that Union okay Now you can cross over there, there is a a means by which you can join one union by being a member of the other Union, and so this actually just came up.

00:04:08.580 --> 00:04:14.310 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I want to say on the 21st I don't even know what today is I lose track things as 27 but let's just happen, I think, Wednesday.

00:04:15.510 --> 00:04:23.070 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Or maybe a week ago today, Tuesday, but actors equity came out and said that they are now.

00:04:24.690 --> 00:04:26.880 Kevin Barbaro Productions: going to until I want to say.

00:04:28.620 --> 00:04:42.720 Kevin Barbaro Productions: They are opening up their membership into the Union under what they're calling open access okay so it's not it's not open enrollment rate or just anybody Willy nilly can just join it.

00:04:43.980 --> 00:04:55.260 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But open access and to put it into context for people who aren't actors, because obviously a lot of people that watch this show or listen to the podcast.

00:04:56.400 --> 00:05:01.680 Kevin Barbaro Productions: are not in the world of acting their world of athletics, which is another part of my life or the world of business.

00:05:03.510 --> 00:05:10.110 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In order to join, like, for me, in order for me to have earned my screen actors Guild membership.

00:05:11.370 --> 00:05:19.890 Kevin Barbaro Productions: it's incredibly difficult, I mean between that and actors equity, these are two of the hardest unions to earn your Members so you can't just.

00:05:20.670 --> 00:05:29.580 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You can't just join you have to earn your way in and there's a couple of ways in sag that you can earn away in a one way, is that you can.

00:05:30.030 --> 00:05:48.480 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Do it the way that I did, which is that you are a non Union actor who lands a Union gig and you are then giving it your taft hartley in and so you're offered membership, because you, you took the place of a Union person in a principal role that's how I got.

00:05:50.130 --> 00:05:52.860 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Or you can actually earn your way in.

00:05:53.910 --> 00:06:03.840 Kevin Barbaro Productions: By being a background extra which I don't do and i'm not knocking being a background extra we talked about it last week, when I had Bella hibbs on from good faith casting.

00:06:04.530 --> 00:06:12.420 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But background acting and acting are not the same thing now it's hard to convince somebody that only does background work.

00:06:12.780 --> 00:06:19.410 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Of that and that's fine that's their opinion, but obviously they don't have any lines so you're just pantomime.

00:06:19.800 --> 00:06:28.230 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Okay, so you can earn your way into sag by being a non Union background actor, which again not knocking it it's just not for me.

00:06:28.650 --> 00:06:34.260 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But you can only way, and you have to get three vouchers, and essentially layman's terms what that means is that.

00:06:34.680 --> 00:06:46.920 Kevin Barbaro Productions: As a non Union background person, you need to fill a slot of a Union person three times on a Union shoot and get the waiver, so that you can turn those into sag and become okay.

00:06:48.600 --> 00:06:49.950 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Essentially, those are the two ways and.

00:06:51.630 --> 00:07:09.930 Kevin Barbaro Productions: not easy, I mean it's not even easy on the on the exercise that thing, and you could toil around for years and not get those vouchers so in actors equity, you had to land, a role in an equity show as a non Union person to earn your way into actors equity.

00:07:11.040 --> 00:07:11.580 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Which.

00:07:12.690 --> 00:07:21.090 Kevin Barbaro Productions: is equally, if not harder than earning your sag membership, because there are far fewer opportunities.

00:07:21.600 --> 00:07:41.340 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And you are 100% completely at the mercy of the people that are doing the casting of these musicals or these shows, and when you go to audition as a non Union person basically you could sit there and have to wait all day.

00:07:42.390 --> 00:07:47.730 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Of course my cats are messing around right now, you can sit there and wait all day at an open call.

00:07:48.150 --> 00:07:57.930 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And not even get into the room to be to even have a shot at being cast because all of this spots in front of you were filled by Union people so.

00:07:58.740 --> 00:08:15.150 Kevin Barbaro Productions: they've opened it up now for open access to open access What that means is that now, as long as you have worked on a professional theatre project within the US Okay, the scope of aa.

00:08:16.920 --> 00:08:28.650 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And you're paid for professionally you had to you have to be able to show that you were paid for it, then you can now join actors equity, even though you've never gotten an equity job.

00:08:29.700 --> 00:08:30.180 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So.

00:08:32.160 --> 00:08:41.700 Kevin Barbaro Productions: here's what's a little confusing to me, I actually reached out today to actors equity to their press contact I haven't heard back, yet it is what it is, but.

00:08:42.750 --> 00:08:56.700 Kevin Barbaro Productions: read that that the thing that is a little bit odd to me is the entire purpose of a union is to strengthen it once you join the Union, is that you then.

00:08:57.240 --> 00:09:05.790 Kevin Barbaro Productions: are on a different playing field, the non Union people, and you have collective bargaining, you have all these benefits and these kinds of things.

00:09:06.360 --> 00:09:21.180 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And there's if people toiled for years and years to earn that now all of a sudden, you can now join actors equity having simply been paid 50 bucks to be in a non Union theater gig.

00:09:23.220 --> 00:09:25.290 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know in hoboken or wherever.

00:09:26.490 --> 00:09:39.870 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And you now are granted the same access the same membership that people who have been in the Union for years and it took them years to get and I have, so to me.

00:09:40.890 --> 00:09:47.580 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And i'm not in actors equity like it so in reality it doesn't affect me or my life, not one iota.

00:09:48.750 --> 00:09:51.000 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I say person, but.

00:09:52.380 --> 00:10:01.020 Kevin Barbaro Productions: To me it kind of defeats the entire purpose of the Union, when you now, or just opening up to non Union gigs.

00:10:02.100 --> 00:10:21.810 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And and and now all of a sudden, people can join the Union, you can join a year right and get all of those benefits having never ever landed an equity job so how actors equity said in their release and in subsequent articles that have been written in various publications that.

00:10:22.980 --> 00:10:24.360 Kevin Barbaro Productions: This wasn't driven by money.

00:10:27.720 --> 00:10:32.880 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Be in reality Okay, you know, obviously they're making the argument that.

00:10:33.900 --> 00:10:37.050 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That they want to open it up because it's so hard to get into.

