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Thursday, July 15, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/15 - Cannabis & Parenting

Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/15 - Cannabis & Parenting


2021/07/15 - Cannabis & Parenting

[NEW EPISODE] Cannabis & Parenting

As our special guest says in her book, evidence of a cultural shift from the "wine mom" to the "weed mom" is everywhere. And why wouldn't it?

These days, with a little education on the subject, it's easy to calibrate your dose and tailor your experience. You'll even find a segment on Good Morning America called "Weed Moms are the New Wine Moms." Cannabis is becoming a normal everyday part of contemporary family life. It's finally happening.

Will consuming Cannabis hinder your ability to function as a parent? Will you be stigmatized by peers and family? Will your kids experiment with pot earlier if they know their mom is a consumer?

Visiting Planet Pakalolo this week is Danielle Simone Brand, Author of Weed Mom: The Canna-Curious Woman's Guide to Healthier Relaxation, Happier Parenting, and Chilling TF Out.

Danielle shares our mission of providing a less taboo view on the world of Cannabis by crushing stigmas about Cannabis and parenting, advocating for personal use, and elevating the conversation for greater awareness.

Tune in for this crazy conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Jonny talks with Danielle Simone Brand about the use of cannabis in parenting, specifically Moms. They begin by talking about the merging of Curaleaf with Mom groups, and the shift to market cannabis towards mothers, and de-stigmatizing marijuana in the public conversation. Danielle talks about her motivations in writing her book, and her desire to give advice she wished she had when starting cannabis use while parenting.

Segment 2

Danielle talks more about her book, explaining the difference between writing a book with a taboo around it, and writing a book that was more well received.She mentions having to be very sure that her information is correct when writing about taboo subjects so that she doesn’t accidentally share the wrong information. She mentions how Cannabis helps her write creatively, and put things together for her book, while she usually writes sober.

Segment 3

Danielle reads an excerpt from Chapter 1 of her book. She talks about intentionality, her intentions with cannabis, and how transformational her experience with cannabis has been. She begins her book with a memoir about her own life, and her husband’s experience in overusing cannabis, to try to help people ease themselves into cannabis use, and relate to her better as someone who once was hesitant to use it herself.

Segment 4

Danielle and Jonny talk about the message that Danielle’s book is meant to show the reader. The meaning of the book is that being a good mom is something that is possible while still using cannabis. She shares Jonny’s goal in providing a less taboo view of the cannabis industry, and talks highly of Canna-moms she’s met and has interviewed on the internet. She also goes into how to talk to your kids about cannabis use, and normalising it for them.


00:00:39.060 --> 00:00:51.630 Jonny Tsunami: Hello and good evening everyone i'm Johnny tsunami, and this is planted pato low low less taboo view and for those of you who don't know taco low low is hawaiian slang for crazy tobacco.

00:00:52.050 --> 00:01:03.870 Jonny Tsunami: But this show is about removing the stigma of the stereotypes and taboos connected to the cannabis plant by exploring and talking to amazing people this week, as our special guest says in her book.

00:01:04.380 --> 00:01:12.690 Jonny Tsunami: Evidence of a cultural shift from the wine mom to the wheat bomb is everywhere, and why wouldn't it, these days, with a little education on the subject.

00:01:12.990 --> 00:01:34.860 Jonny Tsunami: it's easier to collaborate your dose and tailor your experience visiting planet pocket low low this week is Danielle Simone grand author of weed ma the kind of curious woman's guide to help the relaxation happier parenting and chilling tf ouch Danielle welcome to the show.

00:01:35.820 --> 00:01:38.430 Danielle Simone Brand: hey Thank you so much, Daniel great being here.

00:01:39.780 --> 00:01:54.990 Jonny Tsunami: It is my pleasure to have you here denon in in in in in in in in in in, and then we moms and dads so Daniel tell us a little bit about yourself before we get into the the questioning the Q amp a.

00:01:55.800 --> 00:02:08.790 Danielle Simone Brand: yeah all right, and I am a mom of two I was a yoga teacher, for a long time, I went to graduate school for international peace and conflict resolution and then sort of changed my mind and say, I want to teach yoga and.

00:02:09.570 --> 00:02:18.060 Danielle Simone Brand: You know, do all that on Capitol Hill in DC which was pretty fun and then I became a writer those little bit later after that, as a freelancer.

00:02:18.360 --> 00:02:26.220 Danielle Simone Brand: Doing journalism writing essays and after a few years of that I released on myself concentrating on the cannabis space in the parenting space.

00:02:26.580 --> 00:02:32.970 Danielle Simone Brand: and wants to while I put those two together i'd be asked to write about how to talk to kids, for instance about cannabis and.

00:02:33.330 --> 00:02:49.050 Danielle Simone Brand: that's really where the book came from, so this book is you know it's published last year with Ulysses press and it's a guide for the animals out there and mechanics curious moms maybe aren't lead moms yet and yeah really excited to be here.

00:02:49.590 --> 00:03:00.570 Jonny Tsunami: awesome, thank you for having us so we always like to talk about some current events before we get into all the nitty gritty so one thing that we had talked before the show started was purely.

00:03:01.620 --> 00:03:11.430 Jonny Tsunami: merging up with scary mom and you brought that to my attention, I found it very interesting, so what what's your take on this kind of merger cure leaf and mom.

00:03:12.270 --> 00:03:19.680 Danielle Simone Brand: Well, I think it's a Co branded partnerships, and I think that it makes so much sense, because you know scary mommy is this like.

00:03:20.070 --> 00:03:26.040 Danielle Simone Brand: You know kind of hip edgy mom brand right talking to the millennial mom I would say.

00:03:26.490 --> 00:03:34.350 Danielle Simone Brand: And then clearly as we know, is a multi state operator, with over 100 dispensary's all around the country major player.

00:03:34.680 --> 00:03:40.860 Danielle Simone Brand: And these two brands, you know, together, have a tremendous audience and it makes a lot of sense that they would come together.

00:03:41.130 --> 00:03:51.600 Danielle Simone Brand: I think that you know, this is the moment for moms and you know women generally but moms, in particular, to step into the cannabis space, and I think that these these two.

00:03:51.900 --> 00:03:57.450 Danielle Simone Brand: corporations are smart to realize that to recognize that and to join up with one another to kind of like.

00:03:57.960 --> 00:04:13.890 Danielle Simone Brand: guide that conversation I think that there are there's room for lots of other conversations they're not going to be the only ones doing this, but you know, focusing on education, focusing on D stigmatization of the subject of cannabis and moms In particular, I think this is the moment.

00:04:14.910 --> 00:04:19.440 Jonny Tsunami: huh, what do you think they're scary mommy compares to the traditional mommy.

00:04:21.300 --> 00:04:27.780 Danielle Simone Brand: Well, I think they're scary mommy brand is like we're fine we're edgy we're have you know we're not like.

00:04:28.710 --> 00:04:41.280 Danielle Simone Brand: hung up on traditional norms that kind of thing they're very like open and inclusive and progressive and all that stuff and honestly they've been they've been putting out some canvas content, I would say trickling out canvas content for the last couple of years.

00:04:42.510 --> 00:04:44.910 Danielle Simone Brand: And i've written to them actually I wrote for them about.

00:04:45.540 --> 00:04:55.710 Danielle Simone Brand: Being a mom who loves cannabis and and mentioned my book in there, too, but this is just a big step this is like taking it to that next level of saying like okay we're going to house all this.

00:04:55.950 --> 00:05:11.610 Danielle Simone Brand: Cannabis education content on our site that's sponsored by Q relief and that really you know embraces cannabis for moms right now so yeah I think that's interesting and it's geared like I said to the millennial mom so you know a little younger of them when he was not that young anymore.

