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Thursday, July 22, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/22 - Absolute Nutrition Counseling

Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/22 - Absolute Nutrition Counseling


2021/07/22 - Absolute Nutrition Counseling

[NEW EPISODE] Absolute Nutrition Counseling

There are some exciting cannabis-infused products available for consumption in the form of edibles these days, but who can you turn to for guidance on integrating the plant into your diet?

Our special guest has had a passion for nutrition counseling for as long as she can remember and gets energized to teach others how to enjoy and love food while meeting their goals.

Visiting Planet Pakalolo this week is Lindsay Dolashewich, Co-Founder of Absolute Nutrition Counseling and Registered Dietitian at GenPsych.

Having a healthy relationship with food and balance of enjoyment for life should never be compromised, and that is what Lindsay strives to teach and offer her clients. Lindsay is a Certified Holistic Cannabis Practitioner and maintains a keen interest in cutting edge research, coupled with years of counseling experience.

Tune in for this crazy conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Jonny introduces Lindsay Dolashewich, a dietician who wants to talk about the importance of enjoying food again, and nutrition. She talks about the positive impact the COVID-19 Pandemic has on opening peoples eyes on the importance of cooking at home, and fueling their bodies well to preserve their health.

Segment 2

Lindsay includes Cannabis into her dietary counseling. She's a Certified Holistic Cannabis Practitioner, and has been through several seminars on the production of CBD and cannabis products . She had the idea of infusing cannabis into her dietary program about 2 years ago, after learning how much cannabis could help her de-stress in her own life and become more creative in her approach to things. Jonny and Lindsay talk about some of the struggles around including cannabis in medicine, and some of the stigma that needs to be overcome in order to have a more well rounded health experience

Segment 3

Lindsay and Jonny talk about the stigma held by older generations of people vs younger generations, who are usually more willing to try cannabis products. She mentions how elder patients can benefit from cannabis products more than younger patients, and notices a change in the amount of people willing to try cannabis. Lindsay mentions her patients being disillusioned with modern medicine, and come to her as a last resort after enduring awful pain and suffering with little to no help.

Segment 4

Lindsay and Jonny close up by sharing with the listener ways in which to contact Lindsay’s practice for help in their own lives . Lindsay takes most kinds of insurance, and sees the importance of making your diet reflect your life and the foods you enjoy. The two close with Lindsay pushing the importance of knowing what’s really going on in your body, and not just focusing on weight, because physical health is more well rounded than that.


00:00:37.980 --> 00:00:51.360 Jonny Tsunami: That is the hue, ladies and gentlemen, i'm Johnny tsunami, and this is planet taco low low and for those of you who don't know taco lolo is hawaiian slang for crazy tobacco, also known as cannabis.

00:00:51.660 --> 00:01:02.430 Jonny Tsunami: But this shows about debunking and removing the stigmas and taboos related to this illustrious plant, the cannabis plant and today we have a special guest.

00:01:02.910 --> 00:01:11.760 Jonny Tsunami: Lindsay de la Casa which co founder of absolute nutrition nutrition counseling and a registered dietitian Lindsay how you doing, welcome to the show.

00:01:12.360 --> 00:01:14.160 Lindsay Dolashewich: doing great thanks for happening.

00:01:14.760 --> 00:01:23.070 Jonny Tsunami: Oh, it is my pleasure so Lindsay is the Co founder of absolute nutrition counseling she has had a passion for nutrition counseling for as long as she can remember.

00:01:23.460 --> 00:01:34.740 Jonny Tsunami: And she's most enthusiastic about teaching others how to enjoy and love food, while meeting their goals so Lindsay tell me just a little bit about nutrition counseling counseling and being a registered dietitian.

00:01:36.420 --> 00:01:42.090 Lindsay Dolashewich: Oddly enough I knew at 12 I wanted to be a dietitian as weird, as that is for a 12 year old but.

00:01:42.600 --> 00:01:53.580 Lindsay Dolashewich: I mean I just love food and just being able to teach people to still be able to love food, but have a healthy relationship with food and have a healthy life is really where I spend most of my passion from.

00:01:54.030 --> 00:02:02.880 Lindsay Dolashewich: So, and I love talking with people so being able to have a one on one conversation with somebody and be engaging and learn about their lives and figure out ways to help them.

00:02:03.120 --> 00:02:11.040 Lindsay Dolashewich: And, especially in a passion of mine of food and have them be able to love food as much as myself in a healthy way is really kind of a very rewarding job.

00:02:11.670 --> 00:02:13.140 Jonny Tsunami: um I love food.

00:02:13.890 --> 00:02:14.160 Maybe.

00:02:15.330 --> 00:02:21.450 Jonny Tsunami: I love it it's a beautiful thing so actually Hippocrates or man Hippocrates said.

00:02:21.810 --> 00:02:31.560 Jonny Tsunami: Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food both nutrient intake and incidence of the disease, usually influence the nutritional status, particularly.

00:02:31.830 --> 00:02:46.380 Jonny Tsunami: of developing nations, where everyone is striving for food, so when we talk about food Lindsey being a nutritionist and a health advocate, how does it ring true to you and your way of approaching nutrition and health towards the people you help.

00:02:48.060 --> 00:02:58.800 Lindsay Dolashewich: I mean he's pretty spot on I mean food is what we were built on like if you go back when we were cavemen like that's all we have like our body was meant to use food for every purpose.

00:02:59.160 --> 00:03:06.480 Lindsay Dolashewich: And the fact that that's kind of being lost now is kind of a really big issue so that's really where I like to bring things back in that.

00:03:07.110 --> 00:03:11.040 Lindsay Dolashewich: Everything can be fixed with food, not everything, but in a large portion of it.

00:03:11.340 --> 00:03:17.550 Lindsay Dolashewich: Food in the holistic way of things really has a lot of benefits, so how the body was meant to use things and the body knows what it is.

00:03:17.850 --> 00:03:28.080 Lindsay Dolashewich: And knows what to do with it well there's some other things that we make that we don't find out until 30 years later, when we can make long term studies to be like Oh, you know what, never mind wasn't really a great idea it's probably bad for us.

00:03:28.410 --> 00:03:43.680 Lindsay Dolashewich: wow when it comes to food our body doesn't have to question what that is and it's like Okay, I know what this is, and I know how I can use it and every a lot of the things that we need stem into food as a way to solve the problem, which is why the anatomy was created, how it was so true.

00:03:43.920 --> 00:03:47.010 Jonny Tsunami: And what how many diets have come out in the last 20 years 20.

00:03:48.210 --> 00:03:58.410 Lindsay Dolashewich: I honestly I would call it, like the lack of evolution of diets because if you really look back they're all pretty much the same just with a little twist like if you mentioned something to like.

00:03:58.650 --> 00:04:05.940 Lindsay Dolashewich: Your parents or your grandparents and you say like oh yeah there's this new thing out though, like Oh, I remember doing something like that, but it was called X, Y or Z.

00:04:06.240 --> 00:04:18.210 Lindsay Dolashewich: So it's really just if you look at the market and you look at how things change there's always some sort of trending item and then things kind of shift of what the diet is going to be, and then it switches to something else which is like a little twist.

00:04:18.510 --> 00:04:27.540 Lindsay Dolashewich: So that's kind of how it always seems like it's this new breakthrough of science of what's going on, that people will know view as this public service announcement of like wow.

00:04:27.840 --> 00:04:38.670 Lindsay Dolashewich: I guess I should do that now, when realistically no that's another gimmicky trend that is able to push all these products to be sold and create this new craze but no, this is not actually.

00:04:39.150 --> 00:04:47.850 Lindsay Dolashewich: helpful for you or extremely out of context that it's now giving off this idea that this is helpful when really it's harmful for many people.

00:04:48.960 --> 00:04:59.340 Jonny Tsunami: And when you when you think about Kovac now right food is very accessible and it was about one of one of only four things that were open what is open.

00:05:00.660 --> 00:05:17.310 Jonny Tsunami: Cannabis dispensary liquor store pharmacy and food store that was it was for like six weeks in New Jersey you couldn't go anywhere else, and then you see the choices people made so how people what have you noticed with coven now and how people are coming back from that.

00:05:18.270 --> 00:05:29.220 Lindsay Dolashewich: I mean one positive thing about coven when it first happened that I was very happy to see was the change of how often people were ordering out prior to coven.

00:05:29.730 --> 00:05:37.950 Lindsay Dolashewich: And even post coven I mean maybe not as much post, but even prior to that people are eating out minimum twice a week but it's more so, like.