00:10:37.950 --> 00:10:48.240 Kevin Barbaro Productions: that people are underrepresented from certain groups and etc, but this is the same complaint that people have had for decades about it yay and now all of a sudden when they're in a money crunch.

00:10:49.110 --> 00:11:03.600 Kevin Barbaro Productions: they're changing it and just opening it up, but then they're saying, well, it has nothing to do with money, which is a little odd because you know, obviously it's been the same argument for all these years, so the other thing is because you can join sag.

00:11:05.490 --> 00:11:19.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: If you have membership in a yay what that now means is that somebody can just go out put on a theater gig sell tickets at a 200 seat theater or 300 seat theater.

00:11:20.190 --> 00:11:28.110 Kevin Barbaro Productions: pay the people that are in it 50 bucks a pop for the performance, because there is no minimum that's what he says no minimum.

00:11:29.100 --> 00:11:42.150 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And then they become actors equity and then all of a sudden, they can now join sag because it is a sister Union even though, what they've really done is is absolutely nothing to accomplish.

00:11:42.690 --> 00:11:49.860 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The whole purpose of being in the screen actors Guild or in a so that's my little take on it, I mean.

00:11:50.730 --> 00:12:01.890 Kevin Barbaro Productions: it's just my opinion I you know right wrong, you know it doesn't really matter, because just my opinion, but I I i'm a little skeptical, particularly when they say it had nothing to do with money.

00:12:03.030 --> 00:12:09.990 Kevin Barbaro Productions: When it's been the same argument, all this time we're going to take our first commercial break and when we come back i'm going to be talking about Simone biles.

00:12:10.410 --> 00:12:23.070 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And, and they lifted Olympic gymnastics team and we're also gonna be talking college sports and then at the bottom of the hour we're going to have my buddy Mike Cunningham on so you're listening to copy Doc excel on talk radio dot nyc.

00:14:36.240 --> 00:14:39.900 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Welcome back everybody do coffee talk XL and our second second here.

00:14:40.380 --> 00:14:42.750 Kevin Barbaro Productions: you're listening on talk radio dot nyc.

00:14:43.980 --> 00:14:59.040 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Kevin Barbara and i'm here every Tuesday live from eight to 9pm Eastern time and then you can catch the podcast either by going to the same website that you're that you watch it now on Facebook or on talk radio dot nyc or you can go to apple spotify download the.

00:15:00.390 --> 00:15:12.210 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The podcast admittedly i'm like about a week behind and uploading the podcast but hey man I I live a crazy life matter of fact, tomorrow as a shorter side on my life.

00:15:12.840 --> 00:15:29.610 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I actually i've got to fly back to my place in La because I booked a fitness shoot for fitness product and commercial that's on that we're filming on Thursday, so I got to fly back tomorrow for the weekend and and also.

00:15:31.140 --> 00:15:42.930 Kevin Barbaro Productions: When you get ready for fitness shoots if you're if you're not in that world or you know, a fitness models go through the same thing bodybuilders because there's a there's actually so when you see people in these fitness.

00:15:45.090 --> 00:15:55.050 Kevin Barbaro Productions: commercials are these fitness things and they look the way that they do, they only look like that trust me we you only look like that for about 48 hours.

00:15:55.440 --> 00:16:04.050 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And a big part of that is you kind of manipulating your body over a few days in terms of the amount of water that you're taking in and then you're gradually cutting it back.

00:16:04.380 --> 00:16:15.000 Kevin Barbaro Productions: and loading up on protein and then you're loading up on carbs and you know it's just it's this whole like seven to 10 day process, and I can tell you right now i'm incredibly thirsty.

00:16:15.930 --> 00:16:25.620 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And i'm incredibly hungry, but hey man you got it look as good as you can it is what it is, I got to fly out and being at my place in La for the weekend, but.

00:16:26.190 --> 00:16:38.340 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Anyway, the whole Simone by Simone biles and what's happened here in terms of her dropping out, and this is just my take note i've been in high level athletics.

00:16:39.720 --> 00:16:50.850 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Since the 1990s, I mean i've coached five athletes and we're ranked in the top 25 world and push American record holder of coach people to World Championships to European Championships etc so.

00:16:51.960 --> 00:16:57.090 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i've been in that world, and I know the kind of pressure.

00:16:58.230 --> 00:17:04.470 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That not only do these athletes put on themselves, which is a tremendous amount of pressure you're not you're not going to become.

00:17:05.040 --> 00:17:13.170 Kevin Barbaro Productions: This world class athlete by accident Okay, this is not something that just happens because you're talented you put a lot of pressure on yourself.

00:17:13.770 --> 00:17:28.920 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And and and that pressure leads to discipline and etc, but then you're also getting a lot of pressure from the outside, whether it be coaches, I mean I was a coach I know that I put pressure on people, you know, maybe sometimes too much i'm just being honest with myself, you know.

00:17:30.960 --> 00:17:42.360 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And the media and everything else so Simone who is arguably in my mind, I mean I I i'm not an expert in gymnastics but to me.

00:17:43.080 --> 00:17:50.040 Kevin Barbaro Productions: If she's not the greatest gymnast of all time she's one of the top two gymnast of all time but, in my mind is the greatest dream list of all time.

00:17:51.030 --> 00:18:08.070 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know you're great when not only have you done things that have never been done before, and then they subsequently name those moves after you but they actually actively change the rules to make it harder for you, because you're so good and that's what's happened with her so.

00:18:09.360 --> 00:18:18.270 Kevin Barbaro Productions: After the ball something happened in the wall in the women's team competition and she made the decision to pull out now.

00:18:19.920 --> 00:18:28.350 Kevin Barbaro Productions: They did for the most part, people have been supportive obviously there is a certain cross section of people who've never competed in anything in their life usually.

00:18:29.250 --> 00:18:42.120 Kevin Barbaro Productions: outside of jv baseball you know or their men's softball league that's usually who these people are that get online anonymously, you know she should be able to handle the pressure, etc, etc.

00:18:43.860 --> 00:18:51.000 Kevin Barbaro Productions: For the most part, people have been supportive and and there needs to be support it's here's a way that it will get it now.

