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Tuesday, July 13, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/13 - Vegas, Weed & Sexism in Workplace

Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/13 - Vegas, Weed & Sexism in Workplace


2021/07/13 - Vegas, Weed & Sexism in Workplace

[NEW EPISODE] Vegas, Weed & Sexism in Workplace

The first half of the show, I’m giving a brief overview of massless Vegas. I am also talking about this ongoing drama of the Sha’Carri Richardson Olympic Ban for her positive drug test for weed. In addition, I am also giving my take, as a long-time successful NCAA Division I head coach on the new Name, Image and Likeness laws for college athletes.

The second half of the show I have a very special guest, @craiglakerealestate Craig Lake on to talk about a variety of topics. Craig is known in the Greater Boston area as one of the most successful agents in the real estate industry. In just 10 years, she has garnered over $300 million in total sales volume, earning a consistent spot as a Boston Top 20 real estate agent. In 2021 The Wall Street Journal named Craig as one of the top real estate agents in the country (as well as 2019 and 2020). Craig was the first-ever female Director of men’s and women’s Track and Cross Country in Ivy League history. We will talk about sexism in Athletics and the workplace and how her experiences in Athletics and coaching have helped her transition into one of the top real estate agents in her market.

Tune in for this fun conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Kevin begins the episode by detailing about his recent trip to Las Vegas, discussing his love of Las Vegas, as well as the weather conditions of the area, and how Las Vegas is currently treating the current Covid-19 pandemic. Kevin explains how it felt as if Covid-19 did not exist in Las Vegas, and voices his concern for this type of behavior, especially on a widespread scale. Kevin then revisits the topic of a recent previous episode, track and field, specifically on the recent news of Sha’Carri Richerdson’s suspension from the olympics. Kevin gives his opinion of Richerdson, of how she impresses him, as she “walks the walk that she talks”. Kevin continues to discuss Richerdson’s suspension due to testing positive for marijuana, and how many people’s opinions on the matter are not as nuanced as they should be because people in this situation are focusing on the headlines. Kevin explains that in the sport of track and field, competitors on a professional level are subjected to random drug testing at any time outside of competition. How the rules for these drug tests are put out by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) are worldwide rules that must be followed by the United States if the US wants its athletes to compete on a global level.

Segment 2

Kevin discusses drug testing at the Olympic level, and how marijuana as a drug is only banned in competition, and how outside of competition it is not banned. Kevin continues to explain how the banned substances for in competition on the Olympic level, is not only for performance enhancing drugs, which he explains that the media is missing when reporting this topic. He continues to discuss how this suspension has created a boom around the discussion of weed within America, and how this discussion has become skewed because many people in the United States do not realize that these rules around marijuana are set on a global level, and have nothing to do with whether or not the United States socially accepts weed. Kevin continues by discussing the NCAA’s transition from amateurism to professionalism, and why for for long the NCAA was causing its athletes to be classed as amateurs. He goes into detail about what aspects an athlete can use from their Name, Image, and Likeness to profit off of their athletics. Kevin explains from his experience as a college coach, how much schools invest in their athletes, beyond scholarships for tuition.

Segment 3

Kevin introduces his guest for this week, Craig Lake, a current real estate agent, and a former college coach at Columbia University, as well as a coach at Brown University. Kevin and Craig discuss Shelby Houlihan, and her recent four year ban from professional track and field from testing positive for nandrolone. Craig discusses how the media is spinning Houlihan’s ban, and how it’s taking off from the pork burrito theory, negatively impacting Houlihan’s reputation as the general population has reacted negatively to that theory. Kevin continues off of this point, saying that this theory came about most likely because if Houlihan wanted to file an appeal with CAD, she needs an excuse, as she can not file an appeal and say she has no idea where the nandrolone came from, as she claims. And if she didn’t know where this came from, the theory that it came from meat is a logical theory as to where the nandrolone came from. Kevin and Craig continue by talking about sexism in sports, specifically track and field, with Kevin bringing up the point of Sha'Carri Richerdson, and the polarizing opinions about her, and many of the aspects of her that people dislike, are often either overlooked or praised in male athletes. Craig goes in depth on her experience with sexism as a college athletics coach.

Segment 4

Craig goes in depth on her transition from college coaching, to real estate, as well as how she got into selling high-end real estate in Boston. Craig explains how she believes the hardest thing you can do is coaching full time, and found the transition to real estate to be actually not that hard. She continues to discuss how she goes about working with clients, and how her personality and up front attitude helps her in her career. The two discuss why Craig decided to leave coaching full time, and why it began to make her unhappy, and she had incredible burnout from constant full time coaching. Kevin and Craig discuss the culture surrounding track and field, specifically the culture around coaching track and field. Craig explains a few of her most expensive sales she made in high-end real estate.


00:00:22.230 --> 00:00:36.870 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Good evening everybody and welcome back to coffee coffee or bro are listening live on talk radio dot nyc or you're watching this live right now on slash talk radio nyc can find the podcast.

00:00:37.110 --> 00:00:44.970 Kevin Barbaro Productions: After every episode, you can find it on Google podcasts apple spotify pretty much anywhere that you can get a podcast you can get it.

00:00:45.600 --> 00:00:52.410 Kevin Barbaro Productions: shows going great we're a couple of months into it now, this is the fourth version of my show starting way back.

00:00:53.220 --> 00:00:59.400 Kevin Barbaro Productions: About 13 years ago when I was had to the original coffee talk show when I was a coach at the University of Toledo.

00:00:59.850 --> 00:01:12.510 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And so, got a great episode tonight I was on vacation last week, actually, I was my whole plan was to have the show last week live from Vegas because I was on vacation in Vegas but you can't tell by how dark.

00:01:14.490 --> 00:01:15.090 Kevin Barbaro Productions: and

00:01:16.290 --> 00:01:24.120 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But the Internet was fadi and you know just wasn't going to work out so we ended up just having to rerun last week and but i'm back now and.

00:01:25.290 --> 00:01:30.630 Kevin Barbaro Productions: On tonight's show I the first half of the show, I want to talk, I want to continue the talk that we had.

00:01:31.170 --> 00:01:37.200 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Before I went on vacation about track and field we're talking about the Olympic trials and about some of the drama.

00:01:37.530 --> 00:01:50.640 Kevin Barbaro Productions: we're going to revisit some of that because over the last two weeks we've had more happening with Chicago Richardson and The thing is, if you're not even attract fan, if you just watch the news, then you know about these different types of.

00:01:51.810 --> 00:02:01.680 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Scandals whatever you want to call it that are happening right now, because they put the mainstream media but good and bad, but a lot of attention on track and field right now we're going to touch on that in a minute.

00:02:02.130 --> 00:02:13.230 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And then we're also going to talk a little bit about this new name is image and likeness it's an Ai ml is the acronym for but to.

00:02:13.680 --> 00:02:27.660 Kevin Barbaro Productions: nfl name image and likeness is now the means by which college athletes can make money off of their own image and there's a lot of rules behind that a lot of good.

00:02:29.070 --> 00:02:40.800 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Being a former nc double a division one head goes for many, many years and and having had runners that would have been able to benefit from this at the time, but at the same time.