00:05:38.430 --> 00:05:45.420 Lindsay Dolashewich: or times like on the weekend you're lucky, if I have a client that at home at all over the weekend, let alone one night during the week.

00:05:45.750 --> 00:05:53.610 Lindsay Dolashewich: Life is crazy kids are coming back from practices and things and we're going to order in during the week, if you add that up every week that's a lot, and that is one of.

00:05:54.090 --> 00:06:00.210 Lindsay Dolashewich: The bigger reasons of why I see a lot of people having issues, whether it is weight issue, whether it is a health issue.

00:06:00.780 --> 00:06:04.290 Lindsay Dolashewich: Eating out has become such a part of our society.

00:06:04.770 --> 00:06:12.510 Lindsay Dolashewich: That we forget the fact that, like okay it's part of society, but this is so, not balanced in a way that's healthy for us to have on this like on the REG.

00:06:12.840 --> 00:06:16.230 Lindsay Dolashewich: So when we had coven people were obligated to eat more at home.

00:06:16.740 --> 00:06:28.860 Lindsay Dolashewich: This was great for me because I needed them to cook I needed them to try to find meals that they enjoyed and get out of that cycle, but also it kind of helped people from not having to rush around and finally have the time to cook and eat at home.

00:06:29.160 --> 00:06:39.450 Lindsay Dolashewich: So that was one very big positive during coven was the lack of frequency of eating out, but the rest of it was more so people finally opening their eyes that.

00:06:40.170 --> 00:06:50.910 Lindsay Dolashewich: You know if you are not taking care of yourself, you like you're not safe like there's no age limit on coven like there's no barriers like you can get it and it's the matter of.

00:06:51.510 --> 00:06:57.480 Lindsay Dolashewich: doing the best you can to be have a great immune system to be able to fight it off, if you do get it well.

00:06:57.720 --> 00:07:04.770 Lindsay Dolashewich: All those other comorbidities that happen if you have high blood pressure, if you have diabetes, if you are overweight, like all these things are like majority of America.

00:07:05.160 --> 00:07:10.920 Lindsay Dolashewich: You are a high risk scenario which is at any age it's not it wasn't always just that so.

00:07:11.700 --> 00:07:17.610 Lindsay Dolashewich: I think people having an like their eyes open of Okay, what I do now actually matters.

00:07:17.970 --> 00:07:24.330 Lindsay Dolashewich: rather than focusing on it when you're 65 and you get bad blood work and you're like okay now's the time I have to worry about health.

00:07:24.690 --> 00:07:30.210 Lindsay Dolashewich: This isn't all the time thing like this is an investment that a lot of people fail to see so.

00:07:30.510 --> 00:07:35.880 Lindsay Dolashewich: I really hope that as coven that after coven people still see that health is an investment.

00:07:36.150 --> 00:07:46.830 Lindsay Dolashewich: Health is something that we focus on now not something that we worry about after this is a preventative thing we have all this science and knowledge to prevent this from happening, rather than waiting till it happens and then deal with it, then.

00:07:48.270 --> 00:07:54.150 Jonny Tsunami: Now, where do you see the largest issue come in with health and nutrition, with people that you work with.

00:07:55.230 --> 00:07:58.980 Lindsay Dolashewich: The large probably three to four things um.

00:07:59.400 --> 00:08:07.020 Lindsay Dolashewich: No one's drinking enough water tell you that right now i'm waiting for a lot of studies to come out that a lot of chronic illnesses are coming from chronic dehydration.

00:08:07.290 --> 00:08:13.470 Lindsay Dolashewich: just a matter of time before I see it, thank you for filling up the water everyone take a SIP that's the new game take a SIP when you hear me talk.

00:08:14.640 --> 00:08:23.190 Lindsay Dolashewich: So water is a big one, not enough veggies I have people all the time will say like oh yeah he great like oh alright when's the last time you had a vegetable it's usually not today.

00:08:24.150 --> 00:08:33.630 Lindsay Dolashewich: So no one's eating it every day so that's another big thing, along with eating out a lot like I mentioned before um but another big issue outside of that is.

00:08:33.990 --> 00:08:46.290 Lindsay Dolashewich: A lot of people don't know how to cook they don't know the general like food safety of like don't put raw chicken on this thing and risk getting cross contamination, make sure you put something in the oven at this, this is how you don't burn the House down.

00:08:47.040 --> 00:08:55.080 Lindsay Dolashewich: A lot of people I have more in their probably 20s and 30s are more so they're like I just don't know how to cook i'm not sure what to do so, the order out a lot.

00:08:55.380 --> 00:09:03.300 Lindsay Dolashewich: So the ordering out isn't just out of the fact that they just want it as much as I don't know how to do this at home or what tastes good or how to enjoy this so.

00:09:03.600 --> 00:09:10.350 Lindsay Dolashewich: This is convenient or just everyone's lifestyle is so crazy busy, no one has time to do this anymore like that alone.

00:09:10.710 --> 00:09:25.830 Lindsay Dolashewich: Like the way the work lifestyle is, at least in America is just so crazy busy so fast paced you can kind of fit anything in so taking care of self care is like yeah that's a joke, because when do I have time to do that, but really that is so so so important.

00:09:26.910 --> 00:09:33.690 Jonny Tsunami: And and we're just pulling something you had to hear a stripped down back to basics approach to healthy eating our mission is to.

00:09:34.200 --> 00:09:43.350 Jonny Tsunami: arm you with the tools necessary to make healthy choices empower you to trust your own decisions and encourage you to stay the course and exceed your goals, so I mean.

00:09:43.770 --> 00:09:50.490 Jonny Tsunami: That is the basics very important and I think there's a lot of information out there, and when it comes to.

00:09:51.030 --> 00:10:05.610 Jonny Tsunami: Nutrition our diet plans and diets and recipes and all this there's so much out there, that it can be overwhelming, so how did you help your clients kind of guide them through don't listen to this or this is nonsense tell me a little bit about that.

00:10:06.150 --> 00:10:16.950 Lindsay Dolashewich: yeah, so it is overwhelming and there's so many conflicting things that when they come to us, the goal is to be able to educate them appropriately teach them the way.

00:10:17.700 --> 00:10:28.350 Lindsay Dolashewich: The food way the body is meant to use food and kind of like blow the midst of all those gimmicks and things out there, so when that first appointment that I have with someone it's a two hour appointment.

00:10:28.680 --> 00:10:37.590 Lindsay Dolashewich: Because, not only am I getting all of your information, and all of your background of your lifestyle your sleep your water your exercise your stressors.

00:10:37.890 --> 00:10:44.040 Lindsay Dolashewich: Your work situation your home life your medical history your GI issues everything.

00:10:44.460 --> 00:10:52.800 Lindsay Dolashewich: We go over all of that, for me to have a good idea of like what am I, working with here, but then after I do, that I do a lot of nutrition education.

00:10:53.010 --> 00:10:59.310 Lindsay Dolashewich: Because I really want like i'm not somebody who follows blindly I hate it, I want you to explain why tell me why and then i'll do it.

00:10:59.610 --> 00:11:09.150 Lindsay Dolashewich: I like to teach that for my clients, too, because if I just say just do it, and then Joe schmo says, you should do this instead because you'll die it's like well and he didn't mention death, but he did I guess i'll listen to him.

00:11:09.480 --> 00:11:22.560 Lindsay Dolashewich: i'd rather educate you enough that, then you have those skills and knowledge necessary to filter out all that bs because it's going to be there it's always around, so I like to teach how the body uses food.

00:11:23.040 --> 00:11:28.380 Lindsay Dolashewich: How we're going to be working towards reaching their goals of being a healthier person and then within that.

00:11:28.560 --> 00:11:35.250 Lindsay Dolashewich: I then go into detail of all the different trends and diets that people hear about all the time and debunk them all and explain.

00:11:35.490 --> 00:11:49.200 Lindsay Dolashewich: Why is that being said, why do people get away with with selling it Why do people still stick with it, and why it's not successful, and why, at the end of the day, everyone comes me if all that was true I wouldn't have a job, everyone to be happy, and no one is.

00:11:49.500 --> 00:11:54.990 Jonny Tsunami: I like that, like that now the big three diseases, if I mean there's.

00:11:54.990 --> 00:11:55.440 Lindsay Dolashewich: tons of.

00:11:55.620 --> 00:11:59.820 Jonny Tsunami: What do you see most commonly people come in that they're suffering from health related Thompson.

00:12:00.840 --> 00:12:04.980 Lindsay Dolashewich: Diabetes for sure hypothyroidism and seeing a lot more now.