00:18:52.800 --> 00:18:54.210 Kevin Barbaro Productions: When you get to that level.

00:18:55.380 --> 00:19:07.800 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And whether it's an athletics or in acting or whatever, once you get to this this highest level you're operating at the at the highest percentile of other humans and obviously highest percent file with your own.

00:19:08.820 --> 00:19:10.560 Kevin Barbaro Productions: talent level, which is always the goal.

00:19:13.410 --> 00:19:23.550 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Generally speaking, these people have an unwavering belief in themselves now what I mean by that so in 2000 in 2000 Sydney.

00:19:24.750 --> 00:19:30.240 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Australia Olympics, they did a study of olympians across the board.

00:19:31.500 --> 00:19:36.750 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Every sport every denomination every gender everything right.

00:19:37.380 --> 00:19:47.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And the one common denominator that they found in these olympians The thing that made them different than non olympians was this unwavering belief in themselves okay.

00:19:47.820 --> 00:20:00.750 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And so I i've always believed always known that in order to get to that point you have to have this belief that that doesn't mean that you don't get out yourself it doesn't mean that every single day you wake up, you know.

00:20:01.770 --> 00:20:14.790 Kevin Barbaro Productions: spitting firecrackers you know crap and candidates all right there's days, where you you doubt yourself there's days, where you you don't feel good health there's days, where you don't even want to do it doesn't matter how good you are.

00:20:15.960 --> 00:20:29.340 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And what makes what makes olympians and world class athletes different is the fact that they are able to compartmentalize they they're able to take that.

00:20:30.570 --> 00:20:44.370 Kevin Barbaro Productions: doubt that that that that day, where you're actually scared or or worried or doubting yourself, and you can put it in its proper place quickly, and you can rebound from that and.

00:20:45.480 --> 00:20:48.330 Kevin Barbaro Productions: bounce back so that the measure of her.

00:20:50.340 --> 00:21:02.340 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Mental strength, the measure of Simone biles isn't in whether or not she decided to pull out yesterday that's that's not that's not what she's should be judged on ever.

00:21:03.120 --> 00:21:10.530 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Because a of all this isn't a life decision let's be honest okay this isn't something that this isn't some decision she made Willy nilly.

00:21:11.160 --> 00:21:20.250 Kevin Barbaro Productions: She knew the consequences of making this decision, she had to weigh those out she also had the way out, what if what if I.

00:21:20.850 --> 00:21:33.480 Kevin Barbaro Productions: go into these other subsequent events and i'm still feeling whatever i'm feeling today I woke up today, and this is how I feel right now, the thing about gymnastics particularly her right.

00:21:34.740 --> 00:21:44.640 Kevin Barbaro Productions: These moves are incredibly difficult, I mean she invented some of these moves right and not only the incredibly difficult what makes them difficult is I don't know they're dangerous.

00:21:45.300 --> 00:21:58.950 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And if you don't feel 100% confident that you're going to be able to pull it off that doubt can lead to not just screwing up, this is a football where it's an interception while i'm going to get another chance and four Downs right.

00:21:59.970 --> 00:22:02.670 Kevin Barbaro Productions: This is the this could be life altering.

00:22:03.750 --> 00:22:15.180 Kevin Barbaro Productions: If not honestly life ending should you break your neck because she's because she's off for whatever reason, so she had to take all of that into account.

00:22:16.080 --> 00:22:22.650 Kevin Barbaro Productions: and make the decision what was going to be best for her in that moment and honestly best for everybody around her.

00:22:23.370 --> 00:22:32.760 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In that moment wit and then that was to pull out so in my opinion, the measure of her and her strength and her belief in herself.

00:22:33.330 --> 00:22:43.380 Kevin Barbaro Productions: isn't in that snapshot of time where she had the or she made the decision to pull out what will define her able she she don't need to prove anything anybody.

00:22:44.010 --> 00:22:54.960 Kevin Barbaro Productions: This was one of the greatest athletes of all time Okay, she don't you don't need to prove anything anybody, but the measure of her and her strength and and her.

00:22:56.580 --> 00:23:06.570 Kevin Barbaro Productions: belief in herself is tomorrow and the next day how she bounces back from that and how she carries herself and My guess is.

00:23:06.990 --> 00:23:15.960 Kevin Barbaro Productions: It it'll be impeccable she'll be if she decided to continue in gymnastics awesome she's still you know she's always going to be the greatest gymnast the ball time.

00:23:16.500 --> 00:23:23.730 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And I honestly, I think that it like I said there's a certain cross section of people that are quick to judge.

00:23:24.360 --> 00:23:31.680 Kevin Barbaro Productions: chances are and you and you see these people on Twitter they've never done anything in their entire lives they've never even been.

00:23:32.460 --> 00:23:42.120 Kevin Barbaro Productions: in a position to fail because they're so fearful of failure, anyway, that they wouldn't even put themselves in a they wouldn't even take the chance.

00:23:42.630 --> 00:23:53.820 Kevin Barbaro Productions: To put themselves in that position so that's my take on that quickly before we go to the next break and then after the break i've got my buddy Mike can Cunningham coming on from Gil athletics on.

00:23:55.170 --> 00:24:04.170 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The big 12 and the SEC and Texas and Oklahoma and Mike will talk about this in a minute briefly but.

00:24:05.070 --> 00:24:24.840 Kevin Barbaro Productions: This is just another piece of this giant puzzle that is changing and evolving in the world of college athletics, right now, this as a matter of fact, I mean this is colossal in the world of college athletics, this is colossal because first of all I can't imagine in a million years.

00:24:25.950 --> 00:24:29.430 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The big 12 surviving the big 12 actually only had 10 teams in it.

00:24:30.510 --> 00:24:34.560 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And now you're taking to the two flagship teams i'm you're taking numeracy.

00:24:35.940 --> 00:24:49.080 Kevin Barbaro Productions: you're taking Texas and Oklahoma off the, off the table and and and moving them to their rival, I mean the rival of the but I don't even think the the SEC considers the big 12 right but to be honest with you.

00:24:49.710 --> 00:24:56.040 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The big 12 certainly consider themselves to be a rival the SEC, but they're each other's back yard and.