00:05:15.090 --> 00:05:21.210 Danielle Simone Brand: i'm similar on that edge between gen X and millennials but you know it's yeah it's an interesting it's an interesting space.

00:05:21.810 --> 00:05:29.970 Jonny Tsunami: So do you think clearly merging is more of a help or hurt you know when we think corporate buyouts and things of this nature or a little bit of both.

00:05:30.960 --> 00:05:38.460 Danielle Simone Brand: Well it's I don't think it's a bad I think it's just the just like their co branded you know stuff they're putting out content together, I think it helps.

00:05:39.240 --> 00:05:49.140 Danielle Simone Brand: You know let's let's see where they take it let's see you know, obviously, what kind of education they put out, but so far, what i've seen has been pretty solid and.

00:05:49.680 --> 00:05:56.190 Danielle Simone Brand: You know, really going along way like I said to her D stigmatizing and that's what we need right now we need this normalization.

00:05:56.520 --> 00:06:02.310 Danielle Simone Brand: Of canvas for moms we need that as part of the mainstream conversation, so I think that's really, really important.

00:06:02.550 --> 00:06:09.540 Danielle Simone Brand: You know whether their readers scary mommy readers will then go just securely products, I don't think that's really the case, I think that.

00:06:09.900 --> 00:06:22.260 Danielle Simone Brand: This will be an educational platform and it'll draw people to clearly for sure, but I don't think it'll open up the conversation for just you know more possibilities more moms consuming whether or not they're using clearly products.

00:06:23.370 --> 00:06:33.870 Jonny Tsunami: i'm wondering if there's any moms out there that were cannabis moms before they were bombs and then became moms and put candidates by the wayside.

00:06:35.820 --> 00:06:45.570 Danielle Simone Brand: For sure, so in my book, I interviewed a lot of moms a lot of candidates out there and I heard just the whole gamut of stories I heard stories like.

00:06:45.960 --> 00:06:51.660 Danielle Simone Brand: I used to I used to enjoy cannabis I stopped and I became a professional or a separate I became a mom or whatever.

00:06:51.990 --> 00:07:08.100 Danielle Simone Brand: i've also heard plenty of you know hey I discovered cannabis in my late 30s just like me I didn't discover cannabis until you know, five, six years ago truly as a means for wellness and for you know my own self care.

00:07:09.240 --> 00:07:15.270 Danielle Simone Brand: You know I had to I tried canvas I definitely been exposed before but it wasn't my thing it wasn't my go to I didn't get it.

00:07:15.540 --> 00:07:23.730 Danielle Simone Brand: And I think that the legal marketplace does help a lot of women along and a lot of moms the one one because you know you don't want to get arrested if you're a parent.

00:07:25.890 --> 00:07:37.110 Danielle Simone Brand: And you because the education that's available the cannabis science that's available to us now lets us choose products so much more carefully and mindfully knowing what we're consuming think it's so important.

00:07:38.010 --> 00:07:43.770 Jonny Tsunami: that's a less taboo view, I think it helps all of us when we have all of these little demographics.

00:07:44.280 --> 00:07:59.190 Jonny Tsunami: of work niches or groups of people that come out into the open and say it's okay it's it's a way for me to heal and then from there um the stigma gets removed little bitty little layer by layer you know what I mean.

00:08:00.000 --> 00:08:03.780 Danielle Simone Brand: yep I think that's true I think we're deep in that process right now.

00:08:04.440 --> 00:08:13.170 Danielle Simone Brand: Of that normalization that D stigmatization there's a long way to go, though I mean i'm an optimist I tend to see things you know from the bright side but.

00:08:13.500 --> 00:08:23.490 Danielle Simone Brand: Absolutely there's still a long way to go, if you if you're in the cattlemen Community you think kind of this is normalized but if you're in the mainstream it's not really the case yet.

00:08:24.510 --> 00:08:36.120 Jonny Tsunami: Correct I would I would totally I would totally agree with you well you know what let's let's dive a little bit into the book just for just for a little bit because we have just we have some time here so.

00:08:37.140 --> 00:08:41.130 Jonny Tsunami: When you're thinking about the book, Canada or we'd say my apologies.

00:08:42.810 --> 00:08:48.090 Jonny Tsunami: Who or what was your approach when writing this book that's really the first step.

00:08:49.740 --> 00:09:02.400 Danielle Simone Brand: Well, I wanted, I wanted to write the guide that I needed basically when I found cannabis several years ago and I had all these misconceptions and stereotypes and just basic lack of education about it.

00:09:03.510 --> 00:09:09.570 Danielle Simone Brand: And so I had to kind of go through that process trial and error figure out what works for me, which, of course, everyone has to do, but.

00:09:09.780 --> 00:09:18.990 Danielle Simone Brand: You know, I was doing it a little bit blindly, even though I was reading a lot on the web and I was talking to people that I knew there was still a lot of gaps and that he knew in that information.

00:09:19.290 --> 00:09:29.670 Danielle Simone Brand: So I wrote this guide because I wanted people to be able, what did moms out there to be able to to get the information they needed to comfortably confidently.

00:09:30.360 --> 00:09:33.960 Danielle Simone Brand: experiment with candidates for their own well being you know whether that's like.

00:09:34.800 --> 00:09:43.380 Danielle Simone Brand: Whether they're treating something treating some kind of you know element or symptom or whether it's for pure fun or somewhere in the middle of this wellness space that I think a lot of people are consuming in.

00:09:43.830 --> 00:10:00.660 Danielle Simone Brand: And factor so so basically, I called a lot of research that already done freelancing as a canvas writer, and I did a lot more interviews, including with Canada moms from all over the place, and then lots of canvas experts and scientists and doctors and nurses and policy folks.

00:10:02.010 --> 00:10:11.850 Danielle Simone Brand: And yeah I drew all that together in a really careful way because it's a subject that's that's still taboo, and so a little bit hard for people to wrap their minds around.

00:10:13.620 --> 00:10:22.650 Jonny Tsunami: When, and you know what actually to go back on something you said before you only picked up cannabis about five years ago I think so someone like me.

00:10:23.820 --> 00:10:24.960 Jonny Tsunami: You might want to put a.

00:10:26.700 --> 00:10:39.300 Jonny Tsunami: Maybe a two in front of that five or something like that, but you know it it's interesting though that you would think there's a threshold, where people are like well i've reached a certain age and.

00:10:40.470 --> 00:10:46.530 Jonny Tsunami: Why would I do that, but then the ideology there's well you've reached a certain age, why would you take a pharmaceutical grade drug.

00:10:47.820 --> 00:10:55.350 Jonny Tsunami: Right so How does that happen, where and and maybe you can answer to this, how does that happen, where all of a sudden okay.

00:10:56.430 --> 00:11:10.110 Jonny Tsunami: Is it the stigmas that have been removed, is it that we're more open about it that may be somebody who's in their 30s or 40s who might be trying cannabis, for the first time, you know, are they trying it because, maybe it's more acceptable now.

00:11:11.160 --> 00:11:18.420 Jonny Tsunami: Or is it, I think it might be almost scary for somebody who's in their 30s or 40s I don't know tell me because I started from a pretty young age.

00:11:20.700 --> 00:11:23.910 Danielle Simone Brand: Both of those things are kind of true in their own way, I think that.

00:11:24.420 --> 00:11:35.130 Danielle Simone Brand: The legal status just increasing you know legal access has opened up the row, you know opened up this puppy's possibilities from for moms in particular who.

00:11:35.460 --> 00:11:42.930 Danielle Simone Brand: Probably you know some of some kind of moms are oh geez and will seek it out, wherever they are, but a lot of moms I think.

00:11:43.770 --> 00:12:00.300 Danielle Simone Brand: they're just more cautious or more safety oriented, and maybe just isn't really in there, you know wheelhouse around possibilities until it becomes legal and they feel like Okay, you know those those risks are taken away, or at least some of those risks are taken away.

