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Thursday, July 8, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/08 - Your Virtual Budtender

Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/08 - Your Virtual Budtender


2021/07/08 - Your Virtual Budtender

[NEW EPISODE] Your Virtual Budtender

If you are brave enough to venture into the world of retail Cannabis, you need to have the right partners.

Our special guest and his team provide a software solution that pushes the boundaries on how retailers manage complex compliance mandates, supply chain data, sales transactions, and reporting.  They even have Cannabis self-service kiosks!

Visiting Planet Pakalolo is Al Adebo, CEO of Herbtech.  Al’s mission is to empower the modern Cannabis retailers to build their dream dispensaries… time for everyone to grow together!

Tune in for this crazy conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Jonny introduces Al Adebo, CEO of Herbtech, a digital cannabis dispensary. Al’s introduction to the cannabis industry began in the business world, then moved to the ATM industry, then saw financial opportunity in the cannabis industry and began his business. They talk about the cannabis business’ dependence on cash, and the shift into the tech age for cannabis dispensing.

Segment 2

Jonny and Al dig deeper into Al’s motivation to begin a cannabis business in the south. A texas native, Al talks about the future market in texas, and all the different events his business has attended lately as a digital dispensary. Herbtech currently has five different dispensaries, and is looking towards the future of its business through good connections and partnerships with people.

Segment 3

Al and Jonny continue to talk about Al’s history, growing up in nigeria. Al talks about how growing up, he didn’t notice poverty because everyone around him had the same amount that he did. Moving to the u.s was difficult because of how prevalent the wealth disparity is here, and because of the excess of production that’s common here. Al also talks about his routine as a business owner, mentioning how he can’t skip the gym. The segment closes with a talk about the prevalence of kiosks in businesses, and how it allows customers to buy more since they have more control.

Segment 4

Al and Jonny close up the show by talking about some of the sacrifices and struggles Al has endured to get his ancillary business where it is now, specifically since his business is not in the actual product region of the cannabis industry. Jonny shares his own morning routine, and advice for being self-employed.


00:00:37.110 --> 00:00:53.310 Jonny Tsunami: Hello and good evening everyone i'm Johnny tsunami, and this is blended taco low low less taboo view and for those of you who don't know picabo ludlow is hawaiian slang for crazy tobacco.

00:00:53.730 --> 00:01:15.690 Jonny Tsunami: But this show is about taking the crazy out of cannabis by exploring new meetings and meeting new people by breaking stigma stereotypes and taboos today My guess l a devo owner and operator of herb tech your virtual Bud tender Oh, how you doing today buddy.

00:01:16.440 --> 00:01:17.760 Al Adebo: hey Johnny how you doing.

00:01:18.510 --> 00:01:24.060 Jonny Tsunami: doing great out tell us a little bit about yourself come on tell me I love you.

00:01:25.290 --> 00:01:25.800 Jonny Tsunami: anyway.

00:01:27.450 --> 00:01:29.220 Al Adebo: damn excited to show.

00:01:30.390 --> 00:01:30.720 Al Adebo: me.

00:01:31.080 --> 00:01:41.670 Al Adebo: You know, you know we've we we spoke a while back, and it was fun then and i'm hoping to have a good time now, my name is Alan on the founder owner of herb tech kiosk.

00:01:42.000 --> 00:01:55.680 Al Adebo: Self ordering chaos company for the cannabis retail space so pretty simple we help cannabis dispensaries sell more cannabis increase customer experience a better customer experience and reduce Labor costs.

00:01:56.190 --> 00:02:07.830 Al Adebo: At the same time and uh we bring fun to the industry receiving efficiency and we're looking at you know get more and more value added to the cannabis industry.

00:02:08.640 --> 00:02:12.690 Jonny Tsunami: I love it so now that's the President let's go the link to the past.

00:02:12.720 --> 00:02:28.770 Jonny Tsunami: and get a little bit into more who out is and why because remember the show is people that are entering the cannabis space are in the cannabis space and are looking to make friends with people in the cannabis space, so how did you get there.

00:02:29.940 --> 00:02:36.510 Al Adebo: So I mean Maya my entry into the cannabis industry was very different I initially, I was in.

00:02:37.080 --> 00:02:49.320 Al Adebo: The car business before then, I decided to transition into something completely different, which is the ATM business and what the business is it's pretty simple and provide ATM cash for businesses that need it.

00:02:50.190 --> 00:02:54.720 Al Adebo: And a good client of ours, we know where the cannabis dispensaries.

00:02:55.320 --> 00:03:05.850 Al Adebo: And I saw a need for it, I saw a need for myself wondering chaos, one of our dispensary Norman was always busy, and we had customers waiting on every single time.

00:03:06.630 --> 00:03:12.600 Al Adebo: And it all just walking in your early hey what you think will work, so I can I, you know, showing this line that we just came up with ideas and.

00:03:13.080 --> 00:03:17.130 Al Adebo: From there you know I got an Epiphany for a kiosk.

00:03:17.640 --> 00:03:28.920 Al Adebo: I was wanting to be in the cannabis space and ever since college of Wisconsin, and this was the perfect way to kind of get into it by chance, where these dispensaries and they needed something new to help with these long lines.

00:03:29.250 --> 00:03:35.310 Al Adebo: Like hey, this is the paint we got a solution for it in your breath this baby now in the cannabis industry.

00:03:35.790 --> 00:03:46.860 Jonny Tsunami: Right I love it I love it I think it's great I think it's phenomenal I think one of my favorite parts what we spoke to before is that it's an ancillary business it's not.

00:03:47.760 --> 00:04:08.160 Jonny Tsunami: connected to the plant we're talking software we're talking maintenance we're talking everything as far as you know, a business goes so when we look at optimized customer experiences with efficient self service solutions where does or tech fit in there.

00:04:09.900 --> 00:04:23.670 Al Adebo: How do you feel about that absolutely so like I said uh yeah we provide something you know rather self order and chaos our chaos is actually the bud tender bro it's a 23 inch device it's a large screen.

00:04:24.720 --> 00:04:30.180 Al Adebo: it's all touchscreen customers have access to all the information about the products they purchase it.

00:04:31.020 --> 00:04:40.710 Al Adebo: it's pretty straight to the point we made it so easy where my mom or my grandma can use the kiosk we got quality pictures, with just enough information.

00:04:41.100 --> 00:04:47.790 Al Adebo: You know, for the customers to make an intelligent decision, while purchasing that product can be flower concentrates.

00:04:48.180 --> 00:04:54.750 Al Adebo: edibles whatever it is the customer would like they can scan it all on that chaos and that's where that comes in.

00:04:55.050 --> 00:05:04.350 Al Adebo: You know optimizing the customer experience customers like myself i'm an experience customer I mean I need to speak to a Bud tender or wait and wine you just speak go to the kiosk.

00:05:04.650 --> 00:05:08.400 Al Adebo: that's what I place my order i'll be i'll be out of the dispensary in less than 10 minutes.

00:05:08.910 --> 00:05:23.610 Al Adebo: And that's the goal, you know, for having the cell phone your cell service solutions for the spectral efficiency is the name of the game speed is the name of the game and that increase increase sales and optimizes the customer experience I like that that's.

00:05:23.970 --> 00:05:31.470 Jonny Tsunami: Business and that's what you want it's all whenever our businesses looking to invest in a partner they're looking to see what's the return on my investment.

00:05:32.010 --> 00:05:47.940 Jonny Tsunami: that's where that's The bottom line question, and when they see that they can do something faster, more efficiently, and you can replace it with something that can minimize overhead and things of that nature and risk also so.

00:05:49.410 --> 00:05:52.170 Jonny Tsunami: I definitely believe in that now the other thing I wanted to ask you.

00:05:54.150 --> 00:05:55.530 Jonny Tsunami: The software itself.

00:05:56.820 --> 00:06:04.200 Jonny Tsunami: Is it something that you design with the hardware or did you go out for exterior solution.