00:24:56.940 --> 00:25:11.640 Kevin Barbaro Productions: What I think is going to happen, and this is just one piece as they're moving forward, I don't I can't see a power five continuing to exist, I actually see because big 12 was one of those five.

00:25:12.750 --> 00:25:15.930 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I actually see a formerly.

00:25:17.580 --> 00:25:34.050 Kevin Barbaro Productions: For leagues developing with either 1618 or 20 teams in each of these and it's and they're going to have their own deals that listen honestly from a business standpoint and because it doesn't affect my life, not one iota anymore i'm not a coach.

00:25:35.130 --> 00:25:55.740 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I think they're crazy to even stay with the nc double a they they right now, they can walk grab byu and Notre Dame with them and take the entire TV package away from the SS double a and the nc double a will then be everybody else, which would be F fcs at that point.

00:25:56.790 --> 00:26:03.990 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And and division, two and three, you know and as a matter of fact, the way things are going now and the way the money is.

00:26:04.950 --> 00:26:13.860 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I wouldn't be stun this probably wouldn't happen, but I wouldn't be stunned if we then just see the nc double a just become a non scholarship.

00:26:14.670 --> 00:26:29.820 Kevin Barbaro Productions: More non scholarship and scholarship if those at schools ish move on and do their own thing I can see college athletics now being more particularly the highest level i'm not talking about division three no not that there's anything wrong division three.

00:26:30.840 --> 00:26:41.340 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I got a lot of division three days of listening show but, at the highest nc double a level, I see it, becoming more now essentially the minor league.

00:26:41.970 --> 00:26:48.480 Kevin Barbaro Productions: of whatever the professional outlet is in the in the various sports whether it's the nfl.

00:26:48.960 --> 00:26:57.120 Kevin Barbaro Productions: nhl whatever it is, I can, because now, these kids can go out because of the name image and likeness they go out, they can they can negotiate sponsorships.

00:26:57.570 --> 00:27:01.680 Kevin Barbaro Productions: They can go out and and and and make their own money while they're in school, they can be a millionaire.

00:27:02.490 --> 00:27:14.160 Kevin Barbaro Productions: which the Alabama quarterback I talked about last week doesn't play in a single bound yet and he's going to make over a million dollars for school starts and endorsements doesn't even played it, so I see, this is just one.

00:27:15.240 --> 00:27:24.240 Kevin Barbaro Productions: example of an ever changing landscape and I don't think that college athletics within the next 10 years is going to look anything like it does right now we're going to be back.

00:27:24.600 --> 00:27:38.100 Kevin Barbaro Productions: After this commercial break i'm going to have my buddy Mike Cunningham losing the national sales manager for Gil athletics and former college coach he's going to be on here for the second half of the show i'm Kevin Barbara you're listening to coffee talk to excel on talk radio advice.

00:27:40.980 --> 00:27:48.780 Kevin Barbaro Productions: uninformed about menopause and how it impacts on your life i'm caught up with women's health strategies and the host of the hot.

00:30:07.410 --> 00:30:20.520 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Welcome back everybody to coffee talk XL i'm Kevin Barbara and you're listening on talk radio dot nyc and you can pick up the podcast on spotify apple wherever it is you get your podcasts I got my.

00:30:20.910 --> 00:30:29.580 Kevin Barbaro Productions: buddy longtime friend former coaching colleague, and now the national sales manager for Gil athletics by Cunningham on Mike how you doing brother.

00:30:29.790 --> 00:30:37.710 Mike Cunningham: Man i'm great Thank you so much for having me man, this is a this is fantastic and what a great shirt, by the way, I got to point that out man.

00:30:37.950 --> 00:30:40.410 Mike Cunningham: yeah that's awesome where'd you get that that's amazing.

00:30:40.980 --> 00:30:53.850 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Do I will say, and I, and I am going to give them a little free advertising right now I got this from throw big throw far you know, do you follow them on this, the Madison throws club.

00:30:54.000 --> 00:31:00.510 Mike Cunningham: Joe frontier, one of the best throws coaches around he's been a guest on my podcast, of course, and i've been again yes he's awesome.

00:31:00.540 --> 00:31:16.260 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah yeah so I I just ordered three shirts and you know when I when I did the order it here's the thing with me, and this is just a quick aside right it's tough with my body shape it's tough to find a good T shirt bro because.

00:31:17.490 --> 00:31:33.600 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Whenever I have to go to film I get it like this, I gotta go film this this fitness thing in La this week right, so the girl asked me what size shirt you wear and I said this is i'm going to give you the same answer I give everybody medium if i'm showing it off larger from hide it.

00:31:35.370 --> 00:31:46.230 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Because so obviously I grab three mediums but do not tell you they fit great they feel it and i'm loving the different logos on them so.

00:31:47.550 --> 00:31:48.720 Kevin Barbaro Productions: If you want one of these go to.

00:31:50.430 --> 00:32:08.910 Kevin Barbaro Productions: throw far calm and they got some really cool stuff on there, but anyway yeah I mean speaking of your podcast and you know it's a really interesting I was a guest on your podcast obviously this is quite a while ago now um but you've had over how many episodes you get over 100.

00:32:09.540 --> 00:32:16.770 Mike Cunningham: yeah over 100 individual guests on the show we we also run a really popular YouTube show called athletics llc.

00:32:17.220 --> 00:32:30.510 Mike Cunningham: We run those as an audio only they do a YouTube show quite considerably, like you, and then we run the podcast side but it's ours individual coaches yeah over 100 it started back in January of 2020 like pre pandemic, because when I started this thing.

00:32:31.020 --> 00:32:32.370 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah yeah and.

00:32:33.420 --> 00:32:49.560 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And Basically, this is an opportunity not, not just for us but for you to get to know some of these different code, I mean really incredible stories on where these people have come from, I mean you got the one coach that was on there that didn't even have a tracking had a track meet.

00:32:51.090 --> 00:33:04.260 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know just some really interesting stories and how people got into the business, you know, let me ask you did you were a longtime coach right and and now now you're on the dark side you're in the civilian world.

00:33:05.430 --> 00:33:06.600 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Just like I am right.