00:12:05.940 --> 00:12:18.480 Lindsay Dolashewich: and high blood pressure, high cholesterol are kind of a twofer So those are the main guys that I see the most often lot and majority of the time those can be controlled by our diet.

00:12:19.050 --> 00:12:21.690 Lindsay Dolashewich: or just our lifestyle like a lot of things, even with.

00:12:22.470 --> 00:12:30.810 Lindsay Dolashewich: The thyroid issues, I mean, I have to do a little bit more research, but it also seems like a lot of the yo yo diets end up causing an issue with our thyroid because.

00:12:31.260 --> 00:12:42.390 Lindsay Dolashewich: it's just so stressed from all the back and forth that it ends up being overworked and then it fails to work for the people who have come in and having an issue they all say oh yeah been doing yo yo dieting past 2030 years.

00:12:42.780 --> 00:12:52.950 Lindsay Dolashewich: And then diabetes same thing it's not it's just the way that food is presented in America, the lack of balance, the way that it is all ends up.

00:12:55.260 --> 00:13:00.750 Lindsay Dolashewich: leading to people to become diabetic down the road it's just unfortunate that that's just how the diet has been trending.

00:13:01.080 --> 00:13:07.230 Lindsay Dolashewich: And then, high blood pressure and high cholesterol same deal just from the lack of knowledge of how we're supposed to be eating.

00:13:07.500 --> 00:13:15.120 Lindsay Dolashewich: The way that food is out there, I mean I know people work in a restaurant who say that they will go through 35 pounds of butter a day.

00:13:15.450 --> 00:13:26.130 Lindsay Dolashewich: In a restaurant that is so much butter and that's because that's as prepared when it's out there, they are, they are being paid to cook good food for you to come back now for you to live long.

00:13:26.700 --> 00:13:38.340 Lindsay Dolashewich: Like that's not that are caring about your health or caring about making a profit, having you love the food and want to come back for more so they're going to do so accordingly and that's not going to coincide with what your health goals are unfortunately yeah.

00:13:38.610 --> 00:13:40.260 Jonny Tsunami: salt, fat and acid right.

00:13:40.320 --> 00:13:41.550 Lindsay Dolashewich: Those are like yeah.

00:13:41.790 --> 00:13:44.100 Jonny Tsunami: me components to a beautiful dish.

00:13:44.460 --> 00:13:48.210 Lindsay Dolashewich: yeah it's great stuff it's just a matter of balancing out but.

00:13:49.020 --> 00:13:56.220 Lindsay Dolashewich: i'm all about teaching you how to make a bag and meal at home, it takes, just as good as out there, but we can tweak it in a way that it's still going to taste delicious.

00:13:56.610 --> 00:14:05.160 Lindsay Dolashewich: And it's not going to have to worry about sending 20 bucks 40 bucks and then now having to go back to the doctor, because you can get more blood work.

00:14:06.090 --> 00:14:06.780 Lindsay Dolashewich: Exactly.

00:14:06.930 --> 00:14:14.730 Jonny Tsunami: Well now, when we come back we're going to take a little break we're going to ask Lindsay a little bit uh how she infuses the cannabis.

00:14:15.000 --> 00:14:24.360 Jonny Tsunami: into her nutrition program and how cannabis, maybe is something that's kind of burgeoned into her life in the more recent years so.

00:14:24.630 --> 00:14:33.240 Jonny Tsunami: We will be right back after this break i'm Johnny tsunami, this is planet pocket Lola we're here with Lindsay de la switch and we will be right back talk radio nyc.

00:16:49.530 --> 00:17:02.730 Jonny Tsunami: Hello everybody i'm back we're back with Lindsay the Lhasa which a registered dietitian and nutrition counseling extraordinaire and we are here to talk about.

00:17:03.600 --> 00:17:17.550 Jonny Tsunami: cannabis and how she infuses it with her program so we're going to get into a little bit of the scientific method of the business behind nutrition right and how you run your business and how we put it all together so Lindsay, thank you for coming back.

00:17:18.900 --> 00:17:24.510 Jonny Tsunami: Here we go tell us a little bit about the cannabis program you went through and how it brings value to what you currently do today.

00:17:25.950 --> 00:17:45.000 Lindsay Dolashewich: yeah so I ended up joining through the holistic cannabis Academy for my holistic cannabis practitioner certification so basically big mouthful but basically it was giving me a really good 30 continuing education, education credits towards my.

00:17:46.350 --> 00:17:54.480 Lindsay Dolashewich: towards my license so as a registered dietitian you need to have 75 continuing education credits every five years, just like our teachers have to do.

00:17:54.810 --> 00:18:01.470 Lindsay Dolashewich: continuing education so does doctors, so this was 30 of those that were accredited through.

00:18:02.070 --> 00:18:11.010 Lindsay Dolashewich: The dietetic internship or the dietetic Academy, which was great so I already knew that this was a very good reputable source to be able to learn much more of cannabis and nutrition.

00:18:11.310 --> 00:18:20.700 Lindsay Dolashewich: So I was super stoked when I found out about it and that ended up being about three months of an online course with all these different.

00:18:21.150 --> 00:18:27.420 Lindsay Dolashewich: lectures and then what was really cool, in addition to that was me my business partner got to go out to Colorado for a retreat.

00:18:27.660 --> 00:18:40.500 Lindsay Dolashewich: With the people who started this whole certification, so we got to learn how to make healthy edibles we got to go to this really awesome hemp farm and see all the ins and outs of how they.

00:18:40.770 --> 00:18:47.370 Lindsay Dolashewich: produce the hemp plant how they extracted how they deal with everything to make CBD products for people um.

00:18:48.060 --> 00:18:58.620 Lindsay Dolashewich: So it was a really awesome experience and throughout that I was able to learn so much more about how I can involve cannabis into my practice was just just awesome and there's so much more to learn.

00:18:58.890 --> 00:19:06.870 Lindsay Dolashewich: Along with the fact that we finally will be able to get more studies done now that it's slowly becoming more and more legal so that's the other unfortunate part is like.

00:19:07.110 --> 00:19:18.300 Lindsay Dolashewich: 2021 i'm like I want to know everything there is to know about all of this, but because of in federally legal for so long there's not as many studies, as we would like to have to prove all these things that we're all promoting all the time.

00:19:18.630 --> 00:19:29.670 Lindsay Dolashewich: So I have to be patient and wait, but until then i'm just going to research as much as I can, and promote as much as I can, in a way that would be beneficial Friday my clients, so it was exciting, it was fun.

00:19:30.210 --> 00:19:33.510 Jonny Tsunami: What did you have the idea infusing cannabis into your Program.

00:19:35.430 --> 00:19:43.770 Lindsay Dolashewich: I think it might have been around like two years ago, or so I forgot exactly how it came across i'm pretty sure my business partner mentioned it like oh there's this cool.

00:19:44.160 --> 00:19:48.090 Lindsay Dolashewich: certification, you can have service are you interested interested i'm like oh hell yeah i'm interested.

00:19:48.450 --> 00:19:54.330 Lindsay Dolashewich: So once I found out that that was even available, and there was all this whole realm to explore.

00:19:54.690 --> 00:20:02.400 Lindsay Dolashewich: That really got me interested, I mean personally I probably I didn't really get into academies until maybe five years ago, or so and that just started.

00:20:03.090 --> 00:20:11.400 Lindsay Dolashewich: recreationally here and there and then throughout that I noticed all the benefits, I was getting from it outside of the REC part I mean.

00:20:12.120 --> 00:20:19.800 Lindsay Dolashewich: Just life stressors being a business owner like your mind's going like you have so many ideas so many things you're focusing on your hands on so many things.

00:20:20.190 --> 00:20:26.520 Lindsay Dolashewich: So it's hard to turn your brain off and just chill and relax and unwind for a minute, even when you're working with clients like.

00:20:26.790 --> 00:20:40.770 Lindsay Dolashewich: I have eight nine clients in a day that's back to back to back have a full hour I am on and engaged for that full hour to talk to you so doing that, as long as well as all the behind the scenes business stuff and just research.

00:20:41.610 --> 00:20:52.260 Lindsay Dolashewich: You need a break, and you need to be able to have that moment to turn your brain off and once I realized that cannabis was helpful for me to do that, as well as like handling any sort of anxiety or stress or was it was like.

00:20:53.100 --> 00:20:56.490 Lindsay Dolashewich: And it also gave me all these great ideas of how to better.

