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Tuesday, July 20, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/20 - Name, Image and Likeness & Good Faith

Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/20 - Name, Image and Likeness & Good Faith


2021/07/20 - Name, Image and Likeness & Good Faith

[NEW EPISODE] Name, Image and Likeness & Good Faith

Broadcasting LIVE from Columbus, Ohio tonight. The first half of the show I’m going to talk more about the Name Image and Likeness for NCAA athletes and the potential for abuse. I also detail my last week of travels for print shoot in Washington DC the night of the shooting outside the Washington Nationals Stadium.

The second half of the show, I welcome special guest, Bella Hibbs from Good Faith Casting to talk about her career as a casting director and get some of her amazing advice for my acting friends. We will talk about changes to the industry and what to expect moving forward.

Join me LIVE every Tuesday night 8pm (Eastern) or catch the replay or podcasts.

Kevin Barbaro is a full-time actor and model who is also a former nationally-syndicated radio host and a former NCAA Division I head coach. CoffeeTalk XL is the fourth edition in his CoffeeTalk brand.

The show takes the audience on a journey through his career as an full-time actor (with over 150+ commercials, a dozen+ National TV co-start appearances and starring/costarring in numerous feature films) as well as touching on the different aspects of his life from sports to the music industry.

As a businessman, Kevin has built three companies from the ground up in LIVE entertainment as well as construction. A variety show that is fun and engaging with guests from all walks of life and from around the World.

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Show Notes

Segment 1

For this episode, Kevin joins us from Columbus, Ohio as he gives a short summary on what to expect to hear about tonight. From going into why he’s currently in Ohio to the conversation regarding the name image and likeness of NCAA athletes, to then learning what tips and tricks Bella Hibbs will share on getting casted as an actor. With Kevin’s extensive experience, he shares his own personal thoughts on how he gets some roles, including a recent one he accepted in Washington D.C. While he was in this city, he noticed the differences in the area that are marked by the pandemic and protests. By talking about his time there, he reminds others how we are still not back to normal and encourages everyone to get vaccinated. Following this, Kevin continues to talk about more roles he has been casted for, with one being a more long-term role. He also brings up a time where a brand he was photographed before had violated the contract by using the photo longer than the contract originally stated for.

Segment 2

Coming back from the break, Kevin explains why he is in Columbus, Ohio and shares some personal aspects of his family life. By going into the specifics of what it was like to watch his sibling go through a drug addiction and then raising her kids after she has passed away. When his sister’s house ended up getting bought this summer, there was conflict surrounding who would gain the profit from it. Kevin was persistent to make sure the children received the money, which brought him to learn more about house sales and foreclosures. Going back to the name and likeness of the NCAA, he believes all athletes should go out and get what they’re worth. But in the world of NCAA, he doesn’t understand the lack of balance when it comes to promoting images of male athletes over female athletes.

Segment 3

Now, we are joined by Bella Hibbs, the owner of Good Faith Casting which is a casting agency based in Arizona. Bella talks about her start in casting, which happened after she joined the team for Good Faith Casting team because her mother was the head of this company. Although she never intended to work into a casting company, she never saw another career path that would be a better fit for her. Bella goes into the differences in casting among various areas, such as NYC and LA. With the competition pools ranging, she explains how Arizona is the best of both worlds for acting and suburban living. Kevin brings up the con of living in NYC is most people not having access to a car, and therefore not being able to drive further to other castings outside of the city. Bella gets to know her talent on a more personal level in Arizona because of the ample time they have with them and the lower number of people that are a part of the agency, which she enjoys. Bella then talks about SAG vs non-union jobs and how actors work within these sectors in Arizona. Kevin joins in by speaking about his choice to only work on principle roles instead of background roles. He also stresses the benefits of working on non-union jobs.

Segment 4

Bella shares her thoughts on how self tapes will most likely be filmed virtually indefinitely as opposed to initially auditioning in person. Seeing how the acting industry has evolved, it’s important for self tapes to showcase the actor’s potential. Because tapes physically show what actors will look like on screen, it gives an important glance at how the actor can bring a character to life. Kevin weighs in on saying self tapes can make others more comfortable to bring their personality out because it is being filmed in their own space. Bella speaks about her experience on how during casting calls, she and her team would watch the way the actors light up on the screen because it is sometimes more crucial to see how they look on screen rather than how they look in real life. Then Kevin and Bella go into the mistakes actors make, including a headshot not being updated, not taking acting seriously, and not being prepared for auditions. Bella says to remember to “bring your body” when saying your lines to incorporate emotion into the words that are in the script, Kevin then adds that it’s essential to be “all-in” for each audition.


00:00:30.330 --> 00:00:35.370 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Good day, good evening everybody and welcome back to coffee talk XL i'm Kevin barbro.

00:00:35.700 --> 00:00:44.940 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And you're listening now live on talk radio dot nyc or if you'd like to check out the video the live video stream just go to Facebook and.

00:00:45.270 --> 00:00:54.300 Kevin Barbaro Productions: hit the search engine and look for talk radio nyc just all one word and that'll bring you to the live video as well and you'll be able to catch the podcast.

00:00:54.540 --> 00:01:05.070 Kevin Barbaro Productions: After the show on spotify apple anywhere, the your podcasts and then also you can see the replay of the video as it's posted on my own Facebook.

00:01:05.580 --> 00:01:25.290 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Or you can see it on talk radio dot nyc for Facebook so anyway back into the week actually this week i'm actually broadcasting live right now, from Columbus Ohio I had to come here i'll get to why I had to come here in a minute, but basically I come here for.

00:01:26.370 --> 00:01:38.610 Kevin Barbaro Productions: family reasons but i'm going to actually share the story about why i'm in Columbus right now, because I find it intriguing able this show is my own show and it's about my life so la and.

00:01:39.990 --> 00:01:50.400 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But, but there is something to be learned by the actual scenario that brought me here and i'm going to go over that in just a little bit second also we're going to be talking about in the first half of the show.

00:01:51.060 --> 00:02:07.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: we're going to continue the discussion that we started last week about the name image and likeness in the ncaa where student athletes now can earn money, based on their name image and likeness.

00:02:08.250 --> 00:02:16.920 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And I touched on it last week kind of like reader's digest version, but I want to talk about it a little bit more because really what it's done.

00:02:17.430 --> 00:02:31.020 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I have no problem with people making money, particularly making money off of their own image and likeness but at the same time, there is some issues that that now already are starting to pop up in terms of the integrity.

00:02:32.370 --> 00:02:36.210 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Of the ncaa and what it means to.

00:02:37.740 --> 00:02:44.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: What it means to amateurism and whatnot so definitely want to talk about that here, in just a couple of minutes but.

00:02:45.510 --> 00:02:54.060 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Getting back so actually crazy week able, so my acting career i'm also.

00:02:55.170 --> 00:03:02.760 Kevin Barbaro Productions: A and I use this term loosely because i'm not a fashion model, but I am a print model it's more lifestyle or fitness but.

00:03:03.570 --> 00:03:15.810 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I even had to go to Washington DC last weekend I, I have a great relationship with a casting agency out of the DC area.

00:03:16.350 --> 00:03:33.990 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Taylor Royal casting and anybody who's an actor that follows my show or would will know that Taylor Royal is one of the top casting agencies and kind of like that mid Atlantic region, Joe DC or the Virginia baltimore area i've gotten tons of work.