00:33:08.580 --> 00:33:18.390 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In your opinion, what, what do you think the the biggest thing that's changed about college coaching since we were coaches over 10 years ago.

00:33:18.900 --> 00:33:32.550 Mike Cunningham: yeah so i'm so glad that I was a college track coach for 10 years I mean there's so much you know friendship and lessons and things like that that I learned, but maybe i'm also so glad that I am no longer.

00:33:33.240 --> 00:33:34.680 Kevin Barbaro Productions: apology yeah coach you.

00:33:34.680 --> 00:33:45.810 Mike Cunningham: know my last year of coaching was 2005 So if you kind of cycle back you know 16 years ago Facebook was only on campuses so it wasn't.

00:33:46.440 --> 00:33:55.890 Mike Cunningham: Today, we certainly wouldn't be able to do something like this today, Brian you know, there was no Twitter tick tock all that kind of stuff cell phones were still fairly.

00:33:56.760 --> 00:34:05.610 Mike Cunningham: Not around and yeah they weren't smartphone yeah and now you know fast forward to today with all of that social media.

00:34:06.150 --> 00:34:12.720 Mike Cunningham: And then you also add into name image image likeness transfer portals etc, I mean it's.

00:34:13.500 --> 00:34:17.730 Mike Cunningham: it's so different like I really enjoy you know pretty much my whole job is to talk to.

00:34:18.090 --> 00:34:29.850 Mike Cunningham: coaches and specifically college coaches around the country you know they'll tell me like horror stories that are going on and it's a little bit like Oh, thank you for telling me that coach let's yeah I did the right thing 16 years ago, you know.

00:34:30.450 --> 00:34:31.710 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Well, you know i'm.

00:34:33.330 --> 00:34:39.210 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i've talked to a lot, you know I still am well connected in in that world and a lot of my friends are still coaches and.

00:34:40.380 --> 00:34:49.740 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm not gonna lie to you a lot of guys that are still coaching they actually wish that they could get out but they don't have an exit plan and.

00:34:50.280 --> 00:34:59.280 Kevin Barbaro Productions: This is something that i've told my coaching friends, even though, even if you do love it even if you do other dude you should be thinking about the next step.

00:34:59.700 --> 00:35:07.830 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Life isn't checkers man you're not just thinking one move to the next, life is a game of chess and you need to be thinking two or three moves ahead.

00:35:08.370 --> 00:35:30.630 Kevin Barbaro Productions: and coming up with an exit plan on how you can then take all the lessons you learned as a coach and apply them because I mean Am I right you, you can draw some huge straight lines from your life as a college coach to be successful and taking on a national role with such a huge company.

00:35:33.450 --> 00:35:35.730 Kevin Barbaro Productions: What kind of connections that you made with that.

00:35:36.000 --> 00:35:45.540 Mike Cunningham: yeah I think you know, two things Kevin was mentioned, there you know one is I wish coaches would do it differently, meaning, you know you talk to most coaches, you know they.

00:35:46.110 --> 00:35:55.800 Mike Cunningham: rightfully will complain about the 24 seven life of a coach you know you if your kid calls you 10pm or 2am you have to be there to answer them you're the.

00:35:56.100 --> 00:36:00.300 Mike Cunningham: Academic advisor you're the you're the Po sometimes you know.

00:36:00.720 --> 00:36:09.030 Mike Cunningham: Things like that I wish in some coaches do do it right, it might what I would say right, and I wish they would do it differently if we would all just take a step back and realize.

00:36:09.270 --> 00:36:21.360 Mike Cunningham: Well, the title of coach is one of the most precious titles, you can give it's one of that I can think of only two professions in this world where you get a title right so yeah no you don't talk to your attorney and call them attorney chuck.

00:36:21.570 --> 00:36:25.980 Mike Cunningham: You don't talk right, but you call your doctor Dr Smith.

00:36:26.580 --> 00:36:26.910 and

00:36:27.990 --> 00:36:28.590 Mike Cunningham: executive.

00:36:29.850 --> 00:36:30.180 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Your.

00:36:30.390 --> 00:36:40.740 Mike Cunningham: Precious title, but it doesn't have to be everything parent brother sister etc, so you know, I just wish you know they would just.

00:36:41.550 --> 00:36:44.070 Mike Cunningham: put themselves the mental side of in.

00:36:44.520 --> 00:36:55.050 Mike Cunningham: church time with Simone biles of the mental health and things like that you know coaches need to concern themselves with their own mental health physical health financial health relationship health there's so many things that a coach.

00:36:55.470 --> 00:37:03.750 Mike Cunningham: has to be doing for his or his or herself to put their life if they want to coach for 5060 years well you better that we're doing the right things.

00:37:04.170 --> 00:37:18.210 Mike Cunningham: Now, as far as the parallels between you know coaching and business yeah you know there's a lot recruiting is sewing and no matter what you do in this world, you are selling if you don't think you're a salesperson you're wrong sorry.

00:37:18.270 --> 00:37:23.400 Mike Cunningham: yeah you have to sell yourself to your to your spouse, you have to sell yourself the dates, you have to sell yourself.

00:37:23.880 --> 00:37:28.770 Mike Cunningham: For jobs to get the jobs, etc, so you know, there are a lot of parallels and I, and I felt like I was a pretty.

00:37:29.550 --> 00:37:36.510 Mike Cunningham: well known recruiter like I was kind of one of my young son out there and really the day it's about connection with people.

00:37:36.990 --> 00:37:41.130 Mike Cunningham: You know that networking term but it's about making connections with people and that's kind of.

00:37:41.400 --> 00:37:51.720 Mike Cunningham: What I did as a coach was it was it was the highest high school coaches and parents and the kids in themselves, and now I just do it on a on a coaching level to serve them to you know now i'm just an equipment basis.

00:37:52.260 --> 00:37:54.720 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Right, but let me ask you something about like.

00:37:55.980 --> 00:38:07.680 Kevin Barbaro Productions: that the whole role of Gil athletics within the world of track and field now correct me if i'm wrong, but you guys also track and field is not the only sport or am I wrong.

00:38:08.430 --> 00:38:15.030 Mike Cunningham: No you're exactly right, so the company is kind of 5050 so there's Gil athletics, which most people would know for track and field.