00:20:56.760 --> 00:21:06.960 Lindsay Dolashewich: tackle these problems that I had in a different way in a different angle that I wouldn't have used before it like unlocks these parts of my brain that are so much more creative that clearly my stress or.

00:21:07.620 --> 00:21:17.310 Lindsay Dolashewich: um or whatever that's going on is blocking me from being able to really get a clear view of things of how to approach something and being able to kind of like relax my mind.

00:21:17.580 --> 00:21:29.670 Lindsay Dolashewich: and open up those channels was just so helpful, along with like let's be real i'm a woman, I have menstrual cramps that happens every month at least a quarter of the month, so that's annoying so that's Nice that I have that as relief, because I don't want to take.

00:21:30.360 --> 00:21:38.700 Lindsay Dolashewich: ibuprofen and other medications all the time that i'd rather just take something a little bit more natural i've headaches or migraines it's nice to have it for that too.

00:21:39.090 --> 00:21:50.250 Lindsay Dolashewich: And then, once I realized how there's so many other benefits that this plant has that I realized like wow This could help with so many of my clients have so many issues, but now that I know all of this.

00:21:50.520 --> 00:21:59.640 Lindsay Dolashewich: And now it's more accessible for people to even suggest how do I not jump on this, I mean it's a planet that falls in my realm.

00:21:59.970 --> 00:22:04.350 Lindsay Dolashewich: i'm a dietician I work with food, this is the plan this totally totally falls in line.

00:22:04.740 --> 00:22:17.340 Lindsay Dolashewich: So it's just unfortunately in Jersey still slow but better process now but it'll be nice once it's more accepted by everyone, because I think we're going to help a lot more people once the stigmas finally broken.

00:22:18.060 --> 00:22:27.420 Jonny Tsunami: channel was a word that you used, and I think now you have this amazing channel that you've tapped into this is a market that's untapped.

00:22:27.870 --> 00:22:35.460 Jonny Tsunami: Think of how much business, now that you can bring in or perhaps other people that have nutrition counseling businesses.

00:22:36.000 --> 00:22:49.230 Jonny Tsunami: That could bring in an arm like this to generate more revenue or to bring in more awareness, or to give people more viable options, so when you first have a client that you meet what's what's the approach that you take.

00:22:49.470 --> 00:22:50.040 Lindsay Dolashewich: First date.

00:22:52.560 --> 00:22:54.540 Lindsay Dolashewich: In terms of adding cannabis in.

00:22:54.900 --> 00:23:01.320 Jonny Tsunami: Well, when let's say you start with the client they come in it's the original you know.

00:23:02.850 --> 00:23:12.720 Jonny Tsunami: They give you the question you may be some questions and answers, but when is when is that turning point happen when you say I might mention to this person that cannabis may be a good solution for that.

00:23:13.680 --> 00:23:23.970 Lindsay Dolashewich: So sometimes it's faster than others, so it does depend on the information that I get so the way that I like to approach everything in the beginning, is, I like to like the back to basics approach, I want to have.

00:23:24.690 --> 00:23:38.430 Lindsay Dolashewich: You eating and drinking in the general way that I know the body is meant to be that way it takes away all the other variables of complaints that you have so if they're complaining about sleep or GI issues and stomach issues.

00:23:39.240 --> 00:23:46.800 Lindsay Dolashewich: And migraines, and all this, I like to at least go back to the basics first like are they drinking enough water are they eating balance of eating often enough, all that stuff.

00:23:47.130 --> 00:23:56.490 Lindsay Dolashewich: And then, once they come back and I see that they're doing everything in a great way and they're still having these certain complaints on my car, something else is going on there's another issue here, that we need to work on and.

00:23:57.120 --> 00:24:02.610 Lindsay Dolashewich: Along with that, with our business to like we're not really big supplement pressures unless we feel like it's necessary.

00:24:03.300 --> 00:24:08.820 Lindsay Dolashewich: Because it's not necessary necessary like it doesn't have to be so, it depends on what's needed.

00:24:09.090 --> 00:24:16.770 Lindsay Dolashewich: So once I realized there's something else going on, that the general food and fluids, are not benefiting this person there's some sort of other imbalance that's going on.

00:24:17.100 --> 00:24:29.520 Lindsay Dolashewich: So if they are complaining about pain inflammation sleep migraines GI issues I usually always like that i'm like you know what are your thoughts on this have you thought about any sort of CBD products or any sort of.

00:24:30.270 --> 00:24:32.790 Lindsay Dolashewich: marijuana products that might be helpful for you and it just like.

00:24:33.210 --> 00:24:40.560 Lindsay Dolashewich: Just dropping a seed seeing how they feel about it, how they respond to it, some of them might be like oh yeah I tried something before it didn't really do anything for me.

00:24:40.950 --> 00:24:46.770 Lindsay Dolashewich: And what's cool about all the knowledge that I gained from the certification was learn the specifics, because.

00:24:47.310 --> 00:24:52.080 Lindsay Dolashewich: The other thing is to not only is it a plan so it falls in my realm, but the fact that.

00:24:52.530 --> 00:24:59.580 Lindsay Dolashewich: it's out there now and now everyone's going and getting it, you can get it at the sw you can get it at home depot you can get this anywhere but is this product good.

00:24:59.820 --> 00:25:12.090 Lindsay Dolashewich: Is it safe, do you know how to read a label, do you know how to find a credible source, do you know how to make sure that that's going to be the right blend for you, so now, the fact that I know how to filter through to see if these.

00:25:12.930 --> 00:25:18.600 Lindsay Dolashewich: brands and companies are doing this in a safe way are there, heavy metals in it are there, solvents and it other molds in it.

00:25:18.870 --> 00:25:23.250 Lindsay Dolashewich: Do they have a certification of analysis and then also what's the breakdown of cannabinoids.

00:25:23.550 --> 00:25:29.790 Lindsay Dolashewich: Oh, did I wanted this for sleep and it didn't help me out at all i'm like Oh well, it's really high in CBD you don't have seizures so of course it didn't help you.

00:25:30.030 --> 00:25:32.670 Lindsay Dolashewich: Maybe we should try a different blend of things so it's also just.

00:25:33.030 --> 00:25:40.500 Lindsay Dolashewich: The lack of knowledge, but also the fact of just properly educating people we have this demographic who's now all about trying what's now legal.

00:25:40.770 --> 00:25:50.400 Lindsay Dolashewich: I would love to guide them in the right direction, rather than them going in the wrong direction and either losing a great benefit, they can have because they went to the wrong source or.

00:25:50.850 --> 00:26:00.360 Lindsay Dolashewich: The health risk, so the other thing is to which is you don't say my grandma you have a you have a backache problem you're trying to avoid CBD I have.

00:26:01.500 --> 00:26:06.660 Lindsay Dolashewich: If you have medications that interfere with grapefruit and you can have great for because your medication.

00:26:07.320 --> 00:26:14.970 Lindsay Dolashewich: CBD and those products also act, the same way, so you want to be careful, if you are on any medications that do tell you to avoid grapefruit.

00:26:15.510 --> 00:26:21.210 Lindsay Dolashewich: nothing's even you can have, but what it does, is it might height in your dose so if you're taking 40 milligrams of Prozac.

00:26:21.570 --> 00:26:32.670 Lindsay Dolashewich: And then, all of a sudden, we take something and now you've upped it you really want to discuss with whoever provider is or your doctor is about that interaction and if that's going to be an issue the problem also with that is.

00:26:32.940 --> 00:26:41.700 Lindsay Dolashewich: Not a lot of medical professionals have a lot of education on cannabis, I know a lot of doctors and other medical professionals that they're like until it's federally legal i'm not wasting my time looking into it.

00:26:42.120 --> 00:26:48.900 Lindsay Dolashewich: So now there's not any guidance on that or i'll suggest it they go to their doctor they're like no my doctor said don't do it now, you can have it like.

00:26:49.470 --> 00:26:55.800 Lindsay Dolashewich: Well, hold on does your doctor does your doctor know about it and said no, or was a doctor like I don't know anything about it, you shouldn't have it.

00:26:56.040 --> 00:27:02.670 Lindsay Dolashewich: i'd rather someone say you know what I don't know enough about this, so I can't answer that rather than I don't know so i'm going to tell you know.

00:27:03.150 --> 00:27:07.740 Lindsay Dolashewich: Because it comes back to the old school way of like what the doctors like doctors always right.

00:27:08.280 --> 00:27:18.750 Lindsay Dolashewich: Back in the 1800s when it was a doctor only as your only source of medical advice yeah doctors always right, but now we have specialists we've all people with all these different types of education that are more specific.