00:03:35.370 --> 00:03:38.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Through them over the years and.

00:03:39.540 --> 00:03:40.260 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Part of.

00:03:41.790 --> 00:03:55.950 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know, becoming an actor becoming a full time actor or a model or both is creating great relationships and actually second half of the show tonight we're going to have Bella Bella hibs.

00:03:57.090 --> 00:04:06.180 Kevin Barbaro Productions: If you're an actor, you know who Bella hibs is because you probably follow her on instagram or tick tock or on Facebook, but she's the owner of.

00:04:07.350 --> 00:04:14.130 Kevin Barbaro Productions: good faith casting, which is based, out of the actually the southwest largest casting agency in the southwest.

00:04:14.520 --> 00:04:20.460 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Based out of scott's gets scottsdale they've got offices in albuquerque and they got an office in La.

00:04:20.970 --> 00:04:25.770 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And she does a lot of casting down there you know her because she's always posting these great videos.

00:04:26.460 --> 00:04:37.770 Kevin Barbaro Productions: giving advice, whether it's by casting or promoting their brand as a casting agency and so we're going to have her on the show and she's going to be the guest on the second half of the show and we're going to talk about.

00:04:38.820 --> 00:04:44.130 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The casting process how she got into it, but also, you know some great advice on.

00:04:45.330 --> 00:04:54.600 Kevin Barbaro Productions: As we move forward in the world of casting and things have changed and also maybe talk about some of the big mistakes that she sees people making all the time when it comes to casting but.

00:04:55.020 --> 00:05:03.930 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In any event, getting back to I was saying, I, I have a great relationship with Taylor Royal, these are the kind of relationships that you need to form as an actor.

00:05:04.920 --> 00:05:14.160 Kevin Barbaro Productions: If you're trying to work consistently so i've been really blessed in the fact that over the last decade i've i've done hundreds of gigs and.

00:05:14.640 --> 00:05:22.920 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I don't do any background work I only work is on camera principal or or supporting or starring or co starring roles and.

00:05:23.580 --> 00:05:35.250 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I may I set that own standard for myself and a big part of that is getting out there and getting in front of casting agencies casting directors on a consistent basis.

00:05:35.790 --> 00:05:48.240 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And being prepared doing a nice job and then, when you actually get booked through that agency hey show up be on time be professional these kinds of things and so over time you end up.

00:05:49.290 --> 00:06:00.510 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Creating a brand for yourself and it's now to the point, like with Taylor Royal and with Jody kipper men in New York City and some other casting directors that i've.

00:06:01.500 --> 00:06:11.040 Kevin Barbaro Productions: been in front of where when it comes to certain roles, because everybody's got a tight right when it comes to certain roles i'm one of the people that they think about.

00:06:11.730 --> 00:06:24.390 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Even if I haven't been submitted by by agency, where I haven't submitted myself, and so this gig came up I didn't audition for it, I didn't even submit for it but thankfully.

00:06:25.620 --> 00:06:37.320 Kevin Barbaro Productions: They needed somebody for a print ad in Washington DC and Taylor Royal and and and Scott and his team there they thought about me and they submitted me to the.

00:06:39.270 --> 00:06:48.210 Kevin Barbaro Productions: To the client and then they landed on me and worked out great the timing worked out great rate worked out really great print ads I will tell you this.

00:06:50.880 --> 00:07:02.010 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In my opinion, easiest money on the planet, I actually almost feel like i'm stealing money when I get a print ad because I mean it's literally like hey Kevin can you give me a half smile.

00:07:03.240 --> 00:07:06.660 Kevin Barbaro Productions: boom, you know Kevin can you cross your legs sure man boom boom.

00:07:07.710 --> 00:07:26.460 Kevin Barbaro Productions: it's easiest money on the planet and and, generally speaking, the the print ads will always pay well unless it's an editorial but anyway in DC craziness though Okay, a couple of things about DC first of all, there are still a lot of what I would say.

00:07:27.840 --> 00:07:40.440 Kevin Barbaro Productions: remnants of not just the pandemic but remnants that are reminders of all of the protests that happened over the course of the last few years.

00:07:41.280 --> 00:07:56.250 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know fallout from January six obviously I have a really close friend my buddy can use in the city we've been friends, since high school and one of my longest friends in the in the world and we went and had lunch together before I had to head back on.

00:07:57.630 --> 00:07:59.700 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Sunday or whatever and.

00:08:00.780 --> 00:08:14.400 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know it's just a really weird time in the in in the DC area, because you still of course everybody's trying to get back to what we consider to be normal but DC in general is kind of like in this epicenter of of.

00:08:15.390 --> 00:08:26.550 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know, chaos and and and conflict, and so you see remnants of that all over the city and then of course the other night luckily, thankfully, for me, I was actually filming.

00:08:27.270 --> 00:08:38.340 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Only a couple of Blocks matter of fact, I posted a picture on instagram where you can see in the background, the Washington nationals stadium and.

00:08:38.970 --> 00:08:46.860 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Thankfully, for me, I wasn't there when they had the the shooting outside Washington national stadium and everybody and all hell breaks loose and people were running.

00:08:47.400 --> 00:08:57.600 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But you know it, that that again it's just a reminder that we aren't back to normal and it's it's unfortunate but we we've got to continue to.

00:08:58.110 --> 00:09:02.010 Kevin Barbaro Productions: work together and i'm just going to throw this out there amen go get vaccinated.

00:09:02.610 --> 00:09:12.750 Kevin Barbaro Productions: do everything you can let's move past the pandemic let's get back to life as normal and, hopefully, and of course the shooting and nothing to do with that, but you know it is indicative of.

00:09:13.680 --> 00:09:20.070 Kevin Barbaro Productions: kind of the chaotic time that we live in, right now, and we just got to listen man, we just got to do better, but.

00:09:21.180 --> 00:09:29.520 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So I was in DC for that and, and that was great while I was on my way there actually speaking of casting so two years ago.

00:09:30.630 --> 00:09:34.170 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And again, this is a another reason to stay on top of things right.

00:09:35.340 --> 00:09:38.790 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Two years ago I was cast as one of the main.

00:09:40.050 --> 00:09:55.950 Kevin Barbaro Productions: principal characters in a national TV commercial for Mr rooter and all of my friends and people that follow me you've seen this commercial you've either seen it online or you actually so many people have seen it on TV and blow me up on my phone but.

00:09:57.030 --> 00:09:58.860 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Two years ago I signed.

00:10:00.000 --> 00:10:14.670 Kevin Barbaro Productions: My contract for the commercial and the usage was for two years and that usage started, I want to say on August 1 two years ago and they paid me, I mean it was a really well paying job.

00:10:15.780 --> 00:10:17.130 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I won't say how much, but it was really good.

00:10:18.450 --> 00:10:19.710 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And so.

00:10:21.060 --> 00:10:32.370 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i've used for two years, so i'm i'm a weighted i'm on my way to DC and my phone lights up and it's a 212 number from New York City, but maybe maybe then i'm getting cast this up.

00:10:33.120 --> 00:10:46.050 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And I answer and it's the casting agency that cast me originally in this role now, this was a self submit through casting networks that I ended up landing this in New York City.

00:10:47.970 --> 00:10:50.340 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Which is you know it's tough to do, I mean, obviously.

00:10:51.690 --> 00:10:56.520 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In that market and one of 10s of thousands of actors my my look.