00:12:01.440 --> 00:12:09.870 Danielle Simone Brand: So I think that you know legal status makes a huge difference and also they're going to say about that, I think that.

00:12:11.490 --> 00:12:12.360 Danielle Simone Brand: I lost my train of thought.

00:12:15.030 --> 00:12:20.250 Danielle Simone Brand: Oh yeah you're asking about you know why, if people know 30s and 40s would be willing to think that.

00:12:20.970 --> 00:12:32.760 Danielle Simone Brand: I think that there's also this there is a fear like you were talking about like you're alluding to is a fear of like wow that's a whole world that I don't know anything about walking into a dispensary is pretty overwhelming if you don't know anything about we'd.

00:12:33.900 --> 00:12:41.820 Danielle Simone Brand: Like thousands of products here right, so I just think that there's plenty of things to be playing factors there.

00:12:42.750 --> 00:12:51.870 Jonny Tsunami: And it's funny It makes me think of an antidote anecdote with my friends who they don't want to smoke, because they don't want the smell they don't want the kids to know.

00:12:52.740 --> 00:13:05.400 Jonny Tsunami: So they take an edible, which is actually a nerd rope Okay, and you know, obviously, as a kid you're looking at a rope like a BAT looks like candy and right and so.

00:13:06.240 --> 00:13:16.650 Jonny Tsunami: I guess, one day, the nerd ropes Rao and they were eating and they made a joke about nerd ropes because they were giggling because they were a little stoned or whatever the end of the day, they're relaxing they're being parents and enjoying themselves.

00:13:17.400 --> 00:13:25.200 Jonny Tsunami: And the kids were like what's the most nerve roots and they were like that's like beer beer and i'm like.

00:13:26.340 --> 00:13:42.090 Jonny Tsunami: And that's the way that they circumnavigated around the conversation so that's also a thing as parents, where we have to like tread on that fine line of how delete converse with our children about these kinds of things right, without.

00:13:43.020 --> 00:13:51.960 Jonny Tsunami: An issue, so I think in your situation i'm sure you've had scenarios where you've probably had to explain it right.

00:13:52.680 --> 00:14:04.620 Danielle Simone Brand: Oh absolutely and I have a whole chapter in the book about talking to kids and we can get into that little later if you want because it's it's a it's a very important conversation I think that parents have an opportunity to change the narrative we do it right.

00:14:05.490 --> 00:14:12.450 Jonny Tsunami: um are you telling me there's going to be storytime then i'm getting my pillow my blanket and i'm getting ready to go.

00:14:13.830 --> 00:14:27.270 Jonny Tsunami: So we're going to take a little break we're here with Danielle lead mom author weed mom yogi inspiration to all the moms out there planet pato low low talk radio nyc we'll be right back after these messages.

00:16:43.080 --> 00:16:58.410 Jonny Tsunami: Alright guys we're back i'm Johnny tsunami, this is planet pocket low low i'm here with Danielle Simone brand author of weed mom who, by the way, happens to be from Hawaii so she has an appreciation for the low low Danielle welcome back, thank you.

00:16:59.130 --> 00:17:05.190 Danielle Simone Brand: Thanks so much you know I wish I had been cooler as a kid and actually been in the cannabis world but.

00:17:06.570 --> 00:17:07.620 Danielle Simone Brand: I wasn't really.

00:17:08.880 --> 00:17:13.440 Jonny Tsunami: Well, I you know that's it's it's so funny that you say that because.

00:17:14.700 --> 00:17:15.540 Jonny Tsunami: I wasn't cool.

00:17:16.560 --> 00:17:27.930 Jonny Tsunami: When I was doing it, I was just a kid it was like this is probably something that's better for me I didn't know that you don't even my friends were on add medicine and I didn't pick that so it worked.

00:17:28.650 --> 00:17:29.820 Danielle Simone Brand: And then, it helps.

00:17:29.970 --> 00:17:46.020 Jonny Tsunami: But I wouldn't say I was cool but it's to me it's beyond cool because I don't know is a CPA cool probably not but i'm pretty sure if he uses some form or she to unload after a day of mental stress.

00:17:47.430 --> 00:17:52.830 Jonny Tsunami: yeah they might smoke about or Whatever the case may be, so Danielle back.

00:17:53.730 --> 00:18:06.300 Jonny Tsunami: And we're talking about read mom and how you came to writing lead mom We talked a little bit about what your approach was, but now I want to know how does the method of writing something seen as taboo compared to writing a traditional book.

00:18:07.470 --> 00:18:22.920 Danielle Simone Brand: yeah well, I think that for me to put out a book about you know, basically, promoting advocating cannabis use for moms I wanted to be damn sure that my research was good, I wanted to make sure that when I cite science I.

00:18:23.310 --> 00:18:36.120 Danielle Simone Brand: Did the homework and was fair, so you know I don't make claims that cannabis will do things for you, because i'm not a doctor i'm not a you know i'm not a cannabis health professional.

00:18:37.110 --> 00:18:46.530 Danielle Simone Brand: So a lot of things like may and could and lights, you know I needed to be sure that I was clear in my language, and that I backed it up with with actual science.

00:18:46.770 --> 00:19:02.370 Danielle Simone Brand: I interviewed a lot of nurses and doctors cannabis, you know friendly nurses and doctors to really you know dig down into some of the things because you know talking about stuff like pregnancy and breastfeeding, that is something that I wanted just to be very solid and my research on.

00:19:03.030 --> 00:19:06.930 Jonny Tsunami: Was breastfeeding, so what we get out of that what are we going.

00:19:08.310 --> 00:19:11.880 Danielle Simone Brand: Well, you know, so I had to take a pretty conservative.

00:19:12.990 --> 00:19:23.010 Danielle Simone Brand: Take on it, I would say in the book basically by saying that look, we know that cannabinoids do pass through the breast milk, we don't know if there is.

00:19:23.400 --> 00:19:32.610 Danielle Simone Brand: negative effect on on children we don't think that there is at least from lots and lots of observational studies or you know observational and anecdotal evidence.

00:19:32.910 --> 00:19:37.620 Danielle Simone Brand: But we don't have really solid research yet to say one way or the other, so it's one of those like.

00:19:38.460 --> 00:19:44.520 Danielle Simone Brand: You know, talk to your doctor talk to your nurse talk to a cannabis knowledgeable professional and then make your own best decision.

00:19:44.760 --> 00:19:50.580 Danielle Simone Brand: For instance, there are women who are medicating with cannabis when they're pregnant and when they're breastfeeding.

00:19:50.790 --> 00:19:59.730 Danielle Simone Brand: Because otherwise they'd be on 10 pharmaceuticals and in that case hell yeah I can have a seems to make a lot of sense right we don't know the effects of those pharmaceuticals on a baby either.

00:20:01.260 --> 00:20:01.950 Danielle Simone Brand: Right.

00:20:02.100 --> 00:20:02.430 well.

00:20:03.450 --> 00:20:04.500 Jonny Tsunami: i'm sure they're there, though.

00:20:05.010 --> 00:20:07.350 Danielle Simone Brand: yeah oh i'm sure they're there i'm sure they're there.

00:20:08.160 --> 00:20:19.770 Danielle Simone Brand: You know and it's so, and this is a plant, and this is something that people that women have been using for probably thousands of years in some way or another to relieve some of the discomfort around childbearing so you know I.

00:20:20.100 --> 00:20:36.240 Danielle Simone Brand: wanted to honor that history, what else is saying okay science doesn't really know we only have observational studies we can't do clinical research per se on cannabis and breastfeeding, and pregnant moms you know it's unethical so it's a little bit it's a Gray area still.

00:20:36.960 --> 00:20:41.100 Jonny Tsunami: And so now thinking of the traditional book right.