00:06:05.460 --> 00:06:06.750 Jonny Tsunami: That it lets.

00:06:07.140 --> 00:06:08.130 Al Adebo: The software itself.

00:06:09.210 --> 00:06:19.170 Al Adebo: We created our software and our software, it only works on our kiosk what our hardware so we're not software not hardware agnostic.

00:06:19.680 --> 00:06:24.120 Al Adebo: To use the Arctic platform for the kiosk as you would have to have our kiosk.

00:06:25.110 --> 00:06:34.410 Al Adebo: And I know you mentioned something about you know optimizing sales and decreasing Labor costs, yes arabtec kiosk reduce Labor costs but.

00:06:34.800 --> 00:06:42.810 Al Adebo: We believe that but 10 as an order takers but 10 as a professionals bartenders are there, consult with customers if I have a shoulder pain.

00:06:43.140 --> 00:06:51.990 Al Adebo: And I want some medications and cannabis, so my shoulder pain i'm going to a Bud tender I don't want to go to key on us zoom saying now the botanical consult me.

00:06:53.070 --> 00:07:02.100 Al Adebo: informed me about what will work best or recommend, something that will work best for my note for my pain, while the kiosk and be the ordering system.

00:07:02.610 --> 00:07:16.560 Al Adebo: Like I said but centers are not order takers there Bud tenders, the professionals, like a kiosk below order to take that it take those orders for you and that's you know that's the way we're helping their the retail space right now now just using Labor costs.

00:07:17.490 --> 00:07:24.120 Jonny Tsunami: And also, we talked about this because last time we talked we were almost that we really missed Kobe is that um.

00:07:24.150 --> 00:07:36.420 Jonny Tsunami: yeah contactless contactless world that you know at that time it was like well if I trust your hand or whatever people were very and I still I still think there's obviously.

00:07:37.320 --> 00:07:42.630 Jonny Tsunami: That anxiety has still resided it's not like Kobe is over, so to speak, it's not at all.

00:07:43.050 --> 00:07:52.710 Jonny Tsunami: You just don't hear it in the press as much, and they slowly keep that information and drips and drabs right, but it has affected people in the way that they interact with people as well, so.

00:07:53.310 --> 00:08:04.380 Jonny Tsunami: I saw it also as a solution really to for maybe the people that didn't want that come in, they just want to touch the screen do get what they got and then they're in and they're out they might have anxiety.

00:08:05.190 --> 00:08:13.620 Jonny Tsunami: there's a medicine medicine you refer to physical pain chronic shoulder pain, which is a pain, nonetheless, but then there's the mental side pain and then.

00:08:13.680 --> 00:08:20.520 Jonny Tsunami: As somebody who's very anxious might want to just go into a facility and just go, you know they might talk to that.

00:08:21.960 --> 00:08:29.850 Jonny Tsunami: bond tender maybe once or twice, maybe developer, maybe then you start to say that the been tender can also be a person who's a relationship builder.

00:08:31.380 --> 00:08:31.650 Jonny Tsunami: Because.

00:08:32.940 --> 00:08:38.940 Jonny Tsunami: Your things have changed you're not always going to want the same thing as you go into as you go into.

00:08:40.590 --> 00:08:49.350 Jonny Tsunami: Your dispensary you may you might have your classic items, but then there's always going to be a point you go to the tender and say you know i'd like to try something different, and then they can go to the machine.

00:08:50.610 --> 00:08:53.550 Jonny Tsunami: And it keeps that process streamlined very much so.

00:08:54.450 --> 00:08:58.080 Al Adebo: Very you know with a pandemic, we even took it a step further.

00:08:59.760 --> 00:09:02.730 Al Adebo: We took it a step further in a way, where we created another that.

00:09:03.330 --> 00:09:10.080 Al Adebo: A kind of an another tool for our website where customers can even be like contact proof just being a vehicle.

00:09:10.410 --> 00:09:20.370 Al Adebo: That with our virtual chaos, you know we have something called the virtual chaos, where customers can scan a qr Code, the same exact kiosk APP populates on their mobile phone, then what would advice.

00:09:20.700 --> 00:09:33.780 Al Adebo: And it gets to shop around your inventory flower edibles cartridges whatever it is, and I know your customers can still scan scan with that virtual chaos on their mobile phones, so we took it a step further in that way.

00:09:34.590 --> 00:09:48.090 Al Adebo: And I know some States are still affected by the other pandemic, fortunately, for me, i'm down South and we don't really know what allows affected but yeah we took it a step further there to help people and help us countries as well.

00:09:48.780 --> 00:09:55.770 Jonny Tsunami: yeah well i'll tell you right now, then consider also where are actually let's ask you this question where are your.

00:09:57.210 --> 00:10:01.110 Al Adebo: Chaos primarily based currently at the moment in Oklahoma.

00:10:01.680 --> 00:10:03.270 Jonny Tsunami: And Oklahoma so you're looking to expand.

00:10:04.200 --> 00:10:06.780 Al Adebo: Absolutely absolutely look in this fan yeah.

00:10:07.200 --> 00:10:16.140 Jonny Tsunami: come to the metro area because volume when you think Volume I mean, are there any I guess there's there's definitely some probably some bigger.

00:10:16.590 --> 00:10:23.370 Jonny Tsunami: dispensaries in Oklahoma that have some pretty good volume, but I mean like when you think about like the bay area of San Francisco and stuff like that.

00:10:24.600 --> 00:10:34.410 Jonny Tsunami: there's definitely a huge market for these machines, I think, is there, do you have competition or Is this something that you know you see yourself doing.

00:10:34.950 --> 00:10:47.790 Jonny Tsunami: separate from other people are you trying to you know where did you come off with I see where the ATM business came in, you know that was where it started being able to work with the machine right, and when you work with the machine was it more on the inside.

00:10:48.810 --> 00:10:53.220 Jonny Tsunami: or were you more of a how did you handle when you were in the ATM business actually when you.

00:10:53.700 --> 00:11:06.810 Al Adebo: Give us a little different it's not as technical as what her tech eos deals right now, you know html is pretty much the cash business that's what it is it's not a big technical business it's just the cache miss miss supplying caches.

00:11:07.350 --> 00:11:16.710 Al Adebo: Supplying casper businesses that'd be gosh that's what that is so, you know your question, you know you have your question again he says.

00:11:17.550 --> 00:11:18.570 Jonny Tsunami: When you think of.

00:11:18.840 --> 00:11:24.330 Jonny Tsunami: When you think of the ATM business stemming into the present business the kiosk business.

00:11:24.540 --> 00:11:29.070 Jonny Tsunami: yeah we're you know how are they different How are they like I guess that's the question.

00:11:30.060 --> 00:11:41.310 Al Adebo: So the gentleman has been a cash business or tech, you also have a software company, but we different you know we're creating a software, you know back end front end customer user experience user interface with doing that.

00:11:41.610 --> 00:11:56.070 Al Adebo: And that's all tech and a lot of sales as well ATM businesses cash cash basis and it's still sales I believe everything sales i'm I come from a sales background so you're always selling something you're selling yourself and yeah yeah.

00:11:56.130 --> 00:12:03.300 Jonny Tsunami: yeah no I and but at the same time that machine that ATM machine sits in the corner of that.

00:12:04.320 --> 00:12:20.970 Jonny Tsunami: bar or the corner of that convenience store or the corner of the gas station or the you know what I mean so it's always there I think that's that's my point it's that it's there and now kiosk and kiosks are all over the place, as well, but to have one in cannabis cannabis kiosk.

00:12:22.170 --> 00:12:27.690 Jonny Tsunami: that's genius I love it so that's a great idea and that's why you're running with it so kudos you, sir.

00:12:27.840 --> 00:12:27.990 we're.

00:12:29.250 --> 00:12:35.700 Jonny Tsunami: yeah we're going to take a little break just a short one when we come back we're going to go a little bit more into this we're going to dig a little deeper into.