00:38:15.540 --> 00:38:20.460 Mike Cunningham: Where the world's largest track equipment manufacturers, we make more track stuff than anybody else out there.

00:38:20.730 --> 00:38:32.670 Mike Cunningham: And then the other side is porter athletics, and that side of the business is very basketball and volleyball heavy So if you walk into a gym all the sealant suspended basketball goals and hoops that's.

00:38:32.670 --> 00:38:34.140 Mike Cunningham: Probably a porter athletic go.

00:38:34.350 --> 00:38:47.850 Mike Cunningham: and even more so in the track, and you know multipurpose facilities those curtains that go down to keep the balls from going on, so yeah yeah that's all we manufacture all that actually right there in this facility, you see behind me if you're if you're watching us on the video.

00:38:48.510 --> 00:38:51.210 Kevin Barbaro Productions: wow and where is that facility, by the way.

00:38:51.510 --> 00:38:52.980 Mike Cunningham: So we're in champaign Illinois.

00:38:53.940 --> 00:38:54.600 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Oh okay.

00:38:54.630 --> 00:38:56.670 Mike Cunningham: yeah University of Illinois.

00:38:56.940 --> 00:39:03.420 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah yeah now is there is there some sort of connection between Illinois and Gill, or is it just so happened to be that that's where you want.

00:39:03.420 --> 00:39:13.320 Mike Cunningham: No man that's a really good question because it's part of our authenticity and our heritage, you know hundred plus years ago 1918 the head coach at university of Illinois was Harry Gil.

00:39:13.830 --> 00:39:22.140 Mike Cunningham: He was, I think he was the Olympic all around champ back then, it was kind of like a horse writing some kind of track event and something else was kind of a weird.

00:39:23.010 --> 00:39:26.850 Mike Cunningham: decathlon esque type event he's your ad and and so.

00:39:27.450 --> 00:39:41.250 Mike Cunningham: He was coaching university Illinois he got tired of not having good sources to buy or you know to purchase tech equipment, so he started making his own his very first thing was ash javelin so ash would javelins that was his kind of his first thing.

00:39:41.850 --> 00:39:42.600 Kevin Barbaro Productions: No kid.

00:39:42.780 --> 00:39:56.070 Mike Cunningham: yeah then went on to you know hurdle starting blocks Bamboo Poles back then the whole night interesting fact about Harry he actually started the first nc double a championship so around.

00:39:57.030 --> 00:40:07.410 Mike Cunningham: 1919 or 1970 I get the years mixed up he got a bunch of his coaching buddies he literally wrote the book on track and field, the book they used to do in the classes back then.

00:40:07.530 --> 00:40:08.400 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah yeah.

00:40:08.940 --> 00:40:12.990 Mike Cunningham: he's very well connected he got all the track coaches that he knew around and said hey why don't we.

00:40:13.350 --> 00:40:23.250 Mike Cunningham: put ourselves against each other, have a national championship, and that was the not only was that the very first nc double a track and field championship me, it was the first nc double a.

00:40:24.000 --> 00:40:36.990 Mike Cunningham: championship me there was no other there wasn't a tennis championship back then there wasn't a football, of course, basketball, this was the very first championship here Gil started at all man, right here in urbana Illinois, which is the same as champaign Illinois.

00:40:37.230 --> 00:40:42.060 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah well yeah essentially yeah yeah like Ottawa hills and Toledo yeah yeah.

00:40:43.650 --> 00:41:02.160 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But um that's really it so it's kind of like he's essentially he was essentially the phil knight ish of of that equipment and whereas of course phil knight and Nike and empowerment, you know started Nike and then their own backyard.

00:41:02.820 --> 00:41:05.190 Mike Cunningham: billion dollar difference, but yes that's a very good.

00:41:05.520 --> 00:41:08.250 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah yeah yeah well you know, the thing is, I want to talk.

00:41:08.280 --> 00:41:10.860 Kevin Barbaro Productions: about this when we come back from this commercial break is that.

00:41:12.210 --> 00:41:18.810 Kevin Barbaro Productions: What i'm fascinated about it so you've got you've got such a nice um you know you're only working.

00:41:19.470 --> 00:41:34.230 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Outside the quarter thing you're only working with track and field that's playing track and field equipment and there is a finite number of facilities so one would think that it would be tough to continue to stay in business, when you have only X number of.

00:41:35.490 --> 00:41:42.210 Kevin Barbaro Productions: potential customers that you can reach, but yet you've existed for 100 years you know.

00:41:42.870 --> 00:41:48.600 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In that world you know I mean so when we come back from this commercial break, I want to touch on that, and then I want to talk about.

00:41:49.590 --> 00:42:04.080 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Your views on because we share a commonality and wanting to you know, be better humans, you know I you know my story I I i'm in the second act of my life and trying to make sure that I.

00:42:05.430 --> 00:42:16.050 Kevin Barbaro Productions: pay it forward and you got a unique view on that, so I want to talk about that when we come back i'm Kevin Barbara you're listening to coffee talk accept we'll be right back here on talk radio dot nyc.

00:43:20.550 --> 00:43:21.060 hosted the.

00:44:45.870 --> 00:45:03.330 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Welcome back everybody to the final segment here on coffee talk XL here on talk radio dot nyc and I got my longtime friend and former coaching colleague Mike Cunningham here, he is the national sales manager for Gil athletics so continuing on with what I was saying before the commercial.

00:45:04.530 --> 00:45:13.110 Kevin Barbaro Productions: How is it, I mean, how is it that you guys are able to continue to be on the forefront when you have such a limited number of.

00:45:13.710 --> 00:45:32.850 Kevin Barbaro Productions: of potential customers and it's not like you don't have competition UCF ucs and there are other there are other brands here, how do you think it is that you guys have been able to kind of stay on it, as the number one supplier, even though you have a finite number of places to sell to.

00:45:33.510 --> 00:45:39.750 Mike Cunningham: yeah and sadly we're not adding multiple 10s hundreds of new programs on a yearly basis, unfortunately.