00:27:19.050 --> 00:27:24.660 Lindsay Dolashewich: My job is to know more about food than any other medical professional so if i'm having a certain guidance of something.

00:27:25.410 --> 00:27:37.410 Lindsay Dolashewich: it's it's hard when you have another medical professional that has a white coat and then they're in the hospital there at the doctor's office and they're like no you shouldn't and then having to disagree, or just have different knowledge backgrounds.

00:27:38.040 --> 00:27:41.760 Lindsay Dolashewich: That gets a little bit hard in the whole realm of trying to get people more involved.

00:27:42.600 --> 00:27:43.740 Jonny Tsunami: i'll tell you this right now.

00:27:45.330 --> 00:27:48.240 Jonny Tsunami: Lindsay she's what were the three locations.

00:27:49.290 --> 00:27:50.550 Lindsay Dolashewich: or location, so we have.

00:27:50.610 --> 00:27:50.820 four.

00:27:52.290 --> 00:28:01.290 Lindsay Dolashewich: New Jersey Neptune New Jersey Bridgewater New Jersey and roseland and then also hoboken New York City that's more of a virtual office at the moment.

00:28:01.800 --> 00:28:07.230 Jonny Tsunami: got it so Those are all the locations right there i'm telling you I think people to reach out there.

00:28:07.890 --> 00:28:13.710 Jonny Tsunami: This is what she's saying what what rings true to me is that it's your job to know more about nutrition than the doctors.

00:28:14.130 --> 00:28:23.880 Jonny Tsunami: And we've been a medication nation, for a long time and doctors were never traditionally coach to go to use nutrition as a means to help people, this is why the pharmaceutical industry exists.

00:28:24.150 --> 00:28:30.270 Jonny Tsunami: So when I think about it, another thing you had mentioned about youth versus age people that would be willing to use cannabis.

00:28:30.810 --> 00:28:35.880 Jonny Tsunami: I still have a few ideas like who comes first, you know you see younger people being more open to it.

00:28:36.150 --> 00:28:42.870 Jonny Tsunami: And then also I want to talk a little bit when we come back about the trickle down effect of how the doctor neglects the patient.

00:28:43.260 --> 00:28:52.260 Jonny Tsunami: And then the next person neglect the next person neglect the next, and then it comes down to a point where they have to go to the base, which is nutrition so.

00:28:52.890 --> 00:28:59.760 Jonny Tsunami: we'll have to come back to this because i'm very intrigued by what you're saying, but we have to take a break for now so i'm right here with Lindsay the last which.

00:29:00.000 --> 00:29:08.160 Jonny Tsunami: we're here to talk about cannabis nutrition i'm Johnny tsunami, this is planet pocket alone we're taking a little break talk radio nyc.

00:31:38.910 --> 00:31:45.660 Jonny Tsunami: hey everyone we're back i'm Johnny tsunami, this is planet poker low low or less taboo view and we're here with Lindsay de la switch.

00:31:46.230 --> 00:31:53.070 Jonny Tsunami: Our i'm gonna have to say she's going to be our resident dietitian registered dietitian counseling nutrition.

00:31:53.940 --> 00:32:06.330 Jonny Tsunami: Extraordinary because she's been laying it down with some serious knowledge, here we did we were still going off on this topic and I want to kind of touch upon it again and Lindsay Thank you so much for coming out it's been a pleasure so far.

00:32:06.930 --> 00:32:07.530 Lindsay Dolashewich: But I gotta.

00:32:08.340 --> 00:32:22.740 Jonny Tsunami: say I love you I love your energy if I walked into your office and you came at me like this, I would come out feeling better because I know somebody was passionate about what they were doing I could hear and everything that you say so, I absolutely love it.

00:32:22.770 --> 00:32:25.410 Lindsay Dolashewich: I love your I appreciate that Thank you.

00:32:25.830 --> 00:32:38.460 Jonny Tsunami: So youth versus age right who do you see being more open when recommending cannabis to them, I want to go back into still a little bit of the science before we get into the personal because I had those two questions.

00:32:38.640 --> 00:32:39.750 Lindsay Dolashewich: So yeah yeah.

00:32:39.930 --> 00:32:40.950 Jonny Tsunami: who's more open to it.

00:32:42.000 --> 00:32:50.070 Lindsay Dolashewich: Definitely youth is more open to it, I would say for sure um some some older groups to just like.

00:32:50.670 --> 00:33:00.150 Lindsay Dolashewich: always been smoking weed when they were younger and they were the ones getting yelled at by their parents and so like our yeah awesome i'm so happy that this is legal or they have friends that have it so actually.

00:33:00.660 --> 00:33:09.180 Lindsay Dolashewich: it's I haven't had a lot of resistance, it seems like at least the demographic i've been working with at least in the area i'm working with it's.

00:33:09.690 --> 00:33:19.200 Lindsay Dolashewich: been a lot more accepted i'm in my area so which is fun and it's Nice because people are more open to wanting to listen to.

00:33:19.440 --> 00:33:26.520 Lindsay Dolashewich: Why it's safe or is it Okay, then there's some people who are like I don't know like I just don't know anything about it, I just know that like there was a time we shouldn't have it.

00:33:27.000 --> 00:33:39.600 Lindsay Dolashewich: But once I educate them like oh great good to know cool, how do I get more involved, but yeah I would definitely say the younger group is much more open minded to it, however, I would say that the.

00:33:41.460 --> 00:33:58.110 Lindsay Dolashewich: Older range is definitely probably more beneficial of it, given their issues like a lot of people are paying a lot of people have information on any other medical issues that they're probably going to benefit much more than the younger crowd even though they're more accepting and.

00:33:58.170 --> 00:34:08.850 Jonny Tsunami: Maybe, do you think though that they're starting to become like those numbers are changing that maybe people in the older range are starting to be more open to it, because now they've got a friend who you know.

00:34:09.360 --> 00:34:14.220 Jonny Tsunami: was recommended to take cannabis and this and that you know so do you see a change like that happening.

00:34:14.580 --> 00:34:26.850 Lindsay Dolashewich: Slightly yeah and I think the other way it's changed too is like once you try it, you know, like it's just about getting them to try it to see what everyone's talking about and I feel that.

00:34:27.450 --> 00:34:35.340 Lindsay Dolashewich: Especially now, the amount of issues, people have are unreal the amount of complaints people have her unreal and it's getting to the point that.

00:34:35.610 --> 00:34:44.070 Lindsay Dolashewich: People like I just need this to be fixed I cannot live this way any longer i'm in so much pain i'm so uncomfortable and no one's giving me a damn answer I don't know what to do.

00:34:44.550 --> 00:34:48.780 Lindsay Dolashewich: So once it's getting approached and offer to them and they're like are screwed i'll try it.

00:34:49.140 --> 00:34:57.180 Lindsay Dolashewich: But wow this is so much better, I can finally sleep I don't have to deal with all this that I was dealing with before I finally don't have knee pain all the time, like I did before.

00:34:57.450 --> 00:35:03.210 Lindsay Dolashewich: So I think it's also people are just finally getting fed up with not getting the results that they really desperately want.

00:35:03.570 --> 00:35:13.020 Lindsay Dolashewich: And finally, are like you know what I guess i'll just try it, so I think that's also what's turning everyone around to be more accepting because people are finally trying it and realizing.

00:35:13.290 --> 00:35:21.810 Lindsay Dolashewich: This is great stuff this is so beneficial and you don't have to worry about all these other side effects you don't have to worry about taking another pill, and just the.

00:35:22.680 --> 00:35:28.620 Lindsay Dolashewich: Numerous amounts of benefits that are more so than they even started out wanting for it, I think, also is the big seller point.

00:35:29.280 --> 00:35:41.070 Jonny Tsunami: And then we had mentioned the trickle down effect that the doctors like well just take a pill, and then it starts with a doctor works its way down and how often do you hear people say that the doctor said that right.

00:35:41.700 --> 00:35:42.450 Lindsay Dolashewich: And yeah.

00:35:42.510 --> 00:35:47.880 Jonny Tsunami: Like and you hear the opposite, so do you have a lot of people coming in they're saying well my doctor said this.

00:35:49.290 --> 00:36:03.060 Lindsay Dolashewich: All the time all the time, although someone will come in and then they'll say like oh yeah you know i've diabetes and i've been dealing with this for however long and i've been doing this again my doctor said just you know eat salads cut carbs i'm like.