00:12:35.730 --> 00:12:47.070 Jonny Tsunami: out, so why now, why is it as men cross the line he crossed the cannabis line he said i'm a canvas man in the south, no less okay so.

00:12:48.120 --> 00:12:52.800 Jonny Tsunami: we'll be right back Johnny tsunami planet pocket low low talk radio and y si.

00:15:09.090 --> 00:15:19.230 Jonny Tsunami: hey guys we're back i'm Johnny tsunami, this is planet pocket low low and i'm here without a devo my main man owner operator of tech out how you doing papi.

00:15:20.490 --> 00:15:22.440 Al Adebo: i'm doing great Johnny how you doing.

00:15:23.010 --> 00:15:25.080 Jonny Tsunami: i'm feeling good it's round two here we go.

00:15:26.640 --> 00:15:36.180 Jonny Tsunami: we're in so think about it, we we've now created this cannabis business it's a virtual Bud tender, but not about thunder it's an order taker.

00:15:37.410 --> 00:15:38.100 To be confused.

00:15:39.390 --> 00:15:44.550 Jonny Tsunami: Where are you now, we talked for months ago, how much has happened in the last four months, what have you done what have you got.

00:15:45.750 --> 00:15:51.180 Al Adebo: Well, four months ago, like, I was telling you earlier, there was a few years, but now it's a baby.

00:15:52.650 --> 00:15:57.090 Al Adebo: And a currently we have five customers and we just came from an event.

00:15:57.810 --> 00:16:08.190 Al Adebo: This past weekend for the July at the snoop dogg's concert, it was a onsite dispensary and we have a couple of our kiosk there, and that was a great experience to have rts and that said.

00:16:08.880 --> 00:16:18.930 Al Adebo: Different learned a lot from it, and it was fun customers loved it he made him a lot faster than you know about 6000 people in attendance, so you know very excited about that.

00:16:20.310 --> 00:16:22.650 Jonny Tsunami: Nice and have you gotten any.

00:16:23.970 --> 00:16:27.300 Jonny Tsunami: You know feedback and from that last Convention.

00:16:28.020 --> 00:16:35.250 Al Adebo: yeah absolutely you know we're getting calls every day, you know we're placing orders customers in Oklahoma getting more about product.

00:16:35.820 --> 00:16:39.300 Al Adebo: You know we've been to several conferences in the past month or two.

00:16:39.930 --> 00:16:51.660 Al Adebo: That we put our name out there and pushing it and trying to get it to the right, the right people who actually have a need for this people who actually have a pain, you know, like, for us to solve so it's been going great know, over the past four months.

00:16:52.470 --> 00:16:57.600 Jonny Tsunami: very nice any new states on the radar outside of Oklahoma.

00:16:57.930 --> 00:17:05.820 Al Adebo: yeah Chicago is on the radar and I love Chicago my tickets actually really needs this I was just there two weeks ago and.

00:17:06.480 --> 00:17:17.970 Al Adebo: boy the lines of Chicago dispensaries or different animal did your friend and you know, being an Oklahoma i'm i'm very small here, I can just walk in the dispensary get out of there no.

00:17:18.870 --> 00:17:25.710 Al Adebo: Local dispensary job when Chicago it's like two lines and it's outside of the dispensary they're like oh.

00:17:29.730 --> 00:17:32.250 Jonny Tsunami: You went there two weeks ago, so this is pretty present.

00:17:32.460 --> 00:17:34.470 Al Adebo: This is that this is very, very present.

00:17:34.980 --> 00:17:39.450 Jonny Tsunami: You were like out there, what did you feel like the vibe was like as far as you know.

00:17:40.560 --> 00:17:45.960 Jonny Tsunami: The people was dealt with those lines from tourism or was that from just people in the area.

00:17:46.170 --> 00:18:01.110 Al Adebo: Getting I believe I believe in the area, because it was it was downtown and she got out of her cool you know cool atmosphere first time in Chicago cool out and kill a Latin square there it felt more of the vocals so I thought more of the locals there.

00:18:01.500 --> 00:18:02.460 Jonny Tsunami: And still so much.

00:18:03.120 --> 00:18:06.270 Al Adebo: yeah so so much of what the locals there.

00:18:07.470 --> 00:18:11.130 Jonny Tsunami: So you saw did you see any spots that you thought, maybe it would be good for a kiosk.

00:18:11.880 --> 00:18:19.140 Al Adebo: Oh yeah all the spots kiosks yeah all these are huge, for centuries, I believe the largest cannabis.

00:18:20.190 --> 00:18:31.800 Al Adebo: corporations or out of Chicago so it's a good market it's just doesn't have as much opportunity, you know, to get started, but it's it's a promise in that market for for cannabis and.

00:18:32.460 --> 00:18:40.230 Jonny Tsunami: So now, two weeks ago were present day, what are you currently working on right now what's your biggest problem that you're trying to troubleshoot.

00:18:41.940 --> 00:18:47.250 Al Adebo: Well, this is problems, every day, is always problems you're putting out fires so it's really.

00:18:47.940 --> 00:19:00.750 Al Adebo: This one or this one will always putting out fires, you know upon a fine day probably not one tomorrow, you know how it is it's constant chaos, but like I said as long as we make progress when I hear be perfect and that's that's what it is.

00:19:02.040 --> 00:19:07.560 Jonny Tsunami: And you said, also to that you were interested in maybe getting into the license business.

00:19:08.160 --> 00:19:15.420 Al Adebo: microwave yeah I was like you know no yeah we talked about that and for people who haven't heard, I was all again, I would not mind.

00:19:15.660 --> 00:19:23.520 Al Adebo: A dispensary as well, love to open a dispensary I don't Oklahoma or even in Texas, because Texas, is going to be a key market like I said i'm a Texas boy.

00:19:23.880 --> 00:19:31.530 Al Adebo: i'm not going to Texas, but I claim Texas, I live in Texas, we have done and I moved from Texas to Oklahoma so i'm a Texas native by heart now.

00:19:32.610 --> 00:19:36.720 Al Adebo: No, no yeah Texas, all of the one in this country, why not.

00:19:37.560 --> 00:19:52.020 Jonny Tsunami: i'll be interviewing a guest in a few weeks is from Texas, and you know she's on the banking side again it's ancillary business So how do you you promote yourself right now well you know when you're trying to get the name out there.

00:19:53.130 --> 00:19:55.170 Jonny Tsunami: What are you currently doing sponsorship.

00:19:55.290 --> 00:20:02.940 Al Adebo: Mostly mostly a lot of inbound marketing lot of inbound marketing a lot of conferences to when you were a Canada, I believe, last month.

00:20:03.540 --> 00:20:12.480 Al Adebo: Where the Chicago cannabis Expo two weeks ago we're going to be at the lucky leave tomorrow in Dallas Texas, so a lot of conferences, a lot of you know.

00:20:12.930 --> 00:20:24.300 Al Adebo: trying to get that organic traffic in as well and yeah that's what we're currently doing and will constantly iterated and see what works and just want to know what works.

00:20:25.020 --> 00:20:27.000 Jonny Tsunami: How many people, you have on the team.

00:20:28.170 --> 00:20:29.670 Al Adebo: Currently, five it was.

00:20:30.810 --> 00:20:31.920 Al Adebo: A small team of five.

00:20:32.370 --> 00:20:39.720 Jonny Tsunami: that's not small because it's listen, we like to have the whole reoccurring guest email, so you already going to be one of those on the list.

00:20:39.990 --> 00:20:40.620 Al Adebo: But okay.

00:20:40.890 --> 00:20:47.250 Jonny Tsunami: The point being that, when we go back, we go a year from now right and I said to you how many hours, do you work in a weekend.

00:20:48.810 --> 00:20:49.050 Right.

00:20:50.640 --> 00:21:02.940 Jonny Tsunami: Because you're not looking at the clock is looking at the watching the needle and you want to make sure that need it goes in the direction that you want it to go in positive so that takes two hours and time you know I commend you on that.