00:10:57.540 --> 00:11:04.290 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So anyway, I landed a was for two years X amount of dollars, they call me because they're like hey you know the client.

00:11:05.880 --> 00:11:19.320 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The time is running out on the on the usage and they want to re up it for another six months and are you cool with that and the rate is such and such which is.

00:11:19.830 --> 00:11:30.570 Kevin Barbaro Productions: really good as well and i'm like dude first of all able not gonna turn down free money, this is literally free money, right now, but be of all, I appreciate the fact that you even reached out.

00:11:31.920 --> 00:11:45.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And that you guys keep track of this type of thing because I actually have been in a situation before so about man, I want to say, like seven years ago.

00:11:45.810 --> 00:11:52.830 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And it's important for accurate for seven years ago I was in a print ad shoot for.

00:11:53.580 --> 00:11:58.320 Kevin Barbaro Productions: An electronics company i'm just going to leave it at that and I won't say which one of those but I was in a print ad shoot.

00:11:58.920 --> 00:12:13.590 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And the usage was going to be for one year and it was renewable for a second year they actually bought out the renewal for the second year right away, which was at the one year rate plus 10%.

00:12:14.250 --> 00:12:23.040 Kevin Barbaro Productions: really good paying job I mean this is over $10,000 you know I won't say exactly how much, but it was a lot of money for like four or five hours of my time right.

00:12:23.760 --> 00:12:44.940 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So anyway it's good for two years, the usage of my image for this company well anyway fast forward like about three weeks, excuse me three years, maybe even longer might have anything for years later i'm on Facebook and an ad comes up on my feed and.

00:12:46.110 --> 00:12:51.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: it's for that company, and I look at the Ad and dude it's me.

00:12:52.050 --> 00:13:04.440 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So this ad is just you know shows up on my feet and and much to my surprise i'm doing the Ad Well, this is like three or four years after this entire thing went down so.

00:13:04.980 --> 00:13:15.150 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I contacted my agent that was actually booked through an agency my one of my agencies and i'm like hey what was the deal with this such and such company because.

00:13:15.750 --> 00:13:27.390 Kevin Barbaro Productions: To my recollection it was only good for two years, the usage on this because they re upped it but i'm seeing that there's an ad right now that i'm that i'm in so I took a screenshot it and send it off.

00:13:28.200 --> 00:13:42.060 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And sure enough that company had had violated the usage of my image and they ended up having to pay me for another year and, and so my agent was able to.

00:13:42.480 --> 00:13:55.350 Kevin Barbaro Productions: sort all that out, and you know it, it really you know these kinds of things because there's so many ways that adds can show up that that this can kind of get lost in the shuffle unless you're on top of things so it's an important note.

00:13:56.010 --> 00:14:11.670 Kevin Barbaro Productions: keep track of your contracts keep track of your usage and who booked you and where you were booked because if you don't keep track of that stuff if I didn't keep track of that stuff I would have had no idea, and so, in any event.

00:14:12.720 --> 00:14:21.960 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Speaking of name and and my image and my likeness being in an ad when we come back from our first commercial break i'm going to go back we're going to revisit.

00:14:22.380 --> 00:14:32.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The name image and likeness for the ncaa and then in the second half of the show we're going to have Bella hibs from good faith casting on to talk about casting and booking.

00:14:32.550 --> 00:14:39.090 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And we'll be back in just a couple of minutes i'm Kevin barbro you're listening to coffee talk XL on talk radio dot nyc.

00:14:42.180 --> 00:14:42.360 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Your.

00:16:53.670 --> 00:16:57.120 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Welcome back everybody to coffee talk XL on Kevin Barbara.

00:16:57.600 --> 00:17:07.530 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And you are listening on talk radio dot nyc are you watching the live right now on Facebook or you're watching the replay or you're listening to the podcast one or the other.

00:17:07.920 --> 00:17:16.290 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But welcome back to the show will show about my life and then different aspects of my life I before I start talking about the.

00:17:18.420 --> 00:17:23.760 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Name image and likeness brief story about why i'm in Columbus Ohio okay so.

00:17:24.780 --> 00:17:26.280 Kevin Barbaro Productions: reader's digest version.

00:17:27.900 --> 00:17:47.580 Kevin Barbaro Productions: people that have followed this show for more than a decade or the various versions of this show know that I actually raised my sister's kids for a good chunk of their life so back in again reader's digest version back in 2003.

00:17:48.960 --> 00:17:59.280 Kevin Barbaro Productions: my sister who had two young children, two, four and six lost her husband and the father of the kids and he was only 43 had a heart attack and.

00:18:00.690 --> 00:18:04.230 Kevin Barbaro Productions: my sister fell into kind of like this deep depression.

00:18:05.370 --> 00:18:10.500 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Again, like I say anybody that knows me or follow the show knows the story, but fell into a deep depression.

00:18:11.010 --> 00:18:21.210 Kevin Barbaro Productions: fell into an addiction, which is a horrible horrible beast for anybody to have to go through my sister actually at that time she was only 32 years old.

00:18:21.660 --> 00:18:37.020 Kevin Barbaro Productions: She had 10 years before her husband died almost of the month, had buried a two and a half year old toddler to leukemia and anybody that's had a child die of cancer knows that this is a horrific.

00:18:38.160 --> 00:18:43.800 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Just you can't an unfathomable amount of pain to have to go through and watch this slowly happen.

00:18:45.570 --> 00:18:50.310 Kevin Barbaro Productions: losing a child period but watching it happen and then fast forward 10 years who's her husband.

00:18:51.420 --> 00:19:09.960 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So she fell into addiction, I actually had custody of my sister's kids for from the time they were two, four and six to the time they were 810 and 12 I raised them on my own, for the most part, I had live in girlfriend for a good portion of that who was wonderful and help so much, but.

00:19:12.270 --> 00:19:15.960 Kevin Barbaro Productions: They ended up going back to my sister when they were.

00:19:18.180 --> 00:19:27.930 Kevin Barbaro Productions: When they were a 10 and 12 and then sadly last year when the kids were 1719 and 21 my sister ultimately passed away.

00:19:28.530 --> 00:19:43.950 Kevin Barbaro Productions: from complications that arose from being addicted to alcohol for so many years, liver failure kidney failure etc so anyway anybody that's dealt with somebody who that they love that has addiction, you know all of the different luggage that comes with that.

00:19:45.720 --> 00:19:55.920 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Financially emotionally all of the different things that everybody around that person, because when you have someone in your family that's an addict you become an addict you know it's.

00:19:56.760 --> 00:20:03.840 Kevin Barbaro Productions: This is, this is something that affects everyone in that circle and her finances were terrible because of this.

00:20:05.010 --> 00:20:21.330 Kevin Barbaro Productions: House was in disrepair and when she passed away I packed up the kids I brought him down to live with me and we just left the House because I knew it was actually already up for foreclosure, and so this is actually led me to be here, which was really enlightening so.

00:20:22.890 --> 00:20:32.370 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The oldest of her children gets a phone call from this guy says hey you know i've got information about your mom's property now I knew that the House went up for auction.

00:20:33.600 --> 00:20:35.760 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In December of 2019.

00:20:36.840 --> 00:20:46.680 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Because I knew that it was a mortgage foreclosure and, of course, she didn't leave any money she didn't leave in a state so obviously I you know.