00:36:03.900 --> 00:36:13.470 Lindsay Dolashewich: How big is that that is not how you can live your life and I don't know why they're going out of their way to give you a nutritional advice, rather like you know what you should see a dietitian and then that way they can properly educate you.

00:36:13.830 --> 00:36:22.800 Lindsay Dolashewich: On diabetes, especially when they immediately just put you on all this medication, did you want to at least see if you can manage it with food first give you a shot, or maybe.

00:36:23.190 --> 00:36:29.340 Lindsay Dolashewich: The other thing that I don't know about what's going on the appointment either is maybe the doctor gave them poor nutritional advice.

00:36:29.640 --> 00:36:36.090 Lindsay Dolashewich: They weren't able to follow through with it, because it was poor nutritional advice came back numbers were so bad, and like all right, I guess i'm going to give you medication now.

00:36:36.270 --> 00:36:44.520 Lindsay Dolashewich: Rather than immediately having them go to the stores when that is a disease that can be managed with nutrition majority of the time and then.

00:36:45.480 --> 00:36:52.650 Lindsay Dolashewich: That kind of goes with all the other things that people could be saying that they need to be on a medication for and just.

00:36:53.010 --> 00:37:02.070 Lindsay Dolashewich: Why are we not trying to do this in a more holistic approach the best we can, before we have to do that and also now they have did you not see that they're on like nine different pills.

00:37:02.670 --> 00:37:11.430 Lindsay Dolashewich: And all these things could be addressed in a different way we're going to kill their liver and their kidney right now, like they're just so many different ways to manage stuff So then, when I have to come in.

00:37:11.880 --> 00:37:19.260 Lindsay Dolashewich: And then I have to be like I don't know why you were suggested that me and also to be fair, they might have been, it could be bad.

00:37:19.680 --> 00:37:25.410 Lindsay Dolashewich: Telephone from the client from the doctor to the client to me, so I can't put all the blame on the doctor could be they don't.

00:37:26.370 --> 00:37:33.870 Lindsay Dolashewich: interpret what was given to them correctly, which also is very important, when you're giving somebody advice, which is why it takes so much pride.

00:37:34.170 --> 00:37:48.810 Lindsay Dolashewich: In properly educating someone to death, where they now really understand what I am saying you cannot leave my office and be misunderstood of what I gave you so that way your lead to success, but then also I have some family members that.

00:37:49.590 --> 00:37:51.840 Lindsay Dolashewich: Are doctors and what's unfortunate with them, too, is.

00:37:52.410 --> 00:37:58.380 Lindsay Dolashewich: The doctors are also given this sheet that all these topics, they need to make sure that they bring up in that session to check off these boxes.

00:37:58.560 --> 00:38:06.870 Lindsay Dolashewich: So now they're obligated to bring up topics that honestly they can't give really good advice on and they might not give great bedside manner on but because they have to check off that box.

00:38:07.140 --> 00:38:13.890 Lindsay Dolashewich: They now need to touch base on it and mention it, which isn't really fair for the doctor, either because it now it's taking away time that that client.

00:38:14.250 --> 00:38:20.340 Lindsay Dolashewich: That patient might want to spend on the doctor on other important issues but Sorry, I have to check off all these boxes, so I can't really address all of this.

00:38:20.490 --> 00:38:27.510 Lindsay Dolashewich: And I have another client in 15 minutes so here you go out the door without really feeling like they were helped so it's a whole.

00:38:28.320 --> 00:38:38.700 Lindsay Dolashewich: convoluted issue that I think there's a lot of different things that need to be fixed for the overall wellness for everyone to be getting the best care, I mean we're paying for insurance, maybe we should be getting better care.

00:38:39.030 --> 00:38:44.670 Lindsay Dolashewich: But there's so many things getting in the way of us really being able to do what all of us came into the fields to do.

00:38:45.150 --> 00:38:52.980 Lindsay Dolashewich: I know a lot of doctors who wish they could do more help but there's a lot of tape that gets in the way seeing my teachers, they want to be a great teacher and there's always political tape that gets in the way another like.

00:38:53.430 --> 00:39:03.780 Lindsay Dolashewich: I can't do what I came out here to do there's too many rules and regulations that are getting in the way of me being able to do what I came out to be passionate about so far that goes a lots of fields that just.

00:39:04.380 --> 00:39:09.180 Lindsay Dolashewich: Too many things get in the way of being able to do good that the intention was there for well.

00:39:09.240 --> 00:39:14.310 Jonny Tsunami: And and let's get into like a little bit of the personal stuff here, because when you think about it.

00:39:16.050 --> 00:39:25.140 Jonny Tsunami: it's the show is about having a less taboo view and I love the fact that you're somebody that's only interacted with cannabis, more recently, in the last five years.

00:39:25.410 --> 00:39:33.150 Jonny Tsunami: which says a lot, I want the audience to understand this to be like this is not somebody who was like 13 years old and i've been you know.

00:39:33.420 --> 00:39:40.050 Jonny Tsunami: Smoking weed for this long and the you know i'm just a proponent because I just love it, this is somebody who actually.

00:39:40.440 --> 00:39:51.030 Jonny Tsunami: Had a passion for nutrition at 12 years old and didn't come to realize that plant medicine can exist in other plants outside of the traditional norm so.

00:39:51.570 --> 00:40:00.480 Jonny Tsunami: Five years ago let's say for you, you know when did you decide that cannabis was something you wanted to introduce into your health regimen you know after you had that moment.

00:40:01.530 --> 00:40:08.910 Lindsay Dolashewich: yeah um I mean I guess once I learned um all the cool intricacies of all the different things they can do.

00:40:09.270 --> 00:40:20.730 Lindsay Dolashewich: um probably when I got that certification, two years ago, like, I was already involved and liking it for the past five years, but I was only able to talk so much about it in terms of promoting and educating and to other people.

00:40:21.150 --> 00:40:25.530 Lindsay Dolashewich: So I was a little limited on what I was able to promote so once I did that Sir.

00:40:26.070 --> 00:40:33.660 Lindsay Dolashewich: And I got to learn all the cool things like all these different cannabinoids do different things, the different terrapins do different stuff and i'm like ah.

00:40:33.900 --> 00:40:36.780 Lindsay Dolashewich: You can mix and match, and you can try to like.

00:40:37.020 --> 00:40:46.740 Lindsay Dolashewich: Make your own little cocktail of like wow i'm really stressed out today, and I also am super sore because I haven't been to the gym in a few days, and now I worked out, and I also need to get to bed.

00:40:46.950 --> 00:40:50.220 Lindsay Dolashewich: So let me do a little mixture of all these different things so it's it's like.

00:40:50.820 --> 00:41:02.040 Lindsay Dolashewich: it's like an interesting thing of like How is this going to benefit me and what's helpful what's herpes or here what cannabinoids are in here that mesh together to then be the perfect.

00:41:02.610 --> 00:41:07.620 Lindsay Dolashewich: Then of medicine for me, so I think that's how personally I like to um.

00:41:08.190 --> 00:41:17.280 Lindsay Dolashewich: get more involved with that just learning everything there is to know about it and being able to see what works for what but that's like the nerdy side of me but what's cool is too is like.

00:41:17.850 --> 00:41:27.660 Lindsay Dolashewich: i've only been five years and I know that my mom said to me and other family members have said, because i'm very big promoter of it um I know that, like.

00:41:28.140 --> 00:41:36.360 Lindsay Dolashewich: I had to kind of like when we go on vacations and, like my family love to drink they love to have a good time and then we go on vacation somewhere and rolling we got to get to the liquor store.

00:41:36.570 --> 00:41:44.490 Lindsay Dolashewich: And then i'm like I want to hit a dispensary and then i'm like making a big fuss, not a fuss about it, but like I want to make sure that is in the air and run.

00:41:44.820 --> 00:41:46.950 Lindsay Dolashewich: And then they're like kind of give me looks like guys.

00:41:47.430 --> 00:41:57.270 Lindsay Dolashewich: This is like you know you have a glass of wine, at the end of the day, this is what I like like if the liquor store was closed, would you be cool with it they're like oh no no Mike Okay, so now, you understand where i'm coming from, but they were more like.

00:41:57.540 --> 00:42:02.430 Lindsay Dolashewich: You know now that I see this and realize how many more people, I know that smoke cannabis or.

00:42:02.790 --> 00:42:09.720 Lindsay Dolashewich: Take CBD like they're not the typical stoner and like Lindsay we know you're all about health and fitness and wanting to just promote that and every.