00:21:02.970 --> 00:21:13.950 Jonny Tsunami: And I think that's another thing when we look at the show being less taboo view talking about how people who are canvas people are lazy and this and that it's not the case it's definitely not the case.

00:21:15.030 --> 00:21:20.700 Al Adebo: not the case that this is an industry, this is, this is, this is a very.

00:21:21.630 --> 00:21:30.330 Al Adebo: Very different kind of industry it's a green rush, you know, and this, a lot of opportunity in tech in the green rush or the opportunity farming in the green rush.

00:21:30.750 --> 00:21:44.940 Al Adebo: Is opportunity in retail in that green rush in the industry it's not a joke it's taken seriously if I were you I would invest in data was where was where was push it out there, because this is an industry that's a lot of fun too so.

00:21:46.170 --> 00:21:52.230 Jonny Tsunami: And then, is the team and and how many how many years you've been running now, or is it for you a full year.

00:21:53.100 --> 00:21:55.290 Al Adebo: No, we just launched march 2021.

00:21:56.580 --> 00:21:58.410 Jonny Tsunami: So more doing all.

00:21:58.920 --> 00:22:01.680 Jonny Tsunami: This result last time I spoke to you, we were this was all pre game.

00:22:02.370 --> 00:22:10.680 Al Adebo: Absolutely, it was a lot of pre game was a lot of you know back around work in March we kicked off and the looking back ever since.

00:22:12.060 --> 00:22:25.560 Jonny Tsunami: Well, I guess, ironically enough that it worked out that it was a smart move, did you want to make did you wanted to break into march 2020 or to was coated an influencer in that or was that more of just the timing worked out and you're like.

00:22:26.250 --> 00:22:35.250 Jonny Tsunami: let's let's just wait and do this and point 21 or are you the kind of person it's just like I need to plan this before I go, we jump into something.

00:22:36.480 --> 00:22:37.500 Al Adebo: actually very.

00:22:38.700 --> 00:22:43.050 Al Adebo: exact opposite of that yeah I didn't even have the idea march 2020.

00:22:44.640 --> 00:22:55.230 Al Adebo: wow yeah all this was this was September of 2020 but hey This is something that I think would work, I think, is a pain for it there's a need for it.

00:22:55.710 --> 00:23:06.360 Al Adebo: it's I don't see a lot of it out there, right now, why not, why not pivot into this, you know from the business and pivoted into this in all in maybe bill.

00:23:07.380 --> 00:23:10.080 Jonny Tsunami: sensation sensational that's that's so great.

00:23:11.700 --> 00:23:21.390 Jonny Tsunami: I actually had Giuliana from Facebook live actually just asked this question right now Giuliana is my friend she's an angel investor sgt consulting.

00:23:21.600 --> 00:23:22.620 Al Adebo: Very truly.

00:23:23.130 --> 00:23:24.990 Jonny Tsunami: She said, do you need funding.

00:23:26.700 --> 00:23:31.230 Al Adebo: Do I need funding know I like to talk more Giuliana you know we always talk.

00:23:31.650 --> 00:23:31.860 We.

00:23:33.270 --> 00:23:37.050 Jonny Tsunami: Will we're gonna well I guess we'll then we'll have we'll set up a meeting with Giuliana that.

00:23:37.290 --> 00:23:38.430 Al Adebo: yeah we've been talking to me Anna.

00:23:40.800 --> 00:23:42.120 Jonny Tsunami: What i'm talking about.

00:23:42.570 --> 00:23:58.770 Jonny Tsunami: This is what i'm talking about it's because people realize that there is a business to be made, and if there is an opening you clearly see it right you you got the tunnel vision, right now, I mean you got it all over, but you know where you're going what's what's going to stop you.

00:23:59.880 --> 00:24:01.650 Al Adebo: Nothing, absolutely.

00:24:02.040 --> 00:24:03.690 Jonny Tsunami: So where do you see it forward.

00:24:05.250 --> 00:24:17.610 Al Adebo: forward we see 5000 dispensaries in our objects, you know, protect chaos Next, I want to say next five years i've been you know i'm being very conservative.

00:24:18.840 --> 00:24:20.970 Al Adebo: very conservative yeah.

00:24:21.390 --> 00:24:23.220 Jonny Tsunami: How many kiosk do you have right now.

00:24:24.600 --> 00:24:26.400 Al Adebo: Currently we're at five and stores.

00:24:27.390 --> 00:24:27.810 Jonny Tsunami: got it.

00:24:29.550 --> 00:24:33.570 Jonny Tsunami: I like it that's easy and you've already now have people coming down the pipeline.

00:24:34.500 --> 00:24:37.710 Al Adebo: Absolutely yeah absolutely um.

00:24:37.800 --> 00:24:43.380 Jonny Tsunami: So if you had an angel who was flying around you know.

00:24:43.890 --> 00:24:45.120 Al Adebo: Well, as an angel.

00:24:45.210 --> 00:24:52.620 Jonny Tsunami: guardian angel yeah but what, what do you what are you looking for, as far as maybe partners.

00:24:53.340 --> 00:24:54.150 Al Adebo: You know if you were yeah.

00:24:55.230 --> 00:25:04.380 Al Adebo: i'm very i'm very open to hearing you know finding the people i'm very, very big on people, you know, like it's really hard to find good people.

00:25:04.830 --> 00:25:16.290 Al Adebo: You know and that's what I could realize it when you have good people stick with them right by them so who was looking for good people who have similar vision, who like to do something big and massive.

00:25:17.340 --> 00:25:24.480 Jonny Tsunami: Absolutely um I like that papi well because it takes it has to be partnerships for this stuff to work that's what I think.

00:25:25.920 --> 00:25:35.820 Jonny Tsunami: that's what businesses it's about making bargain and partnerships and friendships with people so that being said, we'll kind of canvas friends have you made so far in the space, besides me and.

00:25:37.710 --> 00:25:51.090 Al Adebo: make good friends, you know all around you know it was I was very impressed in Chicago and i'll say this is a big culture there and just the way the laws are set up right now, the fact that they can't they can't really get.

00:25:52.290 --> 00:26:02.160 Al Adebo: Enough license retailers it's very sad to me and making friends there when I saw the way the market was met a couple people good people in the cannabis.

00:26:02.670 --> 00:26:14.280 Al Adebo: Retail space cannabis cultivation processing yeah I, my friends at the Bank and cannabis blankets, they market coming coming very soon as well, so making friends in that industry as well.

00:26:14.610 --> 00:26:17.700 Jonny Tsunami: Any Chicago dispensaries that I should be checking out when I go out there.

00:26:18.720 --> 00:26:20.250 Jonny Tsunami: Any names kind of stuck out to you.

00:26:21.270 --> 00:26:21.690 Al Adebo: hmm.

00:26:24.840 --> 00:26:28.050 Al Adebo: I don't really think about that as a lot of good ones out there okay.

00:26:28.110 --> 00:26:28.710 you give me some.

00:26:30.660 --> 00:26:31.320 Al Adebo: good ones out there.

00:26:33.180 --> 00:26:34.560 Jonny Tsunami: As far as cannabis is.

00:26:34.560 --> 00:26:37.050 Jonny Tsunami: concerned are you a city of a hybrid into come in.

00:26:38.910 --> 00:26:40.080 Al Adebo: So good question.

00:26:44.940 --> 00:26:45.450 i'll say.

00:26:46.560 --> 00:26:49.020 Al Adebo: i'll say, since you because i'm always i'm always on the go always on the go.

00:26:49.440 --> 00:26:51.840 Al Adebo: I know i'm gonna go I don't want to.

00:26:53.040 --> 00:26:55.680 Al Adebo: Go to England yeah.

00:26:55.950 --> 00:26:59.070 Jonny Tsunami: i'm a situational i'm like so TV in the morning.