00:45:40.350 --> 00:45:49.800 Mike Cunningham: So you know you do have a finance finance find a finite number of customers and that round, so you know our President CEO has a really great motto that we use in our.

00:45:50.010 --> 00:45:57.330 Mike Cunningham: business side when we're doing our strategic planning and that is healthy things grow so we're always looking at how to grow, you know when you grow your business.

00:45:57.510 --> 00:46:03.210 Mike Cunningham: You have more opportunities for your employees to to grow in the business and keep them in the business etc and you're able to serve people.

00:46:03.780 --> 00:46:09.750 Mike Cunningham: Your customer base and more way so some of the things that throughout the years that we've been able to do is you know, adding different.

00:46:10.560 --> 00:46:17.400 Mike Cunningham: Products to our line so we came here for how many years before i've been here, almost to the day 15 years now, at Gil athletics.

00:46:18.120 --> 00:46:27.480 Mike Cunningham: But we added our power Max line of equipment, so we added medicine balls and sleds and Pio boxes That was something that we hadn't had in the past.

00:46:28.200 --> 00:46:38.760 Mike Cunningham: About to about 20 years ago we added and really grew our Guild construction division of product so when you build a facility, the sandpit forms.

00:46:39.870 --> 00:46:49.110 Mike Cunningham: discuss cages hammer cages, I was blown away, I was a I was a Guild customer before I came here, so I thought I knew Gil and that's where I bought my blocks and all that kind of stuff.

00:46:50.490 --> 00:47:00.390 Mike Cunningham: And in again if you're watching you can kind of see this where i'm pointing over my shoulder I was blown away that we did football goals in like a whole lot of football like that kind of just blew my mind.

00:47:01.290 --> 00:47:08.370 Mike Cunningham: So then, you know just continue to expanding yeah we also sell a line of soccer goals, we also field hockey and lacrosse things like that, as a little bit smaller.

00:47:08.790 --> 00:47:17.940 Mike Cunningham: baseball we do dugouts apples basically in the way we look at manufacturing for us is a it's an athletic space.

00:47:18.180 --> 00:47:30.120 Mike Cunningham: Be institutional meaning we're selling to high schools middle schools, colleges facilities like that not really to end users will not use Nike as an example, you know we're not selling to to mom who's buying some nike's.

00:47:30.210 --> 00:47:38.190 Mike Cunningham: Right not going to come by a football goal or pole vault right, so we look at that that where the the market is for us, and then, if it's metal.

00:47:38.730 --> 00:47:41.880 Mike Cunningham: So we can cut it well didn't paint it and make it into a product.

00:47:42.120 --> 00:47:49.230 Mike Cunningham: If it's phone, so you know a lot of pits a lot of wallpaper and things like that that we can cut it in case it and vinyl put some graphics on it.

00:47:49.440 --> 00:47:59.010 Mike Cunningham: that's what we're that's what we're about that's what that whole factory behind me is it's all about bringing in raw steel and aluminum and it's almost like Willy wonka's chocolate factory man it kind of the.

00:47:59.130 --> 00:48:04.350 Mike Cunningham: magnetic do their magic back in the back end out spins a football standard it's really amazing.

00:48:04.590 --> 00:48:11.040 Kevin Barbaro Productions: To see the progress well so basically you know, cutting to the chase so we can talk about some other things here.

00:48:13.020 --> 00:48:18.750 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Gil athletics continues to evolve, you have to continue your brand absolutely and.

00:48:19.320 --> 00:48:29.070 Kevin Barbaro Productions: needs to continue to evolve, because the market is continuing to evolve evolve, but you still keep that laser focus you're not ultimately going to be selling medicine balls to.

00:48:29.400 --> 00:48:35.640 Kevin Barbaro Productions: a bunch of old ladies right you're still institutions it's just hey man they got other needs.

00:48:36.150 --> 00:48:44.160 Kevin Barbaro Productions: We got a factory, we can pretty much build whatever we want you know, like say if it's metal or phone, we can make it and so let's make it let's sell it phantom yeah.

00:48:44.730 --> 00:49:00.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And so, getting to what you know, I was talking about before the break also you know with your you and I are alike and I love to help people I you know that's why I got into coaching in the first place, they should help me get it for the money right.

00:49:02.400 --> 00:49:09.690 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know, to help people I enjoy that and I saw the other day, this was what triggered me I was like I gotta get Mike on the show.

00:49:10.800 --> 00:49:24.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You had posted something on either Twitter or I think was on Twitter basically you're saying you know explain what you mean by paying it forward, but you, you had a different way that you put it tell me what that was.

00:49:24.180 --> 00:49:31.800 Mike Cunningham: yeah it was on Twitter, because I am all in on Twitter man, I think I may spend 24 seven on Twitter because because I love communication it's just a great.

00:49:31.860 --> 00:49:39.180 Mike Cunningham: quick way to talk and have interaction back and forth so yeah you know, is one of the things I don't post all original things i'm not that.

00:49:39.570 --> 00:49:46.530 Mike Cunningham: Creative and inventive, but I was, I was sitting down just the other day, and I was just kind of thinking about that that motto that slogan about paying it forward.

00:49:46.860 --> 00:49:56.790 Mike Cunningham: And that's a great altruistic saying right, like you, I always think about when paying it forward always think about the starbucks and I am gonna pay for the person behind me and then that person pays for the next person, etc.

00:49:57.330 --> 00:50:05.610 Mike Cunningham: You know, but paying it forward instantly means that I have to receive value first, before I give value to someone else right like.

00:50:06.270 --> 00:50:14.040 Mike Cunningham: I have to be to pay it forward means I have to be the second person in starbucks and someone had to pay for my my drink and then oh I got something for free now i'm going to.

00:50:14.460 --> 00:50:21.990 Mike Cunningham: pay for the next person and on down the line you know just thinking about you know, instead of paying it forward, and that means I have to wait till i'm given something to give value.

00:50:22.890 --> 00:50:30.660 Mike Cunningham: i'm you know my kind of philosophy in life is i'm gonna pay at first kind of guy like i'm going to be the guy who started to be the first guy at starbucks who's paying for the next person.

00:50:31.170 --> 00:50:37.830 Mike Cunningham: mainly because, like i've been blessed I mean you know the LIFE I live homeboy, but let me tell you what I hit the lottery.