00:20:42.360 --> 00:20:50.310 Jonny Tsunami: Where would you compare that you know when they approach comes I know you had gone into the research you've gone into making sure you were interviewing the right people.

00:20:50.580 --> 00:20:56.760 Jonny Tsunami: Did you have a fear at some point when you were going to release it was there any point where you were like this is the big jump.

00:20:57.960 --> 00:21:06.690 Danielle Simone Brand: Oh definitely definitely and I still feel some vulnerability putting myself out there, as you know, as a Canada mom as a weed mom is someone who's who says.

00:21:06.900 --> 00:21:14.880 Danielle Simone Brand: proudly like yes, I consume cannabis I uncomfortable consuming well parenting that blow some people's minds, I know it doesn't blow your mind but.

00:21:18.840 --> 00:21:21.300 Danielle Simone Brand: plenty of people who you know really well.

00:21:21.630 --> 00:21:35.220 Danielle Simone Brand: You only you only consume when the kids go to sleep right and i'm like now I i'm comfortable like I know my limits, I know how to consume responsibly and I don't drive you know I know some i'm not going to get into that controversy, but I don't drive when i'm.

00:21:35.460 --> 00:21:41.640 Danielle Simone Brand: You know, taking a new thc but other than that, like and this year was a great year for that just chillin at home with my kids for the most part.

00:21:42.690 --> 00:21:42.870 Jonny Tsunami: you're.

00:21:44.760 --> 00:21:54.270 Jonny Tsunami: Looking you're looking i'm sorry to pry but we're in zoom land here i'm peering into your into the back of your House here look beautiful things.

00:21:55.080 --> 00:21:56.130 Jonny Tsunami: You know it's like this.

00:21:56.190 --> 00:22:08.310 Jonny Tsunami: You know i'm a weed mom so i'm sitting here just token away not do it it's nonsense it's a taboo, and I think that's where you have to stand up like you do I think it's amazing.

00:22:09.960 --> 00:22:22.260 Danielle Simone Brand: Thanks, and you know it's there's another layer of it for me that I don't always talk about, but the fact that we moved from southern California, where, as a lot more exceptions to a state that's illegal I live in Idaho and.

00:22:23.730 --> 00:22:30.720 Danielle Simone Brand: yeah it's completely legal here we don't have medical we don't even have CBD with point 3% thc in it that's too much thc.

00:22:32.610 --> 00:22:36.780 Jonny Tsunami: wow from Hawaii to so cal Idaho.

00:22:37.920 --> 00:22:41.460 Danielle Simone Brand: With the detour to DC to new Hampshire in DC for a while.

00:22:41.760 --> 00:22:48.120 Jonny Tsunami: Right, so now it's like your goal is just to be like i'm going to turn it into a green state.

00:22:49.080 --> 00:23:00.000 Danielle Simone Brand: i'm part of the movement i've been collecting signatures for medical this is how far behind, we are in Idaho we are currently trying to collect signatures, just to get medical on the ballot.

00:23:01.140 --> 00:23:02.760 Jonny Tsunami: Just to get met on the 2022.

00:23:04.020 --> 00:23:16.170 Jonny Tsunami: And you're driving 45 minutes to go to work on which we all know, I mean, I guess, then, if you get into the Idaho or if you get pulled over and Idaho without say quarter ounce but what's going to happen.

00:23:18.090 --> 00:23:21.960 Danielle Simone Brand: So anything less than an ounce would be a misdemeanor.

00:23:23.400 --> 00:23:32.940 Danielle Simone Brand: So you know i'm really cautious and I, you know I don't bring too much back at a time, and all that good stuff but you know yeah there's there's a little bit that fear factor in it for me.

00:23:33.300 --> 00:23:44.580 Danielle Simone Brand: Obviously i'm white and I think that there's certainly white privilege when it comes to cannabis and you know I look just sort of like a mom and like a regular person and I guess that you know there's there's.

00:23:45.690 --> 00:23:55.650 Danielle Simone Brand: less likelihood that i'll be pulled over, but who knows you know it's it's a it's a weird world out here and red state land, I mean even from.

00:23:55.680 --> 00:24:01.110 Jonny Tsunami: The white aside, but just gender if I get pulled over the car smells like know what.

00:24:02.310 --> 00:24:06.600 Jonny Tsunami: The New Jersey, which by the way, you can have realises.

00:24:08.130 --> 00:24:14.250 Jonny Tsunami: Three, and you know you look at the guy but back in the day I mean if I was.

00:24:16.080 --> 00:24:24.630 Jonny Tsunami: floors it's game over it's game over, but if you are a woman, you know let's say i'm like 18 year old girl you guys smoking a little bit pull over to.

00:24:25.830 --> 00:24:28.110 Jonny Tsunami: See you just get home, you know.

00:24:29.310 --> 00:24:33.000 Jonny Tsunami: And with with guys I don't know if that's the case, although.

00:24:34.530 --> 00:24:43.530 Jonny Tsunami: depends on the situation, but with Lisa New Jersey, we have those laws, whereas an Idaho is still very tight so and then I can't be fun and it puts.

00:24:45.150 --> 00:24:46.770 Jonny Tsunami: puts on unnecessary stress and burden.

00:24:48.120 --> 00:25:02.520 Jonny Tsunami: Because why, why does it need to be done, but again, this is the way the nature of things are so now is cannabis, a part of the book writing process for you, does it help to create a genius this was a big question for me so like wizard chapter were.

00:25:04.470 --> 00:25:07.020 Jonny Tsunami: How did he how did you let me give me give me some love, what do you got.

00:25:08.310 --> 00:25:10.290 Danielle Simone Brand: Well here's the thing it's um.

00:25:11.460 --> 00:25:26.370 Danielle Simone Brand: Cannabis helps me so much with like divergent thinking you know creativity, out of the box like inspiration and coming up with new ideas, putting things together, that I never would have imagined can go together fast when I get my inspiration so.

00:25:27.060 --> 00:25:39.030 Danielle Simone Brand: I usually write and Edit well either only micro dosing maybe you know my awesome CBD or something, but you know i'm not taking a lot of thc when i'm writing or editing but then.

00:25:39.510 --> 00:25:53.340 Danielle Simone Brand: thc is what helps me just sort of like bring it together and have these like inspirations and you know so often at the end of the day of writing day i'll elevate and i'll take a walk you I prefer to do it by myself.

00:25:54.750 --> 00:26:05.520 Danielle Simone Brand: And you know, and then I just I get the greatest ideas, then and I, you know dictate them on my phone or I just get home and write and write down, so it absolutely helps me in that regard, but in terms of like.

00:26:06.300 --> 00:26:13.650 Danielle Simone Brand: Thinking really in a linear way and getting out sentences that sound pleasing kindness doesn't help me that much.

00:26:15.690 --> 00:26:16.710 Jonny Tsunami: OK OK.

00:26:16.830 --> 00:26:19.530 Jonny Tsunami: OK so it's a balance.

00:26:19.950 --> 00:26:32.370 Danielle Simone Brand: it's a balance absolutely and yeah I just I think everyone, everyone has their flow and you know I can do like I can do a lot of menial tasks, while i'm elevated I kind of thing, but like if it's actually like.

00:26:32.880 --> 00:26:38.460 Danielle Simone Brand: crafting sentences and putting together an argument, I have to be yeah I have to not consume.

00:26:39.810 --> 00:26:50.070 Danielle Simone Brand: But you know i've learned to calibrate that and it's it's really fun to play with those and also some different cannabinoids I can you know consume a little bit of Th CV sometimes and then right things like that.

00:26:50.610 --> 00:27:00.330 Jonny Tsunami: yeah which now that's when you're getting to dosage and approach set and setting you know if you're in a bad mood.