00:27:00.120 --> 00:27:03.330 Jonny Tsunami: Little hybrid in the afternoon Linda good night.

00:27:04.380 --> 00:27:04.710 Al Adebo: Okay.

00:27:04.860 --> 00:27:05.790 Jonny Tsunami: need my window.

00:27:06.030 --> 00:27:08.550 Al Adebo: You, the rest of your words you.

00:27:08.730 --> 00:27:14.250 Jonny Tsunami: You want to just bang bang bang bang, but this is why you why you taken over you're going to take over the country.

00:27:14.580 --> 00:27:15.030 Jonny Tsunami: And you're going to.

00:27:16.680 --> 00:27:17.010 Jonny Tsunami: grow.

00:27:17.190 --> 00:27:19.020 Jonny Tsunami: What do you want from me oh you wanna.

00:27:20.340 --> 00:27:23.700 Jonny Tsunami: I believe, if you listen to take a break.

00:27:23.730 --> 00:27:24.540 Jonny Tsunami: When we come back.

00:27:25.140 --> 00:27:36.240 Jonny Tsunami: we're going to be talking to my man ella devo owner and operator of our deck crushing and getting it out there talk a little bit more about cannabis i'm Johnny tsunami planet pocket lolo talk radio nyc.

00:30:07.620 --> 00:30:18.360 Jonny Tsunami: hey everybody we're back i'm Johnny tsunami, this is planet pato low low and i'm here with Allah DEMO from herb tech owner and operator your virtual Bud tender Al how we doing kid.

00:30:20.310 --> 00:30:21.420 Al Adebo: I you know my man.

00:30:21.810 --> 00:30:29.880 Jonny Tsunami: feeling good, so I want to talk a little bit personal Now let me get person okay it's all right.

00:30:31.140 --> 00:30:31.860 don't be afraid.

00:30:37.170 --> 00:30:41.640 Jonny Tsunami: For real it's something that came out, you said you were born and raised in Nigeria.

00:30:42.420 --> 00:30:42.720 yeah.

00:30:43.980 --> 00:30:46.230 Jonny Tsunami: Give me something from like What was it like growing up there.

00:30:47.100 --> 00:30:47.790 Al Adebo: Those files.

00:30:50.190 --> 00:30:51.450 Jonny Tsunami: anymore, I want to hear more.

00:30:53.430 --> 00:30:56.100 Al Adebo: Very different very different it was me.

00:30:56.520 --> 00:30:58.110 Jonny Tsunami: How and give me a little bit.

00:31:00.150 --> 00:31:11.790 Al Adebo: i'll put it like this, you know, everybody has a you know fun sad story type deal, but you know, I was talking to one of my great friends, the other day la We grew up in Nigeria, but.

00:31:12.240 --> 00:31:17.100 Al Adebo: It was tough, it was hard but growing up and I enjoyed it really did not feel like it was that tough.

00:31:17.970 --> 00:31:23.880 Al Adebo: It was weird it's just weird you know when you really have nothing it really didn't feel as bad because, like oh everybody else has.

00:31:24.690 --> 00:31:34.770 Al Adebo: So, but you know what i've noticed is coming from coming from that part of the of the world, everybody aspires for something more, and I think that's very inspirational speaker everybody would.

00:31:35.160 --> 00:31:41.940 Al Adebo: be like hey, this is not my final destination is always something that and that's really how it is that's actually how it is you know every.

00:31:42.600 --> 00:31:52.740 Al Adebo: Every president from that area that I know that you probably heard of there's always something more, because of where we come from and just how the culture is does that make sense.

00:31:53.160 --> 00:31:56.220 Jonny Tsunami: that's beautiful see I see I did it.

00:31:59.640 --> 00:32:02.520 Jonny Tsunami: Well, but so this is your first generation.

00:32:03.630 --> 00:32:03.930 Jonny Tsunami: Right.

00:32:04.440 --> 00:32:09.450 Jonny Tsunami: yeah absolutely this country is has been built on first generation.

00:32:10.080 --> 00:32:10.350 Al Adebo: Right.

00:32:10.410 --> 00:32:17.550 Jonny Tsunami: that's what it is there's just it would happen to every immigration of people that come in and then they assimilate to American culture.

00:32:17.940 --> 00:32:30.180 Jonny Tsunami: And then they kind of torture, the next generation that come in and then the next the next, and it goes on until eventually you get kind of like beat into the fraternity of Americans and now you're here as a as a group, but.

00:32:32.040 --> 00:32:40.170 Jonny Tsunami: Something that you really said to me that pointed out was like you grow up you you live in an area where everyone's on the same realm and then you come to the US and there's huge dichotomy.

00:32:40.980 --> 00:32:53.130 Jonny Tsunami: Right and what do you think what do you see the difference in that that's that's another thing that kind of intrigues you know, is my wife's parents, you know first generation, you know.

00:32:55.020 --> 00:32:57.990 Jonny Tsunami: seeing how, when you come from a place where.

00:32:59.100 --> 00:33:05.520 Jonny Tsunami: Very little is available, then you come to a place where there's a lot of excess.

00:33:05.610 --> 00:33:06.750 Al Adebo: avail and abundance.

00:33:07.080 --> 00:33:15.180 Jonny Tsunami: And abundance and really all it translates to is just work, because if you work you want, then.

00:33:16.560 --> 00:33:29.610 Jonny Tsunami: You get what you want, and yet we're here at this period where people are you know I can't get work or this or that it's like it's there it's there So how do you how does your background now helped propel you into being successful businessman.

00:33:32.910 --> 00:33:34.530 Al Adebo: Successful oh man yeah.

00:33:36.780 --> 00:33:38.160 Jonny Tsunami: he's he's hard on themselves.

00:33:38.220 --> 00:33:41.130 Jonny Tsunami: See, this is what this is this what would the answer be.

00:33:41.190 --> 00:33:41.760 Al Adebo: Your humble.

00:33:43.020 --> 00:33:44.220 Al Adebo: I take it as a.

00:33:44.250 --> 00:33:44.490 coach.

00:33:46.470 --> 00:33:47.550 Jonny Tsunami: Listen you've come from.

00:33:48.120 --> 00:33:59.250 Jonny Tsunami: You come from where you come from the you do all these different things i've switched backgrounds, many times people people don't take for granted, it is not easy to switch your profession, but then, once you do it a few times.

00:34:00.480 --> 00:34:10.860 Jonny Tsunami: It becomes easier all but you always are bringing one thing from the past to the next into the next, so it makes you stronger most people don't do a job for the the single job for the rest of their lives.

00:34:11.190 --> 00:34:14.880 Al Adebo: Absolutely nothing wrong with that there's nothing wrong with that.

00:34:15.240 --> 00:34:17.550 Al Adebo: You know if that's what you want to do you know.

00:34:18.060 --> 00:34:25.800 Al Adebo: Do it do it absolutely but you know, like like you're asking it's just like I said when you really have we come from nothing.

00:34:26.520 --> 00:34:31.920 Al Adebo: You know there's always an all depends on the person to everybody has a brand desire for something.

00:34:32.610 --> 00:34:49.110 Al Adebo: You know, when you when you kind of see the other aspect, every day, this is a place where, if you do put it hundred and 10% get what you put in, you know, and that you know it's not that simple but it's not easy but it's simple just do whatever it takes to you know.

00:34:50.130 --> 00:34:52.290 Al Adebo: To achieve your burning device.

00:34:52.560 --> 00:35:05.490 Jonny Tsunami: So then what's your like you know you because you're hungry dude what's your daily routine you know, because when you're building something it's very hard i'm telling you routine is very important, when you're building something, because when you're building your own business.

00:35:07.050 --> 00:35:08.520 Jonny Tsunami: you're only holding yourself accountable.

00:35:08.790 --> 00:35:10.050 Al Adebo: there's no boss really.

00:35:10.200 --> 00:35:13.410 Jonny Tsunami: Oh, you know you're late for whatever whatever whatever it's.