00:02:42.540 --> 00:02:45.390 Kevin Barbaro Productions: there's a lot that comes with it, that there are maybe.

00:02:46.560 --> 00:02:57.000 Kevin Barbaro Productions: unintended consequences and we're going to talk about those in a little bit, and then the second half of the show, I have a longtime friend and colleague Craig lake she's going to be on the show to talk about.

00:02:58.260 --> 00:03:07.590 Kevin Barbaro Productions: athletics, she was actually the very first woman who is in charge of the men's and women's track and field programs at an Ivy league school so she was the first.

00:03:08.040 --> 00:03:13.830 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Ivy league coach in any sport actually to be the head coach to be a female to be a head coach of a men sport.

00:03:14.310 --> 00:03:24.240 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And I really history and and so we're going to be talking about that we're going to talk a little bit about you know, sexism in in athletics, and in athletic departments.

00:03:24.540 --> 00:03:35.070 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And we're also going to talk about her new career, because then, for the last 10 years she's one of the top real estate agents in all the Boston she's been featured in Washington Post and and.

00:03:35.670 --> 00:03:42.060 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The The Wall Street Journal and you know various other publications being named as urine and you're out is one of the top.

00:03:42.990 --> 00:03:55.440 Kevin Barbaro Productions: real estate agents in Boston only dealing in high end real estate so she's going to be my guest on the second half of the show but getting back to Vegas real quick just to touch on it a of all brutal hot i'm talking like.

00:03:58.290 --> 00:04:05.760 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i've been to Vegas before in the summertime but for some reason it just felt even worse, this time now I played two rounds of golf we were going to play three.

00:04:06.150 --> 00:04:11.460 Kevin Barbaro Productions: There was no way it was going to happen to have three matter of fact, the first round of golf that we played it was about 108.

00:04:12.060 --> 00:04:22.320 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And I don't care what anybody says about dry heat, it was brutal, so I only made it through like 16 holes and first round, before I was literally just about ready to pass out.

00:04:22.770 --> 00:04:33.990 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And then the second day I actually felt great and everybody else in my group felt like crap because he was like 109 the second day, but I did a little preemptive strike on the on the.

00:04:34.620 --> 00:04:52.590 Kevin Barbaro Productions: hydration but real quick about Vegas man I love Vegas I love gamble I love the excitement I love going to shows I love that the raiders were my favorite team and in the nfl are are in Vegas now love all of that, I will say this, though.

00:04:54.300 --> 00:04:59.400 Kevin Barbaro Productions: it's almost like coronavirus didn't even exist in Vegas I mean when you get to Vegas.

00:05:00.630 --> 00:05:12.240 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Not one person wearing a mask anywhere and people are just everywhere it matter of fact, there was a one of the CEOs recently of one of the bigger change, I want to say.

00:05:12.870 --> 00:05:24.690 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Maybe Caesars said that for the foreseeable future, all hotel rooms on the weekends are sold out in Vegas I mean it everyone's heading to Vegas they've been bent up for a year and a half.

00:05:25.110 --> 00:05:36.210 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But man i'm telling you what this delta variant and you got a whole lot of people anybody that watched the MMA fight conor McGregor the other night when broke his leg and saw Donald trump there.

00:05:37.470 --> 00:05:47.850 Kevin Barbaro Productions: knows that that a lot of the people to go to Vegas are in that kind of cross section of the United States that didn't necessarily get the.

00:05:48.870 --> 00:05:56.640 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Get the vaccine, or you know kind of anti vaccine or something, then, but i'll tell you what I did do as soon as I got back I got back on Thursday.

00:05:57.870 --> 00:06:09.660 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Literally as soon as I got back made an appointment to go and get a coven test, because I wanted to make sure that whatever I may have gotten in Vegas would actually stay in Vegas and you know.

00:06:11.460 --> 00:06:30.750 Kevin Barbaro Productions: tested negative life is good but it's it's it's a crazy place so anyway circling back to the world of track and field, as I said, you don't even have to be a track man now as a matter of fact kind of like the the feeling within the world of track and field right now is that.

00:06:32.220 --> 00:06:45.450 Kevin Barbaro Productions: We suddenly have all these people that are now considering themselves to be I don't know if they consider themselves to be fans of track and field, or if they're just honestly jumping on the bandwagon.

00:06:46.590 --> 00:06:48.210 Kevin Barbaro Productions: To talk about track and field.

00:06:49.290 --> 00:06:52.020 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Because it's in the forefront of.

00:06:53.280 --> 00:06:54.810 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Various debates now.

00:06:55.950 --> 00:06:58.380 Kevin Barbaro Productions: We talked about shikari Richardson.

00:06:59.460 --> 00:07:10.920 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Maybe about three weeks ago and how personally I I digger I mean I digger I I love the confidence I love the hair the nails reminds me of flo Jo back in the day.

00:07:11.520 --> 00:07:22.500 Kevin Barbaro Productions: she's her own person she's tough she's a competitor she she's she's all the things that that I think make up a great athlete.

00:07:23.190 --> 00:07:40.710 Kevin Barbaro Productions: she's got her own brand now, the thing about her is, though, that she kind of she I mean she's a she she can be arrogant, at times, you know, but at the same time, you know hey you don't she she she talks she walks the walk that she talks, you know so.

00:07:41.880 --> 00:07:48.210 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I don't have a problem with that whatsoever matter of fact, I don't think anybody should have a problem there anyway it doesn't really affect your life, one way or the other but.

00:07:49.770 --> 00:08:03.210 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The point is that she has a certain brand about her and you either like her, or you dislike her i'm not gonna say hey does that's a that's a ridiculous we're not know anybody could hate somebody because it because they're confident you know so.

00:08:04.740 --> 00:08:24.840 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But what did end up happening, and I think you've seen on the news and you've seen on all the daytime morning TV news shows is this card Richardson did test positive for marijuana for weed and here's the thing about track and field, this is what and the problem is.

00:08:25.920 --> 00:08:43.020 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The problem, the problem is a couple, there are a couple of layers to the problem, one aspect of the problem with all this is that people who are only casual track and field fans or just casual sports fans or you're not a sports fan at all.

00:08:44.490 --> 00:09:03.570 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And all you're doing is reading a headline or looking at a picture or reading a caption and you immediately, because this is the way society is now you make a decision, this is how I feel about it, I dig my heels in and I don't want to hear anything other than what I feel.

00:09:04.980 --> 00:09:19.350 Kevin Barbaro Productions: that's what happens pretty much everything now with this is what's happening in in in in regards to this, so the my cats, let me tell you something man, I say this every week my cats have they want nothing to do with me.

00:09:20.820 --> 00:09:30.360 Kevin Barbaro Productions: For the most part during the day come on now until i'm either doing my show where i'm doing an audition now i've got grayson up here, trying to stick his head through the.

00:09:32.880 --> 00:09:36.180 Kevin Barbaro Productions: mistake, he said, through the light ring.

00:09:37.350 --> 00:09:42.120 Kevin Barbaro Productions: it's just that's life man that's like when you got cats so anyway getting back.