00:27:03.390 --> 00:27:15.600 Jonny Tsunami: Cannabis might not help it might actually make things worse, you might actually just you know obsess over it more in a way, so I think that that's important setting setting.

00:27:16.740 --> 00:27:19.110 Jonny Tsunami: You know, and when you, especially when you have kids.

00:27:21.900 --> 00:27:23.250 Jonny Tsunami: They are part of that setting.

00:27:24.330 --> 00:27:38.820 Jonny Tsunami: And they are taking in every little tiny thing that we do so, even if we do it nonchalantly it's like well i'm going to nonchalantly smokers cannabis in front of you or partake doesn't mean that they're not acknowledging it but.

00:27:40.500 --> 00:27:48.870 Jonny Tsunami: We nonchalantly smoke cigarettes well there was a point where people were smoking cigarettes in their bed, and some people still do but i'm.

00:27:49.440 --> 00:27:58.170 Jonny Tsunami: to the point where people don't really smoke cigarettes anymore in the House because it's hazardous to everybody else is getting secondhand smoke and.

00:27:58.830 --> 00:28:06.120 Jonny Tsunami: But they still do it it's not like Oh, if I pull a cigarette out in a Barbecue it's a big deal, or if I pull or if i'd have a glass of wine, at the end of the night.

00:28:06.570 --> 00:28:16.170 Jonny Tsunami: Not a big deal it's how it's seen through all of these other different avenues whether it's media advertising right and even advertised.

00:28:17.010 --> 00:28:26.250 Jonny Tsunami: Where where it think about how advertising comes into to that kind of effect do you think that you know, there needs to be more of that kind of openness occur.

00:28:27.930 --> 00:28:29.070 Danielle Simone Brand: Absolutely, you know.

00:28:29.640 --> 00:28:44.910 Danielle Simone Brand: You talked about pharmaceuticals and and tobacco and stuff and and alcohol is the big one, I think, for for moms mean mommy wine culture is such a thing and it's just all over the means everywhere absolutely acceptable part of the mainstream.

00:28:45.240 --> 00:28:54.030 Danielle Simone Brand: And even to even to talk about like to joke about like overconsuming or you know not being able to parent properly well consuming that's part of that conversation too.

00:28:54.300 --> 00:29:03.510 Danielle Simone Brand: But cannabis is seen as weird and scary and stigmatized, even though I know that I parent way better with cannabis than with alcohol.

00:29:04.740 --> 00:29:05.190 Jonny Tsunami: I would.

00:29:05.640 --> 00:29:07.590 Jonny Tsunami: I would probably agree, I would probably.

00:29:08.610 --> 00:29:15.360 Jonny Tsunami: yeah I, and I, and I think that there's a stature thing connected to it, too, so.

00:29:16.410 --> 00:29:31.020 Jonny Tsunami: Even what kind of alcohol, that person is drinking or is that a certain some drugs might have even more of a higher stature as opposed to a lower stature and so the stature that's connected to cannabis is seen as more of a lackadaisical.

00:29:32.250 --> 00:29:37.860 Jonny Tsunami: The previous historical stigmas and stereotypes that have been connected to it, whereas now.

00:29:38.400 --> 00:29:49.320 Jonny Tsunami: People like you, people like me, are coming out saying we can have a successful life successful families and and and create successful upbringings for the children that are part of us and around us.

00:29:49.830 --> 00:29:57.780 Jonny Tsunami: So I thank you very much for for that and we're going to take a little break when we come back we'll talk a little bit and get into.

00:29:58.230 --> 00:30:12.150 Jonny Tsunami: A little excerpt from Daniels and your story, and we can really just listen to some sweet sweet music so after this break, we will be right back planet taco lolo talk radio nyc.

00:32:45.600 --> 00:33:00.690 Jonny Tsunami: And we're back planet pocket a low low i'm your host Johnny tsunami and we're here with Danielle Simone brand, we need a mom author aficionado I am so happy that we're here Danielle welcome back my dear.

00:33:01.140 --> 00:33:02.250 Danielle Simone Brand: Thank you, thank you.

00:33:02.970 --> 00:33:12.960 Jonny Tsunami: let's put up the weed mom again boom there it is, it can be curious mom and oh so curious we are more and more people are coming out and saying.

00:33:13.440 --> 00:33:26.460 Jonny Tsunami: I want to learn a little bit more or maybe they used to be a little stoner back in high school and then they tucked away when they got their job, where they were going to get drug tested and they throw it to the way cider hey.

00:33:26.910 --> 00:33:40.230 Jonny Tsunami: Maybe they just never got into it wasn't their thing and now all of a sudden, you see, on billboards you seen commercials you see it in books, and this is where we are right now and Danielle is going to actually read us a chapter it's Chapter one right.

00:33:41.010 --> 00:33:42.360 Danielle Simone Brand: it's an excerpt from Chapter one yeah.

00:33:42.450 --> 00:33:57.840 Jonny Tsunami: excerpt from Chapter one she's like giant read the whole thing, maybe Chapter one next to it from Chapter one which is a memoir and we're going to just cozy up by the fire and listen to this so fire away I can't wait to hear.

00:33:58.770 --> 00:34:08.880 Danielle Simone Brand: Okay, so stop me if it gets too long i'll skip a little bit so that I can get through this piece of it, but that the background for where this starts is that.

00:34:09.570 --> 00:34:22.920 Danielle Simone Brand: My husband actually had had some issues with over using cannabis and there were some years, where I was kind of judging about his usage and he was kind of Heidi about it.

00:34:24.510 --> 00:34:33.420 Danielle Simone Brand: And it came to a point, actually, where he decided he took himself to residential treatment, not because you have to detox from lead or anything like that, but because.

00:34:33.690 --> 00:34:46.740 Danielle Simone Brand: He needed to like figure out some other self care tools you needed to figure out like other ways to get himself healthy, you know not just relying on cannabis so that's the background for this came from, and also the background, as to why I was pretty skeptical.

00:34:47.340 --> 00:34:59.130 Danielle Simone Brand: About weed for a while Okay, here we go, are we driving around town my family began noticing all kinds of advertisements for dispensaries with names like urban leaf and golden Greens.

00:34:59.640 --> 00:35:06.360 Danielle Simone Brand: what's cannabis my older child asked has been pulled into the trader joe's parking lot and I hadn't a clue how to answer.

00:35:06.900 --> 00:35:13.320 Danielle Simone Brand: Was cannabis something good something bad and medicine that helps people with chronic pain or migraines or cancer.

00:35:13.800 --> 00:35:24.690 Danielle Simone Brand: Or the substance that may daddy's brains spiral down such a dark path that he had to leave us for five weeks to go to the program as you referred to rehab in our House was it a harmless plant or an insidious habit forming drug.

00:35:26.190 --> 00:35:31.140 Danielle Simone Brand: So perhaps it was curiosity, the need to know, pure and simple that led me to place my first order.

00:35:31.680 --> 00:35:43.050 Danielle Simone Brand: not yet ready for a dispensary experience is studying the dizzying array of products available on the online menus and chose delivery from a dispensary whose web copy felt wellness oriented.

00:35:43.770 --> 00:35:49.980 Danielle Simone Brand: I was pot illiterate so with a pang of guilt I ordered what seemed easy and discreet cookies and have a pen.

00:35:51.270 --> 00:35:55.110 Danielle Simone Brand: I received my first cannabis delivery, while my husband was at work and my kids at school.

00:35:55.770 --> 00:36:04.320 Danielle Simone Brand: The delivery guy inspected my ID and handed me an innocent looking white paper bag, with a receipt stapled as if it contained items as ordinary as toothpaste and dumb.

00:36:04.890 --> 00:36:14.820 Danielle Simone Brand: I paid cash wondering, all the while if I was doing something wrong I sure hope to my neighbors hadn't seen me standing at my front gate and handing the Nice non stone looking driver, a lot of bills.