00:35:13.500 --> 00:35:14.610 Jonny Tsunami: Absolutely our.

00:35:15.180 --> 00:35:24.180 Al Adebo: Daily routines are they keep your check the kind of the control your life they help you with some some controlling your life because you can be very confusing you have.

00:35:25.350 --> 00:35:34.710 Al Adebo: You got to have those principles in place, these are like my my principles that have to do this every day after day after day, when you have that in place those have to.

00:35:35.760 --> 00:35:37.020 Al Adebo: You know you kind of put some.

00:35:38.190 --> 00:35:39.420 Al Adebo: Some controlling your life.

00:35:40.410 --> 00:35:43.770 Jonny Tsunami: So what are the half tues every day for protect that you put on yourself.

00:35:45.750 --> 00:35:48.120 Al Adebo: For myself, personal routines.

00:35:50.400 --> 00:35:55.830 Al Adebo: Oh, I can't skip the gym I have two children I gotta go to the gym I gotta I gotta get a little pump.

00:36:01.560 --> 00:36:11.280 Al Adebo: I got to feel good you know, because you feel good you look good you know you weren't good so after after feel good and look at the gym you know.

00:36:11.520 --> 00:36:12.510 Al Adebo: You do look worse.

00:36:12.900 --> 00:36:15.090 Jonny Tsunami: Your muscles are recommending that shirt right now.

00:36:15.690 --> 00:36:16.740 Al Adebo: Thank you Ben Thank you.

00:36:17.580 --> 00:36:18.630 Jonny Tsunami: Thank you see that she.

00:36:20.310 --> 00:36:20.790 Jonny Tsunami: showed me that.

00:36:21.540 --> 00:36:22.500 There it is.

00:36:24.180 --> 00:36:25.590 Jonny Tsunami: We got to send me one of those dude.

00:36:26.250 --> 00:36:27.630 Al Adebo: I will, I will I will.

00:36:27.660 --> 00:36:31.860 Jonny Tsunami: yeah last guy I didn't get it i'm still waiting cushy on demand.

00:36:31.980 --> 00:36:33.030 Where are they Robbie.

00:36:35.910 --> 00:36:48.420 Al Adebo: yeah well we're girl, you have to be feed your mind as well with the right information because you gotta be in a rice every time you know things put in information that helps you, you know that helps your brain desire.

00:36:49.470 --> 00:36:52.680 Al Adebo: And, of course, you know put in the work every day reading.

00:36:53.970 --> 00:36:55.290 Al Adebo: yeah reading is important yeah.

00:36:55.470 --> 00:36:58.350 Al Adebo: yeah so you have to read you know you can always digest information you.

00:36:58.350 --> 00:37:05.250 Al Adebo: Can audio also very good to know it looks good yeah you got a lot, but some audiobooks in there, it helps.

00:37:06.060 --> 00:37:18.930 Jonny Tsunami: Now, what do you think with cannabis, though things are always changing that's where I see the value in reading about cannabis, because the laws are changing so do when you think of it legally like legislation and stuff like that changing does that affect your business.

00:37:20.490 --> 00:37:20.970 Al Adebo: elsewhere.

00:37:21.750 --> 00:37:36.360 Al Adebo: helps you it helps it helps it helps it helps it in both ways yeah it helps I don't see anything affected my business, I feel like if you're gonna when you're going to run regardless of what the laws are just have to you know, have to work around them, you know.

00:37:36.570 --> 00:37:39.330 Jonny Tsunami: How does it help your business though that's what I would love to hear that.

00:37:39.360 --> 00:37:48.450 Al Adebo: Like because I federal legalization if it goes legal federally health my businesses more doors more doors open more States I can target more questions what clients.

00:37:49.470 --> 00:37:52.650 Al Adebo: Current clients, I have they're going to other states it's more opportunities.

00:37:53.280 --> 00:37:59.520 Al Adebo: So it helps the business and everywhere, and I just for me for other people it's it's you know, like I said it takes to Texas guess legal.

00:37:59.790 --> 00:38:07.560 Al Adebo: The amount of jobs is going to create it's going to help people get jobs, you know, in the retail space in the manufacturing space and cultivated speaks.

00:38:08.190 --> 00:38:19.710 Al Adebo: Also, lawyers and we can have a lawyer, as you know, stepping out to help cannabis, you know, transport, the transportation as well to carry all these all these industries benefit from canvas.

00:38:21.930 --> 00:38:23.790 Jonny Tsunami: So you know.

00:38:25.140 --> 00:38:27.480 Jonny Tsunami: What really kind of stuck out to me what you just said right now.

00:38:28.740 --> 00:38:44.610 Jonny Tsunami: Is that there's going to have to be other people that are going to have to get involved to make to make it all work, but when you think about software and data right and I said it was I love data I love it I love you know big SCI fi guy so.

00:38:45.750 --> 00:39:02.130 Jonny Tsunami: data, you have the data right when you're using the software and it also tracks, so this goes back into some dispensary's who are maybe doing something a little for gays he may not want to track right, what if.

00:39:02.610 --> 00:39:03.120 Jonny Tsunami: The federal.

00:39:03.480 --> 00:39:06.990 Jonny Tsunami: legalization and the rice and the right governing bodies come into play.

00:39:08.160 --> 00:39:09.750 Jonny Tsunami: That helps with.

00:39:10.890 --> 00:39:21.990 Jonny Tsunami: People saying okay fine you know, like the doors are open i'm going to put an herb tech kiosk in my in my dispensary i'm going to use it as a solution, because I want every single tiny piece of inventory to be taken.

00:39:23.070 --> 00:39:29.310 Jonny Tsunami: Account up and especially in dispensary's with many times will happen is because it's a cash business it's run by somebody.

00:39:30.390 --> 00:39:34.170 Jonny Tsunami: who's running the front end of it, and then the investors who actually put in the money to.

00:39:35.070 --> 00:39:50.520 Jonny Tsunami: To pay for the startup don't really know what's going on, because they're disconnected from the actual process and that's when things start to fall apart so having that's what I see going back to you with our tech was a perfect solution to that because it keeps track its inventory.

00:39:52.860 --> 00:39:58.740 Al Adebo: data is very important, you know when it comes to compliance compliance is a big big thing in cannabis industry.

00:39:59.280 --> 00:40:04.680 Al Adebo: You know, in every part of the cannabis industry compliance issue with yourself be very legal.

00:40:05.160 --> 00:40:21.420 Al Adebo: it'll definitely open more doors with the you know what state rules are in place, but every state is different, you know almost different from California California from Colorado and those laws so have enough all 50 states idealization that helps.

00:40:22.680 --> 00:40:31.620 Jonny Tsunami: With the five stores that you're working with right now do they do what's the breakdown is it that every client is using it, or how does the store, how do you kind of.

00:40:32.070 --> 00:40:38.880 Jonny Tsunami: pitch, you know how do you explain to the store this is how I think you know the tech would be most beneficial to you how does that conversation go.

00:40:40.770 --> 00:40:46.140 Al Adebo: it's just you know letting them know how the buying habits are now buying habits of change, you know.

00:40:46.860 --> 00:41:01.290 Al Adebo: You know before used to have to get an iPad you have to go to bestbuy you know pick it up, but now you gotta go you go to Amazon they get up on Amazon you get the next day everything's getting faster and faster know walmart did studies of people.

00:41:02.310 --> 00:41:12.900 Al Adebo: People going into the into into walmart you know, are more likely to come back you know what I want to come back because of the self ordering system to currently have.

00:41:14.040 --> 00:41:22.230 Al Adebo: I have 100 things in my cart i'm still going to self checkout I rather go to self checkout and go to a person I don't know why maybe it's habit, but buying habits of change.

00:41:22.650 --> 00:41:30.000 Al Adebo: And let the customers know that you know you understand my head yeah great something else for the customers will want to talk to anybody.