00:20:47.100 --> 00:21:01.320 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And the House i'm stone wasn't condemned just because of the disrepair of it, due to the addiction, etc, and so this guy's hey we we have some information about your sisters Oh, but i'm like Okay, you know.

00:21:02.940 --> 00:21:11.340 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So I text him I said, you know what i'm going to be real honest with you, I think it's a scam but i'm willing to listen to what you've got to say so, he.

00:21:11.730 --> 00:21:27.240 Kevin Barbaro Productions: he's like listen man, let me give you a call, so this may call and he's like yeah you know here's the deal, you know your sister's home went up for auction, as you know, but shockingly the home actually sold for a profit so.

00:21:28.710 --> 00:21:32.280 Kevin Barbaro Productions: There was after they paid off the mortgage that was owed on the home.

00:21:33.360 --> 00:21:42.150 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And because, obviously, when you die your debts don't die with you, and so they paid up she had back taxes again just another you know unfortunate.

00:21:42.750 --> 00:21:48.690 Kevin Barbaro Productions: byproduct of addiction and whatnot, and so they they pay all of this on and there's all this money left.

00:21:49.650 --> 00:22:00.570 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And, and I was like wow I mean I you know i'm still kind of thinking to scam but i'm like you know i'm interested, because you know now i'm I am the only parent for her kids because.

00:22:01.050 --> 00:22:11.310 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know they're orphans and both mom and dad are dead and and you know i'm back to being more than just don't go Kevin on you know I am their parents and so.

00:22:13.440 --> 00:22:27.780 Kevin Barbaro Productions: my sister in her world of addiction, she had you know remarried this guy I barely knew him I matter of fact today in court, when I went there for the proceedings on this is second time only I ever met this guy and.

00:22:28.650 --> 00:22:37.470 Kevin Barbaro Productions: He had actually found out that there was a surplus for this, and he had petitioned the course so that he would receive all of that well, of course.

00:22:38.040 --> 00:22:48.660 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Her kids are entitled to half of this profit, I mean you're talking about three kids that are only you know 1820 and 22 that have no mom they got no dead.

00:22:49.080 --> 00:22:57.090 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And then, this dude who's actually not even related to it says no, I mean he was on the deed, but you know so anyway, he was shocked.

00:22:57.600 --> 00:23:05.970 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That I showed up and showed up with a lawyer and the interesting thing about all of this oil i'm even bringing this up, is that it.

00:23:06.780 --> 00:23:12.300 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I was stunned, to find out how often this happens, so people walk away, I mean.

00:23:13.020 --> 00:23:22.770 Kevin Barbaro Productions: economy is like this right, and then you know people die that got no dependence, and then the home is sold, whether in foreclosure or it's a short sale or estate sale or whatever it is.

00:23:23.280 --> 00:23:33.090 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And a lot of times people walk away from their home because they owe back taxes and there's actually a LIEN against their home and their house goes up for.

00:23:34.230 --> 00:23:39.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: for sale by the state or the county or whoever that they owe the taxes to.

00:23:39.900 --> 00:23:47.760 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And so, typically in a market like right now, like right now, you put your House up for sale and it's gone, you know you don't you don't even have to.

00:23:48.180 --> 00:23:55.770 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You don't even have to list it you're going to get above ask right now, so all of this property ends up getting sold and.

00:23:56.730 --> 00:24:00.000 Kevin Barbaro Productions: there's this extra money that's just sitting there and it's got no hope.

00:24:00.930 --> 00:24:09.720 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And and and so many people when they walk away from these things don't realize you're actually entitled to, even though you're screwed up, I mean a lot of people screw up right.

00:24:10.230 --> 00:24:20.760 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So, even though you screwed up and and the House went to foreclosure, for whatever reason, if the House sells you know this this isn't you know some death sentence because you're screwed up.

00:24:21.330 --> 00:24:31.860 Kevin Barbaro Productions: you're entitled to that money you know and so long story short, the whole reason i'm even all irate House because it's obviously transaction happened in the island and and and.

00:24:32.490 --> 00:24:42.870 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The kids are entitled to that money and and and it, you know it's not a lot of money, but you know what when you when when you're young and you got no mom you got no dad I mean.

00:24:43.620 --> 00:24:57.150 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Every little bit is going to help so that that I just wanted to share that because a lot of people don't really understand how that all works I didn't understand until until the company reached out to us but anyway getting back to the name image and likeness in the thing and then.

00:24:58.200 --> 00:25:12.960 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Once we get past the next commercial break i'm going to bring my new friend Bella on here to talk about to casting from debate casting out in Arizona well the entire South has to be honest, but with the name image and likeness.

00:25:14.340 --> 00:25:22.740 Kevin Barbaro Productions: As I was saying before last week, when we were talking about this and I kind of briefly skimmed over but here's here's what's going on with the ncaa and.

00:25:24.750 --> 00:25:30.840 Kevin Barbaro Productions: This name image and likeness people being able to student athletes in the ncaa being able to go out into negotiate.

00:25:32.010 --> 00:25:40.110 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Opportunities for themselves for marketing or promotion, whether it's because it's social media based or or commercials or whatever it is.

00:25:41.400 --> 00:25:50.010 Kevin Barbaro Productions: They can now go out where they weren't able to before because of the amateurs ISM rules of the nc double a and they're able to negotiate opportunities for themselves.

00:25:50.220 --> 00:26:00.600 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So they can make money off of their name image and likeness well i'm an actor i'm a model right I I get money off of my name but not so much my name, but my image right my likeness and.

00:26:01.980 --> 00:26:18.990 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And, and so you know I get that you know I everybody should be able to go out and get what you're worth the problem is the ncaa exists as a nonprofit Now we all know that it's not a nonprofit I mean they it's worth billions of dollars just the basketball.

00:26:20.430 --> 00:26:35.190 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Contract alone with CBS is is is a crazy monopoly amount of money, but what's happened is now see donors were allowed to give money to student athletes.

00:26:35.700 --> 00:26:48.930 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Now, as a college coach for over 20 something years there were big fine there were big penalties, I mean talking decimates penalties here in the world of athletics, if you if they find out that a donor is giving an athlete money.

00:26:49.560 --> 00:26:59.130 Kevin Barbaro Productions: To promote their company or to do whatever now what's happening is and back then they would just shovel an envelope the cash under the under the stall in the bathroom.

00:26:59.640 --> 00:27:07.920 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And now you've got companies so there's a fan website Texas, the thing that drew drew my attention the most was Texas a&m.

00:27:10.560 --> 00:27:20.670 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Their football team there's two guys on their football team that a fan site for Texas a&m which is run by I don't know fans and donors.

00:27:23.130 --> 00:27:42.480 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Paid $10,000 to these two Dudes these two guys on the football team for an interview, I mean we're not even talking to endorse anything we're not talking about you know, a for some sort of promotion or anything they just pay for interviews right.

00:27:43.830 --> 00:27:59.850 Kevin Barbaro Productions: These guys got $10,000 I don't understand in the world of of of integrity and the nc double a and how we can say that this is a good idea where these these random people can just say well you know, I just want to be in for the.

00:28:01.290 --> 00:28:10.260 Kevin Barbaro Productions: interview $10,000 they're never going to make that money back, I was when I first heard it I said dude call me back when you're gonna hire a women's basketball player.

00:28:10.830 --> 00:28:22.410 Kevin Barbaro Productions: A women's softball player right if the whole goal here is just to help promote Texas a&m athletics, and you just so happened to land on the two best football players, but you don't land on any of the female athletes come on man.