00:42:10.020 --> 00:42:18.990 Lindsay Dolashewich: ounce possible and the fact that you're getting involved in this that totally changes my perspective, of how I viewed this and the stigma behind it and.

00:42:19.380 --> 00:42:23.880 Lindsay Dolashewich: What you think that it would be for and who would use it for what and it's just.

00:42:24.360 --> 00:42:32.520 Lindsay Dolashewich: My voices in everyone's head now sorry not sorry because now you keep hearing what i'm telling you and what i'm teaching you to really understand that.

00:42:33.210 --> 00:42:42.690 Lindsay Dolashewich: This was so much propaganda for no reason for so many years and it's just just because it's been said for so long doesn't mean it's true it's just a really good life that's it.

00:42:43.380 --> 00:42:50.970 Jonny Tsunami: yeah look at somebody like usain bolt or Michael phelps or who is the latest Olympic female athlete right.

00:42:51.390 --> 00:43:01.260 Jonny Tsunami: They are cannabis users, how can you say that it, you know makes someone that lazy stoner it's, a thing that existed from.

00:43:01.560 --> 00:43:14.040 Jonny Tsunami: A period of time, when there was a lot of hate towards it, and a lot of just on known entities and that's where it stemmed from and it's been a kind of a D evolution of that ever since and you had mentioned family and friends so.

00:43:15.300 --> 00:43:23.070 Jonny Tsunami: Does anybody in your family or friend group, you said, most of them were open to it, do you have any resistance, so to speak, from anybody.

00:43:23.910 --> 00:43:30.900 Lindsay Dolashewich: They weren't going to stop me so it didn't really matter, but now my family's very open minded they're really cool at everything so.

00:43:32.070 --> 00:43:44.850 Lindsay Dolashewich: Whatever I want to do what I want to do it if I feel strongly about something i'm going to do it so and they know that and if I do my research and they know that then they're like must, there must be something going on, and that makes sense if Lindsey is preaching about it.

00:43:45.690 --> 00:43:51.960 Jonny Tsunami: And Have you had any clients you've had successfully use cannabis now yeah nations so.

00:43:54.750 --> 00:43:58.800 Lindsay Dolashewich: yeah i'm not sure if we need to go on a break first, but then we can touch on it when we get back.

00:43:59.160 --> 00:44:00.930 Jonny Tsunami: Oh, my goodness, are we already there.

00:44:01.650 --> 00:44:02.850 Jonny Tsunami: yeah wrap.

00:44:03.390 --> 00:44:07.980 Jonny Tsunami: All right, well listen that's not a bad thing it just means I was sucked into your knowledge base.

00:44:07.980 --> 00:44:10.050 Jonny Tsunami: And amazing time.

00:44:10.350 --> 00:44:11.130 Jonny Tsunami: So yeah.

00:44:11.250 --> 00:44:22.170 Jonny Tsunami: we're gonna have to be back and we'll take it right after these messages i'm here with Lindsay de la switch but typical low low less taboo view talk radio nyc you're.

00:46:54.360 --> 00:46:55.410 Jonny Tsunami: And we're back.

00:46:56.610 --> 00:47:00.300 Jonny Tsunami: Apparently lizzie she's we're having a good time.

00:47:00.750 --> 00:47:14.250 Jonny Tsunami: amazing person Lindsay to Lhasa which we're here interviewing her, she is the Co founder of absolute nutrition counseling as well as a registered dietitian and I also like to throw this out here too, if you want to reach her.

00:47:14.700 --> 00:47:24.330 Jonny Tsunami: 732-977-9348 and I recommend that you do because there's probably a pretty good chance that the coven.

00:47:25.020 --> 00:47:34.380 Jonny Tsunami: hits you like a beluga whale and you put it on, and you know you did and it's Okay, because you were locked down but guess what summer's here.

00:47:34.740 --> 00:47:38.730 Jonny Tsunami: And you're going to have to take that shirt off at some point, you can wear a smock.

00:47:39.180 --> 00:47:46.680 Jonny Tsunami: You can cover it up all day long once you go inside and get a white sheet and just throw it over yourself, you can run around like casper that goes no one will know.

00:47:47.040 --> 00:47:54.390 Jonny Tsunami: What you don't want to do that lindsay's your girl who's going to take you there, and if you want to email her at Lindsay within a.

00:47:55.050 --> 00:48:06.120 Jonny Tsunami: Absolute nutrition counseling calm and you can visit absolute nutrition counseling calm, as well as an instagram absolute nutrition counseling and Facebook absolutely nutrition counts.

00:48:06.480 --> 00:48:11.760 Jonny Tsunami: So I wanted to get that out there, right from the beginning, and we might throw it out there at the end, as well, so Lindsay.

00:48:11.760 --> 00:48:12.270 Jonny Tsunami: Thank you.

00:48:13.080 --> 00:48:20.250 Jonny Tsunami: I mean you had to stop me you're like we got to go to break I was just captivated I was sucked in I was like damn.

00:48:21.480 --> 00:48:25.830 Lindsay Dolashewich: I love that you are all about it and we keep continuing on the whole time.

00:48:26.670 --> 00:48:37.500 Jonny Tsunami: Beautiful so, how does your and I want to get this to be the opportunity, the audience where it's not necessarily just okay obviously go to Lindsay if you need help, but also.

00:48:37.680 --> 00:48:43.980 Jonny Tsunami: realize that there's other counselors out there that there might be an opportunity for them to bring cannabis into their program so.

00:48:44.190 --> 00:48:52.440 Jonny Tsunami: How does your unique your unique form of counseling benefit people, and why should they reach out to talk to you more detail about setting up a nutrition plan and counseling.

00:48:53.490 --> 00:49:06.480 Lindsay Dolashewich: I mean, the first thing that I think is important for everybody to know is that I take insurance, I take most major insurances, so this is not something where you need to be able to.

00:49:06.750 --> 00:49:15.720 Lindsay Dolashewich: afford it to take out of pocket, and this is too much of an expense, what if i'm not happy about it insurance is covered for nutrition counseling so.

00:49:15.960 --> 00:49:23.700 Lindsay Dolashewich: you're not sure, give me a call or email me and our billing company will find out exactly what your coverages how many how many visits you get.

00:49:23.790 --> 00:49:34.020 Lindsay Dolashewich: A lot of people end up being surprised like oh insurance covers that hell yeah you're paying for it, you might as well get everything out of it that you can um secondly and i'm.

00:49:34.710 --> 00:49:38.580 Lindsay Dolashewich: More importantly, is with my team of dietitians that we have like.

00:49:39.270 --> 00:49:46.230 Lindsay Dolashewich: Our tagline is enjoying life is everything like we're very realistic dietitians, so this is something that works for you.

00:49:46.440 --> 00:49:52.230 Lindsay Dolashewich: This is very personal what your life is like what your issues are, how can we make it work in a way that.

00:49:52.470 --> 00:50:01.380 Lindsay Dolashewich: You are comfortable with because you're not going to do it what's the point it's not successful it's all about collaborating together of what are the foods that you like what's your lifestyle like.

00:50:01.710 --> 00:50:06.510 Lindsay Dolashewich: What are the real expectations of what we can accomplish to be successful, because everything we're giving you.

00:50:06.900 --> 00:50:16.560 Lindsay Dolashewich: Are life long sustainable goals this isn't like a gimmick here you have it, the second you don't work with me anymore you're screwed no I want you.

00:50:16.980 --> 00:50:29.340 Lindsay Dolashewich: to graduate from me and not need me anymore, because you are doing so frickin well that's my that's my passion that's my goal that's what we as absolute nutrition counseling really like to promote for everybody is.

00:50:30.120 --> 00:50:41.130 Lindsay Dolashewich: That you can love food again, you can have all these good life skills and you don't have to feel like you're on this rigid path short term, while the motivation is there until something happens and then.

00:50:41.850 --> 00:50:47.700 Lindsay Dolashewich: we're unhappy, so we work with you throughout your whatever is one I have clients that i've had for years, people have like.

00:50:48.270 --> 00:50:56.130 Lindsay Dolashewich: You go do your thing like you know check in the end of the summer, you know before school starts i'm a teacher and then we'll see what my what my schedule is like in school or.

00:50:56.340 --> 00:51:06.720 Lindsay Dolashewich: You know there's a lot of barbecues going on, what I do now it's holiday season, what should I do at this time, oh, I have this event coming up there's always things going on in our lives job change life change.

00:51:07.500 --> 00:51:14.490 Lindsay Dolashewich: coven there's all these things that it's always nice to have a check in to adapt and like what can we talk about and work on today that works for you.