00:09:43.800 --> 00:09:51.450 Kevin Barbaro Productions: A lot of people, they just they just see the headline they just run with it so she tested positive for marijuana and at first.

00:09:53.010 --> 00:09:57.090 Kevin Barbaro Productions: she's handed down or she's staring down a two year ban.

00:09:58.560 --> 00:10:02.370 Kevin Barbaro Productions: which would effectively obviously take her out of the Olympics and potentially even.

00:10:04.170 --> 00:10:09.210 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I don't want to say what in her career, because she is quite young, but it would be devastating to her career.

00:10:10.380 --> 00:10:22.830 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Not to mention all the money, this is going to be missing out on so here's the thing in the sport of track and field so, and this was the casual fan or doesn't understand or or really care to understand.

00:10:23.940 --> 00:10:32.700 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In the sport of track and field, more so than pretty much any other sport, you are subject when you're an elite track and field athlete.

00:10:33.390 --> 00:10:48.660 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And you're part of USA track and field here in the United States or athletics, Canada and if you're Canadian etc, etc, you are subject to to random drug testing at any time, you can be drug tested at any time out of competition.

00:10:49.800 --> 00:11:09.990 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You literally have to give you sada, who is the US anti doping Agency that that handles the drug testing and and enforces the drug rules but it's actually water w Ada the World Anti drug.

00:11:12.180 --> 00:11:23.910 Kevin Barbaro Productions: associate you know authority that is in charge of creating the rules by which all countries have to follow So these are worldwide rules.

00:11:24.810 --> 00:11:36.120 Kevin Barbaro Productions: These aren't rules that we make up here in the United States, and you know, Willy nilly, and whether we're going to follow them or not these are worldwide rules, we have to follow them.

00:11:37.320 --> 00:11:49.620 Kevin Barbaro Productions: We have to agree if we're going to to allow them us if the if the world governing body for athletics world athletics, is going to allow us as a country.

00:11:50.250 --> 00:11:58.500 Kevin Barbaro Productions: To be a part of their world championships and the Olympics and etc, we have to be subjected to these drug testing rules, these are and the rules.

00:11:59.010 --> 00:12:10.590 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And the discipline for drug testing violations in track and field are much stiffer than, say major league baseball which is like barely even existing.

00:12:11.130 --> 00:12:26.340 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In terms of their accountability, I even get a 2550 game suspension for testing positive for steroids straight up steroids 5050 games you're already making you can take that money these guys had that money in a mattress.

00:12:27.720 --> 00:12:36.510 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You get called once and track and field and and it's a four year band okay so you're subject to anytime to drug test now.

00:12:37.650 --> 00:12:47.250 Kevin Barbaro Productions: When you go to the national championships, there are certain times when you know you're going to be drugged us, you know, without a shadow of a doubt you're going to be drug tested.

00:12:48.330 --> 00:12:54.120 Kevin Barbaro Productions: One of those times when you go the Olympic trials, you need to go to the US championships, or you go to Olympic trials.

00:12:55.140 --> 00:12:56.460 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You finished in the top four.

00:12:57.540 --> 00:12:58.620 Kevin Barbaro Productions: As soon as you're done.

00:12:59.880 --> 00:13:12.960 Kevin Barbaro Productions: you're carted off to a private area, you have somebody who escorts you and it's going to be with you the whole time it's going to watch you pee in a cup literally watch up in a cup you don't go anywhere.

00:13:13.890 --> 00:13:23.100 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You have to go from the event your shuffled through your drug tested immediately here in the top four you know ahead of time.

00:13:23.850 --> 00:13:31.560 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That this is going to happen and i'm gonna be back here in just a minute and i'm going to explain why that is relevant, why that's relevant to what's going on right now with.

00:13:31.800 --> 00:13:39.300 Kevin Barbaro Productions: shikari Richardson and we're gonna talk about a few other things i'm Kevin Barbara you're listening to coffee talk excel on talk radio dot nyc.

00:15:52.890 --> 00:15:58.710 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Welcome back everybody to coffee talk XL i'm Kevin Barbara and you're listening on talk radio dot nyc.

00:15:59.250 --> 00:16:09.420 Kevin Barbaro Productions: and talking about continuing my conversation from the first segment about Chicago Richardson has been in the news because of her band that's going to effectively.

00:16:10.170 --> 00:16:23.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: keep her from competing at the Olympics, this year, because she tested positive for marijuana at the Olympic trials so here's what I was getting at you know they're going to be tested now, the thing about.

00:16:24.240 --> 00:16:28.920 Kevin Barbaro Productions: marijuana is that, in terms of being a banned substance.

00:16:30.270 --> 00:16:40.710 Kevin Barbaro Productions: it's actually only banned in competition out of competition it's it it's not something that you have to worry about in competition.

00:16:41.940 --> 00:16:53.280 Kevin Barbaro Productions: It is listed, along with all the other I don't want to just say performance enhancing drugs because, and this is where kind of like the media is kind of spreading this and people that don't understand that's kind of spun this.

00:16:54.150 --> 00:17:12.360 Kevin Barbaro Productions: it's not on that list that list of banned substances is not only for performance enhancing drugs crack is on their net is on there, but there's a lot of things that are on there that aren't necessarily performance enhancing now, one could argue.

00:17:13.380 --> 00:17:15.510 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That marijuana.

00:17:16.770 --> 00:17:27.720 Kevin Barbaro Productions: weed is a performance, it does enhance your performance, you could argue, because it does relax you, it does have human qualities and these kinds of things now.

00:17:28.290 --> 00:17:33.930 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The problem with what's going on with the median and and run with this and turning this it somehow.

00:17:34.770 --> 00:17:43.590 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And sky richton to her credit she's not responsible for this she owned up to it hey i'm human she explained the whole situation.

00:17:44.160 --> 00:17:50.610 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I get it i've screwed up everybody they might have been watching this show for the last 12 years knows I screwed up Royal.

00:17:51.390 --> 00:17:56.850 Kevin Barbaro Productions: first thing you do when you screw up you better own it man own it and take responsibility.

00:17:57.450 --> 00:18:03.960 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And you got to push forward and that's what she's done she's not she's not turning this into some big political debate.

00:18:04.800 --> 00:18:16.770 Kevin Barbaro Productions: or a debate on racism or or or our drug laws, the United States, this is what happened people just run with us Oh well, we need is is legal in 19 different States.

00:18:17.250 --> 00:18:34.380 Kevin Barbaro Productions: How I don't understand how she could be banned for this and then you've got a oC who I love right, but she she's in the wrong pool on this one right she's she's out of her laying completely sending a letter to you sada, who is the US.

00:18:35.490 --> 00:18:48.690 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Anti doping Agency you saw it up hits her back and says hey we just enforce we don't make these rules, these are worldwide rules, you know this isn't this whether there's a debate of whether or not.

00:18:49.710 --> 00:18:55.620 Kevin Barbaro Productions: We should be legally United States, whether or not it's been used for years as a.

00:18:57.330 --> 00:18:57.840 Kevin Barbaro Productions: kind of a.

00:18:58.860 --> 00:19:10.860 Kevin Barbaro Productions: opening the door for for police to harass African Americans and etc, etc, all of that I get all that all right, I got no problem i'm for tool friendly men but.