00:28:23.100 --> 00:28:32.940 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Anyway, we're gonna be back here in just a couple of minutes i'm going to have Bella hibs on from good faith casting out in the southwest and we're going to talk about casting we're talking about booking.

00:28:33.390 --> 00:28:40.500 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And we're talking about her life and we'll be back in just a minute i'm Kevin barbro you're listening to coffee talk XL on talk radio dot nyc.

00:31:08.940 --> 00:31:10.260 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Welcome back everybody to.

00:31:10.290 --> 00:31:19.500 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Coffee talk excel on talk radio dot nyc i've given barbro and after the show make sure you check out the replay by going to Facebook and.

00:31:20.010 --> 00:31:26.850 Kevin Barbaro Productions: just go to the search engine hits talk radio nyc or you can pick it up on spotify apple etc so.

00:31:27.270 --> 00:31:39.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The second half of my show I always have a guest, then my special guest this week oh look at that you unmuted yourself, I have to, I have to remind every single person to unmute themselves, even though I detail, it out email but.

00:31:40.020 --> 00:31:54.330 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i've got Bella hips and she's the owner of good faith casting, which is based, out of scottsdale and albuquerque and La and which is one of, if not the biggest.

00:31:55.380 --> 00:31:56.010 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Casting.

00:31:56.040 --> 00:32:00.750 Kevin Barbaro Productions: agency in the southwest and so welcome to the show Thank you so much for coming on.

00:32:01.470 --> 00:32:08.790 Bella Hibbs: Thank you so much for having me I feel like talking about your conversation prior to the break i'm like I will take $10,000 for an interview like.

00:32:08.820 --> 00:32:12.690 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Man yeah i'm telling you I mean it's like cuckoo money.

00:32:12.750 --> 00:32:13.560 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know and.

00:32:13.980 --> 00:32:14.550 it's.

00:32:15.660 --> 00:32:28.440 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Now, in the world of acting and whatnot you know that kind of money does exist it's just that these kids you know matter of fact, not to get off on a tangent, but I just saw an interview with.

00:32:29.790 --> 00:32:30.270 Kevin Barbaro Productions: With.

00:32:31.410 --> 00:32:35.280 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Nick saban the head coach at Alabama for football and he was saying that.

00:32:35.730 --> 00:32:46.020 Kevin Barbaro Productions: His quarterback is starting quarterbacks probably going to make a million dollars, between now and the end the start of the school year he's never played a game he's never got one yeah I mean it's just it's ridiculous so.

00:32:46.320 --> 00:32:46.890 anyway.

00:32:48.120 --> 00:32:49.620 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I wanted to talk with you so.

00:32:51.240 --> 00:32:58.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In my crazy life, you know I am a full time actor and i've got a lot of people on the show that watch the show every week.

00:32:58.710 --> 00:33:10.860 Kevin Barbaro Productions: dinner my actor friends or or just actors in general, and you know, the world of casting, it is the crux of what we do, I mean you don't get cast you're not really an actor.

00:33:11.610 --> 00:33:25.080 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So I want to hear a little bit, first of all I want to hear how did you get involved with it in just it how'd you get your store and then how did that evolve into the fact that you actually own the Agency now so How did this all start out.

00:33:25.740 --> 00:33:39.900 Bella Hibbs: yeah so actually my mom started the company and I was in college and hated my job, and I wanted to quit without giving two weeks, so I did what any college student would do I called my mom work in your office, please.

00:33:40.350 --> 00:33:41.460 Bella Hibbs: Like yeah sure whatever.

00:33:42.600 --> 00:33:52.800 Bella Hibbs: And she she did not get any special treatment y'all I was doing data entry paperwork coffee runs I was like a nobody, no matter that was her daughter she did not shoot me any differently.

00:33:53.640 --> 00:34:04.140 Bella Hibbs: And we had this really big casting one day for Peter Piper pizza we don't know if it's on the east coast, but it's like a chucky cheese, you know arcade games kids and we're casting like 10 families, it was back to back.

00:34:05.100 --> 00:34:08.580 Bella Hibbs: And she needed a break, and so I was like well i've been listening to all day I can jump in.

00:34:08.940 --> 00:34:17.160 Bella Hibbs: And so, she said sure, and she just kind of watched me and observed and then after a few of the actors, I did their audition session, she said okay fine you can stay.

00:34:17.820 --> 00:34:25.350 Bella Hibbs: So it was never necessarily like my intended plan, but at the same time, I could never see I don't know what I would do if I wasn't in casting now like I.

00:34:25.350 --> 00:34:27.270 Bella Hibbs: love it so much it's so much part of my life.

00:34:27.840 --> 00:34:39.570 Bella Hibbs: My mom still cast you run their albuquerque office, but she created her own acting method and she wanted to kind of expand that more so, I took over the company, three years ago, again, she still works with me, we still.

00:34:39.600 --> 00:34:46.230 Bella Hibbs: Talk on the daily but it it's been a really exciting crazy ride, obviously with 2020 even more crazy than normal.

00:34:46.740 --> 00:34:56.400 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Oh man i'm telling you hey so uh your mom's name is hyphenated correct it's his something or.

00:34:56.430 --> 00:34:58.740 Bella Hibbs: yeah so faith hips Clark fake.

00:34:58.770 --> 00:35:02.640 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Okay, so able your mom is aging amazingly.

00:35:02.940 --> 00:35:03.720 Because.

00:35:05.460 --> 00:35:15.420 Kevin Barbaro Productions: It in a million years in a million years I would call I would have said that that was your sister, I mean she looks incredibly young so your mom right now Father time.

00:35:16.440 --> 00:35:16.770 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But.

00:35:16.890 --> 00:35:28.890 Kevin Barbaro Productions: uh so you know in this in the south way, because obviously it's a different market, you know I mean obviously you do have la, which is one of the main two markets really in in all honesty, but.

00:35:29.370 --> 00:35:46.500 Kevin Barbaro Productions: How is it, how do you feel as though it's different in a good way being in smaller media markets like Arizona and new Mexico and how do you feel like that the casting process is different than, say in La process.

00:35:47.190 --> 00:35:59.010 Bella Hibbs: will definitely from the casting process, yes, casting in a regional market is just a lot harder because we don't have as many agents managers in fact Arizona and albuquerque don't have any managers it's only talent agents and so.

00:36:00.630 --> 00:36:06.240 Bella Hibbs: clients who come from La or New York when they go, I want to see 100 people and i'm like we don't have that.

00:36:06.780 --> 00:36:21.210 Bella Hibbs: So when I when we do casting in La it's still hard work, but it's so much easier because we have backups upon backups upon backups if somebody in new Mexico who's really, really good isn't available then i'm like okay crap we only have like two other people to choose from.

00:36:22.170 --> 00:36:22.440 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So.

00:36:22.500 --> 00:36:33.960 Bella Hibbs: Your competition is a lot smaller but for talent, you still get good opportunities, and I personally like to think that you get better quality of life i'm not knocking la it's just not personally for me it's.

00:36:34.050 --> 00:36:34.410 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In.

00:36:35.160 --> 00:36:35.970 Bella Hibbs: The grind y'all.

00:36:36.390 --> 00:36:37.620 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah yeah.