00:51:15.750 --> 00:51:18.030 Lindsay Dolashewich: And then, in terms of cannabis, I mean.

00:51:18.810 --> 00:51:30.240 Lindsay Dolashewich: it's it's exciting to be able to promote this for people, I always like to have educate people that will cannabis, does it brings your body back to homeostasis means it brings your body back to balance.

00:51:30.540 --> 00:51:38.340 Lindsay Dolashewich: it's never going to take you too far, one way or too far, the other way, which is why it's impossible to overdose on it we're saying is, you have a bad afternoon, however.

00:51:38.550 --> 00:51:50.760 Lindsay Dolashewich: You ever have some sort of edible that you consume too much, if you have some CBD near you and, if you take a tincture of CBD that will lower your high quick fix so that's always a nice little tidbit for people to know as well.

00:51:51.090 --> 00:51:57.930 Lindsay Dolashewich: Because the CBD will lower the thc feeling, but a lot of products don't have to have thc that's going to affect.

00:51:58.710 --> 00:52:05.010 Lindsay Dolashewich: You getting high another important fact that I forgot to mention earlier is be careful when you're buying products.

00:52:05.220 --> 00:52:18.180 Lindsay Dolashewich: Like CBD products if it's a full spectrum product, even though it's only point 3% thc it might show up on a drug test so be mindful of what things you decide to try, if you are in a job position that you will get drug tested.

00:52:18.510 --> 00:52:26.280 Lindsay Dolashewich: That would be unfortunate there's other ways to go about it, that we can find a product that you don't have to worry about that, but I did actually have a client today who.

00:52:26.850 --> 00:52:33.780 Lindsay Dolashewich: um she was struggling from a lot of stomach issues bloating cramping pains, and it was, like all day all the time.

00:52:34.110 --> 00:52:40.290 Lindsay Dolashewich: As well as like some foggy mindedness and we were trying all the general avenues that I spoke about earlier of.

00:52:40.500 --> 00:52:50.160 Lindsay Dolashewich: Getting back to the basics let's get all the variables out of the way do everything you know sound how we want it and see what's still left and that issue was still left and what.

00:52:51.180 --> 00:53:00.990 Lindsay Dolashewich: Unfortunate with the way that cannabis is right now is because it brings your body back to homeostasis but it affects everybody differently everyone's imbalances are different, so if you have a friend who takes.

00:53:01.410 --> 00:53:12.420 Lindsay Dolashewich: Some CBD that's good for sleep and doesn't do anything for you might not be the right balance choice for you, maybe it's good for your gut and you have that stomach issues and that helps you for that somebody else it might be good for sleep so right now.

00:53:12.660 --> 00:53:20.670 Lindsay Dolashewich: it's kind of a trial and error which could be a little expensive so that also gets people a little bit turned off of like a high just spend $60 on this and doesn't work and I gotta try another one.

00:53:21.030 --> 00:53:30.060 Lindsay Dolashewich: there's a particular company, I like that does have the sample sizes, so I do like to mention that to people, because it gets them easier on the door it's like $6 try it out can be playing a servings for you.

00:53:31.260 --> 00:53:31.440 Lindsay Dolashewich: well.

00:53:31.500 --> 00:53:33.000 Jonny Tsunami: i'm companies that.

00:53:33.600 --> 00:53:37.140 Lindsay Dolashewich: fall cloud I like how thought cloud has a bunch of different products that are out.

00:53:37.440 --> 00:53:47.040 Lindsay Dolashewich: And they have a they have some sample sizes, they also have one that's have more cdn and then for sleep some other CD G and them CBC and them for whatever it's like.

00:53:47.280 --> 00:53:57.390 Lindsay Dolashewich: If it's for neurological or stress or four GI issues I like that it has some little bit extra so in case I don't really have a lot of wiggle room to like try out all these different things.

00:53:57.900 --> 00:54:06.780 Lindsay Dolashewich: I might do a sample on that just to see that really benefits, but so with her, she has been taking her CBD that i've mentioned to her and.

00:54:07.200 --> 00:54:19.230 Lindsay Dolashewich: she's already lost five pounds she feels great she has all the blood majority of the bloating is gone we're still working on really getting to the nitty gritty of things, but overall feel so much better she's motivated she feels more clear minded.

00:54:20.160 --> 00:54:30.420 Lindsay Dolashewich: she's been sticking to more of a workout regimen now too, so it just like overall encompass just kind of that extra missing piece that we needed and, like all of her like gut issues really we're going away.

00:54:30.780 --> 00:54:37.200 Lindsay Dolashewich: And now she's not have these issues she had for years, like she said, growing up her life, she always ended, having just this.

00:54:37.800 --> 00:54:47.010 Lindsay Dolashewich: window bloat that just didn't make sense and didn't go away wasn't always just after eating up all the time and to be able to like relief her of that and her feeling so good, with herself.

00:54:47.400 --> 00:54:54.330 Lindsay Dolashewich: was just so rewarding and it was just so nice that even today was just a client that I was able to just see that that was a beneficial recommendation.

00:54:54.990 --> 00:55:02.160 Jonny Tsunami: there's nothing better when that when you have that feeling because it's just like you don't feel slow you don't feel sluggish you feel light on your feet you feel good you feel.

00:55:02.490 --> 00:55:16.620 Jonny Tsunami: yeah you got it on like you got it going on now I got two questions where we're going to I want to these are kind of like fun questions yeah I had a budget and unlimited budgets, how would you spend it and on why would you spend it and why.

00:55:17.160 --> 00:55:19.020 Lindsay Dolashewich: A personal or for work.

00:55:19.140 --> 00:55:21.000 Jonny Tsunami: let's go let's go for work.

00:55:22.140 --> 00:55:32.040 Lindsay Dolashewich: For work I don't know how fun, this is for everybody else that's fun, for me, I really, really, really would love to get these in body scan i'm scales and all my offices.

00:55:32.730 --> 00:55:40.860 Lindsay Dolashewich: Like $4,000 a scale, but what's great about it, what i've learned from some of my clients before is because everyone's so focused on wait what's my way was my way, I want to drop weight and i'm like.

00:55:41.010 --> 00:55:47.760 Lindsay Dolashewich: Oh there's so much more to it than just the way that's not really the best scheme of measurement but with the skill it's so invasive.

00:55:48.060 --> 00:55:53.940 Lindsay Dolashewich: And it like it finds out how many calories you're burning it rest how much muscle mass you have how much.

00:55:54.390 --> 00:56:03.600 Lindsay Dolashewich: i'm extra body fat you have it in specific things like each arm each leg your trunk So you can see if, like you're really uneven with certain things but what's cool is, I had a client.

00:56:03.930 --> 00:56:13.830 Lindsay Dolashewich: Who did the in body scan saw what it was when I hiatus for six months, then comes back and she is like yeah kind of did my own thing I kind of cut this out cut this out kind of did less whatever.

00:56:14.220 --> 00:56:15.480 Lindsay Dolashewich: And I see her in body scan.

00:56:15.750 --> 00:56:28.800 Lindsay Dolashewich: yeah she lost three pounds or five pounds, however she's burning 150 less calories a day she lost three pounds of muscle mass and gain two pounds of fat, or whatever the whatever the schematics for either what she was able to look at it and be like.

00:56:29.220 --> 00:56:36.930 Lindsay Dolashewich: Oh yeah I don't like this and, like yeah that's why we put this in that's on the weight is the main thing because you also feel terrible you don't feel good.

00:56:37.110 --> 00:56:43.500 Lindsay Dolashewich: you're not lifting well all your weights are crappy like you don't have the strength like before not burning as many calories as before.

00:56:44.670 --> 00:56:52.170 Jonny Tsunami: Now I have to tell you that it's the end of the show Lindsay unfortunately time flew like crazy.

00:56:53.880 --> 00:57:01.230 Jonny Tsunami: busy the last switch and has been an absolute pleasure to have you on the show today beautiful smile beautiful personality.

00:57:01.530 --> 00:57:11.460 Jonny Tsunami: All the energy in the world that anyone would need to feel better about life if you need to reach out to i'm going to put all the information up on the website, as well as all my instagrams.

00:57:11.700 --> 00:57:20.520 Jonny Tsunami: Lindsay Thank you so much for coming in, today this is planted pato low, we are going to get out of here I want everybody to have a good night.

00:57:21.810 --> 00:57:23.340 Jonny Tsunami: Talk radio nyc.

00:57:24.510 --> 00:57:25.350 Jonny Tsunami: peace.

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