00:19:13.260 --> 00:19:23.100 Kevin Barbaro Productions: There are rules and these rules aren't made by the United States, we just have to follow these books, these rules are handed down because you gotta remember we're only one.

00:19:23.910 --> 00:19:34.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Of over 200 and something countries were acting or singing and people get all freaked out acting like we're the only country that matters that just because, as somebody from.

00:19:35.430 --> 00:19:39.270 Kevin Barbaro Productions: From a small country in the Middle East or in South Africa.

00:19:40.500 --> 00:19:50.940 Kevin Barbaro Productions: About weed and and and hey it's legal in Oregon there's who was Oregon where's already I don't really care, you know you go to some countries man.

00:19:51.930 --> 00:20:03.750 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You just even have wheat and you're going to jail it's mandatory so these rules are worldwide, they have nothing to do with whether or not we socially accept.

00:20:04.470 --> 00:20:13.620 Kevin Barbaro Productions: marijuana or we socially except we've or if it's first of all it's still illegal federally now it's legal in certain states.

00:20:14.610 --> 00:20:24.480 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But it's illegal federally okay so it's still illegal in the United States it's very illegal and a lot of other countries, a lot of countries that are even bigger than us okay so.

00:20:25.320 --> 00:20:34.350 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I think that people are a little bit misguided in this whole thing look she she owned up to it, she shouldn't hey man if she had just waited a week.

00:20:34.890 --> 00:20:45.960 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Then she'd been all right, but the reality is she tested positive at the event at at where you know you're going to be tested, and now they did shorten the.

00:20:46.920 --> 00:21:02.850 Kevin Barbaro Productions: band down to 30 days and there was potentially an opportunity for her to go to the Olympics still and run on the four by one there's some speculation as to how why that didn't happen because a ball, I mean i've talked about this before on the show.

00:21:04.290 --> 00:21:05.940 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And i'll mention it again.

00:21:08.250 --> 00:21:11.970 Kevin Barbaro Productions: she's coached by Dennis Mitchell Dennis Mitchell.

00:21:13.950 --> 00:21:25.830 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm stunned that the guys coaching or he's already been banned himself personally more than once Okay, he coaches justin gatlin who's I don't know Ben band more than once.

00:21:26.400 --> 00:21:32.550 Kevin Barbaro Productions: He coaches in part of the coaching team for a Christian Coleman who's band right now.

00:21:33.210 --> 00:21:44.700 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Dennis Mitchell the worst relay kosta we've ever had in US history, how many times we're dropping the time the Olympics World Championships when he was a coach i'll give them the one Gold Medal you know, but other than that so.

00:21:46.200 --> 00:22:00.630 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Her purse the perception following her and that wasn't so great and then he's trying to bark for her to be on that the anchor leg, and whatever I really couldn't care less whether she runs or not all I care about is that.

00:22:01.890 --> 00:22:10.770 Kevin Barbaro Productions: People need to be educated as to exactly how things work, but people don't take the time to do so, another thing I was going to talk about this week.

00:22:11.850 --> 00:22:17.130 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Is the new name image and likeness that is going on in the nc double a now.

00:22:19.200 --> 00:22:23.460 Kevin Barbaro Productions: This is also in mainstream media whether you're a sports fan or not so.

00:22:24.540 --> 00:22:29.250 Kevin Barbaro Productions: What basically is happening I don't have a ton of time to go through the entire thing but.

00:22:30.750 --> 00:22:34.410 Kevin Barbaro Productions: On a reader's digest version this so for years.

00:22:36.060 --> 00:22:45.000 Kevin Barbaro Productions: college athletics at the division one, two and three level the nc double a well naia as well as always maintain and amateurism.

00:22:45.660 --> 00:23:06.810 Kevin Barbaro Productions: aspect to it so you're not allowed to go out and make money based off your athletic performance and maintain your eligibility within the ncaa part of the reason for that is because there is a wide open door for this to be abused and for schools or donors more.

00:23:08.130 --> 00:23:17.640 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Particularly donors to be paying athletes under the table in cash and giving them additional benefits that are illegal okay.

00:23:18.930 --> 00:23:29.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: This is what happened to SMU back in the day when they got the death penalty if you're even a casual sports man, you know what i'm talking about is because all those football players were getting just.

00:23:30.510 --> 00:23:49.890 Kevin Barbaro Productions: envelopes, full of cash after every game, so now with the nc double a whether they're being forced to at this point is that if you have an nfl and i'll show the nfl the name image likeness you can go out and you can negotiate your own endorsements.

00:23:51.000 --> 00:23:52.110 Kevin Barbaro Productions: or sponsorships.

00:23:54.150 --> 00:24:12.780 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Based on your name image and likeness now you can't use the school to piggyback on this so like if you were to sign a contract with I mean there's a lot there's a lot to say you sign a modeling contract that you're going to endorse some law firm in town.

00:24:14.070 --> 00:24:21.060 Kevin Barbaro Productions: it's only you as a person as an athlete you can't show up in the school's gear.

00:24:22.170 --> 00:24:39.000 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Because the school itself is not endorsing that law from you as an individual or endorsing my law firm, so I do think that it's good that you know hey listen if you can go out and make $1 and listen there's some people are going to make tons of money you know you got this girl.

00:24:40.500 --> 00:24:42.810 Kevin Barbaro Productions: At Ls you olivia done.

00:24:44.220 --> 00:24:48.900 Kevin Barbaro Productions: 1819 years old she's got like 4 million followers on tick tick.

00:24:50.070 --> 00:24:54.300 Kevin Barbaro Productions: tick tick and tick tock okay who's in this room.

00:24:56.190 --> 00:25:06.930 Kevin Barbaro Productions: More million followers on thick docs you got one point, like 3 million followers on instagram she wouldn't be considered a a social media influencer they're saying.

00:25:07.830 --> 00:25:26.820 Kevin Barbaro Productions: she's going to be able to line up some modeling contracts and whatnot based on this new nll where she's she'll be a millionaire by the by the time school starts in the fall, whereas in the past, you would have to wait on all that money until after college now here's part of the problem.

00:25:28.980 --> 00:25:30.810 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That I have, I was a college coach for.

00:25:31.890 --> 00:25:34.710 Kevin Barbaro Productions: 20 something years and division one level right so.

00:25:36.570 --> 00:25:49.650 Kevin Barbaro Productions: What a lot of people don't get if you're if you weren't an athlete or, particularly at the division one level typically the higher end of the division one level if you weren't an athlete you really don't know.

00:25:50.730 --> 00:26:06.450 Kevin Barbaro Productions: How much money is actually being invested in the student athletes by the school so you've got people were politicians and you got people that you know never did a day of college in their life like lebron James I went to college or dana's life.

00:26:08.430 --> 00:26:14.340 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Where they say you know it's about time that the athletes get paid well back up a SEC yeah hang on a SEC.

00:26:15.390 --> 00:26:25.170 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know if you are an nc double a division one football player so different sports, so you can either be a counter sport or you can be an equivalency sport.

00:26:25.530 --> 00:26:33.450 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So an equivalent to the sport basically method you can get any scholarship any amount from basically books, all the way up to a full scholarship.