00:36:38.040 --> 00:36:42.000 Bella Hibbs: I love Arizona, I feel like we have the best of both we have city life and suburbia.

00:36:42.390 --> 00:36:49.860 Bella Hibbs: So you get custer cheaper cost of living and I feel like there and granted i'm not an actor in La so I don't know all the workings, but.

00:36:50.100 --> 00:36:57.000 Bella Hibbs: I feel like our acting community is really strong they're very supportive I don't feel like it's ads cut through, and of course there's some drama but.

00:36:58.170 --> 00:36:59.370 Kevin Barbaro Productions: always know.

00:36:59.580 --> 00:37:02.880 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Where we're actors, of course, is Dr on yeah.

00:37:04.170 --> 00:37:15.300 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah you know it's interesting because I actually live I i'm fortunate to live kind of a different life than most, where I am able to be I haven't.

00:37:15.600 --> 00:37:30.870 Kevin Barbaro Productions: la agent I got New York i've got Charlotte I mean i'm covered everywhere and I own my own company, so I can just fly wherever it doesn't matter I do find like so I actually was just talking earlier, you know, I was I booked a printed up in DC.

00:37:31.200 --> 00:37:32.790 Bella Hibbs: Well, that your instagram.

00:37:33.000 --> 00:37:44.670 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah you know that that market is actually i'm guessing is similar to the markets that you're talking about, because even though it's a big city there's not if you're up in the northeast.

00:37:44.940 --> 00:37:50.760 Kevin Barbaro Productions: you're in New York, like, which is where I got my start you know and a lot of new Yorkers don't have course.

00:37:51.270 --> 00:38:04.710 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know they can't just go down and and grab a gig out of DC and I formed a nice relationship with a casting agency Taylor Royal that handles a lot of casting similar to your agency and.

00:38:05.700 --> 00:38:14.820 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I find this, though, and maybe this is the same in years you have some of the same actors, all the time kind of it, you know if we're looking for a middle aged white guy.

00:38:15.600 --> 00:38:29.100 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know there isn't a whole lot of them and so i'm guessing it's similar there where you went into some of the same people all the time, do you feel as though that helps you in helping your clients, or what do you think.

00:38:29.640 --> 00:38:38.670 Bella Hibbs: yeah no definitely we in regional markets, I feel like we get a chance to get to know talent, a little bit better just on a deeper level because there aren't as many in La it's really hard to do that because it's.

00:38:39.090 --> 00:38:50.010 Bella Hibbs: Ever evolving door so what's really nice in a regional market is we get a little bit more time to work with them in the audition if we want to redirect them and we also I feel like because of that time.

00:38:50.910 --> 00:39:00.540 Bella Hibbs: We can we kind of track their progress right so are when they're auditioning are they getting better each time are they becoming stagnant or lazy or they're just kind of doing like the go to tricks that.

00:39:00.870 --> 00:39:07.200 Bella Hibbs: kind of used to maybe work once kind of thing and so it's nice to be able to see an actor kind of evolve and.

00:39:07.230 --> 00:39:08.250 Bella Hibbs: In their career and.

00:39:08.520 --> 00:39:12.090 Bella Hibbs: Hopefully progressively get better that's what we're always looking for for casting.

00:39:12.720 --> 00:39:25.350 Bella Hibbs: yeah and and in La we can do that, to an extent, but it's just so hard because it's just so many people same thing with you, we have a New York casting right now and then we have a main casting that we pulled people from New York.

00:39:25.380 --> 00:39:26.460 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And like you said, the whole car.

00:39:26.460 --> 00:39:32.640 Bella Hibbs: thing I to me I didn't even think about that I was like I was like oh it's only a three and a half hour drive people can drive up there.

00:39:33.780 --> 00:39:34.920 Bella Hibbs: And I was like oh wait.

00:39:35.700 --> 00:39:42.510 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah it's crazy like it's different than anywhere else, I mean obviously in La everybody's got a car, you have to have a call.

00:39:42.930 --> 00:39:52.560 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But in New York, when I first moved there over a decade ago, I was literally one of the only acting people that I knew that had his own vehicle.

00:39:52.950 --> 00:40:00.480 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And not only that I have grown like a grown ass friends that don't even have a driver's license they never even driven a car before it.

00:40:00.960 --> 00:40:10.650 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So it's like in order to well back then, you know go to an audition or go to a call back and say philly or DC or baltimore they're hopping on the Amtrak.

00:40:10.980 --> 00:40:18.420 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And they're spending 80 bucks each way, and you know it's one of those things, whereas me it's just getting the cars drive you know and.

00:40:19.680 --> 00:40:30.330 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So it, it really is like a different New York being just a really different place now, in terms of the gigs that you guys are booking.

00:40:31.980 --> 00:40:39.120 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know I actually was just involved with like a Facebook group with for actors, of course, and there was some discussion about.

00:40:40.140 --> 00:40:49.050 Kevin Barbaro Productions: sag and sag eligibility and whatnot D are either of those States right to work, states and, if so, how.

00:40:50.220 --> 00:41:05.280 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Do you feel as though this plays into your sag versus non Union jobs, because a lot of people are like well you know I I i'm sag eligible I don't want to join, but I could get these gigs in certain States, how do you feel as though that works out.

00:41:05.850 --> 00:41:10.020 Bella Hibbs: yeah so Arizona is a right to work, state, so the majority of our work is non Union.

00:41:10.680 --> 00:41:24.450 Bella Hibbs: And in Arizona most talent don't join the Union unless they're ready to move to La or to New York, where there have to join to get those jobs, we still do get sad commercials are albuquerque office is all pretty much sag that's film and TV.

00:41:25.200 --> 00:41:30.090 Bella Hibbs: I think it's important to remember as soon as you go sag the competition is just the next level because.

00:41:30.120 --> 00:41:38.100 Bella Hibbs: you're competing against people who've been doing this for a lot longer they've already been booking they've got better reels that are coaching and so people like.

00:41:38.610 --> 00:41:47.310 Bella Hibbs: To make that jump like i'm i'd say do non Union work as long as you can get the experience get the reels and then, when you're ready to you know kind of up level just.

00:41:47.580 --> 00:41:53.670 Bella Hibbs: don't join too soon i'm very supportive of the Union, but I see too many people join just getting background work there, like.

00:41:54.150 --> 00:41:59.880 Bella Hibbs: An extra three times i'm going to join the Union i'm like that is, to me, I don't think that's the best approach.

00:42:00.540 --> 00:42:03.570 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But honestly I think that's the worst idea, you know.

00:42:05.670 --> 00:42:14.610 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I I have you know acting friends and and they're like yeah man you're on Well, first of all, I made the decision, thankfully, in my world.

00:42:14.940 --> 00:42:28.110 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I made the decision I refuse to do background work I you know I in my head and listen there's a need for it, and you know God bless the people that do background work but they're like saints to me i'd rather sling them on but.

00:42:29.220 --> 00:42:39.420 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I just made the decision hey man if i'm not good enough to be a principal actor than what am I even doing, I mean I don't want to just be this guy in the background.

00:42:39.960 --> 00:42:50.610 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And then I, I have a lot of friends in the city that you know they work their butt off doing these background things that just to get these vouchers, and then, and then they join right away and i'm like dude what are you doing.

00:42:51.240 --> 00:42:59.190 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Like you're not you're not you're not booking roles these to me you're not booking an extra rule you're just getting hired.