00:41:30.300 --> 00:41:41.130 Al Adebo: Have customers already know what they want customers who don't want to wait in line what's that express checkout what's that next level, you know system that can take care of that but I hired eight other people.

00:41:42.690 --> 00:41:53.190 Al Adebo: So that's where that comes in, you know and our customers are currently currently have a very new so we're still getting data to track exactly how much how many customers will go into the kiosk.

00:41:53.550 --> 00:41:56.970 Al Adebo: Also tracking how much more they spend it because of chaos.

00:41:57.450 --> 00:42:08.760 Al Adebo: And we know it's going to be it's going to be a major difference competitors walking up people buy more when they have controlled by more and you see everything right in front of them, you know I know I buy more would have to be true.

00:42:09.720 --> 00:42:14.580 Jonny Tsunami: And then, when i'm going food shopping now I don't have to wait in line with the woman who's like huh.

00:42:18.030 --> 00:42:18.360 Jonny Tsunami: yeah.

00:42:18.420 --> 00:42:19.050 Exactly.

00:42:20.730 --> 00:42:21.090 Jonny Tsunami: right here.

00:42:22.560 --> 00:42:24.660 Jonny Tsunami: On in the bag see you go make dinner.

00:42:24.990 --> 00:42:25.320 Al Adebo: All right.

00:42:25.350 --> 00:42:28.080 Jonny Tsunami: So taking a break alibaruho Thank you my man.

00:42:28.140 --> 00:42:31.470 Jonny Tsunami: Co founder enable a table my apologies on.

00:42:31.830 --> 00:42:34.740 Jonny Tsunami: A a or attack my.

00:42:36.600 --> 00:42:41.910 Jonny Tsunami: i'm sorry i'll not doing that again smack me next time, especially because you work out those biceps are.

00:42:44.490 --> 00:42:44.790 Al Adebo: Taking the.

00:42:45.570 --> 00:42:48.510 Jonny Tsunami: lead at buffalo talk radio nyc will be back.

00:45:20.880 --> 00:45:33.390 Jonny Tsunami: hey guys we're back i'm Jenny tsunami, this is planet taco loco and we're here without a table and he is the CEO and founder of herb tech out how we doing it's the last part of the show.

00:45:34.950 --> 00:45:36.300 Al Adebo: Oh man I don't want to get it.

00:45:39.240 --> 00:45:42.990 Jonny Tsunami: I needed to hear that you see this, you see this right here.

00:45:44.760 --> 00:45:45.120 Al Adebo: yeah.

00:45:45.450 --> 00:45:46.770 Jonny Tsunami: That I grew that.

00:45:48.150 --> 00:45:48.660 Al Adebo: Nice.

00:45:49.260 --> 00:45:57.540 Jonny Tsunami: that's how I love that plan now my hands on I love the farming, you went into the future.

00:45:59.640 --> 00:46:00.420 software.

00:46:02.700 --> 00:46:03.570 Jonny Tsunami: machines.

00:46:04.680 --> 00:46:05.430 Jonny Tsunami: Is where we're heading.

00:46:06.690 --> 00:46:09.210 Jonny Tsunami: And not going backwards don't pose.

00:46:10.530 --> 00:46:10.800 Jonny Tsunami: Right.

00:46:11.220 --> 00:46:15.120 Jonny Tsunami: So so that's where I see you being a visionary in the space.

00:46:17.100 --> 00:46:24.930 Jonny Tsunami: Because anybody who uses cannabis as a tool to create business.

00:46:26.460 --> 00:46:30.300 Jonny Tsunami: realizes that there's all these ancillary businesses connected to.

00:46:31.470 --> 00:46:32.730 Jonny Tsunami: The actual plant itself.

00:46:33.810 --> 00:46:43.110 Jonny Tsunami: I was connected directly to the plant and you are an extension of that, but in that extension there's also less wrist less risk.

00:46:44.520 --> 00:46:53.460 Jonny Tsunami: In the cannabis side, but do you feel that what are the risks that you're taking when you got into this, what do you about that tell me that into that question for me.

00:46:55.860 --> 00:47:05.250 Al Adebo: there's always a risk when it comes to business, I mean that's that's just the definition of an entrepreneur, you know someone who can, who has the appetite to take risks.

00:47:05.760 --> 00:47:18.750 Al Adebo: And like it's like any other industry, the rest API and we cannabis, you know as a little bit of stigma, yes, there is why don't believe in I don't, believe me, and letting that be an excuse or.

00:47:19.320 --> 00:47:31.050 Al Adebo: You know something to to kind of feel like a like it's harder, I think we just got to approach it just like we would any other business and put in the necessary rich put in what it takes to achieve what you want.

00:47:33.030 --> 00:47:37.830 Jonny Tsunami: simple as that, but sometimes it takes a lot of sacrifice.

00:47:38.700 --> 00:47:41.850 Al Adebo: Absolutely sacrifices very important yeah.

00:47:42.060 --> 00:47:42.450 Jonny Tsunami: So what.

00:47:42.870 --> 00:47:43.200 Al Adebo: word.

00:47:43.380 --> 00:47:46.380 Jonny Tsunami: What have you sacrifice just to get here to this point.

00:47:48.900 --> 00:47:50.340 Al Adebo: So that's a very good question.

00:47:51.420 --> 00:47:52.620 Al Adebo: very good question.

00:47:53.910 --> 00:47:55.590 Al Adebo: I mean sacrifices have been made.

00:47:57.000 --> 00:47:58.320 Al Adebo: But I.

00:47:59.910 --> 00:48:04.560 Al Adebo: Look at them as things we have to you have to like build and make things happen.

00:48:05.100 --> 00:48:11.400 Al Adebo: yeah obviously like about working out if you want to work out you're gonna have to let go of ice cream every night.

00:48:11.760 --> 00:48:22.410 Al Adebo: You have to let go of the soda you're gonna have to let go of the sugar, you know same thing with cannabis lot of things gonna have to let go it's a Lego of the idea that it's it's it's just.

00:48:24.660 --> 00:48:35.160 Al Adebo: it's just a fun or just a fun drug is it's not it's medication it's it's it's it's for patients have some very serious business and it's it's an it's an industry.

00:48:35.670 --> 00:48:47.190 Al Adebo: You know, like, I was telling you earlier, the security industry is going to be affected positively by cannabis same thing with the farming industry same thing with the software computer software industry technology industry.

00:48:47.970 --> 00:48:52.980 Al Adebo: And it needs to take a ticket like that so sacrifices have to be made to go into any industry.

00:48:55.500 --> 00:49:04.770 Jonny Tsunami: So true it's so true when I left the I was actually a personal trainer if you knew that but I was, I was a personal trainer for.

00:49:05.880 --> 00:49:08.820 Al Adebo: 15 years, I can tell, I can tell.

00:49:09.750 --> 00:49:13.410 Jonny Tsunami: I did it, but I did it always as a secondary job I was.

00:49:13.920 --> 00:49:14.700 Al Adebo: excited.

00:49:15.090 --> 00:49:18.840 Jonny Tsunami: I was yeah I was like a full time teacher actually towards the end I went.

00:49:20.130 --> 00:49:25.470 Jonny Tsunami: balls to the wall and did just training for like three or four years but.

00:49:27.000 --> 00:49:33.600 Jonny Tsunami: that's when I was like I want to do something different, and Canada said, always been there, you know I have Canada.

00:49:35.700 --> 00:49:44.700 Jonny Tsunami: Actually right before my workout that would always be my ego time I work all day and never partake during the day, you know being teacher and stuff like that it was like.

00:49:44.730 --> 00:49:52.380 Jonny Tsunami: yeah you got to balance your personal and professional life and that but as soon as I got out and I go to the gym.

00:49:53.850 --> 00:49:58.680 Jonny Tsunami: Though and it will be like, how do you do petty's smoke weed and and go workout.

00:50:01.440 --> 00:50:08.430 Jonny Tsunami: Does it works, but if it works, and I look the way that I look, and I can do what I can do with my body.