00:36:16.050 --> 00:36:26.520 Danielle Simone Brand: There I was a suburban mother of two a hard working writer and a wife still struggling in some ways to put her marriage back together holding the white paper bag, full of weeds or canvas.

00:36:27.120 --> 00:36:32.490 Danielle Simone Brand: I didn't know what to do with it, so I started in my sweater door and tried to forget about it, but I didn't forget.

00:36:34.080 --> 00:36:44.460 Danielle Simone Brand: I don't evening alone I cautiously open the door and inspected what I bought the vapor pen enticed me with it's clean lines and promise of precisely 2.25 milligrams of thc purple.

00:36:45.030 --> 00:36:55.920 Danielle Simone Brand: I read the packaging from cover to cover then pride the thing from its case and held it in my palm such a light instrument holding a substance both maligned and revered which would it be for me.

00:36:57.210 --> 00:37:05.940 Danielle Simone Brand: No matter what else is going on in life, a yoga mat has long been a place for me to come back to myself, so I decided to put cannabis, to the test i'm not familiar purple turf.

00:37:06.630 --> 00:37:14.010 Danielle Simone Brand: I rolled out the mat my heart beating fast I sat in the middle of it closed my eyes, put the pen to my lips and inhaled.

00:37:15.690 --> 00:37:23.490 Danielle Simone Brand: At first, I only want to do all I wanted to do was sit there stoner my mind shouted you're wasting a perfectly good evening to yourself.

00:37:24.240 --> 00:37:27.900 Danielle Simone Brand: But those thoughts quieted in time and I found myself pleasantly altered.

00:37:28.500 --> 00:37:38.190 Danielle Simone Brand: Sitting segue into a flow of spinal undulations I languorously moved my body and the six directions forward bends back bends left and right twists.

00:37:38.700 --> 00:37:43.830 Danielle Simone Brand: alternating between organic movements and longer hold seemed like the way to meet my body exactly where it was.

00:37:44.340 --> 00:37:50.550 Danielle Simone Brand: vocalizations and size escaped my lips, the normally I would have felt to inhibited to allow that particular kind of release.

00:37:51.390 --> 00:38:06.180 Danielle Simone Brand: I was alone and it felt good more than good it felt great next day lay down on my mat and was enraptured by movement that hardly resembled the more classic postures I usually practiced my lower body felt alive and glowing and I didn't want to get up for a long while.

00:38:08.280 --> 00:38:11.760 Jonny Tsunami: We cannabis and yoga.

00:38:13.890 --> 00:38:14.700 Danielle Simone Brand: Oh yeah.

00:38:14.970 --> 00:38:17.370 Jonny Tsunami: Good so how long you been doing yoga.

00:38:19.410 --> 00:38:20.400 Danielle Simone Brand: More than 20 years.

00:38:23.730 --> 00:38:30.270 Jonny Tsunami: So more than 20 years you're doing yoga and I do martial arts site stretching is very much part of that.

00:38:32.490 --> 00:38:34.530 Jonny Tsunami: And you hit the vapor.

00:38:36.630 --> 00:38:39.150 Jonny Tsunami: And boom, all of a sudden.

00:38:40.290 --> 00:38:41.970 Jonny Tsunami: What are we finding new chakras.

00:38:42.060 --> 00:38:42.750 Jonny Tsunami: what's going on.

00:38:44.220 --> 00:38:47.940 Danielle Simone Brand: So I do describe it a bit I I don't have to read that part but um.

00:38:48.390 --> 00:39:01.680 Danielle Simone Brand: What I found was just an incredibly embodied experience, I felt deeper like I was deeply inhabiting my body in a way that, even though I had actually taught yoga for years, I had an access to before.

00:39:02.580 --> 00:39:19.350 Danielle Simone Brand: And, to me it was like it was like magic like opening up so many more channels of awareness and my body, and I could feel each muscle lengthening or contracting, depending on what the posture needed for me and it felt like so organic and right.

00:39:20.370 --> 00:39:30.300 Danielle Simone Brand: That that like from that moment on, I was a convert I realized i've been missing out yoga I mean cannabis can give so much, not just to my yoga practice but to my life.

00:39:31.320 --> 00:39:31.710 Danielle Simone Brand: mm hmm.

00:39:32.190 --> 00:39:36.600 Jonny Tsunami: And so, and now here's an interesting thing it's like well.

00:39:37.620 --> 00:39:52.830 Jonny Tsunami: Now, imagine you started cannabis earlier, would you have had the appreciation that you have today for it, as opposed to maybe somebody who started like me earlier on, maybe it's a good thing that you started later on.

00:39:54.480 --> 00:40:07.980 Danielle Simone Brand: it's hard to say you know I know I know people who have a long relationship with cannabis, who have a really reverential and beautiful relationship with it, and I know people who don't you know, I think it just depends on your attitude your intention.

00:40:09.480 --> 00:40:22.260 Danielle Simone Brand: You know, but for me intentionality is a big part of life and being you know, being a yoga teacher, for a long time meant that I was really used to saying Okay, this is what I intend from this practice, whatever that practices yoga meditation.

00:40:22.650 --> 00:40:40.110 Danielle Simone Brand: Cannabis consumption right, and so, for me, it's like a natural pairing I have a whole chapter in the book on self care and cannabis and I even you know lead, or you know write out a guided elevated yoga practice because I think it's so powerful and you know potentially transformational.

00:40:40.950 --> 00:40:47.130 Jonny Tsunami: So why did you choose to start the story with the memoir beginning.

00:40:48.060 --> 00:41:01.110 Danielle Simone Brand: yeah so um you know I the first chapter is all about my personal journey with cannabis, including my husband's journey of over using cannabis and our vendor relationship issues that came up out of there and I did that honestly because.

00:41:02.220 --> 00:41:15.870 Danielle Simone Brand: I wanted to be believable and relatable and to do that I needed to to show warts and all you know I needed to show that, like hey I didn't always love it and I didn't understand it for a while and I was afraid of it too.

00:41:17.280 --> 00:41:27.780 Danielle Simone Brand: But once I actually acclimated myself, and that was my very first experience My experience is pretty different now and I prefer flower now I don't really use a lot of manufacturing products but yes.

00:41:29.250 --> 00:41:40.470 Danielle Simone Brand: i'm all about Florida, these days, but you know, but the truth is that I didn't start there and I want other moms to feel like okay I don't have to start out by buying an ounce of you know taco gee I can like grab.

00:41:40.740 --> 00:41:44.940 Danielle Simone Brand: A vapor I can just get you know some low dose dummies or mints.

00:41:45.600 --> 00:41:51.780 Danielle Simone Brand: there's lots of ways to enter the marketplace now and, and I think that's what the legal marketplace also gives us it's just these.

00:41:52.140 --> 00:42:01.890 Danielle Simone Brand: These consumption options, as well as more info about what we're consuming so instead of like you know hey take a puff of this you have no idea how much thc is in there.

00:42:02.220 --> 00:42:16.530 Danielle Simone Brand: You know, we know now the you know the percentages, we know, in some cases, the Turkey in profiles We certainly know the milligrams of edibles that we're consuming, these are ways that like are so much easier to really calibrate your experience.

00:42:17.430 --> 00:42:22.590 Jonny Tsunami: Credibility I think that's a huge word that I took out of there from what you just said, because by.

00:42:23.100 --> 00:42:43.290 Jonny Tsunami: showing the dichotomy between my your husband, who was using habitually and you were someone who never used it it really brings the story together and gives it that credibility because it's not coming from the perspective of to cannabis parents it's coming from one who was like.

00:42:44.520 --> 00:42:49.830 Jonny Tsunami: Cannabis is probably not that good and the other was like oh right.