00:42:59.550 --> 00:42:59.760 yeah.

00:43:01.380 --> 00:43:14.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah that's it, you know and then now you're going to stick yourself with now granted, yes, you do make more money and but you're not making that much more money, I mean I it's like an extra what 25 bucks for the day.

00:43:16.350 --> 00:43:19.290 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Unless it's a weekend you get your.

00:43:20.670 --> 00:43:28.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Three 366 $366 and 62 cents, you know because it happens to be on a Saturday, but like you know what it doesn't make any sense and I.

00:43:28.560 --> 00:43:43.320 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I think that's a huge mistake that people make is just jumping because there is a lot of non Union work and listen, as you know, a lot of really good paying well paid non Union work out there and so i'm with you, if.

00:43:43.950 --> 00:43:50.790 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You think it's a bad idea I think it's The worst thing but anyway, we got to go to our first commercial break for our last commercial break first with you and I.

00:43:51.120 --> 00:44:05.010 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And when we come back, I want to talk about maybe some advice and let's talk about some of the big mistakes that you see people making all the time and we'll just go over that when I get back i'm Kevin barbro you're listening to coffee talk to excel on talk radio dot nyc.

00:46:34.170 --> 00:46:45.090 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Welcome back everybody to coffee talk XL i'm Kevin Barbara you're listening on talk radio dot nyc and make sure you download the podcast on apple or spotify or wherever the heck you get them.

00:46:45.480 --> 00:46:58.110 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And right now i've got my special guest, for the last segment here Bella hips out of good faith casting out in scottsdale Arizona and La and albuquerque with our young look at mom yeah.

00:46:59.490 --> 00:47:04.950 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So we're talking about you know i'm casting and, as I mentioned, I you know.

00:47:06.570 --> 00:47:19.230 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I know I mean I in my work in my life and the last 10 years i've probably done no exaggeration i'm guessing 3000 audition i've been I literally just audition after audition.

00:47:20.040 --> 00:47:38.310 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And now back in the day, these all happened in person, every one of them happened person now for the last because of code, the last year and a half, every one of these has happened, virtually so or or self tape and so.

00:47:39.450 --> 00:47:45.360 Kevin Barbaro Productions: let's talk a little bit because I actually I saw an article that you had either written or you were a part of.

00:47:45.810 --> 00:47:52.500 Kevin Barbaro Productions: From 2018 where you thought you said that we you know we were doing a lot of some self tapes and you felt as though everything was going to be.

00:47:53.070 --> 00:48:07.560 Kevin Barbaro Productions: in person, but of course that's before covert hit now all the sudden we weren't meeting in person, do you think how do you think that that is affected our industry moving forward, do you think that this is kind of permanent now, or what do you, what are your thoughts.

00:48:07.950 --> 00:48:13.860 Bella Hibbs: yeah no I definitely think it is permanent and I know a lot of actors don't want to hear that they were like Oh, I want to get back in the room.

00:48:14.490 --> 00:48:23.370 Bella Hibbs: The thing is, we have been able to a actors have been able to show clients and directors like hey you know i'm not going to be like in a hoarders house taping like i'm going to have a clear wall.

00:48:23.520 --> 00:48:25.740 Bella Hibbs: Some decent lighting so actors you all have.

00:48:25.770 --> 00:48:26.760 Bella Hibbs: Totally stepped up.

00:48:27.240 --> 00:48:34.290 Bella Hibbs: We can do our jobs more efficiently, we can see more people there's also as a positive thing for actors, because you can submit to more locations right.

00:48:34.440 --> 00:48:41.790 Bella Hibbs: So before, especially at our albuquerque Office like if you were not in the room for the audition for the callback you just were not considered.

00:48:42.450 --> 00:48:47.730 Bella Hibbs: Even if you are available, you know for the shoot, we had a lot of clients who are just like I don't know I don't really like self tapes like.

00:48:48.270 --> 00:48:54.840 Bella Hibbs: But now we've shown clients we've shown directors like hey, this is the wave of the future, our industry has always evolve, you know.

00:48:55.290 --> 00:49:05.040 Bella Hibbs: When my mom for started casting they were on three quarter inch tapes and they would have to literally get a carrier and like run it out to the tarmac to ship it out to La man yeah right.

00:49:05.730 --> 00:49:14.430 Bella Hibbs: Then vhs tapes CDs now, when we even before we went virtual there was no tape in the camera everything was recorded.

00:49:14.790 --> 00:49:23.700 Bella Hibbs: To the Internet and uploaded to a link for clients, so I think it's important for actors, because I know they feel like oh if i'm in the room, I can show my personality and show my character.

00:49:24.120 --> 00:49:32.400 Bella Hibbs: And while yes, that is true, at the end of the day, if you cannot pop on screen and bring that charismatic or whatever it is to the character to the role.

00:49:32.640 --> 00:49:41.910 Bella Hibbs: It doesn't matter how likable you are in person, because on screen, is how we are viewing you and that's how directors, have always viewed them, especially you might have come into the Office for the prelims.

00:49:42.150 --> 00:49:46.380 Bella Hibbs: But we were always sending a link to the director, they were always watching a screen and so.

00:49:46.890 --> 00:49:55.500 Bella Hibbs: definitely think it's going to stay virtual I do think callbacks will probably go back in person, especially if they need to do a chemistry read right they need to see you play off another actor.

00:49:55.740 --> 00:50:02.580 Bella Hibbs: But come on like this one liner roles, like the taxi cab the receptionist we can just book off a tape we don't I mean I don't think.

00:50:02.670 --> 00:50:03.660 Bella Hibbs: it's not that aren't as one line.

00:50:04.350 --> 00:50:14.160 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah yeah I actually personally I I I embraced the the the process of being able to take it home because first of all.

00:50:15.330 --> 00:50:25.530 Kevin Barbaro Productions: When you're in the room, and you know, a big goal of mine, always be prepared right so be prepared with the content you're going through prepare for anything to happen also.

00:50:26.070 --> 00:50:38.640 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But now you you you're able to control your environment you're in your living room you're in your bedroom wherever it is and and there's no need to be nervous or or anything, and I feel as though.

00:50:39.600 --> 00:50:52.440 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That you have more opportunities to show yourself, you know in by the self taping The other thing too, I think, personally, well, I don't know if it's the same for everybody, this is the way it is for me right, so I actually.

00:50:52.980 --> 00:51:06.450 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I feel like maybe this is everybody maybe I maybe i'm just making this crap up but I actually feel as though i'm better looking on camera than I am in real life, I I got to the point where I was just want to take a selfie with me.

00:51:07.830 --> 00:51:10.560 Kevin Barbaro Productions: bring it out by the Tower with bread prejudice.

00:51:11.670 --> 00:51:25.740 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Because the reality is they want to see what are you going to look like real life is three dimensional four dimensional this is two dimensional right or one dimension, and do you feel that that's the case that they want to see what do you look like a camera.

00:51:26.610 --> 00:51:29.760 Bella Hibbs: hundred percent even when we were doing in person callbacks.

00:51:30.060 --> 00:51:31.770 Bella Hibbs: So after we were done with everyone.

00:51:31.980 --> 00:51:43.080 Bella Hibbs: We will have a monitor and we would play the tapes back, and we would re watch them on screen, because in the room, there were kind of competing for attention to I look at the actor do I look at the monitor so afterwards, we would watch the session again.