00:50:38.460 --> 00:50:46.380 Mike Cunningham: yeah beautiful wife great kids amazing company awesome teammates i'm in the sport of track and field and I don't have the stress of athletes affecting.

00:50:47.400 --> 00:50:48.900 Mike Cunningham: The Gray hairs anymore.

00:50:48.900 --> 00:50:49.440 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah.

00:50:49.920 --> 00:51:05.340 Mike Cunningham: So you know for me it's all about like what can I do for others with zero expectation of paying back i'm not doing stuff for other people so like oh don't forget my column a column called that one in one day it's like hey man i'm going to give you everything that I can.

00:51:06.540 --> 00:51:15.000 Mike Cunningham: Because you deserve it honestly I mean people with my friendship with you and other people on Twitter and other aspects of what I do in this life.

00:51:15.510 --> 00:51:23.190 Mike Cunningham: You deserve it man, first and foremost, and so i'm going to do what I can i'm not always be able to do stuff but whatever I can do i'm going to give it to you and let you run with it, have fun.

00:51:24.240 --> 00:51:26.910 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah I you know, to me, I think that.

00:51:28.020 --> 00:51:36.240 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I I always would preach this when I was coaching and and I talked about this a little bit when I was on your show on.

00:51:37.350 --> 00:51:47.430 Kevin Barbaro Productions: What you should be working on in life, I think, is your legacy what are people going to say about you when you're going now I lost track of that.

00:51:47.850 --> 00:51:55.080 Kevin Barbaro Productions: As we as and most people don't follow my career right they know I lost track of that I lost track and everything became about me.

00:51:55.800 --> 00:52:06.180 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And my own success and and now in my second act in life, I am more I put all the focus on hey i'll be successful.

00:52:06.930 --> 00:52:17.940 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I you know because that's who I am but I need to be a better person I need to be a better human being and how can I do that and, like what you're saying hey don't wait until you have.

00:52:18.450 --> 00:52:31.470 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Until somebody hand you something you know because really it's a net zero right, so the dude pays the dude pays for your grace and, by the way, who only cares about being around me when i'm.

00:52:31.500 --> 00:52:35.730 Mike Cunningham: On this show man that's our super selfish don't you don't be a cat right.

00:52:36.570 --> 00:52:38.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: This dude man i'm.

00:52:39.330 --> 00:52:45.870 Mike Cunningham: Important with that Kevin you know we're using the starbucks example and things like that it's not about dollars either.

00:52:45.900 --> 00:52:47.370 Kevin Barbaro Productions: This is not about gifting.

00:52:47.400 --> 00:52:53.790 Mike Cunningham: You can buy you know, one of the things that I love and you know I talked about Twitter, which I love is i'll go on there and tell someone.

00:52:54.150 --> 00:52:56.400 Mike Cunningham: hey you're awesome like just randomly like i'm just like.

00:52:56.850 --> 00:53:09.870 Mike Cunningham: yeah you have to be awesome you know anytime it melts my heart and maybe it's because when I had kids so I got real soft yeah when a coach you know, shows a video or picture of their kid and i'm just like oh man, what a good dad what a good mom you are.

00:53:09.900 --> 00:53:10.230 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Yes.

00:53:10.440 --> 00:53:18.930 Mike Cunningham: You know, we struggle in our roles of mom dad brother sister son daughter, we need more there's so much negativity in the world, so we've got to flip that.

00:53:19.410 --> 00:53:33.720 Mike Cunningham: In combat that with positivity and that's the giving that I that I preach as well as far as doing it first just just be a positive light what's the worst someone's going to say hey man Kevin you're awesome you're like no a few i'm not it's like all right, I still think you are.

00:53:36.480 --> 00:53:44.460 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah yeah you know, I think that, particularly now because life life is hard right now I mean you know people have been.

00:53:45.180 --> 00:53:49.170 Kevin Barbaro Productions: locked in and and people have lost their entire livelihood and everything.

00:53:49.710 --> 00:53:55.050 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Sometimes all all Somebody needs man it's just somebody to tell you, like it's going to be all right, this, you know that.

00:53:55.470 --> 00:54:07.740 Kevin Barbaro Productions: we're in this together, and you know there's there's too much of this going on in the world and politically when in reality dude more now than any other time in our lifetime.

00:54:09.000 --> 00:54:24.660 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Is, we need to realize we're all in this together, this is me against you bro it's us right because we have all the stress of a pandemic, which we didn't create right, but we have to deal with it.

00:54:24.930 --> 00:54:41.130 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Right, global warming environmental change all these things right, I personally didn't create it, but we created it we got to deal with it, you know and we can't deal with it by just fighting each other over it we've we've got to come together.

00:54:41.640 --> 00:54:48.870 Mike Cunningham: yeah you hit the nail on the head, you know things that we didn't cause we've got to deal with that's the that's a really good definition of leadership.

00:54:49.170 --> 00:54:59.250 Mike Cunningham: that's what leadership is you didn't cause it but you're going to have to lead yourself and your people out of it and it's only going to happen together sorry if you think you're going to run this by yourself.

00:55:00.210 --> 00:55:03.570 Mike Cunningham: Now that it has never happened in the history of the world yeah.

00:55:04.140 --> 00:55:12.690 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Exactly, although we've had some people in high positions that kind of thought that they could change the entire world by themselves, but i'm not going to go down that road map.

00:55:13.110 --> 00:55:21.090 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Anyway, listen Mike great to see you man, I wish you, nothing but continued success, I know that our paths will continue to cross.

00:55:21.450 --> 00:55:27.150 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And yeah and looking forward to it when we get to hang out again, I still owe you 20 bucks, by the way.

00:55:27.360 --> 00:55:29.610 Mike Cunningham: I was gonna bring that up that's right baby yeah.

00:55:29.850 --> 00:55:30.960 Mike Cunningham: I want that old record.

00:55:31.500 --> 00:55:42.990 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah listen i'll catch up with you again, thank you for listening, thank you for watching this is coffee talk tech so i'm Kevin Barbara will be back next Tuesday at eight o'clock here on talk radio dot nyc.

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