00:42:51.120 --> 00:42:58.860 Jonny Tsunami: And then coming together and seeing that it's and I guess yoga is a very apropos kind of thing it's about balance.

00:43:00.450 --> 00:43:05.700 Jonny Tsunami: and bringing that balance together and and and how much there is balanced in relationships.

00:43:06.510 --> 00:43:10.740 Danielle Simone Brand: yeah I think so, too, and it's about intentionality just like us, you know, I think that.

00:43:11.640 --> 00:43:22.170 Danielle Simone Brand: Cannabis has so many potentials to help us get to know ourselves better to grow emotionally and spiritually, but not if we're just like you know.

00:43:22.440 --> 00:43:37.230 Danielle Simone Brand: Being really, really habitual and unintentional about our use I think that's really key is like okay Why am I choosing this right now, and how do I want to feel and how am I choosing the products i'm consuming mindfully to create that experience.

00:43:38.430 --> 00:43:46.410 Jonny Tsunami: goes to that was another thing that you said to me back in the day you're like Oh well, here's a brownie my my my buddy made.

00:43:46.860 --> 00:43:54.780 Jonny Tsunami: And you're like Okay, the brownies like this big right and you eat it you're like well this can't do anything and next thing you know you're on the carpet drooling right.

00:43:55.500 --> 00:44:00.960 Jonny Tsunami: And I think a lot of people who are newbies have heard horror stories or.

00:44:01.410 --> 00:44:15.780 Jonny Tsunami: They were one of those people that had an experience with one of those minis that somebody made them and they're like I am never doing an edible again i've had the worst experience of my life and by having dispensaries and all these places we go to to access it.

00:44:16.920 --> 00:44:28.530 Jonny Tsunami: Great option, and it makes people feel more comfortable being able to comment, so that is great where that wasn't a nice extra I like that I can't wait to read the rest of the book now, especially with my signed copy you.

00:44:30.510 --> 00:44:30.870 Jonny Tsunami: know.

00:44:31.050 --> 00:44:43.920 Jonny Tsunami: we're gonna take a little break i'm here with Danielle Simone brand author of me mom this is planet pocket a little low low I am Johnny tsunami and we're taking a little break and we will be right back talk radio and why.

00:45:49.770 --> 00:45:50.280 Most of the.

00:47:16.290 --> 00:47:36.750 Jonny Tsunami: And we're back planet pukka low low i'm your host Johnny tsunami i'm here with Danielle Simone brand author of we bomb, and she has given us the lowdown on what's going on with these new moms out there that are figuring out great ways to use cannabis as a ways to self heal.

00:47:37.770 --> 00:47:47.460 Jonny Tsunami: and be a better mom be a better parent and just stay more relaxed and enjoy the whole experience Danielle, thank you for coming back and being on the show.

00:47:48.330 --> 00:48:01.110 Jonny Tsunami: yeah so Danielle shares our mission of providing a less taboo view on the world of cannabis by crushing stigmas about cannabis and parenting advocating for personal use.

00:48:01.560 --> 00:48:13.290 Jonny Tsunami: And elevating the conversation for greater awareness, so I really want to just start this last segment off by asking the question What message does the book serve to the reader.

00:48:15.030 --> 00:48:27.240 Danielle Simone Brand: yeah and I think we've been circling around this message, a lot today that it's basically that being a good mom showing up in the world, and all the ways that you need to and work, family and for yourself.

00:48:27.600 --> 00:48:39.180 Danielle Simone Brand: All that is totally compatible with responsible candidates years and I just want to crush those stigmas because moms could benefit so much if we weren't so you know afraid.

00:48:40.350 --> 00:48:49.680 Jonny Tsunami: And now that you've written the book and it's out there, and you have people reaching out to you what kind of connections have occurred since the advent of this book.

00:48:51.030 --> 00:49:02.010 Danielle Simone Brand: So many i've been really, really lucky, you know I had a pretty wide chasm on network through Facebook before you know and during the writing process I interviewed a ton of moms that I met on Facebook.

00:49:02.370 --> 00:49:09.480 Danielle Simone Brand: But I wasn't even on instagram yet because i'm a late adopter of technology and new platforms.

00:49:10.230 --> 00:49:18.030 Danielle Simone Brand: And I didn't see a need before, but when I started marketing the book, I actually realized that there are a ton of Canada moms on instagram.

00:49:18.270 --> 00:49:36.150 Danielle Simone Brand: Being really open doing fun stuff sharing new information sharing lifestyle stuff and just showing how like you can be again, you can be a good mom do fun things with your kids the boss lady at work, and you know and have cannabis, as part of your lifestyle.

00:49:36.960 --> 00:49:40.170 Jonny Tsunami: Now, and what do you think will will.

00:49:41.730 --> 00:49:47.100 Jonny Tsunami: Will people be stigmatized from being open and saying i'm a cannabis parent.

00:49:48.870 --> 00:50:04.350 Danielle Simone Brand: Well, there is still saying that absolutely I think it depends on your circles depends on where you live, obviously, if you live in a you know recreational illegal state there's you know recreationally legal state or sorry adult use legal state there is so much.

00:50:05.310 --> 00:50:10.590 Danielle Simone Brand: You know less stigma but it's still there it's still there, even in California, even in.

00:50:11.250 --> 00:50:20.070 Danielle Simone Brand: The places where there has been legalization for a while i've talked to Canada moms even in Colorado who say you know the very first state to legalize so we're like yeah I have to.

00:50:20.430 --> 00:50:30.870 Danielle Simone Brand: You know suss out on the playground like what i'm talking to other moms who saved to to talk about weed so you know it's a process like we're in that process right now.

00:50:31.890 --> 00:50:34.590 Danielle Simone Brand: And also, you know so i've met so many moms and instagram.

00:50:35.310 --> 00:50:47.970 Danielle Simone Brand: i've met so many moms and clubhouse to that's another platform where can the moms are getting together having some good discussions on Sunday mornings every Sunday morning, and they can have mom high society clubs that.

00:50:48.810 --> 00:50:57.900 Danielle Simone Brand: One of the can log into one of the Academy on influencers on instagram started and i've jumped in there and we've been doing the Sunday morning discussions, where we talk about.

00:50:58.500 --> 00:51:08.430 Danielle Simone Brand: Everything from you know parenting to relationships to sex to self care to you know women's issues lots of stuff it's been fun.

00:51:09.840 --> 00:51:21.630 Jonny Tsunami: So now Another question is, will your kids experiment with pot not yours necessarily but anybody's will your kids experiment with earlier if they know their mom is a consumer.

00:51:23.100 --> 00:51:33.450 Danielle Simone Brand: So yeah that's a great question and you know, I think that it really depends on how you handle the conversation and how you handle your own behavior with your kids it's up to us to do good parenting.

00:51:34.920 --> 00:51:49.890 Danielle Simone Brand: I think that you know the statistics show that in states with the legalized adult use youth use either stays the same or it goes down, so I don't think that you know legalization is pushing youth consumption at all.

00:51:50.760 --> 00:52:01.710 Danielle Simone Brand: But you know, on the individual family level, I think it depends, you know i'm really open with my kids that's just kind of my my style I always have been, and so I.

00:52:02.220 --> 00:52:11.130 Danielle Simone Brand: showed them what cannabis looks like they're aware that I consume they smell it sometimes but you know I don't smoke in the in the House or in front of them I don't hide it either.

00:52:11.490 --> 00:52:22.950 Danielle Simone Brand: You know I don't flaunt it and I don't hide it I normalize it, and I say you know, sometimes I say, I have a migraine and I need to go smoke some cannabis, so I can make dinner and hang out with you guys and they're like cool.

00:52:24.420 --> 00:52:25.860 Jonny Tsunami: actually use the word cannabis.