00:26:33.720 --> 00:26:38.400 Kevin Barbaro Productions: If you're a college football player you're in a counter sport, which means that everybody gets a full.

00:26:39.090 --> 00:26:47.580 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So not only these kids getting full scholarships, which were 50 to $60,000 that's that's tuition first of all it's all of their tuition.

00:26:48.030 --> 00:26:53.310 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Then they're getting a rent and meals check, so they don't live in the dorms after like their freshman year they live in an apartment.

00:26:53.700 --> 00:27:08.340 Kevin Barbaro Productions: you're renting meals check is based on the most expensive dorm and it's divided into 10 equal payments so they're getting like 2500 to $3,000 a month for rent and and oh you got a cat to create a.

00:27:09.570 --> 00:27:10.470 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Nice.

00:27:12.120 --> 00:27:18.570 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And so they're getting all of that money to live on and what the average taxpayer doesn't know but i'm going to tell you right now.

00:27:19.110 --> 00:27:30.690 Kevin Barbaro Productions: If you're a full scholarship person and you were eligible for the pell grant now the pell grant was designed to be given to people who don't have money, so that they can help pay for their schooling.

00:27:31.740 --> 00:27:44.430 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But if you're an nc double a division one football player not only didn't you get all your tuition paid for all your books all of your health care, all of everything that somebody with a renton meals check 2500 to $3,000 a month.

00:27:45.240 --> 00:27:53.340 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But because you have no bill and that pill comes in, if your pill eligible they give it to you, they just think just handed to you.

00:27:54.030 --> 00:28:04.380 Kevin Barbaro Productions: it's a refund that you get a check for the pell grant that's not what the hell was made for the pell was made to help people that can't pay for college paper towel.

00:28:05.070 --> 00:28:11.070 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And so, these kids are walking away with their pell grant and they had a constant living grant that they were able to get so.

00:28:11.760 --> 00:28:22.710 Kevin Barbaro Productions: all said and done, you figure everything in that a college athlete in a counter sport in big time division one school gets and it was upwards of 70 $80,000 a year.

00:28:24.060 --> 00:28:39.240 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And, and then you got people that never are associated with athletics day in their lives, and you know it's like slave Labor you go into practice for 20 hours a week $80,000 a year job yeah now like I said i'm all for them going out and making money.

00:28:40.860 --> 00:28:45.510 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Give what you can get because at the end of the day, i'm not a coach anymore, and I really couldn't care less.

00:28:47.010 --> 00:28:56.730 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Less than happy to be back here in a couple of minutes I got my buddy Craig like she's going to be here, as my guest, for the second half of the show you're listening to coffee talk axtell on talk radio dot nyc.

00:31:25.740 --> 00:31:36.720 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Welcome back everybody to coffee talk XL i'm Kevin Barbara you're listening talk radio dot nyc are you watching this live on slash talk radio when my see make sure, after the show.

00:31:37.110 --> 00:31:51.510 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That you go and download the podcast it's available on Google apple spotify yada yada so second half of the show here longtime friend former coaching buddy cope with coaching the same place actually you're muted, to get them you so.

00:31:52.560 --> 00:31:57.090 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Craig lake now Craig was think you got there you go.

00:31:58.110 --> 00:32:10.080 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Craig and I we coached together back in the late 1990s we were at Columbia University together coaching cross country and track and field now Craig ended up going on, she became an associate head coach there at.

00:32:11.070 --> 00:32:19.740 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Columbia and then went on to be the first female director of cross country and track and field in the Ivy League and I believe history when she went on to Brown.

00:32:20.100 --> 00:32:28.860 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Now she's like big time you know high end real estate agent in Boston you know getting featured in Wall Street Journal and everything else.

00:32:29.910 --> 00:32:33.180 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But Greg how you doing man great great to see i've seen you in forever.

00:32:33.870 --> 00:32:35.490 Craig Lake: yeah um.

00:32:35.550 --> 00:32:35.910 No.

00:32:37.830 --> 00:32:38.340 Kevin Barbaro Productions: what's that.

00:32:38.640 --> 00:32:39.840 Craig Lake: Stephen good shape.

00:32:40.530 --> 00:32:46.650 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Well, you know when you're an actor you got to keep the curb appeal you're in real estate you understand what i'm saying that's all staging.

00:32:50.970 --> 00:33:05.400 Kevin Barbaro Productions: there's a there's a lot that goes into it, you know just just got to keep that curb appeal up but I appreciate it and yeah it's a it's a lot as a view I I read in your bio that you're still out running along the river there in Boston still making it happen.

00:33:05.550 --> 00:33:08.340 Craig Lake: To fight off all the time, I can definitely run.

00:33:09.300 --> 00:33:10.200 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah that's great.

00:33:11.460 --> 00:33:18.660 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But listen, I was just talking earlier in the show I don't know, do you follow track and field much anymore stiller.

00:33:19.350 --> 00:33:29.100 Craig Lake: And don't as much um I obviously through some friends who are still in the coaching world my friend from Pascal Gilbert.

00:33:29.460 --> 00:33:29.880 Who.

00:33:31.890 --> 00:33:34.530 Craig Lake: helps train and coach Shelby houlihan.

00:33:35.130 --> 00:33:36.570 Craig Lake: right which.

00:33:36.600 --> 00:33:36.930 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah.

00:33:37.650 --> 00:33:39.240 Craig Lake: What is, you know.

00:33:40.920 --> 00:33:42.480 Craig Lake: I believe she's innocent.

00:33:44.040 --> 00:33:55.410 Craig Lake: I felt that you know it's really unfortunate situation when you still have somebody who has been proven to lie on the water, you know committee.

00:33:55.530 --> 00:33:56.370 and drug can do.

00:33:57.660 --> 00:34:12.330 Craig Lake: And the trace amounts that were found, and then, of course, you and I both know how it can be plastered and spine in a way that's very bad so all over the normal news it's port burrito she blames pork burrito and.

00:34:12.780 --> 00:34:29.370 Craig Lake: So of course normal people are like what a lie, which are a bad name gives the sport a bad name, unfortunately, and the truth doesn't come out and kind of like you were saying with a four year ban, I mean you hit your peak.

00:34:29.970 --> 00:34:42.870 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah because I want to say she's 28 now right in that range yeah I actually talked about this a few weeks back on my show here's what I said about it is that.

00:34:44.580 --> 00:34:47.130 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know, obviously I don't know if she's innocent or not.

00:34:48.300 --> 00:35:00.090 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Nobody knows, except for her deep down, you know whether she but here's my feeling is it's entirely plausible that she's telling the truth and I, I think that.

00:35:00.840 --> 00:35:10.650 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The whole thing with the Puerto Rico and the media just taken off about that the reality is which people don't want to hear this, but in order for you to file an appeal.

00:35:11.880 --> 00:35:21.240 Kevin Barbaro Productions: With CAD with CD in Switzerland, you have to give them an excuse, you have you can't just go in and say hey I want to feel this I don't know where it came from.