00:51:43.320 --> 00:51:54.840 Bella Hibbs: Only on the monitor and so you're right, that is how you're being viewed and again if you are the most you know larger than life personality, but you can't bring that to the screen, then you get some training it.

00:51:55.200 --> 00:52:05.790 Bella Hibbs: doesn't matter how charismatic you are i'd also say it even improves and only two actors get more opportunities in other markets, but you know it's summer, people are traveling you know, things are opening back up.

00:52:06.240 --> 00:52:08.520 Bella Hibbs: i'm personally going on vacation next month i'm so excited.

00:52:09.510 --> 00:52:17.670 Bella Hibbs: But now you can take you know a little ring light with you, you can take a tripod book a hotel that just has a grey wall, and you can still yep exactly.

00:52:18.000 --> 00:52:27.120 Bella Hibbs: You can still be considered for a job, even though you're not physically in that location and I will say and problems i'm sure for the New York actors as well, but in La.

00:52:27.300 --> 00:52:32.130 Bella Hibbs: Our actors love it because you know they would have to stress out about traveling across town.

00:52:32.430 --> 00:52:41.670 Bella Hibbs: Finding parking park five blocks away come in sweaty and then they don't get a chance to warm up you maybe get one or two takes maybe three days Max.

00:52:42.030 --> 00:52:49.350 Bella Hibbs: Whereas when you're at home, you get that kind of first take out you rework it you watch it back you never got to watch your tapes back you know, and I think that's.

00:52:50.040 --> 00:52:57.900 Bella Hibbs: It if you want to see the negatives you'll find the negatives, but I think there are so many overwhelmingly positive things from this personally and selfishly.

00:52:59.610 --> 00:53:04.230 Bella Hibbs: we've been able to expand our office you know we're doing jobs in Texas in New York in maine.

00:53:04.500 --> 00:53:16.620 Bella Hibbs: Georgia and it, you know actors can be virtual casting can be a virtual, so I think again, we have to think of it as the evolution of the industry we're no longer on vhs tapes we are now virtual and I personally do you think that's fair to say.

00:53:17.280 --> 00:53:20.130 Kevin Barbaro Productions: that's awesome and what would you say.

00:53:21.660 --> 00:53:38.490 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Are some of the bigger mistakes that you that you see, I one thing correct me if i'm wrong, obviously, but one thing that i've seen as an actor, so you know you go into combat when it was live casting I can't tell you how many Dudes.

00:53:39.600 --> 00:53:49.860 Kevin Barbaro Productions: My age that I would see they're sitting there and they got their head shot right and i'm looking at the headshot and i'm looking at the dude and i'm like a when was that taken.

00:53:50.760 --> 00:53:51.390 Bella Hibbs: Who is that.

00:53:52.680 --> 00:54:00.510 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Who is that guy yeah but what would you say, are some of the biggest mistakes that people make mistakes that they can learn from.

00:54:01.230 --> 00:54:11.880 Bella Hibbs: yeah I definitely you know, last year we were forgiving we were on lockdown so people couldn't go update headshots but now the expectation is to go, you need to look like your photo That is our first interaction with you.

00:54:12.780 --> 00:54:16.860 Bella Hibbs: And you might not get called in just because I like I don't know who this person is.

00:54:17.310 --> 00:54:25.650 Bella Hibbs: Or if i've seen the same headshot for like 10 years i'm like there's no way like and if you still look the same tell me what moisturizer you're using.

00:54:27.450 --> 00:54:28.800 Bella Hibbs: um but then the.

00:54:29.070 --> 00:54:30.120 Bella Hibbs: color yeah.

00:54:31.590 --> 00:54:35.610 Bella Hibbs: So beyond the headshot though I think it's really just simple things taking it this as a business.

00:54:36.150 --> 00:54:42.270 Bella Hibbs: In Arizona because we're right to work, state we don't get a ton of film and television i'm constantly battling with people taking this as a hobby.

00:54:42.510 --> 00:54:50.220 Bella Hibbs: Oh, like I just like to be able to stay in with an agent or I did a local commercial and that's fine, but at the same time, this is my business I do this every day.

00:54:50.820 --> 00:54:59.520 Bella Hibbs: holidays right, and so we need to take it seriously so prepping for your audition you know what are you know reading those self tape instructions read them again and again and again.

00:55:00.330 --> 00:55:07.590 Bella Hibbs: And then practicing being memorized and it's not about just the words the words at the end of the day, a they rewrite that stuff.

00:55:07.620 --> 00:55:09.000 Kevin Barbaro Productions: All the time on film and TV.

00:55:09.030 --> 00:55:10.800 Bella Hibbs: I get a new script every other day it's ridiculous.

00:55:11.730 --> 00:55:19.650 Bella Hibbs: But remember the words are what everybody else auditioning for that roller singing so the words don't mean a lot in about 10 people and it gets really boring when I just have talking heads so.

00:55:19.860 --> 00:55:25.380 Bella Hibbs: to remember to bring your whole body, have a sense of physicality no don't be like flailing around like a crazy person.

00:55:25.530 --> 00:55:32.190 Bella Hibbs: It needs to be natural believable but I need to see something if you're just standing there saying lines like that more than.

00:55:32.220 --> 00:55:33.930 Bella Hibbs: That it doesn't make me want to keep watching.

00:55:34.380 --> 00:55:36.210 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah no, I think that.

00:55:37.500 --> 00:55:43.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: One big piece of advice that I give my my friends that are acting, particularly the ones that aren't booking lot.

00:55:43.740 --> 00:55:50.760 Kevin Barbaro Productions: dude you got to work on the craft, you have to you know this isn't something you can just have one foot in one foot out.

00:55:51.240 --> 00:55:55.440 Kevin Barbaro Productions: you're either all in on making this happen or you're not and if you're not hitting in.

00:55:55.890 --> 00:56:03.600 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That we deal, you know I mean just to find something else to do is you know don't really do this when it comes up, but if you want to be serious about it don't just see.

00:56:03.900 --> 00:56:10.830 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Serious I mean you got to do all the things that that it takes to be serious, so we gotta go because we're running out of time, but.

00:56:11.400 --> 00:56:27.450 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Thank you so much for coming on for those people, this is how I saw you The first time was your one of your videos showed up on my feet and I love them, I mean they're so great they're quirky and but but they're they're full of information in like 30 seconds so.

00:56:28.500 --> 00:56:41.370 Kevin Barbaro Productions: If you're watching the show or you're listening on the podcast you need to go to instagram may need to follow good faith casting because you get a lot of great information and your castings are always posted Am I right on on for the most part on Facebook.

00:56:42.060 --> 00:56:47.340 Bella Hibbs: yeah so i'll put on instagram or Facebook saying hey just released a new casting on actors access go check it out.

00:56:48.360 --> 00:56:57.900 Kevin Barbaro Productions: awesome well Bella Bella hibs Thank you so much for being on coffee talk and maybe i'll have you back again in the future we'll talk about the new New York or Washington DC.

00:56:59.400 --> 00:57:00.900 Bella Hibbs: I like it yeah.

00:57:01.230 --> 00:57:02.010 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Thank you so much.

00:57:02.070 --> 00:57:14.370 Kevin Barbaro Productions: awesome job and i'll talk to you again soon listen everybody thanks again for tuning in live here on coffee talk xm on talk radio dot nyc will be back next Tuesday 8pm live and we'll see you there thanks a lot.

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