00:50:09.510 --> 00:50:10.050 Al Adebo: Absolutely.

00:50:10.110 --> 00:50:11.310 Jonny Tsunami: Absolutely, I was immediate.

00:50:13.320 --> 00:50:23.190 Al Adebo: everybody's different you know you know and that works for you, oh yeah I can't cuz you know it's too early in the morning to to do that, you know but.

00:50:24.420 --> 00:50:24.630 Al Adebo: You know.

00:50:24.660 --> 00:50:38.280 Jonny Tsunami: Well, I mean okay Well now, I I do my own thing and I work out in the morning now like early birthday and guess what I have a coffee and I had a couple of folks in the cannabis and boom i'm still going.

00:50:38.820 --> 00:50:39.060 yeah.

00:50:40.650 --> 00:50:41.010 Jonny Tsunami: I was.

00:50:43.440 --> 00:50:43.980 Al Adebo: coughing coffee.

00:50:44.970 --> 00:50:59.370 Jonny Tsunami: equalize the coffee's an equalizer, but I also work for myself so it's not like working with kids so it's a different atmosphere, you know, and if you're going to be productive and do things than I don't think.

00:51:00.930 --> 00:51:02.730 Jonny Tsunami: I don't think it should make a difference, the end of the day.

00:51:04.080 --> 00:51:12.330 Jonny Tsunami: It does it never stopped people we talked before before the show started, we talked about how like the 50s and 60s, when you go to a traditional Wall Street.

00:51:12.330 --> 00:51:13.350 Al Adebo: advertise yeah.

00:51:14.490 --> 00:51:19.110 Jonny Tsunami: see people drink the liquor cabinet was right there for all to see, and they were smoking cigars and cigarettes.

00:51:19.170 --> 00:51:19.680 Al Adebo: I know.

00:51:19.770 --> 00:51:20.340 Al Adebo: I know all.

00:51:20.640 --> 00:51:23.040 Jonny Tsunami: kinds of nonsense once we got into the 80s.

00:51:23.310 --> 00:51:23.640 Jonny Tsunami: You know I.

00:51:24.060 --> 00:51:25.050 Al Adebo: believe that.

00:51:26.580 --> 00:51:27.930 Jonny Tsunami: When we look at that and.

00:51:28.680 --> 00:51:31.020 Jonny Tsunami: that's more I don't know okay.

00:51:32.100 --> 00:51:34.140 Al Adebo: it's more accepted why.

00:51:34.230 --> 00:51:35.250 Jonny Tsunami: Why do you think that is.

00:51:36.750 --> 00:51:53.940 Al Adebo: it's it's just wrong it's wrong, you know and the thing is this facts behind these like Canada says a lot safer than alcohol a lot safer than tobacco this facts and people still choose to just believe what they believe it's that it's baffling it baffles my imagination.

00:51:55.980 --> 00:52:01.380 Jonny Tsunami: Ironically enough, when you look at though something like the word spirits.

00:52:03.420 --> 00:52:06.960 Jonny Tsunami: As an alcohol, because they would call it, wine and spirits.

00:52:08.640 --> 00:52:13.140 Jonny Tsunami: It was raised it was made to raise one's spirits so in a way.

00:52:14.250 --> 00:52:29.010 Jonny Tsunami: There is a medicinal quality there's reasons why people are what we call alcoholics that drink every day and our I guess then considered functional alcoholic second you know conductor every day, which might have very well been those people working in an advertising agency.

00:52:29.100 --> 00:52:32.310 Jonny Tsunami: yeah yeah but again.

00:52:34.350 --> 00:52:49.830 Jonny Tsunami: I don't know where do you draw the line if that's Okay, then why isn't that the beauty of having something like herb tech is that it doesn't matter there's going to be an ATM machine and a kiosk in every liquor store and we'd store anyway it's not you know that's not going to go anywhere.

00:52:50.220 --> 00:52:59.190 Jonny Tsunami: that's the ATM was probably the machine that became the staple of just when we use the word ATM now it just doesn't even necessarily mean like.

00:53:00.150 --> 00:53:15.210 Jonny Tsunami: Anything it's cash but it's just literally it's just a box that sits out there and it's on every corner and so on and so forth, so that's where I see the upside for a company like or tech being able to reach that potential because, if I can visualize an ATM on every corner, then I can.

00:53:16.560 --> 00:53:17.640 visualize in our deck.

00:53:20.340 --> 00:53:21.150 Al Adebo: that's the goal.

00:53:21.390 --> 00:53:21.720 Jonny Tsunami: You want to.

00:53:22.410 --> 00:53:23.670 Jonny Tsunami: bring me on the sales team papi.

00:53:23.670 --> 00:53:25.530 Al Adebo: it's fine, we could do it that's the goal.

00:53:26.070 --> 00:53:27.750 Al Adebo: You just you just close me a line.

00:53:29.160 --> 00:53:29.670 Al Adebo: So.

00:53:30.090 --> 00:53:31.860 Jonny Tsunami: let's bring it to Chicago let's bring it.

00:53:33.030 --> 00:53:33.900 Jonny Tsunami: bring it to Jersey.

00:53:35.040 --> 00:53:42.240 Al Adebo: yeah i'm excited yet Jersey, is a big market to want to come to you know i'm going to be Jersey very soon yeah it's definitely going to be in Chicago.

00:53:42.930 --> 00:53:52.290 Al Adebo: or get a part in Oklahoma ready to take this thing as far as possible, I like to me Giuliana I know she said something earlier started very interesting to me.

00:53:52.350 --> 00:53:52.800 Al Adebo: She keeps.

00:53:53.130 --> 00:53:58.650 Jonny Tsunami: me doing she said, like Come on, set up a meeting with set up a meeting without.

00:53:58.740 --> 00:54:01.530 Al Adebo: let's do it together to make as big a day.

00:54:02.070 --> 00:54:10.650 Jonny Tsunami: I say it's done it's done and that's thing that's how that's how things happened my man absolutely and that beautiful.

00:54:11.550 --> 00:54:15.090 Al Adebo: hey yeah it is it happens.

00:54:15.420 --> 00:54:16.650 Al Adebo: It had all.

00:54:16.890 --> 00:54:18.510 Al Adebo: All thanks to your platform man.

00:54:19.170 --> 00:54:21.210 Jonny Tsunami: No dude, this is just the beginning we're on.

00:54:21.480 --> 00:54:22.110 Al Adebo: we're on our.

00:54:22.140 --> 00:54:28.560 Jonny Tsunami: Eighth episode, just like you know you're on your fifth store we're just going to keep compounding and exponentially growing.

00:54:29.040 --> 00:54:44.550 Jonny Tsunami: You know it's just a matter of putting in the effort and doing it and and believing and whatever it is that you do and come and coming out of it, you know, because how many people are cannabis people and they don't own up to it, and if you want to own it you got to be a proponent.

00:54:48.240 --> 00:54:49.290 Jonny Tsunami: Not only around it.

00:54:49.410 --> 00:55:05.850 Jonny Tsunami: No way around it so Al I totally appreciate you being on the show today, it was so much fun hour a day Bo co owner operator of herb tech your kiosks solutions out Thank you so much for today.

00:55:06.540 --> 00:55:15.660 Al Adebo: Thank you very much for having me look us up on earth that kiosk COM or info at tech for any information about our product i'll be happy to take your.

00:55:17.820 --> 00:55:21.450 Jonny Tsunami: that's how you finish it baby I love it oh.

00:55:21.540 --> 00:55:22.500 Al Adebo: we'll catch up oh yeah.

00:55:24.720 --> 00:55:26.130 Jonny Tsunami: tsunami, this is.

00:55:26.610 --> 00:55:27.750 Jonny Tsunami: taco low low.

00:55:28.080 --> 00:55:28.830 Jonny Tsunami: And we.

00:55:29.070 --> 00:55:32.040 Jonny Tsunami: Are tuning out till next time.

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