00:35:22.080 --> 00:35:34.770 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And so, if you really aren't taking it and and I laid out like few weeks ago, how difficult it is to be on steroids these kinds of steroids, and to hide it from everybody hi different roommates and everything else anyway.

00:35:36.690 --> 00:35:46.350 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You have to give an excuse well, of course, if you don't know where it came from you have no idea where you're going to go back obviously was ingested somehow.

00:35:47.010 --> 00:35:53.280 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And when you go back and look at all the things that you eat well it sure as hell didn't come from a bunch of green beans and.

00:35:53.700 --> 00:36:01.980 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Brussels sprouts you know you got you have to go back and look for logical places that would come from which would be meat and.

00:36:02.640 --> 00:36:09.180 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know she doesn't need that much meat of narrow down pretty quick I don't eat that much meat, you know I I can narrow it down, I can narrow down.

00:36:09.630 --> 00:36:15.270 Kevin Barbaro Productions: How many meals and meet that i've had in the last three weeks, I can tell you worried yeah so yeah I think it's totally.

00:36:16.230 --> 00:36:26.430 Kevin Barbaro Productions: it's totally plausible I don't even know I mean I I feel horrible, for if it really is if she's really telling the truth and I and i'm not saying she's not telling the truth yeah I mean.

00:36:27.630 --> 00:36:41.070 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But you know, I was talking to earlier in the show about shikari Richardson and with her and the weed ban, but I wanted to talk with you about.

00:36:42.060 --> 00:36:53.370 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Because you and I had this discussion, you know leading up to the show about sexism in athletics and and and athletic departments, and these are things that you've lived through yourself and.

00:36:54.540 --> 00:37:13.920 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The thing about shikari I got no problems card, which I think it's awesome I think she's tough, you know she's flamboyant and she's outspoken all of these things I I feel horrible for her, but at the same time rules are rules, I get that but what I want to get at is that.

00:37:15.360 --> 00:37:24.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Some people, you know people either like her, they don't like her, and a lot of the things that that people don't like about her, quite honestly, if she was a guy.

00:37:25.560 --> 00:37:44.700 Kevin Barbaro Productions: they're not having the same conversation about that, and I know that when you became the first female director in the Ivy League for track and field, you had to deal with a lot of that pushback about your success and I wanted that I wanted to.

00:37:44.970 --> 00:37:46.380 Kevin Barbaro Productions: give you an opportunity to talk about that.

00:37:46.680 --> 00:38:01.920 Craig Lake: Even at Columbia, nobody cared about me until we became successful and even I mean rip to shreds the very few women coaches that are out there are under such scrutiny and a spotlight and.

00:38:03.810 --> 00:38:21.780 Craig Lake: These anonymous message boards is actually funding what am I systems at Columbia said she was at a me when people were talking about what a jerk Craig like was, and you know just how abusive he was and how terrible he was these people had no idea that I was a woman.

00:38:23.310 --> 00:38:30.030 Craig Lake: On and on she was literally sitting behind them, just like yeah it kept talking about you, as if you were a man.

00:38:30.450 --> 00:38:40.710 Craig Lake: At obviously they had never met you they didn't know who you were but they had read these synonymous message boards and just hated your guts and it's just so hilarious to me that.

00:38:41.370 --> 00:38:52.830 Craig Lake: You know, and I was an insecure 20 something year old dad kind of just hung my head down low and people were probably like she's so standoffish or whatever, but I just.

00:38:54.240 --> 00:38:57.810 Craig Lake: You know yet didn't know how to handle all of that and.

00:38:59.670 --> 00:39:13.680 Craig Lake: it's tough women in athletics, and just even women athletes in general it's sad it's we haven't come that far since data came into existence there's less women coaches in the nc double a than ever.

00:39:15.030 --> 00:39:32.100 Craig Lake: To get fired a lot more often, I think, unfortunately, women are often a token female higher and if you don't make waves that's fine, but if you really want to win and you're competitive, and I can be intense.

00:39:33.270 --> 00:39:36.630 Craig Lake: i'm not saying I hadn't made mistakes are there.

00:39:36.660 --> 00:39:37.560 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Things that we all do.

00:39:38.550 --> 00:39:43.740 Craig Lake: Currently there's a few very concrete moments that I can think of.

00:39:46.050 --> 00:40:02.550 Craig Lake: But it's just sad to me at least women's tennis they're paid equally, but a lot of the men's tennis players stepped up and supported that for women's tennis and track and field, unfortunately, until they put bars, in the middle of.

00:40:04.230 --> 00:40:08.010 Craig Lake: The field i'm not sure how to get more popularity with track and field.

00:40:09.540 --> 00:40:21.990 Craig Lake: But I just found there's definitely a male coach can get away with more I think than a woman coach can and permit is, women are their own worst enemy as well.

00:40:23.070 --> 00:40:29.610 Craig Lake: so few at the top, that you feel competitive with one another and then girl athletes.

00:40:30.480 --> 00:40:43.260 Craig Lake: Sadly, I feel, can take more or handle more when it's coming from a male coach and i've seen many coaches do far worse than anything i've done.

00:40:43.800 --> 00:40:56.400 Craig Lake: i've seen someone throws something at his athletes i've seen you know, a bunch of stuff that would never even crossed my mind to do, or even a football coach and comparison telling an athlete you know, like.

00:40:57.360 --> 00:41:06.450 Craig Lake: you're fat lose weight like no never came out of my mouth to say eat to be lean and athletic you're causing quarters.

00:41:06.840 --> 00:41:07.560 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Right right.

00:41:08.010 --> 00:41:08.430 drinking.

00:41:10.080 --> 00:41:11.820 Craig Lake: Your classic eating disorders.

00:41:14.010 --> 00:41:14.730 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah I think.

00:41:15.450 --> 00:41:17.550 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know the problem is that.

00:41:19.710 --> 00:41:26.100 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Well, it just keeps perpetuating it there's like this never ending cycle to it, but it started.

00:41:26.610 --> 00:41:42.960 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Once timeline hit which one thing that's really amazing to me is that title nine was in our lifetime, you know it's it's stunning to think about when we were in high school, there was no ncaa women's championship, it was it a w you know.

00:41:43.530 --> 00:41:44.040 and

00:41:46.020 --> 00:41:48.660 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Well, when I was in high school look it up.

00:41:50.700 --> 00:41:57.870 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But within our lifetime, so what they did was they had add all of these women's sports well, they just gave the job.

00:41:58.200 --> 00:42:10.320 Kevin Barbaro Productions: To like the lowest ranking mail coach on the men staff and he would take over the women and and and a lot of these guys now a lot of them are out now, because obviously spent 40 years now, but.

00:42:11.430 --> 00:42:22.950 Kevin Barbaro Productions: When we were coaching it was obvious who some of these guys, are they only got the job in 86 or 87 when we added the women's team because, like he was the only person there to do it, you know.

00:42:24.060 --> 00:42:42.870 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And so, then you have a situation where the women athletes who would, maybe even potentially go into the world of coaching have a negative experience as athletes and then well why would I go into coaching you know my coach was I was an ass or whatever you know and but.

00:42:43.980 --> 00:43:00.630 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The problem is that, like on these message boards a female gets hired like they even look at right now I mean I go to it every once in a while, just because i'm still kind of you know, in that world a little bit and every female hire is just.