00:52:26.190 --> 00:52:26.670 I do.

00:52:29.070 --> 00:52:41.640 Danielle Simone Brand: I do we talked about the plant quite a bit in our House, you know, in part because i'm pretty public as a cannabis writer and anybody who wants to Google me will find weed right away.

00:52:42.660 --> 00:52:51.330 Danielle Simone Brand: So you know, so I want to be open with my kids so that, if they encounter other kids were like oh hey my mom said you wrote your mom read a book on on weed or whatever.

00:52:51.570 --> 00:52:57.000 Danielle Simone Brand: they're not going to be surprised, you know they're obviously going to be like yeah and let me educate you about the plant.

00:52:58.920 --> 00:53:11.700 Jonny Tsunami: And it's funny because my daughter who's 12 we spoke before she she asked me after coming out of a maybe like a dare program or some kind of school program she was like that.

00:53:13.020 --> 00:53:25.710 Jonny Tsunami: You know that's kind of like think those green like broccolis that you that we saw in school, they look like a lot of what you have and also what you grew on the farm.

00:53:27.000 --> 00:53:32.070 Jonny Tsunami: I was like yeah I tell them it's medicine plant medicine herbal medicine.

00:53:32.760 --> 00:53:47.940 Jonny Tsunami: But i'll plant, nonetheless, so what to normalize it, I think, is the best way I like the way that you put that to normalize it when did you can you think of an actual moment where one of the kids reached out to you and you had to like do a quick like.

00:53:50.520 --> 00:54:02.370 Danielle Simone Brand: You know it's like little moments, and I think you know I, so I wrote a whole chapter on how to talk to kids basically about cannabis and I wanted to break it down by age have some age appropriate kind of conversation starters.

00:54:03.480 --> 00:54:15.840 Danielle Simone Brand: But you know it to me it's it's just this series of conversations and series of normalizing like I can sit them down and be like, let me tell you about this plant, and let me give you the history and they're going to glaze over in like 30 seconds.

00:54:16.140 --> 00:54:29.130 Danielle Simone Brand: So you know it's more just sort of getting these little bits of information here and there, into our day like you know oh hey did you know that cannabis helps people with cancer like if they hear that they see like a commercial, for you know.

00:54:30.030 --> 00:54:36.690 Danielle Simone Brand: Cancer Research on the Internet or whatever i'll be like that's another use of cannabis, you know just these little ways that we can like.

00:54:37.590 --> 00:54:43.680 Danielle Simone Brand: portray it as medicine portrayed is something that you know, is not to be feared, but to be respected.

00:54:44.040 --> 00:54:49.440 Danielle Simone Brand: that's what I want I want my kids to have a respectful relationship with cannabis later on in life.

00:54:49.800 --> 00:55:02.550 Danielle Simone Brand: And when their teens I want them to talk to me when they're when their friends are experimenting I don't want them to you know be afraid to tell me, and I, and I wish I want to be real and I give them the right info so they can keep themselves safe.

00:55:03.210 --> 00:55:10.410 Jonny Tsunami: yeah and it's all relative it's just as if you were talking about sex, I mean when they asked stacks are you really going to go into a full on.

00:55:11.460 --> 00:55:20.670 Jonny Tsunami: dissertation of what sex is when they're young know you'll give them bits and pieces dribs and bad dribs and drabs, birds and the bees and then it kind of goes from there right but.

00:55:21.360 --> 00:55:30.180 Jonny Tsunami: To shy away from it to Sean it to keep it in the closet and to do things like that probably has more harm than good, when it comes to them because.

00:55:30.660 --> 00:55:38.550 Jonny Tsunami: inherently as human beings, just push the red button don't do it don't talk about it, that only means more interesting you know it's kind of like.

00:55:38.880 --> 00:55:54.330 Jonny Tsunami: Whatever Al pacino and the devil's advocate you know it's like love, but don't touch touch don't taste days but don't swallow it's just it's gonna it's gonna happen, are you looking to build more and add another book to the list of titles.

00:55:55.080 --> 00:56:12.270 Danielle Simone Brand: I would read another book, yes, and I could see a weed mom 2.0 at some point, because, as you know, our industry, this industry is changing so quickly and there's always more to say there are plenty of updates and things that I, you know kind of wish I could have gotten in there.

00:56:13.530 --> 00:56:26.850 Danielle Simone Brand: And I also am interested in plant other plant medicines and psychedelics and I do a little writing on psychedelics to you know, maybe one of these days i'll push that envelope even further and go for psychedelics mom.

00:56:27.300 --> 00:56:29.520 Jonny Tsunami: mm hmm I like that I do.

00:56:30.540 --> 00:56:37.890 Jonny Tsunami: I could only imagine that's definitely going to be another another episode I i'd have to sit in on that.

00:56:38.310 --> 00:56:50.970 Jonny Tsunami: And you know, do you want to enter the cannabis world and any other ways, maybe, besides being an author, I mean now you're an advocate talking all these groups, but maybe outside of writing where do you see yourself being or working with.

00:56:52.050 --> 00:56:57.120 Danielle Simone Brand: Working see writing as my primary thing I love to write that's my that's my passion.

00:56:57.570 --> 00:57:04.230 Danielle Simone Brand: But you know I want to keep getting the message out to Canada, and I want to keep educating because I just feel like this is the moment.

00:57:04.590 --> 00:57:13.680 Danielle Simone Brand: And maybe that's going to look like another book soon, or maybe that's going to look like some kind of platform where Canada moms can get together that's you know off of Facebook and off of instagram because.

00:57:13.920 --> 00:57:20.970 Danielle Simone Brand: Even though there are these thriving communities there there's also so much censorship and and banning and you know all that stuff that happens to.

00:57:21.660 --> 00:57:30.900 Danielle Simone Brand: So what i'd like to see is you know some kind of home for cannabis moms to chat and get to know each other and have Community and support one another.

00:57:31.800 --> 00:57:39.360 Jonny Tsunami: Well, for all of those cannabis moms and cannabis dads but especially those candidates moms out there, I would love to.

00:57:40.290 --> 00:57:50.850 Jonny Tsunami: Maybe hear about it, just a few locations that they could reach out to you if if they feel like it would be something abuse them, which I do think it is so there are a few locations that you think they should reach out to.

00:57:51.630 --> 00:58:00.000 Danielle Simone Brand: For sure yeah my instagram is a great place to reach me Danielle cmon brand and on Facebook i'm a weed mom author.

00:58:01.140 --> 00:58:12.510 Danielle Simone Brand: And yes, those are the two best spots and people can pick up my book anywhere that books are sold and authors love it when you go to your local bookstore and request because that's just it's good for those Indies.

00:58:13.590 --> 00:58:14.130 Danielle Simone Brand: Your phone beautiful.

00:58:14.580 --> 00:58:22.680 Jonny Tsunami: Danielle that leads us to the end of the show it's been an absolute pleasure, having you here Thank you so much for coming on okay.

00:58:23.250 --> 00:58:25.470 Danielle Simone Brand: And this has been so much fun dying.

00:58:25.740 --> 00:58:38.910 Jonny Tsunami: Oh, I was a great one of my favorite guests, a loving it so much fun and next week, we will be talking about absolute nutrition counseling with Lindsay de la switch registered dietitian at Jen psych.

00:58:39.300 --> 00:58:51.270 Jonny Tsunami: And she'll be getting into how she infuses cannabis into her nutrition regimen and I segue into Danielle here with her yogi and free in the cannabis there and always so.

00:58:51.900 --> 00:59:07.410 Jonny Tsunami: Ladies and gentlemen, it has been an absolute pleasure this is planet pocket lolo i'm Johnny tsunami your host talk radio nyc and we will be back next week, everybody smoke it and enjoy it have a great weekend bye.

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