00:43:00.780 --> 00:43:11.970 Kevin Barbaro Productions: ripped to shreds oh I can't believe they hired her you know and and it's just but you don't I mean you see a little bit to the men but it's not the same it's definitely not the same.

00:43:12.900 --> 00:43:13.260 and

00:43:14.310 --> 00:43:20.250 Craig Lake: When I was at Columbia that other people did the work other people were coaching I just recruited.

00:43:21.690 --> 00:43:24.000 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah you're accused of just being a clipper holder.

00:43:24.300 --> 00:43:30.210 Craig Lake: yeah yeah which I was the only coach going to those practices, I was the only coach you know.

00:43:30.240 --> 00:43:31.920 Kevin Barbaro Productions: overstay your writing them the.

00:43:31.950 --> 00:43:33.690 Kevin Barbaro Productions: workouts you know it's not.

00:43:34.140 --> 00:43:43.680 Kevin Barbaro Productions: This isn't by accident but listen Craig I got to take a commercial break here for a second we'll come back, I want to talk real estate with you because i'm totally intrigued by all these millions of dollars of we're talking.

00:43:43.980 --> 00:43:49.830 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But i'll be back in a minute i'm Kevin Barbara you're listening to coffee talk to excel on talk radio dot nyc.

00:46:18.210 --> 00:46:21.660 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Welcome back everybody to coffee talk XL i'm Kevin barbro you listen.

00:46:21.660 --> 00:46:30.600 Kevin Barbaro Productions: To talk radio dot nyc i'm here with my good friend Craig lake and a former college coach for many, many years very successful incredibly successful.

00:46:31.080 --> 00:46:39.000 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And down out of coaching the site, how did you land on real estate and be you know you're muted again.

00:46:39.780 --> 00:46:48.450 Kevin Barbaro Productions: People always ask me, you know how did you end up becoming an actor, which is just a crazy story in itself but how'd you land on real estate and then.

00:46:48.930 --> 00:46:58.470 Kevin Barbaro Productions: segue that into how did you land on high in real estate, not just selling you know, some two bedroom apartment down the road, so how did that happen.

00:46:59.640 --> 00:47:02.400 Craig Lake: um interestingly enough, two years before I got.

00:47:03.870 --> 00:47:04.680 Craig Lake: contacted.

00:47:06.360 --> 00:47:13.740 Craig Lake: And I actually met somebody on um that I met somebody who owned this real estate company and.

00:47:14.310 --> 00:47:24.390 Craig Lake: growing up my best friend's mom and my best friend ended up teaming up with her later in real estate, where I grew up in the Maryland area so i'd always kind of looked up to her.

00:47:24.780 --> 00:47:34.500 Craig Lake: But I just found it fascinating looking at properties, I was kind of looking at moving to the Boston area anyway because coming from New York City to Providence Rhode island is is quite the adjustment.

00:47:35.040 --> 00:47:42.150 Craig Lake: And so i'm just kind of looking through and kind of like obsessed with looking at apartments and stuff like that.

00:47:43.680 --> 00:47:49.680 Craig Lake: Obviously didn't start just by selling I started only doing Rentals my first two years.

00:47:51.750 --> 00:47:53.730 Craig Lake: I remember the time I was dating someone he's like.

00:47:55.200 --> 00:48:01.290 Craig Lake: kind of who was there throughout kind of the transition he's like well i'll go make like 30 to 60,001st year.

00:48:04.980 --> 00:48:05.310 Craig Lake: here.

00:48:09.390 --> 00:48:20.760 Craig Lake: So basically I remember him being like 30 to 60 year first year and thinking like challenge accepted and we're breaking up like.

00:48:25.200 --> 00:48:27.960 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Thanks for setting that ceiling so high for me.

00:48:28.470 --> 00:48:32.430 Craig Lake: i'm like to you're saying that's what the average real estate agent makes.

00:48:34.200 --> 00:48:41.370 Craig Lake: You know, so I remember, I mean obviously money was never you never a driving force in my life I coach for 15 years.

00:48:43.110 --> 00:48:51.840 Craig Lake: squandering away my $20 per diem every day and packing my own lunches bringing my automobile did like squirrel away my $20.

00:48:53.820 --> 00:49:11.400 Craig Lake: So you know anything that was comparable to what I was making in the living standard that I had in Rhode island, I would have been happy with, but there's nothing harder, I feel like then really coaching full time, especially at Columbia University recruiting kids in New York City.

00:49:13.680 --> 00:49:21.360 Craig Lake: I worked so many hours in a day recruiting West Coast October one 1am 130 in the morning.

00:49:22.620 --> 00:49:26.250 Craig Lake: So I felt like it was actually a really easy transition.

00:49:27.510 --> 00:49:29.610 Craig Lake: From coaching into real estate.

00:49:31.110 --> 00:49:44.610 Craig Lake: Similarly, being the coach the cause the most and who remembers competitions and you know, at first, I really enjoyed all of that stuff it's it is tough, not to burn out when you do it for so long.

00:49:45.960 --> 00:49:55.260 Craig Lake: But to say it it's a people person, you know, and I think it helps that i'm pretty dead honest upfront about my opinions of places and.

00:49:56.880 --> 00:50:12.390 Craig Lake: i've yet to have a client lose money you know partially also because we've had a really good ride with real estate, but I take that very seriously and picking the right places i'm not there just to make a sale and i'm there to really help people and guide them to making a good decision.

00:50:13.950 --> 00:50:14.340 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Right.

00:50:16.050 --> 00:50:18.360 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Well, you know it's Karma too, because you know if you're.

00:50:18.510 --> 00:50:35.910 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know if the goal, ultimately, is to help someone not them not to make the money but to genuinely help somebody then you're always going to be, you know good things are going to kind of come back to you, you know I one of my companies that I own is the content production company well.

00:50:37.050 --> 00:50:49.470 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Similarly, when I go to rent a venue uh you know my my spiel is hey man let's let's all make money I agree yeah I mean, let me let's all be in this together.

00:50:49.800 --> 00:50:57.930 Kevin Barbaro Productions: let's work together and and find the best way to make this happen, and I know that for me and i'm assuming that the same as for you.

00:50:59.160 --> 00:51:06.330 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm a competitive guy I mean I mean I wouldn't have been a college coach role is yours you wouldn't have been a college coach all those years you're not a competitive person.

00:51:06.810 --> 00:51:14.820 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And, just like when when this idiot tells you oh yeah maybe you'll make $30,000 you know it's like you know what I just want to be the best.

00:51:15.240 --> 00:51:24.330 Kevin Barbaro Productions: whatever that means you know I don't even know what that means you know, and I think that that's a really good transfer of being a coach you know.

00:51:25.260 --> 00:51:38.070 Kevin Barbaro Productions: We have a lot of friends that are still coaching that they hate it, I mean I i'm not even kidding they hate it because they got no exit plan right, you know and um you know.

00:51:39.090 --> 00:51:46.800 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Did you have an exit plan this real estate or was that going to be the exit plan or it just happened to be there.

00:51:47.820 --> 00:51:48.570 Craig Lake: was kind of.

00:51:49.590 --> 00:51:58.500 Craig Lake: I was burnt out Brown was a challenge for me i'm also I felt at these kind of changed a little bit from.

00:51:59.640 --> 00:52:04.470 Craig Lake: generation to generation, I mean I grew up with Bobby knight style coaches for better for worse.

00:52:05.460 --> 00:52:17.610 Craig Lake: I can remember at a slim camp them yelling at us walking across the parking lot barefoot with like glass pebbles rocks and they're screaming at us like hurry pissy.

00:52:19.350 --> 00:52:24.450 Craig Lake: And the only thing that crossed my mind, is well, I hope you don't step on class, but what is a pissing it.

00:52:25.710 --> 00:52:36.360 Craig Lake: wasn't like oh my gosh i'm going to tell my parents or and I was like dude I felt accomplished actor and I was tougher actor and he was just a different time back fun.

00:52:36.840 --> 00:52:53.700 Craig Lake: um whereas all of a sudden i'm coaching college and 20 year old moms are calling me, but she tries really hard I don't understand why she doesn't travel i'm like be in physics i'm sure she tried really hard to there but doesn't mean and again today, you know.

00:52:55.470 --> 00:53:02.310 Craig Lake: So I think, for me it was just trying to get out as well.

00:53:03.990 --> 00:53:05.550 Craig Lake: I was no longer happy doing it.

00:53:06.090 --> 00:53:06.540 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah.

00:53:07.290 --> 00:53:09.750 Craig Lake: I mean 12 our Saturdays or Sundays.

00:53:10.290 --> 00:53:11.520 Kevin Barbaro Productions: hundred each.

00:53:11.610 --> 00:53:13.320 Craig Lake: Of the four for.

00:53:14.580 --> 00:53:24.900 Craig Lake: What sport is that many if you watch the first basketball game now you're gonna watch the second string play the basketball game now you're going to watch the string and I.

00:53:25.170 --> 00:53:32.370 Craig Lake: See all day track and field doesn't have a disservice by having so many heats of stuff I mean who.

00:53:33.480 --> 00:53:35.400 Craig Lake: Has the attention span.

00:53:36.150 --> 00:53:46.860 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Exactly yeah I mean that's the big problem i've talked about it on this show and other i've been guests on, of course, other podcast track and field, but you know big track is its own enemy.

00:53:47.760 --> 00:54:01.470 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know and and the world of track and field, you know people ask me all the time hey would you, you know if you had an opportunity to go back to coaching there's no way why, why would Why would I ever do that, first of all I enjoy my lifestyle.

00:54:02.790 --> 00:54:03.120 Kevin Barbaro Productions: and

00:54:03.750 --> 00:54:04.620 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm not gonna just.

00:54:04.770 --> 00:54:07.980 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Cut that into a third again, you know i'm trying to live like that.

00:54:08.850 --> 00:54:11.430 Craig Lake: To be successful, it has to be your entire.

00:54:12.450 --> 00:54:24.210 Kevin Barbaro Productions: It is yeah exactly, and you know I can't, you know as well as I do look at how many college coaches are either unmarried or divorced.

00:54:25.050 --> 00:54:39.390 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In track and field, you know football coaches, they got trophy wives, you know and but basketball coaches same thing, because these guys are rich, you know that they you know they just that's their life, but in the world of track and field, I mean.

00:54:40.650 --> 00:54:47.370 Kevin Barbaro Productions: There, because it's not a real life, you know I it in and there's there's no changing.

00:54:47.880 --> 00:54:53.520 Craig Lake: It is such a microcosm when you're in it to that you forget that there's this outside world.

00:54:55.080 --> 00:55:03.360 Craig Lake: But, for me, like in real estate people like oh that sucks you have to work weekends i'm like, no, no, you have no idea what used to be like.

00:55:03.750 --> 00:55:04.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah.

00:55:04.440 --> 00:55:14.880 Craig Lake: it's over you're on frickin boss with 60 sweaty kids that haven't showered and you're covered in mind, probably because you've run all over the place.

00:55:14.940 --> 00:55:15.600 You know.

00:55:16.980 --> 00:55:17.520 Craig Lake: point.

00:55:18.570 --> 00:55:19.890 Craig Lake: I was just so nice.

00:55:20.490 --> 00:55:21.120 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And yeah.

00:55:22.080 --> 00:55:23.430 Craig Lake: I mean, I was, I was done.

00:55:24.720 --> 00:55:27.120 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah you don't want to be like the chief remember.

00:55:28.830 --> 00:55:46.020 Kevin Barbaro Productions: For the celtics you know you stayed a little bit too long couldn't walk you know it's like you know what you got to be like Jordan man well the during the first time and get I want to get as good I I got one last minute tell us what is the most expensive.

00:55:47.040 --> 00:55:53.580 Kevin Barbaro Productions: crib that you sold I got it it's got to be a ridiculous number what's the most expensive sale that you've made.

00:55:54.150 --> 00:56:07.860 Craig Lake: It was 20 million, but I negotiated at the end 300,000 off after the inspection with that said this was a home single family home that needed an entire renovation.

00:56:09.540 --> 00:56:18.750 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So somebody bought this thing for $19,000,019.7 million only to gut it had to redo it.

00:56:19.170 --> 00:56:23.820 Craig Lake: Was it was something like multi family that needed to be made into a single family.

00:56:24.690 --> 00:56:35.790 Kevin Barbaro Productions: This is a famous person that bought this, or is this just somebody that just has monopoly money you don't have to say who it is if it's famous, but this is somebody who's famous yeah I mean would have to be on those that kind of money.

00:56:36.480 --> 00:56:37.260 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I know that's.

00:56:37.770 --> 00:56:39.600 Kevin Barbaro Productions: that's like that's monopoly money yes.

00:56:41.670 --> 00:56:43.470 Craig Lake: very, very relative in real estate.

00:56:43.890 --> 00:56:46.650 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Man i'm Todd is yeah your whole Frame of Reference just.

00:56:47.100 --> 00:56:47.400 Still.

00:56:48.570 --> 00:56:49.740 Craig Lake: I still do Rentals.

00:56:49.800 --> 00:56:50.700 I take Nice.

00:56:52.260 --> 00:56:54.330 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Listen man never forget your roots right.

00:56:55.710 --> 00:56:56.010 Craig Lake: yeah.

00:56:56.520 --> 00:57:02.370 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Listen Greg thanks for being on the show best of luck, I hope that our paths crossed next time i'm up in Boston.

00:57:02.730 --> 00:57:04.380 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And we'll go out and we'll.

00:57:04.500 --> 00:57:06.000 Kevin Barbaro Productions: we'll we'll do one of these right.

00:57:06.210 --> 00:57:08.340 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So and i'll meet the husband Paul.

00:57:08.880 --> 00:57:09.450 Craig Lake: he's not.

00:57:10.140 --> 00:57:26.520 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah that's what i've heard so i'll find out in person i'll be back next week on coffee talk excel every Tuesday night eight o'clock here on talk radio dot nyc or on slash talk radio nyc i'm Kevin Barbara and i'll see everybody next week.

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